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07-18-2005, 01:34 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
It is a beautiful sunny day in my neighborhood although a tad too windy. I'm not sure how much rain we got last night but the yards have greened up nicely again and there are puddles in the street. I have been out for my walk and now am having a hard time getting in gear to do some vacuuming and general cleaning. That is never ending! DH has meetings every day this week at 5 and 7 PM to interview CEO candidates for the retirement/nursing home where he is on the board. He's not looking forward to it much; one guy was offered the job 10 years ago and his family wouldn't move (the kids are grown and gone now but this town has changed so much in the last 10 years :mad: I can't imagine that his wife would want to move here now) and another local candidate who has worked for the home several years but doesn't have the degrees the board thinks they want in place. DH says that is a courtesy interview but basically a waste of time.

Hope all is well with "all" of you! ;) I do need to get moving. Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-19-2005, 10:47 AM
Morning gals! Hot and terribly muggy today. The pool even felt nice getting in this morning because it is so very sticky outside.

Today is clean the upstairs day. I should have done it yesterday, but I am so sleep deprived right now, I can't seem to get moving. Yesterday, I came back from the pool and laid down for a little while on the couch but the dog bugged me so much I went upstairs and went back to sleep. I feel a little better today, but still need to catch up.

I am trying now to get all the online stuff I bought in here so I can get organized for vacation. We still have 37 days, but I need to see what still needs to be bought if anything and the only way to do that is to get out everything your are going to take and match up outfits then go from there. I bought some new bras, but two of them are on back order so I hope they come in time. The ones I have I don't particularly like. They fit like sports bras and make my breasts look like they are at my knees. Not any support.

I still have one more birthday to get through then I am done until my bd in sept. I have no idea what to get my sil. He is a pistol when it comes to gifts. I guess I will think of something and worst case, just get him a gift card.

I need to go and start getting some work done. Every one have a good day


07-19-2005, 08:41 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening, Flowers!
I made myself work on my projects instead of getting on the computer this morning. Now I have even bigger messes spread around . . . one leads to another and another and another. :crazy:

I went to WW and showed a 1.2# loss; that gives me a total of 10#s gone this time around. Now if I can just keep it going. I'm beginning to tell it in some of my clothes for sure.

DH is interviewing again tonight so it will be a sandwich supper when he does get home.

"Gma" -- I hope you get caught up on your sleep! That is so aggravating to say the least! Do you have a favorite brand of bra? I've worn Playtex for years but either they've changed the way they are made or else my body has changed because they just don't seem to fit like they used to. I'm sure it's probably the old body's fault! :lol: Enjoy looking at and sorting all of your new loot!

I need to answer some emails so will move on. Have a nice evening!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-20-2005, 08:53 AM
Morning gals! It is going to be a cooker today and the humidity is so high you can hardly breathe outside this morning. We had a torrential downpour last night that left a lot of flooding all over the place. I have a little strip of dirt between my deck and the neighbors fence about 5 inches wide. It runs from the house out to my gate. It rained so hard last night that the downspout water made this strip look like a mini rapids. The water was rushing down it.

Jean: I usually wear Just my Size stuff because I can find bras that fit me, but I just ordered a Playtex and a Bali bra on sale so we shall see. I had bought two new JMS and don't particularly like them.

Looks like vacation is edging closer and closer. We only have 36 days now. I got an e-mail from the airlines they changed the flights! UGH! I knew it was to good to be true! We still leave at 6 AM :yawn: but leave from Atlanta 20 minutes sooner and get this, get to Vegas 40 minutes earlier. Don't know how they did that one! :?: The rotten part is the return trip. They cancelled our 1:40 PM flight and put us on a 9 AM one, which means with the two hour get to the airport ahead of time, breakfast, getting stuff out to the rental car, get it taken back and onto the shuttle to the airport, we will have to probably get up at 5:30 AM! Sheesh and we thought we were going to have a nice sleep in on Sat before going home! Not only that, but now we have like a 2.5 hour layover instead of an hour. Guess I will get to check out the airport in Atlanta a little! :lol: At least I won't be squished in the seat like a sausage as we are flying first class and there are just two seats across instead of three.

I never got the vacuuming done upstairs last night. It was so hot that I did everything but and decided to do it first thing this morning after my swim. I finished cleaning and was pouring sweat yesterday afternoon. It is horribly humid here again since it rained and by the weekend is supposed to be over 100 degrees! UGH!

Guess I better finish chores and get to the pool. have a good day gals!


07-20-2005, 09:42 AM
:cheer: I think the Heat Wave had broken. It is still hot but the humidity has dropped dramatically. Yesterday was impossible, could only sit in front of the fan with the ac on and still sweat. Not a pretty sight.

We are going to a friends on Sunday for the day. They live near the Cape and have a motorboat and we will cruise the bay. Should be fun. She used to work with DH and are a 'few' years younger than us. He is a boat appraiser and does appraising all over the world for boats mostly large type before owners buy or sell them. I am not a problem on boats but it has been many years since I have been on a smaller type. Mmmmm....we shall see. At one point in their lives they would hire out as captain and cook on large yachts sailing the Carribean. Dosen't that sound interesting. She said that the wealthy are not the easiest to work for...very demanding.

FAYE: Your vacation time is coming fast...have a great time. I just heard on the TV that Vegas was 113 degerees today. Hope it is somewhat cooler when you get there.

JEAN: Congratulations on the weight loss....that'a a good one! Keep at those piles and they will soon disappear like your weight.

Since it is less humid today I guess I should get off the computer and try to get something done here.

Gloria in MA.....stay cool.

07-21-2005, 08:24 AM
Morning gals! It is icky sticky this morning again. My allergies were so bad this morning I couldn't swallow and my eyes were almost swollen shut. I think it is having the AC on all the time, which causes mold from condensation, which I am allergic to. Brother! We also are having to use fans to circulate the air and I am allergic to the cat so his hair is problem getting blown right up my nose while I sleep. I can't certainly use that vacation and quick! :lol:

Gloria: We are supposed to go with dsis and bil on a Venetian gondola ride and I am not sure how well I am going to do with that. I have trouble "squatting" because of my bad knee and this makes sitting into something low very hard or impossible. Many times, Jack has to haul me off our couch because it sits rather low for me. I haven't been on a regular boat in years and would not do so at my current size or with my knee because it would be too difficult to get in and out of.

Jean: Good going on the weight loss!

My dd did not get her anniversary gift until 8 PM last night. Sure hope the dry ice they packed was still working! Ours arrived about 5 PM and we had just given up hope of using some of it for dinner and gone ahead and cooked when it showed up! Figures! :lol: The stuff looks really good though so we will see. You got decent sizes and/or portions of stuff too! We are going to have some of the potatoes au gratin and the chicken cordon bleu for dinner tonight so I will let you know!

Not much else going on in my world. Just trying to stay cool!


07-21-2005, 03:51 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
I just got home from working in the hospital gift shop . . . actually I just got home from having a piece of freshly baked lemon pie in the hospital coffee shop! It is right next to the gift shop and I happened to be there getting some ice water when the pie lady brought the pies in. I decided that was going to be my lunch and it was soooooooooooo good. :T I never make pies, and they are my favorite, so enjoyed every bite!

I could have sworn I posted yesterday but I guess I must have just read and thought I would come back later. My mind is definitely going! :crazy:

"Gma" -- Hope you get to feeling better. I'm allergic to cats also but get along ok if I don't rub my eyes after I have handled them. I do have a stuffy nose from time to time; DH says it is the cats and I say it is the dust! :lol: Enjoy your meal tonight -- sounds yummy!

Gloria -- Enjoy your boat ride! That sounds like fun and I'll bet your host/hostess has many stories to tell. I hope it is not too hot and/or that you will have a roof over your head. :yes: It is not as hot today but the humidity is higher which makes it seem hotter. I am ready for some cooler weather! All I can think of is how hot the school buildings will be if we don't get some cooler weather. :(

I need to get busy and pick up the clutter that has accumulated. DH is interviewing again tonight so I will be home alone till 8:30 or so.

Have a great rest of the day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-22-2005, 11:52 AM
Morning gals! It is a cooker here today. Going to be about 115 heat index they expect! Oooohhhh the utility bill, but I refuse to roast.

Jean: I am a pie lover over any other kind of dessert. About the only kind I don't like is any apple kind and mincemeat. I love berry pies especially, but like cream pies etc too. The lemon ice box pie is the speciality around these parts and it is yummy.

Got out and did my routine, but I had to fill the pool up today and it isn't full yet so will have to go back later. Thought it would be done after I finished watching two movies I hadn't finished yesterday but still has quite a way to go when I went over and looked a couple minutes ago. Guess I should go over and turn the water on harder.

I just finished Beyond the Sea, the movie about Bobby Darin, whose music I absolutely love and watched the English Patient, which is good, but it is so sad. Kevin Spacey did a pretty good job with the Bobby Darin movie, though he looks nothing like him and is considerably older that Bobby was in his hay day. The singing wasn't too bad either.

Oh, I got my Clark sandals yesterday and absolutely love them. I almost always have to wear shoes to break them in and soften them up so they don't rub, but I put these on and it was like walking on a cloud. Wonderful! They will be perfect for Vegas, though the color was not what I wanted. It is more tan than it looked like in the pics and I wanted more of an off white. Still, they will go with everything and that is all I care about.

I am finally almost caught up on all my online shopping. The food came and the gift was delivered to my dd, my dil got her cookie bouquet, we got the CD Harry Potter book yesterday and the shoes, and so now I am waiting for my bras and some books and I am done then. I joined a book club because I can get some books to take on vacation then order the other three and be done with having to order any more.

Well, looks like what I have to do, won't get done on its own. have a good day girls


07-22-2005, 01:04 PM
Good Morning, Flowers!
I'm trying to get myself in gear without much success. I just feel lazy today for some reason. It's going to be in the 90s again so guess I will camp out inside.

"Gma" -- It's only 83 but "feels" like 90 and is supposed to hit 93 this afternoon! I'm ready for some cooler weather!!!!!!! Why was the pool empty or do they drain it periodically? I don't know anything about pool upkeep. I love Clarks shoes/sandals! I have an OLD pair that look like Granny shoes and I wear them for the first 2 weeks of school. Otherwise I get sore legs from the hard floors and not being used to them. I'm sure I could wear my newer ones but the soles are not as "spongey-soft."

Not much is newsy from my corner of the world so far today. Hope you all stay cool and have a nice day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-22-2005, 04:42 PM
Jean: DUH on me! I guess I did make it sound like the pool was empty. No, the pool lowers from evaporation, kids jumping into it, when they clean it and use the vacuum and whatever and we aren't supposed to let it get lower than the colored tile so about every other day, I turn the water on full force when I am out there and fill it back up to the top. We must have had some rough kids in there yesterday because when I went out this morning, it was down to the concrete, which it is never supposed to get that low (for one thing then the water depth marks on the pool edge are not correct and someone could seriously get hurt thinking it is deeper than it is.) It usually fills up in the hour I am out there, but didn't today so I left the water on at a slow pace. I checked it a couple times and gave up and shut it off around 12:30 PM when it still had about 2 inches to go. Jack may want to go out tonight and if he does, I will turn it on while we are out there. Now that we keep it locked, hardly anyone uses it and no one bothers me anymore. I don't mind except having to deal with the creeps that don't live here and give me grief and I don't want to be going out at 9 PM and shutting it up in the dark. Most of the people that want to use it want to use it later in the evening. Phooey on that! lol I wish they would find a solution but whatever it would be would cost a lot of money. A big part of the problem is the overall neighborhood around here. Lots of trashy people who think they have the right to invade other people's property. Actually, the whole town is getting that way in my opinion. Ahh well, we are here for the duration so we have to make the best of it.

Guess I better get out of here. Talk to you in the morning. Have a good evening!


07-23-2005, 10:53 AM
MORNING LADIES! Eight thirty and over 80 degrees already. I did 75 minutes in the pool and I am POOPED! I did freestyle, breaststrokes and backstrokes today and let me tell you for a fat woman, those darn backstrokes are tough. I had to concentrate on keeping my butt up and not letting it sink! :lol: My form stinks but since I ain't applyin' for no Olympics, who cares? Works the muscles I want to work! :rofl: (me doing the backstoke) I did overfill the pool today. I turned it on full force when I got in and was in way longer than I thought and it started coming over the top of the pool lip! Can't win I guess!

I am going to clean the downstairs and we are going to get our outfits laid out today do or die so I know what we still need to buy. I am so jazzed all the stuff except one pair of shorts I bought a size too small fits that I am in hog heaven! Now if August 25th would just get here a little faster! :beach:

I am really going to concentrate on staying on my program for these last 5 weeks and get some weight off besides inches. BTW, I don't know if eithe of you ladies eats yogurt, but have you ever tried the Yoplait whipped? It is kind of like eating whipped jello, you know with the whipped cream mixed into jello? It is pretty yummy even though it isn't ffree.

We watched the Aviator last night and boy that man was seriously mentally ill. He was paranoid schizophrenic and OCD besides. :crazy: He was a genius though. He invented the single wing plane and a bra for larger breasted women (actually he did it for Jane Russell for her movie the Outlaw, which his company produced) and was ahead of his time thinking about jet planes before anyone else did. Long film, but very good if you like stories about real people.

Jack is :faint: snoozing in late this morning, but I started coughing, which usually ends up with me vomiting if I don't get up so I just hauled my heinie out bed! That is ok, I feel pretty good right now and raring to get the day going. With that being said, guess I better start on the housework because the cleaning :wizard: isn't going to visit me today!

Have a nice weekend girls


07-23-2005, 03:06 PM
Happy Saturday, Flowers!
It's another hot and humid day in my corner of the world. It's already 94 but "feels" like 105; it's supposed to actually hit 102 by mid-afternoon. My DH is on a 20 mile tractor ride put on by the county fair . . . he and 40+ others pre-registered. Personally, I think they are all NUTS :crazy: , but he did take a cooler of water and they will get food along the way. I made him take the cell phone although I'm not sure I could get to where they are going without a map. :o

I'm debating about walking -- it's too hot now or maybe wait till the sun goes down and the mosquitoes come out. Probably won't go today. I made a grocery and WM run earlier. Evidently everyone else had the same idea, thinking it would be too hot to be out this afternoon. I should have gone yesterday but kept putting it off until it was evening and I was out of the mood.

"Gma" -- You are doing such a good job of watching the pool! Maybe you should turn a bill in for your time and effort dealing with the undesirables! Our town has gone to pot in the last 10 years, thanks to the immigrants. Our whole state is having a problem with them; I won't even get on my soap box! :no: Swimming is supposed to be one of the best forms of exercise so keep up the good work! :cheer: Don't work too hard cleaning . . . it is too hot! The radio just announced we're in a "heat watch" until 9:00 tonight.

I need to start the laundry and get busy. Have a great, COOL day!

Jean -- :wave: in Iowa!

07-24-2005, 08:45 AM
Good morning gals! Scorcher today again. Got up to 101 yesterday and supposed to be worse today. We were going to stay indoors all day, but went out to the pool for awhile (it was locked and no one there so we locked ourselves in for half an hour and it was fun) though the water was wayyyyy too warm for my taste. I like to be cooled by the water not take a bath out in the sun. Jack on the other hand hates water that is not bath water warm. Anyway, we then braved the heat because Jack was one "nice" pair of shorts short for the trip and Kohls had a huge one day sale. He found a pair of royal blue ones with a blue and red striped belt he liked and they were 50% off so only cost $13. I then found him a red golf shirt to go with it at 70% off and it only cost $12! $27 with tax, not bad! I could have spent a fortune, but I knew we did NOT need to shop so we just bought those two things and came home, with a detour to Walmart Neighborhood market for ice cream.... :o Yummy Blue Bell Bunny Tracks, Chocolate ice cream with peanuts, carmel and chocolate chunks in it and the peanuts were salted so the combo was heaven though very very fattening. Hey, I needed to stay cool! :smug:

I cannot imagine how people survive without AC in this heat. We had all four fans and a ceiling fan going and our AC going. Our AC has just had a maintenance done on it so I know it was working fine, just so hot it couldn't keep the condo cool. I should get room darkening blinds somewhere down the road though, because the afternoon sun comes into our big back window. We left the lights out all day too unless we needed them for something. Hope I can pay the utility bill when it comes! :lol: I am sure I am not the only one that will have high bills though.

Guess I should get up and get a couple chores done this am downstairs before my pool swim. I want to get the upstairs cleaned this morning before it gets too hot. Took me 2 hours to do downstairs when it usually takes 45 mintues because of the heat and stopping to cool off between doing rooms.


07-24-2005, 07:32 PM
Good Sunday evening gals. We are back from our cruise of Buzzard's Bay. What a wonderful day. Originally scheduled for Saturday but today was the perfect day for this. Their boat is a 33 footer and we headed out of Fairhaven Harbor about 11:30AM and motored out onto the Bay with sailboats, motorboats abounding on the sea. An hour and a half later we made Naushan Island which is in the Elizabeth Island chain. Actually we were at Hadley Harbor on Naushan Island. This island is privately owned by the Forbes family, John Forbes Kerry, Senator from MA. Not directly owned by him but by a Naushan Trust. We were able to anchor in the harbor along side some of the most beautiful boats I've ever seen. Had lunch while anchored....Lobster rolls, wine, pasta salad and a lovely piece of peach pie. MMMgood!!!!!!!

No cars are allowed on the island but we did see a large group of horses that have been imported to provide transportation via, buggy and carriages.

After lunch we meandered back to Fairhaven and then to Mattapoiset. Had a wonderful chat with our friends and I think we will sleep tonight after all that sun, sea and air.

Gloria in MA......barely keeping my eyes open! Oh, yes, they gave us a large chunk of freshly caught, yesterday, shark. I have sliced it into steaks and we will have in tomorrow and freeze the rest. I' ll let you know how it comes out.

07-24-2005, 11:25 PM
Good Evening from Iowa! The temperature has dropped to 82 degrees tonight but the humidity is still at 65% so it doesn't feel all that "cool" yet. It's much better than yesterday!

We spent the day at MIL's and even though she had the air on, it didn't feel very cool inside. It was hot and humid outside so it was a toss-up whether to be in or out. The flies bite my legs and ankles when we sit in the lawn chairs so I usually end up back inside. Ian was there and he is becoming a regular little fish in the water. They have him kicking and paddling short distances as well as jumping off the dock. He should sleep good tonight! DH's AZ ex-sister-in-law, who thinks she is still part of the family, stopped by and spent most of the afternoon. She is good to MIL during her winter months in Tucson and she does have a good relationship with DH's brother so can't really fault her, I guess.

"Gma" -- The lake was like cool bath water today; after being in awhile it felt warm. I love Kohl's and one is being built in Sioux City -- I can hardly wait! :cb: I have another favorite department store there and I'm afraid that Kohl's will give it a run for it's money except that Younkers is in the mall and Kohl's is down the road and a separate building. Did you know that Blue Bunny ice cream originiated in Iowa? I'm sure that there are other plants around the U. S. now, but it began in LeMars, Iowa. :D It is hmm, hmm good! :T I'm dreading our electric bill too, but yet I figure we pay high heat bills in the winter so what's the difference. I want comfort!

Gloria -- Your cruise sounds like it was so enjoyable. Lucky you! :cloud9: You will have to let us know what shark tastes like. :yes: I'm not a big sea food eater but know that when we lived in Ohio, the fish markets were always busy.

I'm off to take a shower and head to bed early tonight. The last time I looked at the clock, last night, it was 3 AM! I gave up and went downstairs to the recliner only to wake up at 6. :yawn:

Have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

07-25-2005, 08:45 AM
Good morning! It is miserable already this morning. Jack is going to have to work out in this all day and I do so worry about him. He isn't 20 anymore! I took the trash out at 5 or so and it is so muggy breathing is hard. Yck! Not a nice day to have to go out.

Gloria: Sounds like you had a marvelous time. Glad this horrible heat wave didn't spoil your plans. I have never eaten shark, but I heard prepared properly it is quite tasty. I love peach pie and don't get it very often. Actually, I love peaches. I grew up eating a lot of fruit so there isn't much fruit I don't like, but peaches just have a superior taste to other things to me.

Jean: We cooked here yesterday too! We stayed in all day except to go to the pool for awhile but a couple teenagers wanted to come in and they were cannonballing and such so we came home. I told them someone would be back in an hour to lock up. Jack went over and came back an hour and half later and said the neighbors were over there now so he would go back an hour or so later. He waited until 6 (3 hours later) and then got lip from them about not leaving and the big wuss let them stay intead of making them get out and locking up. The next door neighbor went to someone else to lock up. She is an elderly lady who is sun sensitive and it made me mad. With that being said, they can forget me ever ever unlocking it for them again and I told Jack that when we go over I am locking us in and telling anyone that comes that we are leaving in 15 minutes and locking up so they will have to either leave with us or get someone else to open it up for them. Why 3 hours was not long enough for them to be at the pool in the sun (there is no shade anywhere at the pool), I don't know, but they think we are their slaves I guess. Ann is a little too soft hearted with them I think. She never tells them no that she can't go over. I guess I am prejudiced against them after all we have been through with them, but on my side of the coin, they don't seem to be very cooperative. Not one person that lives there has a darn job and the kids are little indians. They sit around, smoking, bbqing and making noise all hours of the night and day then expect the people on the board to be at their beck and call when they want something. The last time I opened up for them, I told them I would be back in 2 hours and they tried to give me a hard time, but I told them I had to lock up and if they had complaints to call the association president (who would do absolutely nothing because he doesn't want to have to deal with anything that has to do with that darn pool) On top of that, some people got into the pool in the middle of the night (there was water all over the place and it would have dried out with the heat after it closed at 9 PM on Sat) between Sat and Sunday. I went over there on Sun morning and there were Smirnoff bottles and caps (caps in the pool!) and cigars and cigar tips all over the place. They either climbed the fence or it looked to me like they had a key because of the way the chain and lock were on the gate. Which means someone leant their key to someone or somehow someone got a copy of the key. Anyway, some stupid woman took off her diamond wedding band and engagement ring and I have it here waiting for someone to claim it, but how can people who have no right to be in there and were in there while it was locked, ask for something they left there? Sooner or later people pay for their bad behavior and this lady did losing her rings.

Well, everyone have a good day! I need to get a couple things done before I go over to the pool.