Exercise! - Back Muscle Question/ [Running\exercises]

08-09-2005, 05:26 PM
I noticed during the a 5k race that I did over the past weekend and my run that I got in this morning a new tension. The middle of my back begins to get really tight while running beyond 3 miles, Anybody know any reason of why that would happen? I personally thought maybe I felt tension because my back muscles were in action but I've never felt my back muscles(lats, and traps, and stuff) have tension unless I was lifting weights. If anyone has any answers or thesis on what this could be please reply. Also a side note I am overweight and I have just accomplished hitting the 3 mile mark recently I've worked my way up to this.

Sweater Girl
08-11-2005, 12:55 PM
MrsD: sorry I didn't see this question before...it can if fact be a number of things:

Shoes: believe it or not, the wrong shoes can throw everything off-balance

Posture: best running position? Shoulders back, chest forward, arms fairly loose and relaxed (I've struggled if my arms are too tight) and head looking forward.

Core: core and posture go hand in hand, but strengthening the core makes running a lot easier.

I intentionally work on my running posture at least once a week, it really does help. Don't worry with time, practice and patience, you will notice a big difference and it really does get easier.