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08-12-2005, 03:26 AM
A couple from the city move to the country and decide to try their hand at pig farming. As the neighbor, Joe, raises pigs they go to him for advice. The seasoned farmer recommends a dozen sows to start with and offers some of his own for sale. "The only thing" the Joe says, "you'll have to find your own hog, as I only have one, but you are welcome to use him to breed until you do find one of your own." Elated, the city folk load up a dozen sows that the farmer has kindly already had bred, and prepare to head for home. "Oh, wait! How will we know if our pigs are pregnant?" asks the city boy. "Well" answers the farmer, "if they are, they will do something that is very unnatural for pigs. They will graze on your lawn." Satisfied, they return home.
So the next morning the city folk look out the window, and see not one pig! Disappointed, they call Joe, who invites them to bring the sows back to be bred again, so they load up all the pigs in the truck and head back over to to the farmer's. When business is done, they return home and saying a little prayer, head off to bed. The next morning, they pull back the curtain and not a single pig in sight! Feeling a little put out, they call the farmer, who again invites them on over. So again they load up all the sows in the truck and go back to the neighbors to take care of business.
The next morning, feeling extremely nervous and ready to give up, the husband asks his wife to look out and check to see if the pigs are pregnant. She pulls back the curtain and peeks out, "well, hon, I'm not sure, but they are all loaded in the truck and the one is laying on the horn!"

08-17-2005, 12:32 AM
lolololol :D