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07-25-2005, 11:00 AM
-=- :dizzy: -=-

07-25-2005, 03:25 PM
Okay, here I am on day one of week 7 !!!!
The evil week six went great! Thanks for all of your support!

Here's for today!

Monday July 25th, 2005

B-2 pieces of toast 1p
PB 3p
1 cup light OJ 1p

S- grapes 1p
ff cappucinno 4p
L-2 wheat hamburger buns 2p
ham lunchmeat 4p
ff mayo ZERO
butter spray ZERO
baked chips 2p
diet rite ZERO

S-reduced fat wheat thins 3p
laughing cow cheese wedge 1p

D-Chicken breast 4p
corn on the cob 2p
butter spray ZERO
baked potato 1p
ff sourcream 1p
1% milk 2p

S- ff icecream 2p
ff coolwhip ZERO

TOTAL 33 Points

07-25-2005, 03:26 PM
Things have been so shaky for me that I'm going back to my Week One menus (at least for during the day).

So far today:

B: Cheerioes -- 3
FF milk - 4
Coffee with ff milk (included in the FF milk above) -- 0

L: WaWa Spinach Salad -- 7
FF Dressing -- 1

Still to come:

S: Glenny's Soy Crisps -- 2
Salsa -- 0

D: Chicken cutlet (Da Man made them last night; my favorites!) -- 7
Green beans with Brummel & Brown -- 1

S: Smoothie or yogurt -- 2
Grapes -- 1

Total: 28


07-25-2005, 08:28 PM
My menu & Points for Today :hun:

B: Morningstar Farms fake bacon - 3 pt
1 egg fried with Pam spray - 2 pt

Snack: Cantaloupe - 1 pts
12 oz FF milk - 3 pts

L: 2 slices Reduced cal bread: 1 pt
Turkey lunch meat - 2 pts.
10 cherry tomatoes - 0 pts
mustard - 0 pts

D: Subway turkey, ham & roast beef 6 in
with all the veggies - 6 pts
Bag of Baked Lays chips - 3 pts
cheese on sandwich 1 pt
Caff. free diet coke - 0

Snack: Watermelon - 1 pt

Total: 23 pts
3 points left over. I don't think I will eat anything else tonite unless it would be cantaloupe or watermelon.

Nite, everyone.

07-25-2005, 08:49 PM
Monday July 25, 2005

1 EM 2 pts
1 tbl spoon of butter 1.5 pt
1 tbl spoon of PB 2 pts
Total 5.5

1 WW pizza 7 pts

2 buns 4 pts
cup meat 4 pts
cup cheese 6 pts
1 serving chips 2.5 pts
Total 16.5

Total Points = 29

I can still eat 4 more points technically, but I'm going to try not to have anything to sort of 'make up' for yesterday. I may have a peach or some other piece of fruit if I'm still feeling hungry.


07-25-2005, 10:55 PM

1 cup Smartstart & .5 cup skim milk (4 pts)

8 ounces Mt. Dew (2 pts)

WW meal (5 pts)

1 Reese Peanut Butter Cup (2)

1 cup Cherios & skim milk (3 pts)

I didn't know how much the half a candy bar was suppose to be, so I just estimated it. I was way off. I just looked online, and it's 4 points for an entire Reese's, and I only ate half of it.

Total for Monday:


****. I have to go eat something else. I promise you that I will!!

07-26-2005, 12:07 AM
Izzy: Congrats on making it through week six!! We knew you could do it!! :D
Steph: EAT!! Lol, I'm kidding. But seriously. Eat something else. ;)

Okay, time for me to actually write up my points. *shakes head* I swear, last week I was so lazy!! But I'm gonna do it this time, lol.

--100 cal. granola bar (PB & chocolate chunk): 2 pts.

--100 cal. Cheese Nips: 2 pts.

Lunch at Ruby Tuesday:
--Grilled peppercorn chicken: 5 pts.
--plain baked potato: 5 pts.
+ light ranch dressing: 1 pt.

Snack at Books-A-Million:
--Light Vanilla Cream Frappe: 4 pts. (for 22 oz!!! Soooo worth it--it's not even heavy like a milkshake, and it's perfect for those 105-degree heat index days! ;))

--Bologna and cheese sandwich: 4 pts.
--FF BBQ Pringles: 1 pt.

--Right Bites 100 cal. Chips Deluxe: 2 pts.

Total: 26 pts.

Though...I'm kinda' considering eating an extra Flex Point, lol, because I want a snack. Or maybe I'll just go to bed. I think I'm hungry because I'm sleepy and my body is craving an energy source. I'll drink some water and see if I'm actually hungry or if I'm just sleepy. :)

Have a great night everyone!