Support Groups - BOOHOO...Im lumpy..PLEASE LOSE WEIGHT WITH ME!

08-01-2005, 12:47 AM
OK....first of all, I am a self proclaimed dork. I have been looking around these message boards for like a year now and never spoke/wrote a word for a year. I have written a few in the last week and just cant seem to get a hang of all these tons and tons of things to read and keep up with.
Viva Confusion!! lol. I am 30....argghh I hate saying that! and I am a single mom of 3 wonderful little guys...10, 8 and 2 next month. I dont know when I got fat, but now its so horrendous that everything seems like a chore almost. I work in an athletic/entertainment world and am feeling kinda worthless and invisible and dare I say it...intimidated! YUCK...horrible feeling. I have to do something and I have to do it now! I have major beefs with the diet industry, mainly for preying on womens emotions and am determined to do this the old fashioned way..good ol cutting back and the dreaded torture...errr, I mean exercise. ANYWAY...drivel aside.. This is my poor attempt to get someone on board with me...someone to encourage and be encouraged. My name is Angie and I really want to hear from you.

08-01-2005, 03:19 AM
Hi Angie! My name is Mel and I just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck on your journey. I know what you mean about the diet industry. They mostly target women and try to make them feel as if they are worthless. As far as the "torture" try to find something that you enjoy. If you do, you will be more likely to stick with it. I love going to the gym, but I know that many people would rather give their pinky toe than go, so you have to find something that appeals to you. Try something fun like walking or walking. Those are my favorite.

08-01-2005, 02:35 PM
Hi Angie! I, too, am lumpy much to my dismay. But getting less and less lumpy as time goes by! I am 32 (okay, okay, 33 at the end of this month) and the stay-at-home mom of 3 1/2 year old twins - a boy and a girl. By the time they were delieverd (8 weeks premature by emergency C-section) I had gained 60 pounds. By the time they turned one, I had lost a respectable amount of weight. But then the kids started getting more difficult, causing me great amounts of stress and I dealt with it by eating whatever was in sight. I just gained and gained. And now I'm sick of hating the way I look and feeling bad about myself all the time. I want to feel good about myself again and finally be free from my fat. Ya know? A while back I had started Atkins and lost 15 pounds... I know you said you have major beefs with the diet industry and I know what you mean. They suck! But portion control and exercise just didn't cut it for me so I checked out some other "ways of eating". This one made sense to me, sounded simple and easy to stick to and I gave it a try. Its by far the best thing I've done and is HEALTHY despite what all the "nay-sayers" would have you believe. I'm not trying to sell you on Atkins, just don't condemn me for it.

Anyway, how is your diet adventure going so far? Did you begin it a year ago when you started "lurking" on the boards or did you start recently? It doesn't matter - if you want to lose the weight, you CAN do it!


08-02-2005, 12:40 AM
hey there....Ahh twins! Arent they sweet? hehe I have twin sisters that will be 21 this month...and besides my precious little boys, they are the light of my life. You have so much joy ahead of you!
I would never judge you for doing Atkins.. that is definatly a personal choice. What works for you is what works for you...and thats that! lol. I myself dont much care a whole lot for meat....though I do find lentils appealing. Im just weird that way. Surely anyone who found lentils yummy would never be fat! RIGHT!!!???? arrrgghhh....anyway... My main thing is getting off my duff and exercising. I hate me its like torture. But I guess that comment sounds about right coming from someone who is as big as the back end of a barn! lol. I am trying to drink a slimfast in the morning before work, and a piece of fruit before lunch...then a diet tv dinner type thing for lunch...then maybe eat a little of whatever I cook the kiddos in the evening. I eat compulsively until I make myself sick..its disgusting. I am changing that this week though...and Im glad your around..Id like to hear more from you!

08-02-2005, 01:17 AM
Oh my gosh - I totally know where you're coming from! I eat compulsively until my stomach is killing me and I have the hugest guilt trip ever. I mean I can be sitting there scarfing down a bag of chips and a package of Oreos and thinking to myself, "This is disgusting. Why am I doing this? Put the chips down. Unhand those Oreos, woman, NOW!" and yet I still keep eating. Is that gross or what? Actually I haven't done that in quite a while, but still... its IN me, ya know?

Okay, so your *** is as big as the back end of a barn, huh? That sucks! At least its not as big as the SIDE of the barn - that would be WAY worse. Lets see if we can get that butt down to, lets say.... 3 ax handles wide? That's a good start wouldn't you say? And maybe we can get mine down to the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. Actually, I'm an apple shape so my problem area is my belly. Its like I'm carrying a large brisket strapped to my abdomen. Needless to say, its not attractive. I keep thinking that if I get a boob job my belly will look more proportionate to the rest of me.

Anywhoo... exercise is not my thing either. Its for the birds - I really, really hate it. I had joined Curves but it sucked so I quit. I had a treadmill that turned into a very handy place to hold folded laundry. Sold it. Bought some weights to work out my arms. They collect dust. Now I have a nice, new elliptical machine... I promised my husband I'd use it and I don't. And I have such guilt I sometimes lie to him and say I used it while he was at work. Isn't that awful? Ugh, I despise myself sometimes. I will readily admit that I am super lazy. I just am. That's how God made me, okay? I love to hang out and read books for hours, knit, sit at a coffee shop and drink mochas while I watch the world go by or zone out and watch TV. I'm not a "doer" and never will be. Every once in a while though I get inspired and do some Pilates, but if you only do it once in a blue moon, it does you absolutely no good. Such a pity.

Hey, maybe we should start a food log here to keep ourselves accountable?

Okay, gotta go. Kids are screaming. (Again!)

08-02-2005, 01:30 AM
Brisket strapped to your abdomen huh? I love it! hehe. I suppose I am an apple too...that is, if a watermelon shape is not an option. I am very proportionate...the problem being that my proportions are very large and saggy. My freaking belly is huge...I am talking ho, ho, ho. I am nursing still and I am afraid that when I quit my boobs will resemble a bowling ball in a sock....but I know this is totally worth it!
Well I have wonderful news....I too have a new elliptical! Well its not too new...but the only miles its got on it, are the ones my sister puts on it after she gets off work. I told her I would buy it if she would come over and use it too, then I wouldnt feel so bad for spending all that money. hehe. Shes doing just great! So what do ya say about keeping the food log here and committing to around 30 minutes on the elliptical at least 5 times a week? Is that too much. I know you are probably run ragged by the little ones...and I work full time. But surely this is do-able..right? I am getting a little teeniney glimmer of hope here.....

08-02-2005, 12:53 PM
Hey, no worries! Even if your boobs do end up looking like bowling balls in gym socks, you can just put on one of those Victoria's Secret push-up bras that lift and seperate and squish everything together and you'll be super-sexy! I on the other hand am pretty darn flat so I'll have to stuff the gym socks into MY bra! (If only I could squish all my belly fat up to my chest. Hmmmmm....)

Okay, so let's go for the food log and exercise accountability! (Ugh - I'm already dreading it :( )

This is what I'm planning to eat today:
B: Carb control shake + vitamins
L: Large salad with chicken breast
D: Another large salad with chicken breast
Snack: String cheese
64 oz. water throught the day (I have a REALLY hard time with this!)

Tonight I'll log in again and say whether or not I stuck to my plan.

Ask you sister "Miss Elliptical" (since I don't know her name) what keeps her motivated for exercising. Maybe she'll have some wonderful insight for us!

I hope you have a wonderful day and eat healthfully. (Is that a word?)

Talk to ya later,

08-02-2005, 01:23 PM
Hi Girls - It only takes 21 days to form a walking maybe? Once you get in the habit it will be something you look forward to.
Good luck - you can do this!

08-03-2005, 12:14 AM
I am proud to report that I stuck to my meal plan today except I had a low-carb bar for snack instead of string cheese. And I didn't drink all my water. Over all I did quite well though! How about you? How'd you do? Did you exercise tonight? If you did, you're one up on me.

Hope you had a great day! Talk to ya later,

08-03-2005, 12:22 AM
Hey! Sounds like you did superdeeduper!! I must confess....I am going to start it is you who is one up on me.... I had a lunch date with my boss and his wife today. But tomorrow is the and exercise. I am soo going to do this! I wont let you down tomorrow. I am a bit nervous...I have a big ball game to go to this weekend....5 hours of travel there ....the game and then 5 hours back.. Those are total snack times. If I can make it through that...I can make it through anything! Again....YOU GO GIRL! I dont think you ever told me how much weight you needed to lose? Star...I could walk for years like Forrest Gump and there would be no habit...just hatred. But thanks for trying to make it seem sunny!

08-03-2005, 09:35 AM
Momof 3 - You HATE to walk? Well I guess that's out of the question for exercise sake. So is there any exercise you don't HATE? I didn't mean to make it sound 'sunny' just doable.

08-03-2005, 11:52 AM
Okay Momof3 - today is YOUR day! You can do this! I have confidence in you because I know how badly you want it. Just take it one meal at a time and drink tons of water. And don't worry about the ball game. The key to that will be preparedness. Brink healthy things to snack on with you. Apples (or apple chips if you want a little crunch), a couple cans of SlimFast, baby carrots... How about a SlimFast bar? Those are chocolatey and might satisfy a sweet tooth. And even if you're a little disappointed while you're eating these snacks (because, c'mon, they are not as tastey as a hot fudge sundea) you WILL feel good about yourself afterward because you did something good for yourself. And that will make it easier to start making better food choices later. I know it may be hard to resist the snack bar hotdogs, nachos and pretzels with cheese sauce (it would be for me anyway) but before ordering one, just imagine it glued to your butt, because that's where it will end up. Is 5 minutes of tasty hotdog worth the hours of EXERCISE to get it off your behind!?

WARNING: And don't go the easy route and say, "I promise I'll start my diet AFTER the ballgame" because that is a cop out. There will ALWAYS be some reason to put off your diet - I'm living proff of that mistake. There will always be someone's birthday, a ballgame, an office party you have to attend, or a holiday that will give you the excuse you want to eat as you wish... You just have to go to these events and make better food choices.

Also, I try to drink nothing but water. Almost any other drink is loaded with calories and goes down so easy you get a ton of calories without even realizing it. Especially juice and soda! Try to stick to water as much as possible. (Or Crystal Light or iced tea with sugar substitute.)

Okay, here is my inspiration for the day:


Tell yourself that every time you feel like bombing on your diet!

Well, I'm off to the beach with the chitlins and a friend. I know you'll have a great day (but if you don't, don't beat yourself up about it!) I'll check in tonight!


08-03-2005, 01:34 PM
Star, its not that I really HATE walking...because I do feel blessed that I have the ability and all that...I just dont like exerting myself....which is prob the reason for my weight gain...that and pregnancy. I havent been fat until after my 3rd pregnancy...and have always been quite athletic up until then and I just blew right up like a blow fish. There were things I enjoyed and walking for no reason wasnt one of them and its awfully hard to go to the gym with the kids. We do take strolls sometimes, but walking aerobicly with them is dang near impossible! I will have to learn to love my elliptical. I am hoping it will be my new best friend :) Thanks for the encouragement though and from the looks of your ticker, youve done a great job. Have a great day!
Sara your encouragement is what I needed today...your right about the ballgame. I think Ill make it. I drink a buttload of water everyday...mainly because I am hoping to slow down the wrinkle process. You sound like you are doing great...Im really proud of you!! So far this morning I have had a slimfast and will be going home for lunch and having a frozen weight watchers dinner.... I have no idea whats for dinner yet...but I am going to get on "the machine" for 35 minutes this evening. That is a promise. Have fun at the beach for me and Ill check in tonight. See ya!

08-03-2005, 11:28 PM
Ok...I did everything I said I would do today... I didnt elliptical as long as I had planned....but I did it nevertheless and it felt good. Slimfast for breakfast and lunch and a big salad for dinner. Yea Me! How did you do? I am looking forward to hearing... Today was long and I am taking my grumpy butt in bed to you soon!

08-03-2005, 11:41 PM
An early bedtime sounds fantastic. If only the kiddies thought so too! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! You go girl! Now if we could just take that great feeling we get when we stay on track all day and bottle it... Then when we needed a little inspiration - it would be right there. I am extra proud of you for getting on your elliptical. And so what if it wasn't 35 minutes? The point is you DID it. (I can only do it for about 15 minutes or so myself.) Tonight I'm going to try and do some Pilates.

The beach was great fun, but I'm sunburned and soooooo exhausted. You'd think I ran a marathon I'm so tired, but all I did was wade in the water and watch the kids. Anyway, I stayed on track too. Drank lots of water and did not indulge in anything that wasn't "Atkins friendly". I feel I'm off to a good start. We're BOTH off to a good start!

Keep up the good work and lets have another great day!

08-04-2005, 01:20 PM
So far today, I'm off to a good start. Had scrambled eggs with salsa for breakfast and some water. The rest of the day should go like this:

Lunch: Tuna salad on 1 slice low-carb bread
Dinner: Low-carb cheeseburger pie and sauteed zucchini
Snack: Low-carb shake or string cheese

Have you ever tried making your own smoothies? They are sooooo yummy, easy to make, perfect for breakfast (or ANY meal) and much more filling than a SlimFast shake. I used to make them all the time before I started Atkins. It got so that I couldn't start my day without them! I would put a big spoonful of non-fat yogurt into a large plastic cup, add a few fresh strawberries, half a banana and a little bit of Lite orange juice and mix it with one of those "wand" type hand mixers. (The blender was a pain in the butt.) Or sometimes I'd use chocolate soy milk and a banana and it tasted just like a milkshake! I usually added a scoop of protien powder too, but I'm not sure how many calories that has. Frozen fruit that you can buy in the bags are super convenient for smoothies too. You can get a mixed berry blend, plain strawberries, a mango/pineapple blend or whatever. Just a thought... (The kids love 'em too and they're really healthy!)

Okay, I must admit I'm bummed. I hopped on the scale this morning and even though I was soooooo good yesterday I still GAINED a pound. I know, I know... it could be water retention or whatever, but it kind of burst my bubble.

Anyway, hope you are having a great day!


08-04-2005, 04:13 PM
Hi there! Dont worry about that pound! How often do you weigh? I have this obsession with hopping on it everymorning right after I get out of bed. I WANT to just do it on Friday mornings. It got so bad at one point I had my sister come get the scales and I went over there on my way to work and hopped on them once a week. But like a crack addict needs his rock, I was over there stealing it to take it back home before too long...hehe. Terrible. I used to do the smoothie thing everymorning. I used the frozen fruit in bags...just the fruit, water, little splenda and some protien powder. The kids did love it. I dont like meat much, so I used the smoothies to get my protien the first year I was nursing my youngest. The slimfasts have been working really well for me these past few days. I havent really been too hungry until today around lunchtime..and I just ate an apple. Things seem to be going A-Ok. Dont get down...we are on a roll!!! lol. Have a fantabulous day and Ill check in with you tonight.

08-04-2005, 09:25 PM
I confess. I, too, am a scale addict. I get on every morning when I wake up (after hitting the bathroom of course.) When I did SlimFast (like a million years ago) I would literally see the numbers go down almost every single morning. I miss that, ya know? (By the way, I was abusing the plan and almost never eating. Hence the dramatic weight loss.) Question: Now that they have the 3 different types of SlimFast now, which one are you using? I'm glad its working so well for you! Keep up the good work!

08-05-2005, 12:28 AM
I bought the optima kind. I didnt really think about what kind when I got it....just got the kind that had the cappaccino flavor. (which was nasty by the way) Its so convenient for me...especially in the morning. I confess that I had a large package of twizzlers this afternoon. I need to keep some fruit at work....I will get on that tomorrow. Anyway...I am just going to stick with what works. Hows the low carbing?

08-05-2005, 12:46 AM
I've tried the cappaccino flavored one too and you're right - its WAY nsaty! Which is sad because I love coffee drinks and that would have been the perfect way to still be able to enjoy them. I confess that I had a few slugs of Creme Brulee flavored Coffemate Creamer this morning. Too many carbs in that stuff, but it was yummy! Twizzlers huh? I think that counts as a fruit!

So I'm hopping on board with you - I went out and bought some SlimFast today. (Except I got the low carb kind.) I had forgotten how easy it was to stay on track with those handy little, take 'em anywhere cans! We'll see what happens. I'm just getting tired of the same 'ol meals so I decided to shake things up a little. Besides, I guess doing that can stimulate weight loss when you're in a stall (which I kind of am.)

So grab your can of SlimFast, raise it high and toast with me - Cheers!!!

08-05-2005, 12:47 AM
Oops, I forgot to answer your question about how the low-carbing was going. Great! So far I've lost 15 pounds!

08-05-2005, 12:20 PM
8:00 am: Had my first SlimFast shake of the day plus vitamins. Looking forward to a good, on plan day. (I threw out the the Coffeemate!)

I have motivated myself with a goal. I would like to lose 10 pounds by my birthday which is Aug. 24th. That may be shooting for a little much, but at least its something to shoot for, right?

Okay - off to clean the house and burn some calories while doing it!

08-05-2005, 11:08 PM
15 Pds??? FABULOUS! So how was the slim fast. You know, I think they are pretty dang good. (and again the convenience just tastes so right! hehe) I think you can definatly do the 10 lbs. Its better to have your standards to high than too low...I learned this from my choices in men over the years :) Today I had a friend over for was her birthday this week and I have had it planned for awhile. I ate all the good stuff, but not as much as I usually would have and as soon as I put the little one to bed I am going to torture myself on the elliptical. Well, I am rolling the mom mobile out of here in the morning to go to the game so I wont post until Monday probably. Have a great weekend and keep up all that good stuff your doing!

08-08-2005, 11:53 AM
How was your weekend? Did you have fun? I'm dying to hear about it! Hey, good job for your friend's birthday dinner. We CAN still eat the good stuff - just not as much as we normally would. Big pat on the back!

I stayed on plan this weekend and didn't slip one time, but the scale says otherwise. Ugh, I hate that thing! Its just not budging. I know I need to be patient, but I have never been a patient person. Perhaps that's why I always start a new diet plan, don't see results fast enough and then give up. I am determined this time though to keep at it! (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...)

08-08-2005, 02:32 PM
This weekend was great, thanks for asking. We won!!! It was an extreeemly exciting game. It was a playoff semifinals kind of thing.I was so very glad I made the trip... I cannot say I did too good on the trip there diet wise. I sent my sister to the store to get snacks and told her to get healthy snacks. YEAH RIGHT. I am going to blame all the mistakes I made on her! but I only had one bite of pizza at the game and I did really good after the game...but I gained ...and the scales dont lie. Back to the yucky stuff this morning though. Well I shouldnt be thinking of it that way I dont guess.
Im glad you have it so much together this time around and I have faith in you. If you ever feel that noone is supporting you...just know that I have believe in you. So this week is going to be beautiful for us both....

08-09-2005, 02:33 AM
Wow!! You ladies are awesome!! Can I join you? I would love to check in every day and be accountable with what I eat and the amount of exercise I do!! Let me know if that is ok with both of you!! :smug:

08-09-2005, 12:23 PM
Hi Shortie! OF COURSE you can join us! We'd love to have you on board! By now you know MomOf3's and my stories... what's yours. Only if you want to share of course - you definately don't have to if you don't want to! ;) What type of diet are you following?

Mom - I'm glad you had so much fun this weekend!!! It sounds like it was pretty exciting. And yes, your sister is definately to blame! ;) No more snack runs for her! But even with the snacks not being diet-friendly, it sounds like you still did good and didn't just blow-off your diet to start it over again this week. Great job! That takes a lot of will power and strength and I'm so proud of you. I knew you'd make it through! And even though the scale crept up a little, you are doing wonderful!!!

So today the kids and I are going to a friend's house to go swimming and hang out. It will be an all day thing. I'm a little concerned about the eating situation. Since I'm low-carbing it, would it be rude of me to take "appropriate" foods along with me, just in case? I gotta do what I gotta do, right? I mean, its not worth blowing my diet over, right?

Anyway, off I go. You ladies have a great day and I'll check in later!


08-09-2005, 11:36 PM
Oh man, I screwed up royally. I did great at my friend's house today - didn't indulge in any of the yummy stuff she had or even the homemade ice cream. But when we got home this afternoon I was unloading my kids and all their stuff from my car and one of the bags had Cheetos in it... that was my undoing. I swear I was in a kind of trance or something because even though I kept telling myself to stop eating them, I just couldn't. Its not like I ate a whole bagfull or anything (thank goodness) but it was a few handfulls. Those stupid flourescent orange artery-blockers are just heaven in a bag! And then I ate 2 donut holes! Argh! What was I thinking?! (At least they were the holes and not the whole donuts, right?) Anyway, I'm only human and bound to screw up once in a while. But it still BLOWS!

So how did you two ladies do today? Hopefully you stayed on track better than me. Let me know how its going!


08-11-2005, 12:29 PM
Okay, it looks like I'm writing to myself here... Where'd you ladies go!? Anyway, things on the diet front are going okay I guess. Not perfect, but not really that bad either. But the needle on my scale seems to be stuck and I can't seem to un-stick it. I know what I need to do, I just HATE doing it. Exercise. Yup, I need to drag my butt onto the elliptical and get it in gear, but I just can't find any motivation to do it. I'm great at finding every excuse in the book not to spend just 15 minutes on it. Sad, isn't it?

So this weekend could be a little scary. My husband and I are dropping the kids off at grandma's and going to Vegas for a 4-day weekend. This will be the first kid-free weekend in a looooooong time and we're really looking forward to it! But, you know how Vegas is - all you can eat buffets everywhere you look, free alcoholic beverages on the gambling floor, swim-up bars at the pools... A dieter's nightmare! I need words of encouragement girls!!!!

And how are you doing Momof3? Is your week going well so far? Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Keep up the good work - you've been doing great so far!

Shortie - how are things going for you? Your 22 pound weight loss is very impressive. Way to go! Keep it up!!!

08-12-2005, 11:40 AM
Yay, hooray! Down another pound this morning! I guess my scale isn't broken after all! ;) This will be the extra motivation I need to stay strong in Vegas.

08-13-2005, 11:47 PM
Hey yall....first of all I am soo sorry I havent been around. My youngest was sick and then after bragging that I never get happened. I heard God whispering...or was that laughing...that pride cometh before a I had stomach and head flu and thought death surely was coming. No such luck. hehe I am feeling somewhat better now.
Hello to Shortie! Nice to meet ya. It will be great getting to know you.
Anyway....Vegas!!! Ive never been there..sounds exciting! Congrats. Sounds like a well deserved vacation. You will make it throught it just fine. Dont totally deprive yourself, then you would be sure to fail. Are you still doing the slimfast shakes? I totally believe in you with this... (even if you are lowcarbing!) I am SOO kidding.
I intend to get right into the swing of things again. I havent eaten much this week but I think I have an exercise plan all planned out. Anyway..this is all delirious rambling on...I just didnt want you to think I had vamoosed. Whens the big vacation?

08-16-2005, 01:22 PM
Hey there - I'm back from Vegas! Had a good time. Hubby won $600 on the quarter slots, so that was cool! Other than that we walked up and down the strip and checked out the themed casinos, went to a comedy show and hung out by the pool. While it was fun, I just don't think Vegas is my kind of place. Too many darn people. Just walking down the sidewalk is like bing in the middle of a stampede! Plus it smells gross.

As far as eating goes, I did great the first couple days, then after that not so good. I gained 4 1/2 pounds. Ugh.

I'm so sorry you were sick! Being sick just sucks - especially when you have kids you need to take care of. Its not like you can just lay around being meserable and feeling sorry for yourself - you have to actually get up and make grilled cheese for the little darlins and break up fights. I'm glad you're feeling better now! Hey - maybe its not all bad. Maybe having the stomach flu gave you a nice little benefit of losing a few pounds - have you checked? ;)

So what is your exercise regime that you've got all planned out? Do tell!!!

Okay, so I leave on Thursday morning for our boating/camping trip to Lake Havasu. That means getting into a BATHING SUIT. I'm scared. So scared. No, more like horrified. We'll be with our friend and his new skinny little girlfriend... Need I say more? At least she's nice and not a stuck-up you know what. But still... I have one swimsuit that makes me look like a beached manatee and the other one is just embarassing. The good thing is that on this trip we'll be bringing all our own food and not eating out (like we did in Vegas at every meal). So I can bring appropriate foods like SlimFast and low-carb stuff.

Anyhow - time to go do laundry from Vegas as re-pack for Havasu.

Hope you're having a great day!


Hey Shortie - where are you???

08-17-2005, 11:39 AM
Hey there! Lucky you...hehe. Two vacations! Sounds like the life. (easy for me to say huh? lol) Congrats to your hubby for the $600.00! Way to go. Hes going to spend it all on you right? RIGHT? wouldnt that be nice?
I want to say that I think our scales are bogus.. I only lost one pound while I was dying...Awww shucks. I havent been doing as well as I would like...I dont know what the heck is wrong with me. It feels like as much as Im on the go, I shouldnt be overweight in the first place. Work...taekwondo for both practice for the older one...gymnastics for the baby. ARggh Im having a melt down I think. I should be burning tons of calories! If I had a bicycle build for 4 and we went everywhere on that, then I could have guacamole everyday! We would also always be late...oh well. Tit for tat I suppose.
Sounds like you have a smart idea bringing all your own food to this next trip. Nice or not...skinny people in bathing suits should be banned to thier own little island. Also, I seriously doubt that your suit makes you look that bad. I bet you dont look near as bad as you think. We are our own worst critic you know. Anyway, have a fantabulous day.

08-17-2005, 05:37 PM
I just love how upbeat, happy and inspiring you always are! It always makes my day. Thanks!

I'd have to agree - our scales are definately bogus... Ugh! The darn things just irritate me to no end!

Anyway, don't have a meltdown. You're doing really good! Being sick throws everyone for a loop when they're dieting, so don't sweat it. Just stay on track as best you can! Your ticker says you've lost 4 pounds, right? That's GREAT! Keep going and before you know it, it will be 14 pounds, then 40 pounds... Imagine how fantastic that's going to feel! I have faith in you!!!! I really do and you are such a great motivator as well! Be proud of yourself, because I am proud of you!

Okay, I gotta go pack now. We're leaving for the lake first thing tomorrow morning. I'll be back on Monday... Keep writing and I'll check in when I get back okay? Have a GREAT weekend!!!!


08-23-2005, 02:20 PM
Well, it was a fun weekend at the lake! I did GREAT as far as eating right goes, but not so good at the drinking part... Yeah - I definately partook in the cold, frosty alcoholic beverage department. Gained 4 pounds. Ugh!!! Also, my dog got hit by a golf cart at the RV park (he's okay - he broke the front axle of their cart!) Darn teenagers were drag-racing their golf carts up and down the road and BAM! They're lucky it was my dog and not one of my kids!!! And I had not one, but TWO tires blow out on the boat trailer on the way home!

Today the kids and I are flying to Albuquerque to visit family, then from there we are driving to Texas to help my brother move there for graduate school, then back to Alb., then Colorado, then Alb. then fly back home again. I get tired just thinking about it! I don't think I've ever travelled this much in my life. Anyway, I'll be gone for 2 weeks - get home on Sept. 6. I'll check in here while I'm away, but I don't know what the internet situation will be so it might not be every day... But definately let me know how you're doing!

Are you doing your exercise plan you devised? Are you liking it? Have you lost any more wieght? I'm rooting for you!!!

Talk to you soon!


09-11-2005, 10:12 PM
Hello - I'm back from all my travelling! Whew, it was fun but I'm glad to be back home. Texas was great but there are so many creepy-crawlies out there... All kinds of poisonous snakes we had to watch out for, we all got bit by fire ants, my mom got stung by a scorpion IN the house!

Anyway, enough about me. How's the diet going? Has staying on track been difficult or are you still super motivated? My motivation dwindelled a bit while on vacation, but I only gained 2 1/2 pounds, so that's not too bad. And tomorrow (Monday) I'm starting full force again. This time I'm vowing to add exercise too. Easier said than done, huh?

Hope you're doing well... Let me know!

11-02-2005, 12:34 PM
I'm lumpy to and just joined today.....
Right now I am trying to figure out how to use this site.
Hopefully we will loose weight together.