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07-13-2005, 09:18 PM
Hello and welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support in getting/staying healthy, and we also share our daily ups and downs with each other. Please feel free to join us. :cofdate:

07-13-2005, 09:50 PM
Hi ladies,

I was surprised to see that I didn't post at all yesterday, lol. Sure thought I did, lol.

Cristi - I don't put zucchini in my soup either. Although I like it in a stir-fry, just don't care for it all slimy and goopy in soup. So what did the doc think is wrong with your toe? I was on BC pills in the 70's and part of the 80's, and have to say that was when I was my slimmest. I first got on them after my son was born, and lost a lot of weight on purpose, but everyone has their own reaction to meds. You could try them and see what happens, maybe.

Katy - yep, I'm all ready to start Fast Track tomorrow! I use whole tomatoes, which I cut in chunks, in my soup. It's all about whatever makes it good for the dieter, right? I dearly love tomatoes and am delighted that they're so good for us.

Marti - aww, so sorry about the root canal! You're smart to get the caps on ASAP because mine in the back didn't have one and was damaged because of it. Darn thing had to be removed anyway, after all that! Don't you remember, my treadmill bit the dust in January! The motor burned up. :( Hey, good luck with the no smoking. Keep in mind that the cravings will go away whether you have a ciggie or not. (so don't have one!)

Susan - good luck at the interview! Hope you get it, hon. :crossed:

Mindee - a couple in town have a little girl named Harley Marie and even opened a restaurant with that name.

Anita - yay for ticker going down!! :cp: Hope you're feeling better and that they'll find nothing too wrong with your thyroid.

Terri - yep, I've been working on all 7 days of my menus. I'll post them soon in this thread, ok?

Well, I got few things to begin tomorrow. I don't normally keep yogurt in the house, but picked some up to make smoothies. Did you know you can get frozen pineapple?? I saw it when I got some frozen raspberries and strawberries. The frozen fruit makes the smoothies so thick - yum.

Well, better cut and paste some menus...

07-13-2005, 10:01 PM
Thank you Jane on the job thing. Still don't know how I will pay all my bills but I don't pay all my bills now anyway - haha. Would love to have time to actually enjoy the kids and start walking again.......I deserve the rest of the summer off..........btw- if I get it Rocky will be here to help me move!

Totally lost on this no point fast track soup thing!! lol.......ok, I understand veggies and chicken broth with stewed tomatoes?? Is that what we are doing? Throw in cabbage,onions,carrots,green beans.......what else??

UGH!! I wanna be thin too!!! lol

Hi Mindee.........I would soooooo want to know the sex of the baby.

Hi Terri & Anita........and Kathy, and Ellen and Marti, and Cristi....oops, going to foget someone....Katie & Katy (btw thanks for the speech info - that is exactly where she went to get tested!) Sue & Ang.......oh, and that Susan chick......what an odd one she

k- forgeting names...........super sorry!

07-13-2005, 10:13 PM
In the intesest of space, I deleted my 7 days of menus. If anyone who saw them has a question, just ask. :)


07-14-2005, 03:10 PM
Hello Ladies and a happy Thursday to you!

Susan~you are skinny! A lot skinnier than I am.

Jane~the doc thought it was just from the shoes I was wearing and it pushing on a nerve. The Mobic she thought would take care of it as well as my shoulder/arm-we'll see.

Anita~hope the doc doesn't fine anything to wrong or bad with your thyroid. Sorry, I haven't paid attention to everyones weight trackers and am not sure what your loss is, I know that's terrible but :bravo: on your loss! Glad you had a nice vacation with Joyceyln and hope you get to feeling better.

Terri~know what ya mean about the heat. When I went to the doc the other day she asked if I was sick because my temp was 99.9. I told no, just hot. And I just haven't been able to cope with this heat this summer for some reason. I mowed the yard and afterwards felt like I was going to die I swear! Not from mowing it but from the heat/humidity. So take it easy and stay indoors in the cool! I know I am trying to! :D

Okay, now that I see your menus Jane I guess I am not cheating after all. :lol: I am sticking to the fast track as they have it and for lunch I had a extra-lean hb patty with a cup of cottage cheese and cucumber. Didn't know if you were supposed to choose two from one column but I did. Had 1 cup of oatmeal and a tsp. of peanut butter for breakfast. And am drinking the water like crazy. I am amazed I haven't had a diet coke yet and I'm really not missing it. Anyway...didn't think you could add the 35 extra points, just didn't really think about it I guess, which I won't though-sticking to the 20 points a day for now to see how that goes. Dinner will be a drumstick, green beans, and a cup of fruit salad. If I feel I need a snack at some point I have the soup. I did weigh in this morning and still the same. Guess I will change my WI day to Thursday since I started this today. Getting the water down, which is good. Probably won't mention what I eat everyday-makes for a long post. But I will mention if I am on track or if I mess up. Not sure when or if I will get a walk in today. V is supposed to be home about 1:45 and the guy to install DirectTv will be here also. Also, trying to catch up with laundry and cleaning since I was out most of the morning. I better get going if I am going to get anything done today.

Take care ladies and have a good day! :wave:

07-14-2005, 03:58 PM
Day one!

I started off with 1.5 c. of cooked oats and 1 tb of almond butter. 5 pt. The kids and I made popcorn balls, which I counted up to be 2 pt.s each, so I ate about 4 pts there. foar, still on track..

Cristi - Fast track does eliminate the flex points for a short time. They have a person on 20 points a day for no more than 10 days. People who exercise regularly are advised to add a few more. I am sticking my daily points allowance of 24, and not using the 35 flex points. I do the 6 am exercise class 5 days a week and do a lot of walking, so I figured I'd better not try to stick to 20. We'll see how it goes. I am at 9 so far today....going to go have a garden burger and some free soup..TTFN!

07-14-2005, 05:20 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Susan - the soup is made of free veggies that you like, in a ff chicken broth, with tomato juice, too, if you want. Usw whatever spices you like. YAY for Rocky helping you move.

Cristi - it might be better to chose two foods from the same column only if you split the amount, or if the column says to do so. For example, instead of 2 cups of berries OR 1 lg. corn on the cob, I chose to have 1 cup of berries and 1 sm. corn on the cob. So you could eat 1/2 hamburger and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, plus 1 of the next column and still be on track. Yikes, hope you got rid of those shoes! Who would think they could affect us that way?

Katy - the ww brochure I have (wondering if they've changed it??) says that sticking with the 20 points will maximize your loss, but that you may either add foods to meet your Points target - which is what you're doing by eating 24 points - or use your 35 Flex Points. The points range is high once the extra 5 a day are added, but the main benefit of Flex for me is staying with whole grains, etc. How did you make popcorn balls fit into the fast track plan?? Please share that!! I really like the garden burgers, especially with fresh tomatoes on them. Enjoy the soup!

I've had fun so far today. Took the twins, yes both of them, to town with me, and then we enjoyed our lunch together once we got back home. They want their mom to buy tortillas and turkey now, lol. They are napping, but about to wake up soon, so I better go. We're going to pick some fresh flowers to bring indoors, then watch Disney Princess Stories. :)

07-14-2005, 08:53 PM
Hi gals--

Boy, you all have me wanting some oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow morning! I love oatmeal! What do you do w/the pb? Do you add it to the oatmeal or just eat it off the spoon? :lol:

Did some house cleaning today. VERY hot here in Oregon. Suppose to get to the '90's this weekend. I'm more of a LOW '80's girl! :D

Scrubbed my you think I can count that as exercise?

Well last night I was talking to a co-worker of mine. She smokes too. I was telling her that this last pack I have is it for me. (hopefully) and she said that she needs to quit too. She has talked about joining the gym to do something during her lunch break instead of smoking. I told her that I've talked about doing that myself. So we're both going to try and support each other on that. She is a survivor of Cancer (she's only 36) and I would love to help support her in getting healthy. I'm going to do what I can and be an example by "practicing what I preach" as they say.

We'll see how it goes.

feeling TONS it's off to work I go. Sorry for no individuals. Try to catch up later on after work.

Until then!

07-14-2005, 10:20 PM

OK time to stop eating! I ate my 24 points, so if I really can't stand it later, I will heat up some soup.

Jane - your description sounds good, I was just going by Dottie's, which isn't straight from the horse's mouth. I like your explanation better. I found that eating all my flex and activity points, I would rarely lose...guess my metabolism is just shot.

Ok, the popcorn balls. I added up all the points in all the ingredients then divided that by two. That's how many balls I made. They are pretty small. I enjoyed some today, but am going to stay away from them in general. I am following the Oprah boot camp guidelines of no sugar, no alcohol, and no food after 7 pm. I think it's easier to stick to a food plan when I do that. I could really tell even with just a little lo-fat treat like popcorn balls, sugar just sets me off.

Marti - so glad you are feeling better. It's going to be a long, hot weekend. Ugh. I'm so proud of you for giving up the cigs - I've BTDT and it is so hard. I know you can stick to it.

How'd everyone else do today?

07-14-2005, 11:17 PM
Day 1 done for me, too, and I'm right on target. Although the daily points aren't too far off from what I eat anyway, the content is healthier on Fast Track. I only eat what's on the lists, although substitutions are allowed. My evening snack was cereal and milk, and I was glad to get it.

Marti - yep, shower scrubbing should count as vigorous exercise, lol. I've been tempted to buy one of those new scrubbers with a long handle, but think they wouldn't do well around the soap dish, etc. The peanut butter went on the piece of whole wheat bread this morning, lol. I ate that along with the oatmeal. Instead of my usual 1 T. brown sugar in the oatmeal, I sprinkled some Splenda and cinnamon. Very tasty!

Katy - go ahead and have the soup, hon! It will help you sleep better to not be too hungry. Re the popcorn balls - they sound delish! We used to make them around Halloween a lot. I didn't think we're suppposed to have sugar in this phase, but not real sure about that. But that's why I'm not having my beloved (lol) graham crackers. They're made with wheat flour, but have sugar, too. The way I see it though, we're doing better than usual, right? Any progress is good progress, lol.

Hello to all the others. :wave:

At my request, I'll have my son's kids tomorrow. Seems like I don't get to see them very much, so I asked if they could stay all day, and if it doesn't rain, we'll go to the beach. But I'll still make time to check in here at least once. :D


07-15-2005, 07:52 AM
Hello girls--

I'm off work and I said I would be back to do individuals and here I am!! :D

Jane--My plans for smoking and not have cravings is to workout more and keep busy. I started thinking of what really triggers the craving for one....boredom. And that is SUCH a poor excuse! I'm very determined to do this. As I had said before, it's not going to happen right away but it WILL happen. And now that a friend at work is wanting to do the same thing, it will make it so much easier. Going to the gym with someone is always nice. I even talked to another girl, and she said that if I'm going to the gym, that she might start going too. Sounds good to me!

Cristi--Have you decided on what to do w/the BC? Just to let you know, when I finally got off the BC, those lbs went with it. So if you decide to try and it's just not the thing for you, the water weight will come of quickly. Every body is different, so you got to do what you feel is best for you.

Anita--Congrats on your loss. I hope that everything checks ok w/your doctor when you get your thyroid checked. Do you take medication for it or is this something you've just discovered?

Terri--Oh My!! I don't know if I would be able to move much if we had heat like you. Glad you got an A/C in your room. Sleeping is the most difficult when it's too hot.

Susan--I'm still crossing my fingers that you get the apartment. And how great would it be to have some help? When is the date again that Rocky comes?? Take tons of photos of the two of you together! Will his son be w/him?

Katy--You are doing such a fabulous job! W/the busy schedule you have and being able to stay on track and get in exercise.....that is something to be proud of. I will call that a great NSV!!!!

hello to all that have been away. Please stop by and check in. Let us know how you're doing. Angie---How is your foot?!

Ok, my dogs are wanting to go outside. I've taken them out already but they need out again before I go to bed.

Talk to you gals later!

07-15-2005, 01:43 PM
Good Friday Morning Ladies!

Marti~yesterday I just ate the peanut butter from the spoon but normally I put it on a slice of bread or a muffin (both whole wheat). Still undecided about the BC-I know I definitely DO NOT want to gain any weight. I can live with the way I am now if I never lose any weight but I couldn't gain 10-15 pounds-it would really depress me to be that much bigger than I am. Well, hopefully the girl at work comes thru and you guys both can support each other.

Jane~didn't think about cutting the servings in half if I take two from the same column-thanks for the tip. I did read the top of the page of the fast track and saw in the fine print that it says if that's not enough food you can add the 35 pts. Going to do my best to stick with the 20 pts. for now. Have a nice time with Terrys children today. Nope, didn't get rid of the shoes. She thinks it is probably from the flip flops and I can't live without the in the summer. I actually haven't had the pain since going to the doc so maybe the pills are helping. I am only taking them for 10 days and then see what happens. Just realized also that my should isn't bothering me.

Katy~yummy! :T Popcorn balls sound delicious! You must post the recipe for us.

I actually did good yesterday and am proud of myself. DS#1 came home for lunch and brought me a Brownie Fudge Earthquake from DQ and I didn't eat it! I gave it to V-of course he shouldn't have had it either but I didn't eat ast tempted as I was. With all the water I drank yesterday I felt pretty full all day and even set my fruit salad on the counter and forgot about it. The only change I made was I didn't eat the salad, not intentionally mind you and I added a sm. baked potato to dinner. I was so goofy yesterday kept messing things up and didn't read that correctly so didn't see that I could choose two things from the last column for dinner-DUH! Don't know what was wrong with me yesterday. Went to put the chicken in the oven for dinner and was a few minutes later I realized that turning the oven on would probably help in the process of cooking it! :doh: Just one of those days. Decided to keep my WI day on Friday even though I started this on Thursday. I've been weighing in on Friday for a while now and just want to stick with it. And I am actually down .5 lb. I went ahead and changed my ticker thingy to reflect it because I know it is gone never to come back again! That's about all I have for now. Need to get the house cleaned, actually straightenen and vacuumed and get a load of laundry done. V's reunion is tomorrow and I also need to make the macaroni salad. Will take some veggies to munch on in case there is nothing I can eat. Can't eat before we leave because it is a little over an hour drive and I would have just had breakfast soooo...we'll see when I get there. I may munch on some half-way there. :dunno: Okay, gotta get going...going to go get a walk in on the treadmill. See ya :wave:

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

07-15-2005, 04:32 PM
Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying their day. I would if it wasn't so hot outside. Glad I got out and about early this morning and got things done.

I'm back again! But just for a few minutes to see if anyone had posted since I was here last. Don't really have anything to wise has gone good. Have dinner planned so shouldn't be any problems there. Probably won't be back 'til Monday, not sure. I know I won't be on here at all tomorrow because we have to leave early and have no clue when we will be back. Of course by the time we get back it will be someone else's time on the computer. May get on Sunday sometime, just not sure as I have no clue what if anything is planned for the day-playing it by ear.

Anyway...take care ladies and have a WONDERFUL weekend! See ya! :wave:

07-15-2005, 05:03 PM
I wanted to say hello. I just am settling in to another day at work, did not get any sleep last night!
1} Leak in maintenance room
2} Person stuck in elevator
3} Couple screaming
4} Lock out
5} Noise complaint

Is there a full moon or what?? I just laid there waiting for the next emergency.

Gaby slept - so that is all that matters.

Woke up at 7 am.Out the door at 8:30 to Beaverton and back at 9:30 in NE POrtland for a counsling session with the girls. It seems to be helping, especially with Rachel.
That was until 11 the girls father picked them up and I went to Milwaukie to drop off Gaby at my muthers( I always wanted to be from Brooklyn - haha). She gave me a baggie of peanuts and another of carrots.
I had picked a pita turkey sandwich at AM PM and cut that in half to share with Gaby. Course she had her blueberry slurpee and some gummy candy crap to eat

Oh- I got the job! I interviewed yesterday. Waiting on pins and needles because my boss changed his mind and asked our supervisor if I could continue to work here part time.

It would keep me at full time with the benefits - either way I can move any time. My mom was going to rent a UHAUL for me.The girls seem happy I am moving closer.

Oh- Rocky & his son will be here on Sunday the 24th. His mother also flies in on her way somewhere else and I will get to meet her. So that is nice. He went to WalMart last night and bought me some Maui shrimp chips......yum!!

Cut my hair and think I will drink some water.

The 2 don't go, though the water might help my hair grow.....haha......ugh.

Where IS Angie?????????????

Hi Marti! Hi Jane! Hi Cristi! Hi Katy!

07-15-2005, 05:56 PM
I am wiped! I started the day with the 6 am step class. DH mentioned over breakfast that the forecast was for "drizzle on Saturday, sizzle on Sunday", so I figured it would be a good morning to do the gardening in the front yard that I have been putting off. That side of the house is cool in the a.m. and I needed to move some plants around. Well, two hours later...ugh. I sat down and it was real hard to get back up again. The old bones don't move like they used to. :dizzy:

Food-wise, so far so good today. No popcorn balls, tho' they are calling my name :( I had 2 pts worth of dried mango for a snack instead.

Jane - hope you are having fun with the grandkids.

Cristi - have a great time at the reunion.

Susan - congrats on the new job and new apartment.....

Marti - Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Anita - hope your thyroid test goes well... you are doing great on your new program - keep up the good work!

Here's a link to my latest obsession, the Clapotis.

It sounds like a venereal disease, but it's really pronounced "clap-o-tee" and it's an awesome wrap, that I will just have to knit someday soon... I like the yarn the gal has used in the link. I really need to finish this wrap sweater first though. I've discovered that I am not the first knitter to fall under the Clapotis spell...there are many blogs and message boards devoted to the clapotis-obsessed.. Oh well, keeps us off the streets, I guess ;)

Hope everyone is having a great day

07-15-2005, 10:56 PM
Hi ladies - better late than never, right? I was here earlier but got called away before I could post!

Marti - I think you've got a good thing going by working out with friends. The time will pass faster, and it will be lots more fun. When are you joining? Good luck with the (not) smoking. You can do it, friend, and we'll be here for you every step of the way.

Cristi - I'm always taking a snack with us on the road, lol. Fruit or a fruit bar, usually. YAY for .5 down, :cp: and another big YAY for your NSV of just saying no to the DQ. Glad your shoulder is better. Hope you have fun at the reunion tomorrow. If you get tempted to overeat, you could just think about weigh in next Friday.

Susan - a big YAY to you for landing the job!! Glad to hear the counseling os going well. Oh my, you're getting to meet The Mother???? Rightly so, since you are engaged. Not to worry, you'll knock her sox off, toots.

Katy - lol, your new hobby DOES sound nasty. :rofl: I love the look of the yarn, too, and see that the clapotis is warm and very versatile. The gal in the photos was cracking me up. Loved the shot of the empty muffin plate, lol.

Well girls, I did it! I joined the Y. :yes: There was a woman who showed me all around and how to use the machines. My main focus, though, will be on the treadmill and the machine to help my batwings, lol. The thing is, it was very affordable, and I felt comfortable there. A long time ago, it seemed that all the Beautiful People hung out in the work out rooms, but the ones I saw there today were mostly just average people. The best part is, I got a discount since Neal is a university employee, so it was very affordable.

Day 2 was POP, I'm glad to report. Gonna have my cereal in a few minutes.

See ya tomorrow!

07-16-2005, 10:34 PM
Just a quick update...
Yesterday was Day two - I date 21 points...felt real tired and listless today. Didn't get much done, but did sneak in a little nap :)
Today is day 3, I ate all 24 points.....and feeling decidedly perkier

so far so good
hope you are all having a great weekend

07-17-2005, 02:32 AM
Hi all, :wave:

Katy - those few extra points are lifesavers, aren't they? Glad you're doing well. I am, too, and feel so good about it. Tomorrow's our Fast Track hump day, lol.

Hi to all the other JLs out there.

Neal and I went to my sister's camper to visit tonight. It was very peaceful and quite. Just like being home, lol. She and I took her dog for a walk all over the camp ground, so we got in a pretty good walk.

We're going to stay home from church tomorrow and have offered to watch Caylin so Mary and Dale and the twins can go. Caylin screams in the nursery, and can't seem to be pacified in the chapel with her parents, either. :dizzy: I hope when she's a few months older she'll calm down a little.

Have a good Sunday!

07-17-2005, 01:15 PM
Good morning ladies~

Susan~congrat's on getting the job! :bravo:

Katy~that does sound like a vd! But it is nice. When I saw the first pic I thought it was about art! LOL Loved the pics on the wall and the red sofa.

Jane~congrat's on joining the Y. Don't really care for fruit bars and don't usually snack on the road which is good. Always have to have something to drink though so I always have two bottles of water that I leave in the car plus usually take something when I leave if it is a long drive.

Nothing much to say, just wanted to check in and say Hi. Take care and have a good one! See ya :wave:

07-18-2005, 12:13 AM
Wow, it sure is quiet in here. I almost didn't stop in myself since my life is so boring and there's nothing new to tell. Same ol', same ol'....

Cristi - so how was the reunion? Did you and Vince have lots of fun?

I can't be here in the AM because it's Monday, so I'll be leaving early to go walk Kathy's dog. After that, I'm going to stop by the Y and do the treadmill and this machine that helps with the back of my arms and belly, too. Not sure what it's called. My plan is to start out easy and work into it, so I won't hurt myself. I did well with the food today. Another one down, lol.

Makenzie the 3 y/o got in trouble for running around the outside of the house today when Mary told her not to. She explained her behavior by saying she wanted to stop, but her feet wouldn't let her. :rofl: It was really hard to keep a straight face after that! Mary told her that next time she has to make her feet listen to her, and Makenzie said ok. The child also apologized after a heads-up from me. The thing is, the child runs like a deer and I can just see her on a track kickin' up dust when she's older.

Hope you all have had a great weekend, and I'll see you sometime tomorrow.

07-18-2005, 02:17 PM
Hello ladies :flow1:

Not much going on, again just checking in to say Hi.

Jane~the reunion was GREAT! Had loads of fun.

Well, I am trying to get the laundry done and need to clean house so need to get going.

Have a good day! :wave:

07-18-2005, 02:21 PM
Morning everyone!!

I had a great weekend w/Jhanai. Our town had a little festival going on called "Bohemia Mining Days" So we went to that w/my brother. He was over to spend part of the day w/us. It was pretty much a very relaxing weekend. James had the weekend off too. So all was good!

Cristi--Hurray on the .5lb loss!! You're going to reach your goal I just know it!! And Bravo on the fudge brownie Earthquake!! That is a great NSV!! Now if I was near by, I would have taken it for you! :D I mean, that's what friends are for right?? :lol:

Susan--Fantastic!! I can uncross my fingers now! I'm glad you got the apartment. Let us know how you like it when you move in.

Katy--I liked that wrap. It's cute. Now, just so you know, my favorite colors are anything in the red on down to orange and then yellow. You know, fall colors. And a reminder that my birthday is in January....:D (just teasin') But it sure is a cute wrap!

Jane--I'm proud of you going to the Y and getting in all that exercise!! I'm hoping to get in too. The girl at work and I e-mailed the gym gal, and she wanted to schedule an orientation today at 2:00, but neither one of us were able to.....well I am now since Jhanai decided to go home last night rather than today....but we'll get our gym memership in soon! My thighs are getting waaaayyy to aquainted!!

Ok gals I'm going to wash my car before the noon time suns is full blown beaming down at me. I will check in later!

07-18-2005, 08:06 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Cristi - glad you had lots of fun at the reunion. I forget, was this a family or school reunion? How's it going with Fast Track?

Marti - so glad you got to spend time with your brother. The festival sounds like lots of fun! Did you get your car washed? Thanks for your kind words about the Y!

Hi to all the MIA JLs.

Since I was in town anyway to walk Kathy's dog, I stopped by the Y and did a few reps on several machines, and then walked the treadmill. I only did 20 minutes on it since I had already walked the dog. They have 3 TVs spread out in front of the line of treadmills, but others had the stations to programs I don't usually watch. So next time, I'll be taking my discman with me. Day 5 has been very good with the food, water, and exercise.

Are there any Harry Potter fan here? Katie and I were at Walmart at midnight Saturday night when the book was put out for sale. She's read the other 5, but I haven't read any. Told her I may just read them. The current book sold 6.9 million copies in the 1st 24 hours, just in the USA. Sheesh, that's a lot of royalty money, lol. Great Brittain's numbers were supposed to be announced at some point today.

Take care, ladies, and I'll chat at ya' later. :cool:

07-19-2005, 01:54 PM
Hi ladies,

Well, we are into day 9 of the Extreme Heat Emergency here in Toronto, and it is stinkin hot out. It's a little breezy today and I've hear the humidity is suppoed to go down a little soon but we'll see. Joycelyn certainly is a going concern. She is quite the little minx. The other day I watched her drag a kitchen chair over to the stairs so she could climb up and try to get over the baby gate. Of course I didn't let that go too far, but I am constantly amazed by her intellegence.

Went to the doctor last week and luckily he doesn't think I need to be on thyroid meds because I don't have any other symptoms of hypothroidism. He just said it makes my weight loss efforts that much more challenging (DUH!)

Anyway, I am hoping the weight loss will help it to regulate itself. So far my weight loss is at 13.2 pounds. That's an average of 4.4 pounds per week for the last 3 weeks. Although, most of the weight loss came in the first two weeks. Last week was slower but the clinic said that it has been the same for everyone because of the extreme heat. Everyone is retaining water I guess. LOL

Anyway, Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on the weight loss. This past weekend was particularily difficult because we went to a pool party, there was food galore. I planned ahead though and brought my own food and my own snacks, and then I stuck close to the veggie platter and munched on those when I felt the need to nosh. So I am quite proud of myself for that.

Anyway, I must run. I feel terrible that I don;t have enought time to answer personally but somedays I barely have enough time for lunch. I will try to catch up soon.


07-19-2005, 08:42 PM
Hi ladies,

Anita - YAY for the ongoing weight loss. I think your progress is great! Yep, your little one is pretty darn smart, lol!!

Day 6 of Fast Track is almost over, and I'm glad of it, lol. We had salmon for dinner, and it was really good. I'll be glad to see some graham crackers on Thursday morning!

Got my hair cut in layers again. It's not too short, but not as long as it was. I really like it.


07-20-2005, 02:10 PM
Alrighty then... there must be a sale at Michael's, judging by the empty room. :D

The last day of Fast track... YAY :cp: I'll be glad to get back to my graham crackers for breakfast, but am happy to say I stuck with it the whole 7 days, assuming I'll make it through today, lol. I got weighed today, and have lost 1 3/4 pounds, which is fine with me since I'm already in maintenance. Did the treadmill at the Y today, and it really goes energize a person.

Just wanted to check in.

07-20-2005, 04:09 PM
Heeeellllloooooo...where is everyone? Pretty quiet around here the last few days. Of course I haven't posted either, but did check in to see what's up. Anyway...

Good afternoon ladies!

Nothing much going on another reason I haven't posted. Get tired of talking about the same old stuff, which is nothing! :lol: Of course you all know what I did today since it is Wednesday! Wally World Wednesday! Also, went to get personalized tags for my car but when I got there I couldn't find my proof of insurance card. Already have personalized tags but they have new ones and you have to change before the end of the year. It takes about 3 months to get them and mine come up for renewal in Sept. Since I have to change I am totally going with something different. Now I am trying to get some laundry done. Got a late start today.

Anita~WTG on the loss! WOW! That is great, just hope it's not too much too fast. But then you are under the supervision of a doctor right? So that's good. Keep up the good work! :bravo:

Jane~WTG on your loss also and for joing the "Y". I've been half-a$$ed doing Fast Track, just kind of got off track being busy running around and all. But am going to start over anew Friday. Was going to tomorrow but since I WI in Friday will start then.

That's about all I have. Need to get going as the washer is beeping that it is done and will continue 'til I open the door to get the clothes out or I turn it off-really annoying sometimes.

Hi to everyone else! Take care ladies and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! :wave:

07-20-2005, 04:26 PM
Happy hump day....
Just popping in for a quick hello. My DD and I were at a work party at church this morning, and soon we will be off to the Village for some shopping and (gasp) a trip to the soda fountain. I may indulge, may not, kind of on the fence, but I'm having some major cravings :( Otherwise this week, I've done a good job on Fast Track. I'll weigh in tomorrow and see what's up with the scale. I started TOM a few days ago and have been having some fluctuations, but in general, FT got off the few pounds I gained during my week away, so it has served its purpose for putting me back on track.

If I haven't lost all that much, I'm ok with it for now because I know I've shrunk a little. I've been getting to the gym alot, so I know some fat has been replaced with muscle.

On Saturday my point calculator starts over, so I think next week I'll go back to including my flex points and see how it goes.

Congrats to all the great successes... this summer seems to be going well for all of us!

07-21-2005, 12:22 AM
Wonderful to you guys that are losing weight! Very inspiring as I munch on my KFC chicken.

I am packed! I am waiting to hear if I get to work here part time. My boss was told by Friday.

Did I say he changed his mind? He wrote a beautiful letter,.,,,,,wait. I will cut & paste!! lol

As you probably know, Susan has been offered and has accepted the part-time ASM position at ******. From what I have been told she will move to *** and work the late afternoon to early evening shift. Which leaves a large void at ***.

Susan has suggested the possibility of continuing to work full-time. She offered to work part time at *** from approximately 11:00 am until 3:00 pm and then perform her scheduled shift at ***. *** would then need to hire an on-site, part-time ASM to cover the evening shift. I am 100% behind this option and ask you to consider it as well.

There are several reasons why I support this option. The ***, like many PH buildings, is large and difficult to keep a handle on. Retaining experienced staff is essential for both streamlined management and resident comfort. Susan's experience with administrative duties and the confidence I have in her allows me to create and expand resident programs. Recent resident programs I have had the time to build include the *** Building Watch, the *** Adopt-an-Area Program, the *** Landscape Group and a large National Night Out Event. We are also in the midst of developing a computer training program with a volunteer I recently cultivated and we are likely to expand our resident computer access due to the granting of two new computers we were recently rewarded from FreeGeek. I have also been concentrating on incorporating the *** with the *** in order to create a much stronger and vibrant community. Susan's ability and knowledge in keeping our office running smoothly also allows me ample time to provide the out of office, extremely time consuming security the *** will likely always need (even during the day time). Lastly, her compassionate rapport she has developed with many residents allows Susan to deal with less complicated resident issues without my direct involvement.

I understand that a new ASM, if trained properly, will probably be able to perform many of the duties Susan currently does. And I plan to train the new ASM thoroughly (whether they are part-time or full-time). But why would we want to remove an already experienced ASM from the site if they are willing to stay, albeit part-time?

Please carefully consider this request. I know we need to make a decision quickly because one way or another, we will need to hire either a full-time or part-time ASM immediately.
Anyway,,,,,,,I thought that was nice of him. He is such a good boss.

Rach is better, we talk more.

I am back to 154......frustrated.....

Rocky gets here Sunday!!! I am soooo excited and hope all goes well.

Just trying to keep up with everything but wanted to say hello and tell you how I am impressed with how well you are all doing! It is so great to read. So, thanks!

07-21-2005, 01:47 PM
Hello everyone!

Well, I had my appointment yesterday and everything looks great! The baby is doing well, and in fact getting busier and busier each day. The heart rate was in the 140’s yesterday. I am now going every two weeks, with my first appointment being August 8th. It is hard to believe it is already coming up on August already! (My how the year just flies now that you have kids!!) I go on August 4th for my follow up ultrasound, so we should know the gender of this munchkin as long as it cooperates.

I found out that I have been getting hit really bad with round ligament pain with this pregnancy. I have to go sometime in the next two weeks to get the one hour glucose test done, but this time I DO NOT have to fast for it! Which is a relieve for me because I was dreading the test if I had to fast again. Also, the baby already seems to be in a head down position, but the doctor said that it could move back into breech in the next month or so. So far for this pregnancy, I have gained about 14lbs, more or less cause the scales all tell me different amounts.

Brandon is doing great! Drooling like crazy, but his last three molars seem to be wanting to push through badly. He has just started getting into a biting phase, so we are working on getting him off wanting to bite every one and every thing. I weighed him last week and he is roughly 24 lbs. 15.5oz. so he is a hefty little one. He is getting closer to walking, he will walk holding onto something or someone, but as soon as there is nothing to hold onto, he will sit down and then crawl.

Me and Tommy are doing well. We are going to go and talk to the lady about the apartment hopefully today and see what is going on. We also had an option of renting the house down the street from here, but we haven’t heard anything more on that. Last we knew, there was someone else interested in the house and we are thinking that they got the house, although we haven’t seen anyone over there.

Marti~ You are so true about the wanting/not wanting to find out the gender. We go in two weeks for a last attempt to find out, if we don’t get a cooperative baby then, then it will just be a surprise until the baby is born.

RoseKate~ I am feeling great. I have my occasional days where I pretty much just sit inside in the AC but hey, nobody wants to see a hot, sweaty pregnant lady. I am in the cute maternity outfits, which is nice because with Brandon, all my regular clothes fit. This time, I wore them for a couple months, and then once summer hit, I had to find other options for clothes. I told Tommy the other day that if I could get away with walking around naked, I would, but even then I would probably still be sweating my butt off!

Cristi~ The names have been chosen, but are not being shared until the baby is born. That is thanks to Tommy. He said that he didn’t want any interference on the name choices. As it is right now, we are getting the “you can’t name a girl Harley” from my mom. So all the more reason why he wants to keep it hush hush. We still haven’t heard anything more about the apartment. I am watching my mom’s kids right now, so when I wake Tommy up, I will have him go over and talk to the lady since they went down state to get one of the kids’ shunts checked out.

Jane~ Harley is a very pretty name, it’s just some people (namely my mom) don’t think that it should be used as a name for a child. She joked with Tommy the other night saying “are you going to have her middle name as Davidson?”

Susan~ I am hoping that the baby will cooperate and we can find out the gender.

07-21-2005, 03:00 PM
Hi ladies~

Boy was it a hot one yesterday and will be the same today! ICK! Don't like the heat at all.

Susan~that was very kind of your boss and such a nice letter-you must be very proud! Keeping my fingers crossed that they keep you part-time. :crossed: And hope you and Rocky have a wonderful time when he gets here. :love: Don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;) :p :smug: :D Glad to hear Rachel is doing well. I was worried when you told us about her. She and Rebecca will love having you closer to them.

Mindee~glad things are fine with you and yours. Have to say, that is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Harley also-those big Hogs! Know what ya mean though about keeping the names secret. I know my mother put her two cents in but we had our minds made up early on and there was no changing them. I did however change DD mn from what we originally choose-didn't fit her at all.

Katie~glad Fast Track went well for you.

Hi to everyone else wherever you are :wave: Hope you are enjoying your week.

I did get an early start today but seems like I didn't achieve much. Still out job hunting with no success. :( Have a couple of other places to go tomorrow and then next week will be making appointments at some agencys-let them do the work for me. For now I need to get going.

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday ladies!

07-22-2005, 07:17 AM
Hi ladies--

This has to be very brief, as James got our computer up long enough to check the e-mail....and I snuck on line. Our harddrive is acting up (dying on us!)and has been a blank screen all week until today.... and as I type this, every letter is twitching!

James will be home this weekend to fix it all, so until then I won't be able to check in.

Miss ya all and I will get back on when the computer is being more friendly! :D

07-22-2005, 03:31 PM
Wow, this is a ghost thread! Waaaaayyyy too quiet here. Where is everyone? Busy, busy, busy I guess. Well, a very Happy Friday to you ladies!

Today is WI for me and even though I didn't follow fast track to a T, still lost a little. A little is better than nothing at all and I definitely will take any loss I get. Going to be stricter with myself & fast track this upcoming week.

Marti~my computer does that sometimes. Well, actually I thought it was the 3FC site because it wouldn't do it with e-mails and such but just here. I would hope I made it through a post. Anyway, hope you guys get it fixed soon-it's too quiet around here.

Susan~have a GREAT weekend with Rocky! :love: Tell him Hi :wave:

Went to the mall this morning with DS. He had to get some shirts and bun huggers for the physical. He has had the week off from work and decided to join the ARMY! I hate that he did that, well, we don't know for sure if he is in yet or not. He has to go up to KC Sunday and Monday for the physical. But if he has gotten that far with it I am pretty sure he is in. But as I was saying, I hate that he joined but I know he has to be his own person and live his own life and I do want to see him succeed. I'll never watch the news again! Other than that-same old stuff going on. I have been trying to stay out of the heat-not liking these triple digits!

Hi to everyone! :wave:

Well, as usual when I ge ton I am doing laundry and that darn washer is beeping! I need to get going anyway and straighten up some and vacuum. Have a good one ladies, see ya Monday!

Take care ladies and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend!

07-22-2005, 04:22 PM
Ok Ladies--

What's been going on? Where have you all gone off to? Has the summer heat got you moving out of the house or melting to the floor???

Our weather has been very warm..up to the 90's and last night we had some thunder storms. The lightening was amazing looking. But I worried about James working in a big metal box! He called me this morning and is all ok!

Cristi--Wow, your DS decided to join the Army. Has he been wanting to do this for awhile?? I was so glad when my brother decided to get out. I was a nervous wreck when the war started and he was there. Now I can pick on him as any big sister should do! :D

Jane--Fast Track is almost over already??? Boy that time went fast. Doesn't help that my computer was off for a week! And man did that drive me crazy!! Glad to hear that you're getting more energized at the Y!

Anita--What a bright little girl! Jhanai always kept me amazed. And she still does! I think your weightloss is great! And I'm glad to hear that you don't have to get onto medication for thyroid issues. Keep on popping don't have to feel obligated to do individuals, it's nice to hear how your progress on your weighloss program is going. Plus....don't you love the cheering crowd??? :D "Go Anita Go" "Go Anita Go"

Katy--Hurray for feeling smaller!!! Since I don't know how your WI went yet, the fact that you're feeling a difference just tells me that you're losing! So how did it go w/the Soda??? Did you get one or pass it up? Either way, you're doing a great job.

Susan--Very nice letter from your boss! I hope you have an absolutely WONDERFUL time w/Rocky when he gets here!! What are your plans? How long will he be in Oregon? Enjoy every minute!!

Mindee--What you name your child is your choice. We had a lot of "How do you even pronounce Jhanai?" When she was born. Harley is an interesting name...reminds me of a big biker dude. But it's kind of cute too. I can't remember what name you had picked for a boy, but I do remember it being interesting. Very different from Brandon that's for sure.

Hello to everyone else out there!! Don't be shy...we don't bite! Come on in and chat a bit!!

Well, I have finally got my orientation for the gym set up for Monday at 5:30! Which is perfect since I start work at 6:00. Then after that....I should be on my way to getting my body back into shape!!

The heat here in Oregon is something we're not really used to and w/it makes me eat less than usual and drink water like no tomorrow. I would weigh myself but I'm smack in the middle of TOM! Afterwards I'll jump on and see.

As for my computer...James called me this morning and told me I could get on...but be prepared if it shuts down on me since it kept doing it to him yesterday and he had to continue to reboot or whatever it is that he was doing. So here I am....typing a little and copy, typing some more and copy....just in case! :lol: We also don't have our MSN account...I have to go into hotmail to read any e-mail. Sheesh!!! What happened?? The new hard drive should be installed tomorrow night when James comes back home.

Ok...I'm off of here! We need to liven things up around here!!! At least a little stop saying "hello....I'm still here, just really busy!" :)

Talk to you all later.

07-22-2005, 04:25 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well it's FINALLY FRIDAY!! We are going up north this weekend. (Finally!) first time in 3 weeks. Next weekend is a long weekend up here in Ontario and I am planning on taking next Thursday and Friday off. My DH told his mom he was going to try to get next Friday off too, but he hasn't told me yet. I think he wants to surprise me. LOL. Too late for that I guess. I'm going to let on that I didn't know though. ;)

Had some sad news last night. My best friends aunt passed away so I may have to go to a funeral on Monday. Sweet lady. She and her husband had been married for 56 years, and I hear he is not handling it well. Not surprising though. I can't imagine life without my DH now and we've only been together for 16 years and married for 4.

My mum is retiring next Friday after 45 years in the nursing field. I am so happy for her, she is excited about being able to spend more time with her family. When I was growing up she was a very busy lady indeed, always working hard to provide a good life along with my Dad. They emigrated from the UK in 1965 with $400.00 in their pockets and dreams of a better life. It's been tough going at times but now finally she is finished.

So next Tuesday is a retirement tea at the hospital for her and I have decided that I am going to skip out of work early and go. I'm just going to tell them I have an appointment. After all she's done for me it's the least I can do for her. Especially considering my dad and brother can't get away from work either.

Aaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkk!! One of the Salesmen just came in with a box of Dilly Bars from DQ-- Damn it!! Oh well, it wil be worth the sacrifice. My latest NSV includes fitting into one of the last shirts I bought before I got pregnant. YAY ME. Makes it a little easier to pass up the Dilly-Bar. LOL

Cristi I know that the weight loss seems fast,but it is supposed to be. I go in 3 times a week and am given vitamin b shots to help with the fat burning. The diet is very very strict but I have done it before and it was the only "diet" that ever worked for me, and that I was able to keep the weight off with. (that is until I got pregnant.--LOL) So sweet of you to be concerned. :)

Susan Congrats on the new job. How exciting.

Mindee Crossing my fingers that the munchkin co-operates and shows the goods. When Joycelyn was "in the oven" no way, no how was she going to show us the goods. Modest little girl. LOL.

Anywa, Hi :wave: to Terri, Marti, RosieKate, Jane, Angie, Ellen, Sue and anyone else I have missed.



da fat n da furious
07-23-2005, 12:25 AM
Hi all I am alive and I swear I will be back soon to do individuals...need to talk toKaty about her ummm problem,,,says it keeps her off the street...well I would hope so,,,hate to ahve that spreading around even more....kidding Love the look of the scarves,,,and that color would look good with all my clothes *hint hint

Congrats Susan! Hope you get to keep the other job too... Have fun with Rocky,,,ha ha ha like you won't!

Good on you Anita! Can't wait to talk about you to my friends,,,we were talking about your program...before you started.

gotta run!

07-23-2005, 07:49 AM
Hi again girls--

Got home 15mins ago and thought I would try the far so good, not giving me a black screen w/just a cursor! :D (yet anyway)

Anita--So sorry to hear about your friends aunt. My heart is w/her family!
About the Dilly Bars.....we had some girls at work who decided to buy two boxes of those for the crew one night....boy were they hard not to resist! (and this was in the winter.......why not now when it's so hot?)

Angie!!--Glad to see you're ok. How is your foot doing? Looking forward to hearing from you more later!

Well....I checked in. And I suppose I ought to get myself on to bed. So glad it's the weekend. Seemed like it took forever to get here.

G'night girls!

07-23-2005, 10:22 AM
I'm here! Haven't fallen off the planet yet...

Fast track was pretty good. started the week up at 180 :( (wasn't too happy about that), but ended at can't complain. Took a day off then went back on yesterday...maybe this week I can resist the ice cream at Sweets Etc.'s hard having a soda fountain within walking distance! and a Starbucks ...and a bookstore...and a yarn shop...oh well, it's a miracle I have any money at all.

Angie - you just HAVE to earn to knit..because you need to make this... then we can knit our clapotis together, lol! I have sworn to finish this wrap sweater before taking on anything I had better get busy.

Marti - Sorry the computer is acting up...I hate it when that happens...It's like life just those Geek Squad people..they'll parachute into your backyard and save the day

Mindee - glad the pregnancy is going well..keeping my fingers crossed that you find a great place to live soon.

Anita - congrats on the great weight loss...your program is clearly working well for you. Hard to resist those Dilly bars.....good on you

Cristi- good job on the loss...keep up the good work. Good luck with the job hunting, maybe the placemnt services is just the ticket.

Jane - congrats to you, too... guess we all had a good fast track week. Bet you are glad to have your crackers back :)

Susan - WTG to go on the new job and apartment...hope you and your boss can keep you at part time. Have a great visit with Rocky and Kris.....

Sorry if I missed anyone, but have a great Saturday everyone. Today is framing day...gotta keep these kids out of the way - yikes

07-23-2005, 08:54 PM
Hello again!!

My computer is fixed! James came home this morning...and here I was expecting him tonight...and now I am able to browse around w/no worrys. I even have my e-mail account back. Happy Days! :D

Hmmm, sounds like I need to get out more! :lol:

Katy--Hurray for the weight loss!! Good luck on the next two weeks. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Well I got a lot of walking in today. Went to walmart and it was so nice and cool that I just walked around. I had nothing but window wash to buy for the car and ended up being there for an hour. They must've thought I was lost and crazy! :dizzy:

Then I got my grocery shopping down. Not a whole lot of shopping just some stuff for dinner. It's pretty much only me now-a-days so I didn't want to stock up for nobody.

There is a Classic Car show going on right now at the park. And later on there will be the cruise. I may go to that. Depends if James is up to checking it out before work. This engineering training is brutal! He leaves and comes home every other day. Or is every other two days? Heck I don't know. But he has a couple months of that before he can get pinned to an engineer and get actual days off. Two months w/no days off????? How crazy is that?

Ok....not many posting today but I will check in later.

Hope you're all staying cool.

Talk to you later.

07-24-2005, 05:15 PM
Sorry I didn't get to do the Fast Track. I couldn't even get on the computer half the time. I am so frustrated!
Our weather has been brutal, so I moved the treadmill off the screen porch. I walked outdoors 2 morinings and on the treadmill today. I am trying to be good.
Last Sun. with DS here from CA was really nice. I had all of my in-law family over. DS was looking great with his new short hair and beard. His GF fit right in and had fun with the family. Now I can say "his fiance" since he called me Wed. and said he had proposed the previous day. No concrete plans for the wedding day as yet...but they are trying to get her moved to CA in Nov.
Have I been here to tell you about my Mom? Can't remember. She fell and broke her arm, but it is so high up that it can not be put in a cast. She is in lots of pain. Then in the midst of that she had heart problems and had to have a heart cath. That, they found, was something that can wait until her arm is taken care of, not life threatening. I am going with her to the Dr. tomorrow, so should find out if this Dr. thinks she needs a pin in the arm. I feel so bad for her. All of this happened when she was out of state, so I was here calling and keeping updated...trying to decide if I needed to go. Just a real mess.

Mostly reading here in this heat....sure not going outdoors much.

07-24-2005, 09:01 PM
Cristi~ We are still kind of flip flopping on the girls name, but we have a boys name picked out! Same thing with Brandon, and he ended up being a boy. (Maybe history is repeating itself again?)

Marti~ I hope all is well with you. Talk to you soon! The name that we have picked out for a boy is Rolf, after a friend of Tommy’s and mine that passed away the day before Tommy’s birthday this year of a sudden heart attack. Like I mentioned to Cristi, I think we are still flip flopping on the girls name.

Anita~ Brandon was wide open once we got him awake to get a “money shot” so it is very very possible that this is a modest little girl in there.

Katy~ Thanks for the nice words and keeping your fingers crossed about the gender.

07-24-2005, 10:04 PM
Let's do a roll call here:

Jane! (hope you're enjoying your family!) :flow1:
Cristi! (Hope you're still not in the triple digits!) :flame:
Angie! (How is that foot? Are you going to learn to knit??) :D
Susan! (How is the reunion w/Rocky going?) :love:
Katy! (Send me some of that soda my way!) :T
Ellen! (We miss you...hope all is well) :yes:
Sue! (I knew she'd fit in w/your family!) :grouphug:
Mindee! (Baby must be growing...only a few more months) :bb:
Terri! (How is the Canada heat? Keeping cool?) :hot:
Anita! (How's your little one doing? We want update photos!) :D
Dee & Pam!! (Did you two decide to take another vacation?!) :shrug:
Kathy!(Hope you're doing well, we miss ya) :yes:
Katie! (Hope alls good w/you too! How are you doing?) :?:

Did I get everyone?? It's been quiet in here so if I have forgotten you, my apologies! But please come in and check in w/us. We'd like to see how you're doing.

And as for me....this is one LAZY Sunday for me. Didn't do much of anything and I SO wanted to. But, I have to have a lazy Sunday every once in awhile I suppose.

Looking forward to getting my membership at the gym tomorrow. Not sure when I'll start working out. I have to get a feel as to what time would be the best for me, before, during, or after work. But I want to tone up some before my birthday. So that gives me some time. :D I go to hunt for dinner.

Take Care!

07-25-2005, 12:28 PM
Marti...When you said hunt for dinner, I imagined Elmer Fudd with his big gun hunting for that "wasscaly wabbit." Hope you didn't REALLY have to hunt for dinner. j/k (Hope it was good anyway)

Another week here...and hot as can be. It might hit 99 today, but I think they are backing off that forecast..I hope. Mid week we will get a break of being back in the 80"s. I am taking Mom to the Dr. in a little while. Good news, I hope.

I bought the yummiest honey dew and watermelon last night. Breakfast was an English muffin and fruit. I also bought lots of fresh veggies and will have a big salad and a chicken breast for dinner with a small potato. Lunch I am not sure of right depends on how long we are gone to the Dr. I am taking a cooler with bottles of water due to the heat. Ran the sweeper this a.m. I will get on the treadmill later..I only did 20 minutes yesterday, but I will work up to more.

My weight is holding..but I am determined to lose a pound this week. I want to move that ticker!!

07-25-2005, 03:36 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I'm trying to spend less time on the computer and more time doing real-life things for a little while. I've been having fun with the family, and trying to stay cool. The heat index is 107 today. Blech!! I'm still walking Kathy's dog every Monday and Wednesday, and I go early to avoid the worst of the heat.

Fast Track was a success with 2 pounds down! I'm glad to get back to my graham crackers though, lol. Btw, I love going to the Y!! My sister Mary Lou asked me to to go to some aquacise classes with her, so we're doing that on Monday's and Thursdays. She's really stiff a lot, and hopefully this will help limber her up.

I took the 3 oldest DGDs to see a play of Cinderella last night, and we all just loved it. The lead was a brunette, though, and it was hard to explain why, since the DGDs thought she was the REAL Cinderella, lol. Also, she had on a beautiful white dress at the ball, and they asked about that, too. I told them her blue dress is in the washer. They accepted that nicely. :)

Have a good week!

07-25-2005, 04:19 PM
Afternoon Ladies!!

Sue-- :lol: What a funny vision! I can't even remember now what I did have for dinner.....but I only had to go as far as the kitchen to hunt it down. :)

Jane--Absolutely nothing wrong w/spending more time w/the family!! Enjoy yourself! We don't mind you peaking in once in awhile to let us know how you're doing.

Well today I got up much later than I wanted. Being on TOM (still!!!) just has me not wanting to get up and move. And the heat doesn't help either.

BUT--on the good side of I go to work early to talk to the gym gal. I should be set up and ready to go by tonight. So I may have to go do some shopping so I have some workout shoes! :) (anything for an excuse to go shopping I say!)

Ok...I best get going. You all have a lovely Monday!

da fat n da furious
07-26-2005, 01:26 AM
Katy,,,I clicked the scarf site,,,did you read the part about someone will try to pet you? and then it says F**K them you're a rock star! I laughed I have a few scarves and find people coming up to me and touching I think next time Ill crowl or do an eye twitchy I did get a scarf made of that fur stuff,,,thats the one I had shiny beads to. I have an Elmo red LOOOOOOONg scarf,,, Whatever Im just not sure if I want to catch WHAT you have....I like the

Marti,,,that is obscene for no days off..(thats my new word this week Obscene) in 2 months...does he get any time off or is it when theres a quiet time he can take a day here or there? So how did your meeting with the co worker go? I have a tough time buying runners...I have wide feet,,,size arch. And runners mostly come with fun to wear at all. But I find if I can find a shoe thats fits nice I buy Gels..makes my runner comfier...and I can say Im gelling

Jane, did you tell the DGD that she also dyed her hair dark? Aquaciser would be a great work out for your sister if she is stiff...

Cristi,,,how ya doing?

Anita,,,sorry to hear abour your friends aunt...

Sue,,,congrats on your new soon to be DIL

Susan,,,hope your having fun! HI ROCKY (did I mention I have a brother named Rocky? He's 2 yrs older then me,,,looks like Ricky Martin)

Lets see now whats been happening here in the last 2-3 weeks...
Still working as a receptionist,,,and loving it! I don't want to go back to the call centre....*sigh other then getting rid of Rhonda ( slicing motion to the neck) I have no choice but to go. Ive gotten to know so many people in other deptments.

I was nominated for Iolanthe as best stage manager...everyone seems to think this is a big deal...I had really wanted to be nominated for best hair and makeup,,,but they don't have that catergory...

I took my cast off,,,yes I DID...I thought if I had to wear it another 2 weeks before I saw the Dr. I would lose it. did see him a few days ago and Im healed,,,told him I soaked it each night in cold water,,,which helps cool me down before bed,,,then slept with it proped on a pillow,,,he says thats the reason it healed so nicely. I told him I would wear it if I had alot of walking to do,,,which I find I can't do without my foot hurting.
I then went out and bought 3 pairs of Funky blues ones with shiny stones,,,matches a shirt I bought the week before thats the same blue and has sequince. Do you guys have Aldo shoes in the states? Love that store,,,bought a beautiful black leather sandle. And then I picked up pink ballarina slippers for 7 bucks at Payless.

I did see Terri Clarke and it was fantastic...but again I was tired,,,I was still wearing the cast then and dragging it around almost killed me. Then a few days later I went back to see the Trews...LOVE THEM! Would like to see them again,,,they are opening for the Rolling Stones
Black Eyed Peas came to Calgary but I couldn't get tickets...*pouting still

Oh ya I bought my plane tickets to LAX and got them half price! Wahoo! Monte has been playing Ebay master and trying to get us Disney tickets. I found us a condo,,,haven't talked to Monte cause I just found it.

My cousin's wife had a baby boy Thursday,,,(heart defect) he was born a month early and so far hes doing well. Hes 5 lbs,,,and the Dr. are doing tests. Thats about all Ive heard since they live in Edmonton. (3hrs away to the north,,,near Kathy)
My other cousin's wife had a baby girl last month. And one more cousin due in Nov.
Brad Pitt is making a movie here in Calgary soon,,,Jesse James. Kinda cool,,,Tanner has already had his resume and pics sent in,,,Brandon is going to go next month and audition. A lil family history,,,my step father's great grandfather was Jesse James neighbhour.

Well I feel like Ive written a book
should get to bed.
night all

07-26-2005, 03:31 PM
Hello Ladies :wave:

Angie--So good to hear from you. A round of applause for being nominated for best stage manager!! :cp: :cp: :cp:
I know you would have liked to have the makeup and costumes...and if they had that category, you KNOW they would have nominated you for that too!! You did a great job! :yes: Such beautfiul costumes. Fun too! I want to dress up as one for Halloween now! :D
Happy to hear that you got your cast off.

My "quick" orientation went fine.(it lasted only 15mins.) I am all set up and after 3days of takes time for the card to work...then I can go workout. Now to figure out what time would be best for me to go workout. Before work is definately out. I went in there during orientation and it was packed full!! Doesn't help that I start work around the time everyone is getting off!

So my friend and I are going to figure things out in the next week or two. I'm looking forward to getting in there. May be slow at first but I'll work my way back up to where I was before.

Ok ladies, I need to get myself going. I have some chores to tackle!

Talk to you later!

da fat n da furious
07-27-2005, 12:36 PM
Good morning ladies,

Jane, you know you have me hooked on that author...Susan Jane Phillips...I keep looking at these two libraries near my home,,,then when I can't find anything I head to Chapters...another lady at work is now hooked too.

Marti, too bad you couldn't work out before work. With leaving earlier and then showering it would be still badly crowded?

Got an email from a couple of producers asking if I would do props for Into the Woods,,,the adult version. Love that play.

Im onto another box of shredding for Monte,,,I now am not enjoying it,,,the honeymoon is over! Only 5 more boxes to go,,,each box hold about 6 large garden leaves bag filled with shredded paper...

We rented a house in Anaheim,,,4 bedroom cause the 3 bedroom was aken and the owner gave us the same price as teh 3 bedroom. It has a pool...Im not going to want to come home. We are bringing Brandon's best friend Brandon with us,,,yes they have the same name. Count down 45 more days till he turns 18...*gulp

Well I should get ready for work...

07-27-2005, 06:04 PM
Good Day Ladies!!

Angie--I would have to leave real early just to go work out and I just don't know if I'm into doing that. I would rather stay after than leaving to come in early. Silly thinking I'm sure but at 2:30 in the morning...there won't be any fighting for a machine!

Beth--Hope you find this thread and join us!

Not much going on. I need to get to town and buy some neccessities and then it's off to work. Weather has been VERY HOT here and it's hard to enjoy. I'm thinking this weekend I might take Jhanai to the coast. So much going on this weekend I'm not sure what we're going to do. There is the "Relay for Life" this weekend. I think I may go before work to walk around the track for a few hours. One of my co-workers is a survivor and will be going. She looks amazing considering I seen photos of her from just last year when she was going through treatments.

Also this weekend there is a BlackBerry Jam Festival in a little town near here. That sounds fun. Plus James & I are fans of blackberry jam. My grandma made the best!

Sure hope we see some more pop in's!

Better get going.

07-28-2005, 02:23 AM
Yea, I finally found ya'll!!! Thanks for the invite to join in.
We have had some relief from the heat the last 2 days---high in the 70's. Tonight the low is supposed to be 54. It'll be back up close to 100 be the end of the weekend but this is a wonderful reprieve. I've been trying to read some of the earlier postings to get to know you better....I've not been on a forum or chat room before so you'll need to help me learn what to do to add all those cute things.
I've been overweight for lots of years but not to the extent I am now and because of my age I'm really beginning to worry about health---I feel fine (except for all the stuff you can't do) but I do worry about how it's going to affect me as I grow older. I've been reading Dr. Phil's book and will probably try to start there to discover my underlying problems and deal with that.
Well---gotta get to bed. It's taken me forever the past two nights to get back to the same thread. Hopefully, I'll get faster. Ya'll all sound like great ladies!! Talk more soon.

07-28-2005, 11:39 AM
]Wait.....DO NOT POST here! Head on over to #138. See ya there!