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08-03-2005, 11:29 AM
Welcome to the August edition of our Weighty Issues thread. We're a group of wonderful women from different walks of life (try saying that 3X fast! ) , spread out across the U.S. from the east coast to the west. We support each other through the highs and lows of every day life--it's not just about weight loss, it's about LIFE. If you have something to say or need a shoulder to cry on, come on in, grab chair and stay awhile. You'll be glad you did.

08-03-2005, 11:33 AM
Good morning girls. Where is everyone? I am getting bored. :lol: Well, I made it through day 2. I am not sure how this weekend will pan out for me since I am making a birthday cake for Clyde but we will see. I am having so much trouble getting into the groove of things this time around. I hope I can do it.

Me and Jay are going to lay a red slate walkway out backgoing to the bakery and house. He is going to buy a snowblower this year since last year the plow guy scraped up the side of the Durango. so he figured he would do it himself this year instead.

I will check back later. I hope someone gets a chance to chat.

08-03-2005, 11:55 AM
Hey guys. I didn't post last nigth b/c it was our anniversary so we headed to New orleans for dinner once we got home from work. It was nice to eat somewhere other than here. I just got back from getting the windows tinted on the car. I never realized how much of a difference it makes having tint. We had it in the truck and it was so much cooler. I swear I felt like I was naked driving around in the car without tint. We have a staff meeting today at 11. That should be interesting. Everyone in the place seems to be happy with the new changes but one girl and this is the girl that I grew up with. She is acting like the biggest baby and none of us know why. I try to talk to her and all she does is make small talk. All of this from someone who would spill it all for everyone. I told one of the girls that I was going to talk to her to see what her problem was but then I started to think about it. I am not going to waste my time on her anymore. I have been going out of my way to talk to her and she doesn't even return the conversation so I am not going to bend over bakwards for her to see what is wrong with her. If she is so unhappy she can leave or she can talk to me first. My god, this sounds so high school.

Angie YOU GO GIRL!!!!! I knew you would be able to do it. Who cares if you were too busy to eat if that is what it takes then go with it. I have started to play my SimCity game to keep myself rom eating. When Joe is out of town I will sit any play that thing for hours and b4 I know it it is time to go to bed.

I need to get a few things done around here but I will be back later. I hope we all pop on today.

08-03-2005, 12:48 PM
Hi girls, how is everyone doing?

Sorry I did not get on yesterday. Dh got off work and we headed up to my dads house on the lake. It was great. The kids went swimming, went for a long pontoon boat ride around the lake, grilled fresh corn on the cob. It was excellent on the grill....not to mention the burgers we had with a fresh farm grown tomatoes on! It was hot as ever but it was nice. We left early and did not get back until late and I was to tired to post.

Angie, way to go. I think you will do just fine with the party. Your walkway sounds really nice.

Kempy sounds totally high school! When I was working in an office I felt like I was back in school working with a bunch of teenagers. It was all a bunch of women who would pick on each other and talk about everybody. I swear working with men would be easier sometimes. You know what I mean?

Gotta run I am being called. Check back later on. Have a good one everybody.

08-03-2005, 06:50 PM
Hey girls, I'm a little sick and not feeling too well. I may have caught this nasty virus from my computer, hee! I did get to download some pics of the new rims and tires on the Murano, not the greatest pics mind you, but just thought I'd share my bling :D

Angie, :dancer: you're doing a helluva lot better than me. Good for you for staying OP, every day counts. I knew you could do it.

Kempy, yup, tint is a must for sunny states like ours huh? I'm with ya on forgetting about that chick who's pouting for who knows what reason :lol: She'll get over it or get out I suppose. Life's too short for people like that. Happy belated anniversary! How many years? Many great ones ahead too.

Julie, how's your day going today? Your day off sounded like good fun and yummy food. What I'd give for a nice family day like that. Rick is such a workaholic that I'm lucky to get to spend time w/him on Sundays. I have to schedule in my time if I want him on a Saturday...I guess I should be thankful that he likes to work and is not a bum like his brother right? :lol: I'm so bad...anyway, enough rambling from me.

Cherie, thinking about you. Have you started moving yet?

Hello to Cal and Dips and anyone I may have missed. I have to go and find some meds for this stuffy head. I'll try to be back later. Have a good one!

08-03-2005, 07:10 PM
Hey girls!!

Noelle, BLING! I like them. It looks so good.
I hope you feel better soon. I hate having a cold during the summer. YUCK!

Julie, Your family get togehter sounds so good. We rarely do that and usually when it does happen it is me that plans it. actually it is always me that plans it. ;)

Kempy, I agree with the girls....Forget about the baby. How is the new setup going? Hows the pups and kitty doing? I have missed so much this summer.

Cherie, I am thinking about you. I hope you have just been too busy to post and nothing bad has happened.We are here for you if you need anything

08-03-2005, 08:05 PM
Hi girlies,

Kempy sorry I forgot to say Happy Anniversary, best wishes to you and Joe

08-03-2005, 09:53 PM
BLAAANG BLAAAANG BLAAAANG!!!!!! Noelle those look so good. I love how your mail labels are the car. I may just have to steal your idea and put our car on ours. We have been married for 8 years. I swear I don't know where it went. I love being married though so I guess I'll keep him. :D

Julie I wish uor temps would go down. we were out in the heat this evening cutting grass and I was soaked with sweat when we were done. I usually cut the grass and Joe will edge, pull weeds and blow everything off. I don't think our temps will be going down any time soon though. We usually don't cool off until sometime in Oct. Frigtening isn't it?

Angie don't worry my life is not that interesting. You havn't missed much on my end. The salon has moved around but my room is still the same. I do want to paint it though. It has paneling in it right now and I really don't like that. I don't see mysel fgetting in there to paint anytime soon though. I have too much stuff to do here at the house. The girls are doing good. Still bad as ever. Joe is going to start getting the ready for hunting season soon so they wont be bad for long. And as for Spart he is being a total sweet heart. He goes through phases of this. I think he should be getting out of this soon. Before i know it he will be ignoring me just like cats do.

Well ladies I am going to rest my feet after my long day. I hope to chat in the morning.

08-03-2005, 11:28 PM
Good Night Girls

08-03-2005, 11:41 PM
Well, we were back to school today. At least the teachers were. There are so many new teachers; over a third of the teachers last year moved or retired. The new teachers look so young; most of them are right out of college.
Julie: One of our 8th grade teachers is from WI, but I don't know which part yet.

Noelle: Your car looks great. How does Michael like school so far? I'll bet he's loving it.

Angie: Great to see you around more. The walkway you want to build sounds nice. Ashley no longer has her pool; her dog, Tucker, ate the plug for the top ring. I told her we'll have to wait to get another pool until we find some way to keep Tucker from eating it.

Kempy: I think we're having the same humidity as you are. This morning it was 73 degrees, but the dew point was 67 degrees. The meteorologist said we were trying out Miami weather for a few days. :lol: Belated Happy Anniversary. Ours was July 17...9 years for us.

Cherie: I hope everything is going well with you. Good luck on your move.

Dips: Come out and play when you can. We miss you.

Good night ladies.


08-04-2005, 08:57 AM
Hi Babes. Sorry for the absence but my life is just so darn busy all of a sudden. School doesn't start for another month and its already got me running around all crazy. Then I was feeling cranky because TOM came and decided he wanted to stay for TWO WEEKS! WTF. The last time this happened to me I was like 17 years old and though it was a once in a lifetime occurance. My BF is all panicking thinking I'm going to bleed to death.My weight went through some ups and downs like you wouldn't believe I went as low as 133 and then up to 139 and now I'm back at 135. TOM left yesterday so I decided to celebrate and take an advanced aerobics class. It killed me but I felt sooo good afterward. I'm even enjoying the soreness I feel this morning. My BF is even working out with me when he comes over. Yesterday he introduced me to the "romantic push-ups" we face each other while doing push ups at the same time and everytime we come up we kiss. We did 75. They come a lot easier with him for some odd reason. He said he has some other cool excersises to show me...can't wait:D

Okay so now my personal messages:

Angie- My love, I am so proud of you. You have prooven yourself to be such a trooper! I'm your biggest fan right now! :hat: :cheer:

Cal- Happy anniverssary (belated) 9 years and counting, huh. What a beautiful thing. It sucks what happened to the pool. That's the thing about dogs, they don't know any better so you can't get mad at them. I hope your girl wasn't too devestated.

Noelle- You are one stylin' chick!! Got your rims goin' on and a little personal KArate master in case anyone tries to f--- with you! You are DANGEROUS girl! :lol:

Kempy- Congrats to you too on 8 years of marriage. Joe is a lucky guy. I'm in retail so I know how petty chicks at work can be. My supervisor made it a point to hire tem new men to neutralize the estrogen in my department :lol:

J- You eat the coolest stuff. Your encheladas sound wonderful! :hungry: I'll have to come over for dinner soon. For breackfast this morning I treated myself to steak and eggs. In following with SBD I had to balance it out with a cup of vegetable juice (ewww) But ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I didn't feel like preparing veggies so I did it the quick way.

Well, I made a commitment with my BF to do 75 push ups a day so I gotta do mine before I go to work.

Later Babes.

08-05-2005, 10:05 AM
Good Morning girls!! I just got done decorating the peepee cake for Clyde. It came out okay I guess. I am sure she will get a kick out of it. :lol: Jay is out tamping the sand down for the walkway and then it is up to me to find a way to lay the slate that I like. We got random peices so it will look rustic.

Kempy, I am so sorry I forgot too wish you two a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY too. That is so weird that we were born on the same day and married on the same month too. :lol: Ours is on the 25th. It is our 15th anniversary this year. Time sure flies huh?

Dips, I like your idea of push ups although I have to admit that I had my mind in the gutter when you described them. :lol: :rofl: Oh my god a 2 week period? I would go crazy with that.

Cal, Boy Tucker had some fun huh? What a little stinker. He sounds like Mickey. That dog can chew anything up. Hows the temps out your way? Is Ashley excited for school to start? Mine are, they hate being home all summer. They are strange kids. hehe

Julie, When do your kids start school? Mine are on the 29. I just looked it up on the calendar. Too bad we dont live closer we could go hang out while the kids are at school. Have you guys decided on where you want to take your vacation? I am not even sure we are going to take one thisa year. I have been saving for it but I dont know if I should get totally out of debt instead. I guess I will make a decision when the time comes.

Noelle, I hope you are feeling better

Cherie, Thinking about you.

08-05-2005, 11:40 AM
Hi Angie- You're a funny girl! Don't feel bad about your mind being in the gutter with the push-ups. When my BF mentioned he wanted to show them to me I honestly didn't think he meant actual push-ups. I was actually hoping it was inuendo. We're both bad, it's okay :). Wow, 15 year anniversary! That's a blessing. I'll be ready to celebrate right there with you on the big day.So am I the only one who's had a two week period in life? It would have freaked me out if it hadn't happened to me before but as I said that was years ago.

Anyways, I had to dosome yoga this morning because yesterday my soreness from work intensified and I needed to get some good stretching in to feel better. Stretching is VERY important, ladies. The next day the soreness is slight but it's that following day that really gets you. I'll be in and out today so TTYL

08-05-2005, 03:03 PM
Just an update…. This week has been a pretty tough one for me. I am trying to pack because the girls and I are moving next Friday here to Norman. Due to the previous tenant destroying the duplex, I had to postpone my move til next week. I have so much to do still.

As of last Friday, I finally got to talk to one of Steven’s doctors. At that point, they had just done a laser knife surgery on his lung and discovered he had three different masses in his right lung. They were going to do a procedure where they put a tube down his nose or mouth and insert radiation beads into one of the tumors. The doctor wanted him to also do chemotherapy at the same time. Steven has been and was against that due to how it made him feel before and due to it not being effective. I think on Saturday night, a nurse talked him into it. Sunday, when he called his doctors in to tell them, they told him then, it wasn’t a viable option anymore. His safety net was taken away at that point mentally. Monday, they did a scope procedure to look at his left lung, and they found three more areas. Tuesday they did the radiation bead thing, however, he panicked and couldn’t handle the tube, and ended up having the doctor pull it out after only an hour or so. He was upset that he failed the girls. Since then he seems to be declining rapidly.. Just mentally and physically. I think he finally understands there really isn’t nothing more to do to save him. I have talked to his aunt a lot, and she told me the nurse has told her he is in stage 4 of cancer. They are basically doing the radiation to (in my opinion to prolong it) slow things down right now. She also indicated from her experience, not from what the doctors have said, if he leaves the hospital, it will be to discharge him into hospice care. She has even offered to let him come live with her during this time; she said he won’t be alone. (She had done this in the past with other patients). So far, he has declined. He has been going into some angry rages, and I think it’s due to the medication and obviously his condition.. The morphine is just really changing his personality. They haven’t told him as much about his condition as they have told his aunt. I am going there this afternoon to see what I can find out.

Wednesday, I pretty much hit bottom and lost it here at work. My HR manager got me an appointment with a family physician that day and I went in and finally asked for some medical help with my depression. He has put me on two antidepressants one to use at a lower dose for a sleep aid. Right now, I hate they way they are making me feel… a little disconnected with the world and my thinking isn’t as sharp as it should be. However, I agreed to try it for two weeks to see if it will help. I also went to see a counselor today that was set up through my HR manager as well. I felt like it was a total waste of times as he said, I am very realistic about everything, and I am coping appropriately. What I need is a support system here to help with the girls… and that is something that I don’t have near me, but I am working on it. My brother offered to take the girls for the next 10 days while I finish packing and move, so last night, spur of the moment; I met him and gave him the girls…. They will be in Arkansas while I finish our move and get them enrolled in school. This was their first week of their new day care and I hated making them go to my brothers, but I know they will have fun; it just bothers me that I am causing them so much instability right now. Once we move, I am hoping things calm down for all of us. I just really fear however, the next 4 months are going to be **** where Steven is concerned. Hannah is having a really hard time with this. I am trying my best, but it’s not enough. I am going to get her into the counselor too.. I can get her three visits as well through my work, actually both of them and see if that will help. He is looking for me some coloring books that deal with death and dying to help me talk to her about it. I’m just so sad for them.. Especially her, she is so aware of what is going on.

Anyway…. This weekend, I’ll be packing trying to get that out of the way, so I can have a couple of days before I actually more where the only thing I HAVE to do is work. I am looking forward to that. I am still going to be at the hospital a lot, but, it helps not having the girls this week to take care of.

I'm still around.. just not much mental time to work on me and this weight thing.. I've gained back everything I lost this spring... so I am feeling really bad about myself.. and that isn't helping with the other parts of my life... anyway... bear with me, I hope after I get settled and moved, I can at least try to start back exercising and coming here for the mental break that I need. I'll talk to you all soon.


08-05-2005, 05:16 PM
{{{Cherie}}} I am so sorry. I wished I could do something. I know that probably sounds stupid coming over the internet but I am serious. You are such a strong woman. It isnt fair that you guys have to go through all of this.

08-05-2005, 10:48 PM
Cherie, :grouphug:I am so so sorry. I agree with Angie, this is not fair that you have to through this. I feel so bad for you and the girls and Steven. I will continue to pray for you honey.

08-06-2005, 11:27 AM
Cherie, there simply are no words to express how much we all feel for you. You and your children have a lot of difficult days ahead and you need all the strength and support you can get. If there is anything at all I can do during this time do not hesitate. I'm thinking of you and I'm praying for you right along with everyone.

08-07-2005, 07:15 PM
Hello. Well, I kinda fell off the wagon and then I ate it. :lol: I did so well for 4 days last week. I am not giving up though. I just have to retry. I am taking the girls school shopping tomorrow so that should be fun. NOT! :lol: It is not fun shopping with a teen girl.

Well, I gave Clyde her cake. She liked it and was surprised that we threw her a little party. I will email pics to you guys later because I am sure I cant post the pic on here. If Dips or Cherie want to see the cake just pm me your email and I will send it to you. I just wanted to warn you Julie where you have little kids not to open it in front of them. :lol:

Well, I just wanted to check in and confess.

08-07-2005, 10:15 PM
Hey girls another weekend winding down....

Angie can't wait to see those pics of that cake. I will be sure not to open them with the kiddos around ;). I love that you are not giving up. You go girl and get right back on the wagon. I will be chasing it and jumping on to it with you :). I have not been eating to great, okay not good at all this weekend. My boy starts school on the first and my daughter starts pre-school on the sixth. Have fun shopping tomorrow. I have to go out and get school supplies too.

Well going to get off of here for the night. I will check in tomorrow. It has been a busy weekend. We went to a church picnic today and just roasted in was so hot. But it was fun, the kids played some games and we did some shopping too this weekend. Okay going to round up the babes for bathtime.
Hi Angie, Noelle, Cherie, Dips, Kempy and Cal.

08-07-2005, 10:27 PM
I will continue to pray for your family Cherie. You are in my thoughts.

08-08-2005, 02:34 AM
He died at 10:30 tonight. How am I going to tell my girls? I am so sad.

Kempy... thank you for the wonderful book. I didn't realize I had a package at the manager's office til yesterday. It really made my day.

I'm going to bed now to cry... Its just not fair.

08-08-2005, 10:58 AM
Cherie, I am so sorry....I pray to God to be by your side at this time for you and the girls. It is not fair that the girls lost their dad and it just is not fair a young man gets sick. I wish I could find the words to comfort you at this time. Please know that we love you here, and are here for you in any
way we can help. Love, Julie

08-08-2005, 12:39 PM
:grouphug: Cherie, I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. I am praying for you as well, to give you and your girls strength and comfort. That is so very sad to lose someone so young. I wish I could reach out and hug you and your girls right now. Let us know if we can help you out in any way, really.

08-08-2005, 08:26 PM
Oh my god Cherie, I am so sorry. {{{{hugs}}}} I am praying for you,the girls,Steven and his family. I agree this is so unfair and sad. Please, please, please let us all know if we can help in anyway. We love you.

08-08-2005, 09:43 PM
Gosh Cherie, I wish I knew the right word to say but there really aren't any when this happens. I know from experience. When I read your post it brought up lots of emotions that I have about my dad. I am offereing you my support with the girls. ia m not a therapist or anything but I was about 11 when my dad got sick and 13 when he died. I know your two are younger then that but I will help in any way that I can. WE ALL LOVE YOU HERE AND ARE WITH YOU!!!!!

I hope you like the book.

08-08-2005, 09:47 PM
I didn't get a chance to post b/c I was shampooing carpets yesterday. I was almost done with the three rooms that I needed to do when I realized that the machine wasn't using the shampoo, I was just running water through the carpets. So, I had to re-do all of the rooms. I shampooed carpets for 5 hours yesterday and I only have three rooms with carpet. I was beat once I was finished. Joe and I popped in a movie to relax. We watched Hitch. All I can say is that I was in tears I was laughing so hard. I gave it to my neighbors tonight I just know they will love it.

Anige I know that you will be ok even if you slipped. You need to have a cheat day so just count that as one. I have not been OP in so long I think I forget how to eat. What sucks is that we leave for vacation soon and I am still the way that I didn't want to be. Oh well, Joe loves me for me.

I need to run get the rooms set back up. I wanted to make sure they were completly dry. I didn't want to run the chance of ruining the carpet or the furniture. I'll pop on a little later.

08-09-2005, 12:58 AM
Cherie, I am so sorry for your loss. Like Kempy, the news suddenly brought up lots of memories. Please know my prayers are with you and your girls, as well as Steven and his family.


08-09-2005, 09:42 AM
Last night, through a joint effort, I got the girls back. My brother met my best friend Deronda at Ft. Smith at 8 PM... and she picked them up and met me halfway in Henryetta. My friend, and the one from Houston that has always helped me out with the girls (she started out as Steven's coworker at Enron and I didn't even know her, and she took the girls when he was first dignoised) drove up from Houston yesterday, and then drove me to Henryetta once she got here. I got the girls. They are so beautiful. I was so happy to see them, yet so not ready either. I had knots in my stomach all evening.

Hannah and Megan wanted me to ride in the back of the van with them, they had really missed me, so we all three too the back seat, and because it was so late.. they ended up falling asleep on me.

We finally got home, and I got them in my bed. (their room is all packed up and you can't even get into it.) and Megan fell straight asleep. Hannah was awake however and I asked her if we could talk. I crawled into bed between her and Megan and told her how much I loved her and that I would be here for her. The I said, do you remember how sick your daddy was and how much pain he was in? And she got real quiet and looked me in the eyes, and as much as I 7 year old could understand, she knew. Tears welled up in both our eyes, and I told her, well, her daddy was no longer in any pain. And just said, he died last night. She stayed quiet and finally said, I knew this was going to happen. Between our tears I kept talking to her and the few comments she made just broke my heart. She's upset that she will never see her daddy alive again and that he will never talk to her again, all she ever wanted was a healthy daddy who could go out and play with her, and that the others better be glad they have healthy daddies.

I told her we would get through this... and that her daddy was up in heaven finally with his mommy and with Hunter and that he was flying through the clouds. I told her he would alway be her guardian angel watching over her.

I haven't told Megan yet.

She cried herself to sleep in my arms last night.

Today, we are going to a viewing of his body, so she can say goodbye. She doesn't understand why we are burning him in fire instead of burying him like everyone else.

I told her that was what he wanted, and that we needed to do what her daddy wanted. I told her he wanted his ashes scattered in the wind so he would be free of the pain again.

Somehow, I think she understood, but I know I will have alot to handle today when she wakes up.

Why does being a mother have to be so hard?

I have to finish packing up my apartment today, and then I have to pack up his apartment. His stuff (furniture) will be moved to my new place. This is going to be such a **** week... I'm hoping soon that things can get back to as normal as possible.

Hannah said last night, I don't want any more bad things to happen. I just had to hug her through my tears and agree.

I did get them registered in their new school yesterday. I spoke with the principal and she was wonderful. She personally will place Hannah in the hands of their best, caring teacher, and she placed Megan in the AM kindergarten class like I had asked. She had the counslor come out and talk with me and they are going to make a special point of taking care of the girls once school starts.

Anyway... today is going to be another tough day.... wish me luck.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.. they really are a comfort.
Anyway.. thanks... I need to get busy this morning.. it's going to be another long day.

08-09-2005, 10:07 AM
I know how difficult this time is for you. That was really great what the principal and counselor did for you. I wanted to let you know, in case you weren't already aware, that you can file for benefits on behalf of your daughters through Social Security. There is a death benefit for minor children and since Steven did work and pay into it, your girls are entitled to that benefit until they graduate from high school. You may also be eligible, but I'm not sure how it works since you are divorced. Look into it as soon as you can for the girls, it will help you financially. I remember that my dad rarely payed child support, but after he died my mom received enough for my brother and sister that she was a stay at home mom for over 10 years. I hope this information helps you.


08-09-2005, 11:32 AM
Oh Cherie, I wish I could just give you and the girls a big are such a brave and strong woman. I just can't express how much you are a wonderful loving mom and person. You have two very special beautiful girls. Hannah is such a good girl....both of them are. Today will be a hard day I am sure, I can only imagine. And the rest of the week will be hard like you said. I wish we all could come to see you and help you this week. I will continue to keep you and the girls and my thoughts to make it through this difficult time.

I am glad that the girls will be in such good care with the school this year.

Bless your heart Cherie,


08-09-2005, 03:44 PM
Cherie, you are such a great mom, I know we always tell you that, but you are. So compassionate and strong, just like a mother should be, only doubly so since you've had to shoulder the responsbility of bringing those sweet girls up by yourself. I like to think that our loved ones are always watching over us when they pass. Now you and the girls have a few angels watching over you. Gosh, I know it's hard now but take comfort in knowing that he is pain free. I think that's a great tip from Cal, it should definitely make things a little easier for you financially. I really wish we could come up there and help you move or at least take your little ones for a while while you get everything situated with the move and everything. We're here for you when you need us and we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

Today is my grandmother's birthday, if she were alive she would've been 103 :lol: I know, pretty unlikely, but she did live til she was 90 years old. She was my favorite grandma, who lived with us and watched me while I was too young to go to school. I learned a lot from her, mostly to stand up for what you believe in and if you want to make it in life, surround yourself with people you love and support you. I'm bringing my mom up to the cemetary to place flowers on her grave. Yesterday was Rick's 35th b-day. While he was at work I brought flowers over to my MIL's grave and had a little conversation w/her to say thanks. It was a beautiful sunny day. We didn't do anything special for dinner, just a small dinner together and a cake w/ice cream afterwards.

How's everyone else doing this fine day? hope everyone gets to pop in. I'll be back later. :) Have a good one.

08-09-2005, 05:38 PM
Cherie, That was so touching what you wrote about you and Hanna last night that I sat here and cried for you. It is just so sad that I really dont know what to say. I wished I could do or say something to make it all better for you because I hate to see how much pain you guys are in. I want you to know that you are an awesome Mom and you have done a great job raising your little girls. I am so proud of you. I want you to know that we are all thinking of you all right now. Remember if you need anything at ll just say the word....

08-09-2005, 05:46 PM
Well, I havent managed to get back on track yet. I am bad I know. I took thge girls school shopping Monday and spent so much money. :yikes: I bought most of the girls things at Pacsun. They had an awesome deal going on that if you spent 50.00 then you got a certificate for 25.00 pacbucks. Needless to say I now have 75.00 pacbucks coming to me for Coreys school shopping when he gets home. So if I spend 150.00 there then I only have to pay 75.00 out of my pocket. YEAH.

I am bringing the kittens home this weekend. I cant wait, they are so cute and sucxh little terrors now.

Julie, I am shocked at how that lady treated you. Oh my god. I wouldnt go back either. She didnt apologize or anything for her rudeness? My Dad had his do that to him last year too. He has been going to her since I was little and one day he went for a cut and he stepped on the bar where you rest your feet and she started to ***** at him saying he was going to break it etc(Mind you my dad is just a little guy). So he took off the bib and walked out and told her he wont break it now.

The cake was a little gross but that is what kind of humor my family has. :lol: My sister has printed off pics of it to show everyone at the hospital where she works.

Noelle, Tell Rick Happy Belated Birthday. Did he get everything he wanted? :lol:

Well, I gotta go find something for supper

08-09-2005, 07:51 PM
Darn! I am at home today and have to wait to go the office tomorrow to see Angie's naughty cake pics :lol:.

Julie, sheesh! That stylist must've been having a rotten day and needed to spread her anxiety around. I can't believe she treated you like that. I would've walked out too--but first b*tched to the manager first. Man, going for haircuts and beauty treatments should be fun and relaxing, not anxiety producing. I'm sorry for your horrendous experience. I'm sure you look mah-velous though dahlink.

Angie the champion shopper :lol: I love getting deals like that. Is PacSun like surf/skate wear and stuff like that? I think we have a store like that in our mall over here. I'm glad Michael has school uniforms and I don't necessarily have to buy him new school clothes every year. He is growing like a weed though. Has Corey had a growth spurt yet? like getting taller than Alicia or even Brit?

Shoot, I have to go and check on the laundry, I just heard something fall off the line. Hey to all my girls.....Cal, Dips, Kempy and Cherie. hugs to all!

08-09-2005, 09:15 PM
Hi girls just popping back in....

Angie great job on the shopping trip. I love finding deals and coupons for things. Dd needs a backpack yet and I want to find some capri's on sale. Ds has so many clothes but needs new gym shoes and supplies for class. Good for your Dad, I should have walked out too. I am just so afraid I will hurt someone's feelings, but what the heck was I thinking she was bashing me!! I am a wimp. No apology either, I thought she would have called the next since I have known her so long. Oh well....dh thought the cake was funny.

Noelle she is the owner of the salon :p. I hope you are enjoying your day at home.

Well the healthy dinner idea went out the window. I grilled cheeseburgers with pepperjack cheese. What else can I say but, YUM!! Oh know dh just got some mint ice cream....

Hi everybody

08-09-2005, 11:49 PM
Night Girls

08-09-2005, 11:58 PM
First, let me offer my condolences to Cherie and her girls. Cherie, the fact that you can continue to keep in touch with us while moving and comforting your girls during this incredibly difficult time shows amazing strength of character. God will see you through this. I know your girls are young and they don't quite understand why this had to happen to them but kids are resilliant beings and they will overcome this, especially with a mom like you by their side.
We all live far apart but we are connected through the net and the mail so if there is ANYTHING at all that you need, we are here for you and I mean that with the highest level of sincerity. You have a whole team of supporters right here and we're a lot closer than we appear. You're in my thoughts and thank you for continuing to let us know how you're doing. It means a lot.

I'm busy running around getting ready for school. I forgot how much paperwork goes into registration. I'll be back tomorrow to post to everyone else individually.

luv u guys!

08-10-2005, 01:06 PM
Hi girls, just bumping us up. Just going to go clean the house and wait for it to dry up outside to take the kids out. We finally got rain. Dh couldn't get off of work this week to drive up to Sil's rental cottage so that is out. I guess that is okay, I don't feel like driving in the car with the kids for three hours :dizzy:. Anyway I will check back later.

08-10-2005, 05:57 PM
Hey girlies. It is hot and muggy here today. We've got a little tropical storm hanging out southeast of the big island and it's making for weird weather here. Yuck. I'm paying some bills online (at home :) ) then I'll head back to the office where the A/C is running full blast. The house across the street is getting re-roofed so there's some bare-chested hotties I can gaze up at. There are more young'uns than old geezers so that's a good thing (if I can quote my friend Martha :lol: ) Yesterday I was washing my car and surreptitiously (sp?) glancing their way every now and then :devil:

Julie, hmmm, didn't know your stylist was the owner of the salon. What kind of example is she setting for her employees? :rolleyes: Your SIL has a rental cottage? That would be a cool place to retreat too. I keep meaning to tell you, one of the gals who used to work as a waitress in the Bangkok hotel we usually stay at got married and moved to WI. Talk about culture shock, eh? Her husband is half Thai/half white and has been living in the states. She's never left Thailand until a few months ago when she got married. She corresponds w/us via email and talks about how she's enjoying the summer weather (HOT!) but is missing home. She also doesn't have anyone to chit-chat with. Her english is good, but I guess coming from a totally different culture she's having a hard time finding new friends. I told her to just cook something up and invite the neighbors over. I love Thai food :lol: I have to find out exactly where in WI she's living though.

Angie, I got to check my work email this morning. You are so baaad, but oh so funny. :lol: I like your family's sense of humor. We're the same way but maybe not so open about it :lol:

Dips, I keep forgetting you're still a "baby" yet. (age of course, I mean that in the most positive way) Hope the registration process goes smoothly for you. I kind of miss the college atmosphere. I think I'd do way better in class now that I'm older and much more mature, than I was straight outta high school and only wanting to play. Gosh, I think you're the same age as my oldest nephew. When did you graduate HS? '99? My gray hair just seems so much grayer when I think about it like that :lol: What are you enrolling in, if you don't mind me asking...

Cal, how are those kiddos adjusting to school? Have you already started your count down to the next fall break? :) I'm kinda bummed about the California Screamin' roller coaster situation--didya hear about that little accident it had at the end of July? That's scary! We'll be at Disneyland again the last week of Sept...but I think the ride may still be down for maintenance. Better safe than sorry eh?

Cherie, hope you're hanging there Ok. Do you have a forwarding address yet? I'd like to keep my address book up to date. Thinking of you and the girls.

Kempy, how's the salon politics lately? Any juicy new stories? :lol:

Well, I gotta get back to my office soon. The boss-man may be calling around looking for me. Ciao!

08-10-2005, 08:09 PM
Noelle, not a very good example....
That is so neat about the lady you know who lives here. You have to find out what city she lives in. I bet she has major culture shock. We have been having a really hot summer. But today is nice in the upper eighties. I think it is hot all over this year. Enjoy that eye candy you sassy thing!!

Going to get off of here and finish cleaning up dinner. We made steaks on the grill, cauliflower, and I made some homemade cheese grits. Tomorrow night is the first pre-season game of the year. I can not believe it is football time again. Time for tailgating. I love my team.

Hi everybody :wave:. I hope everyone is doing all right.

08-10-2005, 10:07 PM
OKAY- What is up with this "Cake" that Angie has been sending everybody and how can I be down??!! I'm feeling left out :mad:

Noelle- Staring at hot guys is THE thing to do! I do it all the time. It's fabulous. I'm glad to be the "Baby" among the group since I feel like the old lady at school. I'm looking around at all these teens fresh out of highschool when I graduated before the new mellinium. :lol: I'm majoring in Communication Arts specializing in TV and Radio Broadcasting. So hopefully you'll see me on the tube in a couple of years. I couldn't agree with you more about going to school when you're more mature. I thinkjoining the Army first gave me the discipline nad life experience that will really make me appreciate college more than these young kids who don't really know any better. The pressures of military life definately took the anxiety out of going to college so I'm very excited.

J- I say again, you cook the coolest stuff!! That's it! I am coming to your house for dinner and I'm stickin around for breakfast :hun: Good for you on getting some rain over there.

Cal- As a kid who always went back to school in September, I must say that going back in August just seems so wrong. Hope all is going well as everyone prepares to hit the books.

Kempy- Hi love. How is everything going? Like I said, how can I be down with the cake thing. I'm like totally in the dark here. Somebody show me the Light.

Okay I got an early day tomorrow so I'm going to bed now.

Cherie, stay strong. You're a survivor and you inspire me. I'm thinking about you.

08-11-2005, 09:34 AM
Hey all!! I got my cat condo yesterday and boy dont they love it. It is huge but it looks good so it isnt like this big ugly thing in my livingroom. :lol:

Dips, PM me your email address and I will send you a pic of the cake that I made for my Mom's best friend's birthday last weekend. I made a peepee cake to surprise her with for her birthday. Like I said it is gross but funny. :lol: :rofl: We have a sick sense of humor over here. haha I dont think I can post it on here so I am emailing it to whoever wants to see it.

Not much going on here. It is so hot and muggy that I actually(get this!!!) said to Jay...." I cant wait until Fall!!!!" I will be hating myself when winter comes for saying that. haha

08-11-2005, 03:36 PM
I am playing hookie from work right now. I came home for lunch but I am not going to head back over there. I don't have any clients so I would much rather be at home. I am having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow so I really need to scrub the hosue down for that. I think I will have about 20 people here. I don't think I have ever had that many at one time before so it is a little nerve wraking.

Julie I wish we had some cooler weather. I told Joe that is getting cooler. :lol: We are having a high of 94 today and then Sat. it will be 92. Man, what a cool front. We leave on the 20th for vacation. I am so ready to go. I am starting to make a list of the food we need to bring. We rent condos with kitchens so that we can split the cooking and that usually helps save some money for other things.

Angie I have always wanted one of the cat things but I just know that Spart would hate it. He is the cheap cat. I ball up a piece of paper and he goes to town with it. His favorite thing is a plastic bottle cap. He runs with that things for hours. So, do you love being back at home?

Noelle I used to watch the guys building next door too. They looked better far away though. The hard part was when they were building on the side of our house that has our bathroom. They could look right down into the room so I had to take showers with the light off and run past the window just in case.

Dips did you get the e-mail yet? Also, can you PM me your address? I like mailing things to everyone and I think you are the last one that I don't have. A girl I work with is going to go back to school next year. She is 38 with an 18 year old duaghter so don't feel bad about being oler at school.

Cherie I hope that you are doing ok today. Pop onif you need to chat.

Well, I need to go clean something. I'll be back later.

08-11-2005, 04:04 PM
Good Afternoon Girls

Kempy have a nice afternoon off. My Mom was just at a Pampered Chef party and bought me this really cool pie spatula thing. The edges of it are serrated so you don't have to get a knife out while cutting things....I was surprised it is so sharp. I think a condo with a kitchen is a great idea for vacation. I remember your pics from last year and they were so nice. Save money on food and buy something for you!!

Dips you can pm me your e-mail address too. I like to have everyone's in case this site would go down, also to send you some pictures and stuff. Mine probally will not be as funny as Angie's pictures, haha.

Cherie, thinking of you....I hope things are going the best as they can be right now for you and the girls.

Angie I am glad you finally got the cat condo. I am thinking about getting a dog. Actually I was looking into getting a labradoodle. (standard poodle and yellow lab mix) They are suppose to be great with kids. And that is what I need because ds got bit by my mom's hyper dog. So I am trying to find a good breeder and a good price. I wouldn't even mind getting an adult dog, then no potty training. I had enough potty training these kids the last couple of years :lol:.

Noelle are you at home today? I can just see you looking out your window and checking out the roofing project ;).

Cal I hope you are staying cool and your school has a great air conditioning system.

Ds was in the bathtub last night and got out for one second found a scissors and cut the middle part of his bangs :dizzy:, I did the same thing right before my kindergarten pictures my mom said. He has got a gap right in the front. LOL, but I told him never do that again, you could cut yourself, so I think that made him think. I am going to have to take him in and get it shaped up. Darn, and his bangs were just the right length. He said he needed a trim. LOL, gotta love him. The rain is falling right now, kind of pretty. Dh's aunt is in town and from FL. So we might go visit her again. Boy it would be nice if we could come down to her place, she lives one hour away from disney ;). Does anyone like Howie Mandell? I love his sense of humor. He is coming out with a new show on Bravo I guess....he was on Regis and Kelly this morning. I think he will be like doing undercover things like tricking people and playing pranks on them. It will be nice to see some good tv come back on again. Okay enough babbling from me. Check back later on girls.

08-11-2005, 05:02 PM
Julie, I love it when he is on Regis and Kelly and he does the pranks on people while they are on vacation. That is so funny. I remember watching tapes of him when I was young and he would put the glove over his head and blow it up. He says he had to stop doing that because he popped a blood vessel. Yuck.

Dips, I would like your address too. We usually give out Christmas gifts and it would be nice to be able to send you something too.

Kempy, Have fun with your sakip day. YES, I love being back at home. We got so much yard work caught up already. We did the slate walkway and it looks nie. At the end of the month we are getting the driveway made higher as well so we dont have that big bank out front anymore. I think we will put in patio blocks so we dont have any bank.

My cats love the ring that goes around the milk top. They will chase and carry that thing around for hours. :lol: cats are silly. I may pick the kittens up tomorrow and bring them home. Tinky is gonna love having kittens to play with....once he stops hissing at them. :lol:

Julie, I let my friend cut my hair once on a sleepover when I was in kindergarten. She said she wouldnt like me anymore so I let her. I thought my Dad was gonna kill me when he picked me up. :lol: :rofl:

08-11-2005, 06:20 PM
Angie, that is so cute about how "she wouldn't like you anymore", I remember how mad my mom was too, I had long straight hair down to my behind and I took a big piece from the side and kind of made a mullet on one side of my head. I checked the Bravo website and the show is called Hidden Howie, forgot to check what days it is going to be on though. It had a preview clip on the site. I just love his humor. Kind of like Tom Green maybe? Well I am going to go and start chugging my water now so I am not up all night going to the bathroom. I ate too much salt at dinner.

Have a good evening girls. I have some quiet time here right now, dh took the kids to the toy store. I hope they don't spend a lot on toys!

08-11-2005, 06:23 PM
test post, eveytime I post and click submit, I have to click my refresh button and submit again. Whats up with that? Okay the Packers are coming on soon!

08-11-2005, 07:17 PM
Hey girls, I had to stop by at home for while. We bought this new bed back in June, a "Sterling" brand something or other with the memory foam? This was what we bought when we actually wanted to go out and get a Tempurpedic .Anyway, this bed has a 3" pillow topper that on one side, is much softer than the other. The sales manager actually came out to the house to check it out. There's something wrong w/the tailoring of the mattress protector itself that's causing it to they're replacing the whole bed on Monday. Cr@p, i shoulda just gotten the darn Tempurpedic like I wanted--(hindsight is 20/20, eh?).

The roofers finished the job yesterday so there were no more hotties up on the roof this morning, so I figured I might as well go to work :lol:

Kempy, that is funny that you had to shower w/the light off and run past the window :lol: Have fun at your pampered chef party. I guess you get buying credit from the orders that people place, like PartyLite candles? I've never been to a PC party but then I don't even have my own freakin' house to buy for :rolleyes: :lol:

Angie, your kitties are so lucky to have a huge playhouse for them. I was checking those out on ebay when you mentioned them, but shipping would probably cost a fortune to ship to me. My cats just use the old dining chairs my grandma used to have, I bet you can imagine what the upholstery looks like when it's used as a scratching post. I feel sick, one of the feral cats we feed "kitty boy" (i know, lame name), came home with a huge hole in his neck this morning. He didn't come around yesterday to eat but this morning he was there and he didn't even run away when I went to pet him. He must be really bad off. I couldn't find him after breakfast time otherwise I would bring him to the vet or something. It looks like maybe someone shot him w/a BB gun? I don't think a cat fight could make such a huge hole like that. Poor kitty.

Julie, oh no, not a self haircut! It's funny you mention it, but today is Michael's picture day. I hope you can find someone to fix your DS's hair. At least he's a boy and if you really had to, you could just buzz it and let it grow back in. I was at home this morning and yesterday watching Regis and Kelly w/Howie Mandel. His humor kinda reminds me of Ellen Degeners...they're so deadpan and quick that you don't know if they're serious or not. He's one of those germaphobes isn't he? He didn't wanna taste the food that lady was making because they used the same table they were showing the stinky turtle on :lol: :rolleyes:

Dips how was your day today? Did ya get everything done? Sometimes I feel like we need more than 24 hours in a day. How's the weather up in NYC?

Hey to Cal and CHerie, hope you guys are doing well. I gotta run and pick up the boy from school. Have a good evening. :wave:

08-12-2005, 08:48 PM
Hi Ladies,

Okay, I have a lot to do tonight. First I'm going to clean my place top to bottom, Then I'm going to wash and braid my hair,then I'll probably be too tired for anything else so then I'll go to bed. Can I get it poppin' on a friday night or what! :lol:

J- you took me back to the day that I cut my own hair. I took one of my pig tails and snip snip! My mother was shocked out of her senses. Your Ds' little styling moment doesn't seem too bad though.

Noelle- I used to think I needed more hours in a day but all that would lead to is more work hours and more errands to make me wish there were even more hours in a day. I guess I'll accept the 24 that I get :)

Angie: I sent you my email addy so let me see that cake :D

Kempy- it's hot as **** over here. I 9only go out at night if I go out at all I can only imagine hot hot it is down south. You poor dear.

Okay ladies my dad is coming over in about an hour and my place is a mess so I have to clean up so that he doesn't go home to tell my mom that her daughter is a slob. I am but that secret will stay with ME :D. Be back later!

08-12-2005, 11:11 PM
Hi girls

Noelle I hope you get that bed fixed. You guys need something comfy to sleep in after a long day at work.

Dips have a nice visit with your Dad. I hope you got it cleaned up in time.

Well sorry so short of a post tonight. Kind of tired. Going to try and get some school shoppin in this weekend. Gotta make a list. Check back in this weekend. Have a good one everyone. Hi out there ladies.

08-14-2005, 02:04 AM
Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know that I'm still here. This last week was very busy. The kids seem ok so far. We've only had 2 of them in lunch detention already. Overall, though, a much better group than last year. We're going to have a busy year, which I'm glad for because it keeps the kids on their toes. Only 8 weeks until Fall break. :lol: (Yes, Noelle, I have already started the countdown!!

The weather has gotten a little better. It's still hot (in the upper 90's), but the humidity is a bit high. However, it is bareable.

Hello to everyone. It's late and I'm off to bed. Have a great weekend.


08-14-2005, 12:30 PM
Happy Sunday! I had a pretty good weekend. Got most of my errands done. I barely made my house dedcent for dad. I actually resorted to stuffing things in the closet at the last minute. :lol: gotta do what'cha gotta do, right?

Angie- WOW. that is all I have to say about the cake. Just, WOW!

J- you have such an adorable family. You guys look like you have a lot of fun together. Thank you for the pics. You're cute as a button and I love your smile. I'll try and send some more pics of me as soon as I find my usb cable for my digital camera.

Cal- Hey girl. I see you're keeping busy these days. School will do that to you.

Noelle- I was tempted to get a tempurpedic but I went with a regular mattress instead. Did you get your new one yet? Let me know how ya like it when you really break it in ;)

Hi Kempy- What's good in your neighborhood? Is this humidity kickin your *** or what!

Thanks for all your adresses ladies, I feel closer to you now :D

08-14-2005, 05:58 PM
Hi girls on this Sunday....I hope everyone is having a good one.

Dips, thank you for the compliments you are a sweetie. That cake was something, huh? If any of us ever have a crazy party we will have to send an order to Angie and she will come up with something!

Cal glad to see you checked in. I was thinking about you. Let the countdown begin to fall break. :)

Going to go get dinner started now. Actually we just walked in the door from my mom's. Went school shopping for supplies and backpacks for the kids and spent $82.00 in one hour. Isn't that crazy? That didn't even include a lunchbox for my boy or gym shoes for him yet. School years are expensive, I guess. Just getting started....I better get use to it. :dizzy:. Check back later on. Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone.

08-15-2005, 12:07 PM
Hi girls, bumping us up....will check back later :)

08-15-2005, 01:43 PM
Anybody here today? How was everyone's weekend? I stayed pretty busy all weekend. I also was up to late last night watching Comedy Central's Pam Anderson's Roast. It was pretty nasty and dirty but really funny.
Noelle did you catch it? Tommy Lee was there and he was a subject of alot of jokes. His show also starts this week. Dh is looking foward to that. Well gotta run and grab some lunch. I did not have a healthful eating weekend. Got into the brownies again. So I hope I can drop my ten pounds I want to lose and start eating healthy and right.

Come out everyone when you get the time....

08-15-2005, 05:54 PM
I'M MELTING!!!!!! It is so hot down here right now. It really isn't hotter than any other day but I just can't take it anymore. I am keeping myself inside until about 5 and even then it is still hot. Not much to report. The PC party was fun, but I am glad it is over. I was freaking out about people coming over. I wanted the house to be perfect. Weird I know. Now, I can relax.

We are getting things together for vacation and that just wont get here fast enough. What is bad is that Echo AND Rhea are in heat so we are going to have to take them to my FIL and have him really watch them so they don't get in trouble. We are going to get them fixed but then they went into heat. YUCK!

I need to go let them out so I will try to pop on a little later with more of a real post.

08-15-2005, 07:58 PM
Stay Cool Kempy :cool:! I am sick of the heat too. But I won't be saying that in Febuary ;). I don't know what the heck I was thinking tonight by cooking dinner in the oven, I made a pizza pasta casserole and homemade banana muffins, I was just sweating in the kitchen. Glad the party went well, I am sure your house looked beautiful for it. I know what you mean though about having company over. I get stressed sometimes too. If the girls get into to trouble I would love a puppy :), I am keeping my eye out for the right one.

Check back in tonight girls. Hi out there everyone, hope your day is going well.

08-15-2005, 08:02 PM
I missed Pam Anderson's roast!! AWWW MAAAAN :mad: I was sooo looking forward to it but Comedy Central should re-air it so hopefully I can catch it later. I really like her. She's a lot of fun to watch and she's so darn pretty. What a sport she is for putting herself out there to be roasted.Anyways ...

Kempy- I feel for you. Fortunately for us New Yorkers,we've been getting a lot of rain which put an end to our heat wave. Unfortunately it also caused problems on the subway. But it feels a lot better outside these days. BTW keep close watch on those doggies!

Hi J- I had a great weekend. I didn't want to go back to work today but, gotta pay the bills, right? Going back to school is going to be costly for me too. Books alone are going to leave me broke. If you think it's bad now, wait till college!

I'm making steaks for dinner tonight acompanied by mixed veggies and brown rice. I actually have a big appetite tonight so I'm going to take advantage without abusing it. My BF made rosemary chicken last night. It was pretty good. I was just happy to get a break from the kitchen. Okay, gotta chop up the squash. I'll be back later.

08-15-2005, 08:06 PM
Ooooohhhhh yeahhhhhh.... :lol: Julie, I didn't catch the Pam Anderson roast but I did catch Tommy Lee on Regis & Kelly...I dunno what it is about him, he's so scruffy looking, but he still does it for me :^: I've been lusting after him since 1984? 7th grade? naughty I know. He's the reason I chose to play the drums in band. I have strange taste in men I guess (look what I married, just kidding!). Hey, one of my girlfriends said there's a rumor that Motley Crue may end their US tour in Hawaii. I can only wait w/bated breath :p . Steve Carrell(?) (40 y.o. Virgin) is a funny guy too. I loved him in Bruce Almighty, I remember watching that movie on a plane and trying not to laugh too loud.

Kempy, I so know what you mean about not being able to take the freakin' heat anymore. It's been staying up in the low 90's here, sometimes w/a storm passing by then all the tradewinds die down, it's miserable. It cools down pretty good at night though, sometimes dipping into the low 70's. So did you guys give up on breeding Echo? I'm pretty sure neutering keeps them healthier in the long run.

Dips, thanks for the PM, I'll send my info over. It seems my PC's are still out to make my life as miserable as possible so I can't always get online. Did ya have a good visit w/your dad?

Hey Cal, I guess I shouldn't be complaining about the heat considering where you live. I know you have no trouble keeping those kids in line, glad you have a great bunch of kids to work with this year.

Angie, how's it going w/you girl? You still sprucing up your house? How's the housing market in ME? Are you guys still keeping an eye out to sell and buy a new place?

Cherie, hope your move is going smoothly. Thinking about you and the girls.

Well, gotta stop here. It's lunch time and I'm starving (well, not quite :ink: )

08-15-2005, 11:36 PM
Dips your boyfriend sounds like he can cook. Thats great. And your dinner sounds really good and healthy. I am glad your heat wave has ended. They are re-airing the roast now. So funny, I can't believe they can get away with saying the things they do on tv now. When I was a kid I never heard a swear word on tv. Now the soaps and talk shows are full of them.

Noelle, you better be at that concert if they do end the tour there. I can see you bringing Rick along screaming "I love you Tommy!" LOL....
I missed Regis and Kelly because golf was on. Blah.

Hi everyone else....Angie, Kempy, Cherie, and Cal

08-15-2005, 11:40 PM
Good Night Girls

08-16-2005, 01:18 AM
Dips: Thanks for the info. I've sent you mine as well.

If possible, I'd like to exchange info with everyone. I had addresses for Angie, Noelle, and Kempy, but I've misplaced them. I'd really like to have the info for everyone so we can still keep in touch if anything ever happens to this site.

Have a great evening everyone.


08-16-2005, 10:06 PM
Okay,I feel better because I did see the re-aired and apparently uncencored Pam Anderson roast. It was hilarious. She is such a sport. As tasteless as the whole event was, she managed to take it all like a champ.Anyhoo

J- I know what you mean about how much they allow on tv. Who knows what they're going to be able say 10 years from now :yikes:

Noelle- I had a great visit with Dad. Thanks for asking. I never figured you could be a Tommy Lee fan. You must be, like, the good girl who likes bad boys. You don't get any badder than him :crazy

Well, I'm going to bed soon but I want to do my dishes first. Good night ladies!

08-16-2005, 10:11 PM
Dips wasn't it funny.

Noelle I am watching Tommy goes to college with dh. Be sure to tune in!!

Good Night Girls.

08-17-2005, 05:34 AM
Julie, I was watching this show about Corvettes when my sister called and told me Tommy Lee was on TV. She has digital cable so she has different channels than I do...i had to do a frantic channel surf before I found him :lol: But find him I did. He's such a goofball, acting like a little kid. You know what makes him so endearing though, he seems like he always needs someone to give him that nod of approval. it was funny how he couldn't get the hang of those quad drums. Is this a weekly thing? If so, I'm tuning in again. Oops, let's not drool on the keyboard :o

Dips, yup, that's me. In school I was the one pulling all the stunts while my friends got the blame. I looked like a goody-two shoes but actually I think I was the naughtiest one :devil:

I had a rough day. Dental appointment for some cosmetic work...the anesthetic didn't wear off until 4-5 hours later! :eek: So you see, I had a reason to be drooling :lol: But I will be enjoying my new "new" bed. I will let you know how I like it.

Anywhos....have a good night everyone. I'll try and pop in tomorrow at a normal hour.

08-17-2005, 10:32 AM
Cherie, I can't imagine how hard this time is for you. You have so much strength during all of this. I am glad that you had friends and family to help you out. It is just heart breaking to hear about the girls having to say goodbye to their dad....they are so special. Steven will be holding the girls hands forever. I am glad they are finding some comfort with your new place. It must be nice you and the girls can go out into to your own yard now.
You are welcome for the gift, sorry your birthday present was late. And I am glad the girls liked the teddy bears. Take care sweetie. I am glad to see you here.

08-17-2005, 10:36 AM
That was so strange....I posted and hit my submit and my post came before your's Cherie? I think there is something wrong with my computer or this site.

Cherie, I can't imagine how hard this time is for you. You have so much strength during all of this. I am glad that you had friends and family to help you out. It is just heart breaking to hear about the girls having to say goodbye to their dad....they are so special. Steven will be holding the girls hands forever. I am glad they are finding some comfort with your new place. It must be nice you and the girls can go out into to your own yard now.
You are welcome for the gift, sorry your birthday present was late. And I am glad the girls liked the teddy bears. Take care sweetie. I am glad to see you here.

Hi out there everyone. Have a good day. I am going to try and fix this computer, maybe logging off?

08-17-2005, 11:26 AM
Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers this past week. This has been the hardest week of my life. I hope to never have to go through something like that again.

I got the girls back on Monday night, and Tuesday we went to go say our goodbyes to Steven. Hannah and Megan both were really upset, but I think it was good for them to see he did actually die. Both girls got to leave him a note and to kiss his forehead before we left. Hannah is taking it really emotionally and Megan is just so matter of fact about it. They are coping, but in totally different ways.

I also met with a lawyer on Tuesday, I need to be appointed representive of his estate so I can get Social Security to talk to me and get his account straightened out. My sister also flew in that day as well.

Wednesday, my aunt took the girls for the night while my sister, my friend Natalie (who came in on Monday) and myself went to Steven's apartment and packed it up. We threw away alot of stuff and we packed alot of stuff for a garage sale that my sister and Natalie decided to have on Saturday.

Thursday we went back and finished up his apartment, and brought a load down to Norman where I signed the paperwork for my new duplex. That day was actually spent just finishing up my packing, running errands and picking up the girls. We stayed up pretty late finishing packing my apartment that night.

Friday, I got up early and took the girls down to Norman to day care, came back and met the movers and we started moving at 9 AM.... to make a long story short, we finished up at 11:15 PM. It was a **** day. My HR manager picked up the girls from daycare, and they ended up staying the night with her. Natalie's husband had flown in that day too, they are buying Steven's old pickup from me to give to their son. They stayed up for the rest of the night organizing and pricing for the garage sale.

The sale went off the next morning, and after it was all said and done, we made about $400.00. I spent half of it on the girls to buy them new bedding for their room, and the other half will go to the lawyer for filing fees.

My stepdad and girlfriend came in on Saturday, and Natalie and her husband left to go back to Houston.

Sunday, I woke up to my top lip covered with blisters... from all the stress, and I am still trying to get them to go away. We had a family dinner at my aunts house that afternoon, and my sister and girls and I went back home and just rested.

Monday, my sister flew back home to Florida, and I was left alone for the first time... it was really weird. Now, I am just trying to unpack and organize the house and it will just take me a while to get through it all.

I am back at work today finally, trying to get organized.... girls start back to school on Monday so this week I will try to make it through all the boxes in their rooms.

They are loving the new place, and they are actually able to go outside and play, so it's great for us all. They haven't said much lately about their dad.. but I know it's on their minds. Little comments here and there or questions. I am still so very sad for them, but I know we are going to be OK.

It's just really weird not to have him around. We had him cremated, and the nurse that befriended him is buying an urn to put his ashes in. Hannah want's to keep the ashes, so for now, we will do that. He didn't want a service, so later, the family will get together to have a dinner and a semi-wake for him. We made it through last week.... and that was what I was trying to do... I still have a lot of hard work to do regarding him and the girls, but I think the worse is over.

Thanks everyone for everything.... I really have needed those thoughts and prayers.


08-17-2005, 11:32 AM
Julie.... Thank you for the gift. I haven't had a chance to log in and tell you... the bears were wonderful and the girls love them. I got soap and candles from the Forever Candle place and they are beautiful. Those are made in Arkansas.. my sister knew about them and used to buy them all the time. Thank you so much for it.. it was so very thoughtful.


08-17-2005, 09:46 PM
Hey guys. I am trying to get things together for vacation. Little things like watering the lawn and all of the plants inside so they don't die while we are gone. I have to make sure all of the bills are paid b4 we go and spend all of the money having fun. I closed out my Pampered Chef party tonight and I did better then I thought. I was thinking my totals would be $500 but I was at $1200. That gave me $265 in free stuff. That was fun picking out all of the things I wanted.

Cherie it sounds like you have been getting things done even though it has been tough. I have been thinking about you over the past few days. I was wondering how you were handleing things. I have noticed that you have not mentioned Alan in a while is that part of your life ok? Let me know if that is non of my business. I wont have my feelings hurt.

Dips they say that is is going to be REALLY hot this weekend. Thankfully we are going to the beach and it should be cooler there. They say the high is 96 and that doens't take into account the heat index. I bet it will be around 118 with the HI. YIKES!!

Julie did you get that worm that they were talking about on the news this morning? I forgot what they were calling it. I hate that there are poeple out there wirting those stupid virus programs. Don't they have anything better to do?

Noelle does your mouth hurt? I really need to go to the dentist. I tried to tlak they into Invisaline for me but he talked me out of it. What a weird man, not wanting my money.

Angie are you spending so much time working out that you can't post? :D I bet you are in your yard, aren't you?

Cal I bet Ashley misses her pool in this heat. Did you find another one on sale yet?

Well, guys. I hate to run but I need to finish my work. I'll try ot check back tomorrow. It is Joe's b-day so I don't know if I will have time to post.

08-18-2005, 12:06 AM
Just popping in to say good night.

I'm wiped out tonight. I'll be fresh in the morning so I'll submit a real post by then. Good night girls.

08-18-2005, 08:18 AM
Guess who's 133.5 pounds this morning?! Just when I thought I hit a plateu, (whew) What a great way to start the day. In other good news, my manager wants to promote me to Front End Supervisor. I don't know yet if I want to take it because I want a schedule that will accomodate my school schedule. If I wirk something out where I'll be able to work 4 ten-hour days and have the rest of the week off then we'll see. School has to be my #1 priority. Still, it was nice to be offered.

I can wear my "skinny jeans now" :cb: The skinny jeans I swore i would one day wear again. didn't believe myself at the time but now I'm a believer :strong: :ebike:

I am running a little behind this morning but I had to share my good news. I'll get with you all tonight after work.

08-19-2005, 01:06 PM
TGIF Girls. It's an Admissions Day holiday here today for us in the 50th state. I am setting off to work for just a little bit though. Kids are out of school and ready to bug the grandparents I'm sure :)

:grouphug: Cherie, I'm glad you popped in. I am so happy that you have so many supportive people with you helping you with everything. I don't think I've felt more far away and just a little helpless when I've wanted to give a friend a hand. Reading your post I can't help but think of that story about the carrot, the egg and the coffee bean. Is anyone familiar w/that one? If you put each of those items in boiling water, how do they react? You are definitely the coffee bean, changing the water instead of becoming soft and weak (the carrot) or hardened (the egg). Your new place sounds like a wonderful fresh start for you and the girls. Can you PM me your new address so I can update my book?

Dips, you amazing woman. :bravo: :dance: I'm doing a happy dance for you. Enjoy your skinny jeans, you earned it. I can see why your manager would want to promote you to a higher position--you can keep everyone's butt in line. :drill: Props to you girl!

Julie, I know those tears :) After the second day of having them both in school you'll start enjoying the freedom. They'll adjust fine I just know it, then you can relax and enjoy the quiet. I think going back to school is a great option for you if you really want it. Go for it! Michael's doing fine in school so far, haven't gotten any notes home from the teacher yet. I guess it helps that the gal who lives directly across the street is the teacher's aide for the other first grade class. When he's doing homework and starting to goof off I just mention "Miss Roxanne" and he gets right on back to the task at hand :lol: **speaking of time flying by, only 128 days til Christmas :yikes:

Kempy, I just found some "smileys" for ya :sunny: :beach: :lol: Hey, maybe your dentist didn't want to let you do invisalign because your teeth are already perfect? :D I don't know much about that product, but I'm glad I'm done w/my braces days. Happy belated b-day to Joe :woo: :hb: :hat: and enjoy your beach weekend! Don't forget the sunscreen and the cold drinks :cheers:

Angie and Cal, hope to see you guys pop in soon. Have a great weekend all!

08-19-2005, 01:53 PM
Good Morning Ladies.... Slowly, I am starting to feel normal again. :-) Thank you all for your concern.

Kempy.. enjoy your vacation! And wtg on the pampered chef stuff. I love that stuff.. I need to see what new stuff they have. I use mine all the time. I haven't said much about Alan, because he hasn't been around much. The weekend that Steven died, he was in Canada.. he didn't get home til Tuesday afterwards, his sister came to visit from Michigan on Wednesday and she stayed til Sunday I think. My sister didn't leave til Monday... so he did come over this past Tuesday and helped me hanging stuff that I needed help with, but that is the only time that I've seen him. He is leaving either today or tomorrow morning to go back up to New York for over a week.. so once again.. he will be out of the picture for a while.

Julie... it does get better. Like Noelle said.. after the first couple of days, you will start to enjoy your time for yourself. They had a back to school night last night, so we got to go and meet the girls new teachers. I think they will both have a great time at school and they were both lucky to get two really nice teachers.

Dips... congrats on the weight loss.. you are doing amazing. I really need to start focusing on my weight and get a grip on it again. Good thing that came out from these past two weeks, I have felt like I've lost some weight.. now if I can just keep the momentum.

Noelle.. I hope you get to enjoy your day today... and I will PM you with my address... I just keep forgetting to do that.

Angie.. I hope you are doing OK...

This weekend, I think I am going to focus on getting the boxes unpacked in the girls room and get them organized for school. It starts on Tuesday, and they need to have that done.

I went and signed the paperwork at the lawyer's this morning for her to file to name me the representitive of his estate. Hopefully that won't take long, and I can get with social security and get his mess straightened out and the girls can start drawing some benefits.

I have to go pick up the urn and his remains at some point. Hannah wants them, and that is what her dad wanted... but I am still trying to figure out how to give them to her... hmmm heres your dad. Gotta think.

Girls have been adjusting well, just some questions here and there... I still have fever blisters on my lip from all the stress, but after going to the doctor yesterday and getting some medicine, I feel like they are getting better.

OK.. well, I better get back to work.... not too motivated.. but I should really try. At least look to see what was just faxed to me. :-)

Talk to you all soon.


08-19-2005, 02:14 PM
Hi everyone. I keep planning to post but time gets away from me before I know it. I took Corey school shopping Monday so that is done. I spent SO MUCH money this year for clothes and shoes for them. They had better appreciate it. :lol:

I went and picked out a new livingroom set Wednesday. My sectional is 10 years old so it was definately time for a new one. I got a sofa and 2 chaise loungers for me and Jay. I was going to get Jay the chaise and a loveseat but when I got home and measured the space I only had room for another chaise so now to get all that delivered. I also moved my computer into the livingroom so now my bedroom is HUGE again.

I have not been on my diet at all. I wished I could get the click. I know when I get it and it definately isnt happening now. You know what I mean right? I am very very very close to my highest weight so I am scared but still not taking care of it.

I brought the kittens home and they have been having a blast with the dogs. I have pictures of them trying to nurse off Rebel and Mickey. The poor dogs are looking at them like..."what the ****?..." :lol: :rofl:

I named the gray siamese Teddy because his face looks just like a teddy bear hamster and I named the flame point one Tyson because whenever they fight he goes right for the ear. :lol: :rofl:

So, I have been really busy. Someone is coming up right now to look at the RV so maybe they will buy it and I can stop paying payments since I dont actually have time to use it as much as I want. That means I will probably not get a vaca this year but oh well, what can ya do?

Cherie, I am so glad you are doing a little bit better this week. I wish you and the girls all the best and I wish there was a way to hang out with ya for moral support. I need your address too. I wanted to send flowers to you last week but I knew you were in the middle of moving and I didnt want them to get lost in the shuffle.

Kempy, Have fun on vacation. I am jealous. hehe Tell Joe Happy Belated Birthday from me too.

Noelle, I was just thinking about Christmas the other day too and couldnt believ it is so close again. I just got done buying stuff for school and now it is time to go Christmas shopping. :yikes:

Julie, I was sad about my kids starting school for about a minute. :lol: Enjoy your quiet time while they are in school and remember they are probably having a ball with all their new friends. Plus, it is so fun to hear how their days went when they get home.

Dips, CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS!!!! You are doing so awesome. I am so proud of you.

08-19-2005, 02:18 PM
Here is a pic of the kittens

08-19-2005, 04:50 PM
Hey Guys. I am just posting a quick one b/c I am running back to work and I have to finish packing. I hope you guys have a great week and I will check back in once we get home. :wave: BYE GUYS!!! I'l be thinking about you while I am laying on the beach with a nice cold drink in my hand.

08-19-2005, 06:57 PM
Have fun Kempy!!!!!! :wave: :wave: :wave:

Well, the RV just sold. :( I have mixed emotions because it represents getting a vacation but in actuality we just dont have the time to use it so it is better not to have the payment but....

Gotta go find some supper. Talk to ya later

08-19-2005, 11:35 PM
Have fun at the beach Kempy :wave:

Angie, you are so funny with your cat names. They are adorable. Sorry your RV had to go but at least you have that much more $$ in your pocket now. At least you got to visit FL a few times in it.

Cherie, hope everything goes smoothly in getting those SS benefits for the girls. Don't give up, they are entitled to every penny.

So does anyone have plans for the weekend? I'm excited because tomorrow evening we're having a girls night out--my best buddies from high school. Well, not exactly a night 'out' as we're hanging out at my sister's house, but it's 6 of us who haven't all gotten together since my wedding 10 years ago. It's gonna be great fun I can tell. I even made a mixed CD of a bunch of heavy metal songs that were popular in those days--we're talking almost 20 years ago :lol:. My gawd! Where does the time go??? I have to go and color my hair :o

Well, have a great weekend all. I'll see if I can get some pics if we do anything wild and crazy. enjoy!

08-21-2005, 11:29 PM
Just wanted to pull us up.
Angie: The kittens are adorable.

Not feeling well tonight. Will call it a night.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.


08-22-2005, 11:51 AM
Good Morning Girls, I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I will be back to chat some more in a bit. :)

08-22-2005, 01:19 PM
Hey girls I am back now.

Angie, cute kitties!! Love the name Tyson. Sorry you had to sell the RV, it must have been hard....your family has some great memories from it though. I know I am so sentimental about selling old cars, even moving here to this house, just thinking about the memories. How do you like your new living room set, was it delivered or did it have to be ordered? We have a sectional also and it is old. We really need a new one. I might want to get a couch and a loveset this time....I don't know yet. I saw a Broyhill sofa I just love. It is like a red and tan design with oak legs and big comfy pillow backs on it.

Dips congrats on the loss. You are doing great. Pat yourself on the back! Did you take the promotion?

Noelle so tell us all the juicy details from your party night!! I can't wait to hear about it and see some pictures if you got some. I bet it was a Motely Crue night :lol:.

Cherie, did you get the girls all unpacked? I am so glad for the girls to have such nice teachers this year. They will be in good hands and that has got to be one less thing on your mind. I wish them a fun first day at school tomorrow. I hope your lip is better, our body does weird things to us when we are under stress. Can you pm or e-mail me your new address and info when you get a chance? Thanks!

Cal I hope you are feeling better today honey.

Kempy soak up those rays :cool:.

My weekend was pretty busy, more school shopping and we went and picked out a new mattress for dd and then picked that up brought it home and set it up, I had my head-board, from when I was a kid for her (kind of an antique :lol:now). But I polished it up and it looks really nice. I took her to the store and let her pick out a new comforter and sheet set. Yesterday we went to another church picnic and had a bowl of booyah, you probally all don't know what booyah is, I think they just have it around is like a chicken soup that is cooked outside in a huge kettle over a fire. Yum! Not to mention all the other bbq items they had. But I was pretty good. Just played games with the kids. The weather was just beautiful yesterday here, finally dropped into the seventies and had a cool breeze. We also took my mom out to eat to our favorite pizza place. Well enough of boring you all, lol, blah blah....I might try and get these highlights out of my hair, as you all know my hair is pretty dark and the highlights I think are just to blond. That whole hair episode with the crabby stylist was a nightmare. Haha...
I will check back later to see how everyone's weekend was. Have a good one.

08-22-2005, 03:54 PM
It's Monday.... I can't believe it's been two weeks since Steven died... finally, I feel like things have slowed down, and I am making steps to get everyone back to normal.

This weekend, I did alot of unpacking. In the midst of it, I felt like I wasn't making any progress at all, however, all the empty boxes says otherwise. I got the girls unpacked, and most of the spare room (den/girls hangout room) unpacked. I have a couple of boxes of books that I need to get rid of (pregnancy books and paperbacks) and about 4 boxes of office stuff that I need to go through, then that room will be finished. I also need to finish my room. I will tackle that this week. From there.. I'll move to the garage, and hopefully by then, my brother will have come up and taken the couch and dressers off my hands. I would really like to have my garage soon.

The girls start school tomorrow. Both are really excited, and want to ride the bus. Guess I will put them on the bus, and then meet them at school to walk them into their classes. Back to school time is always exciting.

Julie... your weekend sounded nice... my nephew has my bed (bunk beds) from when I grew up. Its nice they made furniture that lasted back then. I need to find some headboards for the girls... but now Hannah is asking for a bunk bed again. Not sure what I will do... it would free up a ton of space in their room... so I may have to consider that once I can afford them.

Angie... sorry about the RV. You can still vacation! :-) and the kitties are so cute. My girls want a pet so bad... but I am not up for one just yet...

Noelle, how was your weekend? Cal, I hope you feel better... and Kempy.... how is the beach? I would love to be there!

OK.. well, I really need to focus on work now... I've been having the hardest time of just zoning out. I guess that is normal and to be expected...

Oh... forgot to say, I picked up Steven's ashes on Friday. that was SO WEIRD. I carried Steven. In my car all the way home. He is in an urn, inside a black velvet box. I haven't told the girls yet... he stayed on top of the computer armoire til Sunday, when I put him on top of the bookshelf in the den/girls playroom. I'm still trying to figure out how to tell the girls.. and what to do with him for the time being. It seems so cold just to stick him on top of the bookshelf... out of sight out of mind sorta thing... but I don't want to be desrespectful. I am hoping in about 5 years, I might be able to buy a small crypt at the masolumn (ms) for the urn, I don't think I want him around forever, you know. I would scatter his ashes.. but I don't know where he would have liked that.. decisions... it's so hard... anyway.. he's got his wish.. he is "living" with me once again.

Talk to you soon....


08-22-2005, 10:44 PM
Cherie- So good to hear from you. You are so busy these days yet you still find the time to grace us with your presence. You are so awesome. I've been in my apartment for5 months now and even I'm not completely unpacked.And it's just me! I can't imagine unpaqcking for a whole family. Hope you're getting enough rest. I guess it was kind of bizarre to pick up Steven's ashes. Only one realtive of mine was cremated (my aunt Pam) but they were scattered immediately. I never came in contact with them. I guess you will still feel close to him in a way. It's good that the girls have something to be excited about as far as school is concerned. Let us know how they're doing once they get started. And don't worry so much about readjusting to work. You'll find your groove when you're good and ready.

Angie- What lovely cats. You are just determined to have your own little zoo, huh. I dig the name Tyson. Makes me think he's a tough cookie. I hope you find a great way to spend your vacations now that the RV is gone. I'm sure you will though. You could always come see me in the big apple. I'll show yo a groovy time :dancer:

J- HAving flashbacks of the evil stylist :lol: you poor thing! You are a super shopper. I wish you were my mom :). Your kids are a lucky pair. And how sweet of you to give your dd your headboard all shiny and new. My parents were more "out with the old, in with the new" types so I don't have anything of theirs.Sounds like you had a really cool weekend.

Cal- Are you feeling better today? I hope so. School is in session, Missy, no time to be getting sick. Here :m: :m: take these and call me in the morning.

Noelle- How are you, love. Are you enjoying the back to school season?

I'm NOT the application for my VA education benefits got kicked back because I still owe 23 cents in postage so I will be collecting my money much later than I expected. Then my financial aide is on hold until I can find my w2 from last year. I can't believe I misplaced it! I'm such an idiot! My week is going to be incredibly busy. I'm stressing about school and it doesn't even start fro another few weeks. I want so much to get this all over with (registration). What a hassle. Oaky grls, I'm getting some much needed sleep. TTYL

08-23-2005, 05:41 PM
Hi girls, how is everyone doing?

Dips stay cool girl, everything will fall right into to place for you! I know it must be hard trying to get everything done for before school starts, you will make it. Keep your chin up :).

Cherie, I can't even imangine how it felt to go pick up Steven's ashes. I hope the girls had a good day at school.

Well sorry so short, gotta go make dinner. I have been out all afternoon shopping for sil's b-day present and the kids were looking for watches so I called around and finally Wal-Mart said they had a scooby doo and winnie the pooh ones that they wanted for six dollars, I was like yes that is so to the store and they were 20 dollars each :yikes: :yikes:, but I got them anyway because I told them before we left they were getting one. Oh was there back to school present. We also stopped at a frozen custard shop and got take out and I just a one tiny scoop, could have ate the whole container though ;). Check back later after the kids stop fighting and dh stops asking me what we are having for dinner :dizzy: :blah:!

08-23-2005, 06:39 PM
Hey girls. My sister just came and picked up my old sofa so my new one can come tomorrow. I gave it to her she needed a different one but doesnt have much money. My couch was in okay shape it was just old. We bought it about 10 years ago. So now I am sitting in my empty livingroom. So while we were looking for sofas we happened onto the bed section. :lol: Needless to say I bought the sofas and desk and coffee table cash but wanted a new bed but didnt have any cash left over to spend. IThe store was running a 1 year no interest special so I picked out a King size Serta memory foam bed. That wont be in until next week but hey at least we can sleep good. The mattress we had was one my inlaws bought for us when I was pregnant with the twins. I wasnt allowed to walk upstairs and we had to sleep downstairs so they bought us a new bed so we wouldnt have to move our downstairs.

Julie, We had a sectional too. This time I wanted an actual sofa set so I could change the livingroom around. I like moving furniture every once in a while but cant with a sectional. :lol:

School starts here on Monday. :cheer: YEAH!!!

Well, I better get movin.

08-23-2005, 09:44 PM
Angie way to go on the new furniture. It is going to seem like a new house with all the furniture coming. I know what you mean about moving a sectional, darn near impossible....ours is a reclining one and the old thing is so heavy. I wish we could get some new stuff around here, but money is kind of tight, **** I wish I could afford some new clothes for fall, haha....
maybe dh will get me something new for my birthday....I don't know though, remember the home depot gift certificate for mother's day lol. Such a romantic :p.

Noelle, Tommy goes to college is on tonight and also an A&E special is on about him tonight also. Are you recovering from the party last weekend?

Hi out there everyone, going to get going....kind of tired tonight.

08-24-2005, 01:43 PM
Bumping us up!! What is going on everyone, anything new? Not much on my end. Hope you all are having a good day. Check back later to see if anyone popped in.

08-24-2005, 08:36 PM
Hey girls!! Well, they came to deliver my furniture today. I was supposed to have 2 chaisse lounges,1 sofa,1 bureau and 1 side table. They forgot the sofa and second chaisse lounge so I have one seat in my livingroom right now. :( BUT.... Jay talked to the owner of the store and they will send them up first thing in the morning. That is good customer service since they are located over an hour away from us. :D

Tomorrow is my 15th wedding anniversary. I cant believe we have been married that long. We have been together for 17 years...we met when we were 16 and have been together every day since then. Time sure flies when you are happy. :p

I am going to get my hair cut short and highlighted tomorrow. Brit has really blonde hair and she is getting darker streaks put in it so we will see how that comes out. ;) Alicia is just getting a cut since she is such a tomboy and doesnt care about appearance just yet.

oh yeah, Jay is going to buy me a new diningroom table this weekend too. They have the 12 months with no interest so I figured I would get that and my mattress with that but the livingroom set is paid for. Thank god. We have lived here for 6 years and havent bought a single new thing for the house so we figured that since we wont be getting a vacation this year we will get some actual nice furniture for the house...+ this way we can eat supper like a family. :cofdate:

well, that is about it for me.

08-24-2005, 09:50 PM
Hey girls, I'm not able to post from my work computer since my browser keeps freaking out. I can check email though, so feel free to drop me a line there. Otherwise, I have to wait until I get home to post and honestly, sometimes I just don't have the energy. I just realized that I said nothing about my weekend with the girlfriends. Hmmm, I think I've just fully recuperated today. There was lots of good food and drink, lots of laughs, tears and just plain fun. We had tons of photo albums being passsed around, both past and present. It's really weird how we fall into our old dynamics of friendship. I just found out that one of my girlfriends husband now owns his own hair salon so I'll be checking them out before my trip to CA and NV. My sis gave each of us our own new rock t-shirt--you know, those 80's black tee's w/ Motley Crue or Metallica logos on them? :lol: :rolleyes: I can't wait to cut the neck and the finished hem...maybe some slashes along the sides? :lol: I think we stayed at my sis' house til 2 a.m. It was great fun and maybe we can do it again soon. One of my girlfriends still lives in UT so she only comes once a year. Gawd, I can only imagine how much fun we'll all have when we get together :crossed:.

Angie, early congratulations on 15 years of wedded bliss :love:. Wow! You guys got me and Rick beat by one year. We've been together 16 years as of July this year, only 10 years we've been married though. We took 6 years to decide if we wanted to get married....lived together for 14 though :o Enjoy your new furniture, I'm sure you'll have fun w/the bed :lol: oops, did I say something inappropriate? :devil:

Cherie, so glad you're getting back into a normal routine. I'm sure you will find the right words when presenting(?) the girls w/the ashes. Maybe just find a nice framed photo of Steven and have a special place on a shelf in the girls' room?

Kempy, how was your beach weekend? Hey, I know you probably don't follow Little League games or anything, but one of the teams from Hawaii (West Oahu) is doing real well in a 'world series' tournament up there. I think they either played in LA today or will be playing soon.

Julie, I only watched a few bits of the Tommy Lee show, was that the same episode as last week? or were they doing a recap? I turned it off and went to bed. So how do ya like my new yummy avatar? :lol: Just found that online somewhere...

Gotta run for now, Lucky the bratty pup is nipping at Michael's heels. I have got to get her into a puppy class for some training.

:wave: to Dips and Cal. Hope you all have a good evening.

08-25-2005, 04:32 PM
Okay, so I'll give you the condensed version of "Dips' goes to college" Not as entertaining as the Tommy Lee version (sorry Noelle :) ) but twice as stressful. Here goes:

Got my class schedule, it looks pretty good but I want to make some minor changes to accomodate my work schedule but I can't make adjustments until my financial aide kicks in. Speaking of financial aide, I was expecting my first GI bill check from the army this week but my application papers got kicked back becasue I was short on postage by 23 cents. In all of this stress I paid all my bills; cable, phone, credit card, etc. only to realize that I already paid them this month (idiot!) so now I'm trying to get things in order so that I'm not still dealing with it when class starts.

By the way, Tome stopped by today so I'm hoping that he stays only 1 week instead of that horrible two week stay he pulled last month.( crossing my fingers and toes) I want to go back to the school today and check up on things but I swear I don't have the friggin' energy. Instead I've opted to go grocery shopping (it's amazing how fast you run out of sh*t when your man stays over all the time), clean up (after him ofcourse) and organize my mail (separate the important stuff from the junk) I have to sit down and phisically shred all those wonderful "Pre Approved,0 interest" God and platinum credit card applications and figure out how to get these people to stop sending them to me.

I'm so sorry to be whining like this when you all have real fsmily issues with hubbies and kids and all but I hope you all understand my plight. Anyways,

Angie- Congrats on your anniversary and the new furniture. I'm glad that you are happy still and I wish you guys the best. Make sure you celebrate hard! Let us know how your new haircut comes out.

Kempy- I'd kill to be where you are right now.

Noelle- I clicked on your avitar and came across the pic of you and your son. I can't get over how cute he is. I want to grab him and kiss his cheeks. You're quite the looker yourself. I don't think I had seen you without your glasses. What a fox! This little ecrush of yours on Tommy Lee is so adorable. :) Glad you had a great weekend with the girls, definately check out that salon. I'm crossing my fingers too for our reunion. Who knows what the future holds.

J- I was in staples the other day and immediately I thought about you. I can see how Moms get all excited about school shopping. I was there to get some things for work but I was soooooo tempted to do some personal shopping. They had everything! But lucky for me I have a mom who still couldn't resist hooking me up with school supplies so I'm pretty much set for my first semester. Gotta love Mom.

Cal- I went throught the aisle for teacher supplies and ofcourse thought about you. I wondered what kind of teacher you are, Strict, Softie, stern, flexible. Are you a smily-sticker teacher or a red pen radicle! :lol: You can tell a lot about a teacher by her supplies. Hope all is well with you.

Cherie- You seem to be doing well, considering. Your girls seem to be trooping along as well. You all have eachother so you all will be fine when the time comes to discuss the ashes.

I really wish I could get up and go to my school today but If I go there and learn of one more set back, I'm going to flip out so I'll wait til next week to finalize everything. I'm off to the store now. Take care ladies.

08-25-2005, 08:41 PM
Good Evening Girls

Angie and Jay Happy Anniversary :balloons: :lucky: :cheers: :dance: :hat: :love:!!!!!!!!!!!! You two are such a great couple. Congrats on more furniture too. How did your hair turn out? I bet you look wonderful!

Noelle I am glad you had a fun time with your girls. I would love to see a picture of you in that T-shirt with you hair teased up (80's style :lol:) ;). I love your new picture of Tommy. That show was an hour re-cap of last week and the new one was after. Missed that one though. Call me crazy but I think he is really getting handsome with age. I love his hair. I love his go with the flow attitude. Okay how many times did I just say the word love in this post to you :lol: LOL. Did you hear Bo Bice had broke his ankle and just had emergency surgery on his intestines? Talk about bad luck.

Dips you poor thing. Your little brain is working on over-time....Deep breath in and deep breath out....feel better? You will do just great and everything will just fall right into place. I hope your Tom does not stay to long. I have pms like a mad woman, eating wise :^:. Btw how sweet of Mom to help you out.

Cherie, I am wishing that the girls had a nice first week at school. Are you hanging in there?

Kempy are you still on that beach holding a cold one? If you are....order one for me, LOL!!

Cal have a nice relaxing weekend.

Well girls going to get off of here for now. We had brats for supper. Tailgating a day early ;). I can't wait for TOM to get here for this eating to stop and monster headache to go away. Oh well enough ranting about that. Plus side I get boobs once a month :lol:. Bye for now.

08-25-2005, 11:08 PM
Good Night Girls....Have a nice Friday.

08-26-2005, 02:32 PM
Hello everyone.... Its finally Friday, and I just transmitted payroll, so I can goof around for a while.

The girls and I are doing great.. they are adjusting fine.. I guess. They do know about the ashes now, and tonight we are going to get the black box down and show them the urn. I found a note that Steven had written Hannah a while back, and I wish he would have written one to Megan, but oh well.. it was a day that she had asked him to draw her a unicorn, and he did and wrote her a small note on the paper. It's priceless. I showed it to her this morning, and her face was just beaming. I told her I would keep it in a safe place, but whenever she wanted to read it, just to let me know.

As of today, I am back on the South Beach Diet. After talking to a friend of mine, (Cathy, she and her husband Tim are best friends of Alan, and they are going on the cruise with us) I have found my motivation and determination to get healthy before the cruise. I have exactly 8 weeks, and any place lower than where I am today will be an improvement. SB worked so well for me two years ago, I figured, instead of trying to wing it like I have been doing, I would go and buy the paperback (I loaned out my hardback book, and it was never returned) and just go by the rules and see where it takes me. I managed to unpack my bedroom enough last night to get to my treadmill, so I will be doing that tonight, and pulling out an abs video to work on. I also plan to start having a nightly walk around the block with the girls, just to spend some time with them, and get us all out moving a little. So, after it cools down a little this evening, we are going to go do that. I am really loving my new place... just to feel like I can walk out the door and do that is great.

Angie.. congrats on your anniversary! That is fantastic! And enjoy your new furniture! I got all my old stuff back that Steven had, so I feel like I've gotten new furniture again!

Dips.. Enjoy school! I really miss college.. and one day, if I am able, I am going back!

Julie.. how are you doing? The first week of school went fairly well, however, on the second day, I had to go get Hannah and take her to the doctor... but she is doing fine now. Last night we had the back to school ice cream social (which I didn't even have any of) so I think they are really going to enjoy their new school.

Cal... have you started back to school yet?

OK.. well, I need to get back to work. TGIF.. I am feeling so much better today, mentally, and energy wise, now that I've decided to start back on South Beach and to get on my treadmill. I've got 8 weeks! :-) Now I'm feeling back to my old self!

Talk to you all soon!


Noelle.. I hope your computer gets well soon!

08-26-2005, 10:15 PM
Hello Everyone,

TGIF is right!! I've been so tired lately, but I've been getting to bed a lot earlier and it seems to be working.

Angie: Congrats on your anniversary. You two are a cute couple. I've got that picture of the roadrunner I said I'd send and I just found your address; so, look for it soon.

Noelle: How long until you go to CA? Too bad we can't meet up again. Have fun.

Cherie: I'm so glad you're feeling better. We just finished our 3rd week of school. Only 6 more until break. :lol:

Dips: You'll do great at school. I'm taking some classes, starting in about 3 weeks, to get an ESL endorsement on my teaching certificate; it will mean about $1500 more a year.

Julie: Thanks for everything. I wasn't aware that you didn't know that I used to live in Wisconsin. Hope everything is getting cooler there for you. It's still getting around 105 every day.

Kempy: Hope you're really enjoying the beach.

Have a great weekend everyone.


08-27-2005, 10:31 AM
Hi Everyone!! I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Cherie, I am so glad to hear that you and the girls are doing better. That is so sweet that Steven wrote a letter...that is something for her to cherish forever. I am sure it will help her feel like he is always with her in the future when she misses him.

Noelle, More computer trouble huh? I checked out the link you sent of Jude Law. Poor guy cant even get naked in his own yard without pics being shot...haha :lol: Your girls night out sounds like so much fun.

Dips, I hope you can get your schedule squared away soon. You are a very busy woman these days. I hope you get a chance to get some free time to yourself to relax. My hair came out okay by the way. I got it highlighted so it is pretty blonde and cut short again.

Julie, Have your kids started school yet or is it this week? Mine go on Monday. YEAH!!! It is about time. I will be so happy to get those few hours not having to break up a fight everyday. :lol:

Kempy, I hope your vaca rocked. We miss ya though.

Cal, Wow, you guys have been in school for 3 weeks already? That went by quick. (easy for me to say since I didnt have to teach them all. :lol: )

I dont have any big plans for this weekend...the twins went to the fair all day yesterday and my parents met up with them last night and took them to their house for the weekend and Brit is going to the fair today with her friends so me and Jay are going to Bangor to buy a diningroom set and get a Moolatte and that is my big exciting weekend. :lol: I bought a nice bedroom comforter set yesterday it is ultrasuede like the sofas and it should look nice with the dark plum color I painted my for the bed to come. :lol:

08-27-2005, 11:59 PM
Hey girls, just a quick one this Saturday. No big plans here either. We may go to a Greek fair tomorrow to eat some yummy Gyros :hun: and listen to some Hellenic sounds. Just went to do some small shopping. I had to buy all new sheets for my bed since the mattress is like 15+ inches and my old sheets just don't fit. I found some great 500 thread count sheets at Costco for around $54 for queen size. Joy! :rolleyes:

Kempy, hope Katrina doesn't wreak too much havoc for you. That thing is massive! i'm watching the weather report and that storm system is huge. They said they are evacuating New Orleans? Stay safe girl, I know that's just a few miles from ya.

Angie, your house will feel like all brand new again with all that new furniture. Enjoy. Yeah, I know poor Jude law in the privacy of his own family's house...tut tut. But I'm not sorry for the pics :devil:

Cal ESL is what my mom taught for all these years. She's retired about 3 years now though. We will be in CA at the end of Sept., the 28th? Then end our trip in LV thru 10/6. I can't wait :dancer: Too bad our schedules don't coincide, I'd love to spend a few extra days @ Disney w/you and Ashley--Bert too if she came along. I still remember riding that CA Screamin' roller coaster w/her. It's a bummer that it may still be closed when we get there.

Cherie, how did your talk w/the girls go last night? That is sweet of Steven to have the foresight to write a letter to Hannah, she will cherish that forever. Good luck on South Beach, w/Dips' results, the water looks real good. You'll look mahvelous on your cruise.

Julie, how ya doing this weekend? I did hear about Bo Bice and his emergency surgery but I didn't know what it was for. I hope he's recuperating ok. As for that broken ankle, what's with that cheap stage set up for the AI tour? Didn't Diana Degarmo do the same thing last year? They better do some improvements so no one else gets hurt. I saw somewhere online that they were calling this years AI tour the "Bo Bice show"--everyone knows that even though Carrie won, he's the real winner--kinda like Clay and Ruben? ;)

Dips, thank you :o you make me blush :lol: Yes my boy's cheeks warrant a pinching every now and then. That picture's back in early '04 in Vegas I think, New Year's I believe. You best be training your man to bring the groceries with him if he plans on extended stay overs. :lol: Yup, men sure can eat you out of house and home. Good luck with getting your GI bill stuff straightened out. Don't stress too much.

Well, gotta go and order some sushi for dinner tonight :sumo: I'll try and pop on tomorrow. have a good rest of the weekend. Be safe!

08-28-2005, 06:11 PM
I just got off the treadmill... first time I've been on it in how many months???? Well, I did only 30 minutes, but it's my start over. So far, I've stayed on track with the South Beach Diet... tonight may be a little harder. Alan got back into town last night, and tonight he has asked to come over and bring dinner. Hopefully I can do decently and stay on track.

I got Steven's death certificates yesterday. Another one of those small shocks I guess. I need them, but just to actually have them is another dose of reality.

I've got the place all unpacked. (well, not counting the garage... I need my brother to come get the furniture, then I can start on those boxes). I have to say, I really love my new place. Feels like a home. First time in a long time I can say that.

Noelle... your festival sounds great! I hope you had fun.

Kempy... I hope you and your dogs and hubby got out ok. I have a friend there in NOLA and he and his daughter are heading towards Texas.. however, the roads are almost gridlocked.. and it's taken him five hours to get the distance it normally takes him one.

Angie.. how does your new comforter look? I've got my eye on a new one, but I will have to wait til I get the Social Security stuff straightened out....

Cal.... hope things at school are going well....

Dips.. how is your weekend? Your guy still in town??

Julie.. are you doing OK this weekend?

OK.. well I am going to go finish my laundry.... talk to you all soon!


08-28-2005, 07:33 PM
Hey girls, i just got done watching the Little League WOrld Series Championships and the team from Ewa Beach, HI won it! it's amazing! They played against a team from Curacao (the returning champs from last year) and they pulled out a win. Some of the boys on the Ewa Beach team are sons of my former classmates, so it's like the win really hit home with me. We were cheering so loud this afternoon. Well, gonna go head to the Greek fair... just wanted to celebrate a little.

Cherie, I know you can stay on track w/South Beach. Just enjoy your visit w/Alan and think about the cruise coming up :dance:

Well girls, gotta head out the door. Have a good one.

PS Kempy, hope you're doing ok!!!

08-28-2005, 08:23 PM
Hey girls sorry I have not been around this weekend. I have been busy non-stop. Plus I have just been feeling horrible waiting for TOM to come, just a really rough pms month not feeling well all around. But I did get some excercise in this weekend, went to my mom's today and took a long walk and came home and mowed the backyard. Cutting the grass is great excercise! We went to some furniture stores yesterday to look for a new living room set. Nothing caught my eye that much. But I did see an ad in the paper this morning with a sofa in it that I liked and it was only $499.00. Finished up school shopping, found some shoes for the kids and a lunch box for ds. Glad that is done. Ds starts the 1st and dd on the 6th. Dd only goes a couple half days a week though. I should come home and excercise for those two hours. Try to ;). I feel so bad because I am gaining again. I have to get control of my eating. Last summer I was at my goal and now I am not, oh well. I will work on it.

Noelle congrats to the team....way to go!! Have fun at the fair. Enjoy your gyros! Great job on the sale on the sheets. Good price for that thread count.

Cherie, have a nice visit with Alan. Great job staying on track and getting on your treadmill. I am so glad you are liking your new place. You and the girls deserve to be happy where you are living. I am so happy that you are enjoying it. Btw I think it is great you are still going on the cruise, you probally need a vacation so bad.

Angie back to school tomorrow huh? I bet you are ready for that. You know since it is my ds's first year going to be gone all day everyday I have mixed feeling. Happy and Sad....but there will be less fights that have to break up with him and his sister :lol: actually they don't fight too much but you know what I mean. Your comforter sounds nice. I took mine off today and washed it. Did you find a dining room set? Your house will look even nicer with all that new furniture. I love the color of your walls in your house.

Cal I hope you rested up this weekend.

Kempy hope you are staying safe with that storm. Thinking of you and Joe.

Dips how are you doing?

Well girls going to get off of here for now. I will check back later on. Have a nice Sunday night. Gotta go see what my drama queen dd is yelling about :lol:.

08-28-2005, 08:25 PM
Kempy, I hope tha you,Joe and the babies are all safe. I am worried about you so when you get a chance to post could you just say hi so I know you all are okay. We are glued to the weather channel to keep up on what is happening.

08-28-2005, 10:42 PM
Angie: Enjoy the freedom you'll get tomorrow with the kiddos in school!!

Kempy: I echo Angie. We are worried about you and are praying you are all ok. We are glued to CNN, Fox, and the Weather Channel.

Julie: The one thing about our kiddos starting school is that they seem to grow up faster. Of course, the plus side is...a quiet (read..clean) house for a couple of hours. :lol:

Noelle: Enjoy the fair. Bert starts back to school tomorrow. She said that she's looking forward to it, but could use a little more time to get everything ready.

Dips: When exactly do you start school? How many hours are you taking? Try to make sure you have some down time for yourself.

Cherie: I'm really glad that you are enjoying your new place and that the girls are in a good school. What cruise are you going on? We are planning on one to Alaska in June, 2007. So far my brother has gotten enough people to reserve 96 cabins. He likes putting these things together.

Have a great week everyone.


08-29-2005, 03:17 PM
Hi girls just checking in this afternoon to say Hi :). And to see if Kempy posted yet. Have a great day everyone.

08-29-2005, 03:43 PM
Kempy, I hope you all are staying safe.

08-29-2005, 03:57 PM
Good morning girls, I'm on my way to work.

Kempy, thinking about you! Stay safe, warm and dry.

I'll be back later, have a good one.

08-29-2005, 08:20 PM
It is so hot and muggy up here. I cant believe I am saying this but...I can not wait until summer is over. Just to be able to go to work and not sweat will be awesome. :lol:

I cant stop watching the weather channel to see what is going on with Katrina. I am so shocked how bad it was. I hope Kempy is safe and at least got back to her house in time to board up and get everyone to safety, since this came during her vacation time. Kempy, we miss ya and are all praying you all are safe and sound.

Not much happening here.

08-29-2005, 08:42 PM
Angie I hear you on the heat thing. Hasn't this been such a hot summer? I think I will welcome those cool crisp fall days. My hands have been swelling like crazy. But I will be wishing for this heat come Jan. ;).

I wonder if Kempy did make it back in time to get her house ready? I am sure she had to know about it from the media? But the traffic looked horrible on the news. I know she said the pups were going to her Fil's. I hope your entire family is safe Kempy.

Cherie how was your visit with Alan? Hope you two were able to catch up and had a nice time together.

Noelle I hope you are not working to hard today.

Dips how is the stress level? I hope you are nice and calm. Everything will be just fine, this is such a exciting time for you.

Cal have a good week at school.

I actually ate OP today for the first day in a while. I am not going to munch on anything tonight. Just water. Well that is about it from me. Bye for now girlies

08-29-2005, 11:21 PM
Good Night All :)

08-30-2005, 08:25 AM
Hi ladies! Sorry I have been gone for ages!! Can I rejoin? Am hoping my pic will come up, looks like it was accepted.

Holly :)

08-30-2005, 12:38 PM
Good Morning everyone... I am back at work.. I took a mental day yesterday.. meaning.. I called in and took the day off from work. I needed it. I had a really nice Sunday night, thanks everyone for the nice thoughts. Alan came over and we made some soft tacos and watched Dusk til Dawn, with George Clooney... silly movie, but entertaining. I went yesterday, and just spent the day with him, and we made salsa and went to lunch at PF Changs. Like I said, a nice break.

Today, I am back at work... not really wanting to be here, but I'm here. I've been watching the news and reading the reports on the damage of the hurricane, and I am very concerned about Kempy and her family. I have some other friends that evacuated and are currently in Port Arthur, TX, but I cannot get through to them on their cell phone and I am concerned for them as well. I wish he would call. Kempy.. you are in all of our thoughts and prayers.... I hope you are safe.

Julie congrats on being OP yesterday... I wasn't.. but I didn't do too badly. Today, I am back on the South Beach diet... I have gotten on my treadmill for 30 minutes, for two days in a row now, so I am happy that I am finally doing that again.

Angie.. how are you today?

Dips.. school going ok?

Cal.. same to you.. School going ok?

Noelle.. I saw part of that little league game and it was pretty awesome.. that is so cool you know some of the people involved! The boys of HI did a fantastic job!!!

Welcome Back Holly... of course you can come back! We need all the support here we can get, and will give back to you! :-)

Well, I was trying all day yesterday to get ahold of Steven's HR contact at Cox Communications so I could drop off his death certificate yesterday and get the ball rolling on the very small life insurance policy he had.. but she never called me back. I guess I need to call again today and leave some more messages. I can't believe it's been three weeks. It feels like more.. and then it feels like just yesterday... you know?

OK.. well, I need to get back to work.. my tummy is telling me I am hungry, but I think I am really just thirsty, so I am going to go fill up my water glass. I'll check back in later.

((((HUGS TO KEMPY))))))


08-30-2005, 04:38 PM
Happy Tuesday girls...I have a dental appointment this morning so I have a little goof off time right now. it is sooooo muggy here right now, we've been getting dumped on some rain and stuff but there's hardly any wind to speak of. I am not complaining though, we need it badly. There have been so many brush fires on our side of the island it's scary.

Kempy, we really really really really really hope you and your family are doing OK, praying for you!

OMG Holly! Welcome back, always nice to see someone return to the fold. :) So how have you been? How are the kiddos? How are YOU?

Cherie, people not returning calls is one of my pet peeves for sure. I always try to return calls when I get messages. I hope everything goes smoothly and in your favor! WTG on the treadmill, one day at a time, one step at a time is all it takes. i guess i should take my own advice, eh? :lol:

Julie, you too, WTG on being OP. You've got it going on. So the big 1st day of school is coming up for your DS soon. Im sure he'll be fine. I know how you feel about the growing up so fast thing for sure. I had tears for Michael on the 2nd day of preschool and the first day of kindergarten too. :lol: Hey, did you choose your dining room set? or was it living room furniture you were looking for?

Cal, that is one big AK cruise party! 96 cabins? That will be one fun trip. I would love to do that cruise one day, maybe for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary in a few years. So how's Ashley liking school so far?

Angie, have you gotten all your new stuff delivered yet? How are your new kitties? They are having the time of their life I bet, they have that posh condo.

Dips, don't work too hard girlfriend. Have a great day.
Well, gotta head out for now, just wanted to say hey and welcome back again to Holly. Be back later.

08-31-2005, 08:51 AM
I was following the coverage of hurricane Katrina for days before it registered that Kempy's home may be in harms way. The fact that she hasn't posted yet also has me panicking. I mean, I know she's been on vacation and all but I just look at the devestation in Louisianna and Mississippi and I think My God, I hop she and Joe are okay. It's so heartbreaking to see people loose all their possesions in an instant and try to figure out how to start all over. KEmpy, let us know how you're doing as soon as you can and if you need anything I'm here for you.

Angie- In all my madness I didn't get a chance to say happy anniversary. I know its past already but better late than never, eh? Glad you like your new do. I've been in braids for the last severeal weeks and I'm so spoiled by them I just keep redoing them. Such easy maintainance. By BF had the nerve to tell me that he's tired of the braids and he wants me to wear my long hair out again. I told him if he's willing to foot the salon bills every two weeks then I'm all for it. That shut him up real quick. :lol:

Cal- My first class is on the 8th I'll be in school 4 days out of the week but my first set of classes seem like bullsh*t to me. Writing, Philosophy, College Prep (WTF is that?!) and ofcourse a television production class every saterday. YAY With going to school full time and working full time its BYE BYE social life but I would rather do that and get a degree in 4 years than go part time and get it in 6.

Cherie- I wanted to tell you how proud of you I am for doind SB and taking control of your health again. Tell you what, In solidarity I will go back to phase one and we can do it together because honestly once you get past phase one, it's all cake from there...OMG did I say that?! No no cake, maybe a little but not ALL cake. I meant to say it's all peachy after phase one, YEAH that's it! PEACHY :D I'm so silly, I know :crazy:

Noelle- I finally got my financial aide squared away, I'm still waiting on my GI bill money. But all and all I'm beginning to mellow out. My school couldn't be more diverse, you will find every nationality in the free world in that building. It's like being in the Army all over again :lol: But I'm really excited.

J- Stay OP! In no time you'll be looking even more fabulous! I'm trying to keep the stress down but just know that my stres is good stress, I'll be fine.

Holly- WELCOME BACK!! :flow1: :cb: :grouphug: :balloons: reunions are Fabulous! We have so much to catch up on :gossip: Tell us what's going on with you!

Well I'm off to work but I will be back tonight to see if Kempy checked in.

08-31-2005, 10:59 AM
Good Morning everyone! I'm doing good.. had a really good day yesterday, stayed OP and did some really good exercise. 40 minutes of step areobics and after the girls went to bed, I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Today, I plan on doing the same, and maybe find my abs tape to do.

Dips... I think I am going to stay on Phase One for a while.. (ok, so I might cheat every now and then, especially if I see Alan) but, I am going to try to at least stick to what I am eating for the next month and see what happens. And it will be a piece of cake.. I don't like cake.. so that didn't bother me. :D (Pie on the other hand... hmmmmmm).

Noelle how are your teeth? Did your appointment go ok?

Kempy... still sending out prayers... doesn't she live in Folsom? I heard this morning or last night, they didn't have any flooding there, so I was hoping that is where she lives. The pictures and reports coming out of that area is so devestating. I am so sad for them all. It's like a war zone. :-( I'm supposed to be going to New Orleans at the end of October, that is where the cruise is supposed to leave from, but I am sure that could be changing now. We will see.

Hi Julie and Angie and Cal and Holly..... I guess I better get busy working. :-) I'll talk to you soon.


08-31-2005, 12:59 PM
Hi girls

No Kempy here yet? Praying that everything is safe with you. Thinking of you and Joe.

Cherie great job staying OP. Also so happy you took the day off and had nice time with Alan.

Noelle I am actually looking at getting a new kitchen table and a new living room set. When I get some funds for that :lol:. My tears will start tomorrow I think after I drop off ds at his first day ;). I hope your humidity lets up for you. But the rain is good, those brush fires are dangerous.

Dips nice to see you!

Angie how are ya girl?

Welcome back Holly. How are the kids, yourself and are you still working?

Hi Cal!

Well girls I was checking to see if our Kempy posted. I have to go find an old shirt for ds to take to school for painting. I am really stressed, because ds and dd start school at the same time and I have no idea how I am going to get her there on time....I figure she will be be 20-30 minutes late for class on good weather days and the thing is it cost so much money for two half days a week to be late. Pre-school cost almost as much as college these days :lol:. So I am scrambling to find another one. I don't know if I should just enroll her in a dance class and have playdates with her friends? She is really outgoing and social and my son needed to go to preschool to learn some social skills. So I am thinking about what to do. End of my rant :lol:.
Well going to get going I just wanted to check in with my girls :). Have a great day everyone.

08-31-2005, 01:15 PM
Hi guys. I am so worried about Kempy and her family. It seems like the more pics they show on tv they are getting worse and worse. I hope they are safe. I have been searching the internet trying to find websights for her area and I cant get anything to come up. I read a story about a family in Covington who left before the storm hit and they are worried because they have yet to hear how the town turned out. That is by Kempy I think. She is in Ponchatoula. God, I hope they are all okay.

Julie, School is getting so close huh? You will enjoy the break though once you get used to it. Do any of the furniture stores in your area have the specials going on with no interest for a year. I went with that for the bed because I think I can pay it off by next summer no problem. It would be great if you get big income taxes back like my sis does.

08-31-2005, 09:34 PM
Anigie- you spoke for all of us when you said how worried you are about Kempy and Joe. I've been thinking about her througout the day. The images in the papers and the news are so sad. You just can;t imagine that kind of devestation until you experience it yourself. These days I go to bed at night so thankful for my shoebox apartment in NYC. I try not to take any of these things for granted. Anyways Angie, keep looking to see if Kempy's area was affected as much as New Orleans.

J- I remember my first day of school as if it were yesterday. Both my parents drove me to the school but my mom didn't get out of the car. My dad walked me up. I leter found out that my mom didn't want me to see her cry and good thing she did because I would have cried myself. Once she realized how much free time she would have during the day, she had no problems what so ever driving me to my first day of school ever again.:lol: Funny thing though, when I went into the army, my mother did not come with me and Dad to the bus station. She didn't want me to see her cry. It's emotional because it's a sign that your child is growing up and becoming independant. But trust me, that feeling will pass until they move out for good. Good luck on finding a good school or play group.

Cherie- The good thing about SB is that it is flexible so occasional cheating won't throw you off completely. Way to go on the excersise. You are such a trooper. Glad you had a good time with Alan. You so deserve to have fun and smile.

Noelle- I can't stand humidity. Hope you come through yours okay. How are the choppers?? Gotta keep that smile bright and beautiful.

Okay, I'm going to watch the boob tube. I'll check in when I can

Good Night Babes

09-01-2005, 10:15 AM
Happy September 1st everyone! I am so glad a new month has started. I have wiped the slate clean, and let go of all the stress from last month. This will be a much better month for me!

I weighed in this morning, and have already lost 3.5 pounds from last Friday when I started on South Beach and getting my exercise back in. I am sure most of it was that initial water weight, but it is sure a nice feeling to see those numbers go down, and the measurements go down ever so slightly. I did really well yesterday by staying OP all day long and doing my 45 minutes of step areobics (I just love it that I now have space again to do that), 20 minutes of abs pilates, and 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill while I was watching TV.

Dips.. how is school going? I just looked at your weight tracker, and you are doing such a great job! I can't wait til I can say I am at 133!!. Still 21 pounds to go, but I"ll get there.

Kempy... still praying for you and Joe and your dogs. I hope you are safe and OK. We are all here worried about you. (((((HUGS)))))

Hi Noelle, Angie, Julie, Holly and Cal! It's month end closing for accounting, so I need to get busy doing all my journal entries that I put off yesterday.

Talk to you guys soon.


09-01-2005, 01:57 PM
Hi! I am so far behind!! Well, life has been a little bit crazy on the home front. I left my husband in May because he refused to stop treating me poorly. On the 4th of July weekend I found out that he had been sleeping with another woman, in my house, in our bed while I was gone (started 11 days after I left). Also found out that he had slept with another woman from work 2 years ago for 1 1/2 months. I found out because one of our mutual friends told me. Long story short, he begged me to come back, I said ok if we leave that town, that house and start somewhere else. So, we are in my home town, and things are so so. Am trying to focus on my kids.

On the weight front, I am down to 135. I seem to bounce between 133 and 139. I am thinking I would be happy at 125-130. I did get a surprise though!! I had my measurements taken at the local gym, and am 1 1/4 inches taller that I thought! I thought I was 5'5 and am actually 5'6 1/4!!


Hi! So sorry to hear about your ex's passing :(. Hope you and the girls are doing ok (((Cherie and girls))). Great job on getting back on track!!


Hi! How are ya? We had alot of rain here yesterday, and I was at the State Fair of all places, lol! Actually went to my first concert ever, Motley Crue!! My husband won tickets, that's the only way I ended up there!! Was quite the LOUD LOUD LOUD and CRAZY experience!!


Congrats on the weight loss!! Great job! You and I are close to the same weight now :). How's school going? I have been considering going back for my Bachelor's. I currently have an Associates. Not sure yet though.


Hiya! The kids are doing good. My youngest is starting Pre-K, middle is going to kindergarten, and oldest 3rd grade!!! My babies are growing up on me :( :(. No, am not working right now. I had a work injury, and am awaiting dr's decision on surgery or no. Hopefully no!!


Hi! How have you been?

I too am so worried about Kempy and her family! I hope they are safe!! What a scary time for them :(. They are all in my prayers!

09-01-2005, 03:47 PM
Happy Thursday girls :wave: Well, maybe not so happy because we haven't heard from Kempy yet...the news is just freaking me out. I am worried but don't know exactly what to do. Angie, did you have her phone number? I really wonder how far away her home was from NO city and if there was any damage to her place. The news just shows so much carnage over there with so many people needing help. It's so sad. I made a donation to the Red Cross thru Michael's school today.

Hey, I have some good news, I actually went walking yesterday. I sent Michael off to karate lessons w/his dad so I took Lucky for a walk. It wasn't anywhere near the 3+ miles uphills I used to do, but I am working my way back to it. It actually felt good to be out. With the crazy gas prices out here (the gas cap law went into effect today) I'm sure if it gets too ridiculous I'll be walking a heck of a lot more. I would like to be a little more conditioned to walking since we'll be going on vacation in 27 days :dancer:

(((Holly))) Girl, I give you credit for starting over with your man. I think I would've killed mine if he did that to me, but that's just me :^: I am wishing the best for you guys. Holy smokes, you are doing great with the weight huh? Good for you! And dang, what I'd give to find out I'm actually taller than my 5' 3/4" :lol:. I'd have to be around 6' to be in the proper weight range for my height :lol: But anyway, I'm so glad you're back with us. Motley Crue concert?????? I'm sooooooooooo jealous! Did ya see my avatar? (where is that drooling smiley???) That's my babe Tommy Lee :devil:

WooHoo!!! Go CHERIE, Go CHERIE :dancer: Congrats on the progress! Seriously, I am going to Sam's or Borders and checking out that South Beach Diet book. I would love to join the losing weight club.

Dips, just wondering, how much does a "shoebox" apartment in NYC rent for? Prices in HI are really ridiculous but I'm sure it's the same situation there. I was watching the Gastineau Girls (spoiled rich socialites) on TV yesterday (the first time ever for me) and the daughter was apartment hunting, ending up somewhere on Park Ave hoping to get a $10K p/mo. apt and she's never held a job in her life! It was ridiculous. :lol: That show is horrifyingly riveting :rolleyes:, kind of the same reason why I like to watch Dog, the Bounty Hunter :o:

Julie, did you need tissues today? Is it almost time to pick him up? :)

Well, take care everyone and have a great day...gotta go for now.

09-01-2005, 08:49 PM
Hey Noelle,

Everyday I pop in hoping to see something from Kempy and each day I get sadder and sadder when she doesn't show. :( Still I try to remain optimistic. I just hope she's okay. Well, my shoebox is 600/month. Utilities included (Thank God) But I think I live in one of the last rent-controlled apts in the city. Depending on where you are ou could pay anywhere from 550/mo to 1600/mo. The rent is rediculous in this city but I love NYC. I don't want to live anywhere else.

hope everyone else is okay today. TTYL

09-01-2005, 08:57 PM
Hi guys. Well, I have been looking and looking to try to find some info on Kempy. I found a websight where people can post looking for loved ones and I found out that Ponchatoula had winds at 110 miles per hour and sustained wind damage but not much flooding so I am still very worried. I hope they are okay. Someone said their power would be off for the next 2-3 weeks. I hope she posts soon so we know they are okay.

The news footage today is something aweful isnt it? The chaos is terrible and I feel so bad for every person there. I hope we can get some major help to them all soon. I wished there was more I could do.

09-01-2005, 11:25 PM
Good Night Girls,

I am sitting watching tv about the hurricane. I just can't believe the suffering and the damage. I wish I knew if Kempy needed anything. I would send anything she needed.

Okay time to go to bed! Talk with you all soon.

09-02-2005, 09:39 AM Here is the link to the news page that I was telling you about. I typed in Ponchatoula to try to find any info I could. I thought you all would want to read for yourself and be able to check up whenever you wanted to.

09-02-2005, 09:15 PM
Hey girls, just checking in. THANK GOD Kempy is OK :hyper: We have been out of our minds w/worry about you girl! Thanks Angie for doing the obvious :^:

I have to go and pick up Michael from school right now but thanks for the good news!

Kempy, if you need any help at all, just holler OK? Be back later. :D

09-03-2005, 11:19 AM
Hi guys. How is everyone this weekend. I am so glad that Kempy is safe. I got her email back yesterday and then I pm'd everyone and had to run to Newport to get supplies for our family BBQ . I wanted to post here too right after I got it but we had to get running. I can not believe that they still havent moved all of those people to safety. It is so sad. It seems like they should have been better prepared to get in there and help people.

That is our big plan for today. My mom,dad,clyde,Wendy and Haley are coming over for a cookout. We were going to do the lobster feast but we all decided hamburgs and hot dogs would be cheaper and less mess. :lol:

I forgot to mention the other day that since we sold the RV we decided we could trade the Durango in for a Dodge Ram Quad Cab so that we could just tow a travel trailer or fifth wheel(my favorite) and still take a vacation next year. So we have a new truck now. We definately need to get the step bar for it because I am so short that it is hard to climb in it. I almost fell on my face last night when we got home and Jay had a good laugh. :lol:

Well, I gotta go get ready , my parents will be here soon. Clyde is bringing the stuff for apple martinis...lets see if they are any good.

09-03-2005, 12:41 PM
Hey guys Kempy just called. She said they are doing fine. They didnt have any structural damage. They had a tree fall on the dogs kennel so they need to fix that. They had a power surge that took out half her houses electric but nobody got hurt. I will tell you all more but I think someone just pulled in so I gotta go.

Love ya all!!!

09-03-2005, 01:40 PM
Good morning girls! :yawn: I went to a Righteous Brothers concert last night :o . Well, it was actually the Honolulu Symphony Pops Orchestra featuring Bill Medley (the one with the deep voice?) since Bobby Hatfield passed away in '03. He (Hatfield) was the one that sang Unchained Melody (remember Ghost?)...... ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy lovvvvvvvvvvvvvve my darlinnnnnnngggggggggg, I hunger for your touch. A lonnnnnnnngggggggg, lonelyyyyyyyyyyyy tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee :lol: It was a great concert since I love to listen to the symphony play and Bill Medley, he's part comedian I think. Think I'm going back to bed after this post. :)

Angie, congrats on the new ride. pictures please! And do let me know what's in an apple martini, sounds intriguing! Have fun at your BBQ.

Kempy, my cousin's wife works for FEMA and she may be in LA right now. She lives in Hayward, CA but has to travel to disaster sites. Thank God you and Joe are OK, I can't say that enough.

Julie....hmmmm, new baby or new puppy? :chin: :D Good job on eating healthy :bravo:. Enjoy your weekend.

Wishing you all a safe and happy labor day weekend. :wave: I'll try and pop in later if anything exciting happens.

09-03-2005, 01:43 PM
Julie, Tommy Lee was on The View 2 days ago. Joy Behar kept asking him if his "thing" being nominated as "best body part" was true :o :devil: He's more handsome with age I think. :T

09-03-2005, 05:01 PM
Good Afternoon Girls,

Angie, way to go on the new truck. I am happy you still can go on a vacation. I wish I could stop by your bbq and have a martini. Sounds yummy. Have fun!

Noelle, I would have loved to go to that concert. Glad you had a great time. LOL :lol: :lol: about Tommy on the View. Darn, I missed it. I have heard many things about the "part" :lol:. You know he is more handsome as the years go by. Have you heard his new songs yet? I really like the one Good Times.

Thinking of you Kempy.

Hi out there everyone else. I think we might get the grill going. Just have been hanging out with the kiddos in the backyard with the pools. Took a nice long walk this a.m. before it got warm. Not to much else going on with me. It is so hard to believe summer is almost done. Seems like it was just June. Okay girls, great weather so I am going to get off of the computer. Have wonderful rest of the weekend. Bye girls

09-03-2005, 11:59 PM
Hi Ladies I can't stay just wanted to let you know that I'm glad Kempy is okay and thanks a bunch Angie for tracking her down and lwting us all know she was safe. It's a disaster down there and the government is not moving fast enough. Those poor people. Well, at least our prayers concerning Kempy and Joe were answered. Good night Babes.

09-06-2005, 12:16 PM
Happy Tuesday! Angie.. thank you so much for finding Kempy for us. I am so glad she is OK. Congrats on your new truck too! My dad had a fifth wheel and he used it all the time.

I had a really nice weekend with the girls. We found a water park here in Norman, it had just opened up earlier this summer. The park had taken out the wading pool and put in this water feature that had a ton of different kind of sprinklers and water sprayers that would alternate when they would come on. The girls had a BLAST... we went there all three days. I just took a chair and read... then we went to the play area right next to it. They just loved it. We also found a church to go to, and the people there were just so very nice. The kids section is pretty awesome. They had this huge room with chairs and a stage where they put on plays, they had a moon walk, a pool table, video games etc. I can see why Hannah wants to come back! The girls have been begging me to take them to church, and I am glad I did. However, note to self... remember to EAT before going. I had exercised that morning on the treadmill for an hour and the night before for an hour and by the time I got to church (I thought it started earlier than it did.. so I didn't have time to grab anything) I was pretty hungry. I was doing OK until we had to start standing a long time, and then we held hands and had a prayer session.. during that.. I started seeing black spots in my vision, I was getting really hot and clammy and was just about to black out. I had to leave the santuary and go sit down. Luckily the people outside were just so extremely nice, the went and got me a real coke to drink down so I could get some sugar into my system. I can't believe I was that stupid not to eat. I will know better next time. Anyway.. I was really impressed with the church, and we will go back.

Last night, Alan came over for dinner, and he surprised me with a new gas grill. :-) I was just going to grill using my George Forman electric grill... but he was just so sweet, and when I got out of the shower (he got there while I was trying to clean up, I had been running all day) he was outside putting it together. :-) I am very blessed to have him in my life. Wednesday is his birthday, and I have finally found someone to watch the girls for me, so I am going to take him out for dinner. First time (0ut of 4 birthdays) that I will get to spend with him.

Oh, and I have another motivation to lose this weight. My 20 year class reunion has been set for Nov. 4th and 5th. I haven't seen these people in 10 years. Then I was at about 145.00 (I am now at 150.00), so I want to get back down into the 130.00's at least. In high school I was normally in the upper 120's. So this will keep my motivation going!

OK.. well, I better get back to work! I hope everyone has a great great day!

And... btw.... as I noted earlier.. I am at 150.00. Since August 26th, I have lost 7.5 pounds doing my exercising and Phase One on the South Beach Diet... I am so pumped to keep it up! I have even lost quite a few of inches everywhere. I am feeling so much better about myself. I did splurge last night, but I figure that will only happen about once a week. I was under 1600 calories for the day, so in the big picture, not too much of a splurge. I'm just not used to eating 1000 calories for one meal like I did. It was yummy!

OK.. back to work!


09-06-2005, 12:58 PM
Hey girls, I started a new thread for September...go check it out.

Weighty Issues #31 (