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08-12-2005, 07:04 AM
Friday. I can't beleive it's Friday already!! Well, it can't be Friday without a whole horde of animated icons so here you go....

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My husband has the day off. We were supposed to go get some craft supplies in town today. I need stuff like glue sticks for the kids. Since it is on sale right now you know? Well my tracker is currently being inspected and we can't finish it without the registration card. Which we lost. So we have to drive an hour to AAA to get a new one. If we go trhough PennDOT it will take up to a month. AND we have no car to get there. Only two of us, three if we push it can fit n DH's truck. I was hoping to have a productive weekend at home, but last night my husband's Uncle called to tell us they are having a get together down state...about 4 hours away I think. So if we have a car we will have to go to that. SO....either my school supply shopping will be delayed or we'll have to do it Saturday so then Saturday AND Sunday will be used up. Is everyone like this? It seems like every week end we end up running around mostly to satisfy other people. There is a party here a picnic there. We never just get to stay home. I don't remember being on the run every weekend when I was a kid. My parents seem to get to stay home. My in laws seem to stay home. Why is it we always have to run? Does anyone else feel this way?

Maggie-I have to say I hit the EXACT same thing you are doing back in January. I resented eating different stuff and not enjoying the stuff my family did. I used to get so I wouldn't eat b/c I didn't want to "waste" my points. Instead of eating too much I went the other way. Sure you can eat anything you want on WW, but to me some things just are "worth" the points. I got angry and resentful I couldn't eat what I wanted and a lot of what I could eat didn't seem worth the points so why bother. That's when I fell off the wagon. I feel that point coming on again sometimes. This time though I recognize it, and I challenge myself to fight it. This time I am prepared. I may fall, but I won't quit!

I know what it takes to keep me feeling satisfied and one slice of pizza doesn't cut it. My trick is to decide what is important to me. What will keep me feeling like I am not deprived? For me a big one is icecream. If I can sit down in the evening and have a bowl of icecream I am ok. So I save points specifically for that. Pizza is another one. But recently I figured out a thin or medium crust medium pizza slice is only 4 points if I forgo the pepperoni. I like mushrooms and at 0 points I really don't miss the pepperoni. I used to think ALL pizza was like 8 points a slice b/c that is what Pizza Hut is. I started skipping Pizza Hut and eating from a local place I can eat a few slices if I plan ahead. Then I don't feel so angry. Our leader can't stand low fat or fat free salad dressing. If she can still have her regular dressing she feels like she's not deprived. You have to figure out what is important to you. And this may change over time.

Also eating really good tasting stuff that I can eat a large amount for little points. Like Basalmc glazed chicken. SOOOOOO good, only 3 points! It doesn't feel like diet food. There are alot of really great recipes that don't feel "diety" I do use some low fat alternatives or sugar free stuff if it has splenda, but I rarley eat Fat free stuff. Fat free cheese to me is just wrong!

I know I said it yesterday, just keep at it. reseting, angry or not it will get better. We all have ups and down.

Ok, I have to go look up the number for AAA. Hopfully they are open today.

Happy Friday, Sistas!!!!

08-12-2005, 10:00 AM
Good morning ladies and a happy Friday to you all! :)

I'm home with my friend from college and my sister. My friend and I are back home because there's a fabulous Shakespeare theatre not 45 minutes away from my parents' home; the company is kicking off their season with what they call their "August Three-peat" where they replay the top three plays of last season. Lucky for me, I hadn't seen two of them, so that's what my friend and I are here to do. We packed up the car, drove the 2.5 hours from school to the Big City (lol), took in a little play called As You Like It (*squeals* the guy who played Orlando...*swoons*...totally adorable), and this evening we'll grace the theatre with our presence at The Tempest. Because my parents' home is so much closer to the theatre than our school is, we figured we'd crash here for the night--just makes more sense.

I'm in my element, sistas. Very happy and feeling all kinds of Shakespearean. There's a wonderful little musical occasionally playing on Showtime called Reefer Madness (watch it if you can catch it!), and they have this spectacular song in the beginning called Hooray for Shakespeare!, and this little song...well, it makes my heart flutter. Lol. So last night during the intermissions my friend and I were whisper-singing the lyrics daintly under our breath, lol.

And I must say, I'm in love with this company of players. Last night, as we were leaving, my friend and I were trying to figure out if we should leave gracefully (as the other guests were) or if we should say hello to a few actors. Cowardice took hold, so we tried to duck out. As we ducked, however, we passed by the artistic director and the lead actress, whom I adore. She thanked us for being such great audience members. That means she recognized us. This company, by the way, loves to interact with their audience, which is good for me because I get a little too enthralled. On stage, this particular actress is like my pal because of the way she interacts with me. Well, she spoke to us and we nearly wet ourselves. We thanked her and I pushed my friend to the door, whispering in her ear, "Hurry...I'm gonna die!" The instance the door opened, I went giddy. Lol. Here's hoping tonight I can say more than, "Hehehe...thanks..." Lol.

Ah...waaay off topic and long. Sorry! As I said, I'm in my element. I'm feeling better now.

Eating has been okay. I'm expecting a gain tomorrow morning, but I'm not going to be bummed about it. I've already determined that. I'll just try harder this coming week. School starts back up on Wednesday, which is frightening--I still haven't finished Confessio Amantis. I'm afraid I've reached burn-out, which isn't too great...I still have 50-some-odd readings to complete.

Well girls, I better go. I hear a-stirring upstairs, which can only mean that my friend has finally awoken and will be getting ready to go shopping with me shortly. :)

Hip-hooray for Shakespeare! *giggles*

Happy Friday!

08-12-2005, 10:01 AM
Misty, I'm so glad you stayed OP yesterday. Me too! Yes, it's true that one bad day can make you feel out of control and like you're fighting a non-winnable battle. But it's equally as true that one good day can put you right back in control and make you feel like you can do it! That's how I feel today, though I'm trying not to get cocky about it!

One thing I did was throw away all my old points journals and menus. I kept going back to them and eating the same things over and over, just because they were safe and the points already were figured out. That not only got boring, but it put me on auto-pilot and I was eating without thinking. And even though I was eating good things without thinking, I still hate the idea of thoughtless eating, yanno?

So I went shopping last night and got some new stuff. One thing I found was the Healthy Choice sliced ham in the plastic container. Seven slices 1 point, so I combined that with fresh red peppers on WW bread with mustard for a huge and delicious 2-POINT sandwich. Incredible. I made some cucumber salad with ff Italian dressing (gussied up with a touch of sherry, some Liquid Smoke and lots of garlic) for 0 points. I treated myself to steamed shrimp for dinner. And instead of my regular WW ice cream bar, I has Devil's Food ff pudding with a glop of frozen ff Cool Whip. I jsut needed to shake things up a little bit, I think.

My friend, who tries a different diet every two weeks, is now doing that crazy 3-day diet. We email each othe with our day's food journal, and she told me she was absolutely drooling over my menu from yesterday. Made me feel good that I was eating so much good stuff and still staying OP.

Well, girls, I feel refreshed and renewed -- and I have all of YOU to thank for it. Misty, stick with it, baby. You gave me a hand to hold yesterday, so here's one back atcha.

Oh, and totally OT: I was SNIFFED at the supermarket yesterday. I was walking down one of the aisles and a woman who was walking past me stopped and said, "Oh my God, you smell delicious!" We started talking and I told her I was wearing Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works but I put it on 12 hours ago and she must have an incredible sense of smell.

So she asks if it was perfume or body spray. I said body spray, and that I just sort of sprayed it all over my body. She said "Is it most concentrated on your wrist? Do you mind if I smell?" Before I could say anything, she hand my arm and was sniffing so close to me that her nose and mouth were touching my skin.

Then she said, "Oh, I can't smell it that much there, can I get in a little closer?" (Exact words.) And she basically buried her face in my neck and sniffed me.

Too funny. When she finally walked away I panicked and felt for my necklaces and earrings, checked to make sure I had my handbag and wallet! LOL. I have to admit, as strange as it was I was kinda turned on. LOL

08-12-2005, 10:14 AM
Amanda, you little minx, you snuck in while I was writing. I love your passion and enthusiasm! I wasn't an English major (communications with a concentration in journalism), but I do have a passion for the language and the arts. I love reading your posts! So glad you're having a wonderful time.

Update on my girl: She told me Saturday that she's having the best experience of her life. She also said that she finally now understands what it means to be doing God's work. That made me feel good.

She cooks for herself every night, and is proud that she's not just making sandwiches. She buys only fresh meat and produce, nothing boxed or frozen. She's reading labels and cutting out the crap. She's playing football or soccer or volleyball with the other volunteers 2-3 nights a week. She goes to a potluck prayer service on her own every week and has found a sci-fi movie night to attend as well. On Sunday, she's hanging out with Jimmy Carter.

But the big news is that she is signing up for Americorp, which is like a domestic Peace Corps. She'll be stationed in California for a year, but every 6-8 weeks her core group of volunteers will be reassigned to a different project in the region that the California base covers. The can be doing any number of things... planting gardens, building low-income housing, emergency response, tutoring and mentoring, eldercare, etc. She'll get EMT and emergency-response training and, if she wants, firefighting certification. She'll get a small pay, free housing and then, when her committment is up, $5,000 for college.

It's very exciting and I'm very proud of her. But I miss her so much already. A year will be awful! But I want her to take advantage of this opportunity.

08-12-2005, 12:24 PM
My Lori (izzysgirl) is home again!!!!!!!!!

:cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:
:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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08-12-2005, 01:29 PM
Yay! Lisa and Lori ... together again! :)

08-12-2005, 02:02 PM

Maggie I am so glad you are back in action!! Yeah that whole sniffing thing would have freaked me out. But I must say Sweet Pea is one of my favortie sents from Bath and Body Works. I also like Black Rasperry Vanilla and Mango Mandarine.

Lisa and Lori-I'm happy to hear you are home, Lori!! I hope you were able to get things settled. I hope your brother is doing better. I have been thinking about you both.

Amanda- I am so glad you are having fun. I think you need that with school and comps, you could use the break I am sure!! I hope you have fun tonight!!!

Have a dancing Banana kind of afternoon, Everyone!!

08-12-2005, 02:20 PM
Hi everyone!! :)

This next week is going to be a huge change for me at work, and I really hope that it doesn't interfere with my WW and stuff. When I was hired in at my current job, he hired 2 of us - we both are assistants, but he needed a front desk person too. After a few months, he decided that I was better at front desk than the other new person, and she's been assisting, and I've been working at the front desk. I've been doing WW with the other front desk person, and we've become pretty good friends, and have helped each other out with the WW and stuff. And we work well together.

The other assistant, not the new one, isn't my favorite person. She's always saying stupid rude crap, and I just don't like her. Yesterday she said to me at lunch, that she's glad she has never had a problem with her weight, because she wouldn't be able to take it off. And yes she knows about us doing WW together. And then when we walk at lunch, we're nice and ask if she would like to walk with us, but she tells us "No you two walk too slow" She just always says stupid rude stuff like that.

Anyway, the other new assistant, hurt her hand the other night, and was not at work yesterday. She has like 17 stitches in her hand, and obviously cant assist anymore. Now I'm going to be going back to assisting, and will have to work with the rude stupid comment spewing assistant. :censored: :censored: And not to mention the fact, I haven't chair side assisted on a regular basis in forever (I had to a little last week, and lol it didn't go that well!).

I like assisting, but I don't like working with her! I'm going to go insane! So I'm going to be loosing some of my support with WW at work, because I wont get to talk so much with the woman I'm doing WW with.

:mad: sorry for my vent. I'm just soooo not looking forward to Monday.

Maggie - thats hilarious about the sniffing incident :) I love that scent too. My sister bought me a few bath products with that scent, and I LOVE the body wash. It smells sooo good!

Hope everyone has a great day!


08-12-2005, 02:33 PM
Oh, Liz... that sucks about your work situation. But remember two things: WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! And, maybe more importantly, at the end of the day we really are all accountable for ourselves. The support is nice, crucial even... but it's up to each and every one of us individually to not take the bites we're not supposed to take, to drink the water we're supposed to drink and to exercise and journal like we should. So you can do this because you're strong and motivated ALL ON YOUR OWN.

08-12-2005, 03:24 PM
Happy Friday Everyone,

I just need to whine today. Yesterday my dr.'s office calls & says they are releasing me to go back to work; come get the note from the dr. My dr. is on vacation until Monday & this is a new partner who has never seen me b4. All because I called earlier in the week & told them that my disability insurance needs a call from the doctor to approve me for disability pay after Aug 11. The dr originally has me off work for 6 months. which would not be up until January 2006. I think maybe this guy never looked at my chart.

Anyway, I go over & pick up the note. I had to get there b4 5pm. I also needed to go to grocery to pick up can of coffee. So of course they have a deli where the glorious smell of fried chicken is wafting thru the store. So I tell myself, keep walking, ignore the deli, step away from the chicken; roasted chicken would be better, etc. But they put it in those hot displays at the checkout, you don't have to stand in line at the deli...Do you see where this is going?

Can you say "chicken binge"? I was feeling so frustrated over the dr thing & knowing I'm not really able to work at this time; feeling deprived, depressed, and deserving of fried chicken. Anyway, after I got home and ate 4 pieces of "FRIED" chicken, I felt so bad. I'd like to say I just saddled the horse up and got back on, but it was not to be. :o Before it was all over, there was a bag of popcorn & 2 peaches involved. I told DD, "I'm pretty sure I'm done, now". I've been a lot better today, but I ate a chicken breast & leg today & took the meat off the bones of the last 2 pieces and gave it to the dogs.

So, I'm on the Core plan, but I just ate all my WPA & must stay strictly on Core all week. Thanks for listening. I would ask you for cheese with my whine, but make it fat free, I don't have any points left for this week!!! :lol:

08-12-2005, 05:08 PM
Hugs to all of you~ it sounds like I'm not the only one glad this week is over!

Long story short, yesterday was a bad day at work. My assistant called off so I had to do her job plus mine, there's remodeling going on which has the residents in a tizzy, the construction guys moved a lot of my supplies without telling me, and I had long meetings that should have been short... it was just a mess of a day. Ah well, I survived.


08-12-2005, 09:32 PM
Maggie how cool for your daughter. I know as a mom nothing makes us feel better than to see our kids doing well. I have a daughter that is doing some work with habitat for humanity with Jimmie Carter too so it is neat.

This week I went to a leadership conference with my other daughter it is good!

Liz hope you don't let the work situation bring you down. Keep focused and post often know people here really care about your success!

Misty your attitude is fantastic! Way to go!

Amanda you would love Stratford, CANada they have Shakespeare festival all summer! Even have Shakespeare restaurants, stores, hotels! It is a great place to visit!