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06-07-2001, 06:37 PM
Hi everyone, I am 32, I just had my fifth baby on March 21st. I had a tubiligation. I am having a very hard time losing wieght this time. I thought I should try lowfat and calorie counting???? Is this a good idea? What can I eat? Can anyone give me their daily menu so I can get an idea? Maybe some success story too? I am frustrated and am thinking i am always gonna be FAT! :dizzy: Thankyou!

06-07-2001, 08:43 PM
Hi there!

Watching your food intake is a good thing...but don't forget about exercise - which is JUST as important as what you're eating!

Calories in AND calories out - both count! Besides, it's fun - there's so many forms of exercise out there - something for everyone...even if you have little ones to take care of.

If you want my success story, do check my website. Right now I'm doing Body for Life, which I love! However, it's not for everyone - no program is. I've recommended some books on my website for general should be able to find them at your your research before you dive headlong into whatever diet plan happens to send you an ad!

Which brings me to another point. YOU DON'T NEED TO JOIN AN EXPENSIVE DIET PROGRAM TO LOSE WEIGHT. I know so many people who have spent hundreds, thousands of dollars on this diet or that, with no permanent success (I was one of them for years). The most important thing is to EDUCATE yourself about exercise and nutrition (body physics). I'm not going to mention specific programs here (because people tend to get really upset when you mention theirs) but most (if not all) of the 'big bucks' widely advertised programs have a dismal success rate. (My idea of success is losing weight and KEEPING IT OFF). So why are they still in business??? Easy - because people blame THEMSELVES rather than the unrealistic plan they just blew their hard earned bucks on - then after awhile, they do it again, and again they fail...

The key to success in weight loss - as with anything in life - is inside YOU. On the Diet Plans board, there's a recent thread called "somersizing I can't do this" Where I wrote how important it is to keep a journal - actually two journals - one for food and exercise, one just for your FEELINGS. I've been keeping a 'life' journal for at least 20 years now. The food journal is easy - start with And don't forget - you have all of us here at 3FC for support! Take care and good luck!