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08-04-2005, 12:22 AM
How about this... everyone list their Top 5 Movies; Top Male Hotties; Top Female Hotties

Feel free to list more than five (I couldn't pare down my Top 10 movie list), but be sure to tell us WHY each one is your fave!

(In no particular order)

1. "Don Juan DeMarco": Totally lovely, sexy film about the power of romance to uplift and transform. Johnny Depp at his hottest. Marlon Brando still very sexy. And Faye Dunaway looking stunning as ever.

2. "A Streetcar Named Desire": Brando again, this time as a sheer force of nature. The famous "Stella!" scene,*Blanche DuBois proclaiming, "I have always relied on the kindness of strangers," and perhaps my favorite movie line of all time: Karl Malden shouting "Poker should NOT be played in a house with women!" Brutal study of the human condition in stark black and white, set in sultry, steamy N'Awlins.

3. "Wings of Desire": Gorgeous, deeply moving film about angels watching over ordinary folks in pre-Wall-coming-down Berlin. One falls in love with a mortal and must decide if he wants to give up his angelness to be with her. Sound familiar? That's 'cause this is the film that "City of Angels" was based on. I really like Meg Ryan and Nick Cage, but that film is ca-ca compared to this. The angels see in black and white. It's jarring and really makes you think.

4. "Barefoot in the Park": Totally goofy 1960s flick with Robert Redford (yum) and a very young Jane Fonda as newlyweds living in a 5th-floor NYC walkup. Another of my favorite film lines: "Shama, shama, el ma comama."

5. "Dogma": Maybe Kevin Smith's best. Challenges every religious belief you ever had or might have. And how can you beat Alanis Morrissette as God? Plus, it's got Jay and Silent Bob.

6. "The Shining": The Kubrick version, not King's made-for-TV crap. True horror because so much of it takes place in Jack's mind. Didja catch that disturbing cameo of the guy dressed as a dog going d**n on*the*guy in a tux?

7. "Rosemary's Baby":*Old-school but classic, classic horror. ****, if you can't trust your gyno and the kindly old couple next door, who CAN*you trust?**

8. "Ball of Fire":*100 percent*slapstick 1930s*farce starring sizzling hot Barbara Stanwyck as a hardcore lounge singer and mobster's chick, and*adorable Gary Cooper as the nerdy professor who falls for her. Kitsch out the butt, and a great study of the lingo of the day. Plus Barb wears some gorgeous gowns.

9. "Singin' in the Rain": Gene Kelly's awesome dance-as-athletics moves, the screwy comedy of Donald O'Connor and all the gorgeous 1930s' Hollywood clothes! Plus... amazing TECHNICOLOR!

10. "White Christmas": Der Bingster and that wacky Danny Kaye have great chemistry. Who knew Rosemary Clooney was so sexy? Excellent fun with great song-and-dance numbers and, oh, the costumes!

Ok, since we didn't specify celebrity hunks, I can go on record as saying that my #*1, first and foremost, no holds barred, totally awesome hunk of all time is the love of my life, Da Man. (Sigh.)

Now, on to the lesser mortals:

1. Sean Connery: Just classy and classic and, oh, that accent.

2. Brian Dennehy, a la his "Cocoon" days: Easy-going, casual sex appeal.

3. Brando in "Streetcar": Again, a total force of nature.

4. Keanu Reeves: Not much range as an actor, but majorly intense.

5. Johnny Depp: Very quirky, intense sex appeal.

Honorable mentions: Kevin Kline, Clint Eastwood, Redford, Newman, Dr. Kovatch from ER, Jeff Goldblum (check him out emerging from the tanning booth in "Earth Girls are Easy."

Not there yet but growing on me: Brad Pitt, George Clooney

And special mention to John O'Hurley. I liked him as J. Peterman in Seinfeld, but I LOVED him on "Dancin with the Stars." He was ROBBED!

1. Angelina Jolie: Trashy, yes, but* in a sexy, I'll-make-your-life-a-living-**** kinda way.

2. Liz Taylor: Possibly the most beautiful woman in recorded history. Doubt me? Rent "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," then we'll talk.

3. Catherine Zeta Jones: Possibly the second most beautiful. A modern Liz.

4. Audrey Hepburn: I hate her for changing society's standard of beauty from Marilyn Monroe's zaftig splendor to the twiggy-twig standards that remain today, but she was without a doubt a classic, timeless beauty.

5. Jennifer Anniston: Take a good look at her features, they are stunning. Wholesome, healthy kind of sexy. But she needs to eat a little more.

08-04-2005, 12:30 AM
Oh, darn... and I forgot "Chocolat" and "Practical Magic!"

08-04-2005, 07:56 PM
Ok I'll start with Hunks First :) lol Its really in no particular order :)

1. Christian Bale. OMG hot hot hot!! :) I saw him first in Newsies back in 6th grade (a Disney musical that I LOVE!) And then in Swing Kids (a great movie thats based around the swing music scene in Natzi Germany.) And I have to see the new Batman movie... he's batman! :)

2. Keanu Reeves. I fell in love with him after seeing him in Speed. OMG him in that tight white dirty shirt at the end... his arms are AWESOME!!!

3. George Clooney - lol self explanatory :)

4. Joey Harrington - QB for the Detroit Lions. Yumm! :)

5. Ben Wallace - Detroit Pistons Center. Its mostly his arms that I love. I really like toned hot arms :) lol.

6. Antonio Bandares - LOVE his accent :)

There are more, thats just what comes to mind. Sean Connery is definitely an Honorable mention on my list too :)

Ok now on to Hunkettes :)
1. Jennifer Lopez. I think she's just sooooo beautiful. And I'd LOVE to have her body.

2. Selma Hyak - She's gorgeous too!

3. Beyonce Knowles - Great voice, and just sooo pretty!

4. Halle Berry - Classic Beauty :)

5. Catherine Zeta Jones - very beautiful too

lol I just realized that my list of hottie women is the exact same list my boyfriend has. His 'women' are 1 - 4 :) lol

I do agree with you Maggie with Liz Taylor too.


1. Gone with the Wind - Love it love it love it! Its my favorite of all time.

2. Roman Holiday - Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

3. Old School - stupid funny movie. Gotta love Will Ferrell.

4. Deuce Bigelow - lol same as above (minus Will Ferrell).

5. Newsies - musical with above hottie #1

6. The Notebook - I love movies that make me cry.

7. Mean Girls - Fun high school movie

8. Cider House Rules - I read the book first, and wanted to see how the movie was. It was a difficult book and movie for me.

9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - very different, but I loved Jim Carey and Kate Winslet in it.

10. The whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy - I didn't think I would like it at all, but I LOVED all of them!!

Thats all I can think of for now... I'm sure there are more :)


08-04-2005, 10:08 PM
I'm back to add 2 more guys that I cant believe I forgot about.

Julian McMahon (Cole from Charmed, and he's also on Nip/Tuck)

David Boreanaz - Angel from Buffy and Angel.