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08-15-2005, 10:13 AM
Hey there:

So this is what we decided, right? A thread every week. If not, then we can go back to the old one! I'll post this link in the old thread.

Are we doing a weigh-in? Posting of goals? Hmmm... we're really organized huh? LOL!

Well, I forgot to weigh and I've already eaten. Oops... But I am getting my exercise in today. I think I've maintained. I was back at my 5 lbs lost, even about 5.6 last I checked. I was surprised!

My goal this week is getting at least 80 oz of water.

Have a good week everyone!

PS - Here's a link to our OLD thread. It has intros etc. on there.

08-15-2005, 05:06 PM
Hey!! YES! this is perfect. Ok, so I weighed in today, and I haven't lost anything, BUT I also haven't gained anything back either which is good. So I'm still at 285.
My goals for this week are more water, more exercise, and also, I am quitting smoking. I haven't had a cigarette since last night around 7:30 pm. So wish me luck, in 5 1/2 hours I will have gone one day without smoking. YAY!!!!

08-15-2005, 09:05 PM
You can do it!!!!!! No more smoking... your lungs willl appreciate that so much!!!

I haven't lost any weight since last week either but I haven't excercised any in 3 days either.. Been busy studying for finals.

This week my goal is to get all my water in and at least 30 minutes a day of walking...

Everyone here is to a great week!!!

08-16-2005, 09:45 AM
Hi,:wave: I thought I would check in even though my weigh in is not until Thursday :crossed: . I have been to boxing class three times in the past week, so I hope I will see some movement on the scale. :goodscale I am actually getting majorly psyched for my vacation in about a week and a half. I am going camping for a few days and then spending the rest at home. :dance:

08-16-2005, 12:11 PM
Hey Gang!

Just checking in! I WI tomorrow, so I'll post agin then.
Goals today: 1/2 hour on the Gazelle - Core ball and upper body weights.
Doing very well on my water, but I think I have to slow down - loosing too many electrolytes and getting back that craving for salt.. so...

Have to go and move a professional upright freezer - gift from a friend, can you believe it? Now I have no excuse for running out of WW ice cream snacks or Smart ones! LOLOL

Congrats on the smoking thing - I had to go "cold turkey" about 14 years agao after 3 packs a day. Thought I would end up in a mental institution, but no such luck! LOLOL

Catch ya tomorrow!


08-16-2005, 06:00 PM
Haha, well see, there I went and did it again. I told everyone I was going to quit smoking, and you know what? I went a whole day without having one, but, me and the hubby bought smokes last night. SOOOO, I am smoking again, BUT!!! and I don't know if this is an excuse or not, so if it is please someone tell me. I think that trying to quit smoking, trying to incorporate exercise into my daily routine after 21 years of being fat and lazy, and also trying to watch my food after 21 years of being an emotional over-eater is too much. My food is pretty much under control, and the exercise, well, I've exercised 3 days in a row at home which is amazing for me, because it means I actually got off my lazy butt and went outside to walk or do my video. I don't know, I'm wierd haha.
But, I just got finished doing 25 minutes of my Richard Simmons video, and went for a 15 minute walk, so I did a 40 minute workout today. =) I'm happy about that. And I'm eating a banana.
I want to see that scale move DOWN next monday!!! Hope everyone is having a great day!!

08-17-2005, 10:47 AM
Well.................the scale says 244.4 this morning. So I lost a little! Yippie! :cool:

Did NOT get the Gazelle built last night - had to go move an commercial freezer. Someone gave it to me for free. LOVE free! And it's in great shape. So now I can make a lot of extras that I can get to quickly for a dinner of any size. I cook a LOT from scratch.

Had too much Rib Eye Steak for dinner last night, but we so rarely get a good steak. I passed on the pasta then added grilled eggplant with a very simple tomato sauce from fresh veggies. It was awesome. I hit on the Klondike diet squares (ice cream sandwiches) I just found that these are even less fat and less points than some of the other brands and far less expensive than WW ice cream sandiches. I also found a rip-off of Pirates Booty :corn: which BETTER than the original and less expensive.

Well, the gazelle is in pieces on the bedroom floor. Now I just have to get the tools......(anything to get out of excercise, huh???? :lol:

I just have to stay on track today. Thanks for everyones help! :wave:


08-17-2005, 09:02 PM
hey, well I just finished dinner, multi-grain pasta with a homemade tomato sauce and veggies. Nummy-licious!!! We haven't had near as many people responding to this second butterflies post, so I hope you all out there are still joining us!! I am going to do some work and maybe work out a little bit. Hope you all have a great night.

08-18-2005, 12:13 PM
Great! Glad to see you all here :)

Rainy - I've heard that exact same thing. I think you should try and quit as soon as possible, or at least cut back. But doing it all at once could be too overwhelming and you'll crash. Do what you want, and do feel the need to justify. Everyday we are getting closer to our goals, right?

Radiodoll - I would love a commercial fridge and freezer, but no place to put it. I love my big freezer though, makes eating good easier when you have enough food on hand.

Hey everyone! Hope it's a good week. I've been eating ok, but had a few too many oatmeal raisin cookies yesterday! (Made with whole wheat flour! But, still lots of sugar!) I've started doing Slim Fast Optima for b'fast, and it seems to be working though.

See ya :)

08-19-2005, 03:57 AM
Well, it's thursday night, (technically friday morning) 12:30 am for me. I just wanted to send a post here to remind everyone to have a fabulous weekend and not over-indulge. Congratulations on the loss Radiodoll, that's awesome!!!!I hope to see one next monday. Sadly, I just ate a ton of pizza tonight, and you know what? I'm not sitting here feeling sorry for myself..boohoohoo. I'm actually disappointed in myself, because,...I KNOW better. I will get back on track this second.
Realistically, there are going to be times where I do slip up, I have the rest of my life to live this battle and try and get it into balance. There are going to be times when I eat something I really shouldn't. And that's ok, that's human. But what would be wrong is to continue to sit here day after day eating the same way as before, the same way I did today. Does it make me feel like a piggy to sit here stuffing my face full of cheese, yeah it does.
Quite honestly, I am pretty contemplative tonight. I keep thinking, why...why did I let myself get this way, when,...when did it go this far, will I ever lose all of this weight, where,...where was the knowledge and voice in my head all these years saying "stop, you're eating too much, put it down and go outside"
I don't know if my answers to these questions are right,...but they seem to fit.
I know that losing 150 lbs is NOTing to make me perfect, or happy, or all my problems go away. Deep,deep,deep,down inside I know that...but I'm still sitting here and for some reason the thought that losing 150 lbs is NOT going to make me perfect, or happy, or all my problems go away seems like a news flash of something horrible I just realized happened.
I'm babbling, forgive me. lol
Goal for tomorrow is 60 minutes exercise,..8 glasses of water, call me on it so I actually get it done. *smiles*
Night everyone!

08-19-2005, 09:49 AM
Hi everyone, I went to my weigh in last night and lost 2.5 lbs. :woo: All I can say is water, water, water. I had a couple of bad days, but I did boxing three times and upped my water to counteract the bad food days, so I am quite happy. :D

Rainy, I can even begin to tell you how many late night conversations I have had with my inner evil :devil: girl, saying I would never do it again, and beating myself up about having a binge. I think it is only human, for me especially I will always have to battle the binge urge, and there will be times that the inner evil :devil: me will win. Most of the time she won't though. For me, this journey will be about learning about me all over again. I mean, let's face it, we all intrinsically know what we should and shouldn't eat. I mean, I have been on diets since I was nine years old, going through cycles of being thin and fat. The problem, none of the diets ever treated the reason I was over eating. This time around (with the help of the great people on 3FC) I am slowly learning why I do it, and also seeing I am not alone. Will I not ever do it again? Of course not, there will be times that I will do it and beat myself up about it. I am learning that I have to forgive myself and move on. Babble away, ;) , we are all in this together. Have a great weekend!

08-19-2005, 04:33 PM
Im just having a bad week. Studying for finals trying to get all the last minute projects and papers finished and ready to start a temporary job On Monday.

I gorged the other night had a double cheeseburger and large fries at McDonalds with Hubby.. IT WAS SO GOOD! UGHHHHHHH then afterwards as I was FULL to the point of bursting I Thought there was a time when I couldn't even eat a whole order of large fries or a double cheeseburger! no wonder i am fat.

But the real kick in my pants this week was the other night we were eating out ( hubby manages a family style rest. so we eat for free ) with hubbys mom and grandma and there was a woman across the dining room who was about 400 lbs.. and she had massive amounts of food in front of her. I was in shock and asked myself is that what people see when the look at me? My mother in law had the nerve to tell me ..and I quote " if you ever get to looking like that I personally will bind your head in duct tape w/ only a small hole big enough for a straw" .. Then proceeds to lecture me on food. I was soooooooo :mad: so very mad... hubby came and sat down and said to me no you don't look like that.. ( he knew what i was thinking) and his mom tells him what she told me .. and i said yeah your mom is being totally mean to me.. she then goes i have watched you eat alot of food at times.. !!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR i lost it.. I have been skipping breakfast and lunch and so when dinner came i was eating a huge amount because I was starved.. that was so not the way it should be done and i knew it but.. i was anyways.. i told her my eating is not the problem my drinking of soda and my NO EXCERCISE is my problem thank you.. and didn't talk to her the rest of the evening i was so HOT! She herself used to weight around 198 until a few years ago when she got sick and lost 100 lbs due to illness and now only weighs like 110 at the most.. ( she has COPD and is dying ) .. so i was hurt angry and embarrassed by this woman having the nerve to say the things she did to me and act teh way she is...

She has no clue no clue whatsoever.. so I decided that I WILL LOSE WEIGHT and get back down to the weight I used to be and show her!!!
UGHHHHHHHHHHH bad bad bad week but i have drank around 100oz's of water a day!!! and only had 2 20 oz Dr Peppers this week.. so im doing SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER..
And I hung a dress up on the wall in the bedroom that I want to fit back into to give me inspiration..

08-20-2005, 04:17 AM
Hey girls, you have no idea how great it is to be able to come to place like this and write about what I'm feeling and just instinctively know without a doubt that you all understand. It's awesome.
I watched Oprah today, I don't know if anyone caught it, but it was about being the "fat" one in the family. I started watching about 20 minutes into it. And there was some really great stuff said on that show. The one girl, her dad made her feel like she wasn't good enough. Oprah asked him bluntly, "is she good enough the way she is, would she be good enough the way she is if she gained 10 more lbs?" and you know what he said? He said, no. Talk about a downer and negativity.
Anyways, the rest of her family was there, and Oprah asked her sister what she thought. And she said that she's tired of her sister always complaining about being over-weight, and starting a diet and not following through. But Oprah said that the weight is not the issue, the weight is a MANIFESTATION of something else, some underlying problem. And that they need to stop looking at their sister, and daughter's weight, and look at the rooting problem.
I feel lucky to have support in my life, clearly there are people who have none.
I can't imagine any of my family members saying I'm not good enough fat or over-weight. I know that deep down inside it has been on their minds at one time or another, but to actually hear them say it would be devastating.
Anyways, I did 30 minutes of a workout earlier today, ate under my points!!

08-22-2005, 01:20 AM
Hey ladies!! Just want to remind everyone that tomorrow is weigh-in day for those of us doing it on mondays. Also, I think maybe it is best to just keep adding to one thread. So let's just keep adding to this one.
For exercise I did a 20 minute walk, 10 minutes with my weights, and did some heavy lifting, cleaning, and moving furniture around the house.
Ate under my points, and feel great.
It was sooooooooooooo hot here today.
Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Talk to you tomorrow!!!!

08-22-2005, 04:57 PM
Hey Butterflies :)

I thought I might fit in here. I've been overweight since I was a child I'm turning 21 in 2 days YAY!! Except when I was 16 my friend and I lost weight together I went from being 220 lbs to 155 lbs. I know it's not super thin but it was the smallest I've ever been. Over the past few years of breakups/new jobs/loss of friends from highschool I have gained all the weight I had lost and then some. Last week (thursday) I decided I have had enough. My "being fat" stage has had a long enough run and it was time for a change. So I've been drinking lots of water and cut out bread and bad sugars. I've been eating Chicken/tuna fish/turkey for my protein and have been snacking on my favorite fruits. For excercise I've been walking on my treadmill for at least 15-20 minutes at a time 2 times a day. I've also been doing crunches and adding weights. Anyways...I'm just glad I found you butterflies. Were all in this together and we will reach our goals.

08-22-2005, 05:24 PM
NJ84, Welcome to the group!

Extrinsic Rapture
08-23-2005, 02:06 PM
hey gals,

just saying a quick hello. i'm still in london. trying to avoid family drama. the eating is going okay. and the portions are smaller than in america. but baked goods are everywhere so that accounts for the plus size beauties here lol. other than that, i am getting in alot of walking and recording my food intake every day. i drink water whenver i can. so i'm really trying. well i'll try to check in again but don't know when. take care everyone and i hope all is well.


08-23-2005, 07:11 PM
Ok, so I went and bought a brand new scale, nothing fancy, but new and does the job. My other one was old and just wasn't working properly anymore. Anyways, I have lost 5 lbs!!!!!! wooohoooo!!! I am not at 280. So I have lost 20 lbs all-together.
I do hope you girls post soon and let me know how you're doing :D

08-24-2005, 04:53 PM
I thought I'd check in. My bf of 7.5 years and I have decided to seperate. I have moved out and he kept the computer. I will check in when possible. I'm trying my hardest. I've thrown myself into cleaning up my yard now...gotta get my mind off things somehow. It's looking great...and great for exercise. I sweat like a pig out there. I'm down 20 since June. Hoping to lose more before the best friend's wedding in 6 weeks. You guys are doing a great job...keep it up.


08-25-2005, 09:36 AM
Hi everyone :wave: , just checking in, I will be going for my weigh in tonight. :goodscale and then I will be on vacation for the next 10 whole days! :woo: :dance: :cb: ! I won't be posting until after Labour Day (boy, September already. I was in Hallmark the other day, and the Christmas ornaments were already on display, but I digress). I hope everyone has a great week.

Nikki- :grouphug: -I wish you the best.

08-25-2005, 12:51 PM

I think I'm getting lost on what thread I am suppose to be updating. Any way we can get the weekly threads to list when you click on the club name The Butterflys? It's probably just me!

Sad news - I weighed in this morning. I uaually do Wednesday but wasn't home that morning to do so. The rotten scale claims I have gained back the four pounds I lost. I've had some slips, but thought I was doing better than that. Gotta get back on the Gazelle and ball tonight. I am so sick of stress. Just read an article that discusses how physical cravings chemically occur in the body due to stress and how and where it shows up in your body. really interesting.

Peace to all and keep up the good work!


08-26-2005, 09:31 AM
Ok, after finding out I lost that 5 lbs, I have been being so stupid, eating chocolate bars, and chinese food, as if i deserve rewards for doing so....and it sounds like the rest of us are kind of having a hard time too. (Nconeal if you ever need someone to talk to about your seperation, I'm here) I know we don't know each other from a hole in the ground, but we all share the same goals, and when we're all slipping a little bit this is where the weight loss group/team comes into play. Let's help each other get back on track. You don't have to post every day like I practically do sometimes, but just let us know you're still out there plugging away and where you're at. That's what we're here for. And I don't care how cheesy this post is, or if I'm imagining the song "we are the champions" playing in the background, we are women, and we are strong, and if we stick together and help each other out at the toughes times, we can beat this and get there.
I don't know you, but I love you.

08-29-2005, 05:41 AM
I don't know how everyone is doing, it's sunday night, or monday morning however you want to look at it. I hope you all are still a part of this group, I don't want to have to go look for another one *smiles*
Did you all have a good weekend? Everybody ready for their weigh-ins this week? Talk to you later

08-30-2005, 12:22 PM
Hi Gang!

Just thought I would drop a line. I actually weigh in on Wednesday, but if anyone is weighing in today - good luck and keep positive even if the scale doesn't say what you want! :s:

Life is tough right now. I was recently reading a magazine article about how this cortisol problem gets triggered in those who can't seem to outwit cravings for sweets and starches. Really interesting. Made me feel a little less insane :dizzy: LOL It's all about being under intense stress for a prolonged period of time. Yeah - that would be me, alright! :eek:

I have been doing more on my Core Ball and on my Gazelle. I'm having a really hard time going outside to walk. I have suddenly developed an overwhelming embarressment about being seen. Weird. Never happened before. But I guess I haven't been this heavy until this year. It's creepy. And it's sad.

I'm going through this weird time period where I feel as if I have thrown my life away and I'm grieving the stupid "what if's". I've got to stop the "pity party". :tantrum: LOL

I'll write again Wednesday.

Radiodoll (Janet)

Extrinsic Rapture
08-30-2005, 08:02 PM
I just came back from London last night. I busy setting up inventory on ebay. Just wanted to say I'm


P.S. If anyone ever wants to drop a line off board, feel free!

09-02-2005, 08:17 AM
I was just in the middle of writing something and something went wonky with my computer and the browser closed, and so that sucks!!!! :mad:
Anyways, I was basically saying that, I just weighed myself, along with my hubby and I have apparently lost another 5 lbs!!!!! It sounded so much more exciting in my original post :lol:
My sister and I did a CRAP load of wedding planning last night, today me and Derrick are going to check out where we're having it. And I need to phone around about catering.
Anyways, I am afraid of this closing again so I'm going to post it quick and then add more in a sec =)
Ok it worked hehehehe, kind of annoying but safer. It's like being on a cell phone with bad reception almost. :lol:
The wedding is going to be fairly small, only about 45 people. We are just using a J.P. I'm having my sister as my maid of honor and Deke is having his brother (if his brother can't make it nere from Nova Scotia, he's having my sister's husband)
I have asked my brother to be my M.C, my aunt I am asking to take the pictures because she takes amazing photographs.
My colours are Peach, Silver, and White...which I think will look totally pretty together. Derrick and I are really really into comedy, so for wedding favors on the tables I was thinking of using those fuzzy peaches candies (don't know if you have them in the states) wrapping them in a nice material and tieing them up with a tag that has a funny joke about marriage on it.
And my sister really wants to make a presentation about us for slide show or powerpoint or water,....the dreaded baby photos will surely come out!!! :lol:
I thank god I have a sister who should've been a wedding planner. She is obsessed with it,...just picture Monica from sister is identical to her in pretty much every way.
Anyways, I need to get my butt in full gear...there is a lot of weight needed to come off in the next 9 months,...I don't expect to be at my goal, but I expect to be a whole lot lighter by then. :?: :D

09-03-2005, 04:07 PM
This has been a horrible last 2 weeks. working the 2:30-11pm shift getting home and then barely getting 4 hours sleep before getting up to take hubby to work is killing me. But I am not gonna just complain.
Im doing lousy on the diet.. i hardly have time to contemplate food.. so i've been eating lots of little things like taking bell pepper strips and carrot sticks to work to eat on a break... and then eating when i get home.. i know bad.. no excercise... ( least not that I can remember)
So im working onstabilizing my schedule. can't work 40+ hours and take 16 hours of classes.. .so when i go to part time i can fit back in thought and diet and excercise.. .
sorry girls i have'nt done better.. but i am thinking of everyone

09-05-2005, 11:13 PM
hey, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not weighing myself this week as I'm on my TOM. BLAH, I just got it today. But I have been eating well, and not going over board with anything.
I hope everyone else is doing well, and had a great weekend. Talk to you all later!

09-06-2005, 12:41 PM
Hello, hello, hello! :wave: I am back from vacation, and I had awesome time. I caught up on my sleep, went camping for three days (interior) with my dog, and spent this past week completely cleaning out closets and storage rooms. I am embarrassed to say :o that I actually got rid of 372 pocket books (years of accumulation). I went off my diet completely last week, but with all the activity I was doing I lost 2.5 lbs. :cb: Back to normal this week. Back on the wagon and working on the goal for December!

09-07-2005, 09:08 PM
Welcome back from vacation and congratulations on the loss!!!
I am going to try switching from counting points, to counting calories. I just started yesterday, and I like it better. It forced me to make MUCH better choices yesterday.
Today, I went and looked at wedding dresses!!!! AAAHHHH!!! So, I guess this is actually REAL. I have to get my *** in gear big time. You know what happened today? The dress I am going to buy DOES come in my size, but, the one they had in the store was only a 16. So, I had my sister try it on for me so I can see what it looks like on. She felt bad about it,...but she did it anyway.
It's beautiful and I like it...but at the end of the day leaving the mall I felt a little bit disgusted. However, there's no use sitting here feeling sorry for myself or getting down about things. I just need to use that to drive me to succeed.
We aren't having a church wedding as D and I aren't religious, but more spiritual. So I'm having a Marriage Commissioner. I booked that today, and we have the place booked we're having it at. I found my dress, and need to put a deposit on it sometime this month. Other than that, there's nothing really left to do until around December.
Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well, I hope next monday shows a loss, and here's to fitting in my wedding dress on May.20 2006!!!!!! :lol:

Extrinsic Rapture
09-08-2005, 11:08 PM
This week's weight loss: -2.2 lbs; This month's inches lost: -4.9 inches! :)

Good to hear you had a good vaca ChocLab; congrats on your loss.
Glad you found your dream dress Rainy; I'm sure you'll look lovely when your wedding date rolls around :)


09-09-2005, 09:43 AM
We are on a role. I am down 2.5 lbs this week and have hit a new decade! :cp: :dance: :woo: :dancer: :cb: :woo:

Rainy, I am glad you found your wedding dress. When one of my friends were getting married a few years back, she had a somewhat similar experience in the fact that all the wedding stores carried the average size of 14 so she got a bit fustrated as well. However, when the wedding day came, she looked absolutely beautiful in a dreamy dress.

Extrinsic Rapture
09-18-2005, 01:12 AM
well i'm resigning from this group. good luck girls