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07-10-2005, 03:22 PM
I figured if there were chances of massive waves in Peaches vicinity, we needed to be ready to surf the curl, shoot the tube... or whatever other 50's and 60's beach phrases would apply.

I DO know that I hope everything and everyone is Copacetic!!

I'm going to go have some water.

07-10-2005, 03:34 PM
Thanks for the heads up about the new thread. But are you drinking tea or water??? It has to be tea for the next four hours at least. Til my power goes off and I can't make tea. I want chocolate.

07-10-2005, 04:51 PM
Oh Woe, Poor Cowgirl...please stay safe...make a comfy nest in the bathtub... or are bathrooms being a safe place a myth? In Jersey the worst we ever get is a nasty nor'easter... DH has reported in from NC.. found us a nice home rental.So we will be relocated by September 1st.

I'm going to have a Hershey bar with's the least I can do for you Cowie.

07-10-2005, 04:55 PM
Put that Hershey bar in the mail.

07-10-2005, 05:34 PM
Painty, would you think that DS is blissfully unaward of Dennis?

It's over maybe. The thing came on land almost at the same sad spot Ivan did. We've had NO tornado warnings. The eye has fallen apart. It's weird. I still have power. Of course, tornadoes may still come and I don't know what happened to Navarre and Pensacola. I don't have TV. Anyone who can tell me?


07-10-2005, 06:06 PM
Watching the weather channel...Seems the worst is over..."minor damage" light on Destin Fl and Gulf Breeze.... You guys are in the "Green" according to the weather map...... it's heading northwest to Alibamie--big orange blotchy eye is heading to Mobile....

Hershey bar(s) are gone....

07-10-2005, 06:13 PM
minor damage souonds SO WONDERFULL> Thanks. Shots

07-10-2005, 06:38 PM
Yay, Peachy! I'm REALLY hoping that that was it. I'm pretty sure too that ds has heard something about the weather. The kids come from all over the place, don't they?

Hi Schatzi! Nice meeting you. :D

07-10-2005, 06:42 PM
Spotlight on Pensacola now...some flooding, downed tree limbs..looks like that's about it Cowie... Ah safe and sound!
Hi SugP :D

07-10-2005, 06:48 PM
no major property damage? yay

Sugar, they're fromall over but they're in the woods without outside influence. Only Japanese spoken by staff.

07-10-2005, 11:21 PM
ohhhhhh peacheasauraus!!!! i am so glad to hear you are seemingly in the clear!!! damn effin hurricanes-----we have miserable ice and snowstorms but besides putting out the power there are usually no catastrophes.your baby is safe and sound in the japanese tree forest----------when does he get home???I MUST CHECK MY BACK POSTS TO SEE IF I WAS INSANE EVERY SUMMER WITH ALL MY CHILLLLLLLLLDRENSSSSSSSSSSS.

07-10-2005, 11:31 PM
He's home on Saturday and what do you mean IF YOU WERE INSANE?? You are ALWAYS INSANE. Fortunately, you are lovable. I want to apologize, by the way, for saying that only Wab and I work. YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER!!! You are the BEST! ! ! ! ! !

07-11-2005, 01:04 PM
Oh Cowie,,, just saw pensacola on the weather channel... I think Mark Cantore is hot in a nerdy meterologic way... looks like some roofs were mangled...

I am procrastinating on packing.... Here's my list of things I need to do:

07-11-2005, 01:19 PM
Shots, after you finish that, make a big pile of stuff to take to the thrift shop, put it in the car and drive it there.

While you're making the pile, you'll make another pile of stuff to throw out.
That'll be most of your lingerie, old pans you've hated for years because everything sticks to them, and last year's calendars.

If you're more organized than this, I will be upset.

07-11-2005, 01:19 PM
Oh be still my heart! A list maker! But that was a short list, Schatzi. Work on that. Tell us more about yourself. Are you a DAME (dark and menopausal)? Most of us here are, except the young and vibrant Sugar. You can only hang around if you promise not to abandon us like some other Jersey girls have done. Even if you move and go back to work. 'kay?

Cowper, sorry I was off all weekend and was unable to toast Dennis the Menace w/ Red Rose tea. Our extreme weather conditions here are gray drizzly winters that make ppl suicidal. I know just how those sheep felt. Oh, and then there's the occasional volcanic eruption, but that only bothers you if you're camping in the woods by the mountain.

This was a double wonderful weekend. I played bunco Saturday, where I won $21 for most wins. AAAAAnd on Sunday I went on a garden tour w/ my friend-who-always-makes-me-laugh. It was sooooo wonderful, I've seen the most gorgeous gardens. Heart palpitating gorgeous gardens. Aaaannnd I was standing outside of Starbucks and a nice barrista came out and asked me if I'd like a caramel frappacino for free, and of course I said yes, and that was wonderful too. Now I'm back at work and that's not so wonderful, but I guess thats how it goes.

07-11-2005, 01:23 PM
What's a barrista? Are you in the Mafia?

I'm not at work because of Dennis. Not that I couldn't go but I don't know for sure that the power would be on and most every other business is closed, too. Walmart reopened.

07-11-2005, 01:51 PM
WallyWorld! Gotta love them greeters!

Hi ya Wabby.. yes indeed I'm a list maker... but sigh, I procrastinate....
I am a DAME... but I went through menopause at the ripe old age of 29... YES DAHLINK you read wite you scweey wabbit.. Mind Gone, Fat abounds, Sweat is my natural habitat.

speaking of ditching things in my quest to moooove... I found a pair of THONGS! WHO THE **** INVENTED THESE THINGS! I tried them on out of sheer desperation to humor myself and I LOOK LIKE A GAD DAMNED Sumo wrestler... :sumo:

Barrista sounds like a seattle porn dude to me

07-11-2005, 03:06 PM
Thongs??!!! Are you sure your name isn't Cookie? She was our thong wearing cow, but she's disappeared on us again.

A barrista is a coffee maker person at Starbucks. They call them that so they won't mind being paid minimum wage. At least they have a cool job name. Did I tell you my future DIL is a barrista at Starbucks? She hates it but the health insurance is outta this world. The cheap place DS works only pays for health insurance for the employee - they have to pay for their family if they want insurance for the wife and chillun. Oh. I forgot. DS works for me.. And yes, employees have to pay for their dependants if they need health insurance - can't play favorites w/ blood relations.

I need to make a list so that I organize DH's birfday bbq, coming up next Saturday that I have not done a thing to get ready for. OK. Gotta go.

07-11-2005, 03:57 PM
Oh...Bleah, I don't wish movin on my worst enemy... We "sold" our house by our selves... BUT lawyer MahTee, as we pronounce it here in not happy.. 2 much legal mumbojumbo.. but he says don't put away the 4 sale signs just yet..seems the young whippersnappers who bought this joint want to finance 100 PLUS percent ! and he is NOT diggin it.. no risk for them...GRrrr....and we must appraise at 6 grand more for them to get their mortgage...
Ah well at least I pack to The Band...................gettin my groove on............and it aint pretty............... but I jive on...............

07-12-2005, 01:06 AM
LOL your lawyer's name is Marty? I love it. How Joisey. You didn't tell me what area of NC you're moving to. I used to live in Charlotte, my parents and sister live north of there, my bro lives in the mountains, and to cover the whole state, I am going to the NC coast to the beach next week!

I just got home from the boat. We had a storm move in on the coast suddenly this afternoon, it was freaky. We had just finished getting all the necessary work done to get the boat ready for the season (attaching sails and various other chores) and the weather was just gorgeous, so we decided to go for a sail. We headed out of the harbor and DH turned on the marine weather radio. Just as we hit a section of high wind, we heard on the radio about an emergency alert storm warning for boaters -- a thunderstorm with high winds (not hurricane force, of course) and "nickel sized hail" was bearing down on the area from the north at about 30 miles an hour! Well, we turned right around headed back to our mooring in the harbor, and watched this black sky approach, and the wind whip up, and thunder and lightning and the whole bit and it blew right through and was gone! We never did get any hail, and not much rain, but boy were we glad we listened to the radio!

Anyway, I didn't help blow Dennis away with any wimpy little cup of tea. DH and I went whole hog and guzzled gin and tonics yesterday just for the occasion. Obviously it worked.

Yes, Bagz, you have been insane every summer with your full to the brim house! I wouldn't want to say "more insane" because well, hmm, I've only met you once and, you know, you had to contend with us at the time. :shrug: :lol:

Heh, here's a blast-o from the past-o: I got a notice informing me that a message needed approval on the System Goddess mailing list. That thing has been completely inactive for months. But I'm still a moderator, because Lush lost her password and can't delete the group or anything, how silly is that? I wouldn't mind if there was actually activity on it, but all there ever is is an occasional new member posting a message, and someone who still gets the messages replies to it and maybe there will be 2 or 3 posts and then it goes dead again. :rolleyes:


07-12-2005, 02:47 AM
Cowper... I am so glad you are OK and sustained minimal (or less) damage. I hope the next one that comes around aims in a different direction. DS probably doesn't have a CLUE about storms, the G8 summit, whether Planck's constant is still meaningful or anything else. He WILL be able to tell you if there were thunderstorms/straight-line winds and mosquitoes in Minnesota. And he can probably tell you in Japanese, besides. :lol:

Kiwi--- SO glad you got to safe harbor, um, safely. I had a close call on an iddy biddy lake where we actually took down the sails AND the mast and I still was sure we were ALL gonna die. Obviously we didn't. ;)

Shatz-- I like the idea of somehow selling everything you have and then starting over completely new and fresh when you get to your new locale. It would allow you to just LISTEN to The Band, rather than have to pack, too.

Wabby -- you got it right about "barrista." I were one at Borders... (in spite of 15 years as a librarian, they wouldn't let me near the books... what do you suppose THAT was about? Starbucks almost rivals Ben and Jerry's I think as far as having a "career ladder" and decent benefits... but they do have LOTS and LOTS of paperwork and benchmarks to meet. (I had a friend from whom I heard every drop of complaint!

Update: I finally made up my pea-brain little mind. Chemo starts Friday. I'm getting my hair cut pretty short Thursday so that I have a head start (hahahaha) on Rapunzelesque changes. I'm also gonna dye it red. Or at least reddish. Maybe I'll have my own hair (or at least a little) by Christmas...

In the mean time: Prepare for Bastille Day! Let them eat cake.

(Hey, Shatz, you can mail me a Hershey's with almonds, too!!)

07-12-2005, 03:32 AM
Hey! My brother's name is Marty! And so is Bagzie's! That's probably the most excitement I'm going to have all day.

I'm as dark and menopausal as the rest of them. Lately I've been having wicked hot flashes (flushes? must learn menopause vocabulary) and after being as regular as clockwork since I went off the pill a couple of years ago, my period was a whole week late this month and I am CRANKY.

Nothing even remotely new here. ds9 has been out of school for a week now. As of yesterday he still had a bit of a fever so I'm not risking anything. I waddled down to the school yesterday to talk to his teacher (she was outside spraying hot pink paper mache pigs with clear varnish) and she said a few other kids had also been sick. Tomorrow is the last day of school so I'll probably send him for that since it's only a couple of hours.

Oh Painty, you brave soul - how long will you have to do the chemo for?

07-12-2005, 11:18 AM
Moving to Holly Springs ...pretty much smack dab in the middle of NC. I can't wait, I'll feel like a tourist for the first year...Nature abounds, lakes everywhere...we'll be close to Lake Jordan where I can put my kayak in on a whim...
So glad you made it in before the storm Kiwi....How lovely to know how to sail...We had a 19ft cuddycabin at one time..but it just seemed that we were always fixing the bloody thing. My job was to hang on to the buoy.

Painty.....I think you will look loverly with strawberry shortcake hair..pixieish

Sug, hope DS feels better soon.... and Why was the teacher varnishing pink pigs praytell?

07-12-2005, 02:15 PM
Schatzi, my daughter's name is Holly! The coincidences just keep coming..... And my dentist's name when I was a kid was Marty!!!! and, and, and.... well I guess that's it. :dizzy:

Painty, at least your current hair will be going out in a blaze of glory. Hair is entirely overrated. DH does just fine without it, and think of how much time you'll save "doing" your hair everyday. I'd be like you... give me the chemo - blast away any sneaky cells there may be. We'll be here to hold your cyber hand during the ordeal. :grouphug:

Kiwi, so happy to hear you made it back to dry land OK. I'm so happy my DH only goes boating in lakes and rivers. He gets deathly seasick so the ocean is out for him, and since I'm a coward it's out for me. I don't mind a nice cruise ship, tho.

Have you noticed that when you put on weight you spend lots of time tugging at your clothes? Things seem to be a little snug lately.

Sugar, I saw an apron the other day that would fit the situation. It said "I'm still a hot babe, it just comes in flashes".

Ho-hum. Time to do something constructive around here. Hey, I need your opinions - re: DH's birthday bbq - Should I do bbq'd salmon, w/ hot dogs for any non fish eaters, or hamburgers and hotdogs, or spend about $800 to have it catered w/ ribs and salads & garlic bread. All I'd have to do is buy the drinks. I'm a cheap person, so I think I may be going w/ hotdogs and burgers. I'd set up DS and his best friend and tell them it's their job to cook the meat.

07-12-2005, 04:22 PM
Sugar, why on earth do they make the poor kids go to school in July? It just seems evil. I'm cranky too. I have so much to do in 3 days before I head out to the beach, but I'm too cranky to tackle it.

I should just go swimming. I've got a lake, I've got a swimsuit, what's stopping me?

Holly Springs sounds delightful. Just be sure you have a/c :lol: for when it's not so delightful. I love to kayak too. I have a friend's sea kayak in my barn (they are away on a sailing expedition which has turned into a lifestyle, so I'm looking after it for them). I haven't used it this year yet. It's so durn heavy to lug down to the lake by myself. Our sailboat is the "vacation home on the water" variety. 30' with 2 sleeping cabins and a main cabin, galley, head, the whole bit. It's not as fancy as that makes it sound, but it definitely works as a place to hole up in or sail off in the sunset with. We used to have one that was more spartan and I was just miserable during long trips.

Wabbit, I forgot your daughter's name is Holly. I love that name, what made you pick it? Was she a Christmas baby?

Not every Marty is totally Joisey, y'know, only lawyers named Marty. Other Martys are friendly, brotherly types.

So saith the Kiwi.

Tell me about tugging: the shorts, oh the shorts!! I finally found 3, yes 3, pairs of shorts that are pretty comfortable and don't do that chubby-leg crumple thing where you have to yank at them to keep them from sticking in the wrong places. So this summer is going to be better than previous. I just have to remember NOT to wear the shorter, tighter pairs that are such a pain!

Hmm, I'd love the salmon, but I can certainly see the advantage of cheaper and/or someone else doing the cooking! How many folks are you inviting? If it's a big congenial party, nobody will much care what they're eating anyway, right?


07-12-2005, 04:27 PM
Sugar, you are so cute! I just noticed your heading!!! Been there. Done that.

07-12-2005, 04:45 PM
Is hurricane Elaine gonna miss everybody? It's clouding over here... maybe Dennis remnants, but I don't think it's got the oomph to even rain.

I want a varnished papier mache pig!

Don't read the following if your tired of it:
I'll have 4 chemo infusions, 3 weeks apart... So that'll take me to my October birthday, I think. (Math/calenders and multiplications are a little hazy!!) Then 5 weeks of radiation. Then I may not be on such an intimate basis with my MD's accounts receivables clerk. :dizzy:

The weather just made a liar out of me. IT'S RAINING. I can smell that wonderful water-on hot-stuff smell even inside... (That probably means the house is leaking AC... but at least I won't get Radon poisoning or anything.. )

Gotta go get the laundry out. Best to all.

Shatz... you haven't asked where to mail the Hershey bars yet.... :wave:

07-12-2005, 04:51 PM
Ohhhh, Painty, stay close to us and keep us informed. Not getting tired of it at all. Elaine is following Dennis. They all do. They all go the same way. Such conformists.

I thought the same thing about the Hershey bars.

I love my new Southern Baptistism. I feel like I'm climbing up a steep hill and each foot up is so different and new and wonderful but I keep sliding down. I've been reading in this book they gave me for a new Sunday School class that will start next week. I'm going along, filling in the blanks, looking up the verses and I come to a questions about have I noticed that Christians are more caring that non-Christians. Well, ****. I slid back down a bit. I am looking forward to that class so I can climb back up. Surely, they will set me straight on this. Don't you think?

07-12-2005, 05:34 PM
Here's sorta what I think Peach - I think you can't ask someone else to tell you. This is the problem I always have w/ organized religion - they want ppl to believe that they have the corner on "caring". I've actually noticed that some ppl who call themselves Christians have started wars and such. Not to say that there aren't lots of good, well meaning church goers. I just don't think whether you have perfect church attendance or not has much to do with how "good" a person you are. It just means you don't mind getting up early on Sundays. You must realize, of course, that this is just my opinion, you've got to come to your own conclusions. Now if you're going to church for the fellowship, companionship, opportunity to get together w/ like minded ppl who would like to do charitable projects in the community and the world, then you. go. girl. (not to mention I think it's a good place to meet men with your interests). Oh. and it's also a good place to study Christianity, but I think you still need to use your own mind for interpretation. Of course, I'm not an expert on this since I'm a heathen and wasn't raised in the church, and am a non attender now, so when it comes to my opinion on this, you can take it or leave it.

The deadline for the caterer has come and gone, so that option is now out. I'm going to go to Costco tonight to check out salmon supply and price.

We're having our septic tank pumped thursday so DH will have to dig out and open the top of the tank on his 50th birthday, Wednesday. Appropriate, no?

07-12-2005, 05:44 PM
Wabbo, I was being "ironic." Of course I believe non-Christians have moral standards as high as Christians if you take them one-by-one. (I'm not putting that redneck idiot who threw the recliner in the road across from my house against the people I see in church) But .. I won't argue religion with you .. just that you miss the point of being involved with a church. Anyone can socialize and do charitable acts. There are, for me, higher purposes here. I was raised in church and have always been very grateful for it. There's God and there's church. They're different things but if you believe in the first, the second will help you develop that belief into something worthwhile. Amen.

07-12-2005, 06:43 PM
Well,it's official... I have too much CRAP... even as I try to declutter and give stuff away... Had 3 estimaters come in and they all range between 10,000 and 15,000 POUNDS of crap. THAT'S between 5 and 7 TONS! ...More estimaters to come.. We will likely rent a Uhaul to move some of this stuff ourselves.

DH hath return from Caroliner... He reports that the Landlordess Loves to WALK.. as I do...however, SHE IS A FITNESS FANATIC... and wants to get a job as a FITNESS INSTRUCTOR... I fear that she is going to take me under her wing as a "project".Sigh, I sense doom.

kiwi, here is my little kayak.. DH has a big motha, I like my little short wide one... It is me as a kayak.. I have it in "Tequila Sunrise"..just love those bright oranges and reds... I can throw it in the back of my trailblazer and just go!

Wabby, I want a DETAILED MENU!!! please provide in list format.

Sorry Cowie and Painty, hershey bars are gone! I don't ship perishables..
Painty, will send good healing thoughts your way...
Bless me father for I have sinned, I had 2 ring dings and a devil dog ...

07-12-2005, 07:28 PM
I'm going along, filling in the blanks, looking up the verses and I come to a questions about have I noticed that Christians are more caring that non-Christians. Well, ****. I slid back down a bit. I am looking forward to that class so I can climb back up. Surely, they will set me straight on this. Don't you think?Or you could set them straight. I don't claim to be Mother Theresa, but I think I am a caring person. Sadly, it's just those sort of Christian vs non-Christian assertions that drove me from the church in the first place.

07-12-2005, 07:55 PM
Since we're not arguing religion, I'll just say this.... I don't think organized religion is necessary to develop your spirituality into something worthwhile. You miss the point of why I don't want to be involved in an organized religion. I've seen as much bad as good come from it. My neighbors are involved in a church that was under investigation by the DA because they had had several children die because they didn't believe in medical intervention. One child died from diabetes because her parents didn't believe in using insulin. In the end, they weren't prosecuted because the DA decided it was the parents right to withhold medical care because of religious convictions. This kind of thing makes me crazy!!! And yes, I know not all church's are like that. But some of them are.

07-12-2005, 10:39 PM
Just argue with yourself.

07-13-2005, 03:27 AM
That is one adorable kayak, Schatzi. The one I have has a rudder, which makes it very good to steer (and keeps it going in a straight line when you want to also), but its length and weight are drawbacks. I love the way you are right at water level in a kayak. Years ago DH & I went on a rafting trip in Idaho for a week and they had 2 inflatable kayaks we could play with instead of riding the rafts if we wanted to. At first I really nervous about paddling because we were going through a lot of Class II rapids, and I'd never been in a kayak before, but once I got in one, I didn't want to get out. It was great fun.

Wabbit, my friend who moved to Ore. called me tonight. She said she'd gone to a rodeo on July 4th somewhere around there, I forget exactly where. Did you go to the rodeo last weekend?


07-13-2005, 07:08 AM
Kiwi, you night owl you.... I on the other hand am a Morning Lark Lark Lark! Well actually I straddle both... seeings how the older I get the less sleep I require.. AnyHooo, ah White Water rafting is one of my passions! My biggest adventure was 10 days of rafting down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon.. I hiked down the Bright Angel trail ...10 miles with 10 pounds on my back in 110 degree weather... Still don't know how I made it.. Ignorance and a healthy self image I guess.!

I am having the most delicious cup of cawfee as my 2 furkids snarfle and snork, and DH sounding like a freight train.

07-13-2005, 08:40 AM
Very cute kayak! I'll take on in green. 'Cept I've never been in a kayak in my entire life and would probably tip over or worse. I took sailing lessons once, though. Came away with some mad knot-tying skilz.

I am cranky and crampy today. Spent most of yesterday lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself but I have pulled up my boot straps today and will attempt to get something done. Sometime. Maybe later. Or not.

School is OUT! Report cards were fair to middling. No one was sent to the dungeon however there is much room for improvement. Must get packing for summer camp. Which means doing a ton of laundry first. Pity me.

07-13-2005, 01:30 PM
Peach! You almost made me spit coffee all over myself. Hee. Have I told you lately that I love you??? :lol3:

It's DH's big 5-0 birthday today. Why is 5-0 such a big deal? To celebrate he's setting glass all day long w/ the guys because we're short handed. I'm sure he'll feel every bit of 50 by the end of the day.

The big land developer came and made us an offer. It was about $500,000 more than we thought it would be. You'd think that would make us happy, but strangely enough we're both kind of melancholy about the whole uprooting and moving thing. Maybe we should just wait until we retire to sell out. Our commute to work is about 4 minutes now, and yet we still have a rural type property. That would definitely change if we sold. We'd have to move way out of town to find what we have now. I also worry about the ghost of old man Elmer hunting us down if we let somebody demolish the old barn. He spent a lot of time drinking beer out there from the looks of all the old beer bottles that were hidden up in the loft.

All this kayaking talk makes me feel old and out of shape. You youngsters are so sporty. My next door neighbor is really into sailboarding and scuba diving. And she's 5 years older than me. Maybe I need to take up a sport. naaaah. just talking.

Sorry the blahs have got you today, Sugar. Will you be having a break when the kidlets go to summer camp?

07-13-2005, 01:34 PM
Oops. I almost forgot your question, Kiwi. Nope, we didn't go to the rodeo on the 4th of July. There are 2 that weekend, Molalla Buckaroo (that's really the name of it) and the St. Paul Rodeo. One of DS's friends participated in the wild mule race at the Molalla Buckaroo. I bet that was a funny one to watch.

07-13-2005, 03:42 PM
my 2 furkids snarfle and snorkFor just a moment there, I thought those were their names, which would be a hoot. What kind of furrie's do you have?
I took sailing lessons once, though. Came away with some mad knot-tying skilz.Oo, I need those. I have been taught knots numerous times and it never sinks in. The only one I can really do is the one that's good for tying fenders (bumper things) to the side of the boat.
The big land developer came and made us an offer. Wow, that would make an awesome retirement nest egg! Assuming of course that a similar deal would be forthcoming at the time. I can identify with your reluctance to sell now. All that stuff will be such a pain, moving and all. Will the developers build somewhere else if you turn them down, or are they set to build on other land that's adjacent to yours? It would make a big difference if your place will be surrounded in a year or two anyway.

I should be busy, busy, busy and I'm not. I've been cleaning out my email inbox, so DH can use it while I'm gone. Usually I cull through the email and put his in a folder for him, so it seems only right to move my junk out so he can see what's come in while I'm away.

But I really need to be doing packing and errands. Ta


07-13-2005, 03:47 PM
Painty, I'm reading your update, and I sure do feel for you on the hair issue. I'm sure it will all be worth it, and as they always say: this too shall pass. The 2 women I am most familiar with who have gone through chemo and done the bald/wig/scarf thing have emerged from the experience looking, I swear to you, more themselves. You'll be great. Love the pics, by the way -- the red hair is FAB!

07-14-2005, 04:57 AM
Thanks Kiwi... I'm pretty excited about "moving on" just now. Apparently it is like so mamy other time spans... sometimes it flashes in seconds and other times it takes forever..probably sometimes you are relatively "out of your mind" anyway! do it could go super fast OR super slow.
Hope everyone is OP today.

07-14-2005, 06:50 AM
Pics of Painty's new dooo? Ooh I bet you look FABU. "They" say cutting ones hair is akin to a new start..out with the old in with the new. I hope this time goes swift for you.

Kiwi... Haha, Snarfle and Snork would make great names.. I have 2 Cairn Terriers (Toto dogs) Darby and Casey.. DH decided to groom them so now they look like Dingos. And, are we sailing out to sea? Where ya goin Away to?

Sug: I'm confused love, are you a student who is packing off to summer camp? Hmm, back in the day of Yore (my youth, Once upon a time .n.. Far Far away) you could use those knot tying skills to Macrame a lovely plant hanger. I hope you feel better today..

Wabby, hope DH has a good bday weekend.. We should all have a full bday week to eat and do what we sad he has to work... And That is some chunkachange.. Kiwi, is right , lots of things to consider if you sell to big cheese developers.

More bloody packing ... estimates are coming in and they are between 5 and 6 thousand clams.. That's more than I would spend on a swanky vacay.. Sooo being the cheap b*stards we are, we will try to move most of the stuff ourselves.. leaving the big heavy furniture for the no doubt young strappin, hopefully bronzed and buff stud muffin movers to hump...

How mooovalas..did you know that today is Cow Appreciation Day....I think a dairy product is in order!!! A hot fudge sundae perhaps...
Must. Get. Cawfee :coffee:

Cherry Cow
07-14-2005, 08:23 AM
Missing cow checking in.

Painty, they probably wouldn't let you near the books at Borders because you'd rearrange them so people could actually find them!

Wabby, that's a much better birthday present than black balloons! Heh, digging out the septic tank.

Bagzzie, how's the store?

Hi SugP, Lushie, Peachie (I'm glad you weathered the storm!), Cookie (if you're lurking), and everyone! I've been quite the selfish grad student lately, missing birthdays, failing to check in, failing to express interest in anything but my homework- and I feel so bad, but it will probably be like this until graduation! Right now I'm learning about teaching literacy skills in content classes (k-12), which is required because I don't have a teaching certificate, but all my classmates are teachers. Needless to say, I'm LOST!!

Must go, I'm snatching a moment at Job #1 before leaving to go to Job #2, where I will try to snatch moments to do homework. Oh, and I got picked to present research and I haven't done the research! It's in October, so I allegedly still have time!

Still ww-onlining. Still in the 190s. No time to workout. You know when I say that, it's TRUE! And I hate it!

07-14-2005, 10:10 AM
Sug: I'm confused love, are you a student who is packing off to summer camp? Hmm, back in the day of Yore (my youth, Once upon a time .n.. Far Far away) you could use those knot tying skills to Macrame a lovely plant hanger. I hope you feel better today..

Naa, Schatzi, I'm just a cranky old cow who's trying to get her 12 yr old off to summer camp with enought t-shirts and socks to last two weeks. And the sailing-related knot tying skills? Lost 'em about a month after I learned 'em. :dizzy: Not like there are any boats out here in the backwoods of nowhere anyway. But macrame I can do!!

First day of holidays has been...just like all the other days except I didn't have to get up at 6:30 a.m. and the kids are here to drive me crazy. The little guy will be home the whole 6 weeks so I'll have to think of fun stuff we can do together. He's not the type of kid who likes non stop action with large groups of kids.

Cherry!!!! So glad you checked in. I peek into your blog once in a while and can imagine how busy you are trying to juggle family, studies and two jobs. Wow. What a trooper. And yes, if you say there's no time to work out we know you mean it because you are our workout idol.

I need to go to the post office and send back some clothes I ordered that don't fit. Some actually DID fit, so I'm keeping those, but the others have got to go. One summer project will be cleaning out my clothes closet. Ugh.

Tomorrow is FILs 76 birthday and we're all invited to a restaurant for sushi. Yay! It's right across the street from their apartment so they don't have far to go. Did I mention that the old guy had been in the hospital for about 2 weeks so they could check him out and finally officially make diagnosis of sleep apnea? Now he has to wear some sort of a mask at night to keep him breathing and I swear he was a bit more chipper yesterday when they were over here annoying us. Just as ornery, but more awake while he was driving me nuts, you know?

Oh yeah, and my parents just came back from checking out a place for us to stay in Osoyoos next year when we go over. They stayed at this place ( where we've stayed a couple of time before and said this time it was absolutely awful. Not because of the accomodations, but because of the company. My youngest brother and his wife and their 4 yr old, aka Holy Terror were there along with a soon-to-be-divorced friend of my SIL's and HER two terrors, 2 and 4. To quote my mother, "I have never heard such screeching, bellowing and screaming, and that was just the mothers!!!" The Holy Terror has some large behavioural problems and his parents (OK, his mother) don't seem to be accepting it or doing much about it. It was sort of cute at 2, but at 4 it's getting a little out of hand and the boy needs help. Perfect strangers were shushing the kids on the beach because they were so uncontrollable. Oh well, not my problem. Not now at least. Just a bit concerned about the fact that they'll probably be up there with all of us next year along with my other brother and his two girls, who are now 9 and 13. How very restful. I will bring ear plugs for everyone.

AND my mother caught the nasty Norfolk virus from the care facility she was volunteering at with the AIDS sufferers. Apparently most of the staff and residents got it. Uck. She said she's going to try to find something where she's not exposed to so many people because she's worried about passing stuff on to my dad and the grandkids.

Time to slap on some lipstick ("Drop of Sherry" today. Mmm!) and get going. See yas!

07-14-2005, 01:06 PM
Sugar, I remember Osoyoos! anyway I remember getting a postcard from there. An out of control 4 year old on vacation... hmmmm, fun. You'll probably be thanking your lucky stars that your chillun are so adorable and sweet.

We had excitement in our neighborhood yesterday evening. There is a small airstrip just down the road, and an airplane didn't quite make it's landing. Landed cattywhompus out in the street, on it's side. No one was hurt, but it made for a great neighborhood party. Really got everyone out of their houses and it was quite festive. The pilot was from Minnesota and was a real character.

Hi Cherry! so good to get an update. You truly are super woman.

Schatzi, the hard part of moving is all the packing up, so I'd be tempted to do it myself too, for that kind of moolah. Once everything is packed, it won't be so bad. Right? Actually I haven't moved for 15 years so I have no idea. Geeesh. How in dbl hockey sticks will we be able to pack up all this junk?

I planned on being good today foodwise, so I had yogurt for breakfast. It's only 9 am and I'm huuuungry.

Peach, come back here. I was just cranky the other day. I'm sorry for being so b*tchy.

07-14-2005, 01:17 PM
DH has that sleep apnea mask -- he thinks he sleeps better with it. I know I sleep better because he's not snoring!

Happy Birthday to everybody's FILs and DHs and anyone else I might miss!

I am way behind on my packing (I'm going to the beach for a week in NC), because I got absolutely NO sleep last night. A bat flew into the bedroom about 2 minutes after I went to bed, and I will tell you there is not much that terrifies me more than bats. DH won't be home from the sailboat until tonight, and there was just no way I could bring myself to confront this horror, so I hid under a quilt for a few sleepless hours. Then I heard more noise, sounded like it was behind the bed or something, so I grabbed the quilt and hightailed it downstairs and tried to sleep on the couch. Fortunately this morning I had clean clothes I had folded last night so I could get dressed without going back in there -- I won't be packing until after DH gets home! Yeah, call me a chicken, but there are few things I won't deal with; this is one of them. :bb:

And my printer is messing up -- I was going to print some photos for my mother and they all have a bad strip at the end. I don't know what's going on and I sure don't have time to figure it out. More :bb:

Later gators

07-14-2005, 02:05 PM
Thought you all might enjoy knowing that I have heard more scritchings, not sure from where, and I am now wearing clogs and a hat around the house...

07-15-2005, 01:08 AM
Well, DH came home and went on a bat hunt. He found it in the bedroom, hanging from a suitcase on top of his armoire. It was alive. I would have pulled that suitcase down to get out the one underneath it, had I not been sensible enough to be deathly afraid of the nasty brutes and stay entirely out of the bedroom all day. I'm sure that would have been enough to give me a heart attack after the miserable night I spent. If there's another one in the house tonight, there will be sobbing. At least I can get DH to go deal with it. The man is decidely useful at times.

I'm pretty much packed and I'm leaving sort of bright and early for the beach tomorrow. Of course I won't actually get there before 2 brutal days of driving, but I'll think of that tomorrow... I will think of you all as I bask in the sun and wander through the waves and play with my niece and nephews. :beach: Tata See you in about 10 days.


07-15-2005, 01:20 AM
Thank you everybody for writing entertaining and distracting posts!
Kiwi--I hope all the bats come to the Austin bridge to help the Texas tourist trade... No reason they should be anywhere else.
I am immersed in cancer recovery thoughts. I have nothing else interesting going on. I am a big (fat) bore. but I'm gonna get better. I can hardly wait until my body "fits" my head. Below is my new shorn head. I probably won't post photos when it has NO hair.
I wonder if sheep are embarrased when they have no wool? ;)

07-15-2005, 07:36 AM
Ooooh Painty, You look absolutely FABU!!!! I'm lovin the "Jackie O" perfectly chic with that new doo... Red suits you! A color of Radiance and Defiance! You will get many healing vibes are being radiowaved to you ! (p.s. I think you must be the pretty cow )

Kiwi.. Bats in the fitting.. I can see you stomping about in a helmet and clogs. (I'm beginning to think we should see her on the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, what with her Yachette and sunning in loverly NC..) Egads, my cousin had sleep apnea, he looked like Darth Vader in his mask..

Wabby, cattywhompus? What a great word.. I'm beginning to think all you cows live in rural romote areas! Planes down in our street..Let's party! hee hee, I would be there in a second.....

Sugar, how funny, I really did think you were a school kid off to summer camp.. GOOD GOD WOMAN , THAT does NOT sound like a vacation to me... Please see your doctor, get a prescription for some valium... at least you can take mental vacations.
Catalog shopping is the only way I buy clothes...Just can't bring myself to try them on in a store and face the 360 degree mirror. As a peer over my shoulder there would be a message.. " Butt continued on next mirror...Things are wider then they appear". I do have much luck with Jessica London..

Hi Cherry Cow :D

Nothing much planned for me today... ho hum. more packing.. snore.

Cherry Cow
07-15-2005, 11:19 AM
Painty, that is a terrific look on you!

Kiwi, I'm glad you stayed away from that bat. Have fun!

Hi SugP!

Hi Schatzi and everyone else!

Lots of homework to do. But I did exercise yesterday. Yay!

Cherry Cow
07-15-2005, 11:20 AM
PS Hi Wabby!

07-15-2005, 01:43 PM
Paintypants, your hair is deee-vine. I love it, it's so stylish.

p.s. thanks for remembering me, Cherry.

Schatzi, I live on the fringes of suburbia. That's why the land developer wants my leetle farm. There's a subdivision and new city park right across the street from us.

Today is one of those days that we put up with Oregon winters for - Low 80's, no humidity, light breeze. Aaaaaaah :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

I did all the Costco grocery shopping for DH's birthday party yesterday. Filled one of those big flat bed carts to the hilt. DD did my housecleaning, I still need to pick up tables, chairs & huge-o bbq at the rental place and pick up the cake at Costco. I'm in a bit of a dither, but I'll pull through.

'bye Kiwi! Have fun in the sun!:wave:

07-15-2005, 06:15 PM
A moment of awareness:
Wabby , you are the only one who has a human featured in their avatar.. hula hoopin, circa 1950 but human nonetheless.

oops Bagz too.. a barely pubescent male.... cute, I might add. :D

07-16-2005, 12:03 PM
That's Bagzie's virtual boyfriend Kalan! Hmm, maybe I should trade in my hamster for something human.

I am busy packing and I hate it. Just need to find enough socks and I'm done! And I AM NOT writing names on those socks. If they get lost, tough luck for them. And who wants to wear another kid's dirty socks anyway?

07-17-2005, 12:01 AM
Once my kids got mildly proficient with pens (before which I wouldn't have sent them to camp, anyway) they got to LABEL THEIR OWN STUFF. A sharpie was all they needed. I think they used their initials... And you're right... they wanted to wear their own stuff. I think the "marks" were so that if they all ended up in a heap under the first bunk, somebody could RETURN them by mark rather than odor.

News Update.
Through the marvels of modern medicine... I have not felt even mildly nauseated... NO close calls with "emesis", nor any of the other terrifying side effects of the chemo. YAY. :cb: :hat:

I do think this would be a good night NOT to stay up till 3 am, though... to ttfn.

Hope all is well, that virtual and real lovers behave themselves, that it's easy to stay on program, and um... that whatever doesn't need to get "packed" gets left behind!

Best to all.

07-17-2005, 10:36 AM
Painty, that's wonderful! My neighbor has/had breast cancer.. She went through 6 treatments of Chemo, and said that she didn't get too ill..and she still has a full head of hair! She said she got tired she is going on some drug (I forgot the name...) that will throw her into menopause. She is only 39, had wanted children her whole life.. so it's very sad for her.. To top it off, the man that she was engaged to for 7 years couldn't handle the fact that she had "the Big C" and left her... apparently he was cheating on her for quite some time.. She's a tough Jersey Broad and seems much happier and just "getting on with her life"....And please, take care of yourself... SLEEP, Eat healthy whole foods, think positive self loving thoughts...

Wabby: SO what did you settle on Salmon or Burgers? You sound like you live in a Heavenly place.. best of both worlds! There's this "hero" in Atlantic City.. When the gambling came to town and they were buying up all the land to put in casinos, this little ol lady refused to sell her home that she lived in for 70 years.. So sits her little house in between two skyscrapers... It's nowa "tourist" spot... You can usually see her sitting on her front porch knitting..

Sugar: No other avatar would scream Evil :devil: Genius then a hamster! Hope the childruns got off to camp okay..

Oh Cowie.... Where are you??
Hi CherryCow..and all the rest of the herd!
me: The house is looking so sad without all my "Chachka" ..I get a bit of a reprieve this afternoon... Me and DH make our own wine (no,not basement Hooch!) We're off to the winery to bottle the last of our wine.. A Merlot and a Cab/Merlot/CabFranc.. Needless to say, I will be counting each glass towards my Fruit intake for the day! :hat: But for now my Cawfee and Crossword puzzle await!

07-17-2005, 12:08 PM
Shatz--Can you believe I think I might actually be disappointed if my hair doesn't fall out?!! I'm liking the changes, and looking forward to "no bad hair days."
Tell your friend I re-married at 50 and found somebody with tenacity, passion and commitment. It was definitely worth the personal growth I did up to that time.
Cowpernia-- Is your grimy camper boy home and happy? I bet he's still asleep!

We bought a scanner... I may be able to post more weird animals... but the local sheep farm seems to have switched to alpacas...Must find new sheep source! But off to church (for a change) first.

07-18-2005, 05:47 AM
Excellent news, Painty! Let's hope things keep going as smoothly.

I am recovering from a humongous migraine I got yesterday while we were bringing kid to camp. Still feel woozy.

We bought blueberries at a roadside stand. Yum.

Will post more when I am myself again.

07-18-2005, 01:29 PM
Painty, so, so good that the chemo isn't making you feel sick. It must be all the good cow vibes we're all sending your way. and the miracles of modern medicine too.

Schatzi, our next door neighbor has a wine grape vineyard. He sells most of his grapes to a winery, but keeps part of it for u-pickers. It seems to be the latest do-it-yourselfer project to make your own wine. And I went for the simple on the party - the menu was burgers and dogs, pasta salad, broccoli salad, potato salad, fruit tray, veggies & dip, and carrot cake. Oh, and beer, wine coolers and lots of pop. We had about 45 ppl and we have enough food left over for another 45. Weather was perfect, and the party lasted from 3:30 to midnight. We finished it off with late night hot dogs and s'mores around the firepit. If it wasn't so much work I'd have a huge bbq every weekend. It made me so thankful to have such neat friends.

The big news here is that DS and his bride to be have had an offer accepted on a house! It's absolutely perfect and adorable. Complete w/ picket fence, and only a block to the park that I used to take DS when he was little. The baby can pee in the same wading pool that DS did!!!!

Sugar, apparently you wrangled up enough socks. Sorry you ended up w/ a migraine. Nothing worse when you have things that just have to be done. Those blueberries are supposed to be chock full of good stuff for you. Especially when consumed in pancake form.

Do you think Kiwi has a sunburn yet?

07-18-2005, 06:52 PM
Nothing new here... Which is fabu!
Got a white-cell booster shot today. No side effects from that either! Whoo hoo. Of course, still no appetite suppressant effect. I'm off to de-tangle my yarn again... but am nearly finished with the lovely green scarf/shawl yarn that a certain sweet cow sent!

Maybe I'll lie down, instead.

07-20-2005, 08:46 AM
Painty, so wonderful to hear that you are not suffering from any Tx side effects.. I don't think it's so weird that you would actually not mind shedding your locks... it's the most visible sign of going through a metamorphosis/ change.. Now then ...these Alpacas.... What the hoodle doo are they anyway.. a cross between a sheep (and speaking of sheep, whats the plural of a sheep??) and a llama with some camel and girafffe thrown in? They are cute creatures...My aunt is a most gifted ceramic artist in No.Cal. One of her biggest money-makers is murals of Cows and sheep.. After 40 years of painting cows, she is hating them...maybe I should tell her to paint Alpacas..Are you a knitter?..personally I'm a wool gatherer.. could never get the hang of knitting or crocheting...I'm a needlepointy kind of gal myself..

Wabby: Glad your shin dig was a blast! Sigh, we will miss our group of friends when we move...I "broke up" with my BFF last year.. a 20 year friendship.. it ranks up there with one of the most emotionally toughest things I've done.. and as a result, I "lost" my other BF, her sister... On the other hand, very good friends of ours will be moving to NC in a year or two.. I really thought I was Joisey Born-Bred-til dead... but I am actually looking forward to a new chapter in my life, new areas to explore and meeting new people.
We've been making wine for about 4 years now..But this is the last year.. We have enuf wine to last us years...........CONGRATS to your DS on his new home!!
I hope Kiwi is having good weather and many a blender drink !
Sug...hope you are better!
My life continues to revolve around Boxes and Bubblewrap... time to have my cawfee and get on with it...Packing is good for my diet... the Pork-o-meter is down another pound :p

07-20-2005, 10:56 AM
Is it me? I'm sure I posted here yesterday. Oh well.
Painty, I see you're having some trouble...good luck. I'm glad you're doing well with chemo.
Shatzi, who are you? Are you new?
Wabby, your son is married? I'm so behind.
The update here is that dd has had her first surgery with good result. She is actually doing better than she has since her surgery two years ago. She'll have her second surgery in a month. Her radiation will start in the fall. She'll go to a local college(good school with a major she may prefer) for the fall semester then will go to her college of choice in January...if she doesn't like the local school better. I'd prefer she be close, naturally.
The boys are fine. DS15 is at the shore with friends right now. He is quite social this year. DS13 is racing bmx and mx this summer and is very busy. DH took the summer off due to dd's situation. It is fun having him home. Remember years ago when he sold his business and told me he'd only work enough to keep benefits...har, har, har. This is the first summer in ages that he's taken off. We're having fun considering all that's happening. Even dd is having fun. PLUS he's doing all these projects that have been hanging for years. He put a heater in the pool, it is great.
Otherwise, life is boring. I think I may go to work in the fall. I think I may get a medical job of some sort because I have to look up every third word when I am researching dd's condition.
I wrote a much better post yesterday...but this will have to do today. Bye

07-20-2005, 11:02 AM
Shatzi, I just read your post and see you are in NJ. I am in NJ, too. How come you get to leave?

07-20-2005, 01:44 PM
Lush!!! I was so happy to see your post. I've been wondering how DD was doing. It sounds as if everything is going as well as can be expected, and you're all holding up well under the pressure. Things seem to have unexpected blessings sometimes. Having your DH home for the summer and kids all together will be something that not every family is able to enjoy. Now that my nest is emptying out I appreciate our times together so much more. DS is getting married soon - it's a hurry up marriage because he's also making me a grandma, but it's all good - he's marrying a sweetheart of a girl. I can tell you all now because the papers are signed on his house. He bought the house on ebay. He was high bidder by $100. Isn't that whacky? If you want to check it out, it's item #4392881911, be sure and check completed items when you do the search. It's a teeny leetle house, but perfect for them.

Lushy, puh-leeze don't disappear again. We need you. I miss your lists. It always made me feel like I was getting something accomplished.

Cherry Cow
07-20-2005, 04:21 PM
Lushie! I'm glad DD's treatment is going well so far!
Painty, I'm glad your treatment is going well, too.
Wabby, congrats to your DS and his bride to be on their new house.
Hi Sugar P, Cowpeachia, Baggzziee, Kiwi, & all!

I actually got a workout in yesterday. And I will do one again today. Go me! Two more weeks of school. I have to make an "integrated unit." Also, we're getting new furniture! We've been in our temporary rental house for more than five years now, so we've decided to buy the furniture we were planning to get in our "real" house. It's a reclining loveseat and reclining sofa. I'll post pictures at my flickr account. (If you guys have accounts there, I can add you so you can see the "before" pictures.)

Ciao! Back to homework!

07-20-2005, 10:05 PM
Hi, Lush... Add me to the list of those who are delighted to hear from you. I have a new appreciation for what you and DD are going through. The answers are neighter as fast nor firm as you hope, but not as bad as you fear... and that just leaves one in limbo. Arrrrrrrrrgh.

Wabby.. I didn't realize the house was purchased on eBay... will definitely go check. Now THAT seems "modren".... Son is lucky to have you in his corner.

Shatzi... alpacas are like little, sweet tempered llamas... yes, they are related to camels. but their hair/fur is wonderful for spinning and knitting. The knitting folks can't get enough of them, I think... some knitters even like old goats, but I guess that's a different story. There's a photo of the painted sheep/trunk she bought here ( . Apparently the one I tried to upload has "errors..." no doubt because of Hello/Picasa.

I am an accomplished wool-gatherer myself.

07-21-2005, 10:07 AM
Lushie! It's so nice to hear from you! I've heard soo much about you...the gals here all told me about you ...pining and whining how they missed you.. :)
Yep, I'm new..I think I passed the interview process to join the herd.... Exit 33?? You're way South girl... I'm exit 9 on the turnpike... exit 124ish via Pkwy... but only for the next month or so..Joisey just is plain tooo crowded, loud and fast paced anymore..sigh.....
Wabby: That house is darling! I'm sure they will make happy memories in their new home..!
Cherry: We have a love seat and sofa that contain 4 recliners...Sooo Comfortable!
Painty: That wool/yarn trunk is absolutely gorgeous! I must revisit to review your journal... Who Knew knitters love Alpaca wool... ah the things I learn...
Today I am taking the day off from the mundane packing chores...heading to the pool with a good book

07-21-2005, 02:04 PM
I know knitters who "knit" with copper wire, bamboo fiber, stainless steel and corn husks... If it's gonna be against my skin, however, I prefer cashmere!

Cherry Cow
07-21-2005, 04:44 PM
Schatzi-- thats the kind of set we're getting-- I can't wait! It'll be a couple of weeks, since we're putting up new bookcases first!

I love Jersey! I'm an exit 1 and go South girl. But can't afford to live there, so I have to be content with visiting every five years or so.

07-22-2005, 07:02 AM
Cherry-- DAhllink, you will love your new sofa set... Yours probably also has a little middle piece that flips down as a snack table.. I love Jersey too, but alas, we are just to tired to deal with all that comes with being a Jerseyan.. DH and I are so Done with commuting into Philly (him) and NYC (me) .. Traffic everywhere, soo many people, so little room, and YES TRE Expensive!

Painty--oooh Cashmere... is that what alpaca wool is like? L O V E I T !
Why the hoodle doo would someone select corn husks or metal.. oh artsy fartsy types looking for new mediums to explore!

Wabby--Lush--- Are you two busy making lists?

07-22-2005, 07:04 AM
Caused a ruckus this morn... Went outside to pick up some poop (I got lazy last night and just let the girls out on the lawn).. so, I'm picking up the poop and my mind gets to wandering..(Hmm Maryanns drain is down gotta tell her...lalala, oh pretty bird..) and I pick up this blobbette of poop, (lala,la) WHAH?!!, EWWW whats WIGGLING IN MY HAND!!!! EW EW EW! I throw the paper towel with the poop in up in the COMES DOWN ON MY HEAD.. ACCK , poop in my head! HOLY ALMIGHTY BOB ITs not POOP, Its a NEST OF SLUGS!!! I hate slugs...I AM SO SKEEVED! I run into the house for a box of SALT..RUN OUT doing what can only be described as an apoplectic war dance... pouring salt on these slugs... So my neighbor comes out of her house to check out the commotion in her matching robe and slippers as I am dancing around with a box of salt screaming EW EW, hitting my head to rid it of any rogue slug (EW) in my holey nightshirt with non matching plaid pants... Neighbor Jen was also skeeved..( Could be because of my nightwear....) She at first thought I was having some sort of seizure and then started to laugh --which brought out Carl and Lisa.. (she in her matching robe and gown)....Glad they have a sense of humor, we ended up having coffee on the patio quarter after 5 ...
I'm better now.. took a shower, and threw out my ratty night wear..
mental note: must purchase matching nightgown robe and slippers..

07-22-2005, 05:09 PM
LOL Schatzi!! I'm trying to figure out what would gross me out more - poop or slug nest. Nothing worse than something moving when it's not supposed to. At least you gave the neighbours something to talk about for the rest of the day.

I'm having a depressing "what the h*ll am I doing here?" week.

Two postcards from Ds12 so far. He is still alive and having a good time. It's been raining here for the past three days so I'm pretty sure it's raining where he is. Doubt if he's noticed yet.

07-22-2005, 08:30 PM
Ladies, Shatzi deserves some sort of prize... for her slug-fest survival AND for telling us about it. I would have slunk back into the house and had margaritas all day, I think...
We could send:
1. Robe and slippers
2. Gold plated slug statue
3. Baseball trophy engraved to "slugger extraordinaire."
4. Diapers for the doggies

Any other suggestions?

07-23-2005, 11:59 PM
helooooooooooooooooo hello there---just back from "vacation"---i assume that is supposed to mean some type of relaxing activity but "WHATever!!!"-----now i am waiting for one of the working teenagers to call for a ride from work--too bad work it a half hour up the highway famous for moose collisions. i don't think i will bore you with my complaints about the skanky hole i live in or how the laundry room looks like the city dump============i am glad to be home from all the running around to golf tournaments,univesity tours and what not but OH MY BE-EFFERIN-HUDDABALLS I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO TIRED=------- the shop needs tending and i am having menopausal memory blockage as well as pms crabbiness--------------aren't you glad i dropped by!!!-------------------glad to see all is relatively well here---will address and solve all problems at a later date=-====GET BACK HERE PEACHPIT OR THERE WILL BE **** TO PAY---------------

Cherry Cow
07-24-2005, 06:58 PM
I'm just saying hi and eww and don't we have a tiara floating around here somewhere?

I would have freaked if I put my hand in a nest of slugs! AGH!

Baggzzie, I'm glad you're back safely from "vacation."

SugP, I'm glad DS12 is sending post cards!

DS16 is buying a truck this week. I'm kind of freaked out. I'm not a big fan of teenagers driving, but he works weird hours and needs his own truck. Weird, though.

07-25-2005, 07:06 AM
Cherry! Your ds is 16 already???!!! Where does the time go?

Visitors from Spain arriving next week. Must clean the house NOW. And learn Spanish.

07-25-2005, 09:10 AM
Just poppin in to say hello... Boxes and Bubblewrap still rule my life... We just emptied the Attic... The basement totally cleaned out.. DH finally threw out over 400 8 Track Tapes, an 8 track player, transitor radio, scads of trophies and baseball uniforms from his days of yore... The man is a pack rat!
Bagz-- come on over to my crack house... it is filled with crap and I can't even get to my washer and dryer..Glad you are back home in your nest!

Cherry-- why does 16 seem soooo young! That's pretty good for a 16 year old to be owning his own wheels...many sleepless nights ahead for you

Sug-- Good luck with your Spaniards!I'm good for ola, ka tahl, me, yamma es Carlita...Bien , and thats it! should make for stimulating conversation!

Painty -- A tiara with a golden slug reminiscent of cleopatra's headpiece sounds right up my alley...

Alrighty then... must get more cawfee and get on with it!

Cherry Cow
07-25-2005, 11:35 PM
Hey y'all!

Yeah, I think 16 is too young to have your own vehicle, but this is a town where cars are required. America is so weird. And kids grow up so fast! DS16 was nine when I met most of you!

SugP, you can do it! Espanol es muy facil! Well, according to DS16, the Espanol expert in the house. Italiano und Deutsch are more up my alley.

Schatzi, way to go with the clearing out! I'm working on donating massive bags of clothes to Goodwill right now. Finally. And toys. I think I'm realizing that if I have more kids, I'll want to get new toys for them, and if I have grandkids, I'll definitely want to get new toys for them! No need to have a basement full of toys no one plays with.

We haven't had a chance to order our new furniture yet. It's on sale this week, but we've been caught up buying DS's truck (he bought it with a small loan from us-- yay, something to hold over his head!) Maybe we'll order the furniture tomorrow. I can't wait!

Oh, yeah, I gained two pounds. So much for following WW, huh?

07-26-2005, 01:53 PM
My lord ! HOW did it get so late... I was gonna tell everybody something fascinating (or make something up... but I have to get to the office PRONTO. And it wouldn't hurt if I showered first! hahahahahaha. thankd goodness for the new short hair. And that it hasn't fallen out YET.
Best to all... More later.

07-27-2005, 05:44 PM
Where ARE you guys?
I almost had a stroke getting a duvet into its cover. There must be an easy way, but I felt I'd had 30 minutes of alligator wrestling. Too bad Marth's confined to home, she coulda helped me. HA!

We actually had a "cold front" come through with rain... instead of it being 102 it is 82. BIG improvement... Except that apparently people forgot how to drive in the rain and the main N/S highway through Dallas is closed because a pickup hit an 18 wheeler which is now half hanging of a bridge and half in a ditch. (I'd say in a creek, but I doubt the rain was long enough to leave water in it.)

I need a snack and then am off to see if my new clients' marriage is salvageable. Do you know that 60% of couples are already considering divorce BEFORE they go to a marriage counselor. Why, oh why don't they go earlier when they haven't gotten so hurt? sigh.

Hope all of you are happy, dry, appropriately fed... and did I say happy?

07-27-2005, 06:53 PM
I'm right here.

I'm afraid I've offended Cowpernia with my comments about organized religion, and though I've apologized to her, she's not in a forgiving mood. I figured I should probably lay low and think before I speak for once.

Sorry, sorry, sorry to bring discord to the herd. :(

07-27-2005, 07:39 PM
Here a Moo, There a Moo, and I'm here too...was wondering ..figured everybody is busy in the summer...nothing new to report .. still packing, living like a rat in a maze with boxes everywhere... My weightloss has stalled... I still look like a Weeble.

07-28-2005, 12:04 AM
I just finished reading Night Swimming ( by Robin Schwartz. Fat woman (aged 37) gets fatal diagnosis and takes charge of her life, finding fame, fortune, good times and mostly, her true self. GREAT summer novel... even if schools in Texas are back in session in two weeks.
Has anybody read Kite Runner? My book club is reading it and I'm having a hard time getting started.

I've been walking some, drinking more (water!!!) and feeling good... although my digestive system is, um... wonky. I'm wondering if that is a chemo side effect or if I really had too MUCH fiber. Can you even HAVE too much fiber?

I made an appointment today to get my wig...
I hear they have specialty ones at Christmas... it's a possibility!!

Shatzi... good luck with boxes, tape, packing materials.
Baggz... hows the business?
Kiwi... are you settled back in yet?

I hope everybody posts soon.

07-28-2005, 12:07 AM
Hi lovelies, I'm back!! Had a lovely time at the beach as per usual, enjoyed my extended family (most of the time...), didn't make my mother cry this year. Had a good trip back too; DD and her friend and I stayed with our sailing friends on their boat in Annapolis for a couple of nights. Then we visited 2 colleges on Monday and finished the driving yesterday. Was a much less fatiguing way to do the long trip, especially compared to the trip south – that was totally exhausting. I wanted to let DD have Friday night at Brown before leaving because her friends were demanding that she be in the talent competition. It was worth it; she won 3rd place! She played (guitar) and sang one of her original pieces. She even got a prize -- a gift cert. to the bookstore. Her friends were so supportive. They brought her flowers!

So we didn't get started for NC until Saturday (kind of late at that) and I really wanted to do that leg of the trip in one day. Let me tell you, that is not a one-day trip, even for 3 drivers! I had a lot of help driving from the 2 girls; they finally conked out at 1:30 in the morning and I had the last hour-plus by myself. I was so wiped out, it was a little dangerous, but we made it, after a few extra stops, around 3:30 am. Yuk.

this little ol lady refused to sell her home that she lived in for 70 years.. So sits her little house in between two skyscrapers... It's nowa "tourist" spot... You can usually see her sitting on her front porch knitting..Ha, that's my kind of little old lady.
(and speaking of sheep, whats the plural of a sheep??) SHEEPIES, of course.
I hope Kiwi is having good weather and many a blender drink !As a matter of fact, my brother in law was very diligent in providing me with a daily special blender drink :cheers: :lol:
The update here is that dd has had her first surgery with good result. She is actually doing better than she has since her surgery two years ago. So glad to hear she is doing well with that and is looking forward to college. I know it wouldn't be unusual for a kid to feel overwhelmed at having something like that happening and not want to follow through on college plans. Good thing we raise tough kids, right?!
He bought the house on ebay. He was high bidder by $100. Isn't that whacky?:lol: that's great! Congrats to DS. Cute house. Nice to have a fenced in yard. I can’t imagine why the seller took the front shot of the house from the perspective of the driveway – Can’t really see the front of the house at all. :shrug: I like the little covered deck off the back, though.

:lol: Oh Shatzi, I am convulsing with laughter about your adventure on the front lawn! :lol3: EWW Isn’t nature just yukky sometimes? I pulled some weeds that were threatening to move into my house this afternoon and discovered a lovely wriggling black snake under them. This about 3 inches from the door, fortunately shut at the time. He was shocked at losing his vegetation cover and skedaddled under the house. Ah well. I expect we will see him again, because I think it’s the same one that DD found in the kitchen a few weeks back.

Hey Bagz, we did a few college visits on our trip too. We visited St. John’s College in Annapolis and then Swarthmore outside of Philly. Swarthmore is gorgeous. Funny, I remember going there when I was touring colleges in h.s., but I did not recognize one single thing, not one building, not the grounds, nothing. The one and only thing I remember is the snottiness of the student guide who showed me around. He wouldn’t show me the music building when I asked to see it (“You don’t want to see that”) and when I asked him what clubs were on campus (I was thinking Ski Club, etc.) he said very disdainfully “we don’t have clubs, we gather” or something like that. My impression of the college has now been very successfully turned 180 degrees; we had a great visit and we both loved it. In fact, so did DD’s friend who was just along for the ride. Too bad it’s so DURN far away!

Ah Painty, I am getting pretty adept with wrestling comforters into covers. I take the two corners that need to go “deepest” into the cover and I hold onto them like my life depends on it and I dive head first into the cover. Well, maybe not with my head, only my arms. I delve into that cover until I have found the 2 appropriate corners (which I have cleverly spread out on the bed beforehand, lotta good that does), and when I reach the corners, I let go one of my hands, pin the whole thing down with my body and attempt to get my hand out and onto the outside corner of the cover and grab hold with a deathgrip while I do the same with the other hand. Now presumably I have grabbed the right 2 corners and I start shaking the unruly mess in hopes that it will straighten itself out. Since that never happens, I sit on the end that’s done and shove the remaining corners in individually, then I zip it or button it or whatever while stuffing things inside. Now, theoretically we have 4 corners in the vicinity of where they belong and I can grab 2 and shake until the cows come home. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it would easier to bathe the cat.

Guess what? I have a very deep tan! (Yes, I was burnt the day after I got there; you win the prize, Wab) Guess what else? I haven't lost an ounce of weight! Surprised you, didn't I?

Hi Sugar -- hope your migraine is gone. I can't believe you have gotten postcards already from DS. What a trooper! Or maybe you guys have a postal system that actually thinks personal mail is important and ought to be delivered promptly?

Hi to Cherry too! I cannot possibly believe your DS is driving already! Crazy, isn't it?

Tomorrow DH is renting a woodchipper and he and DD and I are going to make mountains out of maples. Or some such.


07-28-2005, 12:19 AM
Hi Painty!

I finished The Mermaid Chair while on vacation. I enjoyed reading it; I'm not sure I was too crazy about the plot itself, but she has a wonderful way of evoking images and emotions. It has a rich colorful-ness to it -- I felt like I was watching a movie while I read it. It probably helped that I was practically next door to the setting while I read it!

I also thought some of the dialogue and some of the things the main character did were really dopey.

I believe the Kite Runner is the book my mother was talking about last week -- she really liked it. I think. Oh, let's face it, I wasn't paying attention...

Wow, specialty Christmas wigs?! You mean, like gold and silver? Just kidding. I think your haircut is very spiffy.

Later gators

07-28-2005, 08:58 AM
And neither is cleaning out the effin guest room! Can you say dust allergy? I'm itching all over. Must.keep.working.

Welcome back, Kiweeee! Send us a picture of your brown crispiness. It's about 90°F here today and I refuse to go outside.

Hi to everyone else. Too lazy to comment at the moment.

07-28-2005, 09:56 AM
Ew, a pic of me? Hmm, I will try to find something unobjectionable. My sympathies on the dust. One of my favorite reasons for not cleaning - "too much sneezing!"

Gotta go chip wood. Do He-Man stuff. :strong: :sumo:


07-28-2005, 11:50 AM
Welcome back, Kiwi!!
Yes, Christmas wigs... like red and green with tinsel or something.
I'll attach a photo of an Irish wig... since I'm not Irish, I'll probably skip that one.

You mean that not only do I have to mess with trash, there will be DUST when I clean my kids' former rooms prior to them visiting next month? O dear. Darling Hubby has said we'd hire somebody to do "deep cleaning" (he knows me SO well!!), but I must do the straightening part. I've got half-read books and papers and sketches and just "stuff" that is knee deep around my computer... and hubby has put an unused TV antenna in the middle of the actual "guest" room. And I better get this done THIS week before the next chemo round... because if I'm reading the pattern right, I'll be poopy then... (week from tomorrow).

I had a fun suitemate who transferred from Swarthmore to Scripps (Claremont, California) in her sophomore year. A bad student guide can be really horrible... and when you are a potential student it is SO hard to imagine that not EVERYBODY is like them!! My daughter had a nerd to the nth detree take us around Reed in Oregon... I thought she might enjoy the college, but NO WAY was she going to hang around people like that!!

Best to all. I'm off for some breakfast and a walk around the block.

07-28-2005, 02:08 PM
Interesting. It's funny how much of an impression the tour guide makes on your opinion of the school. Especially if the tour group is small. I even got a negative of my own alma mater from the student that led our tour there -- he was so obviously inexperienced and didn't really know enough about the school to be doing tours. We unfortunately went on our college trip during Mass. spring break, so there were tons of kids there college-looking and they obviously had to bring in extra tour guides. It's not that he was a really bad tour guide, but when you already know the school, it's hard to hear incorrect information. The one I couldn't let go was when he referred to the very famous former college prez as a woman (he was a man). :lol:

Good heavens, what a wig! Looks like moss.

We are taking a lunch break from our woodchipping. Have been going strong for 4 hours and I'm dead. We are decidedly not half-way. I'm so p-o'ed at DH: he cut down bunches of trees in the woods that we are having to haul out and chip! What the **** was the point of that? He always gets so obsessed no matter what he does, it's ridiculous. I can't believe I'm hauling wood out of the woods and chipping it up and blowing the woodchips back in the woods. :eek: Well, I believe I will take a very long lunch break. DH is already back out there hard at work. As well he should be. :devil:


Cherry Cow
07-28-2005, 03:26 PM
That wig looks like a Chia pet!

The universe hates me today. Must get back to schoolwork. Break begins tomorrow @5pm.

07-28-2005, 03:43 PM
How much wood can a woodchip chip if a woodchip could chip wood? AWWWWWGH! Too CORNY!! 2 much TIME spent popping bubblewrap!!!
Painty! Cherry's right Chiapet head... if that is the best they offer, go with a loverly Conifer pine dooo, with pinecone earrings to match... holidayish, but most importantly seasonal !
SUG-- I know your Pain! I say hire a maid! Claim that cleaning is detrimental to your health! Write it off as some sort of medical device!
... A mid day post for me! Union work, gotta love it... I'm going to organize a union for crap packers with these mandatory mid day breaks and siestas!. AnyHooooooo: Kiwi, I would love to split wood and chip away,,,,
.GIVE ME A POWERTOOL... Today as DH was working on the humidifier...I was up on the roof securing gutter nails with my trusty Binford 6000 Turbocharged screwdriver and hammer... Put a tool belt on me and EVERY curse word some very creative combinations thereof come SPEWING outta my mouth...He heeee, DH said I made him blush!

BTW, he has takin to calling me Sluggo...Painty, please send me my golden slug encrusted tiara...
Later .... I will have time to post .........break over.

07-28-2005, 05:43 PM
More Power!!

07-28-2005, 05:58 PM
OK. Uncle. I have to post. Painty asked about a book I read and loved. Kite Runner was such a good book. I can't tell you why, I can only tell you if a book was good or not. Read it. Then you can come back and tell me why it was good. Still haven't bought Mermaid Chair.

Looks like I'm going to be joining Schatzi in the packing marathon. Only we have no idea of exactly when we are moving or to where. We sold out to the big developer. I guess I won't be the little old lady in the rocker between 2 skyscrapers. The closing is contingent on annexation to the city so it could be 1 to 2 years so at least I don't have to pack this week.

Painty, Reed students are known as being extremely "earthy" types. All Birkenstocks and wool sweaters. Pretty, yet small campus, though.

Welcome home, Kiwi, you bronzed beauty, you. Don't you find that a bit of color makes you feel thinner? The cottage cheese on my thighs looks better if it's not the same color as real cottage cheese. Surprise! I didn't lose any weight while you were away either. :cool: What a shock to switch from lounging on the beach to chipping the entire forest.

Family reunion this weekend w/ DH's side of the family. At the beach. It's supposed to be cool and cloudy, though.

Sugar, I've found the answer to housecleaning - my DD is always asking to borrow money, but she never can pay it back, so I call in my favors when I need deep cleaning. For a girl who could never pick up her towel out of the floor when she lived at home, she's a really good housecleaner. oooh. I guess it's too late to order up an adult girl child.

Hi the resta youz guys. I guess I've got to go work. bleeh. Once again, sorry for po'ing Peach, but I don't know how to get her back here.

07-28-2005, 07:43 PM
I could go harangue her. Maybe if I told her we were having sweet potato pie here today...

I'm so tired my body is afraid to relax while I'm sitting down. I have been inside doing dishes and making iced tea and lemonade while DD and DH are still at it outside. I finally sat down here. Lord. It's 6:30. This is one hellalong day. Think I'll offer to go get pizza; maybe they'll finish while I'm gone... :chin:

Hi to all, too tired to remember what you said and reply. And really too tired to scroll up. Oh yeah, congrats Wabbit on the decision to sell!!! No doubt it will be a hassle, but at least you'll be well compen$ated.... Heehee


07-28-2005, 10:57 PM
I NEED TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE CHIPPING AT THE WOOD----DO YOU NEED MULCH FOR YOUR GARDEN???? WE HAD TWOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIPS IN THIS WEEK---I AM TIRED----ONE OF THE SHIPS---THE VOYAGER OF THE SEAS WAS RE-ROUTED TO THE MARITMES BECAUSE OF A HURRICANE---THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN BERMUDA AND GOT STUCK C0MING HERE!!!! WHAT A NIGHTMARE THAT MUST HAVE BEEN!!!! TO GO FROM GORGEOUS BERMUDA TO FOGGY CANADA!!! YIKES!!!!!-------- new kitty is sitting in my lap sleeping while i type-----he is so cute---after trying out all the kittens i finally got the one i wanted!!! yee ha!!!-------------i will go and get peachers and bring her back here---JUST WATCH ME!!! :D :D :D :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

07-29-2005, 12:30 AM
Because I was promised five pounds of chicken bones I am posting. However, I still have nothing to say.

07-29-2005, 02:36 PM
You do know she meant poultry skeletons, right? Just cuz you have nothing to say is no excuse not to post. Besides, I just sent you an email that I was too tired to send last night. Huh?

I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck. And then scraped up and hit again. The wood chipping is nothing so edifying as needing chips for a garden (I haven't planted a blessed thing this year). DH has spent the entire time since his job ended a month ago on cutting down trees and brush. And because the only reasonable way to clean up the leavings is to rent a woodchipper, he rented one for a single day. That meant we had to put everything through it in one day, which we did. What's a few sore muscles compared to saving $150? :shrug: What can I say, we're cheap.


07-30-2005, 01:20 AM
Here's the image of my day.
Hair falling.....
It tickles and itches a bit. I'm not complaining mind you... just GOTTA LET SOME PEOPLE KNOW. Do you think there will be lots of little red bird nests in my neighborhood?

I don't have anything else to say.

07-30-2005, 07:47 AM
Morning all....
Kiwi: I feel your pain.... and Wabbster, you have my sympathies...Yesterday we completely emptied the garage into a 24 foot trailer.. 3 hours of extreme manual physical labor... Today, more of the same... As you say Kiwi, what's a few sore muscles compared to saving a few bucks..

Cowie: Are we making Chicken soup...What does one do with chicken skeletons?

Painty: Honey, I loose that quantity of hair with just one combing!Honestly, it is somewhat alarming to see my bathroom floor, the hairs find eachother enmasse and create tumbleweeds...

Bagz: What is kitty's name?

Hi Cherry and Sug!

Tomorrow we leave at the ridiculous hour of 5 and head to NC with our first "shipment" of crap to crap up our new place...and we won't be back till Friday.. It will be a horrid week I TV.. perhaps I'll finally finish the Dark Tower IV book ..I'll see just how productive I can be without my usual electronic distractions...
Later Taters

07-30-2005, 08:24 AM
hello cow cows---------the chicken bones come out at christmas peachpot---the ones i can get now are last years-----this chocolate factory knows it's audience----kitty does not have a name right now other than fatty---which he has outgrown as he is slimming out----so far,he may have Prince in his moniker----Miss New Brunswick is very nice to him but "Queen Ashes the Beech" hisses , snaps and glowers whenever he walks by----i have to get ready to go to Werrrrrrrrk----met some nice yankees from North Caroliner last night---she works all over the US and said the NICEST people are from Maine-------------WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT---I THOUGHT YOU WERE ALLLLL NICE DOWN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-30-2005, 01:38 PM
Nope, only the Mainers...

Hey, Schatzi, power to the crap! Good luck with the transporting -- here's a bit of good news: NC has 70 mph speed limits. And good roads. I always enjoy that.

Painty, that's some hair art. I like the idea of red birds' nests. Brush your hair outdoors! Hope you are feeling good.

Another new kitty? I want peectures, Bagzerini. Prince o' Paws. Prince Whiskers the First. Prince Terrence of St. John. Prince Lars the Handsome. Don't mind me I'm babbling.

I get to puppy-sit next week for a few days. Our sailing friends are in town for a few weeks, and one has to go see her parents in Canada (they are doing the train journey from Edmonton to Vancouver), and the other will probably go sailing with DH. The doggie broke her leg a few weeks ago and wouldn't be safe on the sailboat so I volunteered to take care of her. She is an adorable long haired Chinese Crested named Winch (because she makes a fine boat accessory). I've never had a little dog, so this will be fun.

Ta ladies. Enjoy the summer day.


07-31-2005, 01:29 AM
Why won't that work? I think it has possibilities. Does it have to be over your sofa? Here's a neat idea that my mother in law has of her family (she had 12 brothers and sisters). I'm not sure if she made this or someone else did. She has each sibling's photo in a small frame, about 2 or 3 inches square. The frames are round, square and heart shaped but all in the same style. Then they are attached to a long wide ribbon to hang vertically in a line, with some sort of thing a ma bob at the top and bottom for hanging and decoration. It's pretty cool looking. Maybe you could adapt an idea like that.

Here's something I did my own self, many years ago. I had a lot of miscellaneous photos from other people of my family and various friends and relatives. I didn't really want to put them in a photo album, but I didn't want to get rid of them either. And I had a very pretty metal tray that had originally had a cardboard picture on the inside (flat) part of the tray (it was too pretty, shut up), but it had gotten cruddy from dampness and was peeling. So I removed the picture and glued on all my favorite pictures out of this miscellany, cutting them to fit or just to make them look better. It hangs over my stove (so of course it gets pretty cruddy, but it cleans amazingly well with a dry cloth), and hey--people like it.

I just took a picture of it and am attaching it. It's really pretty durn adorable because it has photos of DD when she was 5 or younger. If you want to see a bigger pic of it, holler.

Are you feeling crafty?

I uploaded the beach tan photo. I actually think it's the only photo there is of me from vacation. There's your advantage to being the one who wields the camera. Other people may have pictures of me, but they aren't on my camera... I have noticed that nobody seems to care that there are hardly any pictures of me, but I don't really blame them. The ones there are scare me anyway :fr: So anyway, here's the pic. How cool do I look in my tacky sunglasses and sarong? That's my hideous bathing suit peeking out the other shoulder.


07-31-2005, 10:41 AM
So's Kiwi doesn't look daffy, I'm explaining that she's responding to a post from me about a basket of old family pictures I have and the blank wall over my sofa. I removed it for reasons of a personal nature.

The problem is I was in an art gallery this past week (at the college where DS goes to high school) and some of the works in there involved photographs. They were SO WELL DONE that I want them!!

My car broke down at the airport last night. It's in the shop in a town so small that it's a suburb of Dogpatch. And it on the other side of Dogpatch from where I live. The day DS started 10th grade, the power steering went out on the way to meet the school bus. We got out on the road and waved down all the buses which, naturally, ignored us. The one that was HIS bus stopped. She didn't know us, we weren't at the place we shoulda been, she just saw two people asking for help. So he got to school on time.

The day before he started 11th grade, he air pump went out. We had arranged to carpool so I got her to come get him.

School starts Thursday. I hope the car is just off schedule and not going to be laying around that garage all week.

07-31-2005, 01:40 PM
Oh, sure, now I look like some kind of ranting lunatic. Oh well, what else is new? :lol:

It's a wonder DS can bring himself to start school every year. DD only has to put up with us taking "1st day of school photos" of her every year as if she were 6 years old. Not kidding, I'm pretty sure we have one from every year, mostly with her doing this: :rolleyes: Good luck with the car.

One time my car skidded off the road in the snow (no damage or anything) and DD's bus driver stopped to give me and my dog a ride home. DD was suitably embarrassed. :cp:

Went to real-life-bbq yesterday. Met some people, saw some people I already knew. Was a fun bbq, too bad I didn't enjoy it that much. :shrug: Don't know what my problem is. Have you ever had a conversation with someone you hardly know who seems to keep saying things that make you feel bad about what you said to her? At the time, I felt like the most tactless person on the planet, but DH was in the same conversation and saying the same sort of thing I was, so it wasn't just me. Later I looked back and decided it was this other person just trying to make us feel small. Here's how some of the conversation went: she asked about DH's niece because she knew her well when Niece was younger, so we told her what she was up to, DH kind of talking her up because he's quite proud of her. She kept shaking her head and smiling and saying things like "that girl!" and "she had a whole other side to her". She didn't say anything really awful about her, it seemed that she wanted to discredit her to us. Then we got to talking about DS's nephew, who is in pharmacy school, and how he is interested in hospital setting work because he thinks it will be more interesting than retail drug store work. She says her daughter is a retail pharmacist and loves it -- oops. We sort of backpeddle. Then I mention that Nephew still has his psychiatric rotation to do (like an internship) and how hard I've heard that can be. She says her daughter loved that part. :rolleyes: See what I mean? Only a masochist would want to hang around with someone like her. :lol:

Here's something I may have to really consider: I have 2 friends whose, um, figures have always made me feel not so awfully bad about mine. Mainly because they are just about the same size as me and don't seem to be concerned about it. Well, one of them went on the South Beach Diet and lost enough weight that she looks really good. The other has been going to Curves and has lost tons of inches in various strategic places and feels really good about that--she hasn't lost any weight but she hasn't been dieting at all either. I have done nothing and look fat and hate it. I should learn something from this, right? Maybe I'll get the stinkin SBdiet book out of the library and see if I could stand to follow it. :mad:


07-31-2005, 11:21 PM
About your bbq buddy ... it sounds like she was trying to make you feel bad. Go back and tell her you're glad her kids like whatever they like but "one size does not fit all."

We're dieting. Yay. Tell me what the plan is and I'll do it with you.

You know my email address is fresh and spamless. Last week, I went to a highly regarded recipe website that I used to use under the old email address and registered. But before I completed the registration, I decided not to and backed out. Immediately, I started receiving spam. I've written to tell them that someone may be hacking into their security system. Annoying.

C yous.

08-01-2005, 02:15 PM
Back from the DH's family reunion weekend. Fun time was had by all, weather was perfect, ate too much, was lazy, came home tired. We had over 85 family members there.

Kiwi, I hate it when my "food buddies" go on diets. I mean, sure you can go out to eat with them, but it's hard to enjoy a meal when you can't get anybody to split dessert with you...... but seriously, I'm considering Overeaters Anonymous. There was an article in O magazine this month about it. I need to lose 30 pounds. Not a big deal, right? Well, I make it a big deal. I have wasted so much energy on the same d*mn 30 pounds it's ridiculous. I'm thinking that I need something other than a diet or program. I know WW's backwards and forewards. It's not the mechanics of losing weight that I need some help with. I need to figure out how to not make food and my weight the focus of so much of my life. I want to get healthy. I want to be proud of my eating and exercise habits. Bye the way, Kiwi, you look Mah-velous in your picture. So summery and sun-kissed.

'Bye, Schatzi! Good luck with the transport!

Bagzie, were all the tourists shivering in their Bahamas clothes? More important, did they buy lots and lots? Congrats on the puddy-tat. DS will be taking our kitty with him when he moves. I won't miss refereeing between the dogs and kitty. Sometimes our Dotty dog acts like she'd like kitty for a snack.

I wonder if Sugar managed to learn Spanish before the guests arrived?

My little suburb has cut back on library hours again, yet they have funding to have "the Oregon City trolley", which is a bus with a trolley body on it, drive up and down the street in front of our shop all day with no one in it. And that's what I'm mad about today.

08-01-2005, 03:58 PM
About your bbq buddy ... it sounds like she was trying to make you feel bad.True, except for the "buddy" part -- I hardly know her and don't intend to be talking to her any time soon. I'm sure she knows exactly what she's saying.

My little suburb has cut back on library hours again, yet they have funding to have "the Oregon City trolley", .., drive up and down the street in front of our shop all day with no one in it. How ******ed. And how typical of town governments. Libraries cater mostly to children, women and seniors, why would we want any of them to have good access to such insignificant things as books? If your town council is anything like ours (although not really ours because we don't live in town), when it's not spending its time on infighting, it's trying to beef up failing businesses and attract tourists. Resident needs, education in particular, are not a priority at all. Our library (to which we have to subscribe every year because we don't live in town) has these hours: weekdays from 1-5. One day they are open until 7 I think. No weekends in the summer, maybe Saturday in the winter, but I think they cut that out too. And this is not some tiny little rinky dink library, it's really a rather good one. If you can just catch it open.

Let's see -- :chin: what else can I rant about? I have my doggy boarder here now. Although I can't seem to get DH to leave for his sailing trip. He's snoozing in the living room. The dog is going to be very high maintenance, because she has a broken leg -- she shouldn't jump or run. Fortunately she is very portable. Here's 2 pics of her. The first one shows her cast and the vile collar they sometimes have to put on her to keep her from licking. The 2nd is pre-accident.


08-02-2005, 03:40 AM
Well, it got to be August, didn't it?
Kiwi-- I agree that the BBQ person knew what they were doing... I have a "friend" who always has to make sure her children were better than anyone else's around. It is annoying, because I had my own concerns about whether I was a good enough mom and she makes all my insecurities buzz. Of course, for a while there it looked like my daughter was gonna date girls, and that my son was going to be the new tattooed man... so when I proudly told those stories she shut up.

Wabby - When I was in Maine, their little library was ON the trolley stop line and they had a very good loan plan for summer resorters. I think it also helped that the primary librarian had either donated or raised money for a new wing!!
Congratulations for surviving the BIG family reunion. Neither DH nor I have much family (nor care for them all that much)... so we don't do reunions. My ex's family was actually pretty neat about that.... Tons of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, red wine and meatball sandwiches. Big enough that you could get lost and take a nap if you wanted to.

Cow... I hope your car repairs are simple and straight forward. I get so out of sorts when my car is unreliable. Glad that there have been a few kind souls to bail you and DS out of deserted roads. I hope you can find a photography class/camera/ or whatever resources you need to indulge your creative muse. I am really enjoying painting more... and knitting (still). I also bought some beading supplies and a simple how-to book after being inspired by 500 beaded objects.

Shatzi... safe arrival in NC..

And, I literally pulled most of my hair out today. At first I looked like a Kewpie doll on crack. Then DH got out his clippers... so I look like the worlds fattest concentration camp survivor. My cat still recognizes me though. DH is sort of skittish and keeps rubbing my head... as if he's testing to see if it is still me. I must admit, the wig covers a multitude of sins! I'll definitely wear it for clients.

Tomorrow I must write bills, draw and start clearing out guest rooms for children who are coming to make sure I'm not completely 'round the bend.

08-02-2005, 03:08 PM
I'm too busy being self-absorbed to post.

Oh Painty! I suppose it was inevitable, but it must be quite weird. Glad you're taking the challenge with a sense of humour. I bet the wig looks fab on you and you'll have your own tresses back in no time.

08-02-2005, 05:29 PM
Painty, now you will see what a perfect head you have.

My lilies are blooming. My yard smells heavenly.

Sugar, tell us more. Tell us all about what you're self absorbed about. You don't have to be chatty or say hi to anybody. Just come back here and post all about you.

Kiwi, how can this "bbq buddy" top your DD's accomplishments? Besides, it's not a contest. My ds has his share of tatoos, also, and well, my daughter choosing a bartending career wasn't my idea of what I'd like her to be doing, but I'm proud of both of them. They are wonderful human beings, who are both confident and happy. They love and respect their mom and dad. What more can I ask for? If this "friend" is this obnoxious as a rule, I'd steer clear of her.

Hi to everybody else. I hope your car is back on the road again, Peach.

08-02-2005, 05:59 PM
Don't worry, this was not a "friend" even in the loosest interpretation of the word.

Well, my little puppydog charge is still licking her wrapped leg, and her e-collar is safely locked up at someone else's house who I can't get hold of. So I'm thinking of making her a collar. I'm sure she'll really appreciate that.

We are having the weirdest weather. Yesterday it was thunderstorms and hard driving rain, and 60 degrees. This morning it was sunny and warm, beautiful. Then came the rain again. Now it's sunny again. I'm getting confused.

Painty, I'm smilling to think of you as a kewpie doll on crack. Hope you and DH are soon totally used to your new head.


08-03-2005, 07:37 AM
hi gang----we took the dd's {dh's} to board the plane to TORONTO yesterday at noon---they were heading back to Colorado----THEY GOT STUCK ON THE PLANE FOR SIX HOURS AFTER IT LANDED!!!no food of course--they are all so cheapie now----also from their windows they could see smoke rising from the wreckage of the flight from Paris------------an insane day for sure--naturally they missed all their connectors which were grounded as well and had to go into downtown Toronto to find a hotel===we booked one for them as they are too young to be allowed to do so--then we had to send emailed promises that we absolve them of all liability!--they took the mini bar out of the room--------crazy----anyway---just a short update on a topsy turvy summer!!!----PAINTY!!! glad you are managing so well--you are an inspiration for SURE!!! love your comments!

08-03-2005, 12:05 PM
Painty, I was just thinking that I can not name one man who has lost his hair because of chemo but seeing women going through this is almost routine. I have seen several women either wearing wigs or sporting their bald heads .. then hair comes back and it's sort of odd looking ... then SOON they are wearing short hair that is their own and EVERY SINGLE TIME, they just look stunning and gorgeous. There's just a peaceful feeling, maybe, seeing them conquer this but I think the women I see also are taking care with makeup to work with that short hair and they are SO BEAUTIFUL. I know it must be shocking to actually see some part of your body falling apart but it's winter for your scalp. Soon, it will be spring and a beautiful new crop will decorate your lovely face. You sound lucky to have that DH by the way.

DS had planes cancelled too and they kept him on the runway (for a shorter period of time) and he arrived starving. Since the car broke down at the airport and they own no vending machines and the restaurant closed as the plane arrived, I felt like I wasn't doing a good job as a mom. I shoulda seen this coming and arrived with a casserole in my purse. The tow truck driver had picked up hamburgers on the way and gave DS one, saving the day.

In the past, I have heard of flights being cancelled and the airlines actually footing the bill to keep minors in hotels by the airport. What do they expect them to do? Wait by the gate until some pervert comes and takes his pick? Snarl.

08-03-2005, 12:07 PM
Wow, what a pain that must have been (they probably enjoyed the adventure of it, though). Just glad they weren't on the plane that crashed.

I have nothing to say. I think I'll go have some coffee. I have to go get a physical this afternoon. I wished I'd cancelled it. That's how I usually feel about doctor's appts.


08-03-2005, 12:17 PM
Oh, hi Peachie, how'd you sneak that message in there?

The sick thing about airport food is that the big airports are stock full of crappy overpriced food, so much so that I don't think most people give a damn anymore whether you get anything on the actual flight (do we not spend at least twice the time in the airport as we do flying anyway?), so the people who end up spending their time in the little airports with nothing much to offer are totally out of luck. Not to mention the people who blew their savings on the freakin plane ticket and don't have $20 extra for a hamburger.

Oh and bless that little tow truck driver's heart.


08-03-2005, 01:17 PM
Kiwi, CONGRATSSSSSS on those THREEE POUNDS!!! Why is lb the abbrevation for pound? Anyway, yay for Kiwiwiwiw

08-03-2005, 01:45 PM
Bagzie, what an ordeal for the girls. And wasn't it amazing that there were no fatalities on that Paris flight?

3 pounds Kiwi? Atta girl! What are you doing to lose? I need your secrets. I woke up at 3 am and had 3 slices of cheese and finished off some Butter Pecan ice cream. I've never been a night binger. Somebody slap me.

I'm hostessing bunco this coming Saturday. My house is a wreck, the weather is in the 90's and I'm too hot and cranky to do anything about it. Here's the menu - chicken salad on croissants, broccoli salad, pasta salad, cut up melons pieces w/ cream cheese dip, a layered pesto cheese thingie I saw on Paula's home cooking show, and a Costco cheesecake for dessert. Do you think I'll get it all done? And in the middle of it, DS is packing up boxes in the middle of the living room because he's supposed to move the following weekend.

A very nice BMX bike was left in the parking lot of our shop. We've put it out in front of the lot every day, hoping someone will claim it. I don't want to turn it into the police because they'll just sell it at the city auction, but what do I do with it? Some kid is very upset over losing his bike. I wonder if someone stole it for a joyride and then left it when they got tired of it. Somebody tell me what to do.

08-03-2005, 02:59 PM
Wabby is the new Martha!!! Of course you can do it, Wabs!

08-03-2005, 06:34 PM
Sugar, do I want to be the new Martha??? :eek: I heard she's getting an extension added to her house arrest because she's been going to yoga classes and thats not allowed. Actually if I was under house arrest maybe I'd get some of the things done that I need to. Maybe I do want to be the new Martha. ;)

So Sugar, you never did give us the "all about you" post. And you never told me what to do with this bike. You have boys, would you like me to send it to you?

Kiwi, have you fallen for the doggie yet? Maybe you need a lap dog this time around.

08-03-2005, 06:54 PM
Kiwi, CONGRATSSSSSS on those THREEE POUNDS!!! Why is lb the abbrevation for pound? Anyway, yay for Kiwiwiwiw:no: Sorry, those are the same 3 pounds I've been claiming since I put up that thingie. Matter of fact, the discrepancy between that and the doctor's scale? Let's just say I came home and opened a beer and read a book for an hour in an effort to forget.

One the other hand You lost one pound. or libra. From the Latin for scales.

I am also trying to forget the fact that I "discovered" that we have no health insurance. Somehow I thought DH was taking care of this. Silly me. He claims he told me we wouldn't have any right now. I don't care; I still think he should have taken care of it.

Wabbit, honey, don't you dare start night bingeing! That is what's wrong with me. Believe me, once you get in the habit, you're done for.

You should definitely advertise that lost bike -- does your local paper take free "found" ads? Just don't describe it very much so you can rule out the fakers.

My life is so freaking depressing. The only bright spot I can think of is that because we have no health insurance I am certainly not going to go in for all those lab tests they always want me to do, which will tell me that I should lower my cholesterol and they would love to make an appt with a dietitian for me. Which I haven't done for the past 2 years but feel guilty about. This year I can just blame it on DH. :lol:

The raspberries are ripe. Very appropriate for how I feel today. One big raspberry: pbpbpbpbpbpbbpb


08-03-2005, 07:04 PM
I heard she's getting an extension added to her house arrest because she's been going to yoga classes and thats not allowed. What a dope! Hey, if I were under house arrest, I'd be happy as he**. Point me to the TV. :lol:

Nah, this dog is a real sweetie and I'm fond of her, but she's not for me. Not enough fur. She's a bit like a poodle, maybe less hair than that. Although I think she was clipped at some point. Anyway, I need a furry dog, but I'd just as soon be able to see her eyes -- she's got all this long silky hair over her eyes. Plus she's too durn delicate. I'm always afraid I'm going to step on her.

I've never owned a little dog, but I'm afraid that it's way too easy not to do much training, because it's so easy to just pick them up! This little girl is very good about Sit, Stay, No, but does not come when she's called.


08-03-2005, 08:25 PM
One big raspberry? You mean sweet, juicy, and flavorful??? That's our Kiwi!! Hey, since we already know what the lab tests will tell us, why don't we start fixing it ourselves? You know, eat lean stuff, veggies, exercise??? Instead of taking food away, lets add something healthy every day. One piece of fruit, drinking water, a walk. The good might eventually crowd out the bad and voila, we'd all be in shape! I think I could probably force a piece of fruit down.

I saw a chinese crested last weekend and it was nekid all over except tufts of hair over it's eyes, a topknot and a poof on it's tail. Maybe they had it groomed that way. I personally love weiner dogs, but they're just too darn hard to housetrain. Every one I've ever known was a piddler.

Kiwi, I was going to say there are no free lost and found ads, but I called the local paper and even though they don't advertise it, they do have free ads for found items!!! You're so smart. So now I have an ad coming out in the paper next tuesday. Hope I can reunite a kid with his bike.

I'm going to go get the first pedicure of the season. DH was rubbing my feet last night and, well, after he took a good look at them, he politely put them down. I figured it's time to do something about them, and since I'm so fat, I'm going to let somebody else do it. It's getting hard to reach my toes. :dunno:

I'm going to a baby shower on Sunday. My cousin and wife have adopted a 10 month old boy. So cool.

08-03-2005, 11:40 PM
I am almost used to the drafts on my head. :dizzy:
Not so used to the 1940's swim-cap feeling when I have my wig on... but so far nobody has stopped in the street and pointed to me yelling "wig-head!" or anything like that.

I think the chemicals they give men must be different than what we get for breast cancer. Us lay-people just say chemo and think it's all the same. I'm coming to believe that it is pretty individualized.

Awwwwwww, Kiwi, I am horribly sorry that health insurance evaporated or whatever... but for heaven's sake if you suspect anything is wrong GO GET THE TESTS. Go to an ER if you have to. I think it's really hard to get well if you are already half dead. If you think you're in status quo, well try not to let it go too long anyhow. When I chat with women on the B.C. pages I am just SO relieved mine was caught before it spread... nobody wants cancer with momentum, you know?

Yeah pedicures!!

Peachy... where was DS coming back from this time? I think a tow truck driver with a hamburger is an awesome discovery...

Amazing those folks got off the plane safely in Toronto... What a mess... I bet they didn't get to take their purses, knitting bags, carry-ons with them down the chute, you know? Let alone any checked luggage.

Ms. Wabbs, Martha wannabe-- I think you can get the Bunko lunch done... I'm doing two desserts tomorrow for my ladies group... Both are from the Cake Doctor's 1st book... One is a lemon cake and the other is keylime bars...
That'll help my diet, no?
At least I didn't have dessert tonight.... and I'm almost caught up on water.

Stay safe, y'all, OK?

08-04-2005, 12:02 AM
I demand that Kiwi go do that doctor thing

Painty, DS went to see his dad in Miami last week.

Wabby, around here the radio stations would announce the found bike. I guess that's Dogpatch for you.

Back to Kiwi. I so relate to that depressing life thing. Let's eat less and see if it helps. Did I tell you lately how I hate my boss? For one thing, she told me I would be getting a raise the first of July. No raise yet. I reminded her and she said, "I'll have to get to that," like I'd told her her potted plant needed watering.

School starts tomorrow. The bus won't bring DS home because:
1. They don't see how they can turn the bus around. Buses go up and down the road all the time but not THEIR bus.
2. They don't want to do "so much" door-to-door service because it keeps kids on the bus too long. This means they want to drop him ONE MILE from home. I asked what if it's storming? I didn't get an answer.

Blah Blah.

08-04-2005, 01:12 PM
Okay, settle down all of you. There is nothing wrong with me; these are routine tests they order every time I have a physical. I don't need to pay big bucks to find out there's nothing wrong me but borderline high cholesterol. I already know that. When DH gets off his butt and deals with the insurance and/or job situation, then I will go in for the lab tests, and not before. :tantrum: So there.

All my relatives used to wear those lovely rubber swim caps when they swam in my grandfather's pool. I particularly remember the ones with a chin strap that fastened with a snap; they had floppy flowers on the side. Oo, fashion. You might discover that you prefer the wind on your head, Painty!

Wabby, chinese crested dogs come in naked and hairy varieties, so that one was probably naturally nekkid. The hairy ones are called Powder Puff variety. :twirly:

Yay on the bike ad.

Gotta go, DD wants to check phone messages. She has such a busy social calendar.


08-04-2005, 02:37 PM
I'm old enough to have had one of those swim cap things. They were required at our city pool if you had longer than shoulder lenghth hair. Something about getting hair in the pool filter. Mine had a chin strap and was made of bubble wrap type stuff and had big plastic flowers attached. Tres chic.

Peaches, I thought they only did radio announcements for lost bikes in Mayberry. Pooh on the boss. She's not doing her job if she promises a raise and then doesn't follow through. School bus service is not provided to kids who live within a mile of schools here. So of course the parents drive, no one is going to make their kid walk in the nasty winter weather we have here. However, my big gripe is that if kids do ride the bus, they don't make them walk any distance at all to a bus stop. The bus stops every 20 feet along the road if a kid is standing there.

Painty, I'd say that you should win the Martha award this week. You're in the middle of chemo treatments and you're entertaining a ladies group???? You go girl! Don't let 'em tire you out too much. Have you ever noticed when you have a large group of ppl at your house that all the cobwebs and dog slobbers multiply ten fold?

My toenails are purdy. :flow2:

We're supposed to get to 100 degrees today. ick. :hot:

08-04-2005, 06:32 PM
Why how shocking--cobwebs and dog slobber? Shame shame. :lol: When I sit at the computer I can see the framed print on the wall that has so much dust on the frame that it actually drapes.

100 degrees in Oregon? Wow.

They don't have bus service here for high school kids unless they live 2 or more miles from school I think (it's closer for younger kids). And most of them drive themselves to school. Yeah, in this depressed economy (2 years ago we had a 33% unemployment rate), the kids have cars. And apparently gas money. My kid is so deprived. Of course, my philosophy is, if she wanted a car, she would be motivated enough to work and pay for it. She's not, so it doesn't bother me. But this year we will be having a discussion about how much she gets my car, and who's paying for gas.

Isn't there any chance of carpooling for DS? Wait a minute, did you say he only had to walk a mile? I just realized when you said storming, you meant rain, not ice and snow. Let him walk. :s:


08-04-2005, 06:44 PM
LOL Kiwi. I'll tell him you decided he walks. Actually, he took the bus planning to walk today but it was raining so she took him to the door. Dunno why.

Dogpatch is just like Mayberry. In fact, if Lush had not named it Dogpatch, it could've been anything. Could've been Coon Holler.

I can go home in 15 minutes.

08-04-2005, 07:43 PM
I can go home in 50 minutes.

I'm cranky and hot. And since this is Oregon and isn't supposed to get hot, I have no air conditioning, unless you want to count the little room size one in my bedroom window. I had to leave my dogs in the house today because of the heat. I hope they haven't gotten into trouble while I've been away. durn mutts.

08-04-2005, 08:01 PM
I AM home, it is beginning to look stormy and I need to go TO the ladies meeting in 30 minutes (I'm just taking dessert... so the cobwebs and cathair (no slobber, though) are safe for a while longer.

Turns out that my kids thought THEY would live forever and MY illness is making them rethink whether they might get going a little faster. My daughter says she thought she'd be married by now and having kids... She hasn't even dated many guys!! Son is on a faster track... but nothing's for sure. On the other hand both of them are WAY more independent than I was until I hit 40.

OK. Off to pack the lemon cake and key-lime bars.....

08-04-2005, 10:23 PM
Oh man, lemon cake and key-lime bars. I want. I did make a very nice dinner for DD and me. I made up a box of Near East Tabouli. Yummy, with fresh tomatoes. And I defrosted a rather small steak, marinated it and broiled it to absolute perfection. Then she and I split it. I can eat much healthier when I am only cooking for DD than when it's all 3 of us or just DH and me. He's not much into healthy food. His idea of adding vegetables to his diet is to fry up an onion. Not that I can resist such a thing, you know. But DD prefers little meat, lots of veggies.

By the way, I have learned the most wonderful steak broiling technique from Good Eats. I love that show. Very wonky. I had long ago quit broiling steaks because they always seemed to get overcooked, but I may go back to it. Here it is: Probably worthwhile marinating the steak, or at least rubbing it with some seasoning, but I guess you don't have to. Then you position the oven rack in the middle of the oven, throw the steaks directly onto it, with a pan to catch the drips on the rack below (or you can use a broiler pan, it seems to work as well). Broil (set at high temp, with door ajar) 5 minutes on each side for a medium sized steak. I used 4 minutes each side for this small steak. Then reposition the rack to the highest or 2nd highest position (and reposition the drip-tray rack too) and continue to broil for 2 or 3 minutes on each side. Remove, allow a few minutes to "rest" and slice across the grain. Juicy and perfect. mmm

Now maybe that's the way most people broil steaks, but it was news to me.

My puppydog sitting is done. Her daddy has retrieved her. She was very good, and cute.


08-05-2005, 01:49 PM
Thanks for the steak broiling tips, Kiwi. I usually cook steaks outside on the grill, even in the winter, but I may just try your method. I love Good Eats too. That's one cooking show that you really learn something from. DS is asking for a bbq grill for a moving out present. He loves to cook, but mainly on the grill. He made us some killer grilled chicken a couple nights ago. The secret is to use a spice rub, then as you're grilling it, sprinkle it w/ apple juice. It cooks up all crispy and smokey tasting. Yummers.

Painty, your desserts sound yummy. I love anything lemony. My DD told me she felt so "old" (at 25!, hah!) because so many of her friends are getting married and having babies. She's not seeing anyone seriously, so I think she needs to find Mr. Right first.

It's supposed to stay under 90 today. I hope. hope. hope. :cool:

I've eaten a piece of fruit 3 days in a row. Anyone else?

08-05-2005, 03:08 PM
Doesn't the house get all smokey from those oven-steaks. I'm afraid.

It's raining here a lot.

I haven't eaten fruit, except apples, but lots 'o veggies. Right now, I'm eating salad made with:

cheese tortollinis (spell it yourself)
red bell pepper
black olives
snow peas
fresh parsley

Very good. It's from last night's dindin.

08-05-2005, 03:10 PM
and tomatoes, oil and vinegar

08-05-2005, 05:39 PM
Doesn't the house get all smokey from those oven-steaks.Not even a little. I think it is actually less likely because you start the steaks at a distance from the heating element, then you only broil them up close (which would cause smoking) for a couple of minutes. Anyway, it's not smokey.

I wouldn't want DS to think I am unsympathetic to his transport plight. Personally I think it's beastly to make kids in the south go to school at the beginning of August. Do Southerners not understand the calendar? Isn't August way hotter than June? In N.C., they finally passed a law forbidding the schools to open so early. Now they open the 3rd week or so of August, only a week before Maine.

Anyhoo. It's hot here. I just vacuumed. I even vacuumed some of the cobwebs. Just a few. Don't want to upset the ecosystem.


08-05-2005, 05:39 PM
P.S. Sounds like a fabulous salad.

08-05-2005, 06:06 PM
Beastly. I like that. Sounds so .... uppity.

DS came home wet. At school they filled trash can filled with holes. Filled them with water. Stopped up the holes with themselves. Beastly.

08-05-2005, 07:10 PM
That's an interesting project... :dunno:

08-05-2005, 07:11 PM
A new kitty has adopted me. He's been living in our storage yard behind the shop. I'm naming him Mr. Bones because he's so skinny. Mr. Bones is white w/ a bobbed tail. I think he can be our outside storage yard guard kitty. I've been feeding him cat food, but he doesn't eat much. He looks like he's starving. Maybe he has Feline Immune Virus. Maybe he just thinks it's been too hot to eat much.

See yous cows later. I have to go prepare for the bunco squad.

08-05-2005, 10:01 PM
Wabby-- congratulation for being adopted by a white kitty. Surely a sign of good luck. I, too, am a Good Eats fan... although sometimes what he recommends is so counterintuitive I forget what to do.... :?:

Cowsie-- did you get any insight on what DS thought he was DOING stopping up trash can holes? Oh, I forgot, he's a teen aged boy. It was probably a physics experiment! Your salad sounds wonderful. I need some supper. I don't have tortellini but I do have some gnocchi... and blue chese and things to chop up.

Texas, which sometimes allows that is it Southern, and sometimes insists it is Western, has gotten used to the easy life, when it comes to school. They take off days at Halloween (3 or 4) Thanksgiving (4 or 5) Christmas and every little dinky holiday you can imagine. The "excuse" is that is helps prevent teacher burnout. I'd love to see how much inertia and momentum gets screwed up with the kids having all those interruptions... (not to mention the schedule shock of school vs. "home.") It is as hot here in MAY as it is in October... so I don't think heat is the issue. There always at least three schools with fainting/passed out football players and band members during the first of the season games in August. I find myself being in favor of year 'round school, as long as the district would make sure that kids in the same family had the same schedule....

My MD said that the steroids and chemo "might" make me crave carbs. LIKE I WOULD BE ABLE TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE. Jeesh! Well, I have an excuse for the poundage creep since last month. Damn. (But I'll share the lemon cake recipe if you want... It's better than the key lime bars, which aren't too shabby themselves.

08-06-2005, 08:37 AM
I think it was senior class bonding. Their real classes, being all college classes, don't start til the 22nd. However, it's high school, and they're required to be in school a certain number of days so they're organized into groups and they play until then. The rationale, on the paper sent home to parents, is that during the year they won't see much of each other in class and this is their last chance to be together. He's certainly enjoying it. They hold hands and do a variety of activities in circles. While I'm his mom and swayed by mommy love, I can say that this boy is very very very shy but also has become very handsome. I could see it when he came to my office yesterday and met two women who were working there ... I could see how they reacted to him. I'm proud of him but I have this worry in the back of my mind that when he goes away to college, he'll find that he can be more popular than he's accustomed to and may go a little "wild."

I want the lemon cake recipe. You never know when a cake might come in handy.

My new plan is to post RIGHT HERE what I've eaten each day. I find that I go through the day really well, then AT THE END OF THE DAY, I cram all this food into my mouth. So ignore it. I could take turns with Lush's lists if only ....

Breakfast: spinach, two medium eggs, a little swiss cheese (really good. steam a handful of spinach in a skillet with a little olive oil, stir up the eggs and add the cheese if you want. Pour them over the cooked spinach. turn carefully to cook on both sides)

Snack: apple and slice of cheese

Lunch: leftover tortolinni salad

Dinner: spinach, potato, salmon casserole and green salad and a soda

Later: an unknown amount of peanuts and a cup of peach ice cream

DS and I watched a 1946 movies called "Gilda" last night. Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford. "Not for children." It was racy but watchable and interesting though I'm not sure it made sense. I kept thinking that if it were made today, it would've been soft core porn.

It's raining. Bye. I have to go to work in two days. I hope to see a pictures of the new kitties soon ... that's EVERYONE'S new kitties. Bagz, Wabby and anyone else who has a new kitty. I will share pictures of my old kitties. Kitties are just beautiful creatures.

08-06-2005, 11:28 AM
Howdy Cowgirls, I'm baaack! We managed to move about 7,000 lbs of crap to crap up our new house in Holly Springs. The house is lovely! I have a 12 foot Butterfly Bush outside my kitchen windows...My first day there I was greeted by my favorite-Hummingbirds, and hugical "Mothra" size butterflies! The girls were in their glory allowed to run free in the 1/3rd acre fenced in yard, and the deck is just fabulous! .When we arrived the neighbor across the way sent over a hand truck for us, and said he would send us Gumbo for dinner...Then arrived on our doorstep stating that the gumbo was so bad he was too embarrassed to send he gave us a rain check.. Talk about a warm neighborly welcome...not somethin' I'm used to coming from JOISEY.
We took a day off before our return to just drive about.. There are 3 lakes close to us, camping and nature trails.. I look forward to exploring..I think I'm really gonna like NC. We left at 4 in the morn yesterday-arrived back in NJ at 12.. The movers came and did a I can live with.. about 3,000 to move the rest of our "Junque".

Kiwi, darlin with those dark sunglasses and the brokened paw dog, why if I gave you a cup to sell pencils you could make the health insurance premium easily!

Wabby... What is Bunco ?!?? and are you going to end up one of those crazy cat ladies?

Painty - hope you are doing well...I remember those rubber bathing caps.. Beastly things...I wore one with the matching nose plug... I was a stunner

Cowie-- Please do post your menus...I need some ideas...
Bagz- hope the DDs got back to Colorado safe and sound...

Must go...straighten up this crack house...

08-06-2005, 01:10 PM
The house is lovely! Sounds great -- too bad you had to go back to Joisey, eh?

What an inspiring idea...I could get a worn out dirty muumuu and sit on the sidewalk with the lame dog and a tin cup. At the very least, it might motivate DH to get going... :lol:

Incredible account of DS's Pre-Class activities, Peachie. Touchy-feelie exercises. Amazing what they'll come up, huh? Well, at least he's not stuck in a classroom all month.

Here, I'll join you in recounting everything I put in my mouth. Today: coffee. Nothing else. I ate so much last night, I don't need to eat for a long time. Went out to dinner, had a lobster roll, french fries, beer, tollhouse pie. Came home and contemplated how fat I feel for a few hours and then had snacks: the end of the tortilla chips (a couple of handfuls) with salsa, some potato chips to make up for the fact that the tortilla chips were gone. :rolleyes: Please yell at me.


08-06-2005, 01:28 PM
You guys are making me laugh.

I have a headache. It's left over from yesterday when it was a Really Big One that practically had me comatose. Bleh.

BEFORE the headache we went to the animal shelter and saw a cute dog. Not a weenie dog, because Wabby is right - they are piddlers. We might take him. More details later. After the shelter, we went out for lunch (yes I washed my hands before I ate :D ) at a Chinese restaurant. I don't know if MSG can give one THAT much of a headache, but it would be an explanation.

Biggest thing going on in this town right now is that the butcher is having a "buy 5 brawurst, get 5 free" sale and people are eatin' 'em up. Life here is just SOOOOOOOOOO exciting!!! Wheeeee!

08-06-2005, 01:43 PM
I am going to start a new thread now.

08-06-2005, 03:12 PM
You didn't tell me what it's called. However will I find it. God I'm bored. Not with you, just with my life. Maybe I'll go for a walk. That would be novel. Should I be posting in your new thread? That would require extra mouse clicks. :yawn: Hi Sug. Feel better.