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08-17-2005, 10:51 AM
Here's my day!
Breakfast was YUMMY!!!

B-light english muffin 1p
egg 2p
canadian bacon 1p
swiss 2p
butter spray zero
light OJ 1p~forgot to bring this to work :(

S-whole, natural,unsalted almonds 4p

S-Lori sweetie brought me a ff capucinno :D 3p

L-ff hot dog 1p
wheat bun 1p
ketchup,mustard and relish ZERO
baked chips 2p~didn't eat these, what was I thinking?!

S-popcorn 3p

D-lean steak 4p
southwestern hashbrowns 2p
green beans ZERO
butter spray ZERO
Fresh Beets 1p
1% Milk 2p

S-jello cake 2p

still total 29

08-17-2005, 11:51 AM
Trying to plan today after the eating binge I was on yesterday:

B-- nothing yet
Will have an english muffin w/ ff butter spray soon= 2pts

L-- baked potato= 4pts
mountain dew= 3pts

S-- Will be a special treat- we're going to the local drive-in restaurant (with car hops) for our annual summer visit. Their specialties are homemade root beer, onion rings, and foot-long coney dogs. I'm trying to keep my points low the rest of the day so I can enjoy this treat guilt-free!