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08-08-2005, 03:58 AM
Hello everyone,

I made a horrible discovery which was also an eye-opener last weekend.
Although I kept eating fairly clean these past few months + did my weights and cardio, I have found out that I have actually put on 10 kilo's and am now 82.5 kilo's (=181 pounds).
I am glad I went to see my GP and am going to do all the tests I need to. Although I have blow up almost 20 pounds, I can still wear the same clothes as before (albeit a bit tighter). This is possibly due to extra muscle tissue, but I still feel really bad about it.
I KNOW now and I can work on this and AM training + there are a lot worse things that can happen to people, I will get out of it.
But still: Damn, damn damn!
I feel awful.


08-08-2005, 04:29 AM
Poor Greekgirl! Throw the scales out! I'm thinking about doing it... Only thinking about it mind ;)

Did some lacrosse practice in the park last night, to say I haven't played in 8 years, I was surprisingly good! Just need to practise my throws a little bit more, but the catching side of things seems to be ok!

Back to the weights again tonight. Hooohah!

08-08-2005, 07:53 AM
Actually, I think there's a good arguement for keeping the scales. It's way too easy to not really know what is happening if you only go by one form of measurement (the pants-o-meter, in your case, Lieke). I weigh myself compulsively daily, which is too much, but somewhere between never and daily there should be a happy medium. Just don't let daily fluctuations drive you crazy.

Lieke, sorry to hear about your surprise. Now you know what is happened, and you can change it. Nutrition, cardio....if your size is the same it sounds like the weights part is working :)

2F- I love lacrosse! I don't play, but used to coach and referee. My dd played all through school and university and played in England in 2001 in the International Women's Lacrosse Cup for Team Canada. We lost to England for the Bronze. It's a great game.

Early clients, have to run. Then chest and cardio for me today.

My calfs are sore from climbing up and down a ladder a thousand times this weekend de-installing and re-installing exterior shutters! :o I'm always surprised when I get sore from "work".


08-09-2005, 04:43 AM
I did my whole body workout again last night. Just took it easy, dropped a couple of the "hard" weights down by a few lbs. I have one butt cheek that's stiff, just one! I think it's from riding my motorbike funny rather than from weights! :lol:

Kickboxing tonight! YAY! :hyper: I'm being extra good but not seeing results yet! :dz: I want to see my abs! And the scales go down a bit! :rolleyes:

Patience my pretty... Patience... :yes:

08-09-2005, 10:12 AM
Gosh darn, lost the post. Starting over.

This week has been pretty good - clean eats as far as food choices, not so clean as far as quantity. PMS is rampant this month - I have the pimple, the grouchies and the cramps, not to mention the insatiable appetite. Of course, with nothing but "good, whole" foods in the house, not much damage. Maybe 1800 calories yesterday. Could have easily been 2800 :devil:

Workouts have been good. I am trying to lay of the running and give my body a rest. Did elliptical and weights yesterday (oh, and a much needed massage, too), walking and off to a yoga class today, planning on stationary bike and weights tomorrow and ellipitical and yoga Thurs. My regular (private) yoga insteructor has been on vacation the past couple of weeks, so I went to a local yoga studio and did a "drop in" on Sunday. It is a much gentler session than what I have been doing, and my body really appreciated it. This is not a comment on either instructor. I think it is the difference between vinyasa and hatha yoga. There is a place for both for me, and I think I am going to start doing each at least once a week. It will also give me a fall-bakc plan when my instructor is out of town. LKTS - I am still working on fitting in a NIA class - that instructor is out of town this week.
boy, DC is almost like Paris with people getting out of town.

Just to be onery, Thurs night DH and I are heading downtown for our anniversary - seeing Kings of Leon Thurs night, staying in a hotel, Spy Museum and fancy restaurant Fri night. Hotel offers passes to the DC Y (which is supposed to be pretty rad) as well as a yoga channel in the room (can you tell who picked the hotel?) and a small on-site gym. Of course, I may decide dropping those lovely, fluffy towels on the floor (and NOT picking them up) and lifting the phone to call room service may be enough of a workout for me :lol:

Have a great day

08-09-2005, 10:35 AM
Sorry about the scales! I just did a 1 week "no peek" at the scale thing to see how I fared trusting my instincts. When I did check, it was dressed, after eating and with TOM in the house so I'd have some reasons if needed. I was surprised. I think it's helped me to be less obsessive about checking but I still need to know a bit.

I'm learning to squat! I had dh set me up on the Smith machine and I'm slowly upping the load. I decided to start fairly light so I could concentrate on form. I'd been using a FreeMotion squat machine but didn't feel like it really did anything even though I was up to 240# on it. So 30# on the Smith seems very light (plus the bar -- right?) but I really feel the work and what's the point if you don't feel it. I'm also working on the pull up assist machine towards doing a pull up (or chin up?) without the assist. Currently I'm doing 3x10-12 reps with a little more than 1/2 my body weight being pulled by ME. It's a good feeling to have some little goals.

Have a great week! Fit, lean & strong!!!

08-09-2005, 11:10 AM
Hey everyone,
Thanks for the support!

I guess that in my case the pants-o-meter doesn't work, Mel. I'm back to strict eating + I had my blood samples taken this morning after 16 hours fasting (that was hard, no drink and no food!). The results will be there tomorrow night, hope I'll have news by then.
That said, I am not going to get myself down and just get on with it, after work it's out for a coffee and then shovelling in the garden and bi-and triceps.

Ellen, I hope you have lot's of fun!

Feeling slightly better


look down, still have to change the damn scale below, can't seem to get to it.

08-09-2005, 01:45 PM
Hello LWL, I haven't been posting here so much because I've been bad (but I've still been lurking). I've been eating nachos, chicken fingers & spinach dip. I also missed 3 days at the gym this week, compared to my usual 1 day off.

Been spending FAR too much time with the ex - who, BTW, is still an ex, quote: "we're keeping each other company," end quote - and I have now realized one of the reasons I gained weight in the first place. He makes himself a mint choc chip milkshake and starts eating it, talking about how wonderful it is.
Him: "Do you want some?"
Me: "No"
Him: "It's really good"
Me: "No I really don't want any"
Him: (Holding spoon 1.5" from my mouth) "Are you sure?"
Me: "Yes, I promise I don't want any."
Him: "Come on, just try it"
Me: "Well...OK"
Him: "Have some more"
Him: "Sorry, I just feel guilty eating as much as I do without you enjoying it with me."
We had the same conversation verbatim about cheese toast (which I actually did want) 2 days later. :?:

Anyhooooo, yesterday was good, about 1500 calories which is about what I am aiming for these days. AND I had a great workout last night including trying some new things on the bosu ball (thanks for the prompting Ilene).

Lieke - sorry about the scale but good for you just going back to plugging along.

I have to agree with Mel on this one. I weigh myself at least once a day. I think another reason I gained weight is because I was in denial about how much I had really gained (I probably didn't weigh myself for about 2 years). I thought it was 10-15#'s. Come to find out it was actually more like 25-30. Perhaps if I had seen the scale creeping upward it wouldn't have motivated me as much as I think because I know the shock of a # I had never seen on a scale before kept me going back to the gym. "Different strokes" but for me, weighing myself daily keeps me on a sort of constant diagnostic so that I can adjust accordingly before things get out of hand and I get overwhelmed. And no, I don't freak out about 1-2#'s as long as they go away (and hopefully take a friend) within a few days. {OK, I'm going to admit that if I see a really happy number on the scale I don't weigh myself for a couple of days because I can tap the scale every time I'm in the kitchen and it shows me my last weight. Funny the things we do to fool ourselves into happiness :dizzy: }

Ellen - sounds like a great weekend, enjoy yourself

Brenda - I'm working on the chin up thing too. I managed to do 4 last night with 50#'s of assist. I can't wait to do one all by myself.

OK, where's Tiki been? I'm calling her out. Pick yourself up girl!

08-09-2005, 02:20 PM

I've been missing in action - just completed my 100 km mountain bike in two days - did not skip a bit, however, I was last to get to the ferry! Never mind, last year I skipped about 2/3 on the second day and still was last to reach a ferry :), so this one was a great accomplishment for me and my husband. We had a lot of laugh, I landed once in the great mud, hubby flew off the brigde (thanks God for helmets and his physical shape) and once I managed NOT to fly off the cliff - I am sure it is only because of my weight training that I could keep my center of gravity at the point so that my bike was not pulling me down... It was a great experience and I am now off to the next one - triathlon this weekend!

I took two days of rest and stepped on the scale :( Gosh, I gained about 4 kilograms :devil: ! That is since last week! How can it possibly be! So i thought - enough, after triathlon I am getting back to "normal" exercise routine as well as "good" eating. Seems like protein shakes and bars and lots of exercise do not cancel each other or what? Anyways, Greek Girl - I am with you here, have a plan in action and promise myself to keep track of what I eat. Hope it works (I never was good about keeping track - so hopefully it will work this time :s: ).

Also, read FIRM book - I was thinking about buying one of their videos but decided to wait and read their book. Does somebody actually enjoy their video and DVD workouts here? Book seemed really stressing out that they were first everywhere, probably they were probably they were not, I did not care who is the first, what I care about is what works? Any suggestions?

Will keep you posted about triathlon - my first one. I wish those 4 kg would stay home so that I am not dragging them thru all the swims, biking and running :)


08-09-2005, 02:36 PM
Good morning LWL! I am back from vacation/conference and while not "raring to go," I'm at least ready for life back in its rut, er, routine. :lol: Since we were on vacation on a 38' boat, I did very little exercise (can I count casting a fishing pole? :) ) It was a wonderful trip though - fresh seafood every day - and now DH and I talk about whether we should consider it for retirement. Probably not, but it's fun to speculate.

The conference I went to afterwards was good too. Always good to look at the broader world of libraries rather than being so focused on my own little patch. Met some old friends and made some new ones. Also bought two new pairs of shoes :D - my downfall.

Thanks for the welcome home (on another thread) Ellen!

I went back to the gym last night and did a good upper body workout. My arms are nicely sore today. I notice too that the gym now has 3 sizes of stability balls, so I may look at some of the exercises and see if I can incorporate them. I've only ever done crunches on a ball.

Sandy, I'm betting that those 4kg are just water - they'll be gone in a couple days. Great job on the bike ride, btw, and good luck with your triathalon!

08-09-2005, 03:00 PM
I read last week's thread with interest, especially the part about people's non-attention to being on time. I encountered this on our vacation. First time DH and I were at the small boat harbor, with our luggage, needing to go to where I was staying for the conference. We called a cab. 15 minutes they said. After 30 minutes I called again. 5 minutes. At 45 minutes we started walking (not far, but a pain with bags). After about 5 minutes a different cab company stopped. The original guy had finally called this one (a woman) and asked her to get us. We immediately recognized that we needed to book a cab for DH to get to the airport later in the day. We did, and she came on time. So I'm at my conference telling someone about this. They tell me there is an airport shuttle on which I can book a reservation. I immediately call and do this and spend the rest of the conference not worrying about getting to the airport. The time comes and I'm out in front of the conference center where I've arranged to get picked up. Time comes, and passes. No shuttle. I call and get a recording. I figure they're just on the other line and leave a message, with my cell phone number. I wait some more. When I call again and still get the recording, I call a cab (scary thought after our previous experience). While I wait I keeping calling the shuttle - and I see it out on the street - driving right by!! I finally get a person there and tell her this. "What can I do?" she says. "Nothing. I'm really annoyed. My cab is here, thank goodness." And it was. I got to the airport in time. When we arrived there (it's a really small, one gate airport) I was approached by the shuttle driver. He asked if I was the person he didn't get, etc. He paid for my cab, and told me that the gal who took the reservation had not put it on the schedule!!! Not a happy experience! My DH made up for it by being at the gate (not in baggage) to pick me up from the flight that arrived early. :) He's often been very late in the past and I was so not in the mood for that to happen.

08-09-2005, 10:02 PM
Another great workout tonight and then circuit training doggy style. For those not familiar with the process: it involves running in circles around the front yard like a crazy fool with the dog followed by periods of waiting to see if that particular circle made said puppy have to pee. Results: decidedly mixed :lol:

08-09-2005, 10:12 PM
Hello ladies, I am back (again) after another move and a job change!!! :dizzy:

I have been eating clean and slowly working back into my exercise. I hope to be re-energerized by posting here and rejoining my old group on 3fc!!!

I have been in and out the past few years due to near fatal car accident in 2003, trying to finish law school after the accident (in 2003), taking bar exams after sustaining head injury (I've taken and passed TX in 2003 and NY in 2004), relocations (two) and new jobs (two) and a new grandson!!! (my first!)

....I have always loved this group (I've been here since the beginning) and I wanted to come back and be ACCOUNTABLE!!!! It always works when I post here every day!!!! :write:

I have an "event" the middle of October and right now it is my first goal....

So hello hello!!! I will check in every day!

08-09-2005, 10:12 PM
:rofl: I'd probably pee first!

I need a food intervention

TIKI- where are you! It can't be any worse that what we've all done one time or another :dizzy:


08-10-2005, 12:20 AM
Just gonna jump in and say hi real quick....:) I've been lurking for a few weeks and really like the atmosphere and attitudes that you ladies have. Quick rundown - I've been lifting going on three years. I met my goals about two years ago and have been working at maintaining since then. It's a daily challenge, and I'm glad to have found an understanding and encouraging group to participate.

So, I'll be around. :) Tomorrow is a lifting day, so I'll be sure to report back! Oh, and thanks, Ilene and Brenda, for such a warm welcome to my intro.

08-10-2005, 04:33 AM
Kickboxing class last night! :hyper: Have weights planned for tonight, but it depends on what time we get back from shopping :dz: We're shopping for trousers for him indoors! There's too much choice for him to do it alone! :rofl:

08-10-2005, 04:52 AM
Oooh I forgot to say...

I can see my Delts! WOOOOO YEAH!

but I've put on 3lbs...

08-10-2005, 09:33 AM
:wave: Hi Charlotte! Welcome to LWL.

Welcome back...you look wonderful :)

I was just thinking about you and some of our other lost LWL'ers yesterday. That was a pretty brief synopsis of the last two years. I hope for you that they were less dramatic than 2003. So good to have you back. Where are you these days? How's being an attorney versus law school? My dd starts law school next week and is very excited. She's living my dreams.

Legs for me today. I'm trying to delay. LOL. I should be very strong after a carb-up last night :devil: Then clients in the evening. Sigh....why can't they workout when I want to work?????


08-10-2005, 03:23 PM
Hi all,

I skimmed through the posts and am glad to see the progress that everyone is making. GG, I think your attitude about your gain is very good. When I get a bit more time this afternoon, I will sit down read instead of skimming, skimming misses so much stuff.


08-10-2005, 11:27 PM
HI MEL!!!! Thanks for the welcome back!!!

I thought I had checked in back in 2003 when I was studying for the bar and exercising in the middle of the night but I'll recap.

Grueling grueling. :stars:

A brief (!...okay I'll try but it's not easy) synopsis of my history with LWL back when it was BFL....l think I started the posts and was soon joined by Karen (Mrs. Jim..where is she???) back in 2000 (oh my it was SO long ago!!!). I moved from Boston to California to go to law school in 8/00 at the ripe old age of 44!!! I had quit smoking in 97 and had gained A LOT of weight...(over 70 lbs) and the weight really affected my stamina in law school so I discovered BFL after trying so many other things. I came back to NYC (my hometown) the summer of 2001 and went back to California the weekend before 9/11. I started to interview with law firms for the summer of 2002 in NY instead of CA. I had planned to move to CA permanently but after experiencing my children being on the east coast (my 3 boys) while I was on the west coast and there was no way to get to them when the planes were not flying, I made up my mind to go back east.

I did 2.5 BFLs...I had done fairly well but struggled a lot with weight but loved loved loved the program and like a lot of BFLers tweaked the program for me and got a bit more militant about it. I was pretty active over on Lean4Life as well. I went back to live in NYC in the summer of 2002 and had a great time, belonged to a gym here and was still struggling with slow weight loss but was doing "okay".

and then in Oct 2002 my 23 yr old son was assaulted in Boston when I was in California. I flew back east after being told that he might not make it for me to get there. He was on life support. He was awake by the time I arrived after spending 5 hours on a plane crying my heart out. I brought him back to CA to recuperate and finish my last year of law school.

It was hard...I was going to law school, working a part time job and bringing him to speech therapy and dr appts 3 x a week. I ballooned up to 223 pounds!!!!! (I am 5'2). After all my hard work and all my exercise, I was a mess...a mess....:stress: I was wearing a size 20!!! I had been holding steady in a 16-18 for a long time but now I was in a 20. It was so hard.

On 1/1/03 I said I had to put the skids on and went back to eating clean but not really working out (no time!)....my son returned to Boston on March 5, 2003 and I was very very sad and scared but he felt as if he COULD NOT let it drive him away from his life. I was very upset but my friends told me now I would have time to work out (something I CRAVED) and get MY life back and finish school....I had lost 30 lbs but hadn't been working out at all. After a few days of crying, I got back into the groove and went to the gym...the next Sunday I went to a friend's baby shower HAPPY to be out again! All my friends from school were there and we had such a good time. :)

On the way home someone cut me off on the highway and I slammed into the guardrail at 70 mph....I woke up in the ambulance...beaten, battered, bruised. I had broken my clavicle, had a brain injury, nerve injuries to my knees and my entire right side....I had torn my ear and had shards of glass in my head and in my face...

I was in neurological ICU for a week and then went to a nursing unit. They said that if I stayed on the nursing unit it would take a few months to recuperate but if I went to rehabilitation I might be able to leave in a few weeks. If I hadn't lost the 30 lbs there was NO way I was going to be in the rehab unit. I had to do 8 hours a day of therapy which was mostly physical.

Upon release I had a full neurological exam (took 1/2 a day) and they recommended I NOT finish school and not take the bar exam. Although I tested very high in IQ and whathaveyou, I had severe memory issues and obvious brain trauma (I have developed dyslexia and word "loss" meaning I can't remember words easily). Since I've always had a near photographic memory, this has been (and continues to be) a difficulty. I am not used to forgetting things or not being able to come up with a word...

I wasn't yet walking when I returned to school and was very depressed. Trying to commute with a backpack full of law books and a cane was really horrible....I did graduate and managed to walk across the stage on graduation day.

I studied for the bar at home using audio tapes. It was an extremely difficult task. I had MOUNDS of books and tapes and yet was physically exhausted. I studied two hours and slept two hours at a time. I would get up at 2 am and go to the gym to get some physical exercise in. Because I was self-conscious about both my weight and my limitations, I would go swimming at night and work out in the pool with pool weights. I did "some" weights but very very light weights and not very strenuous...but I kept working out. It was a very hazy and surreal time. I think I was posting on here at the time...I know I've been in and out with all these EVENTS.

Sitting for the bar was hard. Texas is a 3 day bar with 12 essays on the last day. Because I had back injuries and a broken shoulder, I could not write for the whole time. I barely finished 10 essays and couldn't write any more. I briefly outlined the last 2 essays and had to leave. I had searing, burning pain all on my right side. I was not prepared for that. I went home and cried for 2 days, convinced I'd failed.

I started law practice in sept of 2003 and moved to Dallas. I took a job with a firm that has offices in NYC (my hometown) and Dallas. I wanted to go to NY but was told that I would get more interesting work in Dallas so I went there. The drawback was that I had to take the Texas bar and then if I wanted to go to NY, take the NY bar (one of the hardest in the country!) And this was after being told by my neurologist that I would not be able to retain all that information! People WITHOUT head injuries fail the bar every time it's given....she said I might be able to take it in a year or so but not in the same year. :(

I tried to put the whole stupid year before behind me. I started working out when I got to Dallas and have never gotten back to where I was with weights while doing BFL.

In November, bar results came out and I passed the Texas bar and last summer I took the NY bar and passed that as well. Yeah.... :encore: I am admitted in Texas, New York and the District of Columbia. :dance:

I belonged to a wonderful gym in Texas...Lifetime Fitness and had a gym partner and did work out frequently....I am now in a size 10...I gained 10 lbs when I came back to NY and stopped working out but have recently lost 2. I am a slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow loser.

My grandson CJ was born in 6/04 and I came up about once a month to see him...I knew I wanted to be back in NY (where my grandson is) and so I put in for a transfer in April and then changed jobs in July. I'm loving being back in my hometown of NYC and love seeing my grandson every 2 weeks or so.

I'm just getting back to the gym and wanted to check in with my old group. I have always found this to be a phenomenol place to share and post.

In October I'm moving to a building next to Riverside Park and will be running in the park (I hope). Riverside Park is GREAT and will be lovely in the fall. Anyway, my goal is to lose 10-14 more pounds and maybe get to a size 8. :) However, my FIRST goal is a regular workout schedule and try to continue my recovery and get to heavier weights.

Thanks for listening to this looooooooooooooooooooooooooong history!

Sorry for the length of this post!!!! It's been a while. but I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. :D

08-10-2005, 11:37 PM
Susan -- You are a phenominal woman :high: beating all those odds ... That was a long post but oh so very interesting, as I was reading it I remembered almost all those events, gosh it shows how long I've been here! I'm glad you're back...

08-11-2005, 01:49 AM
Susan - what a story; very inspirational! :eek: Welcome back to LWL and glad to 'meet' you.

Pat, glad your conference and vacation went well, and welcome back. Sasha, congrats on the bike ride, that sounds wonderful! :wave: Zinnia and :lol: @ Julia - doggy style circuits, indeed.

I've figured out that I have enough time to train for the half marathon on the day that I had wanted to do the marathon - October 30. After I get back from my trip next week I'll start training seriously. Because of the walking time I'm going to combine my splits and have just 2 lifting days a week. :strong:

08-11-2005, 07:56 AM
Wow, Susan. I am honored to meet you - you have a wonderful story of inspiration and courage.

Welcome to Newbies.

Laura, we are in this together, though a country apart :lol: I am going to keep at 10 - 14 miles until the weather breaks - 90 degress is just not fun.

I am feeling energized after "not" running Mon and Tues, looking forward to a 25 min "tempo" run today, then 8-10 miles on Sat and back to my regular running schedule on Mon. Off to try a short run and yoga - "talk" to you all Sat or Sun.

08-11-2005, 09:43 AM
Thanks everyone! Glad to be back...would love to hear detailed training logs for marathons. I'm not sure, with my knees and history of shin splints I will ever get there, but I'd love to "consider" it and would love to listen to what goes into training for a half marathon or a full marathon!!!

08-11-2005, 10:54 AM
Wow Susan :cheer: WTG! You are a truly strong woman in every sense of the word!

I'm so glad things are going well for you now :D

08-11-2005, 11:36 AM
Hello everyone,

ALMOST Vacation time, just another day and I'm off for 2 weeks. DBF cannot go with me, but I'll be going to see my family in Greece and especially my pregnant sister (baby's due in september) and my 92-year old granny who, although we have long telephone conversations almost every day, I miss a lot!
This will mean I have to watch out for:
food and drink
and DO:
family visits

After that, which I consider a fuelling session for the coming year it's:
1. Losing that damn fat and get into shape
2. Find a really interesting job
3. Get the house into gear: wallpapering, cleaning, get storage space etc.

It's weird what a real shock can do! I feel like I'm running on rocket fuel!

Foodwise: Ok considering still being horrified by the scales earlier this week.
BTW, I still have the blueprints of the LWL cookbook which I never seem to be able to finish for one reason or another, I WILL do this too!

Welcome Susan! Really good to see you again, you have been through a lot these past few years, incredible!

Hi Tiki, thank you for your support!

Everyone, hugs


08-12-2005, 02:41 AM
Ah, just one more workout before my weekend of rest! I have been like an :angel: for 3 or 4 weeks now and am still not seeing results apart from the fact that I can lift more... which is GOOD. But no super tight skinny butt or anything like that. The scales are plotting against me.. :dunno: recently the tape measure has got in on the act too! I don't want to go much lower on the calories - aiming for 1800 but getting somewhere around 1600-1700. Did anyone else have "teething troubles" when they first started weights?

08-12-2005, 09:37 AM
2F -- If you are doing everything right, be patient it takes time you may drop lbs suddenly... if not tweak your cardio, training or food a bit for a week or two... Maybe by upping your cardio or intensity of, zig-zag your food calories - low cal one day, higher another for an average of 1600-1700 or bring it down to 1400-1500 for a couple of weeks....Just my 02 ...

Heading out for the gym doing back, bis, and shoulder... It's gonna be a long one but I want to do my long run tomorrow morning, there will be no time for the gym on Sat and Sunday, we have a wedding to go to...

08-12-2005, 06:35 PM
2F- Do you know your current weight? How much and what kind of cardio do you do? What are you eating to make up those calories? I don't lose unless I'm eating less than 1400. When I lost the major chunk of my weight, I was cycling between 950-1400 calories. I was hungry sometimes, but the weight came off. At 1800 calories, I'd be gaining about a pound a week.


08-12-2005, 10:11 PM
>>"I was just thinking about you and some of our other lost LWL'ers yesterday."<<

Well, I was thinking about you all yesterday myself, and logged on, updated and renewed my 3FC subscription just a bit ago. However, after reading Susan's story, I feel like a real weenie.

Susan, congratulations on your awesome successes! Your achievements in spite of the "stop sticks" thrown out in front of you are totally amazing. Bless your heart!

I can't believe a year has passed, and how quickly it flew and the many changes I've experienced. Including turning into "white bread" and gaining back 20+#! In fact, I hit 200# a few weeks ago and re-decided enough is enough. But most importantly, I REALIZED how much I need you all. Without your support and camaraderie , I am dogmeat.

In brief - After I injured my finger last Spring and the subsequent surgery, I stopped lifting and cardio. I lived on our sailboat pretty much through the summer while searching for a second home down here in Kentucky. I was able to maintain my weight for awhile because I walked all over while I was down here. Well, we found a house we could afford in July but didn't close until October 15 due to complications. I spent the time in between paring down all the 10 years of accumulation, and sorting out what was going, and preparing to move. I was trying to study my PT course, but found with so much on my mind, or because I'm getting too old, I couldn't retain much of it. So I put the PT course on the back burner.

When we closed on the house, I decided to stay down here. Since I am a spoiled brat my husband agreed, and I have been living here alone for 10 months while Dave still works and lives in "the big house" near Indy. He comes down for 4-5 days every month and spends his vacations here. We talk on the phone 2-3 times a day. The marriage is still very much intact (many people wonder.) I have a job in the yacht sales department as the office manager at the largest resort on the lakes. It's pretty cool. I'm trying to pay the expenses for this house on my own, and just recently got DSL, so I can be more Net active. Dial-up stinks.

I have my treadmill, some weights and a bench, and my rowing machine down here. But motivation is at an all time low, bad habits have re-entered my life, binges are numerous, and I have no support system in place. I have spent 6 months trying to motivate my 467 pound boss who started going to the gym but continued to eat out of control. The tables were turned, and in reality, he's had a negative effect on me. I had to make a conscious decision to get back to what works for me - and you guys are a very big part of that.

I've set a small goal for myself, and starting all over again, I know I will have to take it slow to build myself up again. My knees are bothering me a bit, especially on stairs, and I don't know if it's because of the weight gain or if they're just degenerating - we'll see.

With my hat in hand, I beg your assistance and I will report in every single day - I have to. My life depends on it.

Glad to see some old friends, and hope to get to know the newer ones. I'm off to read some threads, and get brain-washed again. (And get re-acquainted with 3FC.)

See you tomorrow!


08-12-2005, 11:35 PM
SO glad you're back!!!!!

:wave: :D

08-12-2005, 11:51 PM
Welcome back DIP !!!! :balloons:

I sure have missed you !! :grouphug:

08-13-2005, 05:03 PM
Dip -- there aren't enough words to tell you how happy I am to have you back with us. :grouphug: You were -- and still are -- a huge part of the LWL and Maintainers families and we're so glad that you've come home.

I look forward to many more wonderful Dip posts. :)

08-13-2005, 07:24 PM
Dip, welcome back! :wave: Lieke, I hope you have a wonderful vacation. Hi Mel, hi Meg, hi Ilene, hi all! :grouphug:

Ellen, I know what you mean about the mileage and heat - when you're doing 10 miles or so, there's no way to not do some of it in the heat of the day unless you go out in the middle of the night! :lol: That's one relief about switching back to the half; since I'm walking it, the long mileages take *forever* even at a fairly fast pace. It's nice to think that my longest training days will only be 3ish hours rather than 6! We'll have to have a 'virtual afterparty' after we finish our races. :woo:

Susan, are you much of a walker? A lot of marathons are walker-friendly now and that makes them much more accessible. I have a lot of training schedule links if you're interested.

I did my first long training walk Friday (well, 4 miles, which really isn't that long to me anymore, heh) at a new trail which I think will work out really well. Now I just have to keep walking during my trip back east next week, and not eat the world while I'm there. :chin:

08-13-2005, 09:50 PM
Good Evening, LWL!

WOW, I am so stoked and so happy for the welcome backs. I went to bed last night feeling renewed, and got up this morning with a new attitude and a very positive outlook about my eating and exercise.

It's really wonderful to come home from a rough day at work to this soft place to fall, especially when this is the time of day I dump carbs and fat down for comfort. Not tonight, though. I was happy with frozen strawberries and Cool Whip Free. Last meal - Kitchen closed at 6 PM. I'll have a cup of green tea a little later.

Still the scale addict, I was down a pound this morning. I did 50 minutes on the treadmill and ate clean and frequently throughout the day. I need to make out a lifting schedule for this week yet. And tomorrow I'll prep food for the week. Official Weigh Day is Friday and a free meal will be allowed on Saturdays, if at all.

Life here is pretty rural, and the town I live in has a whopping population of 300. It is a tourist town with 2 major marinas, several tourist traps, and the official "season" will be over after Labor Day. The Hunter's Moon Festival in October draws them back for one last hooray, but after that you just don't see much activity until May. This is where we wanted to retire so we say we are in "transition," but quite a way from returement yet. There are quite a few Chicagoans who have relocated down here, and some of us are thinking about starting a social club.

There is a gym in the next town but I hear it's rather expensive, and I'm on a tight budget right now. I sure would like to see a leg press, though! I haven't been there yet, but I will at least check into it on Tuesday when I'm off from work. Maybe I can afford it if I give up something else. Wages here are about half of what I'd be making in Indy, and food, gas etc. is just as costly. Produce of all things is more expensive!! And that's a bummer for clean eating. The Wal-Mart Super Center is 17 miles away, so one trip per week is scheduled. The small store in town just doesn't have the things I need to eat clean, so I have to be very careful and calculating when I make up my grocery list. And I will have to shield my eyes when I walk in the front door at Wal-Mart as not to see the bakery. Just like the old days, my weaknesses haven't changed.

My job is a little over a mile away from the house, but it's been god-awful hot so walking is out of the question for now. I got an adult tricycle for my birthday, but haven't been on it since the heat came upon us. It's not even cooling off in the evenings. Some evenings I walk down to our boat (half a mile) and just sit on it to watch the sun set. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to Fall.

Well, I better get off of here and get busy. I'll check in again tomorrow. Thanks for being here!

Hugs to all!


08-13-2005, 10:59 PM
Wow, it's old home week!

Dip, YOU were one of the lost LWL'ers I was thinking about, too! I'm so glad to see you back.


08-14-2005, 02:03 PM
Dip -- Don't forget the LWL salute when you walk into WalMart!!

I'm exhausted!! We had a wedding yesterday it was a very full day and very late night, so today is a rest day and semi-clean because this morning the brides parents paid for a brunch for everyone who attended the wedding... The rest of the day will be clean... I'm off for a snooze!!

08-14-2005, 09:26 PM
You got it, Pookster!

Gosh, Ilene! I had forgotten we called it the LWL Salute! LOL! Hope you had a good nap!

We are about to get hit with a storm so I wanted to report in before I have to shut down. I did well today, even walked early in the AM down to the lake. It's a nice walk going - down, literally, and then home is all uphill. Did very good on food - very clean and got the groceries done this afternoon. I've decided to drive further, into the city where there's a Kroger, and better produce. Plus all the FF/SF Kriger products I'm accustomed to. Heck with Wal-Mart!

Well, I best shut down - see ya'll in the AM.

Have a great evening!