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08-04-2005, 10:09 AM
I am home all day today and tomorrow with lots of good food and no way to cook it other than microwave. I NEED to write down my plan or this could be a disaster:

2 scrambled eggs (in the microwave, YUCK!) - 4
2 slices WW bread - 1
Green peppers -- 0
1 slice ff cheese -- 1
ketchup - 0
1 cup ff milk -- 2

Yogurt -- 2

2 tortillas -- 4
2 slices ff cheese -- 2
Green peppers -- 0
Tomato - 0

Yogurt - 2

2 veggie corn dogs -- 6
Green beans with B&B -- 1

WW ice cream -- 1

Total: 26. Will probably have another snack in there somewhere


08-04-2005, 05:40 PM
Ok girls, I'm having a very strange day of eating. Payday is tomorrow (thank goodness, I am BROKE) and we are down to the bare minimum for food at home.

B-2 pieces of toast 1p
PB 3p

S-ff cappucinno 4p

L-2 pieces of toast 1p
PB 3p

Lame, that is all I've had today. I've had 3 liters of water tho, and I am drinking a diet rite right now. We're having Papa Murphy's Delight Pizza tonight, and green beans I think.
Tomorrow will be a MUCH better healthy day, I promise!


I think I have decided to back to school, full time!....maybe I just want to buy school supplies!
Seriously tho-I think I'm really going to do this!

08-04-2005, 08:31 PM

B: 1/2 baked potato fried in 1 tsp oil (2p)
1 egg (with 2 yolks!!! I didn't count the extra yolk :^: ) (2p)
1 cup grapes (1p)

L: Red beans and rice (4p)
Leftover chicken breast (6)

D: Pizza from Papa Murphy's- cheese, 3 slices 18p!!!

Originally we were going to get the Delite pizza which is a slice (1/10th of pizza) for 3p, but the gal said we could only use the coupon for the family size pizza, and the delites only come in large. So we got the big one and it ended up being 6p per slice!!!! Then, I realised (too late!) that she never even took the $2 off the total! SO I would have saved money just forgetting the coupon and buying the delite! AAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

So, I've gone over by 4p (Don't forget I'm on WP so I was supposed to have 29 today, not just my minimum 24- but ended up with 33!!) so I'll have to use my remaining flex. WP still allows for 7 extra flex points per week. So, yay.

But it was yummy!