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08-20-2005, 05:36 PM
I have discovered this healthy breakfast that takes away your hunger (at least mine) for the whole day.

You need:
oat - 50g
wheat bran 100% - 40g
milk 0% fat
Honey or brown sugar (not necessary).

Join 50g of oat and 40g of wheat bran, add hot hot milk to it and wait for the oat to grow, add sugar. Add enough milk because the oat will absorb part of it.

You can also add cold milk and put it into the microwave and see it grow instead of boiling milk.

Wheat bran is 50% fiber, so you will be digesting 20 grams of fiber, which helps to block fat absortion and helps the instestin to work properly. Also gives a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Adding more than 40 g of Wheat Bran may be dangerous because you might reach the limit of diary fiber intake with other foods you might eat during the day, which can cause diarrea and intestin pain.

I recommend eating a small piece of fruit and then eat the "Hunger Killer".
You might want to skip meals, but eat small things each 3 hours.

Hunger Killer has around 320 calories.