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08-25-2005, 06:15 PM
Okay, everyone, as is becoming the tradition, I start a new thread when I personally start a new challenge. Also, some people may have trouble downloading a long thread, so I like to start new ones. Below is a short explanation of how this challenge works so all you newcomers can take a look and decide if you're game or not! I hope you are! Hop aboard and enjoy the ride. We've got a great bunch of supportive people, so I hope you'll give us a try. I see, looking back on the beginning of the old thread, that we had a lot of people who tried for a while and then disappeared. I hope some of you will give it another try. Remember, it's not over till you give up. And our motto around here is:

NEVER GIVE UP!!...Just start OVER!!


It works like this: you decide you'll do something for 21 days straight, every single day, so keep it doable. Then you count through 21.....and if you flub it, you MUST go back to zero and start over again. Everyone will be on different days. You can start anytime. You get ONE "pause day" for each perfect round of 21 days you complete. With a pause day you pause in your counting and continue the next day with the number you left off with. Pause days are NOT substitutes for days, i.e. Day 12 -- Day 13 -- Pause Day -- Day 14..... I suggest taking a pause day late in the game (better to go back to Day 1 early on) if you need a break or screw up when you're well into the challenge, meaning, when you're on Day 15 or something like that.

In any case, the trick is to keep going. The momentum builds and it's great incentive to stick to your guns, cause if you don't.........back to START you go. :( And the really great thing about this challenge is that you are forming new habits that will wipe out the old! AND, you get to do it with a great bunch of really supportive people to whom you are accountable! :grouphug: And, YES, we are watching YOU!! :yes:

Ready to join us!!?!?! :wave: You BET! :dancer:

08-25-2005, 06:38 PM
Okay, people, this is it. It's Friday here and the start of my new challenge. :dancer: Wish me luck!! :goodluck: I'll be catching up with you all soon. New people, welcome and I hope you're still with us.. :wave: Ciao a presto!


08-25-2005, 10:58 PM
I would like to do it. But does it work? Do we post here? How often?

08-25-2005, 11:43 PM
Joaninha -- :wave: Welcome. Yes, please join us. Just read the explanation above or check out the old thread and you can see how we operate. It's best for us all if you post every day and count down (up) your days to 21 but you don't have to. Just pick something you can do EVERY day for 21 days and come in here and say like..."Day 2 finished! on to Day 3...!" and cheer us on too if you have the time.....

I think the best thing is to check out the old thread. Do you see it? 

08-25-2005, 11:46 PM
Joaninha -- Here's the link to the old thread. Read through this and you'll have a great idea of how we work!! :dancer:

gray eyed girl
08-26-2005, 01:16 AM
I'm here! Day 3 down and honestly, it's getting a little easier. I had a big cup of (really bad gas station) coffee this morning but I've had no chocolate and no soda.

I'm glad to see a new thread, the other one was getting really long.

08-26-2005, 11:41 AM
Joaninha - Welcome!

gray eyed girl - Congrats on Day 3!

As for finished with Day 18 - Stayed in my Pts. No activity pts used

08-26-2005, 12:13 PM
Mez, you're almost there!!! Just three more days to go (including today?).

Gray, I'm doing okay too. Day 3 down, and on Day 4. You're right, it does get easier. Right now I don't have too many temptations as I'm not at work and not socializing too much. But I did go to Costco (very few samples in the Canadian stores :( ) and I did NOT take even one sample of the PB Kitkat bars. And the drugstores are filling up with bags of candy and mini-choc bars, probably for Hallowe'en. A little early, but they like to get the temptation out early. I have not succumbed yet.

1nceagain, if you're reading posts, sorry to hear about your family emergency. Don't hesitate to call on us if we can provide support. We'll be thinking of you, and sending lots of :goodvibes: and :grouphug: .

Red, you're posting but not saying much. I hope you're doing okay! Remember this support thing goes both ways. So if you need to vent :tantrum: or need a stern talking to :rollpin:, we'd be delighted to jump in.

The weather here has improved enormously, much less humidity and pleasant breezes. But I still seem to be lolling around the house instead of getting outdoors. Haven't even been doing my Flylady duties, apart from the kitchen sink. But, as every one of the 742 daily emails says, I am not behind, I must not try to catch up. :)

I have been getting a fair amount of cat-related exercise: little Lily has had the runs, and keeps getting it all over her feet. She digs a nice hole in the litter, puts her front paws in it, and poops on the hill behind her. Since she's pretty short, it ends up all over her butt and legs. So I try to get into her bathroom with her to shut her in and fight until I get her cleaned up. Then I have to disinfect the bathroom sink, walls, floor... and then change my wet and smeared clothes. At least she is a sweetie who always races to the litter box, even when it must be hard to get there in time. My Bigboy is also a bit of a problem right now: he's not happy being an indoor cat, and is spending so much time grooming I'm afraid he'll wear holes in his beautiful fur. I may have to look for an outdoor home for him. Motherhood is ****!!!! :(

My weight, however, is getting back to my pre-trip level. Only 1.5 lbs to be back in Onederland!

Gotta go. Take care all.

08-26-2005, 05:47 PM
Hi All! Super idea Red!
Little about me-married, mom of 6. Started on this weight loss journey at 272, July 2004. I was down 43 lbs, but since moving to Nevada from Idaho 5/05 I have gained 10 and lost 3. Gotta keep going in the right direction!
My challenge for myself is to drink 3 liters of water a day. I was up to 3-4 before we moved and almost no diet coke, but lately I have been having 2-3 sodas/day and then I don't want to drink much water. I also want to have some form of exercise/activity everyday.
I hope tomorrow that I can count today as day 1, we'll have to see how much water I can get down today. I haven't even finished #1, and its 1:45 pm! Gotta get chuggin, and walking! My treadmill is just sitting gathering dust and calling out my name!! :lol:
Good luck to everyone-and awesome job to those who have already completed more than 1 day!!!!


08-26-2005, 08:38 PM
Good morning, all! I made it through Day 1! Hurrah for me!! :spin: It was not easy. It was not hard really, largely no doubt due to the fact that I had been pigging out over the past four days and I was really sick of it. I was disgusting myself and only doing it to do it, which wasn't even much fun, but I was doing it intentionally to get all the "wanting" out of my system.

The hard part yesterday was realizing all the things I won't be able to eat since the white flour is out and how often I reach for them out of convenience and pure laziness. This challenge will force me to have fruit and vegetables and to have real food, which is the whole idea of it. And I will be glad to be back eating natural sugar, not this chemical A-bomb processed stuff. When I was eating it I didn't even want fruit; the idea of natural sugar was so wimpish, which just shows what a drug the processed stuff is.

So, onward to Day 2. I got to the gym yesterday too and my new heartrate monitor arrived so I have to figure out how to work that and have fun with it.

fancyfrog -- Welcome! :wave: We've been having a great time with the challenge. I'm surprised you didn't find us sooner. This is already the third thread and I think we started up in May or around then. You've got a great attitude, not focusing on the gains, but on the losses and knowing you can get the weight off again. Mother of 6! Wow! You must be or had been kept super busy! There are quite a few people on the thread now who are aiming to get into Onderland, as they call the 100-lb category, and I hope you'll feel encouraged by their successes and, of course, your own! :yes: Good luck!

carla -- You are doing great with resisting temptation. I find the thought of all those free samples simply evil! Drug pushers, pushing stuff on people that they don't need and is not good for them. I don't know, the whole marketing of all this junk food just bothers me a lot sometimes...

Well, I've been quiet and yes, there is a lot going on in my life that is not weight and eating related, so I don't like to talk about it here. This is a good thing, though it doesn't feel that good. It means I'm finally learning to not allow life and emotions to trigger overeating. But I cannot stress enough how important the type of food we put in our mouths is. The chemical reactions food causes directly affects our thoughts and cravings and what we reach for next.

Well, enough talk. Keep up the good work and get out and enjoy those pleasant breezes! And, you'll be back in fabulous Onederland soon again. Good job!

mezmerize -- You're almost there! I'm so happy for you. No stopping you now! And thanks so much for the sweet words! Can I hire you as a personal cheering squad?! :lol:

gray eyed girl -- Glad to hear the challenge is getting easier. Gas stations are killers. I don't have them here and haven't driven a car in decades, but the ubiquitous convenience store is our equivalent. They are not your friend!, just your car's! Stock up on other things you can drink. Take a thermos. Indulge yourself by preparing. Bring ready-to-eat fruit and such. Do NOT give up control to whatever is out there! :strong: Good luck, kid! I'm rooting for you! :cheer:

1ncegain -- I hope things are okay and will be looking forward to having you back here with us! Take care! :grouphug:

mscat -- You are back! Hurrah! I was missing you. So, keep us informed on your progress. I hope you find the new thread! Only a few have posted on it so far. Weekends are always rather sparse around here but it's still Friday in North America. I know you're busy with your week challenge thread but I hope you can come in here regularly too. :dance:

Sushi -- Have you found us? You must be finished or nearly finished with your challenge. Come tell us so we can congratulate you (or, in the worst case...console you....nah!'ll have made it...) :yes:

Marti -- What's up with you?! Are you still with us? I hope so. It sounds like you weren't quite ready to quit smoking yet. That's okay. You will be one day. Just don't give up working toward that end goal. Cutting back is great! I hope the "haywire days" have gotten better. Hang in there. You will pull through! :strong:

curly -- where are you?! Our star challenger, gone silent. Hope you're okay. How is your health? :listen:

NinaV -- you popped up for a post there and then disappeared. Stick with it, girl! You can do this and we want to hear from you! Come in and tell us what's up! :)

Caro -- Where are you?!?! Come on, you too!! Get in here! I miss you!!! :(

Okay, all. Caught up! Anyone I haven't heard from in a while, please come back! We need you here to keep the thread alive and thriving and we want the challenge to do the same for you! Chin up, all. You can reach your goals. Step, step, one foot in front of the other, that's what it's about. Try, try, again. Come on! NEVER GIVE UP!!! :sunny:

08-26-2005, 10:14 PM
Checking in.. Ive been going to work out and then running home for dinner and then walking each night... Now that it has cooled down a bit finally here I have been able to get back into my walking... so by @ 9 pm I am pretty much worn out! lol

But I completed day 5 tonight!

heres my new addiction, its so good u feel like u are cheating..

1 cup plain fat free yogurt, 1/2 cup skim milk, splenda to taste, Ice cubes, and sugar free jello powder... mix together in the blender .. pour in a tall glass & enjoy!

it tastes just like a milkshake!

gray eyed girl
08-27-2005, 12:12 AM
thanks, Mez. WTG getting through day 18 - you're almost there!

Carla, peanut butter kit kats? Oh no. Hopefully they just don't exist in my area. :eek: I'm glad you're doing well. I am dreading Halloween candy, too. It's already showing up here too - it's not even September! They start earlier every year, it seems.

Welcome, fancyfrog! You're doing very well at 36 pounds down, even if you did have a little lapse. You should be proud of that weight loss, it is so hard! I'm glad you've joined us here.

Hurrah for you, Red! I missed what your new challenge is - are you avoiding white flour? That's got to be really tough, but so good for you to get rid of it. Are you allowing yourself to have whole wheat flour instead? Thanks for the encouragement about avoiding gas stations - they really are dangerous places for a dieter, full of nothing but junk and then (around here at least), they've got that one dinky shelf of "health food" that consists of two expired power bars and chocolate chip granola bars. It's best to just stay away!

curlylocks, that sounds really good! I'll have to give that a try. Glad you're doing well!

I'm done with day 4! I almost had a soda today, but I decided to have a fruit smoothie instead :). One thing I have noticed in the past 4 days is that I am SO thirsty. I guess I didn't realize how much of my fluid intake was gross soda, because I have just been drinking TONS of water. Yesterday I had a gallon and a half and today I've already had a gallon and I am still going strong. It's great for the heat, and I know it's good for me, and I like water anyway, but I'm shocked at how thirsty I have been.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I didn't lose anything between last Saturday and this Wednesday, so hopefully I'm down a pound or two tomorrow.

08-27-2005, 01:47 AM
The first 21-day challenge I did here was great for me. I did 21 days of exercising everyday! This second time around is so tough - but here I go again - got my minimum oz of 72 in on Friday - my stretch goal is 96! But day 1 (again) is done as far as I am concerned. Looking for tips on how to get that water in everyday. Anyone got any? Please share!

Goodnight everyone - got to stop :write: and lay down - I pulled a muscle or something in my back (2nd time in a the last month :?: ) and the pain is excrutiating.


08-27-2005, 07:22 AM
i take my 130 oz bottle to work with me each day and refill when it goes empty (@ 3 times) then drink one on my way to work out..

when i first started having trouble with my back ... i thought that i had a pulled a muscle, but then it started hurting down my butt cheek and into my leg.. i had never had any back pain before, then went to a specialist and found out i had 3 deteriating discs, and the pain was from pressure on my sciatic nerve.. if u also feel the pain in ur butt and down into your knee... find a specialist..

i was very lucky i found an excellent dr. and he fixed me right up! 135 staples to close the incision.. wooo but i am pain free now

08-27-2005, 09:04 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new here, and the idea of a challenge is definitely right up my alley. And all your posts are so welcoming for newbies, I thought I'd jump right in.

A little about me - I'm 31, single, live in NYC, sing opera for a living, and am generally a happy person. I have been heavy all of my life, but last year when I went for a general check up, a new doctor advised that I lose some weight to alleviate various conditions (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, PCOS), and I took him to heart. I started walking everywhere that very day, and now I am jogging 4 miles every morning! Of course, I changed my diet almost completely, as well. I am healthier, happier, and have more energy than ever before. In short, life is good!

The challenge that I am going to take on for these 21 days is something that I hope will help me move into conditioning and toning, now that I have burned off so much fat. I am going to do a full abdominal workout each day, front, back, lateral. I already did it today, so I'm off and running!

Looking forward to being part of this group!

08-27-2005, 09:16 AM
welcome chaps! wow 65 lbs way to go! Im curious.. did u begin with walking and advance to running... and if so how did u transition from walking to running? Id like advice on this if anyone has some tips for me...

08-27-2005, 09:27 AM
This is a great idea. One of my big challenges is always drinking water, so I'm picking that. My challenge is to drink 8 glasses of water every day!

I used to drink 5 or 6 cans of Diet Coke a day. When I started watching my weight again I started cutting back, got down to just one a day. Then I decided I would only get that soda if I was willing to walk to the convenience store to get it! I did that once. Not saying I won't do that again at some point but for right now I'm becoming more and more accustomed to the water.

So today is Day 1 ...

08-27-2005, 09:29 AM
Ok, fellow challengers, I am wrapping up Day 2 with some delicious watermelon and a rice ball with pickled plum in it. Yum! I gotta type and run because I have another 3:45 a.m. rising ahead of me tomorrow! :eek: Today turned out to be a fun day. My cell phone broke down and when I went to the shop they said they'd fix it for free! AND they gave me a new one to use while the other was being fixed. Thing is, the new one is a new model and has a camera on it, so I've been playing all day (even though I was at work!) and taking pictures with it. Well, okay, gotta finish catching up and hit the, rather..the floor! :spin:

curly -- that shake sounds delicious. I have always stayed away from sweeteners, mostly because there is next to nothing with them in it here, but your recipe sounded so good I thought I may just add a bit of sweetener back in my life. I can't get raw honey here and that is the only thing I really want to eat. I was going to say I can't get sugar free gelatin here but then went to an import site here and found that I can order it, most of it only by the case, but one flavor (cherry) singly. So, I just may try it out! Thanks! And good going on your challenge. You know you have three pause days this time around. New rule is a max of three. I'm not going to implement that 1-2-4-3-1-2-3 thing..too complicated.

mscat -- :bravo: on getting through Day 1. You can do this! Yes, sometimes it's all just harder. Hang in there. I love water but some days I just forget about drinking. The best thing to do is just always have it sitting there next to you. I like to swig it right out of the bottle, somehow tastes better. I can't drink tap water. It's too gross tasting, just buy cheap mineral water. In the summer I also put the bottle in the freezer just until there's ice floating in it. I love crunching the ice and the ice cold feel. Of course, it's very hot here. You may not like that if you're in a cooler place. I only do that in the summer. Good luck and keep it up, okay! :sunny:

gray -- Congratulations on Day 4 in the bag!! Keep it up with all that water too. Great save on the soda! :yes: I sure hope the scale is good to you tomorrow. :goodscale: My challenge is to give up ALL sugar, white flour and deep-fried food. Yes, I can eat whole grain bread if there is absolutely no added sugar. And the whole grain has to be totally whole grain, or rye, mostly German bread is what I'll be eating. I'm not a big bread eater anymore so this isn't a problem. The abstinence from white flour is more a way to stop me from eating snack foods like bagel chips and so. Well, hang in there. Think of me when you pull into a gas station and remember we have convenience stores every 50 steps max of each other here in Tokyo! I must say you can find more healthy food in them than a gas station I'm sure, but still, the temptations are there too.
Take care!!

Chaps -- Welcome aboard! :wave: Your challenge sounds like a gut-wrenching one!! :rofl: Give it your best and check in with us often. We're here for you and I hope you can give us all a hand at times too. :grouphug:

Ok, ciao tutti!


08-27-2005, 10:57 AM
Hi Curlylocks - ok, this is how things happened for me. Mind you, I didn't plan any of this. As I went, my body dictated everything. I started by walking EVERYWHERE. This is pretty easy to do in NYC. I stopped buying a subway pass and whenever it was possible, I walked. Normal pace, long stretches. Then I started walking faster. This was also easy in NYC, because the sidewalks are so crowded, I wanted to get through as quick as I could. I figured the bobbing and weaving must add to the calorie burning, too. HA!
Next, rather than just walking to get places, I made myself go for a brisk walk for an additional hour each day.

At some point in the fall, a friend suggested that I start going to a track in our neighborhood. I found that I liked that better than being jostled around in the streets. At first I just walked laps (quarter-mile track, I would walk 12-16 laps). But then, out of the blue, I realized that I was getting bored with it. So I started jogging one side of the track for each lap.

Then winter came and I joined a gym for 4 months. On the treadmill I would walk for 5 minutes, jog for 1 minute, for about 45-55 minutes. Then one day, I thought, I wonder how long I can keep jogging... and before I knew it, I had jogged for 25 minutes straight! I could NOT believe it. And I realized that I really enjoyed pushing myself. I also realized that I used to have to stop because my heart was beating too fast and I couldn't catch my breath. But by that time I had lost about 50 pounds, and I didn't have to stop until my legs were tired. That was a pretty amazing realization.

The weather got warmer and I got back outside, taking it a little slow at first. It's the understatement of the week to say that jogging outside is quite different from the treadmill. So now I jog 14-16 laps, 6 mornings a week. Plus the mile and a half walking to and from the track.

I think the most important advice I would impart to you would be to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Some days I have to stop after 10 laps, and convince myself that that is ok. Some days I feel amazing and jog 18 laps and am on top of the world. Every day will be different. Don't let a down day make you think it's all over.

Wow, this DID go on, didn't it? I hope it's helpful in some way!

08-27-2005, 04:01 PM
thanks! chaps. I think i am going to try that .. adding some jogging in with my walking.. I can walk a 9 min mile.. lol not to shabby for a nearly 45 yo, over weight asthmatic.. as fast as my dog wants to go i am almost jogging now lmao

ok day 6 completed for me... got up and walked at 7 am and then went for my work out...

RED: u can also make the smoothie, using vanilla extract, cinnamon & nutmeg in place of the jello

Sushi Penguin
08-27-2005, 09:28 PM
If I'm counting right... today is Day 21! (I took a free day last weekend)
Just have to drink my tea. :)

08-27-2005, 10:33 PM
Yay Sushi
21 Days!!!

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cp: :cp: :bravo: :cp: :cp: :cb: :cb: :cb:

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Sushi Penguin
08-27-2005, 11:30 PM
I counted wrong :lol: - Day 21 was yesterday!!!

08-28-2005, 01:04 AM
Sushi!!! Congratulations!! The days snuck up and you finished your challenge without even realizing it! :rofl:


Fantastic work!! :cp: :cp: :encore: :cp: :cp: :encore: Way to go!!

You must feel absolutely GREAT!!!
So...microphone about some words of success....looking back, do you feel you've changed at all? Is the Sushi of 3 weeks ago the same Sushi of today? Give us your thoughts! :lol:

08-28-2005, 07:05 AM
Woohoo Sushi! :dance: :dance: Aren't you proud of yourself?

Day One of my challenge completed successfully. On to Day Two! (glug glug)

Have also completed Week One of WW and am really enjoying the way I'm eating. I think it's a much closer fit to my needs than what I was trying before.

:bravo: to everyone who is hanging in there and making positive changes in their lives!

08-28-2005, 07:09 AM
Hello ladynredd! :wave: I'm very sorry I missed your post. I thought you were a stealth starter and I had to come back in here and edit my post. Very sorry I didn't welcome you last night. Your post must have come in while I was typing. Well, good for you on your first day down and done! :cp: Can't get enough of the good stuff! :spin: I'm so glad you could join us. Remember, you have one pause day on your first round. You can use that as a pause, planned for and all, or just as a safety net if you slip up. Congratulations :bravo: on a successful liftoff! :cb:

08-28-2005, 07:27 AM
RedBalloon, you must have just missed me. I first piped up in msg. #17. And you're right, my challenge is drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

As far as an intro ... I'm doing Weight Watchers after a number of years away (trying everything else in the meantime.) Looking for that easier, softer way in the meantime, doncha know. My conclusion? There IS no easier, softer way.

I do broadcast captioning out of my home, filling in my abundant spare time :rofl: quilting and reading. I'm expecting my first grandchild toward the end of the year and I'll be making a trip to Calif. at that time to greet the new arrival. :D

Nice to meet you! :wave:

08-28-2005, 07:35 AM
lady -- I went back and edited my post, but I think you read the old one. I found you! :spin: What, by the way, is broadcast captioning? Sounds interesting! :yes:

08-28-2005, 09:20 AM
Day 2 - task completed! And it's not even 830am! I did my abs on the soccer field today, after I finished my jog. It was refreshing to do it outside, though I was covered with bits of turf when I was done.

Sushi - Congratulations! You rock.

Curlylocks - If you are doing a 9 minute mile, you hardly need to worry about jogging. At that pace, you are probably burning more calories than a slow-pace jog. Great!

RedBalloon - Thanks for the warm welcome, what a nice group of people to be on board with.

To everyone else - best of luck with meeting your challenges today!

08-28-2005, 11:51 AM
Day 19 Stayed in my Pts. No activity pts used
Day 20 Stayed in my Pts. I used my activity pts. Totally meessed up day!! I ate from boredom/Stress/Anger. I didn't log them until today. Wish I had logged as I cooked or munched them. I almost messed up the challenge it was .5 from being over my points!!!
I was thinking on going with SBD P1 for a 3rd week but I started to get even more dizzy. (I started that mid second week) I'm not sure why I think maybe not eating enough, or should I eat more meat?? So I thought I better go to Ph2 and add carbs. Im not sure if it was the carbs I added to breakfast (1/3 cup 7 Grain Cereal) or Dinner (1 slice wheat bread) but I stepped on the scale and I see a 2lbs gain!!! I didn't go over my points so I'm going think I may go with Ph1 again. Monday if those 2lbs are still there. Monday is my weight in day.

Congrats all you 21 dayers!!! :hat: :dance: :dancer:

Today is my 21 Day!! My goal is not to use any activity points.

EEEK my husband is home and I hate him looking over my shoulder when I'm typing!

08-28-2005, 01:33 PM
Hello Y'all. I have been lurking here a few days and I just had to post to this thread. You guys are wonderful support for each other. I have not seen any negative posts on this site. Other websites I have visited turn into "lets insult and embarrase the new person" if you know what I mean.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Tina, I'm from Texas (bet you never would have guessed, left a little clue lol), I'm married with 4 kids (5 if you count hubby) :bb:, and I work full time.

I am always reading and researching about healthy eating and exercise (doing it is another thing). I am not much of a fad diet person. My biggest vice is sugar. It is my drug of choice. I eat better and exercise in bursts. I am so not consistant.

Any way I would like to join the challenge.

I will not drink reg sodas, I will drink more water, and I will get 20 min of exercise every day.

Tina :wave:

gray eyed girl
08-28-2005, 01:52 PM
I'm so far behind, I think I'm going to skip individual responses today.

Way to go, Sushi, getting to 21 days!!

I had a horrible day yesterday, diet-wise. The scale didn't move at all, I'm still at 205 (it is NOT fair to be stuck soooooo close to 199!) and I just couldn't help myself - I ate so much yesterday! Total binge. :( I didn't have chocolate or soda (because I had none in the house) but I ate pretty much everything else. Blech. I feel bloated and gross this morning as a result. I haven't been able to get to the gym in a week now, and that's having an impact on me too. I don't think I'm going to get there today either, because I have tons of homework to do now, too! I'm just feeling really discouraged today, and I'm feeling like I'm going to be stuck weighing 200-something forever, because I can't get to the gym and this weight is going to come off slower than molasses if I can't get in more exercise than I have this month.

Anyway, I am through day 5 and today is day 6 with the soda/chocolate challenge, but I'm feeling really discouraged and my determination is gone right now. I want more than anything to be thin and in good shape, and right now I feel like I have too much going on to make it happen. I am really discouraged right now. I don't know where my motivation went, but I need it to come back. :(

08-28-2005, 02:23 PM
gray eyed girl - I can really relate to what your feeling right now. I too over ate yesterday the only thing that saved me was I just brought a bunch of veggies from my garden in the other day and I ate those. Had there been other things I know I would have eaten those. I did gain 2lbs! Which makes me sick! I know I need to take control. ( I'm still mad about things other than my diet from yesterday) So here's what I'm going to do. Put on some music, think of what I want in the future and not right now. I'm worth waiting this out. So here's my advice to you. Put on some music. (if your able to do both your homework and listen at the same time) Close your eyes and pictue yourself at goal. Your worth it! Those instant snacks aren't!!! I watched the diet doctor on T.V. yesterday. She said that you don't have to do 15,30, 60 and so on minutes of workouts in one setting you can do say 3 - 10 minute workouts spaced thought out the day and it will be just as good as 30 minutes. I'm not sure what your workout is but as long as your moving it's going to add up!! Now as far as the scale not moving. I think it's just your body being stubborn holding on to excess water. If you've been on plan and are working out your doing great. I go shopping and try on clothes. I find it helps me to remotivate myself. I know lbs don't always matter but getting into a sizer sizes does! My last words when motivation is gone go for determination!

08-28-2005, 02:25 PM
Tina - Welcome to the 21 Day Challenge! I look forward to cheering you on!

08-28-2005, 03:45 PM
I made it through day 1! (I wonder how many times I will repeat that?? :lol: )
I am already started on my water today, just gotta get some exercise!

Gray eyed girl-I totally understand about the exercise! Before we moved-4 months ago-I was walking 2-3 miles/day, it helped me lose 43 lbs. Since we moved I have probably walked a total of 8 miles and gained 10 lbs back :( I have lost 3 of that so far, but it makes me very upset that I just can't seem to get the motivation to get off my behind and walk! I have a treadmill in my bedroom, calls my name everytime I walk by (evil thing :devil: ), but I have done a darn good job of ignoring it's voice for the last 4 months! I talked my hubby into buying me the treadmill because with 6 kids it's hard to get away and go to a gym, or to even walk down the road and back, by myself. This way I could turn on a cartoon in the living room for them and turn on a video in my room and walk away, the problem is I have been walking away from the treadmill!

I am going to start walking again today! My 2 middle children start school tomorrow, so that will ease up my days some. I will still have the 2 little ones-until I find a preschool-but they are not hard to please with a video. I will do this, I can do this!!:tread:

Welcome Tina! :wave: I have only been here a few days, but I have read through the past challenges, and this is a super group of ladies! I wish you much success!

Have a great, healthy day ladies!


08-28-2005, 06:21 PM
Good morning, everyone. Monday here and my Day 4. Yesterday went fine, though I am starting to notice the yearning for sugar. It's not a craving or anything. I don't get them anymore. But it is a yearning. Probably my body just wants that jolt. I am a true junkie, sugar and caffeine. But, I'm just going to try to ignore it this time instead of whining (too much ;) ) about it.

fancyfrog -- Congrats on getting through Day 1! :bravo: I don't want to hear any negativity out of you, you understand?!:nono: Don't poo-poo your wonderful start with a "wondering if you will repeat it?!" You are going to blow this challenge away! :dancer: Ok?! :sunny: And get in there and listen to that treadmill. It's not evil, it's your friend. Think of your time on it as pampering time. Your body will thank you!

chaps -- :bravo: on knocking out that ab routine! How nice to be jogging outside. Keep up the good work!

mez -- What's this?! Am I hearing you getting down on yourself when you're on your last day of your challenge!?!! :eek: Come on now, stay OFF that scale. The gains and losses really mean nothing. It's the long-run picture that counts. You are probably sabotaging your efforts by watching that scale like a hawk. You may be so close to seeing a drop in the numbers and then you get discouraged and eat too much and then you really will not see a drop. I used to chart my weight very closely so I would learn the trends and I ALWAYS would see a major gain before a loss. It is the fluids in your body that is retained before fat is flushed out. And as for the SBD 1, just stay off it. It is not a magic equation, where you have to do phase 1 in order to have the rest work. Phase 1 is merely meant to get people feeling good about the drop in weight. Carbs make your body more hydrated. There is nothing wrong with this. You need it! If you're feeling dizzy you are not getting enough carbohydrates. I work out with bodybuilders and they do this right before the contests, to get their fat level to super low levels. Normally, they eat tons of carbs. Your muscles need the glycogen to work. Your brain needs the carbs to function. Maybe you're not eating enough. Meat is certainly not the problem. I have been a vegetarian most of my life and I have tons of energy. It comes from whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and lots of fruit and veggies. We are omnivores, not carnivores. You can do without animal products easily. SBD is a very good program but you have to eat. Get on P2 and enjoy. It's a hard program to be sure, it's a hard lifestyle. Many of us have been eating wrong all our lives and are, like me, are addicted to simple sugars. It's a large reason we're overweight. OKay, OFF my soapbox! :soap: It's just, mez, I hate to see you getting down on yourself. Look at how great you've been doing. DON'T belittle your efforts!

justkeepswimming -- Welcome!! :wave: I'm glad you found us. Is this your very first post?! Wow. I rarely read other threads but I find it hard to believe there is negativity out there. How can that be? Why would people do it? Isn't everyone supposed to be supportive of each other? Bizarre! Sometimes it's very hard to read tone in writing. There may be misunderstandings. I hope you don't misread any of our posts! If you ever feel funny about something someone says, and yes, it happens here too, just say something! And if somebody ever is truly mean to you, just tell me. I will whip their butt! send my cyber-Doberman through to get them, so don't you worry! :lol: Well, good luck on your challenge. Not drinking sodas is a toughie and as for the sugar as vice..well, that's mine too. It's never just a little bit with me, it's a LOTTA bit. Hang in there and good luck! :goodluck:

gray eyed girl -- Wow, a lot of glum faces around here this morning. Look girl, take heart! You too, stay away from the scale! Focus on your successes. No, you didn't have a "total binge." If you had you would have had chocolate and soda. And not having it in the house is thanks to YOU! Okay, listen, in these kind of times, you need to step back and get your priorities in focus, AND put it all in perspective. Losing weight is HARD. It involves not only eating right and what is enough for you but it involves doing a little bit more in order to use up the stores of fat you have. And that's the toughie, the real toughie. Eating right is hard in itself. Stop thinking of all you haven't done and look at what you HAVE done!! Why are you feeling discouraged when you have six whole days of doing something that is not easy! You sound like you're suffering a stroke of perfectionism too. Yes, it's hard to get it all together. But you can at least stop beating yourself up. Overeating is the LAST thing you should be doing if you are not getting to the gym. And yet it is something we ALL do. It seems we've all turned our discouragement and yucky feelings into triggers for eating. So, just try to say to yourself... "What CAN I do right now..." However small, you have to focus on that, NOT what you can't do, what you don't have, what you should be doing...just what you CAN do. Thinking like that helps put you into a mindset of optimism. Optimists never stop thinking. Be like Thomas Edison, keep going, going looking for ways to do little things, AND to give yourself those much-needed pats on the back. Don't allow anyone to belittle your efforts. Wow, soapbox morning here! gray, you know I get down too. But this is how I come back. You can do this! I am rooting for you!! Fight!! :strong:

I'm missing a lot of our old regulars and feeling quite lonely... :( where are you all? Sometimes being the thread organizer is a very, very lonely job and I just want to quit. It doesn't feel lonely if I don't come in here. Come on and help me out, will you?
I need support too....


08-28-2005, 08:55 PM
Red, don't feel lonely. I can't post right now - have to be somewhere - but will post later at such length you'll be sorry you called on your regulars... Don't EVER think we don't appreciate all the work that goes into organizing the thread!

Sushi Penguin
08-28-2005, 09:11 PM
Red, believe me, I want to post and post and post, but it's kind of tough to do when you're just a week away from moving to a different continent! :lol:
I'll be totally offline for a week or so, I think... but I'll be back. I'm planning to start a new challenge around Sept. 9th. :)

08-28-2005, 09:20 PM
day 7 all done! and welcome to the new commers!! anyone see a scale fly by their window? lol it was mine! grrrrr see sawing here!
247 on saturday and 251 today ... but i just read thru Red's post and maybe it will dissapear by tomorrow.. maybe thats my gain before my loss, cuz i did xtra exercise saturday and didnt go op..

#$%%^& scale!!!!

08-28-2005, 10:56 PM
carla, sushi, thanks! carla, I look forward to the mega post! Sushi, hang in there. I know about moving to new continents! curly, I had to reread your post. I thought you were hoping my post would disappear! :rofl: No, really, I used to find that there would be a good plateau or days of gain for about 4 or 5 days and then the weight would plunge. If it's PMS time, however, it can be longer.

08-28-2005, 11:51 PM
Well, Red, I'm back as promised. A friend who lives in my building had called wanting me to go to WalMart with him. I was pretty sure they closed before 8 on Sundays, but he wanted to go anyway. Of course it turned out I was right, but it was a fun outing anyway. He and I have been friends for almost 35 years :yikes:. The year before my ex acted on his mid-life crisis, my friend's life-partner died unexpectedly, so we hang out together a lot. Both of us slightly battered by life, but good buddies.

In your profile or one of your posts, you mentioned the kind of work you do. I'm an interpreter as well - English/French. Freelance, but the market here is extremely good, so I've never lacked for work. I knew you must do something with language, what with your good grammar, proper spelling, and articulate posts.

I've finished day 6, dodged a bullet when I went out to lunch, but it turned out my lunch date had no intention of leading me astray, and I really couldn't justify initiating any wine drinking on my own. I think this challenge is starting to become a habit!!! I've added another week-at-a-time challenge on another thread. So I'll be getting up and out in the mornings, and to bed at a more reasonable hour. At least that's the plan.

Life with the kitties is never dull. My little Lily is no longer stepping in poop and spreading it around. But Bigboy seems to be acting out some stress. I think he needs to be an outdoor cat, which I can't give him here on the 14th floor. I'll give it a little more time, but if he continues to groom excessively and eat like a pig, I'll find him an outdoor home. Also, Lily has started to run away and hide from him when he gets too rough, so he's feeling a little abandoned, which doesn't help. (Yes, I am a rather obsessive mother. Maybe the cats will turn out to be too much responsibility for me after all.)

Gray, I don't want to hear any more of that self-defeating talk!! You've done really well, and I'm counting on YOU to keep ME on the straight and narrow. I know what you mean about the scale though. I had briefly dipped below 200, but gained when I was away, and it's not all gone yet. Let's hope we both have a sudden dip at the same time, and very soon.

Curly, way to go with the exercise, and day 7. Stick with Gray and I, we're one day behind you and we're having scale issues too.

Fancy, Chaps and Swimming: welcome! The more the merrier. Every time one of us has a success, it helps everyone else remember that victory is not only possible but close at hand. Sort of like WW meetings, but you don't have to get out of your chair. :rofl:

Mez, you're right at the end of your challenge. :bravo:, bravissimo! As for the dizziness, I agree with Red. Part I of SBD is so restrictive, and you really do need carbs, preferably complex carbs. They'll give you the energy to be more active. (In theory at least - I'm pretty lethargic these days...).

By the way, Curly, I'm amazed you can walk at such a fast rate! When I was a regular jogger my race pace was about a 10-min mile, so I can't imagine walking that fast without tripping over my feet. You really will enjoy running, I think. I can't describe the feeling of power and weightlessness I had during a good run. If my right foot wasn't such a mess (chronic plantar fasciitis) I'd get out there again, even if I can't do much distance.

Red, about negativity on other threads - I haven't seen much either, but I was a little shocked by a right-wing, homophobic rant I read the other day. I don't remember which thread it was. I've certainly been welcomed on the threads I've joined.

And so to bed. :yawn:

08-28-2005, 11:53 PM
Sushi, I missed mentioning to you thatI'll be thinking of you while you're busy with your move. The packing and stress might even make you skinny, no?

08-29-2005, 07:50 AM
Starting Day 3 here. Day 2 went well -- had a nice loss at the scale :dance: and even ate all my points! First day, I think, that I've actually gotten them all in. Drank all my water, which is my challenge.

I won't try to reply to everyone's posts today as I am going to make a concerted effort to exercise this morning! :fr: I bought two of Richard Simmons' "Blast Away" dance videos -- one is Latin, one is Disco -- and while I wasn't brave enough to list it as part of the formal challenge here it's certainly something I need to do. Baby steps, baby steps.

Red balloon, you asked what broadcast captioning is. Ever watched a TV show and seen what everyone is saying appearing in print down at the bottom of the screen? That's what I do. I primarily do city council meetings and college classes. I usually enjoy the college classes more, but they don't pay as much, so I do both.

That's it for now ... time to pop that video in the TV! Good job everyone!

08-29-2005, 08:29 AM
Carla: my secret for walking that fast is the song i am singing as i walk lmao... sing it as fast as i can : " there was farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o B-I-N-G-O B-IN-G- O Bingo Bingo and bingo was his Name O"

08-29-2005, 08:52 AM
Hello, all. Back home now and soon to hit the hay. Another good day eating and exercise-wise and stayed on the challenge just fine. Just finished up a big bunch of huge purple grapes. Yummy! I got a jog in at the gym this morning before work, weights too. Would have loved to run longer but had gotten out too late this morning so only did 3K. I wore my new heartrate monitor and kept my pulse up. Normally I would have gotten lazy and taken a lot of walking breaks, but today I jogged practically the entire 30 mins just because I hated to see my pulse drop! Good incentive!

ladynredd -- Wow, what a great day for you, eh? Stayed on the challenge AND had a loss on the scale. You are going to make some people here real jealous, you know, saying things like that! ;) Blasssttttt!!! Away :lol: Sounds so funny. I hope they blast away the fat for you. I know what you mean about not being "brave enough" to make something part of your "formal" challenge (heh, when did we get formal around here?!?! :rofl: ) You've got a great attitude, doing the things you know need doing. You know, I'm realizing a lot of people don't really want to do what they say they want to...uh, like duh!! me! Ok, I understand the captioning thing now. Closed captioning I think is what I've heard it called. I've seen machines here that will add it on for you. Great for language learners, isn't it? Maybe I can find work doing that. I sure need work right now! Well, good luck on Day 3. :sunny:

carla -- Thank you very much for the great post. I enjoyed reading it a lot. And thank you for the compliments on my posts, but don't make me self-conscious now. I like to just let this be my "nearly-anything-goes" writing place...that's not true, actually, but...I mean, you know, I do get very sick of commas and caps and such... Yes, I do interpreting but most of the work is rewriting, editing and translation, none of which I really like. I am first a writer but the money is rarely there. My writing gets in the way of my translation work though, you know, and vice versa. There's always the question of how closely do you follow the original, even when it was bad! Ugh. Really don't like the whole thing. I studied years and years of French and can read it quite well but never used it so can't speak. German was my major, lived there four years and was fluent. But I've been in Japan so long now...Japanese is surely my best language after English. Ok, shut me up, will ya?!

I'm glad you're considering giving your one cat an outdoor home. Some cats can just not take being penned up, others can. A neighbor had about six cats and most of them died when she went in to a retirement home and had to give the cats to her sister. It was so sad, but they just couldn't take the change, physically or mentally.

Glad you got through lunch okay. Don't you just feel like such a lush when you suggest drinking to someone who doesn't drink much at all, ever? I hate that. Most of my friends can knock back endless beers. One of them was knocking back a bit too many and definitely had a problem. Now she's on the wagon and I admit I miss the rockin' and areelin' times! By the way, isn't your challenge to stay off wine and chocolate again? If so, wasn't the challenge reason enough not to initiate any wine drinking?!?! :nono:

What you said about the posts, I guess it happens. There are a lot of threads out there that are really sewn up and hard to break into. You can try and just get ignored it seems. So weird, but chat rooms are like that too. I can't, however, imagine bigoted posts of any sort being allowed on the forum. I guess the moderator can't watch too closely. If I saw something like that I think I would (if I were moderator) at least PM the people and warn them about content. I mean, I'm all for a bit of cussing (I really restrain myself in here) but cussing is nothing, just superficial stuff. It's the content of the words, the thoughts that should be watched. Well, I told swimming, man, if anyone like that joins up and gives anyone trouble in here, or starts spewing verbal vomit like some sort of bigot, they are going to have to deal with me! It takes a lot of courage for a lot of people to even post, to talk about themselves, their overeating, bingeing, whatever, and for someone to come in here and make them feel bad, that would just steam me! :mad:

Well, Good luck, carla on your challenge, and thanks again for the long post! :thanks:

curly -- I really can't picture myself singing "Bingo." :lol3: But, you know, I very often count my steps as I'm running. It becomes an obsession with me, as I'm watching the numbers on the treadmill I start counting steps, then figure how many in a 100 meters etc. (60 steps) Then I make up ways to count to 60 without doing it the long and boring way from 1 up. I divide it all up in my head, knocking off 10, then seeing it as 50 left, then seeing it as 2 x 25, counting off the two 5s and then a 20 and then the last 20, and voila! with all the mental math the steps are gone and the number changes and I start over...and over and over again.. I do this with weight lifting two. Instead of going 1 to 10, and start getting too tired at about 7, I count to five only by going 1,1, 2, 2, 3, 3. It makes it seem like less. I told you I was obsessed. I AM nuts!! :eek: You know, curly, I just remembered, I used to do 20 squats to "Row, row, row your boat" with each syllable a count. ....Bingo is starting to look pretty good after all.... :dizzy:

Well, turning in now. Boy, am I tired. Hope to see lots of posts tomorrow morning when I get up.... :yes:

Bye for now! :wave:

08-29-2005, 09:48 AM
Man, I am loving this challenge idea. I love a competition, especially when it's with myself!

Redballoon - Thanks again for the encouragement, you are a fabulous thread organizer! You are right, jogging outside is fantastic. Not only is it just nice, but I don't have to pay for it. I'm even liking exercising in extreme humidity, if you can believe it. I know it's a mindgame, but when I sweat more, I feel like I've had a better workout. heh heh.

SushiPenguin - Best of luck with your move - to a new continent!! Sheesh, I thought moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan was a hassle. I am sending you positive thoughts, because moving can be one of the worst things we have to do.

Carla - Thanks for the welcome and positive words. I'm really finding this board to be just the boost I needed to get back into my routine after my vacation.

Curlylocks - I am SO with you on music during a workout. I credit my ipod with keeping me motivated. I see people jogging without any sort of headphones and I think, I am sure I couldn't do that. Sometimes I get inspired and sing along (in short gasps) and I know people think I'm nuts. Luckily, I'm in New York and being nuts is "in".

Best wishes to everyone in their challenge-meeting today!

08-29-2005, 11:03 AM
Oops! I think my post was misinterpreted. What I meant was that I have never seen negative posts on 3FC website. But I have on other websites.

I am starting my day 1 today. I am excited. Not only for the challenge but to read all the posts every day:)!

Good luck to all of you :dancer:!!!


08-29-2005, 11:05 AM
carla49 - Thanks for the cheer! I'd love to be an interpreter but I have enough problems with English! :) I have a few software programs that teach Spanish, German , Italian but I can't speak any of them. I don't know if this is why I'm interested in them but up til the age of 4 yrs I lived by both sets of grandparents. They knew english but spoke only spanish. So I recall being able to understand what they were saying to me and I'm not sure if I spoke it back because when I think back on it now I'm speaking english to them and vise versa. (But I know they were speaking spanish) We moved out of state and I recall on family vactions each year I would understand less and less of what they were saying to me. Now it's completely lost. (except for a word here and there) My parents used Spanish as a secret language when they didn't want us kids to know something. (X-mas time , Easter, Birthdays...) That is what they told us when we were younger. So to this day I'm extremly interested but haven't master any, maybe it's because I'm dyslexic. Sorry for this being so long.

Red - Congrats on that 30 minute jog!! I hope to be able to do that someday. If my knees are willing. I loved running as a kid. (even if I wasn't fast)
Thanks for standing on that soapbox. I really needed to hear that. It really ment alot to me. It was very very scary to be so dizzy to the point of passing out. I'm going to try SP2/WW plan and see what happens. I love whole grains in bread and cereal.

fancyfrog - You'll repeat day one 21 times!!! I look forward to cheering you on!

curlylocks - Now that you mention it I did see something fly by my window. I thought it was a fancy UFO. ;) Love the B - I - N - G - 0 trick going to give it a try! When I gave birth to my daughter I sang Mary had a little lamb to ease the pain. It's kind of funny now because the doctor was singing rignt along with me. LOL

Chaps - Sounds like your ready to dig in your heels! Great!!

ladynredd - I love Richard Simmons videos. It's been so long since I've done them. I didn't know he had dance I'm going to check ebay for those. Sounds like fun!

Now if you hadn't fallen fast asleep... I completed my 21 day challenge!! :cp:

It had been such a wonderful experience that I'm ready for another! I'll post it later I'm still planning on what it will be. I want to take everyone for being there for me! Red thanks for starting this!

I'm going to put this little guy :cp: for every day I complete a challenge.

08-29-2005, 12:15 PM
Been lurking at this site for a while now and have gotten lots of great inspiration! My challenge will be to exercise 30 minutes (minimum!) for 6 days and get 8 glasses of water every day! I have been counting calories and it seems to be working well for me..

A little about me - I live in west Michigan about a mile from Lake Michigan - have a beautilful beach and boardwalk to walk - I just turned 44 - I have 3 children - 23 yrs, 17 yrs and 15 yrs (teenagers are a challenge in itself!) and a supportive husband (of 25 years) - Work full time and my youngest is active in sports so time (and extra energy) are a challenge!

So far, day 1 is going good!


08-29-2005, 03:40 PM
i just got dance your pants off on ebay for $2.99!

08-29-2005, 04:45 PM
Mezmerize -- You have done it!! :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :cp: :cp: :encore: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :encore: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :encore: :cp: :cp:

Wow, 21 days!!! Three entire weeks of sticking to your challenge. What an accomplishment!! :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:

You had some hard times but you stuck to it. Taste the sweet taste of success!! :woo: :woo::woo::woo::woo:

08-29-2005, 05:19 PM
Red - Thanks so much!!! I'm so happy I made it and I'm ready for another.
Here's my new 21 day Challenge.

Workout EVERYDAY! - Even if it only 10 minutes a everyday... even if it only 5 minutes twice a day. I'm going to. I do plan on doing more but I see no reason why I can't do at least 10 minutes each day. So no excuses!!! You call me on if I do whine. I was going to add staying on plan but I'm not real sure what my plan is other than WW and kind of SBD P2 . Darn it I can't dance around it. I'm going for it I don't care how many times I have to repete- Here's my final answer- At least 10 minutes of workouts EVERYDAY!!! To stay on my eating plan. WW/SBD P2-ish :)

08-29-2005, 07:36 PM
day #8!! all done..

08-30-2005, 07:28 AM
Congratulations on completion!

Day four is done for me, good luck to everyone for today!

08-30-2005, 10:01 AM
Congrats Mezmerize!!! :cb:

Another good day yesterday. I did do the Richard Simmons tape although I found myself, well, frustrated by his lack of directions. When you've never learned the mambo or samba you need some cues, yanno? For a while I may end up just marching in place to the music ... maybe turn my back to the TV screen. :lol:

Had one of those good news-bad news phone calls last night. The good news is it's going to be a girl! Due around Dec. 20. We knew baby was on its way, just not which sex. I always wanted a girl but all I got was icky old boys!! :rofl:

The bad news is that my ex may have prostate cancer. I called him after talking to my son and we talked for 3 hours. Part of me is glad we're no longer married so the concern/fear/grief is not so in-your-face. Apparently he didn't realize I was coming out for the birth of the baby (like, DUH!) and I'm sure I'll get to deal with this, and much, much more, at that time. I mention it here because while I paced up and down the hall a few times after the phone call, I did NOT go in the kitchen and stuff my face. If anything, I was way under my points count yesterday due to running out of fruitables -- I have GOT to do my grocery shopping today! No way to stay on program without fruitables.

Let's make it a good day today, gang! Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

08-30-2005, 10:22 AM
Thanks everyone! I couldn't have done without each of you!!

ladynredd - Congrats on it being a girl. Sorry to hear about your ex. I know what you mean about having certain things that help one ajust to a new lifestyle. Also congrats on Day 4.

Chaps - That da bomb thing made me lol my computer is by my window and the guy next door heard me he looked over and gave me the stangest look!! What a great way to start ones moring but with laughter. Congrats on your Day 4 !

curlylocks - Congrats on day 8. I seen you have a couple challenges under your belt. That is really great!!

Aug 29 th Day 1 of new challenge - 3mileWATP Used Activity Pts Stayed in points.

08-30-2005, 11:23 AM
Wow, Mez, starting a new challenge right away with no break? Girl, you are all that and a bag of chips! (I thought you might need another laugh.)

Donna, that's a bummer about your ex. With any luck it will be very slow-growing. I seem to remember reading that some prostate cancers are so non-agressive that it's possible to live with them fairly comfortably. I hope that is right and that it applies to him. No one needs the stress, especially the mother-to-be.

Yesterday I was all excited about hitting 200. So excited I really did NOT eat like a thin person, or a French woman or anyone with common sense. So of course today I jumped on the scales full of hubris expecting to be back in Onederland. Ha!! Back up 2 pounds. Two important lessons here: only weigh once a week (if I'd waited until Sunday for my weekly weigh-in, maybe I would never have seen this nasty blip.). And if I have to celebrate with food, make it veg and fruit ONLY.

I think seeing all the Hallowe'en candy out in bright coloured, attractive, delicious-looking bags and boxes got me feeling a little sorry for myself. Because of course those tiny bars are so much better than the big ones, and they're such a good deal, and of course after the next two months I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER CHANCE TO BUY THEM!!!!!!! :rofl: Anyway, I think that's what prompted the little granola-nut bar binge. Confession over, time to move on.

Tomorrow the remnants of Katrina are supposed to hit here. They're talking about a month's worth of rain in a day. So we'll all break out our brollies and wellies and go play in the puddles. (Not really. I'm rambling. Must be caused by chocolate and wine deprivation.) :lol3: Day 7 done, two weeks to go.

Red, Chaps, Curly, Tina, Froggy, JaneMarie and anyone I've missed: hello and bye for now.

08-30-2005, 08:47 PM
day 9 ! plus i took the inflatable boat out and paddled for @ 3 hrs today! then went and did my workout. and i am still drinking all my water!

Im also doing the presidents physical fitness challenge and i am almost done and will get my bronze medal!! it takes 20,000 points and i think i need @ 3300 more

08-30-2005, 09:31 PM
Way to go Curly! So many challenges, so little time. (No, I don't know what that's supposed to mean. But it popped into what passes for my brain, and I didn't want to waste it. :lol: )

08-30-2005, 10:55 PM
Good morning, all. Groundhog Day for me here. :( Oh well, it came from being too hungry and then having crackers put before me. I really had to eat them....well, you know, how it is. ;) But, since I have the max of three pause days, I took one. The problem is I topped off those crackers with some more unmentionables because..well, because I could...and I don't know if this is a good thing or not...However, I did stop when I could have kept, maybe that's progress. Okay, so I'm doing Day 5 again. I had a good exercise day yesterday too, though that isn't part of my official challenge.

You know, strangely...for me...I am experiencing for maybe the first time, "inklings" you could call them, or little bursts of images (no, not dropping acid) of what it could be like to actually have the body I like, to look at my passing reflection in a shop window, a full-length mirror outside, and actually like it, not quickly look away and feel defeated, like I usually do. Wow, it would be like, looking at that reflection would spur me on to work out to maintain it I think, whereas now, I see it and usually my enthusiasm just disappears with a "pop!" like when you snap one of those packing bubbles. That's what it feels like and I just want to cry. I felt that way yesterday before going to the gym..but I did push on and go and work out....okay, enough of the self-analysis here....

Well, running short here....will get back to you all later!

gray eyed girl
08-31-2005, 02:14 AM
I know I'm behind, I'm sorry! I swear I will get caught up soon. I just wanted to say that I gave myself a free day today, but yesterday was day 7 and I am still going strong. I did have a soda today, but honestly it didn't taste all that good and I think all the sugar had a bad effect on me because my hands and fingers started to get shaky about half an hour after I drank it. I think the next 7 days will be a lot easier, at least when it comes to soda. My chocolate chip cookie sure was delicous, though.

I hope everybody else is doing well. My internet connection is slow as can be right now (I'm sure that's because of Katrina, so I don't want to complain - at least I HAVE internet access right now!) so I haven't even read the last pages. I just didn't want to put off posting any more - the whole point is to be accountable, right?

08-31-2005, 03:10 AM
Ok, guys, not feeling too hot today. Just bummed out and tired of the whole thing. Weight doesn't come off, have no work (not enough).Bad habit I have of not looking at what is right...gotta remember to do that....

gray -- Don't worry about getting caught up. We know you're usually there for us. We all have down days and slumps of little posting. Don't tell us in too much detail about how delicious your chocolate chip cookie was, ok? ;) I am getting a yearning for them... NO! NO! NO! Yuck, what a sugar rush from the soda, eh? Could have been the caffeine as well. Hope your Net connection gets better and I hope all you people out there will be okay in this bad weather you're having Stateside (and Canada).

carla -- How are you? Thanks again for your long post. It makes me feel less lonely, even if I can't always get back to you too quickly. Hope you'll be safe from Katrina too. :bravo: on getting through Day 7!! You're going strong and that's no easy challenge! As for that Halloween candy, you could always buy some and wrap it up well and store it in the freezer. Or, since you like the attractive wrappings, just dump out the contents and decorate your walls with the wrappers. No? Not a good idea? ;) Isn't it strange how getting excited about losing weight makes us want to eat? It's that old Pavlov reaction, isn't it? And about that hubris you were full of, sounds awful rich. I don't think that's allowed on any of going diets. Better cut it out! :rofl:

mez -- What's up, kid? Back up for a second round, are you? Good going on Day 1. You're making us all (well, just ME actually) look like the lazy whining sad sack I am. Sticking to your plan like that? Awesome stuff! Oh, and about the language learning..I don't think dyslexia has anything to do with not picking up a language. I mean, everyone learns, just about, right? But learning a second one means doing it different usually and that's the hard part. You have to find out HOW to learn and most people don't really know how. Do you really want to learn Spanish or some other language. If I ever get back to the States I think I will want to learn Spanish. I've heard there is a growing number of Hispanics in the States. Also, I would probably be doing something with horses or racing and there are many Mexicans working in that area. Would be nice to be able to speak, I suppose. I took some Spanish in high school and found it easy, but then, languages do come easily to me it seems. Have you ever gone to a foreign country, mez?

swimming -- Whoops. Sorry about that misunderstanding of your post. I thought you were talking about other threads, not other Web sites, though you did say sites, didn't you? Sorry. I was all set to go out hunting for bigoted threads! :lol3: So, are you hanging in there? I hope so. If not, just start over and keep trying to move on. On one of my challenges, I started over five times! couldn't get past Day 1! Can you believe it?! :lol:

lady -- Ouch. Really sorry to hear about your ex. Hope something can be done. I'm with carla in saying that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence anymore. There is much that can be done these days. I wish him the best. And for you, lady, Congratulations on the coming little girl! :spin: I hadn't known you were expecting. Best of health to you and her. AND, how about that fantastic save of yours, eh, after the phone call from the ex?! Not going out and stuffing your face was a major indication of progress. You rock! :dancer:

Chaps -- Congratulations on bagging Day 4. You're going to have abs of steel!

curly -- Moving right alone there, aren't you? Good for you!

janemarie -- A belated welcome aboard to you!! :wave: Glad to see you posting. As you know, we do things here every day! So, the applicable part of your challenge is the water, that is, unless you redefine your exercise part as being any form or length of exercise and then just aim for 30 mins 6x week unofficially. How about that? Come in often and tell us how you're doing, ok? :yes:

08-31-2005, 10:11 AM
Red, Red, Red... Somehow after reading your post last night I had a feeling you weren't feeling quite on top of things. What a bummer to be short of work, even if it gives you LOTS of time to work out at the gym. And to clean your house. (Was it you who was tidiness challenged like me? or am I confusing you with someone else?) Heck, you could even start working on self-taught Spanish. I think you should go out and try to catch glimpses of your new slimmer self in some store windows. But first, put on your most flattering skinny clothes and get rid of any lingering bedhead. (I know when I'm down I have a nasty habit of going out to do errands looking like a bag lady with scary hair, and then I wonder why my reflection brings me down...) And no more cookie dreams! Give yourself a new mantra: "I do not eat cookies. Cookies are never as good as they look. I don't even really like cookies. Cookies were invented by thin people to eliminate competition. I have never really liked cookies." As for Hallowe'en candy, if you think wrapping it and putting it in the freezer would deter me, you have seriously over-estimated my self-discipline. Don't you know that some people actually freeze their Snickers bars to make them taste even better? Ah, to be as young and innocent as Red!

Gray, good to hear you back. A break day sounds great, but I'm saving mine for some landmine-studded events coming up. I really hope I'll make it through to Day 21 without starting over at Day 1. As for cookies, see mantra above.

Mez, like Red, I'm not sure dyslexia prevents language acquisition. But some people have a problem with sound discrimination which makes it extremely difficult to distinguish similar sounds and remember them. I think they usually have trouble with spelling and mispronouncing or confusing similar words in English as well. A friend of mine is like that. He's highly intelligent, with a vast vocabulary, but still has all the "symptoms" listed, including a total inability to learn French in spite of extensive study AND two long-term relationships with French speakers. Some of us are just lucky to have a facility for language. (Usually accompanied by a problem in another area, like map-reading. Oy!) I hate to see people who have a true language-learning disability beating themselves up about it.

Swimming, Curly, Chaps, JaneMarie, Lady - no personal notes today as time is moving on and if I don't finish up soon I won't meet my week-at-a-time goal of getting up and dressed and out before ten.

Today it's raining here, which is a nice change. It seems to have unnerved the kitties. I think it may be the first time in her short life Lily has seen rain, and the cooler air is making Bigboy all the more anxious to go outside. They're both adorable, and BB seems a little less depressed about being in lock-up. They're getting closer to each other every day.

I haven't been able to contact my brother's friends in New Orleans (no phone sevice yet) so I don't know if they evacuated. I have a feeling they're right there in the French Quarter trying to defend what's left of their businesses against the floodwaters and the looters. From pictures shown on TV, the FQ is better off than much of the city, but there's still a foot or two of water in the streets. I'm pretty sure they're okay themselves, but they may well have lost more than they can rebuild. :(

Time to go and get my unruly bedhead chopped off. (No, not the WHOLE head ;) .)

Day 8 completed, Day 9 underway.

08-31-2005, 12:20 PM
Ok - I will challenge myself to get some sort of exercise every day - minimum of 30 get the water in...We are going on vacation on the 29th of Sept and would like to lose a few more pounds before we go...

Day one and two down - went great!

JaneMarie :s:

08-31-2005, 12:26 PM
Sorry to be a buttinski, but can anyone join? When did it start?

Changing habits is EXACTLY what I'm doing now so please, let me know. I started exercising, drinking 10+ waters, and not eating after 8pm on Monday. I could use a group.

08-31-2005, 12:29 PM
Looking4TheWayOut - Yea all are welcome!
I look forward to encouraging and offering advice. Sorry this is short got to run.
Welcome to 21 Day Challenge!!

08-31-2005, 12:45 PM
Morning ladies, I would say "good" but it hasn't felt good yet! Headache hit about 6 am, trying to get rid of it!

I have done well through day 4 and am on day 5! It's not as hard as I thought it would be, but then again, I did not make that hard of a challenge. Next challenge I will definitely make a little harder on myself. Great going to all of you making it through harder challenges!! :bravo:

Can I do two separate challenges at the same time? Maybe I should start a no soda challenge now? Well, tomorrow anyway.(I have a diet coke in the fridge that I wouldn't want to let go to waste :lol: )

Well, I'm going to lay back down for awhile(till the little ones get up anyway) and try to ease this headache. Hope everyone has a great day!!Kathy

08-31-2005, 01:04 PM
super quick - finished day 5! i'll write a longer post after work tonight.
great work everyone! keep truckin'!

08-31-2005, 05:24 PM
Morning all. Thursday here. Early and have to be out by 6. Just a quickie just to post and say how I'm doing. It is my Day 6 and I am glad to be moving on. I even considered taking yet another free day yesterday, two days groundhogging...then said, no way! don't be even more of a lazy A than you are! Free days I more or less plan will be taken at intervals of no less than one week! Yes, I am still very down about work but trying so hard to keep looking, keep asking. I am learning to beg even. I am bugging people with emails. I told the landlady I couldn't pay the extra month rent quite yet (Japanese custom here every two years when renewing the contract) and she was sweet about it. Promise of work in early October did come in (big race here and two horses from Hong Kong coming so I always do reporting for them). I even wrote them back asking for increased coverage and increased pay! No word yet.

carla -- Just a note. Thanks for the long post! I may be innocent but I ain't all that young! :lol: Oh, and yes, I am severely, severely, tidiness-challenged.

Looking -- welcome! :wave: Just read the first post of the thread. We've been doing this for months now. There is no starting time, just any time you want to jump in! Read the first post or the old threads (there have been some rule changes though) and you'll see how it works. Good luck!

fancy -- yes, you can do two or more simultaneous challenges. Someone used to do this on an earlier thread, years ago. I was even considering it for myself. It's just that it gets kind of complicated, but if you're good at keeping track and promise not to confuse us, we will back you up all the way!! :lol3:

Everyone else! I will write more later! Gotta run!

08-31-2005, 09:43 PM
day 10 completed!

09-01-2005, 12:11 AM
Day 2 -3mileWATP- stayed in points
Day 3 Ė Walked/Jogged for 1.75 hours - stayed in points

carla49 Ė all that and a bag of chips. How about baked chips! YUM! LOL nothing like starting ones day with a smile! Thanks I tend to suffer from the weird effect of not having a glass of wine or chocolate  When you spoke about your friend I recall when I was being tested for dyslexia they have me read silly words that werenít really words. You know what I mean? I do recall the over hearing the teachers talk and they said I seen the letters upside down and backwards. They had so many learning aid to help me come this far. Iím very surprised that I can even write. I had one teacher that took a special interest in me and helped me want to learn. I use to hate to read. Now that is what I love to do I canít imagine my life with out books. I also have the same problem as your friend with sound. I always knew there was something different when I tried and sing some songs and messed up the words, ( We have a saying at my house mom doesnít always know the words but she sings any ways) or when my son would try and teach me certain things Iíd mess up the words. Both my kids are advanced in reading and my daughter took Spanish and my son is taking German and they didnít/ donít have my problem. When they were young I tried to teach them how I was taught just incase. I didnít want them to have the problems I did. I now know what I have. Sound discrimination it has a name!! Thanks!!!

gray eyed girl Ė I believe behind is becoming my middle name! It seems on constantly running here and there. Congrats on day 7.

Red Ė Iím sorry to hear our bummed. I bet itís the sugar withdraw Iíve heard that it can do ďthingsĒ to people. Like make them grumpy if they donít have it or make little children run like packs of animals. ;) I would never think of you as lazy or even feel youíre whiny. You have a lot in your hands with the tread and my success is your success for each of you make it possible! I love to learn only Iím not that great at it. LOL I check out books, tapes and such on languages among other things. I even had the librarian ask me if I ever read for fun! LOL I guess she didnít know that I was doing just that. Right now Iím checking out books and videos on sign language. (Iím am have success with this) Iím teaching it to my 7 month old grandson. He doesnít have a disability but I want to be able to communicate with him before he can actually speak. He loves to look at the hand movements and smiles. Iím not sure if heís actually ďsaidĒ anything. You know us grandmas can read things into simple movements. I have never been out of the Midwest. Iíve traveled to a Colorado, Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota and I live in Iowa. I find it fascinating when people talk about their travels.

Sorry this got so long. Congrats to all that made it another day!!

09-01-2005, 01:59 AM
So today makes Day 8 done. Thirteen more to go, but it doesn't look good for me doing 21 days straight. I'm still going to try, but I heard some sad news today. An old friend died yesterday, only 56 years old. :( He was in a wheelchair after polio as a child, but was always very active, scuba diving, photography, working in a pretty high-powered job. He had moved in with his girlfriend about 3 years ago, and they were planning a trip for all of next year together. He ended up with a raging infection the docs couldn't control, and 3 days later he was gone. All this to say that I'll be having people staying here from out of town for the funeral, and I really don't think I'm going to be able to stick to the no-wine rule between the emotions and having them around.

Sorry about that sad story. But his whole life he managed to overcome obstacles, and it is just so unfair that someone who loved life so much died so suddenly for no good reason.

Red, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get both increased coverage and more pay. More pay is a good thing, as Martha would say. Keep begging, something is bound to come in. As for the tidiness issue, I signed up for Flylady, and now spend most of my time cleaning up the avalanche of emails. Okay, okay, that's an exaggeration. And there are some very good ideas in what they say. The ideas would of course be even better if I put them into practice... :lol3:

Mez - I'm not sure if sound discrimination is the right name for the problem I described, it may just be a good description. Maybe Red the linguist would know? But it does make it easier to accept an inability to learn something when we know there's a reason for the problem. Of course your writing and love of reading show just what a person with a problem can accomplish if they really set their mind to it!!! Are you finding sign language easier than other languages? I tried studying it years ago, with very little success. It seems it uses a different part of the brain (left brain???) from spoken/written language, the same part as music and art. I think it's a great idea to try to communicate with your grandchild with signs - I've read that they can learn to sign long before they can talk, so he'll be able to complain about his parents much earlier than other kids. :lol: And Mez, I just looked back to the beginning of your post and saw you walked/jogged for 1.75 hours! I am so impressed. I guess you'll be signing up for a marathon next!

Curly - you just keep churning out those days, bang bang bang. Like clockwork. Day after day, challenge after challenge. Talk about single-minded!!

If any of you out there are into prayer, please put in a good word for Cameron, Joanie and Steve of New Orleans. I don't know if they're okay (no phone service), but they live in the French Quarter which is less hard hit so far, and I'm pretty sure they would have decided not to evacuate. Joanie's sons and their families live there too, but not in the FQ so they may be in more trouble... All very worrisome. I keep watching the TV coverage, but they haven't shown many shots of Bourbon and Decatur streets yet. The whole situation down there is awful. All those people with houses underwater or with no houses left at all. :cry: I sure hope they fix the levee and get the water out of the city before disease sets in.

Getting tired here, time for bezzzzzzzzzzzzz

09-01-2005, 08:43 AM
Hey, all. How goes it? I don't know...coming in here to chat about challenges just seems a wee bit absurd after just reading through all the news stories on Katrina and reading about the devastation, seeing the pictures. Not much coverage here but slowly more and more pictures are coming out. Wow, I sure hope anyone you know in those areas is okay...

Nevertheless, we DO have to continue on no matter what is happening out there, so I WILL talk about my challenge. I am wrapping up Day 6 here. Had a good day exercising too. I guess I am still eating too much to really lose weight, but that's not my challenge and certainly, getting a hold on sugar and white flour is going to help things. If anything, it'll stop me from reaching for the nearest, easiest thing at the convenience store and instead, I hope, start making me think of what else I can eat and even cook. Good practice. Forcing me to seek greener pastures. The weight loss will have to come later if it isn't forthcoming now. I will try not to get upset. In any case, I'm not going to focus on that now. Making good eating habits is more important. When I think of earlier years, I used to lose the weight but I was eating junk and/or smoking. I had cravings and just felt unhealthy in general. Now, none of that, I feel good. Just have too much padding still. :)

carla -- :bravo: on your getting Day 8 done. I am so sorry to hear about the death of your friend. Wow, yes, it's so sad when someone young goes. This must be tough for you. I don't know if you can stick to your challenge or not. Even if you don't you will not have lost the days you've put in now. Remember, you have I think two free days, don't you? This is your second round, so yes. Still, only you can say what you need now and if drinking helps then go for it. When I'm down, the last thing I do is drink because I know it just makes things look worse. Still, this is a bit different. You'll probably be getting together with people and wanting to talk... Well, whatever you do, take care and I hope you feel better soon.

"More pay is a good thing, as Martha would say" ?? Who is Martha? Stewart? Sorry, I'm up on a lot of things because of working at a newspaper but I am quite culturally ******ed as well when it comes to the States these days.... ;)

I will be thinking of your friends in New Orleans. I hope they are okay. I don't think the French Quarter is so bad as some areas, but I'm not sure. I saw one picture from that area and it didn't look bad, just a brick wall down, but not that much flooding. Maybe that's why they haven't shown pictures, because it's not so bad. I think your friends will be okay. Yes, the real danger now is the disease. Perhaps your friends will try to get out of the city once they secure their building. It's really unbelievable, isn't it? They're saying this may be the worst storm to hit the U.S. We get typhoons here all the time but I've never seen anything like this.

mezmerize -- Wow! That is great with all your walk/jogging. 1.75 hours! Yowzah! :spin: Day 3 down! :bravo:

I was reading about dyslexia on the Net because of the talk here and I must say, I guess learning a foreign language or any language for that matter would be hard. I guess there all different types of dyslexia. I had a friend who had it and learned many foreign languages but maybe she only had it mildy. I also read that the brain's right hemisphere is more developed in dyslexics. I'm wondering if it may make it easier to learn Japanese or Chinese, which, because of the pictographs used in writing, use the right hemisphere more. My friend spoke both so that could be the key. Sign language too, I think, is right-brain oriented. I love sign language and had learned a bit here. Of course, Japanese sign language is different from American.When I was a kid, though, I used to be into American Indian sign language and would learn it with a friend so we could have our own "secret language." I think that's so cool that you're teaching your grandson it. I'm sure he will love it and will enjoy talking with you! By the way, I think the term carla was looking for is "phonemic awareness." This is what you need to be good with language, what dyslexics lack. It also involves speech recognition but the phoneme thing is the basis.

I am feeling better today, thanks. I think most of my feeling down is just my life and the lack of work, the lack of money, the big debts. I need some good things to happen or a big dose of determination or both.

And mez, don't keep apologizing for writing long posts. I think I speak for everyone when I say, "I love them!!" :yes:

curly -- Congratulations on Day 10!! :cb:

Chaps -- You too! :bravo: on finishing up Day 5!!

fancy -- How are you feeling? I hope your headache is long gone! So, are you going to start the second (parallel running) challenge?

Looking -- Are you with us yet?! :sunny: I hope so!!

janemarie -- Okay! :dancer: Glad to hear you've tweaked your challenge so you count the days with us! I take it this is a multi-factor challenge, not a twin challenge, right?

Okay, where are some of the others? :listen: Have you deserted us? Come on back. I miss you!!

09-01-2005, 09:52 AM
Hey everyone! Day 6, yippy!

Mezmerize - Glad I could give you a chuckle the other morning. it's funny, there are things that my family says, or my circle of friends, and we are all used to saying them all the time. But then you introduce it to a different group, and it has all new humor potential.

Ladynredd - So sorry about your ex. Any new word on it, or is it too soon? I'm with the others in being hopeful. There is so much more known about living with cancer nowadays. I hope things can go smoothly for him. And the fact that you didn't stuff your face - that's a pretty fantastic victory.

Janemarie - Excellent start! I think having September 29 as a little goal is totally realistic. Starting with short-term goals is really healthy, besides.

Curlylocks - Day 10! Fabu!

Redballoon - I know exactly what you mean about looking in mirrors and store windows! I used to look away very quickly from them, and now I definitely linger. Some days I can't take my eyes off my flabby lower belly, but most of the time, I say, damn, look at those collar bones! I'm gorgeous! Also - about work - as a freelance musician, I know where you are coming from, when it comes to not finding enough work. I have to shift my focus onto what I can do to better myself during the downtime. But it sounds like things are looking up, with this race you are going to cover. Extra bravos to you for promoting yourself and asking for more coverage and pay. That can be tough, so hats off to you.

To everyone - best wishes for meeting goals today!

09-01-2005, 09:56 AM
Hey Red, just a quick note here. The problem with the challenge isn't that I NEED to drink, just that I'll be in tempting social situations. This morning I'm thinking it's a pretty lame excuse for indulging in the grape. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Martha is in fact Martha Stewart. Apparently one of her catch phrases is "it's a good thing!"

Part of my worry about my friends in NO is that they have businesses they wouldn't want to leave unprotected: a bar and a deli, both prime looting targets. I'll be glad when phone service is restored so I can check on them.

Congrats on Day 6!! But how do you manage to eat too much without including any sugar or flour? They represent about 80% of my diet. :rofl:

I think dyslexia is more of a problem deciphering the written word, whereas phoneme awareness would be related to processing sounds, no? Having an "ear" for languages. I wonder how dyslexia would influence learning Chinese or Japanese. Wouldn't pictograms be even more confusing than the alphabet for someone who perceives written images backwards? And if someone also has trouble distinguishing between similar sounds, Chinese would be a nightmare with it's different tones.

Enough of the non-challenge chitchat. Today I'm pretty pleased to be back in Onederland, however briefly. Hey, maybe this time I'll stay, but I'm not changing my ticker yet - don't want to jinx things...

09-01-2005, 10:36 AM
Carla49 Ė Onederlander Congrats!!! That is just awesome! I canít wait to be that itís been years since Iíve seen a 1 as my starting number!
Iím sorry to hear about your friend. Donít be sorry about the story. Sharing things that happen in life help us deal with it. Weíre here to help you so share, ((virtual hug)) just know we are here for you.  I find sign language fairly easy. I havenít worked much with the ABCís of it more with words. I am truly loving it! Not only will he be able to complain about his parents he may even give away some of their secrets to me. Like for instants what Iím getting for Christmas! ;) Well as far as the was and walk/jog it was in place and I believe it was more walk that jog. Humm Mez = Marathon! LOL not sure that could ever go together. (maybe because I was always last/second to in school for running time) Your friends/family are in my prayers. I hear it is terrible there are people trapped and they canít get to them because there are others robbing! They are calling off some searches because they need the man power other places! Itís horrible!!! It makes me so angry! WHY do people act that way!!!! I can grasp someone taking water/food but car stereos and stuff like that!! Come on!!!

Red Ė Iím happy to hear your doing better. Iím sending good vibes your way! I am going to Google dyslexia on the net. Funny Iíve never thought to look it up. LOL
I guess Iím a right brain person for I love working with my hands, I do all kinds of crafts my most recent self taught almost talent is Balloon Animals. I even got asked to do a friends birthday party. I made $60.00 and the kids had a great time!
Iím going to look into Japanese or Chinese maybe it will click!

Chaps Ė Congrats on day 6! Your just burning them up!

09-01-2005, 10:44 AM
Hi, everyone. I'm changing my habits one day at a time.

The three I started with were water (10 servings daily), exercise, and not eating after 8pm.

I did my exercise this morning. It's been a total of 3 days this week.

I've drank all my water daily and then some.

I haven't eaten after 8pm (this one is super tough).

So, it's been 3 days of success so far.

09-01-2005, 10:54 AM
Day 3 - 45 minutes at gym & plenty of water...
redballon - not sure what the difference is between multi and twin challenge but I am going to strive to do both - exercise & water - for the 21 days...

Have a great Thursday!

09-01-2005, 11:58 AM
Looking - Not eating after 8pm is really hard for me, too. You are my hero for making it your challenge.

09-01-2005, 04:28 PM
GOOD MORNING LADIES!! Headache was gone by the time kids got up, so it was a good day! Made it through day 5 with no problem, onto day 6. Today will be day 1 with no soda, I know I will make it through, 'cause there is no soda in the house and I'm not leaving the house today!! Tomorrow night is the races though and this weekend is the fair! I will resist! Water only for the next 21 days!

Everyone in the south is in our prayers. I see the pictures on tv and it is just so hard to imagine what they are going through, especially the children. Makes me want to cry! Wish I could do more than send money to the Red Cross, but I am so far away.

Well, today is housecleaning day, and I'm not gettting much done! Hope everyone has a great day!


09-01-2005, 05:14 PM
Mez, I'm just curious: a lot of my sign language classmates who were star learners were left-handed. I don't know if it was just a coincidence, but are you a leftie?

09-01-2005, 05:36 PM
Carla49 - No I'm a righty! You know I found out many interesting things about it when I googled. Not only is it reading but sound. It also said that one will have a hard time with foreign languages. There are so many degrees of it. No cure only on going treatment. I find when I'm tired I make more mistakes. So many things I do I now know why!!! Geez I can't believe I hadn't looked this up long ago!

09-01-2005, 06:04 PM
Good morning. It's the start of Day 7 here. Friday. Go into the office today. Am trying to get out to the gym this morning. I wouldn't probably, if I hadn't said to some people at the gym yesterday that I was only doing weights yesterday because I was going to run this morning. Groan.... But, the feeling of accomplishment is great afterward. Up and at it! :strong:

fancy -- Good luck! :goodluck: You can do this! I was reading a book on image training yesterday (grabbing bits in the bookstore) and they were talking about seeing the failures too. Most people think it's all about seeing you sitting there as the perfect, in-control person, but it's not. Use imaging to see you at the races, reaching for the soda, or thinking about it and then ordering something non-caloric or whatever you ARE allowing yourself. Take a Thermos bottle with you with iced tea or something. The best thing is to plan, not just try to see if you "can hold out." As for Katrina, I am Google News(ing) things and reading all about it. It is truly horrible. However, being far away here I see it as very close, as we are in an earthquake zone and the big one in Kobe is not long ago. I don't want to think about it. At least with hurricanes there are warnings, but even so, would I have run, I ask myself? We forget that the forces of Nature are all-mighty.

janemarie -- Great going on your challenge. The difference between multi-factor and twin is that with the multi one, you are doing more than one thing on the same challenge, so even if you, say, exercise, but DON'T drink your water, you have to go back to Day 1. With a twin challenge, you would have two numbers, say, be on Day 1 with your exercise, but Day 5 with your water. That's more confusing and no one is doing it now. Someone had just asked recently about it though, so it got me thinking.

Looking -- Glad to see you are changing your habits. :bravo: on getting through Day 3! Please realize, that the rules of this challenge are that you have to do something every day and if you don't you start over at Day 1 or take a pause day if you have one. Read the first post of this thread and it's explained there. So, right now, the applicable part of your challenge is water and not eating after 8, or you could make the exercise everyday. We have to stick to the rules just for the challenge part so we can maintain coherence on the thread and make it easy for people to cheer you on. So many other challenges allow people to kind of lose focus and after a while, anything goes and the thread and one's challenge lose momentum. This challenge is different. It's very cut and dry, black and white. Of course, you can do what you want with your goals, but they are what many of us call "bonus goals," not part of the official declared challenge. Oh, wow, Looking, did you realize this was such a tough place to be! :rofl: Good luck! I am glad you are here with us!! :yes: :spin: :yes:

mez -- Keep on truckin! What day are you on now? Heh, walking is how you learn to run. Someday you will be jogging more than you walk. Just keep at it! And marathons are not all about winning and running fast. I should know, being in the country of marathon nuts! Marathons are about GOING THE DISTANCE, even if you have to crawl over the finish line, as many do. (Course, I'm sure you'd be jogging over with both hands in the air in triumph and a big smile on your face! :sunny: ) mez, I am up and down. My only ups these days are because I am made of pretty tough stuff, but not because great things are happening in my life. Talk about knowing how to crawl. My "Never give up" under my name is not something I take lightly. It has been my way of life for years. :(

carla -- Don't worry. I wasn't thinking you were a lush or anything! :lol: Situations like this call for holding together and if everyone is drinking, then often it helps to join in and I just said that because I wanted to show you I understood. And, it's not for me to sit here and tell you to stick to your challenge and life goes on and all that. I am not a heartless person! And I know what it's like to lose close ones. I hope you are doing okay. As for eating too much...I don't really know how I do it either but I must (in fact I am really good at it!) because my weight doesn't change. Of course, being just barely over 5 feet doesn't help. I absolutely despise counting calories and with all the other restrictions I place on my eating, don't want any more tedium. I am allowing white rice in my diet and there are just as many calories in that as bread. The giving-up the white flour is mostly so that I cut out the snacking, you know, bagel chips and the likes that are easily had at the convenience stores. Remember, I am in Japan and bread and flour doesn't figure big here. Having been here so long, I am quite happy eating rice for breakfast and don't have any focus on bread whatsoever. I don't, however, eat rice for breakfast, I make slow-cooking oatmeal. I am thinking of switching to rice though, because the oatmeal is expensive and I have to cut back on food expenses! About dyslexia, I was reading that there are a lot of myths about it and some of those were about the backward letters and so. I was surprised because I had thought that it was it was mainly about. But apparently not, now that they understand it much better. It seems like it is mainly about sounds. But yes, you are right about the Chinese tones. Hmmm. Still, Chinese must have dyslexia and they learn to speak. It's probably just that it comes much harder for people and if it's a second or third language, most people would give up before they learned. Well, your trip into Onederland once again just shows that you are definitely heading in the right direction! Keep it up!


09-01-2005, 08:23 PM
11 days down....... 10 to go!!!

Im doing the leukemia walk on september 17th and the Alheizmer's memory walk on October 3rd both are just 3 miles BUT its just the idea that i have the energy to do them.. and i noticed the other night even at this weight my thighs dont rub together anymore !!! :cheer:

gray eyed girl
09-02-2005, 12:12 AM
red, I don't think it was the caffiene because I've been drinking coffee a couple times a week, and that has caffiene. But, it didn't make me interested in having more soda any time soon. I'm sorry you're in a slump. Push yourself through it, you KNOW you can do this! You're doing so well.

Carla, the break was nice but I'm sort of thinking about skipping my next "free day" and trying to go the rest of the way without another bite of chocolate or sip of soda. I think I can do it. I like your cookie mantra ;). My prayers are with your friends in NO. The situation is just so bad. Those poor people.

Welcome, Emma. Jump right in, this is a great group!

fancyfrog, you should just be proud of yourself for getting through it so well. You can make it harder next time.

(I'll have to do the rest of my personal replies tomorrow, I need to get some studying in tonight).

day 8 and 9 done :). I still haven't lost anything and I'm officially declaring myself plateaued at 205, at least for now. :( I hope it's short-lived. I did get in a workout last night, finally, and it felt great. And I got in a short workout today - just walking, but it's better than nothing. I'm hoping to lose 8 pounds by October. Wish me luck!

09-02-2005, 08:05 AM
Wow, I can't believe it's been a week already.

I'm going to DC today to record a CD. Have a great weekend everyone, keep meeting your goals!

09-02-2005, 10:03 AM
Whoops I'm on day 5 today (Friday) It's been going fairly well, but then it has been the weekdays. The weekend is going to be my true test.

Chaps - Your right this week wizzed by for me also. Your making a CD that is so cool!!

Gray eyed girl - Wishing lots of luck with that Oct. 8lbs goal!!! You can do it!! Those plateaus are really a blessing with helping the body ajust and such. I need to remind myself that all the time. I'm still carrying some extra weight from when I went off SBP1.

curlylocks - That is great!!! Here's my virutal cheer leading team! :cb: :cheer: :woo: :dancer: :cp: :dance: :hat: :crazy: <--- you have to have this one to because there is always one in every crowd!! Congrats on legs!

janemarie88 - UR doing GREAT!!!

Looking4TheWayOut - Oh I can feel your pain when you say after 8 is a tough! I know it would bet one heck of a feat for me to last more than a day. Congrats!!!

09-02-2005, 12:21 PM
Hello all!! Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I have been really busy at work and moving bedroom furniture at home so I have not been able to post.

Red thanks for your post about starting over many times on your first challenge. I am in fact doing the same thing. It made me feel better knowing I'm not alone. I think I made my first challenge to hard (at least for me). So I am changing my challenge for myself.

I will replace reg soda with diet (I really hate diet but it's better than reg), I will drink more water, & I will get 20 min of exercise 4 times a week.

Whew!! I feel better now! Thanks for the encouragement from all of you. You guys are great cheerleaders :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:!!!

Tina :) :) :) :)

Apple Blossom
09-02-2005, 02:23 PM
Ok. I've been here before, without success. But now I need a kick in the butt, so I'm challenging myself to do my step aerobics video for at least 15 minutes a day.
It will be hard to post anything lengthy but I will at least comment on the post before mine and put in my 2 cents if I feel inspired.
Here we go!

09-02-2005, 06:37 PM
wrapped up day 12 today..

09-02-2005, 07:53 PM
WOW! :D Everyone is doing so good! This is such a great, supportive group!

Curly, Chaps, Mez, Emma, JeanMarie-Great job ladies! Keep it up!

Tina & AppleBloosom-Good luck in your new challenges!

Carla49- :bravo: Doing the Happy :cb: Dance for you being in Onederland!!! I haven't seen that in at least 15 years, maybe more! Can't wait to see it again!

Red-Sending you <<<<more work>>>> vibes! Hope you keep as busy as you want to be!

Day 6 done, onto day 7 for drinking my water and exercise. Onto day 2 of no soda. I did end up going to the store with hubby last night but I bought an orange juice instead of soda-YEAH for me!!! I have already planned to take a large container of ice water and a large container of iced tea to the races and to the fair so I will not be tempted by soda, so I should do pretty good.

Well, kids are out of school today so I have to go find them some work to do since they seem to be so bored!! :lol:

Have a great day/weekend ladies!!


09-02-2005, 08:08 PM
lol i think they must put something habit forming in the soda... cuz i bet i drank up to 8 diet sodas day and now after 1 1/2 rounds of this challenge i have no desire for soda

09-02-2005, 09:28 PM
Okay, I actually made it through a late night out with NO flour and NO sugar and that is hard when you have a few beers in you and are hungry and stumble into (was it just a few beers :?: ) the convenience store looking for something to eat. But I did got some nuts and that was taken care of! Hurrah for me! So, it's on to Day 8 and I have a big bunch of grapes waiting for me at work! Yum! :yes:

curly -- You're just amazing with having cut out soda so well. Really fantastic. I hope you'll serve as an inspiration for others looking to give up the habit. I am so glad I never got into soda, hated it as a kid, absolutely refused to touch the stuff and I think in my entire life I've probably had only about a glass of it, and those were in Germany mixed with cognac and dark beer! Tastes like prune juice and knocks you flat! :stars: Really, seeing how soda is a habit for so many people, I am really glad I never got into it. Good luck on your last week of the challenge! Oh, and great about all those walks you're planning on being on. How wonderful to be helping others while you're helping yourself. And congrats on the non-rubbing thighs! Sounds like you are really getting into shape! :spin:

fancyfrog -- :bravo: on your twin challenge success! That no-soda part sounds like a toughie for you but you are demonstrating real resolve with the planning. And that save! Wow! Great going! :cp: I am thrilled to hear you are going to the races (horse? car?) armed with ice water and tea and planning to beat the pull of the soda!

Apple -- Glad to see you over here! :wave: Good luck and I hope the challenge works for you. :coach: Make it work for you!!

justkeepswimming -- I'm sooo glad to see you back. And yes, starting over is something to be proud of...when the alternative would be giving up and that's the only true failure is giving up. Think of a baby learning to walk. Up and down, up and down, but always just getting up again without much if any thought. It's just something it does...keep at it!! You will get through your days doing what is needed to meet your challenge. But, what exactly is your challenge for the 21 days? Remember, like I just mentioned to someone else, we have to do something here EVERY day, so is it the replacing regular soda with diet and drinking more water? Make the exercise part one of your bonus goals or change it to, say, do, some sort of exercise every day. Don't get too complicated again. :)

Chaps -- Congratulations on getting through Day 7! Abs of steel, you! :cb: Good luck with your recording session. Sounds exciting! :flow1:

mez -- You will get through the weekend OK!! I know you can do it and I am rooting for you! :cheer:

gray -- Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I DO have to push myself through. Really, I've got my head in the sand saying I hate counting calories. I'm going to have to count or at least realize how much food is going into my mouth if I want to be able to measure and see results. Otherwise, it's just the same old thing day in, day out. Like you, I think our bodies program our minds and mouths to get the same amount of calories in to maintain the weight we're at. Our bodies really fear losing fat. It's our survival, after all. Let's push through that survival mechanism and make our bodies realize it'd be better to be light and fleet of foot!

09-02-2005, 10:25 PM
lol to those of you who have started over a few times.. just wanted to say that in the begining... there was a few weeks that RED and I re-started so many times we were having trouble trying to figure out what day we were on... and just this last challenge I had to re-start!

the GREAT thing is that u did re-start!!! and didnt give up!!! :cheer:

gray eyed girl
09-03-2005, 12:30 AM
I restarted too. I don't think there's anyone in this thread who hasn't had to, is there? It's just a fact of weight loss, I think. Two steps forward, one step back, ten pounds off, one back on, etc. Just keep at it - the only way to guarantee that you won't lose weight is if you give up.

Chaps, well done getting through day 7!

mez, thanks for the encouragement. On the one hand, I suspect that when my plateau ends I'll lose a bunch, just like I did last time (at 222). I am pretty annoyed that I seem to be stuck again, but I know from my many attempts at weight loss in the past few years that my body fights weight loss like crazy. I had gotten so heavy that I lost really fast at first this time, but now I'm back to what's normal for me. My body likes to hold onto its fat.

justkeepswimming, I love your username, btw. I think your new challenge is very doable, and will make a big difference. A can of regular soda has at least 100 calories - removing 100 calories a day, if you make NO other changes, will still take off 10 or more pounds in a year. That's a very good change to make, IMO.

Apple Blossom, glad to see you here again. Sorry to hear you are having trouble staying motivated. Is there anything we can do to help?

curlylocks, you're past the halfway point - way to go!

Carla, I missed that you got down to 199. Congratulations, that's wonderful!!

fancyfrog, I didn't realize you were doing a no soda challenge, too. That's half of mine, and it was SO hard at first but now I'm feeling really good. Keep it up.

way to go, Red, surviving a tipsy trip to the convenience store and coming out with challenge intact. You should be proud of that. I hear you on the clinging to fat survival mechanism. My body is awfully stubborn about it. I think calorie counting makes a huge difference. It is so easy to just not even think about what you're putting into your mouth. When you force yourself to stop and think about how many calories it is and what effect the snack will have on your diet and calories, it makes resisting easier.

Day 10 done! I got in a short workout today, too, beyond my walking between classes which is a workout all by itself. My classes are pretty far apart, so in the time I have between them I'm walking pretty fast, lugging a bookbag along with me. It sure feels like a workout to me, so I'm counting that as minutes of exercise.

09-03-2005, 01:05 AM
I just want to say THANKS!!! I was walking a thin line today and almost went over my points and NO workout! Then I thought of you guys giving it your BEST and how you deserve better, your encouagment isn't going to waste!! I WON got in 45 of WATP ish workout so 3 miles. Plus I stayed in my points!! Happy Happy Joy Joy ! I owe it all you guys! I know I say that in about every post but it's the HONEST TRUTH! You KEEP me GOING!!! Day 5 A SUCESS!!!

gray eyed girl - Oh do I hear you on ones body holding on to fat!! I wanted to be under 200 by the 10th of this month! I have a wedding to go to. My sister in law's are skinny and LOVE to brag about it! They talk about how hard there @ss is and they do 200 crunches everyday, walk 5 miles everyday, bla bla bla bla blaaaaaaaaaa it wouldn't be so bad if they NICE but they say it because I'm heavy and it all started when I gain and kept the weight from my 1st child. Then the second ... They got back into their size 5 jeans shortly after giving birth. Sorry but I'm so not ready to hear them. I went shopping for clothes today and I can't find a thing that looks good on me. I could just cry! (maybe that is why I wanted to over eat..)

Red - awsome job on dodging that sugar and flour! You know when I was on SB P1 I had nuts for my snacks. I was surprised how well it HIT the SPOT!! I can say that on SBD P1 I NEVER GOT HUNGRY!! If anything I had to make sure I ate. Now that I've added carbs back I'm hungry! lol guess you can't have everything! You have been talking about grapes the last couple post and I picked some up today and they were YUMMY!!! My 1st fruit in a long time!

curlylocks - LOL Oh I know how you feel about that Pop (I'm from Iowa :) )
When I 1st tried diet A&W rootbeer one would of thought it was no longer going to be made. hehe Your doing great!!

fancyfrog - I know your going to do great! You have a plan of action! I haven't been to a fair in along time. Congrats on another sucessful day!!

justkeepswimming - I had to restart and you know I'm glad I did it made me rethink what I was doing! Your going to do great! P.S. I also like your name. :)

09-03-2005, 01:42 AM
Hi all, just a very short note. Today has been a rest day. I wasn't sure how it would go, but in fact it wasn't the funeral that did me in, it was having friends staying with me who I no longer feel comfortable with. One of my best friends from my thirties, and I've been feeling tense with her for 6 years since she told me with great pride she was having an affair with her neigbour. I had a sudden shock back then, realizing how different our values were. I did tell her how I felt, and we spent almost no time together for a while, but that fell by the board when she almost died of West Nile. And now I try, but it's not there, even tho she is a very good and loving friend to me. Also her husband is ancient - he was someone else's husband when she got him, 24 years age difference, and now he's doddering. I do like him, but he is so SLOW moving it drives me crazy. So I'm having a quiet vent while they snooze in their separate rooms, before I go to sleep, on my sad little cot.

All of this to say that today is my first day off. I've drunk lots of yummy wine, and may drink some more. So, Red, I guess I am a lush after all. Tomorrow, once this contingent has left, I'm expected at a colleague/friend's cottage two hours drive from here, where I may feel compelled to have my second day off. What can I say, they're French-Canadians, and we all know they like to drink. ***** No need to send me comments about my anti-Quťbecois racism. It was a joke, which my lovely hosts would laugh at.****

Anyway, I made it to day 10. Today would have been 11, but it wasn't.

Red, doesn't beer count as sugar???? Ha-ha. I didn't realize you were a petite, only 5'. I'm sure it makes it tough, but it also explains how you can live in Japan without feeling humongous. I don't want to spend a lot of time anywhere where I have the biggest feet in the room.

Today I was still in Onederland on my lovely WW scale. But this time I won't change my ticker until Monday, especially since there's more company coming, and a visit to the rather difficult stepmother, so... Since I'm a lush, I'll probably use the grape to help get thru the birthday visit.

Very tired, so off to snooze.

09-03-2005, 08:34 AM
Well, it was a little tough. Yearning for sugar (or sleep, more likely) but I got through. Hurrah! Tomorrow is Day 9.

carla -- You lush, you!! :rofl: Loved your little rant there. Hope you fared the night well on your "sad little cot." :lol: You can still stay on board if you use your second day off and then go straight from then on out. What do you think? Or are you going to start over again? Well, I'm a quarter French and I wasn't insulted by your jokes, so don't worry! (which I know you weren't..) So, congrats on Day 10 down. See when you pick up at 11 or back to 1. This is the big question! Beer, sugar? Nah! Beer is like milk, mother's milk or something like that. I'm not a masochist, carla, there are challenges and there is torture... leave me my beer...luckily I don't drink alone...I've got my cats. :lol: No, really, it's a big socializing thing here, so much work is done in the Japanese-style pubs and..oh, yeah, whatever...better shut up while I can. As for being petite, well, the big foot comment kinda hit home. I DO have big feet (a sign of beauty in ancient Greece). I also have a big head and a big hands. God, I sound like some kind of ET here or something, some freaky-looking thing like I used to draw in kindergarten. Sigh. No, seriously, I guess I take like a size 9 American shoe, not sure anymore, it's a 25.5 cm or a 26 cm here and the biggest size they make for women is 24.5! So, I have to wait to get something in the States or wear guy's shoes. As for being short, the Japanese are getting taller and taller. Still, the bones are just so different here. Girls are built like sparrows, really. Amazing to me. I'm like a little draft pony, while they're praying mantises or whippet dogs. Well, good luck there and I hope you can stand your guests a little better!

mez -- !! You are a grateful one, aren't you? So sweet really! The credit really goes to YOU though, you know! Great going there! Day 5 in the bag! Yowzah!! :cb: And, just ignore those hard-assed sorry sister-in-laws of yours. You've got something they don't and probably never will. You've got a heart so big it would just bust any size jeans, even a 20 or so, let alone a 5. No crying here, you hear me?! :nono: You just get out there and do your thing. It's not your fault the clothes our there don't look good on you. Crap designers, I'd say. :yes: Well, I just finished some watermelon. Glad to hear my fruit passion is catching! :coach: Keep up the good work, okay?

gray -- :bravo: on Day 10!! And that workout, too. Yes, workouts aren't just done in the gym. I forget this too and don't just move enough normally. Binge exercising, I guess you could call it. Need to be more of a go, go, go type! Well, hang in there. You'll be off that plateau sooner than you know it! :sunny:

gray eyed girl
09-03-2005, 11:24 AM
no more plateau, I guess all I had to do was call it one! I was 203 this morning :).

09-03-2005, 01:06 PM
Well, I'm feeling a little "tired" this morning, but the guests have gone and life is returning to normal. My sad cot was actually quite comfortable, and i should admit that I was the one who insisted on sleeping in the living room, since I didn't want them bothered by the cats at 5am. In any case, I have a reprieve in that I could stay home today if I really wanted to. Instead I'll head out this afternoon after a little rest, arriving for dinnertime, and start back after breakfast tomorrow. It's a 2 hour drive.

I was able to reach my New Orleans friend this morning. He and his wife are fine, they did stay for the hurricane, and their only damage was a blown out skylight in the kitchen. In fact they only left because there was no power. He said the morning they left, they had hot showers, cooked breakfast... So they're happily ensconced in Memphis. It seems the French Quarter, as I thought, sustained very little damage. I don't know if they've been water-damaged or looted since, and maybe they don't know either. A happy story from a very unhappy situation. (They didn't know about the other friend, but assumed he was okay and had evacuated after the storm. He has no cellphone, so until he picks up his emails... He may be hunkered down in his Deli, trying to protect it from looters, but I hope not.)

No other messages for now, I think it's time for a restorative siesta. I won't know if today is Day 11 or second rest day, I'll find out tonight. ;). But I'm still in onederland for now - maybe it'll stick!

Ta-ta until Sunday night,
Bigfoot Carla

09-03-2005, 04:49 PM
Good morning, all. Still dark outside but I'm up and getting the coffee in me to wake up. Before 5 still. This will be my Day 9. Getting to halfway and still have two pause days left. Found some whole grain flatbread yesterday and enjoyed that. Oh, I can sure get the calories in. But, this is a good thing though, I think. My challenge is not about losing weight and I have to remember that. The weight loss will have to be a separate thing and even though I'm not losing weight, I'm also not really trying to and need to remember that, otherwise I think of myself as a failure when I'm not at all. I'm just not wanting to merely lose weight anymore, by starving myself or eating junk. I have done that before. The idea is to be lean AND healthy. More and more, not eating empty calories is becoming so ingrained in me, I think I eventually will be able to limit the calories as well and not eat junk to compensate for my feeling "deprived." This is the ultimate goal, to eat only healthful foods AND limit my calories to a level where I can stay lean even at this height! It really is tough being short with a huge appetite. :(

carla -- I'm so glad to hear your friends are okay. I hope the one who owns the deli is as well. The friend who stayed will have some story to tell, eh? I never was in New Orleans, had been thinking I wanted to go there. Now, I wonder if things will get right and how many years it will take. Wow. Those poor people. Well carla, I am very happy to hear your weight is staying low. Stay off the scale for a while. This is a rough time for you and since you've gotten under 200 then just enjoy it for awhile, even if the numbers go up again, just because that's what weight does, even if you really haven't gained fat. Well, good luck, and I hope you get another challenge day in and save your rest day. It'll make it easier for you later. :)

gray -- :woo: Great balls of fire!! You have moved!! Congratulations!! The plateau is behind you. Hurrah! Hurrah!! :spin: :dancer: :spin:

09-03-2005, 06:34 PM
Thank you so much for the help in phoning my friend. I have now had 2 e-mails from her. This one read:

"An extrordinary phone call!!!
Yesterday I got called to the phone and there heard a voice I didn't know.
She explained to me about your wanting to get hold of me and how she was
helping. You do manage to get around the internet, don't you?
Thank you for your care. It makes me feel very lucky to have such a wonderful friend.
I am getting David to send these off for me every so often now, so I can keep in touch with everyone."

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. It is an amazing place we have here with all the support and help we can get from every part of the globe and from people we have never met.

Good luck with your 21 day challenge, I hope you all make those goals. Remember failure is not the number of times you fall off the plan or lose sight of the goals, failure comes when you don't pick yourself up, pull yourself together and try again.

I may come back to join in the challenge myself one of these days - when I get the motivation back. In the meantime I am concentrating on maintaining what I have and not going back to where I was.

Thanks again.

Apple Blossom
09-03-2005, 07:09 PM
I'm glad to hear about those who made it through the hurricane safely. My heart goes out to those who lost everything. It is a very sad situation down there and I wish there was more I could do besides send money, but we're just too far away. I went there once, for the SuperBowl. It's a beautiful place, full of culture and history. I hope it can be saved.
I don't like hearing comparisons between Katrina and 9/11. They are totally different. I don't think they CAN be compared.
ANYWAY. I totally forgot to step last night. So I did it this morning and if I remember to do it again tonight I'll consider it 2 days, if not, today will be day one. I also took a walk today, something I haven't done in a long time. :cp: Hooray for me! I might even be so bold as to set a weight loss goal for Sept, but I'll see in a few more days. Happy Week-end everyone!
PS-Carla and Red.... :hat: I'm with you about the wine and beer. Sometimes it's a necessary (yummy) evil. :devil:

09-03-2005, 07:54 PM
day 13!!!

09-03-2005, 11:10 PM
lol i think they must put something habit forming in the soda... cuz i bet i drank up to 8 diet sodas day and now after 1 1/2 rounds of this challenge i have no desire for soda

OH I SO AGREE!! I could drink one after the other! I quit for 2 weeks last year-not as a challenge, just to quit. I know I can do it again. Day 3 is done and I have been drinking SO MUCH water that I haven't been thirsty for anything else. I think my biggest problem is when the weather starts getting cooler I don't want to drink as much water, then I get the craving for soda. I don't know why, soda is just as cold as water :?:

I'm also done with days 7 and 8 for the water/exercise!

Well, I gotta jet! Hope everyone has a happy, healthy night/day!


09-04-2005, 08:40 AM
Hello, everyone! I'm finishing up Sunday here, after eating WAY too much all day, but no sugar, no white flour. I don't know why, just was packing stuff in. I am going to start counting calories again. It's the only way. For the challenge it's okay, but I really do want to lose weight. At this heart, if I don't put a check on it, I'll be gaining!! :eek:

Apple -- I'm with you on the hurricane thoughts. It is so sad that those people weren't helped sooner. So many died needlessly, and even the levee fortifications were lacking. I haven't heard people comparing this to 9/11. Is that true? No, I agree, nothing to compare. Disaster, yes, but that's about where it ends. Maybe people are talking about preparation by the government, how to deal with such a disaster. Or perhaps they mean the reaction to it is similar, the shock, the disbelief..

Oh, no, forgot to step!? :o Well, I guess if you do two in one day we can let it slide. ;) After all, you done plum forgot! We'll just say you're in a different time zone. Also, a hand :cp: on that walk! :spin:

curly -- You rock!! :dancer:

fancy -- :bravo: on two more days notched on water and exercise and three whole days behind you on NO SODA!! Hurrah! :cb: Keep it up! You're doing SO DAmn good!! :dance:

09-04-2005, 11:39 AM
Day 6 A SUCESS!!! Stayed in points and worked out.

Everyone is doing great forming new habits!! Keep going :)

Apple Blossom
09-04-2005, 01:27 PM
Thanks for letting the stepping slide. I DID step again last night so day 2 is complete! 19 to go! :cp: And on day 21 I won't be feeling the least bit bad about it.
You guys with the soda problem- that's how I am with beer. :doh:
Congrats to all for being 1 day closer...

09-05-2005, 12:34 AM
LMAO APPLE BLOSSOM!! I could hear Homer actually saying that!!!

Ok I have a bit of a question. I'm not sure if this is my free day or not. Today my family went to really great place to eat! (I'll spare the food porn) I did go over points (Daily) But I had points banked from my workouts. I went over by 7.5 points which were covered by banked workout (activity points) I guess what I'm saying is I only workout for 15 minutes today so I didn't really earn enough to cover my over eating points today. But I had some in a savings (so to speak) So does that count? Since the are activity points but banked one not ones I earn today. If I'm allowed then Day 7 is a sucess. If not then I'll use it as my free day.

09-05-2005, 01:25 AM
Mez, sorry, but I have no idea whether your points were a nono or not. Maybe someone else will? But bravo for not exceeding your accumulated total.

Today was Day 12. I surprised myself and didn't use a free day yesterday. I was about to: another cottage guest was making an Armenian specialty involving spicy sausage in pita (both allowed in my permissive little diet world), and he poured each of us a glass of arak which goes well with it. I know it's not wine, but my wine ban is actually an all-alcohol ban. I do like anise drinks, so I was very tempted, but I turned it down, and when pressed said I was on medication and couldn't drink. So dinner with no wine was easy too, not that I didn't look at it longingly. I still have 9 days to go, and one free day left. Hmmm. I sure will try! The choc part seems to be fairly easy, and the wine will be hard but a very good idea when visiting my stepmother with her nephew and wife from England. (Lots of minefields in that visit - better to keep my wits about me.)

I'm not inspired to write personal notes, even to Shewhomustbeobeyed - aka Red. :lol: Too tired tonight, and tomorrow I need to fight the cleaning/laundry battle before picking up my Brits. At least this time I'm not relegated to the sad cot. Instead I've moved up the accommodation ladder to the inflatable bed in the cramped, no AC office. Which sort of gives me the living room and TV and kitchen as well, so I can nosh all night if I want.

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but last week I bought a ridiculously expensive new cat gadget: a self-cleaning litter box. Yes, the cats are ridiculously spoiled. Thus far I've successfully resisted the urge to dress them in little doll outfits. (That was a joke, folks. I would definitely find better costumes than doll clothes. :lol3: ) The box sounded like such a good idea, but... It turned out to be so noisy I had to unplug it at night, and the cats were terrified of it. My Bigboy sat and stared at it for hours, certain that if he turned his back it would turn into the demon paper shredder. He finally had no choice as he was about to burst, and jumped gingerly in and out again as fast as he could. Then I plugged it back in and watched it fail miserably in its task. The rake did sweep thru the litter as adverised, but glued itself to a smelly pile; then the little bucket lifted its load up in the air and promptly dumped it where the receptacle would have been had the lid of it not stuck shut. So the Littermaid Plus is a definite bust in this home, and it has now gone back to the store while we use the old-fashioned system where YOURS TRULY gets to lift the poop up and into the receptacle.

A strange feeling the last week or so: I don't feel embarrassingly large any more. I do still have a long way to go, but I have pants that fit or are loose, my nightshirts are no longer obscene, mirrors are less frightening... It really is such a good feeling! And this time I haven't tricked myself into celebrating with food!!

More tomorrow if I find time. :)

09-05-2005, 03:33 AM
mez -- "Food porn!!" :rofl: I love it! On your question, I think it's up to you to decide just what your challenge was. If it was sticking to your program and your program allows for this banked point system, then fine. If it was your own thing and that was to actually get the exercise in each day, then you'd have to consider it not making your goal. Since this situation has not arisen yet, you could actually decide right now what you want to do, not try to think what you had originally planned on. If getting exercise is more important, then call it a slipup, if staying on program (which does, after all, include regular exercise) is more important, march on! You decide, mez! In case you want to consider it a challenge infraction, you still have your pause days, so use them if you can! You have one more too, right? This is your second round. Okay, just stopping in here at work to address this pressing question! ;) You go, girl!! :spin:

09-05-2005, 08:24 AM
Well, Day 10 was a success! Hurrah! And I even got in a workout this morning before work though last night a really bad thunderstorm and sheets of rain had me convinced I'd have to blow off the gym. They were running reports of flooding throughout the Tokyo area and I had visions (undoubtedly fueled by the Katrina devastation) filling my head with pictures of me trying to trudge to the gym in pelting rain, my poncho being whipped flat against my drenched legs. An unbelievably loud crack last night after midnight woke me up as two cats ran into the futon for protection. It sounded like a nearby lightning strike or a transformer blowing. I expected to smell smoke and see flames outside. The fire engine sirens did start up but didn't come close so I fell back to sleep. Anyhow, this morning it was only raining lightly, so I went to the gym and just jogged, but wore my pulse meter and kept my pulse at over 71 percent max for 30 mins! Hurrah for me!!

carla -- Mutiny! :mad: Not writing to Shewhomustbeobeyed! :nono: ....:lol: Well, you had a great save there, didn't you? with that arak. I know the stuff, like uzo, right? I didn't realize your no-wine was really a no-alcohol thing. Wow! That's major discipline! It also gives me an idea for a challenge. I could do a no-beer challenge but drink other alcohol. Calorie-wise I'm sure it would be less. It's too easy to pace the guys with the pints, but I can easily sit there nursing a "hi-sour", which is Japanese-style vodka (shochu) mixed with water and fresh lemon or grapefruit juice or whatever, sometimes I mix it with oolong tea. Could be a good change. Anyhow, no more alcohol talk. We'll have Apple running for the fridge and a cold one! ;) And I'm real glad to see you stuck to your challenge despite all the tough times! Good for you, carla! :cp: Enjoyed your story about the automatic pooper-scooper too. I can just see your cats trembling in fear at the thing, ready to cut and run, finished or not! AND, I love hearing that you're feeling better about your body, the mirrors, the clothes. Just what was "obscene" about your nightshirt!! On second thought, no, that's okay. Leave it to my imagination. :lol3: Also, great going on not celebrating with food! :woo:

Apple -- Glad to hear you got your double stepping in. Congrats on Day 2 done!! :cp: Which really has more calories, beer or soda? (regular soda, of course, not diet) There are those low-cal or low-carb beers, aren't there? Have you considered trying them? Don't know if taste is important with you. What is the Homer part, the "" ? I don't know any of the TV shows, nothing for the past couple decades. Have only heard of the Simpsons and maybe saw a few minutes. Can you believe it? :lol: Well, continued good luck, Apple! So glad you're going the extra mile and sticking to a challenge. :yes:

Others!! Where ARE yoooooooou???? :listen: Come out! Come out! I am getting lonely again..... :cry:

09-05-2005, 09:25 AM
Mez - I also totally laughed when I read "mmmm , beer". I'm so easily amused.

Carla - I LOVE not being afraid of mirrors! That's an excellent motivator, so brava to you!

I was foiled in my challenge this weekend. Curses! <fist shaking>. As I mentioned, I went to DC and was staying with friends and having a total blast. I was *sure* I would be able to fit in my abs routine somewhere. But when I woke up, all comfy in the guest bed, I convinced myself I would do it later in the day. WRONG! Lesson learned - don't believe myself when I say I will do it later. Apparently I'm a big liar who can't be trusted in such matters.

So - back to the beginning, but I am already done with day 2, so off we go!

Redballoon - don't feel lonely! We're here!! You're the best!

09-05-2005, 09:59 AM
i completed day 14 last night.. while i was doing my walk i decided that i would start adding in some jogging, jog 30 seconds.. then walk 60 seconds... I think i may still be too heavy for the jogging but ive read posts where people that are heavier than me are jogging sooo im gonna keep trying the jog/walk thing and see what happens...

thank goodness the scale has cooperated and moved down! i guess it was all the salt on my (yuck) boiled eggs.. i dont add salt to my food ... but for some reason the boiled eggs are easier to stomach covered in salt.. but now ive switched to eating them plain..

hope everyone is having a great weekend.. ive procrastinated all weekend so today i will have to get something accomplished.. grocery shopping.. laundry..

09-05-2005, 11:10 AM
Curly - have you tried salt substitutes like Mrs. Dash? Or maybe some hot sauce to make your eggs taste better? On the weekend I had a wonderful bfast: thinly sliced soujouk (lebanese halal sausage) peeled and lightly fried, then two beaten eggs poured over it in the frypan until set. Serve with a half lime squeezed over it. Of course there's some salt in the sausage, but it sure makes those eggs taste good! Maybe just the lime would do it, I don't know.

As for the jogging, just don't overdo as you can get an injury and then not be able to walk either. I assume you have good running shoes (NOT cross-trainers); you might also want to replace the insoles with Superfeet, an expensive sort of generic orthotic insole which even podiatrists recommend.

Red, old girl, your little vodka drink sounds pretty yummy, much more appetizing than beer. But I won't sample one for now, it just sounds too tempting. Yes, my wine challenge includes all booze. I just like wine best so it's the hardest. (I lived in Greece for about a year a long time ago, and yes, I did acquire quite a taste for ouzo.) The same goes for the chocolate part: I let myself have chocolate FLAVOURED things that are not candy, but the ban includes things like Clif bars, jujubes, jelly beans... It's a complicated system to explain, but when I see food I know whether it's legal or not. That's why at one point I was wondering about Nature Valley crunchy granola bars, which I decided to allow.

Chaps, :( , sorry to hear about the little slip. How far along were you at the time? At least you've jumped right back in!

I'm declaring myself officially in Onederland, although just barely. Again, I have a few more days of intense challenge coming up with my visitors. I am so not a social person, at least not when I can't escape to my little bolthole. Right now I'm playing on this site instead of doing everything I need to do before this evening. But at least I know I can pull it together fairly quickly, and I'm going to try to remember that this is my home, and I don't have to transform it according to what I think others might want. (I have a bad habit of trying to do or be what I think will please other people, with the net result that no one is happy, and we're all bored and resentful. It's such fun for my guests!) It's time to do the basics, and apart from that just go with the flow. Ohmmm...

Darn. I really can't procrastinate any longer, so I'm off. I'll try to keep in touch this week, but doubt I'll have time for more than short posts.

09-05-2005, 02:48 PM
Hi newbie here since August. I am part of the 50 pounds by Christmas group, but I need a little push to help me on my way! A little about me... I am 25 and a single mother to a Kindergarten boy and a 2 yr old little girl! I work from home and that in and of itself takes will power! My 21 day challenge starts tomorrow and that will be my gazelle!!! I do 1-2 miles a day on my gazelle. I can do this!!! I am hoping that this is good for tomorrow to start. I broke my toe last week and I really think I can get some tennis shoes on by tomorrow. If I can start tonight that will be great! ;)

Apple Blossom
09-05-2005, 03:23 PM
Day 3 complete! I also took a walk. 40 minutes or so. I should start timing it so I can encourage myself to walk faster. And an odemeter for the stroller. That would be interesting. Is there such a thing?
Red- Homer Simpson says mmmmm....when ever he is thinking about something he likes. Usually its doughnuts but he loves his beer too.
If you are serious about a no beer challenge I will do it with you......
I looked up beer vs. soda and they are about the same calorie wise. No way will you see me drinking light beer. I don't drink beer out of a can either. I prefer micros, the hoppier the better. I like to support the local breweries ;) not the big corperate :soap: (stop me now) Micros tend to have more alcohol in them too so probably MORE cals....
Enough already. Congratulations to everyone completing another day of your challenge.
Ali! Please be careful with your toe. If it hurts at all give it a longer rest. Patience will pay off, you don't want to end up with a longer than nessecary recovery.
Curly- go slow on the jogging too!

09-05-2005, 06:58 PM
i can walk a 9-10 minute mile so i think i am ready to move ahead with some jogging.. lol my biggest fear is that chai (my dog) will decide to switch sides on me and we will both end up in a tumble! :dizzy:

09-05-2005, 07:18 PM
Day 1 a success! I exercised and stayed within my points!:):) (

09-05-2005, 11:01 PM
Sorry this is going to be short.TOM and craping. I looked up my challenge and I said 10 minutes exercise EVERYDAY! So since I did 15 I made that goal. Then the other was to say in my points system (inclulding activitiy points) So since I stayed in my WW points and that includes any Activity points earned that day or banked. I Would say I did good.

Today I went to my sisters house (she is the one that got the treadmill I found at the rummage sale) We (3 sisters and my daughter) are getting together for workouts Mon, Wed and Friday. The others haven't workout in years so we're taking it slow seeing how it will come together. We have a weight bench and few other fitness "toys". The days I'm not at her house, I'll do my own thing at home. Day 8 Sucess! Did 1 mile on treadmill and worked my arms/abs on weight bench. 1hr workout total.

09-06-2005, 01:30 AM
Short and sweet: my guests have arrived, and are just as charming, fun, and funny as can be. So most of my neurotic fears have gone. It should be a nice visit, and they are planning to head to Quebec next week as planned.

Today was Day 13 (I think). No real temptation: the guests like scothch, which I don't really care for, so that was easy. And the dears, unlike some people, don't push when someone says no thanks. Tomorrow we'll maybe go to the market and just hang out. The chocolate challenge seems tp be doing well - no real temptation.

Off to bed. (Aerobed, that is. Sniff, sniff.)

I just noticed how I spelled "scotch" up above. Maybe they slipped some into my decaf diet pepsi!!

09-06-2005, 01:31 AM
Okay-my "easy" challenge is down the drain-tomorrow will be day 1 again! I have been drinking all my water, but I have gotten absolutely no exercise the past 2 days. :( I ate terrible today and I feel like crud right now. I really need to get on the treadmill, but don't know if I can pry myself out of this chair, and if I did, I might just fall over on the bed. :(

On the good side-I have went 5 days without soda! Tomorrow is day 6! :D

I hope everyone else is doing great! I'll check in again tomorrow!


09-06-2005, 08:06 AM
i finished up day 15 yesterday..

09-06-2005, 09:32 AM
carla - the day i skipped would have been day 8, so it's really not a total disaster. and besides, if i finish the 21 days in this attempt, i will be able to say that i did my abs every day for almost a month! that's pretty cool.

fancyfrog - i also picked what i thought was an "easy" challenge. i mean, how hard to take 10 minutes for your abs every day, right? RIGHT? and i chose it because i knew i would be travelling, and i thought it was something that could be easily slipped into my plans. alack and alas. yay us for starting over!

for everyone else, have a wonderful day and here's to completing the challenge for today!

09-06-2005, 09:34 AM
Oh, guys, I am just so angry with myself for pigging out. It started with me deciding to have a pause day and just a Snickers bar and then, OMG! :eek: it didn't stop. Damn and double damn! I am too disgusted with myself. This is ridiculous. Doing Day 11 over tomorrow, but the damage is done. All my effort down the drain....or is it? I wasn't restricting calories that much...still. Oh well, I can see a strict challenge in the making when I get through with this one. I may even do a double one starting real soon..... :cry:

carla -- know problim! :nono: oui dont kair about spelin hear, ok? i unerstoud wat u rote -- scothch -- jus fine! :yes: :cheers: u spel anee way u pleeze, OK! :spin: :rofl:

You know, funny, but you don't sound like a person who tries to be a pleaser...then again, maybe that's why you resent it. Just throw all cares to the wind and tell them all to shift for themselves! :lol3: Ohm, is it? Ok, throw them some koans and tell them to chew on them for a while!

curly -- congrats! on Day 15!! How ever do you do it?! :dunno: Hope that dog stays straight! :lol:

fancy -- Well, if it weren't for my free days, I'd been in the same place as you. I sure know how "crud" feels right now. Let's try again, ok? You are doing so well with the soda. Maybe you wanted to rebel a little....sigh. Good luck. I need it too.... :kickcan:

mez -- Hope you're feeling better. You still seem to be doing a lot. Great on Day 8! Food porn and fitness toys! What else you get up to there?! :lol: ;)

vanessa -- Welcome! :wave: How are you? Tell us about yourself. :listen: It looks like your challenge is exercise and points, right? Doing WW? Well, good luck! :goodluck:

Apple -- :bravo: on three days down. I don't think I can do a beer challenge. I don't know, I need some fun left and I think further restricting myself to the other drinks would just be asking too much...I don't know. If you really need someone to do it with, tell me though. I could probably do one.

Ali -- Welcome! :wave: Glad to have you aboard. Take care of that toe! and good luck! Hope to hear lots from you. :yes:

Chaps -- Too bad you had to restart. Didn't you want to take your free day or was it too early? Eight days wasn't that early, was it? Yeah, a change in routine can really play havoc with things. Hope the rest is clear sailing for you! :sunny:

Well, I'm taking this sorry sack to bed soon. Take care, all! :wave:

09-06-2005, 11:49 AM
oh. my. goodness. redballoon! Don't you dare get so down on yourself!! All your work is NOT down the drain. Not at all. Even though I'm new-ish around here, I think that if anyone else was that hard on themselves, you would give them a sound cyber-spanking. Errr....that sounds naughtier than I meant. You get the idea, though. Buck up, you're still doing great!

To answer your question, I felt it was too soon to take a free day. Also, I'm the kind of person that will probably never take a free day. I really like the feeling of doing all 21 days right in a row. I think the sense of accomplishment would be marred by having a day in the middle where I didn't do my task. That's just my stubborn attitude coming out.

09-06-2005, 11:58 AM
Hello, Hello, Hello!!! :cloud9:

I am so happy!!!! :high:

Today is day 4!!! :cp: :cb:

I had to restart several times, I couldn't get past day 1!!

I have not had any reg soda.

Thanks to all your motivating posts. I am soooooo glad I found you guys. :dance:

Karla, your story about the poop scoop was so funny. My mom has one of those and her cat acts the same way. I know the cat is thinking "Can't have some quiet time please?".

Red you are so encouraging to all of us. Thanks for that.

I enjoyed a 3 day weekend with my husband and kids. I needed it. My eye has been twitching for 3 weeks, and it only twitches at work. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, me thinks I am stressed. My eye didn't twitch until last night, thinking about work.

Oh well I just keep humming just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming. Bet you never could have guessed I have kids?

Well must get back to work before I am spied upon. By the way that is why I can't post too often.

Catch ya later!!!

Tina :) :) :) :)

09-06-2005, 12:11 PM
I am doing WW redballoon, I've been on it for 2 weeks now. I have lost 12lbs and I really hope I lose weight and keep it off this time! I've tried just about every other diet imaginable but I always end up falling off the wagon. Well todays day 2 for me and so far i've been good but it's only 12:39 lol
talk to you gusy later

gray eyed girl
09-06-2005, 04:17 PM
Just checking in VERY quickly - I'm on day 13 today. I took another free day yesterday, because it's that TOM and I just could NOT resist having a packet of M&Ms. The chocolate helped with the moodiness and just general yucky feeling, and today I'm doing great. Hope you are all staying strong, I will read along and get caught up after I am caught up for my classes! Sadly, homework must come before message boards.

09-06-2005, 05:28 PM
Day 9 so far no workout... 3:30 p.m. I just want to crawl in bed and wait til TOM is over!! I'm still having terrible cramps. (lol last time I didn't put in the - m - I did notice no one said anything but it did give me a giggle) Aww laughing helps but going to crawl in bed for a bit and then get at least a 10 minute workout in. UGH!!! I HATE FEELING LIKE THIS!!!
Sorry so short congrats to all on working so hard and Red don't be so hard on yourself... you did stop I know if I start with chocolate it could go on for days and days.

Apple Blossom
09-06-2005, 05:46 PM
Day 4 done! I went like 2 minutes futher in the step video and the cardio picks up. Boy, am I out of shape. Is there a smilie of someone gasping for air? :ebike: Close.
I'm not quite ready for 21 days without beer either. But I'm not going to lose weight if I don't cut way back. Maybe I'll start with an every other day challenge. I'll try to think up some king of strategy.
Hey swimming- I used to get the same eye twitch thing. I would get it when I would visit my in-laws. They are nice people but that trip is never very relaxing....I found that drinking gatorade helps quite a bit. Try to stay hydrated. See y'all later!

09-06-2005, 08:08 PM
Day 16!!! :wave: all done..

Mez: i feel for ya girl... that dang tom!

RED: just let that day be the past and do better today!

09-06-2005, 08:30 PM
Good morning, all. Here it's Wednesday morning and I'm feeling oh so gross. :barf: But, I will just get back on the wagon from today. Actually, I was thinking, this is ridiculous, :ink: I should go back to Day 1, even if it is allowed by the challenge rules. Actually, the pause days are new. The original challenge was NO pause days, so any infraction and you had to go back to 1. Sometimes, like now, the pause days actually make it all harder, so maybe that's good, the more challenges you've done, the harder it is actually. It kind of prepares you for going "without the training wheels" later on, or shall we say, when no holds are barred, the checks are off and watch out! I mean, okay, so I went hog wild, but heck, like mez said, I DID stop. And besides, I'll do it however I can. If I'm a sorry addict and I can't have one Snickers bar without it snowballing into a feeding frenzy, then so be it. I'll just have NO sugar whatsoever, which is what the challenge is about. Maybe I'll never be able to control it, just have a little bit...I mean, that's what happens with alcoholics, whether it's a mental thing or a chemical thing, WHATEVER, it just is and I'm not going to bemoan the THINGS THAT ARE. Ok, I have now sufficiently rationalized away my binge and I'm getting back up and going on again..... :kickcan:

Apple -- :cp: A hand for the fourth day down! I have been jogging with my pulse meter on and that is really helping. I didn't realize how having a stronger heart really, really gives you more energy. It's rather paradoxical in a way. Now, I get to the top of the stairs easily, whereas before it was hard and yet, I thought I was in decent shape. I think because I have a lot of muscle, I confuse that with fitness and it's NOT the same thing. Also, people who ARE really fit don't realize it. My riding teacher is getting in exercise sessions on like five or six horses a day. I measure just one and it had my heart going an average of 70 percent max heart rate, which is training zone. Now, I'm lucky if I was getting that 3x a week. She's doing it maybe 30 x week! So, it's no wonder I felt like I was dying on the horse when she was sitting there barely breaking a sweat. So, I'm trying to get in better shape by running and NOT stopping. It's a real pain, isn't it? that you can't bank fitness. You gotta keep doing it or lose it. I think this is the hardest part of it all. Oh well, sorry for the sidetrack there. I hear you on the beer challenge being a bit too much more than what you want to take on now. I was also thinking of starting up another challenge thread, something where we'd get points for things we did that moved us toward various goals, a different concept from the 21-day things, which is quite restrictive in its nature. But there are lots of other challenge threads out there that are freer so I wasn't in any rush. Still, I like the structure and the incentives that go with it. So, I may devise some other challenge that has that. Remember the gold stars in school. My favorite was the summer reading program. Because I loved to read I was very keen on getting lots and lots of gold stars next to my name. I never got the most. God, there were kids who must have speed-read books! but I did enjoy it. I'm thinking something along those lines. Stay tuned!

mez -- Did you get your workout in? I hope so! If not, I think you have a freebie, right? Thanks for the support. It helped to have people saying not to be so hard on myself. It's what helped turn my self-battering around to a rationalization mode! :yes: Thanks, and good luck! :goodluck: Hope you feel better. Just take lots of painkillers!

gray -- Are you groundhogging it too, eh? Okay, I'm glad someone can stop at just a little and that it helped. Wish I was like that. Are you still in school? What are your studying?

vanessa -- Thanks for the intro. 12 lbs in 2 weeks!! :eek: Are you eating enough?!?! Be careful not to starve yourself down. You're very young and us older people can tell you of the havoc we wreaked back when, when we were screwing with our metabolisms by yo-yoing. Too fast a weight loss and your body WILL retaliate. Be careful! Are you very active? In any case, good luck and stick with it!

swimming -- Hi there! :wave: I was wondering what happened to you. So many people come in and post a little and then disappear. I used to be bothered by it but I can't be anymore. But I am happy to see you back. It's not us really, you know, you should be thanking, it's YOU! You are doing the work and a big hand to you :cp: for keeping at it! Keep it up!!

Chaps -- Thanks for the support. You're right, I would never beat up on someone else but I beat up on myself. But, you know.... Still, it means I looked at something and decided I didn't like it AND I'm going to do something about that next time. Heck, my last pause day wasn't a free-for-all. Yes, I understand your not wanting to take any pause days. This is what actually makes it harder. You don't, or at least I don't, get the sense of accomplishment somehow when you break. Still, I have to learn to look at the big picture. My perfectionist streak should not be allowed to feed off this.

Speaking of perfectionists, what ever happened to our Caro!? :shrug: Caro, you out there?!!?!? :listen:

09-06-2005, 08:34 PM
curly -- Hi there! Just saw your post. You posted while I was typing in the last message. Good going on another day down! :woo: and thanks for the support. That's what I'm doing...the day is past...forget it...kick on!


09-06-2005, 09:33 PM
hey day 2 done!
Actually redballoon i was very surprised with how fast i was losing in the first two weeks and it worried me a little, but the weight is comming off slower now and thats the way i want it. i definatley eat enough lol i use just about all my points everyday. i exercise everyday. today i stayed within my points and i just got back from an hour walk :)
catch you guys later!

09-07-2005, 12:46 AM
A quick post - guests keeping me on my toes.

Day 15 done, but I'm starting to feel it's like swimming thru molasses. Saving rest day 2 for this weekend.

09-07-2005, 12:46 AM
Red - Yes I got my workout in. Thanks to my DH he looked over at me (I must of looked pitiful laying in bed hugging the empty bottle of midol ;)) and said lets go see if we can't find something to make you feel better. ( I'm thinking ice cream!!) We go to Sears :dunno: and he looking all the treadmills and tells me to try them. So off I go walking on this and walking on that. He would say go try that again and while I was walking on these he would chat with the Salesman about it. LOL I got 25 minutes of walking in, at various speed because if it wasn't the saleman turning it up while I was walking it was my husband! I thought I was going to fall off once! LOL I was so caught up in playing with all the new buttons and listening to them chat I almost didn't feel those cramps. (notice the -m- I have to be careful) On the drive home my husband turns and smiles at me and says I got your workout in for you! You walked 25 minutes! LOL He also said he's figuring out on to save some money so I can get the one I really liked. He can be such a sweetie somedays. Other day I could kick him! LOL

Apple Blossom - Hey a gasping air smiley would be an awesome one that I would use regualy! Congrats on Day 4

curlylocks - Congrats on day 16 like red said to me once it's all down hill from there!

vanessa - I'm a slow loser I'm hoping some day to pick up.. Congrats on the awesome weight loss and day 2 on your challenge!

Chaps - I wish I had your will power as far as no free day. I fear I may break soon!

gray eyed girl - Oh I hear you with chocolate and TOM! I'm a totally different person. I can break out in tears for no reason and were talking hard sobs. Or I can be a complete umm B (meanie) or just sit there completely lifeless. My poor husband use to ask me what he could do I would answer feed me chocolate lots and lots of chocolate! He never did and darn it I MENT IT!! LOL He just made sure that I had a large stock in midol!

09-07-2005, 09:38 AM
redballoon - You sound like you are feeling better, which is great. I definitely understand getting down on yourself when you have a bad eating day. I think your comparison to alcoholism is a scarily accurate assessment of how some of us view food. I know that for me, it can never be, just a little taste, or, just one helping. I always snowball, so it's better for me to have no dessert, or whatever "cheating" thing it may be. It's a bit scary to think of it as an addiction, but it follows that pattern. Yikes.

carla - I'm so impressed that you are up to day 15 while you have guests. That's such an easy way to give yourself excuses, so congratulations.

curlylocks - Congrats on day 15!

To everyone else - keep on keepin' on!

Apple Blossom
09-07-2005, 04:31 PM
Day 5 finished! Now I feel like I'm making progress! It's always nice to have that sense of accomplishment, it can have a snowball effect too. Maybe I'll start eating a bit more sensibly now.
I really came close to forgetting last night. I had alot of cleaning to do including mopping the floors. (Exercise in it's self!) but fortunately the step is in the middle of the family room as a reminder.....

09-07-2005, 05:48 PM
Good morning, all! It's Thursday, here. Interrupted sleep last night...but I'll get through this morning. Up at 4. Hard having farmer's hours and trying to work with people who do most of their work at night. Talked to a translation company yesterday and was expecting work, when I remembered my fax was broken, so I went out and bought a new one, then the work was cancelled anyhow. But at least I'm ready now.

Challenge was okay yesterday but I didn't exercise, except for quite a bit of walking. Was waiting for that work to come through so didn't want to be at the gym. Darn. Still, being home did NOT entice me to clean.... :shrug:

Apple -- :bravo: on Day 5 done! You ARE making progress! You've got five days behind you. :spin: And good for you for doing the stepping after the cleaning. For me, that would have been enough torture in itself! :lol:

Chaps -- Thanks. Yes, I'm feeling better. I mean, no sense in crying too long over spilt milk, eh? Yes, I think it is an addiction and it makes no more sense to try to preach willpower and control to an alcoholic than it does to me. It's a chemical thing I think and it just makes my body go into a trance or something. It's no doubt psychologically linked as well, but who needs analysis?! Just keep me away from the stuff! :mad: I really don't need it! :cp: Good going on four days down! (in addition to the ones you'd already put in!!)

mez -- I loved your tale of the treadmill. What a great husband yours can be, eh? Getting out and doing something new, even if it is only walking on store models can be fun! I have to remind myself to get out the door these days, even if I don't have money to spend, I can window shop, pretend that I do. Keep going, mez and I do hope you feel better soon! :sunny:

carla -- Good work on Day 15. You're almost home! :dancer:

vanessa -- How are you doing? You sound like you've got some momentum going now. Keep it up! We're all rooting for you! :cheer:

Others?!!? Come in and post! Things are looking a bit sparse around here! :bubbles:

09-07-2005, 07:41 PM
ok just got home from my workout... I have to say i do feel much better not drinking diet soda.. and my skin looks so good!! hope everyone is doing well... and hanging tuff!!

Day 17 completed!!!!:strong:

09-07-2005, 08:06 PM
Day 3 here!! I have stayed within my points and i am going to exercise in a few mins!!

09-08-2005, 12:12 AM
Red - Sorry to hear the job, but like you said your ready now! I to need the cleaning bug to hit me. The dust bunnies are taking over!! I really hate TOM I need to eat healthy but seem to pick other things to waste my points. Nothing really bad but I could make better choices.

curlylocks - Your doing great! It won't be long and you'll be on day 21!

vanessa - Congrats on Day 3! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful workout.

Today I got a good workout. My sisters and I are still trying new things with weights and walking. I coudn't work my abs they were still sore from Mondays workout but I should be fine for fridays workout. Right now were are just doing 1 mile on the treadmill. While 1 is doing that the others are lifting weights. So Day 10 was a sucess used activity pts and workout. I'm not totally sure what I'm doing with the weights mostly working my arms. I want to help firm that flabby underarm stuff. I call them my bat wings. I also read somewhere that if you lift be prepared for a gain. Not from fat but muscle. I'm ready for that!

09-08-2005, 12:18 AM
Hey i just wanted to let you guys know that the few mins i mentioned up above turned out to be a few hours until i finally brought myslef to my workout. I just didn't want to at all but i finally did and the whole time i was doing it i wanted to stop but i never..When i was done i felt really good and i'm glad i did it.

Congratulations everyone you're all doing soo great!!!:):) i hope everyone sticks to the challenge!

Take care!

gray eyed girl
09-08-2005, 01:00 AM
Day 14 done!

Red, I'm in nursing school. I have a couple more years to go. :)

Mez, I am the same way. TOM is seriously about as mean and whiny and emotional as I possibly get. That's ALWAYS when my temper and mouth get me into trouble. I'm actually a sane person for most of the month, but those 4-5 days are just awful and I'm a completely different person. It's bad. My husband knows that chocolate makes it all better for me - I know I should have a better "treatment" than that, but that's just what works. It's comforting for me. Of course, that isn't all that helpful right now. At least it's over for the month.

Way to go Vanessa! That's the way to do it, I think, especially when you don't want to - just promise yourself you'll go for 15 minutes and then once you've done that, it seems so much easier to go longer. (Says the girl who hasn't been to the gym for a real workout in a month now! I'm ashamed :o )

09-08-2005, 01:10 AM
Day 16 in the bag. In spite of lovely guests who never try to tempt me, and a short cocktail party where I drank water. (Insert sad, deprived face here.) I made up for it with munchies, but they're not part of the challenge, so...

I may just make it thru without starting over. I still have a free day for the visit to my stepmother (theme of the visit: kill me now). I am so going to have some yummy chocs and crisp, cold white wine when the 21 days are over, And then after a few days of debauchery, it'll be back for round 3 - with 3 free days! By the way Red, on round Four do you go back to one free day or stick at three?

Gotta go. The plumber will be here at the crack of dawn (long story) and it's getting late. I'm sacrificing my beauty sleep for you gals!

09-08-2005, 02:07 AM
Day 2 down for water and exercise, day 7 down for no soda!

Curlylocks-I notice also that I feel better not drinking diet soda. I heard before that drinking any soda makes you crave more sugar- more soda, candy, sweet stuff, etc. I think its true, I haven't been eating as much sweets the last few days. I also feel better drinking more water, I think thats what makes your skin feel better-even my husband commented on my skin! :D and its only been 7 days!

Anybody have any tips on drinking something else besides water? Now that I'm not drinking a 6 pack of diet soda everyday, I'm drinking a gallon of water-but nothing else. Should I drink something else? I'm not real big on milk, I eat lots of lf cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and such, but I don't drink much milk. Thanks for any tips!

Well, as always, I gotta be somewhere else! Have a great night!


09-08-2005, 11:35 AM
Hello ladies!

I am on day 6 today! :dance:

I have been reading the book Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. I have seen the DVD's mentioned alot lately but I have never checked them out. Yesterday I was at the book store and this book caught my attention. I am looking forward to trying the exercises. It also comes with a DVD. Have any of you done these exercise tapes before???

Better go now, good luck to everyone!

Tina ;) :D :dizzy:

Apple Blossom
09-08-2005, 01:19 PM
Day 6 done! I didn't do the video but I stepped for about 20 minutes while I was watching a movie. I have Restless Leg Syndrome (yes, it's a real condition!) and I have trouble sitting still, especially if I'm tired. So the step comes in handy in that situation. :D
This is what I've decided to do about my beer situation: I'm going to have a mini challenge, no beer for a week. Each day I go with out, I get a :hat:
I won't lose any weight if I don't stop drinking beer!!!
Fancy- I suggest keeping several different alternatives on hand, so you don't get tired of one thing. Try lemon or lime in your water too. Have you tried bubbly water with fruit juice added? Kind of like a spritzer. Crystal Gyser makes them. Don't know if you'd consider it soda. There are all kinds of tasty juice blends out there too, like my personal favorite, apple rasberry. You just have to pay attention to calories, because they add up quickly.
Congrats to everyone who moved forward a day!!

09-08-2005, 07:21 PM
Just a quick message here as I've got to get a move on it. Amazingly, I wrapped up Day 12! I was really going to blow it off again and take my last pause day and then I didn't. Hurrah for me! More later!

09-08-2005, 07:56 PM
rolling right along now!

09-08-2005, 08:49 PM
Man! The vibe on this thread feels super UP today! That's great, everyone is having a good day and a good challenge.

I usually post first thing in the morning, but I had to rush off to Connecticut to work. blech. But I got up early, jogged, and did my abs for the fifth day.


09-08-2005, 09:20 PM
Hey, Day 4 done!! I stayed within my points and exercised!

09-09-2005, 04:35 AM
Halfway through Day 13 here. Just realized the number. :) And it's a Friday. Oh well, had to take the day off work (with no pay as usual) because my hot water heater died yesterday. It is now replaced and the landlords I assume are footing the bill. So, that's good. Got the cat to the vet too so he should be feeling better. I am not exercising though and am feeling so incredibly lazy. But, I will.... Actually had a burst of activity this morning cleaning the floor as I panicked thinking the repairmen might have to come inside. :eek: So, I'm actually enjoying the clean floor. ;) Oh, and yesterday, just as I prepared to hit the store shelves and eat sweets, I first stopped in a cheap clothing store. Looking at the clothes just made me think how much I really would like to be able to wear clothes that expressed me instead of whatever best covered up the fat and didn't make it so obvious where the clothes ended and I began or vice versa. I am so sick of hiding myself. I really am. Well, the swell of inspiration didn't last long but it did keep me from going off the challenge. The next challenge is definitely going to be about losing weight. I think I've laid the mental groundwork with this one and the past one and I am ready to buckle down Ok, enough chitchat...on with the catching up!

vanessa -- You have gotten four entire days under your belt. Hurrah for you! :bravo: I'm glad to see you're sticking with your challenge so well. It's not easy, it never is and you should be proud of yourself, as I'm sure you are! :yes:

Chaps -- I hadn't really realized the vibes were up on the thread but when you said that, I read back and agree, they are. :sunny: Great going on the early morning workout, jogging and abs! :woo:

curly -- And she's in the stretch! Heading toward the finish line. The crowd is going wild! There's nothing that can stop her now. She's going for her fourth straight victory this season and this youngster is definitely looking to be one of the top winning mares of the year! What a race!! :spin:

Apple -- :cp: A hand for six days down! Hmm. restless leg syndrome. I think I have something like that but with my hand...the one that keeps shoveling food and drink into my mouth! :lol3: Good for you for attacking your "beer situation." I was an idiot last night as I sat here drinking beer and chatting with people online. Ugh. It was fun for a while though and it was cheap, just beer that had been lying around all summer, just waiting for me to finish it off. I usually don't drink at home but last night was one of those nights. Oh well... Good luck on cutting it out this week. Can you just keep it out of the house or do others want the beer, too?

swimming -- Congrats on your Day 6! :bravo: I know a lot of people use the WATP tapes and really like them. If you like to walk then definitely try them out. I've never seen them but others have had great success with them. Good luck! :goodluck:

fancyfrog -- :cp: :cp: A hand for both of your challenges. See, you're back up and exercising. You can do this! You ARE doing this! As for drinking, there's no reason you HAVE to drink anything besides water. Water is probably THE best thing you can drink. If you're bored with it, I would try club soda. I drink that when I want a little something extra. You could always brew herbal teas and then chill them. With these you wouldn't be getting caffeine or calories. I used to always want to have something next to me to drink. Then I simply got out of the habit and I found I didn't need it at all. Maybe you can do the same. I always have a 2-liter bottle of water next to me though and just swig from that.

carla -- Ok, Day 16 down!! Good for you! We will look the other way concerning the munchies. As you said, they are NOT a part of us here and, thus, of little concern! ;) Debauchery, is it?! Wow. You sound an awful lot like me. I would love to come chat over beer and wine with you some day. We could compare cat photos! As for the free day question, I put out a call once but no one answered. I find so many people drop out after a few days on the first challenge and you never hear from them again. The ones who stick usually stick around for at least another round. So, I think it's a nice incentive to get the extra days, but if we keep adding days it starts to work against us at a certain point. I like the idea of having them though and we don't HAVE to take them. Not taking them means the challenge is over more quickly. Sooo, what I'm getting at is I think let's stick with the 1-2-3 and then 3 from there on out. Make three the max, that's a free day for each week. Anything more than that is too much I think. And going back to 1 again is an option people can do on their own if they want. Ok?

gray -- How are you doing?! Two whole weeks behind you! Hurrah! I'm the same with the "just do 15 and then go longer" tactic for getting me started. I hear the Rolling Stones "Start me UP!" in my head. God, I really need someone to start me up in general. Well, hope you keep it going! :cb:

mez -- Feeling better now? I hope so. I'm glad to hear you're working out so diligently! :yes: Yes, lifting will usually add some muscle and that weighs more for the space it takes up, which is less than fat! Check out the photo of the 5 lbs of fat versus 5 lbs of muscle. It's so gross! It's somewhere on the forum. Also, working out enough to make you sore will make your body retain fluid so don't watch the scale too closely! OK?! Just warning you there... :lol:

09-09-2005, 09:53 AM
Just a quick note - Day 6 finished. Everyone have a great day!

09-09-2005, 09:54 AM
Red - Thanks so much for your info on lifting weights. I had no idea that it could make the body retain fluid. I had a terrible time with TOM yesterday I stayed on points but didn't workout. I just wanted to roll in a tiny ball and sleep. Which I kind of did. So that was my free day.
I'm feeling terrible guilty about it. It might be a combo of TOM and me trying to mentally prepare for this weekend (wedding) I'm so bloated...*sigh*
I use to have the fat vs muscle as my desktop pic. That is when I 1st started my weight loss journey.

Vanessa - I read your post about pushing yourself to workout! GOOD FOR YOU!!! I was lazy and didn't.(yesterday) I think your post will inspire me to do better it's not how long in the day it takes me to do them it's that I do it! Thanks for posting.

gray eyed girl - My daughter is thinking of going into nursing.

fancyfrog - How about tomato juice? I get the small cans of V8. juice.

carla49 - lol @ stepmother theme.

justkeepswimming - I strongly believe in the WATP series. I lost 40 lbs doing WATP 1, 2 and 3 mile walk. I just purchased Walk and Jog and Walk and Kick. (both are 2.5 miles) I gained back 16 of the 40 from falling off the wagon. I've not read her book. I will see if my libary has it. Doing WATP is so far the only workout that I noticed my bum/legs getting smaller.

Apple Blossom - Sounds like a good mini challenge.

curlylocks - Way to keep those day rolling!!

09-09-2005, 03:30 PM
Howdy girls!!! :wave:

I am on day 7! I can't hardly believe it! :cb: :dancer: :woo:

I have been taking a multi-vitamin and fish oil every day. I'm feeling pretty good! :sunny:

I am ready to start exercising. I think I'll start an exercise challenge next week. I can have two challenges at once right??

Well I better get.

Good luck to all,

Tina ;) :D :lol:

09-09-2005, 04:13 PM
oo I take fish oil also and so does my dog... he has skin allergies and it has really helped him....

i take it becuz @ 2 yrs ago I had a lumbar laminectomy on 3 discs.. 135 staples shew! and the dr said when he opened my spine he had never in his life seen so much arthritis in a 40 year old... but he removed most of it... so i dont want it to come back... (if i can do anything about it) so the fish oil cant hurt!

i also take the one a day weight smart vitamins.. and L-carnitine supplements

Apple Blossom
09-09-2005, 05:28 PM
Day 7 done. Has it been a week already??
I failed on the beer though. Had a stressful evening and felt like I HAD to have a beer when I got home. Well, if I could get myself to relax, the evening didn't HAVE to be stressful and I didn't NEED a beer. I'll try again though. (Red, my DH drinks beer too, but it's not like we have to have beer in the house. You're right, I just shouldn't buy it. There was a good sale last week, so theres a better part of a 12 pack in the basement. It's not refrigerated, so I hope that will keep me out.)
I just did a scary thing. I took a digital picture of my backside. Yikes! I can't wear these pants, my butt's too huge. MUST LOSE WEIGHT..... :(

09-09-2005, 06:39 PM
It's the beginning of Day 14 here. Glad to think I only have a week left. I don't know were I'd be if I had been allowing myself sugar and white flour. It's hard to say. It's possible I would have been really packing on the pounds. As it is I have not been exercising and have been slothful and just sitting around the house depressed at my general situation. Not gaining all that much though is still better than gaining a lot. I shouldn't be disgusted with myself for not getting out there and kicking A at the gym....
I do know that if it weren't for this challenge I would feel even worse. Having you all to come in and talk to and hear your struggles is a great thing. :grouphug:

Apple Blossom -- Did you only have one beer or did it escalate? If just one, you're still not so bad off. ;) I definitely would no longer bring beer into the house. To me, even just walking the 50 steps or so to the convenience store is a deterrent. It's the whole idea of putting myself into motion. It feels so much more like a crime. But when I have something here in the room with me, it makes it like it's already half-allowed. Good luck. You can do it. I had to laugh at you taking a picture of your butt. I did the very same at the gym the other day (in the locker room clothed with no one around!) I think we once again have to rethink the "rewards." Beer is not something you NEED. It is contributing to that look you don't like. Remember that, perhaps this way of looking at it can help. Gosh, I hope people never, ever reward children with food. I think this is what is sooooo ingrained in me from childhood, the whole cookie as reward thing. Aggggghhhhhh!

curly -- Ouch! I hope your back doesn't give you many problems these days. How is it?

justkeepswimming -- Howdy! :wave: Easy does it! Don't get too ambitious now. Of course, you can do two challenges at once. Someone else, fancyfrog, here is. But DO be careful. Only take on the extra if you think you're ready for it. You sound really good though so I think you are! ;) Go for it! Actually, I've been thinking of starting another myself. I'm just worried that if I start up another and have to keep restarting it'll make me feel bad even if I'm keeping at my other one. So, I was thinking I could just do a test run. But, heck, you see, there's the perfectionist in me acting like a fool. Who cares if I restart? At least I'm trying and that is a victory in itself! I think I will do it from tomorrow.

Chaps -- :cp: You're moving right along, aren't you? Is it just me, but do the days seem to go more quickly for other people than they do for yourself. I see the numbers on other people's challenges and they seem to roll by but mine don't! :lol:

mezmerize -- You seem to be in quite a slump. But you're still sticking with your challenge so good for you. It sounds like we're in a the same boat. I know how you feel about feeling guilty but DON'T! You worked WITH the rules and listened to yourself. Sometimes we just have to. Try to just have fun at the wedding. Other people don't care if you're bloated. They won't even notice it! Just get out there and light up the place!! :sunny:

09-09-2005, 07:44 PM
day 19 completed!

back is fine now... took me a while to get back into the swing of things after the operation... but no troubles now.. i just thank the "big guy" for letting me find such a skilled surgeon!

OH P.S. I posted this idea in another thread.. but it would work here also as a reward for each challenge... u could buy yourself a charm bracelet... and add a new charm for each challenge completed..

im doing it for each 10 lbs i lose..

09-09-2005, 10:18 PM
Hey, Day 5 here done! I stayed within my points range even though i had pizza..i try to eat all healthy foods and i feel kinda bad for eating the pizza but it was good at the moment. I went for a 45 min walk today but i am going to go on my gazelle for another 30 mins:):) even though i dont really want too lol but im gonna do it anyway!
talk to you girlies later!

09-09-2005, 10:30 PM
curly -- Congrats! :woo:

vanessa -- good going! Don't feel guilty. There's nothing wrong with pizza. Well, maybe certain kinds...but if you stayed within in your points, then all is well!! Really, pizza can be a great, great food if you make it yourself, use less cheese or lowfat, up the veggies, possibly even make your own dough with wholewheat flour...once the weather cool's off here and I can use my little oven (which really heats up my room) I think I'll try to make some of my own. You know you can buy pita bread and use that as the crust....well, good luck and keep up the good work!!

09-09-2005, 11:58 PM
Thanks for your support redballoon, it really helps and makes me feel better. By the way I did go on my gazelle for 35 mins after :)
Keep up the good work as well!

09-10-2005, 12:02 AM
A short post from my hotel room - it's the night before the stepmother birthday surprise. I haven't been able to do much beyond reading all the rest of you have to say. I'll be back in force pretty soon.

I've been trying all day to forget the huge container of beer nuts (candied peanuts) I inhaled yesterday. I bought them for my guests, who never saw hide nor hair of them. :o Of course they weren't chocolate or wine, but I know darn well they fall into the chocolate/candy category. So after over a day of hardcore denial, I've admitted to myself yesterday has to count as my second free day. So today was Day 16 (I think). And since tomorrow will be a whiny/winey day, I'll be back to Day 1 on Sunday. Or after a few days rest and debauchery as threatened. I'm a little disappointed in myself, but at the same time I've done better than I expected with the guests/funeral/travel. I do hope to still be in Onederland when this is all over.

Before I left this aft for 2+ days away, I filled up this new cat-feeder/timer I just bought. One side is supposed to spring open after 14 hours, the second after 30, thus providing sustenance to my abandoned babies. When I left my Bigboy was trying to beat it to death and biting at it to get at the yummy kibble he could smell. I don't want to think about how sick he'll make himself if he manages to get it open... It'll be a treat to get home to get home to 2 cats time 2 days worth of poop stinking the place up. If only the automatic litterbox had not been a bust.

And Red, you're right - we really must get together for drink/chat/nosh one of these days. Maybe via MSN Messenger,since I'm not visiting Japan, and you're not coming to Canada. As for cat photos, I'll try to post one in my profile. I wanted to use it as my avatar, but it was too big or something.

Curly, Swimming, Chaps, Vanessa, Apple... and of course Gray and my poor delightful cramp-ridden Mez: I miss you and I'll be back soon to give back some of the support you always offer. Just keep on trucking!

I'm outta here!

09-10-2005, 12:49 AM
Okay-a little whine :( --TOM and a nasty cold both came and slapped me this morning :stars: I feel like crud- sore throat, stuffed sinus', pounding head, sweating, cramps-I just want to go to bed! I am a big baby today!:bb:

I did drink all my water and drug myself through the grocery store with the 2 little ones, which on a good day is enough exercise, so I am counting it as such for today-Day 4. I still have had no soda-WOOHOO! Day 9!

Well, since dd is done with dinner dishes, I am going to go soak in the tub!

Hope you all have a great evening!!

Kathy :bb:

09-10-2005, 01:10 AM
Fancy, if I were near you I'd deliver chicken soup and a nice heating pad for cramps (if you have them). But I'm not, so maybe you cna call on a family member or a friend? Chicken soup really helps, both physically and psychically!

Get well soon.

09-10-2005, 09:38 AM
Morning everyone! My day 7 is finished, and tomorrow I will make sure I get to Day 8, not like last week, heh heh heh.

Redballoon - You are so right about other's days seeming to go faster. But for me, since I picked a challenge that I finish in about 15 minutes, my days don't seem to go on TOO long. Next time I would like to pick a challenge more like yours, where I have to be disciplined the WHOLE day. Doing situps each morning is not bad, but I want to try to give up chocolate for 21 days. Then I'll see what I am really made of. Eek. Oh, also - you said that you hope you never reward a child with food. I am right there with you on that. I have been fighting that most of my adult life. I know my mom meant well, but she was only doing what she knew.

Justkeepswimming and curlylocks - What exactly does fish oil do?

Vanessa - I totally agree with Redballoon, pizza shouldn't be so guilty an indulgence. There are many good things in it, especially if you are wise about what you have on it. You said you eat healthfully most of the time, so that is good, too. Your body can handle a little bit of cheating when it's generally well-nourished. I would beat yourself up too much.

Fancyfrog - So many people I know have colds right now! I wonder what's in the air. Seriously, people from DC, Seattle, Boston, and me in New York. I hope you feel better soon. Colds are the worst.

Yesterday I got some photos back that I had been meaning to develop, and I realized that I really don't hate looking at photos of myself anymore! I put several up on my fridge, and that's something I have never done before. I'm really happy with how I look now, and the pictures just make me smile and smile. I used to put up pics of my nieces, and if I was in the shot, I would artfully arrange them to cover myself up. But no longer!

09-10-2005, 12:32 PM
Hello, Hello, Hello!!! :wave: :wave: :wave:

Day 8 today!! :cp: :dance: :flow1:

I'm feeling great!!

Chaps: The Fish oil I take is in capsule form, just I case you were gagging at the thought. Fish oil has the Omega-3 vitamins that are supposed to be really good for you.

Curly: I also thought about doing a charm bracelet. I have seen some italian charms online they look really cool. I was thinking about doing charms for weight loss goals and other goals, like exercising x times a week, or no more soda, etc.

Red: I learned not to make it too complicated from my first unsuccessful goal. I will keep it simple, and by doing a separate challenge if I mess up it won't mess up my other challenge. Also I am really charged up and want to take advantage of the momentum. KWIM?

Everybody else congradulations on your successes!! :hat: :cp: :bravo: :encore:

Catch ya'll later,

Tina :dancer: :goodvibes :cloud9: :high: :crazy:

09-10-2005, 01:07 PM
day 20 done! lol i was procrastinating so bad about comming to work that i even went and did my workout before comming here!

Apple Blossom
09-10-2005, 01:46 PM
That charm brcelet is a good idea. A new charm for goals reached! I'm hoping to reward myself with clothes however. I was going through my closet yesterday and I found TWENTY! 20! pairs of pants that don't fit. Most are from before I had the kids too, so 9 years old. I can't get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore hoping that I'll lose weight and wear them again. I was able to let go of 7 pairs, they're off to Good Will. They are not exactly fashionable anymore so I could handle it. I'm giving myself until the end of the year fot the rest of the lot. many pairs of pants are in YOUR closet? Just curious... :lol:

Day 8 in the bag...and look! :hat: 1 day with out beer! :dance:
Have a great week-end!

09-10-2005, 08:58 PM
Day 6 is done! I stayed within my points and have just finished 30 mins on my gazelle.
Great job everyone! Keep up the great work, you can do it!

This is just a quote i read today but i really liked it so here it is:
"It's not what you become in life that counts, it what you have to overcome to get there."

Catch you later!

gray eyed girl
09-11-2005, 02:24 AM
Hi all, sorry I haven't been around. Our internet connection went MIA for a few days, and my husband finally got it working late last night but I couldn't get in a post because 3FC was misbehaving for me. So, I'm behind again. I read from where I posted last, and I'm glad everyone is doing so well! Keep it up, girls! Sorry that I'm not replying to every single post, but it would take forever and mostly be irrelevant anyway since I was offline for the better part of 3 days.

As for my own challenge, Day 17 done! This challenge seems to be going really fast now. I managed to lose 3 pounds this week, although I don't know how. I am really missing going to the gym. I WILL go tomorrow. I want to get in 2 hours tomorrow - some good cardio and some weights. I have a couple of tests next week so tomorrow might be my only chance for the whole week :( . I wish there were more hours in the day. I remember reading a story a couple years ago about a woman who only needed about an hour of sleep a day - that would be great. I could get everything done if only I didn't need to sleep!

09-11-2005, 09:17 AM
Hurrah! I can finally say I finished Day 8!

Where's Redballoon? It seems it's been a while since she's posted. I hope everything is ok.

09-11-2005, 09:50 AM
Hello, everyone, Chaps, hello. Sorry. No time to write now. Wrapping up Day 15 here! More later! :wave:

09-11-2005, 11:57 AM
I am moving good this morning! got my workout done... Oh and its day 21!!!!! :cheer: time to start all over!!!

RE: the fish oil:: You want to increase your overall health and energy level. You want to prevent heart disease, cancer, depression and Alzheimer's. Perhaps you also want to treat rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Raynaud's disease and a host of other diseases. One of the most important things you can do for all of these is increase your intake of the omega-3 fats found in fish oil and cod liver oil,

09-11-2005, 02:38 PM
Tomorrow is Day 1
Your challenge is super.
See me

Apple Blossom
09-11-2005, 02:55 PM
Day 9 done! And no beer! :hat: :hat:
I have to agree with chaps, it's not too difficult to to get off your butt 15 minutes a day, compared resisting some temptation all day (and night) long. Next challenge will be more of a diet related thing.
I had a good eating day yesterday too. And quite a bit of walking. I haven't weighed myself today, but I'll probably be dissapointed. It's TOM for me too. It came early and without warning, but I'm not feeling crampy or bloated or anything. I might be a bit snippier than usual. The kids get the brunt of that. Sorry, kids.
Have a great day!

09-11-2005, 08:11 PM
It's the start of Day 16 here. And hey, it was my 1,600th post on 3fc today! Nothing much happening that I care to speak of... Not feeling good about my challenge anymore because I am gaining weight again just because the challenge seems to not be enough to lose on. I need to exercise more and haven't been. I simply eat too much food. I am really annoyed with being so short and having such a healthy appetite or being so orally fixated or whatever the heck the problem is. I could always take up smoking again (just joking). That kept my weight down but was gross. I can't say, oh, what the heck, better to be heavy, because I have to lighten up for my riding. I look horrible on a horse! Oh well, feeling so pissy here. Hate it when I'm not getting in real kick-A workouts. That's why I haven't been writing, because I've been so ticked at myself and things. I said I would start counting calories but I just don't want to...whine, whine. Will have to wait until I'm feeling a bit more positive and inspired...which is going to be soon! :mad: :yes:

Apple -- Excellent on the challenge. You already have over a week done. Like the no beer extra part too. Keep up the GREAT work! :cheer: As for pants in the closet, I don't know how many I have. Maybe 5 or 6. It is depressing to see them, depressing because I am no where near fitting into them. Hard to imagine. Then again, I was much more active back then and smoked like a chimney. Still....

Yellowsub -- Welcome! :wave: I'm glad you found us. Are you Austrian or from somewhere else? Glad to have someone else on here in the kilogram mode. :lol: Tell us more about you and tell us about your challenge. What are you doing?

curly -- Does this mean 21 days is over or are you still getting through the day. I am waiting to give you the flashing lights!

Chaps -- A big hand for you. :cp: Thanks for asking where I was the other night.

gray -- Long time no see! Glad you're checking in and glad to hear you're hooked up again. Great going on the weight loss! :woo: I hear you on the not enough hours. But, heck, we're human. We should try to just enjoy what we can do more, right? I have to remember this when I don't get to the gym but spend the time slothing around my place. Oh well.... Keep it up, gray! :sunny:

vanessa -- So glad to hear you're doing well with your challenge. And I love that quote. The gazelle workouts sound like they're moving right along too. I wish you continued smooth sailing! :spin:

swimming -- Did you start your second part of your challenge, or rather, your double challenge? Tell us how it's going!

carla -- How goes it? I don't have MSN but I have Yahoo IM and use that. It'd be fun to chat. How are you doing? Did you have a wine-filled night the other evening? So, come on, not too much debauchery, especially when you didn't finish the challenge. :nono: You should be trying, trying, trying to achieve liftoff again. Debauchery days are for when you are resting on your laurels!! :coach: Up and at 'em!!!

fancy -- How are you? Little bit quiet from you. Hope you're feeling better. Are you still managing to stay on your challenge? Good luck! :goodluck:

09-11-2005, 08:43 PM
means 21 days done!

09-11-2005, 08:51 PM

:cheer: :cheer: :encore: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :encore: :cheer: :cheer:
:cheer: :cheer: :encore: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :encore: :cheer: :cheer:


:cheer: :cheer: :encore: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :encore: :cheer: :cheer:
:cheer: :cheer: :encore: :cp: :cp: :woo: :woo: :encore: :cheer: :cheer:

09-11-2005, 09:18 PM
Day 7 done!! 1 week! I never thought it was possible for lazy old me to exercise that many days in a row, but I did it. The staying within my points part of my challenge is easy because theres so many different things to choose from. I used my gazelle today but this time i used the personal trainer video that i got to go with it, its a lot better workout. If theres one thing i've realized from exercising its that you always ALWAYS feel better after a workout, its hard to get there, but once you're there its definatley worth it!
Hope everyone the best of luck with their challenges!:):)

09-12-2005, 12:01 AM
Hello all!! :wave:

Wrapping up day 9 of my no soda challenge! :cb:

I started my exercise challenge today!! :ebike: :tread:

I did WATP 1 mile. My exercise challenge is going to be to follow the 6 week workout plan in the WATP book. So I guess it will be split into two 21 day challenges.

I have been feeling really good. Except last night my shoulders were hurting, throbbing so bad I couldn't sleep. They are still hurting now but not as bad. The pain is in the joints not in the muscle. I have been having problems with them on and off for a little over a year. I guess I have arthritis or something, my knees and hips hurt frequently also. I just grin and bear it. Did I mention I am only 31 yrs old. I'm sure my extra weight only makes things worse. So I am hoping when I lose weight it will get better.

This is why I think WATP will work better for me. I bought the Firm and I can't handle the step, it kills my knees. Running is out also. I like step aerobics but usually it aggravates my knees and hips also, even some of the stretching hurts (like getting on your knees and touching your hands on the floor in front of you, or squatting really low, ouch!).

Anyhow I don't know why I bored you all with all that detail :blah: . I'll get off now :soap: .

Time for bed :yawn: I will check in tomorrow.

Tina :wave: :angel: :spin: :p :D

Sushi Penguin
09-12-2005, 07:26 AM

Just popping by to say hi to fellow challengers. :)
Congratulations to everyone who has finished their challenges during the time I've been offline, and good luck to everyone who's in the process. :)

I finished a round in late August, and was planning to start another one in early September, but my Big Move and the associated craziness got in the way, so I haven't restarted yet. I will in the next few days though. :) I need to finish getting over jetlag first and thing up something doable and challenging. It will probably have to do with exercise. :)

Talk to you soon :)

09-12-2005, 08:12 AM
Okay ya'll if you don't mind I'm joining your 21 day challenge. For me it will be doing my abs everyday. I was, but I.....well lets just say I stopped when the kids went back to school. I've got two days under my belt. Doing them today will be day three.


09-12-2005, 08:35 AM
Ok, all, finishing up a successful Day 16. I was thinking I wanted to take my last pause day and was thinking of making it tomorrow, but it looks like I'll be having Indian or Italian on Thursday with a friend, so I'll save it for that. White flour pasta or delicious nan will be something I'd hate to turn down! :yes: I'm starting to feel energized again....maybe some good workouts are in the making.

diamond girl -- Welcome!! Another abs worker outer! You and Chaps! Well, already on Day 3, a stealth start...okay....:lol: Good luck!

Sushi -- Welcome back! I was wondering what had happened to you and now I realize, yes, the move!! How is it? Where are you? Well, wherever, hope you're going to come back and join us real soon! :sunny:

justkeepswimming -- Great going on the soda challenge! Wow! A whole nine days down! :woo: And here you are, off on an exercise challenge. What an inspiration you are! But, I am so sorry to hear of all the pain. Yes, I'm sure extra weight will aggravate or cause a lot of pain, but I am wondering about the shoulders. Have you looked into food allergies as well? The reason, or part of it, could lie there. Also, I have heard that dairy can often aggravate joint pain a lot. Try cutting out certain foods and seeing how you fare. Too much milk and I get horrible skin rashes, especially on my fingers. It took a long time before I figure out what was causing it, but thank God I know now. I couldn't sleep from the itching. Well, hope you feel better and good luck.

vanessa -- A whole week done! :cp: :cp: You are really something else, aren't you? I am so glad for you! Keep it up and you will just be all the prouder of yourself! Hurrah, hurrah!! :dancer:

09-12-2005, 09:29 AM
Not only is Day 9 finished, but Mondays are my weigh-in days, and I'm back to 180. I have been going between 179 and 184 all summer, with traveling and gigs and vacation. I really would like to get firmly in the 170s and stay there for a while. For one shining day, I touched 177...that was nice. But, see, these opera companies - they like to feed you! Good food, too! I'm happy to have free food offered, but when it's just there, I have no willpower.

Redballoon - I LLLOOOOVVVEEE naan! The quality of any restaurant's naan is the determining factor in whether or not I will eat there again. I think that's a good reason to take a white flour day.

diamond girl - as redballoon mentioned, I am also doing abs for this, my first challenge. In my first attempt, I messed up after 7 days, so I started all over. But that means that as of today, I have almost done them for 17 days straight. I really notice a difference in the firmness of my torso, which ROCKS! Best of luck to you.

Sushi - Welcome back, I hope the move went well and you are settling nicely.

To everyone else, have a fabulous day!

09-12-2005, 11:20 AM
Ok Iím going to try and play catch up.

Tina Ė You are doing great!!! I was watching the Diet Doctor on fit T.V. One of the things she mentioned was fish oil pills you a person wants more omega 3 in to their system. I canít recall the diet she plan she was helping the person with but. I figured fish oil pills sound like something I could use. Is there a certain thing I should look for when purchasing it? One of the reasons I started WATP is I also have bad knees. Iíve found that WATP has been easy on them and as I lost weight I was able to do more things. WATP walk and jog is a bit hard on my knees I canít do some of the moves. So Iíll just jog in place while sheís doing those things. I do like the workout I get from it.

curlylocks Ė Iím glad to hear your back is better. Have you been taking the Weight Smart pills long? If so what have you noticed as far as results? Iím looking for something to help me be less tired. I know sleep will help but seems Iím like this a lot lately. I recently have given up my morning coffee to kick start my day. Congrats on day 21!!! HAPPY! HAPPY! JOY! JOY!

Apple Blossom Ė LOL @ taking a picture of your backside! I think Iíd be lol way to much and the picture would be fuzzy from all the movement. I know immature but I have the oddest sense of humor. I recently gave away a bagful of pants/tops that didnít fit because they were too big. Iím sure I have lots and lots of pants that are too small. Iím kind of a pack rat. Congrats on another day of your challenge!

Vanessa Ė Those days are adding up quick! Good for you getting on that gazelle!

carla49 Ė You had a lot on your plate. You handled yourself very well try not to be disappointed in yourself. Was thinking of your cat Bigboy. My daughter has a male cat and he is huge! She saved him from a farm full of dogs. He was so cute and tiny with huge eyes. Now heís a big with big eyes. Heís grey with stripes. He would open a bag of cat food and was just lay in the food eating. My daughter finally had to put it in a Rubbermaid container. He wasnít happy to say the least.

Kathy Ė Sorry to hear you got hit by both TOM and Illness! I feel so bad for you! Sending good vibes and virtual chicken soup!

Yellowsub Ė Hello and welcome to the 21 day challenge!

Red Ė I hear you on the exercise more. I need to workout in order to lose weight. That is why part of my challenge is to workout 10 minutes everyday. I was going to put 15 minutes but 10 sounds so much easier to me for some odd reason. I usually end up doing 15 +. Iím hoping it will become a habit.

Sushi Penguin Ė I look forward to supporting you with your challenge. Glad your back!

Now for me-- Today is day 15 I'll be working out with my sisters tonigh and I feel good about everything. So if I keep my eating under control I should be fine.

I did find an outfit that I thought I looked pretty darn good in. So I wasn't to unhappy going to the party. I did grab a beer rigth away. You know just so those kegs didn't go to waste. I sat with my daughter and her BF and actully was having a fairly good time. Of course I was drinking and thought to myself I'm going to have fun darn it!!! So I danced and danced. I even threw down with my son. ( Kind of a head banging dance or like what one sees in a pit) LOL I asked my son if I embarrssed him. He said no life is to short to be uptight! lol spoken like a true 15 year old!! (My son works for the DJ that was playing he's is roadie) The next day I could barely walk I was so sore. Today is better just my thighs. He's right had I been uptight all night I'd look back and just feel bad. I'm looking back now and LOL at myself! Silly me shaking what my ma ma gave me!

Apple Blossom
09-12-2005, 01:41 PM
Day 10 done. I am not expecting any physical results from this challenge, I'm not going to become some hot athletic chick by doing 15 minutes of a step video a day. But it is better than nothing and it gets the blood flowing. I'm not sure how I will fit in any serious exercise, my schedule is filling up with school stuff.

:hat: :hat: :hat: 3 days without beer! I just haven't been in the mood. And now I am making some progress so I don't want to throw away all the hard work....I'm finally back to 154, and that's with TOM...

Hey Mez, you sound like you know how to have a lot of fun! I'm proud of you for dancing up a storm! I'd have done the same thing.

Hey Red...I'm dying for some good Indian food. It's been a long time. Store bought naan is never as good...

09-12-2005, 04:44 PM
Good morning, everyone. It's early here, before dawn. I had to walk over to the convenience store because I realized I was out of coffee. But, I'm up and...big yawn...getting ready to leave. Going riding. Tonight it's out to the racetrack with a friend who's trying to make it as a freelance photographer. I thought we should hook up and see what we can plan together as far as a team goes. I GOTTA get my butt in gear and make work! Well, getting through the days in line are no longer a great problem. And this is a big thing, really. I have learned to turn down offerings of all sorts of food and I have stopped myself mid-order when I realized I was ordering something with white flour in it. Had a big salad yesterday with feta cheese and a rice burger from the fast-food joint (the salad I made at work). It (the rice-burger) was the only decent thing on the menu but I chose it. But it's not easy. Eating healthy I know stops the cravings and keeps my mood nice and mellow (for me! :lol: ) but it doesn't mean the weight rolls off. That is going to take some other doing! :yes:

Chaps -- So happy to hear your weight is down and you're almost back in the '70s! :cloud9: You must feel great. You've been really doing well with exercise, not only your ab challenge but jogging, right? You should be seeing some progress and I'm glad you are. I know it doesn't always work that way. Yes, nan is lovely stuff, though I realize it's not the healthiest. Better a whole-grain chapati, but oh, that fresh-baked white bread is yummy. Actually, now that you mention it, the place I had in mind doesn't even have that nice of nan. Maybe I should look elsewhere. It's just that the friend (well, kind of) is kind of dictating the area we meet and there's not much around. A lot of my meetings with friends tend to be more a type of networking. Ah, excuses, sometimes I just get too magnanimous and meet up with people I don't want to....
Well, you keep on with your ab routine. Might be a good thing for me to do would be a little at-home routine I could do, every day for sure instead of holding off for hitting the gym.

Apple -- :cp: Big hand for 10 days down! And three days without beer! Great stuff! Yes, any exercise is better than none. Stepping is sure to get your heartrate up so I think it's a great thing you're doing. And so glad to hear your weight is back down. Keep it up. It is SO easy to do an awful lot of damage in a very short time so don't blow it now!

mez -- Hello there! :wave: I was wondering where you were hiding these days! :dunno: Thanks for the super long post. It's so nice when people are supportive of others. I really had to read through your post to find out what day you were on, you put your own stuff way down the bottom! Day 15! Great going! :cp: I'm so glad to hear you went out and had a good time at the party! :woo: That makes me feel good! :sunny: It sounded like a fun time and your sore body the next day proves it! :yes: Think of the workout you got in! I so wish I could get more of a physical workout in while doing my work, inside of my work being so sedentary. It's just so unnatural to be sitting around like we do these days. Our bodies are meant to move! Well, I've got to run. Got to get that train.


09-12-2005, 07:00 PM
Hey everyone just here to tell yea that I stayed within my points today, I haven't exercised yet but I am in a little while, but I had my weigh in today, and I'm down another 1.5 lbs since last week.:) wahoo!! Today is also my 22nd day on WW!!, which is the longest time I've ever stuck to any diet I've ever tired. Thanks all you guys for being so supportive with my challenge!It really helps to know you have people rooting for you. Good luck to you all!, With you're challenges and weight loss!!:):) (

09-12-2005, 07:44 PM
OK kicking off challenge #4 tonight... i am sticking with my same challenge workout everyday... and guzzle down that water... and NO SODAS.. and day 1 is completed!

RE the weight smart vitamins: they really seem to curb my appetite.. plus it sure cant hurt to take a multi vitamin... they do seem to give me a lil more energy!

09-12-2005, 09:52 PM
Day 8 done!! Just finished exercising, stayed within my points. (

09-12-2005, 11:04 PM
Hello everyone!! :wave:

Finishing up day 10 on no soda challenge!! :cb: Day 2 on exercise challenge :strong: !!

Feeling good :dance: :flow2: :dancer:

Red: I never thought about a food allergy. Since I have pain in my other joints I figured it is arthritis or something. I am not hurting as bad today. It doesn't stop me from doing anything. Except maybe from swinging from vines or a trapeze in the circus :rofl: !

Congrats to everyone and your successes :bravo: :cp: :woo: !!

Need to go kids are hovering over my shoulders like little monkeys :jig: :jig: :jig: :jig: (thats alot of monkeys!!)!

Tina :sumo: :cheers: :beach:

09-12-2005, 11:14 PM
I'm back!

The last few days have been very busy, and rather stressful. The stepmother visit is over, and she was extremely surprised and happy to see the nephew and wife. As a friend once said about a family gathering, nobody got hurt and everybody's still on speaking terms. I stuck to the challenge through to the 18th day, but last night threw in the towel and drank a quite unreasonable amount of wine, followed by a ton of cookies today. So it'll be back to Day one when I start up anew. I'd like a few days off, but will be challenging again any day now. Under the circs, I'm pretty pleased with my 18 days.
Tomorrow is the first of a few days of work. And my guests are going out of town for 4 days so I get my bed (and the rest of my house) back for a while. They are delightful people, but it has been a rather too concentrated dose of guests for me.

Red, sorry to hear you had a few down days. Do you suppose one reason you feel big is because you're surrounded by women who look like ten-year-olds with rickets? And who still think they're too fat?

For those with arthritis, my cousin has been told to avoid citrus and tomatoes (acidic foods in general). She says it helps. So that's something to try.

Mez, I wish I'd been there to watch you boogie. It sounded like you had an awful lot of fun, and you probably burnt off a heck of a lot of calories.

My apologies for not doing other individual messages. I really must get to bed. Tomorrow I'll have more time as I'll be all alone with my kitties. (Who have been quite rotten, cuddling up on my bed with the guests while I languish all lonely on my little pallet on the floor...)

Sleep well all you challengers out there. :)

09-13-2005, 09:45 AM
That's right, Day 10 is down. That's almost like halfway....sort of....

Vanessa - That's awesome that you've stayed on WW for more than three weeks now. Congratulations! Now, every single day, you can say, hey, this is longer than I've ever been on anything. That's a great self-motivator, I think.

Redballoon - All this talk of Indian food - I think that's going to have to be my splurge meal this week. I allow myself one a week, and I don't call it cheating because I don't like the guilt associated with that word. Luckily, I don't care for rice, so I can skip that and indulge in naan!!

Carla - It seems you have had visitors forever! But you seem to be holding up very well. Excellent, I know it's hard to have people staying at home.

Everyone else, have a great day, happy challenging!

09-13-2005, 10:05 AM
Hi Red!

I am back. I will probably not be quite as active, but I will do my very best. Haven't read back on the posts, but will do that today. I hope to decide on my new challenge by tomorrow. Hope you and all are doing well. I missed you all! :goodvibes

09-13-2005, 10:37 AM
Day 16 Ė So far so good. I worked out with my sisters last night it went really well. I was on the treadmill walked 1 mile. (Still have sore legs) I worked my abs and lifted weights. (Iím working on my arms got lots of flab)

Apple Blossom Ė Those 15 minutes a day will help you tone. You wouldnít believe the effects of working out just a bit each day will do to you. It will help you in school youíll be able to think clearer and itís better for you heart the benefits are endless. Before you know it youíll be tacking more than 15 minutes. Itís those baby steps that lead to giant leaps!! You are right just keep moving! 

Red Ė I heard that riding a horse is an awesome workout! You use all your body and especially your core because that is what keeps you on it. I love Greek salads with feta cheese!

Chaps Ė Traveling and eating right is extremely hard let alone others feeding you great free food! *faint*

vanessa6295 Ė That jumping frog is very cute!! Congrats on the weight loss and your 22nd day. I find that WW point system very handy. I like the fact that WW is flexible so if you have a special event you can figure out points and work WITH it. It saved me more than a few times when I 1st started and I believe that is why Iím still here. I also learn a lot from it. I find I read more about certain diets and have worked a couple into my WW plan. Once you get comfortable Iím sure youíll be doing the same seems to be a lot of diet plan tweaking here.

curlylocks Ė Energy is what Iím lacking! As I typed that I yawned. LOL Not drinking that morning coffee sure makes for a yawn fest of a morning. By mid morning Iím doing fairly well. I guess it take awhile for my body to wake up.

Tina Ė Congrats on your challenges!

carla49 Ė Cats will hunt out the softest spots my daughters use to lay on freshly washed towels and sheets. Here other liked the lay in the dirty laundry basket!!

09-13-2005, 11:12 AM
I did my situps yesterday after I posted, and have completed today challenge also. Having to come here every day is the push I need to make sure I "git r dun"

Apple Blossom
09-13-2005, 04:29 PM
Day 11 done! :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: 4 days with out beer! I had 2 glasses of wine.... :^:
The scale was kind to me this morning but I have a policy of weighing the same for 2 or 3 days before I announce it....
I was at the health food store today and saw a frozen indian meal. Palak Paneer (spinach & cheese), rice and dal. (No naan :( ) It's made by Amy's Kitchen and it only has 240 calories. I think I'll be hungry again, later tonight. I'll tell you how it is. All this chat about indian food; I just had to try it.
I've alredy had a couple of cookies today so I have to try and be really good for the rest of the day.
Mez- it must be nice to have work out partners. Are your sisters trying to lose weight too?
Way to go carla, you deserve a few days off :beach:

09-13-2005, 08:07 PM
Good morning. It's the morning of Day 18 here. I'm wondering if I'll even bother to take a pause day. It's like, why do this to myself? Why not just stick to what I've been doing instead of having to do a whole day over again? I hate to do a whole day over for just a little infringement and, yet, I hate to pigout. It's the nature of my challenge, an all or nothing thing, which is really the only way to get me doing anything. We will see. The nan part is more a habit. It's not that I adore nan and this place we'll probably go tomorrow is nothing great. I may just stick to rice. Anyhow, blah, blah, blah...irrelevant stuff, really. Day 18 is here and I am going to knock it down!!! Came home last night and had a big bunch of grapes. No snack foods from the convenience store, of course, no sugar. I like what I'm doing and I may just stick with it. It saves money too I think! :)

Apple -- How did you like the Indian? You have to have freshly baked nan, otherwise it would be gross. Really, frozen meals are not going to be much good. Are there are Indian restaurants in your area? You should find a good one. A lot of them can be too heavy on the ghee (clarified butter) but others will not be so heavy. Some people like the fatty kind. I don't. I make my own curries using nothing but lentils, veggies and spices and they are yummy! :spin: Great going on getting through Day 11! and no beer, even better. Keep it up! :sunny:

diamond girl -- :cp: Four done! Keep it going! Yes, coming in here really makes a difference. I think it's, at least for me, the having written it down and said I'd do something, but it simply doesn't work if I just say it to myself, not for too long at least.

mez -- Did you make it through Day 16? I hope so. Your workout sounded great! :strong: Yes, riding is extremely hard work, at least dressage riding on an uncooperative horse. My mare gives me what you ask for and nothing more, and that's at each and every step. In other words, you have to monitor each step (which is kind of what dressage is about) and keep concentrating or she won't either. What the rider gives, the rider gets, that's the way it is with her and I can't blame her for being that way. :lol:

1nceagain -- Glad to have you back! :wave: Hope you'll be here with us soon again on a challenge!

Chaps -- Over the hump! Hurrah! :cb: Yes, I don't like the word "cheating" either. I mean, you can't really cheat anyhow if you're the one making the rules and I wouldn't have it any other way! Manhattan is great for Indian food, Pakistan, Bangladeshi. I knew a lot of great places down around Tribeca and I think it's Columbus Circle. Do you like spicy foods? I can't eat them so I always have to ask for "as mild as for children." Then they understand! :lol:

carla -- Glad to see you again. I hope you come back with a challenge soon. I miss your long posts. As for "feeling big," I feel big because I am big, or rather, big for my height and because I can grab the roll around my middle with two hands! :lol3: But yes, it doesn't help to have everything around me tiny...then again, I AM tiny so in my case, it IS a help in reminding me to get the fat off, but nonetheless depressing, especially when there is just NO room whatsoever for overweight as far as buying clothes goes, and the fact that I have big feet, which has nothing to do with the weight. The disgust comes from ME just not getting the damn fat off, that's all! The fact that it could be a whole lot worse is no consolation. I'm just lazy about certain things. :yes: As for arthritis, I have heard about tomatoes causing problems, as do any member of the nightshade family, such as eggplant. But I have heard that dairy is a far bigger cause of joint pain than is let on, especially since the dairy industry is such big money. Such things are kept hush. All the junk going into cattle these days certainly cannot be good for us. I do best with very little dairy.

justkeepswimming -- How are you feeling? I hope, better. You're neck and neck with Chaps! Excellent work! :flow1: Glad you're feeling good! Keep it going! :sunny:

vanessa -- Rolling right along, aren't you? :woo: So glad to hear about the weight loss and, yes, 22 days on WW is fantastic. I am just so happy to hear how great you are doing! Keep it up!! :dancer:

curly -- Good luck on round No. 4!!! :cheer:

09-13-2005, 08:14 PM
45 minutes of circuit training.. 30 minutes walking and 132 oz of water so far!!

09-13-2005, 09:10 PM
Day 9 done!! I satyed within my points and just finished exercising. :):)
Can't write anymore, gotta do homework:( lol
catch you guys later!

gray eyed girl
09-14-2005, 12:11 AM
Tomorrow is day 21 for me! Sorry for the flyby post, I NEED to be here more often because I'm slacking in my calorie counts and with so little exercise that can NOT happen. Hope all of you are hanging in there and going strong!

09-14-2005, 12:15 AM
Hello ladies!! :wave:

Ending day 11 on no soda challenge :D and day 3 on exercise challenge :ebike: !!!

I walked the 3 mile dvd today. Feels good :tread: .

I am considering walking the one mile dvd at work during lunch, but I'm not sure. Just about everyday when I eat lunch at my desk :eating2: (I have my own office and I close the blinds and shut the door) someone who has a key to my office comes in my office for something.

:chin: Just imagining myself in tennis shoes walking to a dvd playing on my computer and my boss walks in my office (wonder which reaction I'll get) :fr: :high: :encore: :dunno: :lol3:

Oh well, who cares what she thinks?? I have to worry about myself. :cp:

As for the shoulders, they still hurt a little. I did drink alot of orange juice sunday, Hmmmmm I wonder if there is a connection. I'll keep it in mind.

Well I better go now.

Good luck, be strong :workout: :wl: :strong:

Tina :grouphug: :genie: :chockiss:

09-14-2005, 12:37 AM
Congratulations Gray!! If I hadn't fallen off the wagon I'd be just one day behind you.

Today's another day I'm too tired to post: I went to work today and have to go tomorrow too. I prefer retirement.

This morning's weigh-in was a wake-up call: not in onederland any more. I expect I'll be back there tomorrow, but I can tell I've been a bit too lax about what I eat. No thin person would have gotten thru the whole bag of cookies so quickly...

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight! And use my own bathroom instead of the cats'! And lie on my couch after dinner tomorrow!!!

I'll try to produce a good long post tomorrow. I'm so not inspired right now...

Red, you're almost there. I'm pretty impressed - I couldn't go without sugar and flour for 3 days, let alone 18.

Good night all. Sleep tight. Zzzzzzzz.....

09-14-2005, 01:27 AM
Day 16 when well. I got my 10 minutes workout in. (10 minute Abs DVD) I stayed in my points and Iím hoping I wonít freak out again since Iím getting close to being in the 100ís Last time I got close (203) I went off the wagon for some reason Iím scared. I mean I really really want to be in the 100ís but I freak and eat so I donít get close. Iím hoping this challenge will MAKE me keep going. I canít you girls down. Right now Iím 209 and starting to get that feeling again. GRRR Whatís wrong with me??!!!

diamond_girl Ė Looks like you did ďgit r dunĒ LOL 

Apple Blossom Ė Well done finishing with day 11!! Iíve never had Indian food and I donít believe there is one in my area. Iíve heard lots of good things about it and Iíll get it a try if I ever find a restaurant.
I have 7 sisters I work out with 3 of them right now. 1 is fluffy like me sheís trying to lose weight and the other is thin she is trying to tone. Sheís also the oldest of all my brother and sisters. (7 sisters, 5 brothers) She has noticed she is gaining weight easier so she wants to put on muscle. Itís a lot of fun we joke a lot and at the last workout my Big Sister accidentally put the treadmill to fast and was running fast (looked to me like she was trying to fly!) I quickly slowed it down since she dare not let go of the hand rails. It was so funny! Iím glad she didnít fall off.

Red Ė LOVE THE ATTIUDE ON KNOCKING DOWN DAY 18!!! GEEZ GOT ME ALL PUMPPED UP IíM SHOUTING!!!  lol your horse sounds wonderful! Sounds like my dog. LOL got to love that spirit!

curlylocks Ė Your sure moving!

vanessa6295 Ė Congrats on day 9! That frog is jumping up and down for you!!!

gray eyed girl Ė Wow your challenge is almost finished! WOW U R KICKING IT!!

justkeepswimming Ė Maybe your boss will have tennis shoes on and youíll have a
partner. 

carla49 Ė Sounds like your ready to have all the comforts of home sleep well. You know you burn the most calories when you 1st fall asleep. Happy Onederland!

09-14-2005, 09:11 AM
Redballoon - I am with Carla, going all this time without sugar and flour is amazing. I am pretty sure I coudln't do it. You rock. Congrats on 18 days.

Gray - Today is going to be your last day!!! That's sooooo amazing, congratulations!

Mez - I love that you referred to your sister and yourself as "fluffy"! That made me smile. My mother and I are also giving each other support, we have weight loss goals for Christmas. It's very cool to have family doing it with you, don't you think? There's a connection that you can't get elsewhere, both good and bad. I like it a lot.

Have a great day!

09-14-2005, 11:33 AM
:chin: Let's see . . .

Red-Hanging in there on the no sugar/flour challenge-wow, thats a tuff one! Great job. Sounds like you have really been enjoying your horse lately. :twirly:

Mez-Nothing is wrong with you. The ebb and flow, it's not easy. Hang in there and try to look ahead. You are almost done with this challenge! :angel:

Curly-Wow, up for another round. That's awesome. Love your new avtar. :D

Vanessa-That is a really cute avatar. Where did you get that one?? Day 9 is great! What are you going to school for? :write:

Gray-WooooHoooo! Another round down-you ROCK! :cheer: :balloons:

JKS-11 days no soda! Great job! Is this your first chellenge? You are doing sooo good. :cheers:

Carla-I'm sorry you have roamed out of onederland, but hopefully you will get back to a normal routine soon. It's difficult to have your daily grind changed up. Hang in there. :tired:

Chaps-Day 11! awesome. Over half way-I can't wait to be there. :D

Apple-That is a difficult challenge for me! I started a "no alcohol" challenge 3 weeks ago, but after a family emergency-I caved and don't think I am ready for that one again right now. You are over halfway there-so no doubt you will do great! :cool:

Dgirl-Is your challenge sit-ups every day? You are doing great! Keep it up! :flow1:

Well, after some thought, I think I will go back on the SBD Phase II for the next 21 days. I will start tomorrow. I know I can do it. It will be a bit more challenging trying to feed my son though. He is 5'11 and 127 lbs. Bean pole. Must have skipped a generation-LOL! :lol:

So glad to be back-Have a wonderful day all! ;)

09-14-2005, 01:35 PM
Argh, that situp on the ball is HARD!!!! My belly aches, LOL.

Red - I cannot believe that you going without sugar and flour, the time it must take you to find something to eat should count as daily exercise, LOL :fr:

Appleblossum - congrats on the no alcohol. :cp:

Mez - Even if you fall off the wagon, as long as you get back up your good! :flow1:

inceagain - good luck on your new challenge. and yup I'm doing situps everyday. :dizzy:

Curly - Up for another one, good job :strong:

JustKeepSwimming (DORA, LOL) - No soda, that's a GREAT! I'd do the DVD at work. It is your lunch hour ;) :spin:

Carla - I know that tired feeling...ugh, I hate it. You'll get back to onedeland in no time :wave:

Vanessa - good job on day nine. :cool:

Gray - your last day!!! Good Job :D

Well I hope everyone is having a good day!

09-14-2005, 02:57 PM
Ive been thinking about going back to phase 1 of SB, tho i havent ate any pasta, white flour, rice or bread since march... and only a very small amount of natural sugar think i need a kick start on my program.. ive stayed OP for phase 2 but just not losing like i want too ...

09-14-2005, 04:38 PM
Good morning. Thursday, here. No time to write now. Last time I did that I almost missed my train. It's the start of Day 19 here, which I may well take as a pause day. We'll see. If I do, I will NOT consider it a pigout, anything-goes kind of day! :nono: The reason I do the no-sugar, no-processed flour thing is because I just tend to pack in the unnecessary calories with them. It's not a low-carb thing at all, although the complex carbs I eat means it's harder for me to overeat. Still, the weight doesn't come off..I wasn't expecting it too...because I haven't been exercising that much, and I don't have a calorie limit and I've allowed myself to drink. Still, the discipline is what I was really looking for as well, and getting out of lazy habits, such as vacuuming the shelves of the convenience store at whim! So, I know this challenge has been very good for me! Okay, gotta run. Will try to get in later and talk more.

mez -- One thing, I think I may be similar to you with the getting-scared thing. This can be quite a serious thing and something you are going to have to whip! I think it is a fear of certain things, certain changes that you are bringing about or anticipating. It could be a fear of success or change. It could just be that scary kind of tingly anticipation that feels both good and bad and makes us want to hide out with the known world, our known friends and the comfortable dynamics of it and them. Check out these links and see if anything hits home. In any case, they're interesting. Hang in here with us in any case and we will help you at as you break into the 100s and go into lower and lower numbers. Like someone said, look ahead with joy, not trepidation. Picture yourself at a low weight number and see that things will be okay, if not the same (of course not the same!) but nonetheless good and moreso, you can do it! You are changing into a butterfly, and waiting to spread your wings. Have the courage to take flight!! :sunny:

Apple Blossom
09-14-2005, 08:12 PM
Ugghhh. I didn't step last night so I'm using my pause day. I don't know why I didn't. I wasn't a couch potato or anything. I did some cleaning, paid some bills and read a book.Maybe because the TV wasn't on for a change....I did complete another no beer... :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:

I could really use on right now though. I'm having a yucky day, meaning I don't feel especially good about myself, physically and mentally. I have misplaced a rental movie and I can't find it anywhere!!!! It's driving me insane. So I'm just roaming around the house, cleaning and sorting and hoping it will turn up. Thank goodness the kids seem to be mellow and able to entertain themselves.
Well hopefully by tonight it turns up, or I have a neat house or both!
Hasta manana!

09-14-2005, 08:24 PM
:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

Back in onederland - barely. So glad I didn't change my tracker!

:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:

09-14-2005, 08:43 PM
day 3..... 45 min of circuit training... 164 oz water.. and ummm i may take my 30 min walk later ...

09-14-2005, 09:11 PM
Hey, Day 10 done here! Stayed within my points and did the personal trainer video on my gazelle. Good luck everyone:):) (

09-14-2005, 10:51 PM
I'm still a little confused on this..

Like could it be like giving something up for 21 days or am I way off center here?

09-15-2005, 12:37 AM
Whoops Made a mistake today is Day 15 not 16. So Day 15 a success. I walked 1 mile, lifted I worked my abs, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps today.

Red Ė Thank you for the URLís they were extremely helpful and I seen myself in a few things. I am going to fight this and win!!! HUGZZ

Apple Blossom Ė Sorry to hear about your missed sleep. Oh boy do I know those days of not thinking enough of myself. UGH!!! Take a look at your kidsÖ. I bet they think youíre the best mommy in the world.  Maybe that is why they were being mellowÖ giving mommy a break. I hope the movie turns up. Did you check under the couch?


Curlylocks- Your still moving good for you!!!

Vanessa Ė Just love that frog!!! Those days are just hopping along!

Sillyfluff Ė Yup that is right! You decide what you want to do.

09-15-2005, 02:50 AM
SillyFluff -- Hello! :wave: That's right. As mez said, you decide what you want to add or take out of your daily routine. It can be about food, drink, exercise, behavior, psychological, anything, BUT you have to do it every single day for 21 days. You get one free day the first challenge and it's like a pause day, where you resume counting from the number you were on. Okay, clear on that now? Hope to see you here soon! :yes:

09-15-2005, 10:02 AM
Hey everyone, Day 12 done! And it's really working! Yesterday I had to get dressed up for an audition. I have these great black slacks, which fit snugly, but there was that watery, flabby overhang at the waistband that I felt I had to mask with whatever top I chose. BUT NOT YESTERDAY! That flabby overhang is GONE CIAO LATER OUTTA HERE!!!! I really was stunned. I have been doing abs religiously, and thought I felt a difference. But to actually see a difference, I was so excited. RIght before I went in to sing, I went into a restroom to check myself over in the mirror, and I thought, I really look the way I imagine myself looking at my best. It was pretty amazing.

I hope everyone else can find something today to bring them happiness.

09-15-2005, 10:27 AM
Chaps- That is great!

09-15-2005, 02:02 PM
Way to go chaps...good job! :cp:

09-15-2005, 04:54 PM
Ok my first 21-day challenge will be...*drum roll*...walking everyday.
Starting tomrrow since its raining YET again. :(

09-15-2005, 06:33 PM
Good morning. It's Day 19 again here because I took yesterday off as my last pause day. Had too much...but it could have been a lot worse. I'm paying for it today with a constantly running nose, always what happens to me when I eat too much sugar and bread. Added incentive to stay off the stuff!

SillyFluff -- I am concerned about your challenge. If rain keeps you from doing it, you will be going back to Day 1 a lot, I would expect. Is the rain just you putting off the first day, and you're going to get your raingear out for the others? I hope so. Otherwise, rethink your challenge so you can be sure to have a good shot at doing it EVERY day! :yes:

Chaps -- WOW! :woo: What a great feeling that must be!! I bet your really sounded magnificent after you saw that in the mirror, eh?! Oh, God, I would love to be rid of the fat around my middle. I have been plagued with it since childhood it seems, always having to try to hide the roll. It just never seems to go away. I know people a whole lot fatter than I am and they have tiny waists! It's just not fair!! :cry: Well, you sure have been putting in the work, so good for you! Hurrah! :cp: :cp:

mez -- Okay, mez, clear on the recount! :lol: How'd the day go? Are you NOW on Day 16? Sure, hope so! :yes:

vanessa -- A full 10 down, eh?! Fantastic!! :sunny: You're at the hump now! Come on down!! :cheer:

curly -- You've got quite a challenge going this time. More power to you! :strong:

carla -- Glad to hear you're back in Onederland!! :sunny:

Apple -- Too bad about the misstep! Did you find that video? But great going on the no beer! :cp:

diamond -- Did you get through another day?! Belly aching is "good pain" ;) !! Keep it up and take heart at Chaps' post!

1nceagain -- SBD sounds great! Hope to see you counting the days with us soon!

swimming -- How are you doing? Day 11 down and Day 3 on no sugar! Great stuff! :cb: You are doing so well. Did you do the office walking? Yes, who cares what your boss thinks. She shouldn't be barging in on people anyhow! ;) Actually, she may be so impressed with your innovativeness that she will think of you for the next big job AND promotion!

gray -- Did you make it through yet!? Tell us when so we can give you the winner's treatment!

Phat Starlett
09-15-2005, 06:35 PM
I would love to try this, how can I start. I really need help. Motivation please

09-15-2005, 06:39 PM
Phat Starlett -- Hello there! :wave: You just caught me before I run! We'd love to have you. Just read over the thread, especially the first page, where I describe what it's about. Make your first challenge something that you're pretty sure you can do. That'll help get you going and get your confidence up! Hope to see you starting up real soon! :yes:

09-15-2005, 07:23 PM
Good morning. It's Day 19 again here because I took yesterday off as my last pause day. Had too much...but it could have been a lot worse. I'm paying for it today with a constantly running nose, always what happens to me when I eat too much sugar and bread. Added incentive to stay off the stuff!

SillyFluff -- I am concerned about your challenge. If rain keeps you from doing it, you will be going back to Day 1 a lot, I would expect. Is the rain just you putting off the first day, and you're going to get your raingear out for the others? I hope so. Otherwise, rethink your challenge so you can be sure to have a good shot at doing it EVERY day! :yes:
][color=teal]gray -- Did you make it through yet!? Tell us when so we can give you the winner's treatment!

We were having a hurricane. Thats what I meant. Sorry for not specifying.

09-15-2005, 08:13 PM
day 4: 45 min of circuit training, 30 min walking and an ocean of water drank! lol

Apple Blossom
09-15-2005, 08:57 PM
After a pause, day 12 done. I wish I hadn't taken a night off though. I really didn't have a good reason to. I'm going to see a play with my mother tomorrow night, and my daughter has her perfomance on Sat, so those nights are going to be tough to get the stepping in.
:hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: One more night and I complete my mini challenge! I think I'm going to try to keep it going though. It hasn't been as hard as I thought.
:goodscale I'm down to 152 this morning, if it stays till tomorrow morning then I also met my goal of losing 2 by Fri! :dance: Actually, I lost 4 but those first 2 don't really count, they come and go depending on my self control.
Hey Silly, I hope you are safe and dry! :rain:
Hello Starlett! Just jump right in, tell us a little about yourself!
Hurray chaps! :cp:
By the way, the frozen Indian food was pretty tasty, better than the lean Cuisine I had the day before. Not as good as the real thing, but Iwould have eaten 3 or 4 times as much food. I AM on a diet here!

09-15-2005, 09:39 PM
Apple Blossom- Yea we are good. Some branches and crap all over the back yard. Its rained most of the day here. Cuz that stupid storm is up by the outer banks and we are still getting the bands from it. It should be long gone tomorrow. We didnt lose power, THANK GOD, cuz it got so hot in my house last night. LOL And i get MEAN when i get hot LOL

09-15-2005, 09:46 PM
Day 11- Done, stayed within my points , 30 mins on gazelle.
Keep up the work everyone!!

09-16-2005, 09:13 AM
13 days! Now we're cookin' with gas!

Thanks to Apple Blosson, Diamond Girl, Mezmerize, and Redballoon for your kind words. Motivation from the people in this thread is really a nice mid-day boost, I tell you.

Redballoon - I did walk into that audition with a new sort of confidence, for sure. What's cool, too, is that I have a little gig tonight and I think I will tap into the same sort of feeling. Not to mention I have a brand new dress that looks HOT and I'm stoked to give it the maiden voyage.

PhatStarlett - Welcome. It looks like you and I have similar weight loss profiles. I started at 246 and now am at 180, and hope to get to 165 by the end of the year. I know you can do it. I will try to help motivate you as someone who has been there.

To everyone else, have a great weekend!

09-16-2005, 09:59 AM
Day 19 Ė Weekends are harder since the family is underfoot but Iím going to do good! Positive thoughts! Actually Iím getting better at taking Me time. I use to feel so guilty but I know it is for the best for everyone!

SillyFluff Ė If itís raining maybe you can look into getting a Walk Away The Pounds Dvd. I lost 40lbs doing just that in my home. I personally started out with the 1 mile, 2 mile and 3 mile walk. (that is what I got the 40lbs off with) I now own Walk and Jog (I canít do some move because of my knees but still a great workout!) and Walk and Kick. Nice tae bo kind of workout but easier on my knees. Just a thought.

Red Ė Today is Day 18 ( Friday 16)

Phat Starlett Ė Yes the wonderful thing about this is itís NEVER too late to start!! Well think of one thing youíd like to work on for 21 days. Some take baby steps (like me) others jump in head 1st itís up to you. But do give it a try itís addictive!

curlylocks Ė So it was YOU that drank the ocean!!! I wonder who did that! I heard yelling of surfer DUDES and I live in Iowa!!!

Apple Blossom Ė You are doing so good! Congrats on reaching your goal.

vanessa6295 Ė congrats on day 11 

Chaps Ė I started out close to where you were. It is motivating to see people getting close to their goal! If the little chick would just stick out it foot it would touch that 165 mark! 

09-16-2005, 12:15 PM

Went around the block twice and the second time around added a court for good measure.
Tomorrow wil start earlier though, cuz its already humid and only 11am

09-16-2005, 03:20 PM
Good Grief . . . :(
Back to day one. Unable to get SBD friendly foods yesterday, so I caved and ate what was easy. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. :dizzy: I will start again tomorrow. Thank goodness for do-overs :p

09-16-2005, 06:40 PM
Day 12 done!!

09-16-2005, 07:12 PM
Yikes! I started to post and got bounced. So I'll start over.

Red! Calling Redballoon! Where are you? Not stuffing your face with sugar and white flour I hope! (Brief pause while I reach for another cookie. Who knew I'd trick myself again with the old "buying goodies for the guests" trip.)

Red, I'm hoping you're still on goal, because I intend to start a new challenge when you do, when you start a new thread. If you've had to go back to Day 1 it could be a pretty long wait... :lol3:

Meanwhile, I'll continue to lie low and lurk. Have a good weekend, all.

Apple Blossom
09-16-2005, 08:33 PM
Day 13 done! Lucky! AND.... (drum roll please...)
:hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat: :hat:
I completed my mini goal of 7 days no beer. I will see about continuing, but it's looking doubtful right now. If I can keep myself from throwing some warm ones in the fridge to chill.....
I was 153 this morning and I haven't been all that good today :shrug:
(not bad mind you, but not good either) but I'm still pleased with the progress. If I can get through the week-end with out totally blowing it I shoul be able to journey on next week. :crossed:

09-16-2005, 08:42 PM
Hello, all. It is Saturday morning and I slept too late to do work here before work, which is what I had planned to do. Also, the gym is blown off again. Ugh. Things have cooled off and I can sleep, warm and cozy. Even the cats are using me as a big space heater again, curling up against me and making it even harder for me to get up, not wanting to leave my cozy, furry, cocoon. Well, I had a fine day yesterday on my challenge. It has become easy, in other words, a habit to NOT eat sugar and white flour. That binge the other day really showed in my face. God, the difference is amazing when you eat a lot of sugar or don't. Only two more days to this challenge so I want to think up a good one for the next. I have lost no weight and that is really ticking me off. I feel smaller and think I look smaller but that may be because I havent been going heavy with the weights. It's probably muscle that has gone, but you'd think that would show on the scale. Strange. Very strange. It's like the damn scale is broken. The numbers refuse to budge. :mad: Soooo, I want to do a challenge where they will just HAVE to change -- downward, of course! :yes:

carla -- As you can see, I am here and still on the challenge. But I tell, you, though I say it's gotten easy to not eat sugar or white flour (I'm not eating any flour actually), that doesn't mean I won't. I admit that yesterday I was thinking, oh, what the ****, just forget the whole thing. Who cares!? I'm tired of the challenges. This is, after all, the end of my third, and I did a lot of restarting, so I've been at 'em for a long time...I feel at times like just dropping the whole thing and giving the thread over to someone else to continue. Then, I think, well, if I do that, I know I will just be a total sloth and eat any old crap. I could do it alone, though, but I figure, well, if I'm going to be doing it anyhow, I may as well do it on here. I do enjoy having you all here and I think we're good for each other. Anyhow, so, I have two more days and then I may take a couple days off before I start the new thread. Then again, I could start the new thread before I start my challenge. I don't want you waiting for me, carla! :nono: But I can see you wanting to start out anew when the new thread starts. Ok, let's do it! Prepare for Monday....or sometime soon thereafter!!!! :lol:

vanessa -- I can't believe you are into the double digits! Wow! Rather quiet but you are probably tired out from all the exercise! :lol: Good going! :cp:

1nceagain -- Glad to see someone actually starting over instead of just disappearing. Too bad you had to, but that's what's kind of fun about the counting, at least, on the launch pad. I'm so glad you're back with us and wish you lots of luck with this challenge. :sunny:

Silly -- We have achieved liftoff!! :cp: Good for you! Good-measure court lap is the stuff I like to see! :woo: Glad you're none the worse for wear after your hurricane!

mez -- You are just a day or so behind me! We're almost home. No more breaks for me now. Tomorrow is my last day and, of course, I am going to be there, because no one is shoving food down my throat but me! Keep it going, mez! Oh, and I'm really glad to hear you're taking time out for YOU! :yes: That's what I like!! :spin:

Chaps -- Glad we gave you a little boost. It's YOU that did it, though! :flow1: How did the gig go, and you in that hot number?! I bet you were fabulous and felt fabulous too! It's sweet of you to want to motivate Phat as "someone who's been there." I know this is our strength, the "extra" that we have because we have been there and are not there anymore, we have moved away. What I find a shame is that others don't realize that, or even, if they find out, they think that we must be different that we were able to get away from it too. "If you can do it, I can do it" should be a mantra. Unfortunately, so many people see it as a putdown or see another's success as an indication of their own lack of worth. Sure, the specifics may be different, but from listening to others' stories we can glean the details that pertain to our characters, those things that are our own personal obstacles, and use them to make our own success. I like listening to your enjoying your new look. Not only for simply feeling happy for you, it gives me a taste of what I could feel like. Good luck, Chaps, on reaching this year's goal of 165! :goodluck:

Apple -- You too, in the double digits solidly! :woo: Great going! And that extra mini-challenge, now that IS the toughie, isn't it? Cigs and beer, some of the worst habits I ever got into. Glad the cigs are long gone and beer, I don't know, it has greatly lost its allure for me. If it's not the money, it's the fat, the sloppiness I feel with it. I don't know, not getting as lit about it anymore. Good thing, too, sure wouldn't want to become one of those old lady lushes! :lol: I like what you said about being on a diet. I, for one, lose sight of the fact that maintaining and not eating like a glutton is one thing, but being on a diet is another. Sure, it's an accomplishment to not gain and sometimes that is an enormous accomplishment. But, I DO want to lose the stored fat as well and that is what I am planning to do on this next challenge. I have to see it budge. I am super sick of it! Thanks for reminding me that I've got to buckle down. You and I are about the same weight and it does get hard when you don't have that much to lose. It doesn't make it any less annoying though. Gotta get my act together! :yes:

P.S. just saw your new post come in! Congrats on a whole week down on the no-beer!!! :bravo: AND another day notched on the challenge. Nothing wrong with having a cold one, BUT remember!!! the whole idea of your mini-challenge was to NOT have one. Don't reward yourself with the very thing you were trying to avoid (even if you have one, don't think of it as a reward is what I'm saying). Think of other rewards. The beer you can just see as something that you will probably have at some time or another, but if you don't lessen the degree of pleasure you associate with it, it will always be tempting you like that brass ring dangling just out of reach! Stop reaching for it! Cut it down and throw it away! :yes:

curly -- What can I say?! You are steaming down the track!! :cp:

09-16-2005, 09:46 PM
Nice talk, Red!!! What's wrong with old lady lushes anyway, I'd like to know? Hic.

I'll be ready next week for a new thread and a new challenge. Back to no wine or chocs (just had 2 boxes of Smarties. Yum.). And I'd better do a weight-loss goal too, as the last few days of all-out piggery have stalled my downward trend - and started me back up to the 200's.

09-16-2005, 10:13 PM
Well i figured out that 4 times around my block is a mile. SOOOO....I did a little over 1/2 a mile. That really makes me happy. We woulda walked more if it werent so humid *boyfriend walked with me, wouldnt let me go without him*
Gonna start earlier tomorrow and see if its any better..if its still humid we'll keep starting earlier til its bearable...but the important thing is I WALKED LIKE I SAID I WOULD

09-16-2005, 10:52 PM
carla -- I just finished watching Ya-Ya Sisters for the second time and the old lady lushes were fresh in my mind. Nothing wrong with them! I just don't want to be one. Not that I have ANY chance of ever, ever even getting near there.... ;) ..."heh, who's buying tonight, anyhow?!"

:coach: I expect to see you back here next week!

Silly -- :cp: Great going on the walking! That's what it's all about, walking the talk!! Go for it!! :cb:

gray eyed girl
09-16-2005, 11:38 PM
Again, I have failed to come by here in forever!

I finished my 2nd 21 days, which is exciting! Unfortunately I'm not as happy about it as I should be, because I've pretty much failed in my diet for a while here in every other aspect. :( I am just finding it very difficult to stay committed for the long haul here, and I'm also so busy that I'm finding myself going back to my old convenience-food habits, which is BAD. I did try to make a small change today by walking from my class to the parking lot instead of taking the shuttle (about a 20 min walk). I think I'm going to start doing that on the days I have this class - it's not a hard walk, but it's some exercise and I just don't think I'm going to get workouts in any other way for a while here.

My Next 21-day challenge will be:
1) check in here EVERY DAY. I really need to do this. You guys keep me motivated and I haven't been here nearly enough, so I'm slacking. I need some accountability.

2) update my fitday journal and post my daily menus here in the meal thread EVERY DAY. again, accountability to keep me going. I still have 35 pounds to lose, I am NOT stopping where I am. Sure, I look better. But I still don't look GOOD, and I don't feel anywhere near as good as I could if I'd just get my arse back in gear and lose the rest of this weight.

3) find ways to exercise EVERY DAY. I've acknowledged and accepted that I'm not going to be able to go spend an hour on the elliptical 5 times a week while taking such a heavy course load. Fine. But that's not an excuse for not exercising at all. I can do a workout video, or do half an hour of exercise instead of an hour, or walk to my car instead of riding the shuttle. I just need to do it, and do it every day.

I know that I technically have 3 free days for this round, but I'm also going to try to only use one.

09-17-2005, 12:11 AM
I almost didn't do it...yup, I was gonna skip today but then I thought..."I won't be able to skip another day if I do, or I'll have to start all over again!" so I did them yup my situps and boy did my belly ach, LOL...but it was a good ache.

Good Luck everyone, I'm gonna read your posts now.

09-17-2005, 12:19 AM
Double yikes!! I thought Gray had disappeared and was probably back at square one, and here it turns out she was secretly motoring along to Day 21!! She may not be impressed, but I am. Surrounded by success: Red on Day 21 tomorrow, Gray finished, Mez almost there... and our new posters chugging along beautifully. Gray, if you must feel bad about something, feel bad that you've shown me up as a failure. (What else can you expect from an old lush like me? Glug, glug.) :hat:

So how's about we all start together, Gray, Red and me. Red will start a new thread, all nice and clean and tidy, a perfect time to begin a new life... er... a new goal. My guests will be gone for good on Mon evening, and I'll be plumb out of excuses for not behaving. No more stress-eating/drinking after visits to the mother-in-law, no more visitors, no more sticky hot weather. Time to clear out the fridge, get rid of all the slightly geriatric frozen meat in the freezer, start cooking nourishing and lo-cal foods. Also time to get some exercising in. There is really no excuse: I have weights to use at home, I have a rebounder, I have lots of stairs I could go up and down. I am strong, I am woman. I am babbling.

Gray, here's to you:

:cheer: :encore: :encore: :balloons: :balloons: :woo: :woo: :bravo: :cp: :cp: :cb: :cb: :cheer:


09-17-2005, 10:38 AM
I can hardly believe it, day 14 done! Only a week to go!
Best of luck to everyone!

09-17-2005, 11:13 AM
Well i totally ruined day 12 :( after i wrote here i went to my friends house with my other friends and there was a lot of junk food around..i just couldnt help myself i went over my points so much. I feel horrible today. I am going to do really well until monday and hopefully the scales are ok for my weigh in. So i guess im back to day 11? im not sure. Keep up the good luck everyone :)

09-17-2005, 01:08 PM
Way to Gray!!!!!:cheer:

completed day 6 today.. 45 min of circuit training.. got my water guzzled down!

tonight at 5 i have my leukemia walk... only 2 miles tho...

not a challenge but... a personal one .. I went to the fund raiser dance for my alzheimers walk in october... I am very shy... and started not to go .. but the girls that work at my fitness center would never let me hear the end of it if i didnt go... so i went and had a good time..

09-17-2005, 01:56 PM
Hello all!! :wave:

Bet you all thought I went AWOL! :gossip:

Nope, still chugging along :flame:

Today is day 15 for my no soda challenge and day 7 for my exercise challenge.

I am really happy :dancer: ! I am ready to KOKO (keep on keeping on)!

Sorry so short, I'm on the computer :comp: at home for maybe 15 min and my kids say I'm "always on the computer", so annoying :rolleyes: .

Good luck to all!!

Tina :love: ;) :D :^: :lol:

09-17-2005, 02:09 PM
Day 2 complete for me. Still need to try and go earlier, its so humid. Did a little over 1/2 mile. I'm tryin. :)