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08-01-2005, 09:28 PM
I received a USbank credit card statement in the mail today and the balance was 11 cents. When I looked over the bill, they had charged me interest when I had paid the previous balance in full as I always do.

So I dug out my last bill which was from June when we were in MN and they had charged me 6 cents on that bill. I sat down and paid bills when we got home from vacation and just looked at the charges, not paying any attention to the fact the amount due was 6 cents more than the balance.

I called the company and after jumping through their computer generated hoops, finally got to talk to a real person. She explained that I was charged interest (because I had "borrowed" the money to make my purchase) on the balance from the time I sent the check in the mail until they received it at the payment center which is in St. Louis, MO. She admitted there is no way that I could avoid being charged interest as long as I used the card. I told her to close the account and I would pay 1 cent per month. She reminded me, and I knew this, that there would be a late fee added on as well as more interest. By now I am really angry and asked for the name of the "head" person in charge of this account and after waiting patiently for her to look it up, she said she understood why I was upset, but did I really want to close an account in good standing since we opened it in 1992, AND has a $20,000 limit?! I had cut up the card while I was waiting for her.

After I got off the phone, I typed a letter to the President of USbank Cardmember Services, who is sitting in Fargo, ND, telling him I was enclosing my 11 cent check, along with my 2 cents worth, and he could do with it whatever he wanted but I wasn't paying any further fees to his company. I put three staples across the check, statement stub, and letter, then made a special trip into town to mail it so it would go out today.

I marked the envelope as "personal" so I hope he gets to open it himself.

I looked at my other credit card statements and none of them charged me interest for using their card. GRRRRRRRRR!