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07-10-2005, 08:03 PM
G'day all,

Another week, boy the time flies now that I am home :dizzy:

Ann and Karen I hope 'Dennis' will pass you by.

'hello' to everyone, I have a whole list of things to do this week, I am making a start this morning.

Will call in a bit later.....


07-11-2005, 05:37 PM
The weekend was supposed to be quiet. I ended up with Makenzie from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. She is a doll, but has not stayed overnight with us in OUR house. So, I was up and rocked once in the night and putting her to sleep, she said, "I NEED my mama!" But I distracted. Anyway, it wasn't the quiet weekend I looked forward to.

Maria, you and Matilda's other grandma are certainly doing hard duty. I hope your DIL does weaken. And you are so right. It was hard when we were younger, but omigosh! now it is so much harder to get up, to go back to sleep, and to recover for the next day. God knew what he was doing, giving them to young people.

I hope everyone is doing great. Ann, I am happy for you. You did so well to have stayed the same. These are the hard times--when staying the same or barely losing or gaining. That is when I always give up.

I am glad for Lily too. I hope we hear a lot from you soon.

07-11-2005, 08:19 PM
G'day all,

Amazing when you make a list of things to do and then to actually get on with it, it really is not that bad.
I am more than half way through my list but the worst part is to come to try and organise my tax and get it ready for the tax accountant :eek: :rolleyes:

It is a cold rainy day here, perfect to get on with those neccesary chores.

Glenda she sounds so cute Makenzie :love: but that is quite a long time to keep a little one amused especially in your case when you work full time as well.
I really admire those grandparents that for whatever reason end up having to bring up their grandchildren. It certainly is a huge job and I nver really saw it like that when I had my own.

This is what DOES amuse me though....ds is not playing football this weekend. The parents in law have offered to look after Matilda for the weekend so that ds and his wife 'can get away' for a weekend!!!!!! I said to him would it not be nicer to stay in your own place, own bed etc. but he replied that they just need a weekend of some luxury and some pampering! :rolleyes: :eek: :lol: :?: :sp:

DH and I NEVER had a weekend away on our own after the children were born, we had a few holidays.... but WITH the kids.
We never felt we were hard done by, that was just the way it was and it never occurred to us that we HAD to get away from it all :D
Funny how this generation thinks and lucky for them that they are in a position to pay for a luxury, pampering weekend.
I can remember many a times being without any money a few days before payday.
It amuses me when people say the young ones today do it tough :dizzy:

On that note I will love and leave you for another day,


07-12-2005, 03:18 PM
Hi Everybody :)
I feel like it's been a very long time since I was here but I sure enjoyed reading all your posts.........so much going on with all of you.
Last week DH, son, and I went to the hospital for the Information Session, on "Stem Cell Transplants" and what to expect when DH is in hospital. The doctor's are thinking that DH will go in around the end of August or early September. I am continuing to give DH his neuprogen injections at home to encourage his stem cells but at the same time they do cause temporary bone pain. On Sunday when we went to the hospital for his blood test, they said his hemoglobin was low and we would have to come back on Monday for him to have a blood transfusion. We went back and they give him 2 bags of blood (but I forgot to ask how much that was) and it took 5 hours. It was a very long day for both of us. This morning we were back at the hospital yet again for a blood test and when we got home there was a message on our machine that DH's platelet count is way down so tomorrow he is going to have a platelet transfusion and the "stem cell harvest" that had been planned for tomorrow is now postponed for awhile, until the "counts" are just right. The waiting is difficult.
We learned at the information session that our grandchildren (provided they are well) will be able to visit DH in the hospital. They also encourage family to bring him photos of his family, his favorite blanket, pillow, clothes etc to the hospital to make it more comfortable for him. I was pleased when we heard that and the grandchildren were thrilled. :)
Lily hi there, happy to see you and it's nice that we may seeing "more of you" in the future. Gloria I took a look at the Haviland china......very nice, and you certainly got a good deal. I inherited a very large set of dinnerware from my DH Mother. It is Royal Crown Derby, and the pattern is "Blue Mikado". I think it is from the 1920's. I love it, but I know some people think it is too "busy". It looks lovely on a white tablecloth or a blue one. Let's see, I know that Maria made out ok with her little Matty....... Ann with her music and I think Glenda did some more babysitting. My granddaughter and her fellow dancers were dancing this morning on an early morning TV Breakfast Show......which I taped and will show it to Trudy just in case she missed it. My dil also spoke a bit about the young dancers going to Florida on the 19th and how excited they were.
I forget what else was going on with you all, but I will try to keep up. Bye for now. :grouphug: and thank you for your emails, good wishes and prayers. :)

07-12-2005, 06:31 PM
G'day all,

Nice to 'see' you Slavika. It sounds a bit like 2 steps forward, 1 step backwards with your dh's treatment :( . It must be very difficult for you both. Good news that your grandchildren can visit, that has to be a big boost for you both but especially for your dh.
Eventhough the news just recently was fantastic, I guess no-one said that the road ahead was going to be easy :(
I saw a documentary on someone with the same diagnosis, he was a little different to your dh, he was a mad scientist who had been married 5 times :eek:
He was diagnosed some 5 years ago, has had the bone marrow transplant and is keeping the disease at bay. As a scientist it was interesting to hear what he had to say and how he has coped.....certainly some days better than others.

I am still trying to straighten out my computer room, unbelievable how much 'junk' I have :dizzy:
I decided to print a panoramic photograph that I had merged using 4 photographs. I have a roll attachment to my printer. The photographic paper roll is quite pricey so it is not something you do just willy nilly.
I knew it would take a long time to print so thought I would get it to print whilst I did other things.....4 hours later it was finally printed....it looks great but as usual with computers...it was NOT easy to attach the rollers, the paper and get it going. :mad:
So my computer room still has not been straightened out, will get on with it again today and hopefully by the end of the week everything will have found a 'home' and I will be able to find things. :hat:

Have a great day all,


07-12-2005, 07:15 PM

It has been a while since I was here. Just was not feeling real good for a while. Nothing serious. I would get hot and then cold and then fall asleep. Now I have a slight cough.

Slavika you never know what each day is going to bring. I am sorry to hear about all the troubles lately. I hope the blood work gets straightened out. It is nice that the grankids can visit in the hospital. It is nicer to have loved ones around. Is the Princess getting excited about the Disney dancing trip?

Maria you are always learning and doing something new and creative. Good for you. Wow-4 hours to print. That is a long time. How is Matty doing?

Gloria I have to go back and read about your Haviland China. Sounds like a story there. I love old china pieces. My china was my mom's.

Glenda see you have been busy babysitting. A few hours wear me out-I can't imagine an overnight yet.

My little grandson turned 3 mos on the 8th. He is getting to the cute stage of laughing and cooing.

We are getting some needed rain from Dennis. Everything is so dry. I am forever watering my flowers. Supposed to go to a restaurant on the river tomorrow night with friends. We might be rained out.

I have to go back and read the old thread.

07-12-2005, 07:30 PM
Good Evening All!

It was the most perfect weather day....too bad they can't all be like this.
It was sunny, warm, with a light breeze.
We had teeth cleaning appointments this AM and then headed for the Air Base for a quick Commissary trip. It was crowded but I didn't need to get too much. Because of the earlier appointments we were later getting there than usual and later getting home. Got back to town and DH said he wanted to drive by the barber shop and check on an opening. Of course they took him right then so it was "Hon, take the car and I will walk home" Of course I unpacked the car & put everything away and then he got home. :lol: I will admit he did say to wait til he got back and he would help but by then it was too late. :D

Slavika: Your DH's progress has had it's ups and downs but with perserverance you will overcome. Good news about the grandkids being able to get to see him and visa versa. I also looked at your Blue Mikado and loved the color. It's the color of my dining room rug.

Glenda: It's is tough on us older folks when caring for the young ones. It gets better when they sleep throught the night. I remember the first time we watched my youngest daughters oldest son. He cried from the time she left till she came home....4 hours. It was the first time he had been away from her....2 at the time. He has improved with age. :lol:

Maria: You certainly are talented with the computer. I never knew you could do such a thing as panorama pictures. Your computer room will come together eventually and it is more fun to play.


07-12-2005, 07:39 PM
Ann good job in the weight dept.

Karen welcome back home. Now I hope both you and Ann have been bypassed by Dennis. Glad to hear that Sprout is a good little traveler.

We are dogsitting for my niece's dog. They are somewhere in Florida on the Gulf coast. Indian Rocks I think. I was hoping they weren't in the way and were getting some nice weather. It would make for a long week with kids.

Freda welcome to the group. I see you are in Michigan. I am in Ohio. I am 64. We celebrated our 41st anniversary Monday.

Gloria I love yard sales. I go every Sat morning. You never know what kind of treasures you will find and it looks like you found a good one in the china. I am always looking for books at them.

That is all I can remember.
Lily how great to "see" you again. Miss you when you are not here.

07-12-2005, 07:43 PM
Peggy I think I misled you a bit, it took me 4 hours to set it all up :dizzy: but it took about 20 minutes to print.

Gloria I have attached, a very small version ;) , of the merged panorama that I printed. The challenge is to merge all 4 photos to a flawless panorama.
The final print measured 30" (75cm) x 12" (30cm) hence it took some time to print.


07-12-2005, 08:27 PM
Maria the picture is so nice. You really are talented.
We took our DD with us on every vacation we took and always tried to make it something she would enjoy. So far, my DD and SIL take our :angel: on every vacation, but they leave us the dog. We had her again for 2 nights. They are talking about going to the USA for a few days and I suspect they will ask us to take the dog again. I don't mind, but it does tie us down. We can't go out and stay away for the whole day.
Slavika Sorry to hear about your DH stem cell harvest being delayed. The waiting for this all to be done must be so hard for the both of you.
My DH saw the very ending of the Breakfast Show, said they looked great. Keep the tape for me to see.
Lily What good news... it will be great to have you back with us. We have all missed you.
Peggy Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Enjoy dinner at the river restaurant.
Gloria You have something in common with Slavika, her dining room and living room rug is a beautiful rich shade of blue too.
Glenda I guess Mackenzie missed her little bed. Our :angel: hasn't spent the night here yet. When she stays for the day, she will periodically ask when Mommy is coming home, not sure she is ready for a sleep over.
Ann and Karen Did you get any of the rain and wind from Denis? I was thinking about the both of you when I tuned on CNN and watched the coverage. Scarey!

Our weather is just awful... it is hot and humid. Daytime temps are 30C + and then we get thunder storms in the night. There is so much wide spread flooding in the country. A lot of farmers are in trouble. Our river is so high, the river walk-way is under 9 feet of water. I don't like air conditioning too much, but have no choice, it is just too hot without it.

It was nice reading all your posts... talk to you later... bye bye..

07-12-2005, 08:55 PM
Hi all again :)

I just had to come back and tell you that my dil dropped off my grandson here for a couple of hours (waiting for his Dad to pick him up after work while she and the Princess go to dance practice).
Last year out at the lake there were a couple of girls staying a camp that met up with my grandson and his friend. Now keep in mind my grandson was only 10 last year. We found out that one of girls ........13 years old had kissed him. My son found out, and had a little "talk" with our grandson. He said, "Dad, you said we should be nice to the girls". :lol: :lol: Well I knew from my son that those girls were at the lake again last week, so I said to my grandson, "I hear that those girls you met last summer were back out at the lake". He said, "yes they were Baba, and my friend and I were getting tired of them always hanging around. He said, "you know Baba, first there was only two and THEN :s: they started to multiply :D so that by the end of week we had to hide from all 6 of them. hee hee
:D :lol: :D

07-13-2005, 11:06 AM
It certainly is nice reading all your posts. Slavika, I know how disappointing it is to wait on the blood cells to cooperate. I never had to delay chemo because of low blood count but many people do. The nice thing about it is that there is just no guesswork involved so he will have the best chance possible. And remember, it will happen. And another, a year from now you won't remember the waiting because it will all just be in the past. I know you are ready to get through this and we are all praying for you. I know you are all excited about the princess and her team's trip on the 19th. I bet they are good.

I think we have over-extended ourselves a little lately with the babysitting. The next two weekends are going to be quiet and just for us. Makenzie was fun and very, very good. She was almost apologetic when she said she NEEDED her mom. She is our angel. Peggy, I hope you enjoyed the dinner on the restaurant. That sounds so peaceful. And garage sales. I used to enjoy them so much but was such a sucker for other people's junk. And Gloria, I think you have a smart husband to just happen to come in after everything is put away.

I think we all were on the same wave-length when we raised our kids. We had a yearly (1) family vacation. It was usually one-two weeks and the kids were always included. In fact, they were our highest priority. That is why we ate at MacDonald's for the finger puppets and swam and went to places where they could play. We ate from food we brought and ate out once a day. It was always a vacation on a dime and we didn't stay at the best places, just make sure they had pools. We weren't there much anyway. But my children. This year both the ones with families have gone to Jamaica. Then they have weekends or short trip with the kids. I think it is just a different time. Personally, I think it is the Yuppie Mind-Set: Where did you go this year? We are going there next! It is like one-upmanship. Am I being clear or doing another Glenda Ramble?

Maria, that was a stupendous picture!


07-14-2005, 09:27 AM
Maria loved that picture. It looks so peaceful. I want to be there.

Slavika cute story about the Prince and the girls. I bet they will be hunting him down again.

Glenda I usually only buy yard sale things that I can redo and sell. I like those old enamel pans that I paint laundry stuff on. They are hard to find for a cheap price. My friend is taking her 3 dd's and 5 grandkids to Disney. She belongs to some Disney point club thing. Airfair is over $2000 and she called yesterday about some dining card thingy. It would cost over $2000 for 2 days for all of them. Yikes, I thing I would pass on that and let them eat McD's. Going to see The Mouse is not worth all that to me.

Karen L
07-15-2005, 10:00 AM
Thought I'd take a minute and post to the board. Been busy opening Email and i think our regular mail will start back up today. That will be a 2 week job of going through it.

Have another busy day. But first I need to get Sprout into the groomers. He looks like a shaggy dog. I call Him a scruffy mutt. Hope they can take him today or tomorrow for sure.

It looks like we may have excaped Emily. The storm looks like it is going for Mexico. But won't know for sure until it does. As we know hurricane's can turn and go where they want!

We are glad to be home. That was one of my first thoughts after the accident is i wish i was home. Even Sprout was glad to be home. You can see it in his eyes.

Guess I'll go for now but will check back later.


07-15-2005, 07:16 PM
Good to see you 'home' Karen but what is this 'my first thoughts after the accident is i wish i was home' :eek:

Did I miss something, whatever glad you are home safe and sound.

Call in later....


07-16-2005, 04:49 PM
Hi Everybody :)
Karen I am so happy that you DH and young Sprout are fine after that car accident. Gosh that is scarey thing. I know insurance costs a lot but boy it sure is nice to have it when we NEED it. I hope you have all recovered now and that you get a lot of pleasure from your new Dodge Caravan. :) :)
Maria the picture is lovely it makes me wish I was there. The colours are so nice.
Peggy I used to go to lots of garage sales when the grandkids were small and pick up tons of books and toys for them. I would come home with a bag of "plastic cups/saucers/toy men/cars etc and stick them in a msh bag and put them in the dishwasher......Good as new!!
DH and I went out this morning and bought the new Harry Potter book for our grandson...he will be thrilled. He can read it on the plane when he goes with his Dad to see the Princess and team perform in Florida. DH, is feeling not too bad and now it looks like he may get the stem cell collection done this coming Monday. We are hoping! :lucky: We have spent every day this past week at the hospital. DH had to have a blood transfusion..that took 5 hours, another day he had a platelet transfusion, that took a couple of days. Yesterday he had more blood work the numbers are now looking good, but he has a rash on his chest......EEK!!! We hope that is cleared up by Monday. He had to have a transfusion of magnesium yesterday too, and that took 4 hours. Today, they gave us a break but tomorrow we have to go in for another blood test even if it is Sunday. It was nice today not to go to the hospital. Yesterday when we went DH forgot to put his Handicap Parking pass out and when got out we had a ticket on our windshield for $150.00. I will phone and see if they will allow us not to pay it as we do have a parking pass. :(
Talk to you all soon. Bye now.

Karen L
07-16-2005, 08:40 PM
Slavika sounds as though You and Dh have had a very busy week. Boy Cancer treatments aren't for wimps are they. Both of you must be strong people. And it has to take a lot of energy just to get up and get going knowing what you have to look forward to. But glad things are moving along and hope Monday brings the stem cell collection as planned. Fingers are crossed and prayer's are being said for that to happened.

Maria I resent you a copy of the Email about the accident did you get it?


07-17-2005, 11:06 PM
G'day all,

Karen you would have received my email re the accident. It must be nice to be home again and to reflect how fortunate you all were to have not been injured seriously in the accident.

Slavika it is already Monday here...hope all will go well for you and your dh today.

Yes I also love those sales but I simply MUST stop collecting more 'stuff'!!!!

We had a great weekend.

We have a PLAN
We saw our finance bloke on Saturday morning and we went through all our finances and we WILL retire October 2006 :cb: :cb: :cb: .
It will take 12 months to put everything in the right 'spot' to optimise our investments etc.
DH has about 3 months holidays owing to him so we have decided to go to the Outback next winter in our camper trailer which we are buying in the next few months.
We are both feeling very relieved and happy that we now have a workable plan rather than all these 'airy fairy' ideas.
A holiday to the US and Canada is still in the plan.

To end our weekend we had our son, his wife and little Matilda round for dinner as well as the other set of grandparents. It was all very enjoyable but a bit too much red wine ;)

Hope you all had a good weekend as well,


Karen L
07-17-2005, 11:23 PM
Maria, so happy about the PLAN. And you will be able to retire and enjoy life after all your hard work. The picture of Mattie is adorable. Here parents are cute too.

Slavika good luck to DH and you tomorrow.

We had a quiet weekend. And now I'm tired and will go to bed. Tomorrow we will be making appointments with our doctors to make sure we are altogether ok after the acciident. I already know There is something not right in my in my rib cage and breast bone area. Still having lots of pain when I breath. Have to take pain medication in order to sleep.

See you guys later.


07-18-2005, 12:55 AM
Today we celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary. My DD wanted to make a big thing out of it, but we preferred to go out for dinner with them and then have my brother and family over in the evening. It was a lovely day for us.
Maria the picture of your Son's family is so nice. Mattie is such a cute baby. I guess you will be happy to get back to normal now that they are home again. It is always good to have a PLAN. I have no doubt that you will be making the big trip to North America some day.
Karen I hope your doctor is able to find out why you are still having pain from the accident. Maybe a bruise?
Slavika I am going to say a prayer that they can start the Stem Cell tomorrow.
Glenda Did you have the quiet weekend? I know what you mean, sometimes you don't want to do anything but relax.
Peggy I am not a Garage Sale person. I did have one once, but find it easier to let the Salvation Army pick up the stuff. They came on Friday and took away boxes of things.

I have to tell you what I did.. YIKES. I bought new everyday dinner ware a few months ago. I unpacked the dishes and have been using them. My DH didn't discard the boxes as I was getting rid of so many kitchen things I never used or had any intention of using. He thought I would pack stuff in the boxes the dishes came in. As it turned out I didn't use them. So, on Thursday, he was out in the garage cutting up the boxes for the re-cycle bin. I went out to help and lo and behold found a saucer still in the box. I would have been short a saucer... can't believe I left it in there. I am getting old.

It is getting late and I am tired. Hope you all had a great weekend...bye bye.

07-18-2005, 11:17 AM
First I want To wish SLAVIKA & DH the best of everything today at the hospital. If my and I'm sure everyone elses wishes come true you will fly through today with the best of results.

TRUDY: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! :woo: I agree sometimes the best of times is the quietest of times.

MARIA: That photo of the sail boats was beautiful and your little granddaughter and family are lovely. A PLAN sounds like a keeper. October will come around much sooner than you realize. Camping in the Outback is what movies are made of....you should have a great time.

GLENDA: Yes, a quiet weekend is just great after caring for McKenzie. GK's are wonderful but we know why God made most mothers young. ;)

PEGGY: I usually don't go to garage sales either...DH says just look in the garage if you need junk. However, my friend at the Cape loves them and it was great to see her get out of the house for a change.

KAREN: That accident was terrible and I am glad you and DH weren't hurt any more that you were. Bruises around the ribs and chest are long lasting. A few years ago I fell flat on my face and bruised my ribs and it was about a month befoe I was breathing easy. Hope it isn't that long for you.

We have been invited to visit a couple that live in Mattapoisett near the Cape. They have a boat, motor I hope, and have invited us out for a day of sailing on the bay. He has a business where he an appraiser of boats around the world for possible sale. They, as a couple, hired out to captain and cook for people with large yachts and sailed throughout the Carribean. They are somewhat younger than us and are delightful people. Should be a fun day. Bringing warm clothes as it does get cool out on the water and lots of sun screen. This is next Saturday....I'll let you know how it was when we return.
If you want to see Mattapoisette try this site www.mattapoisett.net Enter, then go to Town Tour...the Easterly view along Water St. is a great depiction of the town.


07-18-2005, 06:00 PM
Slavika, today is the day! I so hope this is not a painful test, but it is a test that will just take time. Are you getting to know the medical staff everywhere? Praying for you all right now.

Gloria, what friends you know! Wow! All sounds so great.

Karen, I hope you find out how to get yourself back together. Funny how a wreck might not bother you at first but after a week you find out how much you are hurting. Glad you are home and the vehicle sounds wonderful. Get our scruffy dog all beautiful again.

We did have that quiet weekend. I slept 13 hours Friday night and took a nap the Saturday and Sunday. Just feel like a different person today.

07-18-2005, 07:25 PM
G'day all,

Slavika I do hope today went how you and your dh had hoped it would. Thought about the two of you a lot yesterday. :goodvibes :goodvibes

Wow Trudy 40 years :hat: :woo: . I hope you had a great day. I am a bit like you, we have never had a real huge celebration, just dinner with the kids or just with the two of us.
If it makes you feel any better, re the dinner plate left in the box, there are a couple of things we cannot find and wonder if they have been tossed out in our haste to get the house back in order :( :mad:

Gloria I had a look at the site of Mattapoisett, what a gorgeous place. That is the sort of America that I want to visit!
How far away from this place do you live? It sounds like you will have a lovely time next Saturday.

Glenda I can relate to the long sleep :D , but as you no doubt have found, how nice to feel so good after the catch-up sleep.

Karen hope you saw a doctor about your aches and pains, hopefully it is just bruising that just needs time for you to feel your old self again.

Son and wife are playing golf today so I am looking after Matilda.
It is a beautiful, sunny winter's day here.

Hope the day is bright and sunny for you all,


Karen L
07-18-2005, 11:25 PM
Trudy, Tonight as I was looking for an pillow case to match the other one that I keep on our bed. I thought of you and after searching through both linen closets I have come to the conclusion that it went out with the trash. The last time I saw it was just before we left for Minnesota. I was cleaning up and changing sheets so we would have clean when we got home. The last thing we did was take out the trash . So ya! I can relate to your saucer story. I'm sure there are lots of things that we are missing that have gone the way of the garbage. So you see we are ,all a like.

Went to the doctor today and was told that it would take a few more weeks before the bruising goes away. But if it has not gone in that time to come back. The accident did let me know I have arthritis in my neck and shoulders. The jaring of the crash has aggravated it so am on medication for that. Also a muscle relaxer . I've had a migraine every day since the crash and all that imitrex is not a good thing, So hopfully this will help. Dh has to begin Physcial therapy this week.. We spent all afternoon doing doctors and drug stores. Am looking forward to staying home tomorrow. Besides I always feel guily about leaving Sprout two days in a row.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


07-18-2005, 11:59 PM
Hi Everybody :)

I am so tired and so relieved and happy and just wanted to quickly let you all know that DH blood test this morning at 8:00 proved to be perfect for the stem cell collection......so it was DONE!!!!
Thank you gals for all your good wishes. I'll post more tomorrow. It's time for bed. :) :) :)

07-19-2005, 12:46 AM
Hi All: Good news Slavika.

I have been busy with my daughter and Granddaughter this past week. They are leaving tomorrow, so then I will come back and fill you in on all the excitement:D:

Karen: Hope the bruising goes away faster than the Dr. says.

See you all tomorrow. Ann

07-19-2005, 01:34 AM
Great news Slavika :):):):):)

Look forward to 'seeing' you tomorrow Ann and get an update on all your excitement!


Karen L
07-19-2005, 08:30 AM
Slavika, :bravo: :cp: :cb: :dancer: :goodvibes Just a little parrty to celebrate. Your .Wonderful news!

07-19-2005, 09:20 AM
:bravo: :cp: :cb: :dance: :dancer: :goodvibes :cloud9: :balloons: Such wonderful news, Slavika. Things are definitly looking up. Gloria

07-19-2005, 11:16 AM
Another hot, humid one today....#2 in a series that may make it an actual heat wave. Between the AC and fans we are staying cool.

Marie: Mattapoiset is about 1hr & 15 min. from here. Do have to watch the traffic especially on weekends. Another site is http://www.town.falmouth.ma.us/ That is the town my friend lives in and where we have spent a lot of time...day trips when the kids were small. When you go into the site click on photos and then go to the Beaches & the Coast and enlarge the photo and you will get a series of photos. #2, 7, 9 & 10 are where we have been. The one showing a hill along the coast is the road to my friends house. It is just on the other side of the hill. All the pictures are great. Thought you would enjoy them.

We were given a gift card to a local movie theatre and I am going to look up what is playing....if it is anything good we may take advantage of a cool theatre this afternoon.


07-19-2005, 04:27 PM
Glenda: Makenzie sounds so cute!

Slavika: The waiting would be hard, I can image. Glad the the grandkids can go visit him to. That should make him happy. :lol: on the girls at the lake! How cute. They are getting tierd of them :) Yeah thats good News! :cp: :cb: How is he doing?

Gloria: Haviland China, lucky you!

Maria: The picture is very nice! Glad you now have a Plan! Thats great!

Peggy: sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you are feeling better.

Trudy: Weather is awful here to. Its been so hot. 105 to 106. Hate it! Happy Anniversary!

Karen Glad you escaped Emily! So glad you are fine after the accident.

07-19-2005, 10:45 PM
Boy Oh Boy!!! I'm away for a few days from the thread and I miss a whole lot.
Trudy - Belated Happy Anniversary. I'm sure you had a lovely and quiet time. Those are the best.

Slavika: I am so elated for you that the stem cell collection is all behind you and that now you will be ready for the next step. God is Good!

Gloria: I checked out your web pages, and the Mass. coast is very nice. I have never spent any time there. Since DH has family in Maine and he always went there with his parents every summer, that is where we go, when we go north. He has his class reunion at Mass. Maritime in Sept. and we are hoping to go up for that.

Lily: Nice to be hearing from you again. It seems there is a lot of hot weather all over this summer. Our weather man keeps telling us that is why the tropical storms/hurricanes keep forming because of the warm Atlantic. So far we have escaped and we surely pray that will continue.

Glenda: Hope you had a restful weekend. I know having Mackenzie with you was probably enjoyable, but also tiring, and then you have to go back to work. The lovely thing about Grandkids is that they visit, but then can go back home to Mom and Dad. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he gave children to the young.

Peggy: Hope you are now feeling better. There seems to be some of that 'blahs' stuff going around here. Are you getting the hot weather too? It is miserable to not feel well, and also be suffering with excessive heat.

Karen: Hope you are mending nicely now. Bruised ribs are the pits. Are you enjoying your new van? What happened to the kid that caused all this, running a stop sign. I hope they 'threw the book' at him. There is so much of that here in FL. too. Running the red lights. I find it hard to understand the great hurry people seem to be in, and so willing to take the chance on their life and the lives of others at the same time. Is it the 'me, me' generation who only thinks of themselves?

Maria: Your photos are awesome. How are you doing with your new photo program? Or have you been too busy with Matilda to really get into it? Your family is very photogenic. No wonder Matilda is such a pretty baby, getting a look at her Mom and Dad. And of course Grandma and Grandpa are pretty good in the 'looks' department too. Your Prime Minister is having conferences with our Pres. A good alliance, I think.

Now to my week. DD and DGD arrived a week ago this past Sunday - the 10th. We managed to do a lot of shopping of all kinds. The girls have started a new business making all sorts of bead jewelry. So we found many bead shops, as well as clothing. Lots of fun and also tiring for us all.

We also spent a very full day at Sea World. There are some great shows. We love Shamu, and on these hot days everyone who sits in the front rows don't mind getting wet. But they are always warned about getting wet. Those seats are known as the Splash Zone. We did avoid sitting there, since we didn't want to get a salt water bath. But it was hot, and they have misters located in strategic places which help a lot. Also sold these little battery powered fans and they would also mist with ice water. A big hit! They now have a new show entitled "Pets Ahoy" and it is delightful. There are many dogs and cats, some birds, a pig, a skunk and a rat- all rescued animals and all trained to do the show. It was a lot of fun. We couldn't go to the Dolphin nursery that day, as a Dolphin was giving birth, so it was closed to the public.
Yesterday we went to one of our gigantic Flea Markets. Karen - have you been to Webster? It is only open on Mondays. It was very warm, but the girls found some great bargains, and had a great time. I found a bargain or two also. Got a little one burner gas stove, and I call that our insurance policy, so we won't have to use it for any hurricane caused power outages.

The girls are making lovely ear rings for both pierced ears and clip-ons. Also necklaces, and bracelets. Half of every sale goes to the American Cancer Relay for Life. They have made some lovely bracelets with different color stones, each representing the many different kinds of cancer. They enclose a card with each one. I know colon & prostate is royal blue, Lung is white, brain- grey, of course breast - pink, ovarian - light blue, orange - leukemia, Lavender- general cancer, light green - lymphoma, kelly green - kidney, Purple - pancreatic , yellow - childhood cancers . It is really a nice reminder to pray and also a nice reminder for us survivors.

She made me some lovely ear rings, and also a necklace, bracelet, ear ring set. She is very clever.

I'll miss them, but is is also nice to have our house back again. I am afraid the WW program sort of fell by the wayside on several occaisions. I'll know for sure on Saturday. I got back to the bike riding tonight, and will get back to Curves. We did go together, as Holly is a member too.

Guess I've rambled on long enough. 'See' you soon. Ann

07-19-2005, 10:50 PM
Better start another thread......

See you there.