Weight Loss Surgery - YUCK! Barium! But it turns out I'm healthy!

07-20-2005, 10:52 PM
Oh my Gosh!! I drank 32 oz of barium(hope I spelled that right) today! It is still turning my tummy! I have a hernia between my esopugus(spelled that wrong for sure!) and my tummy. When he had me swallow a pill I told him "there! its stuck in my throat now," and he showed me on the screen that it was in my tummy! He said I am really in tuned with my stomach or I am feeling the hernia. Anyone ever had a hernia there? Whats that about? But I guess being in tune with your tummy will be a good thing! Now I have to go do an EKG. I think its stress though. Since my husband has been off the ship and we are finally making our bills I haven't had a chest pain in a week and I used to have them a few times a day. But I'll still have the test. Don't want to find out on the table that I have a heart problem! Thanks y'all!

07-21-2005, 12:39 AM
oh honey. i'm so glad to see this!!! is the stress test just to make absolutely sure?? the good news [i think!] is that they may be able to repair the hernia during the surgery.

and so glad hubby is there to help you right now.

thanks for letting us know..