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08-01-2005, 12:53 PM
I have UC and I am really supposed to stay away from fruits and vegetables (ruffage) because I would be in the bathroom like every 5 minutes. I gained 50 lbs from taking prednisone and really need some dieting advice.

08-24-2005, 12:48 PM

I am sorry that you have UC, I had it and it nearly killed me. I ended up having emergency surgery for an ileostomy.

Diet never effected my UC though, so I am just wondering if you find that keeping away from fruit and vegetables helps at all? If it does, then great, at least as far as the UC goes. I know all about weight gain with the steroids too, so I can really sympathise with you.

Is the UC flaring at the moment? If it isn't, then perhaps you could just exercise more rather than trying to diet when you can't eat fruit or vegetables. Just a thought.

Good luck with it all, and one last thing, UC SUCKS!!!


Ammi (

01-17-2006, 05:57 PM
But sympton wise I'm just like UC...if fact that was my original diagnosis (at age 47)...but when they biopsy came back they said it was Crohn's (I do not fit the profile of someone with Crohn's, though). I gained 70 lbs from being on Prednisone for 6 months...It's been 3 years and I'm still trying to lose it....I've had limited success with different program....then I'll have a flare up...and then whatever plan I'm on goes by the I had terrible cravings. So I started something new....I'm going through hypnosis. I was at 212 when I started, now 2 weeks into it, I'm at 201. It's sort of a subtle thing...but I'm eating better...and sleeping better.

01-30-2006, 06:13 PM
Hey bigbootie!

I've got UC, too. I've gained a total of 60 pounds now due to the prednisone. I just can't get off of Prednisone without a flare. In August I began taking a new med (aside from the azacol, immuran, and prenisone I ALREADY take.) - the new med is an infusion called Remicade. Thanks to remicade, I am now down to 7.5 mg of prednisone - My lowest dose in over a year! Yahoo!
I, too am having a hard time losing the pred weight. For me, fruit had always been fine, and veggies are fine, as long as they are cooked. Raw veggies and salad will trigger pain. Also, certain veggies can be worse than others - like corn is horrible, but carrots are fine. All squash is fine. Broccolli and Cauliflower are okay - just a little "gassy". Have you tried all these things to see what is okay for you and what isn't?
BTW - if you ever need a friend to talk to, let me know - I've had severe UC for 6 years - on prednisone for all of them. Hospitalized only once so far! I've tried all kinds of therapies - Chiropractic, well as every med out there. I love Remicade, because, so far, it's helping me lower the doses of pred - and that's great. I have been into see the surgeon and am a candidate for a j-pouch, but I do need to lose weight first. So, I hope I lose the weight!
Anyway - I'm here for ya!