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08-05-2005, 03:20 AM
July's thread kind of ran into some overtime. Welcome belated to august, y'all!

Maybe we can get people to start posting again if it's fresh...kinda like my cat when she's got a newly-changed litterbox (ooooh, a fresh canvas).

C'mon out of the woodwork, friends! We've got an APB out for ya! :D


Have I missed anyone? Apologies in advance if I did...I went through several older Gettin' Together threads, but I'm a tad bleary-eyed.

Even if you've never posted before, stop on by, anyway. We won't bite! Okay, maybe, but just a nibble...just a taste. Dieting can do funny things to your thinking! ;)

Vicki in Okinawa
08-05-2005, 05:05 AM
Hi Gardenwife,
I have been around since June and I have read allot of threads from you and Howie. I have enjoyed the inspiration. My hubby and I started a new way of eating and we started execising. I have met some really neat people.
I love the support I get from here. I am 37 and have been married for 19 yrs. My hubby is stationed in Okinawa Japan. The boys and I love it here. I would love to join the thread.
Vicki :)

08-05-2005, 08:16 AM
Woohoo! New blood ;) Welcome, Vicki! Gosh, Okinawa--I can't even begin to imagine how different things must be there than here!

So, weigh-in last night was a bust. Like I said, according to my home scale, I was the same when I got up yesterday morning. By the end of the day, I was up 2.75 pounds on the TOPS scale :o Not as much as I lost last week, so I still have a net loss for the two weeks, but still. I know some of it is water retention, too--I drank nearly 20 servings of water yesterday! Unintentionally, too--I was just thirsty and kept refilling that bottle (my 3-servings bottle refilled 6 times...), and by the end of the day, my ankles were noticably puffier. I had definitely had some extra sodium the night before (a bunch of us took my boss out for dinner since today is her last day--I had a chicken and cheese quesedilla with SW ranch sauce and a few handfulls of the SALTY snack mix on the table), so not a big deal--it'll all be gone plus some when I weigh in next week :)

Aimee--did you ever get your medical test results back (or am I just blind and missed that in one of your posts :?: ) ?

08-05-2005, 02:33 PM

Kimberley - It totally dawned on me when I saw the new thread.. but otherwise I forgot it was August already! Scary! I'm shocked at all the MIA people!

Vicki - wowsers! Thats pretty far away? What it like to try and lose weight in a different country? How many boys do you have?

Jill - wow, thats a lot of water, no WONDER the scale was up. I think we can safely say it was mainly water that contributed to that weigh in! I still haven't gotten any test results in, I can't believe how long its taking! One good thing, if anything was REALLY bad they would call the second the results were in, which means I was RIGHT about my blood sugar being normal. Just because I'm overweight does NOT mean I have Diabetes!

I hate it when my work calls me, it's never a good thing I tell yah! My manager called me this morning and wants me to have a sit down with her and talk about another employee and the "sequence of events", which I actually wasn't around for. I hate it when people want me to squeel on another person. But I'm just going to tell her I don't know exactly what happened, only that my first day back from vacation she called in sick and I had to work alone for 9 hours with no break. I love pointing that out over and over again! heh. Evil Me!!

Well I am off to make a strawberry banana smoothie and put my face on, I am going shopping for this cleanse that I'm starting on Sunday. Have a great day!!


08-05-2005, 03:01 PM
good news!! I don't have mono! I called the doctor and the nurse said all my results were negative..which means I also don't have Diabetes, a thyroid problem either!


08-05-2005, 03:08 PM
Good...Morning, everyone. Welcome Vicki! Great to see you posting here. What branch of the military is your hubby in? You and I are about the same age - I just turned 38 last week - so now I don't feel quite so old in here.

I weighed 212 today, down 1 pound. I some of my meals from yesterday had vacated the premesis, it might have been better. Ah well, tell that to my body. *snicker*

Jill, yeah, I'd SAY it was a lot of water weight. I felt a pressure on my bladder just reading about it.

Aimee, hope all goes well with the sit-down. I disliked being put in awkward positions like that at jobs, too.

We had rain last night and it's cooled down today. It's a little muggy, but we've got the windows open, anyway. The house gets so stuffy when it's closed up with the A/C on, so the fresh air is more than welcome. Oh, and today's farmer's market day downtown -- yippee!

Last night, Howie bought the ingredients for Alton Brown's protein bars (,1977,FOOD_9936_31336,00.html). He called me three times from the Kroger store...

"Is wheat germ the same as wheat gluten?"
"Rolled oats is the same as oat bran, right?"

Thank God for wireless phones! ;) I'll probably make up a batch tonight. I've toyed with the idea of selling healthy granola bars and protein bars at the farmer's market. Like anything else, I have to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether it's worth the time and expense. It's $10 to rent a spot for the day, so that factors into it, too.

Vicki in Okinawa
08-06-2005, 01:01 AM
HEY ALL, :flow2:
Hope everyone is having a great Saturday. Remember I am 13 hrs ahead of the states. East coast that is.
Aimee, Jilly, and Gardenwife,
I will be 38 in October and my hubby is in the navy. We are on an AF base.I have two boys.16 and one will be 13 Sept 5th. We love it here. The people are so nice and there is allot to do and see. It is hard to lose weight here because there is no support. No WW or Curves or anything like those. I have chosen a lifestyle change. So far so good. I really believe anything can work as long as you exercise amd change things for good and for the whole family. The boys were not thrilled with the no soda and no fastfood. But I know they do it when they are not with me and are with thier friends. But I have reduced the amount they have. It is so humid here so we bought a George foreman large grill and we use it allot. The boys love the hamburgers I make on it. I am just taking it one day at a time. I know I will eat bad sometimes but I will come back here and just get the help I need to jump back on.I was having health problems and It became a race for my life. I want to around for the grandbabies.So what are ya'll doing and tell me alittle about ya'll.

08-06-2005, 02:24 AM
Hey! I am home from work, it was pretty uneventful. Which is a VERY good thing :)

Kimberley - men make me laugh, "Rolled oats is the same as oat bran, right?" .. teehee. What would they do without us huh? But it's nice to feel needed like that! The sitdown was SO silly, I went into work 30 minutes early to sit down for 5 minutes and be asked questions to which I didn't know the answers. Stupid really.

Vicky - great to have to here! You are WAY ahead of me in time.. I am West Coast of Canada, so 16 hours behind you.. hows the future? ;) So about me? I'm 25 turning 26 in 14 days.. not that I'm counting. I live in the Greater Vancouver Area, on a huge mountain. I am currently working retail, and am shacked up with my boyfriend of 5.5 years. I definitely aspire to more, but in the mean time I'm stuck because I just have TOO many options.. which is great :) In terms of losing weight, I'm not actually doing that right now. I've been feeling pretty sick lately, don't really know what it is, so I'm trying a cleanse to see if that'll help! When I go back to dieting I'll be doing a low fat, no wheat diet (I have an allergy to wheat). Although I'm always game for some sorta fad diet.. lol, I am into instant gratification!

Wow, I got a lot to say, or maybe I like to talk about myself? heh. Have a good one gals!!


08-06-2005, 02:59 AM
Hi, all. Today was farmer's market day and I came home with all kinds of tasty produce. Yum! Do you have open air markets available all year there in Okinawa? Sometimes Howie and I wish we lived in a more temperate climate, where produce was fresh and local year round. Ahhhh, that'd be nice.

Let's see, about me...My big interests are photography, computers, writing, and gardening. Which gets top billing in my life depends on the season. I adore animals, especially dogs and cats. Howie and I were married on Leapday in 1992, so oru anniversary is comically easy to remember. We've no kids, no plans for them, but we're Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Howard to our best friends' children. :)

Vicki in Okinawa
08-06-2005, 10:25 AM
We do have a open market called the black market. They have different fruits than us. Thier peaches are the size of softballs. So good. Big apples too and things I don't like are thier oranges and tangerines. Taste terrible. We have no strawberries for some reason. I miss them so bad.Out of season. Goya is what they eat all the time. Hard to explain what is. It is so bitter. They eat green tea and sweet potatoe ice cream. They are very healthy people.

08-06-2005, 02:50 PM
Funny they call it the black market -- makes it sound like everything is contraband. LOL! Sweet potato ice cream sounds good. I like the pumpkin spice ice cream that's available around Thanksgiving here.

08-06-2005, 07:35 PM
Hi ladies!

Work has been hellish lately and I was on vacation away from modern convience for a week... but I'm back to the grind again. I've been too busy to even READ other posts in here for the last several weeks!

I got the job I posted for at work, I don't actually get to START the position for a couple months, I have to train my replacement once it's hired! BUT, I got a $.56/hour raise that I din't know I'd be getting!!! YIPEE! My hours will be way better once I transition into the new job too! I can't wait!

On the diet/WL front... I wanted to be at 240 before we went to WI Dells, however, I was stuck at 243 the day we left (and started my TOM, hello waterparks and tent camping... UUGH!) The minute we got home I jumped on the scale to access the damage... 240 exactly! Thank the gods for the cherry licorice and beer diet!!

So I'm hoping to be more available to the site again... I miss everyone so much! I'll have more to say once I get back into the swing of things...

08-06-2005, 07:37 PM
I don't think I'm as adventurous as you gals, I think if I ate ice cream it would strictly be vanilla or something cheesecake, heh. I used to get into the soy "ice cream", it was chocolate chip chunks.

So I had a horrifying thing this morning!! I woke up early, ick, and was on the computer checking email, all that stuff.. and something caught my eye. It was a spider the size of a toonie!! It was all black and icky, it took almost 45 minutes for me to kill it because I was so freaked. Nothing like an irrational fear, eh?

I am totally enjoying my lazy day off work, I know I have so much to do, but I just want to forget it and watch movies all day (which I've been doing!). heh. Ah yes, I love lazy weekends! Have a great on gals!!


08-07-2005, 01:06 PM
The size of a toonie? What's that?

08-07-2005, 03:11 PM
:chin: You took the words right out of my mouth, Jill. Aimee, don't keep us in suspense, what the heck's a toonie?

Sara, great to see you posting again. Congrats on your new position! The beer and licorice diet I could handle, as long as the licorice was strawberry flavored, not cherry. ;)

I wrote the following to a friend, but it pretty well sums up our weekend so far:

We just got home from spending the night with our friends. We pitched the tent idea (snort!) and instead slept inside. Our friends camped out on air mattresses in the living room while their boys slept in a kid tent we brought over for the. We got it on clearance a couple months ago, but just couldn't see waiting until Christmas to give it to them, not when plans changed and the camp-out became a camp-in. I'd gotten some juvenile-themed sheets in a bundle of assorted linens on Freecycle, so the kids were thrilled to pieces to get Cabbage Patch Kids, Holly Hobby, Strawberry Shortcake and Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles top sheets. You'd think we'd brought them a million dollars. :)

We stretched out in our friends' bed, familiar since it is our old king bed set. Boy, wish we'd gotten that set again when we got a new one - ours hasn't held up too well. Now that we're a lot thinner, our future mattresses will have more longevity. We'd love to try one of those waterbeds with the tubes, or a TempurPedic sometime.

Anyway...What a nice night it was, from the great dinner at Red Lobster (Crab legs! Happy dance!) to the campfire we sat around out back, to staying up into the wee hours reading in bed with the fan blowing cool night air into the room. I had many, as I call them, "small fits of happiness". Life is sweet when the little things thrill and comfort you, you know?

Vicki in Okinawa
08-07-2005, 08:14 PM
I had the same question about the Toonie. :rofl: Gardenwife seems like you had a fun weekend. I did allot of cleaning yesterday.
Today is weigh in day for me and I am down three. :cheer: I just can't wait to be over half way there.
Well,Ya'll have a good day.

08-08-2005, 03:06 AM
Wow, three's great! Good for you, Vicki!

08-08-2005, 04:18 AM
Hi gals!!! A toonie is Canada's replacement for the two doller bill, we also have a loonie, which was the replacement for the one dollar bill. Basically we have a LOT of change now! We still have our colourful 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills though! a toonie is roughly the size when you make your pointly finger and thumb into a circle. Have you all not been to Canada in a while??

So today was the first and last day of the cleanse. It hurt. The drink was simply horrible, so my friend and I caved! Also, we had to stay late at work tonight, and then drive about an hour to the hospital to drop my manager's keys off to her, and we ended up staying there for a couple hours. She pulled a muscle in her back, and tends to overract about things.. anyways, she's just fine. But I left this morning at 9am, and got home at 11:45pm!! I am freaking exhausted!

On that note, I am going to bed! I'll talk tomorrow!!


08-08-2005, 07:13 AM
Ahh, a coin! I get it now. And no, I've actually never been to Canada :o

Well, Jeff and I had a great weekend of doing NOTHING. We layed around watching movies and tv. We almost made it all day Saturday without actually leaving the apartment, but I had to pick up some things at the store, so we did a quick grocery shop. Yesterday, we took his car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. I have yet to have my baby (car) serviced--I'm supposed to take it in for a 7500 mile service, but I still have less than 5000 miles on it (and that's after driving all the way down to Georgia and back!). Jeff, on the other hand, put over 30,000 miles on his car in a year--but that's my fault cuz he's always driving to my house and drove down to see me when I lived in Va Beach. I consider it 30,000 miles of love and committment ;)

Congrats on the -3, Vicki! I'm hoping I lose at least that much this week to counter last week's +2.75 :^:

Great to see you again, Sara! I was wondering where you'd run off to. congrats on the new job and raise--more $$ is always a great motivator :D

Well, we have a new girl starting in my group today, and I am her "Bridge Partner." No, we don't play Bridge here in the office--the Bridge Partner is someone who is assigned to help you get acclimated in the new you around, introduce you to people, etc. My Bridge Partner was a girl named Ginger, and we're still pretty good friends (as far as office friends go), and it helped me a lot to have someone to actually talk to when I first started rather than be thrown head-first into a group of strangers who merely smile and say hi in passing, ya know?

Friday was my boss's last day. I was/am SO sad to see her go :( She left me a note after I left on Friday--I just read it this morning, and it almost made me cry! I've only ever had 2 full-time jobs, but she was the greatest boss for me. She also did a TON of work around here, so I have a feeling things are going to be changing in these parts...

Ooh, and Pinch survived the weekend! I have read plenty about how long bettas can survive without food, but I was still a little worried about him. However, I came in this morning, and he was all kinds of happy to see me--he starts swimming around like crazy when I come in and wiggle my finger on the outside of the glass :)

Well, here's to a fresh start for a fresh week! Have a great Monday, all!

08-08-2005, 02:50 PM
Oh, a coin! That never entered my mind. I've not been to Canada since....1989, I think. Mom and I went to Niagra Falls and then ventured a little farther into the country to camp a couple of nights. That's it for my Canadian experience!

Hey, take it from us, your manager has a right to be concerned when it's a back involved. Howie and I both are very ginger with ours since we've had troubles with 'em for years. Better safe than sorry for your body's basic framework. ;)

Jill, I think that Bridge concept is great! Wish they'd had something similar at some of my other jobs. From what you've said of your boss, it's no wonder you'll miss her - she really sounded like a fair and good person.

I just got up, not much to report here. Vicki, if you don't know already, Howie works 4pm-12:30am, so we are nightowls. Typically, Howie gets to sleep around 2 or 3am, and I often am awake a little later.

08-08-2005, 11:30 PM
A little late of a post from me... I've had a pretty stressful day. I heard from my manager today, her back is pretty much fine.. however I'm betting she'll get addicted to all the narcotics they gave her. Anyways, I had to go in for 2 hours today to get some things done, which turned into 7 hours, which will also turn into all day tomorrow. I'll have to go in early, and stay late.. and then get in trouble for all of that as well. We are moving everything in the store, setting up new sections of fall clothes, which involves moving bars, shelves.. etc. And at the same time we are seperating plus size clothes from regular size clothes (new concept by the company was to merge them together, everyone hated it, so we are changing it), also we are unwrapping and hanging about 40 boxes of new stock. It's pretty time consuming, and I'm in charge since my manager is off. I haven't done this before, and my manager started it off in a confusing, unorganized way, its taking twice as long. I have until tomorrow at about 4pm to do it, without using extra hours, or neglecting sales. Lets just say it sucks.

New Topic!

Shame on you all for not coming to Canada! I go to the USA 10 times a year! However, The toonie is pretty silly. It makes for some serious change!

Vicky - congrats on the 3 pounds!! :)

Kimberley - I'm pretty aware of how things are in my body, and sometimes you just know it's not right... so this is what I don't get about my manager, she was told that she has strep throat, and had a fever, how could she not know all of this? Also she told us that when she went to the walk in clinic they wouldn't write her a prescription and told her to go to the hospital, she also told us that her doctor wanted her to go to her regular hospital because he wanted to see her. However, when I was putting her keys in her purse, there was a prescription in there from that day, for the pain killers she said they wouldn't give her. Too much just doesn't add up for me to believe her anymore. But yes, totally a good idea to pay attention to those back pains, they can result in some serious problems... and what an all consuming place to be sore!

I am determined that tomorrow will be another day, and plan to get to sleep early tonight to aid in that! Sorry to be such a downer... I'll talk to yah'll tomorrow!


08-09-2005, 12:53 AM
Hope tomorrow's better for you. Yeah, I can see how things must add up with the boss. After you posted more, I could see what you mean. I guess I'm a little sensitive to people doubting pain, because I know how my hubby hides his well and people sometimes act like he's making it out to be worse than it is. They don't see him like I do, and when he doesn't think anyone sees him.

08-09-2005, 02:48 AM
Kimberley - Josh is that way too, luckily I can tell when it's really bad and take care of him. Definitely given her track record.. she's slightly unreliable with what she says! How is Howie doing these days?


08-09-2005, 07:37 AM
Well, I ended up not going to the gym after work yesterday (got caught up talking to someone in the office and didn't leave on time), but MAN did the workout gods make me pay dearly! I started my evening shift at the restaurant at 4, as per usual, and I often get kinda busy in that hour when I am on alone (most other servers come on at 5:15). So yeah, sometimes I'll have maybe 5-6 tables in that hour before anyone else comes on. Yesterday, I had 11. Yeah, 11. For anyone who has ever been a waitress at a chain restaurant, you know that the max per server is usually like 5 (at Ruby Tuesday, it's actually usually 4), but I was on alone, so I had no choice. Now, if it were just like a pizza place where people ordered, got their pizza, got their drinks, the end, that would be fine. But no. I had to have the pickiest 11 tables EVER. I want my steak well done, but no mushrooms, and instead of broccoli I want onion rings, and instead of baked potato I want fries, and I need a side of ranch and a side of UGH! Can't ANYONE just order whatis actually on the menu?! I actually went to one table that had been looking at their menus for a few minutes and asked if they were ready to order. they said yes, then looked at me and ordered the fillet minion. Fillet minion? At Ruby Tuesday? WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE FROM?! No, sir, we don't have fillet minion (try actually READING the menu, dumba$$)!

WHEW, how's that for a rant? Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! Despite the stress, chaos, and frustration, I stuck perfectly to my diet yesterday and will do so again today! I do have a dentist appointment later, though (they have to remove a broken filling and replace it :( ), so I may not actually eat everything I'm supposed to today. I'm a big baby about dental work, so I'll probably just head home and crash to sleep away the novocaine.

Aimee--How is Josh doing these days? Hope that mono's makin' its way OUT of his system now!

08-09-2005, 03:18 PM
I can't fathom 11 tables, let alone picky tables. I was a server (back then, a "waitress" LOL) at Perkins Cake & Steak. Favorite customer: man who ate 3/4 of his steak breakfast, then complained loudly that the steak tasted like grilled rat. Got his dinner free, of course, the jerk. Yeah, some things just stick with ya!

Howie's anxious to get the ball rolling...He's not been feeling too great. He told his boss last Friday that he was doing well to get through the week, and he didn't think he could do the weekend rotation he was on call for if they were swamped.

Vicki in Okinawa
08-10-2005, 12:34 AM
Hey ya'll. :wave:
Hope everyone is doing great.I went to the gym last night. I did 35 min on the treadmill amd 25 on the bike. I started the machines. I have never done these before. My hubby kind of laughed and made alittle fun of me. Even though he says that is not true. I think what pissed me off was a skinny chick staring at him and laughing at me. I kept it in and didn't say anything to her. Hubby and I talked about it later and I tried to make him understand how women treat each other. I told him that when he is on a machine does he ever hear two guys talking about a guy wether he is skinny or fat. NO, it doesn't happen. I hear women talking about other women all the time. I just get in the zone when I do the treadmill and bike and don't think about it. But when I went downstairs to the weights where all the good bodies are I started to let it bother me. Stupid huh? I started looking at myself in the mirror and thinking bad thoughts like so what you lost 35 pds,you are still sooo fat. I know it was wrong but I feel like I am not moving fast enough which I know is just bad thinking that could lead to bad eating.
Well, Thanks for listening,

08-10-2005, 01:45 AM
I know women talk - you're so right! We have many "Slim Goodbodies" at the YMCA, but I've gotten to the point where I just think, "to heck with 'em". I enjoy the feeling I get from lifting, walking, etc. This is something I do for myself, not for everyone around me. This is YOU time, girlfriend. Smack your hubby on the noggin, then give him a hug and tell him they're both from Gardenwife. ;)

08-10-2005, 02:25 PM
When I used to go to the gym, I used to prefer the gyms with more guys in them. They are just there to workout and maybe socialize a little bit, it was perfect, plus I got access to all the lighter free weights! I know I comment about people, but I've never commented on how big a person is.

I finally have a day off, but the sun is gone away.. so I'll putter around the house, clean some.. all that usual stuff!

Jill - Josh seems to be fine, he's a little tired, but hes back into the swing of things at work and stuff is so stressful these days. Thanks for asking!

My mom was talking to me about the idea of how I give work 110% when I'm there, and she says I should apply that to my personal life... and while I don't totally get it entirely, I'm thinking I should give it a go! I'm going to go try that.. see if I accomplish more! Have a great one!


08-10-2005, 04:42 PM
That sounds like a plan. I'd have to work my way up to it!

Howie's Redskins jerseys went for more than we anticipated, and I think it's because we were willing to ship outside the US. Both were won by a person in France, and each went for about $5 more than similar shirts recently listed. Woot! Off to the post office I am. Good!

08-11-2005, 11:22 AM
Phew, easier said than done!! I didn't answer the phone when work called... but I did check the message a few hours later. That was the end of my peaceful day off, my manager told me that I'm working today from 8-5 (vs 9:30-6:30 I was supposed to work), and she told me the store didn't look good. This annoys me to no end!! I came in on my day off, missed a beach day (it's all rainy now too!), hurt both my pants, and my damn best for her.. and I am getting nothing in return, except a possible verbal warning and a talk with the regional manager (who is the reason I'm in at 8am). I won't get the verbal warning today, but only because I'm going to leave early (I worked myself into a frenzy and didn't sleep.. bad Aimee!). Makes me wonder if this is worth 30 cents over min wage!

Well I best be off to ****.. er... work..


Jill - today is weigh in day, I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

08-11-2005, 05:13 PM
Maybe you need out of retail. What else do you enjoy doing?

08-12-2005, 07:14 AM
Aimee, I agree--I think you need out of retail! They're not paying you what you're worth to start with, and it certainly isn't worth all the frustration and deserve better!

Yes, I did have my TOPS meeting last night. After last week's 2.75-pound gain, I am happy to report that I posted a loss of 5.25 last night :) That puts me very close to getting out of the 280's (280.75 to be exact) and moving on down to the next decade. So no, I more than likely will not meet my August 31 goal of 270, but at least I will be a lot closer than I was. Keep-a truckin'!

08-12-2005, 01:19 PM
Woohooo Congrats Jill!!! You will surely pass me soon... I'm on a weight loss sabatical (had no money for groceries, until today!!). I'm so happy for you, especially after you had some struggles with it, ah yes... success makes me happy! :) It's amazing what happens when you find that special combination that works for your body!

Kimberley - I've been struggling with that concept for a long time :( I enjoy people, I enjoy having fun (duh I guess?), I just can't pinpoint what exactly would make me happy work-wise. Since I was on EI (Employment Insurance), I qualify to get 12 months of schooling for free, if only I could make up my mind.

So work yesterday was MUCH better! I worked alone from 8-12:30, and then went home sick (upset tummy, probably from being tired and stressed). Before I left the Regional manager sat me down and wanted to know what was going on with me (as per my manager), I told her about the flip, how I've only been there for 3.5 months and how I felt as though my work wasn't appreciated. She assured me that what I accomplished was really great and thanked me. She asked me to trust her, and so I told her how my manager leaves 1-1 1/2 hours early quite often, which leaves us with a lot more work, which she said she'd take care of, in a confidential way. The is a temporary fix, retail ISN'T going to be my life. But while I'm here I might as well move up, which my regional manager also said she'd find out for me... so I could possibly be an assistant manager, which means, more pay, more hours, more responsibility.. but I'd get a job title!!

Alrighty, I am feeling better about work, now if I can just keep it that way, because i'm content with my social life, I just gotta work on that pesky weight issue I have! Speaking of which, Kimberley, isn't today weigh in day?

I better run, Josh has an ultrasound to see if his spleen is enlarged still, among other things I would imagine. Have a good one!


BTW - I just jumped on my scale and it went down 1 pound!! 3 pounds until I hit the weight before my vacation... :dizzy: this is too slow!

08-12-2005, 08:42 PM
Jill, waaay to go! That's great! I told my MIL about your 11-table night and she said, "Oh man! It'd be bad enough if that were 11 deuces, but to have tables with fours or!". She was a server for many years - it's how she and Howie's dad met.

Aimee, glad you were able to talk to your RM at work - hope things get better for y'all. I'm not sure what I want to do, either. I dislike office work and would much rather deal with people, but it's hard to break out of the office work rut and I don't really want to do retail. I think a coffee shop job would be something I'd enjoy, but I don't want to work at the place we frequent, because it wouldn't be a retreat for us then.

The scale was kind today -- two pounds down this week! It was teetering between 209 and 210, and I went with the higher number.

It's been quite the little carbolicious day. I made the mistake of going to the farmer's market on an empty tummy...amazing what that does to the willpower. "Why, yes, I'd love a sample slice of that bread, thanks! A bite of zucchini bread? Why sure! Oh, and sugar-free peanut butter cookies? Don't mind if I do!" Didn't spread those last ones out over a few days like I'd planned...all four are gone. WTF??! Time to face reality and log those calories! ;)

In other news, we found a doggie for my MIL. Butterscotch, in the process of being renamed Hannah, is a beagle/dachshund mix. A year old, she weighs about 15lbs and looks like a little fawn and white beagle with short legs and a long back.

She's darling and a real sweetheart! She had fleas because the lady who had her didn't wait 2 days after bathing her to apply Frontline...the vet gave us Capstar, which kills all the fleas on a dog within a few hours. She's had them dropping off her all evening, little fleas in their death throes, LOL. It was really gross! In a day or so, we'll put the Frontline on her.

08-13-2005, 04:32 PM
Kimberley - Congrats to your weight loss :) You ARE so close to onederland, I can't even imagine.. I think I'd be in shock.. and not quite believe it. What a cute dog, I so want one, but we are in a place where we just couldn't do it right now... one day though! In my quest to find a job where I deal with people, but not mass amounts of people, and where I got to see the same people, as well as new ones, I discovered being an Esthitician (I can't spell), they are the gals who do manicures, pedicures, do eyebrows, and other general waxing. I am also obsessed with eyebrows, so it would almost fit. My brother wants me to aim higher... so I'm rethinking things. I like numbers, so maybe accountant/invester? There are just too many options!! Those calories were best spent on a weigh in day, now you have 6 days to recover! I've discovered a new way to cut back on calories, always eat with a friend, we buy 1 of everything and share it.. I'm really loving having a friend like this! It's been a while for me.

My darling boyfriend bought me a 1-week anniversary birthday present (my bday is on Friday the 19th), he got the girls at the cosmetics counter to package up some free-be's (I love free things), and he bought me perfume, body wash and body lotion, in a new Hugo Boss scent, "Intense". I keep smelling myself, its really nice :) All of this was wrapped in a leather "Givenchy" box, its lovely, especially since it was free! He was going to take me out for dinner... but I'm ill, seriously, whats WITH that!!!!! Today we went out for breakfast, I got a small piece of coffee cake and ended up eating MAYBE half of it. We also went grocery shopping, which turned out good, we ended up buying really good choices, and I had to REALLY think about what I could eat this coming up week while feeling like this. I actually bought granola bars with the intention of having one for a meal, we also bought some gravol so I can work this week. Ah, I love having days off with my bf :)

Well I am off to do some cleaning, we are going to clean together, which just feels easier sometimes! Have a great one! :)


08-14-2005, 02:46 AM
Ohhh, a goodie bag from the cosmetics and fragrance section is nice. Sounds like you had a great day.

We had our treat day tonight -- went out for pizza and then to the coffee shop, where we enjoyed a couple of non-diet goodies. It didn't turn into a food fest like last week's treat night did, so we feel good about it.

Vicki in Okinawa
08-14-2005, 04:31 AM
HEY Ya'll,
Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I have had a busy week. My hubby left today for a work trip to Hawaii.I was hopeing I could go but I had no one to stay with the boys since we are new here. Well, He will be gone a week and he better get me something
Sounds like ya'll have had good weeks. I am ready for the scale tomorrow. My hubby had to weigh this morning because of leaving and he didn't lose this week. He wasn't to happy. So, If I haven't lost I will be o.k. I know it takes time.
Have a great Sunday, It is almost night time for us here.

08-14-2005, 04:35 AM
Hey, Vicki! :) It's 3:30am here and I'm just heading to bed. All the caffeine from the coffee shop is starting to wear off and I'd better take advantage of this narrow window of opportunity for sleep.

What are your favorite things about Okinawa?

Vicki in Okinawa
08-14-2005, 09:25 AM
Hey all,
Let's see,,,,what do I like about Okinawa?
The best thing here are the people. They are so kind. The customer service is what we had in the 70"s.You will see children walking home alone. As young as three by themselves. There is hardly any crime at all. When you go to the Mcdonalds,you are waited on by someone who looks like a stewardess on an airplane.
The island is beautiful. The beaches are the best and there are allot of them.The sightseeing is great and the shops are expensive but I like allot of the stuff.Things are really different. You wake up and forget you are in Japan.
The people here don't have heart disease or highblood pressure. They will start having lung cancer because they all smoke. Well, almost all of them.
Remember in the 70's when we still thought smoking was good. The people here love America and Americans. They never get frustrated if you can't speak the language. I took a 8 week class this summer. Some people get stationed here and don't learn the language or go off base allot. I say why come here if you are not gonna take adavantage of what it has to offer.
Well, I need to turn in,

08-15-2005, 03:20 AM
You and I would get along great, Vicki -- I'd be learning the language and making friends in town, too! What IS the point of seeing the world if all you see is what's on TV and all you do is surround yourself with everything that makes you feel like you've never left your familiar life? You've got a great attitude! :D

Where's our other peeps? Must have been a nice weekend for them. Guess I've been kind of scarce, myself! LOL

08-15-2005, 07:38 AM
I'm here, I'm here! Friday evening, Jeff and I drove to my sister's in Va Beach. We spent the night there so I could attend her Pampered Chef party on Saturday afternoon. Then we drove back up here on Saturday evening (took about 5 hours to get down there thanks to traffic, but only about 3.5 to get back). Then yesterday, we slept in and ordered a pizza at noon for breakfast, then I left to go to my coworker's spa products party. I'm SO not girly enough for these things--we soaked our feet in mineral stuff, then applied foot lotion, did a lip peel and applied lip balm, did an "instant manicure" and applied hand cream, put soothing pads on our eyes...all entirely too much for me, considering I almost never wear any makeup and only clean my face occasionally with whatever soap and water I use in the shower :dizzy: I could never handle doing all this stuff to my skin all the time--the only thing I know I could use some work on is my feet (they feel like cement--thank you Ruby Tuesday!). Other than that, it's the economy-sized bottle of generic Suave lotion for whatever feels dry, and that's it!

Some sad news to announce--Pinch has moved on to the big toilet bowl in the sky. He made a suicide attempt on Friday morning (jumped out of his bowl onto my desk!), and he didn't look very well for the rest of the day, though he was still alive. sure enough, though, he was not so when I came in this morning. Ahh, well, 2.5 years certainly is a long enough lifetime for a fish!

Alright, this is a very strict buckle-down week! I need to lose the 10 billion pounds I gained over the weekend (people have great food at these home parties!), so I definitely need to up my exercise, too. I should be able to get in 4 days (Mon-Thurs) of at least 40 minutes on the elliptical, plus waitressing tonight and Wednesday night (I'm assuming Wednesday--haven't seen the schedule for next week yet).

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! I know I could still use about 10 more hours of sleep ;)

08-15-2005, 01:41 PM
GoodMonday! Actually I can't guarantee that! I haven't decided about this day just yet, I'm hoping for the best, but it looks like TOM is here! The first and second days are always the worst, but with some fish oil pills and ibuprofen, I'll survive!

Vicky - I'm totally like that too, I wouldn't be sitting around at home in a different country.. too much to see and do!

Jill - I'm totally girly, I wear FAR too much makeup, spend FAR too much on it, both the bf and I have specialized shampoo, and specialized facewash. I think we spend more money per bottle, but use less, so it lasts longer. You should try a pedicure, they scrape off all the dead skin, moisturize, and it's really nice and relaxing. I had one girl give me a calf massage, and when you work retail? It's better than sex, or really anything I can think of! heh.

I gotta go jump in that shower.. bbl!


08-16-2005, 03:25 AM
I'm pretty lax in the "beauty regimen" department, too. I am clean, but I don't generally primp a lot unless Howie and I are going out. Wintertime's more apt to see me in makeup since I won't sweat it all off in the heat! I use a generic of Cetaphil liquid facial cleanser that I just keep handy in the shower. As 40 creeps up on me, I'm thinking about using an anti-aging cream like Oil of Olay Total Effects or something...But not until I do some research to see which works best. So many cosmetics are just marketing hype without any hard science to back up their claims.

The weather's been cool and lovely...Monday's high was only 72, and right now it's 68 with 89% humidity. We've had scattered showers and more are forecast. Oh, the rain is so welcome to our parched grass and gardens! I have a soaker hose for the veggie garden, but the rest of the gardens and container plants I do by hand and it's just not as efficient.

Howie's still at work...Long night, poor guy. Hope he's not hurting too bad after so many hours in an office chair. :( I'm heading to bed soon.

08-16-2005, 07:22 AM
Oooh, I WISH our weather was more like yours, Kimberley! Yesterday was only one of 4 days in August so far where we did NOT have a heat advisory in effect. The heat index was only about 93, whereas it has been 100+ on most days. Today is supposed to only be in the 80s, so we're all excited about that :p

Pedicure? Heh, not likely. I don't even like my feet, let alone make a stranger touch them ;) I don't even let Jeff touch my feet. I paint my toenails, and that's about the end of that.

Well, the plan was to go to the gym between jobs yesterday as usual. However, I left the office, drove to the gym, and opened the back car door to get out my gym bag and realized my white shirt was not there! I need my white shirt for my shift at Ruby's, so I had to get right back in my car and drive aaaaall the way home to get my stupid shirt, then drive aaaaaaall the way back out to Ruby's. By the time I had grabbed my shirt and headed back out, I had to start my shift in 30 minutes, so no time for the gym :( Then my head started hurting like crazy--I was joking that it felt like there was an alien trying to burrow out of my head. I had a table, and this girl who was not scheduled to work came in to pick up a shift. Normally, the servers who were working double shifts would get first dibs to go home, but my manager knew I wasn't feeling well, so he told me I could leave. No arguments here! I went home and collapsed on the couch and napped for 4 hours. Normally, that would do the trick, but when I woke up, my head was STILL killing me! I took 3 Tylenol PM pills and went to bed--fell asleep by around 11:30. At least it was finally gone when I woke up this morning, but I nver got to working out yesterday. So, I'll do at least 60 minutes at the gym today to make up for it since I don't have to work at Ruby's :)

08-16-2005, 03:10 PM
Wow you girls amaze me!! I use moisturizor everyday, with SPF 15 min in it. I'm exploring the idea of getting something with an SPF 30, or even a 60. Now is the time to protect the skin, I do this mostly so that I don't have to deal with sun spots as I get older. Josh and I have different face washes, different shampoo's and we DON'T share, heh. Is that odd? We don't have the same faces, or hair, so we just can't use the same products.. thats my theory anyways!

It's raining here today too, just a little drizzle, but the cool down is WELCOME! It's been some kinda crazy hotness out lately, and our heat is just INSANE. It's hard to describe... but it's unpleasant!

Well I am off to the mall, going to go shopping with my friend, see what I want for my bday from my brother! I'll bbl!


08-16-2005, 03:20 PM
I had a bad headachy day yesterday, too...Maybe barometric pressure changes with the weather, eh?

Do any of you watch Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations ( on the Travel Channel? He's so informative, irreverant and funny; the production is top-notch, too, with great filming. Don't know what brought him to mind, other than the fact that we just watched the show. ;) He was in Vietnam this time. Look it up -- bet you'll like it!

08-17-2005, 01:01 AM
Hey, has anyone hear from Sarah (lessofsarahtolove)?

08-17-2005, 02:10 AM
Kimberley - I haven't... I noticed a post Howie started.. has she been MIA for a while now? I sure hope things are alright on her end..

So I attempted to put streaks in my hair, it did NOT work, and now I have to fork over a few bucks to get it fixed and have PROPER colour in it. I suspect my brother will pay to get it done, it's like 95 bucks!! Insane, huh? But I have chunks in the back of my head which are just no good, so it's gotta be done. And that was my adventure for the day!

I just watched Along Came Polly, it was cute, very funny... some dirty humour, heh. Well I am off to bed now, have a good night! :)


08-17-2005, 07:43 AM
Aimee--You're right...we ARE very different! Jeff and I use the store brand of dandruff-control shampoo (less than 2 bucks a bottle at Walmart!), and I use whatever conditioner I grabbed that happened to be on sale at whatever store I happened to go to when I remembered I needed it (walmart, grocery store, pharmacy, target...). I didn't even actually use conditioner this morning. I just forgot. That's how out of it I am lately. I scrubbed with shampoo, then rinsed, and that was that for my hair! Luckily, I don't actually do my hair anyway, so it shouldn't matter (I just brush it and leave it down to air-dry). I DO use sunscreen whenever I'm out in the sun for more than like 5 minutes at a time (minimum SPF 30, the water and sweat-proof kind for my body, the neutrogena for sensitive skin for my face) because not only do I agree with you that this is the best time to take care of our skin, but I also fry like an egg in the sun and have had plenty of super-bad sunburns in my life already (not usually on my face, but I remember one summer of having purple on the backs of my legs and another of blisters all across my shoulders/upper arms--can we say melanoma by age 30?). So yeah, my health and beauty products consist of cheap shampoo and conditioner, economy-sized Suave lotion, some wet 'n wild and Jane makeup (which I almost never use), and stick of Blistex :p

On the diet front, I've got bad news to report. I have been out of control! I have been eating graham crackers like there's no tomorrow. I don't know what my problem is! I know graham crackers really isn't the worst binge in the world, but seriously, I'll eat a whole package at time, which is between 5-600 calories :o I have eaten 3 packages in the past 2 days--that's a whole additional day's worth of calories! I sit down at home and watch tv or use the computer, and it's like this force, like I know they are there in the cabinet, and I an compelled to eat them! It's quite frustrating, because I know it's bad while I'm doing it, I feel guilty afterwards, and yet I can't just seem to say no. My scale at home has been saying 287 for the past few days. I know I haven't gained 7 pounds of fat this week (even having eaten fast food, pizza, and a milkshake this past weekend, I'm sure I haven't consumed 24,500 calories more than I have burned), but things are all off in me lately. My hormones are somewhat off--I took my pill later than usual a few days this week because I forgot to take it when I got up (which has lead to spotting, which is very unusual for me). I also know I am retaining water (my ankles tell all!), and then there's these mysterious headaches (though yesterday was okay and nothing so far today). I did hit the gym yesterday--I did 40 minutes on the elliptical (burned over 500 calories), then came home and ate a whole package of graham crackers, felt guilty, so I went for a little walk, but it started POURING while I was out, so I only walked about a half mile and came home SOAKED, so I put in my Advanced Tae Bo tape (couldn't find my Basic one) and only did maybe 15-20 minutes of that (I could hear the floor squeaking, and I didn't want my downstairs neighbors to think there was an earthquake ;) ). I just was SO close to getting below 280, and now it seems like that'll be weeks away, so I get frustrated and I eat, then feel guilty and workout...not a healthy cycle :( What bothers me most of all is that I have to weigh-in at TOPS tomorrow. I have jeans that I fit into that I haven't worn since college, and yet I have to announce my 6 or 7-pound gain to the group for the week. I love their support and everything, but I feel like a failure when I don't lose. Bah, c'est la vie--live and learn. I've survived worse.

08-17-2005, 06:25 PM
I've had those days, too, Jill. Since I've gotten off the pill, it's like my TOM has saved up its fury the last 13 years and is cruelly doling out the worst of it each month's heavy and it's painful. And the last two months I have craved carbohydrates something fierce! I've stayed within my calories or close to them, but too much of them has come from bread products on those craving days.

Sometimes it takes loudly and firmly saying "STOP!" when those thoughts come. I call it *****-slapping your brain. ;) Back on track, you. Me, too!

08-18-2005, 04:25 AM
Well, it's been a quiet night in Lake Woebegon...Err, this thread.

My mom cleaned out her closet yesterday and gave me first dibs on some shoes and clothes she no longer wants. They were nice, dressy shoes, but heels which I know would result in my tearing a ligament again. :devil: No thanks! The clothes I liked were too big, and the things that would fit were not really items I'd wear anymore. I didn't realize until tonight how much my style really has changed. It's a good thing, but still kind of a surprise even to me.

08-18-2005, 07:26 AM
I survived yesterday--I had strawberries, peaches, and pineapple all day and only water to drink. Then when I went to work, I had about a handful of onion tanglers (or onion straws or whatever you want to call them--thise skinny little onion ring string things), and that was it for the day. I drank water while I was there and had a glass of sugar-free kool aid when I got home. Well under 1000 calories--probably even under 750. I know that's not good for every day, but to get me back on track just for a day, I feel much better :) I feel like I have at least made an effort to compensate for my bad habits the past few days, plus I have proven to myself that getting back on track is not that difficult. Today, I will have eggs for breakfast (plain), a turkey burger patty for a snack, and a frozen fish thingy (stuffed sole--stuffed with crab and shrimp, so still very low in carbs) for lunch. For dinner on Thursdays, I always have Subway after my TOPS meeting. I still don't want to weigh in there tonight. I know I'm up a few pounds, which will likely be gone by next week (plus some, as seems to be my bi-weekly routine--up 3 pounds one week, down 6 the next :dizzy: ). My thing is that when people are trying to be supportive, they kinda hurt my feelings. When I announce that I had a gain, I can't tell you how many people say things like, "Oh, and you were doing so well..." WERE? I am still doing well--just because I had a gain one week doesn't mean I'm not still down nearly 30 pounds overall, which I would call well! And just because I had a gain doesn't mean I didn't learn something about myself and my body and my dieting needs this week, which I would call well! And just because I had a gain this week doesn't mean I'm not going to lose it and then some next week, which I would call well! Just because I had a gain this week doesn't mean I didn't do my cardio exercise to increase my stamina and better my cardiovascular system, which I would call well! Whew, how's that for a rant? ;) But I just try to keep in mind that they are going through the same struggle, so they do not mean to be offensive or anything at all. They are just there to try and help :^:

On a different note, I have a big ol' list of apartments to call today after I go to the gym after work. I even made a list of questions so I remember to ask all of them the same things (washer/dryer in unit, pets allowed, # of parking spots, income requirements...). I am hoping to find a place well in advance of our moving in October so that things aren't so rushed and stressful--last time I moved, I had 2 weeks to find a place, sign a lease, move in, and start my new job :p It was pretty hectic, but being in the area should make this transition easier :)

Vicki in Okinawa
08-18-2005, 08:18 AM
Hey Ya'll :wave:
Sounds like everyone is doing great.I have been busy trying to get everything done to start my job. I start training classes next week.The school buses here are like luxury tour buses and are driven by the Japanese. They must have an American monitor on the bus. It pays 12.50 an hr which is great here because the pay on base is low due to the fact that the Okinawans will work for less and they work harder.The hours will be 5 in the morning till 9 then I am off till 1 then I work till 4. So, If I or the boys need a doctor appt I can get it done in the middle of the day. There are also things that you can't do after 5.
Teus I started this step class that is run by this big muscle guy. It is an hour and I had it tonight too. I am soooo hurting but I have to work through it. This guy runs a weightloss boot camp for 500.00.I have lost 37 pds in ten weeks without paying someone 500.00. ;)
Well, Hubby comes back from Hawaii in two days and I have done great with my food this week. I have had a bad habit as a navy wife. When he would go away in the past I would eat to deal with it. No more of that.
My inlaws have thier tickets to come here of all days Sept.11th. It will be nice to see them and have them see hubby and me since we have lost weight.

08-18-2005, 11:54 AM
Goodmorning!! I work today, but have tomorrow and Saturday off, and I'm looking forward to it! I'm spending the better part of my birthday in the salon, I'm getting my hair fixed/dyed/cut, and then am getting a manicure. The bf set this up on purpose because he has to work most of the day, and ALL of my friends are working... spending your birthday alone just seems wrong, yah know?

Kimberley - I sometimes look at old pictures of my different styles over the years, sometimes I cringe, or wonder HOW my mom let me out of the house dressed like that, and then there is the hair... oh my. Working retail has been interesting, I've learned a lot about style. Like, a colour that looks great on you NEVER goes out of style.

Jill - It's a good thing that being different is a GOOD thing, eh? ;) Sunscreen = good! I wear it everyday because a doctor once told me that UV rays can still come thru the clouds, and I'm really not into the idea of wrinkles. Glad to hear you are back on track, although your graham crackers have inspired me.... I've been eating digestive cookies with a chocolate coating on one side.

Vicky - Thats a pretty nice job! I don't know how you do it, being away from the husband, I barely make it a week without my bf. He's my best friend, so sometimes I feel lost without him. It sounds completely sappy, and I'm not normally like that.. it's amazing how love can change a person!

So this morning I woke up at 5am with a weird gurgling in my stomach, I thought it was hunger, so I ate a granola bar, and managed to go back to sleep for an hour before it woke me up again. I took some acidophlolis, and will continue that, but I also have this nasty headache. Seriously girls, my body feels like it's falling apart!! I feel like I'm constantly sick and complaining about it... infact, I'm starting to annoy myself with it!! I'll get this all sorted out, hopefully sooner than later. In the mean time, I am off to get ready for work! Have a great one!


08-18-2005, 07:26 PM
We got some rain! :D Hope more comes through tonight.

Jill, good for you - back on plan like a trooper. I know what you mean about people saying un-encouraging stuff when you tell them you've had a gain.

Vicki, that would be good pay here, too. Are the busses for military families' kids?

Aimee, your day of pampering sounds wonderful.

08-19-2005, 07:21 AM
Whew, getting back on plan certainly helped--I posted a 1.25-pound gain at TOPS last night as opposed to the 6-pound gain I was thinking it would be :p 1.25 is certainly easy enough to lose by next week (plus some, of course), so it doesn't bother me much--even makes me glad it was so much less than I had anticipated ;)

Vicki--37 pounds in 10 weeks is AWESOME! And worth much more than $500, IMO. You're smart to keep your money in your purse and stick to what works for you with no added fees ;)

So, I called a bunch of apartments that were listed in the Washington Post, but all of the ones I called were already rented out! So then I moved on to actual apartment complexes. After multiple calls to multiple rental offices, I know of at least 2 places we can afford that have units available in October and that have a washer/dryer in unit. This eases my stress slightly, though the floorplans certainly leave much to be desired. However, I did find another place online that I need to call today--they have a 1-bedroom with den that we can afford (we want a 2-bedroom), but there's no reason that den can't be a bedroom just because it doesn't have a closet. Still works for guests, as long as it holds a bed! So I will call them today to find out pricing (their price on their website does not include the optional washer/dryer in unit, which I REALLY want because I'm spoiled :p ).

Well, it's FRIDAY! Hope everyone has a great weekend (especially you, Aimee--a Friday AND a Saturday off in retail is AWESOME!)!

08-19-2005, 08:16 PM
Hey!! I am having a great day, I got up super early, went to the salon for 4 hours and emerged with a new-ish hair colour, fancy french manicured nails, all over, it was great! I did wake up with a headache, which I just can't shake, hopefully with this tylenol it will go away completely! I got the presents from my mom today too, I unwrapped them all, didn't even space it out... hehe, I am greedy, but I admit it! Serously, birthdays are the best :)

Something odd happened on our way home though, we were at the lights waiting, and this car behind us wouldn't stop honking, it was fairly annoying. So we pulled out, and they fingered us, so of course, we did the same. Well, it only went bad from there, we were driving our regular way home, and they were going that way too... probably thought we were following them. Somehow we ended up ahead of them (they pulled over to fight I assume), and they followed us, it was pretty scary. Josh drove around for a bit, and when we stopped at a stop sign, a guy got out and came over and punched Josh!!! Lightly, it didn't even leave a mark... so being a man, Josh pulled the e-brake and was going to get out and punch him back.. and he ran off!! Which was just FINE for me, so Josh continued our way home. It was completely scary, and for some reason I'm mad that they hit Josh and he didn't get out to beat the little 17 year old up!! Ugh, what is WITH kids these days? We are safe, thats what matters... maybe with a little damage to the bf's ego.. he wouldn't have stopped to fight with me in the car anyways.. I'm just babbling.. it was such a weird experience!

Jill - Good job with the weigh in! I'm sure next week the pound will be gone! You are doing so great, I'm so happy for you (and secretly jealous, even tho I'm not even TRYING to lose weight these days). Keep it up girl!


08-20-2005, 05:15 AM
Jill, hope everything works out great for you home-hunting. We're fortunate to live in an area with a fairly wide range of places available, but I have friends who are looking in busier locales like you are. Have you thought about putting an ad in the paper saying you're looking for a place? You might have an individual homeowner who is looking for a tenant.

Ohh, Aimee, I'm glad you guys are okay! There are some weird-a$$ people out there. One time I made the mistake of twirling my finger (like "whoopie") when a guy was hot-dogging on his motorcycle and cut in front of me. He was looking in his rearview mirror and saw me do it. He let me pass, then rode my bumper for miles. Very freaky!!

Just got home from a looong evening out. Nothing earth-shattering, just the farmer's market, coffee shop, grocery shopping and Wal-Mart. I tried on probably 30 bras there, but did one fit just right? Nooooo. :dizzy: It's so confusing, even after measuring and trying on what supposedly would fit. If I get the band size right, the cup size is funky - even trying various cup sizes in the same band size. I was looking at Playtex original comfort strap bras, which had the most support out of any. I think I need to go to a plus-size store and look. :P

We're going to a game night at some friends' tomorrow and I'm bringing -- you guessed it -- mango salsa. ;) They specifically requested it, so they must like it. I bought some white peaches at the farmer's market and find they're quite ripe, so I think I'd better use 'em up and make some peach salsa while I'm at it. Hope they eat it up, because it's not very good after a day or two.

Oh -- almost forgot, I'm down a pound now, in a new decade at 209. :D We bought a Taylor digital scale today, one that does body fat and water % (?). It weighed me dead-on with my MIL's scale. Howie wanted one that didn't wiggle between numbers like the analog ones do. I caved. ;)

08-22-2005, 07:44 AM
Goooooooooood morning ladies! Well, Saturday we went and looked at 3 apartment places in Alexandria (where we want to move). I had called all 3 during the week to make sure they would have a floor plan we wanted available in October, which is when we want to move. They all did, so I asked if they had a similar floor plan they would be able to show us on Saturday if we stopped by, and they all said yes. Well, we got to the first place, and they didn't have one to show because someone unexpectedly showed up and move in on Friday, so we didn't get to physically see an apartment there, but the office was actually made outof an old apartment, so we got to see what the kitchen would be like--SO SMALL! As soon as we left I told Jeff I couldn't handle that kitchen. He agreed it seemed more like a closet with some appliances :p Strike one...

The second place we went to, they had said there were 2 different floorplans available in October (both 2-bedroom, which we wanted). One was much more expensive, so we decided to take a look at the cheaper one. Of course, upon arriving at the place, they told us that that one had already been rented out for October! Jeez, things go fast around here! Strike two...

So we went to a third place. We got to see a model--not bad. It had 2 bedrooms, L-shaped living/dining combo, a bigger kitchen, plus 2 bathrooms. The only problem was that there wasn't really any place for our computer desks--a major necessity! We put it in the "maybe" pile and called it a day.

Sunday, we went to look at a place that was a little more expensive, but still not unreasonable for the area. It had 1 bedroom and a den (which we would use as a guest room anyway--it just didn't have a closet). The living/dining area was a little bigger so (by my imaginary calculations) we would at least be able to fit Jeff's desk in the living room--I really didn't care if mine was in the bedroom (since I obviously do most of my computer stuff at work anyway ;) ). It was also in a really cute neighborhood--lots of trees and lots of people out walking and biking and even a "botanical reserve" right around the corner. They were garden-style apartments that backed to a lightly wooded area, so it didn't seem like we were in the city, which was nice. There was also a shopping center within walking distance that had a grocery store, CVS, Subway, McDonald's (not that that interested me ;) ), and Blockbuster. We had a new top contender!

Then we visited Tower 2000. Just sounds all futuristic and high-tech, doesn't it? :p Well, we almost didn't even go in to look because parking was SO ridiculous! All of the "Leasing Office" spots were full, so I parked right by the door and went in--she told us to park in the back. I told her we had already driven around in the back, and there were NO empty spots! So they gave us a swipe card to get into the secure parking lot for the residents. Upon returning to the building after parking, the lady at the desk gave us a few floorplans to look at and a price list, at which I gasped. Their "small studio" at 410 square feet was listed at $1105 per month :o We were looking for either a 2 bedroom or 1 bedroom with den. These were listed as starting at $1500 and $1350 (respectively). We had to wait for a leasing representative. Jeff and I contemplated leaving based solely on that price list. We were really trying to stick to around $1200 a month (I know, it's high, but normal for this area), possibly a little more (the aforementioned garden-style apartments would have been $1250). Well, wen the leasing lady finally came out, she told us that they were running a special until Tuesday of $300 off the rent. I asked if it was just off the first month, as this is usually what the specials are, and she said no, it's for the entire duration of the lease. Woohoo! So we looked, we loved, we got applications, we went home. I am calling this morning to make sure the one is still available for October, then I will go over there this afternoon to drop off the applications and application fee. Here's the one we decided on: it's a 2-bedroom called the Rembrandt ( 2 bedrooms AND a den--perfect! Table in the dining area, couch/tv in the living area, desks in the den area, and guest room in the second bedroom! I am so relieved! It's oner 1,000 square feet and comes to $1206 per month plus water (which is capped at $35 per apartment per month). So, it's actually less even with water than the previous place we had looked at! Whew, what a weight off my shoulders! I was getting worried after Saturday's disappointments that everything for October would be filled by Sept. 1!

So that was my weekend--high-stress followed by relief and now excitement :D I also did pretty well food-wise until last night--I had made lasagna on Friday for dinner (one of my pplanned meals that day was pasta). I ended up haveing 2 pieces of it yesterday plus some of Jeff's pistachio ice cream :( However, I was so good for the rest of the weekend AND I am totally PMS-ing, so I didn't beat myself up over it. Even PMS-ing, I was down half a pound according to my scale this morning (down 1/2 a pound from my previous lowest, not from my gain on Thursday, so actually down 1.75 since Thursday, I guess--fruit and water work wonders ;) ).

Now, how's THAT for a novel :cool:

08-22-2005, 11:09 PM
Hey! Phew, my birthday weekend is over... it should always be my birthday though. I was totally spoiled rotten by my brother, he bought me a ton of presents and THEN took me shopping to the Gap, where I bought a track suit, 2 3/4 sleeved sweaters for work, and a very nice purple tank top. I really do have the best brother in the world, he's going to order me some things off the Gap website, I just couldn't find my size in the store. I got an INSANE amount of makeup, which I love, most of it was from the bodyshop, but I also got some mascara and lip venom from Sephora. Thats about half of what I got, and I won't bore you with all the details, just know I'm a very happy girl! :) My brother and his gf came down for the weekend, and left Sunday, while I love having my family around... I'd prefer them not to be in the same tiny apt! My mother arrives on Sept 2nd, and we'll head to Seattle for a couple days (which I'll pass off as a birthday trip, hehe, I'm so greedy :( ).

Jill - you are totally become a scale wh*re!! I love it! Glad to hear you found a place, it's totally stressful trying to find something suitable, because no one (but me) likes to move. The second to last place you mentioned would have won me before, I'd love to live in a nice area with things within walking distance... living up a mountain SUCKS!

Kimberley - where are you?

Well, I better go eat some dinner.. my stomach has stopped being so sickly, and because of that I'm feeling more awake... that gravol (which is a drug which calms the stomach, prevents barfing) was making me SO sleepy all the time. I started in with these weird headaches though, I've had one everyday since Friday, so thats only 4 days.. but I just don't get headaches anymore (except sinus ones when the weather changes)... I swear, this 26th birthday has aged me!! ;) hehe Have a good night!


08-22-2005, 11:18 PM
Oh, but I forgot to mention--Tower 2000 is less than 2 miles away from the place we went right before that, so the shopping center is still very close :D

08-23-2005, 09:04 AM
Yes, I absolutely am becoming a scale wh*re :D If it depressed me or discouraged me, I wouldn't do it, but I take it lightly on every day but Thursday (weigh-in day!), so I don't see much harm in it. It actually sometimes motivates me--like Good Lord, I gained HOW much over the weekend?! I better work my butt off during the week, then! ;)

I skipped the gym yesterday in order to go out to the new apartment place to drop off our rental applications. I get there, and the lady is like, did you both sign the addendum to allow us to pull your credit report? Excuse me? Addendum? Nobody mentioned any addendum to me on Sunday afternoon while we were there OR the two times I called yesterday to make sure it wouldn't be a problem to drop off both applications if Jeff couldn't be there in person! ARGH! So I had to call Jeff and make him drive over to sign the addendum after work, so instead of being able to run the applications for approval yesterday afternoon, they can't do it till this morning (Jeff couldn't get there till after the leasing lady left for the day). So now I still don't know if we will be approved (I know I have great credit, but Jeff has almost NO credit--only a car loan; no credit cards, no student loans, nothing). I'm pretty sure that's the stress that caused last night's binge on pistachio ice cream. :( I don't even LIKE pistachio ice cream, but it was there, ya know? I never have ice cream in the house, but I had bought it to make Jeff a milkshake over the weekend. I would have sent it home with him (like I sent him home with the last 3 pieces of lasagna so I wouldn't eat them!), but it would have melted in the 1.5-hour drive home. But, now the ice cream is gone, and I will get that call about the apartment at some point this morning (the leasing office opens at 10--2 more hours...), and I think I'm about done PMS-ing, so no more excuses for eating poorly!! Although I do have to skip the gym again today in order to go to the pharmacy to pick up a refill on my pills :^:

08-23-2005, 09:18 PM
Hey, guys - sorry I've been scarce. It was a busy weekend and Monday found me running errands and once again attempting to find a bra that fits well. Hit Fashion Bug that time - still no luck, though I'm getting closer to knowing what I need in a bra.

Today was Howie's appointment at the neurologist's. Rather than reinvent the wheel, how about I just link to my post about it? Read it here (

Jill, the floor plan looks nice in that apartment! Hope it works out for you guys. Don't let the stress make you abuse your body and bring you down; there's so much in life over which we have no control at all, but what we eat, we do have control over. Look at it that way, and do yourself a favor by exercising control over the one thing you really can.

I don't always follow that advice to a T, but I know I feel better when I do. (((hugs)))

Aimee, you feeling any better? Glad your birthday was a good one. Nothing like stretching it out a few days, I say! When we got the distressing news about Howie's MRI on mine, I decided I'd better have a birthweek in order to salvage the joy, LOL.

08-24-2005, 07:45 AM
Well, I worked my tail off at Ruby's last night! I started my shift at 4pm and was the only server on until 5:15, so I had a bunch (maybe 7 or 8) of tables to myself in that time. Then, the girl who was supposed to be my partner called out due to family emergency, so the guy who had bartended all day stayed and clocked in as my partner server. Well, he didn't feel much like working since he had bartended all day already, so he basically just clocked in so we could say that, yes, we were fully staffed for the shift. He didn't take any tables all night, so I had the whole section to myself. I was cut at 9pm, so I worked about 5 hours, and I made $102 (and that's after I tipped out the bartender, the salad bar attendant, and the hostess)! Yay money!! I need a new couch, so that's a nice start. I also was in a good mood from having just found out that we were approved for the new apartment, so I picked up some extra shifts. I'm now CLOSING tonight (which means I won't get home till about midnight--eek!) and working on Saturday morning (I NEVER work weekends!) AND working Tuesday night next week (even though I had requested it off because I am getting a filling at the dentist that afternoon). One of our servers has come down with mono, so all of his shifts needed to be covered, so I am happy to help, especially if I keep making the bucks like I did last night--I'll have that new couch in NO time! :D

Another thing that will help me save some $$ is that Jeff and I were approved "standard" for the apartment--that's what the lady kept telling me. Finally, I was like, what does that mean?? She said that means we don't even have to pay a security deposit. Woohoo!! More money to keep in our pockets!

08-24-2005, 02:59 PM
Hooray on your apartment approval - and no security deposit! That's terrific! :)

08-24-2005, 09:36 PM
Well, it's been a horrid headache day. I think I'll read in bed and sleep early. That's the plan, anyway. I need to be in good shape tomorrow to drive Howie to and from his tests (

08-25-2005, 05:49 AM
Plan failed...I stayed up and waited for Howie to come home. Where are you guys? Quiet night on the old homethread.

:yawn: Okay, this time I'm really out of here. :tired: :faint:

08-25-2005, 09:45 PM
All right, now - where is everyone? It's not even the weekend!

Vicki in Okinawa
08-26-2005, 03:08 AM
Hey Ya'll,
Just stopping by to say hey. I have been in training all day and at night this week for my new job. I'll post a long one this weekend. TTYL,

08-26-2005, 07:12 AM
Well, change of plans for this weekend. Jeff usually comes here and stays with me on weekends, but this weekend he can't, so I'm going over to his place instead. Why, you ask? Well, because someone smashed his car window and stole his airbags! Stealing airbags is becoming an increasingly popular trend, especially around the DC metro area. They are worth a lot more than even most car stereos (yeah, they didn't even take Jeff's radio, just his airbags!). So Jeff doesn't have his car for 2-3 weeks since there is a 2-week wait to get into the dealership just to have them look at it, let alone fix it. His car was towed to the dealership (since the steering wheel had to be taken apart to get the airbag out), so now it's just sitting there, I guess. In the meantime, Jeff's lucky his cousins have an extra old car (saving it for if their 17-year old son ever gets his license), so he can use that to get to and from work, but it's already got like 200,000 miles on it, so he's not about to try and drive it all the way to my place, and I certainly don't blame him. To try and cheer him up, I went to Border's yesterday and got him 2 books. One is a collection of stories by his favorite horror author (H. P. Lovecraft)--it's a really nice hardcover edition, and the other is a book I saw on the bargain table for 9.99: 501 Must-See Movies of All Time. He's ALWAYS finding these lists online of movies we just "have" to see, so I figure this way, it's more founded, since this gives reasons why they chose each movie, who stars in them, what awards they've won, etc. I think he'll like it :) It'll give him more stuf to order on his Netflix.

Other than that, things are going well. I lost 3 pounds at TOPS last night, which technically put me at 279.8 (under 280), but they record anything over .75 as rounded up to the nearest pound, so my book still says 280. That's okay--gives me .2 pounds to bank on for next week, right (says Jill as she finishes her McDonald's bacon egg and cheese bagel and hashbrown--a treat only once every other Friday morning) ;)

08-26-2005, 02:53 PM
Hey, Vicki - Good to see you. Looking forward to hearing about your new job and life in Japan.

Jill, bummer about Jeff's car and that he has to wait so long for a repair. Does he have a sheltered place to keep it or does he have to go the duct-tape and plastic route? I never thought about airbag theft.

Howie's hurting today from those tests. He was up in his chair for a while, but just went to lie down. I hope there's something that will help him. He's glad it's only Friday and that he has two days off, that's a good thing. :)

Another good thing is that today is farmer's market day, always fun. Rain's forecast, so it might be a wet trip today. That's okay, I can deal with a little rain if we keep these wonderful days in the 70's!

Aimee, where you hiding? Come out, come out!

08-27-2005, 01:50 PM
Hello, crew,

Guess it's been a long time, a few months anyway. Sorry I haven't checked in sooner. Lot's of stresses going on that I needed to work through.

At least I didn't drown myself in hostess ho hos. :lol:

I'm still going to the gym and even have a fair amount of mus-kels (as Popeye would say) now.

I do think I owe all ya all an apology for just dropping out. I know people depend on the threads for support.

08-27-2005, 07:50 PM
Marge! Welcome back! :grouphug:

It's wonderful to see you, friend. :D

08-28-2005, 12:37 AM
MARGE!! Welcome back, chickie! Long time no see--glad to hear you're still hitting the gym. We've missed you, but have kept your little group going!

08-28-2005, 02:22 PM
Thanks :)

Boy, you ladies have gotten to be real skinny minnies since I've been gone!

08-28-2005, 03:15 PM
Hey Gals! Whats going on? Do you realize it's one of the last official weekends of the summer?!? How scary is THAT! I was doing some reflecting on the summer, what I've done, what I haven't done.. etc. I realized I've actually stopped trying to lose weight since June, i've given it a little thought... but mostly I'm preoccupied with my health.

Marge - GREAT to see you, my American twin!! Things are less stressful these days? I am definitely not a skinny minnie, however Jill and Kimberley have definitely downsized!!

Jill - Wow, that REALLY sucks about Jeff's car! He can't get a rental car or anything? I know with my insurance if anything happens to my car I automatically get a rental, some shops also give those courtesy cars. At least you guys found a place to live though! I'm really into thinking positive lately.. I don't know WHY, perhaps it's some evil sickness ;) Even at WORK I'm starting to see things in a better light, crazy eh!

Kimberley - I'm here! Sorta... I've been busy lately.. plus I've been in a really horrible mood lately, and when I'm feeling like that I pretty much try and shut myself off from everyone. I get tired of being crabby, and if I hate being around myself, I can't see why anyone else would wanna be around that either. But I'm feeling more positive!

I am feeling better, I realllllly need to go to the doctor, so I will likely do that tomorrow. My body almost feels like it's shakey, and my stomach is still making some WEIRD gurgling feelings. I've switched to a low fat diet, because at the suggestion of my brother who has had his galbladder taken out, all of this might be related to that. I'm the only one with a galbladder in my family, I hope to keep it that way, so I'm going to have to watch that diet. Alright, thats my health update! Have a great day gals, and Marge, I look forward to hearing from you more!


08-28-2005, 03:49 PM
Hey, all. I woke at 6:00am with a whopper of a migraine. All I had to take was some Ultracet, but it took the edge off enough I've been able to sleep off and on in the recliner.

Right now I'm really worried about my friends who live right where Hurricane Katrina is due to make landfall in south of New Orleans. :eek: My friend has numerous animals - goats, chickens, a pig, cats, dogs - and won't leave because they might not be able to return for weeks after the hit and her animals would be unattended. I'd hate to be in her position, but if it came to the threat of my house being under water from waves, I'd be out of there. But now it's too late for them to leave...They'd be stuck in traffic when it made landfall. I'm just beside myself about Lisa and her family, plus other friends who live down there.

08-29-2005, 02:30 AM
Kimberley - all that worrying would definitely add to that headache, hope those drugs kicked in and you are feeling better. Hurricane's are amazing to me, I can't even imagine being in that position. I hope your friend is alright, and all her animals are as well!

I had a decent day today, spent some time with my friends, got a little laundry done, but mostly I relaxed. I meant to take a nap, but that didn't happen. I did alright with my diet, could use a little more veggies. Saturday I had 33 grams of fat, and today I had 35. I've been trying to watch those fat grams because if it really IS my gallbladder, I do want to avoid it being taken out. Alrighty, enough babbling, I'm going to hit the sack, I'm exhausted!


08-29-2005, 07:39 AM
UGH, Monday...

I am tired and not looking forward to this week at all. I know I should be more positive, but I just don't have the energy to be positive at 6:16am :p I came in to find a Lesson of a WBT (Web-Based Training) module that we're writing on my chair with lots of markups. That means I didn't do a very good job on round 1. It's my first WBT, so I knew I'd have corrections/additions/deletions to make, but I'm really just not in the mood to have to do actual work today :devil: and of course, after I finish with the corrections to this lesson, I have another lesson to write, then a brochure and fact sheet about power wheelchairs to re-write now that new regulations were officially released on Friday, then add our internal SME edits to the wheelchair fact sheet, then learn the new Time Management database for the CMS contract (just installed on my computer on Friday, and now I'm supposed to be in charge of it, though I've never even seen it before), then get started working on the personnel section of the upcoming recompete for our biggest government contract...I'd really rather just curl up and take a nap :^: And, to top it all off, I have to work at Ruby's tonight, tomorrow night, and Wednesday night, so no napping till at least Thursday, and no more than 5 hours of sleep a night till then, either. Nah, I won't be grumpy all week or anything...:dizzy:

On a lighter note, I did eat a little better than I normally do on my planned off-plan weekends. That means I at least shouldn't have to play as much "catch-up" as I usually do after such weekends, which is good. I just want my TOPS weight book to actually say LESS than 280 (the scale said 279.8 last week, but they round up if it's over .75, so my book still says 280).

I had a KILLER headache on Saturday. I really don't know where it came from--I was fine when I got up in the morning, but then it just started pounding a little while later. I felt bad because I was really grumpy with Jeff, so I tried to sleep it of, but I only napped for about 20-30 minutes, and it still hurt when I woke up again. I don't think it was a migraine because it finally went away after a few hours, so I can't even imagine what you're going through, Kimberley! I also can't take anything besides Tylenol because I am allergic to Aleve, Asprin, Advil...anything other than acetominophen, basically, will cause me to go into a full-blown anaphylactic shock (it's happened once before--not pretty), so I don't have a whole lot of options for headache medicines. I normally just try to ignore the stabbing pain in my head :p and sometimes, I'm even successful.

Well, I think that's about enough whining/babbling for this morning--take care, ladies!

08-29-2005, 05:04 PM
I did it!! I went to the doctor, but only because of pure desperation though! The way doctors hand out drugs, I was hoping this one would do the same... no luck there! Instead I'm going for a bunch of tests, an ultrasound to check my gallbladder, but not because of this pain, only because of my family history. I'm sure I've told you all that I'm the only one WITH a gallbladder in my family. I am mainly getting tested for an ulcer, things always come full circle, eh? Origionally we thought JOSH was the one with the ulcer, and turns out it might be ME! I'll find out for sure later this week though.

Jill - busy busy week ahead of you, sometimes that works out better because I know when I'm busy I tend to stay on plan better. Think of all those tips too... secretly I'd like to try doing the waitress thing.. but I know I don't have the personality for it.

Alrighty! I am off to the mall to shop with my bf's neice, she got back from her mom's house with almost NO clothes, which baffles us, because we buy her a lot! She needs to be outfitted for school, and I love shopping! Have a great one!


08-29-2005, 05:27 PM
Hey, Canadian hot chick, my dad always says he's the one to cause ulcers and not get them. I believe him when he says that.... :lol: Hope it's not an ulcer for you, or the gall bladder.

Yeah, Katrina is a shocker. I sincerely hope it doesn't turn out to be the disaster they've been predicting.

Stress will never end, I suppose. Between the family and the job, sheesh. But at least I didn't drown myself in twinkies and ice cream, and Doritos, which I probably would have in the past. After a while I think the better habits start to stick.

Hope everyone gets rid of all these headaches. This is the last (long) weekend of summer, we get to start new with glorious fall. Thursday Rob and I are going to one of the last Brooklyn Cyclone baseball games. Hopefully that will put a good spin on what was otherwise something of a sucky season.

Take it easy, chakitas!

08-29-2005, 08:24 PM
Ohhhh Marge, Marge, Marge Marge Marge, you have been gone for FAR too long! My boyfriends step brother recently moved to New York, so if you see a scrubby cracked out guy begging for money with a Canadian accent? Kick him for me.

Which brings me to my vent today! I went with my bf's mom and neice to take her shopping for new clothes. Why you ask? Because her crack whore dad left her with her mom (who doesn't have custody for a REASON), and went out to New York to hang out with some girl he met from the internet. He packed up ALL her clothes, which I have spent TONS of money on, not to mention all the other clothes she's been given.. and THEN her fricking mom takes her away, not telling ANY one where she is, and takes her to her boyfriends house, who has threatened to kill our neice before. What is WRONG with people?!?! The once normally outgoing girl got scared today when we had to ask a sales person a question... it just angers me. Alright, I'll stop there.

I'm watching Oprah today, very good show! It's about your health, and has the author from the book "You: the owners manual". I bought the book for my mom, and it's a good one!


08-29-2005, 10:10 PM
Hey, all. I'm whupped, just really tired. Please forgive my not replying to your posts, Jill, Aimee and Marge, though I did read them all.

Our friends in Thibodaux, LA are fine. It's a mess down there and they have no power, but they're safe. Their plant nursery had quite a bit of damage in the form of a McDonald's billboard falling smack on a bunch of their stock. They didn't have insurance for anything except the inventory within the structure there, so they may be out quite a bit.

Howie's appointment didn't bring any big surprise: He definitely needs surgery to relieve the stenosis in L4-L5. It was weird looking at the myleogram CT-scan, because you could see where the spinal canal was wide and the nerves all fanned out like they're supposed to be, and where everything gets narrow and bunches them all together. :(

The doctor was really cool about our getting a second opinions from Johns Hopkins - he encouraged us to do so. His secretary called them while we were there and found out who would get the reports, and she's taking care of that part. Now, we wait.

The nausea and such Howie's been feeling were of enough concern to the doctor that he wants Howie to stay home this week to recover from the myleogram. Boo-hoo, has to stay home from work. ;)

I think I'm going to bed soon. No problem sleeping tonight, especially after such sketchy sleep last night while half-listening to Fox News' coverage of the hurricane and wondering how our friends were faring.

Later, taters.

08-30-2005, 07:32 AM
Kimberley--glad to hear your friends survived the storm! Of course, now is the hard part--they same some people could be without power for up to 6-8 weeks!Didn't make much $$ last night--walked with $51. 2 more nights to go...

I applied for a job listing I found online that is for working from home--no, not your typical sales calls or spam emailing people. It's editing reports from mystery shoppers before they go to the clients. Editing? Yeah, I think I can handle that, since it's what I've been doing for 40+ hours a week for almost a year. Also, mystery shoppers go to all kinds of service-oriented places to do their reports, and I have worked in retail, restaurants, self-storage rental, and a movie theater--I figure that plus my editing experince makes me a pretty good candidate. So, I applied, and then I had to take a skills assessment (they gave us 2 sample reports and had us make a list of everything we would change), and I got a response email from the woman that I did a great job and should hear something relatively soon :) I would be much happier with that over Ruby Tuesday, since it is just sitting at the computer and working from home. I think I could handle that ;)

Aimee--bout time you went to the doctor! I hope it's nothing serious, but I am glad you at least should be able to find out soon. Jeez, between you, Josh, and Howie, our group needs to be on constant medical alert!

Gosh, I'm sleepy. I just keep yawning. I don't know how I'm going to stay awake working on such exciting materials as MSP (Medicare Secondary Payer)--situations when Medicare is a primary claims payer and situations where it is secondary to another primary source. Oi!

08-30-2005, 12:46 PM
Aaargh, had a whole post written and somehow wiped it out. *sigh* A synopsis:

Aimee, hope you get some answers quickly and feel better soon.

Jill, was the restaurant less busy on the bad tip night or were people just more stingy? The mystery shopper editing sounds fun. I do mystery shops for a couple local companies. Unfortunately, the majority of the assignments are in Columbus, so I don't even bother applying for them due to high gas prices eating up any profit in them.

I decided to stick with Friday weigh-in, even though it was up 3 pounds. :( I stuck to my calories but had too much salty stuff and bread, plus not enough water, I think.

08-30-2005, 01:16 PM
Well, the $51-night wasn't really a bad tip night. Considering we were making 30-35 bucks a shift a few weeks ago, it's actually not bad at all. It just sucks in comparison to the GREAT tip nights I had last week, but on both nights last week, I had more tables than usual because my partners didn't feel like working, so I took their tables as well. It was also pretty slow last night--tips were average. Lots of $4-tips, but I don't think I got anything over $7 all night (on one night last week, I had both a $16 and an $18 tip in the same night). I also didn't really have any large parties, which are always an easy way to boost the bucks (YES, you can DEFINITELY seat that party of 12 in my section!) ;)

08-30-2005, 11:00 PM
Alright, I have a horseshoe up my rear.. because I'm getting a Treadmill, for FREE!! Josh's parents have to rearrange their house for the neice to move in permanently, and since the treadmill isn't being used, they are giving it to MOI! I feel very lucky to be able to get it :)

I slept last night!! Only for 4.5 hours, but wow, it felt pretty good :) I did the test this morning, and it aggrivated my stomach. It was pretty citrusy. I am looking forward to sleeping tonight, hopefully I can get a full night in :)

Jill - my mom used to do editing like that, she used to also do transcripts from tapes for people. It definitely paid the bills, and she could take breaks when she wanted, or work during the night if she had a sleepless night. I hope you get it! :)

Kimberley - Gotta love bed rest, especially on the last week of summer! It couldn't be better timing if it was planned! Glad to hear your friends are alright, I've been watching a little coverage on Katrina, it's pretty scary stuff! I can't even IMAGINE such a thing!!

Well, I'm off to try to eat something less gurgly!


08-31-2005, 08:15 AM
Whoops, got up a little late this morning--got out of bed at 5:30, which is normally when I am leaving! I am good, though--I had taken a shower when I got hoe around 10:45 last night, so I just jumped out of bed, got dressed, grabbed a jar of pineapple for breakfast, threw my laundry in the dryer, and flew out the door. I was only 10 minutes late :)

Last night was weird--very steady at the restaurant, but not very busy. I never had more than 3 real tables at a time (and by real, I mean a table that I actually had to do anything for--I had one table of 3 ladies who sat in a booth for over 3 hours, and all I had to get them was drinks because they all just ate salad bar, so I don't count that as a real table :p ). I walked with $60. Not bad.

Well, the scale gods seem to be smiling on me this week so far--hopefully that will carry over to tomorrow so I will have a good weigh-in at TOPS. I have to work again tonight, but it is Wednesday, so tomorrow, I get to go home after job #1 and just take a nap! YAY! It's the little things ;)

Actually, I might NOT be able to take a nap. I am contemplating making a cake for one of my boss's birthdays. Her birthday is Sunday, so we are having a party on Friday. I might do one of those big sugar cookies or brownies in a round pizza pan with cream cheese frosting, a bunch of sliced fruit, and chocolate drizzled over the top. My mom used to make those for me for my birthdays when I was a tenager, and it's not hard to make a healthier version so I don't feel quite so guilty if I have a piece (reduced-fat brownie mix, frosting make with ff cream cheese, ff chocolate syrup on top, and of course the fruit!). Wow, talking about it now makes me really want to make it--I think I HAVE to do it now! Maybe--we'll see how I feel tomorrow (aka, how tired I am!).

So, enough babbling--oh, Aimee, what is this "test" you're drinking? Is it for the possible ulcer? What is the drink supposed to do?

08-31-2005, 11:03 AM
Aimee, too many druggies in this town for any one to stand out, but I'll keep my ears peeled for a Canadian accent ... :o Your poor niece. Kids are so innocent, they shouldn't have to deal with that sort of stuff. LOL re: embedded horseshoes. The treadmill is my favorite workout machine.

Kimberley, what is stenosis? Is Howie ok? I was watching footage of Katrina damage yesterday and was practically in tears along with the news reporter. Unbelievable. Here's to a quick recovery to your friends.

I like working out of the house, Jill. It saves me lots of money on clothes and commuting costs, not to mention eating at home instead of having to buy lunch. I'm around fewer people, but considering some of the people I've worked with, I don't consider that all bad!!

Had to take my cat Chloe to the vet yesterday, she was so lethargic for 2 days in a row we started to get worried. Turns out to be some sort of infection, so we're giving her antibiotics for a while. She already seems a lot better (nothing like getting that goo spit all over you twice a day, I might add).

Thank buddha this is the last day of August!

Take it easy all, rest, relax, do something calming for yourselves.

08-31-2005, 11:56 AM
Hello Lovely's!

Heres a quick review of my last few weeks.... I've been working My A$$ off at work, no less then 50hrs per week because my boss can't seem to get off hers and hire someone to replace me. So in the meantime I'm doing 2 jobs. AAAGHH. I've had ZERO time for you gals and the great support of this site.

I have my fingers crossed that I finally got over the damn plateau I've been teetering on for the last 2 months. Stuck between 241 and 245 since June! Weighed in on Monday and I was at 238 yesterday I peeked and I was 237, so far so good!

Donated via the Red Cross website ( this morning for the Hurricane 2005 Relief, and I'm giving blood on Sunday morning with Sam and Mom. I only hope that the help comes out in droves for us as much as it did last December for the Tsunami people.

Hope everyones day goes well... I'll hop back on this afternoon after i run some errands! See ya.

08-31-2005, 12:03 PM
Wow, busy morning!! Just a quick note form me, as I'm late, AGAIN, and gotta run out that door soon!

Jill - the test was to test for an ulcer, it was some lemonade tasting drink, and after 30 minutes I had to blow into a tube, er, also before I drank it I had to blow into a tube. From my understanding it is to test for some bacteria.

My stomach is calming itself down, or rather I'm being the food police about what goes into my mouth. I was able to sleep 8 hours last night! I need to do some catch up, but that'll have to be for another day...

Marge - I cannot believe how much I've missed you!!

Sara - nice to see you! You will push through that plateau... you are doing such an awesome job too btw :)


08-31-2005, 02:52 PM
It's so good to see people posting again! I just got up a little bit ago, and am just catching up.

Stenosis is narrowing of the spinal canal, where the nerves go down the back. In Howie's case, it's caused mostly by his scoliosis (curvature of the spine). This link ( shows more about it.

Right now, I'm comparison shopping for canister vacuums. We have hardwood floors throughout our living space upstairs and I've been using a Shop-Vac for my cleaning. It has great suction and nifty tools, but all it does is blow like crazy and kick up an incredible amount of dust in the room. That's not helping my allergies or headaches, I think. ;)

My MIL's vacuum bit the dust, so she needs a new one, too. We'll just split the cost of one. So, I'm looking at a few canister vacs with powerheads that will clean both carpet and hardwood. So far, I'm down to a few models (Hoover 3765-040 or an Electrolux or Kenmore canister). I need to keep it below $225 or so and am looking at reconditioned models of the Electrolux and Kenmore since they're pricier to begin with).

Anyone have any recommendations?

08-31-2005, 11:21 PM
I went with a model I'd not even considered before, a Fuller FB-PTCAN canister vacuum, and I got it from a local mom & pop store that's been here in town for 30 years. It looks really sturdy and has powerful suction. I got a deluxe toolkit with a really nice, reinforced 12' long hose and various attachments with horsehair bristles. Can't find much info on them, but I know Fuller's parent company is the one who manufactures them and I'm waiting until tomorrow to get that company's name. This business services everything they sell and do routine maintenance like belt changes with no labor charge if you've bought from them. Aside from the usual buyer's remorse at any big expenditure, I feel really good about this vacuum. With the 8' hose plus the 12' one in the kit I bought, I can pretty much do all the dusting in each room without having to move the vacuum an inch. ;)

09-01-2005, 01:40 AM
So that horseshoe? It was ripped from my rear, and now it stings. Josh's mom asked me yesterday VIA text message if I wanted her treadmill, which I replied "heck yes". And then today she sold it, she says she didn't read my text message. I have wanted a treadmill for about 10 years now, and would have even paid the 250 dollars that she sold it for to have it. I'm actually pretty upset, I don't get how someone could offer me something and then just rip it away like that. Now Josh refuses to go over there and help her clean and ove a ton of things, which suits me just fine... it fells extremely mean what happened.

Kimberley - Josh sells vacuums! He recommended a Hoover Wind Tunnel, he even just came over to make sure that I show you the website.. he's too cute sometimes!

I had another pretty good day, I had 14 servings of fruits and veggies today, a little high with the fat grams, thanks mostly to the chicken wings we had for dinner.

I also got a call tonight from my friends mom, who asked if her daughter was with me, which I replied no to. This is when she told me that my friend told her dad that she was going to Bellingham with me today. Which means my friend went to Seattle to see a baseball game, with a guy who is using her for sex and money and who has no respect for her at all (he recently took rated R pictures of her without her knowledge or consent, and most likely showed his friends, and refused to delete them when she asked, complete pig). When I called him for her one night, he started flirting with me, and he doesn't even know who I am... ugh, he gives me the creeps. Reminds me of a balding Bud Bundy, which I wasn't allowed to watch as a child because it was so sexist.

Alrighty, I think I better hit the sack, I'm really ready for this day to be over.


09-01-2005, 07:43 AM
heh, I wasn't allowed to watch Married With Children when I was younger either. I also was not allowed to watch Beavis and Butthead. So, of course, I always watched it when my mother wasn't home ;)

So great to see evryone drifting back now that the summer's almost over (it's September already! :o ). I say September already, but really, I wish it was October--can't WAIT to move!! I have been finding more bugs in my apartment lately--2 spiders, a waterbug, and a centipede within the past few days. This is after having lived there since last November and only having seen one spider up until this week. I REALLY hate bugs, so I keep my can of Raid handy at all times :p

Well, according to my home scale, I'm down at least 2 pounds for this week, but we'll see what the TOPS scale says officially when I weigh in tonight. I also have to lose next week--since it's a holiday weekend, it's double fines at TOPS if we gain (normally 20 cents for every 1/4 pound we gain, so next week will be 40 cents per 1/4...1.60 per pound! gotta make sure I lose weight not money!).

SO GLAD I am done with Ruby's for the week. My feet hurt (need to buy some new inner soles for my work shoes), my back hurts, and I am DEAD tired. Wow, could I complain a little more? :dizzy: The brownie and/or sugar cookie cake thingy I was going to make today is a no-go..we are having the party next week instead of tomorrow, which is just fine by me--means I can go home and NAP before TOPS :D

09-01-2005, 12:04 PM
I had a late night last night, after I posted here my friend's friend Jamie called me, and him and I talked a little about whats going on. And I told him that she was 100% in Seattle at the baseball game, he called her mom to let her know... I can't even imagine doing that crap anymore! I pulled various things like that when I was about 15, mostly it involved going out without telling my mom where I was. Jamie was telling me stories that my friend "forgot" to mention about the guy she took off with... he actually told my friend "I own you". I know I won't be going out with her for a few months, and I'm sure her mom will take away her cell phone, car.. etc. Silly girl.

Jill - Can you believe I've switched to Monday's as a weigh in? I think it's completely insane, but a friend of mine wants to switch to that day. I'm finding an insane amount of spiders these days too! I went to the bathroom the night before last and there was a HUGE one on the wall behidn the toilet, it's now dead on the floor... I hate to kill them, but I'd hate to have them alive even more!! Enjoy your nap :)

Alrighty, I should be getting ready for work.. I'm pretty darn tired.. when I get home tonight I REALLY need to shut off the ringer on my phone, and just hit the sack ASAP! I'm watching some of the news on the Gulf Coast, it's shocking really. So many people died from not evacuating, I'd run, far and fast if it were me. Oh right.. I gotta go to work! Have a good one!!


09-01-2005, 12:17 PM
Mondays are probably a good weigh-in day--keep you honest over the weekend! :devil:

Yeah, I kept thinking I would have evacuated before Katrina hit, too, but the problem was that the traffic was so horrible that at one point, officials told people it would be safer to stay than try to leave and get caught in your car when the hurricane hit! I'm sure flights were booked solid leaving the area, too. I know I'd sure rather hide in my attic than be in a Honda Civic on an open highway! One woman on the radio yesterday morning said her family was don there and left before the storm, but it took them 20 hours to drive the 300 miles to safety :o I used to be able to drive from college to my parent's house (about 350 miles) in 5.5 hours. Craziness!

09-01-2005, 12:35 PM
There were an insane amount of cars, I wonder how long before Katrina hit that people were told to evacuate. I'm watching how Bush cut short his 5 week vacation to help deal with this stuff.... 5 weeks?? I work retail which is not important compared to his and I'm lucky to get a WEEKEND off! Alrighty, enough from me, I really should leave for work... I'm going to pick up breakfast.. I'm just not into making stuff this morning!


09-01-2005, 03:47 PM
Rob told me Bush has taken more vacations than any other US President. That's all I'll say about that....

Hope Howie does ok. Sending good thoughts. (On a lighter note: Shopping for vacuums, that sucks! :rofl: )

Ahhh, I'm dying reading about Katrina and the lower states. We sent small amounts to the Red Cross and to the ASPCA. It makes me so angry to hear how the local and fed governments have been handling it........ :mad:

Ooohh, I never weigh myself on way (weigh). I do it Fridays, for some reason Thursday seems to always come out lower, go figure.

Wanted to write more, but we're leaving early for a baseball game (Go Cyclones!) (it's against Staten Island, last game of the season before playoffs).

Remember Aimee, no one can own you, unless they give you extraordinary amounts of money and at least two houses in outstandingly beautiful parts of the world!

Have A GREAT EVENING you gals.

09-01-2005, 05:03 PM
Hey ladies!

I have such a feeling of closure on the fat(er) chapter of my life. Yesterday I took my too big clothes to the consignment shop that I really like. You have to pay a $5 fee to 'join' and can only take in up to 30 items each time. They pay you 40% of the sold price for your items over the course of 3 months. 2 ladies from work have already pilfered through most of it, but I brought in 30 items yesterday and they took 29 of them! Score!! I then came home and spent 4 hours (yeah... 4) steaming (i hate irons, so I bought a steamer) clothes in my basement. I have another 2 trips worth to take in, and that's only fall/winter stuff and only 'high end' merchandise. They wont accept Walmart, Shopko, K-mart brand items just Kohls and better. I was so nervous that they were going to reject a lot of it, it would have been like a personal blow, I always thought of myself as a pretty nice dresser! The owner was the one helping me and she kept saying that I had really nice items, (yeah... ego boost) I told her I had a bunch more to bring in because I had lost about 75 pounds and I though she was gonna pass out! Poor thing.... she only weighs 110lbs (she told me) and that's like 2/3 of her!! She'd have like a thigh and a torso left! She asked me if I had 'the surgery', I was like "**** no! I did it on my own!" Made me feel pretty special. Then I bought an Old Navy dress shirt, Gap jeans and Lane Bryant dress pants there for a total of $28.

More on the shopping victories... was at Walmart last night and they had some really nice Misses button down dress shirts in the ad that just came out, I tried on an XL in the store over my t-shirt... and oh, yeah... did a happy dance right there! It fit!!! now if my pant could catch up, we'd be in business!

Went to work today for a half day, now I'm supposed to be cleaning the house... hard to do from the computer! Saw gas went up... it's $3.09. UUGH. I hate it. have to bring some Vaseline to the pump with me next time... except that's petroleum based too, so that'll probably be too expensive to buy... oh well have to grin and bear it I guess.

My work is matching employee contributions to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Relief effort. I donated yesterday before I knew that, so, of course, I did it wrong and now have to submit my reciept. It's cool though, we're being matched up to 1 million dollars (total contributions). We have 3 systems down there that are destroyed now... not that people want cable tv in that area now, but that's a crap load of people with out jobs just from my company alone. I wish there was more we could do.

Sam's brother just got out of basic training (in Georgia) we're hoping that they send him to do clean up in new orleans or mississippi instead of sending him to north carolina, he'll get shipped over seas if he goes to NC.

On a happier note, yipee it's September!!!! Crisp air and dead leaves are on the way!!! oh, yeah, and my birthday. Sam's taking me out for sushi for my birthday dinner, yummy! I told her to invite my parents, cause then my dad will pay the bill. Sneaky little brat arn't I?!

catch ya'll later...

09-01-2005, 09:03 PM
Great to see all the posts, still. I took my MIL to the outpatient surgery center for a colonoscopy today (whee!), then crashed shortly after getting home. Just got up and am hungry, but am feeling really wiped and trying to find a shred of motivation to cook what I'd planned to cook! ;)

I've already bought the vacuum. I did consider the Hoover, but I would have wanted the next step up (3765-40) which has a powerhead. No one carries it locally and I didn't want to mess with buying it online. The vacuum store guy made a lot of good points, such as how many manufacturers make you mail your vacuum to them if it needs repairs. He services everything he sells, a big point for me. He only carries a small number of brands, ones he can recommend as someone whose worked on dozens of brands for 30 years. Felt pretty good after talking to him, and I like buying locally when I can.

Sorry about not replying individually...Just feeling wiped out for some reason. I think it's a lot because of all the awful coverage of the gulf coast miseries. There comes a point where you have to turn the news OFF and realize you don't have to know every sensationally-presented detail in order to pray for people and help with their physical needs.

09-02-2005, 07:48 AM
Good news! I got the position for the at-home editing thing! I go in for an orientation on Wednesday. The woman who called me yesterday said they pay between $20 and $125 per report depending on length, how detailed they are, and how much editing they need. She said they can take anywhere from about 30 minutes to 6 hours to do, so the pay has to be adjusted accordingly. They will tell me how much I get for it when they offer me each individual piece to edit. She also asked if I have weekend availability because a lot of their deadlines are Mondays at noon. Not a problem--since Jeff and I will be living togther soon, I won't mind putting in a few hours on weekends. I'm so excited about this opportunity--may be my chance to really quit Ruby's (although I don't know if I will ever really do that, since #1, I like the people, and #2, I'm a sucker :p ).

Well, the TOPS scales were not quite on with my home scale. According to the TOPS scale last night, I stayed the same. I HATE that my scale says I lost 2.5 pounds when I weigh in the morning but that the TOPS scale says I maintained--I'm not complaining since I am happy I didn't gain, but it just bothers me that it's so inconsistent to weigh-in at 6:30pm after eating and drinking and working all day--much different from weighing in first thing in the morning, after I pee, before breakfast :p But, what are you going to do--I'm pretty sure no one else will go with me to a TOPS meeting at 4:30am, so I'll just have to sigh and deal with it. I KNOW I lost those 2 pounds, even if the TOPS scale doesn't show it :)

But anyway, even according to the TOPS scales, only 3 more pounds till I have lost a total of 30 since joining them (my starting weight there is 306 since I had already lost a few pounds before I officially joined), so maybe I can do that by next week. Then I need to find some way to speed up my weight loss, as it's getting quite sluggish again (maybe actually GO to the gym again? :devil: ). If I watch my foods next Thursday, then I should easily be able to have my 2.5-pound loss reflected even on their scales!

Sara--congrats on the new clothes! Gosh, and XL--it'll be quite a while till I'm there, but I can't WAIT! I seem to have the opposite problem as you as far as proportions, though. I wear a 22 pants and can wear anywhere from a 24-32 shirt depending on brand, style, and material, but my shirts always have to be bigger than my pants (and it isn't because of my chest, these bitty little B cups :p ). **singing**I'm a little B cup, short and stout...**

Aimee--I agree--I don't even get 5 weeks of vacation time total for a year, let alone be able to take 5 weeks off all at once!

Marge--you are smart to donate to big organizations like that. I heard on the radio about how people are trying to be nice by making care packages and sending them down there, but hello, the mail trucks can't deliver them! Donating to a organization with the manpower and resources to really get things done is the best way to go.

Alrighty, time to get crackin', since I have been in the office for half an hour now and have done NOTHING! Hope everyone has a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!!

09-02-2005, 02:00 PM
Goodmorning! I slept!!!! 9.5 hours !!! Woohoo!!! My stomach was completely quiet until this morning, it felt SO good, I am definitely going to repeat that tonight, tummy feelings willing! My friend also came home last night, she called me, and then dropped off the creepy dude she was with (I could hear him screaming at her in the backround, creeeeepy!) and came to my house. I calmed her down, prepared her to see her mom, and called her mom to say she was safe. I even took the girl home and made sure she got into her house and was going to talk to her mom about everything thats been happening with that guy. Hopefully it went well!

Marge - I wouldn't want to be owned, however I am quite willing for people to pay for my love... if only my parents waited until I was OLDER to get divorced, it just doesn't work now! ;) In Canada we hear a lot of flack about Bush, I wonder if I've ever heard anything positive about him... Except that he sure can balance work and vacation! ;)

Sara - thats awesome that you can sell all those clothes! I'd love to entertain the idea, however I don't know that I'd have the time or energy... and I don't know if they are all in the best quality. You can use the money to buy NEW smaller clothes! :) Yay!!

Kimberley - I've never had a colonoscopy, but they sound SO SO unpleasant! I haven't been watching all the coverage on Katrina, it's pretty scary/sad stuff.. and I prefer to live in a fantasy world where nothing bad ever happens! This isn't entirely true... but I just can't watch it.

Jill - that really sucks about the TOPS scale, I'd be crushed. I always thought it was weird to weigh at such a late time.. my mom's weigh in at WW was always after dinner time, baffels me!!

Alrighty, I am off to find some food! Have a great one!


09-02-2005, 02:27 PM
I forgot to post that I started a September thread