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07-14-2005, 08:25 AM
good morning, terri!!!!! here's your nag for today - what's your exercise plan??? 5 minutes of walking? bend and stretches for a few minutes? whatcha got planned???

don't worry - i have to nag myself as well. yesterday, i had a 30 minute hike [just a quickie], worked 10 hours [awful day], came home around 7, fed the alzheimer's mom, took the dog for a little walk and then for a couple of errands. and THEN, wanted to just sit down and do nothing. i was tired.

but my neighbor had mentioned that she needed to get moving, so i'd suggested that we ride our bikes for a little while, after i got back from errands. soooo, with 45 minutes of light left, we had 30 minutes of biking and talking.

it was nice!!! but i also know that it would have been an effort if i hadn't PLANNED it and recruited someone else along.

nag nag nag....