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06-12-2001, 01:10 AM
Body for Life #6
Our Introductory Material.

Check this post for general information about :
1. Body for Life (what it is and how it works).
2. BFL links (Please let me know if you have more!) and
3. a short critique by Mrs. Jim at the end of her week 3
General Body for Life Information
Must Have: Body for Life book by Bill Phillips

BFL eating program in a nutshell (see book for more details):
six meals a day 2-3 hours apart consisting of balanced (or close to balanced) protein/carb using fist/palm method of measurement.
Recommended grams per day: divide lean body weight by 6 and that is how much carbs/protein you should have at each meal but it tends to correspond to your palm (protein) and fist (carbs). Add green veggies to 2 meals per day. Drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Because of the six meal requirement, some people find it convenient to have Meal Replacement Drinks and/or Bars on hand. This is not a requirement but a convenience.

Meal Replacement Shakes and Bars (Shakes are better IMHO). Look for good ratios of protein to carb and low sugar (Myoplex by EAS and Met Rx not anything like Slimfast

Vitamins: suggest multivitamin

Supplements: l-glutamine for faster muscle recovery and immune system (this is not required but almost standard fare on BFL)

Supplements optional: many options but few (other than creatine) that is standard fare.

Workout schedule (see book for more details): 47-60 minutes intense (using supersetting and drop sets) weight trainining 3 times a week working lower and upper body on different days.

20 minutes intense interval cardio 3 x a week (see the BFL book)

Free Day: One day a week no workout and eat any thing you please, as much as you please.

Rest: 12 weeks of program with one day of rest each week and then one week of rest between each 12 weeks.

Mental requirements: commitment and dedication

Body for life Links

(for plus women)
(for women)
(Thanks Christie!)

From BFL #3 Thread: Mrs. Jim's critique at the end of Week 3

Woo! Today's end of Week 3...
...I'm feeling great - my arms are sore (not unbearably so) from yesterday's UBWO...

For the remaining 9 weeks, I've downloaded and printed copies of the progress reports, then written down the strength training routines, with the dates on top (not the planned weight to lift though - I write that in the night before). Each week, I'll pull out the three strength training routines for that particular week and put them on my refrigerator to grab on my way to the gym each morning!

My opinion is, if you want to truly succeed at losing weight in any case - not just BFL - it requires some advance planning, reading/researching, etc. When you're considering a weight-loss/fitness plan, don't just go blindly into it. Do some reading and research. Talk to people (on line or in person) about how they've done on the plan - preferably those who have done the plan in the past, or for more than a few weeks. Ask yourself "Can I stay on this plan for X amount of weeks? Will I be able to KEEP the weight off? Can I afford to do this?"

Let's face it, BFL isn't for everyone (though I would strongly encourage all to give it a look!), just like WW or other plans don't work for everyone. It's important to find a plan you can live with for an extended period of time!

The things that appealed to me about BFL were:

*The structure of the plan - I've lifted weights in the past, but didn't have an actual routine to make them more effective. I like the way BFL's weight training is set up and timed - it's fast paced and actually enjoyable!

*Even though I'm doing less cardio than in the past (where I would typically spend 80 minutes on the EFX, followed by 5 minutes on the treadmill and 10-15 minutes lifting weights, six or seven days a week, in addition to long hilly bike rides on the weekends) I find I'm getting more out of it. My typical BFL cardio workout day consists of doing the 20 minute solution (using a HRM to monitor my intensity), THEN doing a 40-minute easy 'jog' keeping my HR low (120-140 HR) just because I enjoy it...I still do my Friday Spin class but only after my strength training and usually only stay for the first 35 minutes (primarily because of my work schedule).

*Another great thing is the FREE DAY...can't say enough about it. It's kind of exciting to plan what I'm going to be eating on Sunday! In addition, Jim and I usually go cycling or are out and about, so it's not like I'm hanging around the house pigging out...I still don't know what I want tomorrow...we did Mexican last week...maybe Italian??

Well, gotta go - my Myoplex is ready! Later...

Mrs. Jim

06-12-2001, 03:51 AM
My own page with week 11 pix (more work on it after I finish week 12)

06-12-2001, 02:54 PM
I asked some questions about a month ago about BFL, yesterday I started the first day of my challenge. I didn't officially register because I am not using EAS supplements. Right now I am using GNC Whey Protein. I am using that to supplement a couple of meals a day. I weighed and measured before starting anything. I am also taking Mega Woman Multi Vitamins. I did my upper body workout yesterday and my cardio today. I did not plan my food as well yesterday as I had hoped, but today is going much better. Drinking the water is the easy part.

I wanted to let you know that I looked at your pictures and I can see a big difference you really look good. I hope for hubby to get a picture of me tonight.

If someone could post a one of their daily meals plans and the differents things you eat.

Do you plan your meals a week in advance or do you do them the day before? I think Bill recommends the week in advance.

Any of your experiences you want to share would be totally helpful. My hubby is also doing this with me, so hopefully he will be a help not a hinderance.

blastit - also named Susan

:) :)

06-12-2001, 04:47 PM
...before I go back to work...

Blastit - did you get the "Body for Life" book? The website has a lot of info but the book is an extremely valuable reference as well. Check your library if you don't want to spend the $ on it. Or go to - though I saw some copies there for under $10.

As far as meal planning goes, during the week I pretty much eat the same thing every day anyway. Sounds boring but that's the way I like it! I have 3 Myoplex shakes a day and three small meals. Two good (cheap) places to order Myoplex is and (which also supports the Lean & Strong board). I have been paying an average of $1.20 a serving for Myoplex Lite or less - as low as $1.13/serving. Make sure you buy the 42-serving box as it is a BIG savings!! I also bought a LOT of it as many of these places have either one-rate shipping ($4.95 flat rate) or FREE shipping, so it pays to buy in bulk if you can swing it.

I've got to remember to buy a box of Jell-O Instant Sugar-Free Pudding to try the MyoPudding recipe. The pudding aisle is not one I generally go to at Safeway.

As I said before Jim will be taking my 8 week progress photos on Sunday, which I'll post at site.

Gotta run - got a meeting! Catch ya this evening.

06-12-2001, 08:29 PM
Hi Susan and Welcome!

I usually plan my meals and do any cooking I need to do on Sunday. I usually cook up a big thing of steel cut oats and measure the amt of carbs and balance it with egg beaters and some protein powder. I throw in the egg beaters and protein powder (pp is about a third and I'm going to heat it up so it needs to be soy), mix with Splenda, butter buds, cinnamon and a pinch of salt, put in a baking dish (if it's watery, it will solidify) and sprinkle with cinnamon and bake for about 45-60 minutes at 360. I call this oatmeal thingy pie and when I was on the run, it was very good to bring with me (I'm not a first thing in the morning person).

I also will add pp to fresh cooked oatmeal. It is pasty but I like it. Some people hate it.

My third breakfast is a carton of eggbeaters and 2 pieces of wheat toast dry.

Some days I start out with a shake, orange jubilee myoplex (half) with a piece of fruit or met rx vanilla (whole thing).

My second meal is usually a shake even if my first one is also.

On Sunday I usually marinade boneless chicken breasts in a fat free marinade and cook up a batch on the Foreman.

I also cook up a batch of sweet potatoes made with splenda and cinnamon.

For lunch I have chicken and fruit and a salad or chicken over a salad with fat free dressing.

For dinner I'll have turkey meatloaf or chicken with baked potato or sweet potato and a veggie.

My fifth meal is usually some combo of lunch and dinner or chicken and rice. I have tried cottage cheese and yogurt or a meal replacement bar but I am not a huge fan of those.

My last meal is a shake, usually my last half of Orange Jubilee with some fruit.

Don't know if this helps. There are many variations on this. Try foods you like. The shakes make it easier so that is why I buy them and I love them. Like MrsJim I usually eat the same thing every week. That way I know what to eat and I don't have to think about it.

If you have ?'s, let us know.

06-13-2001, 01:13 AM
Right after work today, I got a call from my five year old nephew asking me to babysit him and his sister, and I just got home...sitting back with a Root Beer Float Myoplex Lite and catchin' up on the boards...

Anyway back to meals.

Usually for dinner I'll just toss a boneless skinless chicken breast on the ol' Foreman (I've got a Champ but now I'm thinking I'd better move up to one of the larger ones!), make some brown rice and a veggie, add a bit of lime juice and pepper and I'm fine. Last night though I made my BFL Joe's Special and it was great - Jim REALLY liked it...although he had to add a few dollops of A1 Sauce - it is a bit bland if you like a lot of seasoning.

I've posted the recipe on Lean & Strong's cooking library if you want to check it out. Basically, it's lean ground beef, spinach, garlic, and Egg Beaters all mixed together - I added some sliced mushrooms as well - can't get enough of those veggies! I ate some of the leftovers today before going to my sister's house, mixed with brown and wild rice. Tres Yum!

Luckily right near my work I have several options but my current favorite is a Japanese fast-food place called Mydashi. They specialize in RICE BOWLS and you can get BROWN rice on request!!! My usual order is simmered veggies and grilled chicken with brown rice. They give you tons of rice - I usually eat 1/2 the rice since I don't need all those carbs.

Like Susanje (SJ) I still can't quite believe how I never seem to be hungry or crave anything during the week, except on Saturday night when I'm anticipating Free Day! Take care all!

06-13-2001, 10:47 AM
Ladies thanks for all the menu ideas. I have had egg white with ff ham and low fat cheese for breakfast, then a shake about 9:30, Tuna with tomato and mustard for lunch, cottage cheese with some peaches (no sugar added) for my fourth meal, chicken breast, green salad and green beans for my fifth and a shake for my sixth meal. I can honestly say I haven't been hungry! Too much eating to be hungry. Oatmeal with splenda and cinnimon sounds good, so does the sweet potato with the splenda and cinnimon I will adding those to my must try list. I will check out the website with the recipes too.

How often do you measure yourself and weigh? I am going to try not to step on the bathroom scales because I get so emotional about those numbers I just throw those eating habits to the wind and eat junk.

I don't think I shared a lot of stats, but I am 37, weigh 219 I am 5'9" tall, no health problems other than being overweight. I am married and have a four year old little girl (the light of my life). Probably more than you wanted to know ha!

I am really committed to staying on this for 12 weeks.

Thanks again for your help. You will probably being seeing me drop in here a couple time a day except for weekends.

Susan - blastit

06-13-2001, 11:13 AM
Hi Susan,

I weighed and measured myself in the beginning, week 6 and again week 10 and will the end of this week (week 12). Don't do it too often or it will become discouraging. Many times you will build muscle quicker than you will lose fat and the effect will be to feel thicker (usually around weeks 4-6) for a while but then the fat will just start to melt off. So just focus on your commitment for 12 weeks and give it a chance to happen. IT WILL HAPPEN. There is simply no way to follow BFL to the letter and not have great results. That is because BFL is the real deal. It is not only the quantity of food, but the quality of food. It is not only the working out but the intensity of the working out. It's the way to go!!!


06-13-2001, 12:29 PM
Out of sheer habit, I weigh and measure myself every Sunday morning (which is also my Free Day). Next challenge I plan to only do that once every three weeks. I just measure my hips and waist, and also have a body fat tester that I acquired recently (the Accumeasure calipers - got 'em free from When I start C2, I'm going to measure my hips, thigh, waist, upper arm, chest and keep track - but I agree the scale can drive you absolutely bananas! Best to rely on how your clothes fit - I can really tell a difference there. Take care.

06-13-2001, 03:31 PM
I've been so far off-program it's not even funny! :( I worked out today for the first time since last Thursday....yuck! I've allowed myself to get "too busy" at work, and the job is creeping into my sacred workout time.

This after slacking off because I felt too lousy to work out.

But I made a hugely important discovery in the last 2 weeks. It wasn't my thyroid. It was my diet!!! :^: I started using Weight Watchers materials this spring. The strict journaling and point counting has really helped me keep track of my eating, and the weight has FINALLY been coming off.

However, apparently I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, nutritionally speaking. In all my record keeping and counting, I somehow lost sight of the KINDS of food I was beginning to re-introduce into my diet. Bad mistake, tho an easy enough one to make.

Simply put, my bod was starving. It just doesn't take well to high-sugar, refined, high-starch foods. I already knew that...I just lost track. I stopped ALL refined, processed, high-glycemic and starchy foods...and within 2 days I felt like a completely different person!

Who'da thunk it? :dizzy:

Anyway, I "passed inspection" with my trainer today, and am back on a full workout schedule again! Yippee!!! And NO MORE JOB leaking into my workout time, either! I'll make sure of that!

06-13-2001, 11:30 PM
LIZ I was feeling exactly the same on WW and ended up having blood tests done as felt there must of been something medically wrong :?: .
I had previously cut all the 'rubbish' from my diet (was just eating tooo much of it) and just like you it all crept back in when I counted points.
I remember now thinking it was Ok to eat those things cos Id counted the points but it makes me feel lousy when it ends up being the staple of my diet :(

Well I am hanging in there but I have had the most horrible headache and nausta for the past 30hrs :( . I was fine Monday and Tuesday but yesterday I just got worse and worse and spent nearly all the day in bed. My feeling, it was the sudden cut back on the calories and especially the overload of carbs my poor system has growen used to. I am not hungry and am eating well I just think it must be the shock. I do suffer from migraines but havnt had one in quite awhile. I notice that while Ive been putting on weight and keeping constaintly stuffed they stay away :?: For this reason I am wondering if this is going to hit me every week if I do eat what I want on Sunday. What do you think ??
Glad the weighing yourself ? came up as I was wondering what you guys do. Im going to weigh in every Sunday like you MrsJim.
Im used to weighing myself every day :o
Interesting to read what you eat too, its such a change for me,Much Less fat and carbs and more protien. Ive started using Fitday too, its a great tool!!

Its now thursday afternoon 2:40 here and Im feeling much better so will get out for a walk. Im sure the fresh air will do me good.

06-14-2001, 12:29 AM
...just came back from my first (unexpected) horseback riding lesson...I just went there to check it out and the old cowboy who runs the place said, well do you want to take a lesson now?? and I said, well...okay.

He learned to ride on his family's ranch when this whole area (San Francisco Peninsula) was cattle country (pre-Silicon Valley of course) from an old vaquero. So instead of putting a saddle on the horse, I started bareback - wearing my shorts and with bare feet to boot! Actually it seems to be a GREAT way of learning how to get to know the horse's movements. Thank goodness I have cardio rather that LBWO tomorrow 'cos I know my inner thighs are gonna ache like the dickens!

Anyway, back to BFL. Bee, I just read what you said about the points thing. That same thing happened to me when I was on WW, only it was either exchanges or Fat & Fiber depending on when I was attending. You really get obessed with counting your portions - I just never seemed to be satisfied...and didn't have much success - all that weighing and measuring is just not MY BAG, BABY!! The hand/fist method of portioning is much simpler for me! I'm gonna hit the bath - take care!

06-14-2001, 10:39 AM
MrsJim - :lol: I love the new Lower Body Workout! Maybe you'll have to change your tag from "Cycle" to "horse"?? :D

Bee - So sorry to hear you're feeling poorly; hope you're doing better now! I also hope it's only "junk food hangover" (or perhaps caffeine withdrawal?). Free day for me probably won't be much more than a tasty treat or much-desired food. I've never been much for Free Day anyway - it's usually more like Free Meal! But it's simply not worth it to have to "go thru detox" and feel so lousy! Besides, my craving for those kinds of foods is WAY down - knowing how I'll feel afterwards has removed most of my interest in eating them, anyway.

blastit - I normally weigh myself every Wednesday, just as a reference point. I don't take the numbers themselves very seriously, and use weight only as a reference point and "just one more statistic" in my file! I'm paying more attention to weight as a general trend now, only because I'm no longer building signficant amounts of lean muscle tissue and weight is one of the indicators I use to measure body.

susanje - I just saw your latest website version - GO, YOU WONDERWOMAN!!!! Yahoo, girl - what fabulous changes!!!

Anybody up for a mini-challenge between now and 4th of July? :smoking: Huh? Huh?

06-14-2001, 10:58 AM
All I can say is - I ache but not nearly as much as I thought I would - my opinion is that I'm used to working those muscles through LBWO and also that I'm taking glutamine regularly - which is supposed to help in recovery. I'm using CytoVol but will probably switch to regular (cheaper) glutamine powder after I'm done with the container. I also have capsules that I bought at GNC but I think the powder works faster and more effectively for some reason??

I will probably consider changing my 'handle' as soon as Jim takes a photo of me riding - which will probably be in the next few weeks or so. Eldon (the old cowboy who runs the ranch) is great - if I work around the ranch I can get free or cheaper lessons. I'd enjoy being around the horses anyway and a super bonus is that cleaning stalls, feeding hay, etc. etc. are real calorie-chewing exercises and really build up the muscles!

MizLiz - I totally agree that SJ's pix are OUTSTANDING!!! What changes she has made - after only 11 weeks. I wish that the other people who post on the forum who are struggling on other WOE's would only take a look at her pix (as well as checking out the transformation pix on Lean & Strong's site) they would really start to consider giving BFL a real try!

My first Free Day was eat eat eat - kinda like a kid in a candy store! - but now that I'm accustomed to it, it's more like two free meals - and I don't feel compelled to stuff myself into a Thanksgiving-type coma. When I'm full, I stop. The last couple of Sundays, I didn't feel like buying a pint of Cherry Garcia like I had been doing the first Free Days. Somehow, knowing I have permission to have it, kinda takes the craving away. Weird huh?

Bee - I think MsLiz is right about the caffeine/sugar hangover. Once your bod gets used to eating more protein and less carbs (although BFL isn't a low-carb plan - I don't think you could do the intense workouts if it was - we all need carbs for energy!) you'll start feeling better and better!!!

Well, Jim is waiting to check his bank account so I gotta jam!!! Later gals!

06-14-2001, 12:30 PM
Thank you everyone about the pix. More coming soon!!!

Bee, I don't think I felt so well when I first started BFL. Now I'm just bursting with energy and good cheer. As a friend of mine says "If I felt any better, I'd have to take a pill." :lol:

I haven't given up coffee for BFL and it's not required (Bill Phillips drinks six cups a day). He says to add a glass of water for each cup of coffee so I have a cup in the morning and then half a cup in my first vanilla shake so I add 3 glasses of water (I've doubled it just to be safe). If I drink diet soda I add another glass or so but I try to avoid it. The extra water is worth it for the coffee but not for diet soda. I love BFL for many reasons but one is that I don't have to sneak coffee. I've given up every "vice" I've ever had and I don't plan to give up coffee. :D

Free Day KILLED on Monday the first few times. I went way overboard, ate too much and didn't drink any water. The key is to continue to drink a lot of water. I didn't start to modify free day until I was in week 9 or so. Now I don't try to do a marathon eating binge every Sunday. I usually have a couple of bowls of cereal in the morning and then we go to a buffet place in the afternoon and I get to taste everything. Also I've become aware of what I REALLY want this Sunday. I don't have to have EVERYTHING in one Sunday. Last week was cinnamon rolls. I really wanted Cinabon but I got Cinnamon Grands by Pillsbury and ate 3 out of the 5. Sloooooooooooooooooooooowly. and savored every bite while I read the Sunday paper.

The other thing I did to combat free day was switch my cardio to MWF. Even though it KILLS to do cardio first thing on Monday after Free Day and the fact that it's Monday, it feels GREAT to sweat that crap out first thing Monday morning.

BFLers had told me that I would calm down on Free Day of my own free will after a few Sundays and I did but I love that it's there. It has been very key to my success. The first time I read it in the book I thought, "DOES THIS SAY WHAT I THINK IT SAYS?"
Eat what you want? As much as you want? That CAN'T BE RIGHT!!!!! But it is and I love it. It's just so counter intuitive if you've been on every dopey fad diet all your life.

I also struggled with the type of food on WW. I thought the goal was to get away with as many points as I could. I constantly thought of ways to eat fat free food without giving up a lot of points. Healthy eating was not my goal. Designing junky food that could be low in points was the goal and feeling like I was "getting away" with something was a goal. I really am destructive when left to my own devices. Balanced meals? Nah. I went for the highly processed food every time.

Now I have next to no sugar in my diet and hardly any fat (good fat like Udos) and I feel GREAT.

The extra energy helps me to get to the gym and that's a good thing. Off for the LAST UBWO of my 12 weeks.
Have a good day EVERYONE!!!!


06-14-2001, 01:44 PM
Of course I'm just kidding!

I feel great myself - you put the way I feel about Free Day so eloquently...when I first read about "free day" in the book, I couldn't believe it myself. I thought it meant to have 'one' one muffin, one cinnamon roll, etc. on the Free Day. I read it again. Nope, he mentioned two Big Macs, pizza, enchiladas, etc. The theory about having a day with more calories to keep your body out of permanent starvation mode also made a LOT of sense to me...

So during the week, I find that I'm not craving stuff. I enjoy my meals immensely and seem to have FINALLY overcome that lifelong habit I've had of eating in the evening! For so many years I've held onto the notion to 'not eat 2-3 hours before bedtime' even though, with me getting off work at 5:00 and going to bed usually between 9 - 9:30 p.m. gives me like 90 minutes to have dinner theoretically. No more! I now pop a chicken breast on the George Foreman grill, make some brown rice (if I'm in a rush sometimes I use Minute Brown rice) and a veggie or maybe just an apple with my chicken if I'm not motivated to cook. Then - at 8:30 or so - I have a delicious Myoplex Lite, take a warm bath and write a few lines in my journal before turning in. None of that grazing in the refrigerator at night anymore!

I've never had much of a taste for coffee myself but was raised on diet soft drinks- so I do like to have a Diet Coke now and again - but I have been opting for water most of the time lately(actually I've been craving water). I keep a couple of bottles at my desk here at work at all times, and estimate that I drink about 48 oz during the work day; two cups before I work out in the morning; 24 oz during my workout; and two cups after my workout. I try not to drink too much H20 in the evening because I like to sleep through the night. :lol:

Hey Susan, that happened to ME on WW! Last time on Fat & Fiber. Were you on that??? It's amazing how many Baked Lays and Snackwells you can eat and stay within your fat points!!! I think that WW abandoned F&F that same year - hardly anyone at the center I was going to lost much weight on that program!! Too funny! Later...

06-14-2001, 06:41 PM
Sounds like everyone is doing great.

WW - this program worked for me for awhile, but I found myself eating things that weren't healthy, but I did account for my points, but just wasn't eating right, and my old habits just weren't going away.

We had a Quality Audit today preparing for an ISO-9000 audit coming up in July. I briefed the auditors and asked them what they wanted for lunch. They wanted pizza. So I ordered pizza, was out walking through the plant doing my audit. I took a break to eat my cottage cheese and peaches. When lunch time came and Pizza Hut showed up with pizza, I fixed my tuna, ate my apple drank some water and I was ready to go again. I told myself if I really wanted pizza I can have that on Sunday during my free day. Free day what a concept! I had to read that part a couple of times to really believe what I was reading.

I feel a little clumsey when I first start my workout, but by the end of the second set of reps I start feeling more confident. I walked on the treadmill for aerobics - I was really sweating by the time I got to that 20 minute mark. That felt good.


06-15-2001, 09:10 AM
Good Morning!

What time does everyone usually work out?
This week I have had to work out in the evenings, but hopefully next week I can workout in the mornings. Just curious.

I have my menu planned for today and tomorrow along with my upperbody workout and my aerobics. I plan to sit down Sunday and make out my menu's for the whole week along with my exercise plan.


06-15-2001, 11:12 AM
Blastit - you probably don't want to hear this - I am a total nut - I wake up most mornings at 4 a.m. and am usually at the gym by 4:30 (we only live a few blocks away). I am so used to doing this that I don't even set the alarm - I just wake up. The big challenge is to be quiet and not wake up Jim (who prefers to wake up around 6:45 a.m.).

I love going to the gym early before 5:00 - 5:30 when rush time begins!!!

06-15-2001, 11:52 AM
MrsJim-that sounds great. However, I live in a very rural area, so going to the gym is not an option, but I have just about everything I need at home. Monday I plan to start my workout at 5:00 am. That will give me plenty of time to get ready for work, get my daughter to daycare etc. Tuesdays I will probably start my workout at 4:30 cause I go in early those days. Anyway I think those early workouts are the best and statics show those who incorporate exercise early in the mornings are more likely to keep the habit. My hubby will be going on second shift July 1st, so early morning workouts will be even easier cause I will be going to bed earlier. Sometimes we watch movies, read or just talke for a couple hours after our daughter goes to bed, but when he goes to seconds I will go to be much earlier.

blastit - susan

06-15-2001, 11:59 AM
Hi Susan,

I do cardio in th am but weights later on. I have found that I can't do weights on an empty stomach. I usually have something light an hour before or a shake a couple of hours before.

I can hit 10s on cardio first thing in the morning but I'm sluggish later on if I miss it in the a.m. With weights it is the opposite, I'm sluggish if I try it first thing.

I truly believe that the best time for cardio is first thing in the morning.


06-15-2001, 07:14 PM
Hi again , and Im now feeling much much better :)
Yesterday morning I came right and now Im right on top of things.
This is my day 6 so tomorrow is my free day.
All the discusion on the subject has been great and reasuring I will go middle of the road and see how I feel next Tuesday-Wednesday.
If I get hit like a ton of brick I'll try just a meal off the wagon the next weekend.
I think I'll be fine though cos my system should be getting used to the change and not go into such a shock :lol (I hope)
Last night comming home (from seeing the movie Pearl Habour, which we thought was excellent) hubby sugested takeaways and I said no way if where having fish and chips this week were having them on Sunday so I can have some !! He says "you cant have any! your on your diet" It was soo good to say quite rightly "I can eat what I want on Sundays so dont tell me what I cant have cos I can have what ever I want" :D

I have just had to move up to a size 16 in jeans/trou :o and already they are getting loose. Ive never had anything bigger than a 14 and resisted the move until I virtually had nothing to wear. I have clothes ranging from size 10 :) - size 16 :( its a wonder anyone can recognise me on the street :rolleyes:

I got a TaeBo video to add to my others yesterday and had a go last night. Man was I pooped and sweating!!

SUSAN..I cant get to a gym either as Im in the country too and its just not an option to travel so far. I live on a 7,000 acre sheep and cattle station so theres lots of walking space or horse riding space MRS JIM and we have a few but Ive always been afraid of them :o their so big, and way up there with my feet off the ground dont try to kid me Im the boss :lol:

Ok Im off for something to eat.
Catch you later

06-15-2001, 08:44 PM
oh for the wide open spaces!!!

Used to be like that here in Silicon Valley but no more...Rooster, the cowboy who runs the little horse ranch I ride at, grew up here and told me all 'bout the olden days (up until the early 1960's) when his family owned a cattle ranch which is now East Palo Alto and they ran their cattle to market in South San Francisco, right on the land where my office now stands! Ahh.

As far as BFL - the first two weeks were a learning experience - learning what and how to eat, getting the routines down. And every four weeks, as I change routines according to the EAS Training Zone Journal, it's a new experience.

Hey, I was doing squats in the elevator to feel how strong my quads are getting - my high weight on Dumbbell Squats is now 90 pounds (45 pound DBs in each hand!) I can't wait until all that stubborn thigh cellulite goes away!!! I don't expect that to happen in the next four weeks (I'm already planning Challenge 2) but who knows, anything can happen! :lol:

I must admit the first day of Free Day was a bit like being a freed prisoner!! That big ol' voice inside me was saying IT'S NOT ON YOUR DIET!!! THIS MEXICAN FOOD WILL MAKE YOU FAT!! but I'm over that now. Eventually the word 'diet' as in deprivational attempt to lose some weight will be out of my vocabulary altogether!

It's going to be a gorgeous weekend around here and I'm looking forward to spending a few hours with the horses! Take care.

06-16-2001, 09:04 AM
Hi All! I am thinking of doing BFL, but have a few questions for any of you that can help (I have the book and have researched all of your links.) Do any of you use video tapes, such as The Firm, Cathe Friedich, of Cory Everson to do your weight training? I have used all of these over the years, and have quite a few of them. Should I do them, or the exercised that are listed in the book? I found that when I used my Firm tapes 5 times a week, that I was getting good definition (of course, along with eating right--but that is another problem right now!!!)

I am planning on starting Monday, so any insight over the weekend will help me greatly!! I have printed out all 84 pages of the exercise journal pages. Also, mine will have to be after work for week one, then I will be on vacation for 3 weeks (at home), so I will be able to do morning workouts. Right now I jog and bike in the mornings on the weekends.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

06-16-2001, 10:40 AM
I've got to run down to the ranch to feed the horses but thought I'd put in my two cents as the boards tend to get rather quiet on the weekends.

I'd definitely do the exercises as outlined in the BFL book. The Firm tapes are good but the weights (as I recall) are just too darn light - to get real results you need to increase your weight over time!

I use the EAS Training Zone to plan my workouts. They have a really cool journal feature, and after you sign in (FREE) they will have a workout planned for each day based on the exercises in BFL. and select Body For Life.

The site also has those training progress reports in acrobat format that you can print up (Rather than photocopying from the book).

I don't think it really matters WHAT cardio exercise you do as long as you hit those 9's and 10's during your workout.

Read the book over the weekend - visit some of the other websites that Susanje posts at the beginning of the thread and get ready to rock on Monday - wait till you see the results!!! Take care.

06-16-2001, 01:00 PM
Thanks, Mrs. Jim I did go to The workout they have me scheduled for uses equipment in a gym (lat pull downs, leg press machines) although I have all the necessary free weights and barbells (I have 2 of the barbells!), I don't have any of the gym machines. Is there a way on that site to substitute a different exercise?

Again, thanks for your help!!

06-16-2001, 02:32 PM
Hi Shelley,

I've used the Firm before BFL and I agree with Mrs. Jim, it is too light. BFL is about intensity training. Short but intense and good results.

You don't need to use gym equipment. If you have a good set of dumbbells and barbells with a good amount of plates, you can do everything with those.

You might want to go to the bookstore and get a book of body building like Gold's Encyclopedia or something like that. You will find dumbbell/barbell exercises for every body part without gym machines. The other place to look for exercises are:

You can pull down the workouts as MrsJim suggested and substitute the machine ones for other ones. Two exercises per body part.

With BFL it's good to change exercises every 4 weeks so have a steady stream of places for ideas for your set. Good luck and let us know when you start.


06-16-2001, 05:49 PM
Hi everybody. It sounds like you are doing great! Well, my computer is in the shop getting a new hard drive and modem mother board chip. It will take about 2 weeks so I am in withdrawals not being able to post with you guys.
I'm in my 5th week and still love it. I even joined the local YMCA that just opened near my home. This way I can use dumbbells and machines: and I can print out the workouts froms the EAS site and follow them.
Monday will be my first day at the Y, so it will take me alittle longer to do my routine as it will be a change. But I'm really excited about going.
I am sending this from work so can't stay on too long. I miss all my fav sites (fitday and L&S). And of course, I miss all of you.
Welcome, Susan!
P.S. Someone at work commented today that I look like I lost weight:D
Got the Myoplex Lo-carb bars and they are delicious!
Type to ya soon~~~Sil

06-16-2001, 10:40 PM was a busy day for me - since I'm working to pay for my riding lessons and just cos I love horses, after my cardio at the gym I showed up at the ranch at 7:30 am ready to roll!

Fed the horses, mucked out a bunch of stalls, watered the horses. If you gals are looking for a additional workout to BFL you should try taking care of horses! It's a workout. Plus the wheelbarrows of manure and wet hay had to be wheeled down the hill and dumped in the old pasture, then spread out and wheel the barrow back up the hill (repeat as necessary). HARD WORK!!! :dizzy:

The gal who works there with Eldon told me she went down THREE dress sizes in the first two months working at the ranch. She's whippet-thin and very muscular in the arms to boot!

I took a short lesson later in the day after Jim came by to check the ranch out (it was his first time there - he's going to take lessons too!) I really should NOT have taken a lesson today since my inner thighs were still aching from Wednesday's lesson. But up I went on a horse that is 1/2 draft horse - couldn't get my leg up fast enough - got too far on his rump and I am ashamed to say he bucked me off pretty quickly! OWWWW... :o which is why my butt hurts right now...

I'm going back tomorrow morning to help out a bit (Jim's also going to do some work there) then we're going out to breakfast for our regular Free Day at Stacks. Right now I'm not even hungry!! See ya ladies!

06-17-2001, 12:22 PM
Susanje-Thanks for the links and information. I plan on doing the free weights tomorrow morning (upper body). I'll let you know how it goes.

I have had Myoplex Lite in the cabinet forever, so I got the packets out and made popscicles with it. That will be my nighttime snack. I am going to check out all the links you mentioned.

Thanks for everything, and I'll continue to post daily!

06-17-2001, 09:13 PM
Hello, BFLers!
I'm a chronic, yo-yo dieter of 48 years, and think I may have FINALLY found the lifetime program for me! I'm on my free day after week three and I am absolutely ecstatic at how BFL just clicks for me. I also post on "10 pounds at a time" because I had wanted to find something for a life change instead of another diet or program and I don't think the women there believe me when I say that getting back into "clean" eating on Mondays hasn't been any sort of problem for me. I am so amazed at how I'm NOT craving anything, I don't feel deprived and already I'm disappointed if I miss a workout.

I workout with free weights at home and go into a gym at work to ride a bike for my cardio. I have 2 lab-monsters that I have to work out every morning too, so I'm up at 5 to get it all in.

My biggest challenge is getting the 6 meals in - I lost 5 the first week and 4 the second and nothing this week - and I'm sure it's because I'm not eating enough. My work is soooo busy that 12:30 rolls around before I've had my midmorning meal...and then it's 5:00 before I've had my afternoon meal. Even tho I have the Myoplex bars with me to grab. That's my big goal for this week - get all six meals in!!

Tell me your experience with supplements?? I'm hesitant because so many of them are speedy - i.e. ephedra is just the "natural" version of the drug. I have been quite sore from my workouts (but it's kind of nice to feel those muscles - even if what I'm feeling is pain!
:p ) - so do you recommend the i-glutamine? I guess I'm also leary of taking something that may give me a temporary result and would have to take forever. I'm hesitant and at the same time too lazy to do the research...I find most "research" is biased - every flaky diet program out there has some "research" to back it up!

I am registered for the official challenge, so I'm using the Myoplex, but not sure about what else I should try. Your advice would be appreciated!


06-17-2001, 11:42 PM
Welcome Cris!

The supplements I use on BFL (and they are not required, just 'nice to have') are Creatine and L-Glutamine. Both are pretty easy to find and they are NOT speedy in the least (not for me anyway). I originally was using L-Glutamine capsules from GNC (very cheap at 2 bottles for $9) but I find the powder works better for some reason...same with creatine, which I originally was using as a liquid 'serum'. Right now I'm using them in the form of BetaGen and CytoVol (from EAS) but you can just as easily find generic versions that are less expensive.

Another thing I've stopped doing as of last week is weighing myself each Sunday. Sunday is my 'free day' Yee Haw! and I was weighing & measuring myself in the morning before eating each week. Since I'm in the 'final third' of the program I'm just going to trust my 'pants-o-meter' at this point because my scale weight isn't changing a great deal - however my BODY is, and you can see that by tomorrow when I post my baseline (taken 20 April) and 8-week (taken yesterday) on Lean & Strong's board! I'll keep you all posted - I was thrilled to see the changes - I noticed today that my arms are getting quite a bit more defined as well! For Free Day today, I worked a few hours at the stables and went out with friends, had Mexican food (no margaritas though - I stuck to iced tea) and some ice cream. Now I'm craving water! Go figure! You are absolutely correct about the ease of starting Monday fresh after a free day. It feels great - and by the time you're ready to have something special it's almost Free Day again!

Later gals!

06-18-2001, 03:07 AM
Hi Cris,

I would die without glutamine!!!!

I know what you mean by BFL "clicking". I am just finishing my first challenge (I'm actually done but I haven't done pix yet) and I just love it and am planning, planning for my second challenge.

Welcome to the BFL 3FC family!!!

06-18-2001, 07:38 AM
Just finished my first upper body workout!!

I've got a couple of questions for you old BFL'ers.
1. How long does it take you to do 1 set? I think I am doing them too fast. It takes me less that 1 minute.
2. I found that on my first workout, I barely broke a sweat. Although, right now it has been over 1 hr. and my arms are definately feeling it!
3. What if you just plain can't get that last 3 reps in, no matter what? When I did my lying dumbbell extensions, my left arm stopped at 7, and wouldn't go any farther! I had to continue using only my right arm ( I will go down to 5 lbs. the next time. This time I used 8.)

Welcome Chris. I just started today! I hope I get as good results as you have!

06-18-2001, 11:35 AM
Hi Shelley,

Bill Phillips has the "mantra" for lifting in the book. I forget what it is but you say something like "Body for life" when lifting the weight and then "I am building my body for life" when lowering the weight (Lowering should always be slower than lifting). I don't have the book in front of me but that is what I used in the beginning. I wait the minute between sets and then proceed on. I've tried to make the lowering as slow as I can get it because that is where the growth is...though sometimes you need to speed it up if you're going to keep form and form is the most important thing.

I usually build a sweat when I lift (especially lower body) but not in the beginning.

Like you I use very low weights on upper body (my increase has been very gradual) and sometimes the last set is just at such a high weight I cannot get the rest of the reps out. I either lower the weight or just wait a few seconds and finish the set. If I lower the weight I try to push out more reps.

Make sure you're writing everything down so you can study it and figure out where to manipulate and/or tweak your weight plates the next time. :)

Sounds like a GREAT start!

06-18-2001, 12:09 PM
Hi everyone.

I have completed one week of BFL, I have to admit I really enjoyed it. That sounds strange comming from me. I really thought I would overeat on my free day more, but I had pizza and salad, ice cream after the movie and some chips and salsa with ice water. Then to bed early, so I could work out first thing this morning. I enjoyed the LBWO this morning. I was feeling my muscles working. I hit my 9's and 10's this morning for sure. I have my food planned for today and am ready to face the challenge of ladies getting together to work on scrapbooks tonight. I am going to resist the snacking in favor of BFL.

Anyone tried the Myoplex Bars? I bought a couple to try to day and it's almost time for my meal. Will let you know how that goes. One of the guys I work with started his challenge today. He signed up the whole nine yards.

I hope everyone has a great day.


06-18-2001, 06:39 PM
Hi Susan,

Congrats on Week One!! I spoke to a friend who completed week one also and really enjoyed it. It's very enjoyable.


I'm off my challenge and taking pix in a bit. Will be posting tomorrow or Wednesday.

I am taking the weekend to do a spa retreat in Palm Springs. My reward for being OP for six months (WW and working out 1/2 to 3/1). BFL practice 3/1-3/26 and official challenge 3/26 to now.)

BFL roolz!!! :lol:


06-18-2001, 11:19 PM
I'm not sure I understand the different threads - I hope I'm responding on the right one!

Susanje What a wonderful reward! A spa retreat...ah...I may add that to my list of someday rewards. Because this year has been my "I'm changing my life, not going on a diet" plan, my biggest goals have been around health and fitness (vs dress size - tho a smaller one would certainly be nice) I'm a birder and everytime I come home from a birding vacation I say - That's IT! I'm never going to be sore from walking in the woods again! (Granted the walking lasts for 8 hours at a time, but it's ridiculous how worn out I've been from watching birds!)

One of my big goals is to take walking vacations in Europe. Great Britain calls me first, but then I want to go to France, Italy....The list goes on and on...

Thanks Mrs. Jim and Susanje for the advice on the supplements - since I've signed up for the challenge, I may go ahead and order one of the value-packs from EAS that includes the BetaGen and get the "free" copy of the book (I've got a friend who I think would love it) and a gym bag. That way I can try out the supplements and then maybe find it somewhere else cheaper (?) Does vitaglo carry the EAS supplements? I'll have to check it out.

Congrats, Susan on your week one - you sure were better than I was on your first free day - tho I did pay for it with an upset stomach!

Hope your first day leads to a terrific first week, Shelley!

TTYL ;) Cris