Support Groups - Grazing in the Cow Pasture on a lovely Tuesday morning.

llushanne luscious
06-05-2001, 08:37 AM
Kiwi, your poll is such a success. We are unanimous so far. That is so typical of us. We are the Cow far. I guess some others will have to have a chance to vote.
:mad: I was cranky last night at the meeting. I shouldn't have done that. I usually have a problem expressing anger, except at Sissy.:s: BUT every time I started talking, it was a signal for the BEARS to start their own conversation then they would ask a question about what I had just said. It annoyed me. I must be getting old.
I have to take my mother for a mammogram today. She has a lump. She is quite worried about it. :?: It is not a typical developed over night. It hurts. I think that the fact that it hurts is a sign that it is something mechanical, but in her current condition, she is easily thrown. Is school almost over? DD's school seemingly quits after Easter Vac, but the boys are going strong with the homework right up to the end.
I'm ready to check out my post, now. See you later....

06-05-2001, 09:36 AM
Hi Lushie! Your poor mom :( But you're right, something that appears overnight and hurts is more likely to be not as bad as something that's been there for a while. Please let us know how she is.

Did I mention that I walked for one solid hour on Sunday?:smug: My leg is still hurting. I feel like cr*p:mad: Dh is having a mid-life crisis and I'm having one right along with him. Does anyone understand men?:?: I'm going to go crawl in a hole now.:cry:

:wave: :angel: :devil: :love: :spin: These smilies make life worth living, don't they?

06-05-2001, 01:46 PM
Honestly, Sugar!!!You're supposed to use BOTH legs when you walk.

:smoking: I don't smoke but this is SO CUTE.

Kiwi, I sent you something yesterday. You can deal with it yourself. I am too important and busy and don't have the proper equipment anyway.

I lay awake last night missing Mrs. Phillips.:yawn: Wasn't she fun.

And Mean Old Sissy.:s: :s: is going to NY without me. Hope she's not still trying to use Herbie's credit card. Won't work. You'll have to make other arrangments for payment.

Bye Darling Cowsies.

06-05-2001, 02:22 PM
Well, cow pastures is cute, but I yam what I yam and I'm a wlb. I have a difficult time with change. Not that I won't tag along with whatever we're called. Just don't call me late to dinner. :nono: This avatar thing has me all annoyed. Kiwi has a custom avatar. Why can't I? :mad: And what color would a wabbit be???

06-05-2001, 02:37 PM
I'm spending way too much time with this avatar thing. I'm a busy woman you know. Lushy, hope it's nothing to worry about with your mom. Remember when they used to take us to the doctor? When did it get switched around? Sugar P, tell us more, what kind of crisis? Does he want to buy a red sportscar? And what kind of crisis could a sweet young thing like you be having??? :^:

06-05-2001, 05:27 PM
And just to be annoying, I voted for Tanks (where's Bagz, by the way?)

:cry: Hope your mom is okay, Lushie. I don't suppose it's a blocked milk duct, huh? I remember that pain.

School seems to have been over since Easter here too. Although other times it seems to be planning to go on forever. How many book reports could a teacher want to read?:rolleyes:

Poor Sugar, I can identify. Not with walking for an hour of course:lol: but with the DH crisis. Mine seems to be in remission at the moment, but that's probably only because he has been on his precious boat for the past 2 weekends. Good luck.

What did you send me, Peachie? How did you send it? Not email obviously. Will this be hard to deal with???:?: What kind of equipment will I need?

Wabbits are pink, aren't they? I like your little sheepie, it's cute. I have a million pictures on my computer so I like fooling with that avatar thing. Maybe I'll change it again.

Gotta go, dd is at dance rehearsal. It's the rehearsal on stage today, dress rehearsal tomorrow. Since she had to be there all afternoon today, I have to go see if The Boy is there. Am I being
insufferably nosy
uncharacteristically overprotective
or just a good mamma?

Later gators

llushanne luscious
06-05-2001, 08:03 PM
:devil: Isn't that Kiwi MEAN? She did not come back to tell us whether ddbf was there.
:rolleyes: My mother was fine. It is something which is not a tumor. She is much easier to take now that she is senile and can barely talk or think, but she is still very self centered. It is much easier now that she is here, but I can see why no one would help her when she lived in PA. The advantage here is that everyone assumes she is this way because she is sick and not because she is a spoiled person who doesn't notice the existence of other people.
Ok, that's off my chest.
I'm supposed to be cleaning up the dump. bye
PS.:dizzy: :spin: Wabby, when are you going to tell us about this party. I want to know why this is such a secret. I'll bet it has something to do with swinging, or swapping.

06-05-2001, 10:07 PM
now that sounds like a lot of bother!!!some people can barely get organized to do up their OWN husbands,let alone the goober who arrives at the party looking for a change.I like TANKS too Kiwonk,but I am too shy to pick my own idea.I sent some of you a picture that was taken today with my sister and Daniel Baldwin---he used to be in Homicide-Life on the Streets--and is Alec Baldwin's brother.My sister gets around!!!!I have done the weights for two weeks now,so WHAT prize do I get?????

06-05-2001, 11:59 PM
Isn't this wonderful??? I can write in GREY!!!!!! Grey is the stupid color those marketing morons chose for vitamins for ppl who ARE OLD!!!!! I RESENT THIS SO MUCH!!! I want cute Koala Bear Vitamins that are pink and green! ! !! ! [Kiwi, I sent you something to do. What did you expect? And no wonder your dd has that bf ... she's so durn cute. Like you. :o