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07-25-2005, 09:14 PM
G'day all,

Ann How is Smokey? I hope he will give you as much joy as what Sprout seems to give Karen
I remember getting a cat many years ago and my dh HATES cats, guess who was beckoning the cat onto the bed;):D
Sorry to hear you were up 1.6 :shrug: if it makes you feel any better I am not doing much better at this end of the world :(

Glenda I just 'love' husbands who 'don't let their wives', unfortunately my d-i-l's parents are like this. They are lovely people BUT.......I cannot understand that a woman can be so submissive.
Our son plays footbal quite a distance away (like 80 km) dh and I always go and watch when we are in Adelaide, she is in awe that I drive on many occassions and me driving all the way from Sydney is just beyond her comprehension :rolleyes: Her husband has told her that she cannot drive long distances. I asked if she ever tried and she repeated that her husband has said she cannot drive these distances.:dizzy:
As you can imagine after a few drinks I have to stir him up :D I have often said if he was married to me we would not last 5 minutes, his reply is 'try one minute Maria' :D :D :D
You are right I am feeling just so relaxed and happy with life and our 'plan'.

Slavika All good news coming from your end of the world :cp: :cb:
Re the partnership you were enquiring about....this chap we have known for many years has set up his own consulting business, he is a real go getter and always thinking of new ideas, he 'loves' what I do (who wouldn't ;) ) and wants to promote sporting clubs to have their history on a club website (thats where I come into it) have large collages of important history done to hang in clubrooms etc. etc.
It is all go, go, go. He reckons I will be 'outsourcing' work in 12 months time!!! I doubt it but I just go along with, it is nice to associate with someone so enthusiastic.
I can trust him implicitly and I know he would not be ripping me off.
It is all a lot of fun and who knows financially beneficial as well.

Lily I worked doing my graphics etc. for a very long time just using my laptop, it is not as good as a 'normal' screen but one gets used to it.
I have upgraded to the latest version of Photoshop CS2 and it is awesome. Even better now that I am all legal and above board :D
Such brilliant people who develop this software.

Hello to everyone else I have not mentioned.....hope you are all well and keeping cool. I have heard on our news services of the heat parts of America is experiencing. :cool: :sp: :flow1:


Karen L
07-27-2005, 08:57 AM
I had most of the day to myself yesterday. DH had gone to watch the space shot. So anyway I used the time to do things that i don't do when Dh is under foot. So was busy most of the day. Got both Bathroom looking good again. And fixed up the guest bathroom so that it looks nice for when we have company. Got sheets change and washed . It was good to get stuff done mostly the bathrooms. You know you clean up each time they are used but they really need to be scrubbed sometimes!

Talked to my mother last night. Dad had a PT scan yesterday. It she told me is more in depth than a MRI or CT scan. Anyway will have the results tomorrow. He feels pretty good. She did tell me that after the heat wave broke it cooled off enough that yesterday they had to put some heat on for a while.

Today it's off to the chriopractor for an hour appointment. Am curious what the bill is going to be for all this.We got a copy of the bill for the ER in Minnesota. Mine was $4200 and DH was $2600. An we just got brusing and strained stuff. What would it have been if we had been hurt bad. I tell medical expenses are out of sight any more.

Ann hows it going with Smokey?? It's good thave the furry faced little guys around. The heat has been terriable hasn't it. Will be glad to see the end of this season.

Glenda about the time My DH says I can't do whatever. it's time I will do it anyway. But like you I have a good husband who looks at me as a person and partner not a possession. But then i also have a mind of my own, Always have. We both new what we were getting into when we got married.

I think i have told you all before about the exzema i have on my hands and feet. Well i got to tell you even several trips to the dermatolgist i still am in no better shape. So I've begun to use a triple antibiotic ointment that I bought at Walmart at night with gloves on to sleep and the I also have been using Bag Balm like they use on the utters of cows when they are sore. (sounds crazy)(got it at Walmart too) But i think i am making head way to get the exzema under control. At least the ointment has taken the soreness out of my hands and toes and some of the peeling is going a way. It's a pain to try and sleep with gloves on hands and socks on feet but it does seem to be working better that the expencive tubes of stuff I got from the doctor. I do know from what I've read that it will never completely be gone. But if i can control it this way thats a good thing.

Got to go . Dh has oatmeal ready.

Bye Bye

07-27-2005, 05:10 PM
Ann: Smokey is a cute name for your Kitty! Great kitty is in such good shape. Poor thing for being a stray for so long.

Slavika: Sounds like they have a nice room for him in the hospital. Perfect to make him comfy.

Glenda: I would kick his butt. Dont know how anyone puts up with that.

Maria: Sounds like the new Parner ship will work out well!

Karen: Let us know the results of your Dad's Scan. Sounds like the stuff you found at Walmart is helping. Its helping to relief it some so thats good!

Later. Need to get back to work

07-27-2005, 06:39 PM
Hi, new here. I am 59 years old and have 13 grandchildren and live in Florida.
I have lost 45 pounds on the WW plan and have about 25 to go. Struggling with that :dizzy: Been looking for a good support group. :)

Karen L
07-27-2005, 08:07 PM
Welcome Sparklerose .We are always happy to have a new face on this thread. 13 grands my ,my my I thought my 6 was a lot! Tell us what it is that you are struggling with and maybe we can help. Most of us here are struggling ourselves. I lost 50 pounds with WW 12 or 13 years ago and kept it off until our retirement last summer and the 4 huricane's ( we also live in Florida), my Dads cancer , my DH's health problems and a SIL who USED to live with us. Now that things have settled down a bit I'm working to get off 7 pounds. It seems to stuck on my hips and stomach and refuses to move. But I am determined to get it off. I've gone back to counting points. Tried the core but felt like I was missing out on things. And because it has been so hot I've been doing a 2 mile walk tape and not walking much out side. And will be moving on to the high intesity tape that I got from Weight Watchers next week.

Hi Lily it's great to see you. Hows the weight going for you. Have you fully given up work for WW or are you just working less? I can't remember sorry.

Slavika are you able to bring some stuff from home to the hospital room to make it more homey and comfortable? Pictures? pillows? bedspread?

Have to go see you later. Hi to everyone else where ever you are???

07-28-2005, 04:41 PM
Welcome Sprkle Rose! Thats alot of Grandkids! Congrtas on the Weight Loss so far that is awesome.

Karen: I gave it up totally. Even cutting back didnt help. Always subbing for someone.
As for weight I need to get off 10#. Working on it. Havent been able to do the Threadmill for about 3 weeks and that doesnt help. Hurt my foot. Hopefully by next week.

Nothin new here.

07-28-2005, 07:23 PM
Hi Everybody :)

Sparklerose welcome to our group, it's nice "seeing" someone new on the board. We all struggle with weight loss. I was doing ok, and then in December my DH was diagnosed with cancer and I started to gain weight. I have been trying to curb this "stress eating", and am managing to get a little weight off. It's sure slow though! :(
Karen yes I am able to bring DH blankets, his pillows, pictures, movies anything I think will make him feel more comfortable while in the hospital. We have a "sort of still new" comforter on our bed that we remove at bedtime and there is an older much, much, laundered, soft, cozy comforter that is now a washed out floral looking thing under the really nice new one that we sleep with and DH said I could just take that to the hospital for him. LOL LOL.........I thought if I took that one they would probably wonder why I would bring such a old thing to the hospital, but the REAL reason is "I would miss it". :s: :D .....so, I bought DH a new, soft fluffy one for a single bed because ours is for a queen size bed and would be too big.......at least that's what I told him. Ahh, my poor husband. When I was out on Tuesday with my friend I stopped off at a travel agency and asked if they had any posters of Hawaii that I might have and they were really sweet and gave me two of them, both of Maui. I will put those up in his room at the hospital as incentative to get better quickly.
We went to the hospital again today and DH was to have another bone marrow biopsy after his blood work. We went to the clinic for the 10:30 appt. and a young doctor with an English accent came to see us and said, that all the blood work is great, DH's MUGA Scan (for his heart) is the same now as it was when he was first diagnosed and he saw no reason to do the bone marrow biopsy when the results were sure to be the same as the last one. Well.......I thought DH was going to kiss the poor man. :cheer: :cheer: He said that DH may still need another one when he is admitted to hospital, but maybe not. He told us that 1 out of every 3 people will have cancer, that's just terrible odds. :(
We spoke to the couple that own the condo we rent in Maui and they said we can have it from Janurary 7th to March 2nd if we wish. I'm not sure about the January 7th date, maybe we would leave a couple of days later. It sure gives us something to nice to think about. :)
Ann has Smokey taken over your DH chair yet?
Lily didn't you hurt your foot or your toe not too long ago? What have you been doing with those poor feet of yours???
Maria how's that sweet little grandbaby of your's? We saw a little baby when we were out for lunch today that had the bluest eyes I have ever seen.
Well gals, time I found something for our dinner. :)

07-28-2005, 08:46 PM
The heat has gone. At 2Am this morning I had to get up and close the window by our bed as the cool breeze was too much. Today has been just delightful. Got a few things done and never broke a sweat.

Slavika: So good to hear that all is "go" for DH. Great idea to get new comfortor that will fit hospital bed and those Maui posters will surely boost his spirits.

Sparklerose: Welcome. I have only been here since April but these ladies are a great bunch. Have been married 48 yrs, in Sept., and have 4 kids and 9 grandkids. They keep us busy. Lost 60 #s a long time ago and have put back some, not all, but need to get moving and back on the losing track.

Maria: How is that little Maddie doing? I am sure she is growing before your very eyes. Between Maddie and your new computer business you sure must be busy.

Lily: A sore foot sure can put a damper on exercising. Hope it is healing fast.

Ann: How is Smokey doing? Has he taken over the household yet. We don't have any cats but the lady next door has one and it rules the roost!!!!

Karen: I have not doubt you will work off those last few #s. The last few always take more time than the first few. Hope all went well on your Dad's medical tests.


07-28-2005, 09:13 PM
G'day all,

Welcome Sparklerose, nice to 'see' a new face amongst us.

Karen was I away with the fairies ;) :dizzy: but I cannot remember you telling us your sister in law is no longer living with you. I bet it is nice to just be 'two' and Sprout.

Slavika sounds like everything is going according to plan. Love the idea of the Hawaii posters.

Gloria pleased you had a cool change, how welcoming are they after a really hot spell.

I had a shocking night sleep with everything going through my mind :mad:
Up at 6 this morning to go and get Matilda and take my d-i-l to the airport.
Matilda is a sleep right now. She is growing so much and is a lot more awake now.
I am a little bit peeved at the moment and in a bit of a quandery.....my d-i-l tells me she is very bored and is thinking of going back to work one or two days a week. I asked if she had Matilda booked into a childminding centre and she replied that her Mum is willing to look after Matilda for some of the time. I feel very mean but I did NOT offer that I would do the same. I have made a commitment that I would support her quest to get back into the Australian side for the Commonwealth Games but beyond that I really only want to look after Matilda at times when she is sick and is unable to go to child minding and of course the normal baby sitting when they go out to dinner or whatever.

On a brighter note, friends are in the Outback at the moment and are having a wonderful time. DH spoke to them this morning.
They are very keen to join us on our trip to the North Western Australian Outback next winter (June). They have bought a camper trailer, very similar to the one we are thinking of buying and it is good to hear how much they are enjoying the camper trailer.

I cannot believe how the weeks are flying, dh home again tonight :love:


07-28-2005, 11:46 PM
Hi everyone:

Smokey is settling in nicely. She still hasn't decided that she will be a lap cat, but at least now she will let me pick her up for a bit longer time. She really is a pretty cat, and tonight she was sitting on the back of the sofa and trying to get at a moth that was flying around outside the window. Also we have a big stuffed and very soft dduck called Quackers (a gift from a friend - it was her husbands, and he is the one that died last year) and Smokey has decided Quackers is her friend. I have it on the bed in the guest room, and she goes in there and curls up right against the duck. Too cute. :D: Shasn't taken over anyones chair yet, she mostly sleeps on the floor, or one bed or the other. We are making progress.

I took a sort of part time job now, ferrying cars for a dealership. And to day we took them from the Dealership to the mall about 4 miles away. Then on Monday we bring them back. They are having a special sale there. It was rather fun, and I got to drive a lot of different cars, and trucks. There were 12 drivers and we each got to drive about 8 - 9 cars.

Welcome Sparkle Rose. Hope you will like this group. We try to be supportive of each other in our weight loss struggles, and we just have become friends.
I have 14 grandchildren and 3 greatgrands. But of course this is from combining two families.

Maria: I don't think you are being mean at all. If you allowed it, you and your DIL Mum could become permanent baby sitters, and that doesn't make for being responsible parents at all. I find it hard to understand how it is possible to be bored taking care of a wee one. I suppose that some might feel it is 'unfulfilling' but really I think that being a Mother is the most important job a woman can have. I always regretted that I had to go back to work when my kids were little. But I had no choice.

Slavika: What good news. :cp: That young Dr. would have been surprised if he had received a big smooch from your DH!. The Maui posters are a good incentive. And to quote a grandson of ours, speaking to his Mom: "Mom those prayers sure do work."

Lily: HOpe your foot improves. It is hard to exercise when something is hurting. How was your winery trip?

Karen: Are you going to be just two from now on? I'm with Maria, I just thought your SIL was going only for a visit. I was watching a dog show last night, and saw a Brussels Griffon. Do I remember that is what Sprout is?

Gloria: Your cooler weather sounds lovely. We won't have that for some time. We go to the pool, and it is almost like getting in a bathtub. But I don enjoy being able to wear shorts for most of the year.

Glenda: We were watching some documentaries on Tornados today and they were showing ones taken from Oklahoma City some time ago. How Scary:yikes: Hope you haven't had to experience anything like that.

Peggy: Has the heat wave broken in your part of the world? I guess it had been pretty fierce. Will you be getting ready to go back to work when school opens again?

Trudy: What is happening with you? Hope you and Slavika have been able to get together. Good friends are so important. Hope you are feeling well.

Time to go to bed. Been a busy day. :yawn: Ann

Karen L
07-29-2005, 12:31 AM
Ann you are right Sprout Is 1/2 Brussels Griffion and 1/2 Yorkie. When we have him groomed most of the time we have him done like a Griffon. Although right now he is in a Yorkie puppy clip. He is cute.

I must be slipping. I thought I told all of that while in Minnesota SIL called us to tell us that she was going to stay in Jacksonville. She is living with the same people she lived with when we got her almost 2 years ago. Those people never change they thrive on chaos. I'm sure she will be completely nuts before it is all over. I for one was a bit releived that she decide to live else where. I was having a hard time dealing with her and her so call sicknesses . I would never have treated her bad mind you, but there were times as you all well remember that I spoke my peice with her. In the end she always new where I stood. DH has told her if it doesn't work out she can come back. On that I nearly choked because I felt if she left she was gone for good ,you know what I mean. She coming some time this next week to pick up the rest of her stuff. I kind of wondered when she left if she was going to come back as she packed so much. I even asked at the time. Well know you know the saga of SIL.
Glad Smokey is settling in . Funny how they manage to steal your heart Isn't it.

Have to go to bed I have yard work to finish in the early morning. YUK!!!!

07-29-2005, 04:46 PM
Slavika: What a great idea with the Posters of Maui. It will help him alot! More good news about DH. As for my foot. I dont know what I did this time. Last time I slipped on a wet floor. Im just clumsy. Just ask dh :)

Gloria: Wish the heat would go away here. Still over 100.

Ann: How cute That Smokey likes the duck. Bet it would make a great Picture. Winery Trip was fun as always.

Karen: Well I hope it works out for your SIL. I remember all the trouble you had with her. So I sure you are glad she is gone.

Must get back to work

07-29-2005, 05:18 PM
Karen, Hip, hip HOORAY! I know you would never be mean to your SIL, but you seemed to be so taken advantage of. And it is wonderful that you will be two again! That is what retirement is supposed to be. And now you won't have any really hard feelings with her. I would have during all the stuff you went through. You and your DH are so very nice!

Slavika, so glad your hubby will have good things around him and not a sterile hospital room. That will make time and things so much more bearable.

Maria, I hope you never agree to any kind of big commitment for Matilda. Grandkids should be a joy, not a job. Just don't volunteer. If you wanted a job, you could get one. Retirement is supposed to be fun, with no commitments and the time to do as you wish, when you wish. I have a good friend who is so tied down with her grandkids babysitting. She just gets so tired. Just never start and you don't have to ever back out.

The lady in my office just had her husband diagnosed with lung cancer. We are all so sad. They are going straight to MD Anderson for a second opinion on the course of action. I think that is such a smart move and my heart just goes out to them.

Sparklerose, welcome. You will fit right in. We are all struggling with our weight and "of a certain age." My goodness, your children have really blessed you with grandchildren.

Gloria, we had a little cool front but the heat is coming right back.

Lily, take care of your feet. They are the only ones you will ever get.

All, I read through this once and have forgotten what you all said. Trudy, where are you? Have a good weekend. We are doing NOTHING! Looking forward to NOTHING!

07-30-2005, 11:46 PM
Hi all: Just a quickie to let you know this weigh-in was a lot better than last week. down 2.5 so I got rid of what I gained last week plus more. It made me happy, but now I have to go down 2 points in my point total. Blessings on the Flex points, until I get myself in the swing of things.

After doing the laundry today, I was remaking the bed and I had a lot of kitty help - under the sheets, on top, etc. It's fun to have some company, and she was easy to move on to the next level.

I don't know who took times on the DH pool, but today he did the litter box. He just grinned and said don't count on this too often. He likes Smokey as much as I do. We are just suckers for animals.

Guess it is time for bed. See you tomorrow. Ann :yawn:

07-31-2005, 03:52 AM
G'day all,

It is a glorious Sunday afternoon, I have spent most of the morning in the garden. Lots to do but all very satisfying.

It is good to hear from Ann and Glenda re the baby sitting.
I really had a very trying time this time looking after Matilda. DS obviously knew I was pretty stressed and cancelled a dinner he had to go to and came home instead to help out with Matilda.
On Saturday morning he said how much he and his wife appreciated the baby sitting. I told him that I am glad this is not a permanent thing because I could not cope. He was surprised and said that they had hoped that when his wife goes back to work I would look after Matilda one day, her mother another and child minding yet another day. I told him that I would NOT be prepared to do anything so regular but that I would always be there to help out in case of sickness etc. He just said 'oh well she will just have to go to child minding 2 days per week'.
I have wrestled with this the whole weekend but I know that I am right. This is OUR time and I really want to do what dh and I both want to do without any ties.
I am a little disappointed in them both that they assumed I would go along with their plan however I had a feeling that this was in the wind so I am glad it is now out in the open and they know where I stand.
SparkleRose if your children had the same idea you would be flat chat with all those grand children :D

Ann Can you drive trucks :eek:???? Glad your cat is settling in and great news on the weight fron as well.

Karen I hope your sil doesn't change her mind again, I bet it is lovely just the 2 of you without having to argue with someone else to take their medicine etc.

Glenda sorry to hear of the diagnosis of your work colleague's husband.

How are you Trudy? Haven't seen you post for a little while. Hope all is well.

Gloria the grade 3 test is way beyond me ;) :D , I think I got California right :D I might get dh to do it, he fancies himself on his knowledge of American States ;)

Hi to everyone else, hope everyone is having a great weekend!


08-01-2005, 03:30 PM
Thank you for the warm welcome. :)
Sorry, I haven't been here last 3 days. It is a rare occasion when I get online on the weekends.
Did well for the most part with eating, except for some frozen yogurt yesterday at a restaurant. :(
I get weighed in this afternoon. We'll see what happens. :D
It is going to take me time to get to know all of you and respond to your postings. Please, be patient with me. :)

08-01-2005, 03:36 PM
Hi Everybody :)

Ann it was me that said we should take "bets" as to how long it would take your DH to clean Smoky's litter box......hee hee :D I knew he would. :bravo: congrats on the weight loss this week.
Karen I didn't know that SIL was sort of "gone" I had thought it was a holiday she was on. It seems that she just goes from pillar to post, but I think it will be much easier for you, DH and Sprout to just be on your own. :)
Maria I am glad that you told your son you would be happy to help out with Matilda from time to time but that you didn't want to be tied down to a "regular babysitting routine". There is nothing wrong with them placing her in daycare if your DIL does not want to be a "stay at home Mom". Children do very well in a daycare setting. Speaking of grandchildren, our little Princess wanted to go to the hospital with DH and I on Friday for his pulmonary frunction test, so we took her with us. The fellow that did the testing let us watch and she was very interested in what was going on. On the way home we stopped and got ice cream cones and she said it was a perfect day. :) :)
We went to the lake on Saturday morning and watched as our grandson amazed us with his water skiing abilities. He's just like his father was at that age....nothing to it. Starts off with two skiis then drops one and goes around the lake on just the one.....and waved as he passed us sitting on the dock as we yelled and cheered :cheer: :cheer: It was my birthday on Saturday and our friends had my family over for "poo poo's" and wine My family gave me a lovely sterling silver locket with the grandchildren's pictures in it. Around 8:00 we a had a lovely dinner that my friend cooked, sat and talked and went to bed around 11:00. We came home yesterday around 4:00. LOL LOL last winter I was showing Trudy my jewelry :lol:
which I was keeping in a BIG tupperware container. Trudy said when I brought that out she knew what she was going to give me for my birthday this year.......a jewel box, and she did, a lovely one. I have gone through my jewelry and put my "better" stuff in the nice new box and all the beaded bracelets and stuff like that are still in the tupperware. I already had a jewel box but it was far to small to hold all my stuff, and that was why somethings ended up in the tupperware container. I don't know why I never bought myself one, I guess I just didn't think about it. :shrug:
Glenda I'm sorry about your friend's husband who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. The nurse that is in charge of the stem cell/bone marrow transplants told us last week that 1 out of every 3 people will have cancer in their lifetime. That is really sad... :(
Hi Lily hope your foot is getting better. You sure are having lots of HOT weather.
Hello to Gloria, Sparklerose, and Peggy what's new with you gals?
Talk to you all soon. :)

08-01-2005, 04:25 PM
Ann: Congrats on your loss! Thats awesome!

Maria: I dont think you are being mean. I agree with Glenda and Ann. Dont volenteer. Its time for you now. Not taking care of kids all the time.

Foot is almost all better. I figured out it was the Canvas shoes I was wearing around the house. Soon as I changed shoes it started getting better. Sac as the shoes were comfy :(

Best get back to work Hi to everybody else!

08-01-2005, 07:54 PM
Hi Everybody! It is still warm but not hot and I am enjoying it. Today Moshup, DD#2's chocolate lab, went home. The family returned from Martha's Vineyard yesterday and they were all pooped. The weather on the island was not the best, only 2 real beach days. That meant that they had to entertain the kids, their 2 and 2 friends, for the rest of the time. There are no matinee movies on the island so it was shop, ride the merry-go-round and eat. Now that the dog is gone I must get my act together and start cleaning. Tomorrow I will start with the kitchen floor (was it me that thought white was a great color for the kitchen?)....couldn't be. :D DH did say he would vac the rugs and that only leaves me with dusting, baths, and I am sure I will find a dozen more items that need attending. It is amazing that such a short haired dog to produce so much hair.

By the way we ate the shark the other day. I marinated it for about half an hour and then grilled it....almost as good as swordfish.

Maria: I agree, don't get tied down with a steady baby sitting job. Retirement is for the retiree and you & DH should be able to get up and go whenever you want. With the GK's getting older the babysitting problem is not so great for us. We will watch the kids occassionally but not as a regular thing.

Slavika: I can just see your little Princess absorbing all that was taking place in the hospital. It just may inspire her to become a Doctor some day.
Belated Happy Birthday :hb: Glad you had such a nice time.

Lily: It is good that your foot is feeling better. I am very careful what kind of shoes I wear. Had bone spurs a number of years ago and don't want to go there again! :)

Ann: Great news about the weight #'s. That's a great loss.

Karen: Bet it's nice to be back to 2 + Sprout. An extra person, no matter how loved is still an extra person. As I said to Maria being retired should mean that you and DH should be able to do what you want when you want.

Sparklerose: Good luck with WW. I've been here since April and I am still learning who's who. It takes a while.

Glenda: Are you still having that midwest heat?

Trudy: We miss you...haven't seen you in a while.


08-01-2005, 07:56 PM
G'day all,

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Slavika :hb: :gift: :dancer: :woo: :genie: :queen: :balloons: :cheers:

Nice to hear that you also agree with not looking after Matilda on a very permanent basis. I am coming to terms with it and I am starting to feel less guilty :dizzy:
How nice that your princess wanted to come to hospital with you, it must have been a nice distraction for you both and good for such a young girl to get an appreciation what being seriously ill is all about and how it can be overcome.

Lily pleased your foot is getting better, there is nothing worse than sore feet from someone who knows that all too well :mad:

Sparklerose good luck with your weigh in, hopes it goes well.

I have a busy day doing all sorts!

Have a great day all,


PS well great minds.......Gloria we posted this simultaneously, it is 8.30 am Tuesday at this end of the world!
Nice to read your post.

08-02-2005, 10:50 AM
Slavika, I am so glad you were feted for your birthday! We all need to be pampered and made to feel special on our birthdays. And how sweet that your GD loved coming with you and was interested in Papa's treatment. That sweet, caring side must just be genetic in your family. This will be a good year for you. Funny too about the tuperware bowl as a jewelry box. I have everything I own kind of in a mess on a jewelry box and everyday sort through what I want to wear. There must be a better way, but I think it involves planning and forethought, things I am weak in.

Maria, I think you will only get support from those of us on this board about regular babysitting. This is your time. And occasionally I am just amazed by the thoughtlessness of my children when usually they are very concerned about our welfare and feelings. Just chalk it up to being young and unable to put themselves in our place.

Sparkelrose and Ann, you are both doing so well. We are going on vacation tomorrow and will be back next Tuesday. Then I am going to get with it. Have just had a summer where I didn't care much one way or another. But I think I got the BP under control and the medicine I have been taking has not made me sick. YEA!

08-02-2005, 03:50 PM
Happy Belated Birthday Slavika!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-02-2005, 06:00 PM
I have been reading the posts, but haven't posted anything. My life has been a series of Doctor appts, medical tests, dental appts, and physio. My summer has been a downer. The 1 root canal turned into 2... tomorrow I see the Periodontist for a "crown lengthening" (which means she is going to cut back some gum tissue and shave some bone)... I am so anxious about this already. 4 to 6 weeks later I can have the crowns put on. It seems that a lot of my jaw pain is from Trimengel Neuralgia, I know the Myofascial gives me jaw problems too. I have not been a happy camper lately. I am going for physio on my ankle. It started to hurt me the beginning of May, after an x-ray and a bone scan I was referred to a physiotherapist. I have had 3 sessions, and the swelling seems to be less, but who knows??? it is still a bother. The Gastrointestinal specialist wants me to have a CT scan on the pancreas, that appt is in Sept. So... OY VEY.
There have been some good days too. Spending time with our DD is always good. We jump at any chance we get to baby-sit. But I must say Maria, that we would never consider doing it on a regular basis if my DD wanted to work full time. A couple of times she had to attend a workshop on her days off and we had to be at her home at 8:30 am. and stay there until she came home at 5:00... they were very long days. When I put her down for her afternoon nap I told her that Grandpa and Grandma were going to nap too, and I wasn't kidding. When my cousin/neighbor's children were young, she wanted to go back to work and asked me to be their baby sitter on a regular basis. I refused her and she was a little distant with me for quite a while.
Slavika and I managed to get together last week and we had a really good visit. We don't see each other that often anymore, but manage to talk on the phone and e-mail each other a lot. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't phone her with my delima's, and have her put her funny spin on everything. I am sorry I didn't post her Birthday on Saturday. I had intended to do that, but as it turned out I didn't put my computer on over the weekend.
Well I have gone on and on, but before I sign off I want to welcome Sparkle Rose.. looking forward to getting to know you, and I hope Glenda is still hanging around, have a great holiday.

bye for now...

08-03-2005, 06:54 PM
G'day all,

I found doing this new survey very interesting and so far no real surprises other than there were a lot of similarities. :)

We had a very windy, rainy night :( Pleased with all the rain as I have transplanted a few plants and a good soak of rain will do them the world of good.

Busy day planned and it is already Thursday again :dizzy:

Have a great day all,


08-03-2005, 11:55 PM
Just a quick Hi:

Happy Belated Birthday to you Slavika. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. And I agree, your Princess may just go into the medical profession, with her interest in he Poppa's treatment.

Trudy: Good to hear from you, and I am so sorry that this has not been a good summer for you health-wise. Having a sore mouth is no fun. I hope you will soon be through with it all.

Lily: glad you found the source of the sore foot. Now that I have had to go down two points in my Flexpoints, I have found i have to use my Flex points a bit more while I am getting used to the change.

Maria: Don't feel guilty. I agree with Glenda, that our kids are often thoughtless, but they do get better as they get older. And sometimes it takes a little tough love, to help them get the idea.

Sparklerose: Glad you came back. We'll all get to know you, and you us, as time goes by. Good luck with your weigh-in.

Tomorrow DH and I are going to go to Seaworld. He's going to try and do some walking and if that is too difficult we may rent an electric wheel chair thing. I don't think I could push a regular wheel chair all over. Although it might be really good exercise for me.:D:

Hope you have a lovely vacation, Glenda.

Hi to Karen, Peggy, Gloria. Hope I haven't missed anyone. Time for bed. Ann

08-04-2005, 03:43 PM
Hi All,

Sparklerose welcome to the group. I love your screen name-I love roses. I need to e lose about 25lbs and I need to get busy and just do it.[Do you think it is possible by the 27th? lol We have a wedding.] Good luck with your weigh in. That is a lot of grandkids. Maria and I have just had our first.

Maria don't feel guilty about the babysitting. I have a friend whose kids in my honest opinion take advantage. She babysits every Weds and Thurs for her youngest dd's 6 year old twins and a very active 18 month old. Anytime one of them calls she sits. I think she is freaking nuts. I used to babysit my nieces 2 little ones on Saturdays before they moved to Kentucky. It wore me out.

Ann good job on the weight loss. See you have a new kitty. I used to havSme a dog named Smokey.

Karen I didn't realize that sil didn't come back to live with you. Now you can start your real retirement and have some space.

Gloria I hear you about the dog hair. We seemed to have dogsat most of July. Our dog doesn't shed much but yikes my son's big spinone sure does. I am still finding dog hair all over.

Slavika Happy Belated Birthday. It sounds like you had a nice one with friends. A new use for Tupperware??? Who woulda thought. Glad that Trudy got you the real thing. I am also happy that things are going well and moving along for the big hospital visit. That is nice that you can bring things in to make it more homelike[if that is possible]for him.

Trudy I do not envy you all that dental work. It sounds so painful to me.

Lily it so nice to be hearing from you more often. Take care of that toe. I fell up my neighbors steps last week and have a huge scrape on my leg. It is so attractive.

Been hot here again and dry. Hope to get some rain tonight. Nothing exciting is going on. I am going to be a paid sub in the cafeteria this year. Sure hope I don't have to cook. I would probably burn it.

We had a cookout over the weekend for friends. Made the Barefoot Contessa's brownies. If you ever want a fattening brownie let me know and I will send you the recipe or you can google it. It has a lb of butter. They are good but only for special occasions. I sent the leftovers with my son for him to take to work.

08-04-2005, 04:19 PM
Peggy sorry to hear you fell. Hope it wasnt to bad. Whoa those brownies sound deadly! Yumm

Ann: I always use my AP points. Least when I earn them. It does make it eaiser when you go down in points.

Trudy: Sounds painful with the Dentist. Sounds like you are going thru alot of tests. None of them fun. So you dont know whats wrong with your ankle?

Did survey will send when I get home.


Karen L
08-05-2005, 09:09 AM
I just had an nice long message for you guys and messed around and accidently pressed the Esc key and it dissappeared just like magic. I'll write it again later. Hi to all!

08-05-2005, 07:19 PM
Well, now I am with Karen. I had my post already to send when the power went off, and because of the thunderstorm, I just pulled the plug. Now I am off to line dancing, so will get back later. I'm so upset, since I had some messages for everyone, and now I won't be able to remember what I said. Will just have to start over. Maybe that's a part of the 'senility'. :D: Ann

08-05-2005, 07:41 PM
Just a thought to Karen and Ann......

In the past when I lost messages, I would write the message in Word, I would have both windows open, 'Word' and our message board, write the message and then just 'cut and paste' from Word into here.
That way if the power goes off Word usually still recovers your last document.
I do the same when I start a new thread, that way I can still see what everyone has written.

Weekend is here, hope you all have a good weekend.


08-05-2005, 11:01 PM
Well lets try again-

Last night we had a humdinger of a thunderstorm. I don't think that I have ever seen so much constant lightning. No let up. The sky was like fireworks.
And lots of rain and wind but it was not a hurricane.:D: I didn't know until we moved here that Central Florida is the lightning capital of the U.S. and possibly the world, for duration and intensity, and amount.

Yesterday DH and I went to Seaworld for a while. since we have season passes we need to go now and then so that they pay for themselves. We only went to the shows that are airconditioned. I thought that DH might want to rent one of those electric wheel chairs, but he said no he would be all right. And he did okay.

Maria: Thanks for the hint. I'll try to give it a chance. I am glad to know that one more of us wears a 10 shoe. Do you have medium or narrow feet?
Mine are narrow and hard to fit. I have expensive feet, as most shoe stores don't stock 10N or 10S. I am finding the surveys interesting as there are so many similarities among us. Maybe that is why we have all stayed together for so long. We are a lot alike. We sure all like diamonds. And you like saphires too.

Slavika: You are on the count-down to the stem cell transplant. I'm sure you all will be happy when it is all behind you and the the healing process is all over and done with and things are getting back to a more normal life. Maui here you come. Prayers are with you. Also love those goofy emails. I want you to know that I have used a couple of your jokes to read at our coffee hour on Wednesday mornings. Keep them coming.

Karen: Did you know about our being the lightning capital before you moved down here? How does Sprout like the thunder storms? Smokey goes under the bed. We can't find her until all is quiet.

Lily: Thanks for the advice about the Flex points. I have used some this week, trying to stay within the lower number of points. not easy. I used to have some points left now and then, but now I am always down to zero.

Trudy: I hope you are feeling better. How is the ankle? My DH had a swollen ankle but his problem was a blood clot. Glad you don't have that situation. I hope your mouth is not so sore now. You have had a rough summer. Hope you can enjoy the rest of it a bit more.

Peggy: Will you work on call as they need a substitute? Do you serve the kids in the line or do some preparation? Are you having the heat wave that is affecting so much of the country? How is the bumped leg?

Gloria: Hope by now you have been able to put an end to the excess dog hair. I sure hope that Smokey doesn't shed. Our other cat shed a lot and especially from nerves when she went to the Vets. The examining table was always covered with her hair. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Glenda: Hope you are having a really 'cool' and restful vacation time.

Sparkle Rose: How did your weigh in go? I have mine tomorrow. I hope I at least stay the same, but it would be lovely if I lost a little. Time will tell. We just can't give up.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I will report. Ann

08-06-2005, 02:24 AM
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