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08-17-2005, 04:05 PM
Welcome to all!! We are a group of lovely ladies who are serious about our weight and health, but also know when we just need to talk!!

We'd love to have you join us!!

08-17-2005, 04:12 PM
Hi Ladies!

Mindee~a very :woo: :dance: :gift: :hb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! :hb: :gift: :dance: :woo: Hope you are doing something special.

Anita~a very :love: :cheers: Happy Anniversary to you and DH!! :cheers: :love:

Okay, just got started with this post but have to run really fast. I'll be back...

08-17-2005, 07:21 PM
thanks for the birthday wishes ladies. we went into town and my parents, younger siblings and Brandon and little boy got me a new chain with a charm holder plus two boy silhouette heads for it. When little boy is born, we can take the silhouettes back and they will engrave them free. I got cupcakes and cake......we will be having coney dogs tonight. But tomorrow for dinner it will be italian chicken with rice pilaf.

He already likes to be a helper. in fact he just pushed the send button before I could finish.

08-17-2005, 10:36 PM
Hi ladies,

Susan - I'm so happy for you!!! But what is a gri gri bag, and do I need one, lol?

Angie - Madison is so prissy, I betcha she'll come home from school almost as tidy as when she left the house. Makenzie (JJ) is a mess, and will probably be all ruffled up, lol. In my opinion, JJ has more fun, lol. So sorry about your buddy Shawna moving to Australia! That quite a life-altering move! About WW, it's better than ever, imho.

Sue - glad you had a good visit with DD2 and her family. I know you were sad to see them all go home, but hopefully it won't be too long between visits. Hope you get good news about the house.

Marti - weekend? It's Wednesday, hon! (Jane muttering to self: At least I THINK it is.... but maybe it's Friday??)

Anita - Happy 4th anniversary! So sorry about your brother's friend.

Mindee - :balloons: :cp: :gift:Happy birthday!!! :balloons: :cp: :gift: Since I don't have your address, I couldn't send a card. :(

Cristi - where're you off to in such a hurry, lol?

Mary and I are swapping our kitchens this weekend instead of next week, since Dale has a new job and starts Monday. He goes in for an upper GI test tomorrow - keep him in your prayers, ok? Seems like there's always something going on with Dale, doesn't there?

See you later!

08-17-2005, 11:49 PM
Okay, I'm back! Long break...:lol:

Someone was at the door and then I went to put the clothes in the dryer because that darn beeping was driving me crazy! :crazy: Of course I got sidetracked and went about doing other things before I realized I left the computer on! :lol: I do that a lot because if I go upstairs I am going to do something while there. So when I finally came back down I decided to just get off the computer since my right arm/wrist is now killing me and I am trying to rest it. It is so funny how the pain switches from one arm to the other and then sometimes it is both at the same time but the pain being worse in one.

Mindee~glad you had a nice BD! I hope you got the card I sent. I know you said you had your mail forwarded and I sent it early in the hopes it would get there in time.

Anita~so sorry to hear about your brothers friend. It is always a sad thing when we lose someone so young and when kids are left behind. (((((HUGS))))) to your brother and his friends' family.

Jane~I am just a goofball that's all there is to it! :lol: Many thoughts and prayers go out to Dale and the family. :grouphug: Hope things go well for him. I think moving/packing the kitchen has to be the worst room! So you and Mary take it easy and have fun.

Susan~:woo: :hat: CONGRATULATION'S missy! :hat: :woo: I knew you would/could do it! Now you have to move again! But it is well worth it! I am so glad that things are finally going your way, like I knew they would!

Angie~so sorry about your friend leaving. But I would love to go with her! That is about the only place overseas I have a desire to visit, not sure why. Didn't get new covers and such for the room. Had just bought the comforter and tab top curtains for the room not long after we moved here. But Josh didn't want pillow shams or a bedskirt and I did go ahead and get those and a new 2 in. faux wood blind and lamp. I think with the color there it will be fine once everything is put back together. I am still not thrilled with the color though-the stripe, yes, but not the color.

Sue~WTG on getting your walk in. Oh, you had to mention fried potatoes with onions...I am from the south and grew up with those kinds of food and that is one of my fav! Can't remember the last time I had them.

Karla~I'm hoping the baby comes soon! I just love babies and we will have two new ones here with your grandbaby and Mindees baby boy.

Marti~I will let ya know about the book. I stayed up last night reading the first four chapters. She went over how she got started and all the health risks and then the basic steps which she does in her video. Going to read a couple more chapters tonight. I skimmed through a little of it and she has a 6 ??(can't remember for sure if it was 6, 8 or 9) week program to follow. I would have gotten farther but I was reading my WW magazine first-good stuff in there, but then there is always good stuff in them.

Well, I probably should get going. Need to go see what's on at the show. Carrie and I are doing a movie tomorrow. I'm hoping to see The Bad News Bears but we'll see-don't even know what is on. Well, Hi to everyone else. Take care ladies and see ya tomorrow sometime. :wave:

08-18-2005, 12:05 AM
Whew...I was able to walk twice again today. That makes over 8 miles in 2 days. It was hot and humid...but I still got it in.

I have that Dr. appointment know, the one we ALL hate? Then next week the mammogram. Ugh, just shoot me now!

Stayed OP yesterday and today and with all the walking I am feeling pretty darn good. Now to do that for the rest of my life. Yeah, right, I will be lucky to keep up for a week!

Things still happening about the house deal.....Tune in next week. :)

08-18-2005, 12:41 AM
Hi all you wonderful Jaded Ladies!! I have missed a lot even today I see!!

Hi Christi. I am sorry about the pain you are having in your arms and wrists! Do you have carpal tunnel? Rheumatoid Arthiritis?? Osteoarthiritis?? Or injuries to your wrists?? Sorry if you just posted about it and I missed it!! Your sons room is going to be so awesome!! What a nice surprise!!!

Hi Mindee. Happy Belated birthday!!! :D I am happy you had a wonderful day!! I went to your childrens web sites and they are so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the linky dinks as I really enjoyed them!!!

Anita....sorry for your brothers loss...I will hold your brother and his friends family up in prayer.

Jane...good luck finishing packing!! I have been going through all of this with my daughter as she is moving in with me this I am downsizing everything I have and she is packing everything she

Angie...will you be able to go and visit your friend?? I sure hope so!!!

Sue I also walk to get my exercise, but I need to increase the amt of walking I do...I "walk" Sammie, my beagle...but she wants to smell EVERYTHING!! lol so I drag her along with me!!

I just want to say thank you to all of you wonderful ladies!!! I think of you all when I feel like I can't "do this anymore" and of all the support you offer here!! Thanks so very much!! (((((((((Hugs)))))))))). No baby but he is dropping even lower and I didn't think there was anyplace lower he could even Rachel is doing well...Her braxton hicks are stong and very very ongoing at a pretty good click...about every 5 min or so...but she was able to sleep last night and that was a blessing!!! :D

08-18-2005, 11:54 AM
Good Thursday morning ladies~

Karla~I think someone had asked before about my arm...I have carpal tunnel, and who knows what. Was told bursitis, tendonitis and then had a MRI and told me it was arthritis. The new doc thinks it is bursitis. The weird thing is it switches sides. For the longest time, and I do mean the looongest was just my right arm/shoulder/wrist and just in the last few months it switched to the left side. This past week it has been both but more the right. And even though people think I am crazy, most of the time the weather has something to do with it. Well, that and staying on the computer too long! I do wear the brace things for my wrists, which helps tremendously but some days there really is nothing that helps and it hurts. I've been dealing with this for about 5 years now. baby yet, darn!

Sue~great job on the walking! Can't wait to hear more about your house. Are you guys excited? Good luck at the docs. I did that a couple of months ago but had to reschedule the mammogram, oh joy. It's not so bad to me but my shoulder was killing me and the pain goes so deep that I can hardly lift my arm sometimes, very painful.

Marti~the program is 6 weeks and you record it in the book. Well, I guess you don't have to but I am going to otherwise I would pass the book along to you. There's a chapter for each week and you record everything. She is focusing on the exercise diet first.

I am going to get in a short walk this morning on the treadmill, already heating up outside-so humid. Also, will ride the bike for 10 mns. and do a little bit of the weights-can't do too much of that especially with the arms but it feels good to work the legs. Then need to straighten a little bit, start a load of clothes and Carrie and I are headed to the show at 12:30. Seems like we haven't been in months! Wanted to see Bad News Bears but it is only playing at one theatre and it's the one we don't like so may have to wait till it comes out on video/dvd. So we decided on The Skeleton Key. Has anyone heard of this or seen the old version of it? They say it is a remake but I don;t ever remember the old one. Well, guess I better get on with the day...12:30 will be here bfore you know it.

Take care ladies and have a terrific day!

08-18-2005, 04:43 PM
Afternoon Ladies!!

I got home about 4:30 this morning, check the board and was just too tired to post! So Here I am, my morning! :D

Cristi--The book sounds inspiring or motivating, I think I'll check the book store and purchase it. I have GOT to bite the bullet and start working out at work by myself. The gym is located in the basement in another building, which is why I hesitate to go alone, but if I get there before another girl leaves, it won't be so spooky in the middle of the night!! As for the WW mags...I had a subscription to it and it just stopped recently. I didn't renew. I have so many magazine from different places, I figured I would save some money and bring it down to one. I kept my scrapbook magazine subcription! So many idea' to work on it!

Karla--What?! No baby? I was just sure he was going to be here already and you'd have pictures already posted! :D Keep us posted ok?

Sue--You're an inspiration you know! I believe I just may go for a walk before work. And then after work, I'm going to go to the gym and walk the treadmill. Gotta get this body back into shape!

Jane--I took Monday off to spend more time w/Jhanai. And then Tuesday I don't go to work until 6:00 so it was a very long weekend and very fun! :) I dropped Jhanai off w/my sister so she could go to the fair w/her & my brother. I called my sister later on to see how it went and she told me that Jhanai looked either bored or sad the whole time. (which she has been lately) She has just gotten to that age where you just don't know what she thinking or feeling. And it concerns me. OHHHH........being a mother! Who knew so much worry came along w/the title!

Mindee--Glad you had a great birthday! The charms sound so cute! What a great gift!

Hello to the rest of you girls!!

Well I'm in need of a shower and then some makeup so I don't scare anyone! I hope you all have a great day today and I'll check in before I go to work.

08-18-2005, 10:41 PM
Hey girls~~Sorry I haven't been on lately. I tell you, the first few weeks of school nearly wipe me out. The little ones need so much attention and all that bending over little tables kills my back for awhile....we were also very busy at the restaurant last night--one of those nights where you watch the clock wondering how much longer are you going to have to be there. I'm leaving tomorrow from school to drive to OKC and from there ride with my DD Kayla and my brother and SIL to Dallas. We're going to a seminar called Discovery. We'll drive back Sunday night and then I'll leave OKC very early Monday morn and drive straight to school. I should get back to school about lunch and will finish the afternoon with my kiddos before coming home. I'm getting tired thinking about it. It should be a great weekend though.
Sorry to just post and run but I have been trying to read your posts here and there and I'll check back in next week when I get back.
Love to all of you----

08-19-2005, 12:16 PM
Good morning ladies!

Not much going usual. Was up bright and early to water the lawn before it reaches 99 today! :yikes: I am so tired of the heat. Luckily though we had enough rain that today is the first day I have had to water since last Friday so that is GREAT! Already did a load of laundry, and as soon as I get off here I am headed for a walk-the WATP style. I did get a 15 minute walk in yesterday as I planned, as well as the 10 minute bike ride and about 3 or 4 minutes of weights. I never time myself on that...just do it till it hurts. Of course I didn't think to check it before I started. DS#1 had it set on 50 pounds! :yikes: Also, drank 2 bottles of water. Starting over with that and will stick with the two in the beginning and work my way up. Have to say that first bottle tasted soooo nasty to me. Oh well, I suppose one day I will get used to it. :dunno: I was going to start the WATP program today but decided to start on Monday, which means my official WI will now be Monday. In the book she starts on Monday and goes thru Saturday with Sunday off. So rather than start today, (which I will walk anyway) and walk today and tomorrow and then take Sunday off I will start Monday and get in a full six days. Pretty easy...all she wants you to do the first week, every day, is a 30 minute mile. Seems very slow to me but I will do it. Eventually, she adds the water and talks about the food. I'm making out a plan to walk so that I don't get bored, like one day go to the park, one day do the treadmill, the video, and then walk different routes in the neighborhood.

The Skeleton Key was pretty good. I don't really care for Kate Hudson as an actress but it was good. She has no emotion in her voice.

Marti~I didn't realize that in the back of the book there is a One mile DVD which is great since the book was only $15 at Target. I have the 2 and 3 mile videos but never could find the 1 mile. I do like the book and think it is well worth the money. Glad you had a nice, long weekend with Jhanai. Hope she gets to feeling better whatever it is. Ah, the joys of motherhood. I so remember Carrie going through that and never wanting to talk to me. Now that's all she does is talk.

Beth~have a safe fun weekend! I don't envy you going to Dallas. That always seems like such a drive down there. My cousin and Aunt lived there for a while as did I.

Katy~hope you guys have a GREAT time camping!

Hi to everyone else :wave: :wave:

Guess I am going to go find things to keep me busy for the day. Take care ladies and have a wonderful weekend! See ya Monday :wave:

08-19-2005, 01:19 PM
Wow, miss a day or two and fall way behind. :)

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you who are celebrating. One of my daughters-in-law and my uncle also have their birthdays today.

Back to the subject of Curves. Someone asked about knees. My own knees were starting to give me problems - which is one of the reasons I knew I had to get serious about losing weight. My knees were not meant to carry 230 pounds. :( When I started Curves there was a bit of soreness at first but I got through it and don't have any problem now. Some ladies adapt what they do or skip a machine that may cause a problem.

Hubby is on his way home from his golf game so I guess it is time to make lunch.


08-19-2005, 06:16 PM
It's friday and I'm so ready for it!! I've worked over time the last few days and I'm just tired! Got home after 4:00 this morning....sheesh! Plus were short on people so that leaves a lot of work for the late shift.


Beth--I can only imagine being a teacher and going back to school! I'm sure it's exhausting. Jhanai starts school on the 6th of Sept. And she's so ready for it!! To me, it just means summer close to an end and cooler weather is in the future!

Cristi--Jhanai is going through the hormonal changing stage. She is still my little girl but I can see the older girl wanting to come out! I keep trying to remember being that age and comparing how it felt when my body was changing. I hope her teen years aren't difficult! (I know, I'm asking a lot!) :lol:

Judy--Glad to know that Curves works out for you. We have or had a Curves here in town. Don't know if it's still there. But since my gym at work is only $8 a month, I figured it would be better for me. Plus, hardly anyone works out at 2:30 in the AM!! so the gym is all mine! :D

I'm feeling sluggish today. I got to bed late and woke up early. And it's just so darn HOT!! Miserable is more like it. And it's not even as hot as it has been. I guess I"m just in a complaining mood. (TOM is here)

Ok...I need a shower so I better get.....

Have a great Friday!

08-19-2005, 07:25 PM
TGIF... I got a long walk in last night even though it was HOT. Missed in the a.m. due to Dr. appt. and had to go back to the architect. This morning I got up at 6:30 so I could walk. Came in and showered, ate a piece of toast and made a bowl of potato salad to chill for dinner. (Hubby had been wanting some.) Then I was off at 9:30 to a GF's house for a gab fest and out to lunch with her. We won't walk tonight since it is still very hot and humid. But..hey, I went extra while I was at it this morning, so I feel good about it!
Things are busy right now.... Be back later.

08-19-2005, 09:30 PM
So, I am setting myself up for a total mental breakdown over the next
couple of weeks.

Some good news today is I found an apartment!

Have a move in date of 9/17.
It is a ground floor, 2 BD, 950sq feet,$615 with a $300 move in
security deposit.

Really a great price for the area and it is 1/2 a mile to the kids
and borders a 9 acre park & community center.

Easy access to the HWY and shopping!! Because we know girls like to
shop! There is a 7-11 down the street for my fave Mango Slurpee's and
a Starbucks......hmmm, and a Chevron gas station.

That was a selling point for me!! HAVE to look out my window and
monitor the price of gasoline!! :)

Waiting for my supervisor to ok a longer time (I am ok until the 3rd right now) to stay where I am at
now. Otherwise it is going to be a pain sleeping on a couch
somewhere.....for 2 weeks and all my belongings in storage.

Mike missed another deadline to pay child support. I HOPE they stop playing games with him and laid his butt in jail. People keep asking "would you be ok with that??" ummmmm, yes. Seriously, he is court ordered to pay and he is incontempt. Now we are at $5500 and rising that he owes Gaby.

I am 152.5 today - down 2 pounds this last week, stress.

Welcome to all you new ladies :)

08-20-2005, 08:23 AM
Good Saturday morning to you! :)

Cristi - I haven't heard of the old Skeleton Key movie. Who else is in the new one? I like Kate Hudson's personality, and think her smile is similar to our own Angie's, but have to agree she's not the best actress out there, lol. The weather affects my hands and arms, too, so don't let anyone tell you you're crazy about that! I haven't been diagnosed but feel sure I have arthritis in them, especially on the right side. Sounds like you're getting a lot from the WATP book. YAY for you!

Sue - YAY for you, too, for staying OP and for all the walking. About the potato salad, have you tried the diced potatoes in the green can at Walmart? Saves so much trouble and time! They're tender, but don't break up, and are just perfect for potato salad, or to use for creamed potatoes or in soups. Plus, they're only 50 a can. :D Just rinse them and go!

Karla - yikes, we're both doing some moving this weekend, it seems. You'll love having your DD and new grandchild close. We're all waiting for the birth!

Beth - so what kind of seminar is it with the Discovery focus? I used to love going to seminars when I worked outside the home. But yep, they sure can wear us out!

Judy - I'm glad to know Curves is easy on your knees, and proud of you for going regularly.

Marti - the teen years can be difficult, but with your close relationship to Jhanai, I don't think you'll have any major problems with her. Are you in the gym all by yourself when you go? That would creep me out, lol, but I'm a big chicken.

Susan - speaking of teens, how's yours doing? PM me your new address, ok? The apartment sounds just perfect! Sheesh, I wish you could collect the $5500 the scumbag owes you! You could do a lot with that much moolah!

Mary and I moved all our kitchen stuff yesterday evening. Then I stayed at her house and put all my stuff where I like it, and she's coming over this morning to do this kitchen. Won't we be so glad on moving day (9/3) that the kitchens are done???

Makenzie Jo the 1st grader spent the night with us last night, and is up and hungry, so I better go. Have a good weekend!

Toodles, :wave:

08-20-2005, 09:41 AM
Good morning all,
What a night! It was almost 1 when we turned off the bedroom lights. I thought I wanted to sleep but sleep wasn't happening. Molly was outside kicking around her stainless steel bowl. (She will play with it until she has it turned upside down.) Finally I got up and brought the bowl inside. I checked the computer. I knew that wasn't condusive to sleep to I went downstairs to make myself a cup of 'sleeptime' tea. I looked at a couple of Country Woman magazines while I drank my tea. Laid on the bed but could tell it was a waste of time so got up again. (Of course by now Hubby is moving into my space.) 4:15 I heard the paper being delivered so I read that. Daughter had to work today and came to drop off her dog. Laid down again. Made up my mind I would stay there until something happened. It was after 6 when I finally dropped off. It was 8 when I woke up, feeling very 'chipper' - NOT. I have a feeling there won't be much accomplished around here today. ;)

The moral of this story - NO coffee in the evening. (I really should have known better.

I certainly hope everyone else had a better night.


08-20-2005, 02:30 PM
grr...just lost a long post...try, try again, I guess.

WI today, 3.1 lbs down, 10 lbs total gone :goodscale Hubby, Mr. Metabolism, is down 13.3 lbs total, I'm really proud of him :goodvibes

Susan, congrats on the new job/new apartment :cp: Sounds like it's perfect for that price typical for your area? Around here you can't touch a decent one bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood for under $850-$900/mon. :eek: My sister in Idaho is looking to relocate closer, and can't afford CA anymore, so maybe OR would be a better option for her...

Jane, I need to find someone to trade houses with too, and maybe get things more organized! ;) At least I revamped my pantry cupboards yesterday, and gave a bunch of high point foods to Michael, my starving-student 19 year old.

Judy, I used to be a chronic insomniac, so I can feel for you :tired: I made a lot of internet friends on the other side of the world when I couldn't sleep, played a lot of cribbage online with folks in the UK or Australia because it was daytime there. Sleepytime Tea sounds like a better nighttime option for you than coffee -- at least switch to decaf at night -- Tim swears by Tension Tamer Tea, says it puts him right out :coffee: :cloud9:

Cristi, good job on the exercise, just remember to check the weight if your son's been using the machine! :wl: We only drink bottled water since our city water isn't great, and love it cold right out of the fridge. Don't like the stuff labeled "drinking water" or "purified water", but like most brands called "spring water", even from Costco, Trader Joe's, or store brands. Would you like it better with Crystal Light? We don't, but know some people prefer it that way. A friend at work buys green tea concentrate in little packets, adds it to bottled water and has instant iced tea.

Sue, good job on the walking :tread: Now you've got me wanting potato salad! :T I will have to come up with a WW-friendly version, in a single serving, since I'm the only one around here that really likes it. I like experimenting in the kitchen, tweaking recipes to bring the points down but so they still taste good. :chef: I just made some 2 pt banana muffins yesterday with virtually no fat, will post them in the recipe thread.

Beth, sounds like you have a busy weekend cut out for you! Hope you get a little rest in there, too... :faint:

Mindee, Happy Belated Birthday! :hb: :gift: :woo: The charms sound like a perfect gift for a mommy of two :)

Marti, I think I was the biggest pain in the world when I hit puberty -- moody :tantrum: :sorry: :stress:, bad attitude, :rolleyes: and such a drama queen :queen: -- but now my mom and I get along great and are very close. I think Mark Twain said, "The older I get, the smarter my parents are."

OK, here are some surprisingly good fast food choices: :cbg:

Taco Bell: fresco style grilled steak or chicken soft taco (no cheese or sauce, but with yummy tomato salsa) 3 pts, pintos and cheese 3 pts
KFC: Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich 6 pts, Individual Mac and Cheese or Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 3 pts, Corn Cobbette 1 pt
CA Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza: Crispy Thin Crust, Margherita or Sicilian style, 7 pts for 1/3 pizza!!!

Gotta get busy cleaning this disastrous house :fr: Have a wonderful Saturday everybody! :wave:

08-21-2005, 02:07 PM
Good Morning -

Awfully still over the weekend - where are you all??? I weighed in at 152.

I spent yesterday with the girls and we had a nice time. Took Gaby to the sitters and spent time with the older girls at the mall. Started feeling guilty leaving Gaby elsewhere but tried to convince myself that it was ooooooooook.

Washed my car, and "thought" aout packing yet again. I will see tomorrow if I can stay here til the 17th otherwise everything in storage for 2 weeks. Only $75 for that and I think about the same for a UHAUL. Course I will need the UHAUL twice *sigh*

It is for a good cause though! lol........for $18 an hour I am jumping through hoops. :)

My letter to Mike came back unopened. It just said could not forward. He is suppose to let me know where he is living - tsk, tsk........

NOt eating much, don't have time !!! lol. I figure the way things are going I will be 145 by the 1st. :)

better get - TOTALLY don't like a townhouse with only 1 bathroom upstairs. What a chore! lol

08-21-2005, 04:52 PM

Susan--I would love to work for $18 an hour!! That is just fabulous! Very happy for you. And about Mike, he's just showing his true self by being unreliable!! He'll be lucky to ever see Gaby if he keeps it up!

Katie--Hurray on the total of 10lbs losts!! And for hubby for losing 13!! You two are doing a great job and it seems that doing this together is helping the both of you keep your motivation. I'm so thrilled that he'd doing this w/you!!

Judy--Your story sounds like me every night. I get tire at work and end up getting myself some coffee, only to be tossing and turning all night wondering why I'm so tire the next day at work! And then of coarse I repeat! Vicious cycle!! :lol:

Jane--I hope I don't have any difficulties w/Jhanai. I only want the best. Sometimes I start to wonder if her dad wants the same!! Ex is a pain in my puh-tooty!! About the gym, nah, I haven't gone down there by myself yet. But I've gone in the middle of my shift during my break instead of after work like I would like to do. Still figuring out when is best to work out.

Not much going on here today. I want to get to Walmart later and just browse. Get myself out of the house. TOM has arrived and I"m feeling VERY sad!! More so than usual and I hate that. So I'm making myself get out there and do something!!

So, off to cheer myself up!! (I hope I still have money in the account when I'm done! :D

08-22-2005, 09:41 AM
Good morning all,
Katie, Thank you for the suggestion about Tension Tamer Tea. I will look for it. I slept much better the next night. Congratulations to both of you for your losses.

The sun is shining brightly but the air is feeling more comfortable. I like it.

My friend called last night to see if I wanted to go to Curves this morning at 6:30. "Sure," I said. Now this friend is always late so I was taking my time getting ready. I look out and there she is waiting for slow-poke me. My husband had been out to get the paper. I am betting that he didn't even see her. She said the dog looked out the door and the cat checked twice but no Judy was appearing. We had a good chuckle. :lol:

I hope everyone has a good start to the week.


08-22-2005, 12:19 PM
Hi Ladies~

Susan~CONGRAT'S on the job and new apartment! So happy for you! :cb: :dance: Glad you had a nice time with the girls. And yes it is okay to leave Gaby to spend the day with the girls. I always made a point of spending time with each one of the kids separately-they need and like that.

Katiecat~WTG on the losses!! You and Tim are doing an awesome job!! :cp: :bravo: I too only drink bottled water, Ozarka Spring Water. I started drinking bottled water when I first moved to CA back in '78 and have been drinking it since, that is, when I do drink it. I have never cared for tap water. I do have some Crystal Light that I have tried and really don't care for it, and don't care for lemon in it either so it is just plain water or no water for me usually. Unless of course you count tea.

Marti~I don't blame you for not going to the gym when no one is there so early in the morning. It would be kind of spooky to me. Hope you get to feeling better. Seems I had one of those days yesterday and this weather doesn't help much at all-so gloomy. I don't think you will have problems with Jhanai, she's too sweet to cause any problems. I don't remember Carrie going through anything that young except she did start her period when she was 12! :yikes: Which I thought was very early, and she started developing a little before that. I would have never known had I not accidentally walked in on her. I knew she was in the shower and I thought I could slip in there to put some towels away without her knowing and she had just pulled the shower curtain back-we were both a little stunned. We had a talk and went shopping for bras the next day.

Judy~that's funny! :lol: Just when you think you know a person! She must have really wanted to get to Curves early.

Jane~hope you are not too tired from swapping kitchens this weekend. Just the thought of moving makes me ill. I dread the day when we move again. Will you guys leave a lot of things packed since you will be working on the house? Well, it's nice already but I know it will be nicer when you guys get everything done.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, today is day 1 of the WATP program and not off to a good start. I feel so tired, sleepy. I couldn't sleep last night and it is making for a slow day. Add to that this rainy gloomy weather. :dz: :yawn: Went with Carrie to the doc this morning and had planned on going to the park to get my walk in after. Well, it started raining. So when I get off this thing I will do the treadmill and hopefully be able to go to the park tomorrow. I did weigh and measure just need to get a picture. I am down 1 pound so that is a good start. I did adjust my ultimate goal from 155 to 160. 160 seems like a better weight for me but I am not sure. I felt that I looked decent and felt good about myself when I was at 175 so we'll see. When I reach that point if I feel I want to lose more then I will change it again but for now 160 is good goal to aim for. Going to try and stay awake all day-may need to take a short nap later. Already got my laundry started and just need to dust and vacuum. That's about all I have.

Take care ladies and have a great day!

08-22-2005, 02:57 PM
Okay, back again for just a few minutes.

Did get in that 30 minute walk. Not sure if I should focus on walking 30 mns. or just walking the one-mile. It is impossible for me to walk a 30 mn mile-it's just way too slow-I did try however-did 1.27 and believe me that was slow enough. Maybe if I were outdoors I could do a leisurely 30 mn. mile if I stop and look at things. Anyway for today I had to do the treadmill. Also did the walk, 10 mn. bike ride and a couple mns. on the weights. No one here to move the weight so didn't have to check this time, lol. It's amazing too how good water tastes when you are walking. It was actually good and am on the second bottle. I've got to put together a few CD's for exercising, it really does help. I listened to a CD I burned that is all women (with the exception of Usher) with LeAnn Rimes, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aqulera, Celine Dion, Jessica Simpson and a few others. Not sure how Usher got in there! :lol: Tomorrow it will be Nickelback but I need more. You ladies have any work-out music suggestions to get ya going and keep you going? This one was a goo done although I had to skip a couple of songs, too slow. Must visit the music store or have DD download me some music. Anyway, that's all I have for now. Have a good one ladies :wave:

08-22-2005, 03:25 PM
I'm having a sleepy morning. I couldn't get to sleep right away and I didn't even have caffeine yesterday! So the last time I looked at my clock it was 4:48! ***sheesh***

And then I decided to get up at 11:00. 6hrs isn't too bad. It could be worse. I just hope by 2:30 in the morning I'm able to drive 20mins back home! :dizzy:

Cristi--I like the idea of putting together a mix of music to workout too! I have wanted to do that myself but have never figured out what music has a good beat. I don't listen to the stereo much and when I do listen its satellite in the car so it's stuck on the 80's and HairNation (which is pretty much 80's metal bands) :lol: So I would be a horrible person for idea's. (that's if you're looking for fast beat music)
You're doing great on the walking! When I read that a 30mins mile was too slow...I started think "holy moly, I need to move more!" I have no idea the distance I go when on the treadmill. I just pay attention to the time and thats it. Maybe I ought to pay attention to it all.

Judy--That's too cute!! I would have laughed too. Glad she has a good sense of humor and was able to chuckle over it too.

Ok ladies...I have some cleaning up around the house to do before James arrives. So I better get moving. You all take care and I may check in later.

08-22-2005, 06:02 PM
Sorry it has been a while since I posted.

This past Saturday was a day from **** you can say. We ended up getting into an accident on the way to our nieces birthday party and hit the median wall. We are all okay, I have an appointment with my doctor on Wednesday so I am sure it will come up. Little man is doing good, he is kicking, but he isn't kicking as often, so I will mention that to her. I just think he is sleeping more, but I am sure I won't be relieved completely until Wednesday.

Other then that, we had an awesome weekend!

Yesterday we went and checked out the new Maternity floor at the hospital where little man will be delivered at. For a small hospital, they have a total of 13 LDRP suites. The rooms are HUGE. The whole floor is nice! The window seats for the dads are big as well. I was very impressed with how everything turned out.

Cristi~ Thanks for the card. I got it the day after my birthday.

Jane and everyone~ Thanks for the birthday wishes.

08-23-2005, 01:20 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Judy - want the dog to stop flipping the water bowl over outside? Get an angel food cake pan and drive a stake down through the center hole. Works like a charm. YAY for you going to Curves, even if your buddy did have to wait for you, lol.

Katiecat - YAY for the loss! :cp: You and Tim are doing great! About rents, here in Knox Co, you can get a decent 1 BR apt in a nice neighborhood starting at about $300 a month. Our salaries probably aren't as high as those in CA, though.

Susan - I think it's great that you spent time with the older girls w/o Gaby. Probably was good for all 4 of you. Doesn't Mike have to notify you of any address changes? What a doofus!

Marti - I've been feeling sad, too, (see why below) so let's go shopping together. :D

Cristi - YAY for 1 pound down! I try to not think much about ultimate weight goals. My goal was really too high, and then I didn't even make it to that. But I feel so much better than I did, so I guess that's ok. I mix my own music, too, taking certain songs from all my CDs and some from Kazaa. And I've also listened to books on CD while walking. But my favorite way to walk the treadmill is with something really good on the TV - usually a show I've recorded or a recorded movie or series that I only watch while walking. At the Y I'm at the mercy of whatever is on the TV, and so I take my discman just in case.

Mindee - thank goodness you're all ok!! Maybe your little fella is moving less because there's less room. As long as he's been moving at all, I just know he's fine, so don't worry, ok?

Donna - if you're reading this, you found the right place. :)

Well, we went ahead and moved Sunday. It was kind of spur of the moment because I had a meltdown. Some of my things were there, and some were here, and I couldn't take it. Now that we are here, I wonder what in the name of God I was thinking to agree to move here in the first place. :( No matter where I look, my eyes rest on something that needs fixed. I Mean Everything. The walls are lumpy, the floors are wavy, and the whole place smells like moldy wood. Our first order of business is that we've got a foundation expert coming Sept. 1st to tell us if we can get the house level again. It is all overwhelming to me, and I'm not sure how I'm going to get through all this.

Thanks for listening. You guys are the best.

08-23-2005, 03:46 PM
I kow but it was still hard to not have Gaby. Just guilty that she is always in day care and when I can have her I am dumping her off on the sitter yet
Poor Gaby. Though she did an arts & crafts thing that day so she had fun.

Yes, he is suppose to let me know when he moves. I chatted with CS and they said they had chatted with him last Friday. He said he was homeless and I guess his mail can be sent general delivery.
They reinstated his drivers license because he said he had a job *roll eyes*

better go!!

08-23-2005, 05:23 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

Man I am pooped. Jason and I had a mother/son day today and while I enjoyed it very much, my feet are hurting. He asked me if I could count that as my mile. Told him no because I don't really know if it was actually a mile we walked even though it seemed like a lot more. So haven't done my walk today yet. My plan is after dinner. I want to go to the park and if the weather is fine I will. We have had soooo much rain. main goal for the day was to find something fall'ish for the front door so we went to Hobby Lobby. Didn't really see what I was wanting but man are they ready for Christmas! Don't want to think about that now. Also, went to Target, Michaels and then ended up at the mall. Didn't really need anything there. Jason wanted to get some cologne at Dillards. So while there I went ahead and got some candles and a bottle of lotion. And then we had a nice lunch at Olive Garden. I kind of balked at the very small serving of lasagne but was glad for it. It was just the right amount after all and for skipping breakfast (not on purpose, just got busy early) I didn't overdo it. I was afraid I would since I was starving. Didn't even finish my plate so that was good. Had to take him to drop off his key at the mechanics his car died on him last night on his way home and Vince had to tow him to the place. Busy day and now I am ready to relax a little before I have to cook dinner and then go for my walk.

Marti~I'm not sure what most do a mile in but I usually do a 15 minute mile. I used to only pay attention to the time and not the distance also a while back. I figured regardless of how far I walked, if I did 30-45 mns. of brisk walking it had to be good. But I seeme to have switched things around and now I pay attention to both, distance first and then time second. I was looking at compilations at Target for some upbeat music but still haven't found what I want. Think I will just have to make my own, just didn't want to have to go through all the CD's.

Jane~I know what ya mean. There's nothing wrong with our house, just trying to fix it the way we want it but man I swear it seems so overwhelming at times. It's like, when is this all going to be over!! :crazy: You just gotta try to think of the end result, and how pretty it will all be when it is done and you guys can sit back and enjoy it. And when you get too overwhelmed, just get away...either go somewhere for a few hours to relax, or grab a good book and listen to some soothing music while soaking in the tub. That always takes me away. Or I go in the back yard and swing-don't know why that is so relaxing to me but I love that swing.

Mindee~so glad you all are fine and no one got hurt. Of course had it been me I would already been to the doc. I so worry about everything. I wouldn't worry about the baby not moving so much. Mine were funny because #1 moved a little once in a while and at all times of the day. #2 I swear I thought was dead because I swear he hardly ever moved but everytime I went to the doc everything was fine. #3, she was a mover but not during the day. Every night when I went to bed was when she would wake up! Felt like she was turning cartwheels in my belly-I would lay there and laugh at all the action. She kicked so hard one night DH thought I hit him in the back-couldn't convince him it was her. :lol: Of course at the time I didn't know she was a she. Back then I never wanted to know what I was having, loved the element of surprise.

Susan~I know we say you shouldn't feel guilty but I think we mothers tend to feel guilty a lot. Gaby probably enjoys day care so much. I put mine in when they were that age because I felt they needed to be around kids their own age. We didn't have any kids in the neighborhood even close to their age that they could play with. I thought they needed that interaction. And they enjoyed it. I know some days they didn't want to go and I took them anyway and then had this big guilt trip. But then when I picked them up, they were fine-had a great time. So try not to feel so guilty, Gaby loves you no matter what and always will.

Guess I should be going, Jeopardy is about to come on and I don't want to miss it. This is the time I relax 'till I cook dinner at a little after 5.

Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care ladies and I hope you are having a great day.

08-23-2005, 07:29 PM
Hello Ladies--

James just left a few minutes ago and I can still smell him! :love: Love the cologne he wears!! "Joop" anyone elses hubby wear it??

Mindee--Glad to hear that you're ok. Must have been scarey! How did the accident happen??

Jane--Aww...I'm sorry you're feeling so sad. It does sound overwhelming w/all the work you have to do to the house. You know we're all here for you when you need a shoulder to lean on. And as Cristi said...when it all gets too much for you, go somewhere to relax. Take a mini vacation if you can. Sending you hugs!

Susan--I know (as we all do I'm sure!) all about feeling guilty when it comes to being a mom. It's hard and sometimes that guilt just takes over. There have been things going on here that just has me feeling all torn up inside and heartbroken! Jhanai is always a happy girl when she's w/me, but I still feel guilty about things. Just a mothers way.

Cristi--Make sure you take it easy if your feet are still hurting after dinner. Don't want to ache even more. You probably could have counted all your walking, but it's understandable that you want to follow what you've been doing. I'm very proud of you!

I'm so VERY tired today. I could NOT get to sleep once I got into bed. I tossed and turned and finally I just laid there waiting for sleep to take me to dreamland so I wouldn't wake James up w/all my tossing. I have no idea what time I finally dozed off, just know that the sun was already out. Then I got up at 9:30. Crazy I tell you!

Well, I'm going to go work on my page. Yep, I've finally started working on scrapbooking again. Found some adorable photos of Jhanai that I wanted to work with. She's so cute! Just makes me smile when I look at her.

Talk to you later!

08-23-2005, 07:32 PM
hello ladies.....

thanks for the nice words.

Jane~ He is moving, but I think you are right. He is just getting cramped in there that he is running out of room. I have been feeling more at ease now that he is moving, I just wish it was like before, but hey movement is movement, I will take it any way I can get it.

Cristi~ I was worrying at first because he hadn't moved. But then I felt more at ease when he did kick me. Granted it was soft and not as frequent as before. He is picking up more pace, but still will mention it to my doctor.

I am sure that I will post how my appointment goes when I get a chance to come back on here.

08-23-2005, 09:38 PM
Warm thoughts to you Mindee :)

Jane - You know what I would do?? Pick your favorite room to spend time in and fix that room up first. That way you can retreat when things become just too much. It will be lovely when it is all completed.
I think if we take things in small steps instead of looking at the whole picture it can be overwhelming. Kind of like weight - you didn't start off thinking 85 pounds was impossible did you???

Answer me!! lol

No, you focused on the first 5 and went from there (see , how I am answering for you??? :))

Anyway, I feel like Dr Phil - how did I get so wise -lol


HUGS Marti. The girls have spent more time with me since I moved closer. I didn't realize how much they missed me. It is just hard with Gaby because I feel like her only parent. We spent time in bed this morning laughing. HATE dropping her off and leaving her for the day but I want her to have a good life.So, off to work I go.

Trying to end it with Rocky. It would be for the best. I don't have time for a relationship and besides he won't move here. I think a year is long enough to invest in all this....besides I really need to focus on the job for the next year.

THANKS Cristi for the cards :) Always on top of things :)

better get back to work!

08-23-2005, 11:37 PM
Jane: Yes, I found you! Sorry you're having a difficult time with your house.

I'll chime in more later when I have read some more of your past chats ...

08-24-2005, 12:07 AM
Hello JL's. Not feeling real good here lately with an earache and some other ills. I will try to check in again soon. Hopefully things will get better quickly. Tomorrow is my mammogram..ugh!

08-24-2005, 12:09 AM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - glad you had such a good day with Jason. Have you gotten any letters yet from your soldier?

Marti - hey, be sure and share the scrapbook pages with us. Are you going to do some of your San Fransisco vacation? You had some really cool pictures to work with.

Mindee - so when's your next apt? Are you the one who's going every week now?

Susan - I'm not sure which room I'd say is my favorite, but I think I'll have them start on the bedroom and master bath. That's after the house is straightened out, and new windows, siding and a roof is on.

Donna - welcome!! So glad you found the right place. Be sure and read our bios, ok, and you'll learn a lot about us. We'll be glad to have you as a Jaded Lady, too.

I got a lot more work done to the house, as far a moving in, I mean. The closet is all organized and looks so good. I'm worn out though, lol. The only thing left to do is hang curtains in our bedroom and fix the den decent enough to use for now. Soooo glad we did the kitchen beforehand!!

Tomorrow the phone company is going to switch Mary's and my phone lines, and the Dish Network guy will be here. Hope he's got it done before The Young and the Restless come on, lol.


08-24-2005, 12:15 AM
Sue - we were posting about the same time. :) Last time I had a pap, while it was going on, I told my doc "For all this, you should have bought my dinner first." LOL Thing is, my doc is a woman, and she still thought that was funny.

08-24-2005, 03:10 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just jumping in for a quick minute to say HI! I haven't had time to read any oof your posts as I am up to my (_|_) in alligators at work and at home. Very busy time of year. Anyway, I just wanted to post a couple of pics of me and the family.

The pics are pretty recent, but some wouldn't fit. The rest of them are on my photobucket site.

08-24-2005, 04:58 PM
Hiya ladies~

What a day! I swear if DS doesn't get his car back I am going to go crazy! :crazy: Dropped him off at WSU this morning and it wasn't so bad. But picking him up...OMG!!! Too many people in that place walking and driving. Glad I don't have to deal with that on a daily basis. I think Wichitans are the WORST drivers ever! It's a pretty big college and I feel for the kid. He showed me where he had to park one day and where he had to walk to, jeez. Anyway, his car should be done at 3:30 today. It was the alternator and a belt so he should be good for a while again. Also, did the Wal-mart thing, it wasn't so bad. Of course I haven't had time to get a walk in and won't be able to now thanks to Ernie dog. The little stinker does not like people and the UPS guy came to the door. It is tricky trying to get out the door without him getting out and the stinking screen (storm) door slammed on my ankle, and boy did it hurt!! OUCH! Still hurts and I can't get a shoe on. Normally, I won't answer the door and the UPS guy just leaves most things but this needed a signature. I so wish I would have gotten up at 6:30 now. I like to do it in the morning if possible so it's done and out of the way. But for some reason I could not sleep-been like that since Josh left, just missing him and worried, even though I know he will be and his fine. But the last two nights we have had bad thunderstorms and that has kept me awake so I ended up sleeping in till 8:30 and then as soon as I was out of the shower Jason was ready to go and I have been running ever since.

Marti~I probably could have counted the walk and then did a short walk on the treadmill to make a mile. She says that the normal person usally gets a little over 3000 steps in a day and then add one-mile which is 2000, we should aim for at least 6000 steps a day. The ultimate would be 10,000 but anywhere between the 6 & 10 is good. I was disappointed because Monday I wore the pedometer 'til about 3:30 and was only up to 4689, but I guess that was better than nothing at all. Anyway, yes, please share your pages with us-you do such a great job on the I enjoy seeing them. Oh, DS-Jason wears Joop and I swear every time we went somewhere some girl was saying something about how good it smells, which it does. So you might want to keep an eye on James when he is wearing it! LOL-JK

Jane~it sounds like you guys have things planned to get done fairly quick. Hope you have gotten some rest from all the moving and organizing. I did get a letter from Josh, Monday, thank goodness. I was wondering if I ever would. He didn't have an address for me to write to him yet. They put them in holding or reception, can't remember what he called it and wasn't sure when exactly they would start basic. This was last Friday that he wrote the letter, so I am hoping by now he is where he needs to be and has been working out. He said they were just sitting and standing around for hours at a time and they wouldn't let them work out. I'm thinking it's some kind of test, not sure. Just wouldn't know why else they would be standing and sitting for so many hours a day. He is supposed to write again this week and let me know what's up and where I can write. I just hate not having any contact with him.

Mindee~glad the baby is fine, and yes, do let us know how the appointment went. He'll be here before ya know it. :)

Karla~how's Rachel doing? Is there a new baby yet?

Susan~totally understand about breaking it off with Rocky. You shouldn't have to move to where he is and leave your girls. It would be so much easier for him to pick up with Kris and move. I am sure he could find work in OR. Didn't realize it had been a year already.

Sue~hope you are feeling better. :grouphug:

A big WELCOME to you Donna!! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Anita~great pics! I keep saying I am going to post some and do plan to. Just haven't gone back to yahoo to try and upload a few more. Last I was there it wasn't working and I thought about going to photo bucket so may do that after all. Anyway, Joycelyn is getting so big, and cute as ever!

And a big HI to everyone else!

With all the running around this morning I haven't had much time to get too much done so trying to get some laundry done. Thank goodness I only have 2 1/2 loads. I do my clothes on a gentle cycle and hang some of the shirts to dry. I did however attempt to give Ernie a haircut-poor dog. I took a pic to show you all. He has the light brown, grey and black coloring and when it is short and messed up like it is he looks all spotted. I didn't finish though...I do it on the deck so it just blows in the yard and it started raining and I got a little too close to his privates and he didn't like it so that was it for then. LOL So gave him a bath and that will have to do for now. Will try to finish tomorrow if he will let me-Josh always did it and he was still for him. Just have to let it grow out 'til Josh comes home! LOL Okay, ladies, need to get going and do a couple of things before Jeopardy. Hopefully I get to see it. When the weather gets bad we lose our signal and the tv (dish) is in and out, it was the same with the cable so...

Take care ladies and I hope you all are having a wonderful day! :flow2:

08-24-2005, 09:29 PM
It would have been a year in September, Cristi. It would be a huge relief just to go back to being friends. This thinking we have a future takes too much of my time and he likes to call 3/4 times a day.
I don't have time! Usually he does the same ole same ole - laid I am zooming around , exhausted. Two different worlds.

My first room would be the bedroom too Jane.

I better go. Waaaaaaay too much going on.

chat later

08-24-2005, 10:52 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Anita - thank you so much for sharing the photos! They are so good! Your little one is a darling, and you're a pretty lady. Especially love your long blond hair.

Cristi - sorry about your ankle! Is it feeling any better? Did you get anything good from UPS? Out here in the boonies, I always love to see the UPS truck pull in the drive. Usually with something I forgot I ordered, lol.

Susan - yep, a really nice bedroom with a master bath should be first. I can always go there to hide when the rest of it gets to be too much, right? Sounds like you've got your mind made up about Rocky. How will he take the news?

Well, the satellite guy made it in time for me to watch my soap, lol. And the phones got switched. But they programmed my main number on both of my lines when they should have programmed the computer number on the second line. The rep I talked to a little while ago promised they'll fix it tomorrow. Between 8AM and 7PM. Gee, couldn't they narrow it down a little??? :dizzy:

The twins' puppy Jazzy got hit by a car and they are taking it so hard! Especially Makenzie (JJ). She has sobbed her little heart out and even asked Mary to call Jesus and ask him if he'd let Jazzy come back. Too sad!!!

Hope you've had a good day, and I'll catch you tomorrow.

08-25-2005, 12:39 AM
Probably very mellow and he will be sad. Guessing. Not sure how others are going to react. Kind of nowhere to go with the relationship if we don't see eye to eye on some basic things, like where we are going to live. :)
Hawaii is beautiful - I would never live there though. Oregon is where my heart is......

better get ............again. Doing laundry and my first site managers meeting is in the morning - oh joy :)

08-25-2005, 02:02 AM
Hello..Yes, I am feeling a little better tonight. My ears still hurt and I don't think the meds are working. I guess I will stay on them and go back to the Dr. when the pills are gone.
I walked twice again today, even though it really wiped me out. Came in and took a nap both times. :)
Sounds like everyone has been so busy. Makes me feel like I am being lazy!

Susan- I am sorry to hear about you and Rocky. With all the good things happening for you lately I can't help but think something else is right around the corner. My DD did the internet dating, met 3 or 4 guys and even had one or two she dated several times. When she got tired of trying to find "the one" she met HIM at her friend's restaurant. The bonus is he is local.

Jane- I have always thought I would like to fix up an older house. I know you are going to have fun..really..even if it is exhausting.

Cristi- I hope your foot gets better quickly. Can't really do much walking if you hurt. I grin every time I read that you are going to watch Jeopardy. I am a big fan too.

Anita- Great pictures. You and your daughter are beautiful. What's this about alligators?

Donna- Welcome. Come in and join the fun!

Everyone....Talk to you all next time. I just found out it is midnight. Time flies when you are having fun. (and I have to be up walking by 6:30.)

08-25-2005, 12:45 PM
Good morning ladies!

I am dragging has to be this weather and the fact that the last three nights we have had bad thunderstorms and I keep waking up at 3 am only to toss and turn. Our back yard has standing water, the fence is literally sitting in the water. Didn't think it would ever quit and it was coming down hard. Supposed to get even more today and tomorrow. Seems there never really is a medium is there? First it is too dry and hot and we want cool and rain and then we get the rain and it rains and rains and rains! Makes you wonder what this winter is going to be like. I guess it could be worse...

Jane~ankle, actually the back of my heel, not sure why I said ankle. It has a big ugly bruise across it but it is actually much better so I can get a walk in, yay! I am so sorry to hear about the twins' puppy. That is so sad, lots of(((((HUGS))))) to them. Don't ya just hate dealing with the phone co.? I swear everytime we have had to deal with them (SBC) they make things worse. Didn't get anything good from UPS-I wish...just a DVD player that was free when we signed up with Direct tv. We don't need one and that's not the reason we signed up (cheaper than cable) so don't know what we'll do with it, maybe give it to DD. I hope you plan on sharing pics with us of what you guys do to the house, I just know it is going to be beautiful!

Susan~you know in your heart what you have to do, and if the relationship is working or not. And hey, like Sue said, there is probably something new around the corner for you. When you least expect it is when it will happen. :)

Sue~glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Can I ask what is wrong with your ears? I ask because DD has gone to the doc twice for her ears and ther first time the doc told her to take some Dimetap at night. She flushed them out with water but didn't see any infection. That didn't help and she went back Monday and this time was given some nasal spray and allegra. She said sometimes if you are having sinus problems it effects the ear. She is stumped as to what to do because she can't see anything wrong with her ears but they are hurting her. Anyway, WTG for getting your walk in!

Hi to everyone else :wave:

I am getting ready to do my walk and then run to Penneys to pick up the fall catalog, then off to the show. Going to go see Wedding Crashers. DS and his GF went to see it and he said it was boring, but then his taste in movies is a little different than mine so it might actually be decent. I need to get back home and get some cards ready to be mailed, I am falling behind on my card sending. Oh, almost forgot...decided to go ahead and share the pics after all, rather than try and move everything to photo bucket. So when I get the newer ones added there I will share them. There's only two new ones of me in the one album and you can't really see how my hair is cut. Doesn't really matter though...I am going to go get it cut again in a couple of weeks, same cut, just shorter. This length is really bothering me. So take a gander if you like.

Have a good day ladies :wave:

08-25-2005, 04:55 PM

Cristi--Enjoyed your photos! I looked at the fence live in a beautiful area!! Gorgeous house. Nice patio! And the photos of you are beautiful too. I liked your hair. Looks very pretty. But I understand about wanting it cut to make you feel better. I just had my sister cut my hair a week ago....about 5in off. It's still long though! thanks for sharing your pictures.

Sue--Even when you're not feeling well you still manage to get in your walks. You're doing a fabulous job!! So very proud of you!

Anita--You too have beautiful pictures!! Joycelyn is getting so big. She is such a cutie!! She got those cheeks that you just want to smother with kisses!!!! me curious, is "up to my (_|_) in alligators" a saying in your area or do you really work w/alligators?? :lol:

Jane-- I'm w/Cristi here, please send those DGD's a huge hug. ((((hugs)))) Their poor puppy!! Glad to hear that the satellite man came before your soaps!! :D

Hello to all I missed!!

I need to get going. Much cleaning to do before work!

Oh before I forget..............


08-25-2005, 06:09 PM
Hi ladies,

Susan - my heart is in Indiana. But I'd sure love to visit Hawaii. :D

Sue - I don't think you're lazy at all! Look at all the walking you're getting in!

Cristi - Katie and her friends saw The Wedding Crashers and she really liked it. Maybe it's a chick flick? She didn't say whether the guys liked it or not. Thanks for sharing the photos! You're a pretty gal, Cristi. Not sure if I mentioned I got my hair layered again. Now I don't have much of a part, so the gray doesn't show as fast, lol. What kind of style are you going for?

Marti - did you get your cleaning done? Never ends, does it?

Cristi and Marti - thank you so much for the Hugs for my DGDs. :) They're doing better about it today, Mary said.

Katy - hope you and yours are having lots of fun on vacation.

Well, I got the back porch all cleaned off, and set up the lawn chairs. The porch is enclosed, with windows that open to the yard, so I've got a nice breeze coming through. The phone company got the lines in, but now, according to the recorded message they left, I think they gave me all the bells and whistles on my computer line, which I don't need or want. So I'll have to call them back and get that straighted out now. Geez-o-pete!!

I've had a really good day. How's yours been?

08-25-2005, 06:22 PM
Back again for just a few minutes.

Thanks ladies!

Loved the Wedding Crashers, thought it was funny! :lol: What's crazy is...I think there are people out there who really do that. And the funeral...that is just wrong but I have known a couple of people who have met at a funeral.

Jane~just going for the same layered look now, but just shorter. Yay, for getting the back porch cleaned! :cp:

Marti~jeez, 5 inches! Do you have any hair left girly? Last picture I saw of you looked like your hair was short, it must grow really fast. I would love to have the thick, curly hair you have though. I miss seeing your smiling face in your avatar. You too Jane!

Anyway, should get going. Got back in time for Jeopardy only to find directv having technical difficulties so missed it. :( Speaking of which, Sue, I do enjoy watching the show, one of my favs! I always try to be home for it or done with things around the house. Gotta go...have a good one ladies! :wave:

08-25-2005, 06:55 PM
well, my doctor's appointment went great. His heart rate is in the 150's and he is doing great. My fundal height is measuring 32 1/2cms, and since I am 32 weeks today, that seems right on track.

Oh yeah, my doctor told me that I have only gained 5lbs this whole pregnancy. I think their scale is off.....LOL. Although I did have all that extra weight left over from Brandon, so it is all good.

Brandon also got his second hair cut today. He looks so cute, I will have to take some pictures with our non-digital camera. Granted it helped mommy holding/feeding him smarties while he sat on the booster seat. Then when he was all done he got to have a sucker.

Jane~ Nope, right now I still go every two weeks. I am not sure when I will be switched to the every week, but I am sure that it will be at my next appointment or the one after that.

08-25-2005, 07:59 PM
Hawaii is very beautiful Jane- kind of a tropical paradise.....hahaha. I enjoyed the adventure back in Nov but I missed my kids something terrible. When I stepped out of the MAX train after I landed in Portland the air just was so refreashing - cool. I missed that.
I think Rocky liked it here too but taking him out of Hawaii would be odd for him. He just feels like at 50 - who would hire him?

I am 154. I totally feel so fat lately. I have no clothes that I like to wear. I am going to buy some shoes/nylons and maybe a blouse before me job starts next Wednesday.........omg- getting excited now :)

The residents had cake for me and my boss gave me a card w/ flowers. Also someone gave me a wind chime - it was so nice. My boss is the greatest, I am going to miss him & the residents too.

Welcome Donna :)

I finally made Gaby a medical appt for her speech- excited about that also......

better get :)

08-25-2005, 08:12 PM
I'm back for a few....

Jane--Yep, got my cleaning done and made sure I got myself a workout while doing it! My floors should be clean enough to eat off of!! (eww....I don't think so, w/two little mugglies running on them all the time! :lol: )

Cristi--Unfortunately my hair does grow fast. It's hard when it gets too long and I just can't do anything w/it! My hair is just below my shoulders now and really layered. Almost looks like it's at the stage when you're trying to grow out the layers! :D

Mindee--Jhanai loved getting her hair cut when she was little so we never had to feed her candy or anything to keep her still. My neice is the same way. She saw that I was getting my hair done and when I was finished, she plopped herself on the seat and told my sister "me now mama!" :) It was too cute.

Susan--It has to be hard on the both of you w/the choice of who to move and why. You have your girls and he has his son. You both want the best for your kids.
How sweet of your coworkers to bring in a cake!! You deserve it and good luck on the new job.

Ok ladies...must finish doing my hair and then get ready for work.

You all have a great day! Tomorrow is Friday and I took Monday off so it means an extra long weekend again!!

da fat n da furious
08-25-2005, 09:47 PM
gawd help me I hate Telus! I called them 2 weeks ago to cancel my connection with them cause we are wanting 2 computers hooked up. And with them for what ever reason we can't...even with a rotar (sp) anyways the guy got rude and told me to buy telus hardwware told him no that i had bought one that is compatible with theirs ro should be...he cut our connection off the next day,,,
have not been on the internet for over a week...going through withdrawls.
So anyways let you know all is well,,,just not able to read anything,,,will send my work email to a couple of you (pm) so we can keep the connection.
Leave for Disneyland Saturday,,,2 more sleeps!
anyways better run...

08-26-2005, 12:40 AM
See you at Weight Loss & Chit Chat #142.....