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07-13-2005, 04:38 PM
No ... haven't left for vacation yet. We're leaving Sunday after church Lord willing. And I do hope He's willing because I've already paid for the cabin and there's no refund! ;) Here's where we're staying if you're interested:

I had to rent a 2 bedroom in order to get everything I wanted but this one was still cheaper than most of the one bedrooms I looked at. I figure I only have a 40th anniversary once! :D It's pretty nice and half-way between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, so convenient. The only one bedroom I found that was cheaper than this one was 9 miles out ... too far.

I have spent so many hours on the computer the last few days. We're also trying to get ready for the fair and I've been trying to find promotional products to give away with our logo printed on them. I got 1000 balloons, 1000 rulers and 500 pens. We had a bunch of pencils left from the home show last spring. I found some letter openers I'm thinking about ordering, too.

My back is killing me. Don't know if it's the way I've been sleeping or sitting at this darn computer so much (or both!) :p

Mima ... have fun with the little guy while you can. I know you'll miss him when he's gone. I'm trying to get my cousin to come over (from NC) for a visit the 29th while things are kind of slow with our businesses. She's in the same business we are and things have calmed down a little right now. I miss her so bad sometimes. We both are on MSN and we both have cell phones with nation wide but it's just not the same as face-to-face visits. She's the closest thing to a sister I have. (My 2 best friends would kill me if they read this! :p But ... they aren't blood related!)

Joanne ... hope you have a good vacation and don't get blown away. Hope you have sun and not rain like we're having this week. It's terrible here.

Joanne D
07-13-2005, 08:19 PM
Meme- You have a wonderful 40th.We were up there several years ago.(Christmas to New Years) A cabin in the mountains. For a Florida gal that was exciting.
We think the beach should be nice since it looks like Emily is going west towards Mexico. My hubby says he hopes it hits a bunch of druggies and washes them away.
Hello everybody..Joanne

07-13-2005, 10:35 PM
That's just too funny. :lol: :lol: :lol:

07-14-2005, 07:14 AM
That is funny-yes, it looks good for you. Hope you all have a great time. Well, everyone is gone. I do miss that Evan. We went to the beach Tuesday and there was a FREE handicapped space right in front and than the lifeguard helped carry Al to the beach and they got a special beach wheelchair to carry her back. Sunday she goes to the camp-it sounds awesome. Went to church last night-thought I was working on baskets-instead we did flea market stuff. Wheeze and back hurts. i have to concentrate on the crafts!!!I ahve to start marking down tv shows for the Neison Ratings!!! Bye for now. Mima

Happy Canuk
07-15-2005, 04:04 PM
Hi. Just stopping in to say hi. I have been not doing too good for the past two weeks with this darn back. Hurt to sit. Finally, got to the chiro on Monday, and yesterday, I have to say, I felt really good. No pain!! I thank God everyday for leading me to this Upper Cervical Chiro. He is more than that actually, as he was a regular chiro for years before. No manipulation - EVER and he keeps me feeling great, both with my back and the FM.

Meme - cabin looks wonderful. We stayed in Bonners Ferry one time, in cabins just like that. They were so nice. Pine furniture and patchwork covers. Loved it. Happy 40th anniversary to both of you.

Mima - so now you can relax, even though you miss them. It is really tiring having little ones around when you aren't used to it.

Joanne - glad the hurricane spared you. Gosh, that would scare the dickens out of me. We have a tornado now and then, but really, never heard of one of those until Edmonton was hit 17 years ago, and then just 20 miles from here 5 years ago. They scare me as well. I hate violent weather. I hope there will be NO hurricane threats when you go on your trip.

Candice - you are worse than me about getting yourself here. Hope you are feeling better.

Here is a picture of Ashley, already 7. She just lost her front tooth and asked her mom to take a picture and send to grandma :lol:

Hope you all have a good day.

07-16-2005, 07:00 AM
That's adorable, Anne. Yes I am rested a bit-went for a walk with Auntie-83 and humid and we walked for an hour-had lunch-and walked home. I have a couple more things-I am doing a workshop at church for kids to make items for the fair and next Sat, we are having people over to watch a video. Wed is Brad's bd so I will be making an orange creamsicle cake and serving it on Sat. He wants a blender to make milkshakes, It;s a good idea because he can make them low sugar. And low fat. Brad has the deck off and putting a new foundation under the porch. The yard is dug up and we can't get out the back and the gas is disconnected. Oh well. I don't want the kitchen to fall off. Bye for now. Mima

07-17-2005, 07:42 AM
Hey Meme, have a great vacation!!!!!

Joanne D
07-18-2005, 11:21 AM
Happy- What a cute little girl! The storm is tearing up Mexico. I would sure hate to pay a lot of money to go to those places and lose it for a storm. They have messed up a lot of Florida in the past couple years.
Hello everybody...Busy day so this is short for now..Joanne

07-18-2005, 10:17 PM
Meme, I remember Ed Bruce! Your trip will be wonderful. We just got back from Michigan yesterday, and it was great. My doctor is sending me for an x-ray of the lower back. It has been awful lately. That was the only bad part about the trip. I kept having to take breaks to rest the back. Hope yours is feeling better soon!

Joanne, I've been wondering how you've been with all of the storm activity down there! I agree with your hubby about the druggies!!! Wouldn't that be nice!

Mima, how nice that someone was there to help with Al. That had to help everyone's spirits. We did that thing for TV a long time ago. They wouldn't want us to do it now. We rarely watch TV. I want some of Brad's cake!

Anne, ok. There are enough of us on here with bad backs. What can we do about it? We need a miracle cure for all of us. Ashley is so cute! You can tell how proud she is of losing that tooth.

Today we finished up packing up the things from the garage sale. I took oodles of things to Goodwill. The lady there was not very nice. I'm not used to that. Usually they are very friendly and helpful. She was almost mean. I'm getting pretty outspoken in my old age, so I told her what I thought. I also told her that the next time we will take things elsewhere, and I planned to tell my friends the same thing.

I've been reading a Diabetic Cookbook for Dummies. I ordered it ages ago, and I think that it's time to be putting it into practice. Bob's levels have been pretty high. He is not trying very hard to watch what he eats. Maybe if I start cooking better and more of a variety, it will help all of us.

07-19-2005, 07:47 AM
I try to cook right for Brad but he eats stuff when I am not around, Glad you had a good trip, Tammy. I am goping to get a massage on Thurs-I am trying a new person that is close by. I was traveling far before and the massages weren't that good. We have been going to VBS at church. The kids go to the VBS but the adults have choices of classes. I went to painting-a landscape painter showed us his paitings, and tonight I am going to learn how to crochet with my arthritis fingers. This morning I am going to my church to get ready for the children's worhshop. We are going to make frames out of spongy material. Too bad about your expeience with Goodwill. Remember, it's not all of the people. But I sure hope your back is better. I am hurting today- I have been eating things I shouldn't-we get dinner at VBS-haven't had to cook this week. Brad is putting a foundation under the kitchen-what a lot of work. When is your vacation, Joanne. Bye for now Mima

Joanne D
07-19-2005, 08:22 PM
Tammy- As long as the storms don't get as bad as they did last year I am fine. I really like rainy weather.. But not a lot of wind and lightning.Glad you had a good vacation.
Mima. We are leaving Thursday for north Fl. and vacation. We are a little concerned about what we will find. The area we are going to was pretty tore up.The house we have rented is right on the water.. The realitor told my daughter that it was good to go. We will need to buy drinking water ,I think. I heard there was a problem with the water up there. We planned to do that anyhow. I don't like to drink tap water.. Too much is put into it these days.It is a great place to just get away. No industry,not much traffic. Very private. We like to take our books ,suntan oil,walking shoes,food and bathing suits and just lay back. Watch the sunrise and sunsets. In general just enjoy each other as a family.The only ones missing will be my son and his wife..
Hello everybody...Joanne

07-19-2005, 09:12 PM
I need to call and make an appoinment for a massage. I have never done that, and I think I need to see what it's like.

Joanne, I hope your trip will be as enjoyable as ours was. Relax!! Books are wonderful. I read while we were gone too.

07-20-2005, 08:24 AM
Yes, Joanne. That vacation sounds great. And you get to spend time with your daughter. Brad turns 64 today!!! But we are not going to celebrate today because there is on e more day of VBS, I am learning to crochet!! I made a circle !!! I couldn't do that before-it was fun. Back tonight. My workshop for kids is this morning. We are going to make picture frames for the Fair=I got them started yesterday. The parish center cat had done a mess on the floor and Sister Nancy started to gag so guess who cleaned it up? Just like here-Brad gags and i have to clean up after Cassidy. It's all a scheme. Gotta go eat-get a massage-you can't believe how nice. Lots of people specializi in fibro. Mima

07-20-2005, 05:20 PM
Honey ... I'm home!

We had the PERFECT 40th anniversary vacation. We had a cabin out in the boonies. There were other cabins around us but ours backed up into the woods. Half of the back deck was screened in with a hot tub ... the other half had a table and a grill. We grilled steaks out one night. The bedroom downstairs was huge with a hand carved king-size bed and a big jacuzzi. We played pool and watched movies (Miss Congeniality 2 and Hitch) and we went to a dinner show one night. I didn't want to leave ... EVER! But ... all good things must come to an end. I did a lot of shopping, too. We took Nika with us and I was surprised. She was the best little thing. She had never been on a leash out side the house. I tried her inside a couple of times a few weeks ago but I really thought the whole time I was leaving her at the kennel. Then, at the last minute, hubby had me call the rental agency and ask about bringing her. They said yes, for a $25 fee. That was a lot cheaper than the kennel fee so he said what the heck ... we'll try it. She was great. We put her in the upstairs bedroom at night and when we were gone and she used her papers ... when we were on the road she went in the grass when we stopped and she had never even been outside more than a few times. Needless to say, we were impressed. We stopped at a mall on the way home and hubby sat on a bench with her while I shopped for a little while. He said everybody was stopping to pet Nika ... he had women coming out of shops WHERE THEY WORKED to pet her. Said one woman picked her up and was talking to her and everything. I told him if I died he should just take the dog and go to the shops and pick up women ... no worries! :p

07-20-2005, 09:07 PM
Mima, I gag pretty easily too, so I can understand the others. I was trying to change one of Tim's diapers right after he was born, and Bob had to come and finish it. Oh my!

Welcome home Meme!!! Your cabin sounds delightful!! I was checking out the website last night. Now I just have to convince Bob that we NEED to go there sometime. That is great that Nika did so well. I don't think we could trust Kramer to be that good. He's a bit older than Nika (he's 11), so he's pretty set in his ways. Too funny about hubby "picking up chicks" with the dog magnet. lol

I had an x-ray of my lower back done today. I don't have an appt. set up with the doctor, but I know he'll call when they get the results. I go for a stress test on Monday. I go to the rheumatologist tomorrow morning. I was there in January, and I think health wise, I was doing better then. I still think the changing of things at school is bothering me more than it should. While we were on vacation, I used the pool and whirlpool at the hotels. That was wonderful. I couldn't believe what a difference it made. Then when I got out of them, it was back to the achiness. Maybe I'll become a mermaid and just live in the water all the time.

07-21-2005, 07:11 AM
I know what you mean about the pool, Tammy. And I sure think that move causes stress. What a nice vacation, Meme. Sounds idyllic. I should tell my son to go for a walk with his dog. Well, that tv survey is done!! And VBS-I did learn how to crochet a bit. They were teasing me so I think I will bring in one of my grandmother's and say I did it. It was fun to learn something new. My kid's workshop only had 4 and they were funny. One little boy was putting tape on everything. Massage today and grocery shopping. we are heving 12 people over Sat night to watch a DVD of the Christmas pageant we saw in Ft Myers but I am only serving cake and coffee-actually it's an orange creamsicle cake for Brad's bd.I found the orange suoreme cake mix and after it's baked, you pour in jello, add pudding and Cool Whip on top!!! Got the recipe off the net. Brad keeps bugging me about dessert!!! I think I have gained a couple of pounds again. I am too busy and it's been too hot to walk. bYE mIMA

07-21-2005, 12:40 PM
I'm going to start taking Nika out on her leash more and teaching her to lead. She's really proving to be a smart little dog. I told hubby I'm thinking about taking her to training classes this fall. Time is the main problem with that. I also want to take a target shooting class and get my gun permit. Don't know if I'll be able to find time for both. I'll have to drive all the way to Bend of the River for the gun classes and that'll take me about 40 minutes one way. Add to that the business (full time), piano lessons four afternoons, housework (and you know all that goes WITH that), church and the family ... not a lot of time left.

The water sure does help. I'm trying to talk hubby into putting a hot tub on our deck. He didn't say yes but he hasn't said no, either! ;) Maybe you strained your back moving all that stuff. Doesn't take much to do that you know.

I don't usually have a problem with the gagging thing. I can do the diapers, clean up the puppy mess, etc. When I was little we used to drive from MI to NC regularly. We'd stop at gas stations with outdoor toilets (plus my grandpa had an outdoor toilet.) It was either use it or hold it. And the trip took about 20 hours one way back then. I learned to breathe through my mouth and think about something else. I just shut down and learned to not let it bother me. I eventually transfered that over to a lot of other areas in my life growing up. My dad drank on the weekends and took it out on me pretty regularly. I used the same technique then. He told my husband once that when I was little I'd hold my breath and nearly pass out to keep from crying when I was little. Well, I told hubby later that was because he was beating me and I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that it hurt! It's called survival. But I'll tell you one thing that WILL make me gag ... and that's BO. Someone can pass me up in the store and have body odor and I'll nearly puke. Hubby thinks as strong as I am in other areas that that's funny. I think they need to buy some soap while they're in there and go take a bath! :p

Happy Canuk
07-21-2005, 04:23 PM
Today's Stress Tip
for 7/21/2005

Tell them you'll get back to them.

When people ask you point blank to do something-like volunteer, go on a date, buy something, change your schedule, do them a favor, or donate money-don't feel you have to answer right away. Even if they pressure you to do so. Surprise tactics aren't fair. And could force you to commit to something you'll later regret. Tell them: "I have to think about it." Or, "I'll get back to you." Or, "I need to check on something first." If that doesn't satisfy them, decline altogether. Being too accommodating is probably what has you stressed out in the first place. It's time you looked out for yourself.

Hey Meme, the above is just for you :lol: Glad you had a wonderful trip. Sounds great to me. Now, you can go back to your more than busy life - your choice, I guess. Glad puppy had a good holiday as well.

Tammy - Glad you had a good time as well. It is just nice to get away and do NOTHING except what you want to do. Tammy, I have had back problems for over half my life now. Had back surgery 20 years ago, and now have OA in that same area. Sometimes, you just can't win! However, I am walking around, pain or no pain, and it could be so much worse.

Mima - sounds like your yard is coming along. So Brad had a birthday and you get to eat cake. Well, that is nice! It is nice to learn new things. I can crochet a bit, but when it comes to losing stitches, boy, I can't do that. I don't knit either, as that has always been so hard on my lower back. I have to concentrate so hard and my head is down and that seems to pull on the spine - causing great pain.

Candice - where the heck are you???? Hope you are ok, girl.

Joanne - Hope you enjoy your holiday. Nice to be there with your family.

07-22-2005, 01:55 AM
Not so nice to be there with all MY family!!! We tried that in the fall of 2003 with my daughter and her family and guess who wound up doing all the work and taking care of the kids? My daughter emailed me a site with condos on a beach in NC and said lets split one and go on vacation together again in October. Hey ... Anne ... guess what I said?


Aren't you so proud of me?

Hubby and I went fishing this afternoon. Caught 3 decent catfish. The lake was tranquil and it wasn't too awful hot, either. We live about 20 minutes from one of the largest lakes in TN ... runs from here all the way to Nashville. It's a beautiful lake ... Center Hill. If you'd like to see pictures I have 3 pages on my art website:

07-22-2005, 07:33 AM
Anne, I learned that answer a while bak-I'll get back to you. When I remember it, I use it. I had a nice massage yesterday. I'll go back to her but now I have to tell the lady I always went to. It's just too far. The new one found some sore trigger points I didn't know I had. Lots of them know quite a bit about fibro. I did find I can knit again-but not constantly. It gets me in the neck. I worked on a crocheted square yesterday but it came out round, When I look at my grandmother's pieces, the work is amazing. I have a bedspread she made!!! Brad has to fast because he has bloodwork this morning-then we need to go grocery shopping. Meme, why do you need a gun permit? Those things scare me. I always thought there was a relationship between fibro and being abused as a child-I was also beaten severely. But that's not everyone. But that's you and me. Bye Mima

Happy Canuk
07-22-2005, 11:20 AM
No abuse on my end. I had a great childhood and have NEVER been abused. I think FM comes from the spine. Just about every person I have ever talked to that has FM has some sort of problem with the neck or lower back. When my back is good, the FM is good as well.

Yes, Meme, I was wondering why ON earth you would need a gun permit. I wouldn't have a gun in my house. Most people in Canada don't walk around with guns (well it appears the young one's do - gang members etc). It is getting really terrible out there in that big old world. SWARMING has become a thing they do now. A bunch of kids will swarm around somebody and beat them up. God help us all if this kind of thing doesn't change soon!

Meme - I am proud of you that you said NO, but feel sad that you can't go away with your family and enjoy it, instead of get stuck in the roll. THAT is what you need to say TO!!!!

07-22-2005, 11:50 AM
Mima, that cake sounds yummy. Funny about the quilt. I think you should take in the one that your grandmother made.

Meme, I remember at Girl Scout camp we had to clean the latrines. I would run in, do a little bit, then run back outside to breathe. Yes, people laughed. Good for you for saying NO! I need to learn that.

Anne, I should have read that stress tip earlier in the week!! I had a call about a Jail and Bail fund raiser for Muscular Dystrophy. I said yes, and then later found out that I'm expected to raise $600. I thought that I could raise what I could, and that would be ok. I e-mailed them and told them I would still do it, but not to expect that much. I sent e-mails to people and most have turned me down about the money. The day of Jail, I get to go sit in a nice restaurant, enjoy a meal, and visit with other jailbirds for an hour. I think if I can raise $100, that is a nice amount.

The rheumatologist told me yesterday that she's pretty sure that I have OA in my knees. They are much worse than they were a year ago. I should have the results of the back x-ray next week sometime. Stress test is Monday.

Neck and back problems. That's what I'm having now and the Fib. seems to be worse. Maybe you are on to something Anne.

Off to do some laundry!! Oh boy! what a thrill.

07-22-2005, 07:43 PM
Actually ... I wasn't planning to walk around with a gun. I was going to lock one in my glovebox when I travel ... and take it in the hotel room when I stay over. I travel back and forth to Nashville and to NC alone a lot and it scares me to think about being stuck on the highway alone ... it's dangerous out there. I can handle a weapon. My dad and brother taught me that when I was a kid and teenager. My hand gun is registered to me but you have to take the class to get the permit to carry. There's nothing wrong with guns if you have the proper respect, lock them up, keep the safty on, keep them away from children and treat them right. It's the criminals behind the guns and idiots that are the problem. If you take the guns out of the hands of all the sane people where does that leave America? It leaves all the idiots and criminals armed and dangerous and all the rest of us without a prayer. Sorry ... didn't mean to get on my soapbox ... but if someone breaks in my house one night with intent to do me harm ... God help him because he'll only get one warning to flee.

Tammy ... I started getting OA in my knees when I was nine. Now I have no cartillage left. I've had surgery on both knees. My rheumatologist just told me a couple of weeks ago that I need another surgery on my left knee because it won't straighten ... I said no thanks.

07-23-2005, 07:26 AM
Good morning-something hit me yesterday-I think it was an allergic recation from eating things I am not supposed to-I feel better today but not 100% and we are having company. If I thought it was a virus, I'd cancel but this sinus stuff happens to me. I am stuffing everything in the den and serving lemonade and the cake!!! Keep it simple. Definitely the neck and the back throws everything off. Actually, I remember reaading that article about the neck and fibro, thanks Anne. I have some OA-I think I have it in my hips because they never get better, And my fingers are getting crooked!! I am getting better with the crocheting. But it will be put away today. Bye for now. Mima

07-23-2005, 01:42 PM
Mima ... I hate to tell you this but you probably have Rheumatoid arthritis in your hands if your fingers are getting crooked. I have both ... OA mainly causes bony knots to form on the joints and you can't bend your fingers and wrists ... really stiff - RA causes deformity ... your bones bend and twist. One of my fingers is turning around to the side. It isn't real noticable yet. And your knuckles become enlarged. The ring finger on my right hand is three times the size it used to be. I think it must be hereditary because my dad had the same thing in his hands ... the knots on his fingers and they twisted just like mine are doing, too. My hands get really cold and then all of a sudden they'll be like they're on fire. They hurt all the time and I wear a wrist brace a lot, too. My Dr. is "keeping an eye on them." :lol: Like every thing else!!! He asks me every time I go if I'm still playing the piano.

Go read this. It's not 100% accurate but it's really close to what they are both like. (They kind of meld into each other when you have both.)
It's really important to use them though. I bought some of those hand exersise thingies that you squeeze ... that's really hard for me ... just to keep up some strength in mine. I have none! My fourth and fifth fingers on my right hand won't bend all the way down. I've been trying to find one of those little stress balls.

07-24-2005, 08:16 AM
But my fingers don't hurt-just a little stiff and the RA tests come out negative. My poor mother had the worst RA but she took to the couch. And took too many pills. We postponed the company for 2 weeks, I just wasn't up to it. Brad got Chinese for supper so I had hot and sour soup and felt better last night. Still not ok but I think I will go to church. Maybe I will go see doc tomorrow. It's probably a sinus infection. I just read the article Meme and it's OA. I can live with it. Mima

07-24-2005, 10:23 PM
I typed something this morning and it isn't here! Wah!!!!!!!!!

Meme, I'm glad that you aren't planning on strolling around with a gun. My SIL has had surgeries on both knees. She is younger than me. She told me the other day that she thinks she needs to have it again on one of them.

Mima, hope you are feeling much better now!!! I think everyone that I know has had Chinese this week. I like to have that every now and then.

Tomorrow morning is the stress test. I'm nervous about it. Has anyone ever died during one? terrible question, isn't it?

Happy Canuk
07-24-2005, 11:32 PM
:lol: Hi Tammy! You are monitored the whole time. They put the bloodpressure cuff on you and the nurse and Dr. are right there with you - at least that was how it was for me. I am sure you will do OK with it - it doesn't hurt. You just have to walk on the treadmill.

My brother was having a stress test while in the midst of a heartattack :dizzy: Sometimes these medical types don't listen to the common folk :lol: He knew he was having one, but they told him he wasn't, so they went ahead with test. Needless to say, he couldn't do it.

Yes Meme, I am glad to hear you will NOT be a pistol packing Mama :lol:

Not much new here, other than we will be moving by the 30 September. I don't know if we are going to buy something or not. Went and looked at a condo today and it should be finished by the end of September. We shall see what happens. It's time to move again to get rid of the junk that has accumulated over the past 1 1/2 years! It's amazing how that happens. It is just like fat - it comes and stays :lol:

Catch you tomorrow.

07-25-2005, 01:11 AM
I can't believe you're moving again already. This is about 3 or 4 times since I've "known" you!!! How can you do that? I hate moving! I'm cleaning closets. You all should be proud of me ... I've finally decided to give up some of my bigger sizes. I took my MIL a bunch of clothes yesterday ... she was so happy. Then I came home and did a little more before Garrett and Kaylyn got here (we took them to see Charlie & the Choc. Factory & they spent the night & went to church with us this morning.) I found 2 more dresses, a suit and 2 jackets for MIL. Sizes 18 and large 16s. She's shorter than I am so she'll have to take them up some but she sews. I have a whole hamper full of hangers now ... threw away a garbage bag full plus 2 garbage bags of old clothes ... Goodwill would not want them either! Trust me! It was mainly stuff I hadn't worn in years, some of it was stuff I had put back to paint in, etc. Some was just worn out and some others maybe had a spot or needed to be dry cleaned before wearing and was too old to bother with that expense. I still have 2 more closets to go and my walk-in is going to take forever because I'm going to 'remodel' it.

Tammy ... good luck with the stress test. I'm sure you'll ace it! I hate losing posts.
Mima ... hope you're feeling better. I've had RA for a very long time and it didn't show up in my blood tests for years. My doctor told me it didn't always show up. He diagnosed me with it about 10 years before it actually showed up. Last time I had my sed rate checked it was 200 ... it's supposed to be 30.

Read this - I think it's interesting: (what did people do for info before the web?)

07-25-2005, 07:20 AM
Good morning. I am feeling better, not perfect. Don't worry Tammy, they will be right there. I think the worse thing is waiting for the results-at least 2 weeks. I wish there was something I could do about my reactions to food. I am going to do a search. Now we are not moving downstairs. Going to make a nice apt and rent it out and then if one of us is left alone, we could go down there. I would never live alone in this big house. Anyhow, Anne I moved twice in one and a half years, much easier the second time. And then we moved into the mobile home in FL so now that's 3. It was the first time that was brutal, especially since I was by myself from an 8 room house. The fibro kicked in big time-I couldn't sleep the first night, I hurt so much. Life is sure different now. Brad is so strong. Don't hurt your back!!! Bye for now Mima

07-25-2005, 12:56 PM
I just got home from the stress test. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. I had wires running all over the place, so I knew they were monitoring everything. My BP was up before I started, just because I was nervous. I don't know when I'll hear from my doctor about the results of that and the back x-ray.

Anne, we've lived here for 6 years. I can't believe how much we have accumulated. The garage sale really helped clean out a few areas. I'm glad that I had decided to take things to GoodWill instead of bring it back in the house to save for another sale.

Meme, feel free to come up and go through some of our closets!! While we were on vacation, my brother was here going through one of them. The closet had a bunch of things that belonged to my parents. We had gone through most things, but there were a few boxes of pictures, newspaper clippings, etc. that we put in there for another time. That was 6 years ago!!

Mima, making an apt. and renting it out sounds like a nice idea.

Well, I think I need to get busy on something. It will definitely be indoors. Way too hot outside.

07-26-2005, 06:34 AM
Good morning-I waited so long for my tests!! Someone has to write it up. I am glad we are not moving downstairs. I have put lots of energy into the upstairs. Brad got a different machine yesterday which was hard to operate. he is through with that part and they will cement today. With help and 91 degrees. I feel better. We did the big shopping yesterday afternoon. With big money to pay. But we will be set for 3 weeks except for other stuff. Course, when Brad goes you can add a few bucks-he has his own cart and he buys bacon!! I am going to buy a digestive enzyme. That's what I came up with. And I am going to make some ice cream out of rice milk and peaches in the blender. We are going to a mission conference this weekend. I will bring some of my own food. Like my bread. Awake at 4:30!! Bye for now. Mima

07-27-2005, 09:46 AM
My doctor's office called Tuesday afternoon with the results! I couldn't believe it was so fast. The Stress Test came back A-OK. No problems at all. The back x-ray showed degenerative damage in the lumbar spine. Basically arthritis. The doctor told me to work up to 45 minutes of exercise a day. It will have to be in small segments because of the back pain, but I guess it will help in the long run.

It rained during the night!!!!!!!!! That is the first rain that we've had in weeks. It is also going to be in the 70's today instead of high 90's like we have had for weeks. I may just go for a walk this morning. I hope it rains on me!! lol

Your ice cream sounds good Mima! I'm going to get our ice cream maker out and try some ice cream with Splenda. A friend says it turns out great. I have to see for myself!

07-27-2005, 02:21 PM
Tammy ... there is an exercise you can do that is quick, easy and won't hurt your back. Well ... I said easy. It LOOKS easy but it isn't as easy as it looks. But at least it won't hurt you. It's called Callanetics. They take it real slow and each movement is done in super slow motion. There are many tapes to choose from ... I've been doing the A.M and P.M. ones. 20 min. in the morning and 20 min. at night. They really stretch you out. No jerking or jumping around, my joints and bones can't take that! I have the hips and behind one and the stomach one. I hope to get to those eventually ... one step at a time. Don't want to over-do ... I'm famous for that! I also like Oxycise ... it's a breathing exercise. Gives you lots of extra energy. I have 2 of those tapes. But I've known about Callanetics for about 30 years. I once lost about 14 inches all over doing that just from using her book. So I know it works. I didn't lose any weight ... in fact I think I gained a couple of pounds ... muscle. It firms you up. Can you imagine what you'd look like if you did that and cut back on your eating, too? Wonder Woman look out!!! :lol:

07-27-2005, 02:30 PM
Meme, thanks for the information!! Sounds good, so I'll be checking it out as soon as I send this message.

Isn't it great how everyone passes on such awesome information on here? Thanks again.

07-27-2005, 03:57 PM
You're welcome ... I know Callan Pinckney is my age or older but wait until you see her body. She doesn't have any flab or cottage cheese cellulite ... her butt is tight and her stomach is flat. There are several of the poses that I can't do because of my knees and back but that didn't stop me from losing the inches before. I figure I've had the same problems all my life and if I did it once, I can do it again. I just have to keep it slow and stay at it. Consistancy is always the key at anything you do. You can't do anything if you quit half way through.

One Dr. (Dr. Robert James on Healthlinks) wrote this about Callanetics:

One word describes Callanetics: unique. By isolating muscle groups and using tiny, precise, yet powerful movements, Callanetics exercises tighten and reshape your body while increasing strength and flexibility. It is often said that one hour of Callanetics exercises has the tightening and lifting value of 20 hours of aerobics, and, because Callanetics exercises involve deep muscle work, you don't experience the bouncing and jarring found in high-impact activities, such as aerobics or jogging. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels can exercise safely and injury-free.

Benefits of Callanetics include:

- tightening hips, buttocks, inner & outer thighs
- flattening the tummy
- lifting the bust
- firming underarms
- toning the entire body
- improve overall posture!!

07-28-2005, 07:49 AM
Thanks for the info Meme. And Tammy, yeah for the good stress test!!! Too bad about your back -so now you will be more careful. Don't bother with that icecream I made-it froze like ice, not icecream. It must need another ingredient. I should get an ice cream maker too because I miss icecream!! I spent the whole day making things for the Fair. I stenciled and appliqued some aprons-and I put smoe paint into glass Christmas ornanments that someone gave me. Not nuts about the ornaments but the aprons came out good. Every year we have new crafts. Experiments. We had some great storms last night so it is awesome today and I will walk with Auntie. I need to get away from my projects. The house is going to the dogs. Mima

07-29-2005, 06:32 AM
Hey guys-are you enjoying the better weather? Going to a Mission conference this afternoon. Taking the camper-it's only an hour away. thesae people serve in Asia-wonderful wonderful people. Only thing I worry about is the food and not getting tempted to eat the wrong things. Bye for now. Mima

07-29-2005, 05:01 PM
Mima, someone else said the same thing about the ice cream with splenda. She said if I made it to let it sit out of the freezer for a while before trying to dip any.

Hope the mission conference was a good one. Did you stay out of the food?

07-30-2005, 09:26 PM
Hi gang! I don't think I'll have time to get on here tomorrow. I have to be at the school by 1:00 to start checking kids in for band camp. I will be staying until Friday unless something comes up that I can leave earlier. I had 2 chaperones cancel out for the last 1/2 if the week, and I thought it was a bit late to find anyone else.

Have a great week everyone!! I'm sure I'll be getting plenty of walking in. We are on a college campus, and the dorm isn't real close to the practice field or the dining hall. I know they have a salad bar, and that's usually a favorite.

08-01-2005, 07:31 AM
Well Tammy, have fun. It will be an experience. I ate 3 things with wheat this weekend-not bad. The conference was wonderful and I got to meet Brad's friends from Turkey. I keep sayin I want to go ther but Brad doesn't like to fly. We'll see if it's supposed to happen. There is an orphange there of severely handicapped children and you go to give them some joy!! We are going to hear the missionary preach next Sunday. Back to the daily grind. Mima

Joanne D
08-01-2005, 11:32 AM
I'm Back! We had a wonderful week at the beach.. I only gained 3 lbs. Didn't want that but no scale there and who cares. It is good to not face it every morning. Now today I got up the nerve.We stayed at a pretty nice place. A few minor things not so good that the storm left behind but we didn't let it bother us . We did buy all the water we consumed. I sat on the beach and read to my hearts content. Didn't get burned and that's ok. My G/daughter and her mother were/are brown as nuts.That will soon fade.It was really hot there. One day the dolphins gave us a show, I can't say how many were out in front of our beach house. Just rolling and jumping in the water. It was great to see.We loved it.The guys shark fished at night. They hooked into some big ones but never got them to shore. I am not sure what they would have done with them if they had. I have grilled shark and it was ok.
I too have oa in just about all joints.Total knee surgery on R/knee. Left in waiting pattern. I won't do that untill nothing else works. I don't like that much pain.My Dr. says they don't do that much anymore.They are supposed to last 10 years. It has been 14 so far for me.
Now it is back to daily living. Back later .
Tammy - My daughter was back to school today too.. She is so glad she had the whole summer free. This is the first time in 20 years.
Hello everybody..Got 2 loads of laundry done and more to go..Back later..Joanne

08-02-2005, 08:05 AM
Welcome back, Joanne and it sounds like a wonderful vacation. I went to Fl in July one year and we stayed in the water for 3 hours and boy did we get burned-with sunscreen, But we had a wonderful time. My stepgrandaughter had her first plane ride. I am bringing her down in November-Southwest will fly into Ft Myers. Darn dog came into the bedroom at 1-he was panting. We had a storm.Gotta get a new virus protector-mine is expired for updates. Not good!! Made a bunch of Christmas decorations for Fair!! Not again. They didn't come out that good. Mima

08-04-2005, 01:40 AM
First day here...thought I would say hello. I have FMS and several other fun little thorns in my side, but I'm determined to take this weight off for good. I know that I should stay away from carbs for my health, but I'm fighting low carbing with a vengence. That fight might end right now. After losing several relatives to diabetes related deaths, I have to face that I can't eat bad carbs here I am. Looking for support, direction and some sisterhood if its here.

Going to go back and read through this thread to learn more about all of you. I just need encouragement to keep coming back so that I have a virtual touch stone for my wl journey.

You can call me Cari, but it's not my name. I just like how it sounds. LOL!

08-04-2005, 03:32 AM
Welcome Cari ... I think you'll like it here. We're a friendly bunch ... but we tend to gripe a lot! ;)

Joanne ... that sounds like my kind of vacation. Take me with you next time. I like vacations where you don't HAVE to do anything. My last couple of vacations have been too hectic. I need one with no schedule, no meetings, no concerts, no relatives and no where to go. Just sit on the sand and watch the water. (Heck, I'd like a LIFE like that ... for a little while ... like a year or two!) :p

I think I have a pinched nerve somewhere in my back or hip or leg. It's killing me. I guess I started exercising too soon and did too much. I was doing two different things and messed it up again. (I do it every time!) It's all the way down the back of my leg plus my knee is swollen and my ankle is messed up. The fair starts Tomorrow night. The Nelon's are singing at our church Friday night and we're supposed to go someplace south of Knoxville and pick up some trailers Sat. morning and get back for the fair Sat. evening. We set up three at one booth tonight and I have to get helium for balloons tomorrow and do those. The fair is running for a week and a half this year ... and it's hot and muggy here. JOY! :( I don't know how I'm going to manage Friday night ... can't be two places at once! Somebody needs to clone me! ;)

Candice said to tell everybody that the reason she hasn't been posting is because her computer is acting up.

08-04-2005, 07:24 AM
Good morning. Meme-go slow. I need you to help me with my computer. My Mcafee expired so I have downloaded a whole new program but some things I can't get like the Privacy . I'm just kidding- I'll get it. I always have trouble installing a new virus protector!!!! Now my Firewall isn't working right. But I amd 4 beautiful wreaths for the Fair. Out of donated stuff!!!! People have made beautiful stuff!! Hi to Candice. Mima

Joanne D
08-04-2005, 12:29 PM
Welcome Cari- A couple good eating plans is ofcourse Weight Watcher and South Beach. W/W is expensive and S/B is only the price of a book at Sams or Walmart. They sell a small hand book with the S/B eating plan that is less than 8 dollars. That is only 50% of the weight reduction plan. Exercise is the other 50%. I walk. I have lost 74 lbs and trying to maintain . That is the hard part.You can do it!If you can find a support group like TOPS it will help you a lot.
Meme- That is the only way to take a vacation. You are so busy all the time ,you need to do that once in a while. Good luck with the fair.
Mima-My virus protection is gone too. I need to get another. I have never put one on . My daughter did it for me last time. She will be down in a couple weeks. I will get her to help me with it.
Hello everybody. I have been so busy with catch up this week. I have Tops tonight. I hate getting on the scale. I have gained a couple pounds. It is a constant battle for me..I just won't eat or drink today!!

08-04-2005, 02:56 PM
Joanne ... I'm just TOO busy. I really need to slow down but I don't know how. I really WANT to. But every time I try and I say I'm going to, somebody else finds something I need to do. :p I've put on 4 pounds in the last couple of weeks. I'm not too worried about it yet. It always seems to come back off. I've been eating a lot of Dove choc. Been stressed out lately and in a lot of pain. Seems I always crave choc. when I'm in pain. Then I think that makes me hurt even worse. Vicious cycle. :p

Some of what I've gained might be muscle! I've been trying for years to get rid of the cellulite on my thighs and lately the little bags of fat right under my panty line between my legs have been sagging and I couldn't figure out anyway at all to get rid of those. Now ... just all of a sudden I've seemed to be resolving both problems at once without even knowing I was doing it. I looked in the mirror last night as I was putting on my PJs and I told hubby ... is it my imagination or are my legs firmer. He looked and said, no ... not your imagination. Maybe those exercises you were doing helped. I said, no ... I didn't get to do those long enough for them to really help anything before I started hurting and had to quit yet my legs really look better. (I wish I'd just stuck with the Callenetics and left the other stuff alone!) Then it hit me. I've been doing a lot of stretches to get the kinks out of my back in the mornings and then again throughout the day. Here's what I've been doing. I sit (usually on the edge of my water bed but on the edge of a hard chair should do as well) ... cross your leg up with your ankle on your knee (like a man does), lower your head and bend from the waist. You'll feel the stretch all down your back and both legs. If you want to get the calf on the leg that's still on the floor, after a minute or two, raise that foot up on your toe a little. Go easy at first ... it really stretches you out. I can't believe how much different my legs look after just a week of doing that. That little pocket of fat between my upper legs is almost gone. Praise the Lord and Halleujah!

08-05-2005, 07:14 AM
Good morning-what an idiot I am-I put a cd into my computer into the middle of my 2 places for cd's!!!!! I still haven't down loaded my privacy part. I just can't delete the last one. It says to contact a technician so I will have to go on the chat. The rednecks that were helping with the cement are done now. not once did I ever see them without a cigarette. I yelled yesterday because they were smoking downstairs and it was coming up. Next minute, one of them smashed his finger-had to get stitches. I told him I hoped it wasn't my fault!! Cassidy is getting clipped today and I am gettiong a mammogram!!!Meme-schedule some time into your day just for you-naps, reading, listening to music. You can get used to it. I do it in the afternoon. Bye for now Mima-ps Joanne, don't go too lomg without the virus protection. I got a virus last year.

08-05-2005, 07:31 PM
Went to 2 Drs. today. Reg. Dr. about drainage, sneezing & watery eyes. He says it's allergies and sinus. Tell me something I didn't already know. Then to the Neurologist about headaches. Not migraines but I'm so afraid they'll start back. I had those for about 35 years. He upped my migraine medicine a little and then started saying he wanted me to take all this other stuff. One thing he named was PROZAC. A red flag went up. He named some other stuff that I didn't know about. I asked him why he wanted me on all that and he said ... well you have this wrong with you and that wrong with you and you're on this medication for this problem and that medication for this other problem so ... therefore ... you must be: TIRED, FORGETFUL, NOT ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT ... YADA YADA YADA ... I said, and your point is? He said, aren't you DEPRESSED? I said, no. All that other stuff you named, yes ... maybe I am all that ... but depressed, no. And I'm certainly not going to take PROZAC ... because then I really WOULD be depressed!!! :lol: If you need stuff like that that's fine but I'm not taking a bunch of antidepressants because I'm tired or forgetful. I told him that, too. I told him less is more as far as I'm concerned. He said, well, you really aren't taking that much medication. I said, yes, and we're going to keep it that way. I said, I'm not taking a bunch of stuff at night that makes you feel like crap in the morning. He said, you'd rather go without sleep? I said, frankly, yes. He said, you'd rather be forgetful? I said, than to be on all that junk that causes you to lose your mind??? Sure! I'll take my chances with what little mind I have left! ;)

Joanne D
08-05-2005, 08:05 PM
Good for you Meme. You know most Dr.'s don't know the side effects of most meds.Some of the meds they want us to take have awful side effects maybe not this year but years down the road. Darvocet and or Tylenol P M are my limit..And some Dr.'s just don't care. They just want their 50 bucks and to get us out of their hair or office so the next patient can fill it.
Mima- I won't let anyone in my house smoking.. I can't stand the smell.
Not feeling good all day. I hope tomorrow is better. I made Taco's last night. I guess too much spice..

08-06-2005, 08:24 AM
Good morning. We are having people over tonight to watch a DVD of the Christmas Pageant. CLEANING-also packing for Northampton. I am so glad I made a decision to only work one week. That's enough. And I had to fix my stupid vacuum again-it's on it's last leg. My daughter takes Prozac but that's all she takes-when she goes off of it, she gets depressed. She hates taking it but she has to. But I agree with you Meme-enough is enough. Hope you feel better Joanne. Mima

08-07-2005, 12:37 PM
I'm back from band camp. It was fun, but it was hot. Remember that I had 2 people cancel out for the end of the week? Well, last Sunday when we were leaving at 1:00, I ran into the mother of one of the beginning of the week chaperones. I mentioned something about Tonyah going to band camp. Her mom said she wasn't. She called Tonyah on her cell phone. She told me that she had told the director and had left a message on my machine. NOT! The director knew nothing about it, and there was no message. Why are people like that? I'm finding out at 11:00 that she isn't going. 2 hours before we are to be at school. It's no wonder some of the students are the way they are with their parents being like that. Frustrating!!

Joanne, your trip to the beach sounds wonderful. Maybe Meme and I can go along sometime and just hang out with you.

Cari, welcome to the thread!!

Bob and Tim are at the Brickyard 400 in Indianapolis today. I'm sure they will be burnt when they get home. I had sunscreen out, but it's still on the kitchen counter. Kramer and I are hanging out here doing laundry. I think we'll be napping too. lol

Joanne D
08-07-2005, 08:23 PM
Tammy- I live one mile from the Gulf of Mexico... We go to N/Fl. and rent a house for a week on the Gulf. It is Something we have done for a number of years. My daughter and her family are there too. It would be nice for all of us Fat Chick friends to get together sometime.My Daughter went back to work this past week. She called last night and said this week has been a nightmare.She was in her classroom working today.She already has 25 students.
It rained almost all day. My yard needed it. Some areas didn't need it.
Hello All...Joanne

08-08-2005, 10:51 AM
Joanne, it would be wonderful if we could all get together sometime. Wonder if we'd behave??
What grade does your daughter teach? Tell her that I'm thinking about her and hoping things get better for her. My list that I saw in the spring had either 25 or 26 students on it. We still don't have our official class list. We also have no idea what our schedules are like this year. The principal said we would have all of the information by July 1. Of course, he didn't say what year. lol

We had a little bit of rain the other day. We could use lots more. Pretty dry.

Tim and I are headed to get his textbooks for the Fall Semester at the community college. It will be great next fall when he goes to college that he'll already have some college credits.

Joanne D
08-08-2005, 12:08 PM
Tammy- For 20 years my daughter taught 2nd grade. Last year the principal decided he needed her in 1st. She was not a happy camper for awhile. That school is a mess. In the past few years most of the staff has moved or been changed. It recieved a D last year. All the office staff are closely related. Just one big family party. She thought of transfering but did not want to commute 20- 30 miles one way.She makes the best of it. First weeks are always rough.
Monday morning. I need to do so many things.
Back later. Hello everybody..Joanne

08-08-2005, 02:49 PM
Mima ... there are a lot of people who really need meds like Prozac. And I'm sure they do a lot of good. But I'm just not a fan of doctors who are pushing those type drugs on patients who don't really need them. That's why so many people are in the shape they're in today. There are thousands of people who are hooked on antidepressants who shouldn't have even been put on them to start with. There I am sitting there telling him over and over that I'm not depressed and he's sitting there telling me I am and he's only been in the room with me for about 10 minutes. He hasn't seen me in a year and knows nothing at all about my life. I wanted to say, you don't even know me how can you say I'm depressed and hand me a bottle of pills that are very likely going to ruin my life. And what makes me so mad is that most people would have blindly done what the doctor said and took the stupid pills when they didn't need them. Why do you think they do that? So you become dependent on them and have to keep coming back ... get on the drugs, have to have them changed to something different because they're making you sicker ... etc.

Do you all think if I rent us a huge cabin in the Smokies sometime you could 'Come On Down' (as Bob Barker says) for a couple of nights and 'camp out' in Pigeon Forge? We'd have a blast. We could all pitch in on the cost of the cabin and eat out one night and since I'm the closest, I could bring food for one night and we'd just sit around by the fire and talk 'till we fell asleep. There are cabins up there big enough we could each have our own bedroom so we could bring our husbands, too. It would be fun!

08-09-2005, 08:42 AM
Good morning-One day of work under my belt. I didn't eat any wheat yesterday~ 3 to go. I'll be at the reunion!!! Anywhere. Tammy-glad you are back. My stomache is medium ok-only a little IBS. Had salads for dinner 2 nights in a row, Well-off to work-there are 2 detours!! Mima

08-09-2005, 10:07 AM
Joanne, tell your daughter that maybe she and I could just start our own school.

Meme, I've been on Prozac for quite a few years. My doctor was concerned about me after my mother passed away in Dec. '97, and my dad had a stroke in April '98. I grew up with my doctor, so he knew that things were bad for me. I have gone off of it during the summers, but when school starts up again, I spiral downward. For the next couple of years, I'm sure that I'll be taking it. After I retire, who knows. After reading many articles about depression, I'm sure that I needed the meds even before my mother died.

I think getting together would be awesome! The Smokies aren't that far from me, and I drive fast!! lol

Mima, detours can be a royal pain sometimes. Be careful!!

I'm heading to school. Still not sure what I'm doing with my room. I do know that there are 3 bulletin boards. My 2nd grade room had 2 bulletin boards, and I used them for the same thing every year. I'm taking Tim with me to help me make decisions. Also to help me move some things. I might have to buy him lunch.

Joanne D
08-09-2005, 08:38 PM
Tammy- Sounds good. I think with all the problems at her school she still likes her classroom.
Mima- IBS is a pain inthe neck. Or somewhere else. Dr.s are difficult. I think sometimes it depends on what day it is and what mood they are in on how they pay attention to our complaints.
It has been so humid down here. I went outside to do a little work. I could only take it about 30 min. I will be glad when cooler weather comes our way. That is going to be sometime I guess.
Bye Joanne

08-10-2005, 01:26 AM
All I need is for you all to tell me when and I'll put it all together. I'll set it all up, put it all on my credit card and we'll split it up when we get there. That will be so awesome!

Happy Canuk
08-10-2005, 07:10 PM
Just stopping in to say hi. Fighting a bout of fatigue here. I can hardly keep my eyes open and am bone weary.

Meme - a get together would be great, but too tired to even think about that now :lol:

Tammy - good luck with your new classroom. When does school start again? Here, it isn't until 05 September.

Mima - hope you aren't working too hard.

Joanne - you would be shivering if you lived here. The high today was 50F which is soooooo much better than 100. I do prefer 70-75 That is the perfect temp./

Hope you are all having a good day.

08-11-2005, 10:56 AM
Hi all!! Came home this morning, we got out yeterday but I stayed over so I could go to the Mall with my friends and I bought NOTHING!!! I only wanted cotton nightgowns. Tammy-here's abulletin board idea. I put it up on the high wall. I made a banner that said-Reach for the stars!! If you miss, you will still be near the moon!! And then I put stars and a moon. I made the banner on the computer and left it up all year. That's all I can remeber from teaching!! Ha!! Not true. I corrected Readind-there are always new terms but they mean the same thing as before. Onset means beginning sound-why don't you just say that!! Why confuse us old people. Stomache is bloated today but i wasn't too bad. Yesterday I ate a cookie and a chichen sandwich at night at the Mall. I bought 5 loaves of bead at Trader Joes and they now aree in the freezer-Spelt. Bye for now. Mima

08-12-2005, 09:54 AM
Anne, our school starts with students on Aug. 29. We have to be there for meetings on Aug. 25-26.

Meme, a gathering sounds wonderful! I don't know when, but sometime!!!

You bought nothing at the mall, Mima! Wow!!!
I like the bulletin board idea. I have space above the doorway (I have double doors) that I wasn't sure what to do there. Sounds like a plan!!

Heading out to meet friends for breakfast. I met others for supper last night. that group was 3 women that I graduated from high school with. Oh my! We met at 6. It was 9:50 and Cindy's daughter called her and wanted to know when she was coming home. We had no idea it was that late. The restaurant closed at 10, so it's a good thing we decided that it was time to leave! lol

Joanne D
08-12-2005, 12:33 PM
I can't go to the mall and not buy something..I love going to Dillards and looking at all the sale items. I always buy something.
It is still hot here in Fl. Yes Happy I would probably be cold at 50 degrees. I would also like it.It is easier in cool weather to do things.
A gathering sounds nice. I wish it could be in Fl. You guys need to come down to a beach. Watch a sunrise and a sunset.
Tammy- Your school starts much later than Fl. schools. I guess the weather plays a big part in both states.
Candice - How are you? Joanne

08-13-2005, 06:56 AM
Good morning!! Well, I came home with another attack of diverticulitis. Doc was gone so I started to take a prescript I had for my other problem and put myself on a liquid diet so I had to to Walmart to get some Ensure. So I bought a shirt that was marked down to $3 and 2 nightgowns but they are not cotton. Maybe I will be able to eat by tomorrow, I think I ate too many salads. Both times, I have gotten the attacks after being away and then I eat much more salad. We will see. I may go to the gastro guy while I am up North. I trhink we should stay on the beach!!!! It's almost time for an Ensure!! Maybe I will lose a couple of pounds. Mima

08-13-2005, 12:27 PM
I like Dillards, too, but I can go to the Mall and not buy something if I don't find something I really like for the right price. Wish we had a Dillards here ... have to go all the way to Nashville.

Mima ... my mom had diverticulitis and she couldn't eat any lettuce at all. Killed her every time she did. There is a really good article on it here:
BTW: Green Tea is very good for the digestive track/stomach/intestine. You might try a couple of cups (hot) with some splenda and lemon (if you like) next time you have a flare up. I have had IBS really bad for years but it's much better since I've been drinking the tea.

08-13-2005, 09:35 PM
I've heard good things about green tea too. What about the Lipton Green Tea with citrus that comes in a bottle that you can get in the soda section? What do you think about it? I'm not much of a tea drinker at all. In fact, I honestly don't like tea. I tried the Lipton Green Tea because one of the other chaperones at band camp recommended it. It wasn't bad, but I really don't know if that kind is good for me.

We went shopping today, trying to find Tim something to have his Senior picture taken in. No luck. We know that he'll have a picture taken with his band uniform on, then one with the Scout uniform with the Eagle Patch, but for the regular pictures we are undecided. Bob likes the idea of a sweater. Tim was thinking of a nice shirt and tie. If we go with the shirt and tie, he could use it for homecoming in a couple months and wear it to church too. Tim gets too warm in sweaters, so I feel it would be a waste of money. I don't like decisions.

08-14-2005, 07:30 AM
Since my boys never had clas pics taken, I don't know. But daughter had a lot taken!!! Thanks Meme, I do drink green tea every day. I am doing ok-will try a bit of food, Did you ever hear of Ernie Couch and the Revival. Saw them last night at church-it was good and very hot. This is good-Brad went out Friday to fix someone's jacuzzi that had a leak. It reminded me of what I wanted for my birhday-to get ours fixed, So yeterday, he ordered the pump. Of course, I have been after him all these 3 years-it's been broken since 97. Hmmm... what do I want for Christmas. The electrical in the kitchen, 3 time s ayear, I can get something done. Oh well, we did tons of other things!!. I think Cassidy is on his way out. He has a lot of pain from what I don't know. He is not himself. he is 15 and we won't do anything to prolong his life but I don't want to see him in pain. Vets tomorrow, In the meantime, I give dog aspirin, which helps. Mima Tammy, a lot of kids here seem to be casual. The only pic I have of Bobby is a proof-he didn't want to order any. He is in his cap and gown.

Joanne D
08-14-2005, 12:12 PM
I keep a pitcher of green tea in my fridge . I drink 1-3 glasses a day. Good for you for various reasons.I buy it by the box and make my own. Why pay high price for bottled.
I am going to take it easy today. Except I will walk on T/M about 3 pm. Trying to get back on tract. Ofcourse I am always doing that it seems. :lol: :lol:
Hello Everybody..

08-14-2005, 06:32 PM
Yes, the green tea with citrus in the bottle is great. I get it at WM all the time. A little expensive but I love it. I get the diet and keep it in the fridge. Handy to grab a bottle to take on the road when I'm going to town, etc. It's the same stuff ... just has the citrus added to it ... same benefits. Get it anyway you can. My cousin and her husband guzzles the bottles. But ... better for them than cokes. He owns his own construction Co. building houses and takes a cooler full to work every day. (Guess he can afford to!) :p

08-15-2005, 06:47 AM
Good morning!!Ww were all dressed for church when we decided we needed to take Cassidy to the emergency vet because he was in ssuch pain. We actually thought we needed to put him down. We hesitated to have all the tests done but we decided on a blood test and xrays. $400 snd 3 hours later we found out he has really bad arthritis in his back-otherwise in good health. They gave him a shot and a prescript for etogesic. He is much more relaxed now!!! We need pet insurance.!! I wish I had room for a treadmill!! It's gotten cooler here and I will get to walk the dog. My stomache is better. Mima

Joanne D
08-15-2005, 12:08 PM
Mima- My son has an old dog with arthritis too. Has to give him med. 2 times a day. You can get T/m that folds up when not in use. Sits against a wall. Mine does although I never fold it up.Sears or most anyplace that sells them. I use it on hottest or coldest parts of the year.

08-15-2005, 05:04 PM
My Beenie had arthritis for years. I just couldn't hardly give her up. Put her in the garage the last year of her life under a heat lamp but I couldn't stand to hear her whine. I gave her asprin every single day but finally gave in for hubby to have her put down. Nearly killed me, though. She was a doberman. The most intelligent dog I've ever had. She knew exactly what I was saying. The intelligence of a 5 or 6 year old. She would come ring the doorbell when she wanted something. When she was out of water she would bring her water dish to the back door and 'knock' on the door with it. Gentle with the kids ... she'd let the little 1 & 2 yr. olds actually get on and ride her. She'd stand completly still and let them pound on her. She knew not to move if they leaned on her so they wouldn't fall. She did anything I told her to do, sit, lay, play dead, beg, speak, shake hands, fetch, even pray. :p She was an inside/outside dog. Inside when it was too hot or cold or bad weather. Otherwise, on the porch. (Like Sami.) Her name was Sabrina ... shortened to Brina ... then to Beenie ... what all the little tykes called her. Parents of the little ones were scared to death of her at first, until they learned how gentle and good with kids she was. She was an excellent babysitter. Even though it's been about 6 years and I now have 2 others, I still miss that dog. Funny how attached you can get to them, isn't it?

Storming here again. Had to take FIL to the Dr. this morning. He was in there for 2 1/2 hrs. and then I had to take him to the hospital for a CAT scan. My whole day is shot. Kidneys again. Bless his heart. Hubby had him to the hospital again yesterday morning ... had to miss church. I have to start back teaching this afternoon ... one hour from now ... and I just got home a few minutes ago. Have to go make some chili for dinner. I won't get through until 7 tonight (if I'm lucky) then I'll collapse.

I picked up my new prescription for Topamax while I was in town ... 4 in the morning and 4 at night now ... $376 for a months supply. And the ins. didn't pay!!! :eek: Good thing hubby has a good job. I'm supposed to go up to 50s next month. Instead of taking 4 twice a day, I'll take one tablet of 50 mgs twice a day. Dr. said that was cheaper. I hope it's a LOT cheaper! ;)

08-16-2005, 07:54 AM
Yikies meme. Hope it works!! What a great dog you had, In Fl, we have the fitness center next door to us. Brad and I are going to try to get there. Went to Missions night last night, potluck and then speakers and prayer. what a great group. But there was some kind of concert, so we took the long way home. Got home late-for us.
If you want to see my DIL's blog, go to She posts almost every day so I see pics of those 2 great kids. And she is funny sometimes. But today, Al is going into her camp. Rheumo docs today, blood test, prescript renewals. Haircut this pm . Bye for now. Mima

08-17-2005, 04:49 PM
Meme, I'm glad to hear that about the green tea with the citrus! I have the diet, and I actually like it! I've never said that about tea in my life.

Our dog has some arthritis too. Has trouble getting around some days, and other days he's as frisky as can be. Kind of like me!! lol

Meme, my aunt had a doberman that was the same way with kids.

Mima, you have a busy day. Take it easy!!

I'm going to school after supper. I have some things organized: storage cabinet, large file cabinet, desk drawers. Next year I won't have to do all this unless they change me from one grade to another again. Tonight I plan to organize some shelves. It's nice taking empty boxes out to the hallway. That's the way I know for sure that I'm making some progress. Tim is going with me tomorrow. I bought a new comfy chair on wheels for my room. He's going to put it together for me. I also have a small refrigerator that he is taking in for me. I'll have to keep green tea in there this year! I usually have diet sodas and water.

08-18-2005, 07:53 AM
Good morning!! Didn't do too much yesterday, but I finished another baby poncho! They are just too cute. My stomache is not good. I had to stop taking the antibiotic because it gave me diarrhea . I think I nee d to call doc, Poor Cassidy. Has one episode a day where he yelps in pain and it looks like he is having a spasm. Doc says it takes a bit for med to get in his system. This happens at night. Otherwise, he acts normal for a 15 year old dog. Bye for now Mima

08-18-2005, 01:07 PM
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