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07-26-2005, 09:54 AM
Good Morning! The week is rolling right along. It's weigh in night for me. Wish me luck I think I did ok but it is TOM for me sometime in the next week or so. Not sure of the exact date with these new pills, but I only have two regular ones left so it should be soon. Which means I am probably up a couple of pounds.

Ok off to clean and drink some water. Wish me luck tonight!

07-26-2005, 10:08 AM

Good luck on your WI tonite. Hope you didn't gain. I WI on Wed morning & my feet have been swelling a lot with the heat. So I think I'm probably holding water. (I take water pills). Because I have been extremely OP except for the pancakes & bacon on Sunday. However I did not overeat the rest of the day & have been good since.

Ahh, trying to free myself from a number on the scale. Old habits die hard dont they? :(

Everyone have a good day, I'll probably pop in & out today. TTYL

Bev in WI
07-26-2005, 10:46 AM
Good luck on your WI tonight, Misty.

Welcome to all the new Sistas. Good to have you here.

I have to work 11 to 3 today so it kind of shoots the whole day. I don't accomplish much in the morning as I keep thinking about getting ready for work - and by the time I get home I don't have much ambition for the rest of the day. At least our weather cooled off. Heat index has been over 100 with actual temperatures in the high 90's - and the humidity at "drip" level! Felt good to walk this morning as there was a nice breeze - still pretty humid though.

Everyone have a good day -- Bev

07-26-2005, 11:37 AM
Had a very bad food night last night. I had got about three hours of sleep the night before and was trying so hard to not go back to sleep during the day. I did it, but that turned out to be a bad idea and I could barely stay awake during work. Was not hungry at any point but just kept eating. Not sweets or snacks just -food-. Probably had something like 45 points when my max is 25. Bah. Today I have had less sleep, so I will take a nap. I just am really really bad at waking up for alarms. Can sleep through anything, and if I am not fully awake, the snooze button is my best friend. Sort of worried about living alone because of that. . .tired or not tired, I have been known to sleep for 16-20 hours with no problem. Is a weird feeling to go to sleep when it is dark out and wake up when it is still dark out and realize that whole day is just gone. Am planning on asking my boss if I can work doubles. I figure if I am going to be working the hours anyway that doing them all in one place will give me good loyalty to the company and save me time/energy from running all around town. Will try not to think about it too much. Have a tendency to hope and plan around things that never happen. ;) Have a big tummyache from yesterday so will probably only be drinking water for a good portion of the morning. There is a possibility of getting an apartment in the building where I am now. It is a pretty big building-I think 500 units. The thing is it would be soooooooo much easier (well cheaper anyway) to push my boxes into the elevator and out than to hire a moving company. And I would not lose the view, the convenient location, would be able to get my mail, still have a gym, not have to go through a whole get to know this kind of thing, have the same crew, et cetera. :dunno: Again, do not want to get too excited. I have been racking my brain for a way to get another personal reference letter. I was going to print one out and have this guy from my work, who is great at well b.s.ing, sign it. Just figured he probably would. Turns out he quit Friday. :( I am just so worried no one will approve me for a place. I have never had an apartment with my name on the lease, so no record of me being a perfect tenant. Have had the job for a month and have no one to vouch for me. Is just twisted. Some party guys that are smoking up certain things daily could probably get 5 letters of reference. Really, landlords should be seeking out the friendless! They are the quiet ones. :dizzy:

edit: just realized that my husband's letter of reference would probably not "count" since he is related.

07-26-2005, 01:50 PM
HH.. I hope you aren't offended by this, but so many of your posts have such an undertone of depression to them, and the kind of sleeping you talk about in your last one is a pretty good sigh, too. You are going through so much, and it sounds like you have no one close by to help you through. I don't know what your faith is, but have you considered looking into local churches for spiritual support, camaraderie and even counseling? You can't do all that you're doing alone. Yes, of course we're all here, but maybe someone with some professional training might be able to ease some of your emotional and mental burden. Or if you find a clergyperson you trust, that could offer some relief too. You're not alone, hon, but sometimes it can feel like it. I'm worried about you.

As for me, my PMS doldrums finally lifted, like a shot, yesterday afternoon. Still no ., but that's OK. It can take its time! I got home from work and did the weirdest thing. I was gathering upbeat songs to burn on a workout CD and when I was playing them, I had an urge to dance. So I did, straight through four 5-plus minute songs. (Lady Marmalade; Save a Horse, Ride A Cowboy; Livin La Vida Loca; and Too Hard to Handle). It was in my hot, un-air conditioned living room, and it felt great. So great that I went up and got my hand and leg weights and did those exercises, as well as crunches. Then I got a nice cool, well deserved shower and had a wonderful OP dinner. It felt good.

I hope everyone else is having a terrific day. Misty, good luck tonight. And Kitty, don't worry too much about the scale. It's OK to keep a check on your weight, just don't get crazy over it!

07-26-2005, 02:10 PM
Music always surprises me! It is amazing how much it can uplift your whole mood/outlook (or lower it if they are sad, slow songs). I would never walk to work if I did not have my mp3 player.

To be quite honest, I am not a religious person. The church seems like something that I might do at some point in my life (sorry I know that sounds horrible to those of you that are religious), but right now I need no more changes.
As far as depression and such, nah. . .not depressed. Sometimes I feel sad and "depressed" but not close to the state of depression. It sucks, yeah. . .kind of went from being a kid to and "adult" and now back to being a teen? With anything, I try hard to focus on the future. This sucks now, but would be worse a year from now. . .next year instead of being in a marriage with someone who does not love me, who knows where I will be? Travelling the world? Dancing around naked in my own flat? :lol: Trying to do this with food too. . .sure it would taste good on my tongue, but on October 31 (one of my goal dates), will I remember that taste and think it was worth it to be a few pounds heavier?
Situation? Not fun. Heartbreaking. Very sad. But in a few weeks or months it will be a clean slate to a point. Not what I wanted/expected, but with a fresh start I have a lot of possibilities. Sounds nice, do not know if I believe it. Is easy to think such things for a few minutes, but then something happens. . .

:-/ Not a good day to be talking about this. My banana is not dancing. . .it is all brown and mushy.

07-26-2005, 02:30 PM
HH I think Maggie gave you some great advice here. I suggested the same in yesterdays post.I too am worried about you. We can't stay up on our own. Try and find some positive people to support you. From my perspective the best place really is a church. Give it some serious thought. What would you have to loose? We need to get that bannana dancing girl!

07-26-2005, 03:21 PM
:flow1:Misty, good luck!!!! :flow1:

I am so :mad: about these stupid boxes. You would think it would be simple. Today, I went to every door in my abletowalkwhilecarryingboxes area. Not just stores, but offices as well. Maybe 25 or so and a good 40 minutes. 1 box is all I got. The last few times I moved, my husband's company paid for it so they paid for boxes and movers and packers. Is just a little hassle that is turning into a big thing and I have enough to deal with! :lol: Seriously, though, uhaul is about $4.5/box plus the gas and time I would have to pay someone for since they do not delivery. Is there no in between? :^:
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh :stress: :stress: :tantrum:

07-26-2005, 03:27 PM
Hey girls,

How's it going? Things here are good. Trie dto eat a light lunch b/c it's weigh in day, but I was so hungry. I had chicken and rice -7 pts. and pudding and graham crackers-4. Oh well, got to eat right?

Hippo-THANKS!! Luflic and Maggie offer some good advice. I am not a big church person either. But I know that it might be a safe place for you to find advice and help. I mean when you live where people are smoking the wrong stuff nearby, then maybe looking for help in people who you can be pretty sure are more than happy to help someone just might be not so bad. You know? I was cleaning today and found 4 computer monitor boxes and several canning jar boxes (those aren't real big, great for books and nick knacks), if I knew there was a way to send them to ya I would. There is a catalog my father in law gets....uline.com and they sell all kind of boxes not sure how much they are and such.

Kitty thanks for to luck:) I need it. I don't know I just don't feel like I am going to do well tonight. Like you I have been on plan. I used almost all of my flex points. Oh well we'll see in about 4 hours huh? Good luck tomarrow morning!

Maggie is right, they have actually done studies on people who have lost weight. Those who weighed themselves at least once everyother week or each week kept thier weight off more successfully than those who did not. It's a tool. We have to use it wiseley. It's ok to check your weight, just don't let it control your moods and eating. Try not to be so dictated by that number you live and die by what the scale says you know? A woman in our meetings lost 102 pounds! She weighs herself everyday. Everyone told her to stop so she threw the scale out in the snow and took a picture of it up on the snow bank all magled by the snow plow. She said a week later she bought a new one.

I am sooooo hoping that my kids stay asleep after the ones I babysit leave so I can take a nap. I am beat!!

have a great day everyone:)

07-26-2005, 03:55 PM
hehe Thanks, Misty. :) I checked uline. . .is a great place and cheap boxes but the shipping to Canada is absurd. Someone from my city gave me a good "lead" so I am going to go check it out. I am a good person. . .maybe karma will finally meet up with me in a cardboard form. :lol:

Ooh, got five boxes. :) They are not very big (wine boxes), but I am not picky! My whole day is better now lol. Time to go to work and I did not nap. :o I think I am going to treat myself with a frosty from Wendy's. Have plenty of points and chocolate well chocolate is chocolate. :-D

07-26-2005, 04:32 PM
Have you tried any toy stores for boxes? Amazing what a great commodity boxes become. Glad you found some to help you.

Speaking of chocolate has anyone tried the Weight Watcher chocolate bar. Man they are scrumtious and only one point they taste like real ice cream. They are a true treat for me and keeping me honest.

07-26-2005, 05:01 PM
Oh I am soo glad you got some boxes, Hippo.

Well I didn't get a nap.. My son woke just after the kids left :( Oh well I'll go to bed ASAP. We have to go do a big grocery shopping trip tomarrow. Maybe even pick up a roll of carpet for my neighbors while we are at it. They are preparing a room fo rthier 2 year old who is spending the week with his gramma. They are expecting a new baby in November are are making a big boy room for the 2 year old. Thier suburban is out of commision so they won't get teh carpet in time unless we can pick it up in our truck. So tomarrow will probably be a late night.

But my mother in law called to see if my husband will be home in time for my meeting. She offered to take the kids if he's not. I thought that was sweet. Living across the road from my in laws has some perks I guess :)

Luflic, I'll have to try that chocolate bar. I am sure I will be on a chocolate hunt in the next day or so.


07-26-2005, 07:04 PM
Good afternoon everyone!!

Hippo, I've been worrying about you too. I'm glad to hear that you found some boxes, even if they are small--it's a start! I'm enthralled by your posts though--I live in a college town of about 50,000 people. I couldn't imagine taking the subway, only being able to go within walking distance to get things (such as boxes), etc. I certainly don't mean this is a bad way. It just interests me to learn about a lifestyle so unique compared to mine, yet it seems like all us ladies here have so much in common (besides wanting to lose weight). It's so fun getting to know people that I probably never would have met had it not been for WW.

Did I mention that I went to the library? A lot of the books you all mentioned were taken already, but I got on some wait lists. I got one of the Shopaholics books on CD. I'm hoping to listen to it while I walk. I also got a Marilyn Monroe biography. I'll keep you posted on what else I read :)

It sucks that you didn't get a nap, Misty. I love naps!!! I've been sleeping a lot lately--like 10 hours per night. I feel so refreshed. I don't know how I ever got through college on so little sleep!

Maggie, isn't it fun to whip out a little dancing every once in a while!? I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, and then were able to motivate yourself to do some exercising in addition to your dancing.

Bev, our weather cooled drastically too. Isn't it great?! Did storms go through your area last night? I love storms!

I'm just starving right now, but I want to wait another 30 minutes before I start supper. DH gets home then!

Have a fabulous night!!! Stay OP!

07-26-2005, 08:29 PM
:barf: <- that is what I feel like again today. Ugh, I don't know whats going on with me, but I just feel nauseous. blah. I have no idea whats causing this. I went through a period similar a few years ago, and my Dr thought it was my BCP, well I'm not on any hormonal BC, so that cant be it. Hopefully it goes away soon, cause I'm sick of feeling not good.

I did work out today, so at least thats one good thing. I've done pretty good on points too.

HH, glad to hear you found a few boxes! I wish I could help ya out, I still have boxes from when we moved last September :)

I'd reply to all of you, but I need to get off this computer, its making me feel worse :(


07-26-2005, 08:33 PM
Hormones can do such goofy things to us! Proud of you exercising when you didn't feel well! You didn't use that as an excuse! Feel go :wave: od

07-26-2005, 09:22 PM
Hippo--I just noticed the hippo picture you posted on Monday's thread. I seriously laughed out loud. That's one hip hippo!!

07-26-2005, 09:51 PM
Hello all! Well my weigh in was nothing to worry about. I lost 3.5 pounds, bringing me up to 10 in 3 weeks.

Lizzy-Hope you feel better soon. Being sick is stinky!! Gerta job on the workout though.

I wish it would cool off here Stephanie. The rain today has made it more humid. I guess the tempreature might be down, but the humidty is making up for it. We had a bad storm while I was at my metting. My husband took the kids to the basement. I never use dto be afraid of storms until a tornado totalled a nearby farm. Jumped right over my house, Thank God!

Well here comes some more thunder probably should get off the pc. I have some points left so I am gonna go eat soem new icecream like substance. The kdis are tired I got home at 7:30 DH had not fed them. Well he had fed my son...a bunch of mini chocolate covered doughnuts. As soon as I came in he ran out the door to help his grandfather with his computer. I am more than annoyed b/c there is stuff here that needs done. GRRRRR! SO I threw some dinner together with two screaming kids. My son threw up choclate doughnut everywhere and now refuses to go to bed. Calgon take me away!!!

anyway all have a good night!

07-26-2005, 10:31 PM

Don't you just hate that with men?! We don't have any kids, but I feel like I work 40 hours a week, and then I come home and do everything!!! I can't imagine what it will be like when we have kids!!! I already feel like I have a kid since I have to take care of him as if he was 8. I hope that tonight was just a quirk for your husband and this isn't a usual occurance. I'm afraid for us gals!!

Hopefully your weather will straighten up soon. It was really, really, really icky here, and now it's awesome. The temp dropped about 30 degrees, and that doesn't even account for what the heat index was before. It's so much better now, although I see that it's suppose to get hot again this weekend. I can't wait until fall weather!!

07-26-2005, 10:35 PM
Misty, Congratulations on the great weigh-in too!!!


07-27-2005, 12:54 AM
These WW chocolate bars. . .are they candy bars or ice cream bars?

iowa, this city life boggles my mind as well! I grew up in a town of about 2,000 people. It is so peculiar to walk in between these 30-40 story buildings, thinking of how my whole home town could fit in just one of them!

Lizzy, how has the weather been there? I knew someone once who got sick for a month or two at a time and they finally found out it was a weird allergy that the rain brought out of some kind of plant. :dunno: lol

It is about to thunderstorm here. I just love the rain. If it was safer, I would go out and just get soaked heh. I did not walk to work because I was in a hurry (which was pretty stupid because it took the same amount of time but was not thinking). Also did not get a frosty because I was late, but I am very glad that I did not because the office was just freezing! Will not get too graphic here, but let me just say after an hour there, someone could used me as a coatrack for a pair of coats. . . :angel: Anyway, all the more points to use for dinner. Have a great deal to get done and as of Sunday (or maybe sooner), will probably not have Internet for quite some time. Will keep checking in until then, though!

07-27-2005, 04:59 PM
They are ice cream and mighty good!

07-27-2005, 07:45 PM
The weather has been crappy here! Its been so hot and humid, it sucks! Today its finally better, it was really cool, and no humidity! I think the weather has a lot to do with it, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!!