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07-14-2005, 12:39 AM
Friday Sept 9th. I went in today and got my chest x-ray(guess I had forgotten about that one) and he ordered some kind of test because I'm haveing problems swallowing pills(anybody else have this?) Its only with pills-everything else goes down fine-but pills get stuck in my throat and I have to eat like a cracker to get it down. Its been that way for about 2 years-I just never looked at getting it looked at till now. Something else I have...........now don't everybody gasp-because I am going to tell my doctoer next week, I just didn't want it to prevent me from getting a surgery date........the last 2 months I have had chest pains. I'll just be laying in bed or on the couch and I get a sharp pain. Sometimes I feel it in my chest(always on the left) and it nails right through to my back, sometimes I feel it all the way in my shoulder and sometimes my upper arm gets it too. I don't seem to get it when I excert my self its only when I'm relaxed. I know, I know, its not normal. Anyone else have these same pains? I get them maybe once a day-maybe everyother day and they are short-but it always freaks me out. I won't have the surgery till it gets checked out-heck, I'm not stupid! I am young and in perfect health(high cholestoral)and my weight, but everything else is in perfect working order, so I hope the ticker is too. I'll tell him next week and watch him freak out then. Or maybe I'll just tell my regular doc and let him order the tests and wait for the results. Just curious if anyone else had pains. Thanks ladies! I'll be reading!

07-14-2005, 08:13 AM
well well well.... consider your wrist slapped. you KNOW this chest pain can't be ignored. there's roughly 6 weeks until your surgery - so there's a LITTLE time to get this angina <at least, it's a possibility> under control. not a deal killer for the surgery, but IF YOU DON'T GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF BEFORE SURGERY, YOU ARE A HIGHER-RISK PATIENT!!!!!

and complications are more common in higher risk patients than in lower risk patients. get my drift here???

soooo, trust me darlin - WE'LL BE WATCHING YOU!!! when's the doc appt??? oh, and because medical care is such a mess these days, you're going to have to be SURE that your doc [the one who will take care of your heart] talks to the surgeon and that they're both in agreement about your care. you don't want to be caught in the middle of one not knowing what the other is doing. very dangerous.

ok. i'll get off the :soap: now.

bottom line, i'm proud of you for taking your time in making a decision, and for making sure you cover all the bases.

keep up the good work!!!!

07-15-2005, 11:30 AM
Hi tfarah,

I'm the one on the other side slapping your other wrist! It's probably nothing, but you just can't mess with pain like that, sweet thang!

Also, which surgery have you decided on? Inquiring minds want to know!


07-15-2005, 12:14 PM
I don't want to play doctor, but that sounds a lot like how my gallbladder attacks felt. Be sure to ask your doc about it. When I had my RnY, the took the gallbladder out at the same time, which is a common occurrance with gastric bypass.

Gallbladder disease is common with people who have lost-gained over and over. The attacks usually are triggered by high fat foods (sometimes they can take a few hours or more to appear after eating).

I also thought I was having a heart attack. I went in even (this was a year before I had my RnY that I was diagnosed with Gallbladder disease) and had it checked with an EKG, but nothing.

When the attacks came, it started out like a gas pain, then slowly built up to where it felt like there was a vice grip around my chest. The only thing that helped was to lay down and try to relax. It would go away after about 20-40 minutes.

If this IS gallbladder related, you can avoid attacks by severly lowering your fat consumption. That would tide you over until your surgery. Which surgery are you having?


07-16-2005, 01:24 AM
Well of course I'm going to talk to my doctor sillies! I have a barium swallow on Wednesday-feels like stuff is getting stuck in my throat all the time! So, I'll be at the hospital I'm just going to stop in then and say"oh Doc...by the way.." Then I'm sure he'll have me checked-we'll find out its just stress and we'll move on. Oh yeah, forgot to tell y'all...........my husband is on a ship and gone ALL THE TIME. This is our first year in the military, my son has autism and has taken up hurting himself to deal with daddy being gone(he will have to go see a phycologist0, and he's a twin(they are 6)-so I kinda have my hands full. So, yeah, I forgot to mention those little stress factors. And I have noticed since my husband has been home(oh rah rah-3 whole days)that I haven't had a chest pain. But regardless, I will still tell the Doc on Wednesday. Oh, and I'm haveing the lapriscopic bypass. THanks everyone!!

07-16-2005, 07:35 AM
TF: you are a brave soul. and we're here with you - i have a <charming, smart cute> nephew with aspbergers, and know several other autistic kids. it's hard [i have no children, so i have to borrow everyone else's!]. it's hard. but TWINS on top of it!!!! you NEVER get a moment's peace, do you????

you're doing great. so wednesday's the day? we'll be waiting [sorry to be so nagg-y, but we care!!!!!]