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08-15-2005, 10:42 PM
Well I need to go buy something before we go. So I will check all these out.

Karen: I is no fun not being able to exercise. It was killing me. But now Im back and happy about it :)

Gloria: Never heard of Clarks either. Sounds like you have had some Nasty weather. Its finally cooling down here. Im loving it.

Slavika: How was the first day at the Hospital?

Was a crazy day at work. Now Im gonna go watch TV as Im pooped!


08-15-2005, 10:45 PM
you know what they say Lily about those great minds.........

I will try and delete my new thread.


08-16-2005, 09:30 AM

Just went and read what you all are up to. My dh had cortisone shots in his shoulder ages ago for bursitis. I remember that he hated the shot itself.

I have to check out those different shoes. I have a pair of Clarks that I love and I have a pair of Easy Spirit boot type that I wear in winter. Right now I have a couple of pair of sandal type that I love. I got them at WalMart. They are some kind of earth shoe. Wish I could wear them all year round.

A friend and I took another friend and her dh to the airport yesterday. Their son is in Myrtle Beach on vacation with his family. He had a heart attack and he is only 34. Has 2 kids under 6. Hope they are able to get him home.

Last night there was a picnic in the park for the school faculty. It was sooooo hot I thought I would melt.

Ann you are the bike riding queen. I think that is wonderful.

Maria your dh is very valuable to the company. They need to treat him nice and let him work from home.

Slavika I am thinking of you and hope it all goes well.

Trudy that is cute story about the little angel.

Lily it is so nice to hear from more often now. I didn't know that those wineries had such good food.

Gloria that was some thunderstorm you all had.

Hi Karen.

Hope you all are having a nice day.

Karen L
08-16-2005, 12:15 PM
Peggy I think you managed to catch yus all in that last post. About the pinic in the park thing being so hot. I think I wouldn't mind hot and sweaty if it was melting FAT. how about you. Hope ypue friends DS is going to be OK Wow 34 way too young.

My Uncle that is one year younger that me just had to have heart surgery for a blocked artery. He has 2 one was 75% and the other was 50%. Was told to quit smoking and go on a diet. Last I heard form his brother he had done neither. Foolish!

Today was the de-bug man day. For those of you who don't live in Florida we need to have our houses sprayed about 4 times a year to keep away the pest. I am a big fan of the de-bug man . I am not a fan of bugs. Not a real big deal the day they show up. Just keep track of Sprout so he didn't lick any of the wet stuff up. Now that it is dry it will be ok. You know I think he is part goat. He will eat any thing he can get into his mouth! But he's cute!

Also this is my wash day . So have been running between the washer and the dryer. Grabing thing out of the dryer before they get too dry or too wrinkled. You know the drill. I do have to do some ironing but not much.

Have to go the dryer needs attention
Hi to everybody.

08-16-2005, 01:25 PM
Gloria, let me line up with you on the side of Clark's. They are my shoe. They last a long, long time. I think I have about 7 pairs and wear them to work all the time. I have a different problem. About 7 years ago I had a real problem with my right leg, all along the side. It just ached. I, of course, went to the doctor - no help, took medication that just made it bearable and stumbled on my first pair of Clark's. Must have been a problem with my alignment because, although it comes back once in awhile, mostly the pain is gone. We have them in most of the stores here. I hope your young neighbors have insurance to help them with replacing the appliances.

I will be so glad to hear from Slavika. I think the actual transplant is today. My office-mate is in Houston right now with her husband who has lung cancer. Praying for them all.

Lily, good to hear from you. Leaky sink, huh? I so understand a hubby calling for help.....constantly.

Our oldest son and his wife came over the weekend to go to a high school reunion. They had a good time. One of his friends was just diagnosed (35) with Parkinson's. I cannot believe that. 34 and 35 are still kids, they should not have serious health problems. My DS is a person who grew and matured after high school so many people didn't recognize him. He is now much better looking. They are still of the age in which they are all pretty status-oriented.

Well, all, stay cool. Karen, glad you are de-bugged for awhile. No matter where you live, you have some routine you have to follow because of Mother Nature.

08-16-2005, 09:07 PM
G'day all,

Yes Slavika and her dh have been on my mind as well and I sincerely hope everything is going to plan for them.:)

On the shoes....Clarks are quite a popular brand here as well but more for children shoes then adults.
With my feet, unfortunately NO brand of shoe allow me to walk for any lenght of time, however some are still better then others.
I have really given up on buying shoes, I have a few 'sitting' ;) pairs of shoes but the rest are for comfort and nothing else.
Some of you may remember the operations I had on my feet a few years ago, it is something I now really regret, it cured some problems but it created quite a few new ones as well :( :mad:

What is this with these young people having such serious health problems :?: Peggy and Glenda?????

KAren it is a bit of a shame that being hot and sweaty does not equate to melting fat from our bodies ;) :( :D

I have been really busy and have work on the go for 4 different customers, good in one way but I tend to lie awake thinking about the projects I have to do....3.40 am the last time I looked at the clock this morning and then dh always rings to say 'good morning' around 7.30 :tired: :tired: :tired:

Our dd is coming for a visit this weekend, I am really looking forward to that.


08-17-2005, 04:28 PM
Karen: Your Uncle is foolish. Thats the first thing he should of done. I with you if the heat melted Fat Away. I would be outside all day :)

Peggy: That is very young to have a heart attach. Hope he is ok.

Glenda: How sad about your Sons friend.

Maria: Im sure you will have fun with your Daughter this weekend.

Going shopping for shoes this weekend to see what I can find. Found most the brands you all mentioned at a Outlet store.

Thinking of you and Your DH today Slavika.

08-17-2005, 08:44 PM
I am a "Clark's Fan"... I have several pair and I really do love them. Right now, the only thing I can wear comfortably are my track shoes... they look just lovely with a skirt or dress. :lol: I am still going for physio and I see the sports doctor on Monday. Who knows what he will say? After my Monday session, my foot was so sore I tried on every pair of shoes and house slippers I own and nothing helped. Out of desperation, I tried on the track shoes I keep at home (the other pair is at the locker at my fitness facility). Lo and behold, my foot felt better. So, I wear them from morning to night and the swelling seems to be down somewhat. We attended a funeral yesterday and I changed to dress shoes in the parking lot, tried to stay off my feet for the reception that followed and as soon as I got back into the car, put the track shoes back on. I will see what the physio therapist thinks of my ankle tomorrow.
As for my dental woes.... The Periodontist said she made an error and didn't take down enough on a boney ridge.. I see her again next week to determine what will happen with that. I DO NOT want any more surgery. This nightmare doesn't end.
As for Slavika, I talked to her last night and she was really optimistic about her DH's treatment. He had the 2nd day of chemo today and tomorrow (Thur) they start the Stem Cell. I know we all hope that it goes well for them. She is leaving the house early in the morning... 6:30 am and coming home in the evening very tired. Her son is a wonderful young man and is so helpful, her whole family was at the hospital yesterday cheering up her DH and keeping is mind off his illness. Thank God for family.
Peggy that is so young to have a heart attack. I hope he recovers. Are cortisone injections painful? YIKES...
Gloria I hate those thunderstorms that go on for hours and dump so much rain. We had our share of them in July, every time it rained, it was a storm. Today we are having the first gentle rainy day and it is really nice. Everything was so dry we needed it.
Karen what kind of bugs are we talking about? One good thing about living up north is we don't get any creepy crawlers in our home.
Glenda Another young man with a horrible disease. Parkinson's is just awful. I do a lot of complaining, but I know that things could be a lot worse.
Maria Sorry to hear that you still have problems with your feet. I thought everything was better since you had the surgery. How is little Matty doing?
Lily Good luck on the shoe hunt. I shop for comfort these days too. I think that I ruined my feet with those spike heels and pointy toes and now I pay for it.
Hi Ann What are you up to these days?

Hope I didn't leave anybody out... can't remember the posts in the previous page. See you all later..

08-18-2005, 05:54 PM
Hi Everyone: I've not been doing too much out of the ordinary. I have been reading your posts but just haven't had much to say.

On the subject of shoes - Peggy, I have some of those Earth Shoes that were at Walmart. It was a first for me to be able to buy shoes anywhere but some expensive shoe store, as most shoes are too wide for me. But these were a good fit, and so I bought 3 pairs, a beige, a khaki, and a blue pair. At 12.95 a pair I got three for less than I would ordinarily have to pay for one pair. I felt very fortunate. And they are very comfortable.

Trudy: Several years ago I had a problem with my left ankle. I went from Dr. to Dr. had a cortisone shot, and wore sensible shoes, but nothing seemed to help. So finally one Dr. gave me a brace that I wore inside my shoe. It had air cushions on each side that you could inflate to the right thickness. And velcro straps to hold it in place. It was about mid-calf. Whenever I had to do any walking I wore the lovely thing. I was told there was a problem with the arch muscles, because when i walk my angles pronate in. Anyway, little by little things got better, and I rarely, if ever have to use it. And I now wear all sorts of sandals, etc. But when I walk I wear my Easy Spirit walking shoes. They have really good support. Also wear those when I ride my bike. I'm sure your Dr.s will come to the right solution for you. I know it is very frustrating to have to wear clunky shoes, but I don't like pain, so do what is necessary.

Maria: I too thought that your foot surgery had solved your problems. I know that if ones feet hurt, you hurt all over. Have any of you had the problem of when you lose weight you lose it in your feet also, and it makes it harder to find shoes that fit properly?

I'm glad to hear from Trudy that Slavika's DH is doing as well as Slavika had hoped. Family is great, and they are such support when the 'chips are down' .

We are having rumblings of distant thunder again this p.m. I went to the pool this a.m. after my walk. I get so warm after walking, even tho' we do it early, that then I just go to the pool to sort of cool off. I say sort of, because the water is so warm.

DH is having physical therapy now and I think that it is really helping him. If nothing else, it gets him out and doing something. He does seem to be walking better.

We both had appointments in different places today, at the same time, so I dropped him off and then went on to mine, and picked him up afterward. Then we went to lunch at a nice seafood restaurant in the same plaza where he has his PT. I had yummy crabcakes, and isn't it great that they are low in points. :D:

Tonight I have choir practice, so won't be able to ride my bike. That is okay, as I need a bit of a rest.

Smokey is doing well. We had her de-clawed on Tuesday, and she is now my shadow. Before this, I douldn't get her to sleep on my lap. Now whenever I get into my recliner, she is right there. Yesterday she was there all evening. So I guess she will be a lap cat after all. Have to give her two different kinds of medecine, and also she has to use special litter until her paws are healed. DH and I have a system of doing the medicine - he holds her and I put the stuff in her mouth. Boy she is tough about that :yikes: but she doesn't hold
a grudge. :lol:

Supper time now. Hi to everyone. I can't remember everyones's post, but hope all is well. Ann

08-18-2005, 11:19 PM
Hi Everybody :) :)

Great day today.........DH had his stem cell transplant today and for something that we have thought about and worried about, I have to say it was over before we knew it. It only took 5 minutes to inject the stem cells into that central line. and that was it. DH was up, and walking down the hallways........ate a big lunch and a big supper. :)
Everything went just perfect. Apparently he can still get very very sick, as his counts go down, but for right now all is well. I'll send you all an email when I am not so tired, but I just wanted to tell you my news and to thank you all so much for your emails and your prayers. Thank you. :)
I asked Trudy if she would keep you all posted......thanks Trudy, and night all.

Karen L
08-19-2005, 12:05 AM
It was good to hear from you Slavika. Have been checking the forum several times a day to see if there has been an update. Thanks to Trudy we have been kept up to date pretty good. So glad the stem cell transplant we fast. I does seem to take for ever for things we want to have happen and thenm when it happens it over before we know it. Still Have You DH in my prayers and fingers crissed that he doesn't get to sick. Slavika take care of your self too!

Haven't done much today , washed sheets and towel painted 2 of my little bird houses. Copied some pages out of a friend painting books. Played with Sprout. Just kind of a lazy day.

I do have a pair of the Earthshoes. But they are they slide on kind. Should have bought the ones with the back strap. That way my foot would be held in place. The teva's are working out great. Will have to find a store with more of a selection.

Well check in tomorrow

08-19-2005, 04:34 PM
So happy to hear that slavika! Im sure you are tierd. They do make for long days

08-19-2005, 10:45 PM
Weigh -in tomorrow. Wish me luck. I hope I have had a good week. I'll jet you know tomorrow. Ann

Karen L
08-19-2005, 11:08 PM
Ann My fingers are crossed for you :crossed: :D


08-20-2005, 02:56 PM
BooHoo- :cry: Up .6 and I'm not sure why. I do know that the last time I was within 8 lbs of my goal weight it seemed to take forever. And that is where I am now. I don't want to do the up-down routine. I just want to go slowly down. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated? Ann

Karen L
08-20-2005, 08:25 PM
Ann I'm a great one to talk, but are you getting 5 fruit& veggie or more than 5. When we get close to goal every calorie counts. Also do you get in the 3 milks every day. The other thing to do is ride one more mile( I know that is asking a lot) or take an extra walk at least 3 times a week. These are the things that seemed to help my members be successful. Also shake up your eating. Try a new recipe or reverse you meals more for breakfast and lunch and very light but filling supper. When you asked that question my training kicked in and the leader in me came out. Hope some of this helps.
Are we still on for Tuesday lunch??

08-20-2005, 09:52 PM
Karen: thanks for the advice. i will try to put it into practice. glad your training kicked in. And yes we are still on for lunch.

08-21-2005, 11:29 AM
Wow it is good to hear from Slavika that all is going well. I hope that continues.

My friends son should be coming home this weekend. I heard that he was resting at the hotel. He is a smoker and from a big family history of heart disease. His dad has had 9 heart attacks, something like 5 angiograms, a stendt and with one of the attacks he got guillian barre disease. So with that kind of history you would think that the kids wouldn't smoke-all 4 boys do. I know that is not the total cause but it would sure help. This kid needs to slow down-he has the big house, cars etc. Some things are more important like your family. His job keeps him out at night[mortgage broker].

Glenda that is so sad about the young man with Parkinsons. Wish they would discover a cure for all diseases.

Karen, bugs-yuck! We have a killer spider or two in the house every once in a while. Harmless but huge.

Got to go move my car.

It has been so hot here it like hits you in the face when you walk out the door. Unfortunately the lbs do not melt off like I want. Cafeteria work starts tomorrow-getting ready for the first day Weds. Seems like it way too early for school to start.

Karen L
08-21-2005, 02:48 PM
I forgot to tell you what kind of bugs the bug man sprays for. NASTY, NASTY COCKROACH'S AND ANTS you name they live in Florida. Also some others I don't even know the names of and don't care too just want them dead!!!! The spray takes care of them.


08-21-2005, 08:22 PM
G'day all,

A busy weekend is over...we had a lovely time with the visit of our daughter. We looked after Matilda, thank goodness dd was here, I have been so busy with my work, ds and his wife have put in an offer on a house not far from where we live and dh has gone back to Sydney this morning and we may well 'retire' by the end of this year rather then next year.
I have been offered a permanent admin job for one of the local cricket clubs, $7000 per year, and it will entail about 3 to 4 hours work per week.
With all the work I am getting it is getting a little beyond me so I will welcome the help dh can provide.
We will see what our finance bloke will say about retiring by the end of this year.

Sorry to hear Ann you were 'up' this week....it is all very frustrating.

Great to hear all is going well with Slavika and her dh.

Unbelievable Peggy that those children of your friend all smoke, makes you wonder what is needed to jolt them into reality.

Karen I am not too keen on creepy crawlies, though can cope with most other then mosquitos. :mad:

I have to fly, hi to everyone I have not mentioned......

See you tomorrow,


08-22-2005, 09:52 AM
Good Morning!

The party's over! We had a great time yesterday with almost the whole family. Everyone did their part and a SIL cooked the steak tips so I didn't even have to do that. The Ceasar Salad that DD#1 brought was just soooo good I had 2 helpings. She had Anchovies on a separate plate for those that wanted them.....me! Cam-almost 12-made chocolate dipped strawberries and they were good too! DD#3 had made a great potato salad and DD #2 brought the tomato/mozzarella/basil dish that she makes.....all was eaten or packed up to take home. Which means that I don't have too many tempting foods around. It was very warm and we were supposed to get heavy thunder storms but I put the AC on and the storms never came so the kids could play outside dispite the heat. My baby DD#3's kids have sprouted so since the last time I saw them. Her oldest (11) has been predicted to be over 6'2" which is what his father is. The next (8.5) has the longest legs on any kid I've met....looks like he will be as tall as his father if not taller. Then there is the 5 yr. old girl.....she is so petite both in height and weight that I predict she will only be 5' tall at most. My oldest (her aunt) is only 5' so it runs in the family.

Slavika: Hope all is going well with DH's Stem Cell Transplant. It must feel great to know that you are at the stage you both have worked so hard to get to.

Maggie: That is a nice offer for a job...maybe if you took it and DH were to retire you could salt away the salary for your US TOUR, Maddie must be getting into the smiles and gurgle stage and that is so much fun.

Karen: BUGS are definitly not nice. We have ants some times in the spring but are able to handle them without professional spraying. Mosquitoes are the only thing that really 'bug' me in the summer.

Peggy: That is too bad about that young man. Young people need to learn that there is more to live than possessions.....family is more important.

Ann: I am not at your stage in my weight loss but I do understand that those last few #'s are the hardest. Slow and steady does win the race.

Trudy: Another Clark's fan. They are the greatest and this year I will look for a Clark's shoe that I can wear in the winter. So far, I have only had Sandals.

Glenda: Hope all is well with you.


08-22-2005, 01:30 PM
All, this is the first week of school for our university. This morning was a total nightmare. I got to work 40 minutes late because I was driving around looking for a parking place. At $2.50/gallon that mean probably that I am working today for free. And there was a driving rain. Got to park one mile away so just all in all, had a wonderful morning, walking in the rain. Tomorrow I will be here at 6:45 when Leon goes to work. Never again will I drive and drive and drive. Wish I could have just taken off.

Gloria, it sounds like your visit with your kids over the weekend just went wonderfully. It is so nice when all the cousins can come together and bond. This is what life is all about.

Peggy, I hope the young man who had the heart attack learns about family. I just have such a hard time with people who have such obvious family histories of heart problems who even start to smoke. I used to smoke, but no one in my family had problems until they died of old age. It is such a nasty habit for everyone. My office-mate's husband is going through so much right now because of lung cancer. I am so sorry I ever did that disgusting habit.

Karen, in Oklahoma we have every bug that ever crawled. My DH spent part of the weekend putting flea and tick killer on our yard. We also have snakes. I personally have never been too close to a snake, but my kids have told me stories of finding copperhead nests.

I feel that my weight is so out of control. I have two more weekends before I can get serious and then I will. My blood pressure now is so normal. Have had some problems getting a medicine that doesn't make me sick. And last week (I don't think I told you all) had that twice yearly cancer test. It came back good. With all the sadness in our office, I know how blessed I am.

Maria, I opt for retiring as soon as possible. Sounds like you could bring in a little money for little time spent and that is a great deal.

Hope you are all doing fine. I am almost over my horrendous morning drive and walk. This is almost a classic--rainy, dreary Monday, first day of classes, no parking.

08-22-2005, 04:09 PM
Peggy: Oh My that is alot of Heart Attacks.

Karen: Bugs EEEK! Hate them. We have our house sprayed all the time to. Keeps them away.

Ann: Sorry you were up this week. It does get harder the closer you get. Karen had great advise!

Gloria: Sounds like a great Party. Fun must of be had by all!

Glenda: The gas Prices scare me. Its getting crazy. Saw a sign for Diesl at 3$ a gallon. Thought it was suppose to be the cheapest to buy. But not anymore.

Spent all weekend looking for shoes. Tried on lots of Clarks. But they dont like my feet. None of them felt comfortable. Ended up with some Teva Sandals and Ecco shoes. Love them both. Very Comfortable!

Hope all is going well with Slavika and DH.
Hi to everyone else!

08-22-2005, 07:44 PM
G'day all,

I am here quickly reading the posts and a busy day ahead but I HAD to just say in regards to petrol prices that America is sooooooo cheap compared to our petrol prices and European petrol prices.

We buy our petrol by the litre and are paying for diesel $1.30 per litre which equates to $4.92 a gallon (3.79 litres = 1 gallon) For the Mercedes we have to use the premium petrol which has been as high as $1.44 per litre ($5.45 per gallon)
I hope that will make you all feel a bit better about the prices you are paying!!

Glenda yes we are now moving towards retiring earlier and at this stage it is December 31, THIS year.
That is what I love about living where I live, I can walk to just about all the places I need to go to, I have the bus go past my door and a train service about 7 minutes walk away. I got used to catching public transport in Sydney and have started using it here on the few occassions when I cannot walk, so much less stressful and cheaper.

Lily some good shoe choices, both those brands of shoes are very expensive here but I figure I have comfortable shoes for a long time and isn't that just worth so much.

Gloria sounds you have had a very enjoyable time with your extended family. My dh never sees anyone of his extended family, he would not even know where they live :?: I have many aunts, uncles and cousins in Holland and I am still in touch with a number of them, I must say the sort of day you described would just be lovely.

Little Matilda is gorgeous and I have been looking after her quite a lot but ds and d-i-l now do have the message that I do NOT want do this on a permanent basis.
I am glad I have made this stand, ds and his wife have put in an offer on a house about 10 minutes walk from where we live. I love the thought they will be so close but do not want to be used as a permanent, convenient baby sitter.

I must fly...been here longer than I intended...hope everyone is well and happy, particularly Slavika hope it is all continuing the way it should and you will soon be making your plans for Maui.


08-22-2005, 11:54 PM
Maria: :o :fr: And here I am Complaining about 3$ :yikes:

Yes shoes were expensive. But I feel Im worth it in the long run. Getting old seems to cost more :lol:

08-23-2005, 12:28 PM
Oh, Lily, that is priceless! Yes, getting old definitely cost more. I remember when cheap shoes were fine, when doctors and medical "stuff" was almost non-existent in our budget, when glasses had no bifocals, I cleaned my face with anything, moisturized with anything handy. Now....whoa! All that has changed!

Maria, thanks for the attitude adjustment on gas prices!

08-23-2005, 08:21 PM
Today is Slavika's 31st Anniversary. My DH and I went to the hospital today to visit with them. Her DH is doing very well. He has developed some sores in his mouth, that was expected to happen. The hospital staff assure him that he isn't nearly as bad as some. His vital numbers are going down, and that is what is supposed to happen. When his immune system is depleted, the numbers will start to go up again. He looked very good and he is quite cheerful. Slavika was looking good in a very pretty pink outfit. You would never know what they are going though, they are so positive. She is spending long days with him, from early morning to evening and she comes home exhausted. They are 8 days into the transplant and hopefully he will be home before too long. This is the first time he has ever had a hospital stay and he is very anxious to go home. She has his room room looking so good with posters and cards and a flower lei on the window. I think that everybody's prayers are working, and I know how much she appreciates our little groups good wishes.

I thought that our gas prices were high... $1.09 a litre... don't know what that is in gallons. I bet Maria can figure that out for me.
We are plagued with MOSQUITOES... every summer we have the same debates on whether or not to fog. Some people come out in protests and the police have to haul them away. They don't want the fogging and will do anything to stop the trucks. The rest of us "normal people" want the fogging because no one wants to get West Nile Disease. I hate those little bugs. The city has done the wide spread fogging several times this summer.
I have to agree with getting older and shoe buying, clothes fitting, and needing more equipment to get me through the day. Now that I had that oral surgery, I have another tool to use before I go to bed. It must take me 15 minutes every night with the brushing, flossing, proxybrush, sulka brush and now I have this weird little tool I insert a toothpick into. By the time I cleanse my face, exfoliate, apply wrinkle cream, use a special lip balm, Adjust the pillow, one for my head, one for my legs and another I hang onto... (don't even ask), and take my medications, I need at least 45 minutes to get ready for bed. My DH, washes, brushes and is in bed in under 3 minutes flat.

We went to the Zoo yesterday with my DD and :angel:... that little one corrected me a couple of times. I called the leopard a tiger... she said "no Grandma it's a leopard." Then later on I saw this big black beast out of the corner of my eye and thought it was a buffalo... once again she said "no Grandma, it's a YAK"... :lol: She loved the Prairie Dogs the best. We had a great day with them. The lions had cubs and they are the cutest little things. Right now, they are all ears... huge ears on these little heads.

Talk to you all later...

Karen L
08-23-2005, 08:47 PM
Trudy thanks so much for the up date on Slavika and her DH. So glad everything is going well. Prayers are still going to them. I don't blame him for wanting to go home . Hospitals stays stink!
Trudy it always takes me for ever to get to be. By the time I get there I'm awake again.

I agree as we get older everything seems to cost more. As Glenda said. Getting older ain't for wimps!

My DH colonoscopy was good news. He can wait another 5 years for another. They are a pain. But necessary. The prep is worse than the test.

We just had a real rain storm. It crashed and boomed and rain to beat the band. But it did cool off some.

Had lunch today with Ann and her hubby. They are really nice people. We had a good time. Went to one of the buffet places in town. I think I was pretty good only had one small slice of apple pie and just a little ice cream. Both DH and I only had toast for breakfast because we know that buffet place has really good food. Down home cooking. Hope we get to do it again soon.

Gotta go got clothes in the dryer and they need to come out.


08-23-2005, 08:50 PM
hi there how do i attach my signature to a message please?

08-24-2005, 08:06 PM
Karen how cool to have lunch with Ann and her dh. I bet you all had a fun time.

Maria I guess I won't complain about the cost of gas here. My gripe is that they raise the price on the stuff they already have paid a lower price for. It will be nice to have Matty close by so you can see her when you want.

Glenda what a mess of traffic you were in plus being in the rain. They should give you reserved parking place. I hate to go near UC when classes start.

Trudy thanks for giving us the news about Slavika and her dh. I am happy that things are going as they are supposed to. I can only imagine how tired she must be. Give her a hug from me. I have a little pillow I can't sleep without.

Lily that is funny about getting older. I have to agree.

Gloria your food sounds so good. Caesar salad is one of my favorites.

It has cooled off a little here temperature wise but the big news here is the firing of UC's basketball coach. That has a lot of people hot and bothered. Today was the first day of school and I cooked. Glad that is over. Now I know how to cook hot dogs. I almost have them convinced that I don't know how to cook. Since my dh retired he does most of it but for those other 35 yrs I did. I am just not a great quantity cook and there are about 1100 kids in school.

Going to go out and enjoy the nice weather.

Karen L
08-24-2005, 08:14 PM
Peggy , That's a lot of hot dogs!

It was fun to have lunch with Ann. When I tell people about my internet friends most just roll their eyes. Can't understand how people can become friends over the net.


08-24-2005, 11:05 PM
Hi: Yes Karen- I get the same sort of looks, but we enjoyed our lunch time with you and it was just like having lunch with any friends. We have been cyber friends for so long that we don't have any problem with things to talk about. You were very good at lunch time. I made my points by being light at our suppertime.

Trudy: Thanks for the update on Slavika and her DH. A positive attitude is so important in the healing of any sickness. And I am glad that she knows that we are all covering them with prayers.

Gals - I agree that the older you get the more expensive it is. And prescriptions do not come cheap. Sometimes I am tired enough at night to forget the nightime routine, just brush my teeth and go to bed. I know the wrinkles will not go away, no matter how much cream i put on my face.

Peggy: That is a lot of hot dogs. I imagine you are tired tonight.

Hi all. The bed is calling. And I still have some chores to finish. See you tomorrow. Ann

08-24-2005, 11:46 PM
Slavika: Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! So glad DH is doing well thru this!

Tarcy: To cute about Little Angel. I have never seen a baby Cub bet they were cute. They are doing that Fogging for Mosquitoes here. There have been alot of reports for the West Niles Virius. Thanks for the Update on Slavika and her DH

Karen: Glad DH Colonospy came back with good news! Soons like you had a great lunch with Ann! I have a very good friend in Finland I met thru the Internet. I know people roll their eyes. But they just dont understand.

Peggy: Oh My thats alot of Hot Dogs! I think I would be sick of smelling them and wouldnt want to have them ever again :)

Katie: Go into your UserCP. There is a Place to add a signature in there. Its at the top of the forum.

Ann: You 2 are lucky you can get out to lunch. Im sure you had fun!


Karen L
08-25-2005, 02:57 PM
Hi all,

Just checking in to whats going on around here.

Ann remember when we talked the other day. I told you my Daughters Husband was so sick. The blood test finally confirmed he has the west nile virus. But he also has something else going on maybe the tick bite and lyme disease. So they have sent off another blood test to the Center for disease control. His fever broke yesterday after being violently sick since last week. My DD said he is better now but feels like he was hit by a truck. She said it is a good thing he is young and strong because someone older may not have survived. She was thinking of my Mom or Dad when she said that. Any way just updating Ann and letting the rest of you girls know what is going on. Will let you know how the other blood test turns out.

All use bug spray!


08-25-2005, 04:08 PM
Oh my Goodness Karen! Keep us Posted! My thoughts are with all of you!

08-25-2005, 06:18 PM
Karen I cannot believe he has West Nile. It can be just awful for some people. They say that we can have it and not know, and then others get so sick. I hope he recovers soon. It is so hard to believe that some people don't want any fogging in their neighborhoods. Lyme Disease is worrisome too, I hate wood ticks, never saw a deer tick though.

I have stopped trying to explain my cyber friendship with all of you. I now say that I correspond with friends in Australia, Florida, California, Ohio, Oklahoma and Maine. Once I mentioned 3fc and all the eyebrows went up. They just don't get it. It is especially nice when Ann and Karen can meet like Slavika and I do.... wish we could all get together, I am sure we would have a lot fun.

I talked briefly with Slavika last night. Everything is the same, the days pass slowly for them. It is hard to be patient when you want to get on with your life. Soon he will be home...

Does anyone here have a Thera-Band Exercise Ball? I have had one for years, but it had no air in it. I got my DH to blow it up using the compressor and I sit on it when I am on the computer. It is amazing how it makes my abdominal muscles work, trying to stabilize me. You can get a work out without even trying.

Talk to you later... bye bye...

08-25-2005, 09:02 PM
onto the next thread.....