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07-10-2005, 01:25 PM
Well I've been lurking in this Forum ever since I started to work out with weights back in July 2003. I got great results then, and along with WW lost about 17 pounds. I sometimes post at UK Fat Chicks, and South Beach.

To keep it brief, I stopped dieting, started to lift weights very inconsistenly and gained back all I lost plus some. Familiar story !!

I've decided now is the time I have to take care of myself, and my health is main priority.
My weight today is all time high - 190 pounds. I'm a small frame,and just get my height up to 5'4". So I need to lose around 54 pounds.

So about training. I am starting with relatively light weights and will do a pyramid system - 12/10/8 using 3/5/8 pound weights - this worked well for me last time. I really enjoy working with weights, I get quick results and rarely get sore - but still see the benefits.

I dont have time to do an hour a day. My plan is to do a split routine of approximately 30 minutes a day - so Day 1 Upper body /Day 2 lower and abs etc and do this plan 5 days a week.

Does this sound ok?

As for cardio, well I really dont enjoy it at all. I probably like walking best, so will be doing that.
As far as time goes, whats the minimum time I can spend on my cardio and get results? I'd rather split it into two 15 minute sessions 6 days a week than do an hour 3-4 times a week, but I need to hear honestly, whats the best way to burn fat?

There is so much conflicting information out there, and I just want to do whats best!


07-10-2005, 02:58 PM
Hi Artemis :wave: If your workout worked for you last time, it may work for you in the beginning for a little white but you will soon reach a plateau with the smaller weights of 3/5/8. You should try to start out with what you have then after 4 weeks work yourself up gradually to 8/10/12 at the very least if not MORE. Do NOT worry you will not bulk up, women just don't have the testosterone to do that. If you do feel like you are bulking up it's because you have extra fat on TOP of the muscle and in this case it's your food plan that you will have to look at and be more vigilant with.

As for cardio you can workout 3-4 days/week for 30 mins and make your cardio count but you have to make it really intense! If you are a walker warm up for 5 mins., do a quick walking sprint or a light jog for 1 minute, slow down for 1 minute, do this for 20 minutes then cool down 5 minutes. Make your cardio intense this will burn more fat and calories .... and it will make all the difference in the world ...

I hope this helps, I'm sure someone else will come along with some more great advise ... TTFN :wave:

07-11-2005, 10:00 AM
Hi Ilene

Thanks for the good advice there. On the cardio, that system you described is similar to the Couch to 5K which I keep looking at and thinking I should try - so I will follow that!

As for the weights, I have got a selection of them, I work out at home and I have a set of hand weights that goes up to 20 pounds. So they should keep me busy for a while!
I doubt I'll ever want to lift more than 20 pounds, but who knows. I may become a dedicated bodybuilder and not just a lady who lifts!

Thanks again
I'll keep checking in here if thats ok :)

07-11-2005, 11:17 AM
OK, I'll be the one to say it...Don't underestimate yourself and don't be afraid to be a little sore the next day (or 2 or 3 as the case my be :p ) sometimes. There's nothing wrong with taking it slowly at first to see what your limitations are, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised to find out how quickly you get up to those 20 pounders and beyond.

I started working out about 6 months ago and refused to do any weight training because everytime I had done it in the past I saw absolutely no results even after months. After doing some more research I realized that I had never lifted heavy enough before. Now I can't get enough of it because I actually can see a difference from one week to the next.

I certainly wouldn't describe myself as a dedicated bodybuilder. I have no interest whatsoever in competing or looking muscle bound (not likely that I could/would anyway even if I wanted to). What I am interested in is getting rid of all the jiggly bits. I've been lifting for about 2 months now and I've gone from 0-20 (#'s that is) in that time with a lot of lifts. I'm just about ready for more on most. In that 2 months I've gone from all jiggly to only mostly jiggly (and not jiggly at all in some isolated spots:lol:)

07-11-2005, 02:11 PM
:high: Way to Go Julia :dance: .... Very well said :strong: welcome to our world :D.....

Artemis, Julia is right, don't fear the weights you can NOT bulk up, and once you get into it and see the awesome results, you just want to continue. I've been working out with weights for 20 years, and I'm not even close to looking bulky and I go as heavy as I possible can :yes: ...

As for the cardio I describe it's called ''High Intensity Interval Training'' or HIIT.... here is a link to a site that explains it far better than I ever could http://www.musclemedia.com/training/hiit.asp

07-12-2005, 05:11 PM
Julia is right on the money. I started working out with a PT a few months ago and I'm really shocked at how much stronger I've become. Last Wednesday he had me using a machine to work my back and I couldn't see what weight he was adding to it. He was just so tickled when he came around the front to tell me that I I had graduated to the "big" disks because I was rowing 40 lbs with each arm. When I started I was in the 10 - 12 lb range. It feels so good to really work your muscles.