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07-30-2005, 08:42 AM

We are a thread dedicated to making losing weight a pleasant experience. We laugh, cry and talk together. We have challenges, points for staying on program, drinking our water, and exercising. We have a daily topic to join in. Our only focus is to help us realize that dieting and all that goes with it need not be unpleasant, but can be fun. Come join the fun here at Time for Serious Fun! Everyone is Welcome!


Monday: Mission Monday New mission each week
Tuesday: Target Tuesday We target something to work on
Wednesday: Wednesday's Woes Our day to complain about anything and everything
Thursday: Time for Us Thursday The day set aside to pamper us!
Friday: Fabulous Lbs Down Friday. Report our losses!
Saturday: Sunny Thoughts Saturday We share stories and jokes to help us smile
Sunday: Silly Poll Sunday A new poll to give your thoughts to every week




07-30-2005, 08:46 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny Thoughts Saturday. A day to post good feelings and funny stuff!

Ok, because it is sunny Saturday I think this week we should each post something good about us diet wise from this week. Can be anything from exercising more than you did, stayed OP, fit into smaller clothes, whatever.

I guess mine would be discovering how much exercise really does effect the body all by itself.

Everyone have a good weekend. I will try and peek in later

Faye ;)

07-30-2005, 11:00 AM
Hey :) Nice to know I am not the only Tn girl.

This past week I have started drinking 6 20 oz. bottles of water daily. In the past, I couldn't stand drinking water but now I have gotten over the hump. I crave it!! lol

The other good thing is finding this group. I joined last night and loving everything about it!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Amanda Panda
07-30-2005, 04:32 PM
Hey all,

I got 4 points yesterday - the funny thing was that yesterday was my high calorie day, where I allow myself 1800 cals so I can have a little treat - but I eneded up having under 1600! Some days are like that aren't they?

I had a great workout at the gym - I am loving the 'cross trainer' and can really feel it working all over!

My Sunny thought - This week I increased the intensity of my gym programme and am loving it! I love how fit I am becoming and how my shape is changing! Also, don't faint guys but the other day, Nigel couldn't be bothered to cook so suggested pizza - I nearly gave in, but then said 'no' and got up and cooked myself!

FAYE - Keep up the exercise - you are doing great! Those women are called Trinny and Susannah from 'What Not To Wear' - I quite like that programme, but I know what you mean about them grabbing peoples boobs all the time - they are obsessed! I have only two tops that fit me at the moment and I am happy to say that one is red and one is green! A year or so ago I would wear nothing but black and navy, but now I am loving colour and it stops me looking so dreary!

SCUZIN - No I didn't know that you suffered from depression also - hope that you are managing it okay, I know how hard it is. The good thing is that your gym workouts will REALLY help - if you can get into a routine and go at least 4 or 5 times a week then it will really help to lift your mood and get those endorphins firing!

NTN4UTIDE - Hello! I'm glad you love 3fc it's great isn't it? You are most welcome here - hope you can stick around. Good for you for persevering with the water - read Fayes earlier post about the benefits of water Vs coke - it's quite an eye opener!

Have a lovely weekend

Love Amanda x

07-31-2005, 08:52 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday and our poll this week is, what spice(s) are your favorite to cook with?


Amanda :bravo:
Faye :flow2:

Good morning gals. Wanted to snuggle with Jack, but just as we got all spooned back in came the two spoiled animals and literally walked on us to get us apart! :lol: Fortune isn't too bad, as he only weighs about 8 lbs but Butterscotch is a tubby and weighs about 20! Like having concrete thown on you! :lol: So, I got up and came downstairs and decided to post before I go out to the pool. As for the poll, I like to cook with garlic and found I like the taste of thyme in stews and some soups, but I probably use garlic more than anything else. I have this great little "bag" of spices I put together to make rotisserie chicken. Makes the chicken taste just like the stuff you buy in the stores. The recipe calls for baking a long time in the oven, but I sometimes use my Showtime rotisserie with it too and it works great that way also. If anyone wants the spice combo and or recipe, let me know and I will post it.

ntn: Welcome and tell us all about yourself. We have a great group of ladies of all ages and all sizes. I think it is one of the best groups for support going. As far as who I am, I am going to be 52 in Sept, UGH! have two grown and married children, one lives here in Memphis (my dd) and one in Northwest Indiana (my son) and one grandson, Thomas, who is 5 and a real firecracker. I have been married nearly 33 years to a man who absolutely adores me and is the best support around. I am a transplanted TNer as my dh was in the Navy for 20 years and we moved around. I grew up in Notre Dame country (actually my son lives a mile from Notre Dame) and we moved here 4 years ago to have a better job and be near my grandson. I am a huge Opry Mills fan and we go a couple times a year at least so I am sure sooner or later we can get to meet!

Amanda: I bought this way out pair of capris for vacation and thought maybe they were a little over the top for my fat butt. The are white with bright yellow and aqua vertical stripes. Those were the pants I had on the day the guy flirted in the commissary with me so that surely convinced me I could wear whatever I wanted. I think there is a line not to cross as far as taste and I do think you should remain age appropriate to some extent, but I think we should please ourselves with beautiful colors. Besides, what depresses more, black and navy or yellow and green, right?

I am going to kill one of my animals. He just peed next to my couch. I will be so glad when we can rip up all these nasty carpets and put down hardwood and tile all over the house. The current carpets are very old very worn and very peed on by the last owner's dog but we ran out of money when we bought the condo to do the flooring so we have had to live with it. Next year we are going to be able to redo the floors and some of the plumbing and I can't wait. It is embarrassing for me to have people even step inside this house and see these floors.

Well, it is time to get ready to go to the pool and I would really like to get something done in the house today as I sat and read yesterday (Jack thinks I do too much and I get the "eyebrows" when I don't plant myself and "relax" once in awhile) You know me, that is almost impossible to do. You would think I would be a size 2 from all the up and down I do, but alas, all those Twinkies work against me! :^: :^:

Have a great day gals


07-31-2005, 12:23 PM
Happy Sunday to all!
Faye - I am kind of a boring cook I think. Mostly garlic salt and seasoned salt on meat. It's quick and tastes pretty good! I am desperately needing new floors, too, but just putting kids through college has wiped me out!

Welcome to our newest member - stick around - you will like it here! I'm Marsha, 50, and live in southern MN. Two kids - DS, 26, and DD 23. Married for 31 years.
Amanda - good job on the healthy food choices, but I sure do like pizza! May have enough flex points left on WW to have some tonight.

Went to the zoo yesterday with kids - glad they still like to do things like that even when they are "grown up". Got in a lot of walking, so that is good.
Hello to the Susans, Carri, Julie, and anyone I missed. Hope you all have something fun planned for today.

Amanda Panda
07-31-2005, 04:31 PM
Hi all,

I got another 4 points yesterday - this week has been a good week for me foodwise for a change. Well it's the end of July and I'm going to weigh and measure myself tomorrow so I'll let you know - it will be a good report I hope!

SILLY POLL - Garlic and black pepper and LOTS of them! I also love fresh basil and have a pot of it on my windowsill - I just love the smell of it!

FAYE - Good for you on the bright capri pants - you were obviously not the only person who liked them! ;) I agree - I wear black bottoms and dark indigo jeans, but I want a bit of colour elsewhere!

MARSHA - That is so sweet - taking your 'grown up' kids to the zoo!

Love Amanda x

08-01-2005, 08:30 AM
MONDAY: Today is Mission Monday and our mission this week is clothing. We have been talking about clothing and I think it is a good mission topic. Let's get rid of that all black and drab wardrobe and bring color into our clothes. Color is NOT the enemy for larger women. Yes, black is more slimming, but it is also depressing and if you wear dark bottomed pants, pair it with a nice colorful t-shirt or blouse. I am older so I like scarves to accent too sometimes. Anything that provides color will provide color to your skin and your overall good looks!


Amanda :bravo:
Faye :flow2:

Marsha: My husband hates the zoo. He says you've seen one animal at one zoo, the same animal is at another. We sometimes do go to zoo boo with Thomas at Halloween, but haven't done that in several years actually. I like the zoo, but not all the time.

Amanda: You know, I have to applaud your country for jumping on this terrorist thing. They really seem to have it on the ball. We have so much crap here with the ACLU and such that many times all of what we need to do is undermined. I am so proud of you for working so hard. Please remember though that losing weight is not your self worth. It comes from the inside and you have to believe in your inside beauty and not just your outside beauty. I know you are going to be at goal in no time!

I can tell it is heating back up here. I woke up with me adenoids all swollen up into my ears and throat and my eyes all swollen. Sheesh! Makes it hard to sleep when you feel you are choking all the time! Ahh, well, this to shall pass. As Jack says, we are now into August and it seems closer to vacation being in the same month that we are going. To think that it is finally only 3 weeks from Thurs. I could care less whether we have money to do anything or not though I have saved like Silas Marner for this trip and plan on having a good time with the money! :lol: Just getting away and having someone else pamper you sounds like heaven. The animals taken care of so you don't have to worry about them and getting to visit with my sister whom I haven't seen in nearly 2 years. I have to say, where a couple years ago thinking about the food we can eat out there would have been very important, I don't even think about it other than how can we eat cheap and eat on coupons! :lol: I haven't made many strides, but that one I have couquered.

Well, girls gotta go. have a good day today

Faye :)

08-01-2005, 08:50 AM
Just popping in to say HI everyone!

To my great dismay, I realized today that if I had stuck to my plan back in January...I'd be one month from my goal. :( Instead, I'm exactly the same as I was 8 months ago. :( :(

Something's gotta give. Just don't know what or when or where it's going to happen.

I'll be back when I figure this all out. Hopefully soon.


08-01-2005, 11:02 AM
Morning to all. WE are heating up again, too, but hopefully not quite as bad as last time.Supposed to break by Thursday :crossed:.

Faye - Tried on the small capris and I could wear them - they zip quite comfortably, but I still don't like the more pronounced roll at the top! Hopefully by the time we leave for vacation in 2 weeks I can wear them. I agree on the color thing - I always get more compliments when I wear something bright - I have darker skin and eyes with lighter hair, so peach and salmon are good colors for me. I love living your trip vicariously - it is really good to see that people can still get excited about things. We go to northern MN in two weeks - our annual vacation with my family and my cousins from Iowa. It will be different this year because for the first time DM will not be going. She is going to the nursing home for the week we are gone. Hope it all works out because DF needs a break too. He lives for this week of fishing and being around the grandkids for a week - this year will include great-granddaughter. There will be about 27 of us in four cabins for the week.

Julie - good to hear from you. When the time is right, you will know it. You are right though - sometimes we think getting there is so far away that it is discouraging. On the other hand, where will you be 6 months from now if you don't try?

Amanda - keep us posted with the new stats.

Have to take car in for service this am, then physical therapy this afternoon. Then off the other way to help sis start baking cookies to freeze for vacation. Planning double batches of 4 different kinds, so there will be a lot of dishes to do anyway! Have a great day.

08-01-2005, 12:16 PM
Morning All, well I had a great weekend, I got on the scales on Sunday morning and was down another 2 pounds !! That makes my total down for the month of July as 10 pounds!! So I made my goal and then some :D ... the way I had been so up and down lately it seems I never change my signature weight at the bottom of my posts, but now that I am back on track I will be updating every week .... I am going to set my goal for August at 8 pounds ... so we will see what happens ... it is so exciting to actually see my clothes start falling off me again ... well and I guess staying OP and exercising has been the key, you really cannot do one or the other, you have to do both to achieve optimal results ...

I know I have missed alot over the past couple of days, there has been alot of posts... so I will read through those and try to catch up with everyone later ... "hi" to everyone!!!! :cool:

Amanda Panda
08-01-2005, 05:28 PM
Hey all,

I got 2 points yesterday - went slightly above my calories, but no worries. I am pleased to report a 9lb loss for July!! I am REALLY pleased as it is the most weight I have EVER lost in a month and it shows that my metabolism is now high and I am really in weight loss mode. I also lost 10 inches, fairly evenly from all over - the largest losses being from my boobs (at last!) and hips. I was still only OP with my eating for 45% of the month, but I exercised for 77%. I intend to really work on my eating for August and stay totally within my cals for at least 75% of the time - this is going to take some real effort on my part to make healthy choices EVERY DAY, but I'm determined to do it and I'm going to aim for another 9lb loss! :eek:

CARRI - I can't believe you trumped me with your 10lb loss! Just kidding - that is EXCELLENT and you are well on your way now - keep it up! (I'll try to beat you next month! :lol: )

FAYE - I understand what you are saying about my self worth - it is something I am continually working on! I'm getting alot of positive comments at the gym and I'm always terrible at knowing how to respond - instead of just saying 'thanks', I always just say ' well I've got a long way to go'. But I am working on it and it's still nice to get compliments! :)

MARSHA - I'm sure your holiday will be good for you and don't feel guilty about leaving your DM - the rest will do you so much good that she will really benefit aswell.

JULIE - As soon as you decide to give your weight loss the priority it deserves then you will lose the weight in no time. It's hard what with you running a home, looking after your kids and trying to establish a new career - but your health and well being are just as important. We are here for you when you are ready - and even when you aren't. :grouphug:

Hello to Nikki, and both Susans!

Love Amanda x

08-02-2005, 07:07 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and our target this week is that good ole H2O. For those of us not used to drinking water, it is sometimes difficult to cut down or out other things but it IS important to start increasing your water consumption. Don't pay any attention to those who go on about water and weight loss, but DO pay attention to the fact that your body needs water to feed your cells, run your kidneys, and a myriad of other things. If you are not a water drinker, try cutting out 2 of whatever else you drink per day and substitute 16 oz of water. Increase your water after a week or so and you will soon learn to prefer it.


Amanda :dancer: :flow2:



Amanda: One of the things you have improved is your goal setting. This is one BIG way in which you are being successful.

Carri: You are very right, you must combine the two to really get good results and you have. Keep up the good work and that goal will be yours in no time.

Julie: I know right now you are overwhelmed with things other than weight loss. It can only be your decision as to what you want to do about that. It is not such a great decision to stay away from here because you aren't losing or even trying. Look at it this way, if you aren't working at it, those of us who are will encourage you to get back to it, if you are working at it, then you are the encourager! We need you here!

Marsha: I have to tell you a short story about something similar to what you are doing but drastically different. My son and his girlfriend (now his wife) went on a camping trip with her mother's family, brothers and sisters, in laws and such all adults. I guess they do it every year so they can see each other. First off, you have to know that my dil is half Mexican. Anyway, they were all sitting around the campfire and my son said her uncles are raving bigots calling Mexicans, the sp** word and blacks you know. Anyway, they started in with garbage and my son, always the peacemaker tried to be reasonable when talking to them. They continued and my son had enough. He stood up, royally told off one of the brothers that was particularly offensive and the guy stood up and threatened my son! (now you have to understand they were engaged to be married so I am sure my son didn't want to upset his future mil who adores him btw) Well, Jay is 6'6" and about 240 and has a black belt in combat jujitsu. He looked at his future mil, said, "I think you better explain to your brother what I could do to him if he doesn't apologize to everyone and then go to bed." I guess she looked at her brother and said, "___whatever his name was, Jay could kill you with his bear hands and he is giving you the opportunity to regret what you said and I suggest you do." The guy stood up said something like to H with all of you and went to bed. Jay and his girlfriend, her sisters and her mom went to their cabin and he told her in the morning he was leaving that he was sorry but their racism sickened him. Well, she said, "No, we are ALL leaving. I put up with that growing up and when I married Alicia's father but I don't have to now." They did leave as soon as it got light and didn't even say goodbye. So with that being said, I am glad you have a great family you can have fun with and enjoy! Hope you df has a grand time with the little ones. He deserves it and so do you!

Everybody have a great day!

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
08-02-2005, 03:28 PM
Hello all,

I got 4 points yesterday.

Today I went shopping with my friend and she bought me some glasses as a belated birthday present. You may remember that I had my eyes tested back in January and was told I needed glasses - well I've been trying to save up ever since, but other stuff has always ended up getting in the way, like the cat needing the vet or the computer breaking down. My friend is so sweet to me and offered to buy me some - I'm not a big fan of glasses, but I must say these ones are coooooooool! They are designer 'Quicksilver' and have brown frames and tinted lenses - I can't wait to collect them on Friday, not least because it will put an end to all the headaches and eye strain I've been suffering with!

Have a nice evening

Love Amanda x

08-02-2005, 04:24 PM
Happy, hot Tuesday. Just got home from town. Went with a friend and her two boys to do some errands - took longer than I expected. In the mid 90's and very humid here today, so I am having a large ice tea. Somehow it quenches my thirst better than water, but will try to get in some water later. Wow, Carri and Amanda - WTG on the fantastic losses. I am only down 1 this week, but my initial week on WW last week I lost 10 - I know it was fluid before, but at least it stayed off plus one, so I shouldn't be disappointed, but don't we always want more?

Faye - you should be very proud of DS - sounds like he has a good relationship with mil, and great that he has strong convictions. We do all have a great time, but by the end of the week, we are ready for a break from each other!

DD just got a call for an interview for a job that would take her a little north of Minneapolis. She would like the job, but would rather not relocate. Several people have told her there will be an opening about 30 miles from here at the end of August. Makes it difficult to know what to do! I told her to go to the interview - the experience is good anyway, but not sure about accepting a position and then applying for a different one in a month? Also, of course, she knows there are no guarantees she would get either one.

Take care people - will talk tomorrow.

08-03-2005, 09:12 AM
WEDNESDAY: Today is Wednesday's Woes. A day to gripe on everything from the weather to weight loss. have at it girls!


Amanda :bravo:
Faye :flow2:

Back later. Got to get to the pool

Faye :)

08-03-2005, 02:39 PM
Good afternoon All ... I had another 4 point day yesterday, that makes three in a row...don't know if I will be able to exercise tonight as I have a Dr's appt after work to check my bp and meds and may be later getting home ... plus I am getting TOM today or tomorrow so I already feel bloated and lazy. :lol:

My Weds woe is that I am sad today. My friend here at work got a call this morning that her father had been in a motorcycle accident and was being life-lined to Methodist. She has not been able to see him yet as he is still in critical care, alot of head trauma. Please pray for him today. :)

Faye - Sounds like your son has him Mom's mouth :lol: Just kidding ...hope you are enjoying the pool, real hot again I know ... with the allergies and the heat I am sooooooooooo ready for Fall !!! Aren't you?

Amanda - Glad you like the eye glasses ... I have some that I wear when I drive and sometimes to watch TV, truth be told I need to be wearing them more often as I notice my vision getting worse but I think if I have to wear them full time I would rather have contacts...that was so nice of your friend to buy those for you, so sweet.

Marsha - Thanks for the congrats on the loss ... I am thankful to be back on track, of course with TOM this week I do not expect a loss but rather a gain, ughhhh ... it is also very hot and humid here as well, stay cool !! :cool:

Julie - Great to hear from you !!!!

Hi to Scuzin, Susan/Va, and Nikki !!!!

Well I guess I will get back to work .... I need a nap!!!!! :(

Have a good day!! :D

08-03-2005, 04:14 PM
Afternoon girls!


Carri :bravo:

Carri: Oh how awful! I will pray as soon as I get off. I hope things come out alright for him. I can't wait to celebrate your goal with you! I know you will get there!

My woe today is sore boobs and allergies. I woke up with my eyes swollen, my adenoids swollen then got a headache and a bloody nose! Sheesh! I love the warm weather for the pool but this is the worst my allergies have ever been. On top of that, I have dancing hormones and I can't even touch my boobs. I was doing jumping jacks in the pool this morning and my suit sliding up and down hurt them. I just can't risk artificial hormones so I guess I have to suck it up. Other than that I only have 3 weeks and 1 day until we are out of here so I can deal with a little discomfort, but let me tell you it is no picnic sleeping. If I sleep on my side, my adenoids choke me and if I sleep on my stomach, I feel like I have two bowling balls on my chest that BURN! One of these days I have to get through this whole mess! :lol:

I decided to keep the car today and went to the library. I think I would die without books. Carri, have you gotten to read Half Blood Prince yet? I am dying to ask you and Susan what you think of how it all turns out.

Well, it is off to the poop plant as Jack calls it to pick him up. He cracked me up this morning. The air was particularly odiferous this morning and we both said different things at the same time. I said, "Smells like old cooked cabbage" and Jack said, "Smells like somebody's f *&^s." :lol: I said, "You know, I can always count on you being particularly tacky." He laughed and said, "What do you expect I'm an old sailor?" Bless his heart, he works there and never complains about it though the money is phenomenal. He is college educated but because he had one bad break getting laid off when he was in his late 40's he couldn't get hired for compter work anywhere after that presumably because of his age. He says he can retire on a good pension in 10 years and that is what is important to him so I have to quit feeling guilty because he actually doesn't mind doing electrician work again and the pay allows us to live a great life now (actually better than when he worked in an office! :lol: )

I gotta go girls! Everyone have a wonderful afternoon! TTFN

Faye :)

08-04-2005, 07:36 AM
THURSDAY: Today is Time for Us Thursday. A day to take some time just for you!

Back later ladies

Faye ;)

Amanda Panda
08-04-2005, 03:48 PM
Hi all,

I got 4 points yesterday - I'm having a really good week and have stayed OP with my calories 100% so far this week (which makes a change! :lol: ).

I've been feeling a bit low over the past few days - relationship probs still, but things will get sorted out sooner or later so I'm just staying quiet for now. Lets just say I am still not happy and I don't think we are going to make it, but we are both trapped together in this flat for the near future so I'm trying to make the best of it.

CARRI - So sorry about your friend - I hope it's not as bad as it sounds.

FAYE - Sorry about your sore boobs - I'm wincing just thinking about it! Not long till Vegas.....but stay away from that packing for now!

Love Amanda x

08-05-2005, 05:29 AM
Hi all, I'm still here! and I found my wallet finally so I can get back to the gym. I'm in the midst of production, tonight was opening night of the play I've been working on: Steel Magnolias. It went over pretty well.

Faye - I had the exact same woe! For the 1st time ever I wore a shirt that didn't require a bra, and I'm not by any means well endowed so I didn't think it would be a problem. Well the shirt moving around all day HURT SO BADLY.

08-05-2005, 07:46 AM
FRIDAY: Today is Fabulous Friday Follies. Share with us any funny mishap that has happened to you lately.


Amanda :bravo:
Faye :dancer:

Carri: How is your friend's father? I have been thinking of him a lot and their family. Still praying! Is your dh back to normal with his back?

Amanda: Maybe if you really think the "romantic" relationship will never work, work on the friend side just so things in the flat will stay normal. I know things like this can be oh so hard, but if it isn't Nigel, there is someone out there for you and he will find you!

Susan: Glad you finally found your wallet! Somehow when I was sleeping I got someone elses AND my boobs! :lol: :lol: I am definitely "well endowed."

Susan/VA: How is hubby coming along? I think about him often.

Everyone else, Jacque,Julie, Nikki, Marsha miss you!

Faye :)

08-05-2005, 09:53 AM
Good morning to all. It is rather chilly sitting here this am, but I love it!!! Much easier to put on some sweats and socks than to sit and sweat.

Faye - your Jack is real gem. I know that you already appreciate him, but he sounds good to others, too. Hope you feel better soon.

Amanda - hang in there, girl. My DD just had to tough it out with a girl that she was living with when things weren't going too well, so I can imagine it is difficult.

Carri - thinking about your frien'd father and praying that things turned out better than expected. Head injuries are so often critical. We are frequently reminded that never know what will happen in our lives from day to day.

Susan - glad to hear from you. Hope the production goes well.

Got some laundry to do, then off to town to pick up supplies for Bible School next week. Haven't taught for a while, got roped in this year. Our church is here in our tiny village of 80 people, but I do have 8 preschooler who will be in my class! Also have to book a hotel room for Sunday night - going to go with DD the night before her interview - we would have no idea what time to leave home Monday am and have to go through the whole Minneapolis area during rush hour, interview is as 9 am.
Have a great day everyone!
BTW- I have not cheated at all on WW - in fact have not used many of the extra weekly pts. Find it to be enough food if I make the right choices, but after that 10 lb. drop that happened so fast, the weight loss has really slowed down. 1 lb. last week, and only 1/2 so far this week - have until Tuesday to weigh though, so hope for at least a pound by then. I know that is OK - but would love it to be 2 each week.

08-05-2005, 12:15 PM
Morning All, just popping in real quick for an update and a Hello !! :) My friends father is still alive, thank God ... he has alot of injuries and they said he is not out of the woods yet, but he is doing better, he has a broken leg and arm and will have to have alot of reconstructive surgery on his face, but they are just so glad he is alive .... I guess what they are worrying about now is fluid in his lungs, so we will see how that goes ... thanks for all of the prayers and keep em' coming :)

I am on TOM so no exercise for me the last two days, in fact I was home with bad cramps yesterday ... but I did weigh myself and am down to 200 on the nose, so I am sure I will back in Onederland soon !!!

Hope you all have a great weekend !!! Talk more later ...

08-05-2005, 12:44 PM
oh and Faye, I forgot to answer your question about my dh ( and thanks for asking ), he is doing really well, he has joined a gym and is going there about 4-5 times a week, he has lost about 22 pounds which I am sure is helping with the back thing since there will not be as much weight pulling on it, he had quite a beer belly, ha ha ... so the steriod shot seems to have done the trick, and I pray all of the time that it does not happen again, he does some exercises which specifically strengthen his back so hopefully that is helping as well ... thanks for all of your prayers for him in the past!

Amanda Panda
08-05-2005, 04:10 PM
Hey all,

I got another 4 point day yesterday :smug: I am feeling REALLY focused at the moment - because I had such a great loss last month it has really motivated me to stay on track and do better with my food. Nigel keeps winding me up by suggesting we get a Domino's pizza and I am flat out refusing - I am determined to have a really good month! He says he's building up my resistance and gettting me used to saying 'no'!

I picked up my glasses today - I like them but they take some getting used to as I am not used to having to wear them. I don't think I am going to wear them out much in public - I'm too vain! They are cool, but one of my nicest features are my eyes and long eyelashes, so I don't like covering them up with glass screens! I mainly need them for reading and TV anyway.

FAYE - You are right - that is what I am doing. As Christians we decided that we can go about this is a loving manner, but it still feels hard sometimes because part of me just needs to move on. I hope we can remain good friends, but who knows how things will work out.

SCUZIN - Glad you found your gym pass! Aren't you too young for a part in 'Steel Magnolia's' :lol:

CARRI - Glad your friends dad is holding his own - I will pray for him. Glad dh's back is doing well - you are right, the weight loss can only help him! Congrats on getting to 200lb - Onederland is just around the corner, and I know you will stay there this time!

MARSHA - Well done for sticking to your WW plan 100% - it is a very flexible diet isn't it? We tend to 'fail' at diets when they are too restrictive, so finding a plan that you can live with forever is the key to getting the weight off and keeping it off! That 10lb loss was massive - so it's perfectly understandable that you've slowed right down. I lost 5lb last week but have lost nothing this week despite being OP 100% - but I know my body is recovering from such a big loss last week. Over the month it will all average out. I know what you mean about wanting to lose 'just' 2lb a week - I used to get distressed about tiny losses, but now I just look at my monthly total and it all adds up!

Have a good evening

Love Amanda x

08-05-2005, 05:00 PM
Hi, ladies - this was one busy week at work. My husband seems to be on the road to recovery and I'm one happy person.

Congratulations to those of you who had a "losing" July. I only lost 1.25 pounds the whole month (after my grain which is gone).

Just hope everyone has a good weekend - and try to stay cool!

08-05-2005, 08:45 PM
Hey hey,

I am treating myself to an afternoon of beauty :) I've done my nails and bought some special hair stuff and new eye makeup...should look fabulous tonight! And I'm going to the beach tomorrow! Can't wait.

Actually...I'm not IN steel mags...I'm teching it, but I do seem to always get cast as older women...I have yet to do a show at this school where I do not have to grey my hair. Since I'm a charater actor and not a "leading lady" young and wafish type I get filtered into the motherly roles.

08-06-2005, 07:03 AM
SATURDAY: Today is Sunny Thoughts Saturday. A time to make us all smile and laugh with jokes or funny stories.


Amanda :bravo:
Faye :dancer:

A man has a heart attack and is brought to the hospital ER. The doctor tells him that he will not live unless he has a heart transplant right away. Another doctor runs into the room and says, "you're in luck, two hearts just became available, so you will get to choose which one you want. One belongs to an attorney and the other to a social worker".

The man quickly responds, "the attorney's".
The doctor says, "Wait! Don't you want to know a little about them before you make your decision?"
The man says, "I already know enough. We all know that social workers are bleeding hearts and the attorney's probably never used his. So I'll take the attorney's!"

Susan/VA: I am so pleased dh is starting to recover. Now that they found what was causing part of trouble. Is he eating better?

Susan: Your big break is just around the corner I can feel it! :lol: Hope you enjoy the beach today.

Amanda: Sounds to me like Nigel is trying to sabotage your program. He isn't the first person to do it. Especially since relationship wise, things are not good for you. I am sure he is a wonderful man, but lesser men then he have tried to keep their significant other fat and happy so she won't go "looking elsewhere." Don't be surprised if underneath this "toughening up" explanation isn't someone who is trying to cling to a relationship that is kaputs and is afraid a smaller you will draw men. You hang tough sweety and you work on what you want out of this.

Marsha: I think WW is one of THE best programs around. I am glad you are being successful with it. Maybe you should up the intensity or the time of your workouts to get that ole metabolism a boost if you are sluggish in the lbs department.

Carri: I am SO glad your hubby is doing great and losing weight too, how wonderful! We are very proud of you here and how you are turning yourself around. You are getting close to that goal so work hard. Hope you are feeling better today with the ole TOM. I have missed mine again and hope that either I have one soon or skip August too as I surely don't want to have to deal with it in Vegas with white and pastel pants! :(

Allergies have again driven me from bed early. I feel like I have 10 lbs of hair in my throat this morning, bugs up my nose and an anvil in my head! :lol: I am like Carri, I will be glad when the temps drop and maybe all this will lighten some. It is the worst year I have ever had. On the bright side, I guess I can get some work done downstairs this morning if I am quiet.

Jack and I decided to play poker last night because we were bored. We played Texas Hold 'Em with Jack being a player and the dealer. Girls, I got creamed by the little stinker. First off, I never had a decent poker hand and secondly, he kept betting big making me fold and taking my chips. Rematches are **** and I am going to play with him tonight and clean his clock! :lol: :lol: One of my problems is I don't LIKE to fold so I hang in there longer than I should. We were playing tournament style and not casino style so it is more fun I think because you are playing against each other instead of the "house." I have been practicing with a casino program we have for the computer, but truth be told, I have $49,000,000 to play with (mostly from winning slot machine jackpots) so I don't worry about betting too much! :lol: :lol: I guess I need to work on it some! :lol:

Everyone have a great weekend. It will be quiet here today. I am going to the pool at 7 then clean the downstairs I think. Seems that comes around a lot!

Faye ;)

08-07-2005, 08:26 AM
SUNDAY: Today is Silly Poll Sunday and our silly poll this week is, what appliances, inventions etc, would you definitely not want to give up and what ones do you wish were never invented?

Morning gals! I see it was quiet here yesterday. As to the poll, I wouldn't want to give up my fridge, indoor plumbing and probably electricity. CELL PHONES are the bane of my existance because everyone is either rude or dangerous using them!

Faye :)

08-07-2005, 07:34 PM
Quiet weekend - just have a minute, then have to run. Going to the hotel for DD's interview in the morning. Now she isn't sure about the iterview because BF says he likes his current job and definitely would not move with her! Oh well, the interview experience will be good for her.

Faye - Hope the allergies are a bit better. We are back in the furnace - over 90 three days in a row. Right now we are having the 7th hottest summer on record, could get worse.

I know it sounds silly, but I would not want to live without my ice maker. Can't think of any in particular that I hate - maybe ipod because I don't have one?

Big shout out to the rest of the gang - talk to you all tomorrow.

08-08-2005, 07:47 AM
MONDAY: today is Mission Monday and our mission this week is to try to get 50% 4pters this week. Ok girls, let's work hard to get some perfect scores this week!

back later

Faye :)

08-08-2005, 12:19 PM
Morning All ... well I had a good weekend ( hope you all did too, seemed quiet around here ) , I did got to our best friends little daughters 1st b day party and they had my favorite cake from Costco, with the cream cheese filling in the middle and I did NOT have any!! Boy was it ever hard to do, geeeezz .. finally I asked her to take it to another room so I didnt have to stare at it any longer!! :lol:

PLUS I have BIG NEWS !!! I weighed in at 199 this morning !!! Back to Onederland!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D
However we all know that I am going to the State Fair this Friday, wonder how much I could gain in one day of fair eating ... I wouldnt think it would be more than a pound, but who knows... will have to work my butt off on Sat and Sunday to counteract all the bad food calories.... hey I have been on plan for 3 weeks now, so Girls I am eating!!! :)

Glad to hear you are all doing well ... Faye looks like another hot one this week for us ... shows low 90's all week, and on the day that I go to the fair it shows a high of 92, ughhhhhhh ... when will it end???? Well anyhow talk to you all later ... I am on board for the 4 pointers!!!!

08-08-2005, 05:22 PM
Hi, ladies. Had a very good weekend - 4 points both days!

Faye, my husband is eating a little more but not much. We go to doctor Wednesday.

Carri - Congratulations - way to go, girl!

Starting to thunder and lightening so have to turn computer off!

08-09-2005, 06:59 AM
TUESDAY: Today is Target Tuesday and our target this week is food programs. Specificially white foods. Let's see if for one week we can remove just one white food from our diet, be it bread, pasta, rice, flour, sugar, whatever.


Susan :bravo: :bravo:

Carri: I am so proud of you! I knew you could do it. Have a good time this weekend!

Susan/VA: hope the dr appt goes well. I know you guys could really use some good news. I talked to my dsis Sunday and her husband is to the point where he not only can't stand, but he now cannot sit in his scooter without falling over. It is so sad, but part of that darn disease (MS)

talk later gals

faye :)

Amanda Panda
08-09-2005, 06:00 PM
Hi all,

I've been having a wobbly few days foodwise, but am keeping up the exercise. My relationship probs have been getting me down a bit and suprise, suprise it's led to me overeating a bit - but I'm getting back on top of it and am determined not to let this stop me from reaching my goals.

CARRI - Well done you for getting to 199 - that is fantastic! :cheer:

SUSAN/VA - Hope your trip to the docs goes well - glad to hear that your dh is doing better.

FAYE - Hope your allergies are calming down a bit.

SCUZIN - Your beauty treats sound like fun - it does us good to pamper ourselves!

Love Amanda x

08-10-2005, 05:51 AM
Hi all,
I"m back from a weekend at the beach...and the dentist office...I chipped a tooth and have to have a crown :( boo. I guess that's my wednesday woe, check tonight.

Carri - congrats on the weigh in!!!!!!

08-10-2005, 08:08 AM
WEDNESDAY: today is Wednesday's Woes so we can gripe today girls!

Susan: Sorry about the tooth!

everyone have a good day and I will check in later!

Faye :)

08-10-2005, 09:57 AM
Good morning gals. Not too much to woe about today. The heat is gone and the forecast is for low 80's for about a week. Yeah! Bible school is going well, but reminds me that I am happy not to be teaching the youngest ones in school anymore - their attention spans are sooo short!

Faye - just thinking this am that your vacation is getting very close - time does go by!

Amanda - most of us that have weight problems are stress eaters. We all know a few of those people who would have lost 10 pounds because of it, but not us! Hang in there, girl. You know you have come too far to let it all slip.

Carri - I hope I am right behind you into the onederlands. Started this journey at 226 in April, but have been stuck right around 203, 204 for a bit now. Just think - the 200's are behind you forever!

Susan - still praying for anwers for DH - is he getting depressed about his condition?

Scuzin - sorry to hear about your tooth -crowns are so expensive!

I am going to get my walk in this am - then have to pick up my sister and go do some grocery shopping for our week up north. She says the list isn't too long - but it does take some grub to feed 25 for a week. Friday morning we take DM to the nursing home - guess they want us there around 10 and then would like DF, sis and I to stay for lunch. They seem like they want to provide well for her there - they plan to have a staff meeting to discuss her condition. There are things she wants them to know - like during the daytime she is not sleeping, but just can't open her eyes and would like them to do that for her. They are also letting her bring her own brand of yogurt that people we know who will go see her can feed her. Know we will all worry when we are up north, but the vacation, especially for DF, is so needed.
Have a great day and I will check in tomorrow.

08-10-2005, 01:21 PM
My woe for today is a looloo! I am so upset at myself for being just a dope!!!!! I have told you all about my dsis in Ca who lives like they are Donald Trump but are up to their ears in debt. Well, she has been whining about coming to Vegas and not knowing where they were getting the money, etc for weeks to me. Well, I talked with dh and we decided we were going to help them out so I sent HER MY $$ off coupons for their room and it came with 4 free meal coupons, then we decided to pay for their room, give them a tank of gas to go home on, pay for the entertainment we were going to do together AND made reservations at this fancy Italian restaurant SHE picked out over where we wanted to go (which of course was cheaper) because their anniversary was the 4th so it is our gift to them. WELLLLLLL, I talked to the other sister on Sunday and she informed me her dd and sil were leaving for Ca the day before we go home from Vegas to visit my sis and bil and they are going to the NASCAR race in CA!!!! NASCAR tickets aren't cheap let me tell you. So , I emailed my dsis not once but twice about my niece coming out there and she ignored it both times and responded to everything else in both e-mails. I am hopping mad that we fell for that again! Last year at my son's wedding, they were so rude to dh. I got invited to go shopping with the two of them and their three dd's and dh said to go. my sis said my bil and nil would call dh about going with them! They left him stranded at the hotel with nothing to do and my stupid sis and n spent all day shopping in extreme heat in an outdoor mall, ignoring me completely like I was their chauffeur (she had rented a Lincoln Town Car and was afraid to drive it so I drove everywhere!) I thought we were going to be gone a couple hours and 6 hours later we come back and dh is in the room playing a game on his computer because he was stiffed! Then the day of the wedding, the two of them went off for coffee and rolls and ignored me completely and I had a shoe emergency (my beautiful new shoes wouldn't fit as my feet had swelled) so I called my sis on her cell and ask is she could take me to Walmarts to get a pair of shoes to wear under my dress. Yeah, they came back and got me, then shopped for 2 hours in Walmart and 45 minutes in the store next door and left me sitting in the hot car! I was a nervous wreck about the wedding anyway and they are screwing around like they have nothing better to do and it is like 2 hours before the wedding! We decided not to spend money on a rental car because our hotel had a shuttle that connected with three of their other properties on and off the strip and we had relatives in town for the wedding that could take us to the wedding in their car. My bil decided he KNEW Vegas and first off, messed around until it was 15 minutes before the wedding before leaving our hotel, then took a "short cut" that ended in a deadend and got us lost. We arrived at the chapel in a huge traffic tie up so dh and I got out of the car in the middle of the road and hot footed it to the chapel. Thank goodness the wedding before was late or we would have missed our own son's wedding. Anyway, I told dh I was never ever ever doing anything for them monetarily again. We have already given them a BIG cash gift a year or so ago. DH and I don't believe in loaning money to family or friends. If we can't afford to lose it we don't give it. She has already hinted about not having airline ticket money to go to Indiana for Thanksgiving and there is no way we are giving them money! These people probably make $120,000 between them to our $75,000! I just feel like such a moron to fall for it again!

DH takes Accupril, Metropolol sp?, Plavix and Zocor. I imagine that one of them is probably some kind of blood thinner or has that component? Anyway, he is bruising lately really easily and they get really dark purple etc. Now I don't mean to say they pop up by themselves, but for instance a week ago the car door hit him in the chest and he has a half dollar size bruise on his breast but it is very dark purple and looks awful. He did something to his inner arm at work and it turned really ugly too. Where before, if he bumped into something or hit himself with something, it wouldn't necessarily bruise but now it does. He looks like I have beaten the crap out of him! lol It just seems he is bruising a lot more than usual. I talked to my dil, who is a pharmacist last night and she said to have him call his cardiologist as they may want to do some blood work to see if his Plavix needs to be reduced, changed, whatever. I told my dil that if someone sees him all bruised up, thinks it's spouse abuse, calls the cops and haul me in and I miss my vacation, there really will be spouse abuse then! :lol: :lol: He promised he would call the dr today though.

Marsha: Sometimes having a very infirmed family member is so very stressful and you have to get away for just a little while. My older sis's dh has MS and is in a nursing home now and she is just whipped from going there everyday, her body is all screwed up from her thyroid meds and she HAS to work everyday sick or not. She was supposed to come down here to visit, but cannot afford it even though I said I would come get her and take her home so I understand what you mean!

Well, I need to go. I got an e-mail from this other dsis just now and she is complaining about their car and wanted to know if we rented one so we can use our car instead of theirs! SIGH!!!!! :(

faye ;)

08-10-2005, 02:55 PM
Afternoon Girls... Hope you all are doing well ... I have had two "4" pointers for the last two has been so hot around here that dh has made me go for a long walk with him around 9:00 both nights ... I thought it would be too late to exercise and that it might keep me up but I still have been going to bed around my regular time of 10:30 ... so as long as it is this hot I guess I will keep doing it then, last night we went around 8:30 and I walked my butt off for about 40 is good to go with him because he walks fast and keeps me at a fat burning it has been nice...I just hope I do not gain like 2 pounds from the Fair this Friday ... :lol:

I do not have any Weds woe that is good I guess...

Update on my co-worker/friends dad that was in the motorcycle accident, he is going to live per the Dr's... he still has a long way to go though with therapy and such... he is still on a breathing tube and has not fully waken up yet...he has also got a high fever at times, so they watch him closely...keep him in your prayers, and the whole family as his wife is paralyzed from the neck down, has been since she was 18, she got married that way and had two kids that way, what a woman!! So she depends on him alot, physically and financially, so they are going through some hard times... we are actually taking up a collection here at work to help them through.

Faye - You have got quite a big woe going on, ha ha ... I would not put up with is not like you are loaded and have $$ to burn, you guys work hard for that ( or dh does, ha ) ... I would not be helping anymore ...

Amanda - Don't let the relationship problems bring you down and make you gain have come so far girlie...and you will be at goal one day...with or without him.

Marsha - I know how hard it is to get under 200, I was there last winter and then rose above it again... I hope I can stay under now for good...

Scuzin - Sorry to hear about your tooth, I hate the dentist, I think I have a cavity right now but am afraid to go, I know waiting will make it worse :(

Susan/VA - Great to hear that your husband is eating more, hope things go well at the Dr...

Well hope you all have a great OP day can do it !!!!!!!!!! :cool:

08-11-2005, 08:55 AM
Good Morning everyone!

Don't have much to say...just want to start hanging out here again. Maybe all your success will motivate my butt somehow.

Congratulations Carrie!!!!! I'm so happy you're back in dh has back problems, too, if you recall, and he's lost over 30 pounds since May. He was at 201 this morning...I think I'm jealous. Know I am, actually.

Well, I hope everyone has a great day.


08-11-2005, 10:18 AM
THURSDAY: Today is Time for Us Thursday and it is a day to give some time to ourselves. One of the ways to do this is to partake of the support here and visit with us on a regular basis!

I will do pts and replies a little later. I just got back from the pool and have to get showered and over to the library and deposit books in their book drop before it opens or my books will be later! :lol:

See you in a few!

Faye ;)

08-11-2005, 11:33 AM
Hey, Faye - that's me, stopping at the library on my way to work to get my books back on time. I do make good use of it.

Time for me - well, haven't done that for awhile but I'm taking a day off work tomorrow to go the Quilt Guild and a quilting class on Saturday so I'm excited.

Dr. said my husband is doing well and he has to be retested in 2 weeks and then a month later to make sure the Flagyle took care of everything. Said it hit him so hard it would be 6 months before eveything was in any semblance of order again and just to take it easy and rest a lot. He is eating better and that has me a lot happier. The darn nurse told him if he felt like eating cookies - eat cookies, etc. If I let him get started on that path again, I'll never get him back to eating sensibly. I feel he needs to eat nutritiously as possible since he doesn't eat much. Have him having the Ensure Extra twice a day for snacks since that gets a lot of vitamins into him.

08-11-2005, 01:13 PM

Carri :bravo: :bravo:
Faye :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

Carri: that is the way to get in that exercise! Convince yourself it is too hot to stay indoors! Good for you and don't stress about the fair or it won't be fun for you to even go! So glad about your friend. I hope things work out for the family! Thanks for the reassurance I am not being a jerk because I don't want to give them money for Thanksgiving!

Julie: You listen to me, young lady! You started way back with me on this thread when I first got it going. You have hung in through the nutcases that posted here, those who wandered away and our beginning little group of Amanda and Carri, you and I! You can't desert us now that things are tough weightwise for you! You always preached to everyone else about the support here now we are here for YOU! Even if you are eating the house, you need to come here and get encouraged! Don't continue to let your writing, your skinnier husband, or your kids give you the excuse to stay away. No one knows better than I how devastating it is emotionally to start eating badly again and gain weight BUT remember that beautiful woman that looks you in the face every morning. Doesn't she deserve something better than giving up on her?????? I love you to pieces and want you back to being contented again as do we all!

Susan/VA: Oh, I hope I didn't borrow a book you wanted to read! :lol: :lol: Well, they are all back at the library so get your UZI for protection and go back to my library and pick it up! :lol: :lol: (Sorry just had to throw that in! We had a shooting every 32 hours in Memphis last month :s: ) I am thrilled you hubby is on the upswing!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Faye has lost 10 lbs! :cb: I was behaving terribly food wise for 2-3 weeks then got serious and lost it over about 10 days. I have been behaving myself still working hard in the pool and rewarded myself with a new outfit to wear on the plane. Oh you guys, it is like wearing pjs and looks so cute. It is that crinkled fabric so it doesn't matter if it wrinkles, nice baggy pants and a nice full tunic to go with in a deep turquoise. Best part, on sale for $25 for the set! WOOHOO! I have enough trouble sitting in a plane seat for 4.5 hours anyway let alone in uncomfortable tight clothing. Because my *** is too big for the seat, it arms pinch somewhat and will cause my leg, at least one of them to go to sleep so I can use all the help I can get!

As for dh, I talked with the nurse last night and she was going to talk to Dr Anderson this morning to see if he thinks dh needs blood work because of the bruising. Haven't heard a peep yet though.

I am having the yummiest whole wheat flatbread ham and swiss wrap with arugula in it. It feels good to be back on track. Don't you wonder why we punish ourselves???

Everyone have a great day!

Faye :D

Amanda Panda
08-11-2005, 03:35 PM
Hi all,

Well I am still not doing brilliantly with my eating - it's been four days in a row that I've gone over my calories which is not good! I need to sort it out and stop eating to comfort myself. I wish I was one of those people who loses their appetite completely when they are low! I've been getting my water and exercise in, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad I guess! I need to give myself a kick up the butt about my eating, as if I'm going to be a single girl again at the ripe old age of 32, then I need to be looking my best! :lol:

FAYE - :cheer:Congrats on the 10lb loss - that is wonderful! :cheer: You are right to put a stop to giving your ds money - it's not like it's for life or death stuff like rent arrears or electricity bills, it sounds like she's been using your money to live it up! Bless you and Jack for being so generous - especially when you are hardly 'rolling in it' yourselves. Hope Jack's bruising is nothing to worry about - my mum went through a period of bruising really easily and it turned out to be connected to her thyroid gland and was easily sorted.

CARRI - You are doing really well! Good for you for getting out for some walks - at least it's cooler at night and you have your big strong dh to accompany you!

JULIE - Please come back hon! I agree totally with what faye has said - stop letting everything else get in the way of the health and wellbeing you deserve! Your dh obviously isn't! Good on him for losing weight by the way - it won't take you long to join him!

MARSHA - Enjoy your holiday - it sounds like your dm will be very well looked after, which must be a weight off your mind. Enjoy your break - you deserve it!

SUSAN/VA - Glad your dh is getting better - I agree that if he is eating so little then you don't want it to be something of no nutritional value. I guess at least cookies may fatten him up a bit!

Love Amanda x

08-11-2005, 03:47 PM
Afternoon Girls ... well I just messed up and had two good sized egg rolls for lunch, so the big strong oak has fallen :lol: Well I kind of had this "I dont care" attitude today since I am going to eat at the fair tomorrow, I know that is bad, but all this time of no cheating I think I owe myself some rewards...boy I am really talking myself into this huh? :lol:

Julie - HI HI HI ... good to hear from you, thanks on the congrats...I have been working hard...I know you too can get where you want to be...your dh is doing a great job on his weight loss... how sad him and I are so close in weight, ha ha :D

Faye - Great job on the 10 pounds down! woo hoo... that is so great!! Keep it up...cause you know you will not be dieting in Vegas :)

Everyone else Hello, I gotta get back to work, not much time today, have a great day!! Stormy here today

08-11-2005, 04:40 PM
Faye - doing the happy dance for you!

08-12-2005, 07:32 AM
FRIDAY: Today is Fabulous Friday Follies. Tell us any funny methods you have used to lose weight!

Morning gals! It is going to be a beautiful morning, maybe because I am behaving myself and lost another 4#! BUT, I have to go to the dreaded commissary today and you KNOW how I love that!

I will be back in later and pt points and such

Faye :)

Amanda Panda
08-12-2005, 09:22 AM
Hello folks!

I got another 2 pointer yesterday - but I am feeling better in myself today so hopefully this will be reflected in my eating! I just did a really tough cycle class and it's really got the endorphins pumping! My motto at the moment is 'this too shall pass' - I keep saying this to myself when I get caught up in things.

I've decided to start going to church again - I went last week, and although it is not my ideal church (which is one reason I haven't attended for a couple of years - there are no decent churches in my area), I have decided to commit to it because better a church that isn't 100% perfect than no church at all! It's not a bad church and I will really benefit from making some good Christian friends.

FAYE - Another 4lbs down - You are on fire woman! Don't go picking up any more men at the commissary! :lol:

CARRI - You have been working so hard - a day or two loosening the reins will not undo all your hard work - enjoy the fair!

Love Amanda x

08-12-2005, 09:37 AM
Morning everyone!

CONGRATULATIONS FAYE!! :strong: :bravo: :cp: :cb: I know you feel great when you're losing, that's awesome.

Carrie--Enjoy your Fair day! I went two weeks ago and only had a sausage dog and a few bites of cotton candy. No fried dough, which is a miracle for me.

Amanda--I hope you make lots of friends at your new church. It's great that you're getting out more.

Thanks for the encouraging words everyone. It means alot to have such a group of friends who genuinely care about you. I haven't given up, I'm just in a "I don't feel like it" phase...laziness, I guess. I've been so hyper attentive to all the writing I'm doing...the stress gets to me sometimes. I know exercise is the only way to deal with it, but I've been choosing to eat instead. Bad.

I have been doing handstands almost daily! ME--This fat old broad doing handstands, can you imagine??! :lol: My daughter bet me I couldn't do one...well, I had to show her...and I did one and then another...I actually used to do them all the time, now I remember why--They're FUN! They are GREAT exercise for the upper body, even though I don't hold them very long. Yet.

Oh, and I also went to fight yesterday for the first time in about a year. So that's good exercise too. I thought I was done with the fighting, but I've found that I miss it. So, I'm going back but trying not to be super-competitive because that makes me crazy!

I guess that's all on the Julie front. Tomorrow I'm going to an antique fair with DH and then my middle daughter is having a slumber party to celebrate her 10th birthday. I'm going to try to be good!

Scuzin, Susan, Marsha....everyone else who I don't know :lol: ....have a great weekend!


08-12-2005, 02:28 PM
Afternoon ladies!! I cannot even TELL you how hot it is... Does this give you a clue???:devil: :devil: I did the commissary routine (and :sssh: Amanda I think it was old codger's day cause they were all over 75! :D I had a huge hot flash in the store and was walking around in a nice cool store fanning myself as fast as I could with my list! Came home and had to drag it all in and put away, which is tough going in and out of the AC then had to go to the store again to replace my reading glasses as I broke them at the commissary. Right as I got inside the door, the frame just broke and the lense fell out. You should have seen me trying to read cal and fat with my arm out as far as it would go! :(


Amanda :dancer:
Faye :bravo:

Julie: Listen, I just want you to come here to destress. You'll know when you are ready to get that program going again. You have done fabo in the past and I know you will again.

Amanda: I know sometimes my mouth is a sewer, but I am truly a devout person and we aren't going to church either. We cannot find one here that isn't really liberal Biblically and we are pretty conservative. They tend to believe only parts of the Bible are factual and a lot is symbolic. What whooey! If God wrote it down through man then it happened, I say! I watch church on tv and that is not good enough. We have a huge baptist church here that we haven't visited, but Jack is "out of practice" and it is impossible to get him to go now. Funny, before we moved from Indiana, I was in charge of the payroll to missionaries, the SS attendance, taught a jr church 4-5 class for several years and taught fill in when someone didn't show up. Jack was a deacon, SS superintendent (hence the reason I was the one that always filled in :lol: ) and was the absolute best adult SS teacher I have ever heard! I remember when he wanted to start the class, I groaned because he is not a very good speaker and I thought he would be BORRRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGG! Well, he started the book of Daniel, had handouts and everything, the class was about 10 or so and when we left it was about 45 (a lot of the people from the other adult class who didn't like the teacher came into Jack's class.) He truly was amazing. He also taught all about the book of Kings, which can be boring, but Jack would do personal research about each king and tell stories about their personal lives not just the Biblical passages. I truly missed it when I agreed to take over the SS attendance job.

Well, ladies I need to go and check the laundry as I have been gone all morning!

faye :)

08-13-2005, 06:20 AM