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07-22-2005, 10:50 AM
B: one LF english muffin 2.6
one tablespoon LF peanut butter (? haven't calculated it yet)
ice water

L: will be a picnic in the park--- chicken sandwich on a low fat hi fiber bun with mustard== 3pts, watermelon, pretzels, water or unsweetened tea, and apple pie. I'm trying to skip the potato salad and coleslaw all together, but we'll see.

S: will be a chicken/potato casserole, recipe from a WW site, 5 pts per serving
served with salad and steamed broccoli (0)

Supper was supposed to be last night's menu, but, we ended up eating Taco Bell :T: instead.

07-23-2005, 12:22 PM
Friday July 22, 2005

cup cereal, cup milk 3 pts
1 pear 1.5 pts
Mango 1.5 pts
Total 6 pts

Sandwich 4.5 pts
1 serving baked chips 2.5 pts
2 tbl spoons of salsa - .5 pts
Total 7.5

cup yogurt 1 pt
cup cereal 1.5 pts
Total 2.5 pts

1-cup turkey 8 pts
2 buns 4 pts
2 slices cheese 3 pts
cup SJ mix 1 pt
1 serving chips 2.5
Total 18.5

Total Points = 34.5

I went over by 1.5 pts, but I made better choices. We had ground turkey instead of ground beef, and I had baked chips instead of regular chips :)