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07-21-2005, 07:08 AM
Happy Thursday, Everyone!!

I am seriously dragging this morning! My alarm went off at 5, I hit snooze twice. I made myself get up and out the door. I walked only about half a mile and it took me 20 minutes. I kind of just plodded along in a haze in the haze. It was very foggy this morning, I decided to stop half way b/c as I came down the hill it got REALLY foggy. There is a very sharp curve in the road not far past where I decided to turn and cars would not be able to see me walking at all. Plus there is a pump station for National Fuel right there and its sooooo loud if there was a car coming I couldn't hear it. My dog is great and stays with me but he's a little obsessed with rocks. If he has a rock then he doesn't always come back to my side when I call him and that is imperative when a car comes. He would stand smack in the middle of the road staring at his rock hoping I will kick it so he can chase it. So combine this with the whole fog and noise situation and it just wasn't a good idea.

I am hoping DH will help me move my treadmill, then I can walk while the kids snooze in the morning.

Well everyone have a great day! I have to clean up my kitchen before the kiddos get here.


07-21-2005, 09:40 AM
Misty, sounds like a smart decision to cut that walk short!

I'm off and running to work today~ may not be back on here until tommorow. Have a great Thursday everyone!

07-21-2005, 09:54 AM
He would stand smack in the middle of the road staring at his rock hoping I will kick it so he can chase it.

Well, I'm at work and I must not be awake yet, becuase I thought you wrote
"Lick it" instead of kick it! I was laughing so hard and then I read it right. Still funny, but not sick! LOL

I'm eating my usual light english muffin w/ PB right now. It's very tasty.

So, my parents (from Arizona) were going to be getting here origianally tomorrow, then called yesterday afternoon to say that they are ahead of schedule(they are driving) and that they would be here today in the afternoon. Then, last night at 10:30 the called and said that they were a half hour a way!!! I bet Lori and I burned 500 calories running around the kitchen picking up the laundry etc., we looked like we were on speed!!!LOL Don't get me wrong, I was very excited to see them. I've missed them very much, it was just very unexpected!

Oh God, I need to go. Go turn on the news about London!!

07-21-2005, 10:47 AM
Hi. Just read online about London. I am gonna turn on CNN in a minute.

Lisa, I am glad your parents made it safley and ahead of schedule that is wonderful! But have to say even my dog would find it disturbing if I was licking his rock. That made me laugh.

Ok have a great Thursday everyone!

07-21-2005, 11:39 AM
Hey ladies, no post from me yesterday since after I hit the snooze button twice my alarm stopped going off!!! Ahhhhhh! Good thing I got up in time to get ready, just no time for a shower. Anyway I had a great day with WW yesterday and I feel great. I know I should weigh myself too much at home but I was already down 2.5 pounds this morning! It's amazing what water and good food can do for you! I'm saving my extra points for this weekend since I will be at the county fair and well...................you all know what I'm talking about! Good food!

School is going good, very busy and hectic but I love it!!

Misty, I hate the fog. Especially driving in it. We don't get it too bad around here, only in the winter but it makes for a dreary day. I wouldn't have wanted to walk around that corner either! You never know who could be barrelling around the corner thinking nothing of the fog. You wouldnt beleive the way some people around here drive in the fog, almost like they are invincible or something!

HAve fun at work Amy!

Izzy I too am eating an English muffin, its whole wheat and I put a piece of cheese and a fried egg on it (fried with pam) it's really good! Hope you got your house cleaned up. I'm the same way when I know people are coming over, I've never been the type to just have a clean house all the time, not sure how people do that! lol

Ok I gotta get so I can get dressed! Talk to you ladies soon, have a great day!!

07-21-2005, 12:36 PM
Good morning sistas!

Misty, I think it is wonderful that you got your butt out of bed and went for a walk, even if you had to cut it short- good call on that, by the way, caution first, eh? So :bravo: to you for getting moving!

I don't know what I'll do for exercise today- I left my swimsuit at my brother's house, so I can't do that- and it is terribly hot already here, so I don't want to walk or ride bike or work out (our exercize equip is in the HOT garage!) I feel a little better today, not at all as sick as yesterday, so I suppose I should get moving with something... maybe I'll put on some music and pretend I am a banana :cb:

This dancing banana seems to have become our little mascot, hasn't it? :) I love it!

Well, I have to get to work- Cal, you're making me feel like such a slacker! I have to get on my reading list and get a chapter of my thesis written, so here I go, work work work! I'll check in on you all later- have a great day!


07-21-2005, 01:55 PM
(Are you ready for this?)

That's because the dancing banana is so appealing!

(ba da BUM!)

07-21-2005, 03:12 PM
F&L, I must be tired because that was really funny. :-p

I slept in all morning and I just need to stop going to bed so late so that I have some daytime to enjoy, I have barely over a week to find a place, arrange moving, pack my stuff, and clean this place. Better get moving.

07-21-2005, 05:02 PM
But have to say even my dog would find it disturbing if I was licking his rock.

Oh GOD! Will you people please stop BAITING ME like this?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I am trying desperately to behave myself!

But I did need the laugh. I put my daughter on a Greyhound (bus!) for Georgia this morning. We were all caught up in the rush to get her packed and we were sniping at each other a little. When we got into the car, I turned on the radio and guess which song was playing? The Devil Went Down to Georgia! No lie! We just stopped in mid-quibble, stared at each other and laughed so hard we cried!

When we got into town, I planned on parking and going into the terminal with her while she got her ticket. ****, I probably would have found her seat on the bus if I could. But traffic was insane and there was no parking and it was getting late. So she says, "Mom, I'll just hop out here." Quick hug, a case of last-minute verbal diahhrea (don't go out alone, don't sit in the back of the bus, don't burp or f*rt in front of people, don't forget to call, don't lose your money, don't let yourself wind up stranded in the dark Georgia night, don't wipe your nose on your sleeve, don't forget to put on deodorant, etc. etc. etc.), an "I love you and I'm so proud of you" and she was gone. I turned for a split second when anothe car beeped at me, and when i turned back, her little purple head had disappeared into the crowd. And then the radio started playing "In My Daughter's Eyes" by Martina McBride and I drove through traffic crying like a baby.

How can anyone feel so happy and sad, proud, excited, nervous and scared all at the same time?

07-21-2005, 06:06 PM
Maggie--Awwww!! I'm sure she'll have a great time! :) Georgia's fun. ;)

Cal, you're making me feel like such a slacker! I have to get on my reading list and get a chapter of my thesis written, so here I go, work work work!

HA. Yeah...let me tell you. It may sound like I'm making a lot of headway, but let me tell you. Not happenin'. Bah. Why can't these books just read themselves?

So...what's goin' on in the world of Amanda? Yeah, not much. Just a whole lotta' nothin'. :lol: I'm trying to be a good student and hunker down to read. I really am! But I just can't seem to get myself to do anything. I think it's the cramps. Bah. Damn cramps. Hey, any advice for a girl who's gonna be weighing in on the third day of her period? So far the bloating hasn't quite happened, so I'm okay there...for now. But I'm not sure about Saturday...should I limit my water intake? Increase it dramatically? Hold my breath? Stand on my head? ;)

Hm...maybe I'll plan my classes for next semester. Maybe if I do something like look at things from the teacher perspective, I'll want to participate on the student end? Gah! Where did summer go??

Yeah, I'll be okay. Just need like...another month or five. ;)

Have a nice day ladies!

07-21-2005, 08:09 PM
Hi all!

Amanda-You crack me up! Sorry no real advice for the whole TOM thing. I wouldn't drop back on water. Just hold steady and stay on track, if the scale is mean don't worry it's just the natural cycle of things and you're efforts will show up next week. Good luck with your reading. Yeah, where did the summer go?

Maggie-Like that? I wrote it with you in mind LOL!! I am sure your daughter will have a fabulous time and accomplish alot! You wrote "How can anyone feel so happy and sad, proud, excited, nervous and scared all at the same time?" When doesn't a parent feel like that ya know? Well anyway I hope your daughetr ha s agreat trip, she is doing a wonderful thing.

Hippohips, girl you need to get to bed earlier for sure! I hope you find something soon. I'm thinking of you.

F&L I'm with Hippohips that was funny. I laughed so hard, but then again I am asleep on my feet right now.

Lori-Hope all is going well. How's the thesis coming?

Jill- I am with you on the clean house thing! I try so hard but I never quite make it. My friend Jen says I should be happy if I have a path cleared to the door considering I have 4 kids all day three of which are 2 or younger. But, I'm glad school is going well for you. I too am saving my points up for teh weekend. I am going to visit my best friend. I think Next week is our fair. That's big doings here in the county with only 2 stop lights!

Well DH is in a tizzy over goodness knows what. He wanted to go grocery shopping and we have $28 until tomarrow. He also wanted to eat out for dinner. I said no b/c 1) I want to save my points for the weekend, 2)we ate out three times last week, 3)Hello did he not understand the $28 statment? We have some pork tenderloin thawed, but we have NOTHING to go with it.
So it's not like we are starving. But he went across the road to steal some potatoes, which means he'll be there an hour, and we won't eat til 9. That annoys me. Oh well at least we have something to eat to begin with , right?

Over all though I had a cheery day. But my schedule may change. The kids might start getting here at 5:30. I used to get them from 5:30-4 M-Th, then it was 6:30-3 M-F. I really liked my Firdays off, but now on top of have to get up an hour earlier I will still have them 5 days. But she doesn't know what her schedule will be. She works in a call center and her schedule changes every three months. I didn't realize this when I took the job. Oh well, it give sme a bit of spending money and it bought me a new fridge in April!

Have a great night all. I am going to try to go to bed as soon as I can. I doubt if I will walk in the morning. So much for those 28 APs this week.


07-21-2005, 09:26 PM
Damn pizza! I knew I shouldn't have bought a frozen pizza. I went wayyyy over my points today, so that kind of sucks.

Anyway, other than that I did ok today. I didn't work out again, but I plan on getting back to it tomorrow.... wooohoo I get to sleep in!

Maggie, I'm sure she'll have a great time!!


07-21-2005, 10:02 PM
Hi! I've had kind-of a rotten day today, too. This dang headache just won't go away. I worked today, though, and I do feel better than yesterday. I think my doctor jinxed me. I just went to my neurologist last week, and we agreed that I have been doing mucho better, and I don't have to go back to him unless I start doing worse again. Well, I've had a headache for 4 days straight now! It's all his fault ;)

I did absolutely crappy as far as points go. But I DIDN'T DRINK ANY MOUNTAIN DEW!!! Here's what I had today:

the usual cereal (4 pts)

Lean Cuisine meal (5 pts)

a bite of brownie (1 pt?)

half a pork tenderloin sandwich (?)
about 10 French fries (?)
Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with butterscotch, chocolate, and malt powder (?)

So, I have no clue what my total points came out to...I'm sure it's too scary to learn!! I'm just going to consider that I used up all of my 35 extra points for the week.

I don't envy you ladies that are in school right now. I completed my masters degree in 2003, and I don't want to go there again! Just think though, you're almost done! I chose to do a thesis rather than comps though.

Maggie, I'm sure your daughter will be having a great time. This is such a fabulous experience for her. I bet is was a mixture of emotions when she was leaving though!

Lizzy, pizza is one of my biggest downfalls. I absolutely love the stuff. I'm not a cook either, so I live for frozen pizzas. I haven't had one for a few weeks though. Everything is okay in moderation...just don't have one tomorrow too :)

Good night!

07-21-2005, 10:15 PM
:lol: I don't plan on having one tomorrow night :) lol we just bought 2 (because we both like different things). I just cant believe how many points it is. I almost didn't want to eat it, because I felt guilty, and I should have listened to that voice. Oh well, too late now. I did though, go grocery shopping today!

I bought a lot of fruit - pears, peaches, nectarines and a mango :) I've never had a mango, but thought I'd give it a try. I was going to buy some chocolate kisses or something similar, because I'll get odd cravings for chocolate, and want just a piece, and not have any around. I put a bag of Rolo's in my cart... and then as I was picking out my fruit, put it back. And I'm glad I did. I know I can have that stuff in moderation, but I decided to not even tempt myself, and just get the fruit. And if I wasn't soo stuffed from dinner, I'd go have a piece. I'm dying to try the mango :) lol.


07-21-2005, 10:48 PM
Ooo...Liz, you know what's really good? The Lean Cuisine frozen pizzas! I had the four cheese one last week, and I believe it was 9 points. I'm in the habit of eating at least one pizza a week myself, so I thought I'd give it a go. One of my biggest attempts with this round of Weight Watchers is to teach myself how to eat the foods I adore and not feel deprived at the same time. So, since I'm used to having a pizza every Friday, I let myself have a pizza. It's just a different kind of pizza. ;) But yeah...give those a whirl. I really like 'em myself! ;)


07-21-2005, 10:57 PM
So, um, somebody said to pay more attention to the way my clothes were fitting rather than be a slave to the number on the (curseword here) scale, right? Well, ah- My favorite bra is too big today... Hm. :eek:

F&L- appealing! Har har har! You crack me up! A note about bananas, though- if you eat too many, you will be very unhappily constipated, and there is nothing appealing about that!!! :cb:

Maggie- your daughter sounds like a jewel. :angel: I can only imagine how hard it is to watch her go off into the world on her own, but what a wonderful job you’ve done with her that she is heading off to participate in such a great cause! Parting is difficult, but reunions are sweet- and she’ll be back before you know it! Keep heart! :goodvibes

Amanda- well, here’s what I think about TOM- don’t worry about the WI this week- just think how much you’ll have lost by NEXT WI! And also, I’m still quite sure you’re ahead of me in the race to the comps… Let me believe it! It makes me work harder! :rolleyes: (Yah, right...)

Misty- Uh, don’t ask about the thesis. Ahem. Just kidding- I have one chapter down and one outlined- I should have the second one written by now but I’ve slacked off all summer! Stay tuned for hair pulling as we get closer to December!! :fr:

Lizzy, :jeno: I have a weakness for pizza as well. I had pizza tonight from Pizza Hut (thin veggie lover) and was able to work it in at 4pts per slice. Try that sometime when the craving hits- then you can count a vegetable serving too! And way to go on the good choices at the grocery! Yum, rolos… but fruit, yay!!

IASteph- great job on keeping the dew away from you! (Note the little poem- ok, I am a lit major, not a creative writer…) You were able to CHOOSE between thesis and comps?! Jealous, jealous me… Quick! Someone tell me to stop whining about it and get the work done! :ziplip:

Ok, I've had my fun with the emoticons now and this may be my longest post yet. But one more thing- a tip for today... A great way to lose weight is to eat while you are naked and standing in front of a mirror. Restaurants will almost always throw you out before you can eat too much.

AKA Shootin'-for-a-B-cup

07-21-2005, 11:25 PM
OK, I don't know whether I should slap my sweetie for this, or just love him even more (OK, i already know it's the second one). I stopped by the garage where he works today and there was a photo of a gorgeous woman in a black stringy bikini on his tool box. No problem. Damn, she was amazing. But I was joking around and walked up to him and said, "Well, THIS is interesting." He took the picture and pulled me real close and whispered in my ear: "This is the bathing suit I'm going to buy you when you get to goal." In his sexiest growl, of course. He is so funny. A real little :devil:

07-22-2005, 01:05 AM
Aww, Maggie! That is so cute!

I don't know what I'll do for exercise today- I left my swimsuit at my brother's house, so I can't do that

Skinny-dipping? :lol:

After I found out there was a Wendy's on my route, I decided I just had to have a meal that I once frequented. A triple burger with cheese. I figured out all the points and wanted to go yesterday but left too late. So today I was ready to leave early so I could fit it in and was just salivating thinking about it. I knew it would take a lot of points (uh. . .24.7 points!), but did not care. Then when I got there, it turned out to be almost $9 for the stupid burger so I decided to go cheap and got a little burger from their value meal and fries. Why did I have to get fries? The whole time I was eating them I thought yuck what a waste, but yet I kept eating them. So my runner-up meal ended up being 22.2 points. :( What a waste. Was not filling, was not good, was not what I went for. So, today I had coffee with sweetener, a burger, and fries and went over my points. :( Am mad at myself for getting something stupid. And I am hungry. heh Guess I will just drink water and go to sleep before I think about it too much. Can not believe the burger I used to get on a probably 3-4 times a week basis is almost 25 points, though. . .and of course I got it with fries and sometimes chicken nuggets too sheesh. On the way home (about thirty seconds in) my mp3 player's battery died because I forgot to recharge it until about an hour before I had to leave. Made the walk home pretty boring and I was already not in the mood to walk. I took a different route to avoid the temptation of using the transit and to keep myself awake. Boring boring *yawn* boring. Am just grouchy today. heh Came home and put my nightgown on right away and then my husband asked me to go get him McDonald's. Umm, puh-sha! I may have went over my points today by .4 (although I did not eat half my bun at Wendy's so I might be just about even. . .oh yeah and AP points) but I really really want and need a weight loss tomorrow to get me back into a good attitude. Ooh and I need to forget about fast food entirely. And find an apartment. And boxes. :p

07-22-2005, 02:23 AM
*giggles* Maggie...that's both hilarious and sweet at the same time! :D Ah...to have a supportive man...to have a man at all. ;) I'm glad to hear he's being more supportive, though! :)

07-22-2005, 09:20 AM
aww that was cute Maggie :)

The whole time I was eating them I thought yuck what a waste, but yet I kept eating them.

I've had that feeling, and I think its a good one in a way. At least I'm acknowledging that eating that way is bad for me because before, I would not have given it a second thought... the next step I guess is to not eat it.

Thanks for the ideas about pizza :) I have not tried the LC pizza's yet, but I did buy a WW one last night too :) Its not too bad, I've had those before, so I'll have that next week when I get that pizza craving again :) If we order out pizza ever, I'll have to look into the thin crust at Pizza hut. But I'm not a big veggie lover, so I'd probably get just plain cheese :)


07-22-2005, 02:01 PM
The one thing I love about WW is that each day a new set of points. Make a mistake and get on with the next day. We can doey.