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08-05-2005, 10:47 AM
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08-05-2005, 10:54 AM
Good Morning!!!!

Yesterday and today I only have the two year old I watch and the my two kids. Yesterday I pretty much ate and slacked off. I am negative 50 some AFTER I used all my flex LOL. Oh well. I'll buckle down the rest of the week until Tuesday. ANd I will drink my water which is something I haven't been doing.

My plan today is to to finish this painting. All I need is a solid hour. I think I can get the kids to behave that long. Then I have to clean downstairs, do some laundry, and then work on the upstairs again. I think with just three kids if I get to it I can get alot done. I slept on the couch since all the kids were conked out. I got to sleep until 9!!! I feel so much better! We have a friend coming tomarrow. SO I need the house in some kind of order for that.

Wish me luck :)

Have a fabulous day everyone!!!!


08-05-2005, 11:02 AM
Good luck, Misty!

I had a bad day at work yesterday-- first day back from vacation and a bunch of stuff happened while I was gone that I had to deal with. Grrrr. I was exhausted and starved by the time I got home, and needless to say, I made very bad food choices last night. So, today I must behave.

I need to run to the drug store for some cream for DD's rash, and maybe to the library later. Otherwise, today will be an at-home day-- I've got some cleaning to do. Nothing exciting.

Happy Friday everyone!

08-05-2005, 11:24 AM
Misty, you are SOOOOO close to one-derland. I am soooo excited for you. I wish I could be at your weigh in when you "cross over." :D

Good luck to everyone today. I am home again, cleaning my basement out. OMG it was so hot down there yesterday! But amazingly, I stayed OP. I am very proud of myself for that.

My goal for today -- weigh-in eve -- is to eat normally, OP, and not freak out about the weigh in like I have every other week, I already played with and dismissed the "hmm, maybe I can take an Ex-Lax just to make sure I'm really empty at weigh in" idea. It's just stupid. I have no real expectations for the weigh in, because I had a bad first part of the week but then got much better the past three days. So, we'll see.

My daughter took the info about the school situation well, admitted she learned a lesson about leaving things to the last minute. She's thinking about taking a job with Habitat for Humanity until December, instead of coming home in September. Ack.... I would miss her so much. But she's doing really well, taking advantage of being away from her usual crew to clear her head and look at her options. So if she wants to stay and can make a little money and live in free housing, I can't discourage that.

Oh, Amy, if you need something exciting for your day, just think about the incredible challenge and accomplishment of staying OP. I often look at it like that, a daily challenge that, when met, brings such a great feeling of pride and accomplishment. Other days, however, I just look at it as a load of bulls**t. LOL. Happily, those days are the exception, not the rule!

I love reading about you all in the Getting to Know You quizzes. Gret stuff. What a fascinating group of women we have here. I hope no one minds that I took it upon myself to post those.

HH -- what's up for you today? When do you move in?

08-05-2005, 11:33 AM
*giggles* Misty, your happy Friday messages never fail to make me smile early in the morning. :D Don't worry about being 50 points over--you'll get back OP! :)

Maggie, you sneak! ;) You must have posted while I was writing. I'm so glad you stayed OP yesterday! Woo-hoo! :cb: :cb: :cb: And I think your attitude for today is very good and sounds like it should be productive! :D Know what I do on the day before WI? I drink LOTS of water--but I also make sure that I go to the bathroom enough. It may not actually make a difference in my weight, but it really helps make me feel nice and refreshed. I'm sure it's cleansing some toxins along the way. ;) But I am so proud of you for not giving into the Ex-Lax desire. I've had a similar feeling, and it is so difficult not to give in. But you did it! :D So just do as you normally do, and you'll be all set for tomorrow. Good luck!! :D :D

I am feeling so utterly lazy today regarding reading. I haven't even come close to my goal with Confessio Amantis. At this point, I just hope I've got it read by the time school starts. I cannot be reading this book while trying to teach and grade papers. Absolutely not. *shakes head* I'm barely coherent as it is...I need to be somewhat comprehensible for my students, lol. Poor kids. They don't even know what they're getting into. They're all freshmen...and then they get this crazy, frazzled second-year Master's student who can barely string together two words without an "uhm" these days. Ah. Reading.

But anyway, so didn't make the reading goal, but I don't really think I care. Lol. My parents come to town this evening, but my sister and I won't see them until tomorrow morning (after my WI). I need to clean up my apartment, clean the turtle's tank (like...heavy-duty cleaning--I'm changing out her sand today! Fun! ;)), and prepare for my sister to come over and bake my dad's birthday cake. If, after all that, I have some time or energy left over to read, then I'll read. Not gonna force reading today.

Well, I better get started! :)

Happy Friday, ladies! :D

08-05-2005, 11:43 AM
Amanda... you are SUCH a sweetheart.

08-05-2005, 06:42 PM
Good luck, Misty! And remember ...You're still gonna make it, just stay in control! :flow1:

Amy-sorry that you had a bad day yesterday, I hope today is going better! :dance:

Maggie-Back away from the Ex-Lax, DANGER DANGER! :bomb:
Your weigh in will go just fine. Wether the scale goes up, down or stays the same, tomorrow is a new day. This is a new lifestyle and you are doing the best that YOU can do, that is all that matters,. Just think how healthy that you are becoming!

Amanda-Hope all well goes well with your family! :goodvibes I understand about the turtle tank, I need to do my fish tank, pew! It's gotton bad!

I weigh in tomorrow morning, that is why I am having CORN at dinner tonight! LOL! :rofl:

Things are a bit crazy at home today. Lori's brother is having some tough issues :( and she has gone out to his place to bring him here. Please send her good vibes :goodvibes to help give her the strength that she needs right now.

Well, I need to get back to work. i just wanted to touch base with all of you before you send out a search team! :hyper:


08-05-2005, 06:45 PM
Hubby and I played tennis tonight. I got a lot of exercise, because all I do is chase the ball around since I'm not a very good player!

Tennis, tennis or is that another form of badminton?

This landlord is driving me crazy. When I went to look for the place, I was told it was available for August 1st. Did not get the decision until August 2nd and she said it would be available by Friday at the latest, but possibly Thursday. So, yesterday at work the landlord calls my office (!). She had my cell number and my home number, but she took the number off of my letter employment, calls my boss, and leaves a message for me. Very frustrating-am in a minion-type job. Could have gotten in serious trouble. Anyway, called her back to find that she decided to replace the floors before I move in. Told me I could get the keys at noon and move in after (Friday). I had not booked the movers yet (thank goodness) and looked (but did not book) last night for movers to book for this afternoon. No word from her at 10, 12, 2. . .so finally I headed over and she said they were still doing the floors but would be done by 4. Make that 4:30. Okay, well that rules out moving in tonight, but at least I could go tonight and bring a few things so they do not get lost in the shuffle (like toilet paper, et cetera). Wait, there is no kitchen floor. Okay tomorrow by 7 it should be done. 9 at the latest. Just so frustrating have no idea when it will actually be done. She asked me when I was having the movers come and I said that I hoped to, but it might be hard to book them on such short notice. Then she had the nerve to say, "Yeah, probably a good idea to book ahead in the future". If I had booked ahead, I would have booked for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. :-p Oh well. I -am- her first rental. Just glad I had not booked anyone but am worried about how expensive last minute Saturday movers are going to be.

Food wise, yesterday I got a fries & 2 burgers special on my lunch. I ate one of the burgers and about a third of the fries and just did not want it anymore. The burger was good, but just thought it would be foolish to eat any more and was not hungry anyway. Is weird eating at a food court alone. Just keep wondering if people pass and shake their heads that a fat girl is eating fast food or such. Have not been keeping much down lately, but have definitely been going over on points. Sunday is when I am starting back up again. Exercise has been lacking, as well. Have not been walking to work because I wake up too late and have not been walking home because I have been in such a hurry and have not been walking on my break to get coffee because coffee is making me sick sick sick lately. Eesh, I have just been a devouring lump all week! lol

Last night I was trying to get every last thing packed. Did not, but managed to get everything consolidated to one room to make it easier. At some point, I realized I had just been standing in the same spot for probably 5 minutes just staring into space lol. Figured it was bedtime. My eye felt funny, so I washed up and searched for an eyelash, but could not see anything in it. Flushed it with water and changed to my nightgown. By the time I had brushed my teeth, though, I could see that my eyeball had expanded! It was no longer nice and round, but all lumpy on the side. Flushed it with more water, but the expansion was growing and soon, the white part was sort of folded over the brown section of my eye! Was freaked out. Did not want to touch it because I was afraid I would pop it heh. So, I changed back and decided to go to the clinic. Was scared to death to walk there at what was 3:30 AM and detest that clinic (always takes 2-3 hours), but I did anyway. There were only two other people waiting, so I figured at least it would not take too long. After a lot of head bobbing 15-second naps, the nurse called my name at 5:30! Have no clue why it took so long, but the people who were waiting before me were still waiting. I really thought I had just got dust or dirt in my eye with the packing, but the doctor did some tests (lots of shining lights and some orange dye ewww) and ruled it as pink eye! Looks okay today from a distance, but feels terrible. She said it will take 2-3 days to go away. Also very spreadable so I hope I do not spread it to my other eye eeee.

Where are all the sistas? Yesterday's thread was only a page long? Are they hiding in their kitchens? Do we need to start a hunt?

08-05-2005, 10:31 PM
I had a pretty good day today. My WI was great, and trying on clothes just really motivated me.

I had a crappy call from my dad. Ugh, he just PISSED me off majorly. Its a long story. He was being such a jerk, I hung up on him as he was saying bye. Normally I probably would have ate and binged afterward, because I was just pissed off, but I fought off that urge. I felt it a bit, but just ignored it :) so that was good!

HH - I can understand why you would be frustrated! I hope that you're able to move in soon! I'm going to be moving again in 2 months hopefully, and I hate moving. I hope that the movers aren't too expensive on such short notice. And Pink eye just sucks! I've had that many times!

Misty - I hope you finished your painting!! :)

Izzy - GL with your WI tomorrow!

Amanda - Have a great time with your family!

Maggie - I'm glad that you resisted that urge for the ex lax, and GL with your WI tomorrow too!