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08-03-2005, 10:20 AM
Good morning!!


We're certainly on a storm front. It's so humid out that it feels like you have to break through the humidity to walk outside. It's so nasty. I can't wait until it starts storming. Weather like this always gives me a headache too. Yuck.

Did I tell you that one of the students that works in our office said, "You've lost a lot of weight, haven't you?" Truth is I haven't lost much, but I was ecstatic that it may be noticeable!! Yeah! :cheer:

Do any of you have an MP3 player? I'm considering buying one with my Christmas money that my parents generally give me. (Nothing like planning ahead, right?!?)

Happy Wednesday! Let's all stay OP, drink lots of water, and get some exercise in!! Go us! :cheer:

08-03-2005, 11:11 AM
Morning, sistas. Rough rough night last night. Husband had a very sad situation that I will not get into. Just hate knowing that the next time, I will not be there. Anyway, I got oh, maybe an hour and a half of sleep. I have no idea how I will stay awake at work! I find in this awful heat that coffee makes me want to throw up. I have all my regular TOM symptoms, except the actual needapad part. I do not know if I am shooting blanks or if the symptoms are just early. I hate when it is close but it ends up being a few days late or such, so every day you just have it on your mind all day. iowa, an mp3 player would be a good idea. Mine was one of my absolute best investments. It helps me walk faster and enjoy the walk and (depending on the song) push really hard for exercising. It is nice having a mini soundtrack to your life. I highly recommend that you purchase a battery charger and rechargeables, though. They may be a bit expensive, but you will save a ton of money in the long run!

08-03-2005, 11:33 AM
Congratulations on finding an apartment, hippo!! I'm sure you are relieved! I don't know how you can function on that little sleep--I'd be a basket case!

Thanks for the advice regarding the MP3 player. I checked them out at Best Buy, and they're not nearly as expensive as I thought that would be.

08-03-2005, 11:41 AM
HH.... I am soooo happy you got the apartment. I think that deserves as dancing banana. :cb:

Or two. :cb: :cb:

Oops, that's three. Oh well,

This quite literally is the first day of the rest of your life, and you're going to be fine! As for your husband's situation... it's kind of his choice not to have you around the next time he has something sad to deal with, isn't it? He's a big boy and he's going to have to learn to comfort himself, take care of himself and do for himself. Just like he's forcing you to.

Congratulations again!

Steph, 16 pounds is indeed a lot of weight to have lost! It's so great someone noticed! Yay! Another :cb: moment!

I, on the other hand, got a glimpse the other day of my sweetie's last "ex." I am horrified. She's about 5-10, maybe 130 pounds, breasts out to h----e----r---e and legs up to t----h----e----r----e, long blonde hair. In short, physical perfection. She's 48 years old and has a body like Paris Hilton. Yes, I know she was a miserable, wretched, manipulative biotch and he's with me now, but day-um! Talk about something difficult to live up to. It shoud have strengthened my resolve to lose this weight, but it just sort of withered me, yanno?

08-03-2005, 12:22 PM
Mornin' all.....

Steph~ That's awesome that someone noticed your weight loss! Talk about motivation! :)

Hippo~ I hope you stay awake and your icky TOM symptoms disappear quickly. I'm so glad you got the apartment.

Maggie~ There's a reason she's the EX.... looks can be deceiving. You don't have anything to live up to-- he chose you for being you, didn't he?

I'm off this afternoon to get a haircut-- I just played around online and found a picture of a short style that I've been thinking of trying for a long time now. At the moment my hair is almost to my shoulders~ it's wavy and dark blond (thanks to a bottle, lol). I'm sick of this hairstyle I have now- I've had it for years. So, I think this afternoon when DH takes DD to his grandma's house I'm going to go and get it cut. (Although I am equally tempted to stay home and clean out a kitchen cupboard-- lol-- it's just so rare that I get time at home alone!!)

I'm back to work tommorow & not looking forward to it. Usually when I've been on vacation I come back to a desk piled with paperwork and a hundred little notes from various people who want things from me. Yuck.

Have a great day, everyone!

08-03-2005, 01:16 PM
Hello ladies! :D

Steph: Oh man...I want an MP3 player, too! I'm thinking about going directly to the source for Christmas and saying, "Pleeeease Mommy and Daddy? Please get me an iPod!" Lol. I'd much rather have that strapped to me while I'm working out than have to lug a case of CDs to the gym and use their equipment.

HH: once more, hooray for the apartment! :cb: I'm sorry your TOM is being annoying. Sometimes I get symptoms a few days beforehand, too, and they can really be worse than the actual period. I'm hoping you start to feel better soon!

Maggie: I have a really great friend who recently made a similar discovery about her boyfriend's ex, but then she realized that he chose her. You know what's odd about guys? They're not quite as hung up on weight as we are. Just remember to continue on your path to healthiness for your own good and nobody else's. :) You're doing great!

Amy: Ooo...get your hair cut! Cupboards can wait, but hair is much more important. :D I love going and getting pampered for the day. You should definitely go have fun, especially since you don't get a whole lot of time to yourself. :)

Well, remember when I had all the problems registering for the GRE because it wouldn't go through on my credit card? Turns out my payment to my personal trainer didn't go through on my credit card. A phone call to Capital One revealed a fraudulent charge of more than $2,000 at a jewelry store and they had frozen my account. Ha! Like I can afford to spend something like that on jewelry! 45-minute conversation between two representatives of Capital One (in America, I believe) shortened: my account number has been deleted from the system, I am not liable for that charge, and I will be issued a new card in 7-10 days. I believe what happened was that my card number was stolen from DSW--I had received a letter from them in the mail a couple of weeks ago saying their computers were hacked into and a bunch of personal information was stolen. So, that's my suspicion. I asked the woman I spoke to who handled my fraud claim if there was anything I could do to protect my identity further, if there were any more steps I needed to take. She said that there weren't because according to Capital One, my account is completely nonexistent and any further attemps to charge that account would fail. Thank God.

So, all that's taken care of. I paid my personal trainer by check rather than credit card this month, but by September I should be back on track. *shakes head* I'm telling you...that was really scary and definitely frustrating. I didn't get the full amount of the fraudulent charge because every time they mentioned the exact number, my ears started ringing. Lol. The best I could get was $2,000, though I know it's at least a hundred dollars more.

So as soon as I came home from the gym, I had to deal with that for an hour, so now I'm all stinky...really stinky. Blech. And I have an ***-load of laundry to do. The next goal of mine: get my own washer and dryer. I hate having to lug my laundry to the on-site facilities here, especially in this heat. Blah. Lol...actually, I just really hate to do laundry. Lol. And while my laundry's going, I'm gonna be reading Confessio Amantis. It's Wednesday now. The goal: have that 494-pager all finished and read by Friday night, so that I can enjoy myself when my parents are in town.

Have a great Wednesday ladies! :D

08-03-2005, 01:50 PM
Maggie~ There's a reason she's the EX.... looks can be deceiving. You don't have anything to live up to-- he chose you for being you, didn't he?

:) Reminds me of one of my favorite "man" truisms: "Remember, man, no matter how beautiful she is, some guy is already tired of her crap." :rofl: :rofl:

08-03-2005, 02:13 PM
Hello all!!

Well, I stayed the same this week. I actually lost a couple of tenths but my leader only goes by whole and half pounds; she rounds everything. But I am totally cool with that it was TOM and weird one b/c it was the first month on new pills. I drank very little water all week and ALOT of Pepsi One. I ate 21 points one day, 19 another and only 11 another. I still had 10 flex left as well. So I was actually not eating enough. This week I am going to the fair as I said earlier, and I am going to enjoy myself without going over too badly.

HH- I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I know in a way it's not exactly a joyous occasion, but as everyone else has said this is a great new start for you. Maggie is right. Your husband chose his path let him walk it.

LOL Maggie that is soooooo true! Everyone is right he's with you for a reason. I know how you feel though. There is this gorgeous girl who is all but in love with my husband has been for a long time. She's married now so maybe sh eis over it. He was completley oblivious, but it always mad eme wonder what he saw in me. Must be something though he did marry me even while she was throwing herself at him.

Amanda-I know what you mena about laundry. Even now that I have a nice new washer and dryer I still hate it. I always thought it was b/c we didn't have our own or b/c the ones we did have for a time held about 1/4 of a normal load. But I hope you can get it done and your reading done and enjoy a relaxing visit with your parents.

Amy-I hope your haircut goes well. I cut my hair from almost my waist to above my chin this past fall. I love it!! A new hair cut can make you feel new all over.

Stephanie-This weather is killing me today. You described it exactly right.

Well ladies. I have to run and finish painting. There is an end in sight!!!!

08-03-2005, 03:00 PM
Hello Ladies,

HH I want to add to all of the other sistas well wishes and congratulations for the new place, May it bring you joy!!! Hopefully you will now have great fortune on your side.

I amen the crummy weather I can't take this oppressive heat! Makes me real glad the computer is in the office basement! Nice and cool.

I loved your man truisim it made me laugh! We do need to concentrate on our inner beauty and soom outwardly we will match it!

08-03-2005, 05:07 PM
Just quickie :)

Have any of you seen the weird "Fitness Made Easy?" That guy is so bizarre!! His head doesn't belong with his body!!!

08-03-2005, 05:15 PM
Hello ladies!

I am on a total eating rampage. Well, if you call eating a snack size bag of cheetos a rampage. I've been doing so well that seems like a binge to me. If we go to the fair tonight I am totaly going to eat whatever I want. I will write it down, but if I go over I go over. It's not that I don't care it's that I just need a tiny break. But, we have a friend coming this weekend with his kids and we may go to the fair that day and the wood workers festival. So I may save my "free" day for then.

So anyway, I was trying to catch up and read all the posts from yesterday I misse dbut it's too darn hot in here. Talk to you all laters

08-03-2005, 05:29 PM
If we go to the fair tonight I am totaly going to eat whatever I want. I will write it down, but if I go over I go over. It's not that I don't care it's that I just need a tiny break.

Misty, I think this is part of the winning attitude for success. After all, some of life's best times involve food, and if we try to ignore that fact or take away from the pleasure of those times by pulling out a points slider, then what we're doing it DIETING. Instead, we should be striving for incorporating healthy eating into our lifestyle, which will often (I hope) include special occasions where we should allow ourselves to enjoy and relax. Not to say you can't be a little careful, but not to the point where you worry yourself into not enjoying the occasion.

08-03-2005, 05:36 PM
Well.... I did it. I got the hair cut (forget about cleaning cupboards, lol- I haven't even done dishes today!) and I love it. It feels so good-- light and bouncy. DH hasn't seen it yet-- he generally says something very helpful like "OH! That's... different" when I make a drastic change. :rolleyes: It's not that he'll hate it or anything, but, he just makes weird remarks sometimes. Oh well, I like it, and I'm glad I did it. :D

Amanda~ I'm glad the credit card company got things fixed for you without any further damage. I'm with you-- a $2000 charge of any kind would cause me a stroke, let alone at a jewlery store! I wonder what you can even get with that kind of money at a jewlery store??

Misty~ I don't think that little bag of Cheetos constitutes a rampage quite yet... but fair food is SO tempting. Enjoy your "free day"!

Maggie~ You crack me up. :D

08-03-2005, 07:06 PM
Hi everyone!

HH - good luck with the move, and I agree with what has already been said about your husband. (((hugs)))

Amy - Craig does the same thing with my hair too, and its not often that I even get it cut. :rolleyes: men. I'm sure it looks great!

Amanda - I'm glad that they figured out your CC situation, and that they fixed it.

Misty - have fun at the fair!!

I hope everyone had a great day! :)


08-03-2005, 07:41 PM
LOL yeah the one little bag of cheetos wasn't bad. But I ate a second, and good portion of my daughter's dorritos and 6 chocolate frosted mini doughnuts (which I don't even like LOL)! My points balance for today stands at ZERO...well better than like negative 60. It may be clos eto that by the time I get home.

DH forgot that he had to help his grandfather with that stupid computer again. But he thankfully took our daughter with him so I could take a shower with only one child screaming and tearing the bathroom apart LOL. Then we'll go to the fair when he gets home. I am totally ignoring the fact that I too have not done my dishes, or laundry, or vacuumed (which with two dogs is a daily must).

Sounds like everyone is having a decent day :) Maggie you are so right!!!

Amy I am glad you like your hair. My husband says stuff like that too. Must be a man thing. When I got some of the paint on the walls Sunday I asked him if he liked it. He said it was ok. I asked just ok? He followed that with "It's your thing... I'm not really big on colors". What is that supposed to mean?

OMG Stephanie!!! :rofl: He reminds me of my little sister's Bratz Dolls with thier big, weird heads. I wonder if he has to change his feet when he changes his shoes like those dolls. Have you seen those? They are freaky! Of course I am disturbed by things that are made of only a head you know a cartoon character keychain that has only the head or head coffee mugs, or slippers. Some people are afraid of clowns...me, I am afraid of severed heads. You know who also reminds me of those Bratz Dolls? The "Everyday Italian" Lady on the food network.

Anyway, can you tell I am bored? I spend WAY to much time without adult conversation LOL

Well have a great night everyone. Who knows I may be back since there is nobody here to talk to and who knows if my husband will actually make it back at a decent time.

08-03-2005, 09:57 PM
Misty, I wouldn't call it a rampage--I prefer a small deviation from your intentions. :angel: Now it's over and you can move on! I'm glad you've seen those stupid commercials. They're just the worst!! ha, ha, I totally know what you mean about headless dolls!!! You crack me up!! I hope you enjoy the fair.

And about painting---I painted our spare bedroom over the weekend. It's a beautiful shade of blue. I absolutely love it, and I was so proud! My parents even commented on how nice a shade it is and how well it matches our bedspread (which is mostly white with pink roses and tiny little blue daisies). Well, I asked Tim what he thought, and he said, "I don't really like it." I asked what he didn't like, and he said that he didn't know. Next time I'll know better than to ask him for his opinion! :devil:

Amy, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow! I'm excited! Do any of you know of websites to look at to get ideas? I'd like to go relatively short--like chin length or a bit shorter.

Calpurrnia, I'm glad that you got that CC mess cleared up. Yikes.

And for those of you that I missed--I hope you're having a great evening. It's suppose to storm here tonight, and then we're to have cooler weather starting around noon tomorrow. Thank godness--this heat is oppressive!!

08-03-2005, 11:19 PM
Amy, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow! I'm excited! Do any of you know of websites to look at to get ideas? I'd like to go relatively short--like chin length or a bit shorter.

Mine is just below my ears... the shortest it's been in years. And yes, I know of a great site-- that's how I found this cut. You can scan your picture in and use it to try on virtual hairstyles- it's fun! You can also just browse their photos for ideas. Go here: www.ukhairdressers.com (http://www.ukhairdressers.com/) The girl who cut my hair laughed at the picture I brought (because in it my hair is neon yellow rather than a normal shade of blonde), but, she liked it and it was much easier than trying to describe to her what I wanted. She also said that the Clairol website has a similar feature, but I haven't looked at that one yet.