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08-09-2005, 03:12 PM
Welcome Witchies, Howdy hobgoblins, Hola ogres!

This is the Holloween Hustle challenge - with a "sprint o' the spirits" each month until we get to All Hallow's Eve :dance:

So tell us:

What's your August aim? :ebike:
Your September sprint? :wl:
Where do you see yourself by Halloween? At goal? :cb: Down 10 evil pounds? :devil: DAILY exercize? :faint:

Get on the wagon, ignore the spiders and enjoy the ride! :wizard:

Your Ghostess with the mostest,
(aka Terri)

08-09-2005, 04:09 PM
Thanks for starting the thread Punkin!!

By the end of August I wan't to AT LEAST be 3 lbs. lighter (232lbs)

By the end of September 10lbs lighter (225lbs)

By the end of the Challenge 20lbs lighter (215lbs)

My goals are to eat right (NO MORE FADS!!!) Portion control, less sugar, more moving my rear (and various other parts). :lol:

That's it. Simple right??? :?: :o

08-09-2005, 04:16 PM
Here's my modivation. The latest and greatest pix of Sydney.

08-09-2005, 04:30 PM
Can I join in? (I need extra motivation and shove in the right direction)

My August Aim is to exercise consistently and keep my HR up through strong cardio (5-6X a week for at least 3-4 hours per week) to burn some of this evil fat off me. :devil:

September Sprint?----to reduce my waistline by 2 inches!

Halloween Hope?--- to tuck my shirt into my jeans with no abdomen *spillage*

08-09-2005, 04:48 PM
Of course you can join in MarbleFlys! Welcome to our nutty group o' ladies!

Frogger, Sydney is beautiful! What a pretty little girl - and that grin! Your hubby's gonna have to be on his toes when she gets older! Excellent motivation too, can't think of much better!

Ok, my goals:
August aim - say "buh-BYE" to 4 pounds :wave:
September sprint - I see myself at least in the mid 220's :mag:
I'm "Swearin' for Samhain" - I will NOT purchase ANY of those perfectly packaged chocolatey goodies that call my name as I walk by the aisle. NONE - if I don't buy them I won't eat them, and if I don't eat them I won't have to get the fat off my butt that they'll cause! No Halloween candy!!!! :nono:

So there! The evil candy has been put on notice - don't talk to me cuz I ain't gonna listen! :censored:

September will be 1 YEAR from my trip to Fiji - no time to waste messing around with this - this time next year I'll be on a beach and don't want someone tryin' to throw me back in (ifyaknowwhatImean!) :beach:



08-09-2005, 05:12 PM
yes, nothing worse than that SUGAR ADDICTION, and ya' feel so horrible the next day!

I'm on Meridia and it has really helped me to control WHAT I eat and not over-eat. I can walk away from the fridge....and I have pretty much lost my taste for chocolate. (so why am I not melting off pounds like an informercial?)....I seem to lose weight sooo slowly (no there is nothing wrong with me, I've been tested up the wahzoo). But just give me the chance and I could gain 8 lbs. in a week!

08-09-2005, 06:28 PM
Well MarbleFlys, I've been lucky thus far with weight loss, but there's a little voice in my head that tells me that won't always be so - so I should quit messing around with it! As long as I keep myself focused, journal what I'm putting in my mouth and get *some* sort of exercise, I can get it off relatively quickly - it's been KEEPING it off that's been the problem. I've literally lost over 200 pounds - 60 the first time (regained 75), 89 another time (regained 100 - during my divorce), 40 yet again (regained 25).

Huh.... maybe subconsciously I'm convinced any loss is just temporary? Something for me to think on.

On to glug my water!

08-09-2005, 07:04 PM
Thanks for the new thread, Punkin!
My August goal is to finish up my first 12 week round of BFL, and start another one!!! :strong: Will have to consider September and October. I'll consult the crystal to see what the spirits have to say. ;)

Thanks for the pics of Sweet Sydney, Frogger!

Welcome, Marbleflys!!!! :D Look forward to getting to know you better!

08-09-2005, 09:09 PM
Cool, the new thread is up! Thank you Ms. Punkin!

Welcome, MarbleFlys! So glad you joined us! Now, with an intriguing name like that, care to explain how it came about?

Frogger, Sydney gets more adorable with every picture! Such a pretty little her mama, of course! ;)

Hmmm...August aim...'bout three weeks left in August...I'm going to go for 5 lbs lost! Anyone else??? (Of course, you dedicated souls who are at or near goal are exempt.) It takes three weeks to form a habit...and I would like to get back in the habit of regular weight training again. It is my favorite type of exercise, so the only roadblock is time. Time to make time!

September sprint will be to install extra seat belts on the wagon because I don't have time to fall off! October will arrive before I know it and that's when I'm a-travelling! I would like to see another 5lbs sent packing in September.

Halloween is my 7th anniversary with DH. It would be nice to be in a smaller size by then.

I love new threads! Just need the rest of the gang to follow the breadcrumbs now.

08-09-2005, 11:55 PM

punkin-thanks for starting the new thread!

frogger-the pix of sydney are adorable!!

definitely like the idea of new beginning. this challenge:
will stick with lowered cals. and healthy food choices, plenty of water, and vary exercise routine a little more. also may meet with nutritionist to see if i can get better idea of good food choices to help push scale downward in light of my limited mobility due to ms. also more consistency with my meditation tapes.

hi wildfire, eydie, kaylets, arabella, and all our lovely royals!

08-10-2005, 08:54 AM
What an excellent day to begin to hocuspokusfocus :wizard: I must confess I haven't weighed myself in a while, and had decided I was going to bite the bullet and do it on Sept. 1, thus giving myself a little time to take some off before I faced the music. SO, my commitment for August is to do my checklist every day and report in on the success of each one.

I'm still tired, I think fighting off some illness as a result of my trip. Never fails, if I get overstressed in any particular way, that I'm easy prey for whatever's going around. That's why my checklist of healthy behaviors is so important. Honestly, when I feel well it's reasonably easy for me to stay on track, but if I'm exhausted or feeling ill, I often have difficulty keeping self from diving head-first into the cookie bag. So. Looking after self is priority #1. :yes: From which blessings will flow to others. Now, having said how tired I am, I must build some rest into my day instead of just trying to push through.

Thanks for (g)hosting the new thread, Your Punkinness! Mmmmm... Fiji sounds wooooooonderfulllll! And I'm seeing you there in splendid slenderness!!!

Welcome, MarbleFlys and love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

08-10-2005, 09:30 AM
Marbleflys WELCOME. :grouphug:

I'm SO motivated for this. Even on vacation. Ocean City's boardwalk is 3 miles long. We intend to walk it everyday. Isn't that INSANE? :dizzy: This was my DH suggestion. LOL

Eating my beloved oatmeal this morning. YEAH!!! :lol:

This just popped into my head..
We're weepy and we're cooky, mysterious and hooky, we're off to lose our booty the Royal family!!

Later Gators, I'll be back in a few...

08-10-2005, 11:05 AM
Frogger that is HYSTERICAL!!!!!! :rofl: We have a theme song!! :cb:

Good to see everyone!

Yes, Arabella, if YOU don't take care of yourself, who will? May I suggest a hot bath :bubbles: and glass o' wine? :hat:

Must away to get some work done as, darn it, it won't seem to do it itself!

Planning a trip with GFs to visit a known haunted hotel in October. Looking forward to giving my dowsing rods a try out! :dance:

Toodles for now!


08-10-2005, 01:05 PM
Frogger! :lol: memorizing words right this minute! Thanks for the theme song -- I think that the way this thing's happenin' means we're all going to succeed beyond our wildest dreams. Sounds like a nice boardwalk -- Enjoy!

:queen: Punkinseed, cool beans! I'd love to visit a haunted hotel (although I suspect this would be the one time I'd want to share a room). A friend of mine belongs to a dowser group and another has experimented with them and both swear they work.

08-10-2005, 01:57 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome, I appreciate it! Wildfire, the name comes from something a 15 year old highschool girl thought up and I ran with daughter and friends are now in their 20's....(I'm 48 in realtime, but still have many childish tendancies)

Frogger, your baby is beautiful!

OK, I took this challenge to heart today, I did NOT want to work out!!! but felt ashamed if I didn't, so I put in 33 mins. of hard cardio and abs. on my stability ball. I'm using a rebounder for the cardio as it allows me to move at a fast enough pace to keep my HR up (thus burning FAT---hopefully). I alternate with interval sessions of dumbbell sets, step-ups with a 12 inch step, chest press, 1/2 push-ups(done at the kitchen counter at an angle), bi-ceps, dead lifts.

I was unable to lift wts. for almost a year and gained a lot of flab. (injury to shoulder, radial fracture of elbow and broken nose, wet feet, wet dog, splat on a ceramic tile floor!)...prior to that I had a terrible emotional *crisis* and depression drugs caused me to just not care, (but I do now!)...I never had a weight problem until I hit my 30s, then through diet and exercise I lost the excess and kept it off for 5 years. Now I intend to get it off and keep it off. easier said than done...but I refuse to give up. is awful today!

08-10-2005, 03:13 PM
MarbleFlys, Ouuuuuuuuch! Pets are dangerous, I swear it! LOL! Well done you for doing exactly what your signature says! Just do it!!!! (oh, and I think we all have childish tendancies - it's what keeps us young!) :bubbles:

Arabella, we're going to a place called McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, OR. Supposed to be very active. But, being a SciFi Ghost Hunters buff, I'll go almost to see if it's something that can be explained - but totally hoping it's real! LOVE my dowsing rods - have to really focus though because I live over an aquifer and they tend to pick up that kind of energy. We're also bringing a voice activated recorder for EVPs. Soooooo excited!

Ok, off to help mom do some 'puter work. Hi ho, hi ho!


08-10-2005, 04:40 PM
[color=orange][b]Booooo, Royal Ones!!!

Punkin, thanks for decoratin' the palace w' all the Halloweenie stuff 'n settin' up this Halloweenie challenge!!!

Huzzah!!! I'm in super brevity mode as me brain be not workin' ... think I need some rest, takin' a few days off ...

I sort of already set up my Halloween challenge: to reach my 130 goal, which I will accomplish (hopefully) by calorie averaging using the Fitday PC software, which says I can GET to 130 by October 30 at 1768 per day, which I take to mean A WEEKLY AVERAGE OF 1768 (I need to look at that figure again ... it may be somewhat off) ... anyhow, sometimes I eat more, sometimes less, I enter it all into the software and it figures it all out for me ... I love this software!!!

Gotta go, soryr ...

08-10-2005, 09:33 PM
Hello all!

How long have I been gone?? WoW! the palace looks lovely... like the mall w/ the fall fashions....

And I love the Haloween Hustle... THANKS PUNKIN!!

Welcome Marbleflys!!
Glad to have you w/ us!

Frogger! Sydney is gorgeous!! Ocean City is only 2 hrs south of me... and you know what..... weather is heating up again, you 've picked a great week to be at the beach....

As for me, I want to get the water back up to where it used to be...
and the activity level.... get something in EARLY b/ 4 the heat.... I need it as much mentally as in the gut/butt area...

and I 'd be a lot more comfortable mentally if I was down a couple pounds ....

so.... I appreciate everyone's motivation.... its sinking in and feels good....

PS ... one resume 's been sent off and I am completing an appliaction for an opening w/in the company tomorrow am...

******Thought of the day :

"A diamond is a lump of coal that stuck with it"

Question of the day :

"Can you remember the last time you had gum stuck on you... shoe, hair,

Empress, spoke to a gent in Tempe today... and last week, someone else you're way.... that fella told me that its just practice for the afterlife....That's the first time I heard that one!

Got to hit the shower!


08-11-2005, 08:26 AM
Yesterday I was going to take a break from visiting my dad in the hospital but after work decided at the last minute to go. He's on a lot of medication and not sleeping and was hallucinating and there's nothing to do but just play along. At least he was seeing cats [the animals, not the musical! :lol: ] so it could've been worse. He's not really sure where he is, but was sweet-natured at the time I saw him. My stepmom says that he can get angry and mean too and that would be really hard to see. Oh yeah, and my stepmom was watching her soap operas and he caught bits and pieces of it and was describing it to me like it was all real. Yikes!
After the visit, I just wanted to cry and when i finally got home [it's a long drive], I did just that and thouroughly enjoyed myself. I desperately wish there was somethign I could do, but there isn't.

08-11-2005, 08:55 AM
And August is just flying eat smarter, exercise more and glug water....same old. I know I need to get more specific than that...I'm workin' on it! My old news is on the old thread...just before we dusted off and moved here...

Eydie, that sounds just too hard to bear! A good cry is what we all need sometimes. You go. ((HUG))

Work is co-worker is just not up to snuff. And I'm afraid that I will be labelled as the supervisor who can't keep staff...Geesh. Still playing catch-up in there from the mess made whilst I was gone...but have some new leaving the delivery for the other person on Tues and Thurs. so I can work on the shelves....Eydie your man can relate to desk clerk just put all the FIC Par togther (as an example) and that is what the whole collection is wasn't her fault, she is new too but the adults didn't know or care either. Argh!

Anyway...gonna go play ball with a heathen before it gets hot. I can throw balls...can't lift much but I do what I can.



08-11-2005, 09:05 AM
Good morning, Queenlies!

I had a very good day yesterday, exercise, food, meditation, water, tai chi, walk plus 1 high-intensity burst. Erred in not doing anything special for fun, but it was nice to be walking through the woods and around the harbour, despite the heat. Gorgeous, hazy summer day on the water!

I thought I'd mentioned, but I think maybe I forgot to, that I found out the other day that at least four members of my dad's family are/were diabetic. I think they weren't diagnosed until they were 70-80, but still -- got to be a genetic factor for so many to have it. Thus, I have a newly strengthened resolve that coincides quite nicely with the new thread. And I thought it was quite meaningful that there were 21 days left in the month when I signed on :yes: So here we go! And I'm going to post my actual weight on Sept. 1. I fear that I'm 10 lbs up from there now (why not just weigh self now and find out? hmmmm.... Don't want to see the big numbers. Not that the number isn't big enough anyway. But this time is IT. Gonna do it :yes: )

Eydie, you sound like you're coping as well as humanly possible with your situation, like the wise :queen: you are! :grouphug: I'm so glad you got to have your good cry, too. I've got a long-standing history of fighting back tears and then when I'm ready to let go not being able to summon them up.

Kaylets, hmmmm... no, I don't remember the last time I had gum stuck on me but I do remember a couple of years ago rubbing peanut butter into DGS' hair for that reason.

wsw, is it still beastly hot where you are? It's pretty warm here. I think I recall you saying you've got air conditioning in your apartment, though, which is such a relief on a hot day (or night, maybe even more so!). I surely enjoyed the air conditioning in the rental car. The trip would have been pretty brutal without it.

I've been meaning to ask you, do you have tai chi tapes? I keep trying to find some mind/body exercise for my mom, whose mobility is limited.

Amarantha, I was glad to hear you're going to take a few days off. I hope they're perfectly restful and restorative. I'm feeling very strongly like I need to take summers off and live in a house on the ocean. And, to be honest, that's a compromise on my real dream of living in said house and being independently wealthy :lol:

Punkin, I concur wholeheartedly; you want to rule out all explicable causes -- I mean, we're not gullible, right? :no: I had a bizarre experience last night -- woke up from a dream (not a nightmare) and was afraid for no reason I can think of. Who knows? Maybe some subconscious issue coming up that I'm afraid to face? Ah yes, I remember -- feeling the feelings, working through them, realizing that you can feel things and survive. Actually, survive and thrive, better and stronger.

Marbleflys, I'm with you -- youth doesn't last, but one CAN remain immature forever! I'm only half-kidding -- having just turned 50, I think it's my solemn duty to try to stay goofy and have fun! :yes:

Wildfire, mmmm... yes, I am definitely enjoying your upcoming visit vicariously. I forget -- have you met before? Seen photos? Enquiring minds, you know ;)

Frogger, Sydney is so beautiful! What a thrill to have these sweet young spirits to commune with. My grandson is such a source of joy for me! And then he goes home to Mama (which is generally good, too, since they tend to be pretty high-maintenance ;) )

Anagram, hope all goes well with you! Are the kids still visiting sometimes? :grouphug: Sending love!

Ceara, have you managed to follow the breadcrumbs? I hope your recovery speeds up and that you feel like your old young self again soon!

avwoolf, lurkest thou?

And, of course, thoughts go out to Cerise and other wandering royals.

Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this one count! :yes:

08-11-2005, 09:16 AM
Good Morning All!! Cube-mate is working from home today so I get a repreive!!!!

Kaylets-Come on down to the beach!!!! I'll buy you lunch (or dinner whatever you prefer)! :D

I still have to pack! I tried to do it last night, but was un-motivated.

08-11-2005, 12:07 PM
Mornin' dahlings,

We've been speaking of youth, immaturity (chosen or otherwise) and age - I had a surreal experience at the Dr.'s yesterday - went in for my quarterly bc shot in the hiney and explained to the nice nurse-girl that I'd had some female issues in the last two months because of taking an herbal supplement (rhodiola rosea - don't take it if you have a uterus, I swear!) and she said "I don't know, how old are you, maybe it's the beginnings of menapause". WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? :eek: She agreed at 35 I'm too young for "the Big M", but just that it was in the realm of her thinking made me think "huh, guess I'm not a kid anymore....". :stress: :lol: :stress: :lol: (hey, that looks like menapause to me!)

Arabella, you've probably nailed it right on the head - I've heard that when you sleep your brain tries to make sense of seemingly senseless things, and deal with things you just don't want to deal with while awake.... I have something called hypnogogic hallucinations (from stress mostly) that occur *right* when I fall asleep and wake me back up - apparently they're pretty common. Ususally it's thinking I heard a crash (and there's nothing), smell smoke (again, nothing) or think there's someone in the house. Meditation has been helping - but there is NOTHING worse than waking up and feeling something is very wrong - for no reason! Our brains are pretty amazing though when you realize all the strange things they can do to make you realize what's going on - whether you want to or not!

Eydie, I'm so sorry you're having to experience these things with your dad. What kind of drugs do they have him on????? Sounds like some sort of opiate - they sound pretty harsh! I agree with everyone else, sometimes you HAVE to just get it out and have a good cry. It's healthy.

Ceara, I'm sorry you're having problems with the new person. I feel ya.... I was out of the office for 30 minutes yesterday and my mom scheduled stuff that made absolutely no sense. And she's been doing this for YEARS (not so much in the last 5 years though). But it was like "jeez, can I even go to the bathroom without something getting screwed up!?!?!?!?". I say we find a couple towelboys and head to the spa! :beach:

I will hopefully spare any of you wondering if those new monster Reese's peanut butter cups are any good. I am the biggest fan of the chocolate/peanut butter combo, but they are NASTY! :tape: :barf: Seriously, I threw one out (bought 2). Good to know!

Well, must call pregnant CA friend and see how the little blob is doing. Haven't spoken in almost a week.... :bb:

Later gators,

08-11-2005, 12:57 PM
SLAP that silly nurse-girl, she's off the wall to open her mouth like that.....(or stuff her bra in her big mouth.....perhaps)

I like that Arabella, one can remain immature forever......will file it away for future use.

I'm taking this challenge seriously, I am being very disciplined with the exercise every morning, no matter how tired I am....I've been in my office past 7PM every night, it's a tough week....(medical school goes all year long, no breaks). Today, I did some hard FIRM cardio and wts. lasted for 35 mins, sweated out some toxins I hope....

I still have hope that I can recover my waist....

I sat down last night at 9 and thought about dinner....just had a salad with a few olives and tomatoes from my garden, promptly fell I spent an hour with the contractor who is rewiring my house deciding where to put cable boxes, switches, fixtures, etc....then the race to the decisions of what students will work with what doc.....

I want to go home and veg...but there is no place to, the contractor is all over the place.

Oh and I'm NOT having the big M either at my advanced age of 48, I'm just plain
b itchy......

BBL, punkin, please detail your interests, thanks!

08-11-2005, 01:50 PM
I'm back on for a bit. What a screwed up place this is. The cube mate is responscible for the weekly reports. Well, he's 'working' from home and apparently cannot do it (so what is this 'working' then?) So I start on them (I have NEVER done one). Then he says oh nevermind I'll do it. It was due at noon to the person they get sent to; she hasn't seen it yet. I should have just done it. It would have taken like 10 minutes tops. He started on it at 9am.

I keep reminding myself I just have to stay awake long enough at work for today and tomorrow. Then VACATION!!!! :cb: Found out DH is getting paid for vacation (they were going to be boobs about not paying him his one week
he was owed from the company they aquired). So that's good news.

Other than that...same old same old...

08-12-2005, 07:57 AM
I've got work to do and DGS & his dad arriving 10ish, so I won't linger for the moment. Just want to report another good day in New Resolve. I'm finding that emotions are arising that before I probably would have subdued by shoving them back down my throat with food. Realizing, yes, I can feel sad, sorry, fearful, anxious, etc. and survive.

As :queen: Punkin said, meditation really helps. I felt so sad the other day, was just hanging with the emotion. But after meditating under my tree, I felt peace!

Things I've been tending to miss on my checklist are the most indulgent ones -- fun & creative break. Fun will be a given today, because of DGS. Resolve to have a little creative break too. :yes:

Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

08-12-2005, 11:35 AM
HI Everyone:

Nice attitude Arabella! I do like your direction of thinking (imitation is the highest form of flattery) I should do 1/2 of that.....including FUN which I never seem to have.

OK, I'm on DAY 11 of consistent exercise, put in 36 mins of hard cardio and interval training with reward is not looking as pudgyish in my clothes today.....

oh if I could only melt at the rate of those infomercials!

08-12-2005, 01:09 PM
Good morning all and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! :cp: :cb: :hat: :woo:

So far, the seat belts on the Halloween wagon are pretty snug! I've got to do some grocery shopping after work tonight, but I'm going with my mom (to help Ms. Gimpy) so it'll be tough to buy a bunch of crap when I have someone with me - hmmm, maybe that's how I should *always* shop!

Frogger, have an awesome, fun, safe vacation! I hope it refreshes and recharges you! :beach: And it's a PAID vacation for DH - even better!

MarbleFlys, well, said nurse confided in me a few months ago that she's going through a divorce, so I was kind and didn't throw her over the exam table, though my red-headed temper wanted me to... I'm actually liking getting older - I like the wisdom (real or implied) that comes with age. I will probably not be one for cosmetic surgery, more like one of those shriveled up little ladies you see on a porch rocker, crocheting and recalling "back in the day".... yup, that'll be me!
You asked me to detail my interests? You mean the ghostie stuff? A friend has always wanted to start a paranormal investigating business so we're going to go see what we can do at this hotel. I'm a believer that leans on the skeptical side, I need proof, not just "someone said....". Other interests, actually most of them, minus my crocheting, tend to lean towards the semi-otherworldly.... energy work, psychic communication (mostly with animal or Earth energy), rune reading, etc. (cue Twilight Zone music)

Arabella, I've been finding that on the days I meditate, I sleep deeper and uninterrupted. Have you found that? I'm pretty new to regular meditation and don't know if this is just a good side effect or coincedence.... Either way, I love the brain clearing sensation, the "all is good with the world" feelings and sense of calm. I think I'm hooked!

Well all, must away to work. An iced coffee is calling my name, and since lunch is light I just may give in to the temptation.... :tired: :coffee:

Have a wonderful weekend!


08-13-2005, 09:18 AM
Doin' it, doin' it, yuppir. I had a pretty successful day yesterday -- did have nachos and festive beverages last night, but even such as that fit in from time to time. Birthday party tonight, and I will NOT eat cake and ice cream, no matter how good. I think I may take stevia-sweetened lemonade to drink, also taking a big veggie tray.

Punkin, you said it: brain clearing, "all is good with the world" feeling, and calm. Why is it that I resist meditation? It's incredible how perspective-altering it is!

Happy vacation, Frogger!

Love to all, mentioned or un- Have a wonderful, healthful, restorative weekend.

08-13-2005, 10:19 AM
Hello all--

Well, good news and bad news...

I got myself in a white sweat lather yesterday trying to fill an internal job posting application on line at my job and then " discreetly" going to HR during lunch to deliver. Turned out must be faxed to another HR dept so the intrigue included one whisphered desk phone call and then finding an empty office for a cell phone call when the first fax # didnt work....and nevermind the drama at the fax machine.....

but, the position has not been filled so that is a defnite plus... and since that makes officially 2 resumes out to the universe, I feel like I've made that mental shift.

Interesting, when I came back to my desk after successfully faxing, a coworker who is new but fast as lightening shared that she had just given her notice.... she is brillant, speaks 4 languages ( 2 of them Chinese) and is the "fast learning" new employee.... she's been w/ the company less than a year and she is leaving to move aprx 45 minutes away w/ her boyfriend. She will find a job when she's ready but I could tell what she was really saying was... " Too much!"
All of this reinforced my own belief that no matter how hard you try, the current answer phones/ processing time cannot work as they think. You have to be doing two things at once to keep up.
But its very difficult to have the accuracy level they want with the contstant interruptions. You wind up looking at the same thing 1/2 a dozen times and meanwhile you're thinking "Hurry up!!!"

Bad news, found out the VP has chocolate in his office. Thought he only had hard candies...
I ate far too much. And today am in MORE MORE MORE mode... but am slugging tea hoping to hang tough and detox....

I definitely see where my STRESS = SUGAR equation needs a big defense plan.....


Frogger, too bad I couldnt meet you for lunch.... But I have time off in 2 weeks so the next weesks are full bore, pedal to the metal....

Eydie, crying is a good thing.... I would too. This is a tough thing for anyone to watch helplessly. And you ARE doing something. You went to be w/ him and he is constantly in your thoughts. Yes, I realize, that's not enough. That's the toughest part. (((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))

Empress, hope you are able to rest, relax, enjoy......

WoodNymph-- You are an inspiration!

Marbleflys: I'm in Delaware, are you in South or North of NJ??

Punkin: How's your mom feeling??

I need to go and get a haircut....
guess I should just go and do it.

08-13-2005, 05:33 PM
For some reason, I'm not doin' well, :queen: s ... today or yesterday. Might be the storms, but just way off balance. Even had CAKE again this month (was only going to allow once a month, but this makes twice ... oh well) ...

Sorry for the me=me ... wanted to say hi ...

08-13-2005, 06:11 PM
Thanks for the hugs, everybody! :) My dad will be in a nursing home for a while until the skin graft and then who knows? I think part of his problem before was that he hadn't slept in days, so he was really loopy. He's much better now, but he'd much rather be at home than where he is.
Had an enlightening moment the other day when I was good and tired of feeling paralyzed by the whole thing, and that is that I can choose to hang back and feel awkward or I can just go in and be fully present and pay attention to what I can do for him. Much Better! :D it really is all in the attitude, isn't it?

Wonder how our Anagram is doing. Oh my dear Anagram, if you want time to slow wayyy down, spend some time in the hospital, am I right?

Frogger, I've been meaning to tell you: Thanks for our theme song! :)

Good luck, Kaylets!

I'm feelign out-of-balance too, Amarantha. Hmmmm, what is it that we need? [And I bet it's not cake! BTW, I've overindulged in my whole grain, fruit-juice sweet. cake. I don't care how 'healthy' it is, I've still eaten TOO MUCH!]

Didn't exercise at all yesterday so I have to do it today. Here I go!!!

08-13-2005, 07:45 PM
Just a fly-by posting to say hi and I haven't fallen off the wagon. Spent the last 10 hours at a biker charity event for breast cancer...including a 175km ride...beyond tired after all that fresh air and asphalt. Great day, though. :scooter:

Another busy day tomorrow with the Scottish Festival and a neighborhood barbeque. Thinking of you all! :wave:

08-13-2005, 11:07 PM
Hi, all! E, I think you need yet another hug ... but I am glad thy dad is feelin' better and gettin' some rest. It can be difficult sometimes to know how to act when visitin' our loved ones who are ill in the hospital or recovering in nursing homes ... but it does get better when you begin to just act natural and relax and, as you say, be fully present ... you are doing great!!!!

Hmmm, as for the cake thing, well, if ya visit me in the land far far ye'll see that I caved today and had a Nemo cake!!! That's one over my monthly quota (yet again) ... as I commented in the journal, though, it actually did help, but I'm still off balance.

My personal training session helped today, though, too. We did pilates (I took my Pilates mag in to show her some of the reformers in the ads, as she's not a pilates literate trainer) and then some weights ... I feel the pilates especially helped me ... must do more regularly ... used to love it, dunno what happened.

WILDFIRE: THOU ART AWESOME ... 175 km ride ... I wish I could do that!!! :cheer: The Scottish Festival soundeth fun also and the bbq!!! Have a good time!!! :wave:

08-14-2005, 09:28 AM
Amarantha, how about a Pilates challenge? I will if you will! Anybody else?

08-14-2005, 10:29 AM
Hello all!

Very very hot again here today.... head advisory warnings for both heat and air quality... I tried to do too much going in and out of a/c, back into the heat yesterday and wound up needing a long nap and then woke up w/ a headache.

Meanwhile, DH worked 8 hrs in the heat to come home to find me napping... sure spreads the guilt on thick!! :^:

Then, last night on the phone, a gf mentioned she felt a dehydration headache coming on and BINGO... I finally remembered ANOTHER reason I was dragging and feeling so crummy---
Heat and sugar hangover .... not enough liquid... WHAT AM I THINKING!!??!!

I am sipping my first decaf cup of tea w/ a goal to stay w/ fluid in hand.... all day...

My goodness... how could I be so out of touch w/ what was a basic for so long w/ me????

Yes, Eydie, I can relate... Lots of lessons in these experiences... Especially as we realize now as its happening, how much we will remember these moments later.....
In my own experience, no matter how much other things in my life were put on hold, I only knew for sure that this time spent now would never be regretted.....

Need to get some things done b/4 its too hot so I'll look in later...


08-14-2005, 11:06 AM
Yep, E, I am up for a Pilates challenge ... how 'bout I ANTE & pledge to do the mat workout I practiced with my trainer four times this week (in addition to the walking and weights); it was just basic core moves ... I will post this in my journal later, too.


08-14-2005, 11:51 AM
hey, frogger your on vacation the same time my family is :) lol they will be there and on the Ocean City's boardwalk everynight for a two weeks. I got stuck home due to work, but a least I no one to take care of for two weeks.

Have a great time and stay strong when on the boardwalk. I would watch out for the pizza and my favorite the Kohr bros Frozen Custard with rainbow jimmy's. Just thinking about it made me drool....

08-14-2005, 01:35 PM
And I survive. Not feeling on top of the world today and yesterday, just slightly blah -- always, this seems like the most dangerous feeling for me -- tired and blah. If I'm truly, truly upset I don't want to eat as a rule and if I'm feeling GOOD I usually don't have too much trouble staying OP. Nevertheless, yesterday I thought: feeling blah is NOT a sign that the plan isn't working and I should say the **** with it. Feeling blah is just another mood -- whether the stars, blood sugar or circumstance creates it, blah is just another way to feel and is not going to be helped more than extremely temporarily by application of chocolate raspberry fudge cake. Reading some of the reports above makes me think it might be the stars to blame, at that! Cake seems to be making the rounds!

However, I did have two bites of the aforementioned yesterday, mostly because my niece wanted me to share her piece and my mom kept trying to get me to eat a whole piece. It IS excruciatingly good cake, but -- contrary to what my mom says -- not "worth it," especially if "it" is falling off the wagon and spending weeks, months, years never really getting firmly back on.

Also had an egg salad sandwich on whole-wheat because that was all that was available for dinner other than veggies and cake (and I hadn't had much other than veggies all day thinking there would be a good variety of healthy foods at the party).


Kaylets, I can see you do need a new job! The present one seems to be a lot like my son's situation. He works in a call center and they constantly pressure agents to reach unrealistic targets, such as keeping calls so short that they can't give people as much help as they need, and so on. I just KNOW there's a better job waiting for you!

Wildfire, were you on a bike for 175 km!!! Did you love it? I used to adore riding on a motorcycle, although I haven't done it for, oh, 25 years. It's got to be one of the closest feelings to flying, short of maybe hang-gliding.

Eydie, lack of sleep will do that, for sure! My son hardly slept for a week before his psychotic episode about a year and a half ago. He's fine, now, thanks be...

Amarantha, what is a Nemo cake? All I can think of, because of DGS' influence, is Finding Nemo. But I suspect this is something different. Next big occasion party here I think I'll try to replicate last night's cake w/ spelt flour and some healthful sugar alternative. :chin:

K, I've got a few work-type things to do. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Queenlies! Love to all, mentioned or un-

08-14-2005, 04:20 PM
Arabella, Nemo cake far outdated the Nemo movie. :) It's a moist, heavenly snack cake brand that's been sold for decades ... not sure if they have it in Canada, but I've always (unfortunately) found it everywhere I've lived in the States. It's in the refrigerated sections of Walgreen's nowadays, sometimes in convenience stores ... it tastes for all the world like homemade (not even remotely like a Hostess cupcake) ... is wrapped in plastic like it came from somebody's kitchen. Comes in a carrot cake with cream cheese icing, a banana cake and there's a chocolate type that I've never tasted. The carrot is the only one I currently buy and as I posted somewhere, it is much lower in cals and saturated fat than I used to think (I called the company to get the nutritional value, it's not on the package). It seems to be procurable on the web, but I'm not sure if the company per se has a site ... anyhow, I wouldna go there if I were thou.

Arabella, why can't I get this work done?

Need to get two stories done and I just can't do 'er ... ok, here I go.

08-14-2005, 04:59 PM
Hmmm... Short answer?: You don't waaaaaaaanaaaaa! That's what it is when I'm not getting it done. I mean, I want to get it done but don't want to do it, sort of like when I'd stand looking out my bedroom window giving the elves time to clean my room while my back was turned. Just about as effective, too. :rolleyes: And usually it's not that bad once I start but the dreading process is awful!

Nemo cake sounds good -- BTW, I came across a recipe for "raw carrot cake" which I think you mentioned one time. Must see if I can find that again...

08-14-2005, 06:33 PM
Yep, that's the answer! :) Anyhow, I did one story and the other one went back in the pile for tomorrow. I'll do it in the newsroom or before I go up there. I wouldn't do it at all except I promised someone it'd run ...

My resignation time is right around the corner, or so I hope! Just one more piece of the puzzle in place, then ... new career ...

If you find the "raw carrot cake" recipe, would ya post it ... I don't think it was me who mentioned it but I'm fascinated by the raw food movement ... which isn't so new, having been around for decades, but which seems to be enjoying a resurgence!

08-14-2005, 06:45 PM
Hi Amarantha! I'll join you in the Pilates challenge and want to raise my sweat quotient this week. Honestly, I don't think that i worked up a sweat at all this week.

I've had a weird weekend. All I really wanted to do was nap so I did a fair amount of that. I don't feel good about it either when there's so much to do.
There it is; that vague sense of 'blah'. :(

08-14-2005, 10:15 PM
[color=blue][b]Hi, E!!! Just "saw" ya over at the land far far and responded that you're on!!! Except I got frustrated trying to burn a CD for my workouts for this challenge (don't ask) and got kind of outta the mood for today, but my Pilates days will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday ... unless the trainer wants to do more with me when we work out on Thursday ... anyhow, I want to space the four workouts throughout the week, will do my regular on the other days ... just the Pilates I did yesterday really helped me feel better ... I'd like to get into a regular daily practice of short sessions of matwork (unfortunately, I don't have a reformer, wish I did).

I've still got the blahs too and as mentioned above didn't finish the work I needed to get done, could do it now, but need a night off ...

08-15-2005, 07:21 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! Hope all is well despite the pall of blahness overhanging the realm. Must be the stars, I think (if only I was still doing the horoscopes, I'd know. Found myself thinking of treats I could make when I was going to sleep last night. Healthy treats, but -- nevertheless -- I don't think it's a good thing for food to be the most interesting thing I can come up with to think about. This is so the kind of mood that I would ordinarily be going off-plan over. Not going to do it, though :no:

Have been falling down on the job of finding myself something fun to do every day and am going to force myself to have some fun today, whether I want to or not :p

Love to all :queen:s ensconced in the palace or on walkabouts. Let's make the most of this day that we've been given!

08-15-2005, 07:36 PM
Hello all!

Just coming within range of the kingdom so you can see and hear me ..
Am leaving the house in literally 5 minutes for my WW meeting and havent brushed my teeth yet.....

And am honestly only going because 2 members who are sisters have gotten very friendly and I am hoping one of them may help in my own career switch.

Blah is blah for sure......
And very much maligned for all sorts of poor choices...

I so far have clung to the better choices today but really only by fingernails...

DH says I was craving so much at work was that I knew I hadnt finished all the chocolate in the boss's office. And he's probably right....

But I did get more water in and actually, got in a 1/2 serving of lentil soup just now ( I Know, never eat at the computer... ah well... so guess what.. I did and I feel better ! :smug: ) and some cold herb tea and the craving for sweet baked goods is temporarily on MUTE....


There's one thing for sure.....

If you're bucket is empty and only has BLAH in it...

You might need to find a new well.....




wish me luck! I'm going to be my most charming.... :lol:

08-15-2005, 09:42 PM
Caution, this one's a groaner. But it's also one anyone working in an office just has to appreciate.

A big U.S. corporation recently hired several cannibals. "You are all part of our team now," said the HR rep during the welcoming briefing. "You get all the usual benefits and you can go to the cafeteria for something to eat, but please don't eat any of the other employees".

The cannibals promised they would not.

Four weeks later their boss remarked, "You're all working very hard, and I'm quite satisfied with your efforts. However, one of our secretaries has disappeared. Do any of you know what happened to her?"

The cannibals all shook their heads no! After the boss had left, the leader of the cannibals said to the others, "which one of you idiots ate the secretary?"

A hand started raising hesitantly, to which the leader of the cannibals continued, "You fool!!! For four weeks we've been eating Managers and no one noticed anything, but noooooooooo, you had to go and eat someone important!"

08-16-2005, 12:38 AM
That's funny, Kaylets!!! :lol:

08-16-2005, 06:56 AM
Doin' it, doin' it. Am going to nip out to my tree and meditate first thing to give myself a boost to begin with. And then I'm going to do some yoga, because I'm achy, which is my general state of being when not doing yoga regularly. I think I felt like I'd added enough requirements last week. BUT there's no reason I can't squeeze in a bit of yoga here and a bit there throughout the day and I should take advantage of the fact that, working from home, I have that option. :yes:

Hope all royals in the realm are feeling the pall of blahness lift. I'm cautiously optimistic for today... Let's take the day and do the best we can with it. Love to all...

08-16-2005, 05:07 PM
More weirdness with my father. I saw him today and he seemed lucid enough for someone who's in a nursing home and doesn't have much there for stimulation. I'm getting conflicting reports from my step mom and from my siblings. I think my stepmom has written him off as having Alzheimer's or something, but I think she sees everything that way because her own mom had it. She seems put out and angry and acts like she wants to leave everything for us [his kids] to do--and we all have jobs and can't be there all the time. I'm just exhausted and don't knoww hat's expected of me, so if I'm not posting too often this is why.

It'd be so easy now to turn to sugar for comfort but I can't do it.

08-16-2005, 07:24 PM
Hello all....

Just a few words b/4 off to the bowling alley....

Eydie-- ((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))---- My guess is Stepmom is also in shock and you may see dramatic changes in her behavior....
And sometimes, in regard to your Dad, some folks feel anesthesia for days and days. Time will tell.

Here's sending you a virtual royal sweet potato. Know we are here waiting.

Must be off....


Thought of the day :

"Just be where you are and go from there!" - Ivoryellie 12/04

Question of the day :

"Where are you right now?"


08-16-2005, 09:17 PM
eydie-sending you lots of hugs! must be very hard dealing with situation with your dad.

feeling more solid resolve regarding eating healthy, smaller portions of food. back on steroids for next 8 days, so not too optimistic that scale will move downward in immediate future, but will hang tough with this challenge, and know that if i keep at this, will eventually have some good results. have continued with exercise, and also have done some consistent de-cluttering. heat continues to be in brutal mode. ah well. thinking of all in the palace. :)

08-17-2005, 01:02 AM
E, also addin' to the HUGS ... I can kind of relate to thy description of what thy stepmom may be feelin' ... my mom had Alzheimer's and it does indeed color every aspect of how we feel and how we deal with other people's illnesses ... but thou needeth to take care o' thysel' as well and not feel thou must be with thy dad at all times as he is gettin' the care he needs ... it's hard to know if we are doin' enough or doin' the right thing in these situations, but be assured that you are ...

Tomorrow is my Pilates challenge day ... I did no exercise today ... very tired again.

Hi, Wsw!!! :wave: Good job on the healthy eatin' and exercise as well as declutterin' ... dinna worrit thyself re that Demon Scale ... !!!

To all, mentioned 'n unmentioned ... :wave: ... I have to go to bed now! :lol:

08-17-2005, 09:29 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! I received an unexpected gift this morning -- an extra week in August! :lol: I'd been somehow thinking next week was the last one in the month and then looked at the calendar this morning to find that I had more time than I thought. So that's good. I feel slightly less pressure now. Still doldrummy here, still fighting it. My mom and a sister are renting a trailer at a campground next week and I think they want me to go too. I'd been thinking I wouldn't but now I'm thinking I will, maybe Monday - Friday (assuming I can get online there and still work). My immediate reaction was to think -- well, a trailer at a campground isn't exactly a cottage at the shore, but I think there's a beach on the premises, as well as a pool. And I'd be free of the "Get up at 5:20, go to bed at 9:30" schedule that I feel is sucking the life out of me.

This morning when we were walking home from the gym I decided to walk around the harbour instead of going straight home. DH was in the middle of talking to me at the point where you go one way or the other, so I almost just quashed the impulse and walked home with him. Learning to pay attention to my own needs, though -- I just said, "I think I'm going to walk around the harbour" and was not swayed when he said "but I was in the middle of talking to you."

So... it's going pretty well and eventually I'll feel like it. :yes:

Eydie, Love, that's the problem to some extent, isn't it. We feel compelled to do what others expect of us, whether it's reasonable or not. Sounds like your stepmom is making this so much worse than it needs to be! These things are tremendously hard even if all concerned behave perfectly, and that's so seldom the case. Remember to look after yourself! :grouphug:

WSW, good for you managing that resolve when the weather's still so hot. You're right, it's not the next 8 days but the ongoing behavior that will determine our success -- which we WILL achieve! :yes:

Amarantha, can you manage to get some more rest? I know it's very hard to do, hard to force oneself to do, even if rest is the thing one needs more than anything in the world. I'm just stupid about it -- I push on when I'm tired and I NEVER accomplish anything then, whereas if I actually take a break I can return refreshed and get stuff done. Also fatigue sends me to Carbland like nothing else...

Kaylets, bowling sounds like fun -- I must do that again some time! Re: QOD, Where am I now? I feel like I'm at a turning point, trying to establish some kind of life that will be satisfying to me. Mid-life crisis kind of deal, I think. Realizing that I haven't been very happy for a while and that it's up to me to change things.

On that note... I'd better get to work! Hi-ho, hi ho :dance: Love to all, mentioned or un- Look after yourselves today, Queenlies!

08-17-2005, 07:20 PM
Thank you my friends----I'm feeling the love!!!!! :)
I visited my dad yesterday afternoon and he was okay, then whn Garry got home from work he wanted to go and when we got there he [my dad, not Garry!] was really confused, didn't know where he was, and I tried to gently explain the sequence of events, but I don't think that it sunk in. This morning, I brought him breakfast and he knew where he was and we had a nice visit and then I went to work where I wasn't worth a happy damn! I don't think that I'm sleeping and I'm feeling a little loopy. At work I was making cookie dough and I even got a little confused as to how to do it!!!! So I carefully drove home and was going to sleep and then I saw all that needed to be done and I kept saying, 'okay, after I vacuum', then 'After I do a load of laundry', then i went to see if I could harvest anythign in the garden and then processing all that---I am dead tired and can't relax!

Talked to stepmom today too and she seemed calmer and kinder---maybe she was just venting yesterday?

Haven't eaten any sugar [Day 333 without the stuff, i think!] but my menu has been a little more festive than usual. That is, If I want it, it's mine!

08-17-2005, 10:10 PM
Hello all!

Am feeling good to know that its really just NOT me at the job...
Young coworker gave her notice and was courted for 2 days to make her change her mind again... and she is being honest w/ them that she has no job to go to... but is moving about 45 min away.... she has been suddenly very open w/ me and we are mirror images. So, its just not me, old and slow... if even the 23 yr old, quick as lightening think there is too much expected for too little thanks....

Am feeling very empowered by my recomittment to Toastmasters. And its perfect timing as it reminds me how well I do when I feel I can deal w/ things as they change....without panic, stomach churning or gut groaning....

Obviously, its the " in my element" experience vs "Not"......

so, one of those good news, bad news, good news again....

Yes, WoodNymph, I too, feel poised for a break, a shift, a crack offering a new direction.... Its up to me to fan that light into a full force..... and its something I can really do...

Wsw--- you're still my inspiration! Yes, you're right, the 9 days of steroids will be annoying ( scale wise) but we can get thru it! They will pass!

Empress... I could use an early night too...

Eydie-- even if you can't sleep, sometimes if I just sit and stare, about 2 hrs later I can sleep....

To all ... kettle is on.... taking a cup into the shower w/ me....

And Woodnymph-- were we channeling each other when I chose the thought of the day this morning??


Thought of the day :
> "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
> - G.B. Shaw
> Question of the day :
> "When's the last time you found something you thought for sure was lost
> good?"


08-18-2005, 08:27 AM
Quick note as my nightmare continues! DH doing better enough to be in rehab and hopefully home in a few weeks.

I share the pain of all my Royals but a special note to Eydie. Common phenomenon in nursing homes is "sundowning" where people ae pretty good in daytime but worsen as evening appears. Not limited to nursing homes - DH having some of that but seems to be lessening. Don't know if you get to speak to doctors but might be worth a query.

In one of my bad times, Royal Folk, so was peeking around the Palace for Joy. And a reminder that I am Royal and must Deal. It's better news on the Surviving point but other big worries looming too. And, alas again, Eydie, my DD and I have done some rounds due to stress. I am so sure your SM is overwhelmed - so much in so short a time. I had missed about your dad being in nursing home which usually involves a nightmare scenario - we were in the middle of that when dh improved enough that this rehab would accept him. Not sure he's up to their regimen but few places would take a guy with a trach collar and on peritoneal dialysis. Fortunately, the improvements have included total removal of the trach tube but most places aren't eager for PD patients either. My reserves of strength seem to be draining and I will really need them shortly when he comes home.

Missing y'all.

08-18-2005, 08:30 AM
I just got back from my run, third one this week -- where's the "patting self on back" smiley? I notice a difference immediately when I run -- my legs seem slimmer after only a few outings.

It was lovely through the woods this morning, sunlight coming low and golden through the trees and then, at the end of the path, the harbour. I'm blessed to have such a lovely place to run.

I've got a bunch of stuff to do today -- finishing a couple of definitions to go online (one for the new x-ray body scanning system they're testing at some airports that render a nekkid image of the subject :o ) and some kind of a fun mailing to send out tomorrow.

And I want to get tomorrow's stuff done ahead, because tomorrow is the day of a big, annual parade here. It passes right in front of my house, so we invite the families to come watch and have lunch. So I'll be in and out of the office all day. Funny -- the past two years, during the parade I've had a work-related call ("Pardon me? I didn't quite catch that -- there's a marching band going past my house right now.") Two years ago, it was my hiring and last year it was a conference call. So far, no calls set up for tomorrow...

K :coffee: Off to work I go. Love to all! Let's make this a good one!

08-18-2005, 08:33 AM
Anagram, we simul-posted! Keeping you and your darling in my thoughts and prayers, sending a virtual bouquet of violets! Peace to you... :grouphug:

08-19-2005, 06:46 AM
Hello all Royals!!!

ANAGRAM!!!! ((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))).... you are doing the best you can!!! Yes!! Really!!
Just as you pointed out, Eydie's SM must be overwhelmed, so are have you been... Its very tough to have to keep up the brave face ---first w/ spouse, then w/ children.... Take heart, Anagram, DD does understand.... I'm sure you have told her that you need to do things your way but still need her.....

And, not to be more of a burden, but if not already in place, please speak to your lawyer asap regarding Power of Attorney for DH..... My job shows me everday that folks believe a spouse or jt banking is enough ..... Not w/ the new privacy laws.... Durable Power of Attorney may never have to be used by the individual named as Power of Attorney or may be a godsend when an individual cannot temporarily speak or make decisions for themselves.....

To all....

Have a great Friday....


Thought of the day :

"The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches
you from the mirror every morning."

Question of the day:

"Other than cost, how else has the increase in gas prices effected you?"



Two blonde friends were going on a trip to Florida.
A neighbor told them that they'd be fine as long as they paid
attention to the road signs along the way.

But they'd driven just 30 miles when they saw one that read "Clean
Restrooms Ahead."

Two months later they arrived in Florida exhausted, having used up 86
bottles of Windex, 267 rolls of paper towels, and three cases of
toilet-bowl cleaner.

Total restrooms cleaned: 450.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

08-19-2005, 04:31 PM
Day 10 -- fly-by almost non-existent postie. Doing okay. There was a lot of weird energy at the gathering today. My bipolar nephew badly in need of meds, two couples that have split and one couple teetering on the verge. I came up here and meditated as soon as everyone left, but I think I still need a walk and some tai chi. Off I go... Happy weekend, all!

08-20-2005, 10:42 AM
Ah, well. Continuing on. Yesterday wasn't one of my more perfect days (no journalling, no exercise). But I drank my water, ate healthily, meditated. It was okay. Today, on the other hand, I woke up early. I could see that the moon was just beginning to set and the sun starting to rise. I broke off journalling to make some coffee, get dressed, and walk down to the harbour, sat on the stone steps on the shore and watched the moon setting while the gulls wheeled around, the tide came in and the sky colors went rosy. I didn't manage to get out while the moon was still colored though. Last night when I was going to bed I'd noticed the fullness of the moon, which was just coming up, but I was too tired to make myself go out for a walk... maybe tonight.

Kaylets, re: QOD -- the price of gas doesn't affect us much. We generally only fill up once a month, so it's not a big deal. I'm more affected by the environmental impact, thinking I should not make unnecessary trips, should walk or cycle for shortish trips. I was just thinking this morning of the age of innocence when you could hop in your car and go for a drive for the sheer fun of it without thinking about such things...

Ok, Queenlies, I intend to get my house clean today so I can just enjoy it tomorrow. Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

08-20-2005, 11:14 AM
Just a quick check-in. Dad was okay for 3 days and yesterday was really confused again, to the point of being angry and paranoid. This is really affecting me in a bad way. Even if I'm not there, if I just hear about it, it totally saps my energy. I'm happy when he's doing well and I guess I get my hopes up and then when things go bad, I'm devastated. Do I sound like a huge whiney baby? I know it's not about me at all, but it's REALLY getting to me.

You know, I really thought that I was more spiritual and evolved! :o :(

08-20-2005, 11:35 AM
Sending as many good vibes as possible in thy direction, E. No, thou does not sound whiny or a baby and beg to differ as believe me, it IS about thee! I went through lots of stuff re my father and also my mother's Alzheimer's and believe me, it IS about us being the child and seeing our parents suffer and hopin' for the best and going up and down about it. You have no reason to think that you aren't spiritual and evolved because you feel devastated by this ... it is very hard and you are doin' splendidly. Please try to rest as much as possible, eat some good food (even treats) and do some yoga or Pilates if at all possible because you need that stretching/breathing/calming combo ... it can create a space for you inside yourself where you can rest and get perspective. Hope it doth not offend that I offer this advice. Hang in!

08-20-2005, 11:39 AM
Hello all!

Quiet around my palace today... we were up early and have been making a lazy day of it....
Dh is already taking a morning nap and I can see myself doing the same....

Its just grey enough outside for it...

Eydie.... For myself, I wonder how I will react when its my turn w/ my parents... or even my spouse... I cannot imagine being w/o either....
BUT... I wonder if I would be able to see my reactions as clearly as you are seeing yours or would I be eating my way thru it???

Hmmmm.....and in saying that, makes me realize I might than choose to splurge on decaf teas and flavored water rather than the bags of M & M's I've been eyeing......



Wood Nymph... its been wild and awful at work... And finally at the end of Friday I said out loud : is it Full Moon ? And three people said "Is that what it is?"...............


Think I'll take that nap....

08-22-2005, 09:43 AM
Morning all! Back from vacation! Had a wonderful time! Wish I was still there. Just posting a hello as I try to catch up here. Post more later!

08-23-2005, 07:46 AM
That said, I must confess that yesterday afternoon, when what I really needed was FUN, I sat at the computer and worked until suddenly I remembered a box of ice cream sandwiches sitting in my freezer. I went and sat at the table and ate one after another :o I was hungry, and never actually felt too full, but I swear I ate 8 or 10 of them! How is that possible? :shrug: Well, the "no white stuff" area on my checklist got a big fat ZERO. Today I'm going to try to hit everything on my list. And that includes fun, but there's no spot for ice cream sandwiches. :no:

Today's another day. I seriously thought of not 'fessing up about the above, but thought -- no, that's the wrong approach. 'Fess up, and move on...

Anagram, what a long and difficult journey you've been on with DH! No wonder your reserves of strength are feeling depleted. Be gentle with yourself, rest and replenish as much as you can! :grouphug:

Eydie, it's not surprising that your energy would be sapped by your dad's bad stretches. I think that's a pretty normal reaction to such a miserable situation that you can't do anything about. You're not being a whiny baby at all -- just responding appropriately and naturally :yes:

Kaylets, your job sounds "challenging" at the best of times. Full moon would have me howling!

Frogger, welcome back -- hope your vacation was great!

Hope all Queenlies, in the palace and beyond, have a wonderful day today. Love!

08-23-2005, 08:57 AM
Weirdness abounds!

:grouphug: for Eydie. :grouphug: for Anagram :grouphug: for us all!

I an having trouble getting my mind around things. No focus. Guess I should use Empress A's 'hocus, pocus, focus!' line .....a lot.

Hope all is well in the're doing great Arabella! Just thot I'd drop in doing a lot besides eating that is...always time for that it seems! And the new heathen is keeping me really busy....he is doing well, but he's still busy.



08-23-2005, 11:22 AM
Hola ladies! I ate like a pig on vacation, (all those buffets, so little time!)but those nightly walks must have done something for me. I haven't gained a pound! :o Actually, we went to 4 buffets (twice to the same one). Mostly I was eating crab legs and spiced steamed shrimpies, and other than that, my Sydney wanted Mommy to share her dinner (so I did :lol:) I have to admit, she has a healthy appetite. She helped Mommy out a lot. :D

So starting a new. I have a mini goal for my B-day to lose 5lbs. (Two weeks time, so that should be OK). Portion control and some excersise (maybe walking depending on how hot it is outside or maybe my dusty Windsor Pillates vhs tapes sitting downstairs...)

08-23-2005, 12:06 PM
eydie-sorry that things are so hard with your dad. sure is understandable(and not whiny) to have such feelings about it all. please be gentle with yourself.

arabella-i love reading your descriptions of nature. it calms me just thinking about what you wrote. it reminds me to breathe deeply and appreciate this moment, not stress about what might happen.

frogger-glad you had a wonderful vacation, and kudos for all the walking.

hi ceara, kaylets, wildfire, amarantha, aria, and to all in the royal manor, menioned or
-un. have been thinking about you. glad i am on final day of steroids. i have been drinking lots of water, but still have swollen hands and feet. we finally got a break today from the brutal heat, and it is supposed to last perhaps even a couple more days, which would be great. continuing to make better and better food and portion choices, and keeping up with daily exercise. have been stuck inside so much lately due to heat, my place is feeling mighy small (well, smaller than usual, that is) these days. i woke up at 4am after a very unsettling nightmare. i just stayed up, and was up and out early this morning to do a couple errands, and take advantage of the more tolerable temps. i treated myself to breakfast and a ny times this morning, and felt very happily decadent. it felt good to be back out among 'em! well, hope everyone's day goes well. take care.

08-24-2005, 11:43 AM
OK where is everyone???????

08-24-2005, 02:47 PM
Has been a mite quiet in the palace, which doth happen time to time. Day 15 here...

08-24-2005, 06:54 PM
I am here, just restin' ... hi to all ... am very excited about joinin' new gym (which hasn't opened yet, so for once I'm on the cuttin' edge of things) ... later, gators ... just very tired and can't focus long enough to write.

08-24-2005, 09:40 PM
Hello all!

Sorry to be gone so long and sorry to be short now but its been wild....
Getting ready for a week off next week so lots and lots of desk clearing.... and the pile just gets higher and higher...

And all I want to do is eat.... eat... eat...

Just realized today I've been a little lax on the Black Cohosh so I am redoubling my efforts to stay on schedule.

WSW!!! We're with you lady!! This will pass! (((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))

Ceara---I CAN RELATE to the mind wrap !

Take care all!

08-25-2005, 12:16 AM
Hope you sleep better tonight, W!

To all, m & u, also rest well.

E, hope all's well. Hang in.

Lots of stuff botherin' me right now, so shall say good-night, Gracie.

08-25-2005, 09:11 AM
Good morning, Queenlies!

I think i must be on Day 15, counting back from end o' month. Not sure if I got balled up on my days somewhere along the line? Anyway, still putt-putting along. That nebulous pall that had overhung the palace lifted here yesterday. I'm aware, today, of being able to keep it gone. Not looking forward to weighing in Sept. 1, but will do it. Oh well. At least once I've done it I can measure my progress. Will definitely resolve never to stop weighing self again, because I ALWAYS get into trouble when I do. Will weigh once a week, yes I will.

OH -- it's just started POURING here! There's my decision -- run or the step tape -- made.

WSW, have you ever journalled your dreams? I've just started again lately, as part of a journalling process from "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron (which is a book I'd heartily recommend for the recovering artist in all of us). I haven't worked many of them out in great detail yet, but I've had some strange ones -- woke up from a very non-nightmarish kind of dream terrified. And it took me a while to calm down. Last week one night I had a nightmare about attacking guinea pigs. :lol: Very horror movie-esque, but I woke up thinking how silly it was instead of being frightened. :shrug: A woman in my writing group also belongs to a Jungian dream analysis group, which I think it might be fun to join. Hope your sleeps are sweet and peaceful now!

I'm glad you enjoy my descriptions of nature experiences. I was struck the other day by how much of my own enjoyment of them is the virtual experience that I can return to whenever I want. And the mental experience is sometimes more powerful even than the physical one. I'm so happy to be able to share those experiences with you! And I remind myself that I can summon those, or similar experiences to give my spirit a lift whenever I need it... Our minds and spirits are wonders, aren't they? :yes:

Your breakfast with the Times sounds lovely!

Amarantha, thank you so much for stopping by to say :wave:. I hope those pesky whatevers leave you alone SOON! Why must they torment us so??? :?:

Eydie, hope all is well with your family. I know that your dad's progress is likely to be uneven and, of course, the down parts must be so hard to deal with. I remember when my son had his psychotic episode how hard it was when it wasn't possible to connect with him... Remember to breathe, treat yourself well, find joy!

Kaylets, I'm reminded of a psychologist I heard on the radio about the overworked, overstressed pace we maintain and the inadequacy of holidays. He said that, in reality, we need a pre-vacation vacation just to wind down sufficiently to really enjoy our holidays. Do you have plans for your time off? Sounds like just taking it easy and nurturing self would be nice... Oh, you definitely need a new job :goodvibes:

Ceara, I hear you! I've been semi-mechanically putting myself through the paces -- fake it till you make it, I guess. I've occasionally felt fantastic after a few days of "clean living" but it's not a given any more. Nevertheless, I know the payoff comes eventually! I'll keep doing it and sooner or later I'll be into it :p

Anagram, I hope you're well and not too stressed. Remember that we can only live in the present moment, so -- having dealt with those precautions we need to take for future possibilities -- I hope you can relax back into your life, even in its altered state. I know this is a very difficult period and I can't even presume to say I know how you're feeling, but I know you need to look after your own needs for health and peace. Sending love and violets!

Frogger, your trip sounds like it was good, if too short! Kudos on the maintain! Those 5 pounds are history! :yes:

Punkin, :queen: of Friday, doth thee lurk? Hope all goes well with you. Did you take in the moon this month? Didn't you and Cerise speak telephonically at one time? Actually, maybe I've got her address... Might drop her a postcard...

K -- I must away, work beckons! Love to all, mentioned or un. Let's make this a good one!!!

08-25-2005, 09:56 PM
Hello all!


Till a week off....just need to get thru tomorrow...

The good news is that I got a response finally from the the other division that I applied.
The bad news is that they only called to tell me they've decided to submit my application to the hiring manager. Today. Which means it won't be seen till next week. And that they needed some score info from my review that I couldnt tell her off the top of my head. ( honestly, I thought I had "met expectations" ... didnt realize I had gotten a score...)

The good news is that I bumped into a friend in the cafe who I could trust and asked her where I could find the score info quickly. She explained it would be on my review. Which I found a copy in my duffel bag...
So I made a return call back to my contact but the

Bad news is that I had to leave a message. But I will follow up w/ her tomorrow "just to make sure " she recvd my message and could understand me as I was speaking on my cell phone.....

the GOOD NEWS is that when the HR contact called, she asked what my current salary was as she wanted my ok if the salary was "down" for the positon I was applying.... and when I told her, she said "Ok, that's good ... I 'll put you 're application in".... which was a consideration as I had no idea how this other division paid....

Sometimes the wheels turn slowly....

But it is amazing how that can lift your spirits....

Noticed this evening as I changed that my legs are starting to show the LACK of stairclimbing, etc....
And truth be told, I'm over doing the SF Hot choc..... in fact, just realized I was able to grab a good handful of under chin skin...... and I know I felt the waistband get tighter and tighter this afternoon....

Time to remember that ignoring the facts doesnt change the facts.....


TIme to hit the showers...\\

08-26-2005, 08:33 AM
Good morning, Royal ones! Reporting in: still going, never gonna stop, uh-uh. :no: Not quite a week to go before the dreaded WI (not Wisconsin) which I will survive.

Kaylets, ignoring the facts doesn't change 'em? DANG -- there goes my whole plan! :lol: (see above) I eventually realized that there was no point in hiding pics that "made me look fat" from other people, because I was likely the only one that hadn't already seen me looking that way :rolleyes: Ah, well... onward and downward, right? Glad to hear the hopeful news at work.

'Tis quiet round the palace, but maybe September's scent of fresh pencil shavings will lure wand'ring Queens back... Love to all! Let's make this a good one!

08-26-2005, 12:46 PM
Okay, Kaylets, you and me! I'm going thru the same thing. Ive lost my edge, I'm feeling puffy and untoned. We can get it back, you know, and it won't take long. We just have to do it and I've got to or I'll be frightfully inhappy. My clothes aren't looking good on me anymore even--I'm kinda at that phase and I find that i don't care for it, AT ALL!!! :o

My dad is scheduled for his skin graft on Monday which means more anaesthesia and we're all so afraid that he'll have the same rection to it as last time.
I've been taking him breakfast most mornings and this morning I finally realized that I'm really enjoying it! It's something tangible I can do for him and it's even brought out a sweetness in him that I'll always remember. :)

08-26-2005, 02:22 PM
Good afternoon ladies. Just got back from lunch with a couple of friends. I was SO bad :^: We went to this GREAT french bistro and I started off with their amazing potato and leek soup followed by roasted chicken green curry and jasmine rice and finally, crepe suzette. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!! :rofl: I hate going there because their food is so wonderful you just want to eat everything on the menu. Oh well. Start over....

08-26-2005, 02:52 PM
Brief howdy - and thanks for the violets and the walk through the woods to the harbor in the last light of the moon, Arabella. I walked it with you in my mind.

Some improvements in dh, some problems still. it looks like I may be bringing him home just after Labor Day if all goes well. It will be overwhelming with all I'll have to do but I want him here and know my magic can make him well - or maybe better will be good enough. Planning, planning.

Missing the peace of the palace, falling apart and alternately being proud of how well I've managed this nightmare. Somehow I have stumbled finally into onederland. Not weighing often (almost not at all) but last two have shown me at 198.6 or so which more or less is a 5 lb loss - unfortunately one for which I can take no credit at all.

Perhaps by the end of this thread, I may have regained enough routine to be able to take the occasional few minutes on a more regular basis and pay attention to my own diet. DH is on yet a more restricted diet (cannot swallow properly) which will take even more attention than prior diet. He's down to 149 lbs (5' 10" or so) from his 195 or up of three years ago. My goal was to weigh less than he and I guess it still is but he keeps making it tougher.

Anyway thanks for the good thoughts and the warm group hugs and hi to all Royals.

08-27-2005, 09:58 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! I hope this weekend finds you all well. I've got some weird upper-body thing, whether virus or what but it all hurts, hurts to take a deep breath,even. I thought I might have strained muscles -- overstretching at tai chi, or lifting DGS onto my shoulders, or some such, but it really feels more like a virus I think. Going to mostly lay low today. I went for a walk and will have a jaccuzzi soon. No yoga or tai chi though, I don't think...

Eydie, so glad you're having those special times with your dad, taking him breakfast. That's something I've always found striking about difficult periods -- how sweet the moments of grace! There's something about being fully immersed in one of those heavy-duty real life situations that allows for some kind of counter-balance in heightened awareness of good things.

Frogger, that restaurant sounds like it's worth it -- wouldn't want to see what would happen if I were to dine there frequently but once in a while a fabulous, calories-be-damned meal is good for the soul!

Anagram, OMIGOSH!!! Onederland! I think you're going to have to take some credit, too, because you could easily have hit the comfort food. I read a fantastic book about a young widow doing that, btw, called "Good Grief." Will you have help when DH comes home? I hope so! Violets have become one of my favorite visualizations, since my walks in the Adirondacks. All the more powerful for me because they're inextricably linked to your spirit.

K -- I'm poking around here looking for more good books. Just finished "The Crimson Petal and the White" by Michel Faber. It was fantastic -- over 800 pages of fantastic, about a prostitute in Victorian England. Also just finished "My Father's House" by Sylvia Fraser, which was very good, too. I've got another very promising biggie lined up, "The Labyrinth." I'm feeling very compelled to seek out all the best things to read today...

K -- back to it. The jaccuzzi's almost full. I think I may do a little work today, since sitting at the computer is actually more comfortable than lounging :rolleyes: Thinking I'm going to declare it a four-day-er next weekend. People just work too much, I say!

Love to all, mentioned or un-. Have a wonderful day!

08-27-2005, 10:31 AM
Will have as much help as I can muster, Wood Nymph. Don't know what that will actually be. Or if 9/6 date will work out. Or much of anything. Real stress on my Virgo mind which likes to have stuff all plotted out. I have lists for this, for that and for another way. I do know I will need help. He's saying he should go to nursing home but PD patients don't get a lot of choices. Closest is about 45 minutes away in either direction. I told him I can't say "never" but I want to try home first but may look at one between me and the kids if I get a chance. I couldn't begin to list all the physical problems my darling has at this moment but thankfully he came back to me with his mind intact. And as you said to Eydie, each moment is precious.

08-27-2005, 10:56 AM
Anagram, I must have that part of my chart in Virgo -- I'm okay once everything is plotted out but I HATE not knowing what I'll do in various eventualities. You know, they come to pass and we always manage to deal with them, but I like to feel like I know what I'll do in each case. I'm so glad your darling is himself mentally. And also that, should he have to go to a nursing home, he's mentally prepared to do that. I'm sure he hates to think of being a burden on his beloved.

08-27-2005, 07:19 PM
Yo to all :queen: s and good vibes to all worried about the health or well-being of loved ones today (me, too, actually) ... just wanted to drop into the palace and relate a tale of POWER!!! :wizard:

Why are kids so evil?

Came out of grocery store today, feelin' very demoralized because of events on the beat previously related to ya ... started putting my groceries car, this kid about 11 rolls down his truck window, he was in backseat ... there were several kids in the vehicle and I presume an adult because the truck was running ... out of the blue, the kid starts harassing me, making rude comments and noises as if I were a teen-aged girl or something (I don't KNOW why the adult, if there was one, did not say something to him) and it got louder and louder and louder ... I tend to internalize these things and feel as I did when a child and people bullied me (or an adult whom people tend to bully) ... but all of a sudden I realize he's a kid and I'm an adult, so I fix him with an awful witch gaze and shout as loud as possible: "SHUT UP!" ... not a term I often use as I think it's crude, and also assuming this would make him want to torture me even worse ... but he closed his mouth, his eyes got huge and he looks for all the world as if a witch HAD hexed him. He stares at me, quickly rolls up his window, slinks back on the seat ... I resume putting groceries in car, get in the driver seat and drive away.

08-27-2005, 09:26 PM
OOooh! I love it, Amarantha -- you know those moments when you use your power and it's recognized. A few years back, at a literary awards ceremony, the president of the university was the MC, my DH and I won awards. DH had been screwed over royally, could not get a tenured job, despite hard work and very high ratings by students. Aaaaanyway, the president of the university always makes a point of correcting people to force them to call him "Doctor" rather than "Mister." Throughout the ceremonies, however, he persistently referred to DH as "Mister," which I felt was a very pointed slight. Afterwards, the president was going around gladhanding. When he came up to congratulate me, I summoned up all my power and, with a huge smile, said "MISTER Elliot, I so enjoyed your presentation!" He, literally (meaning he actually did this) clutched his heart and reeled backwards.

Yes! We should use the power wisely, but isn't it nice to know we possess it!

08-28-2005, 12:56 AM
I love your story, Wood Nymph! Yep!

I was hopin' no one would think I was unkind to the brat, er, child! :)

08-28-2005, 08:17 AM
amarantha-good for you for standing up for yourself with that brat, er child! way to go!!

arabella-loved hearing your story too! i love it when the good guy wins. hope you're feeling better.

anagram-so good to see you within the palace walls, and relieved to hear that your valiant dh will be home with you soon. what a long, tough road this has been/continues to be for you both.

eydie-bringing your dad breakfast and sharing that special time must mean an awful lot to him.

hi kaylets-when i wake up so early unintentionally(!) i think of you getting ready for your day with enthusiasm and it helps to remind me to enjoy the extra time in the morning as a gift, rather than dwell on how exhausted i am. when i woke up at 5am, i poured myself a cup of tea and greeted the day listening to good music, and read a good book.

have been able to remain op and exercise regularly. can't say it is without struggle some days, but i'm doing it nonetheless. well, need to get my day started officially. just wanted to check in with the palace dwellers, and wish you all a good morning. thinking of you all, mentioned or unmentioned. take care.

08-28-2005, 04:40 PM
Fly-by :wave: Just reporting in, Day 18. Glad my queenly co-horts didn't think I was overly witchy for zapping the university president with a highly focused bolt of power. Whap! Zap! Bam-boom -- they better not mess with us! :nono:

wsw, me too! I really try to think of that as extra time, for my own benefit and to use as I please. I love being up an hour or so before DH, in the early morning peace and quiet. Of course, it's easier when one is not exhausted -- isn't everything! I've been feeling less tired many mornings since I started my new campaign -- makes it so much easier to be enthusiastic, for sure.

08-28-2005, 04:56 PM
Yup, bam! :wizard: Don't mess with us :queen: s 'cause we have POWER!!!

Guys, sorry about brevity mode and the me-me-me-ness ... it's just how it is for me right now, not feelin' well (think it's blood sugar issues and/or depression) but am thinkin' of y'all ... AND SENDING VIBES TO YA ALSO E ... hang in.

Gonna go read ... bought two more o' those kind of anthropology potboiler novels of a series I've gotten hooked on (Gear 'n Gear) and will lie down for an hour or so ... Arabella I almost bought the Faber book you were speaking of but decided to pass for now as it looks like a between-employment read and I plan on being in that mode soon, Goddess willin' 'n the wash don't rise.

08-29-2005, 10:28 AM
Day 19 quickie. Almost to the dreaded WI day. Ah, well, 'twill be good to get it over with. And I can see and feel quite a lot of difference that might not reflect that well on the scale, but is nevertheless real. Clothes looser and looking, feeling better. I'm VERY impressed by the firmness of the backs of my thighs -- I just went to brush the omnipresent cat fur from the back of my pants and went "Whoa! When did that happen?" So, onward and downward, whatever.

Happy Monday and love to all -- let's make this a good one!

08-29-2005, 12:59 PM
Amarantha-Way to go using your super Royal powers!!! Insert Peggy Hill "Whoo Yeah!!" (You know you've seen King of the Hill.....)

Arabella-Go miss thigh master!!!

As usual, not much here. Weighed yesterday morning, still no change. Back later!

Love to you all!

08-29-2005, 07:31 PM
:lol: Yes, Froggie, I have seen the "King" ... I like Peggy!

Good job on the thighs, Arabella ... that's one reason I like the Fitday PC software, it keeps me consistent logging inches as well ... I'm doing once a month and I'm really seeing a big difference ... lost 1.5 around waist last month, gained and inch in upper arm (I have good biceps).

08-29-2005, 07:34 PM
Frogger, maybe you and I could try "incentivizing" with some friendly challenges (after I *ulp* weigh in on Thursday, that is)

Amarantha -- holy smokes!!! :strong: Wooooooo-hoooo for you! I haven't actually measured. Should have, for sure. But feeling an new and striking firmness, I am. And am definitely noticing much more upper-body strength -- it's easy for me to hoist DGS up onto my shoulders (and he's a chunky monkey!) and the humungoid bag of cat food I get from the vets is much lighter than it used to be.

08-29-2005, 09:04 PM
Hello all.....

So far, 3 mornings of ignoring the alarm, just watching reruns of whatever from 5 am till almost bladder emergency if that's not too much information....

I finally got on the scale too and its very official... I am exactly where I was b/4 my stomach virus loss in June which means... exactly at goal w/ no cushion.... So... instead of thinking "I'm under goal, I can have another, " I have to come back to the world of the living and get real.....

But nver mind me....

ANAGRAM!! Welcome to wonderland!! So glad to hear the great news about DH too! Here's to recovery continuing and continuing!

Wsw! My early mornings here seem to be a thing of the past.... but time will tell!

Arabella! I wonder if I would do well not weighing myself but once a month...



Eydie... How's your Dad? And you too??

Ceara??? hope you have time soon to join us...

Wildfire?? We need more details on the meeting w/ the Irishman!

Time to go and look some more at Deadwood. We have all of the first season episodes here from the library.... still not so sure I'm not wasting my time but after all... I am on vacation...


08-30-2005, 07:11 AM
Arabella, I only started measuring when I got the Fitday PC software, since it has a log. Really nice to see the numbers.

Anagramatic, was so glad to see thee posting and that things are moving well with dh. Also welcome to Wonderland! :)

Kaylets: Enjoy thy vacation!

Wsw: Howza!!! :wave:

To all, mentioned 'n unmentioned, if these responses seem somewhat limited in their verbocity, 'tis 'cause it be after three a.m. and Amarantha can't sleep ... I seem to be suffering from anxiety/insomnia ... or is it insomnia/anxiety ... anyhow, will try going back to bed and see if that works.

08-30-2005, 09:39 AM
Good Morning Royals!

Arabella-Sounds good...I'm *trying* to lose 5 lbs by the 6th (my b-day challenge) but it doesn't seem to be working... :shrug: Maybe a new goal (and a new challenge) is in order... Let me know what you're up for. :D

My FIL sent me a new job opportunity within the company we work for so *hopefully* this time no one will throw a tantrum. Snazy new title to boot.

**Oh oatmeal how I love you** (Guess what I'm having for breakie this morning :lol: )

DH missed class yesterday as he locked himself out of his car (and the house) he managed to finagle his way through the sliding glass door **note, if you have a sliding glass door, use the door arm that goes with it, or a piece of wood at the bottom. ANYONE could have gotten in** I use one at night, but I guess I forgot....Not that I wanted him to be locked out of the house, guess it was a good thing I forgot to put it down.
Anyway, he missed class. Professor was OK with the miss since this is the one that didn't show up the first day of classes. :rolleyes:

08-30-2005, 10:37 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! Reporting in for Day 20, T-2 for WI on Thursday. Am not physically back up to speed yet, but seem to be in a fairly productive and decisive mode for work, which I'm kind of enjoying.

Amarantha -- oh, don't you hate that when you're too stressed to sleep well. Fatigue is the bane of my existence. Makes me feel like I don't want to do anything and makes life lackluster. Are you managing the mind/body exercise? I do also find meditation very helpful... Hope you can get some rest!

Kaylets, hope you're enjoying your time off!

Frogger, methinks that oatmeal is a good thing to love. Enjoy! I have oatmeal almost every morning, myself, made with unsweet soy milk and spices and fruit. I want to try the Empress' oat/fruit breakfast bars some day soon, though, since I've got both oats and blueberries on hand. Will be thinking of a suitable challenge... :chin:

K -- back to being productive. Love to all!

08-30-2005, 01:51 PM
Mornin'. Just flyin' by...have caught up on posts again. Glad to see you back Anagram.

Hopefully things will settle down a bit now...have started a strict walking and food regime....enough is enough. On day 2 so far and nothing has derailed me yet...a couple of beers calling my name, but I plugged my ears. are doing great! Where's Punkin...I don't recall her or Wildfire in that last batch I read....anyway...they're likely lurking...

:wave: to all, I have to get showered for work.


08-30-2005, 02:12 PM
Did someone say oatmeal AND fruit bars? :D Did I miss the recipe? Do share as I have both oatmeal (obviously) and blueberries waiting in the freezer for a suitable purpose. :s:
I was dissapointed that my oatmeal overcooked just a tad. Oh well, still got eaten! :lol:

Been sitting here today (because I obviously have nothing better to do) planning the tadpole's first birthday party. It turned out to be TOO grand of an affair. (I had moonbounce ideas and hiring characters to come to the house and everything). Yeah, I'll be scaling that down a might. :lol: The theme is Dora the Explorer. She loves that show. You know what we should do? We should set up a webcam and her Auntie's here can 'attend' her b-day. Have to look into that. (Here I go again!!!) :devil:

08-31-2005, 03:40 PM
Hello, Sweet Ones! Thanks for all the good wishes. My dad had his skin graft Monday and was sent home on Tuesday and so far so good.
Somehow I've managed to gain 6 pounds during this ordeal by eating more and moving less--so let the healing begin, as they say! :lol:
Still exhausted--I feel that my sleep has really suffered douring all this too. Energy still veeerrry low.

I'm thinking about starting a food/exercise journal thread. Would anyone be interested in joining me with that? Or if no one objects we could even incorporate it into this thread?

08-31-2005, 04:45 PM
Hooray, E is back and her dad's at home and "so far so good." :cheers: I am glad for thy family, E. Believe me, I would have gained TWELVE pounds (or more) so I think ya did good!!!!

If you start a food/exercise journal, I would post there, although it may only be total cals and exercise, as I'm still using the Fitday PC software and I just point and click on the food and servings I'm eating. But I support the idea of journaling (just deleted a whole bunch of my old ones on the land far far and started a new one, but would rather journal with others) ... would also be good to incorporate into this thread if that's the way ya wanna go!!!!

Let the mojo begin!!! :cb:

09-01-2005, 08:20 AM
Start of day 4, and am still going strong. I am sleeping better I think....none of that awake at 3am for 2 hours going on. Work is puzzling. I am doing my best not to get drawn into other peoples' crusades, but it is hard when someone comes in and tries to change your work place...who doesn't work there, is not in the Union nor has any affiliation with the job....but took it upon himself to call the CEO and complain about a perceived health and safety issue for staff. (I didn't react with enough concern...there was none :lol: ) Some people are nervy. Enough said but I am going to be pleasant to this &*()! when he comes in everyday to use the FREE internet 'cause it will piss him off!

OK...have a BIG day lined appt, and the girl needs grooming before we go, puppy shot appt, and I have to help my friend with her puppies for a bit...all before I go to work....Plus I will fit a walk in there somewhere, with 1 lb weights this time. Probably will do that after is a short day for me.

Tried a new recipe was ok...came from
1/4 c oatmeal
1/2 c grated zuchinni
2 egg whites
1 T Splenda
1/4 t cinnamon

Mix. Cook in stick-free frying pan until brown, flip. It looks like a big pancake and tastes OK....hit the spot for my lunch and I see potential for playing with it. I scrambled the yolks for the puppy. off like a flock of turtles...
:wave: to all! I'm sure you're busy...the Palace is a bit rattley.


09-01-2005, 08:27 AM
Thus I quoth the Empress! Why so perky, you may ask -- good weigh in? (For this is the day) OMIGOD NO!!! Highest weight in recorded history. I was shocked -- 19 pounds more than the number I was prepared for. And yet -- I feel only energized to attack this problem and make those numbers go lower, lower, lower every week. :yes: Our scales are somewhere between 3-10 pounds heavy, according to WW, the doctors, and the gym. And if the gym scales were in a more private spot I would weigh myself there instead of here so I could use those better numbers. However, they are right where anyone curious could see, so I'm not using them. Onward and downward!

Eydie, I like the idea of incorporating the food/exercise journal into this one, if that's okay with you. I just find it too hard to keep up with multiple threads. And I am ready to journal food, full accountability. Also continuing on with my checklist, which really helps me. So glad to hear all goes well with your dad! :) Get some rest, Sweetie!

Frogger, I remember that it was a microwave recipe -- just called for putting fruit into a microwaveable bowl and topping with oats and I think some "butter" spray, pushing the oats down onto the fruit (berries?) and nuking 'em until they'd gotten the way you want them. Possibly pushing them down again part way through nukage? :shrug: Definitely worth trying and SO OP!!! Probably could do it in an oven, too, if so inclined.

Ceara, good for you, resisting the siren call of the beer! They're awfully calorie-dense, aren't they. I'm thinking I'll start doing WW core program again, in which one gets 35 flexpoints for beer and skittles and the like.

Amarantha, are you sleeping any better? I was reading yesterday about a reflexology trick that's supposed to work wonders: you wiggle all your toes at once for 30 seconds (I don't know about you, but I would be hard pressed to wiggle my toes separately!). Supposedly it has some magical effect on your nervous system and lets you drop off almost immediately.

K, My Lovelies! I must away. Much to do, as always. Am going to squeeze yoga in throughout the day (that's one of my new challenges -- to do yoga every day, because it makes my whole body feel SO much better). First task: Update that darn ticker! Ah well, so much more impressive will be the plummet from such lofty heights! Love to all , mentioned or un-Onward!

09-01-2005, 08:52 AM
Yo, Sword Bearer, that pancake sounds interesting ... I need to try it! :wave: Re work, wanted to note that I found a coworker reading the journals on the land far far and realized how identifiable I was re what I had said there about my beat and life. I deleted the journals and started a new one, but dunno ... think I'm going to delete that as well. I do like the idea of journaling here but I also like a separate thread for that, so either be good for me, which of course I already said, so will stop now.

Yes, Arabella, let the mojo begin! Congrats on the session with Demon Scale ... t'will be well, never fear.

Nope, not sleeping better ... today's going to be an awful day ... or rather tonight is ... so will be going to the new gym early and then getting more rest.

09-01-2005, 03:58 PM
eydie-glad to hear your dad is doing well! please take good care of yourself, and get some rest.

amarantha-sorry to hear you're not sleeping better yet. i really sympathize! hope you get some good, soothing rest soon.

arabella-i'm with you---onward and downward!

hi kaylets, ceara, anagram, frogger, and to all the royals! thinking of you. i'm hanging in there with staying op and exercising. i know some day the scale will actually reflect some of this hard work. well, take care, all.

09-01-2005, 05:08 PM
Thanks, Wsw!

Hang in. I know also that the Demon Scale will reward ya for your work.

09-01-2005, 07:14 PM
That's one day down out of the 8 till next Friday when I weigh in. Here's what I ate today:

Oatmeal with blueberries, ground flaxseed and yogurt

Curried red lentil, sweet potato & spinach soup (very thick)
an orange

hummus & carrot sticks
an apple

very lean souvlaki
baked potato w/2.t butter
lots of broccoli and carrots
tomatoes/swiss chard

Also had about a cup of 2% milk in coffee (I like it very strong, with a good whack of warmed milk)

Here's what I did: :strong:

55 mins. walk/run (mostly walk, but still!)
45 mins. yoga
15 mins. tai chi

Drank SO much water. Haven't meditated yet, but will.

Bottom line: Definitely a weight-loss day :yes:

09-01-2005, 08:15 PM
My Day's Report: Cals are in the 1400s now and I still have the big meeting from heck to cover AND there's a storm (just what I need to make me feel happy driving up there). Anyhow, bottom line: there's a chance I'll eat something else, in fact, it's a certainty, but won't be a big cal day. EXERCISE: At the new/old gym I decided to go back to (not my previously regular one and not the new one they just built). I've been havin' awesome workouts there this week and last. Did one mile around the indoor track, some treadmill, some recumbent bike as well as stretching and lower abs with ball. Minutes 35, could be better but felt good. Definitely the mojo is back.

Ok, let's get the reportin' goin' here each day!!! :cb: I will do it if everyone else will!!!! :lol: Sorry I can't do a detail of food, not feasible with my new way o' doin' stuff ... bottom line's what counts with me now!!!

09-01-2005, 10:06 PM
Hello all!!

Feel like its only Monday yet when I wake up it will be Friday...

YES Eydie!! Great idea! EXACTLY what I need... I too need to get real again...
and really need to remember the basics, including the support !!

So glad to hear your Dad is home!!

WoodNymph, you are an inspiration! You're so right! Now that you have a goal and a plan you are on your way!

Ceara! OFF W/ their heads!!

Empress... sorry to hear about the sleep problems.....the last two days, I feel like that's all I want to do...

WSW-- Keep smiling!

Frogger.... tell us more about the new position you're considering!

Sorry to be brief but its late for me.....

09-02-2005, 09:17 AM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
1 cup scrambled egg sub. w/ ff cheese
2 small peaches

1 cup butternut squash soup

2 ww w/ cheddar, onion, spinach, carrots, broc. shreds
fruit-sweet. oatmeal cookie

1 pc. whey protein "fudge"

Salad [spinach, carrots, cukes, onion, peppers, brocolli, asiago, soy 'chicken', Italian dressing

unsweet. carob peanut butter cup

water: 7 glasses
calories: 1575
fat: 52 grams
protein:61 grams

exercise: 20 minutes Pilates
I intended to do more but got sidetracked with shampooing 3 rooms of carpet, a workout in itself!

Anyone tried those 'donut' peaches at the market? The flat, kinda lumpy ones? They're homely, but really delicious!

09-02-2005, 09:55 PM
Oh, I am tired! Realized when I was making dinner that I'd hardly stopped for a minute all day (DGS was here). Long time since I've had that active a day. Whew!

I ate:
Oatmeal with flaxseed and yogurt

1 handful raw almonds

chicken on spelt with lettuce, lite mayo and dijon

1 smallish lemon-garlic chicken breast
chickpeas roasted with onions, garlic, feta, olive oil

vodka & lemonade sweetened with stevia
milk in coffee


1/3 of a set of yoga
30 min walk to the gym
25 min circuit training
walk to the park, walk all around the park, walk back,
whatever else it was that kept me going all day!

I'm going to bed! :yawn:

To all a good night!

09-03-2005, 12:36 AM
2312 today, average weekly total is still in the 1700s, though, because of low days earlier. Ate lots of grapes and 2 percent milk and glucose tablets as was long workday on the beat and my blood sugar is messed up (low) and these are the only foods that seem to help.

Exercise was nil, although the day was active. Will do gym again tomorrow!!!

09-03-2005, 09:35 AM
' Mornin'. Congrats to all the newly invigorated losing Queens. Glad Dad's home and doing well, Eydie.

DHs homecoming postpone until 11th so hopefully some lingering medical items can be addressed. I've been catching up on some sleep - I think the cough medicine is doing it. I'm not coughing myself awake. But rest is rest and it was much needed. Holding at 197.6 today. Weighing in only rarely. Not working at it really but working at so many other things, food's low on totem pole. Maybe I can keep it there. Sort of trying to take a slow morning but chores are calling. Kids, grandkids coming today. Do final work hopefully on getting family room ready to be recuperation room for a while. Life is SOOOOO changed. And, darn, nobody asked me if I was ready for change!

09-03-2005, 01:02 PM
Yuppir, went for a gentle run this a.m., came back and did yoga. Lately, I've noticed if I run or go to the gym in the morning and then work for a few hours and THEN do yoga, I actually can't get into some of the poses because my muscles have stiffened up. On the other hand, if I do yoga after a run, I can get into any of the poses with relative ease. So I guess that's the plan -- do at least enough of my yoga to stretch out my muscles immediately after whatever my big other exercise is. Will still do a set of tai chi today, vacuum & etc.

wsw, you've got it -- just have to keep doing the right things and the scale will not be able to keep up its pretense much longer!

Eydie, hmmm.... whey protein fudge -- is that boughten or made? Like I need a fudge recipe :rolleyes: However, I sometimes think it's good to have a legal treat available for those times when one might be inclined to grab something else.

DH doth call to me to commence the shoppling. I'll be back...

09-03-2005, 05:22 PM
Hi ho to Anagramatic 'n Arabella, sorry for the brevity mode but wanted to say hello and also to put in a plea to E for the whey fudge recipe.

I used to have a recipe for sugar free brownies made with cottage cheese. I wonder where that is.

09-03-2005, 05:34 PM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
2 ww w/ 1 egg, cheddar, soy 'bacon', spinach

fruit-sweet. oatmeal cookie

homemade pizza [4 small slices, lots of vegs.]
unsweet. carob peanut butter cup

humuus and triscuits
1 1/2 maple-sweet blueberry muffins
2 slices havarti
2 figs***a few grapes

Calories: ?
water: 5 glasses

exercise: 50 minutes lower body and abs
25 minutes Pilates

Glad you're getting some rest, Anagram.

Arabella, you're on FIRE!!!!

Visited with my dad this morning, who's following doctor's orders, I'm happy to say. [Orders are not to stir around too much.] He had one of those fancy mobility scooters delivered today so he'll eventually use it. I tried it out and god help me, It's fun!!! :lol:

09-03-2005, 05:41 PM
I don't remember where I got this recipe---maybe at the Ladies Who Lift recipe thread here at 3FC?

2 cups whey protein powder [I use one sweetened w/ stevia]
1 cup uncooked oatmeal
1/2 cup dry milk
1/4 cup peanut butter
optional: nuts, sun. seeds dried fruit, cocoa, choc. chips, extra peanut butter, etc.

Mix all these ingredients, and then add water bit by bit until it holds together just enough to press into a wax-paper lined 8x8 pan. It's kind of a sticky mess, so oil your hands to make it easier. Refrigerate.

A tiny square of this is very satisfying!

09-03-2005, 08:43 PM
Another active day -- did the run, yoga, tai chi. Didn't quite meditate -- maybe I'll still slip out to the deck... Shopping took hours, so I was really pretty much going all day today as well. Tired, but not exhausted. Feeling a little bit like an old fogie because the Rolling Stones are playing about an hour and a half away and I didn't even really consider going. Next time, maybe. I'd love to see them -- and it sounds like they still do a great show -- but I just feel like I'm almost still reeling from my trip to Boston and etc.

Eydie, that fudge sounds great -- and actually healthy! What's the texture like after refridgeration? Glad your dad's settling in. The scooters do look fun -- DS used to lust after motorized wheelchairs when he was a kid :rolleyes:

Anagram, I think this is a bit of a gift for you, time to regroup, rest up, marshall the forces. And your darling will be in better shape by the time he gets to go home. Oh, don't you love that feeling of freedom when food is just the means of sustaining life!

Kaylets, are you just finishing up your vacation? Maybe you really need some extra sleep -- I think you tend to push yourself pretty hard when you're at work? Take good care of yourself!

Amarantha, somehow cottage cheese sounds like it would work well for brownies. Like the whey fudge, too, these sound like they'd be higher protein, lower carb. :strong:

K -- Here's today:

Exercise -- as stated above

Food --

oatmeal with flaxseed, blueberries, and banana

Healthy Choice clam chowder with 1 s. spelt bread

Seafood Fra Diovolo (1/2 c. kamut pasta, spicey tomato sauce, scallops, shrimp, salmon)
Greek salad

1.5 g. merlot

09-04-2005, 09:29 AM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
1 ww toast w/ lite cheese, 1 soy 'sausage'

fruit-sweet oatmeal cookie

2 pcs. homemade pizza

whole grain pita w/ boca burger, mustard, ketchup, spinach, onions
potato wedges
banana "ice cream"

This banana 'ice cream' is GREAT! Take some frozen bananas, [I used 2 1/2 for me and Garry], add a touch of milk to get it all going , add some cocoa, and a little honey, and put it all in a food processor [blender would proably work too?] and blend till it's totally smooth. Have faith, at first it'll just look like a chunky mess! I swear, It's like chocolate softserve!!! You can also, leave out the cocoa and use FROZEN strawberries, peaches , whatever. I sweeten those with all-fruit jam. Trust me on this one, girls..... :)

Water: 7 glasses [should be more....]

exercise: 60 min. upper body stuff
10 in. abs
40 min. bellydancing

09-04-2005, 06:34 PM
Well, I lost .4 of a pound, reformulated my average weekly cal total on the Fitday PC software, finished work and need to go back to bed!!!

E, the banana ice cream sounds great ... I don't eat bananas anymore but possibly can tweak it to include something else.

I'm gonna work on an oatcake recipe today ... also planning grilled tuna steak.

Seem to be very tired.

See ya!

09-04-2005, 08:51 PM
Ok, one more time, since I lost my last post ... ok, since whenever I post in the "beware" type sections of diet forums such as this, I am often ridiculed for my opinions (no, not paranoid, that's how I feel), I shall post this only for my Queenly Comrades in the Palace so's ya won't make the same mistake I just made.

I unfortunately grilled and ate one of those seemingly popular new pouches of marinated tuna steak that are in the stores now. It was awful, but I just continued eating it and now I am ill ... not a food safety issue ... it was just a horrible product.

Beware, Queens!

Just say no.

And if ya go there, remember, I told ya so!! :lol:

It's gonna take the whole night for me to feel better, I'm afraid!

09-05-2005, 12:51 PM
Hello all...

Really did a boycott of getting out of bed this morning but am so far am pleased that I got a few things done and some of them ( clearing the side table next to my living room chair) are instant grafication.....

So far....

2 whole wheat slices of bread
1 morningstar burger
tomato, onion, mustard on burger
1 small delicious apple
2 cups of coffee
1 cup of decaf English Breakfast tea

and very shortly,
one garden salad ( literally w/ ingredients from our garden) .... w/ sprinkling of feta cheese and baslamic vinegar... w/1/2 an avocado that no, didnt come from my garden....
and 2 more slices of whole wheat bread.....

Am also pleased to brag that I got some "extra" trash to the curb b/4 the trash folks arrived, washed a french door window ( doggie nose prints), wiped down venetian blinds on the same window....

09-06-2005, 07:31 AM
Thanks for the headsup, Empess. Had seen some of those advertised and thought they'd be a good choice for me.

TaDa! Not much but actually took an early morning walk down to the corner and back. Felt great! Don't know when will be able to work regular walks into schedule but took advantage of combination of factors that made it work today and feel so much more virtuous. And more sociable too now that i've had a chance to sort of catch up on things in the Palace.

09-06-2005, 07:35 AM
Just a fly-by: I'm doing well, food-wise, but the fluey thing I had last week returned (I think I didn't completely get rid of it and then pushed too hard, too much exercise, too busy). I've never experienced this particular malaise before (hurts to breathe, rattle-y, pains in my upper body). My mom (a nurse) said it was likely bronchitis -- lo and behold, I looked it up and there were the symptoms. So I'm trying to lay low, will work but rest if I need to. No exercise, I guess, until the symptoms are gone. I hope it goes away soon! If it's not gone by the end of the week, I'll go to the doctor for sure.

Hope all have a good day!

Yesterday I ate:

a chicken sandwich on whole spelt with light mayo and veggies

a bowl of lentil/barley/spinach soup

few ounces sliced lean grilled steak on salad greens with roasted garlic/light mayo/dijon sauce
green beans
few oven fries

Have a great day, all!

09-06-2005, 09:58 PM
Hello all
Have decided that last week had absolutely too much in front of the tv time....
although I was not thrilled to be on the phone nearly non stop today, I have come home not exactly charged but have managed to do more in the past 45 minutes than I did nearly all of yesterday.... hmmmmmmm......

what's that about the task will take as long as the time you have to do it???

yes, very true....


Was on my way to more negative thoughts and how to eat my way thru them when I found an email from a WW meeting member who just wanted to touch base since I hadnt made it to last weeks meeting.... and she actually was kind enough to mention that her mom has to buy a new wardrobe and would I be interested in anything ??
What kind of luck is that?? Will anything fit? I dunno but even if its one or two pieces, this is amazing.... I havent been able to " share and swap " since highschool w/ my sisters.........

And believe it or not, as small and vain as this sounds, this really made my day.... lifted me out of that hole....

just goes to show....

How just a little kindness can make such a difference....

have a good evening all... here's to tomorrow being a day that we can make a
difference in someone elses life.....

09-07-2005, 07:42 AM
Good morning, all! Feeling as if I might recover this morning -- kept the vaporizer going last night, drinking ginger tea, taking jacuzzis with eucalyptus oil in the water. And my breathing seems less constricted, doesn't hurt to bend over today. Enough about that -- I have a call into the doctor anyway, because it seems like if you have chest pain and breathing problems you're supposed to do that. Anyway. I intend to do everything I can to get better as quickly as possible. DH leaves for a week today and I don't want to be an invalid while he's away.

Here's yesterday's food:

Oatmeal with blueberries, banana & soymilk

lentil soup
"almost legal" blueberry crisp with ice cream

corned beef hash cooked with little olive oil
mustard pickle

No exercise still, which I think is how I need to continue for the moment anyway.

Anagram, good for you getting that walk in! Here's hoping that things settle into "the new normal" before too long.

Kaylets, it would have made my WEEK to have a potential new wardrobe! I was just thinking the other day that I love clothes so much they could almost provide total motivation for me, make the whole thing worth while without any of the other benefits of losing weight! Enjoy :cb:

Eydie, thanks for the banana ice cream recipe (and the protein fudge, too). Definitely going to try that!

Amarantha, those other threads -- how dare anyone diss the Empress! -- will just have to find out about the tuna on their own! Too bad -- I love tuna steak, esp. in a salade Nicoise. I'll beware the marinated tuna. We get a marinated salmon sometimes that's very good. WTG on that almost half-pound loss!

Hope everyone has a good day. Love to all, mentioned or un-

09-07-2005, 10:09 AM
Hi there ladies!

Been absent from the board for the past couple of days. Took yesterday off work to enjoy some Mommy birthday alone time. My mom picked up the baby and I set out for a pedicure, shoe shopping and listing some things on ebay that have been sitting here in a pile for the past month or so. Then DH took us out to dinner and of course BIRTHDAY CAKE later that night! I didn't over indulge though. I had a scoop of chili w/cheese at dinner along with 2 small pieces of baked fish, a couple of hushpuppies, a bite of mash potatoes, and a spoonfull of my favorite fried okra. I also had a bite of meatloaf since that's what I chose for Sydney to eat and I didn't know if was 'good' meatloaf ya know? (She had a small hunk of the stuff, almost a whole dinner roll and a whole scoopful of mac and cheese. Good eater last night).

09-07-2005, 07:31 PM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
brocolli quiche [w/ oat crust]***1 soy sausage

1 cup grapes

1/2 cup brown rice***1 cup steamed brocolli
ww tortilla w/ beans, cheese, salsa

1 cup butternut squash soup
4 romaine leaves w/ carrots, ginger, onion, spinach, peanuts, thai peanut sauce, lime

2 tbsp. unsweet. carob chips
1 ww toast w/ butter

calories: 1780
water: 8 glasses

exercise: 55 min. lower body and abs
15 min. Pilates

Enjoying your menus every day, Arabella---keep 'em coming!

I've done really well with keeping up with Pilates. I think I've done it 9 days out of 10! Weight still will not let go. grrr....

09-07-2005, 09:04 PM

well, lets put it this way....we'll call today "Murphy's Law"... If it could go wrong it will...

I'll spare you the blow by blow details.....

I am chugging decaf tea as I had one SF hot choc which made me bloat up like a balloon and trying to remember why I try to stay away from the stuff in the first place....

Have I share this w/ you yet?

> A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his
> wife open a package. "What food might this contain?" He was devastated
> to discover it was a mousetrap.
> Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning. "There is
> a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house!"
> The chicken clucked and scratched, raised her head and said, "Mr. Mouse,
> I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it is of no consequence
> to me. I cannot be bothered by it."
> The mouse turned to the pig and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the
> house."
> The pig sympathized, but said, "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there
> is nothing I can do about it but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers."
> The mouse turned to the cow. She said, "Wow, Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for
> you, but it's no skin off my nose."
> So, the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the
> farmer's mousetrap alone.
> That very night a sound was heard throughout the house -- like the sound
> of a mousetrap catching its prey.
> The farmer's wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she
> couldn't tell it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap had caught.
> The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital,
> and she returned home with a fever. Everyone knows you treat a fever
> with fresh chicken soup, so the farmer took his hatchet to the farmyard
> for the soup's main ingredient.
> But his wife's sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit
> with her around the clock.
> To feed them, the farmer butchered the pig.
> The farmer's wife did not get well; she died.
> So many people came for her funeral, the farmer had
> the cow slaughtered to provide enough meat for all
> of them.
> So, the next time you hear someone is facing a problem and think it
> doesn't concern you, remember -- when one of us is threatened, we are
> all at risk.
> We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out
> for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another.

Good night all!

09-07-2005, 09:12 PM
Great story, Kaylets!!!!

09-08-2005, 02:45 AM
I keep losing my bloody posts!!!!!

09-08-2005, 07:15 PM
Empress A! I used to now as a matter of course, I control/c after highlighting everytime...'cause when I didn't...ka-boom! Another one of Murphy's laws I think.

Liked the story K! Will copy and send to others shortly.

This is brevity mode for a couple reasons...I have to boogey and I'm sad. They terminated my co-worker from her position yesterday...she was still a probie but, it bothers me. However onwards and upwards sez the last little indian.....yup there is only me at the moment.

So we will see how things play out.

You all are doing great....Arabella, I actually jogged for 1 telephone pole this am....just about killed just kidding on the death part :lol:
You are getting closer to goal Empress A....and K...a new wardrobe potentially! Yes.

Nice to see you Anagram and Sunday is the big day? Still?

:wave: to all other :queen:s present, lurking and MIA!



09-08-2005, 10:28 PM
Hail, Sword Bearer!!! Sorry to hear about thy coworker ... it's unpleasant to be around when people are fired ... I've been through that too many times ... I don't like to see people hurt.

Queens, I will vent another example, perhaps, of my lifelong PTSD reactions, but was furious in the grocery/bank parking lot today. I was sitting there minding my own business and eating for my blood sugar when a woman started pounding on the window. It startled me and I screamed (yes, I AM nervous ... a leftover from events in my childhood) and she was screaming at me to pull my car forward. Actually, I WAS parked a tad too far back, but I just got furious at being accosted ... I told her to go away and she just kept on indicating I should pull the car forward ... she was parked behind me, so I don't know what her freakin' problem was as she had an adequate amount of room and was in fact PARKED and out of the car ... then a man, her dh, I assume, came up on the other side and was making some kind of thumbs up gesture, which meant I don't know what, I guess he was being sarcastic or on the other hand he may have been trying to placate me thinking that his wife should not have pounded on my windshield and frightened me. I did pull forward (why, I don't know, as in my view they were intruding on my privacy), then as they walked away, I honked at them and pulled backwards again and she gave me an evil look. Then went into the bank and I left before they came back.

How come these things bother me?

Dunno, but they do.

09-08-2005, 10:32 PM
Forgot to mention my great new exercise class that I am definitely going to fight to keep in my schedule. Have really been enjoying the new gym/fitness center and today did a 30-minute abs/core class that immediately morphed into a 30-minute relaxation/stretch class that promised NO yoga but was in fact an athletic version of yoga. The hour-long session was just what I need and struck exactly the right note. It's twice a week and I intend to go to each session, it's early enough that it won't interfere even if I get another job, which I may do sometime. After the class, I walked 5/7 of a mile around the indoor track upstairs ... just a nice workout.

09-09-2005, 10:41 AM
Good morning all! First WI report is 2 fluffy ones gone. I think I could have done better, but I'll take it! I had a couple of non-stellar days and I haven't been able to exercise all week with this respiratory thing and am going to restrain myself from cardio for a couple of days after I DO feel better because I don't want to get worse again. But 2 pounds is 2 pounds and I'll do better this week (behavior-wise, at least --- one never knows what will happen w/DS)

Empress, my love, do you suppose you answered your question "Why these things bother you" in the first of the note (see: "blood sugar"). Remember the twinkie defense? I agree, though -- it was totally silly of those people to bother you when they obviously had plenty of room to park and didn't even intend to move their car! :rolleyes: Come to think of it, those things bother me too!

Ceara, sorry about your coworker! Was it an unfair termination?

K, I've got an extremely tedious definition to write that has to be online today. Love to all -- let's make this a good one!

09-09-2005, 11:44 AM
Happy Friday!!!!!! :cb:

It's been quite a happenin' couple weeks. I don't know exactly where the time went...

Bestest friend in CA that is pregnant had a couple episodes of sudden and profuse bleeding over the last couple weeks. Given that she had a miscarriage last year we of course freaked out. Surprise and miracle - the baby is just fine still, growing by leaps and bounds and they have a heartbeat and see it moving all over the place. The problem seems to be mostly benign and should HOPEFULLY cease, but may continue. I never realized that 50% of women bleed during pregnancy (80% of them have healthy babies).

I think I told you all about mum's horse accident. She cracked her sacrum and was put on rest for 6 weeks - so I've been out feeding horses, dogs, etc. which is mostly why I haven't had time to be here. Normally I'd post here in the a.m. and work the rest of the day - but I've been out feeding the managerie in the mornings!

Eydie, I'm so glad things seem to be getting better with your dad. I know how hard it is seeing them so frail.

Frogger, welcome back from your vacation! I can't believe Sydney is gonna be 1 soon!!!

Amarantha, I laughed at what you did to that punky little kid! :lol: Odds are no one's had the nerve to tell the kid to shut up before. You probably did the world a favor!

Fingers crossed the excitement 'round here has finally died down and I'll be back in the mornings.

Tattoo appointment tomorrow! :devil: Excited, anxious and scared all at the same time!

Have a great weekend everyone,

09-09-2005, 09:44 PM
Punkin-OOOOOOOOO show us a pic of your tat when you get it. I have one. Got it 10 years ago (I can't believe it's been 10 years already) Lower back where all of the teenagers are getting them now. I was *so* cutting edge!

Haven't heard anything about the job I phone interviewed for. BOOO! :mad:

09-10-2005, 11:42 AM
Hello all....

DH left at 5:30 am so I went to the grocery stores w/ a GF who's been under extra stress lately. Took advantage of some coupon bargains, even used one of the "$7.00 off school supplies" coupon for the "Gift Pantry". Just some a water color kit but I figured free is free and why not.

Havent had breakfast yet but there is a load of wash running .... I have plans to meet a friend this afternoon so am motivated to get things done b/4 I leave.... Again, interesting how setting a time frame motivates me to take action.... hmmmmmm..... interesting how I've known that forever but always tune out when I heard the word "goal".... Don't know why I dislike that word so much.... wonder if it could be the byproduct of fearing failure....

Enough about me...

Woodnymph... Don't forget...2lbs REALLY is a great loss for one week...
I have had weeks and weeks that the scale only showed less than .5 so keep smiling.....You have already succeeded because you began!!
and yes, you are not feeling well so that makes a huge difference too!!

Ceara-- Job stress is the worst because there are so few ways to deal w/ it....
Perhaps this will be the best for the coworker in the long run....

Punkin--- Its amazing how little most of us know about pregnancy ..... I know I never realized how many problems there could be ..... Positvie vibes your way for your friend.... and glad to hear Mom is recovering....
How many horses do you have there in your kingdom? Please tell us more!

Empress.... I too, would've reacted similarily.... For some reason, rarely do I go into defensive mode in these situations but offensive.... I would've thought about blowing my horn AFTER they were in the bank!.... Can't help but wonder what the woman wouldve done if you had gotten out of your car....
and I always wonder what is wrong w/ folks to approach a stranger like that... what if YOU were the dangerous one?? What if you were loading a gun instead of having a snack??

Eydie-- I have left you high and dry in the posting food area... I will do better...

Today-- So far.... nothing...

Ok, not very funny...
But I will have strawberries and SFFF yogurt in just a few seconds....

How's Dad doing?

ANAGRAM!!! Thinking of you!

Wildfire! You too!

Wsw... How goes it??

Took a break in writing and then posting as GF had me take a ride w/ her to go and pick up her mom....

so I can add a banana to the list too...

1/2 cup ffsf yogurt
1/2 cup strawberries
1 banana


09-10-2005, 02:45 PM
Thanks for the supportive words from Arabella 'n Kaylets re my PTSD reaction to stranger approaching me! :) I forgot to add in that story that the parking lot was about half empty, so there were lots of other spots for the people to park in if they didn't like the one they were in ... and yes, K, I DO wonder what these people are thinking to confront a stranger with some petty issue when they didn't know if I was safe to confront or a maniac with a rifle in the car or something ... nor did I know that about them ... it just wasn't cool.

09-10-2005, 07:22 PM
Amarantha, thanks for the additional detail. I marvel at people, I really do. The only justification I could see for even speaking to you would be if: A. There were no other spots, and B. You'd parked in a way that made it impossible for them to park.

I've met people like that, though, always on the lookout for something they could get PO'd about and creating it if there isn't anything immediately around. :rolleyes: Takes all kinds, they say, but sometimes one wonders if some of the varieties are strictly necessary.

Had about 2.5 hours sleep last night because DGS is over and was not in sleep mode. He didn't nap today so I'm hoping this will be a good night for sleep. Last time he was over he slept 9-9. :yawn:

Welcome back, Punkin! We've missed ye! Hope tattooing goes well...

Kaylets, I'm the same -- I need a clearly defined timeframe, and after I've procrastinated long enough that the task is almost impossible I can begin. C'est moi. I always hope to get my stuff together someday yet though. I do believe it's possible :yes:

:wave: Hi all!

09-10-2005, 08:18 PM
Arabella, in actual fact I was parked a bit back in my spot, with MAYBE my rear bumper a freakin' two inches into "their" territory. For some reason this incident has upset me. I need to get a grip. I am wondering if they saw me sitting and opening a piece of cheese and meant they wanted me to vacate the spot so they could pull forward and be facing out. It's the only thing I can think of.

09-10-2005, 10:47 PM
OHHHHH!!! That makes sense, although it's still incredibly presumptuous and just downright ridiculous to do what they did. Of course, you know, we don't have to think of things that make sense, because many are not guided that way.

09-11-2005, 12:14 AM
True, Arabella. :) If I had sense, I would get over it, but I can't seem to. I do think they wanted the parking space, the more I think about it and that WAS rude and uncalled for.

These things always seem to happen to me: Once I was with a friend at the casino. She's from out of town and likes to gamble, I don't, but anyhow ... we left the casino and went to my car and sat there and talked, since we hadn't seen each other for years. Some people pulled up behind us and started honking and yelling for us to vacate the spot ... this incident reminds me of that.

Another time I went to cover a function at a local high school (not the beat I'm on now). I got there early and parked but by the time I came out, the lot had got crowded and people had parked in a way to block in other cars and also inadvertently, I guess, in a way that allowed THEM to be blocked by cars already there (weird, I know). This must have happened to an AP reporter who was there as he had entered my car (it wasn't locked), opened the glove compartment, took out a checkbook (I know, shouldn't have left a checkbook there), torn OFF a check and written a nasty note on the back about how I was giving reporters a bad name by my rude parking in such a way that blocked other people, he signed his name and added the fact that he was AP, as if I would somehow find this intimidating. Since I was totally innocent of this charge, there having been no other vehicles in SIGHT when I parked AND since even if I were not, it was not a crime, whereas illegally entering my vehicle, riffling my glove compartment and writing on my personal documents WAS a crime in my view, I drove straight to the police department and reported the incident, giving them the note. Then I called the local AP bureau and reported it to the guy's bureau chief, along with the fact that I'd filed a police report. Never got an apology, though.

Edit: P.S., he knew I was a reporter by the press sticker.

09-11-2005, 09:37 AM
Hi Amarantha----those are all creepy things, especially that last story. What is wrong with people. I know what you mean, here you are just living life and people can do the weirdest and sometimes downright scary things! Sigh.....Don't try to figure it out..... I know it would chew away at me for a few days after too.

09-11-2005, 09:54 AM
It's a bea-ut-i-ful day in the fiefdom here! I have hoses going, dogs out and have had the protein portion of my breakfast. Need to do 1/2 c oateymeal then off for my walk. I'm up to 4 telephone poles as of yesterday for jogging...that is walk a pole, jog a pole. As a result of this, I need to increase the distance of my walk because I'm done too aiming for 45-60 minutes you see. And I'm still alive :lol: Other than in the ring, I haven't jogged "recreationally" since my son was an infant...he is 18 now. I used to do a mile 3x/week at the Y then plus a lot of weight lifting. I used to do an incredible amount on the leg press...260 I think. Legs of steel.....not now :lol: !

So, the it's shower, church....same son is singing in a barbershop quartet this am at service. Now my daughter is the one who sings...beautifully and my son plays the T sax very well. DD and I were quite surprised when he was asked to SING....'cause as a youngster he really couldn't hold a tune. Well, am I surprised...I heard him practising. He has a very nice voice and can manage the parts. Singing is becoming a lost art in this area...the kids are not taught much of it in schools and certainly not part singing. There is a great satisfaction in parts....a balm for the soul. I enjoy it and I'm glad he is able to do it and seems to like it!

Empress fill your mind with something else when you think of those oafs. You don't need to waste your precious energy on obsessing about them. I do the same thing...the obsesssing and have to drag the little squirrels in my head off the topic every time they pop in. It works. Straighten your crown, lift your regal chin and point your petit nose in the air, say "I don't care", and ignore them. Think of something more lifting.

Yes K. I didn't realise how it was stressing me...the not knowing when management would drop the blade, the going to work and never knowing what the place would look like, or what had or hadn't been done. Plus all the apologising to patrons and fixing her mistakes. We all make mistakes, just not that many at this stage...6 months...and...she just would not take responsibility for anything.. "I dont' know, I didn't do that, it wasn't me" Shoot my kids are more accountable than that! So the stress level has gone down from that, but now I am the LONE RANGER again...and I feel badly for her. She is a nice person but not meant for this job. I hope she realizes that eventually. However she is also very fragile I think.

Anyway, my fingers are now warm...Geesh I haven't typed this much or this fast for a while. Must be the coffee.

Gotta run..actually walk/jog.

:wave: to all! Warm thoughts to Punkin's prego friend, and Anagram's today the homecoming? Wsw how are you? Tattoo...who got one?!? If I have their email I'm sending this cute video clip I got from a friend about them...:lol:


Good luck on all the weigh-ins today!


09-11-2005, 01:21 PM
Arabella, congrats on the 2 lbs. down---that's wonderful!!!!

Punkinseed, how's the new tattoo? Photos please!

Ceara, sorry about the work woes. We have a new director at work and the old interim director is really acting out with her---trying to hold on to ashred of her old authority and the new director is trying to assert hers. Honestly I wish they'd both just go outside and fight it out, roll around in the grass for a while and just get it out of their systems! That's not going to happen, of course, but I really enjoy the visual! :lol:

How are you, Anagram?

I've been remiss with posting my menus but will get back to that today---I promise!

09-11-2005, 04:16 PM
Thanks to all who responded re my obsessing about stuff ... yup, need to stop ... I will obsess on weight instead ... went UP .6, am in a hurry so will post what I posted on my journal, with apologies as double postin' be so lame:

"Have to go work an event but deep in the dark dilemmatic diet forest, A is havin' a scaaaaaarrrry time, as she gained .6 of a pound.

"S'ok," saith she, musingly!!! "I have tried to cut my average weekly cals too low, causin' a backlash that made me eat too much, AND I've been doin' really well at the fitness center these days and have lost an inch on each thigh, so we KNOW we've added some muscle, which as all Diet Hags KNOW, means we are adding healthy muscle."

"But A," said the voice o' Inner Diet Child, Maisie, "we will NEVER reach our GHOUL weight for the sacred Halloween Diet Challenge."

"S'ok, kid," saith A, "I'll just change the GHOUL in order to better reflect our true weight loss pattern, takin' into consideration that we DO need to stop eatin' those extra sugary cake snacks we've latterly been engagin' in!!!

So the new GHOUL is 133 by October 30, with an average weekly cal GHOUL o' 1762, an average we know is comfortable for us and that DOES produce weight loss.

Now we'll go to work and then we will shop for healthy food.

09-11-2005, 08:11 PM
Hi there Amarantha! :bubbles:
God job!

09-11-2005, 08:32 PM
Hi, Aria!!! :wave: Thanks. I'm pleased with my new GHOUL!!!! :lol:

09-11-2005, 08:57 PM
Hi, Queenlies - well, today was SUPPOSED to be the homecoming - hospital bed and wheelchair are in the family room. Special diet food stocked and in some cases precooked and in freezer.

However, yesterday afternoon they told us he has a bacterial infection of some sort and now all sorts of other tests must be run. I was crushed and I'm sure he was too (Mr. Stoic still though - he is so brave). DS & DDIL had come up, planning to stay until Tuesday to help out so they've gone back home. There have been ever so many setbacks and I keep trying to remember to look at how far he's come not whatever the latest crisis is. Since June the 8th - such a long time and I'm trying to hoard my strength because I will need it when he comes home. And at the same time trying to stay on top of things and be sure everything is coordinated and none of his many problems gets lost in the shuffle. I occasionally treat myself to a prowl in the palace as my "reward" for the day - if I have the energy. So that's why I'm here - such a nice treat to visit with y'all, however briefly.

My best to y'all. Love all the good writing on this thread. And the good humor. And the great advice as to how to handle perverse little people, etc.

09-11-2005, 10:46 PM
So sorry to hear of the delay in the long-awaited homecoming!!! Here's hoping it's a short delay.

I always love it when you prowl on in to the Palace, even though I may not say it (so much to say, so little time, sometimes). Miss ya when you're not here, overjoyed when you are.

Hang in!

I like your "perverse little people" line ... I'm gonna think that whenever someone bugs me from now on ... "you're just a perverse little person ..." :s:

Would write more but chicken stir fry (mushrooms, chicken breast, Montreal chicken seasoning, plum tomato ... so easy) is burning.

Love ya, Anagramatic!!!

09-12-2005, 09:27 AM
Hi everyone!
Best of luck to your husband, Anagram. Hope he comes back home soon!

09-12-2005, 09:32 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Firstly, my GOUL for October 30th is a lean mean 230lbs. That's around 15lbs. Chanllenging, but not impossible. (After losing 80lbs before Sydney, I no longer think *anything* is impossible).

Inlaws came over yesterday to *celebrate* my birthday. (Insert sarcasim here) They brought food to grill out, and guess who ended up having to do the grilling and cooking for 10 people? GEEZ, some celebration.....And of course there was more cake. Why is it that I cannot get away from cake?? Having DH take it to work with him tonight so I don't have to look at it. I am fed up with cake...

Anagram-Sorry to hear of the delay. Soon though...soon...

To all Queenies and Royalty alike, have a nice day, it's off to pretend I'm working. Wish I'd hear back about the other position.

I've gained again. *Don't know why* Dang cake...

09-12-2005, 11:57 AM
Mornin' everyone!

Tiiiiiiired this morning.... :faint:

Tattoo went great. I seem to have a different concept of pain at 35 than I did at 19. I remembered it being far more painful at 19 than it was this weekend - matter of fact, there was one point when I forgot what was going on and I laughed - now I think my moon needs a small nose job (slight hook in the nose that might need to be fixed). But otherwise, it looks great, healing very well (no redness at all), but it's a little tender and my bra strap is irritating as all get out!

Anagram, I'm so sorry about DH's delayed homecoming. It's a good thing they found the infection, but I'm sure he just wants to go home! Take extra care of you in the meantime, you're right, you will need it for when he's finally home. Sending thoughts your way!

Frogger, I'll get a tattoo pic this week. Mine's on the back of my left shoulder, it just peeks out if I wear a tank top :) . Do I owe you a belated Happy Birthday??? :hat: :hb: :hat: :woo: Fingers crossed you hear about the other job!

Kaylets, ug, we (well, my mom) have 4 horses. Ginger, a 16 year old quarter horse and queen of the equines. Decker and Tuffy are two registered paints (though Tuffy doesn't look it, she's a breeding stock paint and at 22 years, the old lady of the bunch), Decker is kidney red and white spotted - a sweet little 5 year old boy, but he's green-broke and he's the one that bucked my mom off. Paisley is a pinto mustang captured from the Paisley desert in south eastern Oregon (he's tan, white and black spotted, estimated to be around 5 years old too). He's slowly coming around and you can pet him now, but he hasn't been riden yet! He looks like he's got a little draft horse in him - his legs are like tree stumps. Unlike Ginger's long legged quarter horse shape, he's loooow and wide! They really are like giant dogs.... very loyal, stubborn and emotional - they are characters! Decker and Paisley, being the same age and boys, are SO much fun to watch - they tear through the back fenced area (about 3 acres) chasing each other, racing, being little boys together. You can almost see the two older females just roll their eyes at them.

Ceara, :woo: on the jogging! I haven't jogged in yeeeeears, well done you! Oh, and yea it was me that got the tattoo. My 3rd technically, but I had 2 removed because my butt-head ex was, for whatever reason, threatened by anything that made me unique or different.

Amarantha, I tend to hang on to stuff like you are too when it doesn't make sense! If you'd done something to warrant their action, then yea, you could say "well, I did ____ to make them do that to me" - but when there's no obvious reason for someone to be a jerk it sticks in your brain. Some people are just insecure prats and there's never a rhyme or reason for their actions - I doubt even THEY can't tell you why they do what they do! How sad.....

Geez, it's already 8am! Gotta get to work!


09-12-2005, 06:40 PM
Anagram, sorry about the delay. I can only imagine how disappointing that must be. :( Soon, soon.....

Frogger, Happy Birthday!!!! Which one is this, if I may be so bold? :o

Ceara, haven't heard about your dogs lately. How are they?

Punkinseed, glad the tattoo's healing nicely. I've heard that it can feel drastically different depending on where you have it. That is, the pain level and where it is on your body! We saw "Lemony Snickett and a Series of Unfortunate Events" yesterday and I feel sheepish about having an eye tattoo on my ankle, like the repulsive villain in the movie, but I'll get over it. It still cheers me up when I look down and see it! ;)

Where's Wildfire???????? :?: WSW? VWOOLFE?

09-12-2005, 06:45 PM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
1/2 slice veg pizza w/ 2 scrambled egg on top [not as bad as you'd think!]
2 pcs. veg. 'bacon'

1 pc. peanut butter 'fudge'

ww pita w/ boca burger, ff cheese, spinach, onion, mustard
oven fries w/ sf ketchup
fruit sweet oat. cookie

1 pc. peanut butter fudge

1/2 cup ww pasta w/ sesame sauce, vegs, tofu
2 tbsp cashews

water: 6 glasses
calories: 1865 [a little more "festive" than I'd like]

exercise: 30 min. bellydancing
15 min. Pilates

09-13-2005, 08:51 AM
Mornin' ladies! Have a training session this am so this is brevity mode!

You all are doing great! No more :hb: for Frogger. Eydie your food is amazing...good thing I like boring stuff! I'd never time right now to prepare it! Anagram, any news? Kay how's the job front? Empress A...roving person, how goes it? Arabella...where thee be? I hope you are doing as you wish on your second week of bootcamp. Wsw? Good to see you Punkin and Aria. Wildfire? VWoolfe? And our long-lost Cerise? to the shower. No walking today. I've declared it a rest day since it would have made 7 in a row, and I don't have time this am...I'm up to 6 telephone poles by the by and actually doubled 2 of them. Have Dr appt Friday morn....don't like some side effects and just want to be neurotic and check. Post surgery stuff.

Have a great day!


09-13-2005, 09:30 AM
Hello Queenlies! :wave:
Am scrambling back up onto the wagon as I recover here. Saturday (after 2.5 hours sleep Friday night) was not a great day. I really need to force myself, under whatever circumstances, that I can only eat at the table when alone. So many times I wouldn't bother with a treat if I couldn't slump on the couch and watch TV simultaneously. I know this! Back on track since Sunday. Thinking I might manage a walk today -- it looks beautiful out there, a gorgeous late summer day.

I'm intending to sign up for "Senior's college" on Friday. Much as I resist the idea of being a senior at 50 I'm not going to cut off my nose to spite my face, but will take advantage. You register at the university for $125 and can then take as many courses as you'd like. I want to take watercolors and voice (you learn to read music, which I learned in school but have forgotten and then become part of a choir). I'm excited!

Went to a lobster supper with a sister and my mom last night, where I did pretty well. Here's yesterday:

2 eggs
Ezekiel flour biscuit with 1 t. butter

1 c. chili
Ezekiel flour biscuit with 1 t. butter

green salad
1/c potato salad
lobster (judicious sprinkles of butter/lemon mix)
1/2 c. raspberry frozen yogurt
2 glasses wine

Not enough veggie/fruit, but nothing too bad in there. The food was a bit on the "church supper" side. Mom and sis reported that the rolls were fabulous, but I wasn't having any, no way.

Frogger, a belated happy birthday to you!!! :cake: This is gonna be your most triumphant year yet, I can feel it! :goodvibes: Your birthday sounds like mine -- cleaning and cooking for the descent of the hordes. We're both pushing for 15 by Halloween --- let's do it!

Ceara, I think your jogging plan sounds very beneficial. It sounds like it would work really well to build up your endurance. Kudos to you! I haven't been able to jog since I got this respiratory thing (pleurisy, I think, is the final analysis), but am looking forward to getting back to it. Am going to at least start walking again today. Yes, better to check about nagging symptoms than to ignore :yes:

Punkin, congrats on the tat! Glad it's healing nicely. Too bad about your extra work because of your mom's horsecapades -- didn't this happen a couple of years ago too? :rolleyes: I felt a stab of recognition reading about your tattoo removal because your ex didn't like you to be "different." How do we even find our true selves again after we become so constrained? I'm trying to come out from under myself, having decided that I'm staying in my marriage for a few years.

I was pondering whether to stay or go recently. Then, last week one day, I actually heard a voice, in between waking and sleeping, telling me to "Stay in the family for a few years" in a very "I'm telling you" kind of voice. I'd only heard that kind of voice once before, when my beloved cat was out overnight and most of the next day in a storm and I was very worried. I heard a voice in my head saying "Open the door" and I went and did so and there was the cat. That was a male voice and this one a female, but very much the same tone. So I'm paying attention. :yes:

Anagram, so lovely to see you in the palace. The place just is not the same without you! Here's hoping that DH's infection clears up in record time and his return to your home goes without another hitch. :goodvibes:

Eydie, I love the idea of your ankle tattoo! Tattoos and bellydancing -- you inspire me! Must cultivate my poor, neglected exotic side! :yes:

Amarantha, WTG on the new ghoul! You know, of course, that a half-inch off the thighs is significant progress! :cb:

All right, then. This was going to be a fly-by :lol: My apologies for the long-windedness! Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

09-13-2005, 10:35 AM
Good morning Royals!

So far this morning, just a cup of coffee, ok make that two now. Splenda and powder ff creamer. Not hungry yet, not even for oatmeal! :lol:

Woke up late and didn't prepare my lunch so now I must go out this afternoon and get something healthy and try to stay away from the temptations!

Not too shaby yesterday until I got to my mom's house!
Oatmeal and coffee for breakie
Turkey sandwhich on whole wheat (turkey, cheese and ranch dressing) w/a container of leftover marinated veggies (which upset my stomach later on if u kwim. ruffagefull indeed) for lunchie
4 pecan sandies cookies (dang it!! This was at mom's house)
1 very small pork fillet mignon, 1/2 a pork chop and 3 BBQ chicken tenders on a stick (all leftovers) for dinner
Had A glass of water all day. I must do better on my water!!!

09-13-2005, 12:32 PM
Mornin' dahlings,

Arabella, your voice sounds a LOT like a spirit guide you know.... I've been doing a lot of meditation working on that part of myself and have been experiencing what you have been. Yes, listen to him.... Mine's a "him" too - with a wicked sense of humor, go figure!

Must be brief this morning too, leaving work early today.

Forgot to mention that I signed up with a few friends to take a college course - bellydancing!!!! :cb: It starts in early October and runs through the end of November. I'm hoping it'll be enough to spark the flame and keep me wanting to do it between class series.

I have a digital pic of the tattoo now, but need to find where on my computer my mom stored it - it's not where she said it would be! :\

Til later!

09-13-2005, 04:11 PM
Oh Punkin I'm envious! I would *love* to take a belly dancing course! I do have 2 dvd's but it's not the same.... :(

Didn't do to bad with lunch. A chicken ceasar salad.

But let me tell ya, my back is killing me! It's like my whole lower abdomen and kidney area hurts. Hope it's not a kidney infection. THAT WOULD SUCK! :mad: Must drink water...must drink water...Know could be u know, gas :lol: Great :o

09-14-2005, 12:19 AM
sorry this is going to be brevity mode and apologies for lack of responsiveness but somehow I really am exhausted ... got unexpected night off ... long story and can't stay awake.

punkin, belly dancing is great fun. I've had some classes and it's super exercise ... enjoy.

wood nymph, i think that's great you're going to take classes ... and 50 is definitely NOT a senior ... in fact I HATE the word "senior" and wonder why we classify people this way ... dinna even give that word house room in thy head, lass!!!

froggie, if that pain doth not go away soon or gets a lot worse, please go to the emergency room ... and yes a kidney infection WOULD suck ... please be careful about just self-diagnosing and drinking a lot of water ... hope you feel better soon

hmmm, i'm noticing that i'm even too tired to type capital letters ... gotta go ... apologies to all whom (who?) i'm havin' to skip replies to ...

09-14-2005, 08:25 AM
Hel------------l-o-o-o-o-o-o :queen: s

Well I'm through 1 training session on first aid. I did this stuff back in the dark ages when I lifeguarded. However that was before the days of CPR and that is what we get next week.

DS did quite well on Sunday with was his first time in front doing that...playing is no big deal for him but this was a new experience.

Rest day is over, and I'm pretty tired still. Went to bed at 10 last night. Konked. However, back to the gravel/asphalt we go. Hello telephone poles!

So, Frogger you did well. No cake that I saw. Chicken caesar is good...I usually get the dressing on the side because here they drown the romaine:lol:

:wave: to all. I've gotta :tread:. Actually there is no runny guy...this is the closest :kickcan: At least he's walking! :lol:


09-15-2005, 08:36 AM
Good morning to you gals!

Just as a note...I thew away the rest of the birthday cake. I hated to through it away, but I also hated walking by it and wanting it when I really didn't...

Back is fine now. Very weird...Stopped hurting as soon as DH came back with some Cranberry juice. No kidding. As soon as he walked through the door, no more pain. Feel fine.

Been looking in the paper for a new position. Haven't found anything interesting yet though.

09-15-2005, 09:55 AM
hi frogger- a belated happy birthday, and glad to hear your back is better!

09-15-2005, 12:39 PM
I HAD TO SHARE MY NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited right now, I keep typing everything backwards.

I just got asked if I would be interested in a position (here where I am now) with a different company on a different project, but for $20,000 more a year. :eek: (The figure range they gave me the high end was about $20,000 more than what I make now, the low end was $10,000 more) OF COURSE I SAID YES I'M INTERESTED!!!! So they need someone by the 3rd of October and will be coming by to formally interview me tomorrow or monday. I hope it works out (I'm sure they already have some other people to interview as well). But I have a leg up as I'm already here and know all of the processes for this office and such. AND the whole thing started because the head guy who I assist when his assistant is out (only I will do, he asks for me) recommended me to this other company.

Sorry for the me post, I just had to share my *almost* fingers crossed good news. :lol:

And to think 5 minutes beforehand I was sitting here redoing my budget because money is getting tight.

09-15-2005, 05:53 PM
FINGERS CROSSED FOR YA, FROGGIE!!! That's great news ... keep a good thought!

09-15-2005, 08:55 PM
All digits croosed for you, Frogger! How exciting!!!!

09-15-2005, 08:58 PM

coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
fruit-sweet. oatmeal cookie
apple***1 oz. cheddar

1 cup ww pasta w/ sesame sauce, lots of raw vegs

1 ww toast w/ 1 tbsp. peanut butter

5 veg. "chicken" nuggets w/ sesame sauce
red pepper and cucumber strips

banana "ice cream"

water: 7 glasses
calories: 1540
exercise: 2 mile walk
25 min. lower body stuff
10 min. Pilates

09-15-2005, 09:02 PM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
2 ww w/ lite cheese, spinach, pepeprs, onion

6 ww mini pitas w/ spinach-artichoke spread
sugar snap peas
red pepper strips

date-almond-cherry bar

2 ww rolls w/ 2 soy 'hot dogs' w/ mustard onions
blue corn chips
banana 'Ice cream'

water: 6 glasses
calories: 1740
exercise: 20 min. pilates
30 in. step video
30 min. upper body weights

09-16-2005, 01:44 AM
Happy Birthday, Anagramatic!!! :hat: :hb: :cheer:

09-16-2005, 08:16 AM
Happy Birthday yesterday Anagram! Have a virtual :hb: ! Hope DH is coming along fine and you'll be able to really celebrate soon! You share a date with my daughter, she was 21 yesterday.

Well no walking today...I'd need water wings :lol: It is pouring out there. I haven't even gotten the young fellow out for his constitutional yet. He's had some breakfast though and I hear him playing so, it is gonna happen.

We need the rain.

Eydie the dogs are fine. I'm taking 2 to the National in WI. We leave next week, so I don't know if I'll be checking in much. Of course, I haven't been able to do much with them...just starting to throw balls, but I have been grooming sporatically....they get off the table OK and they just need a boost getting up, so no lifting there.

I was quite surprised when I finally got onto the scale at the beginning of September. I know your disillusionment Arabella. I'd put on 10 pounds since my surgery. HUH! So, I'm happy to report that 7 of them are gone....and my goal is to get back to my ticker weight by next week. Then my GHOUL as Frogger sez, is to get at least 5 lbs lower than that by Hallowe'en.

So, Gotta go! Laundry to fold....DS needs his shorts for the Terry Fox run!

:wave: to all! Wsw nice to see ya!


09-16-2005, 09:08 AM
Good morning, Queenlies!

Despite a not close to perfect week, I managed to squeeze off another fluffy one. Thinking my weight has to move more before both old and new number will show on my tracker, though. Maybe it's the trade off for the astronomical number -- easier weight loss. Hope to do better this week, when I WILL be much closer to perfect, yes I will! I've got deadlines coming out my ears today, so must not linger long. Also going to register for senior's college today.

Anagram, happy belated birthday! I know this must be a bittersweet occasion at best this year. I wish for you -- as always -- peace, joy and serenity, the fullness of life as it is. And I thank the graces that brought you to us here. Here's a virtual bouquet of violets!

Frogger! $20k more!!! Wow, that would really juice up the budget, wouldn't it. All digits crossed, Dovey! On a more modest note, I got word that I was getting a $4k raise the other day, out of the blue and when I'd just discovered that I had to pay my taxes six months in advance of when I'd paid them before, meaning I had to pay $3535 yesterday and another $1960 in December. Also, my check came in time to pay the tax bill, which saved me from having to get cash from Visa to put into my line of credit to make the payment. But -- wow! $20k :D You GO, Froggy Girl! Interesting that your pain went away when DH came in with the cranberry juice... hmmm...

:queen: Punkinseed, I do believe that the voice is a spirit guide. This voice was feminine, but the one before was masculine. I think I've got two, and am trying to hear them more consistently. I think the female is Arabella -- when I was very small, I talked about Arabella all the time (and where would a 3-year-old come up with that name?). The male, I think I met one night when I'd been frantically working at the computer on desperately demanding work. When I finally finished I came up to bed. And as I turned off the light and was sinking into the bed, I saw a figure standing where I'd been standing as if he had been integrated with me and I dropped away from him. It was a man in an Indian headdress, but not a native man. We looked at each other. I don't know if I turned on the light then or what but he was gone. Still, I saw him quite clearly and was thinking about his headdress, like "Is that really how they were made?" and the next day came across a picture of a Native man in a headdress that was made in just the same way. I think he'd been lending me the strength to get through the work I had to get done. I'm going to make sure to save this message before I post, because I tried to respond about this before and lost the message.

Ceara, SEVEN pounds off since the first of Sept? That's fantastic!!! Yup, I was "surprised" too -- but what did I fear, if it wasn't having gained more weight than I'd thought? I think I'm going to post a poll to the general forum to ask if anyone has ever weighed themselves consistently and gained a huge amount of weight. I'm pretty sure I'd never have gotten over the big 2 if I'd been weighing regularly. It's like closing your eyes when you're driving and think you're going to get in an accident, only makes the "accident" more likely. :rolleyes:

K -- this was going to be short and sweet and away I went again :rolleyes: Hi ho, hi ho. Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

09-16-2005, 09:42 AM
Happy Birthday yesterday Anagram!
Happy Birthday to you...We post in a zoo...We're all a little fluffy, but that's going away too...EVERYBODY SING!!!!

Last day for my cube mate. Can I say YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! :cb: Unfortunatly I came in to a flooded cube. Pipe broke and sloshy coffeewater is everywhere. I like coffee but this is rediculous...Nothing but a brand new notebook ruined though :lol:

Lunchie interview meeting set for monday on the new job. Keep your fingers crossed!

09-16-2005, 03:17 PM
:hb: :hat: Happy belated birthday to you Anagram!!!

09-17-2005, 10:21 AM
Hi, Aria!!! :wave: Been following thy journal and thou be beautifully consistent as usual w' the exercise and eatin'!!! Great job.

Arabella, I loved your description o' thy spirit guides. I sometimes feel the presence of more than one entity as well, although perhaps it is all one ... dunno. I do not relate to male guidance, spirit or otherwise, though! Well, maybe in matters of changing tires (I always just let 'em do that ... sorry if this is a nonliberal practice that will set women back generations).

Ceara, seven pounds off in a month is fabulous ... you are doing great. Good luck with the dogs.

Froggie, congrats on the departure of annoying cube mate and kudos on getting the interview for the new job! Fingers crossed.

E, I made a super quick oatmeal cookie in a bowl ... placed Scottish porridge oats (the only kind I eat) in bowl with a little water and a tiny bit of a low carb all-fruit spread (some of these are nevertheless high in "bad" high glycemic ingredients but this one only had apricots), mixed and microwaved until overcooked and on the dry side ... cooled, voila: cookie!

Have to go cover something so I can't do the writing today and don't know when I'll have time to get caught up by deadline but am determined not to allow that to bother me.

Am substantially off sugar but more lenient re Sugar Busters rules ... ate a tamale (corn) yesterday (fiesta time) and am taking the glucose tabs when blood sugar too low rather than eating cake 'n stuff.

Bye all!

09-17-2005, 10:49 AM
Kaylets, art thou ok? :wave:

09-17-2005, 12:50 PM
Hello all!

Its been nuts, nuts, nuts..... and havent had not a single one to eat....
More changes at the job to accomodate the auditors findings... not just me, entire department... and to make matters even more fun (that's sarcasm by the way) the turnaround time has dropped a day... lovely.... :(

Other than that, I made an effort to start stair climbing again and brought celery to work to chomp, chomp chomp instead of suffering thru stress cravings or grinding my teeth.....

and we are just beginning to get calls from clients affected by Katrina who have the wherewithall to contact us regarding their addresses, missing checks, etc, etc....

Good luck to you Frogger...... I still have to admit, I didnt catch the post on what line of work you're in.... I 've been guessing its IT Support but again, thats just a guess....

Empress.... you're a doll for worrying...

Anagram.... Sending you a virtual bouquet of violets for your birthday....


WoodNymph... and Punkin... have to go back and catch up on your discussion of inner voices... I am intrigued....

Eydie! I nearly forgot about the banana icecream!

WSW-- Hi!! Did Ophelia come near you?

well, the timer just rang...

I promise to come back soon!

09-17-2005, 09:25 PM
Hello Queenlies!

I've been doing well. As usual, after a few good days, I feel like I must be skinny by now :lol:

Here's today:

I went for a gentle jog, did tai chi.
Drank gallons of water

seafood fra diavolo w/ 1/2 c. kamut spaghetti
(low cal, healthy as all get out and delish!)

Big Granny Smith Apple

Baked chicken breast
boiled potato with 2 t. olive oil

Amarantha, I'm glad you liked my description of my spirit guides. I was afraid that people would think I was nuts (but obviously not afraid enough to keep me from sharing :lol: ). Myself, I really need the male spirit guide input -- I tend to need to nurture my masculine side, you know, standing up for myself, ensuring my own needs are met rather than sublimating, being forthright, etc.

Kaylets, good for you not chomping your way through the stress. I know I've certainly done that before. It kind of works, but the side effects suck! :sumo:

Am going to meditate now and go to bed. Love to all!

09-17-2005, 11:11 PM
K, glad you're, well oK! :)

The work stress chompies are gettin' to me big time so thou art to be praised for thy determination in the face o' it ... someday would love to get together w' all queens face to face and spend hours and hours just sharin' the evilness o' our respective work situations ... seems like work just all around s*cks for most o' us!!!

Arabella, hmmm, if that's thy definition o' the masculine side o' things, I'd have to agree, I do need guidance in that area. Funny, a guy (a real guy, not a spirit) was giving me help in that area just today. One thing I need to work on is not to feel guilty and get crazy when I am assertive ... actually I have no trouble being assertive, since a nonassertive reporter is a contradiction in terms :lol: but I tear myself up about it and am never at peace.

Oh well, working all weekend and probably for a long, long time on Monday and Tuesday before things get better. Resting tonight.

Later, gators.

Arabella, did you ever read the Seth books in the far distant past?

Mayhap you would like them.

09-17-2005, 11:12 PM
P.S., Wood Nymph, no one would EVER make the mistake o' thinkin' someone as perceptive as thyself was crazy! :)

09-18-2005, 09:36 AM
Jeepers. Quite the disclaimer. It's fellow :queen:s you know we just intuitively know that stuff, right Empress A?

Just a fly-bye....I have a ***** possibly starting with a uterine life is hectic.....gotta run.

:wave: to all....keep up the chins!


09-18-2005, 12:35 PM
:lol: The disclaimer isn't for :queen: ly stuff, Sword Bearer. I just like it for when I wander in the Hinterlands, which I'm wont to do (beats workin')!

09-18-2005, 01:20 PM
Postin' hiatus here, not related to weight gain (yuck) ... will eventually return to palace life! Too much bad stuff goin' on in life right now, should get off the internet and focus. :)

09-18-2005, 07:17 PM

We brought Dear One home today, very weak, much to be done, but he is HOME and here I am even finding a moment to post though unfortunately not yet even to browse.

June 8th to September 18 - I keep reminding him it will take at least that long yet until we can determine how well he will feel. Long road yet ahead.

Love my :queen:s.

09-18-2005, 08:07 PM
Royal Ones,

Reporting in on another good day. Went for a 3 mile walk and did some yoga. I'm still not up to par and was tired today so I didn't push myself hard enough to do the rest of my yoga or a set of tai chi. It will come!

Here's my food today:
2 eggs on Ezekial bread toast
1/2 avocado (mashed on toast inst. butter)
1 breakfast sausage
grilled tomatoes and portabellos

Big tossed salad with many veggies

1 pork chop
boiled new potato w. 1 t. olive oil
cauliflower/green beans/carrots
1.5 glasses dry red wine

Anagram, hurrah for having your darling home. I bet the house will feel much different tonight than it has since June. :goodvibes:

Amarantha, I'm not sure we can spare you for a hiatus! If you linger yet, could you give me more info about the Seth books? I didn't read them and would like to look them up. Have been reading some Sylvia Fraser lately and enjoying it, the way she integrates philosophical/scientific/spiritual inquiry with her experiences.

K, all. I'm going to have an early night and hope for more energy tomorrow. Sweet dreams and restful sleep to all!

09-18-2005, 08:48 PM
Oh, I probably really won't go on hiatus, Wood Nymph, as I never do. I am just not feelin' well or something and sometimes wonder why I am always trying to communicate with other entities, fight windmills, etc., etc. ... seems like I should just give up.

Guess we call this depression. :)

The Seth books are a series that started decades ago by, well, an entity named Seth (as delivered through a real person named Jane Roberts) who expounds at great length on a variety of topics. When I posted that to you, I didn't realize that there are newer books, the latest being apparently in 1998, which I'm going to order. When I read the ones I've read many years ago it was like a light went on in my head ... I don't remember a lot about the details now, just popped into my head that you'd like them.

You can read about the books on Amazon. :)

09-19-2005, 06:40 AM
Just did a quickie review of posts and thank y'all for the b.d. greetings (and all the violets - I'm sniffing them now).

B.D. turned out to be delightful in spite of spending most of the day in hospital. Sister had emailed some friends/relatives who contacted others and I had a bounty of cards and emailed greetings including 14 from a Kindergarten class at a parochial school. Friend of a friend is their teacher. Same sister came and stole me from hospitalfor a birthday lunch (I picked Burger King - I'm a cheap date).

She also shopped for dh courtesy of scheming DD and he surprised (and I mean REALLY SURPRISED) me with a string of cultured pearls to replace same he had given me years ago and which I had lost somehow some years back. Still debating whether will exchange because I don't like clasp. But Sis did good job choosing.

Then kids had H.B. and Happy Homecoming cake yesterday. Same Sis had brought in lunch/supper for us and was waiting for delivery at house while we were at hospital. Invaluable, this one. DD gave me some clothes (most of which she took back to get a slightly larger size than she had guessed at - they actually didn't look bad but we were afraid of shrinkage - the clothes, not me). And they're all casual so I prefer loose. She said she noted I was wearing a lot of stuff too big for me.

DS brought two baskets (selections obviously by DDIL). One was full of teas and two large healthy looking mugs; the other was a selection of candles and a candle/scent warmer. So in between times, I'll be enjoying some relaxing.

Plus will be seeing the princesses o'er the coming weekend and the elder says they have gifts for me too. And DH's homecoming was all I really wanted for birthday.

So I'm delighted to read of healthy eating and getting in some exercise and the reading keeps me semi on the wagon. But I've been eating more the past 2-3 weeks. Thinking that will change (except for weekend) as I prepare DHs limited meals - mine will be only slight extensions of his. But his must be full of things to put a little meat back on him so I must tread carefully.

Nurses coming this a.m. - one to teach me dialysis machine, other to assess situation, teach me to give antibiotics IV and other good stuff. DS here until tomorrow. He's been one fabulous kid these last months (ok, so he always was but now there's no doubt). Has taken off many vacation days to be here and given up all weekends but two - one out of town on business and the other the one between their anniversary and his birthday.

Well, still 20 minutes until the time I PLANNED to wake up so I think I'll take a more leisurely track and get started now. Much to do in next two hours before nurses arrive. It was nice to visit, hope to see you again soon.

As A would say, sorry for the me-me.

09-19-2005, 09:29 AM
Morning :queen: 's how's it?

I'm excited because today is *supposed* to be interview day. We'll see though because Monday's are very busy around here and I'm not sure the hiring manager will have time for me. Maybe, since it's a lunchie interview.

I haven't much to report on. So I guess I should get myself together and prepared.

Back later to report how it went...

09-19-2005, 09:34 AM
Anagram, so happy for you that your husband is finally home! :grouphug:

09-19-2005, 09:44 AM
Morning, Queenlies! Monday, Monday. Am tired today, so will not push too hard. However, will do the necessary and make progress :yes: Report to come later.

Amarantha, v. glad to hear that you won't really leave us. You're right, communicating with entities can be a very dicey business, but... what are ya gonna do? We can but try and continue to try. And, of course, your communications to all Royal entities have been a great boon to us and are the reason you are so loved and honored in the palace. Yup, that "giving up" feeling is incipient depression, nipping at the royal heels. Kick it!

Anagram, thanks so much for your report! I'm happy to hear about your lovely birthday and happy to get the sense of settling into what will be the new routine. Your family sounds wonderful!

Frogger -- :crossed: :goodvibes: Knock 'em dead, Froggy Girl!!!!

Wildfire, lurkest thou? We're getting a little worried!

K -- Just wanted to pop in and say :wave: Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

09-19-2005, 12:19 PM
Thanks, Arabella, it's still here but am workin' on it!! :)

Hi, Anagramatic, always good to hear where thou art at and an update on dh!!! Hang in!!! You have a splendid attitude.

This is a double postie as I'm late but here's what I posted on the journal and that'll give thee some idea o' where I am fitness wise, since I've already said I'm depressed ... sorry for the me-me-me, but hey, it's all ABOUT me, right? :)

Ok, inspireth by The Biggest Loser TV show, which she admitteth she be a sucker for, though normally TV ain't her thang, A ... be movin' to a giant mansion in Texas (or somewhere) and hirin' a bank o' docs, nutritionists, personal trainers, personal chefs, tv producers, camera towel boys, etc., and vying for the title o' THE BIGGEST LOSER IN THE SCARY HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE!!!! The other contestants are A..., A..., A... 'n, last but not least, A...!!!

Yesterday was a NO EXERCISE DAY at the mansion, but today the Mean Personal Trainer rousted everyone outta bed and FORCED them to go down to the trendy, state-o-the-art fitness center conveniently housed on the mansion's first floor. Today's workout was 5 minutes on the recumbent bike, 35 minutes circuit training.

When A saith, "Please let me go at my own pace," the MPT yelled, "YOUR OWN PACE? Are you kidding? HAVE YOU LOOKED AT YOURSELF LATELY?"

Yesterday's cal count was in the 1600s. The new Halloween GHOUL for A was set at 135, with an average daily cal count (hopefully) of 1765.

09-19-2005, 01:43 PM
Ok so we are waylaid until tomorrow for lunch. I knew a Monday lunch meeting wouldn't happen! It's way to busy for people around here on Mondays!

I waisted my powersuit though....:rolleyes:

09-19-2005, 07:30 PM
Hello all!

My job had a big outdoor "Lua" today. There werent enough umbrellas to go round so before the food was served, I wound up going back inside the building as it was too hot and sun was punishing. Sun worshipers stayed out there but some came back looking cooked....
So, I never even saw the food which was in the long run, a good thing as I was trying to stay very light for my weighin tonight.


have had a lightbulb moment and realize that I've been making this "staying at goal" issue a lot harder than it needs to be....
I've been trying to 'eat like a naturally thin person' won't happen...
I need to "eat like a recovering overweight person".....
that I know how to do... I was never naturally thin and as long as I have a plan I will be ok....its not a weightloss plan but a weight maintain so I'm allowed a little bit more but A Plan I understand....


09-19-2005, 07:42 PM
End o' Day report:

Walked in town, around, and back -- 2 hours (some of it shopping, some chatting)

oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries, banana and soy milk

minestrone soup

blue corn nachos with 1.5 oz. cheddar, salsa (I was hungry, this was what I wanted, I ate and felt satisfied. However, I didn't remember to take into account that it was only a couple hours before dinner and then I ate dinner when I wasn't really hungry for it. Must remember these things next time and aim for something smaller so as not to "spoil" dinner)

1/2 c. kamut pasta with veggie sauce
veggie salad

Didn't manage tai chi or yoga, but did meditate a little.

09-20-2005, 07:49 PM
quick report:
chi qong -- 20 min
25 min run, 10 min walk
40 min yoga

oatmeal with blueberries, banana and soy milk

egg salad on Ezekiel bread with light mayo & dijon
veggie salad, little vinaigrette

3 pc. date/cocoa "fudge" (5 dates)

Thai beef/veg stir fry
1/2 c. brown rice

09-21-2005, 01:36 PM
Kaylets, I love your "lightbulb" thought. That's exactly what I try to tell my nonvirtual (and some virtual) acquaintances and friends when they give me this "you're not overweight anymore so you can eat this cake, cookie, candy bar, extra serving, tamale (ok, the tamale last Friday was REALLY good, but I am not supposed to be eating corn as it's too high glycemic)!

Arabella, your menus look great. Have you tried the Kamut "wheat alternative" bread? No gluten and no sweetener of any kind (the Ezekial varieties tend to have malted barley, which is a high glycemic item that can increase appetite for some, even though it's a small amount) ... I love Ezekial, but the very few ingredients in the Kamut make it very attractive to me and it's delicious.

09-22-2005, 08:30 AM
Good morning, Queenlies!

Oh, it doth be quiet in the royal environs!

I'm feeling sad :( -- I found out yesterday that my grandson's mom is moving in with her new boyfriend, thinking of buying a house. I didn't realize how much I'd hoped that she and my son would get back together and be a nice little family, but I guess I really did. So, anyway, I guess I'll feel sad for a while and eventually come to terms with it. My son doesn't seem upset about it, seems fine, so I should be able to get over it, right? :rolleyes: Serenity prayer. I'll make time to meditate today -- it's amazing how it transforms sadness to peace and acceptance.

Anagram, I dreamed last night that we were in a restaurant or cafe somewhere, on a trip. And you were saying something about feeling badly that you hadn't done something the way you wished you had. And I said, no, you did, you can see it in the pictures. And there was a huge wall display of beautiful images, all rosy.

Amarantha, I think thee might be right about the Ezekiel products. I'd always looked at the ingredients and saw "barley" but failed to note the "malted" part. And I think my feeling is that I do react to the products in some way that isn't entirely good. Between stress and sadness yesterday, somehow, I found myself tucking into a piece of pecan pie, which I'm pretty sure is not low-GI. I think I may need to go a little hard-core again to get myself feeling the best. Won't be until after the weekend, because I've got two parties that won't be helpful that way. Will behave self, yes, but low-GI might not be totally within my grasp.

So much work to do! Must go attack stack. Love to all!

09-22-2005, 09:25 AM
Arabella ~ Sorry to hear that your grandson's mom and your son couldn't work it out. That must be difficult to accept. How old is your grandson?

09-22-2005, 10:27 AM
Hi Aria!

My grandson is four. My son and his ex have been split up since the early part of her pregnancy and there was a lot of bitterness and difficulty for a couple of years after that, but then there were moments when I could see they still really cared for each other and it seemed like there was some potential. I guess I just pictured them happy together and thought how nice it would be for everyone.

I don't feel like I should find this hard to accept, but I find that I do. Oh well, sadness is just part of life, part of the range of human emotions that we're subject to, huh.

I appreciate your kind words!

09-22-2005, 12:31 PM
Wood Nymph, I'm sorry to hear thy news re grandson's mom also and truly can see how hard that'd be for thee when thou hast had the dream of their being a happy family. Sending good vibes thy way that thou will heal quickly from this disappointment.

No, I'm also pretty sure pecan pie is not low GI but hey, sometimes the occasion calls for it.

I found also that I reacted to the malted barley in the Ezekial, am very happy with the Kamut bread. It has a dense, almost cake-like texture, or maybe it's more like homemade bread ... can't describe it ... it's very good. If you do try it make sure it's the sugar free, wheat free, no gluten stuff ... they have a few variets.

Ms. A!!! I just posted to thee in two places in the land far far ... YES, I MADE IT AND YES I'M TRYING AGAIN TODAY AND AM WITH YA ON THIS (the 1600s)!!! Huzzah.

Am exhausted ... did a 45-minute cycling class, followed by the 30 minute ab class, followed by the 30 minute dynamic stretch class ... I'd commited myself to add the cycling to my Tuesday/Thursday combo and did enjoy it but am way outta shape for that ... will soldier on as I think it'll add a lot of fitness to my life.

09-22-2005, 03:44 PM
Amarantha, I thank thee as well for the sympathy. I feel silly for being so bummed about it -- when others, from time to time, would suggest to me that it was a shame they couldn't seem to work it out, I was very hard-headed and pragmatic about it: "Well, that's the way it goes. No point in letting it bother us." Then, when something decisive happens, I go all mopey. Ah well, may have something to do with feeling feelings inst. self-medicating too.

The kamut bread that you get sounds good, but I suspect it's a bit different from the kamut bread that I can get from time to time. Its texture, likewise, is hard to describe :lol: It's better than nothing, but not what you'd call good. I may resort to making bread again.

09-22-2005, 04:23 PM
You shouldn't feel silly about ANYTHING that you feel, Arabella! :) What you feel is what you feel and you have a right to feel anywhichway you please.

Dunno, I think there's only one line of bread called "Kamut" ... mayhap our expectations from bread are different! :lol:

09-22-2005, 04:45 PM
Aha! I wondered what was going on with that. I didn't realize you were referring to a line of bread, just thought you meant bread made with kamut flour. I haven't found the "Kamut" bread, but I did realize what the kamut bread I can get reminds me of: wheat flour bread that someone forgot to put the yeast in (I did that once). Extremely solid and soggy at the same time. Neither cake-like, nor bread-like for that matter. Damp cardboard-like, yes, a bit. :lol: The search continues!

09-22-2005, 05:54 PM
Wow, it's been so long since I posted. All's well--I've just been busy with art class lunches and the county fair this week. We have a booth there. I've been eating well and ned to catch up with posting my menus here. Workouts going well too---I've only missed 2 days this month.
So why in the name of all that's good and right can't I lose weight? I'm still at 140 and my body's not letting go of an ounce! :?: Oh well.....

Arabella, I guess it's odd to realize you had that hope all along. Hope the mediatation brings you some peace with it.

Amarantha, I need to visit you in the far-off land. I haven't been getting any update notices. Do you have a new journal?

Hi Aria!!! :)

Ooooh, I forgot----I had my 1 year anniversary of not eating sugar this past Sunday. Still going strong!

09-22-2005, 05:59 PM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
ww englsh muffin w/ provolone, 2 veg. sausage links

1/3 cup brown rice
salad w/ Italian
1/4 ww pita w/ humuus

mocha [coffee, 1/2 and 1/2, fruit-sweet. choc. sauce]

1/2 cup brown rice
red peppers, onion, sugar snap peas, sesame sauce

4 veg. 'chicken' nuggets w/ homemade ketchup
1 pc. peanut butter 'fudge'

calories: 1636
water: 8 glasses
exercise: 25 min. Pilates
4 miles treadmill

09-22-2005, 07:50 PM
hi, E, ya found me in the land far far!!! Yea, I did start a new journal ... Thanks for the visit!!!! I asked ya over there how thy mojo be doin' and I come over here and see said mojo be healthy 'n strong and thou be flourishin' and having fun w'art classes and such!! Huzzah! Dinna fash thyself re the 140, that's a good weight, for starters and for finishers, ye'll drop back to your preferred weight soon ... I'm havin' a bit o' that reversal from the 130s also, but t'will all be better soon.

Yea, Arabella, it's the Kamut bread line I do refer to indeed. I wouldst not ever venture to make bread from kamut flour meownself! :lol: It's especially good toasted in the oven ... very nice crunch.

09-22-2005, 08:44 PM
anagram-a belated happy birthday! so glad to hear dh is finally home after such a long time.

and hello to all the royals! hadn't been feeling too well for a while, but am better now. have been trying to catch up on posts. thinking about you all, and will post more soon. take care.

09-22-2005, 09:20 PM
Hello all!
The universe tilted the playing table again and priorties refocused .... crystal clear.... DH has been seeing doctors the last few days.... the endro doctor says " Your sugar #'s are reflecting this domestic stress you're telling me about... Dump the stress"... and in fact, that's exactly how DH told DS that he's on a short notice for finding better employment.....
The older work related foot injury doctor ordered an MRI for a "floating" mass which appears often on the sole of his foot... could be a big lump of scar tissue or cartilage.... most all the bones of htat foot were broken so could be many causese.... than the new ortho dr decided that yes, the shoulder problems could be a rotar cuff injury so how about an MRI for that area too....

Job refocused as Houston evacuates as that is the headquarters and home for much of our database.... A wise person decided while the computers were opeartional to run all our clients benefits check due for 10/1 to lessen the impact as best as possible....we have other clients who have other due dates but no where as many as due the 1st.... So, at least most of the other parts of the country will be pleased the checks arrived early ......

These storms are stressing more and more of us...We're all touched even if its only at the gas pump.....

ANAGRAM!!! Please let DH know that when I turned around from the computer screen and said "Anagram's DH is home!" my DH smiled broadly and said "GOOD!".... I guess the King's have a their own bond....
Am so heartened to hear how wonderful your children are throughout all of this summer journey for the two of you.... How proud you must be of them!

Frogger! So, did they ever interview you ?? Inquiring minds you know!

Empress...and WoodNymph too.... I can relate.... a, to the disclaimer... b, to the sadness of what might have been ..... Sometimes it seems as though what pushes my seesaw back down is something that on the face of it, you'd think have no weight... yet, when it lands.... THUD....

On a lighter note... Dh and I are watching Biggest Loser too and at one point I was near tears during the balance challenge on the water.... I honestly felt as though the contestants were being shown as in the Circus Freak shows....
But the turnaround was when the womens team won the challenge and then began cheering on the last contestant encouraging him not to give up.....

And thats when I was so proud of the women for not allowing the cameras to pigeonhole them...that these women were first and foremost, warm hearted and generous ... and understood how much support and a hand outstretched could mean to someone struggling....

Eydie.... Scale is sitting steady for me too....

Ceara... Whats new?

Aria-- how goes the battle?

wsw??? how are you ???

so many things all of us share....


09-22-2005, 09:34 PM

That's fantastic, E!!! I am still dedicated to that cause but am now WAYYYY behind ya!!! Huzzah!

09-22-2005, 09:44 PM
Huzzah and hello to Wsw!!! :wave: Glad to see ya back in the palace and feelin' better!!!!

Thanks, K, for understandin' re the disclaimer ... has been a shield for me and I've been wanderin' in the hinterlands here 'n there, postin' as I mayeth.

Yep, sometimes stuff gets to us that others might not bother about ... just the way o' things, I guess.

Sorry thy dh is experiencin' stress and that Rita is impactin' thy job, but s'good those checks will get to the folks. A good thought on thy bosses.

I have friends who were heavily impacted by NOLA and now this. One emailed me: "When will it end?"

I don't know.

Still glad, if anything can be found to be glad about, that it's not terrorism or the act of mankind upon mankind. Hope no one takes that the wrong way as I certainly emphasize heavily with all who have suffered, just glad it's an act o' nature, somehow, it seems to make it more bearable, though I guess small comfort to some.

Yup, K, I'm also enjoyin' TBL!!! Hey, weight loss is my hobby, I HAVE to see this show. A shift in schedule means I'll get to see all the episodes in October ...

09-23-2005, 08:26 AM
Although the scale number did not budge today, I had a good week and it will be rewarded at some point. Onward! DH and I ordered a Tanita scale that reports muscle mass, body fat, water, bone mass -- oh, and weight! -- so it will be more informative when the weight number is stuck. Looking forward to getting it!

Dinner tonight is a drinks and pizza party put on by the local arts & entertainment mag I write for. If there are alternatives other than pizza I'll go for them and will probably have salad before I go to try to keep the pizza quotient down. We're having a little dinner party tomorrow night, which I'll be able to mostly control the food for, so it should be okay. These things are part of life.

Here's yesterday:

oatmeal with blueberries, banana and soy milk

minestrone soup
egg salad -- 1 t. light mayo, dijon (no bread)
Carrot sticks
Granny Smith apple

blueberry buckwheat/Ezekiel flour SF muffin with 1 t. butter

Chicken on Ezekiel bread with light mayo and dijon (Ezekiel bread's almost gone :rolleyes: )
Veggie-ful salad with light dressing

Amarantha, I feel the same way -- it's just not as hard to deal with when it's a natural disaster, rather than the effect of human ill will.

Kaylets, here's to getting the stress out of home and workplace :cheers:

Eydie, WOW!!! A whole year! That's amazing -- not to mention inspiring! Are you totally sugar-free? It's hard to escape sometimes.

WSW, glad you're feeling better!

K, duty calls and I must away. Love to all, mentioned or un-

09-23-2005, 09:08 AM
Amanrantha and Arabella, I was thinking the same thing about the hurricanes, as devastating as they are. Also, with terrorism, you usually don't get any prior warning to evacuate.

09-23-2005, 10:55 AM
In my post up above I meant to say I "empathize" ... but y'all knew that, right? :lol:

Aria, I didn't make the 1600s either (responded to your post in my journal and will visit yours later in the day), so let's try try again. Ok?


09-23-2005, 08:17 PM
Hello all...

This was just one of those days.....

a day of pria bars for breakfast, a really lovely salad w/ a tuna steak and then supper....pria bars and popcorn w/ 1/2 a hardboiled egg w/ tiny bit of 1%cottage cheese....
Dh's already in bed and I am decompressing here w/ all of you....

I will spare you all the details because I'm not interested in reliving them....
Trust me, its very dull and tedious.

and guess what..... something I havent had in years!! Poision Ivy all around my left ankle... Does that prove I've been in the garden???

to all! Here's to us! Here's to Friday! Here's to good hot tea or at least something we enjoy drinking!!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..... I WILLLLLLLLL!!!!


09-24-2005, 05:50 AM
Good motto, Kaylets! I WILL, TOO. Not focusing on diet, I'm afraid but getting plenty of exercise. Sorry to hear of dh's health problems and missed that ds was home again.

lOvely to read of the foods the court are enjoying! I've been mostly just eating what's at hand or can be grabbed on the run. The last five days have been extremely challenging to say the least. I am now able to do dialysis for dh on my own but still have lots to learn. Also am giving him IV antibiotics daily. He's barely able to walk on a walker but can't get from sitting to standing by himself so I am doing lots of hoisting. Does this qualify as weight lifting? He's very concerned, and rightly so, about his physical limitations at the moment. Therapists coming but how much improvement we can eke out is a looming question.

Every minute of every day (but not every night - so I'm sneaking off to the palace) goes to his care right now and looks like it will for a while but I'm trying to care for me a little bit too and must.

I see challenges abound throughout the kingdom and wish all well with their particular demon. And, Eydie, a whole year without sugar. I admire you so. I've been drawn to sweets more than usual this challenging week. Energy boost, maybe.

Am so sleepy - perhaps a little hearth prowl will convince me I can relax and get some zzzzzzs.

09-24-2005, 09:50 AM
Hi Kaylets, thanks for the motto of the day. I WILL TOO!

Anagram, I've been thinking about you so much. You're a strong woman and still in love. Have you checked into things for DH's recuperation like a help chair, and and indoor scooter. I know with my father that these things can be a godsend. Glad he's still getting therapy at home.

Arabella, I'm sure I still eat samll amounts of sugar when I go out to restaurants, but never at home and I never eat sugar-y desserts and here's the miracle of miracles--I don't even want them! A beautiful dessert that I would've killed for at one time can appear and I don't bat an eyelash. I may feel a little nostalgic from time to time, but I never crave sugar.
And becasue of the sugar in dressings and such at restaurants I don't even enjoy going out to eat so much. [Never thought I'd say that!] I'd rather just stay home or pack a picnic. My list of "approved" restaurants is quite short these days.

Ive had a hard week. In spite of doing a fabulous job, I feel invisible at work so I've been indulging in a little emotional eating so my calories are higher than I'd like, so of course weight loss isn't happening. 2+2=4 When will I learn?

09-24-2005, 01:07 PM
Just a quick hi to K, Anagramatic (huzzah for how well thou hast been copin' A), 'n E!!!!

E 'n Aria, I responded to thy postie on me journal this a.m. and I REALLY appreciated touchin' base w'ye ... E, I'm havin' a very hard time at work also (except I'm TRYIN' to be invisible) and consequently I can't get those cals down. Kind of been doin' an ersatz game o' tryin' to reach 1600s each day to offset the high days ... my weekly average goal is in the 1700s, but I need to reach for lower days and it's just gettin' harder and harder lately. Yep, E, 2 plus 2 etc. :lol:

I finished writing for the day WAY early, going to go to gym and then to sportin' goods store as if I'm goin' to do the cycling class again, I need a certain item o' attire ...


09-25-2005, 10:44 AM
Hello all!

The Kingdom witnessed high drama last night including even the Queen coming down from the tower and getting into the mix demanding immeadiate action regarding employment and sobriety issues of the errant prince....

The Queen was furious as the King's character as a father was being besmirched..... and the Queen had heard enough :devil: ....

Later, the Prince was directed to face me and apologize....
Often a manipulater will use tears to "push buttons".....
This manipulater forgets the Queen has watched this routine since the Prince was 6 yrs old....
So the Queen was moved to speak.....

The Queen's oration only lasted 5 minutes or so and her words were clear and concise.....
Life is simpler when clean and sober.... close mouth and open ears.....
That the prince is fooling no one in this kingdom but himself as both Royals have been there, done that ( although never, ever to such a level.... but that's not the point )
Never besmirch parent when the real question is actions of the son.......and ....
if and when the King's passes on, the Queen will have only one three leter word for the Prince....

The Prince is of course, trying to persuade that his personal problems w/ his romance, etc, etc means the rest of the kingdom should give him special treatment.
The Queen's only response was to repeat:
"Get clean and your life will get much easier."

I know DH later felt empowered by my oration and even repeating it here
makes me feel empowered.
And I used not one curse word, never stuttered or became shrill.....
( I will admit that much of my 'speech' had been rehearsed mentally many, many times)

So, there you go my friends, a me--me--me-- post.....

Hope everyone is doing well today....

In fact, lets all of us, give ourselves a round of applause...
Let's give credit where credit is due....

The king and I are off to a Hawk Watch Seminar at the park....

PS--Eydie-- A year w/o sugar is mindboggling to me.... I'm lucky to get 90 days in.... you are my inspiration!!

Later all!

09-25-2005, 12:53 PM
Good speech, :queen: K!!! :) Sorry for the trouble in thy neck o' the palace. Stay strong.

Back down in the 130s again! Hooray!!!!

Gotta work for a bit, then I take care o' ME for the rest o' the day.

09-25-2005, 01:51 PM
Congrats to The Elegant Queen Kaylets for conducting herself with dignity under the most trying of circumstances. Will you teach us all your secret? WOW!!!!!! :D :bravo:

Congrats to the unstoppable Queen Amarantha for being back in the 130's. I'm right behind you [I hope!!]. :high:

09-25-2005, 02:12 PM
I KNOW ye're right behind me, E, so I hafta run faster :lol: ... not really, I'd stop 'n give ya a hand if I thought ya needed it, but ya don't ... you are always ahead o' me ... and ya are a YEAR sugar free, whereas, I had a lapse ... btw, I am back on pretty strict Sugar Busters with the exception of glucose tablets when I need to use 'em (I haven't needed to except once this week) ... I do NOT count these as sugar in my mind, as they are a necessary evil right now, I consider 'em medicinal.

Ya know, E, I think it was the extra spinning class that helped me this week. I'm going to repeat that again and again, even though it half killed me.

Also, :queen: s, I did the "body log" in the Fitday PC software today and am considerable down (1.5 inches) in the waist, the same in hip area, up in chest and biceps, down .75 in thighs, up in forearm ... all since the last weigh-in in August. Will do bodyfat percentage later or tomorrow.

09-25-2005, 04:09 PM
eydie-congrats on your 1 year without sugar. fantastic!

amarantha-congrats on being back down in 130's! way to go!

kaylets-hearing how assertive and composed you were in such a difficult situation inspires me to no end!

anagram-i'm sending you good vibes and strength for your continuing care of dh.

hi arabella, aria, ceara, wildfire, frogger, punkin, and to all our royals, mentioned and -un. thinking of you. finally able to get out more among 'em again this weekend, and glad about that. last couple of days i have been eating closer to my desired cal. count than i had the previous few days. a good friend of mine who lives in washington, d.c. just became a new daddy on thurs. and he is ecstatic. it has been fun receiving daily pix of the brand new baby boy. hope i will get to meet him some time in the not too distant future. my doggie (pet therapy)buddy is coming for a visit on wed, and i'm looking forward to that. well, take care, all.

09-26-2005, 09:08 AM
Hey there Royals! I had an unintential hiatus to the board. (Was subbing for another co-worker here while she was enjoying her vacay). Back now.

Haven't lost a pound!!! I tried the Fherinheit suppliment they advertise on TV. (I know I know!!! But my sister is having such positive hunger curb that I tried it). Don't waist your money. Luckily I got it on sale so I don't feel too bad about the purchase. Anyway, made me TWICE as hungry. I couldn't get enough to eat (and that scared me). So I tossed the bottle.
Didn't gain anything thank goodness.

Catching up on the board, back later!!!

09-26-2005, 10:43 AM
Howdy to Wsw 'n Froggie!!! :wave: I'd post a lot more than a flimsy howdo as I'm so glad to see thee both here, but I'm late ...

Ditto to all :queen: s!!!! Let's get this palace hoppin' with posties today!!! Hoorray!!!

09-26-2005, 01:03 PM
Have a great week everyone! :balloons:

09-26-2005, 09:41 PM
Congrats on your control, Kaylets. Queenly in every way! Bet you do feel better.

09-26-2005, 10:09 PM
Coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
brown rice w/ 2 scrambled eggs, brocooli, onion, peppers, cheddar

lentil soup
1 string cheese

2 pcs. peanut butter "fudge"

boca burger w/ homemade ketchup

Salad [spinach, vegs, 3 hard-cooked egg whites, goddess dressing]

calories: 1565
water: 10 glasses
fruit/vegs: 7 servings
exercise: 3 miles treadmill

09-27-2005, 09:56 AM
Today is supposed to be the day of the big interview. If they cancel this time, I am not persuing this company. (That would make 3 times). Wish me luck!!!!

Way to go Kaylets! Standing firm, :jig: no nonsense you! I'll give you a Peggy Hill whooo yeah!!!

Alergies are giving me grief today. Sneezy nose, slight cough. Blah Blah Blah.

Sydney's birthday is tomorrow!!! I cannot believe she'll be one!!! We're having her birthday party this saturday. I have SOOO much to do. Also, her ped called and said her iron is indeed slightly off. What can we do? We give her vitamins everyday, maybe some spinach? She has an appointment on friday for her one year checkup. Maybe she'll have suggestions for us.

Well, time to pretend I actually work...Tootles...

09-27-2005, 12:11 PM
Good luck on your interview, Froggie!!! Happy birthday to Sydney!!! It IS hard to believe it's been a year!

E, how do you make that "fudge?"

Well, :queen: s, it seems I am receiving a free SUV in a few weeks. It belonged to my nephew, who died recently. I am very sad, but know he would want me to be excited, so I will ... and if I'm gonna see the relatives, I need to kick b*tt here on my fitness challenge so's I can gloat ... truly I need some o' those proverbial internet hugs ... I am very sad today.

09-27-2005, 04:17 PM
Got back a little while ago. IMO it went GREAT! :cb: So we'll see.

Had a great pasta dish with penne, marinara, black olives, peperoni, italian sausage, green pepers, onions and a little cheese. Only ate half as I was trying to listen to what the guy had to say.
I really wanted the salmon, but our lunchmate ordered it, and I didn't want to seem a copy cate. Plus she said it sucked.

Bye for now!

09-27-2005, 04:39 PM
Flying in for a quickie: Doing very well, got my new Tanita scale today and am looking forward to its inaugural run on Friday. Insanely busy with work that I don't like one bit (editing about 40 pages of PR blah blah blah down to 5 or 6 for a podcast script. Ick. I can't even type that without gagging.)

Amarantha! :grouphug: So sorry for your saddies! It's no wonder -- how heartbreaking to lose your nephew. Maybe he'll be with you in spirit in the new vehicle, though? Love you!

Frogger -- WTG on the good interview!!! :crossed: Keep us posted!

K -- back to ickland.

09-27-2005, 07:43 PM
frogger-glad to hear your interview went well! happy first birthday to princess sydney!

amarantha-sorry you are sad. i'm sending you lots of virtual hugs!!!

arabella-hope your big work load will go as quickly as is possible.

and to all the rest of the royal court, hope your evening is good. have been keeping up with daily exercise, and am remaining op so far this week. take care, all.

09-28-2005, 10:51 AM
Yeah, I decided to take off tomorrow and friday so today is like my friday. I really want to get everything together for her party on Saturday. Going after work today to order the food and the cake.
Got 50% through with doing her party favors (we only have little 3 kids coming) I'm really glad that DH is around, he feeds her dinner almost every night so I can get what I have to do done and cook for us. I only got 50% through because as I bought, I stuffed everything into the china cabinet so she couldn't get to it and I had to dig through everything to find the actual favors amist the party supplies and holiday dishes etc.

I'm also wearing goucho's for the first time since I think 5th grade. Very comfy jersey fabric. They're green and I spiced them up with a tweed green/beige/blue kitten heel shoe and a bbay blue top. I hope I match.

It was chilly here this morning! I had to slap on a light jacket when I headed out the door! YEAH FALL!!!! :cb:

Well, it's off to do my one task for the day...set up a meeting. This is going to take ALL day to do because none of the key players like eachother and no one wants to meet with the other one.

If I don't get back, goodmorning, goodafternoon and goodnight!!

09-28-2005, 03:03 PM
Thanks, Arabella, you always have a comforting word to say to me and I appreciate it! :) I do think my "baby" ('cause that's what he was) will maybe at least visit the vehicle now 'n again to say hello!

Found out I have fewer points on my driving record from the accident than I thought. Long story, should have checked a lot sooner, but I didn't wanna know! :)

Going shopping now ... taking some time off.

09-28-2005, 03:15 PM
Yes, Empress, your "baby" would want you to enjoy that SUV and I think he'll be driving with you on those long and lonely jaunts through the mountains.Glad the points are less than feared.

Can't believe Sydney is at ONE already!!Enjoy, enjoy! Hope the interview goes well.

Glad you're doing better, wsw. I think Fall helps every ache and pain.

09-28-2005, 07:58 PM
Anagram , how goes it at home?

Amarantha, what kind of SUV is it? Very cool to have that connection with your dear one!

Frogger, ONE already? Let us know how the party goes.

Someone, I think it was Amarantha, was asking about my peanut butter "fudge". Not fudge really, but a good stand-in for candy, if you want something satisfying and not really sweet. Here 'tis: Empty a jar of all-natural peanut butter into a bowl. Then add whey protein powder, raisins, oatmeal or granola, some cocoa or carob, dried fruits. Add the whey protein and cocoa until it holds together. Then press it into a pan, or roll it into balls and chill.
{I formed the mixture into balls and called them "body-builder truffles". Clever, no?}

09-28-2005, 10:42 PM
Thanks, Anagramatic! Hope dh is doin' ok! :)

It's a Ford Explorer, E! I didn't even know that was an SUV but I'm told it is ... it's red! :)

Yes, it was me re the fudge, E, and that looks fabulous, it would taste very sweet to me. I can't eat raisins but apricots might do ... yes, very clever!!! You are a genius. Thanks. I will send this recipe to a friend!! If ya dinna mind, that is? :)

09-29-2005, 08:11 AM
No I don't mind at all, A! Sorry I don't have proportions for you, it's something I just throw together and it's fabulous! :)

Still at the same weight. I don't understand...I'm doing everything I can. I'm going to list my menus from the last couple of days. Everybody feel free to tell me where I should tighten up.


coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
ww bagel w/ lite cream cheese

banana***2 pcs. peanut butter 'fudge'

1 cup brown rice, vegs, scrambled egg, 1 slice cheddar

whey protein drink

salad [spinach, lots of vegs, chickpeas, boca burger, 2 tbsp. goddess dressing]

water: 12 glasses
calories: 1610
exercise: 30 min. lower body weights
35 min. upper body weights
70 min. mowing grass [the walk-behind mower]


coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
brocolli quiche w/ oat crust

seitan jerkey

2 ww w/ cheese, spinach
lentil soup

cashew-pecan-date bar

1 cup ff milk w/ choc. whey protein

boca burger w/ tom. sauce
lots of steamed brocolli

calories: 1600
water: 12 glasses
exercise: 3 miles treadmill
15 min. Pilates

09-29-2005, 11:57 AM
E, your menu looks perfect (I wouldn't eat the banana, it's high glycemic and not allowed on Sugar Busters unless it's very green, but most people think they're healthy :) ) ... your cals are good, your GI is good, your exercise is good. I just think you're at a plateau. Normally I tell people to eat peanut butter when at a plateau (oddly enough, more fat helps in unstalling weight loss, but you have to account for the added cals), but you ARE eating peanut butter. It's just gonna take a little time for the body to know what it wants to do (it wants to GAIN weight, E, that's just a fact, our female bods ALWAYS wanna gain weight 'cause they think we need it to trek across the tundra and bear children or something and they worry that a famine might be coming or that we might need energy to fight off the cavefolk from the next village ...).

The main thing is NOT to get frustrated and try too hard. That doesn't work, IMO. You might try leveling off of the exercise and getting in more rest and (I know this will shock ya) you COULD try to actually eat a little treat with refined sugar and white flour, followed by a hot bath, a good novel and a day long nappie time! :)

Truthfully, that can work ... the bod needs to be shaken out of its routine and you've been consistent with a healthy lifestyle for awhile .... EVEN if you had a period of slacking off, that was when you were in a stressed situation and doesn't really count as true rest ... the primitive bod mind wants STASIS and if you give it what it wants, it'll start dropping the weight ... really, it will.

Not to be construed as a license to take a three-week nap with a box o' chocolates ...

09-29-2005, 08:59 PM
Hello all.....

Eydie... Empress is right...shake it up...My best guess is you should be eating a little more...or do less...or as the Empess says, do both....
You'll figure this out!

I had a meltdown at the office first thing this morning. Something I had been told was just fine last night was waiting for me to correct. It was like a kick in the b....First time in the longest I cried from frustration.... unfortunately, another coworker witnessed it and I had to swear him to secrecy.... and of course, the minute the boss showed up... he told her.... Well, since she had ok'd the issue in the first place, she went into action but the whole experience was too much .... I was drained but on edge on all day..

And just a couple of days ago, I thought I could lick this....Sure doesnt seem like it.....just not a good fit....

so my friends... I am not very upbeat....

Hope all is well your way...

at least Will and Grace first show is on tonight....

09-29-2005, 10:10 PM
Sorry work is a bummer, K. Can't tell ya the number o' meltdowns in front o' coworkers I've had in me life ... heck, a few months ago I had one in front o' the whole town (in print, that is, when I told off the council) ... sorry, not meanin' to make this about ME, just wanted ya to know I really understand how ya feel ... and it's awful when you can't swear someone to secrecy in this world anymore as they are all full o' perfidy 'n evil ways and will stab ya in the back as soon as look at ye.

The world sucks, Kaylets, and people at work suck the most o' all. Shun them as they are evil!!!!

But, hey, K, I'm just here to cheer ya up! :)

Seriously, hope you feel better and get some TV time and relaxation tonight.

If the job doesn't get better, tell 'em to take it and ...

09-30-2005, 06:27 AM
Hello all...

Thanks Empress....

I went to bed very early, in the middle of Will and Grace actually .... taped most of the nights shows... Thanks for your support and you're right, I'd been mortified if I my meltdown was in print or on tape.... YIKES...
and yes, for about 20 seconds, all I could think of was grabbing my radio and bolting ( its always about the music for me.... you'd think I'd have put my lunch at the top of the list...)

The bright side is that DH is being very supportive...but no, as someone else suggested, I cannot "quit and find something later..." unfortunately I discovered that friend assumed my job was ' extra income'..... when I said I couldnt afford not to work, the remark was " well, since you're a 2 income family'..... in other words, I got distinct impression that this friend believes that I am "doing this to myself" when I there is no real reason ....

and Empress, just as an aside, the coworker thought he was being protective.... and taking action for me his way....although I don't know if Ic an trust that he won't tell the rest of the office about my meltdown, he was afraid if I wouldn't speak up for myself to the boss....

Its freeing to share and I thank all of you..... So I will readjust the crown, smooth out the wrinkles in the royal garment and reapply the royal smile.....

and by the way,

isn't it Friday??

09-30-2005, 07:33 AM
Oh, dear, K, the WORST blabbermouths are the ones who aren't malicious and think that by passing the word they are helpin' us! I've also encountered that kind ...

People also assume my job is something I do just for fun or extra income or because I am in love with journalism or something (yeah, right). It's a pain when others make these kinds of assumptions.

Hang in, K! If anyone says anything today, just give 'em a Mona Lisa smile and don't say anything. It's really not worth it to try to make things "better" at work by thinking we can talk these things out with coworkers ... in fact, it's more often than not a good idea to not even go there as far as talking to coworkers ... beyond being friendly and sometimes appearing to share ourselves by exchanging info about how our weekends were or whatever.

Re Friday, I'm afraid that Friday is more or less my Monday as I tend to have to work all weekend.

Oh well. We soldier on. :)

09-30-2005, 08:15 AM
I think we should reinstate quote o' the day:

"All your life you are told the things you cannot do. All your life they will say you're not good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you're the wrong height or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this. THEY WILL TELL YOU NO, a thousand times no, until all the no's become meaningless. All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.

09-30-2005, 08:40 AM
Kaylets, sorry about the work meltdown. Yes, those are THE WORST! I can't wait till this weekend is over--I'm making dinner for 100 tonight, singlehandedly. We're having our big Native Amer. Powwow and this is the welcoming dinner for the dancers, drummers, vendors. And if last year is any indication, when they get here, by God, they mean to EAT! So pray that I have prepared enough....

Amarantha, your advice is very tempting, but makes my blood run cold! Since stopping sugar I feel like what I imagine a recovering alcoholic feels like. Avoid the offending substance at all costs! So I don't think that I'll seek out sugar any time soon, but you never know.... :o

I'm thinking of trying that caloric cycling thing. Still researching.

09-30-2005, 08:45 AM
Good morning, Queenlies!

Took the new Tanita body composition scanner for its inaugural run this morning. Some things were awful, but others not too horrible. Metabolic age is 50, which i'm hoping to knock down to about 35. Although obese (yeah, I knew that :o ) I rated a 3, which they call "solidly built." Bone mass is average and visceral fat just a smidgen out of the normal range. Body fat is a whopping 48% when top of the normal range is 34 (but look at all that room for improvement! And when I drop 8%, I'm into the "overfat" instead of "obese" range) And get this -- my muscle mass is 120 pounds -- that's right, I'm carrying around an entire, if slender, person -- no wonder I get tired! :lol: I'm kind of excited to see all these numbers that I can work at changing. Let's see what I can do by next WI...

Amarantha, I bet your baby rides with you from time to time. I don't think he's gone, although I know the sadness of our loved ones not being here in the flesh. As for "making it about you" in your message to :queen: K, you weren't -- you were just sharing your experience and that's what we do here, isn't it? Share and support and love!

Kaylets, sorry for the job stress! Something better's on the horizon for you, I bet! With your royal attitude, how could it not be? :shrug: And, besides the fleeting joy of a new Will and Grace -- guess what? You're SLENDER and LOVELY -- enjoy!

My writing group, likewise, when I get fed up with job, suggest that I quit and find something that fullfills me more completely, follow my bliss :rolleyes: Too bad I've got to follow the $$ instead...

Eydie, your menus and exercise seem great. I agree with the consensus -- it's a plateau. Have you ever tried the Wendy plan? Alternating high and low cal days? I've never done it (intentionally) but have heard that others had good success with it.

WSW, thanks for the good wishes -- I finished the most nagging piece of work and will settle for whatever I can get done now.

And with that, I'll get to it. Hi ho, hi ho ho hope Punkin comes in today to proclaim Friday for us! To all, mentioned or un-, let's make this a good one. Love!

09-30-2005, 08:58 AM
OMG, two posties in whilst I was mid-post!

Eydie, may the Great Spirit guide and protect you and lend you a hand in the kitchen!

Amarantha, love the quote! Sometimes, for me, it feels almost like flipping a switch in my head from "No" to "Yes." Gonna tape that thing in place, this time :yes:

09-30-2005, 01:35 PM
Hello everyone!
Hahaha I love the quote, Amarantha!
I also do often have the opposite feeling as well, and it goes as follow, lol: "All of your life you are told the things you have to do. And you will then tell them NO".