Support Groups - Amarantha's Daily Diet Challenges, Not Limited to Amarantha, But Just So's U'll Know

07-30-2005, 11:11 AM
Warning, content contains Amarantha-like "diet" motivational fantasyin' 'n general blather 'n fiddle dee dee that be not everyone's cup o' tea!!!

Noticin' that some ol' diet pals here 'n abroad be sufferin' the same dietary spiritual blahs that Amarantha be experiencin' 'n that some seem to lack focus (like Am) on their goals 'n be in need o' some short term DIET MERRIMENT 'n etc. (ya get the idea), I'm postin' this here ... and also abroad in the land ... for anyone who wanteth to join in makin' 'n postin' 'n reportage o' their daily goals related to calorie counting or food counting devices or goals of any stripeth. The first challenge is takin' place in Diet Town this Saturday (June 30, er, today). Post if ye wanna 'n if ye dinna wanna, then good luck to ye nevertheless!

"Eeeeny, meeenie, chile beanie, the spirits are about to speak," intoned the Diet Faerie, newly arrived in Diet Town to visit her diet sis the Exercise Fairy ... she apologized to the Spirit o' Bullwinkle J. Moose for usurpin' his favorite saying ....

"All citizens of Diet Town are invited to a ONE-DAY Super Saturday Calorie (or Point or Other Food Control) Challenge Party. All citizens may post their challenge in Diet Town Square (on the bulletin board handily set up for that purpose) and those who report back with a successful challenge will receive a virtual ROSE... yes, a boring prize, but a plentiful commodity here in Diet Town, so ... the challenges should be in any form statin' an INTENTION having to do with being careful with cals, points, etc., on this Saturday (July 30) ... no starvin' or deprivation of the bod/mind's needs allowed (violators will be prosecuted). The challenge committee is thinkin' o' making this daily challenge a regular event and may post it in the challenge section at a future date ... or not. :lol: " ~ Signed, the Diet Fairy

P.S., all diet fantasies are welcome here ... no need to "be" in Diet Town if another mental location floateth thy boateth!!!

07-30-2005, 11:15 AM
"Diet Faery (however thou spelleth thy last name), I pledge meself to eat no more than 1750 cals on Super Challenge Saturday (e.g., today); that is all," ~ Signed, Amarantha

07-30-2005, 11:42 PM
1278 cals today, 1721 weekly average. :)

Ya know, I thought better of postin' this thread here since it's also posted elsewhere and that can be confusin' and take up unnecessary space, but the system won't let me delete it. Seems like it'd be good to let it die off ...