WW Clubs and Groups - Mondday, Monday. Gab thread for Monday 7/18/05

07-18-2005, 08:11 AM
Good Morning and Happy MONDAY!!!! It may be Monday but just think....we're already moving closer to Friday!

07-18-2005, 08:33 AM
:cb: :flow2: :dancer: :woo: :encore: :cheer: :goodvibes :flow1: :dance: :cp: :bravo: :balloons:
:cb: :flow2: :dancer: :woo: :encore: :cheer: :goodvibes :flow1: :dance: :cp: :bravo: :balloons:

I just needed something to perk up my Monday. Usually Mondays aren't such a drag, but today I lack any motivation. It's 7:23 AM and it's already HUMID and HOT :beach: :sunny:. I woke up at 5. Rain, Rain, Rain. So No walk for me. :rain: My new laundry area is about 4 inches too wide for my treadmill. So now I have to find it a new home. Which I just can't find. So I can't even do that this morning :tread:

So....I am gonna heat up my house some more by canning blueberry syrup. But I have to do something with all these blueberries. I have never canned syrup before and only once did I can without my husband being here to help me. I have a new canner, usually we borrow my MIL's. So hopefully I don't blow up the house :^:

I am wondering what DH is gonne wear today...I think he has a stash of Dockers he hasn't worn yet, but I think he's down to the weird colored or too small Polo shirts :devil: The tools are still scattered all over my house, I am not doing laundry until he puts them away in the garage or back room. That was a condition of the "finished" product. I am letting him slide on the sanding and painting b/c frankly I'll do a better job LOL. But seriously he needs to get done, I'm running out of undies LOL :lol:

Well off to make my syrup while the kids are sleeping. Then if it quits raining I'll go picksome more. I's like to make jelly too. Wonder if I can use splenda? Or maybe find a low sugar jelly recipe online? HMMMMM. :chin:

Have a dancing banana kind of day everyone :cb:

07-18-2005, 08:49 AM
LOL I hope he gets that done for you soon!! :) But at least if you do run out of undies, you can hand wash your own ;) lol

I hate late Mondays. We work from 11 to 7 pm, and I hate them!! They just suck! I hate getting home so late. ugh.

Anyway. I get up this morning to exercise. And I was tired and sooo hot already and I didn't want to do it. But I did. I had planned on doing both sections of the DVD for a full 40 mins this morning, since I could get up later, and don't have to be to work until later. But half way through the first 20 mins, I started to get period cramps. :mad: The stupid thing is like 5 days early, so I am not happy. Especially cause it couldn't wait another 20 mins. I get horrible cramps, and its hard to do anything on the first day of TOM. So, I attempted to start the 2nd half, but gave up because I'm in so much pain. As soon as I eat breakfast, I'll be drugging myself up! :) lol.

At least there is one good thing today. Dr wont be there :lol: He's gone the whole week!! yes! :lol:


07-18-2005, 10:25 AM
Hey ladies! I start my Masters program today and WW tomorrow! It will be a week of changes but I am ready for it! It's supposed to be a hot one today here as well 105 they said on the news last night. Luckily for us in Oregon we don't really have humidity so I know thats an upside! lol

It's going to be a bit challenging for me to get exercise in since I would like to do it before school but since I am such a night owl I have a really hard time getting up in the morning. I'm going to try my hardest this week though and try to get in some good exercise habits. I don't want to go to WW and then slack on the exercise since I know it goes hand in hand.

Misty, I worry about dh's work clothes as well lol. We both do laundry but seem to both neglect his clothes for work! However it is a little easier for him since he is a diesel mechanic, doesn't really even need to match so that makes it nice. However if he doesn't have anything to wear he will wear his nice clothes and get them all stained and that makes me so mad! Hope your Monday blues turn around soon!

Liz I can't workout either with cramps, it's not even worth it to me! lol I'd rather lay on the couch when that happens! I hope you start to feeling better and get the rest of your workout in.

Well i need to finish getting ready for school. I'm really excited to start and hope that it's as fun as I've heard it is. You ladies have a great day! Can't wait to check in tomorrow after my first meeting!

07-18-2005, 10:33 AM
I'm a smurf, or maybe Barney. My hands are all blue, bluish purple LOL! Who knew straining blueberries would be so hard. I've got blisters, blue blisters! Maybe I did something wrong?

Well anyway I am taking a break while the juice strains through the cheesecloth for the second time. Since there is no pulp to work around I am letting gravity do my work.

I haven't had breakfast yet. I think I will eat with the kids. I found some WW bread this weekend. I haven't tried it yet. I am pretty sure the package said 1 point for two slices. it was the lowest point bread I could find in the medium sized local grocery store. I will have more choices when we drive the hour drive to the bigger markets.

Lizzy, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Don't cha hate that? But you got in soem exercise and that's more than I can say. Great JOB! It's got to feel good knowing you pushed yourself even though you didn't feel like it. Have a good day at work. I wouldn't like that schedule either. I am an early bird. When I worked my favorite schedule was 6-3. It's kind of the schedule I ahve now, but my kids are always here so it's still a 24 hour job LOL. Have a good day anyway, hope things get better for you:)

Bayleysmom- WOW you are really working on alot all at once. I wish you the best of luck!! My husband NEVER does laundry. I am currently on a laundry strike. He left tools laying all over and my laundry area was half finished. So after months of tripping on saws and looking at 2x4's I told him finish and put ALL the tools away or I am not washing any more clothes until it's done.

Well I have one little guy up so I am gonna get him some breakfast and finish my syrup. Talk to you ladies later!

07-18-2005, 11:28 AM
Misty~ My husband would be running around naked if I refused to do his laundry- lol! And I bet your blueberry fingers will be worth it in the end when you're enjoying that wonderful blueberry syrup.

Liz~ I'm sorry you've got cramps. I'm early this month, too, (well, my PCOS means I'm actually unpredictable- but still earlier than I expected it) and feeling rotten. :( WTG on getting up and exercising!

Bayleysmom~ What an exciting week for you! Good luck! I'm a night owl, too, and tend to stay up really late, then be exhausted in the morning, then use caffeine to get myself going. I'm working on changing my routine, too.

As for me, today will be nice and quiet. I'm getting my packing list together for vacation next week, getting a few groceries, doing some laundry... nothing exciting. Depending on how I feel later (crampy and tired right now) I might take DD to the YMCA.

This morning my main project is copying a bunch of recipes from a WW cookbook that I need to return to the library this week. I'm making my own WW book with recipes that I've found online or copied from books. I'm also including whatever other WW-related stuff I print off-- like my list of fast food menus with points, a guide to activity points, etc. (I didn't join WW to get the starter books- I'm doing it with info from online.) It's just a 3-ring binder and a bunch of copy paper... it's not fancy, but it will work for me!

Have a great day, everyone!

07-18-2005, 12:40 PM
Wow-what a weekend! My Lori is out of town until Wed. am and I survived being left alone. I did great! :cb: I stayed on program all weekend. :bravo: I did eat alot of wierd stuff yesterday, I didn't post it, sorry-it was waaaay too hot to sit at the puter yesterday.
Today is another new day to another week and I am excited! :dancer: Today is also the 1st day of week six. The evil week six :devil: is when I usually fall off program, so I'll have to really work at it this week. :strong: :tread: Maybe I'll get lucky and it'll be a breeze! :beach: One can only hope!

Misty~ The laundry strike cracks me up-you go girl! :encore:

Bayleysmom~ You CAN do this, we are ALL here to cheer you on! :cheer:

Amy~ Great idea! I have alot of recipes that I have printed off also. What a GRAND IDEA! :cp:

Okay ladies, back to work, I'll check in later!

~Izzy (Lisa)

07-18-2005, 01:17 PM
Lisa, you WILL get through Evil Week 6 -- with our help! It's just another week, no biggie. Another week you'll have a loss, another week closer to goal. If you give into the Evil Legacy of Week 6, you'll not only be another week further from goal, but you'll backslide and then be two weeks further away from goal, three weeks further away from goal. Then you'll lose sight of goal altogether and the Slimmin' Sistas will have to form a posse, show up at your front door and reprogram you. And you don't want to go through THAT again, do you? Oh, wait, you don't remember your original WW programming? Ohhhhh, that's right... we erased...that...memory. Oh, shoot, did I say too much?Wait, Fergie, no! I'm sorry. I'll never reveal the matrix again! What is that in your hand? A stale bagel... oh, no, don't smite with the dreaded stale bagel! ......

Oh, God, I am bored.

07-18-2005, 01:30 PM
I just wanted to say welcome, welcome WELCOME to Jill and Steph. So glad you joined us. This is a great, lovely, supportive and funny group!

07-18-2005, 01:32 PM
Oh my goodness Maggie! You made me laugh so hard I almost peed my pants! I did the potty dance all the way to the bathroom! :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:
Thank you so much for all of your support, well, um...I think it was you...my memory seems to be a bit foggy... :joker:

I'm sorry that I forgot you, I didn't mean too!
I hope that your day goes well and that the darn cramps leave soon.

~Izzy (Lisa)

07-18-2005, 01:48 PM
My scale has been mean all weekend. Grrr. I hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays. And the last half of Sundays. And the first half of Thursdays. :lol:
My husband is still sick and I think he will be staying home today. I did nothing in terms of housework/packing over the weekend so I was looking forward to a day alone to get some work done, but that will not be as easy. Sure, I can do stuff while he is here, but I can not dance around to cranked up music like a stoned monkey. . . I wish he would stay in bed. I think the sleep would do him good and then I would be at a better position to baby *cough* erm take care of him.

Today I will find out about my interview. If I do not get it, I will be quite a bit crushed, but if I do get it, I will just be stressed out about the interview itself until it happens. Then I would stress out about the decision after that heh. It is just. . .if I must be stuck in a dead-end job, I would rather be stuck in a higher paying dead-end job. *shrugs*

I am with the other night owls. When I had a regular job, after a year I was slowly starting to go to bed before 1:00. Now with a night job, I am spoiled and often stay up until 2-3-4. I still wake up at 7-8 though (but usually have a nap during the day. . .you know the kind where you sit down to read your e-mail and wake up two hours later?). I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake, but it really is an addiction. Have tried substituting orange juice, but it takes points and just gives me an acidy taste on my tongue after I wake up from napping on the kitchen floor. :lol:
Last night I stayed up until around 3. I am very bummed out about having to start life over in an apartment by myself. But, last night I got a creative streak and started sketching all these ideas for my new place. Just ways to decorate and such. Came up with some really cool stuff that I can make as soon as I get some paint. I am hoping some of the people on the freecycle board in my area have some extra. Is really expensive to buy a few different colors of paint, especially when you are not going to use much. . .on the other hand, who ever finished a whole can of paint (and does not start another)? So hopefully I can get some leftovers. Anyway, thinking about decorating and such gives me a nicer outlook. And hey, in my own place I can be like a dancing stoned monkey anytime I want!

07-18-2005, 01:58 PM
stoned monkey!?!?!?
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Stop making me laugh so hard- I drink ALOT of water you know!

07-18-2005, 02:06 PM
Thanks for the welcome everyone!

I have a migraine today! Yuck!! It was one of those mornings where I couldn't figure out if I wanted to go to work or stay home. I think I'll be okay. I'm not that busy today at work, so I'm keeping a low profile. I get horrible migraines. I've been seen by a few neurologists, and I've been on numerous meds, but it's just something I have to live with (even though I'd rather not have to!).

My weigh in is today. I'M NERVOUS! I didn't have a good WW weekend, and I just started my period. I just hope that I didn't GAIN!

I'm also getting my body comp tested today. We got an e-mail from a grad student who is doing research on women and their weight. I offered to pitch in considering we get to use some of the high-tech instruments to test our body fat. I wonder how bad mine is....

Amy, I'm working on that sort of cookbook/type thing also. I only have the restaurants so far.

Anyone belong to TOPS? I'm considering maybe quitting the WW meetings, and going to TOPS instead. WW is just so dang expensive. It seems like I can maybe do this on my own, but weigh in at TOPS for the accountability factor. What do you all think?

07-18-2005, 03:20 PM
Hi everyone! How's your day going?

Stephanie-I'm sorry to hear about your migraine. Those are horrible. My mom gets them. She's had them so bad she's gone to the er. I hope you will be abel to relax and get rid of it. :goodvibes Here are some happy thoughts for you. As far as not going to WW and choosing a less expensive group my advice, stay with it for the first 12 weeks to get all the info. Once you've done that maybe try a TOPS meeting first. See if it meets your needs. I like WW, mostly b/c of our leader. She makes going to the meetings worth it. Frankly if you like the program, but can find the group support elsewhere why not try another group and do the program on your own? WW's has a great program with alot of research and success behind it. In the end it is a bussiness, so take what you can get from it and if you can find the support you need elsewhere for less money WHY NOT? I'm not trying to encourage you to quit or anything. I think it's important to stick with a program and give it your all. But there are several folks on here that do not attend meetings. I didn't, I did it on my own with material from back when I did do meeting. In 3 months I lost 20 pounds (granted I gained it back after surgery but that's not my point LOL).

Hippohips here's a hug for ya :grouphug: We're all here so you aren't starting over by yourself. It is a big change but you are getting a chance to begin life a new. A new place to live, maybe a new job, and a new body thanks to your efforts to become healthier. Think of it as a big adventure. Who knows what is around the corner!

Izzy one day at a time, on estep at a time and before you know it you will be looking back not at week six but week 16, or 26. You are doing great and now WAY would we let you fall off. Like Maggie said, well never mind, you will breeze right through week 6.

Amy I love the recipe book idea! My friend on another forum thought about making a weightloss scrap book. Maybe I will incorporate the two. Recipes, inspiration that kind of thing. Well enjoy putting yours together:)

Well ladies I finished the syrup. 4 hours, two blisters and very tired feet yielded me three very, lovely and hopefully yummy pints of blueberry syrup. Three pints is not much. I didn't want to double the batch though in case it was bad. And seriously how much syrup does one really need? It's supposed to rain so I had to go out and pick the rest of the berries that were ripe. So now I have probably 2 quarts of berries I need to do something with. UGHHHH! This is where I staretd this whole process. I think I will try jam or jelly next. I just need DH to pick me up some jelly jars tonight.

I promised the kids we'd play candyland. So I am gonna go clean up the table so we have some room. Have a great day all!


07-18-2005, 05:01 PM
Hey Misty, man blueberries are so expensive here. . .like $6-7 a little crate. And supposedly Canada has more blueberries than anywhere. Can you freeze some of them for later smoothies or blueberry shortcakes and blueberry crips and such?

Well, I got rejected for the job. I am so bummed, I might just cry.
"Since speaking with you, we have had the opportunity to review your application in depth and we are indeed impressed by what you have to offer. After careful consideration of your application, however"
Would have been nicer if they just sent "Sorry, not this time" rather than getting my hopes up mid-e-mail. Man, I really thought I had a good chance and might have been able to get a better place if I got the job in time. Looks like I am just going to have to take another part time job with something basic like a coffee house or such. Just bummed, bummed, bummed.

07-18-2005, 05:28 PM
Big hugs to you....


07-18-2005, 06:17 PM
Got McDonald's for lunch (lunch & dinner for me!) at the request of my sick husband. Got a kid's meal but it still is about 20 points sheesh. He asked for a McFlurry so I got one, but oh boy oh boy was it tempting as I walked home carrying it to eat it! I kept thinking he is sick he will not be able to enjoy it as much as I would. I will just eat it here and then tell him the machine was broken! lol bad girl. Luckily, the McFlurry arrived without harm (not even a little tiny taste!) to its proper destination. ;) Hey, at least I get a toy. :lol:

07-18-2005, 10:15 PM
Thanks everyone. Cramps just suck. lol. I still have them, but they are tolerable, so I'll get up tomorrow and exercise, but I doubt I'll do the whole 40 mins. I just get so tired during this week. I hate it.

((((Hippo)))) I'm soo sorry to hear about your interview :( I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for. But I am glad to hear that the McFlurry arrived without harm ;)

Stephanie, I'm sorry to hear about your migraine :( I don't get them, but my boyfriend does, and I know how horrible they are for him. I hope that its gone by now!! I've actually never paid for WW, and have done well on it, on my own, as long as I actually stuck to it. I found all of my info online, and was given a point calculator (I've since lost it, but use one online) and just do it that way. I cant afford to pay for WW online or meetings... so I just do this.

Bayleysmom - Good luck with your masters program, and your meeting tomorrow!!!

Misty - glad to hear you finished your syrup!! Good luck with the jam/jelly if you make it!

I have an interview tomorrow!! I'm kind of nervous, I hate interviews. I like my current job ok. There are somethings that I could live without, and not to mention its sooo expensive on gas. Its about 20 miles away, and because we are down to one car right now, my boyfriend has to drive me back and forth to work. I'd drive, but I cant drive a stick! Anyway, please wish me luck tomorrow :)


07-18-2005, 10:21 PM
Good luck Liz!!! Just keep in mind that they would be lucky to have you! :)

07-18-2005, 11:11 PM
:( I am very worried about my husband now. Earlier in the weekend he was sick in that too sick to do chores, not too sick to play computer games kind of way. But now he is just sleeping and sleeping and it just seems like he is getting worse and worse. Am trying to get him to go to the clinic, but I can understand why he does not. We have never been there without a 3 hour wait in the waiting room.

Am at a very awkward position, as well. I care dearly for him, but if I show it too much, I fear he will get angry and say I am trying to trick him and such (since he is filing for divorce). If I do not show it enough, he will later say he resents me for not caring when he was sick. It is really a lose/lose situation. I just wish I knew something that would make him better. Is hard to see him going through this cold(?). As angry as I am with the whole situation, I love him very much and if there was some way to transfer his illness to me, I would do it in a minute. Did not even realize I was crying while I wrote this until I saw a tear drop into my coffee.

For WW, I did not realize that even with McDonald's (which turned out to be quite filling) I still have 3-8 points left. Think I will have some oatmeal.

07-18-2005, 11:25 PM
Good evening ladies. I just finshed up 12 jars (1/2 pint) of blueberry-lime jelly. I think it went well. Yes blueberries are expensive, Hippo. That's why I hate to waste them. I have some in the freezer already and will probably do a couple more bags. We have several bushes and they produce at different times so from about now until late August we will have a steady stream of them, close to 2 quarts a day. In the past we've frozen some and ate them fresh but pretty much let the rest go. My husband doesn't eat them in way shape or form. But he is obsessed with picking them and making sure the birds don't get them. So I really don't know what to do with all of them. Now that I have kids who can eat them with me maybe I will make more thinsg with them.

My brother in law planted 200 raspberry plants, he's hoping he can sell the berries. Not sure who will be picking them though LOL. NOT IT!!! He thought he ordered thorn less but he didn't.

YAY!!! The tools are put away. Clean laundry here I come!!! I still have to snad and paint, but my husband's end of the bargain was held up. He even started his own load tonight LOL. Never thought I'd be happy to do laundry :lol: Ask me about it in about 3 days, b/c that's all I will be doing from now until probably Thursday!

Hipphips-(((((((HERE'S A BIG HUG!))))))) I am so sorry the job fell through. I am sure something better will come along when the time is right. In the mean time hang in there. Great job by the way of not eating McFlurry! What an akward situation to be in. My heart goes out to you. Did he take any medications that would make him sleep. Is he running a fever? Sometimes when my kids are sick and we have to go to the er we call ahead to let them know we are coming and they have some of the paper work ready so there is not such a wait. Perhaps you could do that. Or call your family doctor and ask for an opinion. Offer him fluids. Tell him that you are concerned and that you are available in the event he feels he needs help. Maybe just the offerwill let him know you care.

Lizzy, cut yourself some slack this week. Know that you're not quitting, you're just listening to your body. I hope you're feeling better tomarrow. I sooo don't miss cramps. So far I haven't ahd them since I had kids. I just feel crappy that week. And I have some serious mood swings. Before kids I'd have them so bad I'd throw up. I always liked mydol (spelling?), I foudn that it worked the best for me.

Well I'm off to bed. I am beat!!! Have a greta night everyone!

07-19-2005, 01:25 AM
Hey ladies, wow this is a busy thread! It resembles the stay at home moms thread I was on last year! I had to check in every hour or there was too much to catch up with! Bear with me for a week or so until I learn everyones name and who they are though! lol

Thanks for all the warm welcomes, makes me feel good to know we are all in the same boat. I can't wait for my meeting tomorrow, just need to find someone to watch my daughter, it's a hectic week here since I have started school, dh works nights and my mom is at the county fair catering. Makes childcare and help in general hard to come by. Not that I need too much help with my daughter, just someone to watch her once in awhile. Anyway school drained me today but it was really fun and I'm excited to be there and be learning how to be a teacher.

Misty that blueberry lime jelly sounds yummy!! How talented you are! I got caught up on laundry too! I stayed up late last night just to get it done, and wouldn't you know it, it's already piled up again!!

Hippo so sorry about the job and things between you and you husband. I do have to say though that you have quite a sense of humor for what you are going through right now!! It's great to have humor, it can get you through some tough times! You def. made me laugh and as I read, made some people want to pee their pants! lol

Lizzy I hope your interview goes well tomorrow and the cramps go away. What kind of job is it?

Steph glad to meet another newbie. How did your WI go? I am nervous about mine tomorrow too, not that there is anything to compare it to since it will be my first one but it will be at the end of the day when I am heaviest and I really don't want to know! lol

Maggie thanks for the welcome and your too funny!

Izzywas great job on staying OP this weekend! Can't say the same for myself I'm afraid! Glad you didn't pee your pants earlier! lol

Amy, I tend to overuse caffeine as well, however I can feel already that I won't be a night owl for long, I'm exhausted tonight!! Think I will try 10 for a bedtime tonight and see what happens, I'll probably be exhausted till my head hits the pillow then wide awake for 3 more hours lol

Ok I'm beat and Rockstart INXS is coming on so I think I will go watch it and lounge till 10. Have a great OP day tomorrow girls and wish me luck at my meeting, it's great to be here!

07-19-2005, 02:13 AM
Tonight I am just so down which is pretty average this month. I wanted to get some fresh air but did not dare walk the Calgary streets downtown. So, I went out on my balcony. Was about three minutes of fresh air followed by the smell of marijuana. Bah. I can hardly wait until September. I think by September I will be past a big chunk of the hurt and sadness that I am feeling. August will probably be tough. Do me a favor, sistas. In September when I am laughing it up and ten pounds lighter and saying wow my life is great and such. . .remind me how silly I once was for thinking I could not make it.

My dinner tonight was a chocolate poptart. Way too many points for a poptart, but never too many points for chocolate! Tomorrow I will hopefully have the daytime alone, so I am just going to crank up some independent music (Strong Enough, Stronger, My Life, My Way, It's My Life, Watch Me Shine, et cetera), and just pack and pack and pack.

Can someone tell me what OP stands for?

Bayleys, good luck at the meeting!! What time does school start for you? Do you drive there?

Misty, thanks for your kind words. He had taken a sleeping pill and did not feel the need to tell me. *mumbles* He seems okay now. All your blueberry talk is making me just crave them! Heh too bad I do not think they would last if you mailed some up to me lol. Have you considered selling a few batches to your local market/store? Also, if you can not get the blue to come off, I have heard that rubbing half a potato on them will help.

Liz, again good luck! Have a weird little thing I do for interviews. . .I cut a dryer sheet in fours and take one fourth and slide it under my bra strap. You can not see it at all (unless you are wearing a very light white blouse) and it just gives me that mmmfreshlaundry scent all day. That scent makes me happy and less nervous. Tee-hee. Wish I had advice for the cramps, but I am lucky enough to never have had them (please do not hate me or throw chairs at me!!!!).

Lisa, nooooo did you not hear? They changed it!!! The sixth week is now the -lucky- easy week! Sheesh, I can not believe no one told you and you were almost stuck thinking it was a hard week!

iowa, how did the tests go?