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08-16-2005, 02:17 PM
1 lb Ground turkey
1 mini can tomato paste
1 small bag frozen onions
frozen Multicolored Peppers (I used half a bag)
Garlic Powder Minced or freshly chopped to taste
Worcestershire sauce To taste
Cooking spray

Spray pan with Cooking spray Break ground turkey up in pan. As it starts to brown add Onions and Peppers. (if frozen Solid let the bags defrost a bit) and garlic . Add Worcestershire To taste (I add it throughout the process) Once the meat has browned Add Tomato Paste slowly stirring to Incorporate. Finish with Salt and Pepper.
Serve over Salad Servings 4
this took a max of 20 minutes and DH loved it. Much like regular meatloaf it ROCKS the next day.