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08-02-2005, 10:42 AM
Hi all,

Daily Check-In I is about one year old. The women who have been on the thread have helped each other along a "health journey" of weight loss and fitness. We've made great strides. We want to start this new thread to welcome others who want to renew or start a health journey focus.

I lost 30 lb in one year and went from not being able to work out for 15 minutes at a time to completing a triathlon this past Sunday (.5 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 2.8 mile run). I've still got a long way to go to meet my fitness and weight loss goals. The Daily Check-In Thread has been one of the most important ingredients towards my success.

Daily Check-In means checking in regularly and logging the foods you ate, the foods you skipped, successes and stresses along the way, and tips for each other. I want to welcome anyone who desires to get healthier and share the journey. Please log on, introduce yourself and start "checking-in."

I'm a mom of three boys, in my forties, working, married and still struggling with getting on track with healthy eating and working out. My "diet" of choice is calorie counting. My calorie goal is 1500 cals a day - that works for me.

Today's check in
breakfast - cereal, milk, berries (250)
snack - yogurt smoothie (300)
total so far - 550

sw 210
cw 181
gw 150

08-02-2005, 08:58 PM
Hi ToF, I'll join you here.I can't promise I'll list what I've had, but I can list the big ones - the calorie laden foods that I pass by and don't eat. Today, I got a candy bar out and ate 1/4 of it and put the rest back in the kitchen. In the past I would have eaten the whole thing, then some because I would have felt guilty.

I'm also a mother, but of 2 boys, 19 and 20 YO, working as a database manager, I love to do stained glass and knit with my knitting machine, and I am always in a war with my weight. It has won many battles but I know I'll win the war. I loosely count calories and am up to 1000 so far today. I should be done at 1300.

08-03-2005, 07:30 AM
Hi Marie, let's see how this thread goes. Not too much interest so far. Yesterday was a tough day for me - a low day. I have to learn how to cope with that kind of day. Hoping for a better eating day today. I woke up with a lot of energy - that's a good start.

so far, just coffee.

08-03-2005, 07:36 AM
I'm thinking more about this. I have to start checking my weight regularly. I'm going to weigh myself on Sunday morning. I'd really like to break 180 by then - that means about 1.5 lbs. I can do it. We all can! It's a step by step process. I think I'll be checking in a lot for support. That's what I did last year to jump start the process.

08-03-2005, 08:17 AM
Tiredoffat so glad you started this thread. I will reintroduce myself.

My life has only begun and I have a lot of living to do. I want to be healthy and capable to do for others and myself in the future. I have a hubby whom needs my assistance as he has some health issues. I am a mother of 3 lovely grown children and have 4 little grandkids. No I am not that old only 51 started young but don't regret it. I don't feel 51 and I won't act it either! Life is to short for that! I went back to school a bit ago and got my degree. I work with the adult MR population as a social worker field. I find my work challenging but rewarding and never dull. I started 1 year ago in Sept. to turn my health around. It has worked well for me. I am dedicated to checking in to threads which help keep me motivated to continue my jouney of a good path towards tp wt. loss and feeling fit. I love to do many outside activities, camping, swimming, exercising,fishing , gardening and inside activities include knitting, sewing, quilting, reading etc. I am trying to live life to its fullest and take it as it comes, deal with stress the best I can. Life sometimes throws us a few curve balls and we can react with over eating etc. I am trying to do the scale thing every friday. I set goals for myself along the way and write in a daily journal and post generally on this site.
Well enough of that lets get moving and lose some more wt. I am down almost 10lbs. I'd like to lose about 15 more over time. My goal is to lose it within the year. I take it off generally slow but try to maintain my loss. I calorie count flex between 1400 and 1600. It seems to be the best way for me! Good luck! Welcome aboard and hope you will join us in this journey of better living and feeling good!

08-03-2005, 04:08 PM
Hi ladies,
I'm new around here, Tiredoffat invited me over here yesterday from another post (thanks :) )

I'm 45 years old with a great husband and 3 great kids. What's not so great is my weight :( . I also have been quite sedentary for the last couple of years which has contributed to this feeling that I am getting old and stiff.
My goals are quite simple, get some sort of exercise everyday ( right now it is 30 min walking or pilates dvd, stretching nightly, etc) eat good healthy foods, no fakes,no chemicals or trans fats, and portion control ( I'm not counting calories, but ultimately this is a low calorie diet). I'd love to have some ladies to share ideas and successes with along this journey.

My husband and I own 3 restaurants but I really don't work in the restaurants anymore, which, is probably why I have gained this weight.

I have a whole closet full of beautiful clothes and just about nothing fits or looks good anymore. Nothing is going to keep me from my goal. This is it, life's too short to be thinking about my weight all the time.

So, I'll try to post often....maybe we can help eachother achieve our goals. :)
I'll be posting my weight also, can't wait to see those numbers go down


08-04-2005, 08:28 AM
Gina welcome aboard here. Together we try to support each other and learn new ways to work toward a better and healthier lifestyle. So yah can't go wrong if your join in.
Yesterday was another very high stress day at work and my mood kind of was tense at home. That didn't make for such a great day. But today is another day and I am going to go in and make the best of things. Getting down can be tough I didn't totally over eat but made a few unhealthy add ins. I ended up on the high calorie side yesterday today will be better. I plan on counting closely and making better choices not letting the stress get to me. I will deal with each thing as it comes up and try not to let it mess me up totally. Food can seem like comfort but it really can be the demon if we choose the wrong things. I did go blueberry picking and had fun. I am going again next week. One gallon of berries are going in the freezer. I am getting ready for camp on friday. Hopefully lots of exercise this weekend and some relaxation. I might have to take part of friday off just to relax and catch up on life. Stress does funny things to us and I need to be strong and not let it control what goes into my mouth.
Scale day is friday! I will be intrested to see how I am doing. I haven't had a bad week just different! I am going to make some homemade fresh salsa to take camping and fresh veggies precut up to snack on. If I pack the right stuff it could be a healthy weekend of eating except for a smore!
Take care!

08-04-2005, 08:56 AM
Good Morning.

Welcome Gina. I know we'll all make great progress on this new thread. I'm imagining myself wearing lots of great clothes at 150lbs. It will happen - I know it. It just means cutting down on calories.

breakfast special k, milk and blueberries (400)

08-04-2005, 03:42 PM
Hi everyone. I had a great day yesterday. I ate lo-cal for my birthday and didn't go over my calories. When we went out to dinner, I only looked at the WW part of the menu and ordered a 350 cal chicken sandwich (which was tasty). Then when they sand happy birthday and brought a sundae, I only ate a couple bites of it. I was full and didn't just keep eating. That's such progress for me. DH and I took the dogs out hiking yesterday morning so I even exercised.

Today is a lazy day. I've started a new plan to get me stomach muscles stronger. I did situps on the 1st for the first time in 30 years. I could actually do 10 of them. My goal is to add 1 every other day until I'm up to 50. I'm also going to start doing push ups using the counter (until I get stronger then I'll graduate to the floor). Crunches have never done much for me, so I decided to go with the real situps. Anyway, I will then float on my pool, then do laps for aerobic exercise. Past that, I'm being a bum my last week off from work.

Gina, welcome to the board - I also gravitated from another thread that I chatted with TOF daily.

Cacmsc, it's really nice to meet you. 51 is definitely still young. Sometimes it's hard for me to think that it's been 25 years since high school. Some days it feels like just a couple - then I realize how old I am and I just don't feel old. So I know what you mean.


08-04-2005, 05:51 PM
Crunches sound like a good idea!

breakfast - cereal/milk/blueberries (400)
lunch - 2 pcs pizza (600)
dinner - 1/2 tuna sandwich, yogurt, fig newtons (700 about)
total 1700 - that's it for today - not the best choices, but the cal intake seems close to what it should be.
I also drank lots and lots of water. Perhaps I'll fit in ex tonight, I've had trouble making the time this week as it is a busy family week. My husband and I have 24 hrs without children this weekend and we both want it to be fun and healthy.

Take care.

sw 210
cw 181
gw 150

08-04-2005, 10:45 PM
Hi everybody,
So glad to meet you all.

mmarie: Thanks for the welcome. :) I think it's great that you only had a couple of bites of your birthday sundae. I find that a few bites can really be satisfying if you pay attention to what you're eating and besides, normally everyone goes hog wild on that special day ... so good for you! About those sittups, that's a great idea, you'll be able to see your progress. You might want to check out Pilates, there are no crunches involved but boy, do they work those core abdominal muscles.To tell the truth, those exercises are really hard for me ( I had twins, nice excuse huh?) but I feel them for days after.

tof: Thanks for the nice welcome. Sounds like you had a pretty good day and....a whole 24 hours with your husband, no kids...I am totally jealous! Thanks for starting this thread.

cacmsc: Thanks for the welcome. :) 50 is the new 30...haven't you heard? Which makes me about 27 I think :lol: Hope you enjoy your camping trip and good luck on weigh day! I am hoping for some kind of loss tomorrow, have been pretty good this week. Going to keep my fingers crossed for both of us....all of us.

08-05-2005, 08:05 AM
Hello everyone! Happy Birthday to you Mmarie and good work and a nice step forward to reaching your goal. Its all about changing the way we think sometimes.
Gina thanks for being supportive. I like your way of thinking!
Tired hang in there girl things are starting to turn around for you it takes time. How well I know.
I had a better day yesterday at work but boy this has been a stressful week. I am not sorry to see it end and part of it I will have to deal with next week. That is sad but true a big stressful meeting coming up. Sometimes dealing with other peoples lives is not so much fun and the outcomes aren't always the best. Especially when you see them choosing the wrong thing and no how its going to change their lifes and there isn't much you can do. Sometimes the job just eats you up and this is one of those times. Thank God they don't come my way so often or I'd really be a mess!
I didn't lose any wt. this week but thats okay figuring it was pretty crazy and all. I am not upset about it just going to move forward. Maintaining is just as important sometimes. Well I gotta fly to work so I can maybe leave a bit early still gotta pack and get groceries. Talk to you all on sunday when I return from camping in the wilderness no real potties etc..... Oh how will I survive????????????????????????

08-05-2005, 11:38 AM
I weighed in today - 204 - that's down 9 from a few months ago, but I'm not satisfied with this at all. Like many of you, I want to make this the last time - lately instead of up and down, it is up and up. I have begun exercising (with a partner - which helps) and hiking on weekends, thus hikerpam. I am excited about being accountable to y'all - (

08-05-2005, 09:48 PM
Hi all,

Gina and cacmsc, thanks for the great posts. It really is a matter of changing how we think. Two days later I'm still thrilled I ate only a couple bites.

hikerpam, 9 pounds is great. I've been on this diet for over a year and right now only have 8 pounds to show for it (I gained weight on a recent vacation and haven't/don't want to change my tracker). I know it's due to one of my bipolar meds, but I don't know which one so I'm easing off them all. I promised DH to go back on them if I don't do okay without them. I've been so stable for so long that I want to try without drugs. In the mean time, maybe I'll lose an ounce or two. :) I did lose a .5 pound this week of the vacation pounds.

I'm at about 800 cals so far today and still have dinner to go. I have a taste for cereal so I think I'll be able to have one of my WW ice cream bars for dessert.

I swam laps today and did my situps. Tomorrow or Sunday I plan on going hiking with DH and dogs. Its just so hot here (100) that we have to get up early to go so that the dogs don't get overheated.

Anyway, have a great night.

08-06-2005, 02:20 PM
Hi all,

Wow this thread is taking off with great energy and new people! I think this gives us all a great place to start or restart.

Welcome hikerpam. I love to hike. It's a great way to burn calories and enjoy friends and family not to mention see natural beauty. I hope you'll share some of your hikes with us.

Nine lbs is awesome Gina.

Marie and Carol, thanks for all the positive words and good advice. Your steady encouragement and sticking to the task helps make me strong.

Good day so far - tough to count cals due to the boys' swim meet, but no overeating
breakfast - cereal, milk (300)
snack - 1/2 bagel (300)
lunch - chicken sandwich (600)
have to go easy tonight

Take care all - my new resolve is not to overbook myself, I'm finding that when I'm too busy I get tired and when I get tired I overeat. I'll check in again in the am.

08-08-2005, 08:09 AM
Well back to reality today. I went camping in a remote area this weekend no bathrooms, water etc..................But it was lots of hiking and fishing etc. We even broke a rule or two to go rafting across to the island. So lots of upper body muscles were used. One day I managed to sink into some mud up to my ankles what a mess. I laughed so hard but didn't think I'd ever get out.So much for short cuts! I did lots of hiking up the hill to camp down to the water back up again....Then around to the other side of the water to fish at a good site. We had lots of fun! Not sure about the dill potatoe chips I did get into them. But they at least were the 40% less fat type. Like that mattered after drinking some wine this weekend. Oh well we are only young once and I will jump right back to doing my good stuff today. I did a lot of exercise so I am hoping it counteracted the bad foods!
HikerPam welcome aboard! As you see I am full of exploring the world with some camping and hiking as well. Not going to let any grass grow under my feet at least not yet! Nature is so beautiful and we need to see as much of it as possible.
Breakfast: 1 toast w/ little butter/yogurt= 220 calories
Snack= peach 50
Lunch= salad w/ tomatoes,croutons,cuke, cheese,basil, 1 hard boiled egg 250
Snack= 1 pear
Dinner= [polish sausage lean w/ sauerkraut} 350
Have a super day Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snack= blueberries and yogurt 150
1200 calories at this point trying to stay near 1400 today!
Fluids= black coffee, water w/lemon lots of it!

08-08-2005, 09:39 PM
Hi Carol,

Glad to hear that your camping trip went well. It's been nonstop around here with barely a minute to focus. Take care.

08-08-2005, 09:44 PM
Sounds like you had fun cacmsc. I love hiking and camping. I just came back from an Alaskan Cruise and all I could think about was how much funner it would have been to camp in Alaska instead of living on a big boat. So your adventure sounds great.

I've been doing good on my diet and lost 1 pound of the three that I gained on the cruise. I'll get all of it off and more - that I know. I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but I decided to got off all my bi-polar meds this past week. Many reasons why, but one of the main was because I can't lose weight while on them. For about a month I was religiously eating 1300-1400 cals a day and exercising and didn't lose an ounce. So I started researching the meds I was on and one is known for making you gain weight (which I did when I was put on it). I just never realized that I would be unable to lose it if I tried really hard. So that was one reason but there are several more. Anyways, I feel like a noose has been lifted from my neck and I feel much more like myself. I'm going through some withdrawal symptoms but they are mild compared to much of the research I did on that too. So I'm doing good.

I exercised twice yesterday (went hiking and swam laps, did weights and situps) and ate good all weekend. Today I went back to work and still ate really good and I'm up to about 1000 cals with another 400 for dinner/snack. I don't know if I'll exercise since I'm pretty dizzy but I did drink lots of water.

Hope you all are having a great day.

08-09-2005, 07:36 AM
Mmarie the med's are tough on your system. I am very aware of what they can do to your system as I work in a field which relates with some of those meds. Have you ever searched into dealing with the bipolar with natural products? If you have a good health food store it might be worth wild talking with them. Sometimes just learning ways to relax can help with some of the side effects. Life sometimes throws us a curve ball and we have to find ways to deal with it. Sounds like you have a handle on it all. Keep up your good efforts. My son lived in Alaska for a year I never got there but saw great pictures. It is a place he would like to venture to again some day.
I did okay with my diet yesterday all but an ice cream cone on the way home from work. I guess my lunch didn't hold me over very well and I didn't eat my second piece of fruit for snack. Once I got home though I kept to my diet quite well. I had a pear and cuke last night instead of snacking on something bad for me. So that I figure counted for something.
Todays plan: bagel w/lt.c.c coffee blk.350
No snack today I have a meeting.
Lunch= salad w/ tom. croutons/cuke/low cal. dressing and some cheese 250?
yogurt 90
Dinner= steak grilled lean, onions and squash grilled a little olive oil spices
1 baked potatoe 200 w/ lt. sour cream
Snack= fruit
About 1400 calories today. Lots of water need to exercise today! Maybe a walk? Something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-09-2005, 11:30 PM
Carol, you know one of the hardest short term thing to do on a diet is not to blow it for the whole day when you have one thing that's not good for your diet earlier in the day. So pat yourself on the back for staying on track once you got home. Also an ice cream cone isn't a bad thing. I have one lots of times - the rolled sugar cone is about 55 calories and one normal scoop of ice cream is between 140 to 200 calories. So really you didn't do bad at all.

Good news on my front - I have successfully lost the 3 pounds I gained on the cruise. Being off the meds has made that possible since it only took a week and a half. I weighed in this morning (with TOM of all things) and nearlly jumped for joy on the scale but knew that would surely break the darn thing.

I'm slowly getting into the routine being back at work. Hectic, hectic, hectic and I like life at a relaxed pace. But there have been so many budget cutbacks in our district that everyone is scrambling around. It's a sad thing that the state of Oregon decided that cutting education dollars was a wise thing. It's just plain wrong. BTW, they gave themselves a 12% raise. Talk about not re-electing incumbents.

Carol, I definitely will never, ever go back on meds. This is the only time I plan to go through withdrawal. If the lightbox and DH can keep the BP under control, then I will go to natural remedies. Never again will I allow my brain to be manipulated by meds again. So I will definitely keep GNC in my mind if necessary. Thanks for the good advice.

I exercised (swam - still need to do my situps and weightlifting), drank oodles of water, and am at about 900 calories so far. I will have something for dinner, but I'm not hungry. So I'll get it up to at least 1200 by the time I go to bed.

Thanks for being here. I love the support of this thread.

08-10-2005, 07:20 AM
Marie sounds like you are doing well and thanks for the advice and encouragement. I did read an article on the site for our local newspaper on food and health. If you get a chance ck it out it is At any rate it was about good foods to fight depression. Some of the foods used are turkey, chicken, beans, legumes, peas and some seafoods. They use them for the people in armed forces. It was interesting info. thought we could all use. It helps to keep or chemical balance in tune. God knows we all need that right? Your so right with gov't and school budgets!
My meeting went well yesterday and it was really stressful. One of my most difficult parents to deal with. But the outcome for my client was a positive one and I was shocked that it went well with the outcome. I could of almost banked my pay ck. it was going the other way. Oh well glad thats done. Today I am not sure about my lunch foods as we are having lunch served at an all day meeting at the hotel. I am learning about the medicaid and medicare info. changes etc.... Sounds like loads of fun huh! 6 hours worth! After that its a swim for sure its going into the 90's today.
I am shooting for being good today! Lite supper a grilled burger in a whole wheat thin pita and squash. Oh last night I cooked a spaghetti squash then added some olive oil, little butter, fresh garlic, parm cheese. It was great I could of just had that for dinner forget anything else. Have a great day everyone!

08-10-2005, 11:50 AM
Hi all. I've been on a real struggle in the last seven days so sorry about not being able to post thoughtfully.

Marie, I'm so pysched that you lost 3 lbs (and more?). Fabulous.

Carol, it is always good to read your upbeat ideas and attitude. Thanks.

Marie, Skinny is back on ISO, check it out. I hope she comes to this thread too. Carol, you'd love her.

Ladies, I promise I'll have the energy and time to commit to this thread again. I'm really trying to sort out all the demands and get rid of some. I feel like I'm at the center of a hurricane in my life and the people/places around me are all wildly demanding. This is the first day in about two weeks (or more) that I haven't had a million appts etc. Hopefully I'll be able to center and get back on track. Funny but this all started after the triathlon ended - perhaps a big letdown that the event didn't take away my challenges with food/weight. Thanks for being here. I appreciate it.

08-10-2005, 01:27 PM
Hope this day finds everyone doing well. Shout out to TOF and Marie :wave: for not giving up on me and keeping me in your thoughts! You're great ladies and I enjoy your friendship immensely! :grouphug:

For everyone else, allow me to introduce myself. I'm 38 yoa w/two DD's; age 16-just got her permit-pray for us! :D and 13 yoa. My DH is retired Navy and is currently employed w/the federal park system. I work for the local county attorney, or DA as most folks know them. I have strayed off track and gained back some of my weight loss but here I am renewing my commitment w/people who I know will be a great source of encouragement and accountability.

My DH and I are doing WW. He has lost 12 1/2 pounds in three weeks and is very pleased. I have dropped four. My official WI is tonight. I weighed at home this morning and it showed a loss but I will wait for the official before updating my profile.

I generally walk at least 30 minutes in the mornings and try to make it to the Y twice a week. Right now, I'm doing well to do these two things as one DD is in marching band (alto sax) and the other is on the volleyball team. There's a game and a band competition every week and their practices overlap sometimes so it's hectic, hectic, hectic! So, DH and I have made to commitment that, no matter how busy we are, that our exercise, healthy eating habits, family time and couple time will not be compromised. We're going to have to grab time wherever we can but we're for sure going to grab it! :)

Well, hopefully, when you check in next, my profile will be updated and that yucky 219 will be gone! Have a great day!

Oh, Marie-my DH's BP is under good control. He's finally found the right "cocktail" although his goal would be to eventually get off the scrips. I need to read that article that Carol posted; might be helpful.

BTW-Carol-good name! That's my sissy's name and I think the world of her. So, you and I are off to a roaring start! :) And, thanks for postingthe article.

08-10-2005, 04:48 PM
Hi all. Skinny, my husband and I are on the same page as you and your hubby in terms of the health commitment and the busy childrens' schedule.

As I said before this is the first day in over a while that I've had a chance to plan the day the way I want. I'm realizing that I have to realign my priorities. Funny, by a number of factors have forced me to live low key and close to home in the next few weeks. The factors include an extended family members' illness, a son's fractured wrist and some financial factors. I've been fighting this reality as I'd like to be off to the beach or vacationing anywhere else (mind you I've had my share so I'm not looking for pity). Being home I'm realizing just how much back to the basics we all need around here including healthy family dinners, low key family fun and some less hectic, peaceful nights which will include thoughtful attention to this wonderful group of women.

Thanks for listening everyone. Welcome back Skinny. Thanks to Marie and Carol for standing by me through these ups and downs.

08-11-2005, 08:02 AM
Skinny welcome aboard and hopefully we can all learn something from each other to help with us all reaching our goals. I look forward to any input you have gotten from your meetings that you might like to share. Again welcome! Look forward to getting to know you.
Marie my little grandaughter is coming over to stay on friday. Her bag has been packed for a few days. She only lives 4 min. from me funny huh! But we will have a special evening together. I think Grandpa is planning to let her sleep in the camper if she would like to. We are going to bake cookies to send off to Hawaii for part of a birthday gift to my daughter in law.
Tired you will survive this tough time as always. You have a lot on your plate. Sometimes we all take on more than we need. Give others some responsibility so your not overwhelmed. There has to be some way to make it easier for you. Look at your issues as if they belong to someone else. Then problem solve as you would for your students. This my give you some new ideas and approaches? Just thought it might help? Wish we could find Judy. I feel bad she and Rollmdl haven't joined us. Any ideas there?
I did shop last night for some new jeans and work pants. I tried on the 10's and they fit great so I most be doing okay. I haven't been wearing many pants mostly shorts this summer. I am starting to notice the change in our a.m. still dark at 5:45 etc. summer is quickly moving to fast. I am fitting in two more camping vacations and a trip with the grandkids and everyone monday to Seabreeze. Well talk to you soon. I will write my intake in my journal and be under 1400 calories today and swim for exercise.

08-11-2005, 11:18 AM
I had a nice long post ready and the computer ate it. Sheeze. Anyway, good morning! Hope this day finds everyone doing well. Things here are good. I've had my coffee :coffee: and I'm listening to Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons". Yup, I'm a happy girl.

Carol, it was nice to meet you. Your story about your gdaughter was too cute. I know from experience there's no one like grandma. I hope you have an excellent visit w/her. You have family in Hawaii? My oldest DD will be traveling to Hawaii next summer w/her school band. She's excited but old mom is having a hard time w/it. She's never been that far away from me before. Two years ago they went to FL and mom did not fair well! I know she's well chaperoned and all but still. My bro and his wife may be going w/her. That will ease my mind considerably! I guess I'll just have to pray hard. He's the same God in Hawaiii as He is here! :)

TOF-Carol had some good hints. I would be insane right now if my family didn't pitch in like they do. Here are some things we do that helps: I leave a chore chart for my DD's everyday and the chores must be completed before I get home. I also use a system called motivated moms. It keeps all my housecleaning on a schedule so that there is no heavy spring/fall cleaning. They have a website. Just type motivated moms into your search engine. Also, we plan our meals every week and have a menu posted on the fridge. That way, we know every evening what to expect. My DH usually at least starts dinner as he gets home before me. Hope some of this helps. All you can do is the best you can do. Delegation is our friend! :D I generally take care of mopping, dishes and laundry-among others. Everything is pretty evenly distributed.

Marie-could you repost your cruise pix? I still haven't gotten them to open properly and I'd love to see them. Oh, and congrats on your weight loss! :bravo:

Well, ladies, I would ask to direct you attention to my signature. At my official weigh in last night, I was DOWN 8 POUNDS! I couldn't believe it. I stepped on the scale TWICE to make sure it was working properly! I have to tell you, friends, I am doing the happy dance! :cb: :dance: I'm also aware that I am close to the barrier that I haven't managed to cross yet. The less I've weighed on this weight loss journey is 209. I always seem to hit a wall there and I can't, no-haven't gotten below it yet. But, w/your encouragement, I believe I can do it. So, help me stay positive, please. Thanks.

I went to the Y this morning and did 30 minutes in the circuit room. It was great. I normally walk 20 miles a week and go to the Y twice a week to mix things up a little.

Well, ladies, it was great visiting w/you. Gotta run. Have a great day. Be kind to herself and smile often-it makes people wonder what you're up to! :D

08-11-2005, 05:34 PM
Hi everyone, things are going good here. I'm actually at work and found a few minutes to play. In other words, I'm postponing returning calls because I went to one of the schools for about an hour. One would think me leaving me desk means the world collapsed. "So-so needs you to call immediately..." etc.

Okay, that didn't work - it's now a 2 hours laters... and my lunch time so I'll try again.

Carol, someday I'll have grandkids. For that I'm very excited, but since my boys are only 19 and 20, there's no rush. But, I envy you. I think being a grandparent is going to be such a special honor. It sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. And I agree, summer is going by way too quick. I can't believe I'm already back at work. I really wish I had gotten of the meds earlier so I would have enjoyed my 5 weeks off. They were good, but I'm so much happier now that I would have loved and cherished each day even more.

Skinny - WAY TO GO on the weight loss. I am so proud of you. Getting back on the wagon is so hard but you came back to the right place. The web address of my cruise pictures is You should be able to access them just by going clicking on the link. I'm going to go out on a friendship limb here and give you some of my experience/thoughts on dieting. So here goes... Last spring, I read everything that you were doing exercise wise and you made me tired just by everything you did. You were going at 200% and I remember thinking to myself that you were going to burn yourself out, but had hoped I would be wrong. I thought that because I have done twice what you were doing. Exercising like an obsession. The first time I was way younger and it took about 9 months to burn out and then do no exercise. The second time, I was about 37 and went on a rollerblading frenzy. I skated miles and miles and miles, up hills, to different towns... you get the picture. I was skating an average of 80 miles a week. Boy was I ever in good shape. ;) But then, ka-bam, I couldn't do it anymore and I stopped (a Minnesota winter had a lot to do with that but I didn't restart in the spring). Anyway, I burned myself out on exercise videos (first time) and rollerblading (second time). I love rollerblading and I haven't done it in 2 years because of that spring/summer/fall. So I reaad everything that you were doing and I saw myself in you and hoped that you would slow done. That's where you've got me beat - you seem to have slowed and now given up so I am REALLY proud of you. the reason that I decided to share my thoughts of this past spring is that I want you to keep an eye out that you don't go overboard. You seem a lot like me in our determination to succeed on this journey and I don't want you to fail like I did.

I worry about you too, TOF. School is starting up soon and you're still so busy. I hope that some of Carol's suggestions help you downsize your stress load. I remember waking up one day and realizing that what was stressing me out wasn't earth shattering and that I could/would delegate whether I'd always spoiled my family/work subordinates in the past. I knew I had to destress or it was going to kill me, then the delegation was going to be way more than just destressing my life. So I worry and think about you often and know that you have to make destressing a priority. Higher than losing weight and exercising. That's just my opinion and you can take it or not. I guess I'm a worrier about my friends.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox for the moment. Plus I'm almost done with lunch. I had a Schwan's cheese pizza and they only have 420 calories in it. So that was a good lunch.

I peeked at the scale this morning - yes I really should subscribe to the thread Scale Addicts Anon - and 196.5 was the result. So I've lost another .5 pound. Since going off meds, I have lost 3.5 pounds in a week. I'm eating and exercising the same as before but the weights coming off like it did before I got older. Getting older wasn't the problem, being medicated was. So I am one happy girl.

Also, I did something different yesterday (not the first time, but just not enough times that it still qualifies as different). Between 4 and 5 pm, several little things really ticked me off and my jubiliant mood was ruined. I was home alone and a little bummed. Normally that's a reason to open the fridge and dive in. Yesterday, I looked for and found my Tae Bo tape and decided that punching and kicking would be better. So I did the Tae Bo and felt immensely better. Jubiliant I was once again. I then went swimming and wrote for the rest of the evening. It was so great.

FYI, if you can't tell, I'm in a manic stage and am enjoying it thoroughly. Skinny, that one thing to know about your DH - if he does go manic - it's really nice except I create credit card **** for DH and me. I'm boing really good so far. I'm just chatting everyone's ear off. :) You guys included.

But, back to work. TTYL.

08-12-2005, 09:49 AM
Hi all, my entry was lost yesterday. I must say that this thread has energy and vitality! I'm psyched about it. I hope it rubs off on me.

Carol - I leaned in your direction last night. I had a sleepover for 6 boys plus my own two. I used it as a carrot for the last two days and we got lots and lots of cleaning done. The party was a big success - very cute watching them all run from place to place in their boxers, each trying to manage the others. Family fun and happiness - you make that happen so often. Hope you're having a great day.

Skinny - congrats on the weight loss. Awesome. My husband and I, like you and your hubby, are committed to this health journey. Like you, we have lots of child activities to plan for and go to. I'm looking forward to another year of your friendship and support.

Marie - I love those words of wisdom. Sometimes I think of the "manic" stage as a stage of clarity - knowing what to do and then the other stage as being emptied out. I also am heading your words to Skinny. I think I've been trying so hard that I've been missing some of the other pleasures in life. I'm seeking a balance and I appreciate your point of view. Good for you choosing the kick boxing rather than the fridge! Awesome choice.

Roll and Judy - hope you're doing well. I miss you.

As for me, I've definately moved from the doldrums. I get the magazine Simple Living which I usually hate but this month there were great articles about happiness and stress less living. One stress buster is to rid yourself of procrastination. I've checked off almost my entire to do list and eliminated the too far reaching goals. Secondly I'm trying to focus on happiness - what makes me happy. I spend a lot of my free time doing things that don't make me happy (why? - habit? guilt? what I think I should do?)Anyways I'm trying to not do those things in my free time and instead choose activities that I like such as riding my bike, hiking, drawing, writing.

Thanks for listening everyone. I appreciate your earnest searching, working towards a good life.

08-12-2005, 11:35 AM
Hope this day finds everyone doing well. Things here are good. Started off my day w/coffee and Vivaldi again so how can I go wrong? :)

Last night was parent night for oldest DD's band. They did a really good job, especially the colorguard. The cg was really bad last year, even at the end of the season after all that practice but they looked sharp last night. Anyway, it was an enjoyable evening, despite the fact that we discovered that DH's truck was going to have to have a new transmission. Bummer. Anyway, after that we got to see some fireworks that the city set off for the opening of the newest elementery school. It was a good time.

Since I overslept this morning, I'll have to get in my 2 mile walk this evening sometime. It's hot as blazes here in KY. The temp is supposed to be up to 97 w/a heat index of 99-104! And my DD is out in this muck marching! She's stocked up on water, though, so she should be okay. Bless her heart, she certainly is dedicated to the band.

Marie-you didn't upset me at all by going out on the friendship limb. It makes me feel great to know I have such caring friends. You're right, I was overdoing it last time. I feel like I've found the right mix for right now. I may change what I do later but I probably won't change how much for a long time. Anytime you feel I'm on thin ice, please feel free to say something to me. That's what friends are for. Oh, finally got your pix open and all I can say is gorgeous. My oldest DD is considering an alaskan cruise for her graduation present. I may just have to show her those pix! Looks like you had a great time. Oh, and congrats on the .5 you lost and on your healthy decision to exercise instead of eat. Great job!

TOF-eight boys in your home? Sounds like fun. We have kids in and out of our house all the time. I'm glad they feel comfortable at our house. Good job on using that as incentive, by the way. I've used similar scenario's myself. I'm glad you're pulling our of your doldrums. It sounds like your making decisions that are healthy for you and your asking good questions. Women are such nurturers that its sometimes hard to say no. However, if we don't take care of ourselves properly, our ability to take care of the ones we love will be lessened. You're doing great and I'm proud of your decisions. Hang in there. When does school start there? My girls go back 08/16. They're spending their last day of "freedom" w/their Aunt Debbie. I'm sure they'll have great fun.

Carol-check in and let us know how your visit is going.

Well, gotta run. Take care of yourselves, ladies. Thank you so much for your friendship and support. It's greatly appreciated.

Oh, DH and I have a date tomorrow. Yea. I'm planning it but it's not anything big but it will be good quality time. We're going to the Electric Beach for coffee (think starbuck's) and then to the lake for a walk. I've been giving him notes this week w/clues about what our date is going to be. He's been enjoying it a lot. I can hardly wait. I feel like I haven't seen him all week due to our busy schedule. Gotta make time for us!

Just for smiles: I have a sign on my computer that says: I keep hitting "escape" but I'm still here! :lol:

08-12-2005, 03:48 PM
Hi all, after I wrote yesterday all h*ll broke loose at work. I had 4 servers crash (all the district office's servers) almost simulaneously. What a freaking mess. I was readly to head out the door and never look back. On top of the servers, the phone wouldn't stop ringing with people kind enough to tell me that were having computer problems. Ah, duh!!!!!! When I finally got the situation under control and able to go home, I swam my laps. My reward for not eating, dropping the remainder of that .5 pound. So I'm to 196, 3 pounds this week. YEAH!!!!!

Skinny, glad to hear that you're going to rein in the exercise from last spring. I know that it's easy to want to lose weight so much that you go overboard. I'm really watching myself so that I don't do that again.

TOF, I think you're nuts. (This coming from a certified nutcase) 8 boys at once. I can understand the carrot incentive, but oooohhh, that would throw me over the edge.

Carol, I hope you have a fantastic time with your granddaughter. Have a lot of fun for me.


08-13-2005, 01:03 PM
Well everyone we are having a good time. She ended up in our bed as we had a thunderstorm. Yes her and the stuffed little bunny and his blanket. Too cute I tell yah. At any rate she is sitting on the floor going through some left over fabrics and we are making some quick cut up clothes with tie straps. We are headed to run some errands and we are going to my sisters for a big family gathering for a birthday party. So she will meet mom and dad there. We took her out for dinner last night she had a real daisy in her pony tail and was ready to go when I got there to pick her up. The whole family is going to Seabreeze on monday to go on all the water rides and reg. rides. This is our summer treat to everyone. Some day I might not beable to do it but this year I can thanks to my casino win a month ago. Gotta be thankful and lucky once in awhile. We will take a picnic lunch on monday and the girls have all taken care of that and the drinks, snacks etc....
The hubby and I have our anniversary next friday and we are going to do something special.
Skinny wow nice loss. I didn't do the little square this week. I will on wed. next week. I can tell by my clothes so far so good. Another measure is how my rings fit. Loose is good.
Tired you go girl. Congrats on getting some support there! You deserve a break to enjoy life too!
Marie watch that scale stuff not to often ! Be careful!
Well off to a picnic I will try to make some good choices and smaller portions when possible.

08-14-2005, 11:26 AM
Carol, it sounds like you're having fun with GD and the rest of your family. Happy anniversary, a little early. how man years is it? Enjoy it. I envy going to Seabreeze (never heard of it but I LOVE water theme parks). I don't give a darn what I look like in a swimsuit if there is water involved. I will be in my suit and in the water. Hope you were able to do small portions at the picnic.

I've been out to dinner the last two nights. I'm doing good on choices and portions. Eating out is so hard, though. You get an idea of how many calories are in it, but then you never know if they slathered it in oil or butter or what ever else that could throw off the diet. Today is a stay at home day regardless that two of my servers are not working right at work. I spent a portion of my day off yesterday working (4 hours). Not today.

I'm going to watch the NASCAR race with DS and start the counted cross stitch kit I bought in Alaska - it's of Northern Lights. The kit came with Aida 16 fabric and I wanted it bigger so I bought Aida 11. I love being able to see the holes for the stitches. I guess I am getting older.

I'm having trouble sleeping - classic manic. I counted the hours down till I could get up throughout the night. Six rolled around and I was up like a flash. Hour and a half later everyone is still sleeping except the doggies. I'm thinking I either need to control it with Trazedone (one of my meds) or melatonin (natural supplement). I think I'm going to try that first. I'm hyper yet exhausted so I definitely have to do something.

Have a great day.

08-14-2005, 08:19 PM
Hi, y'all--

Well, it looks like my life is back to "normal," for whatever that's worth. My guests are finally gone, I'm in town indefinitely, I've purged all the 'vacation' food from my house, and my staticky phone line (which I use to get online from home) is even mysteriously working again--just because I've taken Monday off to wait for the repairman!

I've reluctantly amended my ticker to reflect the extra pounds I've gained in the past six weeks, and adjusted my year-end goal accordingly. I won't be able to make up for being stuck in the 230s for months and months, so I will concentrate on getting down to 215 by the holidays. I'm back to journaling, which I'd abandoned in June. I'll be a familiar face at Curves again. Plus I've experimented with a great walk path to work that I tried a couple of times this week--about 55 minutes long. Once the weather cools off a bit (from the mid-90s), it may end up being a nice daily walk. I have even asked a friend about committing to going to a plus-size Pilates class once a week with me. So I'm back on the highway after sitting in the rest area a bit too long!

Marie, you will be my inspiration for losing party pounds. Although I hope you can figure out what to do about the sleep problem! Over time it really zaps your energy and affects your blood pressure, among other things.

Hello, again, Carol and Tired! I've missed checking in with you. I don't think I would have come back at all without your voices of support. Whenever you're afraid that I've fallen off the edge of the earth, send me a private message--it'll come to my Blackberry and I will respond. Let's hope that I don't go AWOL again, tho.

Hey, Skinny! I'm looking forward to learning more about and from you.

Roll, here's a big hug, I hope you're doing okay.

As Wille sings, On the road again, I just can't wait to get back on the road again!


08-15-2005, 08:59 AM
Marie I will have a good time with the kids today. I will enjoy the water park but the rides not many for me I don't really care too much for them. Last year my younger sister vocally forced me into the jack rabbit roller coaster. Oh never in my life again!!!!!!! Hopefully work off a few extras I ate this weekend. With walking swimming etc. today it should work out. I will try to make good food choices this week. I set a goal for myself 3 workouts at the gym to be scheduled, calories with in my daily range and on my 2 special eating events coming up to eat healthy low cal. breakfast and lunches.
Judi so glad you came back to us. Next time I will hunt you down as you have requested! I am a bit concerned over Rollmdl. Maybe she is just busy with her daughter this summer? At any rate we are happy to say the least that you have come back. Sounds like your ready and have preset some goals for yourself. I have been doing well so far. Few mess ups here and there but am fitting into my clothes and my rings are still loose. I will do the scale this week. Not doing it all the time but still checking in for balance and not to let things get out of hand. We all work to hard to let things go to far! Do you keep your own journal? I find it helpful as I can reflect back to what I was doing when I lost or gained. What my exercise or activity level was etc.... Or how many events I went to which involved food!
Take care and talk to you soon hang in there we all know this works but we need to try our best to jump in after a day of lust! One day of screw up is better than lots that is the way I am looking at it.
Tired are you out there? Have a great day and how is the delegating going.

08-15-2005, 11:59 AM
Hope this day finds everyone healthy and happy. Things here are good. The weekend went well w/good eating choices and exercise. I have a funny story to tell you about my date w/DH but will save it for later. Saturday, I did pilates for 60 minutes and walked 2.5 miles. Sunday, I walked 2 miles. We are having friends in from MI this coming weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing them. We're already planning a healthy, fun menu for the weekend.

Carol-How was the water park? Six Flags in Louisville, KY has a ride called the Mile High Falls that we love. When you get off, every inch of your body is soaked. Feels good in this humid KY air! I love rollercoasters! I was practially raised in Kings Island, Cincy, OH b/c we lived so close to it. We got summer passes to there and the Cincy Zoo every year. I loved it. I can also tell by the way my clothes fit and the way my rings feel when I'm losing weight and doing well. I can be typing and my rings will just start sliding around. It's a great feeling.

Marie-How's the work situation? Hoping things are easier and calmer for you today. Congrats on the good eating choices while eating out. You're right, though, it is tough. Applebee's has a WW menu that's really good and most places will prepare food to order if you ask. Subway has become our second home b/c it offers such healthy choices. You're cross stitch sounds beautiful. Believe it or not, I've actually seen the Northern Lights all the way down here in KY. They were gorgeous. I hope you get some sleep soon. How are the natural meds working? I love mine. I take some for allergies/bronchial issues and I wouldn't swap them for anything. I haven't had to use my inhaler once in the past year, which is highly unusual for me.

Judy-It's good to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better. It sounds like you're getting back on track. Good for you!Like you, Iwent awol from the forum for a while. Big mistake on my part. Sometimes, the encouragement and friendship of this board is what gets me through the day. I'm excited that you're going to Pilates. I go every Saturday I can and I love it. I really helps me with my posture which is a problem for me. Let me know how you like it. Word of advice, take it slow and only do what you can do. There are some things that I still can't do but if I keep plugging along, one day I'll get there.

TOF-Where are you? I hope those eight boys didn't tie you up and lock you in the basement or something! :D Check in soon. When does your school year start?

Well, I took DH on a date Saturday night. Nothing elaborate; just coffee and a walk at the lake. To start, our coffee shop was closed due to the fact that they were repaving their parking lot. Bummer. So we settle for cappuccino from a fast food joint. Then, while we were walking, our flashlight died! Well, this was a nature trail so there were parts of it that were pretty dark. Fortunately, DH had his cell phone. So, we were walking around by the light of Bill's cell phone until we got back out into the moonlight. It was quite funny and I'm sure we made a funny sight walking around w/the cell phone held to the ground so we didn't trip and kill ourselves! It's a date we won't soon forget. :)

08-15-2005, 07:07 PM
Hi, ladies!

I wrote a long message this morning, which disappeared somehow when I sent it. So this one will be shorter, and I make sure to copy it, just in case.

I am struggling with carb cravings in the evening something fierce. I had a good day yesterday, EPP and walking 25 minutes in the monstrous heat, but last night I was desparate for more fruit, so after having a large wedge of watermelon for dessert, I still ate an apple and string cheese, and polished off the company OJ...and was looking around for more. I know it was a sugar jones, after so many weeks of helter-skelter eating. I'll have to distract myself this evening, maybe sit in my bedroom and read instead of sitting in front of the tube. What do you do when the evening munchies hit?

Carol, I don't like keeping a journal, but I have to admit that there's a direct correlation for me between writing things down and staying on program. I've tried various electronic logs, but what works best for me is old-fashioned take-anywhere, scribble-whatever-I-can spiral notebook. I track my eating, exercise (formal and informal), water and 'brain meds'--yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, etc. I also include anything of note about my day or my mood.

Skinny, I'll keep you posted re Pilates. I have to figure out my finances this week, and how I will get back and forth from the class if my friend isn't interested in going. But I think it will work out, and I'm very psyched about it.

Hope everyone had a good day!


08-17-2005, 10:18 AM
I hope this day finds everyone doing well. Things here are good. I'll soon have my coffee in hand, I'm listening to Vivaldi (yes, again) so all is good in my little world.

This evening is my official weigh in at church. My scale at home this morning reflected a 2 pounds loss but I'm waiting to see what the scale at church says before I report it officially to you ladies. I feel good about weigh in, though. I'll take a loss even if it's only 1/10 of a pound! :) I just don't want to gain any but it is close to TOM so you never know. I'll let you guys know.

I wogged this morning. Yes, I said wogged. Allow me to elaborate: Our daschund, Cami, is having to make adjustments since school started. She stays in her crate most of the day while we're all at work and at school. Well, I decided that since she had to be inside a lot during the day that she could accompany me on my walks in the morning. DH said he didn't think she could do the 2 miles as quickly as I walk them. Boy, was he wrong! That little booger was practically pulling me down the sidewalk. I'm sure we were a funny sight; my tiny little dog dragging my bottom down the sidewalk. :D So, I actually ran about 6, 30-60 second segments this morning during my walk, hence the name wog. It was good to prove to myself that I could do it. I'm not ready for a marathon or anything but it's definitely a improvement.

So, how is everyone doing? Marie, TOF and Carol-check in soon so we can see how you're doing. I'm sending positive thoughts and hugs your way. :grouphug:

Judy-I crave carbs, mostly sugar, as well. One thing I do is I don't deprive myself. If I want something sweet, I have it. It may be a sugar free or low fat version but I allow myself to have it. Many times, I just eat the regular version but not as big a serving as I would normally have. I give myself 2 hershey's kisses every now and then, especially during TOM. :D I also try to keep healthy alternatives around. It sounds like you're not doing bad but I understand the desire to nip it before it becomes a big problem. I think that starting your journal again will help you as well. I know it certainly helps me. I turn mine in every week to a friend and I always think-if I eat this, my friend will see it and I'll get a lecture. Lots of times, that's enough to keep me from straying into dangerous territory. Like you, I just use a spiral notebook. It works best for me. Good luck w/the carb cravings. Let us know what solutions you come up with.

Well, ladies, I hate to leave such grand company, but I must. In the words of Winston Churchill-Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never give in. We've come a long way and made a lot of good decisions to be healthy so let's keep plugging along, encouraging each other along the way to our ultimate success. Thanks for your friendship and encouragement. TTYL.

08-17-2005, 07:11 PM
Real quick, 'cuz I gotta run soon--Hi, y'all, hope everyone is having a marvelous day! Skinny, good luck with the weigh-in, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks for introducing us to wogging....

I went to the Curves by my office last night, and was really pleased with the staff and the people. It's a little cramped compared to my normal Curves, but it was fine, hooray! I'll be there two nights during the workweek, and I'll go to the one closer to home on Saturdays.

My eating is much better than earlier in the week. Didn't have time for my long walk this morning, but I did get in 25 minutes, and will walk to meet a friend in a moment, the walk will be at least 20 minutes (which is why this will have to be short).

Hugs to you all!


08-17-2005, 10:45 PM
August 11, 2005 I wrote: "Carol, someday I'll have grandkids. For that I'm very excited, but since my boys are only 19 and 20, there's no rush. But, I envy you. I think being a grandparent is going to be such a special honor."

Well, a 20 year old can get a girl pregnant. Hence, I am a Grandma to be. I'm so excited I could dance around the room. Alright, I already did (not today since I'm sick). DS's girlfriend has been like a daughter for 5 year and has called me mom for the entire time. They are going to be great parents and I'm going to join your honor ranks, Carol. They're due in February. So the last couple nights my computer/writing time has been with DS and last night with soon to be DIL (at least I hope it's soon - they're thinking of getting married after the baby's born). That's why I've been missing in action.

I haven't lost anymore weight, but I can feel my clothes are so much more lose. Today I have an upset stomach so I look at it that I can't eat - one easier pound to eradicate.

DS and DIL to be are moving in with us in about a month. We're converting the attached garage to a mini apt (no kitchen or bath since they're on the other side of the door) so they'll both be able to continue with school. DS is in his senior year of college and will receive his software engineering degree in a year so we don't want to see the bundle of joy derailing that. DIL is in her last 2 years of school for teaching. What's really cool is that the garage is on the opposite side of the house with a insulated firewall between it and the house. SOOOOOOOO, I get to play with baby all day and sleep all night. What a perfect world. :rofl:

I've been very good eating, especially today - food is disgusting coming back up. I just had a graham cracker that I'm hoping will stay down. I tried a new supplement that doesn't seem to agree with me. I think tomorrow I won't take it. Ah, duh, Marie.

I'm up to 20 situps in my quest to add one everyday (5X a week) since my birthday. They are sure getting easier to do, not harder. I can see that my posture is better so my stomach looks better. I'm really glad I've done them every day for a few days - I do think a crunching of the stomach would have that graham cracker making quick exit.

Work has been hectic, boring, and all together icky. Nothing new there. I finally have all the servers up and running (including my new Windows 2003 SErver with SQL). They've been up since Monday afternoon (except the new one I got communicating with the database yesterday afternoon). That's been a big relief. The boring part has been that I'm in training on another DB that they added to my fleet so I'm bored while the secretary is being trained. To me, all databases are the same and I can figure them out on my own. The trainer told me that he'd never had anyone understand it and answer questions about it (from the secretary) in the first hour. Duh, I say. I'm smart :lol:
Okay, enough rambling. I will check in tomorrow.

08-18-2005, 01:25 PM
Hope everyone is having a good morning. Things here have been interesting. We were without power for about 1 1/2 hours due to a car accident that took out a telephone pole. Don't know if anyone was hurt or not. I hope not.

Well, my official weigh in was not official! What I mean is that the scales we use at the WI are kaput. So, I updated my signature by my at home weight. According to it, I'm down two pounds from last week. Yea!

I didn't walk this morning as it looked like rain. So, I exercised w/Richard Simmons Blast off video. I like to do at least a little something in the morning as it helps get and keep your metabolism up through out the day. Tonight is yoga flex at the Y. I've never done it before but I'm going to give it a try as I will be missing my pilates class on Sat. morning.

Marie-congratulations, grandma! :D It sounds like you're being very supportive of the situation which is what they need. They're probably feeling a lot of different emotions right now: happiness, fear, apprehension. With you as a support system, I'm sure they'll be just fine. Keep us updated. Also, congrats on your sit-ups! Sounds like you're doing pretty well with everything. Are you sleeping better now? Hope you're feeling better.

Judy-glad your eating is going well. We have a "curves" room at the Y and I try to hit it a couple times a week. I really enjoy it. By the way, I have to ask where you're from. I picked up on the "ya'll" in your latest post. Do I detect a fellow southerner? ;)

Carol and TOF-let us hear from you soon. I'm missing you both!

Hugs and positive thoughts all around. Have a great day!! TTYL.

08-18-2005, 01:42 PM
Marie--congratulations! I'm so glad that you love the baby's mom, and that the whole situation isn't filled with angst and stress. If it's a girl, I think Judy is a fine name ;) Hope your stomach settles down soon, that's not a fun way to lose weight.

Skinny--Double-yaay on the two pounds gone :cool: I lived in Atlanta for about a year, but mostly I'm a midwesterner, born and raised in Cleveland, spent sixteen years in Chicago, and moved to DC after eight years in Brooklyn. But my family is from rural Alabama and rural Arkansas, and as I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate a lot about the South, and enjoy spending time in the larger cities--'specially Nawlins, cher!

Well, my scale said 235 this AM, a startling four pounds less than on Sunday. I'm thinking that Sunday's weight was a 'bloat blip,' but whatever, so far so good. Last night I went out with a friend and had a beer and a Kahlua with dinner, but otherwise I'm pretty much EPP. Got a few short walks in, and going to Curves tonight, before going home to make two scrumptious salads for tomorrow's staff picnic.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


08-18-2005, 03:16 PM
Hi Judy and Skinny, both of you are doing on your WOE. Skinny, congrats on the 2 pounds. I think that you're better off weighing at home at the same time of day without clothes on. Drinking a glass of water, wearing jeans instead of shorts, etc. all make the weight vary. I go to the bathroom first thing in the morning, then weigh without clothes. That way the only variable is the water retention from the day before. Other weigh ins are okay, I just take them with a grain of salt (which, btw, adds to water retention) :rofl:

Judy, you sound like me - I've moved all over the country. Originally learned to talk on the east coast and it was amazing when I moved back for 6 years how all the accents came back. Now I talk like an Oregonian. You probably adapt to the native soundd like I do.

I'm very bored at work. I caught up with everything and all the servers are working. YEAH! So today I'm 3FCing and silently singing along with my music (there's a training going on in my office so those 2 probably wouldn't appreciate me belting it out). tonight I plan to write after I swim laps and do my situps. I didn't do them last night since I was one step away from the bathroom to puke. I do feel better today but just a little queasy. I think I had a stomach bug or the supplements I started didn't agree with me. I didn't take them today. Once I feel all the way better, I will add them back individually so I know.

I guess I should find some work to do...

08-19-2005, 02:07 PM
Please send positive thought waves my way--I'm heading off to our staff picnic. It's been pouring down rain so we'll probably be inside most of the time (with tables of food). I have a strategy of filling up on healthy stuff first; using the fact that I'll have to take an antihistamine (pet allergies) as an excuse to say no to alcohol; and to remember how mad I am at myself for regaining a few pounds this summer instead of losing more.

Now see, you've helped me already, just by being there! I'll let you know how it went.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!


08-20-2005, 08:53 AM
Hi all, it's good to be back. Last Monday - the boys were crabby, the house was clean and I was looking forward to a week of referring. Our usual activities were cancelled due to my son's fractured wrist so . . . I packed the sleeping bags, tent, boys and headed to Maine for a nature fix and hiking. It was beautiful! We hiked three small mountains and took a nature boat cruise. This health journey is making me rethink all my choices. I'm realizing that I do a lot of things because I think they are the right things to do when in reality I'm pleasing the person I think I should be rather than the one I am. Hiking in the mountains is me and when I do things that "are me" I eat healthy and live healthy.

I read through the entries. Marie, wow!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Carol is a great grandma to talk to. You are so loving and kind to your son and I've heard you "talk" about your future daughter in law lots so I know she's a good woman. I'm looking forward to all the news in the months ahead. Good job with the exercising too. Hope you feel better - any chance you're pregnant too???? Remember that old film when the mom and daughter become pregnant at the same time - very funny!

Judy, good to hear from you. I love reading your intelligent insights on life and health. I know you're going to reach your goal. I hope the party went well.

Carol - I'm guessing that you're out in the forest camping and hiking. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Skinny - great job loosing weight. It's good to have you back online. You're so positive and have so many inspiring things to say.

I have no idea how much I weigh. I've been making better choices and not eating as much in between. I've been exercising. I'm glad you're all here. Thanks.

08-20-2005, 11:43 AM
Hi everyone, it's 6:00 am and I'm already up and ready for the day. I can not tell you how much better I feel off the meds. It's now been 2 weeks since the last mind altering drug. I feel free and so clean. It's hard to describe. I do know I'm manic but thanks to my friends on this thread and another, I think we have it under control. My main bad side effect of mania is that I spend money like I'm rich (which I am definitely not). I've gotten us into credit card **** several times. Because my friends here told me to tell DH everything that I do, how I hide it, how I get the cards, etc last February, DH knows how to watch for the signs and I can't get away with squat. Pretty cool how this board has changed my life. So I am not shopping without DH knowing. I haven't even bought anything for the new baby. Pretty amazing, huh?

Oops, I got distracted for an hour and bought two new hummingbird feeders. I guess I'm not being all that good.:devil:

Anyway, I lost another pound (weighin yesterday). I'm eating and exercising. I've given up all diet soda and am drinking only water (this was an effect of the stomach bug - soda irritated it and now it looks icky).

TOF, I'm glad you're making better choices. You're doing really good and figuring out that you were trying to be the person you thought you should be instead of who you are is a great realization. When do you go back to work?

Carol, I'm thinking of you and the granddaughter. I'll need lots of grandmotherly advice.

Skinny, how's it going?

Judy, how did the staff picnic go? Those are hard, aren't they? I'm not a good social eater. I can stay on plan at home and mostly at work, but social situations get me.

Got to get going. TTYL.

08-21-2005, 09:13 PM
Hello everyone! I have missed checking in I was trying to cahnge over my internet service and messed it all up. That is why I have not been on. But I need to ck in to keep myself going. Not to bad lately but letting little things creep in that shouldn't be in my diet. I just need to get into the swing of thing. I was really happy I could ck in tonight.
Marie I'd be glad to give you some tips and share some info. Kids are great and we'd be bored with out them. Looks like your doing really well.
Judi good for you losing some lbs... I need to go there myself.
Tired sounds like your enjoying the end of your vacation with camping. Good for you! If it makes you feel good its got to be good! Keep up the good work!
I am going to log in this week more in my journal I slacked off. I am also going to the gym on monday, wed. this week. We are leaving for camping on friday. So I will fit in some exercise that day with a walk on the beach and some swimming if weather permits. Did you all think I went away somewhere? Not last weekend or this weekend. But the next two. One weekend at Southwick beach and one at FairHaven beach. Some relaxation and fishing, swimming. I got into poison oak again some how this time on my neck. I have been putting stuff on it but still have it. If it gets worse I will have to call the doctor.
Well hope I didn't forget to say hi to anyone? If so hello!
We need to all concentrate on new fall clothes fitting us better! Lets go girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-22-2005, 01:23 PM
Hi, Carol It's so nice to hear from you. it sounds as if you've been pretty busy. You're right, thinking about fall clothes is strong motivation for me. I have a couple of items hanging on the wall in my walk-in closet, that remind me of how nice it would be to fit into them in October....

Marie, I'm so glad that you're feeling good and feeling in control. It reminds me that we can't always see other people's challenges, so maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge other people based on what's obvious to the eye. Anyway, I'm sure teh hummingbirds didn't mind your shopping habits--they probably thinko fyou as a philanthropist.

Tired: the party was nice, but I'll only give myself a B- on my eating choices. I'm going to the Nationals baseball game tomorrow, so I'll have another chance to practice changing my social chow-down tendencies. There's almost nothing 'safe' to eat at the game.

I've moved my tracker down 2lbs., to 237. I've re-revised my 2005 goal to a very ambitious 200 lbs. That's probably not realistic, but it is motivational--I'd have to lose an average of 2 lbs a week. I struggle with goal-setting (too ambitious or not ambitious enough). But I finally asked myself, "What do you really want?" and that's what I really want, and I can visualize it, so that's that!

Have a great day!


08-22-2005, 10:46 PM
Judy, it's a good goal and if you don't make it by a pound or two, just think how much closer you are to your final goal. I like asking myself what I really want - food or to lose weight. Lose weight is the answer and I've been able to stay away from foold. You sure are doing great. Also, are you the Judy that was on Full Time Working Stiffs? If yes, you're missed there and was even mentioned today.

Carol, it's amazing how the little things creep in and eat away at good health. It's good to notice and make them go away. You're doing fabulous. Are you maternal or paternal grandma? I will alway be paternal (only had boys) and I wonder where the boundary lines are. Yesterday I offered GF that when baby is born that if her mother want to use our guest room for a week or two, that she is welcome. I know my mom stayed with me for a while, but having MIL might have been hard. Sometimes, I wonder where the line is. Yes, I'm in a reflective mood today.

I'm going through caffeine withdrawal today. I've weaned it down to very little and today went without. I have a nasty headache - I had to leave work to go to bed - and am still really tired. It's the first day I don't feel manic since going off my bipolar drugs. I just want to curl in a ball and hibernate. I bet I feel a lot better tomorrow.


08-23-2005, 08:12 AM
Marie when is that little bundle due? Nice offer for the other grandma. I was very lucky when the kids were born that my daughters offered for me to be in the room with them. It was a moment that I will cherish forever. I have a picture of my little grandaughter whom is now 6 that she is holding onto my little finger and my hand shows just how little she was. It helps to have a photographer in the family to catch those special times. I have 2 grandaughters 5 and 6 only 11 months apart same parents, 2 grand boys one 3 and 8 their bithdays are in Oct. The 8 year old has the two sisters. I just love them and enjoy their company. We do a lot with them and I think its important. I guess we are lucky that they want us involved in their lifes not every couple wants that. Some want space and thats okay too I guess but people sure do miss a lot. A friend of mine never takes the kids says shes raised hers I think its awful to feel that way. I know as we grow older our kids will be there for us and to continue to care as we have taught them well. Good luck sorry to ramble!
Your doing well with your new lifestyle keep it up. You'll be a healthier gram! Good luck with the getting off the meds becareful try some yoga to relax at times of need!
Judy sounds like your setting some goals for yourself. I was going to the gym yesterday but didn't make it. I have some poison oak on my neck and it is driving me wild. I think its starting to clear up. I don't even know how I got it this time around? I am doctoring it up myself no shot in this butt if I can help it!!!!!!!!!!! I made some veggie stew yesterday really healthy stuff and so easy. But my mistake was buying bread to go with it. I finally wrapped up the bread and stuck it in the freezer.. The calories in the stew have to be really low its only veggies and some lean hot sausage. I froze some for another time and taking some for lunch. It was the easiest stuff to make and really tasty. The hubby wouldn't try it so I have extras! I put on an old pair of pants today and a dress shirt. I feel really good in them haven't had them on in a while. I want to buy some fall clothes which will be fun this year as I have lost some wt. and toned up. But I really still want to lose some more and better get on the stick.
Exercise seems to be hard for me lately I fit it in sometimes but not at the gym. Maybe with fall coming I will do it better lets hope so. You have set some realistic goals and I know you can do it. I have done much better with having water in the ref. and some fresh fruit on hand. At night that is what I snack on and its working out well I don't feel the need for junk food. I did make some homemade hot salsa froze some and ate some with baked chips. Have you ever tried the pita shells and baked them? You cut them into triangles and spray with cooking spray and add a bit of garlic powder, cajun spice if you like. Bake them and put them in a ziploc. Great to snack on with salsa or low cal low fat dip. Well gotta go hope you doing fine Tired I know summer is coming to an end for you with vac.
Sorry so long today I guess I missed all of you!

08-23-2005, 05:46 PM
Carol, you sound like a great grandma! Don't worry about writing too much, I am always happy to hear your throughts. The poison oak is pretty awful, I hope that goes away soon.

Marie, are you feeling better today? Yes, that was me on the other thread. I was active on three at once, but it was too ahrd for me to keep ups, especially with the personals. I'll pop in and say hi to the Working Stiffs. It's nice to be missed!

Heading off to the game soon. I'll eat a veggie burger and some mixed veggies before I leave, and I'm taking an apple and string cheese (if I can smuggle them into RFK). My 'treats,' if I need them, will be peanuts. The beer is so expensive, and bad, that it should be easy to say no :lol:

Be well--judy

08-23-2005, 06:09 PM
Hi all, things are really busy here as we have an ill relative who is requiring a great deal of time and care. I'll hopefully be back on in a bit once her illness seems to settle down. Hope you are all doing well. I'm thinking about you even if I don't have time to log on right now. Take care.

08-24-2005, 12:11 AM
Hi all,

Carol, I think that I'm in the same mindset as you. I really want to be part of the baby's life. Since they are moving into my house, I think it would be difficult to deny me access to the baby. :) I think after they move out will be very hard. There aren't jobs in this area and after they graduate they'll have to move. By then I'll be very attached. Sort of scary that I'm worried about that already. Anyway, baby is due on Valentines Day.

Tired, hope your life calms down so you can enjoy the last couple weeks of your vacation. I have hated being back at work. I've been really resentful of having to be there and helping idiots. I know, there are no stupid questions... but there sure isn't a lot of smart ones.

Judy, thanks for popping in at Working Stiffs. That was nice. I'm on 3 threads and when I don't post it's usually because it takes to long to post something 3 times. I definitely understand.

I'm feeling better today, but I'm still a little cranky. I worked 12 hours today and that could be part of it. I'm tired and ready for bed at 8 o'clock. I usually go to bed at 11:00 but I'm beat.

Tomorrow we're going to Portland for the American Idol concert. DS's GF, DH and I. We should have a good time. I took Wednesday and Thursday off. Now I just need to take the rest of tonight off.

Exercise - a long lost memory lately. With being sick and working like crazy, I haven't done it in about 2 days and I'm not going to tonight. Tomorrow morning, hopefully.

Water - beyond excellent. I've drank a river full.

Food - stayed in my calories. Even had a smore and hot dog for dinner (Oscar Meyer lite dogs are only 90 cals and the smore was a 1/2 one with one graham cracker, one marshmellows and 1/4 chocolate bar). The caffeine withdrawal is almost complete. The head aches are gone so I'm almost there.


08-24-2005, 06:58 AM
Hi all, I just read something about obesity and how it really causes all kinds of problems in your older age. That's what we are experiencing will our ill relative. It is so hard to see, but motivating as far as my own health journey goes.

I've definately gained weight. I can feel it in my clothes. I'm going to focus on my food intake and exercise whenever possible. I'm going to include "power cleaning" in my exercise regimen because when my house gets really messy I get out of sorts too.

One day at a time! Marie, I'm going to think about what you wrote - "You like being thin more than food." I want a body without the extra flab. I'll be back at work next week. I organized my classroom this week and have thought about stress-reducing strategies all summer. Let's see how it goes. My b-day is Valentine's Day. It's a great birthday. It's good to have a chance to read your insights.

Judy, I struggle with emotional, fun-time eating like you. Making a plan does help me. I have to get back to the good strategies I used last year like substituting. Here are some successful substitutes:

Seltzer was a good substitute for alcohol at parties - I always brought a six-pack of flavored seltzer.

Non fat yogurt smoothies are a good ice cream substitute.

Carrot sticks are a good chip substitute if you're craving munching and crunching.

Salads are great meal foods because they take a long time to eat and are very satisfying - healthy too.

Having a healthy snack basket of apples, etc. helps at work.

Power bars are good "on the run" meal substitutes as they are filling. I like the Cliff Bars.

If anyone has other substitute ideas, please let me know. I'm going to put a list on my fridge to remind me. None of this health journey info is second nature to me - it all requires thoughts and planning. Second nature to me unfortunately is eating to soothe the soul.

Carol, always good to read your uplifting entries.

Skinny and Roll - how are you? Miss you.

Take care all. It's good to be back.

08-24-2005, 08:04 AM
Tired talking about flab I feel my stomach getting a little flabby lately. So that will get me to the gym. That has been hard for me lately to get into the swing of things. Last night because of being in a bit of a rush. I thought it would be easier to stop for a pizza. At least it wasn't a greasy one. I had hot pepper rings on my side. But I could of made much better choices. Today I will do my journal that helps keep me balanced and add up those cals. Hope things calm down the relative being ill most likely would make any of us think about our intake. I was out with a friend whom has health issues currently low iron. I told her I know what its all about as I went with my sister in law to the doctors whose in the same boat. My friend doesn't take it so seriously and that is a dum move. Cause it can wear on your kidneys and the results of that aren't so good. Sometimes I am unhealthy to but I never get so far away from making good changes to put myself in danger. Make sure you take care of yourself if we don't we aren't there for our kids, hubbies etc.... We need to make changes and stay as healthy as possible. When our wt. is up we put ourselves in a different area which is more risk towards diseases etc. So lets pledge to get healthy together as a group we can do it!
Marie being so close will give you time to bond thats for sure. How nice will that be. My son tried to live in OR for awhile years ago it was beautiful but he couldn't make the money at that time he needed. So he caught a train home. I never made it for a visit there. Keep up your good work!
Judy sounds like you've been pretty busy lately. I am going to eat healthy today if it kills me. My pizza was my down fall yesterday. But today is another day. I am going to pack in some cukes, tomatoes and fruit for lunch today. I am making dinner for my future son in law and grandson tonight. That I am not sure what I am making as of yet. I will pick something on the way home.
I went to get my haircut the other day. A little uplift new shorter style. I dyed it a bit darker for the fall. In the summer with the sun and pool it always turn lighter. Time for some changes for fall. I am going shopping for a few new things too. I figure we can't make fall go away so we might as well enjoy it.
Take care everyone and lets get moving! Let those muscles build, tone up!

08-24-2005, 11:12 AM
Hi Carol and Tired, sounds like you're both ready to get really back on track. Good for you. I hate when after losing weigh, I gain a couple pounds and feel bloated. I love the non-bloated dieting feeling. My stomach is also my first place to feel it. That's part of the reason that I added situps to my routine. I may not be perfect on exercising daily, but I can fit in situps. Ive been doing it for 3 weeks and am up to 25 situps. I donn't think as a kid I could do that many. :)

Carol, I hope you like the new hairstyle. I usually dye my hair darker for the fall too, but since I'm growing it out, I can't afford the chemicals on the end. So I'm thinking of highlighting the new growth through fall and winter. Sorry about the pizza choice. Did you have too many pieces because pizza shouldn't be a bad food, just too much should be.

Tired, thanks for mentioning that something I said made you think. I think that my desire for a thinner body is why I'm not struggling food wise. I want it so bad. Then there's the fact that if I overeat now, I feel nauseous. The harder part is choosing low call foods. But I'm finding lots that I like that is good for me. Hence, the easy street on the eating side. Exercise I still need to buckle down more regularly. It's amazing how being sick the last few days has made me feel guilty because I haven't done my situps since Saturday and I haven't exercised since a lazy workout on Sunday (slow laps in the pool). Still the rational side of me knows that I was sick. It's just that desire for being slender that has the guilt going.

Well, I've chatted long enough. I'm going to the American Idol concert in Portland today and that should be fun. We might have an hour or two to shop. :)

08-24-2005, 11:50 AM
Just a quick note to let you know I'm alive and kicking! Things here are good but hectic. We had company from MI all weekend on top of band stuff and church stuff and DS drama so I didn't get to post. I didn't weigh this morning but will tomorrow a.m. and report. I think I'm down some as I'm wearing a 14/16 outfit today and I haven't been in a fourteen for at least ten years. So, feeling good about where this is all going. I didn't behave as well as I should have during my TOM but didn't blow it, either. Believe me, if anything would have caused me to blow it, it would have been our problems w/DS this weekend. He's DH's son from a previous marriage but he's my son as well, you know what I mean? Well, he called Saturday morning and had been cutting himself and was threatening to kill himself. We called the police and went over there. He finally, after about an hour, put down his knives and let the police take him to the hospital. He was relased last night, which seems quick but I'm not the doctor. Anyway, he's bipolar and scitzophrenic (sp?). He hadn's been on his meds for a while and he hadn't slept in 6 days and a friend of his was killed in an accident the day before. He hates his meds b/c they keep him from sleeping (he takes lithium) and the doctor's won't give him sleeping pills. We've rounded up a couple of places for him to look at. He really needs to go spend some time somewhere until they can find the right kind of meds for him. He has the insurance now to pay for it. But, he's 21 so we'll give him the info and the rest will be up to him. We'll be there for him as much as we can but it's his life. It hurts so much to see them suffer.

Good news: we ate healthy all weekend and not only did our company like it, they asked for recipes. This is a good thing b/c they do not eat healthy at home and I worry for them. So, maybe this weekend opened their eyes to how fun it can be to be healthy.

Well, gotta run. I'll read everything later and respond. I hope everyone is doing well. TTYL. Thanks for being here. :)

08-24-2005, 01:01 PM
Wow, Skinny, that's a lot to deal with. I hope that you are taking care of yourself during this stressful period. At least you aren't indulging in comfort foods. My brother has been in the hospital since Monday with blood clots on his lungs. It's hard to be so far away, and I'm thinking about going home for a few days to see what's what.

The baseball game was fun. I didn't have anything but sliced veggies at the sports bar, and my splurge was an Italian sausage sandwich and a beer at the game. Afterwards, I walked with my friends to their home, about 20 minutes or so, before heading for the Metro. This AM, I did my 55-minute walk, and don't feel nearly as wiped out as I did before--yaay!

I will try to come back later. Gotta run now!


08-25-2005, 07:59 AM
Marie I had 3 pieces my friend. But I guess when you think of it thats not that bad.It had peppers on it and wasn't the greasy type. But I think maybe I could of had 2 and some salad but no time! Oh well one must move on they say! Just start in again.
Skinny sorry to hear your troubles. In my husbands family a member took pills recently and ended up in the hospital. It is about his 10th attempt. For him I think its attention and away to get out of some other trouble with out wanting to face it. But I did have a niece 3 years ago that did go through with it. Bipolar and other diseases like it are so hard ones mind. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from them. Memories of my niece at 21 will never go away completely. Hopefully things will get better. In the field I work in I deal with info. on meds. doctor appts etc. some of them are trying to get away from lithum and putting them gradually on risperdal. But its not for everyone!
Most of the time they take two meds increasing one and gradually decreasing the other until their off it completely. Good luck my thoughts are with you and your son. Ask about meds. new to the market too! Ask lots of questions and write down the info. its alot to take in and you can refer back to it as time goes on.
Judy your getting into the swing of things. Its so hard sometimes to get back in. I did pretty good calorie wise yesterday.
Peach for breakfast
bagel rye w/ mustard/roasted turkey/ lettuce/ cherry tomatoes for lunch
no snacks in between
goulash for dinner small bowl 2 slices of italian bread
1 small choc. ice cream cone
So around 1450 even with my ice cream. I used to eat a big dish of pasta I have noticed lately my portions are better. It seems like it just happened. I guess maybe I don't need quite as much to fill me up. I am going to do the scale thing on friday before camping. But I have decided during the night when I couldn't sleep due to allergy meds I took that I will pack healthy stuff. So I am going to the farmers market to get some fresh veggies and fruit this a.m.. I am going to make a fruit salad w/ walnuts. Also taking some baked tortilla chips to go with my homemade salsa. We usually only eat two meals as our breakfast is normally good size. Well I will have to have a bit of wine of course. So that is up a bit! But better choices than sometimes I think. I will do some hiking while camping, swimming, and fishing. I also have been reading it seems to help me have less munches at night. Well be good girls and lets keep moving! Hey great situps! I am still fighting with my poison oak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only on the back on my leg. It is more painful than poison ivy I think it bothers your nervous system. Boy I tell yah leave it to me to get this junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-25-2005, 10:00 AM
Hope this day finds all doing well. I'm sitting here w/coffee, of course, and listening to Veggie Tales-Veggie Rocks. Ahhh, great start to the day. :) Is anyone here familar with Veggie Tales? If so, this cd is some of their silly songs sung by some contemporary Christian artists. It's a fun cd.

Judy and Carol-thanks for your words of encouragement re: my DS. He was released yesterday and he is open to the info we have gathered for him. I think he realizes that he's going to have to do something or next time, it might not end so well. Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers. Thanks bunches.

Carol-so sorry about your niece. :( Hoping you can take comfort in your good memories of her. Also sorry to hear about your poison oak. Yuck. My sister, Carol as a matter of fact, one time got poison ivy in her system through a small cut between her fingers. She looked like a blow-fish she swelled so much! so, you have my sympathies. Sounds like you did okay with the pizza. I used to be able to eat three-five pieces without even thinking about it. The fact you are thinking about it is good.

Judy-sorry to hear about your brother. Let us know what you decide to do about traveling. It sounds like you handled your eating quite well at the baseball game and your exercise is going well. Keep up the good work!

Marie-how's it going with your exercise? I think of you everyday while I'm exercising so I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

TOF-How's it going for you? I've been thinking about Maries words about liking being healthy better than junk food. It seemed to hit a nerve with me as well. Plus, I have extra incentive to try to be at my goal weight by April, 2006. It looks like my oldest DD and I will be going on a mission trip to Honduras! So, I definitely want to be as healthy as possible before we go. I'm so excited. I've never been on a mission trip before and neither has my DD. Yea!

Well, life is good, isn't it? Even when it's hard. I have health, good friends, family who love me, a job, a car, a house; we're just blessed all over the place, aren't we? Thanks so much for your friendship and support. It's greatly appreciated and needed! Have a great day. Be kind to yourself.

Forgot to tell you that food and exercise are going well. I've walked everyday this week and been to the circuit room at the Y twice. I plan on doing pilates on Saturday at the Y. I didn't see the scale move down this week but that's okay. Another downward spiral will happen soon. I just have to hang in there and continue making healthy choices.

08-25-2005, 06:34 PM
Hi everyone, well I'm back from Portland and the American Idol concert was pretty good. I wouldn't do it again. Too much driving, we ended up staying overnight since it was so late and the 5 hour drive was too tiring, etc. But Carrie Underwood is one talented young lady. It was cool to hear her sing live. I did fine food wise and yesterday morning DH and I took the dogs hiking so I did exercise yesterday. I'm pretty wiped out today but I'm going to ride the exercycle or Gazelle to try to get my head on straight. This morning I did have a cinnamon roll, but I have it planned in the calories so I should be okay. Since I rarely ever want to eat anymore, making room for it wasn't too hard.

Carol, I wish I could help with the Poison Oak. Have you taken Benadryl - it's the best stuff for allergic reactions. And I'm very sorry about your niece. That must be so difficult to adjust to. I know that I've been playing with my meds so that I'll lose weight and I do wonder about my choices. I tried to call my psychiatrist but she must still be on sabbatical. I will try again in a couple weeks.

Skinny, your last words of how blessed we are made me think. Thanks. I'm glad that you're hanging in there even though the scale is being stubborn. Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I'm hoping for some loss. I'm not greedy - a 1/2 pound makes me happy.

Judy, my thoughts are with your family. That is so scary. Do they know what is causing the blood clots? I can understand your wish to travel to be with him.

TOF - hope you're doing well and are staying on track. Enjoy your last couple days off. Our teachers return to work next week too. That' make my life more hectic.

Well, ttyl.

08-25-2005, 06:41 PM
Hope everyone is having a good day!

Carol, you're doing a great job in planning ahead for a healthy camping trip. I hope that you have perfect weather and no more itchy vegetation.

Skininy, tell me more about your walks! I hope the scale reflects your hard work, but if it doesn't, you're still getting closer to your goals. When I can fit into a size 14 like you can, I will shout hallelujah!

I'm doing well today, did my long (55-minute walk) this morning and will be heading to Curves shortly. Thanks for asking about my brother. The doctors say that he doesn't have blood clots after alll, and have taken him off blood thinners. But they don't know what to treat him for, so he's still weak as a cat and having trouble breathing. He's never stayed at a hospital before, but he's being entertained by a steady stream of visitors and is in good spirits, I think.

I will have five days off over Labor Day. If I don't go home to Ohio to see about my brother, I plan to play Spa Vacation--spa menu, lots of working out and pampering, just being as healthfully self-indulgent as I can!

Keep making good choices--judy

08-25-2005, 11:27 PM
Judy, I'm really glad for the good news about no blood clots and still will keep him in my prayers for a diagnosis. Good job on the walk and Curves. You and I will both be shouting hallelujah together. I wear a comfortable 18 now and have been happy about that. 14 will be even way better.

I rode the exercise cycle for 30 minutes, did my situps and arm weight this afternoon. I'm starting to feel a lot better. The headache is easing and my neck isn't as stiff. The nausea and runs aren't as bad so I think whatever bug I had may be easing.

Talk to you all later.

08-26-2005, 08:12 AM
Hi Judy, Marie, Carol, Skinny, Roll (where are you?),

Wow! You're all off to a running start despite so many issues arising all around you. Skinny, I'm so sorry about your DS - it's so hard to have a child with a problem you can't fix. It's so hard to see people struggle when you know they have to find their own way. You and your DH have been great supports. The Honduran trip sounds wonderful. I'll be heading south to a family reunion in Brazil in April. So I have an incentive to lose the flab too. Just think we can be talking about the shorts and t-shirts we'll bring with us.

Marie, the concert, though a long trip, sounds like fun. You have been so positive and inspiring. Thanks. Thanks for encouraging me for back to school. My home life has been so crazy lately and very, very busy that the first week of school is looking like a vacation to me - some time with only adults.

Judy, I'm glad you're looking at your visit to your brother as a vacation for you too. Is this the brother that visited you. It sounds like you two have a great relationship.

Carol, as always you have the right thing to say and wonderful advice. I'm sorry to hear about your neice too. I hope your poison oak is better.

I'm off to the mountains for a few days. We're planning to climb Mt. Washington tomorrow - New England's highest peak. We're climbing with my sister's family. I'll let you know how it goes when I return on Monday. Until then, enjoy one of the last weekends' of summer.

08-26-2005, 10:51 AM
Hi all, just a quick note before to share the good news. I lost another pound. That's 6.5 pounds since I returned from the cruise 4 weeks ago. I'm so excited, I had to share wiht my friends. Definitely it was the meds that was causing my body to hang onto the weight. I haven't eaten more or less since stopping them.



08-26-2005, 01:10 PM
Hey, there--

Marie--congratulations :cool: Happy, happy Friday, indeed! Keep it going!

Yes, Tired, this is the brother who's visited me last month. They finally figured out that he has 'atypical' pneumonia, so they've begun treating him for that. It's still a bit mysterious, and we're wondering if there was a problem with his lungs before which was exacerbated by the hike up Mount Fuji. Poor guy, every time I call him on the phone someone has just stuck, probed or drained him...In any case, it looks like he's finally on the mend. He's beginning to eat again and hopes to be out of the hospital in another day or so. Thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes.

I didn't have time for my long walk this AM, so I did the 25-minute alternate route, and will do it again this evening--or maybe the long walk, it depends on how hot it gets later on. So far none of my joints are complaining about so much walking and going to Curves, so I'm feeling very good looking towards a fall routine. I still struggle not to eat extra snacks in the evening, but it's getting easier.

I've been trying to visualize success, which is always hard for me. What am I really looking forward to when I reach my first big goal (200 lbs)? I'm looking forward to wearing cherished winter clothes that I haven't been able to wear in years (if ever), and to not laboring to get up out of low chairs or couches. Anticipation....what are you ladies looking forward to?


08-28-2005, 04:48 PM
Good Afternoon.

Congratulations Marie! That's a lot of weight to lose, enough to really make a difference in how your clothes feel and look. Inspirational once again! Keep it up!

Judy, great job taking an alternative route rather than skipping it all together. It's good to hear about your visualization - I want to do that too.

Great hike up Mt. Washington - 11 miles round trip (5 miles up and about 6 down - two different trails). The view up and down was spectacular. If you haven't hiked a mountain in a while I highly recommend it - a fun way to exercise. I took my time and was the last one up and down but I did it - first time in 23 years. The good news is this year I've run three miles and hiked many mountains - things I haven't been able to do well in a long time. The challenge remains to eat healthy and live a more balanced life. I'll do some visualizing about that today. Take care all. Time to rest now.

08-28-2005, 11:51 PM
:bravo: Tired. I've hiked up Mt McLoughlin that is around here (all right I quit about 150 yards formt he top but the angle was horrible and it was all lava gravel - I was terrified) and it was quite a workout. At the time I was 35 pounds less and very into exercise. I couldn't move for days. I definitely couldn't do it now.

DH and I talked about next summer when I'm slim and fit (pretty cool conversation). I told him I wanted to start biking and rollerblading again, that at this weight I'd be terrified of falling and hurting myself. We also talked about where my goals are. I'm an 18 right now and want to be a 10. Alas, I will need a new wardrobe and he was okay with that. I did tell him I could stay fat and save us clothing $$$ but the food $$$ would go up. He chose the slender me. I think he really uinderstands that this is the focus of my life. This is something I want so bad that nothing and no one will deter me. I wish the millions of other times I started a diet I wanted it this bad - then I wouldn't be in the place I am now - 194 pounds.

We finished walling in where the garage door had been. Tomorrow I will paint the siding so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, but we made major progress.

We also took the dogs for a hike on Hamaker Mountain. It's about a 2 mile hike and it was great. For the first time this summer, I didn't have to take rests on the way up. Could be that I was breathing decently since I used my inhaler before we started. :) We also lounged in the pool late this afternoon to cool off.

Yesterday and Friday I used the exercycle for 30 minutes each time. Once when I was chatting on the phone, I sat on the cycle and pedalled for the 5 minutes of the call. Much better than sitting on the couch.

So basically I had a good weekend. I've still had a slight headache, but much better than early last week. I'm still a little nauseous, but that's okay - makes dieting a breeze. :rofl:


08-29-2005, 06:18 AM
Hi Marie, you are doing awesome. I like your goals. You'll save lots and lots of health dollars by losing weight. So many health problems in older age are related to being overweight like diabetes, joint replacements, asthma, etc. I imagine that my weight is about 180 now. I haven't weighed myself in a while but I'm around a 14-16 size. In Feb. I was a 12-14. A 10-12 is a perfect goal size for me. You'll be able to chase your grandchild around better at a lower weight too. I'm trying to imagine myself without all the flab - I just want to get rid of it. I know I will feel great. I'm still slimmer than I was last year at this time and that feels good.

I start back to work today. My dh took the week off to support me and the children. That will really help me make a good weight loss start too. Take care all.

08-29-2005, 06:06 PM
Hey, Tired, congratulations on the hiking trip! I like the idea of hiking, but I am never sure of my footing and am miserable on steep, uneven surfaces. It's wonderful that you've been able to do some new/old things this year. Good for you!

Marie, your hubby sounds very cool and supportive. Does he have any brothers ;) .

Don't look now, but I've changed my ticker--down a few more pounds, or 7.5 lbs less than two weeks ago. I started the Fat Flush detox yesterday and am doing pretty well so far. I really want to see 229 by Labor Day, to give myself some momentum. So far, so good.

I'm thinking a lot about people I know who are affected by this latest hurricane. I've spent a lot of time in New Orleans, and it's hard to see the pictures on the internet of the damage being done. And the storm is moving up through one of the poorest regions in the country. We should all count our blessings!

Carol, Roll, Skinny--I hope you are all doing well.


08-30-2005, 07:41 AM
Hi all. Judy, thanks for heightening our awareness about the storm. It looks awful on the news. My heart is with all those people. A few years ago we lost power for four days in the winter. It was so hard and it's so minor compared to what they have to deal with.

Congrats on the awesome weight loss. You'll definately hit 200 in no time - you're on your way! You must feel good.

Yesterday, I started back to school. I'm hoping to have a healthy routine this year.

I ate
two apples (140)
two granola bars (300)
one tuna sandwich (400)
chips with avacado (400)
one chocolate sorbet bar (excellent chocolate fix) (80)
watermelon (50)
tomato (50)

all in all about 1500 cals - a good start. I really want to achieve my goal of 150 by next summer. I know I will feel great without all this flab. Plus I love to wear nice looking clothes and last night when I went shopping I was feeling the extra weight.

Take care all.

08-30-2005, 08:03 AM
I'm 41 & married, we don't have any children. I've been struggling with my weight since I was 12. I've never been this heavy. I'm 5'7" and weigh around 275, but I want to weigh about 150...I know its going to take a long time...I work in an office so I'm stuck behind a desk all the time...I think my main issue is getting into a set plan & sticking to it...My work hours have been changing from week to week & nothings regular for me...

I started my first diet at babysitter encouraged me & the only thing I remember about it was a breakfast bar for breakfast...

When I was 18, I did some strange starvation diet..during the week..mainly only eating dinners...and blowing it every Saturday. I did get down to 135..but too many men were noticing me, so I put the weight back on...

I tried WW 15 or so years ago, that worked pretty well, but I hated the meetings...who wants to be weighed by a bunch of strangers?

I'm starting the OA diet (Plan "A" Abstinence) on Friday.. My sisters been on it for 5-6 years & it worked really well for her (shes a size 8 or 10 at tops)

When I met my husband 11 years ago I weighed about 170 (used fen-fen to get there) from 220

My husband & I tried the Southbeach diet about a year ago...but it got too expensive..we have limited income...hopefully that will change soon.

I just had shredded wheat with skim milk & a cup of coffee with skim milk.. not sure of the calories...i know i won't be able to eat this way after friday...

I'm looking forward to meeting lots of supportive people in this forum...I like the posts I've read so far...

Thanks for listening,
Alipea ;)

08-30-2005, 10:12 AM
Alipea welcome this is a good site for support, encouragement and full of new ideas on how to reach our goals. Welcome aboard!
Marie keep up your good work it is starting to show on the scale just think what it will be like if you continue to be good and reach for your goal. I am going to set some mini goals for myself next week. After my camping trip. We are off and running again on friday. Last week end I did pretty good didn't really over induldge too much. I did have a bit of white wine. Snacks I kept at a limit. In fact over all I did pretty good. Not as much exercise as some other trips. This week is suppose to be beautiful so kayaing is in the plans for at least a couple of times an hour at a time. I am taking extra funds for that still haven't bought mine yet. Gotta ck it out this week. I am planning the menu for this weekends trip. I am adding in fruit, veggies and lean meat to be grilled. I think we might try some grilled marinated veggies. I haven't been on the scale but feel good and the clothes fit well. I have had a few compliments from others on my wt. Thats always a nice feeling for all of us. When other women notice you've lost and are nice enough to say so. I love it! I did attend the fair two days in the row lots of walking. I didn't do to bad with the eating yesterday I had a chicken pita. It was good. The other day camping I took a whole wheat pita put lean hot shaved ham on it an jalopeno cheese slice wrapped it in some foil stuck it on the grill to heat up! Yum! And the calories not so bad. I haven't been doing a lot of snacking on chips etc. I have indulged in fresh fruit lately in the evening. Well thats it on me!
Judy you are doing well trying your best to stay on track even know you've had extra to worry about. Hope your brother is doing better you two seem pretty close. I wish my brother was more like yours. He is married and all for her side of the family distant with his own more so. Oh well what can one do? Move on I have lots of my own family now. My grandsons went to the fair with me yesterday lots of fun and so well behaved. My 9 yr. old grandson and I built a blue bird house together my treat. That was fun!
Tired glad your thinking ahead about school setting up your room and thinking of how you will handle stressful times. That is important don't forget to have some good treats in your desk to choose from for when you need a little something. Brazil sounds wonderful you will have something nice to work towards. I am working towards Hawaii in the spring time or summer. When ever I can budget enough for it.
Skinny your doing well keep it up girl!
I think it would be a good idea if we all wrote what we do for wt. control or loss. Mine is calorie counting trying to stay at 1400 or 1500 a day. Some special occassion days it goes up but then I try to preplan the day ahead. THis has helped me to control my wt. I like calorie counting as I feel I have more control over what I can have to eat. I just need to count it in or pre plan. How do you do it? What has worked for you? Why do you like your plan? Don't want to put anyone on the spot just wondered what others are doing out there?

08-30-2005, 10:42 AM
Morning everyone, Alipea, welcome to a great thread. Sounds like you've been on the weight merry go round for a long time. I hope that your OA plan is exactly what you are looking for. I've never tried their plan (or know very much about it for that matter). I have tried Adkins, the Weight Loss Clinic (lost 85 pound with that but they're out of business now), briefly WW and now I just watch my calories. I stay about 1300-1500 calories a day. Someday a little less, rarely any more. I don't count per se, I know the calories of pretty much every food I eat, so I add it in my head. I stay around 300 calories for breakfast, 500 calories for lunch and 500 calories for dinner. Makes adding it really easy.

Carol, making the blue bird house sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to playing with my grandbaby and doing grandparent/grandchild things with them. My kids didn't have involved grandparents. Your grandkids are really lucky. And your meal planning is great. Pat yourself on the back - camping is not easy to be on a diet.

Tired, I thought of you yesterday. Our teachers returned yesterday too and I know how stressed you get at work. I hope that you've been able to de-stress other parts of your life so that this year doesn't have you in so mnay knots as it did last spring.

:bravo: Judy. You are doing great. What is the Fat Flush detox? I don't think I've heard of it before. You'll make your 3 pound loss by Monday and if you don't Tuesday will be okay with us ;) I hope you do make it but if you don't you're doing so great and doing what's good for your body that if it takes a little longer, then it takes a little longer. But if I were a betting person, I'd bet that you'll make it.

I had weigh in this morning and stayed the same. I was so hoping for a little movement on the old scale (just to perk up a day that I know will be yucky at work) but the scale said so sorry. I'm not as bummed as I was an hour ago. :) I made myself a real breakfast of an egg, 3 slices of bacon and a half and english muffin (=299 calories according to Lifeform) and I'm ready to hit my day. I woke up an hour early so here I am surfing before work. I'm teaching an 1.5 hour inservice to the teachers this afternoon and the presentation is only about 1/2 hour long. So I've got to work on it this morning and get it up to at least an hour with time for questions at the end. I don't mind teaching, it's just not my favorite thing to do. Tired, FYI, it is what my masters is in - I just don't do it.

My headache is back - I think it is a M-F thing. I know excedrine will get rid of it temporarily but I don't want the caffeine. I think that it is work (which has really been irritating me lately) or still the withdrawal from the bipolar meds. I don't know but it is starting to make be grumpy. I do think that the mania has subsided and I'm coasting along at a normal level. Certainly not depressed, but I'm not acting manic. (Could be the headache that is toning the mania down).

My thoughts and prayers are with those in the gulf south. The devestation is just so horrible. Katrina looked terrifying. Judy, I agree it makes one realize how lucky they are.

I suppose I should should stop rambling. I only have 15 minutes left before I have to go to work. TTYL.

PS Hi Skinny!!! Where are you?

08-30-2005, 11:00 AM
Aahhh, it's good to be back. My computer has been less than well-behaved since last Weds. so that's why I haven't been around. I missed you guys!

Things here are going well. I had a bad day Saturday; very grumpy and moody and no-it wasn't TOM! :D I had some things running around in my head that I should have talked to DH about instead of keeping it inside and brooding. So, I did some emotional eating but not bad. I'm back on track now with exercise and eating so no worries. Oh, I also talked to DH about what was going on in my heart and head. We've worked through everything and have decided to be more committed to making time for each other. Bottom line, I was feeling a little neglected by DH b/c we've been so busy and we have to focus on our kids so much right now. So, committment is there for daily communication, a date every three weeks-alternating who plans it-prayer time together at least twice a week and a weekend couples retreat within the next 6 months. It's such hard work to have a great marriage and its easy to get distracted but we're getting back on track. I want my marriage to be a good example to my DD's.

Marie-Congrats on your weight loss. Don't get discouraged b/c it didn't move today. You're doing great. Just stay faithful to what works for you and you'll come out a winner, I have no doubt! Hang in there. Are your kids going to find out the gender of the baby? Feel better soon.

Judy-How is your brother? He's in my thoughts and prayers. Congrats on your weight loss. Way to go! I've been thinking about what you said about visualizing. I have a formal, long black velvet dress that I'm looking forward to getting into. When DH and I are where we want to be with our weight loss, I'm going to wear my dress and DH is renting a tux and we're going to the opera and a weekend out of town. *sigh* I can hardly wait! Also, I just like being able to play volleyball with the kids and not feeling like I can't breath!

TOF-Sounds like you're hike was great! Congrats. You've come a long way, haven't you? Keep up the good work! How's your first week back at school? I've been thinking of you. My oldest DD is in an Honors English class this year and they're reading the Shining by Stephen King. UGH. I really wasn't crazy about her reading that but expressed my concerns and left the decision up to DD. She's very grounded and I decided to trust her judgment. She's reading it. She actually likes the plot but could do without all the language and sex. She's very excited about this class and it's good prep for college.

Alipea-Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! You are in the right place for encouragement and good info. It's so great to come here and to know everyone here is pulling for you. I am doing WW right now and I love it. I don't go to weekly weigh ins at WW. I weigh in w/a group of friends from church. That way, no strangers and no $$! Be sure to check in often to keep us updated.

Carol-Congrats on your good eating choices-especially at the fair. I don't know if I would have been able to pass up the cotton candy! Glad you had a great time w/your grandkids at the fari. You're doing well with your healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work.

Ladies, my DH has been doing WW for 6 weeks and has lost 26.5 pounds! I hate him. :D Seriously, I so glad he's doing well. He was on the verge of giving up b/c nothing seemed to work for him. It's so much easier to do this when he's doing it as well.

My thoughts and prayers are with the folks who were caught in Katrina's path. It does truly make one realize how blessed we are. Those trivail complaints just die on my lips when I think of all they're going through. I was watching the news at the Y this morning and just about cried right then and there. They interviewed a man who couldn't get out. He was protecting his grandchildren and wife; trying to hold onto his wife to keep her from being swept away. She looked at him, told him she loved him, to take care of their kids and grandkids and then she was gone. I felt so sorry for this man! Ugh. We are blessed, indeed. Hug your family extra tight tonight.

08-30-2005, 06:52 PM
Gaaaaah!!! Once again I type a lengthy mesage, and lose it because I get kicked offline if I don't post or click regularly. So here's the Reader's Digest version of my post.

Alipea--nice to meet you! We have a lot in common. I used to weigh around 275, although most of my adult life I've been between 220 and 240 (which partly explains why I've been stuck in the 230s for so long this year). This is a great site, and I'm looking forward to your support on this thread.

Tired, you are starting the school year off on the right foot! You deserve a gold star today.

Carol--I rarely associate "yum" with camping food, so I admire how much thought you're putting into planning delicious, healthy choices for what I know will be a great trip.

Marie, I'm sorry to hear that those headaches are back. Have you tried alternate therapies, like acupuncture? I hope they go away soon; M-F is too long to deal with headaches!

Skinny--your husband is a WW poster boy! He lost nearly five pounds a week, that's really something.

My brother is hanging in there, thanks for asking. He made a dr's appt for Friday, and realizes that he's just got to let his body recover from the pnuemonia (and from the hospital "treatment").

Carol asked us to describe our programs. Ignoring this detox thing, I'm eating lower-carbs, good-fats, avoiding sugar and processed flour. I do cardio most days, mostly 25 minutes-one hour 20 minutes of walking, plus Curves three days a week.

Okay, gotta get back to work. See you tomorrow--keep it going, ladies!


08-30-2005, 06:56 PM
Hi all. Welcome Alipea! Congrats to all. We've got some great energy going here. I'm back to counting calories and I plan to exercise tomorrow morning early. It's been a very positive start to school. I'm ready and looking forward to meeting the children. Take care.

I've got to write down my intake before I eat more as it hasn't been a bad day. Tracking my food and calories really helps a lot.

breakfast - cereal, milk, blueberries (300)
lunch - fish/veggies/small dessert (400)
dinner - pasta/cheese/sauce (not too much), wine, salad (900)
1600 - that's it for today - a good day! Not the best choices, but not too too many calories. I'm back!

08-31-2005, 01:53 AM
Good Evening Everyone, I hope your day was good. I was dreading mine - I think I mentioned that I ws conducting a teacher inservice. I don't mind presenting to people, I don't get nervous, but with the long lasting headache I wasn't looking forward to it. Well, it went really well. Had a big turn out and I was really prepared. I spent the morning extending everything I was going to talk about and it was time well spent. I had several people tell me what a great job I did. I was wiped out though and have just been a slug this evening. I took TWO naps. :) Now I'm just surfing my way through to going to bed. I'm really beat. Anyway, it went good and that's all that matters.

I didn't exercise today - too busy napping this evening. I just couldn't crag myself to the exercycle. Tomorrow I will exercise and do my situps. I'm slacking there. I ate really good and am a few calories short of my goal. I may or may not have anything. Lately the only thing I like late is cheese sticks. I've had 2 so far today. They calm the stomach, take the edge off being hungry and are so good for me. Maybe a 3rd won't be a bad idea.

The headaches. I wasn't sure if my neck on the right side was stiff because of the headache or the stiff neck was causing the headache. I'm 99% sure that it is the stiff neck causing the headache. I tried switching pillows but that hasn't helped. When I'm cold I tense up and that makes the neck/head worse so I have to overdress for summer so I'm not shivering (BTW there was frost on my windshield this morning - winter's coming even though it was 85 degrees out by afternoon). So if any of you have good stretching exercise for the neck, please let me know. At this rate I'll be going to the dr. for a referral to a physical therapist. I don't have the extra $$$ for that so let me know if you have any ideas.

Judy, I'm so glad to hear that your brother is doing better. And you're an exercise fanatic. I can't exercise that much or I burn out and quit all together. What is Curves like? DH said I could join if I want but I don't know if I would be consistent in going. What do you think?

Tired, glad you're doing good at the start of school. Please make priority choices this year so you don't get to stressed. I think it would be great to have a group of new kids to meet and teach. What grade are you teaching this year?

Skinny, good for you in talking your feelings out with DH. BTW, how's his job going? Is he still working for the park service and walking all day? If yes, then the 26 pounds is understandable. Sounds like he's very active. Tell him congrats from me. That's just an awesome weighloss. And don't worry, I'm jealous too.

Carol, hope your day was great. Great question of what each of us is doing for our diet. I wish I could preplan like you do but I have such a need to think of what I feel like eating that I can't do it very often. The times that I plan dinner a day or two in advanced, I rarely make it. The best I do is to plan what to take for lunch in the mornings. Even then I tend to ignore what I brought and get something else. You're lucky you can preplan - it is truly a gift.

Take care my friends and thank you for being here. This board has made my change of eating so much easier and that's because of you all. I hope you have a great day tomorrow.

08-31-2005, 07:47 AM
Hi all, I'm checking in to get a good start for the day. I started the day with stretches and sit-ups (thanks for the idea Marie). I can do 20 now.

Marie, congrats on the great presentation. I'm not surprised you were tired. To make a presentation work well you give a lot of yourself. So sorry about your neck. I hope you find a solution. I occassionally get a stiff neck but it goes away so I don't have any advice.

I've been obsessed with the disaster in Mississippi and Louisiana. I wish I could just take in some children for a few weeks to give them a change of scenery while their parents deal with the disaster. My heart aches watching the devastation. I think our country has been too slow to act, but it seems like help is on the way now. As far as the looting, I think the punishments should be low - hey, all those companies are going to get insurance for their goods and where are the people going to take all the stuff anyways. The companies will have to clean out all the businesses for the most part to rebuild and most of the people looting probably have nothing as it is. Just my thoughts. Thanks for letting me go on.

I wish everyone a good day and as Skinny would say we all need to count our blessings.

08-31-2005, 08:31 AM
Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts and ideas with the rest of us. I think it helps to know what others are doing. For those who do the calorie counting I like it as I said it lets me fit in what I want. Yesterday I had toast for breakfast and fruit 300 cals., lunch and dinner combo chinese food appox. 700 calories? then an ice cream cone kiddie size for snack. I than snuck in a 1/2 of a donunt! Still my calories were with in my guidelines. The last one surely wasn't the best choice! Oh well I was so tempted couln't chase away my temptation.
Everyone is doing great we all seem to have a good attitude on moving ourselves forward. Don't worry too much about the scale , go also by how your clothes fit. Visual is a good measurement also. But for some of us the scale helps with balance to make sure we aren't going up.
I agree with everyone that storm was awful and my heart goes out to everyone there. We started to get the rain last night and its been nonstop I can't even think how it is for those people. The communities hopefully here will start some packages going out to help folks. I agree Tired we should of been in there sooner. Someone in that big office should of made a better attempt sooner! We need to concentrate on our world sometimes a little more. We always seem to be elsewhere. if that had been Bush's home town it woould of been quicker. Sorry for going on! Opps!
Todays intake plans: breakfast= cereal kashi 150 with a small peach sliced in 30
snack= apple 81
lunch= salad w/blk olives,mild ch. shredded,beans,cukes,tomatoes and low cal. dressing 350 appox. 1 plum 37
snack on the way home apple 81
dinner=shrimp sauted in a bit of olive oil fresh broc. pasta, garlic
snack= frozen fruit bar 150
Appox.1400 cals.

08-31-2005, 07:33 PM
I'm so glad that today is over! I have a big deadline but have been procrastinating for several days. Today it occurred to me that no one expects me to have a perfect first draft of the 2006 budget, just put something out there and ask questions and learn....sometimes I get in my own way. Well, I'm mostly done now, and will be going to Curves when I finish this post.

Everyone is doing a great job this week!

Marie--The best thing about Curves is that it's non-judgemental and very accomodating. they are great for women who have never felt comfortable at the gym. The basic workout is over in around half an hour, but some of the more fit (or more determined) women do an extra lap or even two. The weight machines are hydraulic, so you don't have to futz around with adjusting the resistance. They are cheaper than regular gyms because they don't have many amenities. You can ask if you can have a trial membership before signing up, to get a sense of the staff and members. It's been good for me. I started going in February. At some point I'll probably switch back to a full-service gym (I miss the sauna and whirlpool at my old gym), but so far so good. This is the first time I've ever gone to a gym so regularly for so long.

Okay, I need to run. More later!


08-31-2005, 10:20 PM
Thanks Judy for the info. I just wonder if I'd keep it up. I am doing exercise at home and I don't like to be away from home any longer than necessary (part of the bipolar) so I keep debating it. DH said it would be okay, but I'm scared of having to sign a membership for any length of time. Can you just pay as you go?

Tired and Carol, I agree - my heart goes out to the people in Katrina's wake. As I read everything about New Orleans, I keep wondering what genius came up with the idea to build a city below sea level. The frist time I traveled there and learned that fact I thought it was weird. Now I think it was stupid. Mother Nature always wins. It is just so sad.

Carol, what I really like about counting calories is to be able to have whatever I want. I just have to allow for it. I bet that 1/2 donut tasted great. Was it a Krispy Kreme - those are my favorites. Lately I have been having a slice or two of bacon as my no-no treat. I think I'll have some tonight...

Tired, great job on the 20 situps. It's harder than I thought it would be, but I'm getting better at them. I can do the first 13 without any effort, then the next 10 are strenuous. I want to get up to 50 of them. I add one each day I do them. I'm up to 23. I should be at 30 by my goal schedule, but I'm a great procrastinator when it comes to exercise.

I peeked at the scale this morning since I was bummed I didn't lose yesterday. I lost 2 more pounds. I was doing the happy dance all over the bathroom this morning.

Work is irritating and if you'd like to read my entire rant, check out the Full Time Working Stiffs thread. I hope once school starts people won't drive me nuts as much. I can hope, can't I!?!?!?!


09-01-2005, 07:58 AM
Judy you sound like me with work, always busy and thinking you need to prove yourself. This is not a bad thing for many reasons but can stress us out for no good reason at times. I found out about an upper level position running a day hab. Its closer to home same company, I know a lot of the folks there cause their on my caseload. I am really interested in many ways but I only have an Asso. in Science/ Human Services. Many years of experience at a lot of different positions. I think the job would be a challenge but good for me. A few upper mtg. people approached me about it. I told them I am only grandfathered in with my position now which is 4 yr. degree position. They told me to still express interest. Well I did yesterday but I am not sure it can go anywhere. Just prob. a oh so sad to bad sorry but.... Oh well I tried and what did it hurt right? The job would carry lots of responsibility and maybe I don't really need that? Oh well! Anyways how are you new office folks? Hope as nice as your last ones. How is your brother doing?
Marie don't let that bipolar control you honey. Take little steps to do things out of the house. Go for a little longer each time. Then praise yourself with a healthy treat afterwards. You have the ability to overcome it. Just take charge as you are with your wt. Sounds like curves would be very good for you and rewarding in many ways. Ask if you can do a short term. Good luck!
Tired hope your hanging in there. Good luck back to school hope you have a wonderful class this year. Don't forget to pack your goodies for the snack times.
I went back to work yesterday. Not to many big issues while I was out. Thank goodness for that. It actually was a nice day. I ate healthy, worked had a few laughs etc.
I am getting ready for camp again. We leave in the morning. I have to get things ready later on. I am baking some brownies to take. But I am not going to get into them. I feel really good and want to keep it up. I have found that my clothes seem to be a bit baggy. I am going to do the white square thing on friday. We'll see what that says! Can't wait to kayac this weekend for at least a couple of hours, fishing and swimming are in order for some extra exercise. The ladies room alone is ahike up the hill and then some. Oh how great this summer has been! Have a great day everyone!

09-02-2005, 12:05 AM
Evening everyone. I'm actually going to post what I ate today. I had to go to Super Walmart for some graceries and I'd have put it off if we weren't totally out of milk. Cool thing was that I had Lean Hot Dogs at home and no buns, so I bought fresh buns and had a hot dog and potato salad for dinner. A whopping 450 calories. It sure did taste good. My co-worker wanted ice cream when the Schwan's man came today at work, so he bought us all a brownie a la mode. Oh, it was good. Another 270 calories. Add my lunch of a cheese Schwan's pizza for 450 calories and my 200 calorie breackfast, I'm at about So for the day I'm at 1370 calories. Considering I had plenty to eat and nothing but the hot dog was diet, that's not too bad.

I'm not going to weigh in for a week because I have to start prednisone for my asthma. It isn't getting better on it's own and I think I have to go back on my allergy meds. I really don't want to do that, but breathing easy is something I like to take for granted.

Tonight I'm going to ride the exercycle to Dave Letterman. That should pass the 30 minutes by pretty easily. I worked 11 hours today and had gotten up at 3:30 in the morning, so my energy level is pretty low.

Carol, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you if you want the more stressful job. Every once in a while I think about looking for a new job, but then I realize that I have a relatively stressfree job and that's worth the poor pay. Just right now it isn't stressfree since school is about to start. A week from tomorrow I will be a happy camper. School will be underway and the bugs in the technology department will have been ironed out. Then it's smooth sailing for pretty much the rest of the year. Think really hard about the mental health cost of a promotion. It's a tough decision. And enjoy the kayaking. That is such a blast.

I haven't decided about Curves. I think I'll take your advice and stop in after school's under way. I really need to tone as I lose weight. I don't want to be too flabby. Well, off I go. I need to vacuum before I exercise.


09-02-2005, 07:27 AM
Marie your pts. are well taken on the job. I thought hard yesterday and even know there are some good things it could be pretty stressful. Especially when staff call in on mondays and fridays and you have 45 clients to get out into the community. Then keeping them all safe and making sure regulations are followed throughout the day. Oh! I did talk to the guy who has the position now and he gave me the best compliment anyone could. He mad e my day and even know it was just words it felt like much more. He isn't the easiest person to please and he said I was top knotch the position I currently hold. Mike also said I'd have no problems holding my own in his positon. Nice to hear if nothing else. I am just going to stay put I guess but the thought was nice for a bit.
I got on the white square today! Not any big loss but I maintained and that is sometimes just as good. At least I have kept off my past loss. Plus I have been to alot of events camping etc. Even though you try to eat some healthy stuff more snacks are around, wine etc.... But summer is coming to an end. I have decided to cut my calories a bit starting next week. I need to shake things up a bit. I am going to work on 1300-1400 cals. and exercise more. That will make a difference. I think my body has adjusted to what I am doing currently. I have toned up and am at 171 still two lbs. up from my lowest pt. But I will work on it. I joined another site my goal is to lose 10lbs. by christmas 12/20/00. Merry Christmas to Talking about christmas I told my daughter last night the way fuel cost and everything else is going on I think this year we'd better just do the kids. I have to run it by everyone we'll see. Or I will do some special gifts of homemade things??????? Gotta cut back!
Take care and Marie stop by curves. My friend works at a place similar in Florida and she loves it. She started to work there a few extra hours. The pay is extra for her and she loves the place very easy done in 30 min. tones everywhere. I am a member of a gym and it is only 13.00 a month. I have a life time membership. So I need to get there! Oh calorie counting watch your fibers we should have around 25 to 30 a day. Sometimes that is hard to do count them for a couple of days with the calories to see what your count is. Good luck!
Everyone have a great weekend! Talk to you all tues...

09-03-2005, 09:46 AM
Hi Carol, great compliment from that man. It's nice to be acknowledged for when you're doing good, especially from someone outside the circle. :bravo:

Your goal seems really reasonable. I want to lose 15 by Christmas. That would make me ecstatic. I don't see why I can't - I lost 8.5 pounds this month and I'm going strong. For now I decided not to go to Curves. I have a Gazelle and Exercycle that I spent about $1000 on between the two so I going to use those. I'm also doing my situps - I'm up to 27 - and hand weights. I do appreciate all the information and encouragement though. Being with my dogs is the biggest reason against it. I know, crazy, but I don't like them home alone longer than necessary. So I come straight home from work and I play with them and they keep me company all night. (Kody is great with the situps - his nose in my face) :)

We're working on the kids room today - putting up drywall. DH got the entire room insulated and wired this week (with the exception of two wires that he needs help on). So it's moving along. The kids are moving in in 2 weeks, so there's a possibility we'll finish it. :D

I will check back later. Take care Judy, Skinny and Tired - wherever you are...

09-03-2005, 01:24 PM
Hi all, Good to hear you're all doing well and supporting one another. My first week of school went very well. It looks like I have a nice class and a small one. I already like them a lot - lots of heart in this group.

I've been off the wagon eating whatever I want. Today I'm trying to get back on track. So here goes for tracking.

breakfast - cereal, fruit, milk, yogurt (400)
snack - apple, little tomatoes (70)
exercise 1/2 mile swim
I'll probably keep posting all weekend. I wish you all a terrific day.

09-04-2005, 12:03 AM
Hello everyone.
I am new to everything here... dieting, and the site, ... and I'm technologically impaired and on dial up to boot so everything takes forever... just like losing weight!
I jumped into this thread because I need support big time. I have NO willpower! I am trying to do WW on my own... got the books etc from friends, started Tuesday and was good all week... but blew it all today because I was at WDW. I figured I used all my points for the day PLUS all my flex points for the week. Okay.. it's Saturday so I can start all over tomorrow. ....:D
H E L P!!! I will try to catch up on the thread over the next day or two.... and I'll really try to be good over the rest of the holiday weekend. I need to lose 35 pounds or the Dr will put me on cholesterol medicine. You would think that would be enough motivation... but I'm weak. :o
BTW... I'm Leslie, 48 sort of stay at home mom to 3 year old twins... okay they have 4 legs and are furry but I love them like my human kids who are 28 and 25 and out on their own. I work p/t about 8-10 hours a week retail just to get out of the house. My obsession is Disney, and I've just been bitten by the scrapbooking bug. Married 29 magical years to DH Joe and live in South Florida with MouseHouse in Orlando... which is where I am as I type this. I'm at my most vulnerable weight wise when I am here... it's like being on vacation at least once a month. Okay... I'm rambling but I would appreciate your support as DH loves to eat too much to help me...:dizzy: and just tells me he loves me no matter what I weigh!!!

09-04-2005, 09:10 AM
Welcome Leslie, I too love Disney - specifically Mickey Mouse. If that Minnie hadn't snatched him off the market, he would have been mine. :) Isn't amazing as we get older how the threat of the medicines will make us lose weight. I have a lot more weight to lose than you but one of my big motivating reasons is my whole family has been diagnosed diabetice (except my slender older sister) and I don't want to be diabetic. So I'm so focused that I just don't blow the diet anymore. I want this weight loss so much, I constantly ask myself whether I want say cake more that I want to be thin and the answer is always I want to be thin more. It's helped asking that question if food tempts me. Luckily that temptation doesn't happen very often.

Tired, glad the first week at school went good. I hope they all do. If you already think you have a great class, it really should be that way for the whole year. What happened tha you fell off the wagon?

DH and I got the ceiling and three out of four walls sheetrocked yesterday in the kids room. Doing the ceiling was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It's so awkward and heavy to hold this 4x8 piece of papered chalk in the air. I never want to sheetrock anything again. Today we have the last wall to do and the closet. Then the heavy stuff will be done. I was literally physically exhausted yesterday. Hopefully it won't be as bad today.

We did go hiking in the am (before working on the room) and I flew up the mountain pass. Because of the asthma problems, I used my abuterol before going and I just strode right on up - no breaks and no huffing and puffing. For months I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting in better shape on these hikes and it turns out it was asthma the whole time. I'm going to use my abuterol before I exercise from now on (as told to do by dr. but I never listen). What a difference. The hike was a blast and the puppies loved it. It was much cooler in the morning now that fall is around the corner so they weren't as wiped out either.

That's about it from here. Even with the exhaustion I still couldn't sleep past 4:30 again. Who'd have ever guessed stopping my meds would make me an insomniac. I admilt I like the early am and so I'm not going to complain.

09-04-2005, 01:23 PM

I'm still here! I bumped my ticker down a little more this morning, and hope to do so again in a few days. I've been busy with errands and chores, and obsessing about the government's and the media's response to the disaster in the South. Actually, I'm in a near-constant state of rage. :mad: I'm glad to have this detox program to focus on. Today is my fast day, and I'm sure that I will get through it with no problem. In other circumstances, I'd be eating and drinking to try to calm myself down. I didn't go to the party last night, it would've been 50-60 other really angry people, and it would have be hard to stay on program. I'm active in black philanthropic groups, so I have been on phone calls a lot and online--it helps to be able to do something besides send a little money.

Today, tomorrow and Tuesday will be devoted to the backlog of chores and projects that have been on my to-do list for several months. I want to set things up so that I can pay all my bills on line, my home office is somewhat of a mess, I have lots of photos to put into albums, etc. I was hoping to use a gift ceritificate at a spa to get a massage on Tuesday, but the spa doesn't offer massages anymore, and I really can't afford to pay for one until the second half of the month. But I have all my 'home spa' bath and facial stuff, which I'll probably do on Monday.

In other news, my brother is still weak. His doctor thinks that part of left lung collapsed, which is kinda scary. He still can't sleep on his left side, and barely eats. But I am relieved that he's able to see his own doctor, and get proper treatment. My concern was that he'd overdo and end up back in the hospital (a better one!). But I think he understands his limits, now that he's tried to do a few things this week.

Hi, Leslie--I'm looking forward to getting to know you through this thread. It's been tremendously helpful for me in my journey this year. Wanting to be in better health is a big motivator for me, too.

Marie, congrats on the 2 lb loss! And what a weekend you're having--sheetrock and mountain climbing. I'll bet anything that you will reach your Xmas goal at this rate.

Tired--I'm glad to hear that your first week went well. Those kids will be in good hands this year.

Carol--I just read something that said that it's important to switch around your routines every 6-8 weeks, such as eating a little more or exercising differently. I think you'll reach your Xmas goal, too!

Skinny, Alipea, I hope you'e having a good weekend! Everyone seems to be in the mood to buckle down and get to work on shaping up. Must be the new school year and the change of seasons in the air....Whatever it is, let's take advantage of it!


09-05-2005, 09:02 AM
Hi all. Welcome Leslie. Congrats to Marie and Judy on the weight loss. Marie, I love reading about your room construction - it's like a story book: Getting Ready for Baby. Glad you enjoyed the hike. I've been taking Claritin everyday for my allergies and have found the same reaction as you - the medicine allows me to breathe which makes hiking and other exercises easier. You're doing great!

Judy - I'm so glad that you're advocating for all the people in the South. I'm glad you're turning your frustration into positive action rather than food (something for me to think about). My state, Massachusetts, is opening the doors to 2,500 people. They've got a whole "camp" set up with a school, stores, churches, etc. at a less used army base. Sounds like one positive action midst many negative inactions. Great job loosing weight and again, I'm glad that your brother has your care and support.

I'm doing well on the exercise front. My family climbed a mountain yesterday - beautiful views, lots of nice people on the way up and down. It's a very positive, uplifting activity for all of us. I'm trying to fill my time with more and more positive activities. On the food front, I'm still struggling. The boys are always hungry and needing to eat - they burn it all off. So I'm surrounded by yummy options and I like to eat. Oh well, I'll keep trying as I want to lose these 30 lbs before my class reunion next June. Thanks for being here everyone. Have a good labor day! Skinny, Alipea and Carol, I hope you're all having a great weekend.

09-05-2005, 10:22 AM
Hi all,

Judy, let me know if I can do anything to help you. Letters, etc. I can do. What our country is doing as individuals is fabulous, but our government is a disgrace. I'm so far away from the area that it's like watching a train crash. You can see it's going to be a disaster but there's nothing you can do. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother. I hope he starts to get better.

Tired, sounds like you enjoyed your hike up the mountain. Isn't that a cool change from a year ago? See how far you've come?

DH promised to take the puppies and me on a hike on our mountain trail this morning. I'm having so much asthma trouble I'm hoping I can do it. After that it's back to the room project (which I'm starting to get resentful of since my kids aren't helping at all). DH has done so much work and I feel bad for him. I try doing stuff but I'm not bery good at construction (thank goodness for drywall mud from where I put the screws into the wall and pushed too hard).

My lungs are ready to go back to work tomorrow. No drywall dust there. I'm miserable with the asthma these days. I finally used my peak flow meter and lost a lot of lung capacity. At this rate I'll have to go to the dr for something stronger. I don't want to do that so I'll go back to work tomorrow and rest. :)


09-05-2005, 01:45 PM
Hi, ladies--

I'm proud to announce that I reached my Labor Day goal of 229.5 :cb: This is the first weight-loss goal I've reached in six months, and so the number isn't as important as the fact that I really stuck to my program without a lot of excuses to explain away why I veered off my plan that day. I am working on a new goal: 222 by Columbus Day, or 7.5 pounds in five weeks. To do this, I'll continue to keep and food-and-mood journal; keep up the Curves and cardio, and add the once-a-week Pilates class which starts in two weeks, and remember that my little snail can't keep moving toward 200 if I wander slightly off course every day.

Marie, I'll be glad to forward ideas your way. One idea is to think of something you and friends could raise money for over time. These displaced folks are going to be homeless, jobless and in a bad way for months to come. Supporting the big national groups is fine, but the local nonprofits need our help, too. The city of Baton Rouge just doubled in size, and when most of these families leave the shelters in various cities, they will join the numbers of poor folks who are already straining the social service networks in those towns. If you read something about a particular school, church or shelter that moves you in some way, you could plan to send a sizeable donation to help them with Thanksgiving meals or Christmas gifts. Please don't send money to any group you can't check out on the Internet (

Tired--It must be hard to eat on a different track than the rest of your family. In some ways, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Maybe your kids can be an example to you--I bet they're on the move a lot, running around, riding bikes, etc., and fidgeting away the extra calories. I think it's wonderful that you went mountain climbing together. My parents rarely walked down the block (and are both obese examples of how I don't want to feel when I'm in my sixties).

Today I had a weird apple-flaxseed patty for breakfast, and the rest of the apple for a snack. I'll have chicken-veggie soup for lunch, an afternoon snack yet to be determined, stir-fried catfish and broccoli for dinner and kefir with blueberries for dessert. Later this afternoon I'll head out for a long walk.

Hope you are all enjoying this day!


09-05-2005, 02:54 PM
Judy congratulations on reaching your Labor Day goal. That's a great idea .. to have a small goal by a certain date/holiday etc. Hmmmm... I don't know what is realistic for me. I have to weigh myself when we get back home and hope I lost something over these 5 days in Orlando.
I had Cheerios, fruit and 1/2 cup skim milk for breakfast. 4 points.
have been drinking water and plain tea since.
Lunch looks like some plain chicken and a few saltines and more water. Then I'm headed over to the pool for some laps.
Happy Labor Day everyone.
PS: DH and I are dog lovers and wonder if there is anything we can do for displaced pets from Katrina. I'm sure people can't take their pets to shelters etc. I wonder if there is anyone we can contact to foster a pet or something like that??? Anyone know of anything??

09-06-2005, 07:11 AM
Judy :bravo: on reaching your Labor Day goal. I am so proud of you. And what a great realization that you can't reach 200 by deviating. You are doing so fantastic. Here's to Columbus Day. I finally have a temporary goal - 177 by Christmas. That's 15 pounds form last Wednesday's weigh in.

Leslie, good for you to do the laps. Its hard to exercise/eat well when you're out of town. I was a failure on the Alaskan Cruise a month ago but I use that I was so bored there was nothing to do but eat on the big boat. I don't know about fostering a pet but it's a great idea. Good luck with pursuing that.

Yesterday we made mudded and taped the drywall. Made major progress on the room. DH and I talked about both of our disappointment with both of our kids in letting us do this on our own. We changed our perspective about the room (temporarily it will be DS1 and GF but when they move out it will be our rec room/guest room. Changing how I was looking at it made me much less resentful to spend all three of my days off on something that DS1 and DS2 should be helping with. Anyway, I'm at a better place with it.

I can't sleep again (it's now 3:00 in the morning and I've been up a while) and I know I'm going to want to pass out by the afternoon. This is the only side effect of mania that I really don't like. And my asthma is out of control. Since I won't be working on the drywall and sanding (DH is doing it and my little bronchial tubes aren't allowed) I'm going to baby my lungs and see if I can get them better. I have a deadline for improvement by Friday or I have to go the dr. I hate doing that and having the dumb little machine tell me to blow harder when I can't - just makes me mad. Like I'd be blowing in the peak flow meter if I could brath normally. Ah, duh.

That's about it. Thanks all for letting me rant and rave about my sluggy children. It's been a frustrating weekend and I'm glad it's over. Back to work where stupid questions reign. :)

09-06-2005, 07:56 AM
Leslie welcome to the site and I know you'll enjoy the support and friendships you'll build.
Marie congrats on the loss! Your room sounds like a fun project. Keep up your efforts their working for you!
Judy glad to hear your advocatiing that is so rewarding and benefiting the ones who don't even know your doing it for them! You keep it up! Congrats on the wt. loss and thanks for the input.
Tired glad you class sounds so good and hopefully they will learn a lot this year. You sound like a wonderful teacher. Did you pack your snacks for your desk yet?
Well this weekend I ate a few too many goodies that was for sure. I did eat some healthy stuff but limited. I THINK it was suppose to be reversed of that outcome. Oh well I had a good time. I caught the biggest catch a perch. It was fun and lots of relaxing. I had to hike up to the bathroom several times throughout everyday at camp. Now that was a calorie burner. I also unpacked the truck and packed it. Unloaded and loaded wood etc. So I guess maybe I wore some of the calories off. But today is tues. and I have plans to eat right and get some exercise in there as well. I will take the little grand girls for a new outfit after work today. Also need to buy something for the grandson too! I like to start them off with something special. That my help them to feel a bit special on their first day of school. The 5 year old is really ready the other two maybe a bit nervous they get that way. I went through it every year with their mom.
Well my plans for today: breakfast cereal kashi 190
snack apple 80
1/2 sandwich turkey on dark rye 400? deli size
snack apple

09-06-2005, 01:39 PM
Good morning, ladies!

If you need a pick-me-up today, go over to the Success threads, where there are some nice posts, and Tani has before-and-after pictures now that's she's reached her goal (SW: 265, GW: 150). It's helping me visualize myself as a much thinner person, which is hard, since I have weighed over 200 pretty much since my mid-twenties.

Marie, what a drag to have able-bodied men around who aren't helping with the heavy lifting! But your son and GF will move out of the new space eventually, and you will have a beautiful rehabbed room to enjoy, so all this work is not just for them. I am concerned about the dust in your lungs, though. I hope you feel much better soon.

Leslie, I wonder if the websites for the ASPCA or similar organizations would have ideas for animal lovers who want to help the stranded pets. Also, I heard that New Orleans Zoo didn't lose too many animals, luckily, but they will needs lots of help, too.

Carol, I know you'll get right back on the wagon this week. Have fun shopping!

Okay, back to work. I got a few things accomplished this long weekend, but not as much as I'd expected. I'm heading to Curves shortly, and will take a walk this evening. Today I had a fried egg and some beets (beets? I don't know why, they were there), will have a large bowl of chicken-veggie soup shortly, and maybe a large salad w/salmon for dinner.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


09-06-2005, 06:15 PM
I ran across this site on my way somewhere else, Leslie, with info about services for stranded animals: The Humane Society, among others, is organizing assistance.


09-06-2005, 08:14 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Thanks for the link Judy. We donate to the Humane Society and North Shore Animal League regularly.... I guess that's the best way to help now too. My heart goes out to the people who had to leave their animals behind. I saw several stories on the news today that left me so depressed and heartbroken for the people. That makes it hard not to hit the fridge. I admit I stress eat big time. I don't have to be hungry... if it's there and I'm stressed or down... I'll eat it. Seeing all the devastation from Katrina is so awful. We've donated but I wish there was something I could physically do to help. I've seen that kind of devastation first hand after Andrew here in 1992 .
Okay... didn't mean to be a downer to the thread. Right now I need to play on the computer and drink lots of water because I really have the munchies and want to EAT! I've been good today.... toast/juice for bkfst. Tuna sandwich and yogurt for lunch. Now I have to find something for dinner... when DH has his night class I never eat properly....

09-07-2005, 08:00 AM
Leslie your dogs are so cute! Judy big congrats on that loss! How great is that? I can just figure your glowing right out of your skin! Keep it up!
I jumped back in as far as calories went yesterday. 1360 FOR the day! Thats not bad I said between 1300 and 1400. But one of my choices could of been better but only one screw up for the day. That was out on my stressful shopping trip. I didn't take the kids as planned as it was too crazy of a day. But finding cute things and in the size I needed and every family in the world was out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh stress! Anyways in the end cost didn't even fit into my thoughts it was size 6 in a girls outfit and one I knew she'd wear. So after I was finished and straving by then 6:30 I eat breakfast around 6:30 lunch at 11:45 oh yes I needed something. So somehow a snickers bar made it into my hands and it hit the spot. But I did add it in for the day! Today I will try to make some positive choices throughout my day. The scale day is coming up! Gotta get ready! Lets make it move everyone we can do it. Gotta fly to work need to pick up something healthy for my lunch on the way!

09-07-2005, 10:24 AM
I took my 3FC advice and told my children how I felt about them. I told DS1 that I was resentful (and his father was too) and I thought that would make me feel better. Wow, mistake number one. I feel so much worse. DH says I just told him the truth but I don't like hurting my kids, especially DS1 who is mentally fragile. I doubt it will help any since he isn't here to help on the room and I hurt him. DS2 it seems to have waken up a little and he was more pleasant last night. He said he was going to do his chores - I guess he forgot. :) But he did do his FAFSA stuff so that he can go to school before basic training. It is what I wanted since floating around is making him so selfish. School will at least ground him some.

Thanks for being here everyone. I am really struggling right now and I don't know if it's because I'm off meds or just a lot of small stuff is hitting me and I'm not coping well. I'm not going back on meds so I guess I better start to cope better. Being here definitely is helping me think straighter.

Carol, I hate snicker bars and thought yours sounded good. I haven't had a good candy bar in a long time and I think you made the right choice in eating it. Supportive aren't I???? As long as you stayed in your calories, really who cares. It's not like you do it everyday and peanuts are nutritious. I too will make some positive choices today.

Disney, I too have a golden retriever. Her name is Goldilocks and she's an old girl - a little over 10 years old. She's a dumb dog but I respect her tremendously. To make a long story short, she's had a very tough life. I also have 2 huskies and they're my life, especially Blizzard, my Alaskan Husky. I was upset this morning after a nasty run in with the scale and a few kisses from her and I'm ready to start my day. I too think of all those abandoned animals and just want to cry. Some one would have to shoot me to leave any of my dogs. I'd easily die for them. If you find a good donation for animal care, please PM me and I will send my contribution there. Yesterday the boy scouts came to my house for a can drive for the survivors and I gave as much can food as I had. What I really wanted to do was give my dogs' canned food for the puppies. I love dogs!!!!

Juday, way to go on the exercise. Curves and a walk. You're doing great and you're helping me to stay motivated. After the run in with the scale, I didn't care if I ever exercised again. But reading your dedication is eradicating that errent thought.

Tired and Skinny, Ihope you're doing okay. Let us hear from you.

Again, thanks for being here. 3FC is helping me get my head together.

09-07-2005, 10:44 AM
Disney, I just went to to donate to the Humane Society. The pictures on the page made me cry, still crying. Anyway, I thought I'd share the site with you.

09-07-2005, 06:36 PM
Just a quick hello, I'm back at work and apparently they aren't paying me to hang out on 3FC :lol: I was off to a slow start, didn't get up and out in time for more than a 25-minute walk, so I will try to get at least that much in this evening. I'm "hungry" today while eating pretty much the same as I have for the last two days--but I'm back at my desk and feeling restless. And a little cold, it's always chilly in the office, which makes me want to eat! So I've been drinking more water and mint tea. I've managed to convince my tastebuds that mint tea means that we're done eating for a while, and believe it or not, it works! I also noticed that once I turn on the dishwasher at home, I'm not as likely to ramble around in the kitchen, looking for something to eat. Go figure!

Marie, I'm sorry things are so tough for you emotionally! I hope things settle down and you get your equilibrium back real soon.

Leslie--Good for you, fighting the munchies! Are you able to spread enough filling but healthy snacks throughout your day?

Go, Carol, go :cheer:

Gotta run--judy

09-07-2005, 06:50 PM
Judy, I had to laugh at your post. I'm getting paid to chat here this afternoon but I bet that they wouldn't like it. My office, too, is cold and I shiver year round. So today I said "screw it" and plugged in my heater. I felt better all morning. I dind't munch and was able to work so much more efficiently.

I feel better today. Sort of on the edge, but still hanging on to a good mood. I left work for 45 minutes and had my brows done. Owww!!! But they look so much better.

I think that I'm havnig a tough time right now is that school started (long time until summer and that's depressing), Hurricane Katrina worries (donated $$$ to the humane society and felt like I was doing good for puppy lovers), sluggish sons and the depression that I won't have an empty nest this fall like anticipated (DS2 not leaving till January and DS1 and GF moving in). I think it's everything at once that has me spinning. Realizing it's a combo of things has helped today. No one has been able to irritate me - I want to stay on the good side of the cliff.

Thanks for being here.

09-08-2005, 12:35 AM
Hi everyone...
I think I better go to bed earlier.. the longer I am up the more I want to munch! Did well today. I am using apples and those 100 calorie packs of popcorn to snack thruout the day. I've also found 100 calorie pack Oreo crisps and they are fabulous!!!
Woody and Tink are my life too.... I would never leave my dogs behind, I'd rather die with them than leave them. They are our "kids" now that DS and DD have left the nest. We had an old man Golden "Rex" who we lost at the beginning of May.. and we lost Tink & Woody's mama "Jessie" last December. She was only 4 and it was very difficult for us. She had a rare form of cancer in her snout... and after 8 weeks and $$$$$ of radiation treatments and surgeries... it still came back with a vengance. At least she lives on in her babies and they are so special to us. Okay.. sorry, didn't mean to ramble on.
We donate regularly to the Humane Society, and also to a place called North Shore Animal League. They have a rescue team in the hurricane area and are doing a great job of rescueing many animals a day. I wish I could be there with them. The more I watch the coverage the more I cry about the dogs I see alone and scared.
Tomorrow I am going to try and walk 2 miles! Believe it or not last January I did the Disney Half Marathon and in January 2004 did the WHOLE marathon! I am determined to get back into shape so I can do it again!

09-08-2005, 07:08 AM
Hi all, so many great ideas! Judy, I'm like you - signals can make a big difference such as brushing my teeth after dinner to signal eating is over for the day. Leslie, going to bed early helps me too as I seem to eat when I'm tired. Marie, you have a lot of change happening at your home. That's probably why you're feeling the stress. I'm glad that you can count on everyone here to work it out.

Life has gotten very very busy now that I'm back to work full time and my dh is back to work too. I'm trying hard to work toward balance. One good thing I'm doing is not getting overinvolved in things at work that are not related to my classroom teaching. That saves energy and stress. I'm also back to having my salad at lunch everyday - the lunchroom people prepare it and it takes a long time to eat and is satisfying. I'm eating dinner earlier which helps with the after school munching - I have dinner insteady. I've been going to bed early. So the eating is better. I'd really like to get back down to 170 soon so my clothes fit better. Thanks for all your support.

sw 210 (8/04)
cw 180
gw 150

09-08-2005, 07:42 AM
Tired you hang in there you'll get where you want to be! It is better to take it off slow and keep it off than to lose fast and put it right back on. Little changes make big differences as habits form and routines are made. So keep it up!
Judy sounds like your finding some good things on your own to make the differences in your eating pattern. That is so good. We are all different and the little things that make us tick huh?
Marie hand in there pick your battles wisely yah can't change everything at once. Little changes that are do able may help just a thought! Don't let the scale control your whole wt. loss attempts. You also sometimes need to stay a bit away from it and go by how your clothes fit, rings getting loose etc... Sometimes I go weeks with out the scale. It all depends on my mood. Oh we all can get into our moods your not alone by any means. Adjusting to being without meds is tough and you have taken that on so give yourself some credit. Sounds like you need us to give you some pats on the back and you deserve some. Stress isn't a good thing for any of us. Do you have any hobbies? Knitting is relaxing for me or reading. Good luck!
Tired I thought of you last night as I was sewing a pillowcase slip cover for a school chair. It has 3 12" squares made into pockets. It slips over the chair to serve as any extra storage for the childs belongings. I made one on tues. for my grandaughter at the teachers request. Then her little friend without any funds whose family could use a little help didn't have one. So Brooke shared hers. Well I put one together out of scraps at 10:30 last night. I am going to drop it off to Brooke this morning on my way to work. She would give someone the shirt off her back if they asked. She is a cutie. Now the little girl will have her own. I wonder what happens to the poor kids who don;t have the monies? Does PTA pick them up to get what they need?
Well I had a good eating day yesterday as planned. I was a bit hungry last night and ate a bowl of Kashi cereal at 190. I could of done with out but still kept my calories at 1400. Take care sorry tthis was so long.......

09-08-2005, 11:55 PM
Carol, good words of wisdom. I'm staying away from the scale for 2 weeks. My asthma was out of control so I went to the dr. this afternoon and am on prednisone (steroids). No way will I lose weight with a week of that so I decided to just be good and ignore the scale. My clothes and rings do fit. Actually right before the cruise in July I was going to have my ring resized since I could lose weight (thanks bipolar meds...) and it had been in the jewelry box for a year. Guess what I'm wearing right now - the ring that I forgot to have resized. Pretty cool, huh?

Dr. said no exercise for a while - why is it when you get in the groove something always throws you back out? I sort of like not feeling guilty because I'm not exercising for a couple days, but I sort of liked exercising - it made my emotions easier to deal with. Since I'm tired of having difficulty breathing, I will not exercise for a couple days.

That's about it. Talk to you all later.

09-09-2005, 05:07 AM
Hi all. Carol, so good to hear from you. That was great of you to make the chair cover for that child. There are so many children in the world who need extra help. Fortunately I work in a school system that provides for all whether they are able to do it or not. Many parents do extra so that children whose parents cannot do it are still taken care of. It's endless what we, as a society, could do to positively impact children.

Marie, good to hear that the ring fit and nice to see that you're at 192, that's super. Like you, I have some kind of respiratory illness which has had me wheezing, up at night and exhausted. I've always bordered on asthma and have a couple of attacks. This might be bronchitis. I may have to go to the doctor tomorrow. We'll see. My appetite has been down and so has my exercise. Luckily everyone here at home is supportive at the moment.

Judy, Leslie, Skinny and Alipea - I hope you're all doing well. It's so important that we all get as healthy as we can be. Take care.

09-09-2005, 07:53 AM
Tired you have no time to be getting sick. That is not fun at all you and Marie need to keep up your energy. Well maybe Marie you could do a low impact yoga? It would be relaxing and not high energy level. I think if you go to the library if you want maybe there would be a tape or dvd. I also am not doing the little scale thing today Tom came to visit yesterday. I liked it a lot better when he left me for a few months. Won't belong I hope and he will be gone forever. That is one part of my life I could do without. I had a good intake yesterday all except some fried chicken for dinner. The dog got some of the breading but still it was a bit up scaled in calories. Then the other pieces were taken to my friend. She was thrilled not to have to make dinner. Afterwards I only had a little apple to eat as a snack. So all together it wasn't that bad but I could of made better choices. We'll blame Tom! He's good for something! For lunch yesterday I had steamed broccoli with a little garlic powder, pepper, dash of marg. and one triangle of laughing cow cheese melted in. It was great and pretty low cal. I figured around 100 cals. total. Next time I may add in a little pasta and have it for dinner. I went for groceries last night lots of good deals so I stocked up for winter. The pantry looks good and I bought some healthy frozen veggies too. It is so much easier to make healthier choices when the foods are right handy. Well hope you all have a great friday. I am not camping this weekend I am going to the farmers market, garage sales and going to dig up some blueberry bushes for my yard. No that is a calorie burner. Sunday I may have the kids for dinner its been awhile. I will see what everyone is up to. I also would like to walk around the lake its about 3 miles. I haven't been going as it was 7.00 to get in. But after labor day its free.

09-09-2005, 04:08 PM
Leslie--I hope you had fun on the walk yesterday. I'd love to walk a half-marathon. I can walk a long way, but I don't think my arthritic knees could take the stress of the training as well as the event itself. But I haven't ruled it out! Maybe when I get closer to my long-term goal.

Marie, you are doing/starting/changing/ending so many things at once, no wonder you don't feel very centered! It's hard to stay balanced with so much going on--and you've still managing to lose weight. Congratulations on being able to wear your ring, that must feel wonderful. Hope you are on the good side of the cliff today.

Carol, I'm trying to picture how the dog "got some of the breading" from your fried chicken :lol: Maybe the dog was trying to do you a favor and spare you some extra calories. I think you will have a great weekend, I love farmers markets.

Tired, I hope your feeling better today. I think you're right to try to simplify your life, at least for now. Save your energy for what you really want!

I've been doing pretty well, eating per program and going to Curves, but not getting up and out early enough to do my long walks. Almost made it this morning, so I should be back on my usual (non-vacation) sleep patterns next week. My apartment complex is having a yard sale tomorrow, so tonight I'll go through the closets and cabinets to see what I can sell. I have a few electronics and miscellaneous items in pretty good shape that I don't need but I can't bring bring myself to toss. There's a free jazz concert I want to go to, and a big football game to watch in the evening, so all in all I should have a fun and productive day.

Hope you do, too!


09-09-2005, 06:45 PM
Judy, sounds like you'll have a good weekend. Excellent job on the exercise (Curves) and eating on plan. That's always a tough thing to get to be a habit. Good luck making money at the yard sale and enjoy the jazz concert. That sounds like fun.

Carol, enjoy the walk around the lake. 3 miles is quite a distance but it should be fun. I didn't do the scale thing today either. Taking steroids will cause me to gain weight and I didn't think I needed the aggravation of seeing it. Knowing it and seeing it are two different things. Bet your puppy loved the chicken skin - good for you in not eating it all. Really sounds like you've got your head together about eating right.

Oops - got to get back to work - suddenly have a deadline...

09-09-2005, 08:11 PM
Hi everyone!

Things have been going pretty well. I've resisted temptation when I can. :lol: I found Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Fudge Lites help A LOT!! It's only 1 point for 2 bars so they are a great reward at the end of the day. I try to keep it to ONE bar per day and the box lasts almost two weeks... that is if DH doesn't get into them!! Blue Bunny Reduced Fat No sugar added ice cream is also a great treat. They really satisfy my ice cream cravings for very few calories and points! Can you see that my eating is all about the treats?? ;) I made veggie soup tonight, 0 points and counted out my 35 oyster crackers to = 1 point. :dizzy: I've been actually keeping under my point allowance by a bit each day.....because we are having friends over tomorrow night and I know there will be snacks and goodies. I also did 30 laps of the pool today. Okay... the pool is only 24 ft long but at least it's something!
Judy... do you like Curves? I've been considering something like that... but I'm very self concious about going to places llike that. I did the National Body Challenge Jan-March this year and they gave you a free 12 week membership to Bally's. I went... but there are so many "buff" people there I always felt self concious.
okay.. enough rambling.... have a great evening!

09-10-2005, 08:32 AM
Judy hey I at least gave the dog the breading I never thought about how it sounded to others! Funny! She shares with me once in awhile it cuts my calories and we both get our treat. Your doing well. I wish I was at your place for the sale. I love buying other peoples treasures. This year they may end up under the tree. I am going to a sale this morning lots of nice childrens clothes for the grandaughters. She has this sale two times a year and in a richy area of town just the best of things you know. I love it I am not too proud in anyway. Better than me paying top dollar.
Marie actually the 3 miles goes by quite quickly around the lake. I'll let you all know how beautiful it is.
Wish you were able to all be here to go with me.
Leslie one step at a time. As you change your way of thinking and eating it becomes more natural after awhile. Not that you won't slip things in but it becomes more normal to just grab the healthier stuff when shopping for groceries. After awhile you know which one is better and have to read the labels less etc.... It is so important to read the cals. fat. sugars etc. The lovely companies tend to make things better one way and mess them up in another. Yogurt is a biggy with that read a few labels. Some have an awful lot of sugar in them. The sugar turns into fat so they might is well put the fat in them. There has been times I get so frustrated I don't buy any! Good luck and keep going. I have a soup recipe similar to ww. and its great and so low in cals. Have you tried laughing cow cheese yet?
Tired hope school is continuing to be going well sounds like a nice class so far. Did you get those treats to school yet? I have two apples sitting on my desk and a healthy lunch in the ref. I got called out on an investigation right at lunch time. So I never ate or went back to the office. I stopped for a gyro it was delicous but not sure how many lovely calories I ate. At that time my stress level was pretty high as the problem involved two of my clients whom share an apt.... Oh never a dull one but my fridays are usually a bit more laid back! it will all work itself out. All in a days work! I made a few calls when I got home and things seemed to be going better.
Have a great day. I am going to work on healthier choices today and some yard work and housework today and tom...

09-10-2005, 10:37 AM
Hi friends. Boy do I have good news - I slept for 7 hours!!!! I feel great (except that asthma). What I'd give for that every night. No nocturnal wanderings and surfing. I slept for more than 2 hours. I about fell out of bed when I saw it was after 5:00. I expected it to say midnight. So cool.

I just cut DS2's hair off. He starts Guard weekend this month even though he hasn't been through basic training and tech school. They still want him to work the weekend. So all the cute hairs got buzzed. He looks so cute. :) He even has his little camo uniform. I guess my baby has grown up.

The asthma is a little better. I think the prednisone is loosening all of the garbage around my bronchial tubes and I'm able to cough some of it out. Problem wiht coughing is it make me nauseous. So I don't have any desire to eat or drink. Such an interesting dilemma.

Today we sign on the home equity loan. All the credit cars/remodeling bill will be paid soon. I hate the three day waiting, then I have to wait for to send the check (they're really a pain, btw). So I figure we'll get the money in another week and a half. Since all the credit card bills were just paid, I have time. Just being patient - not my long suit. :)

DH has Guard weekend too so I will be all alone again today. I wish I could work on the addition but that drywall dust is what's doing my asthma in so I've been forbidden to go out there. So what to do? I think I'll finish my yellow sweater. I knitted most of it before the cruise and I sewed is all together. I just have to knit the facings, the sew them and the hood on. So today, that's my goal. Then I can start a new project. I have lots of yarn.

I signed up for a comm college class on drawing. So on Wednesday eveings in Oct, Nov, and Dec I will be learning to draw. I think that will be fun. I wanted to take it so that I can draw stained glass patterns easier and when I'm in meetings my doodles will be works of art. :) Truly that is one of the driving reasons. So Carol, I dind't join Curves, but I did sign up for a class outside my house. It will be fun.

I guess that's it for now. I'll be back later.

09-11-2005, 03:21 PM
I weighed in even though I swore I wouldn't when I was on prednisone and voila, 2 pounds disappeared. I was doing the happy dance this morning. I tried on some jeans that fit at this weight a year ago and they were still too tight - that was sort of depressing but I didn't care that much. I lost 10.5 pounds since the cruise - a month and a half.

DS1 is here and is being pleasant - no apology but at least he's being nice.

09-12-2005, 06:27 AM
Just checking in. Wow Marie - 10.5 lbs that's awesome! You must feel terrific! The drawing course sounds wonderful!

Carol, I do have healthy snacks at my desk and it helps a lot. I'll bring some apples too today.

Judy and Leslie it sounds like the two of you are mainly staying on track too. Terrific!

The cold/asthma (whatever it is) kept my energy output low this weekend. At least I didn't have much of an appetite so I don't think there was much of a weight gain. I'm in a good place though. I've been thinking a lot about balance and it's been helping me with stress which helps to alleviate overeating. . .All your positive posts are helping too. Thanks so much.

09-12-2005, 07:48 AM
Marie good for you signing up for an art course. I think that is great. Stained glass has always been a little interest of mine maybe someday. My kids are all very artistic in many ways. One is a contractor, tatoo art, and designs. The one daughter naturally just has a natural talent for decorating. The other is a photographer by trade and a local photo editior for the newspaper and has many talents with art. I like to grow flowers,knit, quilt,gardening, decorate, bake, cook etc... My hubby is talented with cars when he is able to. He has a hand with wood also and can do lots of nice projects. I currently started a charcoal grey crop sweater with a scooped neck for colder weather. I can only work on it for a bit at a time as I had carpal tunnel syndrome surgery a yr. or so ago. It still has its momments. Enjoy knitting and finishing up a sweater or project is always a joy. Congrats on your wt. you'll fit into those pants soon enough just keep up your efforts. When your home alone it gives you an opportunity to cook things maybe others wouldn't want. Healthy stuff! Try a new recipe for fun!
Tired glad to hear your doing well. I notice that on this site your on right before me. Those early risers! I didn't get to walk around the lake but dig in the yard to put in some new blueberry bushes, pulled many weeds they were huge. I thought I'd sleep like a bear but not really what the heck? Anyways you seem to be doing well handling going back to school and balancing out your intakes. Keep it up!
Judy and Leslie continue you efforts we are all going to have to buy a new outfit to reward ourselves soon. Something for fall.
I did make some choc. chip cookies ate a couple , but with 3.5 hrs. of yard work I deserved them. I'm sure I worked them off. My little grandaughter B. had requested them. So I couln't refuse. The rest of my eating for the day was good.
Have a great week and lets all keep up our good efforts for a great fall drop off of pounds.......................

09-12-2005, 01:28 PM
Hi again. I started the day only to return home as one of my son's is ill. He has a high fever and lethargy. I get especially nervous because of mosiquito born illnesses in the area, but he doesn't seem too bad so hopefully he'll recover in a day or two. Thank goodness I had my plans ready for a few days so it wasn't too hard to transfer the teaching to the substitute. I hate taking a school day off as it interupts the momentum - oh well, my theme is to take each day - or each moment and make the best of it - life happens.

Carol, I enjoyed reading about your creative family. Yes, I'm an early riser. I love the morning - it's quiet, I have energy and I enjoy my cup of coffee.

My eating has been ok so far today.
breakfast: coffee and quiche (healthy ingredients)
lunch: kashi bar and apple
I'd say about 700 so far.
Since I'm home I'll make some healthy veggie chili for dinner.

Have a good day.

09-12-2005, 04:53 PM
Hi, all--

Sorry I wasn't around all weekend, I was on the go! The yard sale was entertaining--seeing another side of my neighbors--but I didn't sell a lot. Most folks were interested in kid's clothes and really tacky tchotchkes, and I was selling books and electronics, mostly. But I got about $30 for odds and ends, and gave half of that back for the relief effort. The jazz festival was fabulous, I ended up going alone but had a great time anyway. I went to the movies yesterday, saw The Constant Gardener, which I highly recommend.

I strayed a bit from my eating plan (ice cream at the festival, popcorn at the movie), but I've been close to perfect for weeks. As long as this isn't a habit, I'll continue to lose. I'm down just half a pound from last week, but I lost so much the week before, I think that's to be expected.

Leslie, Curves is okay with me! It's only women, and the majority are plump, if not very overweight. The staff and clientele varies a bit from place to place, but I've found them to be friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental.

Marie, congrats on the weight loss and the good night's sleep! You've dealt with so much in the past few weeks, but you're still on track. Good for you!

Tired--hope both you and your son are feeling better by the time you read this.

Carol, I'm back to trying to teach myself to knit....I remember how to cast on, but not much else....


09-12-2005, 09:30 PM
Hi all. Judy it must feel great to see the ticker go down - 25 lbs is a big loss. Keep it up. Glad you enjoyed the jazz festival and thanks for the movie recommendation. I love a good movie and might have the chance to see one this weekend.

I'm starting to feel better and my son seemed to perk up tonight. Thanks for asking. I'm hoping to fit in some exercise tomorrow morning before work. Have a good night all.

09-13-2005, 08:04 AM
Judy awesome on your loss. I love sales and will try to fit in a couple this weekend. With all my camping lately I haven't hit as many sales as normal. Last weekend I bought some lovely outfits for my grandaughters and a couple of shirts for the little guy with tags still on them. Yes thats the way to pick up reasonable stuff and hardly used the kids in the area I frequently sale have more than they ever need if you know what I mean. Well you keep up the good work on your diet and exercise. Tired is so right that is great news and something to be really proud of you deserved a special treat!
Tired sorry to hear your guy was sick. I think its something going around. As I was at a site yesterday and the little boys mom had to pick him up with a 101 fever. We all don't need any of that no do we? Good to hear you are feeling better too! Get back on your feet quick! Green Tea helps with everything sip a cup and think of all the good things in life. You will feel better!
Marie hope your doing well and keeping up with all your projects and changes.
Today I have to go to the dentist I chipped a tooth eating corn. Go figure! Well I was just at the dentist the day before that chipped. Lucky enough they got me right in. I really like this guy. I spoke to my son in Hawaii last night. The gas there is 4.00 a gallon. He said it cost 75.00 to fill his work truck. Boy things are costly. We talked about cutting out cost other ways. Less driving when possible and grocery cost. Buying sale items etc. He has lots of fruit trees in his yard. The mangos, tangerines etc. are just about ripe. I said that would be fun just to go out and pick them. Bill wishes he could send some but there are lots of regulations. Their flowers are beautiful but to send them you can't just do it they have to also come from a special place to enforce the shipping laws.
Well I am off to work. Yesterday my calories were a bit up as I purchased lunch with the girls. Not that I do that often. But I had a 58 chevy. It is a club sandwich I did throw out some of the bread and wiped some of the mayo off. But all in all its more cals than I needed. Today I will work on making good choices again.
Have a great day everyone!

09-13-2005, 09:50 AM
Carol, sorry about the chipped tooth. At least the dentist got you in really fast. I would love to go out to my yard and pick fresh fruits. I can do that with strawberries but I'm sick of those.

Tired, sorry your son was sick. I hope he feels better.

Judy the jazz festival sounds like fun even though you went alone. And congrats on all the weight loss, you are doing so fantastic.

Today is the last day of the prednisone. Thank goodness. It has really warped my mental well being. I'm irritable and apathetic about everything. I'm not sure it's worth easy breathing to be so grumpy. I think it would be more worth it if I felt all the way better. I'm still down in my peak flows but I never want to be on the steroids again.

I had yesterday off and we went across the mountain to costco and lowes. Now we're broke. Oh, well. Nothing new there. :) We did go out to Olive Garden and that was tasty. I had Chicken Parmesan and no dessert. It counted as lunch and dinner so the calories were fine.

Well, that's about it. I'm too blah to write much more. Talk to you later.

09-13-2005, 06:31 PM
Just a quick hi to say thanks for all the pats on the back! I'm feeling pretty good. Didn't have time to walk this AM, had an early meeting, but I've been EPP and heading to Curves in a few minutes. I think I veered a bit this weekend because I'm in such an eating rut--and I do ove to eat!--so I'm trying to remember to change things up a little. I didn't have time to make the salad with left-over grilled salmon that I planned to bring for lunch, so I packed the salmon and lots of frozen Asian veggies, and my coworkers were envious. Who knew!

Marie, I hope the blahs are almost gone! Have you had energy for any of your creative arts?

Carol, it's so nice to have a dentist you like, isn't it?

More later--judy

09-13-2005, 10:04 PM
Hi Judy, way to go on getting right back on track. We're both going to make our Christmas goals with room to spare. The blahs have lifted a bit. I refused to take the last dose of prednisone because I was so miserable. The asthma is okay but not good. I've only used the abuterol twice today. Once because of an attack and once because I was bound and determined to exercise.=, so I used it first. And I did exercise - I rode the exercycle. I didn't push it at all, heartrate stayed about mid to upper 90's, so that the asthma wouldn't be too bothered. But I feel better having exercised.

I plan to work on either stained glass or knitting tonight. I don't want to vegetate like I have the last few nights. I recorded 2 shows for nocturnal viewing (I'm still not sleeping). One is House, which I like. The other is Bones, and I think it's based on a series of books by Kathy Reichs so hopefully I will like it.

Work was okay - the blahs had me most of the day but I started to perk up after 2:00 (conveniently it was when I took an Excedrine (with caffeine)). Hopefully I didn't bark at too many people today. I swear I work with some idiots.

Well, that's about it. I will chat with you all later.

09-14-2005, 07:38 AM
Hello everyone! Well I am in a great mood this morning because I got out the white square and was down a lb. . I just got rid of Tom he is such a pain. Well I figured out afterwards just think if you hadn't eaten this or that you could of lost more. Well a loss is a loss and this girls not complaining. Maybe its the start of some movement. I have been trying to reduce my intake not a lot but some. Most days I make it. I think having variety in foods makes a world of difference. Judy you also had mentioned something similar. I think it helps us not to be bored. If we try there are alot of tasty things with lower cals etc. and with some creativity wow! It can make a world of difference. Lately for lunch I have enjoyed some veggies steamed in the mico. w/ garlic powder, ground pepper and my laughing cow cheese. It ends up tasting like veggie parm. and seems to meet my needs. I just take fresh veggies broc, carrots pre cooked, red pepper, caul. and any others on hand. Put a little water and garlic powder, pepper dash of salt mic. for 4 min. put my laughing cow on and its lunch. I add a piece of fruit and I am set to go. Check it out girls it might be a quick lunch or dinner for you when your in a hurry. I only get a half an hour lunch. The dental appt. went well no shot just fixed it and out I went.
Tired hope your feeling better.
Marie we will continue to work on the christmas goal. We will all be hitting our deadline if we continue to work hard at it. I think routines and new habits will make the world of difference. After doing things for awhile they become more natural to us. Your trying so hard with your health issues and new lifestyle keep up the effort it will pay off. I also love chicken parm. its a real favorite.
Judy keep making those lovely lunches. My coworkers call me Martha I am not sure these days how that sounds? But she has always had a way in the kitchen and house doing good things. I try to eat healthy at work so many of them eat junk food and its easy to get into that stuff when they have it. My cals were up yesterday as a friend bought some popcorn and it was like 180 cals a serving. Well needless to say the stressful day didn't help and my hand kind of fell into the bag two times! At least I knew enough to stop at that.
Well gotta go I have an all day conference at the Holiday Inn. Wellness At Work not this should be interesting huh???????????????????????????????????? 8 HRS WORTH!

09-14-2005, 06:53 PM
Hi all. Good to hear that everyone is doing well.

Good eating day:
kashi bar for breakfast
salad for lunch with orange
pasta broccoli and low cal choc. bar for dinner
total cals: 1500 or less
lots of water

Take care.

09-15-2005, 07:14 AM
Good Morning! Just checking in to get myself off to a great start. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

09-15-2005, 08:19 AM
Hello everyone! At my conference yesterday they tapped into overall health food etc. It was interesting enough I guess but I really didn't learn much just confirmed what I already knew. But we are suppose to eat 2 1/2 cups of veggies a day, 2 cups of fruit. That is part of the new pyrmaid. She also mentioned eat less move more well yah!At any rate she was about 105 soaking wet. sBut she did have some good info..... They also had a great speaker on stress and reduction. He had some interesting points.
Humor is something he said we all need lots of as it is a big stress reducer. So if your stressed get some comedy in your life. Interesting day!
I didn't do to bad for calories at the conference we had no breakfast other than a sm. apple. I ate a good lunch w/salad veggies, chicken br. passed the desserts and had fresh pineapple, melon. But I went to the casino for crab legs last night oh so good! My friend is having surgery on friday so we were out for a fun evening. I won a 45.00 and the dinner was free so we had a good evening. I had a piece of blueberry pie but only ate the fruit part. My friend laughed and I said gotta make choices!
Well hope you all have a great day. I just packed my lunch mozz.,,tomatoes, peppers and salad dressing, croutons, apple. Going out for dinner again on friday so I need to do a bit of preplanning here. She did mention to find wiggle time in your schedule for exercise. And exercise should be what ever you will enjoy walking, biking etc... no set thing, start finding 10 min. at least a day then inc. it as you go along.

09-15-2005, 06:27 PM
Hi, all--

Forgot to check in earlier, and I have dash off to a meeting in a minute. But I wanted to say hey, Carol, Marie, Tired...Leslie, Alipea, Roll and other MIA, hope you're doing well.

Yesterday and today were both good. Not enough exercise, though. Will go to Curves later tonight, and do the long walk in the morning if the rain holds off.

Keep it going--judy

09-16-2005, 07:21 AM
Judy I need to exercise more also. I just need to get it in that crazy schedule. Work has been crazy this week and I am ready for a break. Lots of reports all due and training for 8 hrs. just killed me. I am making some head way though and should be caught up today to at least a normal basis. This has been nuts! The full moon I think had something to do with it lots of extra issues to deal with and 24 peoples lifes plus my own families wow! The pressure is on! Sounds like your doing well keep it up!
Tired , Marie , Leslie and Skinny Butt are you all out there? Hope your doing fine!
Hey something different for lunch yesterday. I took crispy little cukes and cut them in spears and wrapped pepper turkey around them. I though they were quite good and no starch. I try to keep a lot of variety in my diet so I don't get bored. My friends are visiting from Florida and we are all going out for dinner tonight. So I am trying my best to preplan my meals. Breakfast = bagel w/ff c.c. / coffee blk.
snack= apple 80
lunch= cukes, tomatoes, mozz., peppers w/ plain yogurt, cuke , garlic dip.
Snack= apple 80
Dinner out

09-16-2005, 05:53 PM
Hi all. Just checking in. I've been doing fairly well - not as good as I should - just have to keep my mind on the goal which is 150 by next June. I'll shoot for 165 by the holidays that's about 15lbs. Here goes. . .

Take care. I'll check in again tomorrow.

09-17-2005, 10:35 AM
The snail continues to inch along the trail...this morning the scale said 227.5, which was really motivating. So now I'm 5-6 lbs away from my Columbus Day goal of 222--it's neither too ambitious nor too easy, which is the best type of challenge for me. After so many stutter-steps and side-steps since the spring, it's a relief to have real momentum. :strong:

I'm a little nervous about the Pilates class, which starts Monday evening. I stopped by the facility last Monday evening, to see what it was like. It's a community center, so there's lots of kids and adults playing baseball, basketball, field hockey, etc. I'm 47 years old, but I felt just like I felt back in junior high school--fat and out of place. But that's how I felt when I first started going to gyms for adults a few years ago, I got over it, more or less. I can do the same thing here. I have to remind myself that everyone is too busy doing what they came to do to spend time judging other people, particularly ones who are heading off to separate rooms for classes. It's amazing to me how ingrained this stuff is, decades later. :^:

Carol, I like your recipes! It reminds to look at the threads where creative people like you post interesting ideas to keep your taste buds happy, so you don't feel deprived or angry because you're just not enjoying your food. I just can't stick with a program that makes you eat stuff you don't like. Most mornings I have a fried egg for breakfast--yes, fried in a little butter. I almost never eat deep-fried anything, and I'm generally making low-fat choices, but I don't like eggs fried with Pam, and I refuse to eat foods I don't like. So far, so good....

Hey, Tired, I'll glad to hear that you're doing 'fairly well.' One of those diet guys promotes the 80/20 plan, which says if you stay on program at least 80% of the time, you'll lose weight. No one can be perfect all the time! So if most of your choices most days are good, you'll keep moving ahead on the journey.

Today I'm going to Curves. I'm not really having breakfast first, just some kefir, so I can treat myself with a salad from Chipotle after the workout. Then I'll stop by the library, and go grocery shopping. I have more purging to do in my home office this weekend, and some volunteer stuff to catch up on. I hope you all have a great weekend.


09-17-2005, 11:43 AM
Morning all, it's good to read everyone has been doing pretty good. Judy, I know that feeling of feeling fat and out of place. I don't think it ever really goes away as we age. It a big reason to lose weight. You're doing so great so just keep telling yourself that. The pilates class will be fun. Enjoy the salad for lunch.

Tired, glad that you're doing okay.

Carol, I'm glad your crazy week is over. Did you have fun going out to dinner? I admit when I go out - it's so seldom - that I don't worry too much about healthy choices. I like what Judy said about 80/20. I strive for 95/5 with that 5 being times of going out and really having something I enjoy and wouldn't make at home.

I had a bad week and didn't feel like posting. Work was irritating but overall I was just cranky. This morning is better and since I don't have to go to work, I think it'll be a good day. I did start exercising on Wednesday again. The asthma is still no good, but it is better. I thought that would improve my mood, but it didn't. I think I should have lost weight considering how much I didn't want to exercise. Instead, I think last Sunday's number on the mean scale was just a fluke. So after weighing a few times this week at 192, I moved the slider back up this morning. I guess I'm pretty stuck there since I've been there for a couple weeks (except the 190 last Sunday). I think the scale has made me a little cranky but mostly it has been work and my kids. DS2 decided to not go to college until he goes to basic training in January. Instead he took a job in construction so he can earn $$$. I don't think he has a clue how hard he'll have to work to get those $$$. He's 5-6" and 120 pounds. He's totally clueless. I let our benefits dept know that he won't be a fulltime student so he's getting cancelled off the medical/dental insurance. So now he'll have to pay for that. So much for the extra $$$ - I told him he has to buy med insurance and that we won't pay a cent of it or medical costs. Dumb boy...

DS1's GF listened to me when I asked that they ask for a week extension on staying in the house that they're renting. The room isn't done - it will be this coming week - and she called and got the extension. DS1 said no, it wasn't possible. Another dumb boy. Just where did he think he was going to put all his stuff??? At least GF thinks about more than just herself. DH was quite relieved they weren't moving in this weekend. He's going to sand the walls today and then spray the texture tomorrow. Then we can paint the ceiling and walls. Then we can put the laminate flooring down and voila, it'll be done. I will be happy when that's the case. Oh, DS1's GF also asked if they should get a storage locker - I said yes if all their stuff won't fit in the room. As I said, she thinks about more than herself. DS1 just figured he could store all the extra stuff he has throughout my house.

Break to chat with DS2... Just had a good conversation with DS2. It's the first good one in a while. I actually said something positive about his choice of new jobs. He's currently working for an inconsiderate employer (they have him working till midnight on Fridays and then at 8:00 on Saturday mornings) and I said that it'll be nice that he'll have a regular schedule with his new job. I think he was shocked that I said something nice about his choice. :) We talked about what to do for his birthday on Tuesday. We decided that we'll go out to Applebees and have DH meet us there (DH hubby works swings so he'll just have to take a long dinner break). We'll invite DS1 and GF but I don't think they'll be able to make it. So at least he has DH and I instead of just me. So my baby will be 19. I'm sure getting old. :)

Eating wise, I'm doing good. No reason for a 2 pound gain since Sunday, but I think I was dehydrated on Sunday from drinking tea all day on Saturday (since tea is a diuretic). Exercise wise, I've exercised for 3 days in a row and DH said that we will take the puppies for a mountain hike this morning. We haven't gone in 2 weeks because of the asthma (the mountain is so dusty since we haven't had rain in 3 months). But yesterday it rained a little, enough to make the dust level a little less so I'm excited to go out. I'll use the abuterol before we go.

That's about enough since I rambled for so long. I will check back later.

09-17-2005, 07:31 PM
Hi all. Judy, I know how you feel about the gym. It's been a while since I've been and I've gained, so I'm hesitant to go. It's the only way we'll lose though and like you said, people are more concerned with their own plans than looking at a 40 something like me.

Marie - you sure are busy! I can't believe all that you and your DH have done in the past month.

My clothes are tight, but my schedule and class are conducive to weight loss so there's no excuses. I'm feeling good too so here goes. I've got to lose the weight I gained at least so that I can fit into all last fall and winter's clothes. The next size in the store (yes I thought about buying new) are too big.

Off to see "Constant Gardener" tonight. Judy, I'll let you know what I think. Take care. - M

09-19-2005, 08:00 AM
Girls girls now don't let anyone ever stop you from feeling comfortable at the gym. You have every right to be there too. I did have a time when I felt uncomfortable going and so I started with something simple that I knew I could do. Then watched the ones who had been going for awhile and picked up ideas from them. There all so into their self at the gym they hardly know anyone else is there. Are you kidding me they flex in the mirror check their muscles. I say ignore the world around you go in and do your own thing before you know it you'll be comfortable. Maybe if time allows you could get there during a slow time so you would kind of feel the place out. But like I said don't let your feeling even know their very real stop you from going. Your both wonderful people and your not asking anyone to be your best friend in fact I find their all into themselves that they hardly know anyone else exist. Put yourself into your own world and mind set and go do it!!! I would love to go with you for support. Let me know how it goes. Remember your worth every little change you make in your lifestyle.
The visit with our friends from Florida was fun. We ate out on Fri. I had what I wanted no dessert though. Then saturday I had lunch out with them again but I had cuban blk. spicy bean soup in a bread bowl. I didn't eat all the bread but it was great. Then for dinner I made a pita sliced in half w/ a thin ham, onion slice, provolne cheese, tomatoe slice, garlic powder, pepper baked in the 350 oven for 20 min. Oh so good. Next time I will use whole wheat pita. The store didn't have the sale kind I used onion pita. Check it out easy and good! Yes I do love to cook and my friends call me Martha I hope not in every way! Sunday we got together for a picnic and to say good bye. We had a nice time. I did good not over eatting and I did have some portions just to have a taste of potatoe and mac. salad. But it was my lunch and dinner. So overall not a bad weekend of eatting but added some extras in but in moderation. I hope to see my scale move again this week now that would be nice. I am going off to buy some new sneakers after work tonight, and taking my gym clothes so I might start my jumping back into the gym thing. I really would like to start going in the a.m. again. So we'll see depends on my day today. Work has been so stressful lately. I have a lot of extras going on with a client and my heart gets in the way sometimes making my life more stressful. I guess thats why I got into this field was to try to make a difference but the system is tough and rules aren't always set in a friendly way to help people. Oh well gotta go to work sorry for venting so loudly.......
Tired you hand in there I know you are going to get down there! I set a mini goal to lose 5lbs. by Thanksgiving. I can look at it a bit easier when its smaller amts. to reach at first. Then I would love to take off 4.5 more by christmas. We'll see if I reach it! It took me a year to keep off my 10. But if I lose this amt. I will of reached my goal and just need to maintain.
Marie you have a very busy lifestyle that must help you burn some calories for sure. I also went through the ins. thing he can get his own ins. but it will be based on his income. I am not sure the name of the program. But it might not be in your area?
Judy have you tried poached eggs? Thats my favorite but not runny, and with dry dark rye toast. Then I dip my egg in. Oh so good. I gotta go have breakfast have a super day.

09-20-2005, 07:26 AM
Goodmorning everyone! Well I went out and bought my new sneakers yesterday. That will maybe get me a jump start on going to the gym. I hate the fact that it is dark when I get up now. That makes me feel like not leaving the house early. It must almost be time to change the clocks around. This morning it is cooler and a bit rainy so no outside walk. Sometimes I wish that I lived in the village with sidewalks etc. it would make it easier to go walking. I live on a country road but it gets a lot of traveling to and from work etc... Well enough of that I must get my butt in gear to workout. Tonight I have to go for an eye exam at 5:00 so that messes up my after work thought of exercising. Unless it stops raining then I will jump on the canal for a walk. On wed. morning I am going to get there for sure! I need to get it in my mind. Now that the weather is changing and it gets dark earlier the amt. of normal exercise in the yard is less. Is anyone else feeling the same things? Sorry for babbling! Need my coffee to kick in. I ate dinner a bit late last night. I already made lunch for today with some of the roasted chicken leftovers. One of the guys whom I share a client with saw me yesterday and said hey you've really lost a lot of wt. Its funny how some people you don't see for awhile give you nice compliments. I said only about 11lbs. He said it really shows. I think alot of it is that I have more muscle now instead of my flab. I did buy some new fall clothes just a few things. It was nice to have them fit so nicely. I wanted to just keep buying but stopped myself,new sneakers, 2 new shirts and 1 pair of choc. colored pants. I love earth tones and boy are they in the stores this fall. Oh I spent some more money on myself the other day with getting my hair colored and highlights put in. Oh my everyone has had such nice things to say about it. I guess the buying new things and new hair do is all to do with the fact I am feeling better about myself. When I started this journey a year it really helped me to make some changes. Thank you girls for all your support. This is my one year on the 3 fat chicks!!!!!!!!!!! I am working on my sweater at night it gives me something to do. I am not snacking as much in the evening I noticed for the last month or so. Unless I am camping or have company over. Well gotta go take care and hope your all doing well.

09-20-2005, 07:43 AM
Hi everyone,
I am also new to 3FC and I was worried this time around that since I did not have the finances to go to a gym or WW to weigh in and be held accountable that I could not do it....MAN I am glad someone posted this forum NOW I can be accountable.

Today's weigh in 167.5, the tickers do not show half pounds, sigh. I started at 169.5 and down two whole pounds whoo hoo.

Thanks for letting me share

09-20-2005, 02:06 PM
I hope everyone's making good choices today! Carol, you are a great role model for how to have a fun weekend with friends and eat yummy food without going off program or feeling deprived.

Welcome, Jess! What's your strategy for reaching your goal?

Tired--what did you think of The Constant Gardener? I am having clothes issues, too. This weekend I need to go through my fall and winter things. I know that I need shoes, and maybe a trench coat. I haven't lost as much as I'd hoped by now, so some of my old clothes will fit, but others won't. Either way, I will have motivation to stick with the program. I tend to be "hungrier" in the fall, and more sedentary as we get closer to the cold weather. It's easy for me to slip back into more food/less exercise--not to mention the holidays! Plus I really do react to the light, so I want to sleep later in the mornings...I will definitely need your help over the coming months. :cheer:

Marie, I hope that your week is better than last week! You have so much and so many people to juggle. I hope you enjoy tonight's birthday dinner at Applebee's.

I went to my first Pilates class last night. Most of the women in the class were bigger than me, and several had taken this class before, with the same instructor or with another one. You wouldn't think that wriggling around on the floor would make you so tired! But it was good--I can see the potential benefits, if I practice a few times during the week.

I have to scoot. Meetings all afternoon, and Curves after work. Hugs to everyone--judy

09-20-2005, 09:44 PM
Hi all, sorry I've been so short with my entries - life has been very, very busy. The boys' activities are in high gear. DS1 Xcountry and church group, DS2 football and soccer, DS3 soccer. We're also still dealing with an ill relative which is taking a lot of time and effort, but at least everyone is doing their part - that helps.

Judy, I liked everything about the Constant Gardner except the speed of the film footage at times which made me so so so dizzy. I always love movies about Africa - I'm intrigued by the continent and excited by the vibrant energy. I felt overwhelmed by the theme of the film because corporations like the one depicted are so powerful and can be so evil! My world (education) is so pure in comparison. I have always fantasized about traveling and living in other countries for some good cause like the people in the film, yet I'm a bit fearful too particularly when it comes to situations as depicted in Sudan. My husband did that - he traveled all over working for public health. I had the chance to meet many Africans and others from countinents and countries throughout the world - very interesting. That's why I'm always drawn to films like the Constant Gardener. Let me know if you have any other film suggestions.

I wish everyone well with their health journeys. Hopefully my life will gain some sort of balance with thoughtful entries as a component. Marie, I keep hearing your encouraging words about balance playing in my mind and I'm heeding the message. I'm always remembering how kind you were to me last spring when I was really losing it. I know you are dealing with a lot right now, I hope I can be a good "listener" and "supporter." Hang in there.

Carol good luck with the new sneakers. Welcome Jess!

Today's diet
2 kashi bars for breakfast 260
apple snack 100
salad with feta for lunch and dressing 400
broccoli, pasta, avacado, some blue chips and 2 chocolate sorbet bars (800 or so)
About 1560 total - that's it for the day!

09-21-2005, 01:41 PM
Tired, thanks for the compliment. I really hope that you can keep your life in balance. It's amazing how just a little stress can throw the diet way off. I've been busy the last two days - no exercise and a little overeating. I'm back on track today and decided that I always don't have time in the evening to post so I'm just going to take time a work and do it.

Judy, I did have a good time at Applebee's. I love their Chicken Parmesan and ate the whole thing. The portion is really big and I was a stuffed pig last night. The upside to that is that I had the tiniest piece of birthday cake in the world. :) I also didn't take any cake for lunch today. I love birthday cake and said no to it. I'm glad the Pilates class went really good. On sunday I purchased a Pilates Performer from for 129 (free shipping). From what I read the original pilates was designed to do the mat work (what you're doing) and the machine work (what I will be doing). So between the two of us, we'll have a complete workout. :rofl:

Jess, great job on the 2 pound loss. I can understand not affording WW or the gym. If you want variety for exercise, go to ebay and get some exercise videos for really cheap. I did that and have a bunch of them and spent under $30, including shipping. That way you have a variety on a budget.

Carol, congrats on the 1 year anniversary on 3FC. Mine is next month. I don't think I would be doing this good without all of your support. This is a great place to be. I hope the eye exam went good. I hate having my eyes dilated. I had the lasik surgery 5.5 years ago and have been contact/glasses free ever since. I love it!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I have been overeating a little. The mania side of the bipolar left and I'm swinging pretty neutral right now. The mania made dieting a breeze so it's gotten a little tougher. I've been lonely in the evenings since DH is working swings so food is my friend. Actually that's not true, I'm overeating at lunch. So today I brought a lean chicken fajita pocket (220 calories) and a Klondike ice cream bar (lite at 180 calories) so I should be much better today. And this afternoon I will exercise when I get home.

The asthma is still holding steady at about an 8 out of 10. I wish it would get all the way better, but it's not getting horrible like it was a coule weeks ago. I only use the inhaler to exercise or if I'm giving a presentation.

That's about it. Tired, it was nice to read a long post... Keep up the good work.

09-21-2005, 05:22 PM
Tired, I'm so glad you liked The Constant Gardener, too! I generally don't enjoy movies about Africans made in Hollywood or by the Brits, so this was refreshing. I've only been on Africa once--to Capetown and J'burg, in 1998, and really want to go again. One day I'll go to West Africa, to do the obligatory African American diaspora visits. Your husband was lucky to be able to travel so much as part of his job. I've been to Mexico, Russia (when it was still the USSR), England and Japan. I almost went to Uruguay once, but knee surgery got in the way :(

Marie, your post cracked me up! My abs are still sore from Monday night's class, which tells me that my Curves workouts aren't doing anything for my belly and back.

I'm having a good day, eating on program, 25-minute walk this AM and Curves at lunch. Hope all of you, including the lurkers and the long-lost Dailies are dong well, too!


09-21-2005, 10:16 PM
Good evening! Good to hear from everyone! Not the best eating day - oh well, it was a busy day.

breakfast - cereal, milk, coffee (good!)
snack - apple
lunch - salad w/tuna, cheese
snack - cookies and chocolate
dinner - american chop suey
snack pretzels

I should of taken another apple in the afternoon instead of lunging after what was available in the car - the kids' cookies and chocolate. Just shows that this isn't second nature for me yet. There's more work to be done.

Take care all.

09-22-2005, 08:00 AM
Jess welcome! We would love to have you on this site the more the better! We like to support each other, share ideas, vent went needed, just get to share girl stuff etc.... So again welcome! Sounds like your in a good frame of mind to get started that means alot.
Marie you had my favorite dinner. I need to make some of that soon. I do like to get it out but sometimes enjoy making it at home though I don't think its any cheaper. When I go usually it is big enough for two meals. Yummy choice! Good thoughts on the birthday cake a little is better than none and I am a person who thinks everyone shouldn't do with out but have less.
Tired than movie you and Judy talked about sounded great. Is it playing now I am so out of the loop! We don't go often to the movies to much walking and sitting for the hubby. Sounds like your doing very well keep it up. I am starting to get into the exercise frame of mind. Judy your exercise class sounds wonderful. Good for you going and getting right into it. She must be a good trainer if people have returned! I need to ck the gym and see what classes are available. Great idea thanks!
Did you all know when I was at the health food store yesterday I found out that black licorce relaxes you. Yah! Now how crazy is that? I bought licorce which is made of all natural ingredients. Though the licorce root it is used to relax the body and reduce stress. Hey now I am going to take this to work. 15 PIECES equal one serving on 130 cals. I surely wouldn't eat that much. Now heres the thing will my teeth all turn black before a meeting? Oh now lets see that wouldn't be so good. At any rate I am taking it into my high stress office and trying it out on people. Hah! Hah!I purchased soft and chewy. I think I'll give the hubby some too! Oh its fat free too! Oh well that was my shared info. for the day.
I did well with calorie intake yesterday. But being I went out to the casino with a friend I never ate til 9:30 now thats a no no! So I will be more careful in the future to eat before I go. Other than that not so bad. I did a lot of walking yesterday up my work stair case 4 times I did the stairs 20 each and parked way out in God's country yesterday. I did meet a client out for ice cream I only ate 1 scoop of the 3 brought out. Don't you hate it when you order one scoop and they put in 3. Oh just testing me I guess. Have a super day!

09-22-2005, 07:59 PM
Hi all. Wish I had some black licorice right now - I love it! I helped out with my son's K soccer practice - lots of fun! Still keeping the peace and balance around here which is my primary goal this year. I hope everyone is doing well.

Here's the day:

yogurt for breakfast 130
salad bar for lunch 500
apple snack X 2 200
lots of water
sandwich for dinner and a few cookies probably about 800 or so

Have to be a bit more specific about calorie counting, but I'm done for the day.

09-23-2005, 07:40 AM
Hey girls I lost 1 lb. doesn't sound like much but I'll take it. One day someone said to me thats like losing a lb. of butter of your body. I think that sounded funny but kind of true. This is my losest pt. yet in years. I might just make my thanksgiving and christmas goal. I was scared to get on the scale I had a little bag of chips yesterday and they have salt on them. Oh and more bread than usual. I thought I'd retain fluid if nothing else.
Oh the licorce thing was so funny. My boss came in and we were all having a little morning social time discussing some client and other issues of course. My friend offered her some licorce. She said oh I don't like blk. so S said well this is really good! So she tried a piece and came back for another handful. Oh after she left we all just snickered. Then S said to me in the afternoon I think it worked but it has worn off got anymore? We said better buy stock in it. Oh how funny! We need to laugh sometimes its can be so stressful and the little things kind of annoy yah as they come in. Tired it really was good licorce. I think I will get some more. Fat free and relaxing now thats not bad!It was all natural licorce root...
I continue to do my journal everyday with my intake, etc. It does seem to keep me on track more. Tired I'm with you aren't the apples great right now? Good fiber and tasty! Have you ever baked them in the mico? There is a little ww recipe. I think its just core it out then add walnuts, cinn, little syrup or brown sugar and a dab of water. Oh its a great treat and you feel like your cheating. I think I will look up some of the ww recipes for fall. Take care and have a good day. Hope everyone is doing well!

09-23-2005, 01:52 PM
Hi everyone!!! It's FRIDAY!!! With me hating my job so much, this is like heaven. I have Monday off so it's a three day weekend in 6.5 hours. YEAH!!!!

Carol, sounds like you found a new snack. I don't like black licorce - but I do like the red stuff. What I'm really partial to dark chocolate. Good for you on the pound loss. I've always thought of the pound of butter equivalent when I lose weight. Unfortunately I haven't lost any lately, but I'm ok with that. I'm at a plateau.

Tired, sounds like you had at fun time at the practice. That's great!

Well, I really should work. So I'll talk to you later.

09-23-2005, 07:03 PM
I may have had a mental breakthrough. For years I've struggled to visualize myself at a healthy weight, but since I've ben overweight since childhood, it's been difficult. I can vaguely imagine being a 12 or a 14, and even that is more in my head than in my core.

But lately I look in the mirror and I can really picture me, not someone else, with markedly smaller arms and legs, and a normal big American butt :lol: . Maybe I'm just hallucinating, maybe it's a symptom of severe carb withdrawal, but somehow I may have crossed a huge psychological barrier that keeps me stuck well above 200 pounds. We'll see!

So I wore my black dress last night and generally looked great, according to several people. The reception was inspirational and fun, but I was on my feet almost constantly for over three hours, and never had a proper dinner, so I was beat when I got home, and dragging this morning. This won't be one of my lazy weekends. I have a lot of running around to, alas. But I will try to pace myself.

Carol, I'm so glad to hear about the one-pound loss, hooray :cb: Soon strangers will refer to you as that skinny woman with the black teeth.

I hope that everyone has an enjoyable weekend. And let's all pray for our sisters and brothers on the Gulf Coast.


09-24-2005, 07:31 AM
Judy I enjoyed the future image of me Hah Hah! That was good I really laughed out loud! I am up early and almost packed fully to go to the Adriondacks for the rest of the weekend. My friend asked me to go yesterday at 7 a.m. . We are staying at a really cool old fashioned bed and breakfast. They wait on you like royalty. Should be fun we are going to take the fall train ride, shop, walk, and I am planning some kayacing as the place has a couple we can use. We are going to be right on the water. Moose lake is beautiful. I am so looking to a break it just the girls. My hubby was really good about it. He knows that once in awhile I need to get away. Its hard cause he is limited and sometimes acts a bit like he can't go places. Sometimes its he prefers not to go. He never liked to travel where as I love it. Now it is harder for him to do. Oh I am babbling on sorry. Proably trying to not feel to guilty about going. Judy hey good for you seeing that other side of you in the mirror. I never dreamed I'd ever be back down to my current wt. and wearing smaller clothes. There is a rainbow out there for all of us. In my journal I reflected back to see what I did differently to start losing again. It was reducing my calorie intake. I used to shoot for 1400 to 1500 now I go for 1300 to 1400 usless it is a special occassion. I preplan when possible for my extra treats. Like last night I had my fried haddock but not fries..... etc....
Marie sometimes maintaining your loss is just as important as losing. I stayed the same for quite awhile and I was okay with that. The slower you lose the better chances of keeping it off. Then after awhile I changed the calorie intake and tried to increase my walking exercise and taking the stairs at work only. The elevator comes and I put it in my head its going to break down. So I throw my work bag over my shoulder and walk down the steps.... Park out in God's country also helps a bit.
Have a good one I gotta fly. Hope everyone else is doing good. And lets pray is right for those effected by our crazy storms. Its so sad and not right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-24-2005, 11:08 AM
Judy, way to go on the visualization. That's just awesome. I once got to my goal weight so I know what I look like at that weight - although considerably older.

Carol have fun this weekend and don't feel too guilty. Maybe DH will have fun regarless. I wish I was going kayaking with you. I love doing that (although I've only done it once). My weeked is filled with helping DS1 move. YUCK!!! although I admit i's better than working. :)

DH just got up so I'll be back later.

09-26-2005, 06:56 AM
Hi all. Good to hear from you. Marie, I like your pound of butter analogy. Judy, great job visualizing. I bet you look beautiful - every pound makes a difference. Focus on that as you continue. Do you give yourself treats every time you make a goal - like a special soap, new clothes, movie night? I try that. Carol, congrats on the pound. I hope you had fun with the girls.

Marie I have some similar feelings to you about work. I actually like my work with the children (Thank God!) but it's all the peripheral stuff that gets in the way. I'm trying to avoid that as much as possible and focus on what's important with the job which is what I like best too.

On that note, I've been a bit off at work lately. I find that if I don't have a project the usual routine sometimes leaves me with a little too much mental power. If it's not directed I sometimes throw that energy the wrong way (ADHD perhaps?). So, I'm thinking of writing books. I've always wanted to try my hand at it. We'll see. . . I got up early this morning and started a short story for children.

Diet wise I'm trying to start up again after many fits and starts. The school routine seems to help since I learned last year not to touch all the treats in the staff room. Like Carol suggested I've surrounded my desk with healthy treats and yesterday I did a great grocery shop and bought a few new pieces of clothing to start on a good note. I went to a road race yesterday too. It inspired me to continue this health journey. I'll have to remember to add health events to my schedule weekly (daily would even be better). My neighbor ran her first race ever yesterday at 40 something - she was elated and I was so happy for her.

Have a great day everyone!

Here's my food plan

breakfast - kashi bar/apple
lunch - salad
dinner - meat/veggies and maybe a low fat, low cal choc. sorbet bar (great dessert)

new commitment - little to no wine, desserts and breads!!!!

09-26-2005, 07:53 AM
Marie wish you were there too! It was a fun weekend with the girls. I loved seeing all the beautiful trees which are turning to fall colors. It wasn't peak though a bit late this year most likely a week or two it should be even prettier. I saw the deer just walk through the village without a care in the world. We did manage to see one bear. And I got my girlfriends mom whom is 79 to go on the ski lift. We went up the McCauley mountain. The sceenery was breath taking she was so grateful afterwards that she did it. I said you have to live everyday to its fullest and try and enjoy life when the opportunity knocks. She was grateful afterwards for my encouragement and it will be the talk of the trip to her friends.... I enjoyed being out on the lake we stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast. The house was an old colonial and spotless to say the least. You had the run of the whole house. The guys waited on us and gave us a super breakefast no dieting that time. Pumpkin pancakes, homefries, sausage, bacon, fruit cup with a bit of yogurt on top and crumbled granola. Then they had mini muffins, toast, etc..... extras if you wanted it. The tables were set in china. It was beautiful. I enjoyed getting out on the Moose River to kayak after breakfast. I needed to burn a few calories. We did a lot of walking but mostly in and out of little shops. Got a few christmas presents to put away.
Tired sounds like your trying to get a handle on your feelings? That is a good thing! I think writting childrens books would be great fun. Good luck and keep me updated with that. Sometimes we get wrapped up at work with others and their thoughts or feelings. I have tried to stay away from some of that lately. It has been better for me. I am trying to go in do my best for my clients, meet the needs of my job and not get overly in to the rest of it. Sometimes its hard and I have been right in the center of it all before. It just doesn't make for a very happy Carol. It makes me stressed and I overeat! I also need to take in some special treats for myself that are healthy. I didn't overeat this weekend except for breakfast and that took care of two meals for me.
Judy hope your doing well and did we loose everyone else again? Where is Skinny Butt etc.?????????????
Take care and have a good day I am going to try to eat healthy today. On tues. I will work out at the gym..

09-26-2005, 10:58 AM
Morning everyone, well today will be a nice day - I have it off from work. I'm taking every other Monday off, and today is one of them. The room is basically done and the kids are moved in. So DH and I can do whatever we want. Actually, he can't since GF's car is broken and DS1 can't fix it - he's tried for two weeks so now it's time for DH to step in. DS1 starts his senior year at college today. I hope he takes this year seriously since he hasn't since he was a freshman. I don't know what I'm going to do for the day. I think I will take the time to wash all the counters (under the appliances) since it's so dusty here.

Tired, go for you on trying your hand at writing. I think you'll be very good at it. I have to make myself re-edit one of my books and then submit it to an agent. I found an agent I'd like to query, but I really hate rejection. I never started writing with the intention of trying to get published - it was just for me. But there's one manuscript that I really like and have had thoughts about it. Good luck with the writing.

Carol, your weekend sounds wonderful. The bed and breakfast sounds beautiful and I wouldn't have dieted through that breakfast either. Good for you in getting the older woman to go on the ski lift so she could see the beautiful scenery. When I read that, I remembered taking my parents river rafting last year and they're in their upper 70's. At the time I thought I was nuts for doing that, but they still talk about it.

Hi Judy, hope you're doing great.

I will talk with you all later.

09-27-2005, 07:41 AM
Marie thanks for your kind words. It was a fun time. You should put your book in for review it would be good for someone to take a look. Live everyday to its fullest don't put things off we never know if we don't try! Get into it and take the bull by the horns! Even if it has to go to more than one spot before someone realizes it need to be published. Sometimes they want things rewritten a bit no biggy you won't know unless you try! Good luck with it and keep me in touch with the progress if you go forward.
Tired and Judy hope you having a good start to your week.
I went over a bit on calories yesterday more like 1600 when I recalulated. I bought my lunch and it was chinese good but not that good. Should of taken my own stuff. Oh well should of should of! Today will be different I have preplanned my day. That helps me so much even if I put a change in it in the long run its better!
B=Kashai Cereal 170
S= apple
L=goulash 350/ apple 80
D=grilled steak w/ garlic and onions, sweet squash, baked small potatoe w/ little marg.

09-27-2005, 08:39 AM
Hi all,
Carol, your trip sounds wonderful. Marie, I hope you had a good day off. Judy, I hope things are going well for you.

I'm off today since I have a doctor visit. It's a good thing because I'm exhausted. I worked late last night to catch up.

Good plan
breakfast - cereal and yogurt
lunch - something healthy
dinner - again, something healthy

09-27-2005, 04:21 PM
Hi, all--

Sorry I haven't been checking in. Things have been very busy, more meetings and after-work commitments than usual, but it's all good. My second Pilates class was fine. I tried to take notes, which was hard while stretching out doing the poses, and I can barely understand what I wrote :lol: I had a very busy weekend, culminating in nearly finishing up with filing or tossing a backlog of material in my home office. This has been hanging over my head since the spring, so it feels great to know that the end is in sight.

My weight hasn't budged, but I feel lighter, and the pants I'm wearing today are really just too big. Yaay!!! although I do love these pants, we've been through a lot together these past few years.

I'm trying to keep this coming weekend free of commitments so that I can focus on being selfish. I'll be at a conference in Oregon 10/7-12, and in Boston for a few days the following week. In between I'll have lots of work and volunteer projects to move forward, so I want to remember to make the most of my precious free time when I can.

Marie, I hope the move was relatively painless!

Carol, your weekend was lovely!

Tired, get some rest!


09-27-2005, 09:37 PM
Hi everyone,

Well I made it through a day at work - a major accomplishment lately. I truly hate to be there so coming home in a good mood is nice. I'm trying not to let my job ruin the rest of my day. I think it helped that I cut the amount of trazedone that I'm taking so I can sleep through the night down to a quarter of a pill. I wasn't as tired today. Hopefully, a quarter of a pill will continue to work. I hate not sleeping but then I was sleeping during the day too much.

The kids are settled into their room. Everybody is gone right now at either work or school. So I have the house to myself. I plan to ride the exercycle. I got my new Garth Brooks Live in Central Park video in the mail (I ordered it on Amazon) so I'm going to peddle to that. I'll crank the stereo up loud and enjoy the concert. I somehow lost my old copy so I had to buy a new one last week.

It's a beautiful day here. It's sunny and in the seventies. I was outside for a little, but I wanted to write here so I came back in.

Judy, wow!!! Your going to have to retire some clothes. That's a great thing. Enjoy giving to Goodwill. I know I love giving the big clothes away. I hate giving the smaller ones that I grew out of out. :) I haven't gotten my Pilates machine, but Amazon finally shipped it yesterday.

Tired, I hope the dr. visit went ok and that you got some rest today. I had yesterday off and slept for 3 hours in the middle of the afternoon. As I mentioned earlier, I needed to tweak the trazedone amount. I was sleeping too much. I feel much better today. I hope you do too.

Carol, I will start re-editing the manuscript tonight. If at some point you want to read it, just PM me your email and I'll send it to you. And 1600 calories isn't that much. I think I'm staying around that at this point. I'm not losing but I'm not gaining. Right now, I'm aiming at maintaining, then when I'm not as sleepy and feeling better, I will get back on a more rigid calorie limit. For now, maintaining is all I can do. That and exercise.

I brought my lightbox to work - didn't get to use it today but I did set it up at the end of the day, so tomorrow I'm going to start using it again. It's close enough to October for using it. And I've been a bit depressed lately (although not today - again I think it's the trazedone thing).

Well, I'll chat with you tomorrow.

09-27-2005, 09:42 PM
Hi all. Judy, I did get some rest today since I had a medical apt. I wasn't sure about the results - but the conclusion was that there was nothing wrong! Terrific! Funny, I didn't think it was bothering me but when the doc told me there was nothing to worry about I felt relieved. Must have been some worry back there somewhere.

So I rested a bit the rest of the day and then did the usual p/u and drop-off routine. It went like this p/u at school, p/u soccer supplies at store, go to soccer, go home to find one son is still not home, go to high school to p/u - he's not there, after a phone call or two I locate him (he was fine), drop off at football, p/u at party, p/u at football and now I'm writing. Crazy schedule but I'm glad that the boys are involved in so many healthy activities - it's good for them. What's best is that so many great adult coaches and supervisors are involved too - really makes where I live seem like the "village" one refers to when they say "it takes a village."

I've really got to get on track. Last year I read the Dr. Phil book about weight loss (I recommend it) and he said to throw out all those old "fat" clothes and I did - now I'm squeezing (literally) into last fall and winter's newer skinnier clothes. Not all is lost as I can still squeeze into them (provided I have the right undergarments on), but I want to enjoy wearing those clothes and not buy bigger ones. I want to be slim enough that I don't feel the flab - what a relief that would be.

today's eating wasn't great though but I'll post
- nuts
- very healthy smoothie (strawberry, nonfat yogurt, banana, low fat milk) - this was the single best food for helping me lose weight last year. Non fat milk and yogurt really help with weight loss.
- glass of red wine (good benefits as long as you drink only one)
The nuts put me over the cal. limit unfortunately. Back to work and healthy eating tomorrow. I've got my Brazil trip (April) and 25th college reunion (I'd love for those old boyfriends to see a slimmer (sexier) me!!!!! What fun that would be)

Hope you're all doing well. Hope I can be a better team mate on this journey in the coming weeks.

Take care.

09-28-2005, 07:58 AM
Judy sounds like you deserve a break this weekend. Your one busy lady! My daughter does a lot of volunteer work as well. She does thing for the Peace Council. Last week she did photo's for the anti war protest. I told her not to get arrested and she informed me what she does is not illegal. Thank goodness! Your most likely losing inches and thats not a bad thing.
Marie that medicine your right can make you really sleepy. Cutting back isn't a bad thing as long as you can still sleep at night. Sounds like your trying to get a handle on work. What kind of work do you do ? Only answer if you want to no presure I just wondered.

Tired your village sounds like a great place to raise kids. Being involved with the social events and sports keeps you busy. I reflect often to the days when my son played football. The games in the mud, snow, rain you name it. But the memories are positive ones and I enjoy having them. I hope your feeling better. Reading that Dr. Phil might not be a bad thing to do. I always have to look back on some readings to keep myself motivated. Sometimes we get sick with just having our weather switch seasons. I am off today from work I have a doctors appt. for my big squeeze its that time again. Then I have to go to another appt. So off I am but busy. I am taking my workout clothes and going to finally stop at the gym.
I noticed my intake yesterday was off I actually felt hungry really hungry. I looked back this a.m. and I think it was from having pasta. That is an area I cut way down on and it made me really crave more foods..... I will see today if I feel differently. Pasta is going back on the bottom of my list if so. It was the only differnce I have added in lately.

09-28-2005, 02:11 PM
Carol, I'm a database manager and web master for a school district. I really like the work, but schools are so cheap that it's frustrating. Like right now I'm trying to set up a message board and "they" want it to be a free one. So I'm trying to make MYSQL, PHP, and PERL work on our webserver. Oh, I can't reboot the webserver since it's being used by others. So make it work without rebooting - very frustrating. I wanted to install this bulletin board program (since I'm so familiar with it) but it was $110 for the license. No, no, no. Use a free one. I'm so frustrated since freeware has no support documentation. Anyway, it's just 8 hours out of my day... I will get it to work, but I'll probably mess up the webserver in the mean time. :)

Tired, good luck fitting into the clothes. I know why Dr. Phil says to get rid of the old clothes but it's not very economical. Maintaining is hard when you've been overweight all your life. I decided to keep my old stuff that I brought this spring because you never know. If nothing else I can try it on next spring and enjoy watching them fall off my body. BTW, I don't know about you, but if I'm wearing tight, uncomfortable clothes, I feel fat and that makes me eat. If you're like me, I'd suggest buying a few comfortable outfits until you gain total control again.

Carol, I love pasta and it's my main type of food that I like to eat. I read your post and thought, no, I couldn't give it up. But it's not protein so it probably would be a good idea. I just know that I could do it. I love pasta so much that I have my own pasta machine. Lately spaghetti is a constant craving.

Okay, back to my webserver problems. TTYL.

09-29-2005, 07:37 AM
Marie wow your job thank goodness is only 8 hrs. I used to work at a school district myself about 7 years ago. We had to fight for every little raise. Good luck! I agree pasta tastes so good. But with South Beach it was pretty limited and then afterwards I had adjusted to not having it very often. Homemade oh my would be so good. I would have to limit myself or I'd eat it all! I still carry with me some of the ideas of south beach even though I don't really follow all of it. I have decided to create my own dieting and so far I am doing okay. I take a little info. from different diets and just do my own thing oh and with counting calories. Years ago I did fiber and fat counting it was called the Tfactor diet. I still have the book and reflect on the info. once in awhile. We all lose differently and therefore need to find out what makes us tick and what works for us. I know preplanning is another biggy for me. I need to think ahead of time to make it all work out in the end. I still love fried haddock and a few fries. I know that I can have what ever I want in moderation and counting. Thats what I like by doing it this way. Good luck!
Tired hope your having a good week.
Judy hows that exercise class going?
I have been skipping out on the gym. Yesterday I had every intention then got groceries with my sister inlaw after my appt. Well I had to come right home to put the meats away. I live a bit far out with gas prices to go back in. My meeting went well it was a Comp. meeting about the loss in my wrist. I had carpal tunnel surgery in 2003. I went in without a lawyer. It was a bit scary but it went smooth. I hate any type of meeting like that. I just used a poker face and answered the questions. In the end it went fine and to think I almost canceled. Good thing I didn't. But I think I was a bit stressed about it and maybe thats where my weird eating came from this week. I just ate differently than I have been maybe it wasn't the pasta after all?
Have a good day! I made stuffed cabbage last night ahead of time to plug the crockpot in this a.m. and let them simmer all day. Thats one nice thing about fall weather we tend to use the crock pot. Its nice to come home to a meal waiting for us.

09-29-2005, 08:30 PM
Good to hear from everyone. Lots of good advice. Still struggling here. It's amazing how easy it is to back track. I'll move forward again though - hopefully soon. Take care.

09-30-2005, 01:01 PM
Very quickly: I'm home sick for the second day with something very like the flu: dizzy, sore throat and inner ears. I've had somelow-lying sinus headache for several days, so maybe it's turning into a sinus infection. But I'm doing a fair amount of work, and on the phone a lot, between naps.

I have to get on a conference call in a few minutes, so I'll back for personals later on. But Carol, I did want to say that I was at the protest, too. Maybe your daughter snapped a picture of me! :lol:


10-01-2005, 06:04 AM
Hi. Judy I hope you'll go to a doctor if you continue to feel bad - sinus infections can be bad news and meds clear them up quickly.

October 1 is a good day to start fresh. It's supposed to be a low key weekend here so I hope to get organized. Take care all.

10-01-2005, 11:23 AM
Judy, I hope you feel better. Seems like a lot of people I know are getting colds/flu already this year. Take it easy and don't work too hard.

Tired, good luck on getting a fresh start. Enjoy the relaxed weekend.

Carol, good for you standing up well in the meeting. Those types of things can be very intimidating. Sounds like you did great.

Well today we're going into town to buy supplies for the shed. All of the stuff in the front garage (kid's addition) is stuffed into DH's workshop/garage so we're going to build a shed. Oh, what fun. So we're going to go shopping at Home Depot. I swear we're they're best customers. I need to stop at Walmart since last month I ran out of TOM supplies and forgot about it. Guess who's visiting...

Work was okay on Thursday and Friday. Today is better since I don't have to work at all. :rofl:

Other than that, I'm just plugging along. TTYL.

10-01-2005, 04:02 PM
Feeling a little better today, thanks. I lingered in bed, dozing and finishing "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" until almost noon. I'm not as dizzy as I have been, but the vague ache in my sinuses is still there, and maybe a bit of post-nasal drip. I keep threatening to go to the clinic, but I don't feel quite sick enough to go...but since I have to fly to Seattle on Friday, I do need to for whatever this is to be gone.

Carol, the Pilates class is only one day a week. I'm not sure that it's enough for me to really learn to do the moves on my own. Plus I haven't worked out at all since Tuesday. The class is fine, the other ladies are nice and the instructor keeps things moving. I love stuffed cabbage, by the way. My mom used to make it when I was a kid. I've been thinking about buying a crockpot. I love things like beef stew when the weather turns chill.

Marie, I love pasta, too, but I rarely eat it now, since I can consume mass quantities of it and not feel full. I figured out that one of the reasons I love pasta is that I love tomato sauce. Last night I made "meatball surprise"--precooked turkey meatballs I simmered in a rich sauce and served over spaghetti squash--and that does the trick for me.

Yeah, Tired, it's a new month, a great way to start anew. My weight loss is stuck again, so I'm not going to reach my Columbus Day mini-goal of 222. So I'll focus on a new "micro-goal" of 225 by October 16. Have you thought about what you want to accomplish this month?

I hope everyone is having a positive weekend. Stay centered!


10-02-2005, 09:59 PM
Hi all. I'm resisting my urge to dig into a bag of peanuts right now. Instead I'm writing to you. Last year this really helped - writing instead of binging.

Marie, good luck with the shed. You and your dh are always project oriented - that's great. I too have noticed many people with illness this year. My husband has a nasty strep throat right now.

Judy, I hope you get some meds if the sinuses continue to hurt. One time when I was at a wedding in Annapolis I ended up in the emergency room with a sinus infection - only time in my life I thought "this is what it feels like to die," that's how bad it was. Thanks for asking about goals. I really need to focus. I've let a lot slide in the last month. My big focus is to fit into all those clothes I bought last year which are tight now. I can do it, I can do it.

Today's menu
- breakfast - banana bread (healthy recipe)
- lunch - roast beef sandwich, 2 apples, carrots
- diner - chicken, sweet potatoes (I love sweet potatoes), beans, 1 glass of wine
No in between - that's good
No after dinner eating - that's good
Time to really get psyched to reach my goal of 150. I really want to be slim for my Brazil trip. I know I'll enjoy it more if I feel good and can wear nice clothes. 7 months to do it. I don't even want to weigh in until I can get a couple of good dieting weeks under my belt.

10-03-2005, 06:58 PM
What a day--it's been like several Mondays all rolled up into one! I don't mind having lots to do, but I really don't like feeling being disorganized or scattered. Oh, well, I'll try again tomorrow.

Tired, I'm so glad that you stepped away from the peanuts! I have to put nuts into little snack baggies and freeze them so that I don't munch right through them.

Marie, how was your shopping trip? I bet your family would have been a good candidate for one of those reality TV shows on the HGTV--"Remodeling with Marie." :lol:

Carol, I hope that you are doing alright. I'm feeling much better, but my headache is pretty much the same. No Pilates today, boo!


10-03-2005, 08:00 PM
just checking to see if this works I have had problems getting on.

10-03-2005, 08:36 PM
Hi all. Carol, can't wait to hear about your trip. You've had so many great getaways. I love reading all about it.

Marie, hope you're doing well.

Judy, thanks for the "peanut" idea.

Good eating day for the most part.
breakfast - coffee, yogurt
lunch - salad
dinner - chicken, sweet potatoes, pasta (a little) and a bit of apple dessert - my dh cooked it and I couldn't resist.

That's it for tonight. I already feel better now that I'm getting on track.

10-03-2005, 09:37 PM
Hello everyone I really missed getting on the sites. It was awful not being in contact but I kept it together. This weekend was a busy one. On saturday I went to an estate sale cool stuff. I plan on going again this saturday with a friend. Maybe pick up some nice gift ideas. Then I helped with the PTA for the grandkids school fall festival. It never ends once yah have kids its an on going process. Then sunday we went apple picking and then to the pumpkin farm. We picked 30 pumpkins my daughters darango was packed. The kids smashed in with all the pumpkins all on our laps under our seats on the floor etc.. Really funny time. One of the grandboys is having a party and needed 20 pumpkins for it. I wish you could of been there.I burned a few calories with just pushing the wheel barrow up the hill and then helping load the car. Never needed the gym..... We then stopped at McDonalds I got only a drink and yogurt. OH those aren't so good I haven't missed a thing! I attended a birthday party only dabbed into the salads etc.. Didn't over eat. Today I did okay not really crazy did have a BLT for dinner but added my calories up 1300 calorie day and I'm going to have an apple. 1380 Sounds like everyone else is doin good keep it up. Brazil sounds wonderful and a skinner you will be even feeling like having more fun. I am looking forward to Hawaii in maybe March that is whale time. Judy hope your feeling better sinus not fun. I am fighting a bit of that myself.... Marie hope your doing well.
Keep in touch! Tired better to have a little of something and be satisfied than not have it and binge on something else. Never go without but eat with in your calorie limit guidelines...

10-04-2005, 09:30 PM
Hi all.

Carol You Live Life to the Fullest - a good model for all of us. Your weekend was wonderful. I can imagine you pushing the wheelbarrow full of pumpkins with a big smile on your face and your grandkids proud as ever!

Took another great hike up a nearby mountain with two other women and 12 children who were all terrific. For many it was there first mountain hike so that made it more fun.

Eating ok today. Not lots in between. I've been doing well with that. Now I just have to make sure that my meals are full of lots and lots of healthy choices.

Have a good evening!

10-04-2005, 10:06 PM
Tired thank you for your warm thoughts. I had an okay day but let some chicken wings slide onto my plate. The hubby and I went out for dinner. I had a rough day at work with having a guy hit my car and run away with his. That started my day then the problem to my car damage is small only about 200.00 but it was having him just take off after he hit me. We talked he backed up and speed away. Most likely didn't have a license or insurance. The police were just not even helpful thank god I wasn't in real danger. Its not a good neighborhood that I work in. guess I should be lucky he didn't get scared and shoot me or something like that. Oh well I will live but stress always leads to a bad food choice. The rest of the day was good.
B=bagel w/light c.c.
L=1/2 OF A DELI SANDWICH made w/ dk. rye and roastbeef, little mayo and veggies
S= Apple
Dinner out= a veggies calzone w/ sauce 1/2 saved the other side for lunch on wed.
6 chicken wings and some salad
1/2 of a carm. candy apple. I at least shared the calories with the hubby
That was it oh 1 small glass of red wine.

10-04-2005, 10:20 PM
Carol, I'm sorry about the start of your day. Did you get the guy's plate number? It's amazing how when things go wrong that food is our comfort. Since I struggle with bipolar, when I'm on the depressive side, I definitely struggle (As I am now). Looks like you pulled your day out though wiht other good choices.

Tired, your hike sounds fun. Right now it's hunting season so we can't take the puppies on hikes, so we're not going. Exercise is hit and miss with me. I did get my pilates machine and used it yesterday. It's a 3 time a week thing so I should be riding the exercycle tonight. But I don't want to. I'm surfing and knitting. Oh well. I will do the Pilates tomorrow.

Work is okay. I'm trying to have a better attitude, but it's hard. I'd rather not work at all. :)

Well, I'll talk to you all later.

10-05-2005, 08:06 AM
Marie what yah knitting? I knit too! I have a sweater in the works right now. I am making a crop sweater with a bulky charcoal color yarn. It was a bit expensive in the end I could of bought a sweater. Hah Hah! Knitting helps keep my hands from getting into food in the evening hours. The weather has been so beautiful its hard to get into the knitting but on the cooler days I did. The back and front are done and I went out to buy one more skein as it might not of been enough. After this I am going to work on a sweater for my youngest grandson for school. It will be Thomas the train with the train running along the bottom of the sweater area. A lady from the net sent me the design. That will be a project to sit by the fire with. I can only knit for awhile and then have to stop I had carpal tunnel surgery and it can flare up at work and home everything in moderation like our eatting! Life! But I will not let it control my life or the way I live it. Thank God I am a determined individual huh?
Anyways I plan on having a good intake day. I am preplanning my day w/ the following.
B=cereal 150 apple a bit later in the morning 80
s=kashi bar peanut=130
L=1/2 veggie calzone w/sauce ? not much cheese 350
D=Tuna salad w/tomatoe and lettuce bed and a bit of dressing olive oil and vingar.250?
coffee w/ the girls and some dessert I should still be okay as I tried to be careful the rest of the day. I am trying to make sure I get more fiber in my diet too. That is something I used to figure in fats and fibers before my calorie counting days. I am on the low end today of fibers not even 20 should be 30. I will work on this the rest of the week. They help to keep you full and burn more fat off of your body. Check yours girls and see where you are its hard to get them in there. One good way is a fiber cereal. I gotta get a grip on this it would help I am sure of it. Share your intakes if you don't mind this may be a good stragie.

10-05-2005, 06:02 PM
Hi all. Enjoy knitting. Wish I liked it because I love to see the beautiful sweaters. Also, it is a good way to keep your hands busy.

Carol, I'm so sorry about the car accident. Awful!!!!! I would be very upset too. I'm so glad the price wasn't too high.

I'm on the upswing. Hope it stays. I've got back some of that feeling from last year when I lost the bulk of my weight. I've got a couple of meaningful projects going on at work which helps a lot. I've had a bit of positive feedback which really helps too. I'll have to remember that when working with my students - a compliment here and there can go a long way.

today's intake
breakfast - cereal and yogurt
lunch - veggie salad
snack - 3-4 hard candies, carrots
dinner???? haven't got there yet.

Take care and thanks for being here.

10-05-2005, 09:40 PM
Carol, I cheat. Really I do, I have a knitting machine. I'm not patient enough for real knitting, not when my machine can make a back of a sweater in an hour. I would really love to make a fancy, cable sweater, but that's too much fro my machine. I made a green sweater this summer that was made of chunky yarn and I love it. Right now I'm making a white cardigan with a hood. It's made of Lion Brand's Wool Ease. It should be warm. I love sweaters - in the winter I'm always freezing.

Tired, good for you in getting the feeling back at what makes you successful. I hope it sticks. I'm still struggling but today wasn't bad. I didn't cheat and I'm actually hungry for dinner. I'm been munching so much that I skipped dinner last night.

Work was terrible today. My co-worker and I rebuilt our webserver yesterday and screwed it up. Not to mention we lost some parts of the website. Tomorrow we're rebuilding it and I have to recreate the webpages that interact with our databases. Yuck. I guess all I can say is I haven't been bored...

I did come home to the sweetest puppies in the world so life is good. Work is just 8-9 hours of my day. I'm getting better at putting that into perspective. I'm sure my dogs don't like when I come home cranky so I'm really trying to leave it at work.


10-05-2005, 10:41 PM
Hi, ladies--

Carol, I'm sorry you got stuck with the bill for your car. This is one of those times that a camera phone might come in handy, just snap a picture of the jerk speeding away! At least you weren't hurt in any way (besides your wallet).

Marie, puppies are so sweet! And I'm not particularly fond of animals....I hope that the puppies and your knitting are helping you regain your balance this evening.

Tired, you sound great! It's so nice to hear from you more often like we used to.

I am feeling a little better. I'm taking these hugely expensive antibiotics and juggling nasal spray, Allegra and positive thinking to banish this sinus pain before Friday. I haven't worked out since early last week, and my eating has been slightly off kilter. Feeling stressed because I'm behind at work, and crummy because of the constant headache, makes me want to eat--eat chocolate, to be specific. I wolfed down some M&Ms today, but generally I'm not eating bad food, just too many calories total, and burning fewer off. Life is this way sometimes, I guess. I will try to keep this in perspective and let it turn into a relapse.

Thanks for sharing your ups and downs! It reminds me that I haven't invented any of these problems, and they can all be addressed.


10-06-2005, 07:54 AM
Judy that type of phone would of been great. Hopefully I won't need it again but that is a thought I will keep in mind. Some of the group homes use them when a client has been injured or there is some type of problem others need to view. Boy when we get sick it takes a lot out of us that we normally take for granted. Just doing regular stuff wears yah down. Take it slow so you don't have a relapse. Also if you eat peanut mm there not so bad at least yah get some protein. I had a brownie 1/2 but it was big so the size I ate was big. Just got Tom and needed some choc...... I won't do the scale til he has gone away! I wish he would take a hike permanently.
Judy glad your knitting something you will enjoy. Yes you are cheating but if yah can't do it the old fashioned way and have the means to make it still good for you. I have never used a machine. I have a few sewing machines and quilt. I have a couple of quits I should be working on. I also have a chair which is 1/2 done which stares at me while I am on the computer some day they will all be done! I can do lots of things just need time and when I have time I find other things to do. Too many interest I guess. Never bored though. The puppies sound cute and loveable. But they can be a lot of work too. Must keep you busy. What kind are they?
Tired I am so happy for you. In your journal if you have one write how you feel right now. And every day reflect on it when your starting to feel down. I just read you should keep vivid memories of a day that was going great, exercise, eating intake was good, and you were having an upswing day. This will help you stay focused on reaching your ideal goal. Track your food, stay positive and do cardio even if its 10 min. thats better than none. These are tips from the biggest losers. Makes sense to me! What do you all think?
Have a great day. I am off to open house at the grandaughters school tonight. They split the district and she goes to a different school than her 11 month older sister and her 4 year older brother crazy huh?

10-07-2005, 09:25 PM
Greetings from a hotel business center near the Seattle airport. I'm waiting for the shuttle up to Skagit Valley, and avoiding the snacks in the hospitality suite. Today wasn't a good eating day--I didn't do my mental work and think through strategies for making good choices. But now that the traveling is mostly over, I will focus on getting back on program for the remainder of the trip. I will check back in if I can, otherwise I'll see you all on Wednesday. Have a wonderful weekend, and start the new week with your best foot forward!


10-08-2005, 08:07 AM
Judy I loved my visit to Seattle last year actually almost to the date. I found it to be a lovely city with so much to do. I especially enjoyed Pikes Market. I know you will get back on track.It is so hard when your away and so many different types of foods and get togethers are available. Hang in there you'll do it!
I haven't been to bad but have had chinese food 2 times this week. But inbetween meals and snacking at night haven't been bad. I had the two little girls stay overnight. Then pops watching them this a.m. I am off to an estate sale and garage sales to shop. I just love it. Then I am coming home and baking apple pies with the girls and applesauce. I am going to prepare the pies and then wrap them tight and in the freezer to bake at a later date. I think I am going to send my son and his wife some fresh apples. Before the postage go up any higher. I am worried my Hawaii trip will be quiet expensive with fares going up. I would book my flight now for March but a friend of mine will be going to hopefully and she hasn't the funds yet. I will keep my fingers crossed it stays under 1,000.
I started my morning at 6:00 and finished cleaning my closet and drawers out for fall clothes. That is an accomplishment for sure. Putting away summer stuff is a bit depressing though. Well hope everyone is ready to enjoy their weekend mine is a longer one with monday off. I am wallpapering my daughters bathroom that day.

10-08-2005, 05:44 PM
Hi everyone. Good to hear from you. Judy, sounds like you're feeling a bit better, Carol, thanks for the good ideas.

I'm really beat today. Thurs. and Friday were ever so busy. Thursday I went straight from 7am to 10 pm on task working, driving, picking-up, attending a meeting and eating fast and lousy in between. On Friday similarly I went straight from 7am to 8pm, then dropped into bed and to sleep. No me time on either of those days. Could I have fit it in? I've got to rethink my schedule. My dh has been very busy with our ill relatives (now two - husband and wife). He's been spending about one-two days a week plus many phone hours managing their care. That's time he used to be spending helping out around here. Our schedules are simply too full and something has to go - any ideas?

Here are mine:
children - lots of activities, all very positive, in general they are happy kids. I really don't want to change things in this arena.

marriage - generally good - enjoy each other's company

house - a mess! When is there time to clean. Maybe I need some help here.

work - very busy, but I'm good at it and I like it. I guess I'd rather work full time and hire some help for the house and maybe some of the driving and picking up - a thought

exercise - it's a must that I haven't been fitting in. I have to get to bed earlier so I have the energy to exercise in the am.

TV - I don't watch much, but basically I can let most of it go

Food - simple meals, simple shopping. This week we were caught without healthy food - have to do that shopping weekly.

Me time - have to find time for it or I crack.

Thanks for being here everyone. When I told a very close relative about my frustration this morning she went on to recite every horrid situation in the world news to make me realize that I had too much self pity. I appreciate you all letting me vent once in a while as I figure this all out without reciting the world's problems. Take care.

10-09-2005, 10:00 AM
Hello all. Hope you're having a good day. Hoping it will be a good day here too. I had a good night's rest which really helps. Hopefully I'll get some exercise too. Take care.

10-09-2005, 10:15 PM
Hi everyone, just a quick note to say everything is fine. I've had a nice weekend. Not too much planned. We went across the mountain to shop yesterday and that was fun. Tomorrow is work again and I'm never looking forward to that.

I did a first today. I overate on healthy food. I ate so many grapes that I'm physically sick. Yuck! I hope I never do that again.

I've been exercising. DS's GF and I have been walking. That's been nice.

Well, got to go.

10-10-2005, 10:06 AM
Well this weekend I kind of went off a bit needless to say. I baked lots of apple pies with the grandgirls and applesauce. We put some little pies in the freezer to bake at a later date. Something new we are exploring this year. The taste of pie season in the winter months. I made spaghetti for the whole crew yesterday as they are all remodeling their homes. One is doing her bathroom and I wallpapered most of it at 10;30 last night. Then the other one just finshing her flood mess from last year. They remodeled a whole downstairs. It looks great hopefully that never happens again. I can relate to some others with floods but not to their extent. Thank goodness. It was bad enough. I went to some sales and had a fun time with that not any huge goodies though few small finds.
Gotta get on track today and I am going to the gym no excuses I have today off. I am finishing the wallpaper and then doing something for me.
Tired yah gotta find some wiggle time for yourself even if its 15min. then make it 20 etc. You won't be any good to others if you wear yourself down. Are there any relatives that your husband could delegate some responsability to? Sometimes its easier to handle it yourself I know I have been there. As far as the house goes your not the only one living there. My friend and I had a long talk about this the other day. Well saturday she got everyone moving and things look great. Now she has made everyone have some chores and if they don't do them right she makes them do it over. She is in hopes that this will be easier in the end and she will have a more organized home and cleaner with out total responsibility. Good luck its not easy. I am tackling my computer / sewing room today. Before going out of this house. It is a mess and I need to clean it up its my room can't even blame anyone else. I need to get organized with this room. Lots of storage not used correctly so that is my plan to reorganize. On friday and saturday I took all the summer clothes went through them and put them away and fall came out and I cleaned and organized my work clothes. So I need a few new things but not much. I have some things that will fit better this year and I look forward to buying a couple of new things as some pants are to baggy.
They won't be if I EAT PIE! Thank goodness the hubby ate the last piece of ours and my daughter took hers home.
Talk to you all soon Marie better to od on healthy then non healthy. You could of shared my apple pie it was so good but not low in calories.
Judy hope you doing well?

10-10-2005, 10:31 AM
Hi all,

Marie, glad to hear that you're doing well. Any chance you could switch jobs or positions within your system? I know it's difficult to have everything just the way you like it and we all have to put up with some things we don't llike. Sometimes though there is a positive change out there waiting to happen.

Carol, I appreciate your thoughts. Hopefully I'll find some "wiggle room" today. You are so right about cleaning the house. Actually when I lost it on Sat. night everyone started cleaning and the house looks much better. Unfortunately there's little to no help as far as relatives go (long story). My dh is a great help.

Better go now. The boys are acting up. Started out on a healthy note, let's hope it stays that way.

10-11-2005, 08:13 AM
Tired good luck with all your juggling. I know your going to be fine but when there are so many extra's going on in your life sometimes just venting helps. We all need an outlet. Glad the family is helping with the house it makes a big difference. I told my daughter to hand out little chores no matter how small they all make a difference.
I have gone back to carrying my intake journal (small) in my purse as it will make me more accountable. I have had added in a few extras over the long weekend. Better to catch it now before it gets out of hand. I would have a fit if my new clothes were to tight. They are a good source of measurement along with that scale. I noticed with being home I drank less water this weekend. I am charting that as well for a few days til I get back on track. Charting is my reinforcement to get on track and fast. So today is like a monday for me as I had yesterday off. I have my computer/sewing room half done. I decided to move my sewing machine and that will take some bull work its an industrial machine heavy! I really want to start my grandaughters quilts. If I am to get them done by christmas which is only about 11 weeks away I better get it going soon. Anyways my sweater is 2/3rds done. I have to get that finished but it works up pretty fast bulky yarn.
Hope everyone else is doing fine. Lets kick butt girls we can do this we seem to be all at a little low spot! Come on lets eat healthy and move more!

10-11-2005, 01:31 PM
Hi Tired and Carol. I'm glad that you're both doing okay. Good luck with the journal book, Carol. I think that should help a lot.

I'm at work (no opportunity for changes in the near future) and it's okay. Personally I'm starting to hate computers. Okay, I have started to hate them for some time. I'm trying to burn a DVD of our website to move it from one computer to another and the DVD burner doesn't seem to want to finish the job. It's irritating.

I've been walking a lot lately with DH or DS's GF. That's been good. Eating wise, I've been so-so. I could do a lot better. I'm just not in to it at the moment. I wish that the determination that I usually feel was more constant. I hit a plateau and my determination goes out the window.

Well, back to work. Talk to you later.

10-11-2005, 11:49 PM
Good evening! Hope you're all doing well. It's been another crazy day, but I've been calm all day. Yeah!

I see 15 more years in my position and I don't want to wish the years away. I want to find a balance and harmony in my work as a classroom teacher. I have a great class this year so it's a good time to start.

At home our ill relatives continue to consume many hours each day with phone calls and troubleshooting. There's no clear answer. I just want to make sure we're doing our part to make these days more comfortable for them. I think that part of my challenge is realizing how fast the world is moving and wanting things to slow down enough to care for the young and elderly.

Carol and Marie you both seem to be the kind of woman who are making fine choices as mothers. Choices to keep the connections strong. I want to be like you as my children grow older.

Eating wise - not bad. At school I'm doing great for the most part. It's the late night nned for comfort that's doing me in a bit (not totally). Watching our relatives' illness though reminds me how important it is to stay thin and healthy. Good eating and health habits really pave the way for a healthier old age. Take care. Thanks for being here.

breakfast: cereal and milk
lunch: soup and salad
dinner: 1/2 sandwich, carrots w/little dip
snacks: pears, a few candies, cheese stick
Not that bad - no more candy though. I don't need it!

10-12-2005, 07:52 AM
Oh Tired your so right when it comes to growing older at least a bit healthier we can all look forward to living a fuller life. My mom is 83 and still very active she has slowed down a bit and I look at her sometimes and think she really is aging. But that just started recently. I think because she stays involved with her family, trying to eat healthy and her beliefs in God help her daily. She is a wonderful mom and I had good examples with her and my grandparents. They were always active and gram used to be up at 5 every morning working out. I used to go spend the nights once in awhile she would be on the floor with this black board mat and exercising to Jack Lalane. Grandpa on his exercise bike. They were so wonderful and I miss them but i have good memories. I hope my grandkids will always have good memories and pass things on to their children. Your doing a wonderful thing for the ill folks and teaching your children a great lesson to take care of the older family members in need. Sometimes people just take life for granted and we need to all slow down a bit and enjoy it a bit more. Good luck and feel free to vent anytime. We took care of my inlaws for as long as possible, so I have been there. You do what you can , push in some services if possible ck out your resources, Office of the Aging for info. if you haven't yet. I am doing a lot of future planning for my clients parents currently as in the future placement for the kids is needed when the parents have always done it. I have 3 on my case load currently in the stages.
I didn't do to bad with the intake yesterday I did manage to eat a handful of chips. A coworker brought them in. But when everyone else took a choc. break I had an apple. I took a few to keep in my drawer at work. I still need to get my exercise up there again. These dark mornings are killing me and I don't get out the door. 1400 cal. day monday. I will shoot for another today.

10-12-2005, 07:57 AM
Marie try to shake up your calories a bit maybe add more fiber or protien or both? Sometimes we get stuck and just need to shake things up a bit. Our bodies get to a point of being used to one way we need to show them something new to make them start the process of losing once again. Good luck and just a thought. That is why I tried to change my calories from 1500 to 1400 and change a few foods around. Gotta fool the body a bit! Good luck at least your increasing your walking I need to.

10-12-2005, 11:53 AM
Morning Carol and Tired, just a quick note since I'm at work and have an appointment in a couple minutes. Sounds like you're both doing pretty good. Carol, my mom is 76 YO and started exercising regularly. Since the first of the year, she's lost 22 pounds. She wasn't overweight to begin with, just a little plump. She is so proud of herself - she's been doing water aerobics and her clothes are getting loose. So definitely it's never too late to get into the healthy lifestyle.

GF and I went walking last night. I decided it was the last time the dogs went on expandable leashes. They drove me nuts, so tomorrow they go on leather leashes. We had a good time and I was exhausted last night.

Tonight I start the drawing class. I hate to not go home after work, but I live 30 minutes from town, so I can't. The puppies have to wait until late in the evening for dinner. I really feel a bit guilty about that. But I am looking forward to the class. It should be fun.

Well, off to work. TTYL.

10-12-2005, 11:00 PM
Hi all.

Carol, thanks for the nice stories about your mother and grandparents. I do believe in family and the need to support one another. Your example is a strong one for me.

Marie, the drawing class sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to hearing about it. I love to draw.

Judy, hope you're doing well.

Good teaching day - lots of creativity and enthusiasm amongst the children. I love a day like that. Good day overall. Reaquainted with an old friend after many years, events - a mutual respect and caring feeling. Very nice. Tough eating day but tomorrow will be better.

Take care and thanks for being here.

10-13-2005, 08:00 AM
Marie keep up that walking and the drawing class sounds like fun. I can draw but not very good really. Now my son he has done some creative drawing and some tatoo work. He is of course the contractor whom uses his work of art on a daily basis. I am artistic in other ways decorating, knitting, quilting etc. Let me know how it goes.
Tired glad to hear you have a great class this year. Maybe this will be one of those years where you'll enjoy teaching so much you won't want it to end? When I worked at the school for 10 years I viewed a lot of different teaching ways. I must say the teachers can really keep the kids attention span when they are creative and are able to reach the kids. Keep up the good work and it will pay off in the end for sure. Their lucky to have such a caring teacher. Hows the snacks in your desk working out? I took apples in the other day two coworkers asked to have one now I have none. Glad their eating healthy but my drawer is empty. Oh! I will be taking a healthy lunch today I haven't been as good with packing it this week. I guess its time to go shopping the pantry is full but not with what I want. Gotta go put some dinner in the crock pot. The hubby wants scalloped potatoes hopefully they come out okay.

10-13-2005, 05:19 PM
Hi all, hope you are all doing well. I haven't even thought about eating today as I've been so busy. I just ate breakfast and lunch - no snacks.

I spent the day cleaning and organizing the house. My dh and I bought a couple of items that really spruced the place up. We bought some colorful pillows for the couch, a plant stand and a coffee table. It feels warm and cozy. I like that. I have apple crisp in the oven and made beef stew for this wet, rainy weather so the house smells good too.

Rough day at work yesterday. It's so difficult finding your place in the world when you're a working mom. It's so busy and there's so much care taking time. I probably would be better off in a position that wasn't as taxing as teaching - a position where I could use my brain and where I didn't have a job to do every single second (parenting and teaching - makes for long days). Anyways something to think about.

Carol, I've been bringing healthy snacks to work and that's helped a lot. I also have lots of healthy food at home so I'm finding that this week is going well with eating.

Take care all. Have a good day.

10-13-2005, 11:03 PM
Hi Tired and Carol, I hope things are still going good. Tired the apple crisp sounds divine. I love apples in the fall. I brought one to work and had it as a snack this morning. It was great. And Tired, I think most jobs are taxing if you care about your work. That's just how it goes. I had a good day at work. The webserver is finally up and running. After we rebuilt it for the 3rd time, we found that the new memory that we put in it was bad and it corrupted some files. We were able to fix it but it was touchy.

Carol, I found out last night that I can draw but not very good either. I'm creative with stained glass and knitting but I have trouble putting down on paper what I see. I'm hoping a class and practice will make me improve. I don't think I can get a lot worse. :rofl:

GF wasn't home this afternoon and I took the dogs for the walk by myself. It's quite a hike and it would have been easy to talk myself out of it, but I didn't. I did my vacuuming while I waited for her, then I went by myself. Yeah!!!

I guess that's about it. I'm really learning to leave work at work. I promised my beloved puppy that I would stop coming home in a cranky mood (about a month ago) and I'm keeping my promise. It is making life a lot more fun. Well, I'll talk with you all tomorrow.

10-14-2005, 07:53 AM
Tired oh apple crisp sounds great and will make your house warm and cozy feeling all by itself. That is a fall favorite. I a baked cookies last night as I am taking them to the 4 year olds birthday party this sunday. It is his first friend party my daughter has been planning for weeks. It should be fun we are having a harvest party and fall activities.
Marie your still way better than me with drawing. It will be fun for you to see the changes in your drawing skills. I think its great your doing it. My new interest is making soap with a friend. We currently are gathering the stuff and then some cold evening we'll start it. We thought it might make some interesting gifts this christmas. We'll see how it goes. It isn't cheap but thank goodness for a few coupons. We will do a variety of kinds. Then wrap them up pretty.
Well I did the white scale thing sometimes yah just have to. I am up a bit but figured I would be I kind of forced myself to get on. I needed a reality check. I have been sneaking things in and with the weather change we eat differently. So now I know I need to make some quick changes or what I have worked so hard for will be gone. I am grocery shopping after work for some veggies, fruits, lean meats..... That will get me motivated. I am also going to the gym this afternoon if it kills me to get there. Once I do it will become a routine again. Thats the problem we get out of our routine and it can mess everything up. I knew that it would be a miracle if I hadn't gained at all. Maybe even when I have Tom I should weigh in? Cause that is where I didn't and then waited and it was almost 2 weeks... and then I let things slip in just a little at a time but before you know it the numbers go up. I will get back down I know cause its so important to me. Today will be my wakeup call to start being serious about what goes into my mouth. Not saying I will not have some good things to eat just healthier.
Thanks for listening!

10-14-2005, 05:16 PM
Hi all,

Carol I'm going to heed your wake up call today. My clothes are so tight and I really like the clothes I bought last winter. My work event really helped me turn a corner. I hand a good day in the classroom today and I'm not starving for comfort food - a good sign. Like Marie said, leaving work at work is a good idea! Building my healthy, active outside life will be a good goal. I've been doing a lot of writing too which really helps me to see straight.

Have a good day.

10-14-2005, 05:52 PM
Hi Carol and Tired,

Good news on the work front. The @#$@#$ webserver is actually up and working. I have PHP installed on it and I installed MySQL. I know the PHP works and am a little nervous about testing the MySQL since I'm so HAPPY right now. :) for now I'm working on other things and am waiting for the Dept of Ed to finish processing my data file. So here I am.

Tired, I'm glad you had a good day at work. And now it's weekend. It's amazing how that helps in the eating department. I wish I wasn't such an emotional eater, but I am. So I'm trying to control the emotions rather than the eating. Interesting, huh?

Carol good luck at the gym. I know once I start I'm good to go. But one little slip and I get out of the routine pretty easy. Go for it - I know you can do it.

Well, back to work...

10-15-2005, 07:37 AM
Well yesterday went quite well. I was suppose to go to lunch with a clients mom. But that got canceled and of course I hadn't brought anything. So we all got together and ordered out. I was good though I ordered a house salad w/ cajun chicken breast and honey mustard dressing . I guess another dressing would of been better but oh well.It was good. Then after work I did shop for groceries bought some good stuff. I did manage to eat 3 little york peppermint patties. There not as bad as some choices could have been. The hubby and I had burgers for dinner. I then add some jalpeno hummus with celery sticks for a snack. It was so good. This a.m. I got on that white thing again down 1lb. most likely was some of the saltly stuff the day I was up but not totally. I feel better at any rate. It made me really look at what I have been letting slip in my intake. And we all know where that gets us. So yes Tired lets get on track and Marie good idea to try and leave work at work. Its not always easy though and sometimes venting helps relieve the stress. So if you need to vent do so! Find something that comforts you other than food a good book, knitting or your writing. Well I am up dressed and ate a healthy breakfast of shredded Kashia wheat cereal and 1/2 of a banana, coffee. The girl friends and I are off to a estate sale and then a few garage sales won't be too many more weeks of this. Because of camping we didn't do as many this summer. We will go into the 200,00- 350,000 neighborhoods. Their junk is always some kind of treasure. Better they pay high prices than me. I bought a cool mood band ring with silver edging for one dollar last week. Yah just never know what you'll find.

10-15-2005, 11:39 AM
Carol, good for you in getting back on the scale. I've avoided mine like the plague. I'm figuring that all the walking I'm doing will help me from gaining. I really need to want to get back on track food wise. So far, just eating in moderation is all I'm gungho on. Have fun at the garage sales. I used to love to do that. Now it just takes too much time that I'd rather spend doing other things.

I plan on knitting and drawing today. I need to pull out the drawing stuff and work on my homework. I admit that it's hard to get motivated to do it when I'm so lousy at it, but I'm not giving up, so I'll do it. I'm hoping to finish my white sweater this weekend. I have the second sleeve hanging on the machine, half done. So I'll have left is the front facings and the hood, then sew it all together. I'd really like to get it done and start on another color - pink.

Things went great at work yesterday. I got the webserver all done and it's working great. I solved a PHP webpage problem without knowing PHP so I was pretty happy about that. Next week I'm going to work on getting the MySQL to work with the PHP so that I can install a forums board on it. That should keep me busy. Also I've created a new webpage to totally replace the current one and so I'm going to work on that. I only have a few pages done and wanted feedback of whether or not we're going to use it before spending more time on it. This week my boss said that the superintendent liked it so it's a go.

I guess that's about it. I will check back later. Have a great day, ladies.

10-16-2005, 08:22 PM
Good evening. Hope you're all having a good day. Marie and Carol I've noticed how creative the two of you are. I'm working at fixing up my house and having some creative success with it. I've been shopping at a lot of discount stores looking for great finds and I've found several quality items at low price that have really made a difference. Having a project like this helps me not to eat. I'm definately one who needs a focus or else I'm out of sorts. So it was a good eating and activity day. Glad you're all here.

Judy, hope you're doing well.

10-17-2005, 08:11 AM
Tired your right just making your house fixed up a bit different makes a big difference. I like to light candles and have good smells running through it. Currently my neighbors mom has had surgery. She tends to be a bit moody to start with. I get along with her well as I go with the flow, but some others she dislikes and just can be miserable. Well I gave her some lovely lavender body lotion. My friend has burned some lavender candles and it has helped with the mood swing and she tends to be a bit calmer. Hey what ever it takes the house smells great people are in good moods etc... I just got a 10.00 coupon for yankee candles. They are a bit high but burn nicely. I even have the hubby into lighting them sometimes before I get home. My daughter which had the flood last year finally finished her home. Oh it looks so nice and the flow from room to room works out nicely. She has added some new pictures and they go nicely with her blown up pictures from Greece. They put in a slate floor just in case it ever floods again. I love the slate look. I want to make some new slip pillow covers for my rooms. I have an Adirondack room cozy little spot with a pellet stove. I love to hang out in there. Need a bit of color added to that room. I think I will add some new slip on pillow covers and some silk fall flowers, candle. I love the burgundy and greens. Well have fun with warming up your home with new ideas. It is fun and can be cheap with some creativity. One thing with my home is the way the rooms are designed you can't move around the couch much. My adirondack room is long but narrow. It kills the ability to change much around.
Marie it took some guts for me to get on that dang scale but now I feel more in control again. I guess sometimes I avoid it too and it gets me into trouble. I had a good eating weekend. All but an eclair... Oh! Can't be too good we would be boring. I had a great salad on saturday night. I used romaine lettuce, little blue cheese, almond slivers, chicken sauted in a bit of marinate with onions, red onion slices and a little italian dressing, croutons. Oh it was amazingly good. I made a big pot of chili yesterday so that will be lunch today and for a few days. I added a bit of jalopeno cheese grated on the top. I will take some celery sticks and peanut butter for snack and an apple. I am trying to keep things added in so I have a lot of variety. That always makes a difference with me. If I get in a rut its all over I will eat things I shouldn't. Good luck all and this week I will get to the gym 3 times. Starting today! I have to ck my schedule and if possible am going to take an hour off to get there early. I need to do this for myself! Good luck and have a great week lets eat healthy, move more and keep our spirits up!

10-17-2005, 12:09 PM
Hi Carol and Tired, sounds like you're both doing good. Can you believe another weekend has gone away? I think I slept most of mine away. I was tired and had nothing planned. So I took naps, went on a hike, made a nice dinner, etc. Just a lazy weekend. It was nice and I wish it wasn't over.

I plan to walk this evening after work. So exercise is going good. I made a turkey for dinner last night so eating wasn't too bad. I didn't have any dessert so that was good.

Carol, I love candles, but they aggravate my asthma so I don't use them often. I got a great one last spring from a friend's fund raiser. My favorite scent in the whole world are orange blossoms and I bought a candle with the scent. It was unbelievably close to the rea thing. So even though I don't light it often, I'll pick it up and sniff it once in a while.

I guess I hsould get back to work. Talk with you both later.

10-17-2005, 06:07 PM
Hi all,

Really good day. I've got a new focus - the classroom. I put my energy there and didn't look for miracles every minute. I accepted a low key pace and was happier all day which is better.

My home is a mix of warm earth colors - I love the feel. There's more to do and I'm going to go out tonight to look a bit more at a few discount stores. I'm enjoying this new creativity.

Carol, I heard on the news that people who weigh themselves more often stay thinner. Good for you getting on the scale.

Marie, I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend. I'm glad you gave into your need to relax and rest. Perhaps you and I can encourage each other to keep work at work.

Eating - great start however I caved for some chocolate ice cream when I got home. All is not lost though as I made a delicious, low cal veggie chili for dinner and won't eat after that. I've got to fit into those clothes and Thanksgiving is a nice goal - one month away! Month by month might be a good way for me to work at it at this time. It's a gorgeous crisp fall day here. The boys are playing football outside. The house smells good from the cooking. I love this 60's something temperature - I'm made for this temperature. Take care.

10-17-2005, 11:10 PM
Hi, gals--

I'm still on the journey and haven't forgotten about my partners in crime on this thread! My trip west was good but busy, and I came back to a pile of work that I'm just now beginning to get a handle on. Between the sinus infection and trip, I wasn't too good at eating or program or working out consistently most of this month. In fact, I ate like there was no tomorrow while I was away. It was the week before TOM and I was surrounded by chocolate and other goodies at every turn--and hadn't mentally prepared myself to make good choices. Several people commented on how much weight I've lost so far...and I'm sure they're still scratching their heads over how I managed to do it and still eat so much.

So I'm not even going to get back on the scale 'til near the end of the month. And I'm back on program, after a few days of struggling to reorient my body (and my cravings) back to healthy eating patterns. I went to my Pilates class this evening, after being gone for two weeks. Oy, is my core sore! I'll be out of town again on Thursday and Friday, but I should be able to work around things well enough this week.

I'll have to catch up on the personals later. I'm so glad that you are here to return to, even when I drift away for a few days!


10-18-2005, 07:43 AM
Judy welcome back we have missed you. Good to hear that the trip is done and out west was busy but good. It is a must to eat when your out of town and that dang Tom is always haunting us. He got me good last time and I over ate and paid the price. This time I will still do the scale to keep myself in balance. Cause when I didn't a bit creeped right back on. It is so easy to do. I know you will put your mind to it and get right back on track. At least we know the way we may stray but always come back.
Tired good to hear you had a nice day and are getting the feeling of control over life. Your home sounds lovely and warm a cozy haven. I ate a BK burger yesterday and felt sick afterwards now that was a dum thing to eat. It was emotional eating for sure. My tummy sure let me know it wasn't a smart move... I did manage to get to the gym first time in quite awhile lots of thoughts but never got there before. At any rate I took an hr. off at the end of day it was well worth my 1 hr. vac. time. I felt good when I was there like I had never left. I got right into it a bit slower on the treadmill but after a bit jacked it up. I did a couple of machines. I only worked out for 45 min. but next time it will be more. I am shooting for 3 times a week at least. I also fit a walk in to the main office and did the stairs 4 times. I counted for the fun of it 700 foot steps from my office to the other one. My eating was good right until that added on burger. I have to remember when I work out I tend to eat more in the beginning so I will pack and apple in the car for the ride home 30 min. Oh so many adjustments.
Marie congrats on the computer you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would of been completely lost. I am not that get on the computer. Sounds like your walks have been very helpful to you. They must bring you peace at the end of your busy day with the puppies too. I never thought of the candles that way. I wonder if they bother my grandsons allergies. He tends to sneeze a lot when he is over... Oooops!
Tired and Marie I used to bring my work issues home with me too. Big time they only eat you up emotionally. If something is bothering me after work a coworker and I talk it out in the evening but not as often as we used to. I think over the past few months its gotten better. I try not to let my supervisor get to me she is nice but can be pretty moody. She doesn't have an easy life either but sometimes her at home problems rub off at work and it makes a hard time for us to deal with her swings. Oh well its not easy to let go once you get home but it is better for you if you can.....Good luck!
Judy I am so glad your getting nice things said to you about your wt.. You deserve it!

10-18-2005, 01:48 PM
Hi everyone, it sounds like we're all doing okay. I was pretty good last night. I was bad, but then I was good. How, you ask. I came home and munched on some apple cake and then a slice of turkey. Well, instead of having dinner, I counted that as dinner and was done for the day. YEAH!!!! That is big progress. I didn't eat anything else in the evening. So for the day, I was really good. I dind't go for a walk. I was in a deep blue funk. I sort of took work home with me. But then, I dropped it. Iw as trying to get a PHP script to work and I started downloading the code at home so I could continue to look for the problem (it was irritating me that I couldn't find the needle in the haystack) but I stopped myself and didn't do it. so this morning, I looked at it and found the problem in about 2 minutes. I was so proud that I dind't waste time at home yesterday.

Judy, I am not good about eating when traveling. I always look at it as though it's only a week and I can undo it. Probably a bad attitude, but it is difficult to eat good away from home. congrats on all of the compliments. You surely deserve them.

Carol, good job on the workout. Don't you wish that working out wasn't such a chore? I love the feel after doing it, but I find motivation difficult.

Tired, I'm glad you're enjoying the fall. I like it, but it's not like spring and summer (my favorite seasons). I think it has something to do with the fact that winter is around the corner. Your house decorations sound pretty. It's good that you're focusing on something other than work.

I did practice the drawing last night. I think that this is going to be an uphill battle to get halfway decent at it. Oh well, I don't have much better to do and I really want to learn to draw.

I suppose I should work a little more consistently now (in other words, I keep coming back to this post). So I will talk with you all later.

10-19-2005, 07:41 AM
Marie you will become very good at drawing as time goes on. At least you are doing something that interest you. I bet that you will look back at where you started in a few weeks and say wow look what I can do now. It is all a learning process its different just drawing and learning the correct way to go about it. Sounds like a good thing to beable to work on when those snowflakes are slowly dropping from the sky. I can picture you drawing in front of a sunny window just relaxed with a cup of warm hot choc.... sugar free of course. Have fun with it and good idea on the dinner last night and no eating afterwards!
I came home last night from work made a quick dinner with chicken breast, sauted with low cal sauce, onions, mushrooms. It hit the spot and I was eating lite as we were going to the casino girls evening out. We were going to have dessert and coffee and we just were having fun before we knew it the time was 10:30. Ooops and on a work night by the time we got home it was after 11:00. We never had our dessert or coffee but my calories were only 1,000. I had preplanned my day for that little extra and never got it. I guess thats okay but I try not to go to low in cals as well as high. Anyways tonight we are going out for burgers so I am sure my intake will be up there again. I can tell you that the ab. machine kicked my butt on monday. I feel like some one did a whale of a punch in my middle... At least I know the workout did something I guess. I am planning to go again today it is a chore to get there but the results and energy level after are well worth it. I redid my bathroom closet shelf on monday evening. It looks nice only 3 more to go. I have purchased too many towels and now have to reorganize the house....
Tired and Judy hope your doing well... We are all going to see some lovely changes soon with all our good efforts and best foot put forward...

10-19-2005, 09:20 PM
Hi all,

Eating was ok today. It was so busy that I hardly remember what I ate. Glad to see you back Judy. Carol and Marie I'm happy to see that you're both well. I'll be back tomorrow, but I unfortunately I have to run. Take care.

10-20-2005, 07:15 AM
Good Morning. Good night's sleep last night. Studies show that people who get enough sleep actually eat better. I know that's true for me.

I have to lose these pounds that I gained by Thanksgiving. It's realistic. So I'm starting to chart again today Thanks for being here.

Breakfast - yogurt (130), coffee

snack - apple
lunch - salad with tuna
dinner - slice of homemade pizza - lots of veggies, healthy sauce, carrots
lots of water all day!

10-20-2005, 08:17 AM
Tired good idea I know it really helps me to chart. That way I don't let so many extras jump into my intake. I worked out again yesterday only on the treadmill for 40 min. but thats better than not at all. I am getting back into the swing of things. Preplanning is one of the things I am working on. I knew we were going for dinner so the extra 250 calories I burned off helped balance my intake. I also had a healthy lunch and poached eggs, dry toast. Its the little things that can help make a difference. I started months ago to order dry toast when I have eggs it is just habit no to do so. Well dinner cals were a bit high last night but we were at our favorite burger joint. Have a great day and keep up the good work. I am glad to see you have yogurt in your intake thats suppose to be helpful in losing. I think pizza is fine especially homemade as we can control how we make it.
Intake plans: Kashi wheat cereal 200, 1 banana 110, blk coffee
apple snack 80
1/2 turkey sandwich on dk. rye no mayo, mustard, veggies prov. ch.?400
apple 80
chicken grilled w/broc. steamed and salad w/ olive oil and blueberry vinegar, spices. 400 yogurt 100

10-20-2005, 08:07 PM
Hi. Good for you Carol working out. Lots of good advice too. Very good start to the day, but then a tough afternoon at school sent my diet off course. I'm really struggling with the admin. dictates right now. I love to be a creative, interesting teacher, but lately the admin has had so many dictates that it makes me feel like they'd rather have robots than real people teach. I'm trying to keep a low profile, but it's hard for a passionate thinker like me. Oh well, lately I feel like I'm being nudged in a new direction, but what is it? Oh well, I'll have to have a good eating night. Thanks for staying on the post. It's nice to know you're here.

10-21-2005, 07:09 AM
Well girls it was a very emotional day for me yesterday and ended in not such good choices. I did good until the evening when we were invited for dinner at a friends. The food and dessert full of calories galore. I was an emotional reck anyways I made the decission yesterday to have our 17 year old dog put to sleep today. It was so hard but something I needed to do. The girls told me it was time and I didn't want to hear it really. So after a few weeks of thinking and more issues health wise with my dog it was time I figured. So a call to the vet was made. I was a reck for a bit after and my coworkers all animal lovers were very supportive. I am taking today off to take care of matters and to deal with my emotions. Afterwards I think I will work out put some stress and emotions to rest. She has been a lovely dog and I guess we should be so lucky we have had her in our lifes for this long. But it is not by any means an easy task. I haven't contacted my son but will over the weekend. I told my hubby no more for awhile. So the place we went to for dinner last night just got a new puppy the other day oh so cute. My hubby really fell in for her. She is just a little butter ball about 500.00 dollars too. Katie will never be replaceable. She always follows me around from the min. I get in the door until bed time. Oh thanks for listening I needed to get this out I think. I know its the right thing to do as she is losing control over her bladder throughout the day and night.
Well I am not going on the scale until sunday. I decided because of my slip up last night that I would wait til sunday... Gave myself a little break! Talk to you all soon.
Oh Tired I remember working in a school and I love the kids learning with a creative teacher I know you will meet the demands of the school and still beable to reach your own level of creativity. Your a good teacher and you need to remember that! The kids are so lucky to have you and the fact you care!

10-21-2005, 05:01 PM
Hi Carol, I'm so sorry about your dog - 17 years! That's a long, long time. I can imagine your pain and sadness. Perhaps you can write a little book about your dog and add some pictures. That will comfort your grandkids and give you a memory all in one place. Food can definately be comforting in situations like this and you're so good now that you can get back on track once the black cloud moves over a bit.

Thanks for the kind words about school. I had a good day today. I did some writing that helped me to see clearer.

Marie and Judy, I hope you are both doing well. I'm actually going out tonight with a couple of friends that I've had for almost 40 years! It's funny but they know me just about as well as anyone else. When we were kids we spent every afternoon at one of our houses talking, talking, talking about the ups, downs and theories of life.

Take care

10-22-2005, 07:27 AM
Tired thanks for your kind words. It was a very hard day and thank goodness we don't have to do that very often. I never imagined it would be as hard as it was. The house it a bit empty with out her. She would greet me when I got home, followed me around etc.. I will adjust with time. The book is a good ideas thanks, the kids are making a cross and painting it for her grave site.
Today we are having a family birthday celebration for the 2 grandsons. I baked two cakes last night and that kept me quite busy. The one was from the current country living mag. it is a choc. pumpkin cake from scratch. It is 3 layers high and frosted with orange cream cheese frosting not low in cals at all. Then I made a little box mix cake and frosted a pumpkin on it and decorated it. We are having lunch for the boys today. My kitchen was a mess but the cakes look good! I hope they taste as good as they look. The party will be fun and I love watching the kids together at a gathering. I am off to a few sales with my friends one is a garage sale the other a moving. I love the moving sales. Usually you can get great stuff and reasonable. I spoke with my son last night about our trip in the spring to Hawaii. He said the whales will be around from Dec-April a real cool experience. I think the hubby is going to go and I am pleased with that. I am going to book the tickets soon. Something fun to look forward to.
Well its to be a cold weekend here. I am going to breakfast with some friends in the morning on sunday and then plan on working out. My emotional eating has gotten the best of me the end of this week. I need to get a grip!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-22-2005, 12:05 PM
Hi Carol, Judy, and Tired. Carol, I am so sorry about the loss of your beloved doggie. Last night as I walked my two huskies, I thought of you and the pain that you are going through. Don't be too hard on yourself for seeking comfort in food. Like you said, that pain isn't a daily occurence and you overeating isn't either. So be gentle on yourself. Enjoy the birthday parties (the homemade cake sounds delicious) and the moving sale.

Tired, I'm glad your day was good yesterday. I can understand your frustrations with administration, but just a word in their defense, more than likely their dictates are mandated by the state and federal governments. More often than not, when I require a stupid thing to be done by teachers, it's because the state mandated some type of reporting. The red tape that is being thrown at schools as a whole is unbelieveable. It certainly isn't good for education and our future generations. I'm glad that you're creative in the classroom - at least you know in spite of red tape, you're still doing your job as you see it. That's good.

My job is going good. I hate the start of the school year and that's over now. I've got the dumb webserver up and running in peak performance. I've got PHP and MySQL running on it and I'm learning a lot about both programs and making them work for my web page. Next week I'm going to San Jose for a class on dynamic web pages and that should be fun. This week, I want to learn more about PHP and MySQL so I'm not lost in the class.

Things are going good family wise. DS1's GF had another ultrasound yesterday and there are new pictures. It's amazing how clear they are. I'm excited to be a grandma. DS2 and I had a great night together last night. He was home when I returned from the walk with the dogs. We made homemade pasta (spaghetti) and garlic bread. It was delicious. I didn't have dessert again. Dessert is my favorit thing in the world and is my treat when I'm good through the day. Well, I'm trying to learn when I'm not hungry not to eat it just because I don't need to. So I haven't had dessert in the evenings all week. Sort of good, sort of a bummer.

I've been exercising regularly. So that's good. I haven't stepped on the scale because I know I could do better eating wise, but my new clothes fit perfectly. So I'd guess I'm maintaining.

This morning DH and I are going hiking with the doggies. DH has to work this weekend (Guard) so we're going before he goes to work. Then I have drawing homework to do so that should be fun. I did a little better this past Wednesday than I did the week before. My homework is a grid drawing and I'm going to do my beloved Alaskan Husky. Should be cool.

Well, I'll chat with you all later.

10-24-2005, 08:02 AM
Marie thanks for your kind words. My house is a bit different these days. I bought a few things to spruce it up and that made me feel a little better. I have to say it does take a lot out of yah! I am looking foward to starting fresh this week with my intake and exercise. I did a bit of christmas shopping yesterday. The store had Barbies stuff marked down 1/2 off so I figured might as well get it. So both grandaughters are almost done except for my sewing part.
The weather has been so rainy here your lucky you can get out walking.
Glad your work is going better.
Tired I hope you have a good start to your week with school. You play an important role in those little ones lifes. Hope your weekend was good.
Judy you must be out of town or super busy miss hearing from you.
I am planning to eat well and exercise this week. For things to do this week I plan on finishing my sweater then working on my grandaughters quilt.
Well gotta go to work I packed my lunch last night that seems nice not to have to do this a.m..

10-24-2005, 01:52 PM
Hi Carol, I'm glad that you're looking forward to a fresh start this week. I need to get back on the diet band wagon. I admit I'm not being good eating. Not awful, just not good. We're going for a hike today and that will be nice. I have the day off and not a thing planned. I have drawing homework to do, but that's it.

I had a nice weekend. Relaxing and time spent with family (except DH who had to work).

Not much going on so that's about it. Talk with you all later. Hi Judy and Tired.

10-25-2005, 07:43 AM
Yesterday was a bit stressful I had to disput with my supervisor over the source I used for my day off on friday. I have time with vacation and sick no problem there. But she fought me on taking a sick day for being upset over the dog I had for 17 years. I told her people take time off because of a lot other things including hang overs, boyfriends having issues etc... I felt my need for a day off when I was in an emotional state was a good enough reason. I told her if I hadn't been honest of my reason it would of never of been in question. So in the future yah just lie to cover the reason you need a day off. Well needless to say she wasn't to happy with my responses but I felt strongly to use my sick day as I know how others use them. I also said I guess it depends on if your the bosses friend to how you get granted time off. Well its all behind me now 10 min. later she called me back in and granted me my time. Its just too bad I had to go through that to get it.
So I am hoping today is a better day with less stress which leads to not the best choices of food. My coworker had a bag of chips and we all got into them in the afternoon. Today is a new day and I am charting my intakes and exercise off to the gym. Talk to you soon Marie we will get to our goal just a few obstacles get in our way thats all. Gotta keep the big picture in mind I guess.

10-25-2005, 12:35 PM
Hi, all--

I'm still out here, plugging away! I wrote a long post on Saturday but it got lost somehow. Anyway, I'm back from traveling again, and dealing with my overwhelming desire to eat sweet and/or hearty food on days like today, when it's dark, chilly and wet outside.

Carol, I was so sorry to hear about your beloved dog. I'm so glad that you stood up for yourself and took your sick day.

Marie, I laughed when you confessed the "dessert is my favorite thing in the world" :smug: Snacks are mine, because I think that includes desserts, and a dessert in the middle of the day is a snack! If that makes sense to you, then you are just as bad as I am.

I went to Pilates last night, and promise to practice more between classes. I'll go to Curves today after work. Although I'm moving back toward my usual eating patterns, I am still straying just enough to consume a few extra hundred calories a day. Today it was a blueberry muffin and chai tea. But I'm doing better than I was a few weeks ago, when I ate like there was no tomorrow. I won't get back on the scale until this weekend. I hope I haven't gained too much weight back.

Gotta go for now, I just wanted to check in and wish everyone a great day!


10-25-2005, 06:13 PM
Judy, I did get it. I guess we're in the same boat. :) Good luck getting totally back on board. I'm straying too much, but the exercise is keeping me somewhat in line.

Carol, good for you for standing up to your supervisor. I take it she's not a pet owner because no one who loves their animals would dispute the emotional grief that you went through.

I'm at work - I don't want to be but I have lots to do, so off I better go. I did really good through the morning, then lunch dessert came and I was bad. Good thing I'm walking the pups today. TTYL.

10-25-2005, 09:50 PM
judy thanks for your support and you too Marie. I don't regret my way of handling things. But today the day after she says to me I am working on your evaluation. Oh now thats not so good do you think? I laughed and jokingly said to her well after yesterday I can just imagine. I am not worried about it I am a hard worker and do a good job. I might not always agree with her or the system but my clients are well taken care of and that speaks by itself. That is what really counts. We don't get paid anymore for being wonderful or awful. It is a crazy system everyone gets the same percentage. I don't always agree with that but I guess its more fair to everyone in some ways. I know without a doubt that there will be something reflecting how I need to take my supervisors advise and direction better. But I feel that most of the time my way is best and I have been in this field a long time now. So I will have to eat up what ever is said to me I guess. But I will review it carefully before signing off. Marie I don't think she cares for many things except herself at times... Well thanks for letting me vent. The good news is all in all I had a better day today! I ate well stayed at 1425 calories and worked out for 55 min. and burned at least 275 calories on the treadmill and then what ever else on the other stuff. I raised my incline and speed today. I felt really good after my visit to the gym. I even looked at halloween candy and walked away. It was helpful to know I had dinner in the crock pot waiting for me. Then I ate a yogurt and almonds for snack tonight. Well I feel like I am gaining control working out helps us eat better I THINK!!!!!! Take care ladies and have a good night. This helped me stay motivated and its almost bedtime.

10-26-2005, 07:06 AM
Hi all, writing quickly as I have to run to work. I'll be back to talk later, but just wanted you to know that I'm still on the journey. I've been climbing "a mountain" lately, but I think I've reached a bit of a plateau for a moment. We'll see. Take care and have a good day.

10-26-2005, 07:36 AM
Tired we all reach that spot its okay for awhile as long as you take a maintaining break. But then for me at least I have to shake things up a bit or the changes I want won't come. Today I have preplanned my meals as I am honoring the request of a little birthday boy to go to Friendly's with grandpa and I. So I have figured in extra calories for later and will do a workout too. That way I will not feel guilty in making choices later. It should all balance out. I feel that I have more control this week and will continue on with this journey in a more positive attitude. Take care and will ck. in again maybe. It helps to keep me on my way.Have a great day.

10-26-2005, 06:58 PM
Hi there, fellow mountain-climbers--

I'm determined to go to Curves today. I worked too late to go yesterday, so I'll make this quick so that I have no excuses. I snuck back onto the scale this morning: 233. I hate having to my ticker up :mad: I will wait to see where I am by Sunday. This will be motivational, I hope, to keep ignoring the H'ween candy in the office.

Tired--Plateaus are a drag, yeah? Maybe it will also give you a chance to catch your breath and see how far you've come....

Carol, I hope you're having fun with the birthday boy!

Marie, thanks for understanding how I think...


10-27-2005, 07:56 AM
We had a great time with the little one. We are so lucky to have such nice grandchildren. They bring warm thoughts and tender unconditional love to our lifes. At any rate last night he also brought gram to Friendly's. I had some sandwich on wheat roll but it was a buffalo chicken strip, and I had waffle spicy fries. Oh so off the charts! I didn't finish the whole roll like that mattered! I didn't order dessert or have anything else after I left there thank God! I didn't get to the gym yesterday as I forgot my gym stuff and had time yesterday to go to. But I did use the stair case every opportunity instead of the elev. and walked to the main building for a meeting. So all in all it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I went for my breakfast with a friend and had poached eggs, dry toast and only a half of order of potatoes. But all in all to many potatoes for the day and bread. I will make a pt. of taking my clothes today and eating healthy to make up for yesterday. Well hope the rest of you are doing well. Judy you can do it your are half way there according to your chart. I still have to put a chart on here if I can figure it out. I was up on the scale last week and it motivated me to get my butt moving more to the gym and stairs, walks, journaling etc... So even with my little slip ups I feel pretty good and in more control. I know that others will bring in halloween candy into work and I am going to bring in some sugar free hard candy to keep in my desk for those times of need! Good luck with avoiding it picture the scale waiting for us to get on that will help us all! Hah hah! Gotta keep a sense of humor or we will lose it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-27-2005, 07:22 PM
real quick entry. I'll have more time this weekend. Trying to loose 5-10 by Thanksgiving. Today's menu
breakfast - apple
lunch - chili, carrots
dinner - Thai food
all done for the day. My new plan is low key (to almost no) carbs, 3 meals a day, no inbetween and I have to drink more water - my water consumption has been too low. I'm feeling motivated. Hope you are too.

10-28-2005, 08:02 AM
Tired thanks for some boost with motivation I was feeling a bit down. The scale still hasn't gone down for me. I gained a little back and need to get it off. I have been careful this week with most meals but the eating out got me. I have a christmas shopping event planned for saturday with a couple of friends. We have to go early as one girl is having back surgery tues. metal piece being put in. Oh! Anyways I am going to at least preplan my other meals and trying to also go back to less carbs. Somehow some extra carbs have jumped back into my intake. Having to much bread, pasta it needs to go. So I am going to reflect back to some of my south beach low carb diet...
Good luck and I am with yah more water, exercise and lets do it! I will also aim for at least a 5lb.- 7lbs. loss by thanksgiving....

10-29-2005, 08:05 AM
Girls its a struggle to eat healthy and I am trying hard to behave. Yesterday a coworker brought in Dunkin Donuts. I had a half of a jelly filled one. I guess thats better than a whole one. I got comfortable with my wt. for a bit and then lost control. I guess now its reality and time to get back on track.So Tired I am with yah girl and trying to move more, watch the goodies and make alternative choices. I told myself yesterday that a 1/2 was okay as long as I could control my urges not to have more and I did it. I ate lunch out which was on the higher end of cals. but had a light breakfast and cereal for dinner. What ever works! Today is another day off to christmas shop with my friends. We are going to a buffet for lunch. I am not having any bread, pasta, fried food or pastries. I have made up my mind to eat veggies, baked or broiled meats or fish, and have fruit for dessert. I can do this and I will! I think I have convinced myself. I have to take this seriously if I want to lose some more wt. before christmas. Hope your all doing well. My journal is helping as I am writting what not to do and what to do. Does any of this my sense or am I losing it?

10-30-2005, 04:31 AM
Hi Carol,

Good to hear from you. Great that you stopped at 1/2 a doughnut - way better than one or two. I'm sure, even when we're not totally on track, we're skipping some foods that we used to endulge in regularly.

I did a lot of cooking for the family yesterday. Good foods. Nice warm, harvest foods. The boys are happy and doing well. I'm happy to have the day off today. I'll be accompanying my older son to a jazz concert benefit for Katrina. I'm looking forward to that. It should be a healthy day - no big cravings. I hope your shopping trip went well.

Take care. Hi to Judy and Marie. I hope you're both doing well.

10-30-2005, 08:33 PM
Half a donut is better than a donut "whole" :lol: As you can tell, I'm in a silly mood today. It must be that extra hour of sleep. I've spent much of the weekend dealing with clutter, and playing with my exciting new paper shredder. I've been eating pretty well, and hope to earn a smiley face today by staying on program. I went clothes shopping yesterday, and there's nothing like seeing how I look in my underwear in the dressing room mirrors to help stay focused.

Carol, I hope you did well at the buffet. I'm terrible with buffets, I invariably go back for seconds (or thirds). Whenever I have a choice, I choose a place that doesn't have a buffet. I guess you can't do too much damage if you stick with the low-fat and low-carb options and pretend that the South Beach doctor is standing right next to you.

Tired and Marie--hugs to you both, and best wishes for a great Monday!


10-31-2005, 07:30 AM
Thanks for your support girls. It wasn't too bad of a weekend. I did okay at the buffet a lot better than I would have if I hadn't thought it out. No pasta, no breads, no pies but I couldn't resist the pumpkin dessert pudding. It was only 1/2 cup serving and so tasty. I didn't eat breakfast and thats not normally me. But I figured we'd stop and then we didn't. The shopping was fun lots of laughing and that is always good fun. My friend whom will have surgery on tues. got some of her shopping done. That was actually a big point of the trip. These are gift shops that we go to every year and she would of missed out. The surgery will keep her down for awhile wearing a neck brace etc. Well next weekend I am taking my sister inlaw to a amish shopping area in Penn Yan about 1.5hrs. away. I promised and so I need to follow up. They have a great store to purchase baking supplies so I will stock up for christmas baking. I didn't go exercise this weekend but did some gardening. I am going to at least fit in a walk for 30 min. today. It will be a nice week to do that weather wise. Hope your all off to a good start. I purchased some things to help keep me supplied for the week with good choices. Including a small bag of sugar free choc. little hershey bars, pira bar mint, hard sugar free candy. I am cutting down on my pastas, breads so forward we go! Sounds like you both had a good weekend. Tired sometimes making the warm foods is a good thing and having left overs for the next meal. I made beef strognoff yesterday and had my mom over. Oh see I did have pasta............... Not too much though! Gotta be honest! I guess as long as its not so often its okay? I counted the cal's up only around 1500 so I stayed within my guidelines.... Thank goodness!

10-31-2005, 06:03 PM
Off to Pilates, ignoring the bag of H'ween candy that was left by one of our vendors. This would normally be an off-program day: Rosa Parks' "homegoing" is happening at the church just outside my office, and the entire service was broadcast onto the streets, so it has been an emotional and unfocused day for me.

Hope everyone is off to a great start! Carol, you're modeling how to do it--be prepared! Were you a Girl Scout?


11-01-2005, 07:38 AM
Funny you should ask that. Actually I was a GS up until about 3rd grade and thought it to be nerdy. Then for my girls I was a leader for years and the head of our district for a couple of years! That was too funny you made me laugh!
At any rate it worked yesterday the supervisor went out and brought back a bag of candy. 100,000 bars 2 little ones racked up 180 calories. Well after I read the calories I went into my drawer and grabbed a hard piece of sugar free candy. Now thats not to say I stayed out of it completely I had 2 later on at my grandsons but added them in to my calories. That bag at work was gone with in 2 hours and only really 2 people eating them. I was glad to have the control. In the morning it was cake time for one girls birthday I had a small piece but figured it in. I am gaining some control and I think having alternatives really has helped. If I read the calories I either am better about the serving size or not taking it at all. Well hope the rest of you are gaining strength too! Good for you Judy going to exercise. I am going to fit in a walk this afternoon our weather is beautiful this week. My friends surgery is today and I am thinking of her today. I am not going to the hosptial but will see her on wed. at home. I figured she will be most likely really knocked out or sleepy most of the day. I stayed just under 1500 cals for the day! Hurray I made it through halloween! Now today will be another tough one everyone brings in their leftover candy. I am going to hold strong! I have my supply of resources in my desk. I think the pria bar mint flavored and only 110 cals will be my treat! Good luck!

11-01-2005, 12:59 PM
Congrat, Carol, on not having a really scary Halloween :carrot: I had the smallest Kit Kat I'd ever seen--smaller than my little finger, very strange--and that was pretty much it for me. Definitely my best H'ween ever.

We have full days of board meetings on Thursday and Friday, plus a big reception Thursday evening, so work is very busy. I brought carrots to help me through the 'nervous crunchies' that will hit me late in the afternoon. And I'll go to Curves today. After I send this post, I'll go back to my signature and bump my ticker back up. I was 232.5 this morning, better than last week, but still a big gain for the month of October. This month I'll move in the right direction!


11-02-2005, 09:38 PM
Judy its better for us to realize we have gained and to do something about it than just pretend it will just go away. Too bad it wouldn't huh? Good luck and keep up your good work I will writer more on thurs....

11-03-2005, 07:42 AM
Today I am having a high fiber cereal to start my day. I am having lunch at the college with a client. There are always lots of choices they have the best caf. I ever have seen. For dinner I am grilling up some chicken and making some squash, salad. So my days intake plans don't look to bad. Yesterday I ate those dang little bars but other than that didn't do too bad. A bit to much in the bread dept. though. Due to my bagel in the a.m. and my peanut butter sandwich for dinner. Well with me preplanning really helps. I hope to get that scale moving soon down and not up. I also am excited as I am starting to ck into flights for Hawaii. It isn't cheap thats for sure. So far the best rates are around 830 each so double that for me the hubby is going. I need to make special arrangements for him. But I am glad he is finally decided to go. The kids will love it.

11-03-2005, 02:13 PM
Carol, think of how much better you'll look in a grass skirt if you keep loading up on fiber and generally staying on program!

I have no time to post today, but I wanted to say hi, I'm doing well so far on a day of meetings. I'll be back tomorrow, I hope.

Marie, Tired, et al, hope you are feeling good today!


11-04-2005, 07:48 AM
Judy that is a funny thought! I am trying my best but sometimes take a slide down a bit. I ate a good breakfast and dinner but my lunch was chinese. I had sesame chicken and an egg roll. I figured my calories were about 1800 for the day. That is high for me. Today I am going to be better I have planned out: Cereal bar for breakfast at 160 cal. and an apple 80, lunch salad w/ grilled chicken low cal dressing300 cals, dinner will be broiled haddock, squash and coleslaw. I hope to be around 1450 in cals today. To make up for yesterday. I am not doing the scale til saturday that makes me more likely to stay on track a bit through the weekend. I am off to shop in the amish area towards Rochester on saturday. I am taking my mom whom is 83 and my sister in law. We are going to do a bit of christmas shopping and picking up baking supplies for the holidays. Take care and hope everyone else is doing well!

11-05-2005, 08:04 AM
The scale moved hurray! Only a lb. but I will take it. I had a good for the most part but did over do a few times. So when it was down I was pleased. Now maybe it will give me the incentive to try harder. I think eating less white bread, pasta and sweets has helped me trying to get back on track. Funny how those things slide back into our lifes. Now I reflect back and think well if I had only eaten better this week it would of been changed even more. Oh well best to look forward and not back. The journal has helped me to stay on task more. I also document my progress, changes and of course the wt.... I have a ways to go to reach my goal. But every little loss helps along the journey! Hope your all doing well. I am off to shop in the Amish shops with my mom and sister in law. We will have a meal out so I had poached eggs and rye dry toast for breakfast.

11-05-2005, 02:53 PM
Hi everyone, well my trip to San Jose is over and I learned a lot. It's sort of overwhelming and I need to review the book we covered so that more of i sinks in. I did not do good in the eating department. I have this mentality that if I'm spending money to eat out, I should get what I really want. So I did. It was really yummy, but not good for the waist. Since I haven't been really good eating wise for about a onth, it's not too surprising that I had what I wanted.

I have been exercising though. Lots of regular walking. Now that the rainy season is here in the desert, I'll probably have to dust off the exercycle and use it occasionally. I don't like walking on wet dirt roads. Yucky.

Judy, I'm sorry you had to move your tracker in the wrong direction. If I would have the nerves to get on the scale, I know I would have to too. So your not alone in this never ending battle.

Carol, how is your friend doing? My mom is having back surgery and having a metal thingie put in on Tuesday. Last year I flew to be with her when she was having surgery, but this year, my parents haven't asked and I didn't wantto go to Minnesota. So we'll see how it goes.

Well, that's about it for now. Drawing is going pretty good, but I was out of town for class this week. Luckily, the class was cancelled due to instructor illness, so I didn't miss anything. I haven't been knitting or doing stained glass. I just haven't felt like it. Mostly I've been a couch potato and that's not like me. I think I need to get back in front of my lightbox. The depression side of bipolar has moved in. Not too badly, just a little bit.

Well, talk to you later and hope everyone is having a great day.

11-06-2005, 08:10 PM
Welcome back, Marie! I've never thought of rainy seasons in the desert, and muddy roads. Wear good shoes and walk away those extra calories you ate in San Jose. I hope that you tackle the depression right away. You have the tools--the lightbox, knitting, art and 3FC!

Carol, congrats on the loss :carrot: . Did you have fun shopping?

I am happy move my slider to the right again, down two more pounds. I've been eating pretty well this weekend, and working out. Thursday and Friday were impossible days, but I managed not to totally pig out. I read Pamela Peeke's Body for Life for Women and am feeling very motivated. Traveling again Wed-Sat, so I will have ample opportunities to practice my new-found coping skills.

Tired and everyone, I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


11-07-2005, 08:37 AM
Marie so good to hear from you. Sometimes its hard especially when we are away to make the good choices how well we all know that. At any rate be strong and remember your wants, needs and desires to lose wt. along with feeling better. You can do this! Depression is so hard and when it sucks us in its not good. So be strong get involved with your creative ways and beat this thing. Have you tried vit. B complex its good for many things including stress. I am putting myself on it! My thoughts are with you! You can do it! Your doing great with your exercise oh rain yuk! But better than snow I will get soon.
Judy glad to hear about your loss. I ate some good things and made some good choices but also a few bad choices. I ate out on our way back from shopping and took half home for the hubby. Now that was a good choice. The bad choice was some blueberry pie. But after all it was here what did I expect. I told the hubby to finish it up today. If its not gone its going in the freezer and I will pull it out at a later date. Sounds like your getting it together Judy hurray for you! I haven't read that book but on another site it was mentioned too. I will have to ck it out. I will be near a library today so maybe I will scoot in.
Marie I am knitting a Thomas the train sweater for my 4 year old grandson for christmas. Knitting the design in is like working a cross word puzzle. Maybe it will keep my hands from munching. I finished my grey sweather for winter just in time. It came out nice haven't tried it on yet but I am blocking it now.
Tired I miss yah hope everything is going okay?????????????
Have a great one girls.

11-07-2005, 01:36 PM
It's another beautiful, sunshine-y day here in DC. I'm really making myself take advantage of it by walking outside. I'm having a pretty good Monday so far. Woke up early, did a 20-minute meditation and had a short walk on my way to work. Pilates tonight.

Carol, congratulations on not totally pigging out in Amish country! I'm from northeast Ohio, and I know that the old-fashioned country food is a special treat. I think you did well to indulge a little but use strategies to end it instead of heading off on a binge.

Marie, Tired, hope you are having a great day!


11-07-2005, 02:50 PM
Hi everyone, I'm so glad that I'm part of this group. You both are so upbeat. Congrats to both of you on doing so well eating wise. Carol, the Amish trip sounded like fun. I think that if I had blueberry pie in my house, I'd munch on it. Judy, way to go on the 2 pound loss. You are so motivating.

It is snowing - and snowing some more. We have about 2-3 inches so far. I think I'm going to have to go out into it for a walk. I haven't walked since Friday and I can feel that I'm slipping out of the routine.

I ate good yesterday. All right, not good, but within my calorie range. I had little to eat at meals and then had two chocolate chip cookies. Still I was way within the calories. That's a first in quite a while. So far today I'm doing good, but it's only 11:00 in the morning. I plan on doing good. Luckily I'm not at work so that makes it so much easier.

Well, I will talk with you all later. Have a great Monday!

11-08-2005, 07:39 AM
Marie staying in your calorie range is important and if you add a few extras I figure its not a real problem. By the way I was at the natural food store yesterday and found out you shouldn't take your vit. B's too close to the evening hours. They are also known to give you more energy and spunk. So it may intrupt your sleep pattern. I started on a vit. yesterday that the gal said will help me. It wasn't cheap but worth a try. I have thyroid disease and high blood pressure so on extra meds. This vit. is advanced daily w/CoQ10 she said it will be good for me, my hair etc. It removes chemials from your system (A Vitamin/Mineral Anti-Oxidant Formula). We'll see how it goes for a month or two. If I feel any different and if it seems to help me with my thin hair problem. It has 800 mg. of folic acid. Oh well anything is worth a try. Marie we had snow a couple of weeks ago for one day. Now its been in the 60's even 70 over the weekend. We are going to get some changes so they say on wed. Have a fun walk in the snow the pups will love it.
As far as food calories went I stayed with in my calories yesterday. I made some pancakes and sausage for dinner. Once in awhile its nice to have a breakfast dinner. At anyrate I tried to becareful with the syrup and used some of my homemade grape jam. I had a 1/2 cup of Turkey Hill Carb Q ice cream mint choc. chip (120 cls. 3 gr. sugar) Ck it out girls its a nice treat. I have some small 1/2 cup purex dishes I keep for limited desserts etc. For me it helps that I can only have what fits neatly in that bowl. Tricks to help me! I don't like to think I can't have something. It works better if I have what I want but with in the limits. Judy I need to follow you with the exercise I did some gardening on sunday with our beautiful weather conditions before the storm hit. I even have a blister to prove my hard efforts. But need to get to the gym. Tonight I am doing a little second job so no time. I will get there wed. and fri.
Well off to work soon. I packed a salad last night. Tonight I will take a client out for dinner so I need to becareful with my calories for breakfast, lunch and count in the dinner calories before ordering. Have a great day. Tired your missed!

11-08-2005, 07:13 PM
Hi Carol, I have to agree with you on a breakfast dinner. Every once in a while, it's the best. Your's sounded good. good luck on hitting the gym. I'm not good at going places to work out. The Vitamin B sounds interesting. I do try to take a daily V in the mornings. At night it gives me restless night's sleep.

We did go for a walk with the dogs - up the mountain path. There was about 5" of snow and I thought I was going to keel over when we were done. We went the whole hike we usually do. Today, my legs are a little achy from trudging through the snow. When I wok up this morning, there had to be 10" of snow on the ground. My Durango's doors were all ice over and wouldn't budge. Took my 20 minutes to get in the vehicle (DH had to come out and pry the hatch open and climb through it). I sure hope this isn't a sign of the winter to come. Usually we don't hardly get any snow for the whole season.

I was good on eating yesterday and so far today. Looks like I'm a bit back on track. I hope it sticks!!!!!


11-09-2005, 07:53 AM
Oh Marie you just reminded me of the snow and weather I am in for soon! Yuk! It is pretty to watch sometimes when your in front of the fire, knitting or reading and have no place to go. But for the most part yuk!
The vit. B can give you extra energy and that will disrupt your sleep so I take it in the morning and with lunch. We'll see how it goes. I am trying to stay healthy this winter and this may help with stress levels when their at a high. My close friend is going through a really rough time and I feel her level of stress reflecting a bit on to me. I want to support her but I will have to watch myself. Last night I ate rye toast in the late evening why? I guess extra energy stress was brewing. So I have caught myself hopefully in time to be more careful next time. I had a pretty healthy day til then. I did manage to get in a little walk last night but nothing to measure up to yours. Good for you sounded a bit like a walk I had around the lake last year. When I was done slipping and sliding I knew exercise was surely completed. I am starting my cold morning off with a bowl of healthy heart oatmeal and 1 slice of rye toast. I will work on getting my water intake in, workout at the gym and a healthy lunch and dinner. I have my friend coming for dinner and planned to grill chicken, steam cabbage and bake a sweet potatoe to share. Nothing too fancy just good food.
Have a great day and keep up the good walks. I will do the scale on saturday again this week it helps me be better on friday if I wait.

11-09-2005, 03:12 PM
Hi Carol, the rye toast probably didn't throw your day off too much. Even loaded with butter, a slice isn't too many calories. But, it's good that you took notice so it doesn't become routing.

Sorry about your friend. Must be pretty bad for the stress to be rubbing off on you. Good thing to know that you're a good friend, though.

I was good yesterday and so far today I'm doing pretty good. I even brought lunch so that I can eat with DS's GF tonight. I think I'm getting back on track.

Work is irritating me today. Sometimes it's amazing how many techno illiterate people think they know what they're doing and then break things. Then those same people complain that the technology dept isn't doing their job because their system isn't working. Well, don't break it is what I want to yell at them. So I'm trying to calm down and not reach for food. I'm also sitting in front of my lightbox hoping it'll instantly make me happier. :)

Well, I should work again. TTYL.

11-10-2005, 07:46 AM
Marie wish I had yah in my office to work on my computer. It sounded like an airplane coming in for a landing. I called the guy he came with in the next day. It was of course the fan. He replaced it I was hoping for a whole new computer. Mine is really old wish we had lap tops for when we are out of the office it would be great. It seems like we just transfer so many things which could be taken care of on the spot. In January I guess there changing something and we should beable to forward our reports we write instead of making lots of copies etc. I look forward to the change but everyone else does not. Oh well!
Glad to hear your eating is coming along with your exercise sounds great. I had a better day yesterday. Food intake was good. I normally try to stay within 300 cals for breakfast unless I am eating out like today. Then for lunch around 3-400 and save the rest for a decent dinner and snack. I feel good taking my new vit. I think have given me more energy that was suppose to happen so I am glad it did. I will pack a lunch and do most days. Chicken is going in the crock pot for dinner no fuss. I am going to get my butt to the gym. Yesterday we had a storm and I came right home, lightening raining cats and dogs. Keep up the good work it will pay off.
Judy hope your doing well.
Tired where are you???????????