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08-08-2005, 12:12 AM
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has tried a rowing machine and if you liked it. I am planning on using one the next time that I go to the gym to work out. I'm not sure on this, but it looks like they work the muscles in your arms, back, and legs. It looks fun. Or what about a rock climbing stimulator? Let me know! Thanks

Sara G.

P.S. What is your favorite thing to work out on?

My favorite is the eliptical, I just love it! Maybe because it's low impact?

08-08-2005, 11:24 AM
I have an old manual (hand me down) rowing machine. It's not my favourite but I do use it for cardio sometimes. I drag it in front of the TV :) It's nice to have a choice.

08-14-2005, 05:55 PM
I have a water rower and absolutely love it! It is quiet except for the sound of the water as I row. It is a great workout and the faster you row and/or the more water that you put into it changes the resistance (just like in a boat). It is wood (beautiful) and I can store it upright easily.

I cannot say enough about how much I love it. They have a wonderful website with workout charts and information as well.

I shopped around for a long time for a rower. I looked at and tried the Concept rowers, but I hated the sound of the fly wheel and the metal of the frame. It just didn't simulate being out on the water. It reminded me of another piece of equipment. I know this sounds cheesy, but the water rower is peaceful and fun (don't get me wrong, though, it is definately a workout).

10-15-2005, 05:56 PM
I have a Waterrower too. Check out waterrower.com for more information. I got out of shape AGAIN after a move and changeof job and it was in storage for a bit. Now I am back at it, and it's amazing how quickly you can get back in shape on it. I do a ten minute warm up then stretch the front hip joints, hamstrings, and lower back. Then I am ready for the rest of my workout. You can go as light or hard as you want. It's an amazing feeling. Make sure to keep your back completely straight (you just want to rock over your pelvis) and get the timing right. The recovery should take twice as long as pushing off.