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Stevie Christine
07-25-2005, 01:19 PM
Hello, everyone! I registered for this site back in December when I was researching weight loss surgery, but I am now going to get serious about contributing and meeting some nice folks. I have been on another site, but there was just soooooo much drama over there. :(

I had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery on Wednesday, July 20, 2005...yes, last week. I have my appointment today for my drain pull. I hope it does get pulled; it's so tough to sleep with it.

I put my personal info up in the sticky area with everyone else's.

I look forward to being here! :)

07-25-2005, 01:57 PM
it's so nice to see you! and you're not even a week out and already posting.. you're a hardy soul...

soooo, how was the doc appt? what are you 'eating,' or, probably more accurately, DRINKING these days???!!!

we're glad you joined us. we stay away from as much drama as possible [unless you count pookie's adventures with her cute little pink girlie weights!!!!!]

Stevie Christine
07-25-2005, 05:23 PM
I've lost 13 pounds since my pre-op appointment on July 13 (lots of water!). I get to move to the puree stage now. My drain is g-o-n-e! I feel somewhat human now. :)

Stevie Christine
07-25-2005, 11:38 PM
I wish that a hop, skip, and jump were the only exercise requirements to get the weight off. :D

Most of the drama at the other site stems from their get-togethers. They actually know each other and have BBQ's, outings to Disneyland, trips to Las Vegas, dinners at the Cheesecake Factory, lots of alcohol, and petty jealousy. They continue the drama on the board. I am not near these people geographically, so I do not know them personally. I am o.k. with walking away from people who treat others like garbage. On the boards, they would gang up on each other.

You won't get drama from me because I know it hurts. I hope that everyone who is reading this right now remembers to treat others with respect, even if you disagree. :)

07-26-2005, 12:15 PM
stevie - let me get my moderator hat on for a few minutes. we have lots of lurkers around here, but no one can post unless they're registered, so we really have no idea what people are thinking! as for treating others with respect - well, actually that's part of my job!!!! i have the POWER OF EDITING and am more than happy to use it.

disagreement is allowed, encouraged even. discussions are important, but bottom line, everyone around here KNOWS that the first decision - whether or not to have any form of surgery - is a major one that requires much soul-searching. And that the NEXT decisions - the type of surgery and by whom and where - is very difficult as well.

bottom line: we all have to choose what's best for OURSELVES. the rest of us offer advice, support, a cheering section, and occasional kicks in the posterior [exercise, drinking water, eating right, etc].

and those are the MODERATOR'S RULES around here. they're mine.

ok. moderator hat is off...

congrats on the 13 pounds... are you SURE they're water????? i lost 18 pounds my first week. of course some of it was water... but not ALL of it was.

puree stage???? what are you PUREEING??? blecch. i promise. it'll get better. honest!!!

Stevie Christine
07-26-2005, 12:44 PM
O.K. Maybe it's not all water. My boobs look about half their original size! :o I hear of many people wanting a breast reduction. I've heard how painful large breasts can be; a teacher at my school had the operation. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. Is there a donor program?

Puree is the term my surgeon uses for the stage after liquids. We can eat things for the next week that are baby food consistency/foods we could eat if we didn't have teeth. It's for a week, and it's a lot better than liquid-only.

I'm glad you put on the moderator's hat. I feel better...and safer.