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08-15-2005, 04:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood -- sunny, bright blue sky, a few puffy white clouds, NO wind, and low humidity! The air conditioner is "off" for the 3rd day in a row. I hope this weather holds until the middle of Sept. when fall arrives.

I'm spending my day putting my house back together and doing laundry. We go for months and never have overnight company, then have 3 different ones stay in 4 nights. I'm thankful for my washer and dryer!

Yesterday went well and the weather was nice at MIL's lake. The birthday girl needed a nap in the worst way but wouldn't give up. Next on the agenda is getting DH ready to leave, Thursday evening, for a week in Canada.

I start back to school tomorrow so need to get my stuff together and decide what to wear. . .something comfortable as we will be sitting in meetings all day. Same type of stuff we wade through every fall and are very capable of reading to ourselves instead of having it read to us. *sigh*

"Gma" -- That is too bad about your salad going to waste! I wish we were neighbors and you could have "shared" with us! :lol: I do think that kids today are way smarter than our kids were at the same age. I bought some puzzles quite awhile ago: numbers, the alphabet, and shapes. Ian has done the numbers and shapes for quite awhile but I just got the alphabet one out this time. The letters are in the primary colors, which he knows also. It took two times with DH "helping" him and now he can put the right letter in the right spot in nothing flat. He doesn't know all the names but he can sing the alphabet song like a champ. You are way ahead of the 'last minute rush' if you have packed most of your things already. :cp: Maybe our cooler weather will head in your direction. It is so nice here the last couple days. . .probably the lull before another heat wave rolls in.

I need to get busy! Hope you are having a marvelous Monday today!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-16-2005, 08:26 AM
Morning gals. Unfortunately, all I can report is the same sticky weather for today. I guess we may get some rain, but who knows? Over the weekend there was a big front over us and under us of rain and we didn't get a drop of it.

Jean: Don't you hate it when you get it "read" to you line by line. I used to work at a place where they would do that at meetings and it would drive me MAD! It was like, "Shut up and sit down and give us a few minutes to read and assimilate ourselves." When T was littler he was a puzzle whiz. I don't know how much he does anymore. I am sure he is way ahead of the other kids in class as far as hand eye coordination and things like that. He knows all his letters by site and colors and numbers etc, though he gets past four digit numbers and he gets a little confused. Actually, the video games have been good for that because of scoring. I am thinking about getting he and his dad motorized cars to race for Christmas. I thought they might like that to do together. They do play games together. My sil is a very good father.

I now have the house all cleaned though I am doing sheets today. I am in that time of my menopause where I go for months with nothing then have a period, etc. In the last 6 months I only had one, then last month nothing so I didn't know what to expect this month but started in the night last night so at least it will be done by the time we leave. They aren't bad though so it isn't like I have anything awful to deal with other than discomfort and nuisance. I will be glad when the whole thing is done and over with! :lol: I saw that Demi Moore is thinking about having more kids with Ashton Kutcher (who is about 15 years her junior) She is 47. Why would you want kids at that age? I mean you would be on SS when they graduate high school. I know Jack and I had our children young, but now we can enjoy ourselves without being to elderly to travel etc.

Better go and check those sheets so I can do my one a day load of laundry.

Have a great day! (We have Elvis fanatics crawling all over the city this week and they had a candlelight vigil last night through today I guess. They block off the busy Elvis Presley blvd for about 2 miles and I am sure the businesses are thrilled with that)


08-16-2005, 10:41 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
One workshop day down and 3 more to go. The only interesting tidbit from the meeting today was there are 180 kindergartners registered and only 35 of them are white! :fr: We have a Chinese student coming who speaks very little English and so far the district hasn't come up with a translator. The parents are going to manage one of the Chinese restaurants in town. We are also getting a student from Iraq but no other details on that one. It could be an interesting year.

"Gma" -- I thought we were supposed to be having cooler weather and it's "cooler" than a week ago but still hot and sticky in the afternoon. Having 600+ bodies at school next week will be a real treat. I always thought the remote control cars looked like fun. I guess because I was a girl I never got one. :( I wouldn't want to have children at 47! After a few days with Ian, I don't know how grandparents raising grandchildren do it. I know that we do what we have to do but I would sure hate to have a 2 1/2+ year old all of a sudden. He's so good but 'o so busy! :jig:

I need to switch laundry loads . . . almost forgot I had clothes in the washer from last night. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-17-2005, 07:08 AM
Morning ladies! I fell asleep early last night watching a dvd so I am rested and up and at 'em this morning. I am going to take Jack to work and do some errands today I think. I need to get by the post office and get a hold mail card and I want to get that done. I wanted to do it Sat morning, but Kelly called last night and said T was upset because we didn't come to his first soccer practice, which was Monday (she told us Sat not to come as it wasn't important) and so she gave us the times for Sat and Mon before we go. Sooooo, I need to get things done I was going to do on Sat. At least I have a nice visor to wear that I bought for Vegas! :lol: I have like 4 lists of stuff to get done before we leave. Stuff I don't want to pack now and don't want to forget, stuff I need to turn off, lock down, put away, etc, cat stuff to do and last minute stuff to do.

Jean: Good grief do they not know how to stop having children? It is so stupid in this day and age to have lots of children. How many kindergarten classes do you have, do you know? I know that T only has about 20 in his class and that makes my dd and sil happy because he can get more attention like each student can. I asked him if he likes his teacher and he said yes and told me her name is Mrs. Mitchell. She is an older lady, been teaching 25 years or so. I just wonder though, how long going to school everyday all day is going to last before he doesn't want to go anymore. I think a lot of kindergartners are like that and I think they should go back to half day everyday kindergarten to ease them into school full time. I am like you, I love to have T but they run you ragged here and there and wanting you to do this and that with them. I never thought I would be a party pooper grandma, but sometimes, I just run out of steam. I don't know how my sil's mother did it everyday and she is almost 70.

I found a few more Vegas coupons online. Don't know whether or not we will use them, but best to have them anyway. Stuff like $$ off on dinner, buy one hot dog get one free, etc. Though on the hot dogs, our hotel has a hot dog cart that sells them for 75 cents apiece and they are nice and fat with soft buns. Can't beat that. We would have them for lunch sometimes and just go to the Subway in the hotel and get chips and a drink. The bad thing is that the hotel restaurants don't do carry out so you have to eat in their restaurants. We would have liked to get sandwiches from the all night cafe and take them to our room sometimes or out to the pool, but they want to be able to charge huge amounts for their food to be room or pool serviced. They have this huge bar at the pool where you can get huge tropical drinks. I will have a drink once in a while, but I like to get the things without alcohol in them and they are just like fruit smoothies because they come mixed up in this machine and they just squirt them out over the alcohol like a slurpee! :lol: Who needs the booze? I don't even like it actually.

Well, need to get going if I am going to take Jack to work this morning. have a good day!


08-18-2005, 01:19 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Just a quick greeting before I head off to bed. I fell asleep in front of the TV this evening but I feel like I am coming down with a cold and still yawning as I sit here. Today was an interesting day at school. We had meetings on how to deal with all of the LEP students. I get so tired of the #s game and what we need to do to get them up to snuff when they don't give a darn. The special ed. teachers and IAs were to meet with the principal to set up their schedule while the special ed. consultant, who has the final say, wanted to meet with him tomorrow. He is a bit oppositionally defiant and won't go out of his way to meet with her on her terms. He likes to be in charge of his building and his staff without her input. It should be interesting. I'm not crazy about my schedule so wouldn't mind some changes.

It's humid here tonight and we've had a few sprinkles. I wish it would rain or "get off the pot!" It's supposed to be hotter tomorrow.

Gloria -- I noticed you posted on #27 but I will answer you here? ;) In Iowa, school is supposed to start during the week of Sept. 1st. However, the school districts all seem to appeal that start date and it gets earlier every year. It has to do with the athletics and getting the first football game in before the Labor Day weekend. Your summer party sounds like fun and the food yummy! :T It's nice when others bring food so you don't have to do it all.

"Gma" -- The first thing they do when they get into the U.S. is have a baby! They are all one big happy (sometimes not so happy) family and the more the merrier. :( Jason wanted to know if we will come to Ian's football games and I shudder to think about that. Jason lived, ate, and slept football from 5th grade through high school. We never missed a game and sat through heat, rain, snow, sleet, and wind, not to mention some pretty cold November games! I keep telling him that if Ian wants to do art or music instead, it would be fine with me! :rolleyes: It's fun when they are little but the competition gets pretty stiff the older they get. If the parents would just sit and be quiet, the kids could play sports for the fun of it. :yes: I remember the tropical drinks from Hawaii . . . I'm like you, forget the booze.

I am off to bed! :yawn: Hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

08-18-2005, 06:58 AM
Good morning ladies. Hope you day is going well so far.

Jean: Sounds like you have a control freak at the head of your school. Such fun that must be! :) I know that culture plays a big part in the Mexican community and their children. First off, they are Catholic and then it is what they are "supposed" to do. That is to say those that come from the old country and start here. Some of the kids that are second generation are wising up about having a brood of kids. Like I said before, in Calf where my sister lives, they might have 3 families living together in some fancy house and splitting the mortgage. They have flooded one community and brought gangs with it. That is another cultural attachment. Blacks and Whites gangs seem to hinge more on money and power and though that is true somewhat in Hispanic gangs as well, they almost join as part of their heritage. I studied this for sociology and found it fascinating and frightening actually. Our son was an artist and had no interest in playing jr high or high school sports at all. He played one year of t-ball and one of little league and that was it. It is frightening these days the number of parents that lose it over their kids performing in whatever from cheerleading to hockey, people have been murdered, hurt or attempted murder! It is ridiculous. It was bad when Jack and I got married and he managed a t-ball team and it has gotten progressively worse over the 32 years since then. There is just WAYYYYYY too much emphasis placed on getting that kid into pro sports so they can make a bazillion dollars then shoot it into their veins or snort it up their nose! It is disgusting and as long as fans continue to pay big ticket prices to watch this nonsense it will continue. No fans, no ticket revenue, no revenue, no big salaries for those whiney adult "children." I find it truly appalling what has happened to sports especially basketball, which Jack calls thugball.

I was up all night back and forth to the bathroom. I do this every once in awhile where I have to urinate every hour or so even though my body isn't flooded with water etc. It is a pain. So I am sleepy this morning and will probably get my pool workout done and my chores and catch some extra ZZZZZ's then for a couple hours. I am making beef and noodles for dinner so I have to let the beef cubes cook for quite awhile with the recipe I use so I can't stay in bed all day! :lol:

Only one week left now! I guess it is finally coming into the stretch!

Everyone have a good day


08-18-2005, 09:48 AM
Good Morning!

I can't believe that I posted on the wrong # thread.....must have been the heat....O the heat broke....can't use that excuse.

Jean: I copied and pasted here so that I feel better now I am up to date.

Faye: Great sympathy for you and your humidity. Ours broke on Sunday when we had a 2 hr. Rolling Thunder & Lightning Storm to out-do all storms. We had 5.10 of rain in that time and for a while after. Lots of flooding in town...we were lucky but the young family at the low end of our street had 2 feet of water in their basement and lost a brand new washer, dryer and TV. Just a young couple with 3 kids...I don't think they had flood insurance either. Well, you are down to almost the nitty gritty in getting ready for your vacation. You must be sooooo excited and I don't blame you. We have stayed at Bally's and Paris. I like those hotels because they are right in the middle of the Strip and it is easier to reach the other places. The Paris is so pretty and so like the real thing. Have fun!!!!!

Jean: It is almost impossible to get any real work done when there are kids under foot. I think it is easier to just put it on hold and enjoy the Gk while they are there. School can't be starting already.....or so it seems. WOW!!!!!
Nick in NC usually started back around his birthday on 8/13 but this year they have put it back so they start the last week of Aug. He was very happy about that.

We are having our Summer party this weekend...all the local kids with their kids will be here....13 in all. Going very simple this year. Shrimp & coctail sauce and chees & crackers to start. Steak tips, corn, potato salad (DD#3 will bring) Ceasar salad (DD#1 offering) tomato's, mozzarela cheese w/basil (from DD#2). We will have cake and ice cream for dessert (bought) it is DD#3's 13 Anniversary Monday.

Gloria in MA....I am in the middle of getting ready but needed to take a short break. Stay cool all!

PS: We are baby sitting the dog next door for 2 days....they have gone to Maine and Molly who is a Poodle/Bichon Frise (sp) is a doll. In our yard she has the run of the property as we are all fenced home she is only on a leash. She sleeps at home each night and spends the day with us. She is a doll and loves to 'dance' on her hind legs when you talk to her.

Faye: At the Paris we went to the wine store and picked up a bottle of wine, then to the bakery and got a loaf of bread and some cheese. We brought all to our room and ate at the table by the window over looking the pool. There was a special event going on at the pool that night and it was closed to the public. The event had Cher, Ray Charles and his 'girls' and an Elvis imitator. It was a great!!!! Try the shops at the Paris for eats to take to your room. Hope it works for you.

Gloria in MA.....on the right track, now!

08-19-2005, 07:22 AM
Morning gals! It is good to be under 7 days. DH is just a bit of a grouch now poor dear. He had to work out on the aeriation (sp) basin yesterday in the sun and it was 96 and a 107 heat index. That did NOT improve his "I need a vacation" mood! :lol: At least it is last work day, then he has Mon, Tue and only 2 hours on Wed as he took comp time instead of overtime to get off on Wed. We fly the great bird out of here at 6 AM :yawn: on Thurs.

GLoria: Thanks for the suggestions. I went to the Venetian's pastry shop last time and got this huge rolled phyllo dough thing with chocolate in it called a chocolate cigar of all things. It was really yummy. It is just nice to eat by the pool or in your room without having to get in the car and go get something or pay a huge bill for room/pool service, but at least we have a car this time. We used the shuttle last time. I think we are going to stay at Bally's next year as like you said, it is almost dead center of the strip and the rooms look very nice at a very nice price. Your party sounds just yummy and so much fun.

I prepaid parking at the airport for our car, prepaid the rental car, have the airline tickets bought, the show tickets bought and the deposit on the room. So, we just have to pay for the room then meals and fun money and that's it. I am the last of the great planners! :lol:

I have a huge list of "don't forgets" to do and all I have been able to cross off is filling out the mail hold card. I did it way back to this coming Monday as they have a habit of screwing up and this gives me time to go back over and yell at them if they deliver on Monday. Besides, we are not expecting anything earth shattering in the mail between Monday and the time we leave anyway.

I hear Jack upstairs getting dressed for work so I better get him some breakfast.

Have a great weekend!


08-20-2005, 12:33 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I'm home alone for a week as DH left about 5 this afternoon. He'll meet the rest of the group and stay overnight there before taking off for Canada early tomorrow morning. It's a 12 hour drive from where he is spending the night. He was excited to get going and has been packing for 2 weeks!

We took Ian's trike and wagon over to him yesterday after school. Also stopped to see Maddy and Kolby since we won't see them this weekend and then dropped some music off to a gal who is getting DH's high school group together to sing in the hometown church in September. It was after 10 when we got home and I went to bed.

It was miserably hot at school today. :( At the end of the day we practiced a disaster (gunman,bomb threat) exit plan which means we have to leave the building according to whichever part of the building the threat is in. We aren't supposed to walk past windows and are to go across the highway to an office building where we will gather in homeroom groups and take roll. Hopefully it will never happen but guess it is good to do a walk through just in case. We are close to the Dairy Queen so get a treat, courtesy of the principal, if we don't get "shot." I'm not ready for the kids to come on Monday as my schedule is up in the air. We had an ESL aide quit last week and we have a special ed. aide who speaks Spanish so he may be pulled to cover ESL. As it stands now, I change rooms every hour which doesn't thrill me at all. I just hope it is cooler!

"Gma" -- We have the gang wannabes here but if we see any signs of it at school they are in the office asap. We also have multiple families living in single houses. :mad: DH is on the Board of Adjustment and just went to a brainstorming meeting about the future of our town. The building inspector said there is a shortage of houses in the $150,000 range . . . . wonder who he thinks would want to move to "Little Mexico" and pay that kind of money for a house? The city council finally passed an ordinance about parking cars on the lawns. They have to have cement driveways/parking areas but the council won't enforce anything for 5 years to give them enough time to save the money to have it done. :( I think they should limit the number of people living in a house! :yes: We keep hoping that the packing plant will somehow become obsolete and too expensive to update so it would close. :jig: :dance: :cheer: There would be such a mass exodus this town wouldn't know what hit it. The hog business is declining in the immediate area but the hog trucks keep rolling in from the outlying areas.

Gloria -- Where we live, most of the older houses will get water in their basements if we have a heavy rain. In some parts of town, the sewer will back up and that is really bad! Have fun at the summer party -- the food sounds yummy! :T How come Molly doesn't get to spend the night at your house? I'll bet she would enjoy a sleepover. :lol:

I'm going to catch the news and head for bed. Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-20-2005, 08:16 AM
Morning gals! It is only 6 AM and it is already creeping to mid 80's. It is supposed to be over 100 today and we have T's soccer practice this morning. UGH! First off, there is not enough parking for the amount of teams so whomever has first practice gets a parking space and everyone else has to park down the street in the neighborhood somewhere. WE are not first anymore as Thomas has moved into the next age group so Jack may have to leave me off in the parking lot with the chairs and I hoof it to the soccer field and he goes down the street and tries to find a space for our big ole car. SIGH! The things we do for love of grandchildren. I got an e-mail from dd the other day saying they were having a PTA fundraiser (gosh, already!) and Thomas would be hitting me up to buy or he would cry! Man, it would have been nice to wait until I got back from vacation! :lol:

Jean: Hope DH has a grand time on his trip. Too bad you have to go back to school instead of having a high ole time while he is gone! :lol: The area my dd lives in has all these funny rules and one is that corner lots have to pay to have two way wheelchair access from the curb. The CITY doesn't pay to put in wheelchair ramps on the corners, dd and sil had to pay! I think that is totally unfair, but I don't live there. I live where the brats next door throw food on my deck and my dog gets it! (it happened again yesterday as he came in with a pork chop bone in his mouth happy as a clam! I blew my top and threw the darn thing back in their yard right at their back door!) I get no where going over there and giving their grandmother a piece of my mind. She isn't too happy with me because I feel they have not treated us very nicely and I see no reason to go running over to the pool and open it up for them two or three times a day so when they come to the front door and I see it is them, I ignore it! I know, it is petty and I should raise above it. The stupid woman almost let her grandson drown over the 4th. She was the one who threw an absolute fit at the beginning of the season because I made her grandkids go home because they didn't have an adult at the pool with them. She said they could all swim and would be fine (not one was over 7 years old!) and I said, that was the rules and the LAW and it was posted there was no lifeguard and no one under 14 could be in the pool without an adult who could swim! Anyway, on the 4th, he was running, which again I have haranged to them about running and jumping into the pool, and he did, slipped, hit his head on the pool edge and went straight to the bottom of the eight foot end. She couldn't swim and just froze! Everything turned out ok but he could have drowned because of her stupidity! We have a life perserver and a "hook" but she didn't try either of them. They think because I am white I am being a racist when I tell them stuff like that! It defies common sense! I just wish they would move!

I guess I better get up and get chores done as we have to be at the field by 10 and I want to get my pool workout in too before we go.

Have a good weekend ladies!

Faye :)

08-20-2005, 11:47 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Well, I've had my "me" day and tomorrow I will get something done around here! I did do a couple loads of laundry this morning, but I read the papers along with my coffee while the washer and dryer "worked." Around noon I drove to a town about 20 miles away; visited a dress shop only to realize that their prices have gone sky high since they are the only shop in the area. :( I wanted an outfit for church and there was a slack/jacket outfit that I liked but the jacket was shorter than I like and the slacks needed to be shortened so I put it back. For $125 I want something I can wear right away and that I like the way it fits. There was a cat sweatshirt that I liked but not enought to pay $65 for it! I did find a cat pin there! :) Next I visited a drug store that has half of the store filled with gift items. I've started my Christmas shopping -- educational toys for the grandkids, stationery, and a Santa with a mother cat and kittens for me! Then I was off to a small K-Mart (NO grocery items!) and bought a new vacuum. I've wanted a small tank vacuum for the basement and it just jumped into my basket as I walked down the aisle! :o I also found new bathroom rugs that are a weird shade of dark pink/rose/reddish color to match (I hope!) a flower in my shower curtain and border.

This evening I've had a couple of friends call to see if I am lonely yet. :no: DH should be at his fishing hole and settled in for the night by now. Cell phones don't work up there although I do have a email address for the office this year.

"Gma" -- I hope, by some stroke of luck, you got to park close at the soccer practice. I don't mind buying fund raising items if it is something I can use, give as a gift, or eat. ;) Our music students sell stuff all the time because they go to Florida every 4 years to compete at Orlando and then visit Disney World. Whatever each kid sells goes towards their share of their own trip cost. I'd love to go but not as a chaparone! :rolleyes: I don't blame you for being upset with your neighbors! Will your daughter check on your place while you are gone? Hopefully, they won't realize you are gone and do any damage. :crossed: The grandmother sounds like she has NO common sense! :(

Gloria -- I can't remember if your party was today or tomorrow but hope you had fun! :dance:

I'm going to catch the news and head for bed! Have a relaxing Sunday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-21-2005, 08:55 AM
Morning gals! Almost time for the pool but wanted to get in here and chat a bit first. Jack and I both got sunburned at T's soccer practice. Jack's got sunburned KNEES of all things and my shoulders got sun as I had on a sleeveless top. It was 96 when we got there so I wore shorts and sleeveless top I could care less how I looked. I didn't wear any makeup and had on a visor. I got snookered into $61 worth of "stuff." Prizes are given by items sold not by $$ sold and Thomas wants a "racing pig" whatever that is. They get a party for 10, something else for 20, a limo ride to the Hard Rock Cafe for 30 and this pig for 40. You actually get all 4 if you sell forty not just the pig thing. He had 9 items sold when she gave it to me, but they hadn't bought, his other grandma had not bought, nor his dad's sister. I am not asking my son as it is too far away to try and get stuff to him. I bought 3 boxes of candy, a life preserver picture frame for my living room (it is done in beach and lighthouse theme) a Thomas Kincaide message board and key holder, a 2 year planner for Jack, some Christmas package toppers and a box of Christmas tags. I wanted candles, but they were like $20 and up and that is ridiculous as I can get Yankee Candles in my favorite scent for that or less or buy from my girlfriend in Indiana that sells Home Interior and gives me like 40% off stuff I buy from her.

Jean: They did it AGAIN yesterday and Jack didn't have clothes on to go outside so I went out to get the bone and I saw her sitting on her patio smoking and I said, "Would you PLEASE ask your grandkids not to throw food on my patio?" She asked what it was kind of snotty and I said looked like a pork chop bone. She said, "oh." That was it. I think they threw it back onto my deck after I threw it onto theirs the other day. I told her I was fed up with it and she was putting my little dog at risk. She doesn't care. I went out with his this morning and darn if there wasn't another one. I have had it and once I get back from vacation, I am writing a letter to our board and forwarding it to our management company. I am tired of this. It is disgusting, dangerous for our little dog who only weighs 8 lbs and just plain MEAN! She can drop dead before I ever ever ever do anything for them again! I wish we could bounce their behinds out of there, but they just stick like glue to the place. Kelly is going to come over every couple days and check on the condo and check on Butterscotch for me. I wish I could lock the back gate, but it isn't fair for my dd to have to walk all the way from the other parking lot to the front door. I don't have an extra garage door opener or I would give it to her and tell her to come through the garage. I don't think they will notice we are gone as we don't see them that much, we are loading the car in the garage with the garage door down and you have to be standing looking out their upper window of the bedroom to see that edge of our patio and Jack is going to do it after dark anyway. We leave at 3:30 AM and there is no way her lazy behind will be up at that hour. I would like to know how she pays rent, groceries, etc as she doesn't work and neither do any of those low life kids of hers. Probably living off my tax $$$$!

Well, it is pool time. Have a good Sunday!


08-21-2005, 04:19 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is an absolutely gorgeous day here and I will go for my walk later. The humidity is way down and that makes such a difference.

I am having trouble connecting to the internet and several weeks ago called the tech support. She told me to call back when it wasn't working again and they would check it out. Usually I can get on after 2 or 3 tries but today I stopped counting after 10! I called and low and behold she couldn't get the line to work either. As soon as I hung up, it connected. GRRRRRR! Anyhow, she put in a work order to have the connection checked. I can't believe that no one else in this burg hasn't called about it. We live too far out for high speed because the phone lines won't handle it. I'm seriously thinking about switching companies but will have to move the computer into another bedroom that has the cable hook-up.

I skipped church this morning and watched Hour of Power on TV. We got a "pay extra because we're out of money" letter yesterday and that irritates me no end. I wish they'd just send those letters to the people who don't give anything!

"Gma" -- I just had to chuckle at you buying T's stuff so he could get a racing pig! :lol3: Be sure to let us know what it is when he gets it. My parents always bought stuff that our kids were selling and I know I will buy from my grandkids. :D We get very few door-to-door sellers any more because we live on a dead end street which is mostly older people that leave during the winter months. Teachers will bring order sheets for their kids and leave them in the teachers' lounge. Sometimes I buy and sometimes I don't. I certainly don't blame you for being upset :mad: with your neighbors! Does that grandmother own her unit as you do? If she rents I would think the board could kick her out. You're right, you probably are supporting her, her kids, and her grandkids! I burned my knees the first time we took the boat out this summer and I did peel. I really like that Aloe gel for sunburn relief!

I need to fold a load of towels and put another load in. My plan is to iron a bunch of shirts and surprise DH . . . he'll have a hard time deciding which shirt to wear when he goes back to work. :lol:

Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

08-21-2005, 07:19 PM
The party's over! We had a great time today with almost the whole family. Everyone did their part and a SIL cooked the steak tips so I didn't even have to do that. The Ceasar Salad that DD#1 brought was just soooo good I had 2 helpings. She had Anchovies on a separate plate for those that wanted! Cam-almost 12-made chocolate dipped strawberries and they were good too! DD#3 had made a great potato salad and DD #2 brought the tomato/mozzarella/basil dish that she makes.....all was eaten or packed up to take home. Which means that I don't have too many tempting foods around. It was very warm and we were supposed to get heavy thunder storms but I put the AC on and the storms never came so the kids could play outside dispite the heat. My baby DD#3's kids have sprouted so since the last time I saw them. Her oldest (11) has been predicted to be over 6'2" which is what his father is. The next (8.5) has the longest legs on any kid I've met....looks like he will be as tall as his father if not taller. Then there is the 5 yr. old girl.....she is so petite both in height and weight that I predict she will only be 5' tall at most. My oldest (her aunt) is only 5' so it runs in the family.

All in all we had a ball and now I am pooped. DH is watching the ball game and I think I will join him.

Jean: It is so aggravating when the internet connection doesn't work. That is when I know how lucky that we are connected through the local electric co. They are only a phone call away and very helpfu.

Faye: I don't know if I could take the stuff that your neighbors are pulling. When you get back from your vacation it really would be a good thing to look into what can be done. You have as much right to live in peace without that
kind of neighbor. Hope something can be done.

Gloria in MA....going to watch the Red Sox. Stay cool!

08-22-2005, 09:04 AM
Good morning girls! Sounds like everyone had a nice weekend! It was so incredibly hot here (heat indexes near 110) that except for T's soccer practice we stayed indoors and even the house was hot. I was miserable last night with built up gas from something and so hot I couldn't sleep so took a shower and laid on the bed hoping the cramping would go away or at least I could...... :o a big one and feel better! Maybe it was the ribs and corn from lunch, I don't know!

Gloria: Oh, your party sounded like it turned out so nice. It is great when the family can all get together and get along! :lol: My two kids are at serious odds and I don't know how long it will take for them to get it right. Dh and I stay out of it as much as we can. As for the neighbors, I have already reported them to the management company who owns the property and they promised to write her a letter, which I don't know if they ever did. I have also complained to our condo board to no avail. It is like, "well, it isn't happening to us, so why do we care?" kind of an attitude. It is not like I haven't made my point perfectly clear to all parties involved and repeatedly. She does not own, but rents the property and one reason she doesn't take care of it. I have to be careful of "retribution" too, towards my dog or whatever, you know? I don't trust these people not to do something to my condo, my car (though we keep it in the garage all the time, etc.) I am sure she thinks we are picking on her because we always seem to be complaining, but who wants, your garage blocked by one of her relatives too lazy to park in the lot, food on the patio your dog could eat or draws rats and vermin, the trash cans sitting drawing flies at the corner of our walkway they never move, mail being stolen from your mailbox and rerouted to someone elses box because they think it is funny, etc. Her brats of grandchildren kick in the metal garage doors for fun and not just mine, they have tore up the pool area and thrown stuff into the deep end so I can't clean it up, have to wait for the pool cleaners to do so and on and on. Oh yes, she let's them play in the courtyard and the little brats have torn up the grass something awful out there so there are bald spots. They have made it so beautiful out there with flowers, plants, big pine trees, magnolia trees and these kids tear up the grass so it looks like trash.

Jean: I love the computer and all it can do, but the companies that own the hook up rights are pains, aren't they? We have trouble with AOL off and on, but had trouble with RR cable modem internet too and that stuff costs like $65 a month now, which is outrageous. The bad thing is Time Warner here runs ALL the different cable modem companies, ie Road Runner, Earth Link and the like and so basically it is like a monopoly.

I see it is past 7 so I need to get into the pool. I cleaned upstairs except for vacuuming this AM early then will vacuum, color my hair, and paint my toenails today besides everyday chores. T has another practice we have to go to tonight so I better get hopping!