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08-05-2005, 10:20 PM
Along with my weekly WI, trying on old clothes has become apart of that :)

So today, I put on a pair of shorts, Old navy size 20 (so probably more like an 18 or 19) and I could get them on and buttoned. I couldn't zip them, but I haven't been able to get them on since 2003.

I tried on a size 18 skirt, and that is almost wearable. Its still a tad too tight though.

I then tried on a pair of pants from LB, that are a size 18. I could button and zip them. They have a bit of stretch to them, so thats the only reason, but still a size 18! I couldn't get them on, let alone buttoned!

My absolute favorite pair of size 18 pants, still wont fit, but I could get them on, and button them, just not zip them. And I know they are a tad smaller than a real 18, because I bought them in Canada, and my friend said that American sizes are bigger.

I was just soooooooo excited!!! I'm wearing my size 20 khakis right now, that are so much bigger than they used to be, I can slide them on and off with them buttoned and zipped!!!

I just couldn't stop smiling!


08-09-2005, 10:44 PM
Congratulations, Lizzy!!! Isn't it great to start seeing the difference clothes-wise. I've been trying clothes on a lot lately just to see how close I am to fitting into some of my old clothes. I have a skirt that I hope to wear to a wedding in October. I guess you could say that it's my goal!

Congrats again, and I'm sorry I didn't see your message until now.

You should be very proud!!

08-10-2005, 09:30 AM
:cb: :cb: YAY! Lizzy that is so cool!!

08-10-2005, 10:34 AM
Lizzy~ WTG! That's great! :D