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07-17-2005, 10:24 PM
Hey guys...I just took the liberty of starting this thread for today. ...But maybe this is supposed to be somewhere else? I didn't see where anybody listed their points for today (Sunday). Let me know if I need to take it elsewhere! ;)

--Oops...overslept + sat on my couch reading all day...I was engrossed in this new Harry Potter book, guys, lol. Food was no longer an issue. ;)

--1 Boca chicken patty: 3 pts.
+ 1 slice FF Amer. cheese: 1 pt.
+ 1 tbsp. light mayo: 1 pt.
+ 2 slices light bread: 1 pt.
--100 cal. Cheese Nips: 2 pts.

--Smart Ones ravioli: 4 pts.
+ 2 tsp. parm. cheese: 1 pt.

Grand Total: 13 pts.

Er...yeah. I have 13 points left today. But I missed breakfast and didn't have any snacks as I was sprawled out on the couch, engrossed in this book. It's 652 pages long, right? I finished it. :o That's what happens when you don't leave your couch for snacks, haha! ;)

Have a great evening ladies!

07-17-2005, 11:04 PM
It was a very high points day for me. :o

~2 eggs (4)
~2 slices lite whole wheat toast (2)
~fat-free butter spray (0)
~low fat shredded cheese (2)
~one bottle iced Frappicino coffee (3? guessing this as same value as soda until I can get a bottle and do the calculations for sure)

~one Wendy's jr smoky cheeseburger (8)
~one can Mountain Dew (3)

A cookout at my parents' house for my mom's birthday. I felt like I did pretty well, considering the options, but still I am a little surprised at how high my points were for this meal. . I skipped the butter, sour cream, and salad dressing, thinking I was doing pretty well, but, still, it was a very high points meal.
~one serving sirloin steak (9??)
~one dry baked potato (4)
~green salad with no dressing (but it had feta cheese crumbles in it-- my serving might have had a teaspoon of feta, so I'm guessing it to be a half a point, since 1/4 cup feta cheese=3pts ) (.5)
~one small square birthday cake (7)
~one small scoop frozen yogurt or ice cream-- I'm not sure what it was! (4?)
~2 glasses of ice water to drink
==24.5 just for supper :eek:

I knew I'd be eating cake today, but, Wendy's for lunch was an unplanned stop.

I ate nearly twice my allotted points for the day (24)-- with a whopping total of 46!! :o :mad: :o I can't believe it. :(

Tommorow is another day...

07-17-2005, 11:28 PM
I had a high, high point day Saturday. I used all my flex points plus five more, but as long as I am totally back on track tomorrow, I'll be fine.

I hate to even list this, but I promised to be accountable, so here goes: <<taking big deep breath>

Grilled ham and cheese sandwich on rye with BACON! :dizzy:
2 rye -- 4
Ham -- 6
Cheese -- 5
Bacon -- 5
Butter -- 4

Buffalo shrimp -- 10
Ginger ale -- 6
Butter fries -- 14
Nachoes -- 16

ARGH! A 70-point day!

2 egg omelet with ff cheese and peppers -- 6
2 cups ff milk -- 4
turkey bacon -- 3
Canadian bacon -- 2 :moo:
Soy sausages -- 2
Small orange -- 1
Pineapple -- 2

2 slices pizza -- 10
diet soda -- 0

yogurt -- 2

Total: 32

Wow, waaaay too much sodium! But these days are history. Time to move on.

07-18-2005, 08:20 AM
After not pigging out on Saturday I allowed myself to use some of my flex points today. I am one of those use every last point people.

Made Blueberry pancakes for the kids as I have blueberries out the wazoo. But I didn't eat ANY!

Turkey Bacon-2
Meal Total=8

Meal Total=6
Daily Total=14

Late afternoon
100 cal chips ahoy-2
ff coolwhip-0
Meal Total=4
Daily Total=18

Extremely late dinner @ 10 PM
4 slices of a medium mushroom pizza (no pepperoni, thin crust)-20...I actually took out the tape measure to be sure I was calculating the points correctly f.or the size of the pizza. It was 14 inches LOL
ff cool whip-1
100 cal oreos-2
Meal Total=25
Daily Total= 43
So I used 26 of my flex

07-18-2005, 08:53 AM
Here's mine. I'm really going to try and stick to the Wendie plan this week. So today will be a low day... which wont be to hard since we still need to go shopping, and I have horrible cramps, and don't feel like eating anyway. That of course, will change tomorrow when I get all my stupid cravings.

So yesterday was a SHD, and I went over by .5 pt.

Sunday July 17, 2005

2 pieces of toast 2 pts
1 tbl spoon of butter 1.5 pt (its not real butter, but its easier to call it that ;))
1 tbl spoon of jam 1 pt
3 cookies 5 pts
Total 10.5 pts

2 sandwiches 6 pts
3 cookies 5 pts
Total 11 pts

4 slices of bread 4 pts
3 hot dogs 15 pts
Total 19 pts

3 cookies 5 pts

Total Points = 45.5