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08-03-2005, 10:54 AM
Myself, I've been a slacker lately, but I'll explain the types of things I typically do.

I have Yourself!Fitness (which is for a PS2, computer, or something else--maybe a Gamebox, I forget the name). I really enjoy it. Mia is a personal trainer, and she runs you through some physical fitness assessments. Then, she develops a program for you. It's more athletic moves rather than dancy things, so she has you doing a lot of jumping jacks and squats and stuff. It's a great workout. I like that I can tell her how long I want to work out, and then she forms a program for me.

I have Carmen Electra's Stiptease, and I think it's a waste of time. It doesn't make me feel sexy or like I've had a workout. Disc #2 is all toning, and it's a descent workout, although it's relatively boring.

I have a Cindy Crawford dvd that is awesome. It's both cardio and strength training, and again, it's more athletic than dancy. She's motivating in a strange way too.

I also have the Firm system with the fanny lifter. It's annoying to me that I have it in VHS rather than DVD, but I deal with it. It's an awesome workout. I get a bit tired and bored of squats and lunges tough. Alas, that's probably what I need to be doing more of anyway! It's expensive, but it will definitely work your butt off (literally and figitively)! Gosh, I wish we had spell check on this site!

Lastly, I have a belly dancing dvd. It's good fun, and invigorating. I only do it once every two or three months. It makes me feel like a goddess, which we all need to be reminded of every once in a while.

Wow! I didn't realize I had so many fitness videos and such. I also like to walk outside, but with a friend or my husband. I get bored on my own. I'm trying to start jogging a little bit with my walking. It's been way too hot lately though. I'm not a big fan of summer!

08-03-2005, 12:28 PM
I own a couple, but only do them once in a while. My exercise is usually chasing a two year-old, going for long walks, and swimming.

Yoga for Dummies is fun. It's very slow, basic moves. I enjoy that one, but, I have to have time alone to do it (can't concentrate with "mommy! mommy!" in my ear), so I don't do it often.

I also have one of the Walk Away the Pounds videos. It's ok, but, I'd rather be walking outside.

Probably the best video I ever had (and lost when we moved last fall!) was an old Richard Simmons video. :D I know, I know.... you're all thinking I'm nuts now... but, it was fun. It was Sweating to the Oldies or something like that, and it was a fast paced workout. Richard Simmons cracks me up, but I find him motivating. Whatever works, right? :)

08-03-2005, 01:04 PM
Amy, does the Yoga for Dummies have many exercises that your head is down? I don't know how to explain this. I often get headaches when my head is bent over.

Also, you're not crazy. My mom use to have a Richard Simmons video, and you're right--it was fun!!

08-03-2005, 07:11 PM
I have Denise Austin - Shrink your female fat zones.

Its ok, I'm getting a little bored of it, but at least now I know most of the routine, and am no longer clueless as to what comes next :) I think some parts are hard, but then I'm not in the best of shape yet :)

I've done RS in the past when I was a teen (my mom had a video) and it was fun :)

I really want to try the Carmen Electra's Striptease video, but I'll only buy it on Ebay, if I can find it cheap. I don't want to spend a lot of money if I don't like it either :)

The one video that I really liked was this old one my mom had when we were growing up. Its with Elle McPherson and Kathy Voight - Your Personal Best. It was pretty fun, it had cardio alternating with weights and strength training. Its only on VHS though, but I'm thinking of buying one. I've seen it on Ebay for like $5.


08-03-2005, 11:13 PM
Richard Simmons was on Entertainment Tonight this evening.... pretty funny since we were just talking about him earlier today. Apparently he's making new videos and will later make some just for teens and kids. I hate to admit this, but, I'll probably look for his new one-- at least it's fun. ;)