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08-23-2005, 01:25 PM
Peachy, I'm sorry. :( Even tho you couldn't stand the boss lady, a job is a job. I'll join everyone else in saying that a better job is just around the corner for you. And until then, we're here for you to vent and rant with.

Kiwi, I work with all men. My DH and DS are gearheads. Cars R us. Sounds like you had a good shopping time. DD knows how to stretch a buck. It always works best to tell them what you will spend and then let them budget it. Score on the leather coat. Hope you get your dream puppy.

Sugar, are your boys fluent in Spanish too? Get some rest, girl, you've earned it.

I've been thinking about what triggered my 6 month food binge and 17 pound gain. It started when I took my trip to Arizona, where I stayed w/ my SIL and then drove 200 miles to see my parents who I had been estranged from for 2 years. I was feeling all alone and out of place and then when I got the chance, I stuffed my feelings about my Dad and went to their house anyway. I think I've been furious with myself ever since. And that is my psycho-babble excuse. Can anyone come up with a better theory?

08-23-2005, 02:48 PM
Sounds like a good Food Psychology theory to me, Wabs. There has to be some way to make food totally uninteresting from an emotional standpoint.

Naah, my kids can't speak Spanish at all. That's what made it extra fun. The little Spanish kids (who have a German dad) can understand quite a lot of German and they speak a teeny bit so everyone just waved their arms a lot and got by just fine.

I won't even mention how faaaaaaat I am. Weeble with an apron gut describes it pretty well. Whatever I gain goes straight to the belly. Normal size butt and hips but no waist to speak of. Like a barrel with legs. Bleh. And ptooey.

We're going to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" tomorrow. The way they dressed up Johnny Depp is really scaring me.

08-23-2005, 05:07 PM
DH has been grumpy. He has been impatient. He has been slightly snippy. Today he brought me flowers with an "I'm sorry for being a grump" note. He can be exasperatingly sweet when he's not grumpy.

Instead of the usual fast food for lunch I bought a baked chicken leg and thigh at the grocery store deli. Probably basted w/ butter, but better than a greasy cheeseburger & fries. I'm gonna pull outta this slump. I really am. Sugar, I'm ready to eat better. Let's do it. I have a barrel belly too. I want to have a waist again.

DS has still not closed on his house loan. His gf works for Starbucks and they are impossible to get employment info out of. The underwriter wants a statement saying that when she was laid off for 5 months it was unpaid. That is the only thing holding up the loan. The automated HR telephone line says that any info will be mailed out within 3 weeks. 3 weeks and the sellers will be finding another buyer. Do not buy any more Starbucks coffee until they start co-operating.

08-23-2005, 08:43 PM
everyone go to DS's website and play his new game.

08-24-2005, 03:55 AM
Librarian/Ralph Nader clone-self kicked in
You can get info on Starbucks at
US. President is: Jim Alling
Chief Information Officer = Brian Crynes
VP of Corporate Social Responsibility = Sandra Taylor

I'd be writing some hot letters to them about what HR (or whoever) is doing to foul up the lives of employees. 3 weeks and real estate deals DO NOT MIX... and they should know that considering all the locations they've got!

I read Woman's Day about how to get rid of your belly. Bad news: It actually involves moving your body. Mostly lifting your legs while lying down. Don't they know how much my legs weigh?

In the meantime I'm having another pitcher of crystal lite. Will probably be up all night.

Next to last chemo is Thursday. I could probably get "back on track" in the morning... but I'm giving myself till after final Chemo. Unless, of course, I change my mind.

08-24-2005, 06:52 AM
Wabby.. I'm definitely a believer in that psycho babble..I was a 134 pounds when I visited my sister.. that kicked it off.. and her progressively down hill descent into paranoia and mental illness over a 4 year period had me reacting in part by stuffing myself up to 200 pounds.
There's got to be a way around those maddening Infobot recordings! Can't she or a manager get through to a live person at HR? Can the local manager write the letter? UGH! Buying a house is stressful enough without having to deal with ridiculous red tape!.. What a darling grump you have! I can't remember the last time I got flowers from mine.. although he did bring me a chocolate kiss when I had a stress cry pity party when the movers left and I was overwhelmed with yet more crap to unpack.

Painty, how is your chemo going? Do you still have your hair? Are you feeling ok?

Cowie: I don't know what the website URL is... lest I would play....

Sug: I'm on the south Beach diet.. seems to be working for me and dare I say it's not been a hard diet to follow at all.

Yesterday I read the NC Drivers Manual.. TALK ABOUT A SNORE FEST :blah: .. Then we went to DMV to get our licenses.. The test was designed so that any moron could pass it.. example of a multiple choice:
When merging onto the highway do you A) go to the end of the acceleration ramp and come to a complete stop..b) put your hazards on or c) increase your speed to enter the highway.. :doh: .. Anyhoo, us to morons got our NC driver licenses after providing birthcerts, old driver licenses, proof of residency, proof of NC insurance, info on the bank that holds the deeds to my SUV.. Sigh, what a rigamarole! Today we are off to get the vehicles registered and to find the nearest $200. Club (Sams)...
Yesterday: B=Sourdough english muffin.. with SF Jelly and Smart balance spread
Dinner - Grilled London Broil, Salad with red leaf lettuce, celery, tomato and feta cheese, and smashed cauliflower.. Dessert: 10 Dark Chocolate kisses.

08-24-2005, 02:07 PM
Didn't I post yesterday? I thought I did. Apparently I had a brain far* instead. DD has her senior photo session today. She is taking both of her guitars to pose with. I hope she plans to have a couple of, ahem, regular poses too. My girl. Gotta love her.

We're going to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" tomorrow. The way they dressed up Johnny Depp is really scaring me.Yeah, he kinda creeped me out in that movie. Very funny and fascinating movie overall, though.
Do not buy any more Starbucks coffee until they start co-operating.No problem :lol: The nearest :coffee: is 75 miles away.

I'm reading The South Beach Diet and I'm not going to actually start the diet until I'm done reading the book. I'm just stubborn that way. I have been noticing some things that fit in with the SB diet philosophy, though -- if I eat sweet snacks, I get pretty uncomfortable and bloated.

Well, I've got to go eat something and get some housework accomplished today. You know, just for the novelty of it...


08-24-2005, 05:14 PM
Kiwi, DAHLINK , no, no post from you yesterday,sigh, and you were missed!
How Appropo that DD would get pics with gee-tar .. What does she play? forgive the new cow here... is it classical, folk, classic rock /blues? Where does she get the musical gift from?
Back from Sams 357.42 poorer but well stocked up.. GAWD there's only 2 of us! Got the cars registered with NC plates.. so another step to become a true Nerth Carolinian! DH is making friends at the local sports bar this afternoon.. as I sit here in (I kid u Not) blue plaid comfy loungy pants, and a green purple blue and white ancient tie-dyed shirt from a grateful Dead concert back in oooooh maybe 1989? Pretty! NOT...
Havent seen the new Charlie Choco Factory.. will now wait till video.. KIWI, thankfully you have a movie plex ... starbucks is 75 MILES AWAY!! EGADS! what are you like Little house on the prairie or northern exposure up there?
Yes, I fully understand the need to finish reading an instructional book before attempting to embrace the lesson...Seriously, it's the best "diet" I've ever been on, very sane, doable and "makes sense". and Holy almighty Bob, I've tried WW (ooh lost count..just like on counting points) , LA Weightloss.. scam... Trimsa, Hydrocut, meridian, hmm, letsee, Jenny Craig... now I use SB as a guide and count my calories too. Anyway hope you give it a go.
anyhoo, just wanted to pop in to say how now my little cows

08-24-2005, 11:42 PM
How Appropo that DD would get pics with gee-tar .. What does she play? forgive the new cow here... is it classical, folk, classic rock /blues? Where does she get the musical gift from? Well, Ms Schatzi, you ask a lotta questions for someone from New Jersey..... :lol:

DD plays mostly acoustic versions of songs that she likes -- and she likes heavy metal and alternative rock. She arranges these songs to sound pretty durn good. She also plays classical guitar pieces, and she plays jazz with her electric guitar in the school jazz band. I believe she hopes to be in a rock band when she's in college. You can hear some of her music at ( There are some songs on there and a few more on another site that she links from there; some of them are her own compositions.

As far as where her musical gifts come from? A hotly debated issue, I assure you.
as I sit here in (I kid u Not) blue plaid comfy loungy pants, and a green purple blue and white ancient tie-dyed shirt from a grateful Dead concert back in oooooh maybe 1989? Sounds perfectly lovely. I just picked up a pair of loungy pants at The Jockey Store --- they are a dark orange with little black ink-drawing flowers on them. Sounds strange, no? I almost bought the multi-color stripe pair, but decided that they were too much like circus pants.
KIWI, thankfully you have a movie plex ... starbucks is 75 MILES AWAY!! EGADS! what are you like Little house on the prairie or northern exposure up there?Au contraire, m'dear -- the movie plex is also 75 miles away! In fact, I saw Charlie in NC while we were beachin'. Think Northern Exposure, multiply by 10, add disgruntled seniors and large quantities of people on welfare (go figure) and you have the local community. I thankfully live a few miles out of town with no neighbors, on the lake.

Later, gators

08-25-2005, 03:22 AM
Thanks for reminding me of the need to get some comfy pants for haning around the house. All the ones I have are defective somehow but I never get around to throwing them out.

My kids went back to school today!!! :cb: :dance: :flow1: :twirly:

But dh is still here cramping my style. :lol: He goes back to work tomorrow.

Our town is more like Walnut Grove with all the pious church goers and Mrs. Olsen givin' you the evil eye.

I may just break down and invest in the SB book but I dunno. I'm sure not getting anywhere by eating what I'm eating now. And the fact that I haven't exercised in 6 weeks isn't helping much.

08-25-2005, 05:17 AM
I think I've been wearing circus pants and didn't know it.

Kiwi-- I still love the photo of my son at the local concert hall in Tuxedo with his bassoon. Longhaired nerdy nice boy. Of course, he thinks it is horribly geeky now... I hope your DD gets great photos that you'll both enjoy for years to come.

I'm painting more and more!! Whee. Show and tell within a week or so.

08-25-2005, 01:18 PM
Oh my, for a second I thought you said you were panting more and more, Painty! I was worried about you! I hope today goes well and you don't have icky side effects.

Sugar, I can't believe those poor tots are once again confined to school. What did they have, one month of vacation? I'm telling. :s: My dd just headed out with her notebook, beach towel and a paddle to canoe the lake. Rough life, eh?

I'm fixing photos of nephew's wedding so I can make up a CD of them for my inlaws. What a tedious process. I really need a new computer -- I can edit about 5 photos and then the software crumps out. I'm sure it's lack of operating memory. And I had to move half of my photo archive onto a different drive because the other one was chock full. Oy.

Here's what a small town this is: Yesterday while DD was having her photo session, I was watching the woman at the photo studio touch up some photos from another girl's session. Of course I knew the girl; I used to take DD over to their house to play when she was a toddler. Meanwhile the photographer was talking about the previous photo session that day, and how the girl's boyfriend was trying on her dance costume (a tutu, I believe) while she was have her pictures taken. Except he called them by name, because of course everyone knows M and P. Yeah -- that's DD's friend we take to the beach every year.

Anyway, the woman who was touching up pics was using Photoshop. It still looked tedious, but easy. I need that. I usually use PaintShopPro, which is good, but overly technical -- nothing automatic. Since that's too hard for simple photo fixing, I use the very limited software that came with my camera. It's not perfect but it does the job. For 5 photos at a time... And then you get reboot the computer.

Everboddy have a good day now, y'hear?


08-25-2005, 01:37 PM
I'm bored and boring. I have no plans for the weekend. We were invited to a bbq but DH doesn't want to go to it, and I forgot to RSVP by the 22nd (who requires RSVP's at bbq's????) DH doesn't want to go because it's a person who didn't come to DH's birthday bash and we heard later he didn't come because "he didn't feel like it". Would you say that DH is being petty? Oh well.

We'll be cooking salmon tonight. DH caught a big'un yesterday. Yes, he had the day off while I slaved. No wonder I'm bored. This entire post is about the DH.

Sugar, congrats on getting the little duffers back to school. :cb:

08-25-2005, 02:20 PM
i just came home to change my clothes---i was taking a blueberry pie that mom just made over to the parents of my brother in law { my sweet bil who we lost THREE years ago this week}ANYWAY i was walking through the park with it {it was in a box} and a man said " awww ma'am somethings dripping from that box" --- THE DAMN BLUEBERRY JUICE FROM THE PIE {STILL WARM NO LESS} WAS DRIPPING ALL OVER MY NEW BABY BLUE ROOTS SWEATSHIRT AND MY NEW WOOLRICH KHAKI CAPRIS!!!!!!-------BLUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BERRY---STAINS LIKE CRAZY---- sooooooooooo here i am back at home with my stuff in the washer praying it will wash out--------WHAT AN EFFIN MESS------- now i have to go back to work----------have a nice day!!! :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

08-25-2005, 05:36 PM
DH doesn't want to go because it's a person who didn't come to DH's birthday bash and we heard later he didn't come because "he didn't feel like it". Would you say that DH is being petty? Not so much -- I would feel the same way. Maybe you should go without him, and when they ask where DH is, you could tell them "he didn't feel like coming." :lol:

MMM fresh caught salmon. Sounds great. I had "fresh caught salmon" for dinner last night. But I got it from the grocery store, so I'm not sure how much they stretched that "fresh" bit.

Honestly, Bagz, no good deed goes unpunished, does it? Hope your (way classier than any of my) clothes recover. At the moment I'm wearing Target denim shorts and a ridiculous blue t-shirt with an orange star on the front with a yellow computer mouse and the letters IT on it. I have no idea where it came from or why... I am jealous of your Roots and Woolrich duds even if they are all blueberries. :D

I am making progress on my photo fixing, but I'm still not done. Did some great red-eye fixing on one photo, but I can't remember the color of one of my nephew's eyes. Hope he likes blue.

Later cowsies,

08-25-2005, 07:47 PM
Bagzie, being a nice pie delivering person is dangerous. My friend's mom was taking a pie to her neighbors and she fell down and gave herself a black eye. She saved the pie, though. Hope your duds come clean. I'm wearing a purple and green striped denim skirt and a green shortsleeved sweater. I want to know what everyone else is wearing right now. I like Target clothes, Kiwonker. Especially stuff like their denim shorts. Now don't go telling me that you have a Target store in your outback.

I've been TIVO'ing episodes of "I Lost It!" on the Discovery Health channel. I'm hoping it will inspire me. Can't hurt. Oh really? sitting on the couch watching tv isn't helping matters????!!!!

One of the guys brought in some fresh picked corn on the cob. Grilled salmon and corn on the cob. mmmmmmm. Now I need some fried zuchinni and I'd be in heaven. That's some summertime eatin' thar.

08-26-2005, 12:31 AM
Yeehaw, I'll have me summa that fried zucchini, mmm-hmmm. I'm sure that watching diet shows is excellent exercise. Much like reading diet books... I will say that I can't do much eating while typing on the computer, and I've been on it almost all day today. Finally finished touching up the photos, am about to burn them onto a cd. You guys are so lucky to hear my blow-by-blow activities every day, you have no idea... :blah:

We do have a Target: 75 miles away like everything else! The only thing in town is food: Subway, McDonalds, 2 grocery stores, numerous other restaurants and little markets. And lots of places to buy snowmobiles and get hunting licenses. Can't buy shoes or books or cds or wearable clothes or underwear though. And we have a Curves. Conveniently located next door to the best pizza shop.

Gotta go burn.


08-26-2005, 10:14 AM
I'm wearing light blue loungie pants and dark blue tank top (fat girls with huge boobs should not wear tank tops in public!) At least I am matching today.
Kiwi: Your DD music is divine! There is something to be said for living in Northern Exposure, but alas, I'm too dependent on having the creature comforts of suburbia.
Painty - are you exhibiting your work?
Wabby: hmmm never heard of RSVP to a BBQ.. WTF, isn't it suppose to be just burgers, corn and watermelon? That denim skirt sounds pretty!
Bagz: did the blueberry stains come out? How AGGERVATIN'

Sug: the kids here went back to school yesterday too. Where I come from, we always went back the wednesday after labor day, and ended mid-end of june... personally I think kids should go year round with 2-3 weeks of personal days ..just like the real working world.. easy for me to say..I'm sure if a kid heard me say that I would be shot on site.

Peachy: Come out to play, we miss you..Are you going to be hit by Katrina ? UGH I hope not darlin
Well, I finally got up the nerve to unpack the Altar to the Weight Gods! Did the "One legged Stork Pose" a "flying Fig Newton", and offered up a HO HO...!
Wheeeeeee! 2 more pounds down!!!! Yay for me! :dance:

I only have 2 pairs of shorts that fit.. Mayhap I must go to our nearest TarShay to see what is on sale...I hear that they have a Super Target here.. What ever that means.

08-26-2005, 03:05 PM
Congrats on the 2 lbs, Schatzi!

I've got nada to say today. Hope Katrina doesn't creep up on Peachcow; they've had enough walloping lately.


08-26-2005, 08:00 PM
In spite of living in a metropolitan area with more shopping than anyplace else in the whole U.S., I am wearing Target knit shorts and a Dressbarn T shirt in what might be called a cross between mint and sage. Oh, and I'm still bald. And barefoot.

Had salmon for early dinner... with spinach and breadcrumbs on top. Yummy.

Kiwi-- Is there a Fry's within iditerod distance? Today's advert said they were selling 3 GIG of memory for $100. Remember when memory was expensive? I adore photoshop. Expensive to purchase the "Big" package... but they've come out with a "home" version that I hear is pretty good.

Baggz... I hope the blueberry stains vamoose. I had a new blue and yellow t-shirt that tried to mate with something unexpectedly RED in my washer. Waaaaaaaaaah.
I've washed it about 10 times... the whole thing is fading.

Shatzi-- contrats!!!

Do any of you do Yoga? I love the articles saying middle aged people can loose 10 lbs by doing yoga instead of gaining 13.5. And that's without changing other exercise or diet habits. I must admit that if I breathed deep and paid attention to my body more often, I might avoid the umpteenth serving of most anything. My portions are out of control. Even had some reflux this morning. (I tend to eat with mucho anxiety the night before my chemo....) Who said I wasn't an emotional eater. Drat.

Peachy... I've crossed my fingers to keep Katrina out to sea. Hope you are well.

08-26-2005, 10:06 PM
I am briefly here but have no read what y'all said so forgive me. I am reporting that DS is a licensed driver. Now, he needs a car and a job. I am telling him that people with hair in their eyes do not get jobs. He is paying no attention.

Yesterday, I applied for a job that I realllllllllllllllllly want and was told that the only thing that could stop me from getting it is some people in another town who get to decide if my degree is in the wrong field. It's wrong but the minor is right. Cross yer fingers.

Katrina (what a cute name!) is heading west last I heard. yay. May she simmer down to a pleasant breeze.

08-27-2005, 02:01 AM
Painty -- I had good luck with some stuff I bought at the grocery store made just for removing dye bleeds/ruboff from the wash.

Goodluck on the job, Peachie. I lost a job that way shortly after college -- they wanted an English major and I was a Sociology major. Silly, really, considering I aced their qualifying test. Your experience and ability ought to trump what you majored in in college -- hope you get it!!


08-27-2005, 07:37 AM
Peacharina! Gooood Luck with the job... One door closes and another opens..or so "they" say! And Bravo on DS getting his license.. I'm sure he will be motivated to get a job now that he can drive. I kept watching Katrina, hope she was just a whisp where you are!

Painty: I tried Yoga years ago, I really liked it .. then the instructor hurt her back and that was that..

I'm on the last box today.. must arrange the chachka, and next week we hang the pictures.. and then we start looking for land to buy and build our "real" home.. DH is out golfing today (apparently living in NC this is what men do).

08-27-2005, 09:00 AM
You WILL get that job, Peachy!!! Since when does education have anything to do with real life anyway?

I have been unable to post because I spent all morning handing out Baldwin Bookworm bookmarks to the first graders at the welcoming ceremony down at the elementary school. They are just such itty bitty little kids - so cute. We also got 9 brand new books donated to the library, which was nice.

Did I ever tell yas about the "Schultüte" custom they have here? Every first grader gets a giant decorated carboard cone with sweets, school supplies and little presents in it from his or her parents. Some of them were awesome with fairies and princesses and pirates on them. I tried to attach a pic. Let's see if it works.

German kids get 6 weeks summer holidays, 2 weeks in October, 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter so I guess it all evens out. It does seem pretty short. Our Spanish friends' kids have something like 10 weeks.

Painty - yes, I have heard that yoga can lead to weight loss what with the breathing and the metabolism boosting and the chakra clearing. I tried to join a course here once but they wouldn't have me. May try again some time soon. I have an "abs yoga" DVD that I quite enjoy. It's very relaxing, but you really feel like you did something.

No time to read the rest of yer posts in detail, Cowies, but I will later. Have to go clean something now.

08-27-2005, 12:51 PM
Aw that must have been fun, Sug! That's sweet about the 1st graders' gifts.

We're going waterskiing/tubing this afternoon. Yeeha... I don't waterski; maybe I'll try tubing.


08-28-2005, 09:57 AM
Sug : What a lovely tradition!
Kiwi: TUBING ... my absolute favorite XTreme Schlubbing Sport! Ah to float my fat in a tube, with a brew.. laughing and not have to even get out of the tube to pee.. Heavenly!
The Box has been unpacked, the bubble wrap popped, and it's beginning to look like a real home..Today we're off to Lowes and Tarshay to buy more unnecessary crap... Friday we officially closed on the house in Joisey.. and got the check yesterday WHOO HOO... now we can pay off some bills and still have a nice little nest egg to begin the hunt for a new house or build one... DH is still out of work but has a few nibbles fingers crossed that something comes through for him..

08-28-2005, 01:13 PM
I am digging into my memory and I KNOW I got no such gift when I began 1st grade in Germany. I began K-2 in Germany and all I recall is when they lined us all up against the wall (in chairs), took one shoe and said they'd either bring it back with candy or coal. We really feared the coal and carefully looked to see who got it and couldn't find anybody. Still, I thought somebody had managed to hide the stuff.

Also, we were regularly entertained with WONDERFUL puppet shows and made to sing a song about a boy who did not cut his hair or nails. They grew straight out and prevented him from performing normal tasks or being accepted into the country club. He had strong nails.

Shots, I had not realized you moved to NC without DH having a JB. How nice of DH to do that for ME. I need company. Others I know who have recently lost jobs include a man who had an affair at work and was fired. He did not tell his wife either fact. Said he was taking vacation early. I don't know if he was surprised when she filed for divorce. Also, a man who has held a high-profile high-paying job here for years and years and who, in no one's memory, has accomplished one single thing (the job had one specific task) has stepped down after his salary was cut out of the government budget. He made $79K a year.

I am being very careful what I eat. I mean I eat nutritious meals because I believe it's a very important factor in handling stress. However, yesterday I added root beer floats to my diet and now have bags of lard hanging over my waistband.

I feel so bad for New Orleans. I do not see why hurricanes can not be calmed down.

Here's one of my recipes from yesterday in case you, too, want to be fatter. Chop an eggplant, sprinkle with salt and let it sit while you watch a couple of scenes from Flight of the Phoenix. Put the eggplant in a kitchen towel and have DS sqeeze the water from it. Brown it in a little oil while DS grates a potato. You must tell him to grate faster several times. Put the potato in a towel and have him sqeeze that. Brown that with a little onion or bell pepper or something then mixed an egg in it. In a nice buttery glass dish layer eggplant, potato, more eggplant and bake it at 375 for 30 minutes. That's the same temp and time it takes to make chicken parmesan so do both. Delish. Spread sour cream over the tater/eggplant dish when it's on the plate.

I want a masters degree. Where's the best online place to get one?

08-28-2005, 02:57 PM
I am digging into my memory and I KNOW I got no such gift when I began 1st grade in Germany. I began K-2 in Germany and all I recall is when they lined us all up against the wall (in chairs), took one shoe and said they'd either bring it back with candy or coal.

Hmm. Maybe they didn't do the Schultütething in all parts of Germany back then. Was it a German school or a U.S.military school? The thing with the shoes happens on Dec. 6 - St. Nikolaus Day. They still do that but you only get coal if you were really, really naughty.

Also, we were regularly entertained with WONDERFUL puppet shows

That's the Kasperle Theater. They still do that too.

and made to sing a song about a boy who did not cut his hair or nails. They grew straight out and prevented him from performing normal tasks or being accepted into the country club. He had strong nails.

Yes! That's Struwwlpeter, pictured below.

Chop an eggplant...

Mmmm! I LOVE eggplant. I'll have to try that recipe and eat it all myself so I too can have even bigger bags of lard hanging over my pants.

I want a masters degree. Where's the best online place to get one?

I get fascinating e mail all the time telling me how to get a masters degree in a week. I'll look into it for you. But seriously, you should talk to Cherry. I think she did her on line studies at U of Maryland? Not quite sure though.

I am horrified that that hurricane is now hitting poor New Orleans. Not nice at all and they have so much water there. Cookie doesn't live near there, does she?

08-28-2005, 03:42 PM
The Box has been unpacked, the bubble wrap popped, and it's beginning to look like a real home..Doesn't that just give you a great feeling of accomplishment--getting all that bubble wrap popped? :lol:
all I recall is when they lined us all up against the wall (in chairs), took one shoe Holy cow! Good thing you were just a tot at the time and didn't have the image "firing squad" in the back of your mind...
Shots, I had not realized you moved to NC without DH having a JB. How nice of DH to do that for ME. I need company. Well, don't forget mine is maintaining his unemployment for your benefit as well. And he didn't do anything underhanded to get laid off, either.I want a masters degree. Where's the best online place to get one?Why, I get offers all the time to get a degree in 2 weeks! The problem is you don't get enough spam in your email.

Well, we never did any waterskiing or tubing yesterday, but we did have a very nice boat ride all the way up to the end of the lake, and stopped at a little island where've we camped on the beach years ago. It was just a gorgeous day to swim and hang out on the beach, so that's all we did. It was lovely.


08-28-2005, 03:48 PM
Not sure how I managed it, but it apparently took me about 3 hours to post that message...

08-28-2005, 04:42 PM
Thank you KiwiDH.

Thank you Sugar. In my day ... when computers still ran on coal ... the boy's hair stood straight up and out. This one has a "weave" I think. Funny how his toenails never enter the story.

It's raining here. Katrina approaches.

08-28-2005, 05:35 PM
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: How you ladies make me LAUGH!

Strudleroof...looks like a voodoo doll to me.. with a weave...
What's with taking your smelly shoes off to get filled with coal or candy.. Candy in a smelly shoe.. now that's a diet tip for ya.

Peachy, you can thank me too.. I've been unemployed since I think March? Up and Quit I did I did... and with a unemployed husband..No health insurance, no unemployment benefits...Yes we did the unthinkable and lived off credit all these months... and the big pioneers we are, we went ahead and moved to here...hopefully for better quality of life and heck a job would be nice...

I believe I'm the most under educated one here... PHD in hard knocks I tell ya!
Hmmm, perhaps one day I will peruse the on line offerings of the Jimmie Dean Universities out there..

08-28-2005, 08:20 PM
Oh I don't know about undereducated -- at least you can string together a few coherent words. But hey, Jimmie Dean U sounds yummy.

Guess what? Here's a hint:
I just made the call, and I'm on the list, and I'm sending a deposit tomorrow! Whoowhee!


08-28-2005, 09:04 PM
Don't know yet which puppy we'll be getting, but it will either be Diva with the grey leg who is very smart or Yellow with the calm disposition who likes to climb up on other puppies who are fighting and sit on them or Pink who is a big-boned girl or Light Blue who is pretty perfect I think. It will not be the puppy below, but I had to post this photo anyway. This is Blue, one of the boys, who eats a lot and sleeps a lot and the rest of the time fights with his brother.

Good thing I'm not excited, eh?


08-28-2005, 10:17 PM
Kiwi, do we not get to pick the puppy? Is it a lottery? I'm glad we're not getting the upside down one as he not perky looking.

08-28-2005, 10:31 PM
:cool: :cool: CONGRATULATIONS KIWONKERS!!! --- now tell me the breed of puppy so i can tell dd19 ---she is demanding to know!!!---she has switched faculties at university this year---she was in Business but has reverted to her first plan {and one she talked about since she was a little girl!!} She is now enrolled in Sciences with an eye on Veterinary Medicine----she always said she wanted to be a Vet!!! ANYWAY---maybe we can get free needles and flea treatments!!!!THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GOOD WISHES REGARDING MY BLUEBERRY DUDS!!--MY MOTHER HAS TAKEN OVER THE STAIN REMOVAL AND SHE SAYS SHE HAS HAD GOOD RESULTS!!!!---we just got back from taking kids to college------the middle school kids don't go back until after labour day----sure is quiet around here------------AND IT'S STILL MESSY WITH NO ONE TO BLAME!!!!-----------i would like to loose some weight but remain unmotivated---i want to grow overnight lardflaps like peaches and sugar----how do you slice eggplant??? do you eat the purple skin??? my aunt from Boston made the best fried green tomatoes---who knows how to make them????-----------peach---stay out of the rain!!xoxoxo :dizzy: :dizzy:

08-28-2005, 11:54 PM
peel the purple skin off and throw it out. Chop up the rest.

It's Think Tank time. DS's aunt knows of a Toyota in Miami for a GREAT PRICE. She doesn't seem to know the year or kind of Toyota but if it's interesting, how can we get it up to Dogpatch? Think Think. It's 600 miles I believe. Not the next county.

all the restaurants in Dogpatch have the same menu and all have fried green tomatoes. i have never considered making them. Slice them, flour them, throw them in hot oil I would guess. Salt and pepper in the flour or something. They make sandwiches out of them.

On the TV it's saying Katrina is potentially CATISTROPHIC and EXTENSVIE DAMAGE is expected. It's so scary and sad. There are a million people there who can't leave. They're gonna stick them in the Astrodome like that's safe.

I am so glad that girl is headed to vet school. I am so proud of her!!!

The puppy breed is Belgian Waffle.

08-29-2005, 01:00 AM
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm---i love belgian waffles--------now tell me the real name!!---we love our toyota camry and it's a 98 and still works great----200000 kms on it!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF YOU SOUTHERN PEOPLE---------EFFIN HURRICANE!

08-29-2005, 03:17 AM
I went to Oscar Mayer U. Can you tell? :D

Wow, a PUPPY!!!! How cute is that going to be? You'll be in heaven, Kiwi.

The purple eggplant skin can be eaten if you want - if you slice the whole thing in rounds you can grill it and it's divine. Last night we grilled Greek Halloumi cheese. It was all squeaky between the teeth. Very strange sensation.

Ooh, Schatzi - I thought you guys were moving 'cause the dh got a new job in NC or something. Didn't realize it was such a big adventure. Nothing like that would ever happen around here. My dh likes 100% security at all times. Zzzzz!

Bagzie - way to go on the blueberry duds! A friend of my mum's had a Blackberry Pie Incident once in the back of her (the friend's) car and it was NOT pretty.

08-29-2005, 03:30 AM
my aunt from Boston made the best fried green tomatoes---who knows how to make them????I do!!!! Because we just cleaned out the office and I found my long lost copy of "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe"!!

(recipe reprinted with permission from absolutely no one)

Fried Green Tomatoes

1 medium green tomato per person
white cornmeal
bacon drippings [Ed: no wonder they're good!]

Slice tomatoes about a 1/4 in. thick, season with salt and pepper and then coat both sides with cornmeal. In a large skillet, heat enough bacon drippings to coat the bottom of the pan and fry tomatoes until lightly browned on both sides.

Hmm...there's also one in there for fried green tomatoes with milk gravy that's even fattier.

Fried Green Tomatoes with Milk Gravy

3 T. bacon fat
4 firm green tomatoes, sliced 1/2 in. thick
beaten eggs
dry bread crumbs


Heat yer bacon fat in heavy frying pan. Dip tomatoes in eggs, then in bread crumbs. Slowly fry them in the bacon fat until golden brown on both sides. Put yer tomatoes on a plate. For each tablespoon of fat left in the pan, stir in 1 T. of flour and blend well; then stir in 1 cup warm milk and cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the tomatoes and serve hot.

08-29-2005, 09:33 AM
Oh boy :dance: oh boy :dance: :dance: oh boy! :dance: A new puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How wonderful KIWI!!!! I will hope for Lady Diva of the Greyleg! Agree with Peachers... the upside down Belgium Waffle looks a bit tooo schlubby. When do you get her/him?? Must buy new collar, doggie bed, and toys..must trek 75 miles to shop!!!!!

PeachPita: hmmm, can aunt take pictures of the car and have a mechanic look at before you go 600 miles to take a gander? There's gotta be a car out there closer to Dogpatch..What about those Autotrader magazines that are in all the grocery stores?

Babzz: Must have mom tell us how she accomplished major stain removal.. and you must be so proud of DD.. how wonderful that she is following her heart and passion.

Sug: I grew lardflaps Just reading those receipes :fr: .. Never read the book, but Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies.
I'm the one who is the non-risk taker in this family.. I'm surprised I don't have an ulcer over worrying about money and debt and no health insurance..Just have to trust in My "Don't Worry, Be Happy" husband. Though if I didn't leave Montefiore Med Center up in DA Bronx, I think I'd be in a padded cell by now. The NY attitude, driving near 4 hour commute, and being given a project that was scoped out half assed, a Director who was a sneaky ***** with no resources really did me in. I will sleep better once we pay off our debt with the house sale proceeds. But it will put a big dent in the Nest Egg... DH made me so happy this morning.. He has the mentality of Donald Trump .. and uses plastic for everything... I come from " if you cant pay cash, dont buy it" use credit cards only in emergencies..." Well DH said this AM, after we pay the credit cards off, let's start cancelling them and shredding... YIPPEEE! He finally sees the light!

We are clued to the weather channel.. This is really horrific.. and You wouldnt find me going into that Superdome . Sounds like a death trap. Yeah let's shove 10,000 people into a bowl, pray the roof doesn't come off, and suck all of us up into a vortex..

I love eggplant but can't make it without it coming out like a big oil sponge. I just grill and sautee them now. Making GWOMPKIES tonight for dinner.. EL YUMOLAH

08-29-2005, 09:39 AM
The puppy is BELGIAN something. if you look online there are many dog breeds beginning with Belgian. Who'd a thought?

It's breezy outside. Rainy? Nice though.

Shots, I know that Astrodome sounds like a horrow movie beginning but look at those old people making their way into the thing on walkers .. they probably came from tailers set on property beneath sea level. What to do? I wouldn't want to be alone through that.

Sugar, how come you can make soul food?

08-29-2005, 09:41 AM
It's a Belgian Sheep Puppy. I looked at old Kiwi Post.

08-29-2005, 02:55 PM
Sugar, how come you can make soul food? Blame it on my chequered past. :D
(Actually, I just copied from the back of the book. Lots of fatty recipes in there.)

08-29-2005, 03:30 PM
Kiwonkers!!!! A brand new puppy!!!!!! :cb: :cb: I wish you one w/ a sweet disposition and easy house training.

DS moved out this weekend. Our house is very quiet and orderly. Like an old person's house. I didn't cry even once when he was packing. His cat is having a tough time adapting. He is one po'ed kitty. You can now resume drinking Starbuck's coffee.

Schatzi, I'm the resident undereducated cow. You can't have my title. :doh:

I've gotta go - sore neck is killing me. Got. Massage. Appointment. Can't. Wait.

Except before I go - Peach, congrats to DS on the license, congrats to you on the job (positive attitude - you'll get it) congrats to Bagzie on the blueberry stain removal, congrats to Painty for getting through another chemo dose, and cograts to Sugar on the checkered past. Hope I didn't miss anybody.

08-29-2005, 03:34 PM
I have tried making Fried Green Tomatoes -- they didn't come out so good. Personally, if I had an aunt who could make them, I'd eat hers. I love that book/movie. I think I have another book of Fannie Flagg's that I haven't read yet.

Thanks for all Yippees on my puppy purchase. Yes, it's a Belgian Sheepdog. However, in Canada, they are called Belgian Shepherd Dogs, and they have 3(or sometimes 4) varieties. What we call a Belgian Sheepdog is called a Groenendael. There's also a pretty red colored (or sometimes gray or tan) with markings variety called a Terveuren, and a short haired red or tan called a Malinois, which is used as a police dog a lot. And there's a curly haired variety too. But me, I like them furry black dogs.

I think the breeder might end up helping you choose a puppy for me. It all depends on who else is interested in puppies and how much choice I end up getting. I will be happy with whichemever I get.

I thought the same thing about all those people in the Superdome, Schatzi. I think I would rather take my chances on escaping the area than crowd into that tin box. They've already had damage to it and are on backup power last I heard.

Hope you're not getting flooding, Peachie. I saw some FWB footage a few minutes ago. The ocean looked, um, spirited. Good luck with the car. I would suggest a little help from the other parent? No? Is it a private sale? Maybe they could meet you part way. Or you could toddle down there on the bus. Heh.

Lordy the weather has changed around here. You'd think the hurricane was hitting nearby -- hot and rainy all of a sudden. Weird. Must just be sympathetic weather.


08-29-2005, 03:42 PM
Oops, I missed you Wab -- Thanks, that's exactly what I'm hoping for. Enjoy the massage!

08-30-2005, 12:47 AM
I spent three days napping, playing solitaire, eating sweet or fat stuff (no fried tomatoes or eggplant).
I will do better tomorrow.
I'm glad you are all well and not kicked in the behiney from Katrina.
Peachy... good luck on job hunt.... I'm impressed you remembered the
Kintergarten Srummelpeter (sp) I saw a Punch and Judy show once...
the old fashioned entertainments aren't that bad, are they. (I was so
far gone today I misted up over a Nicekloden presentation of Wally and
the Beave...Kiwi... congrats on Belgian Sheepy Puppy.
My daughter apparently had a "blue waffle" for breakfast on unday...
Are they related to Belgian waffles or belgian sheep?? Probably not.

Wabbs/Baggz... let me know the brand name of the Blueberry/Dye Conquerer. i'd be willing to invest another $4.99 to save my sweater!!

DS has sold the sports car DH "sold" him for $1 last year at graduation. I have mixed feelings. Mostly worrying about how DH will feel when he finds out. A gift is a gift after all, and we were too old, too big to gracefully get in and out of a 3rd car that we only drove about 15 days a year. DS has apparently parlayed it into a 4WD jeep that will actually NOT slip and slide around in Indiana, and WILL hold his drum set when he goes to plays gigs.

He also seems a bit happier than in the past 3 months because he's back teaching... ! Amazing, since that's what he's in school for. He didn't like TAKING the teaching classes, but he likes teaching physics. He's mostly living with the GF... which is fine... but I wish I'd liked her better... or gotten to know her better. Maybe it's just the mother being jealous of the woman in her son's life thing. Jeez. You'd think I'd be more mature than that.

Well... off to see what the Monday night football deal did.
And see if I can get real sleep during the night... rather than having days and nights mixed up.

Shotz... I love that custom of "cute" things to start of the school year.... better than a cranky trip to Target hunting down school supplies. No wonder kids are creeped out about school now.

08-30-2005, 08:24 AM
I learned that I simply can't be trusted with pistachios... Nope, Nope,Nope... Portion Distortion... I just can't stop at after a few days of this I sprayed the whole dangnabbit bag FULL of RAID..
Soooo...after being thoroughly disgusted with my nut abuse episode.. and wondering what poundage I will gain as a result...I went into the bath room.. pulled up my shirt, pulled my pants down to the bikini line (which is under a big blobbette of fat)... so I'm turning to the side.. Looking..hmmm No side lard flaps (good good I say to myself),,, shelving unit hips are lessening..(check check..good) I lift up these FlabFlaps (I believe use to be breasts),,, and note that I need a bra with hydraulic lifters built into the straps...and SUDDENLY THE DOOR FLIES OPEN HOLY SCHNIKIES :yikes: it's the neighbors kid... oh yes, full frontal assault..with pants down and hands under the flabflaps!!! Like a deer caught in headlights the both of us... I can only guess what she told her mom and dad, and what nightmares she will have... hohum...just another day in my world.

Painty... well good for DS to trade in for a more practical vehicle that fits his lifestyle..hopefully DH won't take it personally Maybe the GF is just shy or reserved..I guess as long as DS is happy and making his own way in the world...
KiWi: I think I am becoming multi lingual.. Strudleroofs, Goendeneedles, Terversens, and Malighns... AACK! well I like those big fluffy black dogs what ever they are...!

Wabby: Now is the time to turn DS room into Wabby's private retreat...He must be sooo excited to own his own place..bought on ebay no less!

08-30-2005, 01:10 PM
DS has sold the sports car DH "sold" him for $1 last year at graduation. I have mixed feelings. Mostly worrying about how DH will feel when he finds out. I hope he'll let it go -- I know that feeling very well, having sold my beloved Mustang to my stepfather mainly so that I wouldn't have bring a big money pit up to Maine with me when I moved up here. I hated letting it go, and hated even worse what happened to it later (my parents gave it to my sister and her evil 1st dh, who trashed it and left sis with the bill). I just had to keep telling myself it wasn't mine, I'd done what I had to do. So I didn't actual harbor any hard feelings about it BUT my parents had a similar situation with my grandmother's car, where she gave them her (not even that great) car because she couldn't drive anymore and then she not only wanted to see it or ride in it every time she came to visit, she kept telling them they'd better not sell it because she might want it back sometime. :rolleyes: About drove them crazy!

Schatzi, that is the stuff of nightmares!!! :yikes: Guaranteed that little girl will never come over to your house again. :lol: Not impressed that a neighbor, even a kid, would walk into someone's house without knocking/being invited in, though. Maybe it'll teach her a life lesson.

Did you really spray Raid on your nuts? :s: Sounds like a David Letterman joke.


08-30-2005, 01:31 PM
Kiwi: DAHLINK... this is a 2nd chapter to the story...(I post routinely on another forum soooo I save my fingers the work)
The mom came over... Kendra (the adorable little girl) came over to ask to borrow some Vanilla..(now mind you, the day before, her mom came over for a stalk of that was my first meeting with her) Deanne (the mom) was bringing back the vanilla with a batch of homemade chocochip cookies.. I told her basically what I wrote in my first post... Well she said...Kendra told momma, that the new neighbor was in the bathroom and had her hands on her boobies.. Deanne scolded her for breaking into the bathroom and thought I was probably giving myself a breast exam..(no, Deanne, I was giving myself a FAT exam) Kendra told mommy that charlene's boobies are Waybigger then hers.. I can only imagine what else she told mommy...but at least we had a good laugh over the whole episode..however, I will have to wait to see if I scarred the child ..and am giving her nightmares about a short weeble-ish fat woman..holding out her breasts as laser weapons...chasing the poor child as her fat flies about.

Lovely Kendra was invited in the house by DH..who called out to me..and I said.."be right there".. I guess Kendra followed the voice and .... well u know the results of that ! Who knows if she knew it was a bathroom...but, seeing how her momma (Deanne) came into our house the night before... followed me to the kitchen... and as I got the celery out of the fridge.. she proceeded to rip a stalk off..I can see how Kendra can make her self right at home...! It takes A LOT for me to get offended, put off, p*ssed, and what not... so I just took it all in... ... afterall this was the neighbor whose husband sent over a handtruck and offered up Gumbo upon our arrival...AND WHO BROUGHT ME THE MOST ABCDE licious male chocochip cookies I have EVER had...sheesh, can't be that bad eh?

PS: Roger that Rabbit: True, sprayed with RAID.. Got a tip to spray offending food with 409... and then trash it... Lets face it... or perhaps I'm disgustingly weird,..if I just gently throw the offending food out.. and it's sitting on top of the garbage..I would not trust that good hygiene, or manners would prevail.. and I would not extend that "5 second" rule to the garbage as well. sick I know

08-30-2005, 01:39 PM
Schatzi!!!! :lol3: You had me spitting coffee all over my keyboard!!!! What the heck was the neighbor kid doing traipsing around your house? Taught her a lesson, didn't it???!!!! :lol: And word on the pistachios, or any nutz as far as I'm concerned. I just can't have just a handful. Right up there with bbq potato chips.

Miss Painty Pants, if you deserve a little comfort food ever, I'd say now is the time. If I was in TX I'd bring you over a big dish of homemade mac and cheese. or chicken and dumplings. or biscuits and gravy. or lasagna. or.... I'll stop now, I'm getting hungry. :) Hope DH feels ok about his sports car being traded off. My brother gave his daughter and DH 5 acres of land so that they could build their dream home and his grandchildren would be close by. They sold it within 6 months. It broke his heart, but he decided his relationship was worth more than the land, so he got over it. What this has to do with sports cars, I'm not really sure, but I'm sure I had a point there..... Sorry the DS's gf and you haven't hit it off. I doubt that it's the mother's jealousy thing - if you and she had clicked you wouldn't feel that way. Do you think DS is planning on making her into his wife, if not, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Peachez, let us know if you're high and dry.

Ooops! Hi Schatzi! We seem to have posted at the same time. Still seems a little forward to me for a kid to wander around the neighbor's house opening doors, but apparently mom is just as invasive. Is it a southern thing to be borrowing groceries all the time? I don't think I've ever borrowed a thing from my neighbor in 15 years. Of course, I've never taken them cookies in 15 years either. Maybe borrowing is a good thing.

08-30-2005, 01:39 PM
raid ..using lft hnd ...cryptic ... y'all cute .. when do we get our puppy

08-30-2005, 01:45 PM
it's official ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ds is a national merit semi-finalist

08-30-2005, 02:28 PM
Peachers...U SPEAKUM IN SHORT HAND ..what the hoodledoo has this child merited... Y U Type L hnded?
Obi Wabby Kanobie: I'm sure She is "traumalized" fer life... and yeah TEACH her a lesson bout wandering about... From what I saw in the mirror... she is forever scarred.

08-30-2005, 03:10 PM
PEACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!HURRAH FOR DS!!!! IF HE IS A FINALIST MY BETS ARE ON HIM TO WIN!!! YEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAA--- so now when he makes the bigtimes you can live off of him============i think we planned this scenario a while back--------------oh yes---the stain remover mother swears by is called ZOUT--------ever hear of it??

08-30-2005, 03:38 PM
Yay for the Peach manchild!

Yup. I use Zout. Good stuff. Takes out stains after they have been laundered even.

08-30-2005, 07:37 PM
Congrats to the Peachboy!! Good for him, I knew he could do it! DD missed it by a few points, it seems. DH has his nose a little out of joint, but he'll get over it (he was a NM winner back in the day).

Hilarious about the neighbor kid, Schatzi. At least the mom is pretty down to earth about it. What are male chocolate chip cookies? Are you sure you should be eating them? Maybe the female ones would be better.... :lol:

Oh re: National Merit -- That's the scholarship contest you get entered into if you do well on the PSAT in 11th grade. Peachboy and my DD are in the same year and both did really well on it.

Well, I have taken the recycling to the dump, gone to the hardware store, taken back videos, and done grocery shopping. And now that I have wasted an appropriate amount of time on the computer, I guess I'll have to go make dinner. Tata ladies.

Hope you're not too water-logged, Peachie.


08-30-2005, 07:37 PM
i dont know zout but want some now.

bazzie there is no winner to this. all finalists are winners. this means ..bragggggg ... that according to that psat test he's in the top 16000 seniors in the nation. sort of means that. if u dont count nj, it means it more. they all score good there

right hand hurts is why typing like this

08-30-2005, 07:40 PM
kiwi preposted me simultaneously

08-30-2005, 08:36 PM
Thx Kiwienie for the summary of the NM ! Wow .. Kiwi and peachers have good genes in the pool! (wabby I hope you were as lost as I was..if not..I claim the most unedumacated cow position)

08-30-2005, 08:45 PM
OY ..Ok Kiwi.. Think about this my devine Bovine...lallla ,,hm ,,hmm..give up do ya,,

A MALE cookie has NUTS... :lol3:
Sigh, my work is never done! ..........................

08-31-2005, 12:44 AM
Ya got me. :bravo:

08-31-2005, 02:47 AM
I think Katrina has kaboshed all the IP's... like I should complain... but hey, I'm impatient... because, finally, I am feeling better.

I would never spray my nuts with Raid. :lol:
Congrats to Peach boy on NMSF status. I hope it brings in real scholarship $$$.
I'll look for Zout tomorrow...

Shatzi.. what WAS the neighborhood kid doing barging in the bathroom?

I appreciate the hand holding and support while DH gets used to the idea that his gift was really a gift and treated as such by DS. I haven't heard much from DH... but considering that IN is in post Katrina rain area... it probably isn't happening any too soon.

Has it turned cool anyplace yet? It is still 86 here. Yuch.
Gonna go see if I can sleep without peculiar dreams like last night.

08-31-2005, 10:20 AM
Hey Painty---boys are notoriously uncommunicative {according to the mothers of my dd's boyfriends} BOTH moms have asked me what is going on in general with this or that cause the BOYS don't share----the mother of ds 19's bf loves talking to my daughter {a very chatty one!} just to hear all the latest tidbits. The only problem is ---snagging a friendly daughter in law-----------that could be the answer!----gLAD to hear that you are feeling better----looking forward to the cooler fall temps for you-----THE NEWS REPORTS FROM THE GULF COAST ARE DEVASTATING-------i am sooooooooooo sad for all those poor souls trapped in that mess---it is shocking to watch all the bold looters with their assorted junk they are stealing----makes you wonder where they are going with it------every place seems under water---------HOW DID THE STORM AFFECT YOU PEACHIE????????

08-31-2005, 11:23 AM
The news just keeps getting worse. The gulf coast of the US has been turned into a 3rd world country and in the meantime hundreds just died in a panic on a bridge in Iraq. Something tells me Mr. G Dubya is messing his pants about now. :devil:

I find it so revolting to see photos of people sorting out their stolen goods. The idea that thousands of people are homeless and at risk from the aftermath of the hurricane, and these bottom-feeders are making it their business to steal everything they can--makes me sick. I was just looking at a NYTimes slide show that showed some people outside a sporting goods store: 2 young women were examining piles of shoe boxes, apparently for the right sizes, while some guys were making off with armloads of clothing on hangers. I hope the store owners nail their a**es from the photos. Stupid a**holes. The police say there's not a whole lot they can do, even if they have the time to arrest these jerks, because the jails are under water. I say SO WHAT, a jail's a jail.

So, such a happy first day of school in this screwed up household. I go into the kitchen at 6:45 am and there's a puddle on the floor. Nope, it's not the new puppy, she's not coming for 2-3 more weeks. :lol: Ceiling's opened up again. It's been raining continuously for hours. So I'm trying to mop that up, make DD's lunch and hop up and down waiting for the bathroom. I need a thermos for her hot couscous (don't ask) and I can't find it. I know someone used it this summer, but it's nowhere to be found. I start rummaging through shelves that haven't been disturbed for weeks or months: aaaaaaaaaaaarrggggggghh they are strewn with mouse poop! Time for Mother to have a meltdown. DH felt the need (remember, he is 100% unemployed at the moment) to get up at the exact same moment I did, so I've had to shoo him out of the kitchen once already. Then he wants to know if I am going to take DD's traditional first day of school photograph. Ahem. "No, dear, YOU DO IT!" I never did find the thermos and I refuse to look at the mousepoop until I've had at least one more cup of coffee. DH informed me that we'd caught a mouse in a mousetrap last night, as if this is supposed to somehow cheer me up. I guess if I were naive enough to believe that was the only mouse living here, that would make my day, but really, I know better.

Well, DD got to take the car to school today, and well deserved after the chaos about her lunch and the lengthy posing for pictures for her dad. And he has gone off somewhere for the day to do some more geneology research, although it took almost 2 hours to get him out of the house. All I want to do is take a nap...

Do you think it would help if I spiked my coffee before I looked at the poopy shelves?


08-31-2005, 12:25 PM
;) ;) i say an Irish Coffee is just the thing for a mice hudda hunt!---regarding the looters kiwonks---won't it be nice if they ever find the time to track this arses and get them after they think they are all safe and sound------------they can spend a few months in the slammer in their new duds!!!imagine the gall----the camera crews from nbc were in the stores filming them and it seemed that uniformed lady cops were helping themselves as well---they implied that the cops were looters as well,but i can't imagine---hubby says the cops from the Big Easy have been known to go a little 'easy' on the rules sometimes-hhhs.----IT'S RAINING CATS AND DOGS HERE IN THE MARITIMES!!!!

08-31-2005, 01:15 PM
I prefer to watch the good ppl rescue others than dwell on the looters. Much heroics happening. I could possibly understand helping oneself to food or bottled water, with the intention of coming back later to pay the store owner, but what the heck do these ppl think they're going to do with the loot anyway???? Ooops. I was dwelling again. :?:

Kiwi, your morning sounds like a typical first day of school at my house back in the olden times. Can't say I really miss it. I went shopping & out to dinner w/ DD yesterday after work. I told DH I was going, but when I got home at 8 pm he was feeling sorry for himself because "the house is soooo quiet now". I think he may be having a harder time w/ the empty nest than I am.

I had my massage, but my back and neck are still killing me, except now the muscles feel bruised where she massaged too darn hard. Whaaaaah.

Schatzi-----male cookies!!!!heee-heee, snort, guffaw :D

No rain here, not too hot. A perfect sunny 79 degrees predicted for today. Sorry it's too hot for Schatzi and too rainy for Bagzie and Kiwi--- Peachers you never did say if you got any hurricane side effects. --- and I knew about National Merit Society - just cause I'm not edgemacated dudn't mean I don't know a thing or two about a thing or two. :doh:

You can all relax now - Dubya has ended his Texas vacation and is back on the job.

08-31-2005, 03:06 PM
HaHaHa Relax! You're a card!

I may turn into Lushie: Here's what I've done this morning (after kicking everybody out of the house and ranting online):

Watched King of the Hill
Washed some dishes and then tackled the pooped-upon pots in the stove drawer. I swear these mice have some nerve.
Cleaned the stove drawer.
Ate lunch and watched The Closer.
Did a nice big pile of decluttering in the kitchen. Found a postcard from Peaches :o -- it was hilarious, dahling; it's on my fridge!
Took another break....

I work so that I can take breaks. Also I take breaks to avoid work. My life is so productive.

I wonder if I will ever be able to go out to dinner with my DD after she has moved out of the house? I mean, without flying to another city first... Poor DH, Wabby, I'm sure he is suddenly realizing that the empty house makes him sad. Men are so funny when they "discover" a new emotion. My DH went out and got a book about coping with your child going away to college, after we went on our college tour last spring. Like he had to learn all about this new idea. DD and I just look at each other and roll our eyes.


08-31-2005, 04:10 PM
It's all too depressing. I was weeping all through the news. :( :( :( The human interest stories on CNN just kill me. The people who are looting just for lootings sake make me sick. The others who are taking things like diapers for their babies and sanitary pads for themselves? I don't know. They should be distributing the stuff evenly to everyone.

AND...I think a sweet kitty who had been visiting us for the past few days is dead. When I was walking down the street yesterday with the kids, we saw a small cat lying dead on the side of the road. Run over by a car during the night, we think. I couldn't even bear to walk over and see if it was "our" cat but I keep getting a bad, bad feeling that it was. When we came back from shopping, the cat was gone - I guess someone moved it or called whoever it is that deals with these things. No idea who she belonged to and I feel so bad.

AND...I have wicked PMS and the lard flaps are even flappier from water retention. It's just disgusting. Every time I rearrange my t-shirt I sense tthem lurking there making me look like a gigantic lump.

Tomorrow will be better, right? :?:

08-31-2005, 06:07 PM
Yes. Tomorrow will be better. Sorry about the kitty. Sorrier still about all the ppl down south. Gov. of Louisiana has asked everyone to join them for a day of prayer. Sounds like the only solution so far.

I'm on a going out to eat binge - my mom took me out to lunch.

08-31-2005, 06:39 PM
Sorry to hear about the kitty, Sug. :(

I talked to my mom last night and she was very bummed out because she had to have her cat put down. It was very sick with cancer. Poor little furries, very sad.

Here's the worst thing about this incessant rain and the muggy humid stickiness that results: them lard flaps getting stuck together.

I had a good PMS boohoo yesterday and nice PMS snit this morning, so I'm good to go.


08-31-2005, 06:49 PM
So sorry about the kitty, Sug. It is the close-by details that really get us, isn't it?

I don't understand what makes it OK to steal... and how "looting" is any different. I understand that many people spent all their cash buying groceries and staples BEFORE the storm and then it all got washed or blown away. What a horrible situation... you think you planned ahead, and you get hit hard anyway.

Speaking of dwelling, I wish that this would make us as a country pay better attention to the poverty stricken lives of people in our own country. How about economic aid for our own people... rather than sending it over seas. We don't have to be politically near-sighted and miss our own opportunities.

Is it really racism that has kept "the south" so poor and underdeveloped all these years? And I can't imagine that living in the AstroDome is going to be that much better.

I am relieved that I am not the squad leader of Fema or Salvation Army. I am embarassed to admit that. I feel helpless to connect what I could do with anything that would make any difference to any of the sufferers. Oh, I can offer encouragement and words, but they just seem sooo... paltry. I don't have levees in my back pockets (lard flap lumps to the contrary), or purified water, or refined gas (quiet in the peanut gallery...).
And I'm irritated that bureaucrats (who have access to tanks, water, food rations) say we should pray. Praying doesn't get things done (in my book.) Doing things gets things done.

08-31-2005, 07:59 PM
I know, Painty, but praying won't hurt. I agree that there needs to be action, but the needs are so great it's hard to know where to start. How in the h*ll do you just evacuate an entire city like New Orleans? Where do they expect ppl to go, to eat, to drink???? and for how long?

09-01-2005, 05:35 AM
DS has a car now. Somebody hold my hand.

Since we only get ONE TV channel, I don't know as much about New Orleans as you all but I know enough. It's beyond comprehension. Naturally, I think praying helps a great deal and people from my church are headed to Hattiesburg MS with food besides. They stock up at Sam's.

There is something on my porch. It's 3:29 and the cat is staring at the door. Last night, ants were in the cat food (anybody else have this problem?) so I set it on the porch. I guess it's been located.

It's always sad when innocent furry things die. I've been realizing what great company my bad cat is. Worth every penny. Right now, his ears are pointed straight at the door and it's so entertaining. I can pick up him, turn him upside down and hold him with one hand .. then put him down .. within 5-10 minutes, he'll sneak up and bite me. He's really funny.

09-01-2005, 10:43 AM
Immediately upon bringing the car home, DS retrieved fuzzy dice from his room and hung them over the rear view mirror.

This morning, his first morning driving the 20 miles to school, he PROMISED he'd call when he got there. Nope. I ended up calling the school to make sure he made it. He just forgot. Kids have no idea what they put their parents through, do they? Or ... do they?

09-01-2005, 12:23 PM
Kid needs a kick in the pants -- you get him a car and he still doesn't call you when he's supposed to? Not that mine's any better. But she has somehow internalized the idea that when she has the car, she has to let me know where she is and when she's going to be home, so it's better than it used to be when I recall frequently saying "you can go there after school but only if you call me when you get there" -- in one ear and out the other. Make him do something heinous every time he forgets to call you :s:
rant alert rant alert rant alert
I'm so p-o'ed: I've been cleaning most of the morning again; at least 2 1/2 hours, and guess what I've accomplished? I got the clean dishes and the groceries put away. Not kidding, that's it. Because what ought to be about 10 minutes of chores turns into 2 days of cleaning just to remove enough :censored: mouse poop to put away pots and groceries. Stupid freaking vermin. We've caught 3 in the past 2 days. Dead Dead Dead and well deserved. I had to re-season all my cast iron fry pans because I had to wash them with detergent. And I had to clean out the pantry for the 500th time, including wiping every freakin thing in there. So sick of this. If I get one peep of complaint from DH about not getting enough done, I swear I'm going to set off a mousetrap in his pants. :mad:

Ah, I feel better now. Thank you.

Oh yeah, and fuzzy dice are a nice touch. I can't tell you how long I looked for fuzzy dice when I got a new car back in the 80s -- couldn't find a good pair. Now don't let him think he's suddenly not a kid anymore just because he has a car. As Bill Cosby used to say "I brought you into this world and I can take you out" :lol:

Oh, and I agree with you Painty, bureaucrats who call for prayer when they could be actually helping really pi** me off too. I'm all in favor of preachers calling for prayer, but to hear politicians do it is just hypocracy as I see it. "Oh I'm so holy that the first thing I think of in a catastrophe is my sanctimonious religious posturing." A real president would get his hands dirty.

Sorry, apparently I had a little more rant to get out.... :D


09-01-2005, 01:24 PM
Just pointing out that DS paid for the car himself.

I heard something yesterday about the mayor of New Orleans not knowing where his family was. What was that? Bad cellular service or something more serious. We have people here from New Orleans now. I just gave one directions to Ft Walton Beach where he's applying for a job at 3 p.m. Wish I were applying for a job .. but not THAT job. Kiwi might like it though .. exterminator.

09-01-2005, 02:25 PM
Kiwi-- thanks for the rants.
You got it exactly about the difference between politicians who WORK and politicians who pray.

I keep wondering about the local "authorities"... and whether they are any better off than the poor souls who are showing up on TV... whether moaning, looting, or looking hapless, helpless and hopeless. I don't believe I would have the tenacity to get through it... I would probably just want to escape even if my escape plan didn't include surviving.

Sometimes I wonder if these events are Mother Nature's way of smacking us around and telling us to stop being so smug. So we have computers and cell phones and botox and whatever... Wind and water took it all out... and years of mis-understanding levees and erosion and (the advantages) of flooding all crash in at once.

Cow-- I once did a dramatic reenactment for my daughter about what I would go through if something had happened to her and I was left in the dark. Apparently it worked because she was always good after that about calling. I don't think she knew before that the impact she could have on me... i.e., how much she meant to me, and the "power" she had. It was dicey to let her KNOW that, of course... but it was worth it.

And DS learned to keep me posted, too. Bless his heart, when I'd let him know how much I was impacted, he'd try valiantly to maintain his integrity and independence without causing me fits!!

Pride alert:
This is yesterdays post from DD's blog... She posted a poll asking what story her (7) readers wanted her to write.
Rules of the Dinner Table
You voted, and so here it is: Rules of the Dinner Table. It's long. Go get a snack first.
The rules of the dinner table are different from mom’s house to dad’s house, of course. I wrote an entire grad school paper about different cultural communication styles based on my mom and dad’s homes, comparing the ability to move between the two as being fluent in two languages. Dinner for both parents was/is important, in that we are a close family, and do like sitting down to eat and talk together. That said, there are rules, which you would need to know about if you were to come visit (regardless of if your visit would be next week or was while I was in high school).

Here are the Top Ten:

Chew with your mouth closed. Do this at all meals. Even if you’re not at my house. Why don’t more people have manners? This could be a deal breaker for me in a new friend.
Children must drink milk with dinner. When you are the oldest and come home from college for the summer and are able to drink soda with dinner because you are An Adult, make sure to drink as much as possible, so that you can ask “Oh, I am going to get another Diet Coke – anyone want one? Dad?” And then say, “J? More milk?”
No reading at the table (unless you’re at Mom’s house or Stepmom is out of town and Dad’s new issue of Analog came in the mail that day).
Do not interrupt when someone else is speaking (if you make faces at your brothers, it is not considered interrupting, but be judicious in using this form of communication as a) your face might stick that way, b) Dad will only tolerate so many cross-eyed, stuck out tongue faces before there is t-r-o-u-b-l-e, or c) Mom will make a face back that is grosser and scarier than anything either one of you were able to pull off).
We do not answer the phone during dinner. Yes, we let it ring. Yes, it was possible (if you listened very closely) to hear the answering machine from Dad and Stepmom’s room to determine if it was A Boy calling. At mom’s house, if you stand up and begin to hop around doing a dance similar to the ‘pee dance’ yelling, “What if it is My One True Love?!”, Mom would let you answer the phone. Or answer it herself, which could send you into a fit, waiting to see if she was going to Embarrass You.
You must help with dinner. This can be cooking (which means that you don’t have to wash the dishes) or cleaning up. Cleaning up handily came in three pieces at Dad’s house: setting/clearing the table and wiping down counters, washing the dishes and scrubbing pots. Funny, there were three kids at Dad’s house…coincidence? I think not. Having clear jobs taught me more about accountability than any job. And free market economy. See below.
You can trade your part of dinner clean up. This can involve trading washing the dishes for clearing the table so that you can make the beginning of 90210 or it can involve buying your brothers candy so that they do your chores for a week. Or driving them somewhere. This works until they are about 15ish and you are 18ish, because then they have friends with cars and have learned to save up to buy their own Skittles.
Scrubbing pots blows, which is why the youngest one got to do it. Heehee.
The argument “that’s how we’ve always done it” will get the littlest brother to still scrub the pots even when he’s 23. BUT, by then he is a great baker and makes killer grilled cheese and may not make them for you if you make him clean the pots. Just a word to the wise…
If Mom lets you sing, do it. It may provide years of entertainment. For example, J and I have a lovely duet of “I Eat Wood” and “I Feel Good” that we can pull out at a moment’s notice. (The “I Eat Wood” version uses the words from Robin Williams’ version in Mrs. Doubtfire.) Still makes Mom laugh, even if we do it at Christmas dinner. We also once made a mess with salad dressing, squeezing the plastic bottle over and over, since it made a heartbeat noise. that was to accompany us in singing that old car jingle “The Heartbeat of AMERICA…Chevrolet!”

Basically, what these ‘rules’ say to me is: Dinner is important. Family is important. Eating dinner together is a way to make sure that your family knows that they are important. One of my rules, once I become a parent, will be that we must eat dinner together during the week. This may mean we eat late (dinner at Dad’s was around 8:30ish, we just said that we were oh-so-European) or that sometimes you don’t get to sit in your room and read, that sometimes dinner will only take 20 minutes…you get the picture. But some of my all time favorite memories relate to mealtime, and not just with my family:

Dinner in Venice with friends my study abroad program. We were so hungry, and didn’t know that restaurants in Italy a) had one seating and b) opened at 9 PM. We ended up staying until they closed, drinking wine and laughing. I just remember laughing, so much, and feeling like Wow. I got myself to Italy, I have good friends and am drinking wine. This is perfect. I love that feeling, of knowing something is perfect whilst it is happening.
Dinner last May with all four of my parents. Just the five of us. I had graduated, they seemed proud, they were nice to each other, and finally, four of the people I admire most were at the same table.
Brunches in my dorm in college. My college had brunches every Sunday, and they were the best. The food wasn’t fab, but we all made it to brunch, in varying stages of being hung over, stressed out, sick, cold, tired, whatever, to talk to one another and eat too much bacon. Talk about knowing your friends love you – they don’t care if ALL you eat is bacon and are in your PJ’s and hungover and had danced like a spaz for 4 hours the night before. Actually, when they applauded when you just made it to brunch, that was good, too.
Breakfasts with my mom while traveling. She and my stepdad are hot breakfast people. I love it. Nothing speaks “VACATION” more than pancakes on a Tuesday, or Stepdad’s rockin’ breakfast burritos at 11 AM.
Lobster dinners in Maine with my Dad and Stepmom. Occasionally, yes, we race the lobsters. Winner goes in the pot first, so that he does not have to watch his friends die. Morbid, I know. But I love lobster, and love the view from the house in Maine that we go to. I love that I’ve seen my stepmom drunk twice, and once was when she started talking to a lobster claw.
Fast food with my brother. I like it when we’re in the same city at the same time and he asks me to go to lunch. He’s a cool guy and I like that we’re friends. I wish we were better friends most of the time, though.

09-01-2005, 07:06 PM
That is so excellent, Painty! She's very entertaining, and I know she must make you just beam!

Hmm, being an exterminator-:chin:--That would save me a lot of money. Please pardon my rantings this morning, Peachie. You know you're in a bad mood when you can get mad at someone else's kid!

How strange is it going to be to, well, have refugees in this country? I mean technically that's what's really going on. It's kind of like whenever it was, in the 80s I think, when so many people lost their jobs and there were thousands of people living in their cars all over the country. I saw a good interview this morning about what's really helpful and what's not. You know, people wanting to know if they should open up their house to people who've evacuated and so on. They said that it would not be in their best interest for evacuees to go too far from home for 2 reasons: they may not be able to apply for the benefits they will be needing, and also there is the possibility of widespread distribution of disease. :eek: It's such a nightmare.

Gotta make tacos. Later gators.

09-01-2005, 07:49 PM
Please send tacos.

09-01-2005, 08:53 PM
Now I feel so much better, Kiuuee. They are already planning handle an influx of these kids in the schools. Diseases. May I blame you?

DD sounds like a lot of fun. I'd like pancakes, too. Then tacos.

Now that DS is "primary driver" of his own car, his insurance is way higher. Uh oh.

09-01-2005, 10:37 PM
This is perfect. I love that feeling, of knowing something is perfect whilst it is happeningWOW!!! painty----that was great---and that is my favourite quote from the piece-----you are so lucky to have a daughter who loves you all and totally appreciates all that goes into the blended family lifestyle! beautiful!!-----------KIWONKERS!!!! i just read a piece in country home magazine about mice and it is totally reminding me of your 'sich'{the kids used this all summer----"what's the sich -situation-} and they called everything and everyone "sketchy"---ring any bells????]AnywaY---total sympathy to you for all your bratty mice troubles---since we have three cats i haven't noticed any mice hudda this season........................----SERIOUS SYMPATHY TO PEACHERS WITH A NEWLY DRIVING KID------- i still shudder when they drive off----good for you for dealing with it----i have called manys the time to see if 'THEY ARRIVED' or not!!! i have called the ymca, to see if dd got there for a 6 am workout---i have called restaurants at 2;30 am to make sure dd's were still there---- I HEAR YA LOUD AND CLEAR!!!--- does he really have to drive TWENTY miles to school???how long does this take and is it on an interstate????? :?: :?: :?:

09-02-2005, 01:20 AM
Oh yes. Sketchy was the word of the summer here too. Didn't hear "sich", but maybe I'll start using it. :lol:

I just read the latest news out of Naawlins, and I feel like an elephant sat on my shoulders. I realize that sounds like a non sequitur, but :shrug: It's just so depressing and horrifying. It makes the city sound like one of those apocalyptic-future horror movies. I think my nephew may end up being deployed in N.O. instead of Iraq.

Speaking of apocalyptic-future horror movies, did you see that London is planning on implementing some scanning device in their transit system that sees through clothing? As in Total Recall I guess? :yikes:

Kiwi, horrorfied

09-02-2005, 01:21 AM
Tacos were good. I saved you one.

09-02-2005, 08:36 AM
Thank you, Bagz, for backing me up. I am planning to do a reenactment like Painty if this happens again. It will include frantically searching the radio for a station that's talking, trying desperately to see if it's LOCAL station, and listening for accident reports. The road he takes is a two-lane county road. it's a good road but sometimes people just wanna drive fast and that's my problem.

I have not seen much about NO but just heard that there were "running gun battles." Yikesssss. Don't have those people come here. NoNONOOONO.

09-02-2005, 01:48 PM
Painty, what a lovely bloggette from DD... So good to see a healthy blended family....

Kiwi.. GRRRRRR hate them meeses! Bats in your belfry was bad enough!

peachy: I hope DS will be a good driver on those dogpatch roads...don't know what is worse.. dogpatchy roads or urban/suburbian highway systems.. Perils on both..Fuzzy Dice... Heh, DH had a rubbery gorilla that he hung on the rear view in this 68 multi colored Impala that went into spasms when DH (DBF at the time) hit a bump or we "ba haad" down the beach...ah thems was the days...

Major puter glitches the passed 2 days..luckily DH is ubergeek and fixed them. Been clued to the TV watching the clusterF*ck recovery efforts in the Gulf..
Money and water sent ..trying to do what little part we can to help.

09-02-2005, 03:57 PM
I have der ubergeek dh as well, schatzi. Well, he's not quite 100% computer nerd, but he's been putting together puters for decades, and I usually make him fix things when they go haywire. I am good at problems on how you use software, i.e. I'm good at telling people what to do. But when the word motherboard comes up, I go take a nap.

I should go back to my house-swamping. I haven't made much progress even though I have been at it every day just like a good little Susy H. I have found some very cute stuff, some of it 10+ years old. The funniest thing I found is scanned below (I'm going to have to add it later--puter's being difficult) -- apparently dd's first "musical" composition. It took me quite a while to figure out what it was. Then I realized it was notes about banging on pots and pans and glasses. :lol:


09-02-2005, 04:47 PM
there is nada scanned below.

This morning I kept hearing trucks blowing their horns. It mighta been cars but sounded trucky. There were 4 then 6 then 10 or 12 and I had to go out and see what was up before I allowed DS out on the road again. Next door was this child I've never seen before. She's blonde, plump, probably about 8 and everytime a vehicle passed, she waved her arms wildly and jumped around. The trucks were all saying hello back to her. And waking me up.

Still lots of "refugees" here. They're enrolling their kids in school, looking for work, all that. You just to get glad they out of there safe & sound and you got to hope they're nice people if they're staying here.

I saw the most beautiful family yesterday. Muffie will tell me I'm racist again ... is she lurking. Anyway, this Mexican-looking man was at the computer with his preschool son, watching the son play child-computer-games. Very cute. Then there was a little gradeschool girl (his dd) asking the librarian for help finding a certain author in the Young Adult section and another gradeschool girl in the children's section immersed in a book and completely ignoring conversations going on around her. They were beautiful children. Yay for him.

I have been to 2 interviews today. Nothing happened. Neither job would be perfect but I'd take either. For a while. One asked me 100 different ways (verbally and written) if I think stealing from an employer is ok. Have I ever seen anyone steal from an employer? What would I do if I did? Do I think using marijuana on weekends is ok? Is it ok not to come to work if you have a good excuse? Do employers have insurance becuase they expect employees to steal?

DS just called to say the bus service to his school has been stopped becuase of fuel shortages. Got that car just in time. Sort of miraculous as I considered and was urged by several to get him to change his schedule so he could take the bus and not need a car.


I am making my own tacos soon as Kiwi's are stale. Why are Kiwis ALWAYS 3 for 99c. ALWAYS EVERY SEASON THEY ARE HERE. Why?????

09-02-2005, 06:02 PM
there is nada scanned below.Now there is.
They're enrolling their kids in school, looking for work, all that. You just to get glad they out of there safe & sound and you got to hope they're nice people if they're staying here.I'm sure most of them are terrific people. Too bad a few stinkers make everybody so cautious about the rest of them.
They were beautiful children. Yay for him.They sound lovely. I agree with you.
One asked me 100 different ways (verbally and written) if I think stealing from an employer is ok. Have I ever seen anyone steal from an employer? What would I do if I did? Do I think using marijuana on weekends is ok? Is it ok not to come to work if you have a good excuse? Do employers have insurance becuase they expect employees to steal? That is so offensive. For most of them, the obvious answer is "why are you asking me?"
Why are Kiwis ALWAYS 3 for 99c. ALWAYS EVERY SEASON THEY ARE HERE. Why?????Because that's my price, that's why. And I am always in season. :chin: Hmm that doesn't sound quite right...


09-02-2005, 06:17 PM
Absolutely Precious Kiwi! Who knew she was a budding mozartress... Maybe you can have DD record that piece and post it on her blog as her first composition.

We got all the pictures and crap hung on the walls here... starting to look like a home..Now I gotta get my Suzy H Hiney in gear and clean each room. Can't find a piece to the Space Saver electro-can opener...GRRRR that's gonna be a needle in a haystack.

Apparently NC gets gas from the New Orleans pipe lines...Gouging and jumpin the gun hysteria is setting in... Lines are forming at the local "kangaroo" gas stations..

What the hoodledoo kinda interviews were these Cowie! Sheesh...are you going for security gaurd work or what... They don't only sound highly offensive but border on illegal..

09-02-2005, 08:12 PM
I've had a headache for 3 days now. :headache: It's not bad enough to stay home from work, but it's bad enough for ppl to ask me if I'm not feeling well every 2 minutes.

However I'm not letting it stop me from my sworn duty to come here and post all the scintillating details of my life. Ha. I don't have a thing planned for the long weekend. Except maybe buying a new couch for the living room. When DD moved out, DH gave her my couch and loveseat. DS moved his out of storage and into my livingroom. Now that he's moved out, (along with his couch) I have nothing to sit on to drink my coffee in the morning. I don't like to sit in the family room to drink coffee. It starts my day all wrong. The sun comes up on the living room side of the house.

Painty, I like your daughter. She's got a good grasp of the Important Things in life. My son's gf (don't get me started - they keep telling me they're getting married soon) was sitting at their new table at their new house and she said "do you think we'll really sit at the table and have dinner together?" and DS said "yes. In our family we always had dinner together. It's important." I didn't know he realized how important it was, but apparently it sunk in.

Peachy, I hope all the refugees get taken care of - I can't imagine what those ppl are going through, losing everything. The news reports look like a third world country. --- and in other news, that employer is whacky. Most thieves don't tend to stand up and say "Why yes! I think that ripping off my employer is a swell idea!"

Schatzi, our gas has only jumped up about 15 cents, but I'm afraid it's only the beginning.

It doesn't surprise me that the DD showed talent early on, Kiwi. That kind of ability seems to be born in some individuals.

That's all I can talk about with my head thumping. Hello to the rest of the cowies. Have a loverly long weekend. See yas on tuesday.

09-02-2005, 10:03 PM
i have a three day headache too---mostly because i had to work at my own store for three days---i am not ACCUSTOMED to working----my summer student has gone back to university and my replacement niece is in Florida with her family on vacation----next week i can go back to slacking--------------IT'S TRUE WABBY---HEADACHES THAT ALLOW YOU TO WORK YET FEEL LIKE CRAP ARE SUCKY--------------hey kiwonk=----what's the sich???? {pronouced "sitch"}---it's pretty sketchy around here---good call on the car peach!!

09-03-2005, 02:30 AM
Here's the sich: we went to the first football home game of the season. DH actually went voluntarily. Go figure. I don't think he went to a single one last year. Of course, I really only go to listen to the pep band. New this year: DD's boyfriend oops I mean good friend the piano player is playing his electric keyboard in pep band, so now they can do all that silly ball park organ stuff. Fun. Playing in the pep band at home games is sort of a requirement to be in high school band (which is a class for credit), so sometimes they have to manage with what they have. They have a pretty full band this year, but they have at least 5 drummers! 3 of them are seniors and they're very good and play their hearts out, and loudly, and there are at least 2 younger kids, one on the drums and this one kid, the brother of one of DD's best friends (he has always been something of the bane of her existence in the past), who was playing killer cowbell!! He's going to beat that thing to a bloody pulp. Anyway it was fun. Team lost, but played a good game.

Wabby, so sorry to hear you are feeling crappy. Bagzie too. I am uploading a lovely photo of a few possible puppies to cheer you up. heehee


09-03-2005, 03:24 AM
1. The pot/tall glass composition is adorable.

2. Green has been a bit rough on her ribbon.

3. Yellow has a better ribbon.

4. Most puppies are being controlled by a human hand/striped shirt covered belly

5. Diva does not need a hand/belly.

6. When are they gonna tell you which one we get?

09-03-2005, 02:35 PM
1. The pot/tall glass composition is adorable.

2. Green has been a bit rough on her ribbon.

3. Yellow has a better ribbon.

4. Most puppies are being controlled by a human hand/striped shirt covered belly

5. Diva does not need a hand/belly.

6. When are they gonna tell you which one we get?1. Thank you, I'll tell her you liked it. Maybe she'll play it for you.
2. Well, Green is a boy, and you know how boys are.
3. Indeed, she also has more pictures taken of her than anyone else -- coincidence? I don't think so
4. Although I'm not sure she would appreciate being referred to as a belly, that would be the breeder.
5. Diva is smart. Or slippery.
6. They are being temperament tested today. Stay tuned. I hope they tell me the complete results. I hate having to coax info out of people.
Maybe you can have DD record that piece and post it on her blog as her first composition.Oh good idea. She could call it "Ode to Kitchen Cabinets"

I seem to have lost the ability to string a decent sentence together (except on here of course, I'm brilliant on here). I've been trying for half an hour to write a short email to the music teacher at school and I've rewritten it about 5 times and it's still sitting there in the tray at the bottom of the screen, unsent. It's only 2 lines long and it's not controversial or embarrassing or anything, I just can't seem to get my brain to work properly. Maybe I need more :coffee:


09-03-2005, 04:25 PM
I want to know the details of Temperment Testing. Are these puppies going to be put to work somehow? What's it about? Who gets first pick? Us or why not?

I just had a cousin send me email about another cousin (whom I've probably seen twice in my life) who lives in Slidell LA with her girlfriend. According to the email, they went home and got their gun because people in Slidell are "raping and killing."

Everyone who never liked Bush is mad at him. I just don't know about all those who voted him in.

09-03-2005, 05:56 PM
oh my gads kiwi---that composition is a hoot!!! how adorable---it does prove that they 'HAVE THE MUSIC IN THEM' from the get go doesn't it----you realize that i will be living vicariously through you and peaches---you both have graduating students right??? are they both the same age???-----------i wish lush would come and tell us how her dd is making out ---she must be heading off to college this dd is having a ball at "RA {residence assistant} camp"---she gets to welcome all the newcomers to her "floor" this weekend----stepdd 19 is in Colorado at her mom's wedding today----- she arrives in NOva Scotia for second year this coming monday----my niece GETS HOME THIS WEEKEND SO I DON'T HAVE TO WORK ME *** OFF ANYMORE!!!--- I STILL HAVE A HEADACHE-------AND I STILL WANT US TO GET BABY GREYPAW FOR OUR PUPPIE-----KIWONK---ARE YOU SENDING OUT ADOPTION ANNOUNCEMENTS??? I CERTAINLY HOPE SO!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

09-03-2005, 08:01 PM
Adoption announcements? :chin: Well, of course! I'm registered at PetCo, by the way. Hey, I'm kidding. Really.

Temperament testing -- apparently when the puppies are 5 or 6 weeks old, they have a stranger come in and handle each puppy and see how it reacts to various experiences. This is the sort of test I expect they will do ( Hopefully they will fall somewhere in the middle range of scores.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure who gets first pick. I think if I had expressed an interest in a particular puppy when I sent her my deposit, I could probably have had 1st pick of the females. I think there is a show home who will have pick before me, but two people that the breeder is friends with have recommended me glowingly (crazy people!), so I'm sure she won't be sticking me with any leftovers.

This afternoon, I've been attempting to file all the junk I've been sorting out this past week. It took me about 2 hours just to get the file cabinet sorted out enough to start filing anything. I'm such a slob. Yeah, tell you something you didn't know, eh?

Everyone's having pizza for dinner. Except me, because I had pizza for lunch. Apparently I'm going to have to fix something healthy. Or maybe something a little sketchy, eh Bagz?

Later gators

09-03-2005, 08:29 PM
Baggz & Kiwi... hope the headaches are gone by now... There've been ozone alerts here which have made it hard to breathe deeply... but my head must be too hard (or hollow) to hurt much.

Has anyone else noticed that some TV channels are putting the worst stories on about N.O. and others are putting on 'nicer' ones? I have no idea where the truth lies... i.e., how much helping vs how much "shooting/looting and raping" there's been.

I was mightily impressed by an interview with a 15 year old who was WALKING to Texas from someplace in Mississippi. He was I-10 and I have no idea how he'll get around Louisiana... but he a) wasn't whining b) didn't expect anybody else to "fix it" for him c) was taking his dog. The news guy apparently gave the boy and his dog (and another dog who just kind of joined 'em) a ride and a little cash. One other person had given them some Spam, which the boy shared with the dogs. The boy said he'd grown up a lot in the past few days, and that maybe it hadn't been that smart to stay behind. I can't guess what that boy was like before, or what the family bonds were... but I'd certainly rather help him than some of the others I've seen.

DH and I were tryng to come up with a plan for the "refugees" at lunch. And didn't. Didn't even know where to start. I hope that there will be SOME sort of "public works" projects so that people who work can find bootstraps by which to lift themselves up. Obviously "welfare" and ignoring poverty didn't work.

I'm knitting again... Of course it meant ripping a lot out first. Grr.
but that will keep me quiet for the rest of the evening.

09-03-2005, 09:15 PM
Kiwi, I was gonna say the breeder probably didn't consider any of them leftover BUT upon seeing the grading matrix, I see some are more desirable than others.

I am having a problem here with DS getting snappy with me. Anyone else? 17 yo boy? I told him to write his essay for the National Merit thing and he said, "I'll get to it when I get to it." I am quite unhappy about being spoken to like that.

My plan for the refugees: turn back the clock and fix the levees before the winds hit. People knew this was gonna happen, didn't they? I certainly remember hearing the scenario.

09-03-2005, 11:45 PM
Teenagers being rude and unpleasant? I never heard of such a thing. :rofl:

That's quite a story about the kid walking to Texas. I hope he hasn't been snapped up by the "authorities" because of the interview.

My kid went over to a friend's house to "bake cookies" tonight. Go figure. I found this so unlikely, I questioned her about it before I'd let her go. :lol:

Meanwhile I'm alternating between filing and hanging out here.


09-03-2005, 11:53 PM
filing your nails? filing a suit? filing what?

09-04-2005, 12:15 AM
story on the news is that chimps and human have 96 percent the same genes. That is, except Bush.

09-04-2005, 01:01 AM
peachbag!!! SNIPPY!!!--- i tole dd19 that i didn't like her "tone" with me {just lately !!} and she said she didn't care for MY tone with her------------i thought about it and agreed that we were both off key and we "made up"=-====i do believe that alot of the time i do contribute to the general TONE so i guess we must have raise them to speak up for themselves---------ususally "yes ma'am" kids are just "snowing" you and living a secret life anyway---------------I JUST GOT IN FROM A GIG AT A LOCAL BAR {DD21 WAS PLAYING AND SINGING} I AM TOO OLD FOR THIS---------IT'S ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING------------i only had one pina colada----at least i stopped drinking so much-----------I STILL HAVE MEEE HEADACHE!

09-04-2005, 07:16 AM
I was too mad to post yesterday..and tired to.
I don't know who voted this jackass in in the first place let alone re-elected him. Incompetent boob.. Don't get me started ..makes my blood boil. It's "hard work" dismantling this country, loosing any respect we once had in the global community and ensuring the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, dessimating the balanced federal budget in little over 2 years in creating the hugest deficient in our history.. getting us into a no win middle east nightmare in the name of oil. Yeah oil...No WMD, not to Free the Iraqis from the tyranny of Saddam, Not a 'battle in the war of terrorism"....not because of a "link" to Al Quadda and 911... for oil. How does anyone think you can establish a "democratic government" in an area of the world steeped in religious's only a matter oif time before civil war ..where the sunnis kill the muslims who kill the shites.. CAFTA, broken borders... NeoCons.. To **** in a handbasket!
The federal government knew for years that NOs levees needed upgrading and as part of homeland security had petitioned for funds to address it... and what happened? Bush and his cronies denied it and cut that project and downsized the Corp of engineers to boot...
I hung my head in shame at the total breakdown in local, state and federal government's preparation for this disaster and it's inept , slow paltry response to it. and the head of FEMA should be horse drawn throught the muck that was NO and Mississippi.
I took out my frustrations on the backyard weeding pruning and ripping out the most invasive ivy I've ever encountered . Today I will work on the front yard prune the azaleas and shape the hedges.Using garden tools helped to take the edge of my aggression.. and figure out what else I can do as just one person to help in this crisis.
No response needed, I just needed a safe place to rant.

09-04-2005, 09:41 AM
excellent rant!!!---

09-04-2005, 10:02 AM
Wow, Shots .. thank you for the concise summary of Bush's terms in office. I was depressed last night from what I was reading in the news that I was afraid of nightmares.

09-04-2005, 01:00 PM
Ah, yes, that was a very nice rant, Schatz. How appropriate that you took out your frustrations by pruning Bushes. :lol: I think you're right on the money, but this country apparently wants incompetent, dishonest leadership. Smart sincere people scare them.

We've invited people over to go for a boat ride. Which makes me feel about 100. That's what my parents used to do when they had a boat -- "go for a boat ride." Not that it's a bad thing to do. But these folks have never been to our house, and that means I've got to go clean up.

I was filing junk, Peaches, and I'm not done. Yeah, I know, should throw away junk not file it. It's mostly old school records and newspaper clippings that actually do need to be saved, and stuff like that. Anyway, I have an hour and a half to wash the dishes and vacuum. Ta

Soon I will be filing: puppy nails! Yeehaw! :dizzy:


09-04-2005, 03:39 PM
Yeah, "incompetent boob" was on the top of my list too, Schatzi! Way to tell it like it is.

Not much in a posting mood. PMSing and all that. House a mess. Life a huge bore. You know the drill.

09-04-2005, 03:53 PM
Filing puppy nails!!! And polishing? With little bows on the collar? Whennnnn? They look old enough to me.

I broke down crying in church this morning. Three Klennex cry. They (we sang this little lyrical four-line song) that includes "Jesus Jesus Jesus. Let all heaven and earth proclaim. Kings and Kingdoms may all pass away. But there's something about that name." I knew there might be "refugees" amongst us and the kings and kingdoms passing away just went straight to my core.

Whilst I'm waiting for a job to step in front of me, I'm offering my time as a volunteer with the Red Cross assisting these people. They said it would be a long-term. It turns out, I'm proud to say, that we have a lot more people registered in Dogpatch than are staying at the Emergency Shelter. That's because people are taking them into their homes!! Sweet sweet sweet.

09-04-2005, 05:00 PM
Ah thank you for understanding ladies... One never knows how others will react to a rant..

Kiwi: U got me this time on that one! :lol3: Freudian clips and snips I guess!..I can't wait to get my kayak out on the lakes here..Enjoy your boat ride! I'm with Bagz.. little Greypaw.... I don't think she needs temperment testing.. you can just tell..she is calling out to youuuuuuuu! Or ok, the one in the last photo to the right is saying me me me! WHEN WHEN WHEN will Mrs. Striped Belly tell you which !! We are a very impatient group taren't we?
Sug: I'm happy you haven't renounced your American citizenship at this point.. Get better quick darlin'.
Bagz: I'm happy Canada hasn't moved to find more decent neighbors
Cowpie: I'm so proud of you and your Dogpatch town and so glad you find comfort in your spiritual community. :grouphug:

Me: The front yard has been sheared,pruned,weeded, miracle-growed..Check: the back.. leetle tiny blue spruces attended to...Check: and I am watching a ruby throated hummingbird get whacked out on sugar water at the feeder. Weekly food shopping and laundry - Check: Completed, and my little girls are bathed. ( A horizontal/lateral list completed in Lushies name.) Where the Hoodledoo is Miss Exit 33! Sheesh ... this herd wanders ! :dizzy: :moo:
Why is it that I was once (like a week ago) enchanted by these Mothra sized Butterflies and now I curse them as Blind bumblers.. 2x today in the garden...and a few times days before, they just DOINK me in the head or are like bloody bats in my hair! And you don't want to know about the prehistoric looking disgusto bugs I came acrossed in the garden.. :fr:
Alrighty then, must go... start to clean this crack house... then perhaps an epsom salt bath and begin on Book 5 of the Dark Tower..(I ordered used hard covers thru Amazon.. got them in order of 7..6..and 5, figures eh?..but at least they are all in excellent shape as Library copies.. Call me a snob, :smug: but I just can't read things in paperback..)

09-04-2005, 06:38 PM
Ahem!! Schatzi darlin' - I'm Canadian, just like La Bagzie! Couldn't you tell? :D But Bush is still a boob.

Peachy - you are doing a GOOD thing. :grouphug: All I can do is send money.

09-04-2005, 08:05 PM
Peachy to the South !Kiwi: to the North.. It's not too late for you to be part of the Northern Underground Railroad Run of us Mericans to Canada.... Bagz ... N E E D housing and political asylum :D ..Sug, please take up fund drive for us via Strudelroof and shoes. (Wabby, you can just sneak yourself over)

09-04-2005, 08:11 PM
okkkk . I need an interpreter.

09-04-2005, 09:32 PM
hmm ..Peachtree ..lame joke on my part I guess :sh :o

09-05-2005, 12:07 AM
Hee Hee I go for a boat ride and everybody goes :dizzy:!

Peaches, You are such a softie! Good for you for volunteering. Very good things will come of it, for everyone. Hankies off to you.

DH and I have been watching movies on Turner Classic Movies tonight. He was watching Mogambo, which I caught the end of, then we watched something I'd never heard of from 1937, The Edge of the World about a Scottish island that was evacuated of its inhabitants when they could no longer make a living there. It was fascinating. Now he's watching Thief of Bagdad [sic] which was made by the same director. It's recording; maybe I'll watch it some other time. DD, as usual, is out at a friend's house. Not making cookies tonight, just hanging out. This guy who has a crush on her invited her over presumably with a bunch of other kids. Hope she isn't in for an unwelcome surprise...

Schatzi, you get more done in one weekend than I have in a decade.... Well, in the yard at least. We are in for another session with the rented wood chipper soon. Well, it's gotta be before snow flies, so we have about 1 month. DH is more than likely going to spend some time on the sailboat this week, so it won't be this week. It had better be next week, because after that I'll have a puppy to occupy my time and DD will be into play practice by then. They are doing A Christmas Carol, the one that was on TV last winter with whatshisname, y'know, Frasier. Oh yeah, Kelsie Grammar. Last I heard, DD wanted to get the part of Christmas Future, because it was an old hag. :dz: Isn't that nice?

Enough :soap: for now


09-05-2005, 01:27 AM
A thought: I keep reading quotes like this one:"For those who were alone in the water, alone on the roof, you might ask 'What did we do to deserve this?"' Rev. Lowell Case told his congregation at St. Francis Xavier Church in Baton Rouge. "A lot of us think being black may have had something to do with it, being poor and black in New Orleans."and I sort of agree, although I don't think it's racism except in the sense that more poor people are black and more black people are poor in N.O. I mean I don't think people are hesitating to help because the people who need the help are black. What I think is that being poor means you have fewer resources to begin with; you're much closer to financial ruin, homelessness and ill health to begin with, so you are way more likely to be in dire need of help. Let's face it, if everybody had a car and enough money for gas, lodging and food, this crisis would be all over but for the cleaning up. Poor people need more help. Duh! More help takes more time. Duh! Or gee, we could actually take into account that there are poor people who will need help and plan for it. Double Duh!


09-05-2005, 02:36 PM
I watched "The Morning Show" today where they interviewed this president of some parish in Louisana. They've received no federal help YET. He said when people come back they'll look in their neighbor's houses and find the dead. He was white and the parish was mostly white. The Morning Show guy, Harry something I think, said he thought the issue was more complicated than racism. While the black parish was not getting help neither were many others.

What could these people have been thinking about in Washington? Even now they're saying there's no significant disease threat that can result from floating bodies. Are they robots?

09-05-2005, 05:45 PM
Apparently. Well, you wouldn't want to "create a panic" by acknowledging a problem, eh?

09-05-2005, 10:54 PM
It would have been nice if they had "mock disaster" enactments---they have them here at the airport----{ a plane crash }--If they had planned for this disaster {as apparently they should have} there would have been buses ready to evacuate all those who could not afford to leave on their own-----that would have been difficult but probably possible-----at any rate,not having a proper levy system is a SERIOUS oversight!!! ---TO SAY THE VERY LEAST------------- sweet peachers helping out-----you are a doll my girl!!!!

09-06-2005, 12:48 AM
Hey Bagzie. I am not helping out. I volunteered to help out butttt .. get this .. the woman in charge is someone we used to affectionately refer to as EDIOT. She is the biggest procrastinator on the planet and will never call me.

09-06-2005, 01:28 AM
LOL Small world, no doubt. That kind of mirrors my experience in volunteering -- I supposed I'm still signed up to work at the Seniors Meals on Wheels thing, but they haven't called me in 2 years. They just don't need the help. That experience, while it wasn't all bad -- I enjoyed working with the people there, and I got a kick out of delivering meals when they let me -- it kind of deflated my whole interest in volunteer work. I'm sticking with being a music booster and nothing else at this point. I guess I'm just not aggressive enough to be a successful volunteer -- incredible but true.

I have spent the entire evening looking up scholarship programs. DD is willing to put time into applying for scholarships, but she is so durn busy that I think most of the deadlines will have passed before she gets to them. I'm boooooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddddd ddddddd.


09-06-2005, 02:54 AM
hey kiwitica. i'm home. let's play monopoly. when are we going to hear about our puppy? this is such an interesting event for me. the puppy is sooo special is various ways. don't get yellow. i'm afraid she wouldn't chew your shoes enough.

i heard that guy on letterman talking about the buses also. but i wonder about that because unless you leave early before a hurricane, the roads are all jammed.

09-06-2005, 10:21 AM
When I was a Volunteer EMT we use to have mock enactments with just the rescue squad and with Fire/Hazmat and Police.. It really helped as we had some disasters where all that interoffice coordination and communication was needed.. It boggles my mind that 7 days later coordination and communication is lacking with Katrina. And what I really don't get is WHY if they knew a CAT5 storm was heading their way... they did not begin evacuation sooner... THEY KNEW that the levies could only withstand a CAT3... And they should have had buses brought in and EMS services at a staging area.. But apparently NO has faced these hurricanes before and have escaped the wrath by the hair on their chinny chin chins ...Kiwi, I may be a pollyanna, but I too agree that it's not so much race related as socio-economic.. If you are white and poor, you'd get the same ... White or Black, Old or Young...
The town of Holly Springs is having a town meeting/fund raiser Sept 10th so I will go to see what I can "volunteer" for.. For now, a check to the American Cross and a doggy care package is all I'm doing...
I took yesterday off as my hands felt crippled from all the weed pulling. Just laid about and read... Today back to work ..hopefully be the end of this week the house will be totally ship shape cuz I'm getting more than a little tired of this! and I can polish up my resume and get back to work... I can't believe that the check from the house sale STILL hasn't cleared.. We deposited it last Monday! And we are officially BROKE..

09-06-2005, 07:40 PM
Peaches! not the ediot!!! how does this person keep showing up in your life to torment you???? even so, I hope your volunteering experience is a good one. Nothing like some action to back up our words of sympathy to all the displaced ppl.

Schatzi, I'm hurtin' too. Yard work and pond cleaning just about did me in this weekend. I tried to snip the end off my finger with my pruners. youch. My pond is lovely and clear and my fish are happy again. I bought a new sectional sofa this weekend too. Not like the old sectionals - this one is really cool. Very pretty. Now I think I may have to reupholster my very old wing chair to go with.

Sugar, how long do you have to live in Germany to become German? Probably could never happen, huh?

My kiddos came over on monday for an end of summer bbq. I'm glad they still like us, when they were teenagers they swore they'd never visit when they moved out. :lol:

Miss Bagzie, you sound pretty busy, what with the shop and the vacationing help and such. Will we still get pictures of your fall displays? Will there be fall displays????

I'd write more but I can't seem to get my brain around a thought long enough to. Hi to the resta youz cows.

09-06-2005, 10:40 PM
I tried to snip the end off my finger with my pruners.Y'all ortent tado that, honeychile.

I had a dentist appt this morning, and DH had been trying to get an appt because he had chipped a filling out, so when they called right before I was leaving saying they could squeeze him in too, we went to the dentist together. Awww, ain't that cute? Anyway afterward, he couldn't eat anything for 3 hours so we figured we'd kill some time and went over to his parents' house who live a few blocks away from the dentist (this is in the next town over from Frozen Tootsies, namely East Frozen Tootsies). Now the inlaws were cleaning out their packed to the rafters basement and storage shed and also getting rid of some relative's junk and we had to go look at all kinds of junk, some of it better than our junk at home, so we got us some new junk. Dandy little wicker love seat, you know the kind, got a little painted decoration on it. Be nice on our porch if we can find the floor before winter...

Whall, apparently that novocaine took a whole long time wearing offa DH, cuz we ended up with a whole car load full of dopy things, including an 18" high barrel I don't know what to do with and some old yellowed receipts. Oy.

Did I just go from southern drawl to NJ Oy? Yes I did. I had a long meeting tonight at school and I'm feeling a bit tonsorially challenged.

Which I believe means I need a haircut.

And I haven't even been drinking.


09-06-2005, 10:54 PM
good thing you tole me you weren't drinking!!Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhs hhs hhs========anyone want to loose some weight??HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHS HHS HHS---SOMEONE START A NEW THREAD-----THIS IS TOOOO LONNNNNNNNG!!!--- had a good cruise ship in today====sold a 92 dollar bracelet to a gal from New Mexico---she kept admiring it and coming back and hating the price but i knew she would regret not getting it---{ you KNOW what this is like---esp if you see something "away" and you can't ever get it easily again!!!} that was fun-----------THE QUEEN MARY 2 IS COMING!!! I WILL GET PICS AND SEND THEM--- I THINK IN A FEW WEEKS---- we have THREE boats every week this month {one week has only two maybe} --------------my head STILL hurts! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

09-06-2005, 10:57 PM
Dayum. Good job there, Bagzie. Want to go out for Margies?

09-06-2005, 10:58 PM
BOB DENVER DIED!! Gilligan! He used to live around the corner from my Da.

Not that I ever in my life called my Dad my Da.

09-06-2005, 11:02 PM
Are you waiting for me to start a new thread? I have a seriously lame title to use.