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08-01-2005, 08:38 AM
Good morning LWL! :sunny: August already! How did that happen?
Today is hopefully back to normal for me. Last week felt like a plan B week, although I didn't do too badly considering. I did get all my workouts, and only had one iffy food day. Between my DD visiting for a week (planned) and my husband in the hospital for 3 days (unplanned), everything felt out-of-kilter.

On the weekend, I got a lot of extra exercise because dh wasn't supposed to do much and we'd planned to buy a lot of supplies for refinishing the basement and do a test-run of repainting exterior shutters before buying new ones (that experience is a whole post). It all had to get done by yesterday because we had a coupon for Home Depot that expired. So wonderwoman here did it :p Those cartons of hung ceiling tiles are heavy! Also spend a full day chopping back the jungle here and found a yellowjacket nest the hard way :( . I thought we might have yet another trip to the ER, but the swelling was minor.

I'll try to be around more this week...hopefully a few less disasters on the home front!
Chest and cardio for me today, and some food prep.

Have a good one,

08-01-2005, 09:24 AM
Hi Mel and LWL - glad last week is over and it is the start of a new week - let's hear it for clean slates!

As much as you all cheer me on (and I do appreciate it) I am not "all that" *snaps*. My workouts are in a good place, but I had a horrible eating weekend. As much as I think things are under control, boom, a slice of pizza here, someone bringing cookies into my house, tired and worn out, DH fighting a cold, etc, just sends my food out of control. Well, to me it seems out of control. But thanks to Fitday I can see how much better it really is than it was before. I usually eat 1400 -1600 calories a day and about 1800 after my "long run". My 2-day binge was about 2000 each day. I know, it could have been much worse. I just wish I didn't feel like such a fog was over me today. What do we call this "food hangover"?

*Rant alert* I seem to be working on an issue and am having a tough time with it. When did punctuality become an option rather than a rule? It has happened over and over again with people from different parts and areas of my life - social, neighborly and professional. I had a party July 4th - two couples over - one called at the time they were expected to tell me they were an hour away. I called the other couple after they were 2 hours late to make sure they were OK, and they hadn't even left the house yet. Dinner was ruined, but no one even apologized. Late appointments and workouts, no confirmation when plans change. One of my trainers wants to cancel or change an appointment time and doesn't tell me until the day before and expects me to just be available then? Or, cancels so often that I find it a "treat" if we actually have a session at the scheduled time. We have one set of friends we get together with once a month - usually on Sunday afternoon - for board games and dinner. They have complained that the "never see us" due to my running schedule and our tickets to the Nationals or DC United (see a theme - this is always my fault). I usually don't like to make plans on Sat night, as I know I am tired after my long runs. Professional Ball Games are OK, because we can always leave early or my job is just to sit there and enjoy, not be entertaining. But we were free this Sat and I felt guilty. So I said, come on over - think about what you would like to carry in, as it is a long run for me and I don't want to cook. Come with a plan. They called 10 minutes after they were supposed to be here to tell me they were just leaving their house(!) I was (and still am) furious - couldn't you have called me when you were supposed to be leaving to tell me you were late and told me I had an hour, so maybe I could have taken a nap? Then they get here and I find out that at the time they were supposed to leave she realized she hadn't even showered yet. It is not like I was planning on 6am - try 6pm - and you haven't gotten in the shower??? Oh, and dinner - what ever you want is fine. This is my friend who lost over 50 pounds on WW and knows how important planning is for success. Did I mention that I had been up since 5am because of my run? And I was tired to begin with ... run was hard ... had huge blisters on my feet from stupid inserts ... didn't really want to do this IN THE FIRST PLACE. So, when I tell her how I feel she says "you are right, I was wrong, I am sorry" and somehow I am supposed to drop all this anger and frustration and have fun? Oh, and HE walks in with a box of Ennteman's (which have not been in this house since 2002, but it is OK, they are all gone now - in my stomach). And both DH and I are starving and so, pizza becomes the choice. Yeah, that spells control, doesnt it. We had plans another night with our neighbor - he never shows up - the next day I call him to check that he is OK - he is still in the islands (wish I could go to the islands) - decided to stay a few extra days and NEVER THOUGHT TO CALL US. AHHHH Do I have a huge sign on my back that says "Take Advantage of Me"?

So, tell me, have the rules of engagement changed on making plans, and I did not get the memo? WTF??

Oh yeah, and I know (as if I didn't before) that my trigger is being tired. Have I told you how tired I am?? I am really tired. T-I-R-E-D ... I'd go back to bed, but I have places to be because people are expecting me ... ON TIME

And, even though I do not get *paid*, I have laundry and shopping and need to plan and prepare dinner for the week because we have ball games tomorrow and every other night this week and neither DH or I want bad, overpriced hot dogs every night this week.

*Rant over* Thanks for listening.

08-01-2005, 10:30 AM
(((Ellen))) ITA that social skills are lacking these days. I don't see it quite as often as you do, but I see it. And people don't seem to care. A week ago was DS's 7th bday at Chuck E Cheese. They give you 90 min with the table so it's pretty quick for pizza, cake, presents, dance & program with the big mouse and some play time. People were dropping their kids off 30min+ after the start time. Is that a sign that it will only get worse? I hope not. Don't know what to say to help you feel better -- other than you're not alone and you're not out of line. Maybe it's time to just "forget" to schedule some things or tell your friends 6pm and when they're not there at 7pm leave a message saying you went out for dinner (or whatever) because you hadn't heard from them. Or just eat at the designated time (we did that a few weeks ago -- they'd even called to say they were on their way so I did all the cooking with a 15 min buffer built in; we just went ahead and ate when they were still not at our house 10 min after the buffer expired).

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome. IRL people don't always get the types of questions that come up as you try to put your workouts and eating into synch or bump them up. I felt like I was floundering and now I feel a little more grounded.

I think I found the key to my leg soreness. I've been trying to walk or lift every day. Even though the walks are with the kids on bikes/scooters and not that long (1mile or so), they are hilly and I have to push/pull kids up and down hills sometimes to help them. Anyway, yesterday I didn't have time for a designated activity. I woke up this morning, bounded out of bed, and (so far, knock on wood) haven't felt any leg tiredness. Dh thinks I need to rest a little more and let my body catch up to all I've done for it. Guess he knows! :-)

Have a great week!

08-01-2005, 12:10 PM
OK Ellen, I have a similar rant: I have friends that are always wanting me to come over to eat. One of them is a certified chef and the food is always SO good, BUT they'll tell you to be there "7ish". Knowing them as I do, I don't bother to show up until 8 or later (keep in mind I am very punctual and the reason I come late is because I know they won't have had a shower yet if I get there at 7). Dinner is usually served around midnight. Really, I'm not kidding. For someone who has gotten used to eating every 2-3 hours this is not a good thing. The joke among other people that know them is that you had better eat right before you go because by the time dinner is ready you'll be hungry again anyway. The last time I went we were finally eating and someone said "OMG here we are eating and it's not even midnight" Then she looked at her watch and said "Oh wait, it's 12:15" That night we didn't bother to show up until 10pm so it seemed like we were eating early. :lol:

08-01-2005, 06:23 PM
Good afternoon LWL !! Sorry to hear of everyone's punctuality problems. I guess my friends are considerate in that they are rarely late no more than 5-10 mins. I don't mind that I just call that ''fashioinably late''...

Today was a good workout did legs :strong: then went for a 25k bike ride... it was realy gorgeous out...

Tiki -- this is a good morning --- > http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Hamstrings/BBGoodMorning.html <--- except that I don't lock my knees like the guy in the pic is doing and I was doing them on a bosu ball...

Ellen - I too am starting on a clean slate this week... Food has been spot on today :hun:

08-01-2005, 06:41 PM
I keep forgetting to post here, doh!!! Coz you are my favourite people, I read everything but just forget to say my bit, so here I am!!! I did cardio today and lots of it. I really need to budge this fat, I can see good muscles happening, but they are still shrouded under all these extra layers!!! Lots of people have commented on my changing shape this past week, which has been great!

I don't keep a tidy house, I am pretty easy going with most things, but I am completely obsessive compulsive with punctuality. It costs nothing to be on time, or even a little early. I hate lateness, it's so rude!

My rant for the day is that I was going to do my new weight circuit at the gym, which I am still getting used to. But most of it is free weights, which is fab, but our free weight area is tiny, and people just won't move, or if you go in to find a spot, they glare and hiss until you move. Sigh. I'll need to get a bit stronger so I can stand over the weight bench with a nice heavy weight and threaten to drop it on the offending people who lie on the bench staring at the ceiling for 10 minutes at a time. I don't mind people working, but the endless resting, when they could wander to another bit of the gym to rest annoys me. It's fine at the gym of a morning, coz I know all the lads, and can just ask them to move nicely, ok I hit their bare legs with my towel and say "move it people!" They get disappointed if I am not mean to them!!! This evening crowd are going to take a bit of getting used to. I used to always go to the gym of a morning, but my hours of work are changing, so I'll have to develop my assertiveness skills!

08-02-2005, 01:33 AM
:listen: I hear ya, Ellen! I have friends who are "punctuality-optional" as well, and it drives me crazy. Honestly, I tend to limit my exposure to them, and only do things where a precise timing isn't necessary, or whatever. But it still gets me :nono: It's second nature for me to plan ahead and think about how one task might effect a later one or what stuff I need to bring for the day or how many things I can afford to do before I get completely overwhelmed (OVERWHELM is my big trigger), and I'm always unpleasantly surprised whenever I'm reminded that other people don't always do that automatically. I hope you are feeling better now :grouphug:

Kykaree, congrats on the good comments from people on your figure, that's great :cp:

Ilene, how do you do good mornings on a bosu ball without falling over? I'm practically on the floor just thinking of such a thing, but maybe I'm just super-uncoordinated :faint:

Last week was my last week at work (not fired, either, hee, took a leave so I could work on my grad school comp exam) so I was running around frantically. Now I'm a bit shell-shocked and I don't know what to do with all my free time. (Wait, I do know - study! but that's no fun :lol: ). So I'm working on getting back into a routine (and into the gym!) this week. Here's wishing everyone a great start to August. :twirly:

08-02-2005, 04:57 AM
Started my week yesterday morning with lower body workout, then finished the day with upper body, and while I was picking up 2 x 15lbs dumbbells from the floor I discovered that I could do 30lb squats rather than the 25lbs that I'd been doing in the morning! So I did 3 sets more in the evening! I think I still need to use more weight cos I am NOT SORE! :( I'm sending my little slave out to buy me a barbell and more weights! :hyper:

Kickboxing tonight! Hooray! I just hope I can stay awake till then! Must get early night tonight too, recovery and all that!

08-02-2005, 11:29 AM
Wow Ilene! I'm going to give that a try on my next leg day.

Ellen, sorry about your friends screwing with your schedule. I think that overall, society is just becoming more casual and laidback but people are taking it to the extreme.

Since today is my first day back from vacation it is also my day to get back on track. I had good workouts on vaca but food wise I stank. So I gotta get it in gear. I am challenging myself to lose 4 lbs this month. Today I have mandarin oranges, lean turkey ham over lettuce for breakfast (I overslept?) and sugar free spaghetti sauce over italian veggies for lunch, tuna for snack and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. Exercise will be cutting the overgrown lawn, unpacking, cleaning and 30 minutes on the stationary bike.


08-02-2005, 02:42 PM
Tiki -- Your food day sounds yummy :hun:

Kyka -- It's so motivating getting a compliment... Compliments make my day :D

Laura -- It's verrrryyy interesting to do good mornings on a bosu ball, but lots of fun, I had a 35# barbell on my shoulders too :dizzy: . I've been experimenting quite a bit with bosu balls, balls and core stuff lately and it does a body good :D, I just feel diffirent somehow.

Well the 6# weight gain was only water *whew* because I was down 5# this morning... I have a wedding in two weeks and a nice vacation in September that I need to nice looking for, so it wouldn't be :cool: cool to gain weight for those two occasions...

08-02-2005, 07:23 PM
OK, I'm determined to get back on track today. Yesterday was my free birthday meal at the local Italian eatery (rolls swimming in garlic & olive oil ring a bell?) so we're not going to talk about the last couple of days.

Going to the gym for at least a couple of hours. Wish me luck with Ilene's good mornings. If I don't post again tonight, send out a search party to the downtown branch of the Sports Barn (327 Market Street, Chattanooga) because I've knocked myself in the head and am sprawled somewhere.:dizzy:

Edit: How much does a smith machine bar weigh?

08-02-2005, 10:07 PM
Juuuuuliiiaaaa...did you survive? Smith bar machines vary. They can weigh anywhere from 45 pounds on a machine without counterweights to only 8 pounds on some very fancy electronically controlled machines. Most gym quality machines (cybex) weigh about 15 pounds.

Welcome back to the real world, Tiki. Good going on keeping up with your workouts on vacation ;)

Ilene- Aren't BOSU's and stability balls fun? I do about 1/2 of all my workouts on them before I switch to a stable environment for my heavy sets. Glad you had a water whoosh!

2F- :bravo: You are getting stronger than you thought :)

Laura- What are you studying? Funny how free time can seem overwhelming at first.

Ellen- Oh boy, you hit one of my major rants, too. I'm usually early for everything and being late drives me crazy. About half of my clients are habitually late, which makes me furious. I can't understand why they would care less than I do.

Shoulders and cardio done today. Tomorrow is legday, but I'm having "issues" with my medial glute (lol, my butt!) attachment at the top of my hip. It hurts :( I probably shouldn't be squatting, lunging or deadlifting, but....I never know when to stop.

Gotta go,

08-02-2005, 11:01 PM
Call the dogs back, I survived. Great workout - including a modified version of Ilene's good mornings. I used a curl bar because it was the lightest one I could find (less chance of bodily harm) and held it straight out in front of me instead of balancing it on my neck/shoulders. Is there a name for that? Also did all of my standing up type lifts on the ball. Loved it. Made everything more fun. Two thumbs up.

08-03-2005, 04:28 AM
I have discovered I can do 10 squat thrusts! It must be the squatting! I used to seriously HATE them! With a passion! But yesterday we did them at kickboxing and I thought, "Hey! These are OK!" :hyper:

Sending slave out AGAIN today to buy weights! Yesterday he went to Nottingham for the day, just on the spur of the moment. So no weights, no washing up done and washing all over the floor! :doh:

I like the look of those good mornings, don't they wreak havoc with your back? I think I might wait till my back's a bit stronger before starting any form of them!

08-03-2005, 12:40 PM
Quick drive-by post - thank you all for validating my feelings. It makes me feel a lot better - fighting a cold - going the Zicam and fluids route - am giving myself the 'afternoon off' and heading down for a nap - more later in the week - keep up with those workouts!! *yawn* *cough*

08-03-2005, 02:16 PM

How do I understand your ranting about people not finding YOUR time valuable enough and for using YOUR time shamelessly. I am personally NEVER late and everybody even says - if you are late, you are probably dead. So here it goes - that is what I've done in THIS community of people who are late.

First I explain to my Friends that IF they are late they have to call me. If they do not call within 10 min after the set time to meet, I feel free to do what I please. That is what I do. And I did it once to my best friend and her family - I said it and I did it (they were just 2 hours late for dinner) - we finished dinner, went for a walk and left them a message that they can call our cell when they find the message. They were furious but I DID NOT give them any food except the cake they brought. beleive me or not, next time they were ON TIME!

About my appointments. When I was teaching I taught my class - yoga requires your relaxation and that is why everybody has to be on time. If they are not, I lock the door and don't they dare knock! After two weeks eveybody was on time. For privates, I always stress out that they pay PER HOUR hence if they are late, I just get more pay for less work - works magic!

Amazingly enough, words streads around - last month we hosted a party for 24 families with kids. A week in advance i asked for the dishes they are bringing to pot luck. Two days after I REQUIRED a message with the dishes listed and EVERYBODY replied. More over, out of 24 families ONLY 2 were late! So put your rules on paper or keep it in your mind, but spread them between your friends during invitation - like dinner starts at 6, if you are not in by 6:10, we are starting without you, if you are not in by 6:30 we are going to the movies... Works magic! And gives you respect for yourself.

Hope it helps,
here it is - scheduling fanatic...

As for my LWL - 2 more days till my 100 km mountain bike ride - today I am trying my bike with mountain tires after tune up - did record time to work :) I am sooo excited about our trip - can not wait!

08-03-2005, 02:52 PM
Hello everyone,

A week with news:
A colleague and me (male) have started eating right together since 1 August. This means I have someone to support me an be supported by who is not stick-thin, like DBF.

Second, I went to see the GP, who turns out to be a kind of DIY-shrink too so I have to come back in a month and start putting my thoughts on paper. She also made me a 10-inch list with blood tests which I have to do when I get back from vacation.

About punctuality: it's the same everywhere...
DBF is very hot on punctuality so he gets mad when people are not on time, and even though I am not a control freak like that, I Always try to be on time. Otherwise, I call! I think it's a lack of respect towards the people around you to let them wait. This is why I actually had my BD BBQ in May all through the day, I just said: come over after 1.00 PM, so I wouldn't have to feel bad if they turned up late. This was actually appreciated by all, they weren't stressed and me neither..

Went for a swim yesterday in the rain, but I do not feel right (bloated, sluggish, weak, no energy,need water all the time etc.), so I didn't get round to anything else.
Tomorrow I'm free though, as I work Saturday, so I will do my summer program.

Bye for now,hugs to all


08-03-2005, 03:00 PM
Mel - I'm finishing up my MA in history, my major field is U.S. history post-Civil War.
Ellen, hope your cold gets better soon!

Sandy, your approach to scheduling is really admirable. I actually get annoyed when teachers let people start in fitness classes late. I know stuff happens sometimes, but it's always the same people all the time - be on time or just don't come, I think. Lieke, I take your approach to get togethers w/ my friends, too, more of a "whenever after 3pm" sort of thing. That way everyone can work within their own schedule and I don't get stressed out. Of course, if I were one for formal dinner parties that wouldn't work well at all. :lol:

I did torso push split yesterday, and my pecs are sore today - they're always the last muscles to go up in weight, and the first to lose tone when I have a layoff, sigh. But I'm getting better on the elliptical - I can do 15 minutes of intervals without killing myself now :D

08-04-2005, 04:34 AM
Finally got my York shiney new barbell yesterday! I LOVE it :love: ! I'm actually feeling my legs today after my s'qwahts!

Had bizzare breakfast of cottage cheese on toast! Which reminds me, must go track it in fitday!


08-04-2005, 09:53 AM
Hey, 2F, Cottage Cheese on Toast is not bizarre - it is an old WW standby. Try sprinkling cinnamon on top. Yum.

LKTS - you are in my head (stop, get out or make me smarter, please :lol: ) I have found a NIA class close by and plan on trying it out next week. It's time to shake things up some. BTW - how are you doing with the 1/2 marathon training? I have a 16 mile hill run Sat, and I am looking forward to it. It is part of the Cutis Trail, which we, of course, in our best 6 year old voice, call the "Cussing Trail". We did it at the end of June for 10 miles, so this time it should be easier - just another 3 miles more to the new turn around. At least back to base is mostly downhill or flat!

Sandy - best of luck on your Bike Century - I'll be thinking of you ...

Ilene you miust be cloe to the end of the chemo treatments - how is your dad handling it? What are you going to do for yourself? Pampering is good.

Speaking of pampering, I also made reservations at Red Mountain Spa for DH and me after my marathon. I am really looking forward to. When I saw they had NIA classes, that sent me to do more research, and I found the one near me. They also have a "Spinning/Yoga" class. That has convinced me to try spinning next week, too. Change is good!

Thank you all for endulging my rant - I think I must have been getting sick then. Yesterday I did my workout (legs and shoulders) and gave myself the rest of the afternoon to lie on the couch and moan and generally feel sorry for myself. I tried to read, but ended up watching Queer Eye and Blow-out. Are those shows just designed for mindlessness, or what? I went to sleep at 9:30 and feel like a million bucks today. I am telling you, that Zicam does the trick.

Today I did my 25 min run at 5.5 mph (with walk intervals at 8 min) - felt great. Off to do a Pilates/Stretching session this afternoon, as my yoga instructor is out of town. Oh yes, and two loads of laundry and the Costco run (including 4 cases of water - come on, I can do that every week now, thanks to sticking to my workouts)

Have a great day - almost to the weekend!

08-04-2005, 11:01 AM
Woo YEAH almost weekend!

Does anyone feel sick after eating high protein foods? I'm starting to feel really icky being full of all this dairy and chicken! I'm feeling like I don't want to eat any more when I'm coming up to about 1200 kcals! Which is NOT GOOD! I'm trying to eat average 1700 a day, but yesterday and today during the days I was feeling a bit ill! Bizzare! I think I'm missing my carbs! I used to eat fries till they came out of my ears!

Anyways, looking forward to double kickboxing tonight :hyper: and my chocolate bar treat before I go for "rocket fuel" :rofl:

08-04-2005, 03:40 PM
Ellen, Nia, yay! :dance: I hope you like it, and that the spa is fun too.

I'm a big fan of cottage cheese on toast, too. It's really yummy with some spaghetti sauce mixed in, too. Or at least I think so. :lol:

I still haven't gotten into a good routine yet; the gym's busier in the late mornings than I would have expected so maybe I'll go after lunch instead... back and lats today, in any case, gotta love those cable pulldowns.

08-04-2005, 03:43 PM
2F -- Are you not eating any carbs at all? If you want to lift and do good cardio you must eat some good carbs, oatmeal, brown rice, beans, NOT french fries!! IMHO

No workout yet today, but I've been shopping for the last 5 hours does that count? It's extremely HOT here today ... I wanted to get up at 5am to run at 6 but I had a bad night with sleeplessness, dang menopause!! So I slept a bit instead. I picked my Ma up for shopping we got some nice outfits for my nephews wedding August 13th...

Well gotta go for a quick swim... TTFN...

08-04-2005, 04:27 PM
Just had to pop on and say that I've developed calluses from lifting weights! I now know why people wear those gloves, and I'm going to have to get a pair this weekend. I feel like a real "lifter" now! :D

08-04-2005, 05:04 PM
Can someone on here be so kind as to answer tthis question for me.
Which brings another question. If you build your biceps and you think they are alittle too big, what happens if you stop lifting weights? Do they get smaller (probably) or do they get flabbing? I guess what I'm asking is, if you lift and then stop (one area) will that area lose the muscle and look flabby?
Just a note, I do circuit training three days a week and cardio 2 days a week and have a good diet plan...thanks

08-04-2005, 05:51 PM
I've fallen and can't get up! Today i have had 1993 calories 78 grams of fat, 311 grams of carbs, 25 grams of protein. Won't even list what it was that added up to this except so far I have stayed true to my no PB rule.

I have been so sluggish and tired since coming home it is unreal! I can't believe that 4 days ago, I was running 3 miles in 80+ heat and 70% humidity and loving it. Where is THAT chick? I wanna be her, I need to be her!


08-04-2005, 06:11 PM
Tiki -- PM me we'll be accountable to each other like we did a while back!! I need the help too....

08-05-2005, 04:51 AM
Ilene - I am eating 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbs! I think I'm still just trying to get used to it! I was never big on protein before... :rofl:

Feeling a bit disheartened today, I need a :rollpin: I stepped on the scales when I know I shouldn't have! Was trying to only weigh once a month, but so far I've been doing it once a week - the temptation is too strong! Well at least I don't weigh once a day any more!

Does anyone just get plain old TIRED :tired: with all this working out?! I'm about ready to hibernate for the weekend! :rofl: I WILL keep going though! I WILL get there in the end! Did 10 man push ups yesterday! Hurrah! Now that's got to be something to keep going for!???

08-05-2005, 09:54 AM
2F -- I agree it is tiring exercising regularly, specially at first... and you know if you can, (some can't BTW because this will stretch into longer than the weekend), TAKE Saturday and Sunday off from your regular routine, do some cross training, bike, walk, hike, swim do something you enjoy....and start with a fresh outlook on Monday... Your body may be telling you to take that well needed rest...

Today I'm off to do Back and Biceps :wl: and some well needed cardio...


08-05-2005, 09:55 AM
Sheila -- Calouses are good :yes:....:strong:

08-05-2005, 10:14 AM
Can someone on here be so kind as to answer tthis question for me.
Which brings another question. If you build your biceps and you think they are alittle too big, what happens if you stop lifting weights? Do they get smaller (probably) or do they get flabbing? I guess what I'm asking is, if you lift and then stop (one area) will that area lose the muscle and look flabby?
Just a note, I do circuit training three days a week and cardio 2 days a week and have a good diet plan...thanks

08-05-2005, 01:28 PM

I think the answer to your question is - if you stop exercising and your muscles turn into flab, they will stay flab. Moreover, next time when you exercise and NOT follow any calorie sensitive plan your new muscles will be UNDER this flab, unless you work on your diet and loose fat. Moreover, with age you will accumulate this flab which stays on your body. ANyways, the best way is to get rid of flab (is it possible BTW?) and stay on alert to not ever have it!

I personally see my Mother now who is in her 60-ties and who never exercised! She was overweight when in her 40-ties but lost weight in her 50-ties. However, she never exercised hence even though she is slim, she was this flab around her body - it looks like she has layers of skin hanging and when putting her pants on she has to stick this excess skin+flab into the pants. every time I think about it I promise myself I am not going to have flab around my mid section! Or any other section of my body for that matter!

I am all set for my biking tour tomorrow. I took 2 days off biking to concerve energy and even bought two protein bars for the trip - I am not a big fan of protein bars but last time I felt so exhausted during second part of the day! I did upper body workout yesterday! Inform you next week how did it go!


08-05-2005, 01:41 PM
Thanks for you answer =I am 56 have workout since I was 21 but gained alot of weight afew years back (see ticker) my arms are not saggy as I do arm weights - they are just bigger (the muscle) than I want, but I don't know what to do about that......
I'm 5'7" btw

08-05-2005, 02:01 PM
Hi Star :wave: ... Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth... If your arms are still big it is my opinion that you probably still have fat covering the muscles. Once you get rid of the fat on top of the muscle you will see a more defined arm/muscle. Now for the flab, that could just be loose skin, with time, MAYBE it will go away, maybe not too... This comes down to genetics I think. Keep doing your bicep curls by all means and do them as heavy as you can go. Personally I'd rather see muscle on a woman than flab, it's so much nicer IMO... Hope this helps... Come back again and ask away all the questions you want...

Sandy good luck :lucky: with your race 100K wow that's impressive, let us know how it goes...

Today I had a great back and bicep workout :wl:, worked hard for almost an hour then I did 30 mins of jogging hills on the dreaded dreadmill :tread:

Yes it's friday ladies, :dance: and that's a good thang!! TTFN :wave:

08-05-2005, 02:04 PM
Irene - thanks for the input. I don't have flab - the muscle is just too big, I guess I'm not clear on what I see as the problem.

08-05-2005, 08:16 PM
Star- Muscle can't turn into fat or visa versa. If you stop working your arms, or work them less or lighter, your muscle will atrophy...get smaller. If you don't compensate for decreased activity and muscle mass and eat less, you'll get fatter in general. You won't necessarily weigh more. Your arms won't necessarily get smaller, because pound for pound, fat takes more space than muscle. You said you are 56. If you've been overweight for any length of time, you probably have some excess skin which you may be interpreting as "flab". I'm 50, and my skin is not going away. That's just life...better skin and muscle that fat! You might want to check out the Excess Skin FAQ sticky on the Maintainers Forum.

Back and cardio today and lots of clients. For some reason, I have a bunch of new clients who are smokers. Any smokers out there? Please do yourselves a huge favor and quit :p One of them is exactly the same age as me and I thought she was 10-15 years older.


08-06-2005, 09:09 AM
Hi all,
Exercise AND food are 100% this week, and I am proud to announce that YES, I can get up at 06.00 to do 30 min weights every day and feel good after! I seem to have a lot more energy during the day.

Laura, I saw you are a historian. I'm an art historian/archaeologist myself originally, specialised in a completely different field than yours though: Middle Ages...
For formal dinner parties with more than 2 couples, I just say: come after (say) 18.00 but not later than 20.00, because we'll be having dinner then. This way even if some are late, you can still have have a drink and fun before dinner without messing up the night.

2F, if I eat too much protein at once, I do not feel good either. Try splitting the portions up, that might help. Personally, I like having some more carb than some, I feel better, have more energy etc, if I do.

Can you all believe that there is no classic cottage cheese to be found here in France? The only thing that comes close but is more sour in taste is Fromage Frais or creamed fresh cheese 0%. They used to have Cottage Cheese in Greece and I really miss it! I wish I could have it on toast (whinewhine).

Ilene, shopping counts as exercise! especially if you have a difficult character and need to see EVERY shop before you decide what to buy ;)

Tiki, feeling better yet?

Mel, my DBF is a big smoker, he looks younger now than he is but I am really scared of what he is going to look like in 10 years (he'll be 46 then). He is thin so he thinks he is living healthy by the way (duh). We have these discussions about what's worse: being obese or smoking (both are equally bad in the long run albeit differently in my opinion, but of course I won't admit to that in front of stick-insect DBF).

Sarah, hope everything is going a bit better, still keeping...

Am going to do legs today and have a swim tomorrow, rain or shine!


08-06-2005, 05:19 PM
Oy, the Custis Trail got me good - I actually did about 10 of the 16 miles I was 'supposed" to do. A few weeks ago I would have really beaten myself up over this, but that dynamic no longer works (yay!). I did 10 more miles than I would have months ago, and that is a victory - a huge victory, actually. It is hot and humid and sticky here. When I left the house at 5:45 this monring it was all ready 76 degrees and 58%. Once the sun got up, so did the heat and humidity. It was close to 90 by the time I got home. The trail was 8 miles out and back and pretty much uphill from 2 - 8. After a bowel attack (found a bathroom in a local park) and chills and head throbbing I called DH to come rescue me. Lessons learned? Many, but most important was don't substitute one of those ice pops for a gel - I thik it was the "high fructose corn syrup" that got me - I had cut that out of my diet in April, and didn't really think about it at the water station. Within 30 minutes I was in agony. Also, don't push - this is why they call it a "training" run. Hmmm - I am so ready for fall.

I think I am going to "lay back" on running next week - my "nether bits" are always sore after my long runs - I thought it would be better by now. So, anyway, my plan is to elliptical for "easy run" Mon and "intervals" Tues - then see how I feel on the "tempo" run Thurs. DH and I are going away for our anniversary this weekend (Thurs - Sat), so no long run on Sat. That shoudl tell me a lot, and it may just be time for a break. I have been running like this since the first weekend in May. Breaks are good. I do intend to keep my food "clean", lift 3x, do at least one yoga session and 3-4 cardio sessions, like I have been doing all along. Plus I want to try that Nia class and maybe try a spinning class. So this week is not really about taking off, but embracing change.

Mel and Lieke - I was a smoker for 28 years. I had to be ready and make the decision to quit, for myself, not because someone else wanted me to. It was the start of my new lifestyle. Keep encouraging and supporting, and it will happen when they are ready. Meanwhile, everytime you give them something positive health/exercise wise, it will lead them one step closer to quitting.

Ilene - you keep me going! I love hearing about your workouts. *Hugs* to you and your dad.

Star - I am hearing you - but keep doing what you are doing - eventually it will all come together. There is beauty is toned arms (and legs, and butts, and abs, and ...), no matter what their size. Think of how much better you are doing overall, and not on the individual bits and bobbles. Be happy you don;t have "bat wings" and I will not talking to you about the "rolling thunder" of my thighs. :lol:

Tiki, Sandy, Mel, 2F - thinking of you all - enjoy the rest of the weekend.

08-07-2005, 12:01 AM
Ilene - you keep me going! I love hearing about your workouts. *Hugs* to you and your dad.Why thank you Ellen, I'm really glad my workouts keep you going somehow, because they seem so tame in comparison to most of everyone's here and your's specially!! I think the mini honeymoon :love: will be a nice break... Do some other type of excercise instead ;) KWIM? Thanks for the hug for dad and I, his last treatment is MONDAY :dance: ... Where does the time go? I can't wait for the fall to run either Ellen, it'll be so nice to run in fresh, cool air... I went out running at 7am and although it wasn't too bad and the humidity was low, it still gets to me when the sun hits, I do love the sun in the fall and winter though...

Lieke :high: on the great week of clean eats and exercise... Just hang in there DBF will eventually quit the vicious habit with TLC... I know that's how I quit DH NEVER EVER complained and I used to think, ''Good grief how can he stand kissing and ashtray?'' I finally quit :D...

08-07-2005, 11:02 AM
We just got home last night from our yearly vacation at Hilton Head, SC. I belong to Gold's Gym here, so got a pass to go to the one there. It's interesting visiting gyms in other areas. BTW, I really liked that one!

Did great on eating until about Wednesday or Thursday, and completely went down the tubes by yesterday. Well, back on the wagon today!

This year the kids didn't want bikes, so DH and I rented hybrids instead of the beach bikes. What a difference! I was really able to get out and do some riding! One thing I noticed, I really didn't have to change gears much there because it is all flat. Where I live (very hilly part of Maryland), I can't even get out of my neighborhood without doing hills, and we do a lot of "clicking" up and down the gears the whole ride. It was nice not having to do the hills down there!

We had a great time while we there, and we're glad to be back (although the kids really hated to leave, of course). Life is good. Can't wait to hit the gym today! (After I go to the grocery store to re-stock!)


08-08-2005, 09:52 AM
Mel - Thanks so much for answering my question. I will continue to do what I'm doing - cardio, weights and eating plan. I have been working out more than not since I was 21. However, I have had bouts of laziness, pregnancy, etc were I stopped for periods and also had gotten up to 216 for maybe afew years.... :( With all that in mind (and my age) I still feel very good and think I look decent. And I have notice that I have gotten rid of the flabbing arms and now they look much more toned. It's probably that last stubborn 15 pounds I want to lose that is causing the entire 'arm' problem....

Thanks to all of you for the input. BTW, my main goal is to be in great shape before my family drops me off at the nursing home..... ;)